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File: 1718467013294.jpg (229.99 KB, 1024x1024, _a458b0a9-d1e2-45f3-bc1c-78542…)

No. 406216

Chartposters, this is your new home. Post your charts and let's see if anyone cares.
Best resources for creating and interpreting your birth chart:
General/Various Systems: https://www.astro-seek.com/
Vedic: https://www.astrosage.com/freechart/

No. 406220

File: 1718467365727.png (116.24 KB, 520x520, horoscope-chart4def.png)

Here's mine
apparently 5 planets in one sign is unusual but I have no idea what any of it means kek

No. 406303

File: 1718496638790.png (231.19 KB, 700x1125, horoscope-chart4def-700__radix…)

Holy shit

No. 406316

what happened to that one resident anon in the astrology thread reading people’s charts? kek guess she gave up, don’t blame her

No. 406325

-1st decan Gemini rising but your Mercury is combust as 0 degrees Scorpio, making you a functional 1st decan Scorpio rising
-squircle shaped face; prominent mole; large, rounded eyes that are narrow at the inner corner; medium eyebrows and lips; top heavy body with long torso and wide set ribs
-your Mercury is trining Saturn so you should actually be a somewhat stretched out version of the above with really good bone structure; should be at least 5'7"
-Libra sun, Aries moon: seem like a peaceful artist on the surface but are a fireball on the inside; difficulty sitting still and constantly searching for novelty; mischievous, like to say outrageous things; Jekyl and Hyde type personality; romantic but self centered
-your birth was difficult for your mother
-volatile early part of your life; things start to settle down at around age 25
-despite fiery internal nature, you remain outwardly diplomatic and prefer to avoid direct conflict when possible
-sun combust mercury: stutter when stressed; bad listener
-good immune system
-destined to make or come into a lot of money
-high sex drive
-have a pet that you dote over
-Saturn in 11th: hard worker; good at manipulating people when you are inclined to do so
-live in a fantasy world; drastically prefer fantasy to reality
-moon in the 12th: introverted; family oriented (very close with siblings); into the occult; will make money and settle far away from home; love your mother but she is a very private person and there is some distance there

This is a strong chart, although I generally don't approve of Scorpio risings

No. 406326

The grass will grow up to your cheeks and I will still be on lolcow doing readings for anons

No. 406350

File: 1718510700320.jpg (88.11 KB, 520x520, horoscope-chart4def.jpg)


No. 406358

File: 1718514456781.png (181.95 KB, 700x1125, horoscope-chart4def-7.png)

I can't wait to be told I'm cursed from birth

No. 406359

File: 1718515042333.jpeg (244 KB, 828x741, IMG_4553.jpeg)

last time my friend read my chart it was scarily accurate so

No. 406365


Sun gemini, moon sagittarius: Words, communication, and knowledge seeking are important valuable themes for you. You might rub others the wrong way in that ‘’A tendency to tell all you know and to invent what you don’t know is likely to get you into trouble..‘’ you might appear like a smug ‘’know it all’’ , but ultimately you mean well in that you truly just value collecting new information, Experimentation, mixing unrelated things to create something new, alien, etc. Need's mental training.

Sun in 7th house: it's possible that you dedicate lots of time studying other people or find some sort of value / confidence through interpersonal relations

Moon in 1st house: your emotions, needs , and sensitivities, are obvious to others or it benefits you by making such things obvious to others..

Prominent Taurus: conservative tendencies, you may choose things purely based on how aesthetically pleasing they’re, self-indulgent, values history, nature, love, flowers, plants, relaxation, simplicity, Shockingly patient.

Saturn pisces: spirituality, magic, spooky unknown things,non-commitment, moralism, or weakness, might be some things you struggle with. It could be hard for you to follow dreams that seem non-practical or crazy… you could struggle to get out of your comfort zone, but throwing yourself into the unknown at the expense of seeming crazy is a necessary sacrifice you must take, leave your home safety-net, leave the past, otherwise you’re likely to stay stuck in a rut forever. you could have a penchant for just ignoring your problems rather than approaching them directly. Saturn pisces can also make someone extremely open and weird, you get away with consequences and avoid responsibility by allowing anything to happen. Either has too many restrictions or none at all…

Mars 5th house: willing to fight to express yourself, asserting yourself may come easily for you, potent sex drive..

Diets, Routines, Art, beauty, creativity, progeny, problem solving : might be some themes that bring you joy, things that you are willing to do on your own accord, not just for profit or external reasons.

No. 406370


Venus Virgo: struggles with smoothness, tiny imperfect details that only you notice can ruin an entire piece. Perhaps you have a High disgust rate, easy to repulse. Ultimately Self contained, finds beauty in the subtle and mundane. Very picky and highly specific in what you find beautiful.

