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File: 1464311973925.jpg (17.79 KB, 236x299, 3b466284fec5234bc46e947799e5b6…)

No. 46778

Any recipes, tips, pictures,DIYS like this? Doesn't have to be just for skin, anything beauty, health, fashion or food related

No. 46779

Not sure if you consider it one but once in a blue moon I use an egg+olive oil to help my hair stay strong. I feel it works but it could be my imagination.

Also egg white to tighten the skin

No. 46780

I like to mix sugar, olive oil, and honey for a face scrub. Your skin is so buttery smooth afterwards!


I've done something similar but with mayonnaise (basically just egg and oil too). I think I read that it's the fats and protein that help nourish the hair.

No. 46781

this is… not good

don't put lemon juice or olive oil on your face, holy shit

No. 46782

Is olive oil fine for makeup removal? I use a proper cleanser afterwards, it's just to get my mascara off. I agree about the lemon though. That does not belong on your face.

No. 46783

I do that for my lips, it's a bit harsh for my face though.

No. 46784

My favorites

Banana greek yogurt facial (makes your skin glow + moisturizes)
Papaya facial (makes your skin glow)
Apple cider vinegar toner (It stinks but It works really well for me)
Rice flour scrub (softens skin)
and crystallized honey scrub (softens moisturizes and brightens skin, be gentle or it'll cut you.)
I've tried the mayonnaise hair mask before it actually does make your hair really soft, but the smell is unbearable to me.

No. 46785

I use olive oil for a simple face wash or make up remover in the oil cleansing style (taking a hot wash cloth afterwards and removing it) and I haven't had problems. Makes my skin look soft and supple.
I've had problems leaving oil on without
removing it so be careful with that.

No. 46786

Dude I put egg yolk on my face 3 weeks ago and I'm still suffering from the giant breakout that I got with that shit :(.

No. 46787


100% this. Be careful with these DIY's especially ones you find online. A lot of them are dangerous and harmful to your skin.

stuff like honey, brown sugar, greek yogurt, green tea is usually fine. Just no walnut shells/sand/salt/lemon/citrus/etc

No. 46788

I used to do a lot of DYI to save money and it destroyed my skin and hair for a while and gave me massive breakouts so i never use them anymore, be wary of those online/pinterest shitty "easy" dyi and do your research on the ingredients.

But still, when my skin is very puffy, red or full of acne or a little lifeless i love to apply raw honey like a mask and leave it for 3-4 hours or even more while i do house stuff, clean it with water in circular motion giving a slight massage, skip the facial wash and apply all my normal skincare and done! it's messy but it works miracles for my skin and pimples, even better than most store bought masks tbh

also when my eyes are tired/puffy i apply cucumber slices for 15 mins before going to sleep, pat the leftover water around my dark circles/puffiness, shit stings like hell if it gets in your eyes, but i have barely any puffiness in the morning.

No. 46789

I use lightly whisked egg whites as a face mask and it tightens up skin pretty well, it's great for circles under the eyes.

No. 46790

stop ? putting ? lemon ? juice ? on ? your ? skin ?

No. 46791

Holy fuck no, sugar is not okay for your skin. Physical exfoliants of any kind are utter shit. They can cause micro-tears that basically rip the edge of your pores, permanently enlarging them.

This entire thread is nightmare fuel. Please do research on shitty DYIs like these before you ruin your skin.

No. 46792


Coconut oil is my holy grail. You can use it for so much like washing face, hair mask, to shave with, brush your teeth with, cooking, moisturiser and apparently deodorant? Never tried that tho

No. 46793

Would be Honey and Cinnamon an okay mix for acne ridden skin?
Saw it recommend on some kind of forum, but after reading this thread I'm kinda scared to actually use it

No. 46794

As a few other people in this thread have mentioned using honey on their face, myself included. Honey should be alright, just make sure your skin can handle it, like with anything.

I agree that sugar shouldn't be used, on the face anyways. A scrub for the legs is alright, as the skin isn't as thin as the face.

