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File: 1441217974900.jpg (334.22 KB, 506x507, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)

No. 43395

Any of you guys have an actual doll face?

No. 43396

I'm pretty ugly unfortunately

No. 43397

No, I am an ugly white male

No. 43398

I don't think it's possible to have one. It's entirely possible to have doll-like features but I don't think any human being can actually look like a doll.

I personally have some "doll-like" features but I don't look like a doll. I just have a chubby round face and a small mouth. Some people tell me I look like Venus.

No. 43399

File: 1441222815939.jpg (267.59 KB, 1024x768, VenusPlanet.jpg)


No. 43400

>eagerly waits for that one idiot to actually post their face in this thread*

No. 43401


me too, my face is more heart-shaped though, small chin and mouth, large brown eyes.. idk i like my face ;3

No. 43402

Maybe a ball jointed doll. I don't exert the effort to look like a doll and I think circle lenses are fugly and embarrassing. I'm very happy with my face and abilities to flatter it, I've been blessed in facial features and exceptional makeup skills, but lolcow is not the place for me to brag. I have nothing to prove here. To me, it doesn't matter if you're an ugly bitch or not as long as your opinion is reasonable. We're here for milk. In fact I would never want my face associated with this website. Ever.

No. 43403

*Samefag but the fact that small lips are associated with dolls and coveted by wannabe ~living dolls~ is bizarre to me. Tiny mouths and thin lips are so ugly. If I had no lips I would loathe myself. They're so unfortunate. For example, prominent noses aren't that bad mostly unless paired with no lips. Big nose+no lips= you are royally fucking ugly and I'll say a prayer for you.

No. 43404

I hope not, I always feel so much secondhand embarrassment when people do that.


I agree. Tiny mouths with thin lips makes me think of grannies.
I don't get why thin lips would be considered dolly? I don't think I've ever seen a doll with thin lips. The ones I've seen usually have small mouths but fuller lips.

No. 43405

Not doll-like at all, but I do look much younger than I actually am. I'll take what I can get.

No. 43406

File: 1441234240158.jpg (48.14 KB, 412x629, image.jpg)

I have a friend who looks a lot like Kota's most notorious shoops, but the funny thing is they're very private and anti-Internet, to the point that they don't even have Facebook. They hate the attention their face gives them, it's such a waste. I keep telling them to learn Nipponese and make bank but I can't even get them to pose with me for an Instagram photo lol.

No. 43407

I have a dolly faced frend too. She has a very round face, even rounder than mine and very fine features. She looks like a little kid with a sexy bod. It's kinda disturbing now that I think about it actually

No. 43408

File: 1441244586412.jpg (577.91 KB, 2149x1200, nina1.jpg)

reminds me of nina dobrev

No. 43409

yeah, i get it all the time as well. i don't mind my face, i'd alter some things but pretty much am okay with it.

No. 43410

I've got a great face, but an unfortunate jew-nose. Would love to have that fixed; it'd take years off my appearance. Oh well.

No. 43411

Nope,I have a pretty manly face but I still get people telling me I'm pretty so
I'm okay with it

No. 43412

Why don't you?

No. 43413


No. 43414

This. "Doll" needs to be defined

No. 43415

A girl I know who works at the local grocery store calls me doll. I do the dolly eye look (circle lenses, spiky eyelashes) sometimes but I don't know if that's why she calls me that. I just think it's a cute nickname

No. 43416

I've considered getting a jaw shave, rhinoplasty, and checkbone reduction to create a more doll-like face. The rest I can create with prosthetics (contacts, eyelashes) and makeup

No. 43417

Isn't it more to do with your face by itself and less with what you put on it?

No. 43418

Doll faces can all types. Not just round with tiny lips though.

Dolls can have bigger noses and weird features I think.

No. 43419


Now you see I don't do that. My eyes are very sleek but I have the typical round face, small nose and full lips… yet can pull of as a doll face. Doll to me isn't always about the eyes. But it depends I guess.

No. 43420

I kinda do.
I get comments on it, but I really don't wear a lot of makeup and I don't see the resemblance. It may just be the grey eyes (even though they're normal sized, maybe a little big for a white girl, black people say they're notmal white people say theyre a bit larger than normal) and porcelain skin, but I also have pretty bad acne too.
I have a chubby nose and round face aswell, if that contributes.

No. 43421

Thats pretty drastic. How ugly are you anon?

No. 43422

Sorry anon but that sounds fucking retarded

No. 43423

I have big eyes, small mouth, round face, pale skin and a fucking roman nose that ruins everything.

No. 43424

I feel you so hard, anon. I have the same features (minus the big eyes though) but my nose is ugly, sharp, and too big for my face. The only thing I lucked out with is that it has a cute round tip and can look good from the front. But oh god, it looks like complete shit from every other angle.

No. 43425

You just admitted that you're a weeaboo and probably a cow yourself
>dolly look
>circle lenses
>spiky lashes
I'm sure people think you're handicapped in public.

No. 43426

File: 1441303741365.jpg (49.05 KB, 275x275, 1434825588699.jpg)

I've had several people to tell me i have a kinda doll like face and that i am very cute, i am super self conscious and dislike myself a lot but when i hear someone telling me that it always warms up my heart and makes me feel a bit cuter.
I did a photoshoot with a photograph friend recently and got lots of compliments about my face being "happier" (i was dealing with depression and stuff before so i was looking tired and sad all the time) and lighter and how having blonde hair was making me look adorable,…
Overall i still fail to see what they think is "dolly" and "adorably cute" in me, but i'm trying to have more confidence and dress cute because it makes me feel cute.

Pic unrelated but i found it back and it's silly and some of you here sounds insecure too so please cheer up, you're never as terrible as you may think anons <3

No. 43427

Lol at the autistic chicks in this thread. Newsflash: when people say you look like a doll they mean you have a chubby face, and not in a good way. They don't mean that you look like dakota's shops.

No. 43428

I have the perfect nose. It's small and has a smooth curve. Everything else in my face sucks though. It's a waste. I feel like I should be able to trade noses with one of those girls who have cute faces but unfortunate noses, like it wouldn't make a difference on me either way so might as well make someone else more beautiful.

No. 43429

File: 1441306121421.jpg (4.89 KB, 160x159, 1424622184335.jpg)

>all that salt
not even posted before but you need to calm down

No. 43430

It's not salt, it's the truth.
It's like when people tell the fat chick "oh you have pretty… uh… eyes!"

No. 43431

You sound really retarded anon
But if that can makes you sleep better at night to think we're fat, then do as you please, anon dear

No. 43432

Keep on misinterpreting those social cues. ;)

No. 43433

This entire thread is retarded. No one looks like a doll irl. Maybe infants do?? but an adult woman does not look like a doll.