Moon Capricorn: the nurturing instinct,sentimentality, and emotional sensitivity can feel alien to you. Heightened self preservation/survival instinct. Willing to make brutal sacrifices to achieve freedom/authority.

Sun libra, Moon Capricorn: ‘’You're an opportunist and can build a single stone of opportunity into a whole skyscraper of success single-handed. Life is real and earnest to you but it is also highly personal and a little selfish and self-centered. there’s a brooding sense of the seriousness of life underlying your flippancy. You are conscious of sorrow and tragedy and even have a way of making them up for yourself and your friends where little or no basis for them exists. You are a dramatist at heart and like nothing better than to weave patterns of blighted love, misplaced affection, lost affinities, and the like. Your flights of fancy may lead you to make somewhat tangled realities out of the fabric of your dreams. You are an artist at heart, and if strong intellectual indications occur you will do a lot with your romantic imagination in creative literature or in some branch of art.’’

Saturn Aquarius aspecting scorpio: Struggles with implementing your ideas and systems into society, perhaps for appearing too shocking / creepy / taboo . Amazing problem solver tho…

Libra placements give you an advantage.. Sun in libra can make someone confident in dealing with other people + mars libra can make someone androgynous or put great effort into being charming.

No. 406386

File: 1718528920646.png (105.86 KB, 578x436, IMG_2704.png)

I never got a response in the other thread. Trying again

No. 406388

File: 1718528976744.png (50.99 KB, 578x258, IMG_2705.png)

More detail

No. 406396

So I'm not demanding a reading, I don't care, but I posted my enemy's chart and chart reading anons skipped it and I'd like to know if it was because there was too many negative traits kek >>406303

No. 406409

File: 1718536898911.png (166.49 KB, 780x653, astro.png)

Here's mine, does having a triple water sign as your big three matter in any way?

No. 406424

File: 1718541489003.png (184.06 KB, 700x1125, chart.png)

i only realized now that my chart is dominated with water and air

No. 406430

File: 1718542901057.jpeg (237.22 KB, 1196x1157, 1E9A47EC-DDCC-466B-A749-90AAC2…)

Could I please get a chart reading? I seem to be really unlucky in love. All my partners have cheated on me. I think I have Moon Square Venus and Venus Square Neptune which I heard can lead to a lot of deception and disillusionment in relationships.

No. 406440

File: 1718546033471.jpg (190.9 KB, 700x1125, astro.jpg)

Could someone do a chart reading for this one?

No. 406615

The strangest chart I've ever seen in these threads. Your sun is right on your ascendent and Rahu is right on your MC
-natural leader; born to rule
-bright and commanding personality
-arrogant braggart when young but grow out of it
-very choosy regarding your romantic partners
-skilled with languages
-marry someone of a different religious/cultural background
-mother is/was a housewife and you are distant from her; more of a daddy's girl
-short, sturdy and fit; good athlete
-difficult birth for your mother; lot's of struggles before age of 25 after which things begin to settle down
-highly philosophical and/or religious
-professional success and high social recognition and status (ultimately)
-lot's of international travel
-very intense sexual fantasies that nobody irl is able to live up to; nympho
-highly organized and prudent; always triple check everything
-settle abroad (it seems like most charts in these threads have that, it normally isn't like that when I do readings for people outside of lolcow)

No. 406639

File: 1718578816499.png (205.21 KB, 700x1125, IMG_2191.png)

i want to know what you think nonnies, thank you in advance!

No. 406654

File: 1718580633274.png (95.24 KB, 797x558, Screenshot_168.png)

Reader, we need to talk, can you allow me some questions, I know I was very whiny last thread but I have to say stuff
Failed again at more stuff, more art stuff, I don't even know or have the basics in my blood. Could transits tell the future?

I don't have sexual appeal, the fact my chart says I do strikes me as worrying.

No. 406656

File: 1718581973615.png (206.13 KB, 758x1028, astro.png)

>3 planets in detriment
How fucked am I?

No. 406657

I'd love to help but I'm not an advice person. I can't even fix my own shit life: I'm overweight, broke, can only work part time and spend my free time on lolcow, Twitter and YouTube.
All I can tell you is what I told you last time: you have a really strong chart. Any astrologer who knows what they are doing will tell you the same. Your MC (which indicates career/life path) is conjunct which indicates greatness and fame in an artistic related field. Some famous people with this conjunction are John Maynard Keynes, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Manson and Henri Matisse.
Your problem is that you have Saturn opposite a highly afflicted Scorpio moon. With aspects like that there is simply no avoiding inner turmoil in the earlier part of your life.

