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No. 48662

Hi! I don't know if this belongs in /g/ or here…but most of us will never have a sexual partner so here we can give masturbation tips to each other to improve our solo sex lives! DIY sex toys for those of us who still live with their parents, sex toys recommendation, rub techniques, tips and tricks for multiple orgasms, kawaii pastel sex toys, kawaii sex videos etc…

No. 48663

OP is probably a guy.

No. 48664

I just gotta say, don't use jelly toys (the ones usually found in sex stores). Only use silicone or glass, they're the safest and easily cleanable.

No. 48665

No 20 year old virgin who masturbates in the same room as her sister when she is asleep

No. 48666

Why no jelly toys?

No. 48667

OP is definitely a guy

No. 48668

You're replying to OP (me)

No. 48669

Links to kawaii sex toys would be appreciated. All the ones I've seen so far are ugly.
The one in OP is cute, but it looks scary. Has anyone used anything like that?

No. 48670

>most of us will never have a sexual partner

This thread was definitely made by a man.

No. 48671

This sentence makes no grammatical sense.

OP is still a guy.

No. 48672

Serry i was fingerin myself when i made that post and i didnt want to make my phone dirty (im fapping again)
Ok im now finished
I wish i could use a vibrator or any other sex toy but i dont want to go to a sex shop and im afraid my mum will open my package if i order it as i want it to keep it a secret. And even if i managed to keep it a secret i would never be able to use it, my sister and i share the same room. Fapping in the toilet doesnt make me wet ….

No. 48673

No. 49045

Because the materials they're made from can be toxic, and they're very porous which means you can't ever get them completely clean. Sex toys are one thing you really shouldn't cheap out on.


No. 49046

File: 1461255625345.jpeg (24.23 KB, 500x500, 09d538abf06817022efc9831f87fc6…)

please stop

No. 49047


No. 49048

Whats wrong with this thread? Are you underaged? We have a kink thread but we cant have a fap thread? Fuck off

No. 49049

K but nobody wants a livefeed of you masturbating though
Fuck off

No. 49050

The difference is that, last I checked, the kink thread wasn't flagrantly retarded

No. 49051

You must be 18 to post here. Fuck off.

No. 49052


No. 49053

Have you read the kink thread? There's at least one sperg who keeps derailing because they simply have to show off how intelligent and worldly they are.

That said, this thread belongs in manure.

No. 49054

9 days later I somehow have the urge to masturbate again anon. Yes im op.

No. 49055

>most of us will never have a sexual partner

hate to confirm that lovely old r9k stereotype but any female can get sex purely for being female.

I'm maybe a 4/10 on a good day and i have no issues getting guys who want to fuck. I don't do it mind you. I'm not especially cool with the idea of being used by someone who wouldn't look twice at me for anything else..but yeah. Sex is easy to get

anyway. Are the lelo toys worth the money?

No. 49056


holy moly anon. I know this is an old-ish post but thank you for the links. I'm completely captivated by this blog and I'm reading a ton of her stuff now. I honestly didnt know this about toys and I'm glad I know now !

No. 49057

Honestly though anon, you sound like someone who's assured in themselves and knows what they want. Guys are into that.
Some women really come off as autistic, isolated and unlikeable, which is why they never get laid.

No. 49058

youre a fuckign retard. kill yourself you dumb bitch

No. 49059

How? Do you just ask them? Like random guys or guys you know? Do you ever get scared someone might not be totally kosher? I'm fine with being used as I'd most likely do plenty of using myself if given the chance.

I don't use toys. They all look kinda weird to me. Plus I'm not really into penetration. It doesn't do much of anything for me. I'm 90% clit action. Mine is very prominent so maybe that's why.

No. 49060

Nah autism is hardly a turn off when it's a woman. Many men like the shy girl type

I hate to sound like a robot, but if you're using a service like tinder then even if you're 4/10 you'll be getting at least a good dozen matches a day and if you message them back you're guaranteed to get some

No. 49061

Hell that Trigglypuff chick has been on 8 dates this month according to her okcupid page

No. 49062

Men actually don't like antisocial, rude, girls with no self-awareness. Difference between somewhat shy and unbearable drag.

No. 49063

Well the difference here is that women have a lot easier time getting laid for sure, but I think women also get the shit end of the stick when it comes to dating. As a guy I get a hell of a lot less messages, usually none, on dating sites. If I do get one then it usually mean the girl is interested in getting to know me better and I probably will have a higher success rate then. I've made an account as an average looking woman and you're just absolutely flooded with messages from men who want into your pants

Anyways it's not politically correct to say, but women have to sort through the trash whereas men are trying to get past this trash filter women have by hitting on many women until they break through

No. 49064

Kinda forgot to tie this together, but even if you're rude and have zero self awareness you'll have no issue getting casual sex, but you'll definitely have a harder time getting into a relationship

No. 49065


I own the lelo g-spot vibes and i love them so much. I actually own 2 of them. I put one inside and use the other one for clit stimulation. totally worth the money

No. 49066

The whole "girls can get laid easier" thing always sidesteps that if you're going for a random who just wanted easy sex, the sex is probably going to be terrible.
Obviously not every girl is the same, some are ok with a jerk just jamming it in, finishing and then turning over, but I'm not. Just because you could theoretically get access to some dick immediately doesn't mean that you wouldn't want to shop around for someone you think might be good in bed or invested in making it good for you too.

No. 49067

File: 1480727205453.gif (3.82 MB, 306x408, IMG_1057.GIF)

I'm just going to leave this here.

No. 49068

nice way to bump a half yeah old thread you skinny fat attention whore. what were you trying to accomplish here? what reaction were you hoping to get?

No. 49069


calm down, everything will bee okay

No. 49070

Erm, I have a partner but you're delusional if you think every couple fucks like rabbits and that there aren't going to be times, unintentional or otherwise, where you'll find you'll have to make your own pleasure.

That said, anyone know where I can get an authentic hitachi wand? ie. not a junk one from amazon.

Had a fling with some dude I met off a dating profile way back and one of the hottest things he did to me was restrain my legs and force me into orgasm with one. I have a shitty silver bullet and a jelly dildo that rotates/has a tickler but tbh I don't really like the dildo and I wind up using the bullet more often. But the bullet doesn't satisfy me as much as the wand did.

Sidenote and more related to the thread: Does anyone else have a sensitive vagina when it comes to using dildos? I don't like them because they feel really hard, even the jellies, and it feelings like the bumps/general shape scrapes me on the inside. I don'r like fingering/being fingered for the same reason because I can feel the fingernails scraping against me and it grosses me out. I've yet to find one that's as comfortable as an actual dick.

No. 49071

>oops and I just realized this was a bumped thread but my post still stands if anyone cares

No. 49072

> Does anyone else have a sensitive vagina when it comes to using dildos?

omg yes me and my ex had such a hard time with this she really loved to top but we got so many dildos and they all kind of hurt even with tons of lube.
but also i take take like a huge dick??? it doesn't hurt the same.

No. 49073

oh and sry for double post but i really like this store toydirty.com hitachi's are expensive (they are the best though) but they have bunches of things with reviews and things i've gotten that i love too. if you follow the shop owner on tumblr she has discounts like everyday

No. 49074

Anon please don't use jelly dildos, the materials used to make them are terrible and porous so you can never clean them properly.

