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File: 1483706648093.jpg (59.44 KB, 414x479, white women.jpg)

No. 44883

When exactly are you supposed to "settle"?

No. 44884

Settling is for losers who fall into peer pressure over following a "life path". Sheeple.

No. 44885

lol humans of new york

No. 44886

She looks like Jenna Fisher

No. 44887

I sort of settled in a way at age 26 against the advice of lolcow. Basically I finally gave a guy I friendzoned my entire life a chance.

I have actually been pretty happy so far. Mostly because the sex is way better than I thought it would be.

No. 44888

"Settle" implies itself to be preceded by a period of looking for short-term flings before trying to find someone permanent. This has never been the case for me, I've always wanted long-term or nothing and feel bad about letting a former fiancee talk me into having cybersex before the honeymoon.

No. 44889

I've never had flings, the only relationships I've had were a 3-month relationship when I was 17 and still in secondary school (no sex) and a 5-year ltr I just got out of (with sex) to pursue my career (he wasn't interested in supporting me like I did him). I'm 24 now and not planning to settle anytime soon. If I die alone, so be it. My divorced mother is doing grand on her own so I've never really felt the urge.

No. 44890

Autist/troll from the relationship thread detected

Whether or not someone gets pressured to settle really varies a lot on your social scene, location and finances. Self sufficient people don't need to couple up, religious or traditional upbringings or small towns lead to marriage etc.

I came from a really liberal background and imagined life would be a huge party well into my forties, but now in my mid twenties all of my friends are starting to marry. I feel betrayed. I love my partner but marriage before 40 sounds insane, I think I need to move to a bigger city, preferably one where it's normal to flatshare forever so that nobody can ever save up enough to consider family life.

No. 44891

People commit a big mistake when they commit or even get laid with someone they don't find very good looking out of loneliness or just wanting to get laid. It is probably one of the reasons the world is overpopulated.

No. 44892

Meh I lowered my standards in some respects in regards to marriage. Younger me wanted passion and a handsome guy.

After dating someone who could have been a model (and was often mistaken for an actor) and a passionate "bad boy", I realized for long term, both would drive me crazy.

My last boyfriend was below average physically, but very nice and a genuinely amazing person. He wasn't vain like the model guy nor stubborn like the bad boy.

There was no passion, but Id rather settle physically for a 4/10 who is less exciting, but who I'll know will always love and be there for me. Everyday life isn't a vacation, so having a dependable and loving partner is much more important than a hottie. Honestly, I think settling is just part of growing older for many people.

With that said, I'd never settle for someone I had chemistry with or was a 10/10 but was flakey, vain, unreliable etc.

No. 44893

Why can't you get a 6-7/10 with whom you have passion with? and is loyal and not flakey to you? its not that hard

No. 44894

passion burns out

No. 44896

Why would the 7/10 settle for a used up old whore? They can still continue having sex with young girls.

If a 30+ year old woman with a large past sexual history wants to "settle", that means you get the ugly/average (virgin) guy in his late 20s who has been denied sex and females his entire life, but is now desirable to females because he's a source of financial stability.

It's not even that bad a deal for you. You'll probably just have trouble keeping up with his desire for daily sex, and he'll eventually divorce you because you aren't providing sex frequently enough, which is truly the only thing men want from you anyway. It's still not a bad deal for you, because then you can take half of his money/assets in the divorce.

No. 44897

Obvious robot bait post but it doesn't work that way. Most guys, especially older guys, don't care about a women's sexual past unless she has kids. There's that robot fantasy of "oh well when I'm older I'll have $$$ and all the women will love me" and that's unrealistic.

No. 44898

Because people who seek for passion are the ones who break up because no passion after some time means "it wasn't real love". Who says it'd be that 7/10 who breaks up? It could be either him or you.

No. 44899

File: 1484872345560.png (166.34 KB, 834x385, image.png)

>"oh well when I'm older I'll have $$$ and all the women will love me" and that's unrealistic.

It's the exact opposite of unrealistic. That's exactly how things work.

If you take a look at all 20 year olds you will find way more single men than women, but if you take a look at all 35 year olds, there are more single women than men.

Women's sexual market value decreases linearly with age.

Statistically speaking men's increases with age, not because of their age itself, but because that's when many of them start making money and thus finally become an acceptable partner to females.

No. 44900

What's the vertical axis even supposed to be?

No. 44901

Probably desireability or consent from the opposite sex. I'm more curious if it's in some units or it's ratio.