No. 46982

do not use cinnamon on your face holy shit

No. 46983

I was more specifically talking about the cinnamon, but thank you anyway

No. 46984

Good god, thank you anon.
You just saved my face.
(I actually googled cinnamon on face in my native language before posting and couldn't find anything negative, funny isn't it?)

No. 46985

Anyone into bath bombs?

No. 46986

Yes. I've been making my own for a few years now. I still buy Lush and w/e occasionally, but it's so fun to make your own. Thanks for this.

No. 46987

Do you have any pointers or tips for beginners? I'm looking to make my first batch of a few bath bombs tomorrow and I'm hoping it goes well

No. 46988

File: 1481690279615.gif (3.69 MB, 300x225, niggawhat.gif)

>putting lemon juice on your face

No. 46989

like besides following the basic recipe/directions? get a small spray bottle for mixing in your liquid ingredients. trying to pour liquid into the bicarb/citric acid mix will just make a bunch of volcanoes, and your bomb won't fizz as nicely when you use it. also make the mixture no wetter than the consistency of slightly damp sand. anything wetter than that and they might react and splode while you've set them out to dry overnight, and you'll just have a huge mess to clean up. you could still technically scrape the stuff off the drying surface, put it in a jar, and use it as a bath salt i guess, but again, you'll lose the fun fizz effect. if you can pack it like a snowball and it holds, it's wet enough. and put wax paper down on your drying surface too. it'll make cleanup easier.
other than that just have fun. experiment with colour, with smell. try grinding up some oatmeal and putting it in, or some dried flowers. you can spritz a bit of your favourite perfume in for a scent if you want. the fun of this is getting to make a thing that is definitely your own cool thing. enjoy it.

No. 46990

i appreciate that thank you!!!

No. 46991

> mfw you've been squeezing lime juice on your face for the past two days because you heard it's good for brightening skin and you have mild acne scarring

I've wasted so much money on skincare products but recently reduced it to three: gentle cleanser, daily moisturizer and night cream. My face was not reacting well to something and I'm trying to go a natural route for now.

No. 46992

Don't do that. OP's pic is bullshit. Acidic juices like lemon and lime are bad for your skin.

No. 46993

Brown sugar plus any cosmetically safe/essential oil makes a good body exfoliant. If your skin isn't too sensitive it might be okay as an infrequent face scrub too?
Olive or coconut oil is nice if you have dry or frizzy hair. I like to give myself an oil treatment prior to washing my hair maybe once or week or so, and I know people who use the oil afterward instead and have good results.

No. 46994

You really shouldn't put lime or lemon juice on your face…. also from previous personal research it's actually that lime juice doesn't have those brightening properties, that's just lemon..

No. 46995

Tbh I think coco oil is super overrated and overhyped. It can mess up your hair big time if you don't use it well and it's actually super fatty, meaning not as healthy for cooking as people like to believe..

No. 46996

File: 1483402844593.png (9.66 MB, 4634x3000, ob tampon holder from chapstic…)

This only works with the regular size ob tampons, though other brands might be narrower, and some lip balms might be large enough to fit higher absorbency tampons.

No. 46997

Sucks that there's so much stigma about one of the basic female bodily functions that we need to create clever ways to disguise feminine hygiene products

No. 46998

I suppose to me, it's the same as not announcing that you're going to urinate. in this case, though, I just don't want to get all my pocket or purse crud on my tampon wrapper.

No. 46999

Anon don't go all sjw, no one stuffs their tampons inside a tube irl. Though I agree with >>46998 about not getting crud all over it.

No. 47000

>can i borrow your chapstick anon?
>oh, w-what is that?

though people who disguise tampons in chapstick tubes probably do not share lipbalm.

No. 47001

Am I the only one that has a dedicated little pouch for feminine hygiene products? I don't see the purpose of things like this.

No. 47002

File: 1483414084193.gif (145.02 KB, 200x150, yeah.gif)

>the benefits of working at a grocery store

No. 47003

I wear cloth pads so I have to have one as well. Inb4 where do you put dirty pads when you change them, a separate pouch.