No. 43434

File: 1441314566541.jpg (148.95 KB, 800x600, 71f6f03f526eb49f8bb543da9844ac…)


I think women like Lindsey Wixson appear very doll like in a European sense, but obviously supermodels aren't exactly average people.

No. 43435

Aw, she's really pretty. And yeah, for the most part you can alter your looks a lot with make up.

No. 43436

Prominent cheekbones arent cute. Chubby faces are. Lmao

No. 43437

This sounds like some backwards weeaboo shit. Are you trying to make yourself feel better for having a fat face? This isn't Japan

No. 43438


Nah, I always thought she looks like bugs bunny in drag ergh

No. 43439

There's a difference between a round, young-looking face, and a fatty, bloated, haggard one. Statistically, you're more likely to have the latter.

No. 43440

lmao thisssssss
also when people think you look younger than you are
its usually not because you have a pretty kawaii loli face, it's because you dress poorly and have weird mannerisms

so many cows/weird girls dont understand this and think it's a compliment

No. 43441

I can't believe it's a weeaboo trend. Butthole mouths, shitty ombré lips, white girls doing straight Korean eyebrows, excessive tacky pink blush, ugly false lashes, ugly white waterlines, retarded circle lenses.

No. 43442

File: 1441328241768.jpg (145.66 KB, 635x711, 1bcf2d6c1902f462114b7075dd8433…)

Tbh it's not really cute to have an ego over having certain features.

Honestly, I don't think you need to have "doll"/child like features in order to be cute. Anyone can be cute as long as they do what works for their features.


I'm gonna have to kind of agree with this. Look at bowbeauty24, she's really haggard looking but most people think she's young because she acts/dresses like an awkward preteen. Although, I will say I think her round features do help in people thinking she looks young because if she looked like pt, most people would assume she's a retarded old woman.

No. 43443

fuck off. Different people have different standards and I like prominent and high cheekbones.

No. 43444

>white girls
Blacks do this shit too, man.

No. 43445

File: 1441334720618.jpg (80.17 KB, 720x1280, IMG-20150405-WA0005.jpg)

My friends ex was pretty dolly. he deleted everything online a few weeks ago, so I only have this covered face pic.

No. 43446

Oh of course. I was using white girl as an example to say they aren't Asian. Black koreaboos look even worse, there's one specific popular black koreaboo on tumblr
obsessed with Kpop and has the straight brow/circle lense combo but I can't think of the URL right now. Funny because she reblogs all sorts of shit on cultural appropriation tch.

No. 43447

Different anon here
I have extremely high cheekbones and I hate it
I once had a friend say she thought they were ugly
Of course, she was a fatty-chan

No. 43448

Yargh, really? That's awful. I don't get this massive korea trend going on.

No. 43449

how convenient

No. 43450

What a lame way to post a photo of yourself. If you were looking to discreetly receive compliments, you came to the wrong place. What moron would post an innocent persons photo on lolcow, ew.

No. 43451

Well it isn't a negative thread, so I didn't see any harm in posting her pic.

No. 43452

if shes gonna post a pic, she could atleast post a decent one.
this is a thread about dolly faces and all im seeing is the grudge

No. 43453

You're a tool.

No. 43454

>she doesn't want to be an attention whore
Good for her?

No. 43455

OP here

lol i didnt expect this thread to even get as many notes tbh

No. 43456

back to tumblr with you

No. 43457



u kno what i meant shh

No. 43458

File: 1441370926840.png (819.96 KB, 598x598, mytopidol.png)

IMO Himezawa has a nice round dolly face!

No. 43459

>nice round dolly face
Himezawa staph

No. 43460

File: 1441371063495.jpg (55.27 KB, 200x295, mustache-potatohead.jpg)

All I can see…

No. 43461

Her make up is TERRIBLE

No. 43462

She looks so crusty and plastic ugh

I can imagine sliding my finger across her face and all that muck coming off

No. 43463

I was pretty cute as a baby, I guess. Got hit pretty hard with the ugly stick when I started reaching the double-digits though.

No. 43464

I'm not really that ugly. Probably average. I'm just extremely insecure

No. 43465

>that file name

No. 43466

Implying that photo isn't most likely you.

No. 43467

What's with the influx of unnecessary question marks lately? This is a forum where we discuss things? What's the point if you're not contributing and just putting ??? on everything? Like, um, okay?

No. 43468

I have nasobial folds so :/

No. 43469

Pretty sure there are more autistic white weebs than black ones.

No. 43470

Confirmed for nigger

No. 43471

Um because????? Tumblr really likes????? Superfluous question?? Marks??????????

No. 43472

Kek I'm glad I'm not the only one who had an inkling it was a tumblr thing

No. 43473

Ehh I get told I look like a doll but I really don't think so. I don't have any of the traditional dolly facial features (round face, big blue eyes, small nose etc.) Maybe people just say that because I'm short and pale as hell.

No. 43474

I'm ugly as sin. Heart shaped face with a big ugly nose, eyes with huge bags/dark circles, small ass forehead, weird lips, and terrible, pasty reddish skin. My hair refuses to be shiny and long, no matter how gentle I am. Oh, and I have a bad case of Dakota folds. A skinny-fat body to boot.

I'm going to age really badly.

No. 43475

Forgot to add, its unfortunate I was born with blue eyes, blonde hair, and pale skin, because my gargoyle face and chubby body are far too ugly to make those *~*dolly*~* features worth anything.

No. 43476

Aw anon i'm sure you're not as bad as you think you are. But i feel you, i have a kinda chubby body/skinny fat at best,gross eyebags/dark circles and undereye wrinkles at only 18, a potato shnoz, my lips are pretty weird,my hair is so short and disgusting and curly it's a sad mess. I'm trying hard to take care of it nicely, stopped straightening them so they can be soft and shiny.
The sad thing is my skin is pale,i have blue eyes and blonde hair.
I am forever ugly.

No. 43477

Also disgusting oblong face

No. 43478

I have a roundish face, small chin/jaw but that is a curse because I have a genetic double chin. The small chin/jaw makes that issue worse, thanks dad..

My eyes are average I guess but I have a prominent nose that is slightly crooked. I would really love to get surgery to look dolly like but by the time I could afford all that, I'll probably be an old hag.

No. 43479

omg… anon.. can we be friends? are we long lost sisters?
(p.s. i'm sure you aren't as bad as you think you are either)

No. 43480

Because it was a fucking rhetoric question you fucking retard?????????


>muh tumblr boogeyman
I am willing to bet that every single person who browses this site right now uses tumblr more than me. I never had an account on tumblr ever.

No. 43481

never had a tumblr before either, js.

(Though I've been accused of being from PULL and tumblr. Like bitch, I've been on the farm since day one, back off.)