No. 44902

Looks scientifically sound, lads.

No. 44903

Sure it most likely was made by some robot but you have to pretty deluded to think that this general tendency doesn't exist. All it takes to notice it's truth is looking at robots who are mostly young, magazines and websites for women "alarming" that "there is not enough good men left", stuff like op, dating/attractiveness surveys or even thinking how many big age gap couples you know where man is 10-20 years older and how many where it's the opposite. It's only matter of how common such couples are compared to the ones where both people are similar age. Even on lolcow you have anons who find mature men attractive.



No. 44904

>Even on lolcow you have anons who find mature men attractive.
lolcow also has pedophiles

No. 44905

>finally become an acceptable partner to females.
you're joking right?
like please tell me that's not really how you see it

No. 44906

That's really how it is. These men are ignored by females and deprived of sex until they start making money and gaining status, usually in their late 20s, then suddenly - for some mysterious reason - females want them.

Personally I hope the new generation of these men completely refuse to enter into marriage or long-term relationships, because it's unfair that they're ignored by females their entire lives until they have money, then you expect them to marry a used-up whore who had 10+ past sexual partners just so she can (statistically very likely) cheat or financially ruin him in a divorce.

He should just take his money and visit Thailand regularly, they have a great prostitution industry targeted towards white male tourists who don't want to deal with the entitled princesses ruined by feminism back in their own countries.

No. 44907

I'm never gonna settle. The way I see it, if I get lucky and marry someone I love and have kids, that's great, but if I don't, then I can enjoy my free time, disposable income and stress free life anyway. Admittedly I'm 25 so I'm not quite at the point of stressing about it, maybe I'll get older and be afraid of dying alone and maybe the social pressure will get to me (at the moment it's just a bit embarrassing at worst to be permanently single), but I've always been socially independent. I've been single for 6 years, with a brief 2 month relationship in the middle of it that made me realize why I preferred being single the rest of the time.

It's not that I have really high standards or want a model or anything, but I owe it to any boyfriend or husband I might have to be genuinely attracted to him and not find him unappealing or irritating. I'd rather be single than have someone settle for me too.

No. 44908

At least try to hide your bitter little penis

No. 44909

Don't forget
>DEPRIVED of sex
I think I threw up a little. I hope these types never breed.

No. 44910


Oh don't worry they never will

No. 44911

I use the word "male" too, why are females so against this age-neutral correct term for their entire sex? What am I supposed to use? Woman, girl, old hag, stupid bitch?

You wouldn't understand this, but men need sex, it's on the same level as consuming food/water. They can get by through masturbation only, but lack of real sex comes with a huge psychological impact.

The only reason they even deal with females at all, and the only reason most of them compete in the rat-race of society, is because they want sex, the only reason your boyfriend/husband is even with you is because he wants sex from you.

Try not having sex with him for extended periods of time and see what happens, because I know you're dumb enough to think your boyfriend/husband is different.

No. 44912

>but men need sex

Everyone does, stupid robot, but the only people forcing others to have sex are males.

No. 44913

>Everyone does

Men desire sex at rates far above females. It's not even comparable.

It's very common for women to go weeks/months without masturbating or having sex, and thinking nothing of it. Almost every single healthy male past puberty masturbates or has sex at least once a day. Civilization and every advancement in technology was built because men wanted sex, that's how much more they want sex than women do.

Men fiercely compete and show off for access to females, just like animals. Allowing women to have as much control as they do in modern western countries has brought humanity back to a primal sexual system similar to the ones other apes still practice today.

No. 44915

>go pay a prostitute

That's illegal here, and whining feminists want to keep it that way. Unregulated prostitutes are often disease-ridden, sickly, and drug addicted, or they're just a trap to rob you. I don't have high standards for looks by any means, but I draw the line at almost all illegal prostitutes. If prostitution was legal where I live I already would have done this.

>why shouldn't they get something out of it (like money) too?

They do get money out of it, whether it's a whore in a brothel, or something called "marriage" or "dating".

Women are only allowed as much power as men allow them to have. Men on average are far physically stronger than women, and if you want to consider weapons, even including guns, they have the motor skills, coordination, mentality, and intelligence to use them far more effectively.

If men collectively wanted to, women would be under complete control of men, your position in society would be for breeding. This has already existed before you know.

No. 44917

Never. I definitely have my mom's genes when it comes to aging because people always think I look 5+ yrs younger than I am. She's 53 or some shit and always gets hit on by guys in their 20s and 30s. Shits kind of gross when I think about it.