No. 47004

>sharing chapstick

No. 47006

it's not dedicated but i keep a pouch for pads/tampons as well as loose make up products like the lipstick i'm wearing that day, etc.

if i really need to hide it, tampons go in a pocket and i put pads in a sleeve/pants pocket. otherwise i bring my purse/pouch with me.

ob is euro, isn't it? i had a swiss roommate who brought, and left, ob tampons. there's no applicator. what are you, 12? they're so small you could stuff one in your nose and hide it until the washroom.

No. 47007

OB tampons are available in the US. Tampons are legally required to be labeled consistently for absorption capacity due to TSS risks, so their regulars fall in the same range as every other brand's tampons. I like that they create less trash and are easier to insert.

No. 47008

Both pads and tampons create enormous amounts of waste and cannot be recycled.

No. 47009

I mostly use a menstrual cup, but sometimes it's not practical for me. When I use tampons, I use OB.

No. 47010

I've never used a tampon with an applicator and I'm 25. They're not that small, like an inch long and 7-10mm wide. You might have a wide vagina if you think normal tampons are crazy small. They're all applicator-free in Australia.
But what's the other option for women who aren't hippies with moon cups? I'll destroy the earth long before I make another woman in a restroom see me washing one of those things. Fabric pads will stink after an hour, so what can be done?

No. 47011

Continue to not give a fuck

or buy two moon cups and just switch one out when you're out and, wipe the dirty one with tp and stick it in a ziplock bag and wash it when you get home

Or not give a fuck honestly I don't even use moon cups I just scrolled past this thread and the idea popped in my head.

No. 47012

>cups are hippies

lol kys

No. 47013

>Fabric pads will stink after an hour
No, fabric pads don't smell because they're not made of plastic and have an absorbent bamboo middle layer that's antibacterial, they also don't make you sweat as much as normal pads, or in my case at all. Normal pads reek after a few hours and give you clammy fanny syndrome.

No. 47014

1 - dump the small amount of blood goo out in toilet
2 - wipe out with tp

it's not like a wound anon, they don't get insane. wash out when you get home.

No. 47015

But then there will be old blood going back inside my vagina? These cups seem really unhygienic.
Old blood smells, and bamboo socks absolutely reek after a few hours wear so I don't see how bamboo in the pads is gonna help. Idk, over all tampons seem much cleaner and less likely to make you smelly.

No. 47016

Someone had their feelings hurt.

No. 47017

They don't smell but OK, enjoy your TSS.

No. 47018

Why so bitter? Enjoy your smelly uterus rags.

No. 47019

god damn no one cares. just use proper hygiene you fucking babies.
change your tampons and pads frequently.
keep hygiene wipes and a plastic baggy for your used cups/recyclables in your purse.

No. 47020

>>smelly uterus rags

LMAO dead

No. 47021

File: 1484615620365.jpg (566.05 KB, 2400x1800, 4ControlOverFlowwithInstructio…)

They sell special wipes and the like for cups, but it kind of defeats the purpose. That's why I use a combination of tampons and cups. You could also dump the cup and then wash it at home later.
They also sell pic related, though I can't vouch for it.

No. 47120

I use a diva cup and it's only supposed to be changed every 12 hours? like where the hell are these situations that sometime in 12 hours you can't get somewhere to dump it out. you rinse it (or use light soap) and put it back in and then clean it AFTER your period is over by boiling it. they even honestly say on the website that in a pinch urine is sterile so technically you could dump it in the toilet, pee on it, and toilet paper it off. tbh in a pinch you can just toilet paper it off and rinse later. it's silicone so it doesn't have a smell.

They also make disposable cups now. dump it and toss it and put a new one in.

No. 47121

I'm stoned and 2 passionate about my cup ? so just ignore the top part when that's a lil ranty

No. 47122

looks interesting

before becoming a neet, I used to work at a sweatshop factory and the shifts were brutal, 24 to 48 hours with small breaks every 8 hours for some sleep, food or toilet. So yeah, having my period these times could've been worse without a cup.

sage for blogging and sob story

No. 47123

On the first day or so, I have to change it more often. I wish I had known about menstrual cups back in school. There was never enough time to go to the bathroom during passing periods, and teachers would give you shit if you tried to bring anything with you to the bathroom. Even female teachers did this. If I could not have to deal with my period until getting home, that would have made life a lot easier.