No. 406661

I was born to nothing in a non fashionable part of the world. I am unfuckable. I have no sex appeal, I have no connections. I have no talent. Can't write, can't draw, can't paint, can't sing, can't play music, can't 3D model or animate, can't do even fucking pixel art. I'll never be anyone, I'm going to fucking suicide one day maybe

No. 406662

And I try but I never improve, because there's no talent

No. 406666

File: 1718584529380.png (89.21 KB, 547x533, astrov1.png)

Here's my chart if anyone wants to analyze it, danke!

No. 406703

File: 1718598144714.png (1.51 MB, 1242x1629, IMG_7818.png)

is my friend ok..?

No. 406765

File: 1718625973068.png (187.84 KB, 700x1125, IMG_0231.png)

i think it’s funny that i have no earth sign placements. i know very little about astrology so i’m not exactly sure what that means

No. 406837

sensitive and maternal; rolling gait; big but not fat; tall; major depression; meddle in the affairs of others although your heart is in the right place; better talker than listener; good public speaker; good at arts and crafts; father worked for the government, was a foodie and was the boss at home; wealthy family; have political contacts; authoritative speaking voice; many clashes with mother who was/is verbally abusive; lot's of different diets and exercise programs; digestive problems; have had appendicitis; hypertension; impatient; short tempered; tremendous courage; selfless in relationships; will be involved in international politics; lost virginity young

No. 406864

damn anon. quite accurate about this person (we aren't really enemies I was being dramatic). i apologize for being a doubter of you

No. 406922

File: 1718661372763.png (190.34 KB, 700x1125, 512123.png)

I have a super basic, surface level understanding of astronomy, but shouldn't someone with a Libra sun, Libra ascendant be a super outgoing, charming, social butterfly? What is it in this chart that would make someone a withdrawn hermit with no friends or social life whatsoever?

No. 406928

not necessarily because Sun sign doesn't determine personality. Sun/Moon combo does. You are a Libra sun, Gemini moon: detached intellectual type; difficulty relating to normies; eloquent and good at convincing people of stuff; witty but in a fashion that rubs a lot of people the wrong way; can't conform or fit in; natural diplomatic; always finding new interests/projects; lot's of romantic affairs and lot's of heartbreak
-Libra is ruled by Venus, which is combust in your chart, so that likely increases the severity of the social difficulties your sun/moon combo brings about
-your Libra rising gives you hourglass shape; beautiful hair and skin

No. 406946

you have mercury opposite saturn which practically makes you socially awkward and saturn is one of the slower planets it’s apart of your lesson to learn how to properly communicate with others. your mercury is libra which would making you charming and poised and your Saturn is in leo, self-image problems and too afraid to express yourself so you probably say the wrong things that come off strange. mercury square neptune another stressed aspect towards your communication ability so you’re prone to merging with other peoples identities. mercury conjunct lilith again saying shit that isn’t socially acceptable to other people and letting it slip and that can be offputting to others. a lot of these might not be fully accurate because i think your chart is the one with no birth time (therefore no accurate house placements) so basically you are astrologically autistic anon

No. 407003

>so basically you are astrologically autistic anon

No. 407018

File: 1718682988861.png (65.81 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_3713.png)

Am I destined for greatness??? Jk lol

No. 407029

>Am I destined for greatness??? Jk lol
Are you really kidding, though? You were born under fixed star Alkaid and your descendant conjuncts fixed star Markab, which means you are in fact destined for greatness and you've likely always known it. Please send me money when you become rich and famous.
Aries Sun, Virgo Moon: sharp witted; grounded and practical; methodically go about achieving your dreams; willing to take risks but more of a look before you leap type; highly analytical; want to be a bold warrior type but are too internally inhibited to be that; career driven; don't tolerate any disagreement as you think you are always right (and usually are) and this leads to conflicts
-big frame; chunky
-extremely, out of this world, indecisive; probably the least decisive person you know or have ever met
-will make your fortune while you are still young
-take part in secretive, occult rituals
-really high sex drive, even by the standards of all the nymphos in these threads
-first you will make a lot of money, then you will inherit a shit ton more
-you won't start to make big money until age 28
-an empath; private person; like to self isolate; family oriented; distant from your mother (either physically or emotionally, although you really do love her); mother is a reclusive weirdo

No. 407120

File: 1718726074708.png (185.8 KB, 700x1125, aaa.png)


No. 407131

File: 1718728130605.png (187.52 KB, 700x1125, chart.png)

hello nonnies, i'm a beginner in astrology and i'm interested in your opinions/readings of my chart bc maybe my own are biased/influenced by my mental state. i've been having the worst times recently ( got dumped by longtime bf, unemployed, 90% of my near-future life plans fell through) and it really feels like i'm born for failure. i don't really know what to ask specifically, i guess i'm just wondering how i look to you/what you'd see for me in general. maybe that cancer-moon combo is why i feel like an unlovable failure kek