No. 44918

Fucking kek anon.
That's what I don't get about this whole male supremacy thing: if you're really that superior, then how the hell did you get overtaken by a bunch of useless wet holes?
Somehow, as dumb as we are ladies, we have managed to enslave males and make them our personal banks and bitches. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 44919

>so you can appreciate the intelligence and planning that went into the feminist movement

The success of feminism is a result of a complex range of paths that western civilization has taken that coincide with a slow collapse of a civilization, you were able to pull off this one scheme because of that. You ended up hurting women more than you did help them anyway.

The results on society as a whole are disastrous, and we will fully see the fruits of it in a few generations once we're made up almost entirely of men "raised" by single mothers, or as I like to call them, criminals.

>She's 53 or some shit and always gets hit on by guys in their 20s and 30s.

She probably looks her age, it's just that most younger guys won't turn their noses up at Mrs.Robinson

No. 44920

> You ended up hurting women more than you did help them anyway.

How? Actually, don't answer. I've read enough nonsense for one day.

> entirely of men "raised" by single mothers, or as I like to call them, criminals.

top fucking kek. I'm pretty sure most of those single mothers have worked more than you, filthy neet. Single mothers are the weakest target in our society so you or robots have no problems attacking them. How lowly and scummy of you to do so. Taking into account your visceral hatred of women I'm not surprised.

Why do robots even bother coming here? If I wanted to read rubbish I'd go to designated shitting boards where they lurk.

No. 44921

My point is that she doesn't look her age. Jesus Christ, believe it or not, but not everyone is a basement dwelling neet that doesn't take care of their appearance and body.

No. 44922

because it's easy to attack vulnerable populations and mock them rather than work on yourself. hence why all these robots never have girlfriends and think being older and having money will solve their problems (hint: it won't.)

No. 44923

Sounds like it's going to lead to a lot of problems later on if you're not sexually attracted to your partner

No. 44924

Based on what?

No. 44925

File: 1485022102202.png (174.43 KB, 867x898, 1.png)

No. 44926

Nothing but that anon's ignorant opinion

No. 44927


This is both romantic and bittersweet.

To know you're fucking a woman who doesn't really love you must be exhilarating as fuck.

No. 44928

This reads like a troll fanfic written by a robot.

No. 44929

I picture a robot in a dress writing this and getting off to it.

No. 44930

>implying your average twenty something will casually compare a guy to fucking eddie vedder
>implying women actually give two fucks about what year and model the car he drives is
>implying there is something wrong with ending a relationship because it seems stagnant

It gets real boring real fast if all you do with your significant other is stay inside and watch Netflix. There has to be variety. Even if you love someone, that gets stale after awhile.

No. 44931

This guy seems like the type of guy who always responds "i dunno" whenever you ask him what he likes or wants to do. Implying he's real, of course

No. 44932

I think they also failed when it comes to the part of him not having any fucking goals or direction in life. K, you have all the money you need, so you're done? That kind of lack of ambition is definitely off putting. Ambition isn't always about getting cash.

No. 44933

Agree. Ambition and passion (about something, almost anything) is incredibly attractive. It can be frustrating being with someone who has no vision or dream for the future. Even unattainable dreams add sparks to a relationship.

No. 44934

I'm 27 and I still have a weird kid crush on Eddie Vedder so it's really not all that baffling…Some of us grew up in the grunge capital yo.

That said, yeah, it sounds a bit trollish. And if it is true, then, I can semi-understand where she's coming from if it got the point where he never made ANY effort money wise like say, put in money for a joint vacation or whatever. Not like, buy her fancy gifts or anything but treating each other to dinner once and awhile.

On the other hand, it's not her money and they aren't married so she has no right to insist he spends it on her but yeah. If it's true, the dude does sound a bit like he has no future other than taking it easy and that can get…dull.

No. 44935

I'm convinced this was written by a shitty poor boyfriend who doesn't get why girls dump him for being lazy af. So he wrote this fic where he's "totally actually really rich! haha jokes on them!"

No. 44936

>You wouldn't understand this, but men need sex, it's on the same level as consuming food/water
No they don't. There are men who join the clergy and knowingly dedicate themselves to celibacy for life.

What most alienates me from PUAs and /r9k/ types is the obsessive emphasis on recreational sex.

Settling is for women who want to raise children with a stable father figure. At some point you're going to have to have a child soon or never, and most people are more afraid of regretting childlessness than parenthood.

