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File: 1717967017792.jpg (45.07 KB, 736x414, c41ca698bf1297ad0fe24ac96605fa…)

No. 404862

Post what you would and your dream partner ideally would be like. Feel free to share movie couples, art, and real couples as well, don't judge other people's contributions unless its something inappropriate or sexist, in which case report.

No. 404881

File: 1717970814564.jpeg (764.69 KB, 828x1035, IMG_5263.jpeg)

Et tu, lolcor?

No. 404927

What's the matter?

No. 404933

I need to feel loved and cared for 24/7

No. 404936

Eek same

No. 404955

What an annoying normalfag zoomie OP pic

No. 404961

I would be happy with any man who doesn’t have a personality disorder at this point. I seem to attract schizos and clusterbees like flies to shit.

No. 404971

I will take any man who doesn’t watch porn: too bad that doesn’t exist.

I literally just want a bf who isn’t a coomer. Difficulty mode: impossible.

No. 404983

God, I feel this deeply within me.

No. 404984

we have threads like this already

No. 404989

is the op pic brook and her nigel? (sorry for the off-topic post)

No. 404996

I want a happy relationship with myself

No. 405013

Its Brooke Monk and Sam Dezz

No. 405015

No. 405017

Oh god we’re being raided by 14 year olds

No. 405031

File: 1718031256951.jpeg (20.3 KB, 300x250, IMG_9723.jpeg)


No. 405033

Tiktok whore and her zesty bf

No. 405035


No. 405044

It’s cheating and proven to rot your brain.

No. 405049

is it the same with hentai? i sometimes watch hentai together with my bf..

No. 405051

Are you new to this website

No. 405057

Please god let this be bait

No. 405061

Kek anon. Brooke and Sam are in their twenties and as far as I know their followers are mostly college students.

No. 405062

Please, enough about the OP pic, I'm the OP and literally just wanted a picture to use, its not like i purposefully looked for brooke and Sam, I just looked for relationship goals on pinterest. For the love of god, take a Xanax or gtfo.

No. 405074

It looks like summer already. The kids are out.(infighting)

No. 405136

Sad and true. I’d genuinely rather stay alone than date a coomer.

No. 405140

They look like shit and like they're just performing in front of a camera (it's what they're doing).

No. 405146

No one cares anon. If you have a problem, take it to /meta/. The op pic is not the point of the thread.

No. 405199

studies have already shown that only 92% of heterosexual men look at either porn or quasi porn (Instagram, etc)

No. 411910

File: 1720224668041.jpg (4.17 MB, 3072x4096, selenaandchris.jpg)

I want a boyfriend/husband like Chris Perez. Reading To Selena With Love you can really feel how much he loved that woman. All the pictures you can see it in his eyes how he adored her and how happy he was to have her. Even to this day he's on social media missing her.

No. 411998

File: 1720255919648.webp (47.12 KB, 820x542, ukrainian husband korean wife.…)

Ukrainian-Korean husband and wife

No. 413267

I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't watch porn. He's around me too much for me to not notice it. He'd have to be sneaking jerk sessions on his phone in the office bathroom.

No. 413268

and kek

No. 413270


No. 413278

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