No. 407144

this is a pretty good chart. I'm surprised to hear you are struggling
What is probably causing your problems is that your moon is conjunct Markab and Markab can be nasty. You also have a combust 6th house lord and that can present difficulties as well. But you should be fine ultimately.
-sensitive, maternal, dreamy and artistic
-will come into a lot of money but it won't be until age 32 at the earliest; probably some kind of massive inheritance
-accident prone but always survive
-energetic and courageous; iron will
-great communication skills and excellent researcher as well; will utilize these skills to achieve career success

No. 407147

oh yeah, you also have a 6th house moon. That always causes problems so I'm actually not surprised your struggling. But I really do think good things are coming to you shortly

No. 407152

File: 1718735295350.gif (118.66 KB, 370x300, f218851fa35e42f4f4446c5cfc8e4c…)

thank you nonnie, i actually feel a bit more at ease, i guess it's easy to feel doomed when in the thick of problems. one interesting thing is
>-accident prone but always survive
i never thought much about it, especially not in the context of astrology, but i've actually had 2 near death experiences and i'm only in my mid 20s. it's super interesting to me that you could figure out something related to that just from my chart
thank you for your time!!

No. 407161

Please can someone do mine

No. 407168

-strong and fit; good build
-ruling planet (sun) is opposite Pluto so that is gonna cause some major problems, particularly in relationships
-cat like facial features; petit, oval face
-proud with a strong presence
-good communicator; passionate, lifelong learner
-workaholic; good, valued employee; help others without expecting anything in return
-afflicted Saturn in the 8th house means that you get cheated on. You'll eventually find someone who doesn't but that is what is causing your current issues on that front
-get along with everyone; career in entertainment and arts
-bad listener; talk too much and tend to speak without thinking; mind is all over the place; good public speaker; good at arts and crafts
-natural leader
-major anger management issues
-iron will
-professional support from your father; father has/had a high governmental position

No. 407180

please! can someone read mine? thank you

No. 407185

-tall and boney; big forehead; beautiful, thick, shiny hair; good athlete; fit; otherworldly appearance
-mama's girl
-bad relationship with other women; betrayals from your family and community
-sun combust Mercury: bad listener; wandering mind; good at arts and crafts; good public speaker; lot's of nervous energy
-will be a successful businesswoman; going to be wealthy if you aren't already
-generous and compassionate
-up and down career
-strained relationship with siblings
-will work abroad
-MC conjuncts Canopus and IC conjuncts Vega: destined for wealth, greatness and renown

No. 407188

Could I get one for this? >>406409
Every time I look up those online chart explanations it seems to say over and over again that I'm supposedly very emotional, but if anything I have the emotional width of a potato. 95% of the time I'm either slightly bored or vaguely pleased, and other emotions pass within about 5 minutes

Also, is there any way of telling if going into trades is gonna work out well for me? Thanks in advance readingnonnas, you're doing gods work for us navelgazers.

No. 407201

File: 1718748189459.png (182.67 KB, 700x1125, horoscope-chart4def-700__radix…)

Am I a shitshow?

No. 407202

the retards in the other thread who were saying my readings were no better than what the online calculators give are just that, retards. The whole reason I started doing chart readings was because of how frustrated I was with how much the app readings sucked
-the readings having you as emotional are probably based off reading you as a Cancer sun, Scorpio moon. But your moon is conjunct with Chiron, making you a functional Virgo moon… which does indicate high emotional sensitivity so yeah, it must be something else
-That moon is pretty weak, and it is squaring Uranus which indicates that you get bored easily, will raise your children in an unconventional fashion and have a tendency to upset people with bizarre behavior and outlandish statements. Also that you have no respect for authority. And your mom is an emotionally distant weirdo
-Oh yeah, Neptune is opposite Mercury, which makes you a social retard who struggles to communicate with or connect to others; I think that is having more of an impact than the moon squaring Uranus
-great relationship with siblings; will inherit a lot of money
-schedule oriented; hard worker; educational delays and clashes with parents
-low back problems and mental health issues
-think a lot about death and taboo subjects; into the occult; use immoral/illegal means to make money (probably sex work, maybe selling drugs); get in lot's of fights
-settle far away from home
-born under Zuben Eschamali, so greatness will be waiting for you once you are done with all the whoring and drug dealing; also your moon is conjunct with Zuben Elganubi which may account for your lack of emotional width

No. 407206

Thanks a lot, anon. Never done any whoring and drug dealing, maybe that's still to come, lets hope not. Bang on the money about lower back pain, close with siblings and educational delays though, the rest is kinda 50/50

No. 407207

you haven't done anything illegal or engaged in any sexually taboo behavior? Your chart is pretty clear that you would have by now (assuming you aren't like 10 years old). I guess you beat the karma