No. 44938

They see monogamy as a social arrangement that evenly distributes sex, while sexual liberation distributes it freely to women but unequally to men.

Also, they want to make you mad.

No. 44939

>we have managed to enslave males and make them our personal banks and bitches.

This is less true than ever since pretty much the 1950s

For lots of women these days their only experience with men is getting pumped and dumped by a fboy who would struggle to recall their last name

No. 44940

It's so aggravating. If you try to offer anecdotes that not all men you know are crazed sex machines and not all women are docile wives in waiting, they get very determined that whatever you know from your own life is completely wrong. However their observations as (often virgin) woman haters who don't even have female friends even if they have irl male friends MUST be correct. Sigh.

>They see monogamy as a social arrangement that evenly distributes sex, while sexual liberation distributes it freely to women but unequally to men.
I've never seen their crazy views organised so neatly

No. 44941

Stable is the key word here, agree. And I hate that 'settling' is like…codeword for 'picking a lesser partner and just giving in'. That's a bitter way to look at it.

No. 44942

Personally, I get confused by the logic they use. According to history and such, women are too stupid to hold their own, therefore the must remain the property of men. Somehow through "complimakatted" ways, the idiot broads managed to get women rights they never had before. And today, they fuck over men by "making" them be personal banks and having too many freedoms. But that's the way society has been since inception: the man gets to do all the shit while the woman stays at home to breed and homemake. And now they want to complain? Who set up this system, you morons?

No. 44943

Why do you want to stress constantly and compete in some rat race insetad of enjoying life? What if someone just enjoys painting or writing in their free time and doesn't need fame for it and all that crap.

No. 44944

Again, it's not about cash or competing (I didn't mention fame, but it's not about that either). You can aspire to do things that don't involve being in a rat race. The issue I have is about someone being that age and not having a plan for the future, just aimlessly floating through life with no goals. I like people that are productive and seek self improvement. That in itself is subjective though.
I'm not saying you can't have hobbies like writing to take up your free time, but the robot post stated that the dude did some online and guitar stuff here and there, so his life was basically "free time", and had not stated any concrete, future goals. As an adult, that's off putting.

No. 44945

TBH I fucking agree with her.
Dude has the money to at least take her out to a decent dinner once in a while. That's not even asking a lot.

It sounds like she wanted to have kids And build a family and he didn't see her as worth anything more than a 99c can of potato soup. He sounds like the kind of person who'd buy his kids school clothes from Goodwill.

Assuming they're real.

No. 44946

All im saying is that most women dont have a male slave or male bank. It has been decades since women had that level of financial control over men

No. 44947

Yeah, I agree with you.

Even if you never had to work again, you should still have goals you want to achieve, even if it's just basic fitness, or wanting to be more well known for his session work in this case, or any number of things, you shouldn't just be content wasting away forever just not achieving anything.

No. 44948

What if plan for future is to be able to do what you like with no rush?

How can you plan your life? How many people do you know who ended up working in the place they work in by accident? How can you be sure that stuff you plan to achieve will be the way you imagine it? For example lot of teachers were starting with lot of enthusiasm, plans to change the way you educate and now you hear so much about burnouts that it's assumed to be natural consequence of this, or many other jobs.

What if your plans will crash and burn? What if you'll never achieve what you want? Will you be disappointed? Why do this to yourself when there's already so much pressure you can't do anything about?

The only planning I can understand is planning "just in case", for example having enough money saved to be able to live normally when you suddenly get fired and have to look for new job for month or two or when you car breaks and you have to pay mechanic to fix it. Or planning to prepare enough wood/coal/whatever to not freeze during winter. Or planning your responsibilities so you had free time to enjoy life.

The only "distant" plans I can udnerstand is stuff like wanting to have house and family and even then you often don't know when it'll be and who you'll share your life with.

Tell me what are your goals.

No. 44949

>What if plan for future is to be able to do what you like with no rush?
I'm not against that, it's fine, but robot post stated he never shared any with her, so she took it as him not having any. Post says they dated for close to a yr. That's a long time to not mention an actual goal.
>How can you plan your life? How many people do you know who ended up working in the place they work in by accident? How can you be sure that stuff you plan to achieve will be the way you imagine it?
A plan is just a strategy to achieve your goals, its yours to tweak/change/dump, it's not a contractual obligation or a guarantee–nothing in life is. When I speak of planning, I'm talking about things that span months to a few yrs. I don't know anyone who tries to go past a 5 yr plan. I also don't know anyone who landed at a job by accident (at least not to my knowledge). Most of my friends are working jobs related to their majors. You can't be sure of many things, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.
>What if your plans will crash and burn? What if you'll never achieve what you want? Will you be disappointed?
Just because there's a potential for failure and hurt feelings means you shouldn't have aspirations? That's classic avoidance. The risk is worth the reward for me.