No. 43482

she looks old af!!

No. 43483

The "?" is basically short for "your point being?" in case some people ITT are too stupid to understand.

No. 43484

Yes but one or two is sufficient, and it being your point being is irrelevant as some people out unneeded excess question marks on simple questions or sentences.
You could have this:'??'
But this: '??????????' is unnecessary

No. 43485

yall need to chill

No. 43486

It's probably a mad same fat but either way they proved themselves a massive sperg so whatever.
Sometimes I think a handful of people who post here haven't taken a good shit in at least three weeks.
>inb4 good for you?

No. 43487

Love auto correct. Same fat?

No. 43488

That may save your life one day.
>sending someone a blunt text
>mean to send "you're a fat motherfucker, please wake up and try to be healthy"
>accidentally send "you're a fag motherfucker, please wake up and try to be healthy" because typo and no autocorrect
>realize your mistake, send "*fat"
>the person just crops the last bit out and posts the cap on their tumblr
>life ruined.jpg

No. 43489

one time i asked reddit/4chan threads to rate my face and everyone says i look like a creepy doll, but not in an attractive/hot way. like horror movie level of creepy.

No. 43490

Here is what you do:
>make a Tumblr if already don't have one
>Follow all the people they follow and some of their followers
>post the full pic
>tell them what a fat fuck they are
>tell them to go fuck themselves for trying to gain sympathy
>send them a bottle of water with a sticky note saying 'Here's a Start'

That's if your life is ruined at least

No. 43491

But let me guess, you purposefully try to look that way with dumb ass circle lenses and lashes and gush over "kowai!!!" and ~creepy chan~ eh?
I've never seen that sort of thing said about someone unless they were trying to look that way on purpose.

No. 43492

Why did he dumped her she is really beautiful lol…Doll like, sexy and classy at the same time. Idk I just love such faces.

No. 43493

You're not very good at catching on, are you?

No. 43494

>I only have this covered face pic
That is you.
This might be you too.

No. 43495

Sorry, but you don't look dolly. Pretty, sure, but not dolly at all.

No. 43496

She looks like the girl in the op imo

No. 43497

She sent it to our group chat talking when we were talking about haircuts.

No. 43498

just… stop.

No. 43499


you're… i mean, she's alright at best. Not really dolly. Just… average

No. 43500

W h y y o u a l w a y s l y i n

No. 43501

But there's only one question mark in >>33700 you stupid retard

No. 43502

i've got that look to. I'm over 20 and people ask me for my ID. I have a round moon face (which i hate) and I'm super pale.
I hate it

No. 43503

You're 2 days late let it drop you fucking sperg

No. 43504

I did as a kid but my eyes are too sunken in really. It's my eyes and my nose is too bulbous. I do dolly makeup well but I never wear it.

No. 43505

>gets stupidity pointed out
>s-stop arguing
Blame it on yourself.

No. 43506

Sorry, but >>34184 is not >>33857
>>34184 was just pointing out that the anon replied 2 days late when the discussion was already said and done.
I'm >>33857
I'll admit that I didn't read the comments correctly in which that's how I came to say that. I didn't even know the full extent of discussion before me.
Not because I had a stick in my ass or anything lmao. Sorry.
But I was purposely ignoring my own posts and replies because I knew that I was wrong anyway.

There wasn't a need to call anyone a retard tho.

Saging be cause I provided nothing of substance and I wanted to explain myself.

No. 43507

Blame it on the niiiight

No. 43508


you guys probably think im lying but i kinda look like this era of shooped kooter but with brown hair/eyes. People always tell me I look like a doll or an anime character. Or they just compliment my looks out of nowhere. I dont really see myself as super gorgeous though.

No. 43509

We don't believe you

No. 43510

With the amount of insecure ugly fatties on here I wouldn't either tbh.

No. 43511

post pic
>inb4 "B-But I don't want my face to be associated with this shitty website uwu"
Delete it after 4 hours

No. 43512

Pics or you're a lying fattie.

No. 43513

File: 1441742228416.png (599.11 KB, 763x356, 1422481216852.png)

it would be hilarious if you were Lauryn

No. 43514

HAHAHA oh my god you're mad that no one believes you're a kawaii Kota clone desu? You're probably an ugly weeb in circle lenses. Nobody has to be insecure to sniff out a liar.

No. 43515

File: 1441745265844.jpg (49.58 KB, 500x442, image.jpg)

>inb4 Mila Mortice

No. 43516


Im not mad at all? and I don't wear circle lenses. You seem mad and really insecure to jump down anyone's throat who thinks they are attractive. Its pretty pathetic man.

Like way to prove my point with the forced "HAHAHA OH MY GAWD" You are probably fat and hideous if someone who recognizes their own attractiveness sends you into a boiling rage :D. I only called you guys fat and ugly because you literally always complain about how fat and ugly you are and then get pissy whenever someone thinks they are attractive lol.


> brown hair brown eyes
Nice reading comprehension skills


She actually looks good without shoop imo

No. 43517

File: 1441746488686.jpg (71.25 KB, 392x500, image.jpg)


No. 43518


3 lines of text too much for you? :c

No. 43519

Pics or you're a liar.
You're definitely full of it.
Calling other people fat and insecure and saying people are fat and insecure for calling other people fat and insecure? Hmm the snake is swallowing it's own tail. Love the obnoxious novel.

No. 43520

Try harder weeb.

No. 43521

Why would i post pics? Then people will know Im a cunt who browses this site…

I mean that you guys always bitch and moan about how fat and ugly you are. Scroll up and you'll see plenty of it. And I bet those same people are the ones who go crazy whenever someone else knows they are attractive.


Samefag harder fatty-chan

No. 43522

I'm not fat but unlike you, I don't feel the need to pseudo-validate myself on fucking lolcow of all places. You're being wildly aggressive and what? To defend that you think you look like Kooter? Kek.

"You guys." Love how you're trying to separate yourself from people on lolcow when you're another fag on lolcow.

No one believes you because you're lying but if it helps you to believe that means everyone is fat and ugly go right on ahead, doesn't make me any less amused.

No. 43523


Honey the topic is "do you have a doll face?" So I posted a relevant response. You call me wildly aggressive yet that's exactly what you are? You went crazy and started attacking me because I said I look similar to shooped kooter, "kek". There are girls on here that aren't ugly and insecure but the vast majority are, including you. If you weren't insecure you wouldn't jump down my throat for saying i'm attractive :c.

I know you don't believe me like I said, you are definitely hideous and bitter about so it's hard for you to imagine someone who isn't. But I don't care if you don't believe me which is why I ain't posting a pic lol.

No. 43524

You're so defensive and it isn't working. I'm not insecure, quite the contrary. But again, why would I need to validate myself on lolcow? Continue your tantrum.