No. 407212

wow. thank you so much, nonna. i like your readings a lot, very interesting and informative. also, your reading awoke a sense of confidence within me. lately i’ve been really worried about work / career, finances etc. so this helped a bit. very on point about nervous energy…

No. 407213

Nope, 25yo turbovirgin. Smoked some weed behind a shed with a friend about a decade ago, that's the only illegal thing I've done so far. Maybe my 30s are gonna be a lot more interesting than I've previously thought kek

No. 407269

>Smoked some weed behind a shed with a friend about a decade ago
You monster. The chart was right about you

No. 407280

File: 1718768471905.png (184.91 KB, 700x1125, 2A87B59A-D0FE-4596-8F5B-EB90DF…)

Plz thanks!

No. 407281

-tall, well built; pretty with great hair
-traumatic birth
-waxing new moon: eager to make your mark on the world; young soul; not a lot of self awareness
-unusual style of dress; erratic behavior; struggle to hold down a job; move multiple times for school or work; ahead of your time; rebel; unexplained muscle spasms
-Mercury conjunct Neptune: absorb more information than your brain can process; unique ideas/perspectives that others find intriguing (not saying they actually are intriguing, Taylor Swift also has the Mercury conjunct Neptune aspect and she's a bore)
-self centered
-mother was a traditional woman with expectations that you would be the same; into the occult; foodie; soda addict; good investor; passive, people pleasing personality
-born into a wealthy family
-arrogant and entitled behavior; father has a really bad temper; impatient
-great researcher; going to live a long life
-like fancy jewelry; very proud of your family lineage; father has a powerful government position; you speak in an authoritative fashion

No. 407282

File: 1718768944536.png (42.81 KB, 670x471, chart.png)

I have a really weird chart. makes sense though because i'm a weird person.

No. 407283

Also, you descendant conjuncts fixed star Castor, indicating greatness and fame. You share this aspect with Megan Fox and Arianna Grande, so if you don't achieve at least as much fame and success as them, consider yourself a failure

No. 407348

File: 1718795058468.png (191.53 KB, 700x1125, horoscope-chart4def-700__radix…)

Can I make my dreams come true or am I cooked??

No. 407429

>Can I make my dreams come true
You were born under two fixed stars: Asellus Borealis and Praesepe. So yes.
-natural leader; feline face; delayed success in life (Saturn in 8th); lot's of physical injuries and/or surgeries; kidney/bladder issues; great intuition and can't be fooled; heavily influenced by your father who you will eventually inherit a lot of money from; mother is/was highly respected woman

No. 407437

File: 1718823056487.png (75.22 KB, 472x471, chart.png)

I guess i'll just post again lol but i'm pretty sure i'm cursed since my life has been awful from the beginning, is there any hope?

No. 407441

>is there any hope
Alkaid on MC and Rigel on descendent, so yeah, you should be fine
-your moon is strong but insanely afflicted so we would expect you to have had a hard life
-chronic health issues; problems with siblings; scapegoat of your family
-mother never loved you; move around a lot
-driven and entrepreneurial; late bloomer but will find success

No. 407442

pretty much everything is correct besides the chronic health issues. I tend to stay pretty healthy, although serious life-threatening stuff runs in my family but it usually happens in their 50s-60s so as long as I stay ahead of the curve I think i'll be okay. ty anon

No. 407449

also: tall with good bone structure; pointy chin and big forehead

No. 407462

Sweet thanks nona! I don't have any health issues as of now though

No. 407501

File: 1718837493979.png (182.06 KB, 700x1125, bchart.png)

I've never had a birth chart reading before. If anyone were up to analyze mine, it would be much appreciated.

No. 407568

driven, goal oriented and methodical, but also a little spacey and impressionable; good health; intelligent and successful; pretty or even beautiful; shiny straight hair; unorthodox religious and moral beliefs, prototypical Millenial in that regard; bit of an oddball with a unique fashion sense; selfish and materialistic; hoarder; fit, physically strong, good athlete; very high energy; hard worker; highly ambitious; authoritative speaker; dad worked for the government; very proud of your lineage; poor listener; lot's nervous energy; speak without thinking and interrupt people; completely different worldview/politics from your mother; health conscious; workaholic

No. 407658

That was scary accurate, nona. The only three things that you didn't get 100% right are the hair (it's wavy), the hoarding bit (my grandmother and her mother were hoarders though), and the high energy part (but I think if I weren't such a workaholic I would have a lot more energy). Thank you so much.

No. 407819

File: 1718938115066.png (255.46 KB, 700x1125, birth chart.png)

if anyone is willing, i would like an astrological roast with no positivity. i need someone to be brutally honest, giving me the unvarnished truth. thank you.

