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No. 405535

A place for farmers with autism, down's syndrome, brain damage and similar disabilities to discuss experiences and topics related to being a developmentally disabled woman and the disabled community. The positive, the negative, the rants, the raves - it all belongs here.

No. 405536

This has got to be bait

No. 405537

finally, a thread for me

No. 405539

I think I’ve seen a couple anons vent about traumatic brain injuries and accidents that have led to learning issues, seizures, schizophrenia, or debilitating migraines. So I don’t think it is.

No. 405541

Well, that would certainly explain a lot about some of the retardation you see on here

No. 405542

Regardless of if it is bait, it doesn't matter imo. I am sure there are farmers who would find genuine use and comfort in this thread. Fuck bait, fuck trolls. I'm here to support my fellow nonnies.

No. 405585

Downies are cute I like them

No. 405597

Potato farmer general.

No. 405793

Diagnosed autist here but I am considered high-functioning so people cannot tell. I am prone to emotional dysregulation which likely scares off people. A psychologist considered me several years behind my peers when it came to my emotional intelligence. I did well in university so I’m not disabled in that regard but I am still a NEET due to my emotional dysregulation. I have had no friends for a good chunk of my life and my existence feels extremely insular, especially after the pandemic. It could be worse but I wish I was born normal.

No. 405961

Do I count if I don't have anything but look retarded in photos

No. 406017

TBH most autistic people are high-functioning so I don't consider that developmentally disabled unless you're nonverbal or can't do anything without a caretaker.

No. 406018

I have mental problems after a failed hanging including difficulty relating to people, but I'm still above average IQ and functional. Not sure how other brain-damaged people feel, but I don't see myself as adjacent to developmentally disabled women. I've probably become something closer to ASPD individuals since my personality change.

No. 406020

That’s really sad, I’m sorry nona

No. 406034

I know my story won't seem believable but im a med student who randomly started having very strong one sided headaches and abnormal eye movements, double vision on that same side. After visiting a neurologist and getting an mri it was revealed that i had a rare brain disorder called hemimegalencephaly meaning one side of my brain was so big it was pushing the other and heightening my intracranial pressure, I'm also half blind on that side and learnt that blindness was also caused by this condition. They're also suspecting I might have multiple sclerosis because of the few areas of my scan that revealed possible demyelination.

It's quite sad to me, mostly because my career is all i ever care about and either of these conditions can cause me to discontinue my practice.

No. 406035

I've considered suicide before and I'm really sorry you've gone through this, i only wish good upon you and I hope you don't have those urges again. You deserve more, you deserve to be happy. The personality change must've been traumatizing for you but perhaps putting yourself first for once can help you feel better, you deserve to put yourself first long as it doesn't harm anyone. Don't forget that, selfishness isn't evil in nature

No. 406037

what does your emotional disregulation look like? I'm a sperg that's done school and works full time but I struggle to maintain friendships/relationships. the things I say and do just tends to bring out the worst in people/myself sometimes

No. 406041

I'm so sorry about this, anon, I hope you get a precise and definitive diagnosis as soon as possible. You already know that multiple sclerosis evolution differs a lot from one person to another, you could have a lot of years of low side effects ahead of you. Best of luck with your career seriously, we need more female doctors passionate about their jobs, or medicine school teachers, a smart nona like you will find her place.

No. 406132

Seconding that question

No. 406363

For me, I have a tendency to get overly-anxious and panic, which disturbs people. Feelings of rejection, mainly academia-related, would cause me to have sobbing meltdowns. I cried easily in class when I felt like I performed below my standards which was horribly embarrassing. I had a few people who tried to be friends with me probably out of pity who eventually just got scared away. I didn't realize at the time how my emotions likely could hurt or upset others because my own feelings were just too overwhelming and unbearable to myself.

No. 407785

how the fuck can other autist can command their brain to concentrate on stuff?

i have no intrest in any career but i know i need one. The issue is i cant force myself to go to uni or learn anything or even hold a job cause my mind will just not engage if it does not want to. Tried aderal a decade ago dont think it helped any

No. 407793

That sounds like more like ADHD than autism, but I basically had to force myself. I have too much to lose if I don't focus, if I don't pay attention to my job I'll get fired, not have an income, etc. There's also more medications out there than Adderall, if that one didn't work for you.

No. 407797

Do you ever hyper fixate on anything? I've been toying with this same issue for a long time, because I'm in my late 20s now and still haven't pursued any higher education. I thought my issue for the longest time was my inability to focus on anything, but I know now it's because as an autist, if it's not a topic I'm extremely interested in I literally cannot force myself to engage with it. My brain shuts off from it, it won't allow me to even try. I've finally found the subjects that interest me though, so hoping to get into studying next year.

No. 407805

i was diagnosed as Pervasive developmental disorders as a kid and do not have any papers indicating adhd but maybe. I mean even when i do force it my mind just will not engage, do you think adderal side effects are worth it so i might try again?plus idk what i would peruse since i genuinely i am not interested in anything


same nonna, i used to have them in a more textbook degree as a child but know i get slightly interested in something stupid like a odd case/lolcow/aesthetic and after two days drop it. My baseline is apathetic and uninterested, maybe it is depression idk. What did you pick to study?

No. 407815

>do you think adderal side effects are worth it so i might try again?

Like I said, Adderall isn't the only medication out there. If it doesn't work for you, you can ask to try another stimulant. I've read that Concerta and Vyvanse are also pretty good, and Ritalin is an "old reliable" medication. Strattera is also a non-stimulant. You're just going to have to ask a doctor. I've struggled with chronically low dopamine in the past which was why I didn't care about or could pay attention to anything, and taking medication for awhile and lifestyle changes kicked me out of it.

No. 407826

>i cant force myself to go to uni or learn anything or even hold a job cause my mind will just not engage if it does not want to
I was diagnosed adhd and this is me to a T. I could not go to college because if I’m not interested in a subject, I cannot force my brain to engage. Which is why I ended up going to trade school. Worked out much better for me.
The only classes I took were classes related to my skill. And at work I only do the skill I was trained to do. I even get to turn my brain off for most of the day and daydream.

No. 407851

That’s me. Failed every exam, didn’t even try to search for job. Speech impediment, social anxiety, slow thinking process, everything talking is irritating to me, I need escape NEETdom, but I don’t do anything and get anxious to further fall into escapism. It’s all my fault ruining everything in my life, and yet even if I tried to join study/job I wouldn’t find any friends and be ostracized again. I’m also scared of men and inadequate people in general. It’s so bad I can’t even bare their stare. Yesterday I cried I wasn’t aborted, everything would be easier for her, she can’t even lie about my failures to friends & relatives and be embarrassed in their circle.

No. 407909

I don't have anything to offer on this thread but I'm here for it. Love and support to all the nonnas in this thread.

No. 408079

Has anyone dealt with parents thinking that autism disappears when you reach childhood? My parents thought this way and it practically ruined my life. I have learned to never listen to them for life advice EVER, they always end up ruining everything because they can't conceive what it's like not to be neurotypical.

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