No. 43525


> continue your tantrum

> You're so defensive and it isnt working.
> I'm not insecure, quite the contrary

Man the projection is real lol

No. 43526

File: 1441749604385.jpg (39.67 KB, 620x372, image.jpg)

Throw around those buzzwords gurl keep convincing yourself that people are fat and ugly for laughing at you for claiming you look like Kota's shoops

No. 43527

File: 1441749671755.gif (499.37 KB, 500x281, Lauren_pom_poms_(1).gif)

Pics anon pics pics pics

No. 43528


> People
> The same angry fatty f5ing the thread


No. 43529

File: 1441749887214.jpg (87.5 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)

Go on

No. 43530


Speaks for itself really

No. 43531

They won't post pics. It's probably Kojirina.

No. 43532

can you stop talking to yourself

No. 43533

Nah. Doll faces are extremely rare.
Most people who claim to have a doll face just have a babyface tbh babyfaces are qt tho

No. 43534

pic pls
Qt face + hot body is great

No. 43535

Still better than heavy caked matte orange foundation, heavy eyeshadow, slutty clothes, heavy lips

No. 43536

Theyre not cute you dumbass.
Thats like saying big tits are cute.
Prominent cheekbones are mature and hot,NOT cute lmao

No. 43537

File: 1441756294808.jpg (137.94 KB, 500x739, image.jpg)

She has a mature face but I think she looks like a doll

No. 43538

Why are you so angry? It's just their opinion.

Jesus christ calm down..

No. 43539

Found the upset weeaboo
Both are horrible

No. 43540

Are you still dragging this out now Fibbing-chan?

No. 43541

I've been told I look like a doll since I was a kid and I hear it a lot when I'm back in Korea, too. I think it's because my hair is naturally red and therefore my skin is very pale without much pink pigmentation. My eyes are also pretty big.

I have a small mouth tho and I hate it because I think my chin is too big and therefore my lips accentuate that. My lips are full but just kinda small. But my face is V-Shaped so I probably just wish it was rounder.

Idk. I don't have high self esteem and my face is the only thing that I like about myself and that's probably just because people have said the doll thing.

No. 43542

Damn, sorry you're an ugly hag.

No. 43543

File: 1441761979480.jpg (5.21 KB, 225x225, weeb.jpg)

Pree sure this is a self post. Reverse image search says that your name is Liisa R. Ketola and that you post these "kawaii" weeaboo pics on instagram like most gulls.

No. 43544

dragging what out jelly-chan?

No. 43545


No. 43546

>finns trying to be kawaii

No. 43547

I thought we already established it a self post? But good work regardless.


O ur so silly.

No. 43548


This reminds of the diet thread where someone was "self posting" (pretending to be) this pic of a qt asian girl . Just the way people nit picked the way she looked reeked of obvious insecurity.

No. 43549

File: 1441764575532.jpg (126.83 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nsqrzjyPtH1qb7w7bo1_128…)

Hai guys this is my friend i think she looks super dolly and kawaii and yea she said I can post her on here XD

No. 43550

I didn't see that, I don't knit pick others appearances myself (too focused on myself lol) but I don't see how it could possibly remind you of that when this person didn't post a photo and is claiming right out of their ass that they look like Kota's shoops. Doesn't matter what sort of person you are, it sounds like a lie right off the bat. Dakota doesn't even look like her shoops. I don't see how the two situations are even vaguely related.
I can say that John Stamos fucked me raw in a car park last week and lash out on anyone who doesn't believe me and my lack of proof with "you're a jealous insecure lonely fatty!" Doesn't make it any less of a blatant lie.

No. 43551

xDDD so funny xDDDD you're so meta!!!!1

No. 43552

I'm a male, but yeah I remember that's from her old ig.
Like I said, she is just a friends ex and thought she fit the thread topic.

No. 43553

Idk about lying about looking like shooped dakooter or whatever I just meant that I do see being jealous and hateful of good looking girls seems to be a very common theme here. And asking for pics is just dumb because they'll just get attacked regardless of what they look like. Kooter's thread is just people nit picking her appearance, it's so pathetic. She is pretty average looking yet people are still so salty.

No. 43554


No. 43555

You failed my friend. It's over. Give it up.

No. 43556

I think the criticism for Kota lies in the fact that she has so much untapped potential but remains lazy–also a lot of it has to do with her still shopping herself into an entirely different person. Most wouldn't have these criticisms for her if she didn't put out this unrealistic and unattainable image of herself.

Yes, there are a handful of people that go around calling everyone fatties and ugly etc. but you aren't going to get rid of them by blaming the entire board for their dwelling here. It's best to ignore it. It's what happens on image boards that aren't ran by desperate bots.

For instance, no one has yet to harass the girl who self posted in this thread and called her ugly or fat. Because she isn't ugly or fat. An attention whore, yeah. Most hostility is shared amongst a handful of dedicated people and trying to sink the whole ship over some passengers is pointless.

No. 43557


I don't blame the entire board and never said I did. There are tons of retards on here but there are tons of retards everywhere.

No. 43558

I can self post, but I'm a bit hairy to be dolly.

No. 43559


No. 43560

I'm just saying that constantly pointing them out only makes it worse. Completely fruitless unfortunately.

No. 43561

>claims to look like shopped Dakota IRL
>"but I won't post pictures guys!! Even though you ddon't believe me anyway teehee"
>everyone else is the retard

No. 43562


….What the hell are you talking about? Go to bed.

No. 43563

You're STILL mad people don't believe you?
Good going pretending to be aloof and dismissive though. I see you.

No. 43564


Nothing you said made sense, you are obviously tired?
That or you have nothing going on in your life so you get your rocks off being a sperg on lolcow. I can be like you and sit here refreshing the page over and over to start shitposting but I have a life soo nah. Goodnight.

No. 43565

File: 1441768051034.jpg (128.89 KB, 780x976, image.jpg)

And yet here you are, still doing it.
>inb4 you're this dumb bitch

No. 43566

File: 1441768162335.jpg (37.47 KB, 510x375, Spiderman-Its-Time-To-Stop-Pos…)


No. 43567

What happened to "I have a life" and "goodnight" fibber chan?

No. 43568

> I gotta get the last word in, that'll show em'!!
Lol I know you will because you can't resist but I forgot to drop my pic is all. Night, typical insecure fat girl.

Maybe invest that built up anger in exercise?