No. 44950

This has triggered me.

New York Women are just too precious and special to mere "settle". I bet he broke up with her because she's a self-important bitch. Seriously. All of my girlfriends who moved to NYC this past decade have all been completely self-absorbed, with ridiculous expectations of men. They want men to be subservient to them, and to place their needs and feelings behind their own, and then they're so shocked when men get fed up and decide literally nothing is better than being the backseat provider to queen miserable. 3 of my friends were proposed to from New York. 3 couldn't even muster a "yes". They all had some snarky or indifferent acceptance. One even flat out told her fiance that his ring would be a placeholder until she found her special, vintage ring for herself.

This asshole decided SHE was finally ready to maybe bare some of the load in the relationship and then gets her bullshit handed back to her. You can WANT to marry anyone. Of course she thinks she deserves the promise of a lifetime of someone else taking care of you.

The concept of "settling"just reeks of immature, entitled, daddy's money who thinks her minimum effort at "adulting" deserves a parade. You got me, OP.

No. 54146

You don't ever "settle".

You meet people, maybe date them, work out which traits/behaviours are big turn-offs and which ones are minor, eventually you meet someone who doesn't have any big turn-offs but almost certainly a few minor ones… then you work out whether you're grown-up enough to deal with that, as relationships happen between human beings with flaws, and they require compromise. If you are, congratulations you might have found your one! If not, then you let them go and carry on being single, knowing that you might have to look for a while to find someone else who fits the bill.

As it stands, you might never find someone who fits. In this case, you're either expecting too much or just never come into contact with the right person. The former can be remedied by either growing up a bit or accepting you'll never be settled down, and the latter can be solved by getting out there and meeting new people.

But never settling down isn't a bad thing. A lot of people are quite happy going through life never getting married or having kids, it's a completely valid option. And it's WAY preferable to getting married/having kids with someone who isn't quite right for you just because you think you should.

No. 54148

Samefag but I always went for guys that I had roller-coaster relationships with. Always had "something" that drew me to them, but it was never shared interests or world views or anything.

Now I'm with a guy that I probably would have passed off as "just a friend" 5 years ago, purely because he is pretty straight-laced (never been a partier, responsible, stable, etc). He is the most handsome man I have ever met, ridiculously in love with him, our relationship is more fulfilling every single day… but I had to change (he didn't make me, I was living a very destructive life and needed a reason tbh) for it to work. I'm so happy I did.

/sage for blogpost but relevant to my comment

No. 54149

the fact you genuinely think that women's magazines are actually representative of IRL women is probably one of the reasons why no one wants to f*ck you.

>on the same level of consuming water
if that were the case, robot anon, you'd be dead by now, as you can only survive about 3 days without water. Drama queen.

this comment

I personally feel 4/10 is too low, I'd still want to find them sexy. Maybe a 6/10 but no lower. That's just my opinion though.


how hot someone is doesn't really matter if you don't have any sexual passion for them anyway.

I think the point they're making is that passion will eventually burn out anyway, we all get old and f*cking the same person for 40 years is going to get boring at some point. It's more important that you work as a couple, but I think it would be less likely to last more than the first few years if you weren't attracted to each other.

No. 54150

Haha holy fuck I've been here five minutes and I hate how much it reaffirms my negative beliefs.

No. 55717

You're supposed to look out for the right guy all the time. If you haven't found him by 25 consider how you might meet him. It is true that once you're 30-35 it gets a lot harder to attract somebody you find attractive.

No. 55718

I don't think you are supposed to settle. I just at one point you just grow up and realise that looks, abundance of money, etc doesn't really matter. That the most important thing is that you are happy together and have the same values. Especially if you want to have kids.

No. 55720

I think people are confusing 'settle down' with 'settle (for less than you think you deserve)' here.

No. 55722

I'm 25 and I've never settled because I never had high standards in the first place because of my low self esteem(I'm a black weeaboo). No one with any self respect would date the people I've dated. My current bf is a 23 year old who plays lol all day and sleeps until 3pm.

No. 55726

Honey, love yourself more and break up with his lazy ass. Even if you looked like a brigde troll you deserve better and can find a better guy.