No. 49075

File: 1480739273415.png (82.72 KB, 790x773, 1451705237715.png)

Does anyone have problems with.. uhh.. their vaginal depth? My vag is like, 3-4 inches deep. I can barely fit my small dildo in there, let alone a full size one. This frustrates me to no end because I LOVE sex toys. I never understood how could some girls fit 8 inches or more up there.

Is this common?

No. 49076

I believe it's very common (and hope it really is) because I'm just like you. If it's not common then we're both fucked, eh. Better ask that in the vagina thread if you're worried

No. 49077

Another short vag anon checking in. I made the mistake of buying a really nice first dildo only to discover I can't use it. feelsbad

No. 49078

File: 1480754410430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.03 KB, 960x1280, IMG_1996.JPG)

>skinny fat


No. 49079

>that sad little dakimakura
>that lumpy sausage of a body
Lmaoooo gtfo

No. 49080

I thought this was a woman's body for a second. I'd compliment your titties but they're not nice desu.

No. 49081

Let's see your bodies then

No. 49082

gg here, if you want depth then start with anal masturbation. Its a hassle but its worth the experience, just remember to prepare right.

No. 49083

Send €15k to my Paypal, then we'll talk

No. 49084

>asks for money to take her clothes off
>not a whore
Pick one

No. 49085

>whore as an insult
They make more money than you

No. 49086

Corrective rape

No. 49087

Didn't say I wasn't one, cough it up or fuck off virgo

No. 49088

Different anon but AS IF you wouldn't get fucking nuts to be called a whore by someone. It's only empowering when you call yourself one, please. Anyone else who calls you a whore you will definitely get offended because you know whores are disgusting

No. 49089

fucking gross, go away

No. 49091

anon i love you <3

No. 49092

Your boobs shouldn't hurt from showering… might want to see a doctor about that.

No. 49093

You could have a breast tissue problem, or a hormonal problem but they shouldn't be that sensitive at all. Please go see a OBGYN about it, just to make sure it's nothing bad.

No. 49094

>trashy tattoos
>type of skinnyfat that only a mum can compliment
>monkey emoji
>takes noods
You're a g4p aren't cha?

No. 49095

I honestly don't give a shit, call me whatever the fuck you want. It's just a word

No. 49096

ok hun

No. 49097

File: 1480874623386.png (75.38 KB, 500x293, sanic.png)

I feel like the sanic of masturbation.
I can get myself off in under 3 minutes with no heavy equipment and it does the job, but it's more of a pressure release rather than something I do for pleasure. Yet I don't like sex because it's so fucking fussy and takes too long, and I never get anything out of it. After a while I just get bored and shoo my bf off.

I don't know how to make myself enjoy it and I don't know what's wrong. Everyone's talking about it being this thing that feels super good and there's also the 'better than sex' saying but I feel so whatever towards it yet I have major FOMO.

No. 49098


No. 49099

Slow down a little, Sanic. The build up makes it feel better. Buy a vibrator or dildo. Also I think you should watch some porn or something to get yourself in the mood, the way you describe it makes it sound like a chore.

That being said, people might be overselling it to you. Flicking the bean feels good, but it's not some kind of life changing experience. Put that FOMO to rest on this one.

No. 49100

Prob because to a lot of people, it is a chore. People run differently,

No. 49101


I used to be a sex maniac and confirm that since settling down.. it can feel like a chore. I've completely lost my libido and I'm only 21. Anyone one else experienced this?????? I'd be grateful for advice

No. 49102

Like the other anon already said, the build up is the fun part.

Sex should be fun, relationships between people with completely different sex drives ususally don't really work. Are you gettung off during sex? Do you find your bf attractive? You should really make this work if you want things to last.

No. 49103

Weird question but does anyone feel too sensitive? I started masturbating at around 12 so I'm really good at making myself orgasm (via my clit, obvs). But I've been with my boyfriend for many years and he hasn't made me orgasm once. I've guided him through everything I do but when he touches me it almost feels painful? Sex with him otherwise is great and turns me on but that's about it, I have to make myself orgasm and it's getting harder because I never regained my sex drive after I lost it on the pill earlier this year. He ends up having an orgasm before me because I take too long (and having sex with him after that is miserable because he's no longer horny).

I don't like receiving oral, I don't particularly like being fingered and I don't like him touching my clit. He doesn't really use the right pressure with toys either. Touching myself isn't always possible in every single position.

What can I do? I've heard of people online using numbing creams but jesus I'm not that bad.

No. 49104

same here, I can only get off by touching myself, I'm too sensitive even for oral and get annoyed trying to teach partners how to touch me because it hurts if the pressure isn't spread out. I come within seconds if I do touch myself though.

No. 49105

Used up at 21 kek

No. 49106

I'm 21 also, completely lost my libido. I remember a time when my boyfriend used to complain because I was horny too often! Hah.

I blame it on the pill. It stopped when I started taking it and when I came off it, it never came back. Advice to anyone: never take it, it will ruin your life. Just stick to condoms and the morning after pill if you get a scare. Far more worth it.

No. 49107

I think I might have the same problem except worse. Even trying to masturbate just feels uncomfortable/painful. Dildos and vibrators don't change anything. I don't have an SO so I guess I don't need to worry about anything really but one day I'm going to need to worry about sex and I don't think I'm going to be able to handle it.

No. 49108

Same here, except I don't (can't?) feel anything if they touch me down there. But I can make myself orgasm just fine.

No. 49109

Does this happen to others?

I used to watch a lot of crazy 4ch type porn in my tweens and teens so that fucked me up in terms of what I could get off to, and it was at the point where bfs in that time couldn't do it for me and I've had to fake orgasms or get myself off afterwards.

Skip to now and all the shit that used to get me OFF now gives a shitty weak orgasm. What gets me off now is just thinking about having sex with my LDR bf. That's it. It can be whatever kind of flavor (sweet, rough, kinda kinky, etc) but it has to be me and him.

Like shit, I adore my bf but I feel like this is too much lol.

No. 49205

I've been going back and forth on buying this for almost a year

Anyone have an opinion on whether or not I should go for it?

No. 49206


damn, i got so excited looking at that website but then i checked the price…

No. 49207


people become more and more vanilla with age tbh, nothing to worry about.

No. 49208

So I had this problem until I got a partner who was very very gentle. Try:
-telling him to be gentle as possible, then even more gentle than that. like feather strokes. tell him your clit is more sensitive than his eyeball.
-wearing satin panties and stroking over the top
-putting the whole of his hand over your vulva and pressing or moving very gently

No. 49209

Are hitachi wands as good as all the hype?

And does anyone have experience with whether it matters that much for quality if I get the real thing or some other brand??

No. 49210

well it's 40% off right now so $120 down to $70 might make it worth it to me

No. 49211

>70 bucks for a stupid fucking sextoy
this is the height of jewry

No. 49212

Lol, it's called an investment in quality. I'd rather buy something expensive once and use it for a long time rather than cheap out on something that's not going to last or is going to gobble up batteries. Considering all the shit this thing does, the price is definitely warranted.

As long as reviews are solid, I would say go for it, especially since there's a discount right now.

No. 49213


not american, so that's way too much money for me to spend and won't cover the crazy shipping i would get :( but if that's a reasonable price for you do it anon, it seems like a really cool product.