No. 43569

Try harder tomorrow ;)

No. 43570

File: 1441768947892.jpg (19.83 KB, 306x306, 1418228156215.jpg)


will this chick pls stop arguing with herself

No. 43571

File: 1441769742891.jpg (34.43 KB, 445x594, compels you.jpg)

I dunno if I should feel amused or second hand embarrassment from reading all this bickering

No. 43572

File: 1441769806900.jpg (233.76 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg)

No. 43573

File: 1442718014311.jpg (5.72 KB, 225x225, roqqq.jpg)

From her IG
>Fridays are spent getting drunk while browsing 4chan. #Perjantai #Thuglaif

Totally not a selfpost guissse

No. 43574

Who the fuck admits that they browse 4chan?

No. 43575

fellow finn here, I've never even heard of this rokkunyan girl but wish I had because I checked out her tumblr and apparently she's 17 and recently had some bullshit teenage drama with another girl who's been signed up as a model and posts pro-ana posts. Apparently that was disgusting to her and she started calling out the model girl in a fit of jelly rage.

Otherwise she just seems like your basic nymphet soft sister tumblrite drama queen. After checking her out I kinda doubt any "friend of her ex" would post "oh she has such a dolly face" posts here.

No. 43576

what happened to that chick anyways

No. 43577

Nice meme

No. 43578

People who are over a decade late and think it's underground and edgy to post there. ledditors, 9faggers, and tumblrfags are especially guilty of this.

No. 43579

Hi Liisa Rochelle Ketola, roqqq, Rokkunyan, would you quit posting your disgusting face everywhere on lolcow :^)


No. 43580

Necroing a year old thread just to say that, god you're dumb

No. 43581

Call her out and she'll finally stop

No. 43582

yeah, shitting up board with lot of the same threads sure is better

No. 43583

If you're not contributing to the thread it is. Other than that nobody would mind it

No. 54464

I mean obviously none of us look like actual dolls but I have pretty soft features, big eyes, pale skin, oh and I look 5. So close enough I guess. I'm pretty happy with my face.

No. 54465

File: 1485906775151.jpeg (59.19 KB, 680x509, beautymask.jpeg)

Well I don't know if dolly has anything to do with these things, but just talking about what people consider 'beautiful'. My face fits the golden ratio the same way Angelina Jolie does here (so not identical but nearly identical), EXCEPT for my facial shape, which is super round (so horizontally falls out of the borders of that facial shape). So you'd think I should get surgery for it to look 'perfect', but the big irony about it, is that my round face does make me look young and youthful (cause hamster cheeks), so I got that going for me.

No. 54466

File: 1485907055786.jpeg (81.94 KB, 660x800, 09893dd0b893ed84bf9f3cf3e0df8a…)

>pale skin
Honestly, I don't think you have to have a pale skin to look dolly. Because I think Ariana Grande looks super dolly despite her obvious tan. I really wonder if they wanted her to look cute/dolly in her stylish on purpose or not. If not, it would be really hilarious, as she looks so much more dolly than most that try to look so.

No. 54467

I don't understand threads like this because all the hot people I've "met" from here never talk about their appearances on lolcow but the gross ones I've met do. I have a hard time taking anything a farmer says about their appearance seriously. Yall are very skewed in favor of yourselves in ways on par with Kiki most times.

No. 54468

This bait is so tempting

No. 54470

Anon, you don't look 5.

No. 54472

Didn't you know? Every girl on the internet coincidentally looks like a teenager at the oldest, despite the vast majority of people looking their age or older.

No. 54484

File: 1485954609566.gif (1.29 MB, 540x403, tumblr_oj8t4kaJaE1upe1ufo1_540…)

i already know i look way older than my age in the worst way. i'm just hoping that by the time i'm 30 i actually look my age. what's the point of obsessing over skincare and anti-wrinkle stuff when your bone structure naturally makes you look old?

No. 54487

mature looking women are gorgeous anon, don't let it get you down. theres a huge difference between a woman with mature facial features and healthy, beautiful skin and someone who looks grossly aged from eating shit/never exercising or moisturizing their face/smoking a lot/ect.

No. 54488

malaika firth is one of the most doll faced girls i can think of and she's tan too

No. 54508

I'm kinda like this, except I'd say im not looking like photoshop lol. When I was young, I always felt so ugly and alone. Got older, wiser, and learned how to take care of myself. I was pretty shocked by how some people acted in my teens and onward after I "blossomed". Strangers that try to demand attention from you, particularly men, bothered me a lot. They can get offended when you don't want to entertain them. I'm 24 now, I can handle myself with people much more easily now that I've worked on being more chatty and firm with my boundaries.
People always tell me I look like Keira Knightly, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci. Seriously, those 3 over and over by strangers. It's odd but hey I am not complaining. Feels good man.

No. 54509

It's not even bait, it's just the truth.

No. 54517

Pics pls. Blur your facial features if you must if not i'm going to assume b8.

I clicked for AG I love her, so gorgeous her image I mean she's apparently a diva cunt irl, I hope straight brows become more of a ubiquitous trend in the west they look really feminine and youthful if done right.

No. 54525

I've been told I look like Martin Shkreli, so… yeah I do for sure.


No. 54535

File: 1486049314821.jpg (193.39 KB, 521x704, golden ratio drawing.jpg)

I traced my face shape+eyes+nose+lips+brows from the picture I used, but that's all I can post for now. I guess maybe I can send something better through mail, but I have my reasons to stay anon here. Talking about straight brows, mine are also too straight to match this one, so I guess that's also off for me, along with my facial shape. But the eyes+nose+lips seem to be pretty balanced at least. Anyway, maybe a lot of people fit it the same way, but on google I can only find pictures of celebs like Angelina and the like. I'd like to see other anons doing this thing, maybe it's so common we can all consider ourselves as "sorta beautiful by science".

No. 54539

File: 1486057559708.png (73.63 KB, 412x351, 1453644472374.png)


>tfw you look like an evil disney character instead of a cute girl

I fucking wish I had a cute dolly face. My face features are very sharp and straight (which is a good thing for men imo, but not for women)

No. 54541

File: 1486061611365.jpg (93.23 KB, 585x739, Katie_McGrath-eyes-chicki-smok…)

Embrace it, it's what's in right now. At least you don't look like a goofy Bilbo Baggins like I do.

No. 54546

File: 1486083773757.jpg (50.13 KB, 500x299, tumblr_mxjtfrd8fW1sc0dnvo1_500…)

Never found Angelina attractive, butt chins and long faces aren't really my idea of attractive but I do see the appeal in mature faces like Olivia Wilde for example.

Jennifer Connolly during the 80s was my first grill crush. She had a major baby face complete with gorgeous crystal eyes, full locks and proportioned features everything about her looked so soft and girly, times have changed her so much though. Also Jessica Alba, Brooke Shields and Miranda Kerr uunff.

Steering clear of the retarded on fleek makeup trends tends to make all women appear younger imo. Or at least their own age. That shit tends to age teenagers the worst.