No. 47124

I make a bathroom spray that is similar to poo-pourri.

1 cup minus 2 tbsp. water
2 tsp. rubbing alcohol
1 tsp Castile soap
1/2 tsp any essential oil

Combine with a mixer until the ingredients are emulsified.
Pour into glass spray bottles.
Before defecating, use about 5 sprays to the surface of the water.

No. 55394

Someday I want to be as passionate about a menstrual product as you are.

No. 55658

It's 100% fat like all oils are, what do you mean by "super fatty"?
Also, fat does not equal automatically unhealthy. I don't like coconut oil either but it's not inherently unhealthy.

No. 57762

I tried this and it actually works. Thanks.

No. 57763

Has anyone ever tried making their own vitamin C serum?

I'm guessing it's not as easy as simply dissolving ascorbic acid (or a derivative) + a little citric acid + preservative + a pinch of baking soda in water.

No. 57769

That would get clogged so fast.

No. 57772

I just read through the period rants from months ago for the first time and I'm… amazed.

Honestly, I would like to try a cup, but I can understand why it's irksome at first. I have to piss A LOT and I always switch my tampon out when I do, so I go through them constantly. A childhood friend of mine died of TSS at 19 (none of us saw it coming at all) so I don't find tampons particularly great anyways lol.

Period blood doesn't produce smell until it comes into contact with oxygen, so it wouldn't impose an odor or issue as long as you immediately rinse it after disposing of the blood. I'd even use a bottle of water tbh over the toilet or wipes (which you should keep in your purse anyways, poopasses) so it really isn't as bad as it seems at first glance in my opinion! I'm mostly for the idea of waste reduction. And I'm tired of good tampons being expensive.

No. 57773

Some protips:
>when emptying the cup, put a few sheets of tp on the surface of the water in the toilet bowl first so the blood doesn't linger on the porcelain after you flush
>use a wire whisk to hold your cup in the pot of water when you boil it every month so that it doesn't touch the bottom of the pan and get damaged
>rinse your cup with cold water before you insert it to avoid stains

No. 57776

File: 1491551325827.jpg (18.87 KB, 470x313, IMG_1204.JPG)

Moon cups are disgusting.

No. 57778

So are tampons, you can't even wash them and if you chuck them in the bin the smell lingers

No. 57792

OP dont be retarded and put lemon juice on your face

No. 57799

my favourite DIYs are body scrubs with coconut oil as a base. i love how coconut oil is solid and softens when you warm it up and it is really good for your skin too. I usually mix coconut oil, a little cocoa powder and maybe an essential oil.

Also, I like to use an egg white as a face mask, it dries up really well and is good for oily skin.

>>Also if you think mooncups are disgusting lol goodbye. A clean silicone cup collecting blood and being washed is much better than a wad of cotton soaking it up and then stinking out the bin, a pad collecting blood in your underpants and rubbing it all over the outside of your vag. And both of those are absolute SHIT for the environment, and i'm not even a conscientous hippie.

Does anyone here have any experience using oils on their eyelashes? Has it worked for you?

No. 57800

I agree about the moon cup thing. It's much safer than tampons and environmentally positive. I'm a little scared to try it but really I know I should because there's more benefits than any other form of menstruation absorption lol

No. 57803

have you ever tried one? They've improved my period so much I'll never go back.

No. 57807

I agree. I was a little weirded out at first but you get used to it, you boil them before each first-time use and then wash them each time you take them out before putting them back in. They're not tampons so there aren't any strings to get soaked in piss when you use them, and they don't make public toilets smell of mouldy pussy like tampons and pads do.

Seriously, everyone should do the world a favour and get one.

No. 59715

Yeah olive oil is fine

No. 59806

I love my menstrual cup, but now I have an iud so I can't use it. i forgot how terrible tampons are. Though, the pads for the first period were even worse. Not a fan.

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