No. 49214

Is squirting real? If so I want to learn how to do it

No. 49215

Glad that there's nothing wrong with me! Haha.

Brilliant advice anon, thanks! Tbh I think it's a combination of that and patience.

No. 49216

I can confirm it's real, did it once when I was younger but never managed to do it again.

Also I assume all of you orgasm via the clit? That's how I orgasm 100% of the time but there was a time when I was able to orgasm inside my vagina. Can't for the life of me figure out how I did it now. I've looked up tutorials and the sensation just makes me feel like I need to pee now…which is awful.

No. 49218


Sorry for this being totally unhelpful but I had never in my life orgasmed from vaginal stimulation until my current boyfriend.
For me it admittedly does kind of feel like I have to pee but according to him (and some blogs I've read) that's kind of the beginning of squirting. I've never squirted before but maybe the time you squirted was when you still had vaginal orgasms?
Tbh I don't think I could vaginally orgasm just while masturbating though because I wouldn't be able to get past that kind of feeling of having to pee as well as I don't think I could keep up the pressure because when I start to get close vaginally my body gets kind of weak ah haha. Any position that has my boyfriend hitting the front of my vagina is when I orgasm without touching my clit.

No. 49219

Sorry for samefag, I reread my post and hitting makes it sound bad and painful, just positions that have him putting a lot of pressure on the front of my vagina work.

No. 49220

It doesn't feel like much when I try to uh…pleasure myself from the inside. For me it's definitely something that only a partner can do.

An ex gave me an internal massage once. It didn't feel particularly good while he was stretching me out with his fingers, but afterward when he slipped his dick in…good God it was amazing, I almost came just from that.

Another time, my date was especially good at fingering and almost got me off through that. He had the right place and perfect pressure. But he got tired so no climax for me lol.

No. 49221

I've heard that's what it feels like when you're beginning to squirt too but it definitely didn't feel like that when I managed it years ago. Like it feels bad so idk why anyone would be motivated to continue?

Wow that's really interesting… Maybe it's just about finding the right area. I've read countless tutorials online with no success. Sounds like a little project for when we have some time on our hands haha.

No. 49316

No. 49317

Is there a market for this? Sex dolls of either sex seem to be really unnecessary. Onnaholes and vibrators with good digital aids seem like a better alternative and they don't take up all your closet space.

No. 49318

That's what I was also wondering. Besides it isn't warm (heaters inside would probably solve this) and it won't fuck you doggystyle just like onaholes don't do active blowjob.

No. 49319


I would prefer vibrators than a whole doll. Unless it could actually move on it's own and be interactive it just seems like it would be a pain in the ass to deal with.

No. 49320

I would totally buy a male sex doll, assuming it looked pretty realistic like female dolls do. This is definitely the best looking one I've seen so far.

No. 49321

Me too! I wish i could afford a custom made one…

No. 49322


Sex dolls kind of baffle me. They can't talk to you, pull you into a hug, or you know, actively fuck you. They just sit there, unmoving. If I want to have sex I'd just rather do it with an actual person who I can interact with and feel their body heat/heartbeat. Dolls will never be the same thing.

No. 49323

>Sex dolls kind of baffle me. They can't talk to you, pull you into a hug, or you know, actively fuck you. They just sit there, unmoving

Exactly they're modelled after women

No. 49324

Modelled on what men expect from women, you mean. Stupid fucking robot.

No. 49325

File: 1485094832872.jpg (39.86 KB, 310x326, businessatlightspeed.jpg)

Look at this roastie getting toastie

No. 49326

>ugu I expect women to be like my annie may

You are getting roasted at life, buddy.

No. 49327

Vice is trash and this video is no exception.

However it's interesting to note how they mention the male dolls have more customizeable options, the ability to make them imperfect, as that's what their clients want. I think that really shows one of the differences the two sexes generally have when looking for a partner. Additionally, shows just how removed from reality bots&cels are when they cry online about roasties.

No. 55007

No. 55019

why do you want one?

No. 55020

File: 1486968752957.png (126.6 KB, 345x337, triggeredneckbeard.png)

No. 55093

File: 1487120686655.jpg (11.73 KB, 480x480, LELO_Femme-Homme_GIGI-2_produc…)

11/10 would recommend

No. 55130

Does anyone know a rechargeable vibrator that's "buzzy"? I love the feeling of battery bullet vibes, but batteries are expensive.

I own a WeVibe Tango and Lelo Siri 2. Both of them are extremely rumbly which is supposed to be better…but only frustrates me.

No. 55157

Even when you're extremely aroused? I have heard that normally the vagoo stretches out when you are.

No. 65281

No. 65286

they actually modeled him into a realistic looking man

with sex dolls they model them after women who look like they underwent 50 plastic surgery procedures but the male one looks… normal

No. 65362

How do I stop feeling gross and fucked up and like a terrible person after I masturbate and fantasize about anything remotely non-vanilla? I know guys say they have "Post-Porn watching regret" but I don't watch porn and it's like a 1000x more intense and I hate myself afterwards.

I know the fantasies don't mean you're a bad person, what you fantasize about isn't what you'd actually do irl, but fuck, I feel this way even after just masturbating to imagining myself having sex doggy style. My brain doesn't get the memo and it's making me start to hate masturbating.

No. 65392

I never had actual sex (as in breaking my hymen) and probably never will.
Maybe because I'm not attracted to boys/only want to be with a girl but the idea of putting something down there (other than maybe the tip of a dildo at most) is a no no for me, it's really tight too and putting even a finger feels…weird. I can watch vaginal penetration and feel slightly turned on somehow but it's just weird to me and uncomfy) and I can only come from clit stimulation.
I feel like a weirdo sometimes.
Also I only had sex once and cannot manage to do it if i don't love the person/completely trust her. I'll fantasize about many kinky things (like tentacles) even though i'm mostly vanilla but in real life i'm so nervous and shy when it comes down to it.

Are you me? I used to have that too! It just kinda went away with the years, I feel kinda ashamed and if my birb is in the same room I just can't do it because I feel like he might be judging me (which is stupid)

No. 65393

What do you girls think about/watch/… when touching yourself?
The more precise de better, I'm just really curious about it.

No. 65395


you can have "actual sex" without vaginal penetration. don't get brainwashed into thinking only putting shit up inside you is the only true way to have sex, it ain't. if you aren't a fan of penetration, then don't force yourself to do it if you don't want to. plus you can't break the hymen, it can tear. and if your hymen tears, then either you or your partner are doing something wrong.

No. 65410

I usually fantasize about a certain guy I've slept with before. I really like calling out his name for some reason. Probably the best sex I've had so I resort to thinking of that. Rarely do I watch porn because I'm so picky.

No. 65417

I read fics and sometimes watch hentai, i'm kinda picky, same for 3D porn.
I like to imagine I'm being molested, I'm gross.

No. 65434


>you can have "actual sex" without vaginal penetration.

no you cant. she knows this intuitively, you have to delude yourself to think otherwise. proof enough.

>don't get brainwashed into thinking only putting shit up inside you is the only true way to have sex, it ain't.

you are doing the brainwashing, and yes it is.

No. 65438

Go away robot, penetrative sex is not the end-all. Lots of people find it meh at best.