No. 54550

File: 1486084690854.jpeg (86.79 KB, 564x694, image.jpeg)

She's had at least two nose jobs and gets lip fillers but Selena has been looking extra cute and has proven you don't have to look like a boiled egg with blue eyes to look doll like.

No. 54553

File: 1486090690324.png (146.52 KB, 770x517, test.png)

This was interesting to do. My face shape aligns almost perfectly with it but my features are off. it might be because I'm Asian? Also I traced it with my mouse so it's not perfect. It would be really cool if a lot of people did this!

No. 54556

I love how Jennifer looked in the 80s. She also had a great figure in the 90s but lately she's starving herself to wear high fashion that even her boobs shrank. Her face when she was young was perfect tho.

No. 54566

File: 1486110535301.jpg (53.1 KB, 500x362, tumblr_o1m5ybUVGP1svpivco1_500…)

Dear god what is this monstrosity she some how went from white to Hispanic? Kek those lip fillers make her look like a goldfish, this is attractive to you? Your part of the problem.

Looking like a bratz doll is not more attractive. Natural full lips are more attractive because the placement is right imo, though Kylie badly needed some fillers in her shoestrings she's definitely an outlier. The funny thing is her work somehow additionally changed her overall racial impression as well, she appears black mixed now from her original white appearance. Mixed race seems to be somehow a fashion trend which is interesting but also sort of weird seeing people change their aesthetics to those of other races it's no different from weabs doing cat weab eyeliner and chinks wearing double eyelid tape not to derail too much though just an interesting observation on face trends.

>you don't have to look like a boiled egg with blue eyes to look doll like.

Why u hav be salty anon, I like mature faces too but swollen butthole lips don't take the cake for me i'm afraid. The insta drag-queen makeup trends tend to make women look like they drown in low confidence. In small doses they're complementary enough though.

No. 54568

Hey anon, I used to look older than my age until the past year or two when I have started to get mistaken as looking a bit younger. I used to think it was my face shape, but I now realize it had More to do with my heavy makeup and unflattering hair (which most hairstylists would make look like something from the 80's…). Believe me, you can look your age or younger! Many people who get mistaken for being teens etc tend to dress more like them as well. So even dress can impact how old you appear!

No. 54591

…….she is Hispanic, anon.

I think you may be part of the problem. But keep talking I guess.

No. 54592

You do realize her name is Selena Gomez, right? Gomez?
She was never white.
That one mistake kind of throws your entire post into the trash.

No. 54596

How old are you now? I think I reached a 'tipping point' in my mid 20s. I definitely do not look like a teenager and haven't since I actually was one because of my features etc, but everyone else is starting to get wrinkles and I've managed to avoid them so hopefully I'm starting to seem a bit younger in comparison. Maybe I'll look genuinely young for my age in a few years if I keep it up, I'm religious with my sunscreen.

No. 54597

Kinda OT but Katie McGrath is the apex of feminine beauty for me. Her face has balanced, nice features that also look interesting, the kind that you remember her face.
I'd put her over any "dolly" looking girl.
Sage for Katie worship

No. 54599

File: 1486156988410.jpg (235.72 KB, 770x517, 1486090690324_edit.jpg)

Oh thanks for sharing! Actually I was wondering how this would look if you would focus more on the placement of your eyes-nose-lips. So I tried to place the mask over the left. It seems that way it aligns a lot more, but in that case your face would be smaller than fitting, rather than bigger like mine. As for being Asian, that's a good point. It might be of influence, but I also haven't researched it. I also traced mine with the trace pad of my laptop btw, so mine wasn't perfect either. But it's easy and enough detail to get something out of it, so yeah I also hope more anons try it!

No. 54600

I feel really sorry for her though, she has the saddest looking titties on God's green earth

No. 54602


she's only famous now because she used to be the tolken hispanic girl in disney channel. the fuck u talking about?

No. 54604

That, and the fact that anon is grouping her in with the instathot trend. I'm not even a stan, but she's got a youthful small face and surgery aside she hasn't taken it nearly as far as many others. She's cute. I don't know why people can't let people have minute opinions without sperging over their impossible beauty standards that even they don't vaguely meet. Jesus.

No. 54607

So unfair that she looked this perfect at 14.

No. 54610

File: 1486163898247.jpeg (26.47 KB, 300x225, image.jpeg)

Mortality is depressing.

No. 54614

Well, you can't have it all I guess. She could always fix them if she's insecure with them, tits can be fixed. Faces not always

No. 54619

File: 1486171482942.jpg (13.48 KB, 334x358, 43e51b54e55ebd9d26dfcb8bbb8cbb…)

Well shit you learn something stupid but new everyday they certainly did a good job white washing her in every work she's ever been in ever lul. I honestly though she was just a weird looking white chick.

This fuels my depression.

No. 54628

> I honestly though she was just a weird looking white chick.
Not one of the other anons. But as a Northwest European, Selena Gomez is pretty much my image of a Hispanic person. Along with Jessica Alba and Jlo. All 3 are really pretty too imo.

No. 54632

but she doesnt look white at all so your "white washing" excuse is warped. go back to tumblr, retard.

No. 54634


Her hairline makes her look so manly. Just another hairstyle would make her look a bit younger

No. 54635

File: 1486218860906.jpg (23.88 KB, 534x712, tumblr_ocvfxldMWF1tlhiy6o2_540…)

Are you one of those "Oh shit, I find this nonwhite person attractive. How do I explain this? Uh…Th-They obviously have white features! That's it!!" people?

No. 54636

Wait… this is the same person as >>54566 ? What the hell happened? I… don't understand

No. 54641

wow you sound really jealous. its kind of sad.

No. 54648

Time. and it's coming for all of us

No. 54649

File: 1486251937265.jpg (123.47 KB, 342x460, 2002.jpg)

She was never white…nor looked white
This is her circa 2002

No. 54651

>dark brown hair
>brown eyes
>light brown skin

I don't understand she's clearly Caucasian as fuck???

No. 54652

I'm very thankful that you ladies at lolcow agree with me because I was honestly questioning the sanity of anons when I read that persons posts holy hell. Genuinely appreciative you guys are sane.

No. 54654

Np, sis. We got your back

No. 54655


Is this Caitlyn Jenner


It couldn't have been just time, drugs must have also been involved

No. 54658

To me I just figured she was half white half hispanic. Like her mom married a guy who was and they made that. Not fully white, though.

No. 54660

File: 1486265188665.jpg (111.04 KB, 1111x564, selena-gomez-family.jpg)

>>54658 here
Looks like I was right, her mom looks totally fucking white. The two divorced apparently.

No. 54661

Anon just stop now. PLS, you sound so fucking ignorant.

No. 54664

Looks Hispanic or mixed to me. Like seriously, from which country are you to be thinking Selena and her mom look White?