No. 407831

File: 1718940639368.png (188.67 KB, 700x1125, horoscope-chart.png)

me and my good old triangle

No. 407852

-your ruling planet is Ceres and that isn't on this chart so there is only so much I can do
-you missed being born under Mirach by just a hair
-your IC, however, is conjunct with Castor. You share this aspect with Conor McGregor and Immanuel Kant. This aspect connotes greatness and success.
-very strong moon in 3rd house: tight with your siblings; jack of all trades; excellent writer; many mentors; courageous; get along really well with other women; great communicator
-matured early; disciplined and rule abiding; trustworthy and regimented person; dutiful daughter; marriage and success are delayed
-sensitive and maternal
-low back pain
-investigator/researcher; very analytical
-not necessarily religious (more of a spiritual but not religious type), but at least have a very strong moral framework that you operate under
-big spender; not very budget conscious
-big dreams and big plans

No. 408250

great authority and wealth; tall and lean; excellent bone structure; always say what you think although you are also quiet and introverted; natural leader, but in a quiet way; regard yourself as inherently superior to others; occultist; will have great children; heavy responsibility placed on you from an early age; workaholic with delayed career success; dry sex life; poor relationship with father; travel a lot for work/school; cheap bastard w/ high financial anxiety; engage in self harm and have noticeable body marks; despite your feeling that you are better than everyone else, you also struggle with major self hate and self doubt

No. 408268

File: 1719089089941.png (141.66 KB, 520x520, horoscope-chart.png)

thank you for your service astrologeranon. ceres in 6h libra squaring my sun and moon. it sounds grim. does my chart indicate any good career paths for me?

No. 408270

that's a well placed Ceres although your first house is actually ruled by Mercury so I don't know if you are getting much out of it.
I never take the career suggestions seriously, but the aspects of the chart suggest that you would be best suited in an upper management/CEO type role or as a politician

No. 408273

File: 1719092246580.png (149.84 KB, 700x700, horo.png)

Does anyone have any idea about mine? I've never got it checked before. I'm having a pretty shitty last few years so any insight would be helpful.

No. 408282

similar to the above chart, this chart is also ruled by Ceres so I'd need to see where Ceres is placed to do a proper reading
-moon (most important planet) conjuncts Aldebaran (greatest star in the sky): indicates greatness, wealth and success. You share this aspect with Johannes Kepler, Jeff Bridges, Rutherford B. Hayes and Gwyneth Paltrow
-very strong moon, well placed on the MC: strongly guided in life by your mother; travel to foreign countries
-the problem is that your moon is afflicted by Saturn: forced to grow up fast; major delays in success; estrangement from family; major financial hardship; celibacy; depression; you'll get past all this though
-grounded and practical
-highly artistic (can also apply to theatre or dance)
-attracted to emo types
-very high energy, very high sex drive, very kinky; toxic romantic relationships; menstrual problems; explosive and violent temper
-natural leader; destined for both wealth and professional success once that Saturn gets out of your way; will mercilessly crush all who stand in your way and then bathe in their tears

No. 408284

ah, you're chart is ruled by Chiron, not Ceres. Same with the other chart above. My mistake. I always get Virgo and Taurus confused

No. 408288

File: 1719096499507.png (116.92 KB, 520x520, horoscope-chart.png)

Can someone read this, please?

No. 408295

things you got right
>tall and lean (ish, above average height and kinda bony)
>always say what you think although you are also quiet and introverted
>occultist (well I find occult stuff interesting i guess)
>heavy responsibility placed on you from an early age
>workaholic with delayed career success
>dry sex life
>poor relationship with father (both parents actually)
>cheap bastard w/ high financial anxiety
>engage in self harm and have noticeable body marks
>despite your feeling that you are better than everyone else, you also struggle with major self hate and self doubt

sadly I'm not wealthy yet and I don't travel much, I wish I did, and I wish I had a better job, but my great inferiority caused me to have a mental episode that really put me behind for the better part of the last 6 months, but I still hold out for a very successful life and I'd love to have adorable kids hoping they do better in life than me one day

No. 408298

-health problems
-very good life overall despite your problems; maybe not at first, though
-related to the above, your ascendant is conjunct with fixed star Polaris, this means a difficult early part of life. Lebron James has this aspect and he was born to a single mother and grew up in the projects. FDR had this and he nearly died when he was being delivered. Timothy McVeigh had this and… well, you know. The point is, we'd expect this aspect to have caused some problems, but as long as the rest of your chart is strong, there is no need to stress about it
-very intelligent
-great storyteller
-SJW views
-lot's of conflict/drama in your life
-maternal and highly sensitive
-father has health problems or has suffered extreme loss
-extensive travel to foreign countries
-highly spiritual/religious
-big spender; bad financial management
-major conflicts with siblings/cousins before reconciling
-will ultimately achieve wealth, success, a good life and a good marriage, but these good things will likely be delayed until around age 30