No. 55728

I know I should leave but outside of him I don't really get any social interaction since I have no friends. I really don't even get much from him these days because he's sleeping out playing lol for the most part.

No. 55729

You're still young you could easily find better. And if you're lonely get a cat or something because damn he sounds valueless.

No. 55905

I'm almost 20 and my boyfriend is 26 and I know I'm young but honestly I'm convinced I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Hes very religious so I can tell he wants us to get married not just dating. Tbh I'm not apposed to marriage being so young I just don't want to deal with the endless disaproval from my family.

No. 71709

>thinks any woman wants him, even just for his money
>thinks we'll be sad that he chooses fleshlights over us, like he actually could chose anything different if he wanted to


No. 71715

This thread is depressing. I'm glad I settled in my early 20's. I really can't relate to any of these posts at all or empathize with the arguments.

No. 71721

this thread is depressing cause it's mostly full of robots hoping that women will decide to settle for them and getting angry at those ITT who say it's dumb.

No. 71772

Do you have any kids? Are you planning on having any with him?

No. 71773

>Most guys, especially older guys, don't care about a women's sexual past

Yeah, it they just want to bang you they don't care. When it comes down to having a real relationship with you they do. Every guy I've ever been in a long term relationship with has asked me about my sexual past at one point or another.

No. 71774

Go back to /r9k/ sweetie

No. 71787

I sorta settled in a way. Emotionally we are a perfect match and i'm happy to be with him, and he understands my sexual issues even though it causes a rift once in awhile.

But he's so god damn unmotivated Lately it's been getting SORTA better but I still have to be on his ass all the time for it and sometimes I feel like his mother.

But ultimately I wouldn't really want to be with anyone else just because they were more put together.

My ex was hideous and we had only bare minimum in common. I felt like he was with me because he was supposed to have settled down 'by now' (few years ago now). Once in awhile I wonder if I'd be less stressed and happy if I had just stayed with him instead. I'd probably have more money but god my heart hurts to think about having settled with the wrong guy.

Settling is fine as long as you can live with the downsides. In my case it's a downside of a boy who still needs to get his shit together and doesn't always bring out the best in me because of it (im an angry lady).

But i almost settled for a guy who would've basically done everything for us financially but also wouldn't let us actually do anything fun unless HE wanted to and had a face like a monkey (He was white, i'm not being racist, he had a gross face).

No. 71790

>Most guys, especially older guys, don't care about a women's sexual past unless she has kids.


Most guys care, but not in the way /r9k/ thinks (i.e. more than 1 partners makes you a whore). If you're pushing 10, that's going to be an issue for a lot of men in my experience. A friend of mine got dumped by her actuary bf when she told him her number, not immediately, but he broke it off slowly and that was obviously the reason.

No. 71800

It obviously depends on where you live. None of my boyfriends cared and my boyfriend of six years has the same number as me (which is around 10) and he doesn't give a flying fuck.

Nobody cares as long as you're a nice person and you've got some achievements to show for yourself.

No. 71806

men wont say this because it makes them sound crazy, but they dont like thinking about you sleeping with literally anyone else. they hate it. it doesnt matter if they've slept with 10+ people, men are possesive creatures.

imo, its best to just put your number at around 3 and leave it at that. honesty is great, but its just gonna leave doubt in a guys mind (we all know how much they need their ego stroked). y

es BF, your dick is the biggest/best ive had. thats the anthem.

No. 71847

Idc if I'm selfish or a sociopath, but I'd rather die alone than settle.

I really like being alone. I like spending my own time the way I want. I have friends, family and pets for companionship. At best, every relationship I've been has just felt like having a friend with a ton of extra responsibility and compromise. I like sex occasionally but nowhere near the frequency that men want it, so that's another thing I'm obligated to do in relationships even when I'm tired/sick/not in the mood. It's just…so much extra work for so little in return?

Social pressure is a bitch, though. I get why women settle even though dick doesn't add anything positive to their life.

No. 71850

I don't think you're ever supposed to settle. My grandmother found a new partner in her 60s and they are having a beautiful relationship, constantly traveling, trying new things, taking art lessons, "computer" lessons, eating out, etc. She had so many lovers and different lives she make me unafraid of the future.

No. 71851

True as fuck, they also feel horrible insecure if you have slept with more people than them. My own bf pretended to have dated and fucked more people because his number was lower than mine. He fessed up though and grew up a lot since then thank god.