No. 54671

And then there's Susan Sarandon, 70 and still stunning.

No. 54672

>dark hair
>dark eyes
>tan skin
Are you from the depths of Madagascar? How does she look white to you?

No. 54679

please stop this embarrassing attempt at damage control, in no way do either of them look white

No. 54681

Her mom is Italian.
Do you guys think blonde hair/blue eyed people are the only white people? lmao

No. 54682

Italians aren't white

No. 54683

File: 1486325576797.jpg (150.06 KB, 1200x675, 1103_FL-chiara-ferragni-shoes_…)

Sure Jan

No. 54684

File: 1486325876168.jpg (148.08 KB, 680x1024, ChiaraFerragniJeansRippedJeans…)

Nope, not white.

No. 54688

Oh my, she has a tan!
What are italians if not white lol

No. 54693

Let me guess… You're American, right?

No. 54695

Yall shut the hell up.

No. 54702

File: 1486342501677.jpeg (189.3 KB, 650x365, ariana-grande-curly-hair-650x3…)

West-European here. Her face looks quite Italian, and other wise typically South European. Closer to Turkish than let's say German or Swedish if you'd ask me. But Turkish people are considered POC in West-Europe. So yeah people do kinda see this look as different from standard White (which I guess is Aryan White lol).

Ariana Grande is also Italian, and especially with her natural hair, she looks pretty POC-ish.

No. 54703

A lot of italians are mixed with north african and arab blood.

No. 54706

Are you done derailing to flex your racial knowledge? Seriously. All of you need to stop.

No. 54708

found the salty dago

No. 54709

Fucking christ, everyone on Earth are "POC," even white people. Go back to tumblr, all of you.

No. 54716

No you insane bitch, you found the regular ass farmer that's sick of your narcissistic mental masturbation. It's derailing. It's off topic. It's entirely unimportant. Shut up or take it to /ot/.

No. 55339

She's cute af

No. 55340

Really? I never thought of this but recently I stared dressing more in style rather than a top with jeans (typical nerd) and I used to get mistaken for a fucking 14-16yr old (I just turned 21) but since I've stared wearing more modern clothes I haven't! I'm short af too (only 5"1) but I'm glad ppl haven't thought I was s teenager since I started dressing better! Fucking finally looking like an adult

No. 56994


teach me your ways! 23 and get mistaken for 16 and I'm 5'! what do I dress and do to look my age?

No. 58735

White people are pocs? Where???? Please inform me

No. 59713

With the right makeup style I do.

No. 59723


Stop humble bragging. Literally no one thinks looking like you're 16 is a bad thing.

No. 59729


that's not a humble brag. No one 21+ wants to look like a highschooler. It's annoying and creepy.

No. 59732

I agree with >>59729
I'm in my mid twenties but everyone thinks I'm in high school or 19 at most. I like MEN, so I never attract the men I'm attracted to because they want women, not my playground looking ass. Shit sucks.

No. 59774

lol wrong. I'm 22 and I'm flattered by it. every single person I tell my age to gets surprised and I love anticipating the look on their faces. i've surprisingly gotten as young as 14-15 from multiple people. all i notice with men is that it's easier to attract asians.

No. 59784

Let's specify. Outside of yellow fever weebs, being compared to a 14 year old is not a compliment. It's a backhanded way of saying you look sexually unappealing, like a child, which in the western world is unattractive lel.

No. 59801

By the sound of your posts, you must look like a creepy overgrown baby. That's not what I'm talking about :-)

No. 59802

Oh god, here we go.
Weebs can't go ten fucking minutes without getting triggered and defensive, I swear. Have fun with all that delusion babe.

No. 59810

ppl usually tell me i look like one after gasping so i think theyr genuine, other ppl compare me to anime

its probs just cause I'm half asian, i don't even have big eyes

No. 59817

>>ppl usually tell me i look like one after gasping

How often does this happen to you anon?

I'm short and never had an issue being mistaken for a child/teenager, unlike many (most?) anons here. I literally cannot imagine people gasping at me, and never experienced such a thing. I have also never had anyone relate me to a doll or considerably younger than my age (since I was 14). I've grown to accept that I never got the advantages of looking underaged (even when I was lol), but I've always wondered how it must be for anons that are mistaken for much younger.

>>all i notice with men is that it's easier to attract asians.

I look my age (mid-twenties). I prefer asian men, but don't look "cute"/kawaii at all lol. I naturally have the stereotypical instagram hoe face (narrow-ish shape, square chin, tall thin nose, full lips etc). With that said, I literally lived in Asia for 2+ years and still hardly got hit on despite trying to dress more "kawaii". I've generally always had to approach men first, and have been hit on more by other white people/blacks living in asian countries than the locals. Luckily, within the first few seconds of speaking to someone it's generally pretty easy to tell if they are attracted, but I've definitely noticed "cute" looking girls get approached a lot more…;_;

No. 59824

in high school it happened pretty frequently and i had a weird mascot-like popularity for three years straight, but since senior yr and graduating I've been pretty recluse

I've run into a couple ppl who lost their shit over me and it got weird (grabbing/hugging/gushing strangers)
i rlly dont know how to respond to that kind of affection so I've ended up dodging hugs (i lean towards asexuality and find touching weird)

my white mom looks young 4 her age so the ten yr gap between her and my asian dad dosent show, so i guess that lends itself to my baby face

how tall r u? I'm just a hair below 5 ft but I'm 18 so myb i could grow more

No. 59825

samefag but as for this
>but I've always wondered how it must be for anons that are mistaken for much younger

I honestly don't mind, and i think anyone who complains is weird >some ppl rapidly age, which is far worse

Its only gotten me some funny stories, in hs my future substitute found me on my way to class and asked me if i was from the school next door (an elementary school)

and riding my bike home from college some kids yelled at me how old i was, wanting to play – but this kind of stuff happens every time i step out

No. 59828

This. I don't understand how someone would find this flattering. I hate it when it happens. I'm tired of people telling me I'm cute, it's just another way of saying I'm not sexually attractive.

No. 59837

Kaka is dat u?

No. 59838

Why is the internet overladen with women in their 20s and 30s who claim to look 16?

No. 59847

I wouldn't say I have a doll face, but I definitely don't look my age. People always ask me how old I am so I tell them to guess first and they put me at around 16-17 (I got 14 once when I wasn't wearing makeup) but I'm 22. Kind of wish I looked older because guys aren't really into me unless they're weebs

No. 59850

Uh if they didn't find you attractive they would just straight up call you ugly and guys like cute girls.

No. 59853

Thanks for your answers anons!