No. 408299

does it make you feel any better that your chart clearly indicates that you are ultimately going to be a success? It's not just me saying that, any astrologer would say the same

No. 408312

File: 1719105118473.png (214.05 KB, 700x1125, chart.png)

I'm more of a tarotfag but i'd be eternally thankful if someone read my chart, i was always curious about what it means

No. 408323

sensitive and maternal; traumatic birth for your mother; lot's of emotional turmoil before the age of 25; good and very intense communicator who can move people with your words; will have great relationship with your children; hyper emotional and have a difficulty controlling your reactions, the opposite of stoic; strong personality, not easily influenced; life features lot's of drama and lot's of expenses; good health; great relationship with both parents, but particularly your father; highly spiritual; workaholic; lot's of brief romantic relationships in your youth; patient; domineering and overly confident

No. 408329

File: 1719111896436.png (113.77 KB, 520x520, IMG_2454.png)

I’m super new to astrology so I have no clue how to interpret my chart

No. 408354

File: 1719122212884.gif (838.84 KB, 823x770, IMG_3786.gif)

whoops forgot to respond
> you are in fact destined for greatness
Oh please tell me I’ll gain acclaim through my rick and morty fanfiction. Please let that be how it happens
> send me money when you become rich and famous.
No promises nona
> want to be a bold warrior type but are too internally inhibited to be that
yes. Though I think I’m getting closer to being able to master that expression
> don't tolerate any disagreement as you think you are always right (and usually are) and this leads to conflicts
-extremely, out of this world, indecisive; probably the least decisive person you know or have ever met
> take part in secretive, occult rituals
that would be so rad… I’d love it more than sex
> really high sex drive, even by the standards of all the nymphos in these threads
I’m still a virgin but I do feel like my sexuality is pretty dark. I’d consider myself a more dominant person so maybe that’s why
>you won't start to make big money until age 28
Interesting. Why that age if you don’t mind me asking?
> an empath; private person; like to self isolate; family oriented;
Spot on.
> distant from your mother (either physically or emotionally, although you really do love her); mother is a reclusive weirdo

She’s got substance abuse issues. She is also a white trash whore. Have no clue how we’re related. I hope I never see her again

Overall it was accurate. You really nailed it, you got skill. Keep up the good work nona

No. 408363

>Interesting. Why that age if you don’t mind me asking?
Sun in the 8th. A very strong sun, btw. Means you make money via starting something new but that it doesn't happen until after age 28. The delay is because… I have no idea. Just one of those things, I guess

No. 408364

Oh wow, you got a lot of things right. Some of these are uncannily accurate
>lot's of emotional turmoil before the age of 25
>strong personality, not easily influenced
>life features lot's of drama and lot's of expenses
>have difficulty controlling emotions, the opposite of stoic
>great relationship with your father
>good health
>traumatic birth for your mother
>highly spiritual
>lot's of brief romantic relationships in your youth
I ranked them from extremely correct to somewhat true. I have an atrocious relationship with my mother but you were right about getting along better with my father. I really hope i'll have a great relationship with my kids, you gave me hope kek

No. 408369

File: 1719125022293.png (287.63 KB, 854x601, astro.png)

Reader anon, please tell me why I have literally been in a depressive 'freeze' state for over a decade now. I have no idea what to do with my life, will things improve? I just want to start a family one day.

No. 408379

well you have a strong but afflicted moon in the 3rd, your descendant conjuncts fixed star Spica and you have a weak and afflicted Saturn retrograde in your 12th that is conjuncting your ascendant. And your 7th house Venus is afflicted by a very strong Uranus. Also, your 6th house Mercury is overall strong and positive, but it is afflicted by Rahu which causes anxiety from overthinking. Those are some tough aspects so we'd expect some challenges.
-first and foremost: a warrior, albeit one with a soft, nurturing side underneath; artistically gifted and inclined; low back pain and mental health issues; job hopper; close with siblings/cousins; tenacious: no matter how bad things get, you never give up; will ultimately have a great marriage and children (strong, positive Mercury in 6th house); retrograde Jupiter in 11th house means that while you will achieve professional success, it will be delayed and that your image will be tarnished with negative rumors