It took years of trying for me to be able to have penetrative sex comfortably. It's not a lost cause but don't focus on it if there are other things you like more, it shouldn't be a chore.

No. 65444

We're the same, anon. I'm trying to figure things out too with sex, penises and my unbreakable hymen kek

No. 65450

I'd buy one. Also I love how it can be customizable. I'm thinking who'd be better to order, if Geralt, Solid Snake or Alucard from Castlevania. Too bad a doll can't doggy style

No. 65453

Ho ho, you like buff guys don't you?

>tfw dolls can't hug you or pat your head

That's legit all I want. Maybe getting my butt squeezed too

No. 65462


hope you're a robot cuz if not good luck only cumming 20% of the time kek

No. 65482

I'm worried that when I have penetrative sex it will rly hurt for me. My two other friends said that when they had sex it didn't really hurt much, but they did have a lot of experience w/ fingering, etc. I can get a finger up there but not very deep, and I also find tampons rly uncomfortable (maybe I'm putting it in wrong?) so when the time comes to have sex I'm a lil nervous

No. 65491

Hey, me too!
I've been thinking of fingering a little more and trying to geta 2n finger in with lots of wetness/lube. Maybe that'll make the first time having dick up there hurt less?

No. 65492

Yea that's what I've been trying too!! But I feel like if it's hard for me to even get a tampon in there I'm gonna have a lot of trouble later ;;

No. 65493

Its about foreplay and being comfortable with your partner, try to get in a more aroused state before you do anything

No. 65495

Same here. I could only get a finger in two times in my life, but only because I spent more time relaxing and using a lot of lube. While usually I can't bother to spend all that time and just go for clit stimulation, lol.
So, when the time will come, make sure you have lube and do a lot of foreplay. Maybe it's just psychological and after doing it we will feel more "loose"

No. 65497

>sanic of masturbation
>that image
i chuckled.
But I understand anon! I only use my hands and I cum so quickly. I'm kinda scared of sex (despite being 22) but god, I fantasize about so many things (sometimes even fucked up, like tentacles) and I get myself off so quickly. I do multiple orgasms in general (two or even three sometimes) but I feel kinda ashamed to cum so fast

No. 65522

yeah me too. Though in most cases, I just masturbate to put myself to sleep or release stress. Like when I have a deadline or a stressful project.
But I only ever needed my imagination and fingers.

No. 65540

hey idk if this is normal
but my main masturbation method is only through clitoral stimulation (which is absolute heaven for me), never had the "balls" to put a single thing up there
but a few months ago i tried to finger myself (only one finger, it was way too tight for more) and i didn't feel anything?
like, i feel my fingers up there and all, but i dont feel any pleasure?
am i maybe just doing it wrong???

No. 65542

Try more fingers at once, and go faster.

No. 65585

Seconding >>65495, I was in your shoes, anon. I'm not one to finger myself either and go for pads but for the first time, sex didn't hurt me because of lots and lots foreplay and lube. The only time sex did hurt me was when I slept with some other guy who decided just flicking my nipples would be enough for stimulation for sex and god that was the most painful experience ever, couldn't even really get it in.

No. 65597

Try curling your finger(s) and rubbing the spongy area (aka your g-spot). I don't think it's the mindblowing secret everyone says it is, but it does feel p good. I'm the same though, 99% of the time just use clit stimulation. Totally normal

No. 66147

i second this. i got a gigi on sale. for anyone who might actually want sex toy tips, lelo toys are really expensive but worth it. i started out with the mia. coming from a wand, it felt like i wasted money lol. but slowly and surely i regained sensitivity and even though it takes longer to climax, the orgasms are 10000000% better. but with the mia, it would only last maybe two or three uses. three is pushing it. the gigi lasts me days, which is so surprising. if you're considering a lelo toy i'd really recommend a gigi!
what's funny? ? the gigi is amazing

No. 66152

that's extremely normal and common. fingering myself almost always feels like either nothing or painful. i used to feel the same way about penetration in general but then i got enough experience and realized there's a certain angle and intensity that definitely feels good. what that is varies for everyone but you'll know it when you feel it and it's legitimately nice. still way easier to cum with clit stimulation tho.

No. 66153

For me nothing really feels good. I can only come by squeezing my thighs together and humping something like my hand or blankets. Not sure how to solve this.

No. 66154

and you've tried vibrators?

No. 66160

File: 1502025941692.jpg (29.08 KB, 480x252, thisisfine.jpg)

>mfw nothing at all feels good
>clitoral stimulation feels bad no matter what I do
>fingering feels like nothing
>vibrators just feel weird/unpleasant

Dunno what I'm doing wrong but everything sucks.

No. 66196

how are you stimulating it?
When i first started i would just rub it, but it kind of hurts like that. try lightly pressing down and just wiggling your finger in circles, without actually "Rubbing" if that makes sense? also make sure you're not rubing it dry, if you're not naturally lubricated try using some lube to start

No. 66229


I don't know it's sort of how you can't tickle yourself? Being eaten out or fingered or touched feels amazing but doing it myself is… nah. I've tried everything. Only humping gets me off

No. 66256

Have you tried a toy?

No. 66482

I was masturbating yesterday and I heard a bunch of popping(?) sounds coming from around my hip and lower stomach area, it sounds kinda like when you pop a balloon but more quiet, or like a louder version of popping your fingers

is this bad? should I go to the doctor? has this ever happened to anyone before?

No. 66483

that sounds scary but this is a little vague anon! what masturbation were you doing? did it sound like anything you've had go on before like cracking your knuckles or gas in your stomach? did it hurt or was there any other kind of feeling associated with it?

No. 66484

I didn't feel anything or notice anything different, and I wasn't fingering or anything I was playing with my nipples

No. 66487

hmm. you're probably ok. just keep an ear out for if it happens again, and if it does, mention it next time you go to the doctor.

No. 66524

I got a Hitachi wand yesterday (or the JoyToy equivalent) and it really is amazing and so strong. I love using it, but I always reach this plateau where I squeeze my thighs together and rock and feel myself tending and my eyes roll back but like I have to stop myself??? Agggghhh

No. 66623

It was probably just your sacrum and/or hip joints, if you don't have any pain in your hip or lower back you're probably fine. It happens to me sometimes when I push out a fart lmao

No. 66697

Ever crack your back when you fart or poop? Majestic shit that is.

Anyway I just bought this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072NYX872/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and fuckig love it. If you're on a massive budget and hate buying batteries this one is a good one. It doesn't have a super strong clit vibe (all the vibration comes from the base) so I was disappointed at first but now I don't care, it does just enough and the vibration patterns can be fun to cycle through to warm up before you settle on the one you like

No. 66810

Anyone else squirt when they keep holding the vibrator on the clit while coming? Or piss, whatever you wanna call it. How do I stop that shit? why does it happen, and why does it feel so good?

No. 67004

it comes from the strong stimulation on the nerves and i think the sudden relaxation of muscles. to be honest, im not too sure what it really is, because I know I once squirted drops and thought that was more accurate, but sometimes it just comes out like a waterfall and I just cant imagine where else would be so much fluid stored in my lower body but the bladder.

you can only avoid it by going slower or tensing up your pelvic muscles more.
Other solutions: start masturbating lying in the empty bathtub or buy latex bed sheets.