No. 71852

I’m an ex-prostitute who slept with 70+ people in my personal life. My boyfriend had slept with 1 girl before he got with me. We have talked in detail about both of our sex lives prior to getting together. He honestly doesn’t give a fuck, because the past is the past and all he cares about is that I am committed to him now (which I wholeheartedly am). You anons sound like you know some insecure immature manbabies. If a guy is too fragile to deal with you having a life before him, why are you trying to fucking date the little bitch anyway lmao?

No. 71853

>I’m an ex-prostitute who slept with 70+ people in my personal life.

No offense if I take your advice with a grain of salt sis. I'd rather not end up like you.

No. 71855

this. >>71853
i'd much rather have a fragile man baby than a cuck like you have

No. 71856

Because the girls who date those manbabies are just as brainwashed as they are about a woman’s sexual history taking points of her worth or womanhood. If you’re healthy, honest and committed there is literally no reason for anyone to talk shit other than insecurity and some bullshit bias.

>sage bc the idea that any woman is “less good” than a woman who only fucked 1-2 guys is literally mysogyny.

No. 71857


No. 71858

End up like me? Married to an amazing man, degree educated, a home owner, a mom, happy and healthy? Yeah I can see why you’d want to avoid all that, enjoy your manbabies hon

No. 71859

Well congratulations, because that’s probably the only “men” who will ever be interested in you. Thanks for leaving the good ones for the rest of us to enjoy!

No. 71860

lol k. I'm sure that's all true.

I wouldn't want to date or marry a man who was promiscuous, and I'm not going to knock a man for wanting the same out of a woman.

Call it insecurity, but all the statistics show that partner count correlates with marital disruption.

This also. I want my partner to be a bit possessive of me. Not to a psychotic degree but it's nice to know he cares that much.

No. 71861

>literal hooker who has fucked 100 guys

Ew. Your poor child.

No. 71862

Yup u got me, I’m making up lies to impress anons on an imageboard~

Yeah my poor kid, having 2 loving parents and a beautiful stable home. How does my past - I haven’t been a hooker for a long time - affect my ability to parent exactly?

Can see why you guys are pulling such beta males now, lmfao

No. 71864

>latching onto a beta
>claiming his resources
Found the incel

No. 71865

>How does my past - I haven’t been a hooker for a long time - affect my ability to parent exactly?

Because nothing occurs in a vacuum. People's behavior tells us a lot about people's character, funnily enough. There's a reason the diplomatic service creates character profiles for world leaders in order to analyze how they'd, in terms of probability, react to certain scenarios.

In this case you were a dumb-dumb who bought into le sex work is empowering meme. That tells us a lot about your character, and consequently, your ability to parent.

No. 71866

Wow, you are absolutely shit at making assumptions. My crazy mother made me homeless as a teenager and I had no other way of making money. Never thought it was empowering; on the contrary it kinda ruined my life for a while. If I were you, probably wouldn’t go for a job building character profiles, because you suck at it.

No. 71870

Nayrt, but the fact that you're even on this board so passionately defending yourself against people who disagree with your past is more of a red flag. You could have gone and be on your way posting your opinion and forget about. You typing style is also…eh. Petty? Immature? Juvenile? A normal well adjusted adult would have just ignored the comments.

No. 71872

"waaahhh some girl didn't follow my rules for women and she still found a worthwhile guy who doesn't care, she much be getting his resources! t-thats it!"

No. 71875

Kek, this is so accurate.

I moved to NYC with my husband and so many women are like this including my brother-in-law's wife.

No. 71877

>You anons sound like you know some insecure immature manbabies.

Its not about being insecure tho. It is statistically proven people (men and women) who are more promiscuous are more prone to STDs, more likely to cheat, have mental health issues, etc. So of course its understandable to want to avoid all this potential baggage.

You may be an exception to the rule and its good that you're happy together but its reasonable for people to not want to take the risk and people are allowed to have standards in that regard.

>If a guy is too fragile to deal with you having a life before him, why are you trying to fucking date the little bitch anyway lmao?

Come on anon, having a few other partners is one thing, but 70+ really? That's way beyond "having a life". No guy wants to think about the dozens of dicks their girl has sucked while he's kissing her.

No. 71886

It's called a second chance anon, you don't know how are why she was a prostitute, she could have been forced into for all we know, does she not deserve love because of that?