You should start seeing improvements in your life over the next few years

No. 408386

Thank you for your extensive read, you really are good at this. I've definitely heard in the past that I have some difficult placements and I guess my life is currently reflecting those.
As for everything else:
>a warrior, albeit one with a soft, nurturing side underneath
I'm always called the 'grandma' or 'little girl' around a group of people I see for a while as I tend to take care of people or empathize a lot. However I've definitely been through some hellish experiences that I got through stoically, albeit it I do bottle up a lot of my issues but its how I get through an active situation.
>artistically gifted and inclined
yes, and I haven't been tapping into that side for absolute years now. But I've always worked in the arts industry although I am unemployed now, I do volunteer social media for my church.
>low back pain and mental health issues
wow didn't expect that but yes, my psychologist from a while ago said I have anxious depression. And in terms of my lower back, my muscles have torn there 3 times in my life where I couldn't walk properly for months. Interesting.
>job hopper
Yep. I wish I could stay in one job but I hold grudges so personally when someone does something wrong to me or to others. I get easily disappointed with the company I'm in if it doesn't to what it promises which is probably a bad trait of mine.
>close with siblings/cousins
I'm an only child but I was close with my cousins growing up until we immigrated. I am insanely close with my parents.
>tenacious no matter how bad things get, you never give up
I have periods of depression and difficulty but I still do something everyday whether its some cleaning or helping my parents or shopping or a bit of volunteering/looking for work. I had 2 major relationships and both were emotionally abusive and I still remained and helped us to try and grow.
>will ultimately have a great marriage and children (strong, positive Mercury in 6th house)
hoping for this massively.
>retrograde Jupiter in 11th house means that while you will achieve professional success, it will be delayed and that your image will be tarnished with negative rumors
oh gosh, that's unfortunate to know. But rumors are things that are made up, so hopefully I can look past these 'rumors'.
>You should start seeing improvements in your life over the next few years
I really hope so. It's been so hard lately.

Thank you reader, you've done a really good job. Keep at it, hopefully you can make some money from this gig one day.

No. 408419

File: 1719149639502.jpg (16.47 KB, 320x240, drl.jpg)

That was an interesting read, thank you. Looks like I really have to start taking care of my health…

No. 408428

File: 1719152077838.jpg (362.73 KB, 1080x1078, ora.jpg)

Hey witchyfriends.
If you see anything interesting I would be interested to hear.. recently discovered I am likely asexual and just going through a strange time in my life with isolation. I put the chart in whole signs

No. 408440

File: 1719155877319.png (179.79 KB, 700x1125, horoscope-chart4def-700__radix…)

Can anyone interpret mine? Don't know much about astrology and did this on a whim. I have no idea what I'm looking at other than that it looks boring compared to other charts upthread

No. 408444

File: 1719156976317.jpeg (610.48 KB, 712x975, IMG_1382.jpeg)

can someone plssssssssssssss reinterpret my chart! and if you can interpret the lilith in aries in 12th house like what the fuck does that even mean?

No. 408464

File: 1719162105621.gif (14.7 KB, 500x600, IMG_3793.gif)

weird pitch but can you analyze the chart of an abusive ex

No. 408479

File: 1719165486893.jpeg (208.92 KB, 700x1125, IMG_6540.jpeg)

anons! What can you get about me from my chart?

No. 408491

Have you ever dealt with disordered eating

No. 408539

-gifted artist
-good athlete; ultra aggressive; domineering
-highly decisive, makes decisions instantly
-handsome; sexy in a Christian Grey type way; gym rat; diet conscious
-charming metrosexual; really able to put on a good front; very popular
-although fit and a healthy eater, also prone to laziness in other areas of life and to overindulging in food/alcohol/drugs
-a show off
-daddy's boy; father has political connections that he uses to benefit his son; father also has major health issues
-despite all the privilege, lot's of emotional unrest and turmoil underneath the surface, although this doesn't get shown to the rest of the world
-religious/philosophical; strong and strict worldview
-phenomenal willpower
-strained familial relationships
-ultimately destined to work abroad

No. 408555

I'm currently dealing with it. One year I had anorexia and for the past few years I've been struggling with on and off binge eating and I used to diet a lot.

No. 408556

which chart aspect indicated an eating disorder?

No. 408569

File: 1719189113740.jpeg (52.15 KB, 400x400, IMG_3504.jpeg)

yeah I'm just at a weird crossroads in life where I'm feeling very lost and have no idea how to process moving on from something. But your read is reassuring!

I've got this weird spiritual sensation something is gonna go awry right now and while my intuition isn't always correct, I feel a drain on me physically. I've had these before.

No. 408571

File: 1719189352819.png (185.71 KB, 700x1125, 1000056712.png)

Trying my luck

No. 408703

File: 1719246517865.png (660.98 KB, 1830x1082, BleachBlondeBadBuiltButchBody.…)

please and ty wise and kind nonna

No. 408736

File: 1719252333885.png (182.02 KB, 700x1125, horoscope-chart4def-700__radix…)

My relative said my chart was interesting but didn't get a chance to go into it with me and lives far away. If anyone cares, thank you.

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