No. 67007

I know bad dragon is sort of a meme, but I'm obsessed with their products. Also seems to be popular with gay men, mostly. Any girl love for bad dragon?

No. 67034

File: 1503616451861.jpg (226.47 KB, 893x1219, tumblr_osomumpvAX1vu08u6o1_128…)

There are a few BD models that I like.
But my preference goes to Exotic Erotics as they do absolutely gorgeous pours with their surprise and custom options.
I'm definitely getting one of their Orc models

No. 67035

No but I'm gonna try this. I've only ever managed to squirt once and can't seem to do it since. I had drunk a lot of water throughout the day and was really horny and more and more liquid kept gushing out as I was touching my g-spot.

Anyone have any tips on how to squirt, or know any good toys? I know you are supposed to stimulate your g-spot, but clearly people can gush just from stroking their clit, and I want to see if that's possible for me.

No. 67050

Is there a good toy for edging that focuses mostly on the clit?

No. 67069

The proble is that I've felt like I "had to squirt" while being fingered before, so now I just refuse guys to finger me even though I really like it.

I can do it from both ways, what I do is when I stimulate my clit, I make sure to be a little aggressive right before I come (turn it on max, or move it around more). Once you're actually coming, just keep rubbing it a lot, hold it and hold it there and see if it helps. It doesn't always work for me but usually it does. If I stop rubbing when I come, it never happens though, so you just gotta keep going (it should happen right after your initial orgasm).

No. 67105

Is it normal to feel uncomfortableness, if not outright pain, while touching directly the clit? I usually stimulate it through the panties, or veeery gently with the flat part of the index nail or the knuckle, when I suppose it's covered by the hood. In every other situation, touching it directly with the fingers gives me an unpleasant sensation similar to pain and I stop immediately. Is it normal or…?

No. 67106

Yep, that's normal! It just means you're touching a very sensitive spot. Sometimes the nerves there also do a weird thing where they decide to be extra sensitive, and it kinda hurts even if you barely touch it. It helps if you're using a vibrator instead of your hands though, because it "spreads" the stimulation more over the area instead of just one spot.

No. 68162

File: 1506378889266.png (50.98 KB, 657x527, 8nLFCVP.png)

I can only orgasm if I use my left hand's pointer finger to flick at the right side of my clit (has to do with the angle). Not even joking. Even doing that barely works.

No. 68257

Anxious farmer here

My boyfriend can't make me orgasm during sex

Fingering works fine but him thrusting into me doesn't ever get me to climax and I'd really like to

Any tips? Should he stim my clit at the same time how does that work?

Love from

Desperately wanting orgasm anon

No. 68262

A lot of women can't cum without clitoral stimulation, so yeah it could help. Don't feel so anxious about it it's totally normal.

No. 68263

that's like 80% of women. you can experiment with dildo and clit rubbing combos on your own to see if theres a way to do it but if not you're not even close to being in the minority. the way me and a lot of women feel is like, penetration CAN feel good but it's not the way to finish on its own. if you think about it it's quite chauvinistic to assume the way to come for males should be the exact same for females.

No. 68282

Like the anons said, you going to need some clitoral stimulation to get there. I've found the best way to achieve this, without actually having to manually stimulate it, is to be on top. You can grind on him and rub your clitoris on him while having sex.

No. 68286

I don't get how other women can get off on clit stimulation. It feels really unpleasant to me. Feels kind of similar to having my nipples touched. I get really squicked out and get this weird instant depressed feeling.

Rubbing through clothes with a flat hand or against something is ok, though.

No. 68316


I'm reverse. I hate penetration, it just feels like nothing when its not hurting.

No. 68317

I feel the exact same, including the weird depressed/gross feeling. I have no idea why.

No. 68339

I didn't say anything about penetration, though. That's always gross to me. I rarely do that and I always feel like absolute shit after. Like I raped myself. lol
Damn, good to hear. The only way I can really get off is frottage with clothes on and it's not that great either so I don't really bother normally.

No. 68349

Have to say I'm really glad about the posts in here from ladies who also get nothing from penetration. When I finally had sex I felt like such a broken freak that it wasn't doing anything for me. Eventually a drunken conversation with my friends brought out some similar experiences, but nobody ever wanted to speak up about it. That's so messed up to me.. although one of them has since managed to orgasm from sex. I guess its something that can come with age and experience? my main problem now is that even through oral and touch Its like I just switch off and get bored. I think I've been desensitised from always having the visual stimulation of porn and a fast vibrator no tounge can match.

No. 68353


Same here. It's shocking to see how many girls don't orgasm or even like penetration but are tricked into thinking its the one and only way to be truly intimate (unless they gay). I really thought I was the only one in the world who hated it. Its so relieving to know I'm not the only one.

On a similar note, does anyone know if there are any guys who don't like vaginal penetration? I've only known one person who said that it was "meh" compared to getting a bj. I'm guessing this is like finding a needle in a haystack though…

No. 68362

I just don't get it. Having a vagina shouldn't mean that you like the thought of being a human fleshlight. Being penetrated is humiliating. Most heterosexual and even gay men feel that way and only want to be the active part during sex. I'm the same, except I don't have a dick.

No. 68373

>Being penetrated is humiliating.

That's just how these sex organs work anon, sounds like you might just have an issue with your gender.

No. 68379


Yeah… Speak for yourself anon lol To me penetration is almost a must, either by finger or meat popsicle. Also, riding empowers me lmao

No. 68383

this comes across as weird to most people but i'm with you. historically w/ gay men, being the top was fine, it was only being the sub that got shamed. and it's always the receiving party getting shamed each time

No. 68431

maybe because dicks aren't really supposed to go in the butt. Nobody is saying you have to enjoy penetration but that is literally how bodies work. its a bit more odd to be actually repulsed by it.

No. 68480

I don't have an issue with my gender, I have an issue with sex. I don't need a dick, I've got a strapon. Why do I have to want to be fucked in my vagina? It grosses me out just like the thought of someone sticking their finger in my mouth or ear or whatever.

No. 68481

>I don't have an issue with my gender
>calls women "human fleshlights"

lolario. also, men can be passive as well, it's not like you have to lie there motionless and let men plow you

No. 68482

I said that men use you like one. I have an issue with men who are like that. My post makes it pretty clear that I'm into passive men, I just don't like someone sticking their body parts inside me, who gives a shit.

No. 68484

bitch, you said "Having a vagina shouldn't mean that you like the thought of being a human fleshlight. Being penetrated is humiliating."

No. 68487

no matter how you dress it up that aint normal. Are guys just being used as human dildos? sex is a normal and should be pleasant thing. you can't say you don't have some issue here

No. 68494

Well I didn't say I don't have issues. I guess I do but it's not like they're making my life harder.

No. 68502


ok drop it dude we get it. damn.

No. 68539

Try not watching porn or using a vibrator for a month. Masturbate without toys, or not at all.

No. 69098

File: 1508111461936.jpg (32.13 KB, 480x480, 085f4507-dae6-42d1-9a53-662fb8…)

I've been on antidepressants for about half my life. In the last 10 years, I've had maybe about 6 orgasms. I haven't had an orgasm in the past year. Toys, partners, hands, nothing will do it. If I go off of antidepressants, I get paranoid and depressed. On them, my sex life is shitty. I don't even want to get into a serious relationship right now because of my sexual dysfunction.
I try to masturbate pretty much every day and I never get anywhere. I always get bored and stop.
Clit stimulation, penetration and g-spot stimulation feel good, but it's never enough.
Been thinking about getting the Womanizer because I've had pretty shitty results with vibrators and it works completely differently.