>It is statistically proven people (men and women) who are more promiscuous are more prone to STDs

then that's her business, she should get STD checks every now and then, but you can't say for sure she 100% has an std, how do you know she wasn't protected?
>more likely to cheat
eh, I've seen people cheat on the person they lost their virginity to, I've seen people who have had promiscuous pasts be the most loyal people you could ever meet. while stats can tell you a generalization,they can tell you about how that one specific person is.
>have mental health issues
Again, her business, if she does have those issues and her man decides to help and support her through it then why act like she's undateable and ruined for life?

>So of course its understandable to want to avoid all this potential baggage

No ones telling people who they can and can't date, it's understandable to want someone with a small or no sex history, but you can't shame and shit on someone for having these things, especially if you aren't their partner/potential partner. People can have standards, just don't generalize and think any prostitute you meet will be the exact same cheating std infested mentally ill slut, You don't KNOW why they were a prostitute and thus you don't know if that person has those things, it's like refusing to date someone outside your own race because stats say interracial couples cheat more and break up more, or if I refuse to apply to a certain college because they only accept a small percentage of people, stats can only say so much, not in each individual person and avoiding potentially amazing relationships because of what stats say is just retarded, not that anyone who has their life controlled by stats deserves to be happy

>No guy wants to think about the dozens of dicks their girl has sucked while he's kissing her.

some guys are actually mature enough to give a woman a second chance and emphasizes what she's going through, and when he's kissing her he's enjoying the moment and emotion he has for her, not "the dicks she's sucked"
I don't think about my boyfriends exes pussies when I'm kissing him, because I actually enjoy the moment and who he is now, not his past.

No. 71888


I don't get this. If you've slept with ten people, but each person was only once or a couple of times, that's like total 30 times having sex ever. Whereas if you had one long-term boyfriend you'd already be up to at least 50+ a year, thus a girl who's had one boyfriend is more "used up" than one who's had ten short-terms.

No. 71890

I don't think it's not so much about being used up rather than insecurity?
Like I guess it's just in their mind that they want to compete to pretty much be "best she's ever had" and even if you had sex a small amount of times with a different guy each time it will seem like more competition to be memorable and not have her wish he was anyone else

that's just my pov though, then again I'm insecure as fuck and would feel like shit if I was "second or third best" compared to another girl my boyfriends been with

No. 71892

I think that the concern about partner count is related to things other than being 'used up' but I do see that faulty logic all the time when men talk about vaginas being loose and stretched out. If a woman sleeps with 100 one night stands, she's had sex 100 times probably spaced out over quite some time since you can't realistically fuck a new guy every day. On the other hand, if a woman sleeps with her bf once a day for a year, she's having a lot more sex in a much shorter period of time. And since they're insecure men and dick size is always a factor in their mind - someone who sleeps around is statistically unlikely to encounter a tonne of huge dicks, there just aren't that many of them around.

No. 71909

>I'm insecure as fuck and would feel like shit if I was "second or third best" compared to another girl my boyfriends been with

Same, anon. My boyfriend was a frequent tinder user for a few years and it really eats me up to logically infer that I'm definitely not the best he's ever had. Not the hottest, not the best sex, etc. The only thing that makes me feel better about it is that I'm apparently important enough to him to be his girlfriend rather than just a one time thing like the majority of his sexual encounters. Maybe you can think of it that way too.

No. 71913

Nothing I said was refering to that specific anon, I even clarified she very well may be an acception.

I was just giving a list of reasons why people in general view having a high kill count as highly unsavory. Being a "slut" doesn't make you a horrible person but its just not a desirable trait.

No. 71922

This, for men or women. If my boyfriend had slept with people in the double digits (actually anything over 5 starts getting weird) I'd just not take the risk. I don't want to be just another notch on somebody's belt or worse, get an STD of some sort.

No. 72554

I was "passionately defending myself" against someone questioning my parenting skills just because I've got a less-than-lovely past. I think that would be a sensitive subject for anyone, ex-prostitute or not.

Thank you for this. The assumptions that people make about others based on their sexual history are frankly ridiculous. I have had a STD once… and I got it having sex in my personal life with a guy who'd fucked less than 5 people (and took advantage of me being too drunk to check up on him using a condom). But it'll be me that gets judged, because only dirty whores spread STDs ???

Also your last point, kek. This is what I was talking about in the first place with "manbabies". Who sits kissing their SO imagining all the dicks/pussies that they've been near? It just seems extremely insecure to me.

I'm not ragging on people who would prefer to date someone who hasn't had a varied sexual past, it's a personal preference. Just asking that maybe people learn to judge a little less… you might be losing out on someone amazing.

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