I'm in my mid-twenties, and sometimes get mistaken for younger (i.e. 20 to 24), but no one really asks me my age. I'm 4'11", and people react completely different toward me than you it seems lol

>>I've run into a couple ppl who lost their shit over me and it got weird (grabbing/hugging/gushing strangers)

That's interesting anon. I've heard this a lot from other short females, but people tend to be very serious and formal with me (as I am with them). People sometimes jump out of my way and apologize…so completely opposite. I really don't think I'm scary or intimidating looking though.

>>in hs my future substitute found me on my way to class and asked me if i was from the school next door (an elementary school)

When I was in hs, people in their 20's and 30's would mistake me for a college or graduate student. Luckily, I still look like in my 20's and not 30's or something lol

Sometimes I feel like the only person on the internet who didn't look 16, even when I was 16…

No. 59858

don't ask me I'm not even 19 yet
i just responded to the prompt w/ how ppl generally react to me

> women in their 20s and 30s who claim to look 16

if they even complain about it i definitely place it as a humble brag\ take akidearbreast as an example (in the snow threads) shes got the body of an abuelita and still wants ppl to know she gets mistaken for 16 when shes 20 something

No. 59862

I have sort of doll face. My nose is on the larger side but slim and symmetrical, and I have huge eyes, light freckles, round face with defined cheekbones, etc.

If I dress too casually or young, I've been mistaken for being in high school but I did actually dress like a doll in high school and was regularly mistaken for a college student or older.

I'm average height, low-voiced, and have curves, so thankfully I'm not mistaken for a kid. I'm just considered kind of babyfaced without the right makeup or clothes. More often than not it's assumed I'm drinking age or out of college anyway. idek.

I mostly attract nerdy white and hispanic guys and the occasional chick, mostly artists and STEM.

No. 60545

I have a "dolly" looking facial structure, it's just my shitty skin and it's not pale enough

No. 60554

Being cute feels weird sometimes. Tbh I'm not very pretty, I look like an awkward 15-year old (acne and all). My boyfriend always tells me I'm cute. When I try to be sexy, he chuckles and tells me I'm cute. It's sweet, but sometimes, I would like to be sexy, not just cute.

No. 60641

i actually have a very attractive doll face…from the front. i used to have a somewhat popular tumblr where i posted pics of myself and people asked if i shopped and stuff.

but once you view my face from >45 degree angle my 9/10 face turns to a 2/10 because i have a bump on my nose, a mouth breather chin, no jaw. also if i open my mouth slightly i drop to a 1/10 because my teeth are HIDEOUS. my unfortunate side profile is as a result of being born premature (not a deviated septum thankfully or i'd be less attractive from the front) and having to breathe through a tube. if my parents had money i might have been able to fix my mouth breathing and awful teeth years ago. i'm currently using invisalign to fix my troll teeth and i will fix my jaw after i graduate. i might consider removing my nose bump too.

something that killed my self esteem was that i'm also very tall (5'9) and was super lanky in my teens. in 2010 (age 14), i went to a taylor swift concert and got stopped by agents from wilhelmina, one of whom gave me her card and told me to call them if i was interested. i was so excited. i was with my mom and i really REALLY wanted to call them. and they were legit, i verified the business card and everything. but my mom told me not to do it, because i would be disappointed, and i told her that she and everyone talks about how pretty i am and stuff like that. she continued to say that it wasn't worth it, and talked about how the modelling industry is dangerous and blah blah. after i realized that i dont look like how other people do from the side, i believed (still do) that my mom knew i'd be turned down.

i wish i had the business card but my mom threw it away. sorry for the huge blog post but to this day i've kept this a secret because i couldn't prove it without the card.

No. 60652

I have a baby face like my mother but not in the fashion of the girls posted here. My look is more sensual, ethnic/exotic, and structured. Basically a completely different vibe.

I don't know which kinds of men I particularly attract. It seems to be men of all backgrounds and ages.

No. 60663

I'm the exact opposite. I (very luckily) have good skin and am as pale as a ghost but I have a manly uggo face.

No. 60673

i don't have a baby/doll face, i have an outright child face. i'm near 30 but i look like a tween/early teenager complete with that "growing up face" awkwardness. i look weird with makeup and people don't take me seriously.

No. 60674

I think your momma wanted well, because modelling industry can totally rek a person. But. I don't think you'd be turned down - high fashion loves weird faces. I'm sure you are a really interesting model material, and not having a card is not a problem. If you wish to model, just send your pic somehwere. Many agencies recruit even through instagram, you just have to hit them up.

No. 60798

You made me curious about your face. I bet you're not as ugly from the side as you think you are.

No. 60828

I've had the same face since I was 13 (23 now), I get called 'sweet' 'cute' and 'innocent' a lot.
I've realised that having a child face and ageing doesn't mean you look older, just more like an ugly child. I'm worried by the time i get to 30 I'll look as uncomfortable as I did when I was 11.
I have tiny low-gumline slightly crowded child teeth as well and I'm planning on fixing this asap, I think it's the lowest cost but highest reward cosmetic change I can make.

No. 60918

Same, anon. It's not a kawaii doll face but more of a perpetual chubby-cheeked child face. Like an awkward preteen whose face still has to grow in proportion. I'm 20 now so I hope it will change over the next few years.
I would love to wear more make-up to match my elaborate style of clothing, but it just looks really off. Especially stuff like eyeliner or lipstick always looks like a kid smeared paint on its face.

No. 61371

File: 1495522118975.jpg (80.91 KB, 658x448, emily.jpg)

I have been told by 3 strangers I am the spitting image of Emily Kinney (Beth from The Walking Dead) always when my hair is in a ponytail like hers in the show. I have the same small lips, round cheeks, pale skin, but a somewhat different and more crooked nose and much worse skin, so that takes away from the dollishness factor. I think it's more of a general "cute" face than a dolly face. When I don't know wtf to do with my hair, I look at photos of Emily actually…

My mom happened upon a VenusAngelic video once and brought me into the room to show me this "weird doll girl that looks like you!"

No. 61383

Was just going to say she looks a bit like Venus. Less slavic, though.

No. 61386

Venus doesn't look Slavic, and besides, she isn't.

No. 61390

Wow, I never expected lolcow to be full of tiny, petite, doll-like girls lol

No. 107375

I've had people say I have a doll face before. But I don't see it.

I knew a girl in art school who had a face that looked like with the right make up she could pull of a BJD look.

No. 107377

Depending on my makeup people at work tell me I have a doll face. I have a round face and small but plump lips, and that's about all. My eyes are too small, my forehead is too big and I hate my potato nose. I look like a fatface mix between Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence.

No. 107381

Of all the threads to necro, why this pile of cringe?

No. 140686

People tell me I look like a doll all the time. I’m 18 but I look very young

No. 140692

File: 1590845814151.jpg (103.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 140735

thank you anon for necro ing this thread so i can have something to laugh at rn

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