No. 71264

I came here because I literally just broke the head off my magic wand while grinding on it mid-orgasm and want to fucking cry lmao

No. 71274

This is my worst nightmare! RIP buzzy buddy. RIP.

No. 71280

Just use your hands.

No. 71283

jfc anon, this is no way to live. Have you at least tried Welbutrin? it's the only antidepressant I've heard of that doesn't cause sexual dysfunction.

No. 71576

There any anons here that own any one of those hidden/discrete vibrators that are disguised as something else (like lipstick, etc)? Looking for recommendations.

No. 71579

File: 1513411489810.jpg (20.31 KB, 500x375, 41i0VPxLKuL.jpg)

not exactly what you were asking for anon, but i travel a lot and instead of dragging my hitachi with me i use this. i can have it in my bags and no one cares, water proof, i pop the scrub attachment part off and go to town. vibrates crazy well and works perfect for me personally

No. 71604

one of my first was a $3 vibrating toothbrush

No. 71606

Neutrogena absolutely knows exactly what they’re doing and I love them for it.

No. 71615

File: 1513462642241.jpg (Spoiler Image, 281.02 KB, 2656x1494, collection.jpg)

why not

No. 71619

How is this product when used as intended?

No. 71628

Cheaper than others and for my oily skin made a big difference. I have way better skin texture, way less black heads, and I dont get deep painful pimples at all anymore. I use it about 3 times a week! But everyone's skin is diff so cant guarantee anything lol

No. 72822

File: 1515108020282.jpg (89.55 KB, 644x473, 007-3-644x473.jpg)

I got a Satisfyer Penguin. It's actually pretty good, but I wish the head was larger so it could fit a little more of the surrounding area. It's great for the price, and the higher settings are rather powerful. It has 8 settings, which go from very light/slow to very fast. Since you kind of hold it in the same place the whole time, it's not a great couple's toy. Unlike a traditional vibrator, you can't really do much teasing by moving it around.

No. 72900

I have to say I have always loved the look of these. Especially the massive, thick Dragon ones and tentacles. It's weird af but I always wish I had an endless vagina lol like no cervix at the top you get Me? Like I could take unlimited dick size? I guess these kind of dildos must feel better for anal?

No. 72901

Stick to your hands. If you get addicted to vibrators and massive dildos then sex will never actually be satisfying. I have a friend who literally doesn't even try to orgasm during sex anymore because she prefers her vibrator. She literally goes home after hooking up and instantly starts using her vibrator. Shit isn't healthy imo

No. 72903

Sigh this kind of happened to me with my hitachi. I still loved sex but the hitachi brought me a different kind of self indulgent pleasure. You make a good point.

No. 72907

i got into them because i couldn't come from sex in the first place, and didn't find it pleasurable at all. i enjoy sex more now that i know what i like thnks to vibrators

No. 72915

I use mine as a special treat with my bf every couple months. It's nice and fun, but I prefer the orgasms achieved through other means. So far, I've had no issues.

No. 73035

i can't even come close to orgasm with my hands because of my medication. not all of us can be uwu pure and only 20% of women can cum via piv alone and from my experiences with men when i thought i was straight, they dont give a shit about your orgasm. my womanizer feels amazing and there's not reason for me to stop using it

No. 73040

I've never been able to orgasm with my hands at all or any kind of penetration, even while extremely aroused. I had my first orgasm on a pool jet when I was 20, so I guess that's what it takes. Though I will say, if you use strong vibrators to take extended breaks often, because the vibrator will not feel as good, and the orgasms themselves won't be as good. Or you could end up doing what I did and bruise yourself with the vibrator head after waking up horny from a wet dream.

No. 73116

Does anyone know if OP pic is safe? I read somebody boiled another pink toy from that company and the water turned red and now I'm afraid to use mine.

The lower settings of this didn't work for me and the higher ones hurt. I've never been more disappointed by a toy.

No. 73131

Jelly toys aren't very safe. If you want a toy you can boil, stick to medical grade silicone.

No. 73133

I touch my clitoris for about 30 seconds whike watching porn. Is that an orgasm? It is sensitive and i don't want to touch it anymore after wards, am i doin it rite? Why does it happen so fast

No. 73134

Maybe? Do you feel yourself contract internally or a head rush? Does it feel like a release of pressure?

No. 73141

it's glass you morons

No. 73144

File: 1515707342807.jpg (28.13 KB, 940x940, 47990-00.jpg)

Speaking of which, I fucking love glass dildos and plugs. I've never actually tried any on myself as of now (only on my bf, according to him it feels good tho) but I love the look of them, I'd love to have a collection eventually.

No. 73148

Glass can be colored unsafely, retard. If it's glazed or painted and improperly sealed instead of the dye being integrated into the glass, it can flake off or leech out into the body, and companies that lazy will use the cheapest, most dangerous dyes to do it. Even glass with no dye can contain lead or cadmium if it's low quality.

There's no real way to tell if a cheap glass toy is going to give you cunt cancer, just throw it out and buy a better one next time.

No. 73164

If it's glass and the water is turning red, that's even worse.

No. 73166

Do you get wet before?

No. 73171

are you the retard? she wasn't saying it was safe, just that saying it was jelly was wrong.

No. 73173

She obviously made that post because she thinks glass is always safe, otherwise she wouldn't have quoted both people. Or do you think telling someone a toy they own is glass and not jelly could be giving them new information? That's actually beyond retarded.

No. 73180

Is it normal to piss yourself a little when you're masturbating? I usually lose a few teaspoons.

No. 73197

lead glass is extremely rare in cheap toys because it's expensive and fragile
also take a look at

No. 73226

Yes i contract and it feels good. My clitoris jumps while it is happe ing as well
I get wet after normally

No. 73227

That's an orgasm then, they don't last that long

No. 73273

I masturbate regularly with clit stimulation. Recently my orgasms have been changing… From like normal ones, to VERY intense ones (this may be because I discovered my best way with hand) and now, since like a week, I feel a bit of pain when I come. It's like a slight sting along with pleasure. It doesn't feel bad but certainly worse than before, and leaves uncomfortable feeling in my clit area. I thought it's because of my period but now period is gone and the pain is still here. Will it change back or my orgasms for some reason downgraded permanently :(?

No. 73282

No, it's not. If this is new, see a doctor about it, as something could be wrong.

That is an orgasm. If you find it underwhelming, know that not all orgasms are created equally. Among other things, the amount of build-up prior to orgasm can make an orgasm better or more mediocre. If it seems like it's not as good as you'd like, try letting it build up for a longer period of time. This can take a while to figure out, so it's good to be patient with yourself.

Is there only pain when it's an intense orgasm? Try masturbating the way you used to and see if the pain is still there. If so, something might be wrong. If not, it could be that the better orgasm comes with a harsher refractory period. Is your clitoris sensitive to the touch during and after orgasm, or does the pain persist even if you stop touching it?

No. 73285

yes it is…

No. 73288

A bit late, but I have a womanizer and it works gr8 anon, even when I'm really drunk it can make me orgasm (I'm probably just a functional alcoholic tbh). It's not the best when it's been a few weeks or a month because it's just so AGGRESSIVE but if you're having issues I'd recommend it. I blew like $250 on the pro model but the 2go and base model are both around $130. I don't regret it at all, it's easily the best toy I've had.

No. 73289

No, now the pain always happens, no matter how I masturbate. Clitoris is sensitive, "responsive", it doesn't hurt after, only with an orgasm. It's like someone pinched, held, and released when the orgasm is gone.
Maybe I hurt it somehow? I'm never "brutal" though

No. 73687

Sometimes mine does the same thing for a while and then it goes back to normal after a couple days or even weeks.

No. 73697

good to know! It's back to normal now, but it's comforting to see it happens to others too.

No. 73738

It could depend on where you are in your cycle.

No. 73753

That is hot.

No. 73755

Is that it? Was there any difference because that's fucking small. I noticed his belly more than his stubby thumb of a dick. I'd feel so emasculated and embarrassed if I were him recording That. Everyone now knows how small of a dick you have. Congratulations, that thing wouldn't even tickle the vaginal lips.
No wonder there's a thread dedicated to dildos on lolcow rather than mens' dick. The only one who thinks their dick is big is the man whom it's attached to.

No. 73761

Agreed. Plus the fact he is not only taking a selfie in the mirror, but actively recording himself plus moving his penis AND all with some other guy in the background is a real turnoff (even if he actually had a sizable dick). The shitty star tattoos only add to the narcissistic douchebaggery…and this guy looks like he's at least 30. Like grow the fuck up!

No. 74006

I only noticed recently somehow but I have a small tight membrane skin stretched across the bottom of my vagina. Not like a hymen but at the bottom of the entire vaginal area essentially exactly where women get an episiotomy. It is nearly always seriously hurt during sex and even just to barely touch it is horribly uncomfortable and painful and makes me cringe. I haven't been able to find any pictures like it, can anyone advise if they know what it is?

No. 74014

Aight I continued my hours of googling and would like to add that this shit is apparently called a fourchette so I basically have a super fucking tight painful skin bridge fourchette thing if that helps

No. 74036

>The lower settings of this didn't work for me and the higher ones hurt. I've never been more disappointed by a toy.

Same thing happened for me. Huge waste of money.

No. 74037

I only feel pleasure when my clitoris is being touched. My own fingers get tired because it usually takes so long for me to orgasm. Are there any sex toys that make a flicking motion (and no thicker than a finger)? I've only seen those tongue-shaped ones, but it's not what I'm looking for.

No. 74038

Forgot to mention, I thought it was supposed to emulate suction, not vibration.

No. 74041

I have that too althought it's not too bad so it doesn't hurt too much.
I have no advice except avoiding vaginal sex I guess… At least I know how it's called now so thanks.

But if it's really painful maybe you can get surgery on it.

No. 74068

Are you getting a proper seal?

No. 74095

I guess, but it hurt too much that I couldn't use it. The lowest setting felt like nothing at all. Ended up throwing it in the trash a few months ago lol.

No. 74104

It's good to take your time, especially if you're anxious or nervous in any way. My hymen was either really thick or my bf is big (he's pretty big) so it took us a while to get to PIV sex. We would try, get frustrated and go back to oral which was basically all we did this whole fall and winter. His parents were away so I was staying over, and we were on the bathroom floor next to the tub (we had just taken a bath) and finally I was just like fuck it, go for it, this is taking forever and I'm not waiting anymore, lol. It felt a little bit like being reamed out with a broom handle even though I was super wet and we had lots of lube, but it got significantly better right after that, so much so that I got a bad case of what they used to call honeymoon cystitis, i.e. a uti brought on by a lot of newbie fucking in a short span of time. Now I fuck constantly and it's great. All the oral we did while we couldn't actually have sex is a nice thing to fall back on, he's super good at it and I love sucking cock.

As for vibrators, I bought myself a Hitachi and it's worth it. I heard that after a while of using vibrators your clit can become insensitive tho, so I'm paranoid about using it too often even though I love it. Anyone have any idea if that's true or not?

No. 74174

File: 1517019225754.jpeg (175.9 KB, 750x927, BB53569E-12C6-4F32-8BD7-EDBB2A…)

Said, it’s glass and it’s part of Icicles by Pipedream. I had this toy and it’s nice, but they have another tentacle-looking dildo that’s slimmer, ribbed, smooth and longer (pic). The “suction cups” on OP were kind of bumpy and annoying to me, I preferred the G spot stimulation of the long pink tentacle.

No. 74175

File: 1517019770064.jpeg (198.4 KB, 750x1000, 83D1FAE1-0DEA-4085-A6FB-FCF69B…)

Try the Eroscillator (+ Soft Finger tip, pictured). It’s nice and gentle and honed-in to one spot instead of the massive head of a Magic Wand or Hitachi. It’s a great rec for vibe beginners . I’ve tried a few vibes and it is by far my favorite, the only downside is it’s fucking expensive.

No. 74179

File: 1517024600123.jpeg (118.7 KB, 750x319, 06A20FB5-8143-42B1-884F-CA6C87…)

Sorry for samefagging but I’m >>74174 and I read up on some DangerousLilly stuff and…yeah. Forget I recommended that to you.

No. 74187

>everything from Amazon

Is there a reason for this?

No. 74191

The risk of buying a counterfeited item made with toxic materials.

It's ok if you're buying from a brand shop but you have to be aware that a lot of imitations are sold on Amazon (an you don't want to put an imitation Hitachi or Lelo in your precious couchie)

No. 74201

Ah, got it. So are there no legit sex toy brands on Amazon?

No. 74204

That looks really fun. Is it good for partner play, or is it tricky to hold correctly?

No. 74261

It’s nice and subtle so it would definitely work for partner play! Have him/her use it on your thighs, tummy, anywhere sensitive, tease, etc etc B) you could probably use it on a guy too honestly if that’s your thing

No. 74369

What does it feel like, using a clit pump? I've been wondering.

No. 74372

Darn, way too expensive for me at the moment. And I would personally want one that would do a flicking motion like a finger, not vibration.

No. 74954

File: 1518337945848.jpg (70.89 KB, 1029x506, omg.JPG)




i need it

No. 74959

Yeah but is the head flexible?

No. 74960

the unicorn cover pops off and there's a normal magic wand head underneath that is.

No. 75020

File: 1518477399320.jpg (40.96 KB, 708x500, dafdafdafdf.jpg)

wtf thanks for sharing this. it's too good. led me to these bullet vibes that are like $16 on amazon with surprisingly good reviews. i think i'm just gonna do it. my favorite vibe isn't dead but it's getting a little sketchy so m-might as well get a backup right?
torn between devil ho and snake ho

No. 75035

How does this wand compare to the corded Vibratex/Hitachi wand?

No. 75175

Had no idea these existed and just ordered one on lovehoney, lol. Never had an internal toy so I'm excited to try it. Some of their collection is half off including wands, fyi.

No. 75197

File: 1518993279643.jpg (5.66 KB, 350x350, vibr.jpg)

I want to buy my first toy. What is better - a dildo or a vibrator? A dildo appeals to me because it's more like a dick, and fantasizing is important in my play, but at the same time vib can give you more pleasure and you can use it as a dildo, yes? Or is a dildo superior with internal penetration?

No. 75198

Vibrating dildo.

No. 75241

when i first got all my toys i got vibrating dildos then a few years later i got my first hitachi type vibe and i hated myself for not getting it sooner. that thing was the fuckin bombbbbbbbbbb made me cum way easier too. fairly low physical effort too so lets you focus on wandering your mind if you're into that

No. 75344

File: 1519269244518.jpg (39.46 KB, 1074x897, Screenshot_20180221-221222_1.j…)

Seeing the Tokidoki ones on here made me buy this cheaper, smaller vibe to start as my first sex toy. It's adorable and has a lot of power for being only like $8. Can't wait to try it.

No. 75408

I'm wondering if anyone else has the problem of furrowing their brows when they're masturbating. It sounds retarded to worry about but I do it often enough to where I'm developing visible muscles that make me look angry.

No. 75443

I do too, I feel like I make really dumb faces while masturbating. My gf asked me if I was angry our first time lel

No. 75468

(Apologies in advance if I format wrong or anything, I don’t usually post on boards.)

I get horny a lot and always think about sex, and I can fantasise for ages, but I’m nervous and reluctant to finger myself though I really want to try it (mixture of dysphoria and nerves, ig.) Does anyone have any tips on how to loosen up (pun not intended) and get more comfortable with the idea? I’m sick of being wet and horny but doing nothing about it!!

Also, can females get pleasure from anal? I want to try that too but again, nervous

No. 75480

Fingering used to make me kind of squeamish too anon, you should get a small dildo to start with, and then you'll get more comfortable with insertion over time. Play some music you like and make sure you're relaxed, and enjoy yourself most of all. Try focusing on clitoral stimulation until you're loosened up a bit.

(A hairbrush handle also works if you don't want to buy a toy, but make sure there are no sharp edges)

No. 75489

>hairbrush handle
ntayrt but aren't you risking infection when you use stuff like that?

No. 75549

I mean I guess it could be a risk, but I never got any infections from using it. Clean it before and after to be safe

No. 75613

i literally fucking love anal
for me sex is equally great-feeling in different ways both PIV and anal

but when getting off by myself anal is better (or I fancy DP sometimes lel)

No. 75623

I've done this a lot but always put a condom on whatever it is I'm using lol

But if you're a virgin, I recommend using your fingers. You'll want to feel both the pleasure from the penetration and "where you're going" with your fingers to make sure you don't hurt yourself.

Like >>75613 I really like anal and DP as well, I have a small butt plug that is a godsent, I stick it in then finger myself. As much as people here like to say there's no anal pleasure without a prostate, I'm pretty sure it stimulates the vaginal walls from behind so doing both is amazing.

No. 75686

>I'm pretty sure it stimulates the vaginal walls from behind so doing both is amazing

This! thank you. i'm sure it's a different feeling from prostate pleasure and maybe not as intense, but if you get past the pain and are into the concept, it can be a lot of fun for that reason. it's just definitely not for everyone.
also i swear if i have at least a plug in during vaginal penetration or clit stimulation, it can make the feeling in my vagina and clit even more intense

No. 75693

I'm a big fan of iroha (by Japanese brand Tenga), they're cute, the vibes in the video are rechargable (no batteries), I like the quality, and they get me off quite well. I have the sakura leaf one (not in the video). Nice for people who just want a small vibe and don't need to insert anything to get off. Unfortunately they're a bit too bulky to use during intercourse for me, but oh well.

No. 76111

File: 1520651799595.jpg (15.92 KB, 385x550, 61qFtvCKrhL._SY550_.jpg)

So, after months of bitching at my workaholic boyfriend about how little time we spend together (and therefore the lack of sex), I bought my first ever toy. Pic related - the Lelo Iris. Gone will be me angsting when my bf isn't around! Gone will be me angsting when he spends the night and falls asleep before fucking me!

It's a beautiful toy. I bought it because Lelo's products always look nice and unintimidating for a n00b like me. The varying pulses seem good for starting out soft and working up. I like the textured design as I'm a girl who doesn't like clitoral stimulation but adores penetration.

The soft pink colour is very attractive and the toy is quite smooth. It came with a packet of water-based lube but I also purchased a small bottle for later use.

I'm quite excited to try it out and glad that instead of being horny all the time I'll be able to start getting myself off - whenever I so please!

No. 77313

i know this is slightly ot but what the actual fuck at it being so hard to find porn with guys as hot as women in porn.

i've always been told that it's more mental for women. it's more about the romance, etc. and then i found this porn series with football players… my god. i didn't know porn could be this hot. they're even hotter than the girls they're fucking. that's what gets me. and it's not even just their incredible muscular bodies and faces. it's the way they carry themselves too. they don't need mind games to get a girl off.

if anyone has male porn star recommendations or something pls respond.

No. 82532

>The lower settings of this didn't work for me and the higher ones hurt. I've never been more disappointed by a toy.
I was >>72822 and while the toy works for me for one orgasm, I can't get two with it. Normally I can have at least 3. It's not a bad toy per se, but it's not universally great, either.

No. 82535

where can i watch this? is there a title?

No. 82543

omg it makes me rage inside when people say that. like yeah if you fall in love with a person the way they look doesn't always matter, but that also applies to men and it certainly doesn't mean we don't care about looks when we're just trying to fap. it's just a shitty excuse made by presumptuous men who don't listen to women telling us what we like and don't like.
nothing turns me on more than hot guys who are my type and aren't afraid to objectify themselves to impress women honestly. like you said, it's so rare to find this that many of us don't even realize that's what we were missing and buy the line that women's attraction to men must "not be visual."

I wish I had reccs but in my case it wasn't a porno that gave me this realization it was danzig and type o negative music videos from the 90s ha

No. 82545


gay porn and erotica opened my eyes

No. 82586

I never understood why I couldn't get turned on by porn until I found a bunch of straight videos focused on the incredibly sexy guys (gorgeous faces, nice bodies). I just can't get turned on watching some woman being violently pounded by a dude you can never see and when you catch a glimpse of his face he's ugly AF.

No. 82600

have the toy in ops pic and i really like it
its a lot of fun especially if you like tentacle stuff would recommend also its super cute

No. 82601

File: 1526306874411.jpeg (33.18 KB, 750x736, 5F13905C-2730-40A8-BD52-3FC464…)

I cannot recommend the Lelo smart wand more, it’s amazing and well worth the price, has a setting that changes the speed with the pressure you use!

No. 82602

>has a setting that changes the speed with the pressure you use!
h-how strong can it go though?

No. 82604


goes up to a very high speed and has various patterns, pretty mind blowing and surprisingly quiet!

No. 82605

this sounds really fun i may have to get one

No. 82606


If you do get the large rather than the medium, you won’t regret it!

No. 82616

Anybody have a recommendation for rabbit-style vibes if you have a shallow G-spot?

No. 83847

Hey anons, what do you use when you don't have access to dildo/sex toy? I honestly would love to use banana or cucumber (in condom, ofc), is it worth it?

No. 83874

I've read that peeled cucumber is fine with no condoms, actually, and is good for your vag.
I read it from a different source, but here's one that I found with a technique she uses included.

No. 83876


Not the other anon but this is amazing, thank you!

No. 83883

Does anybody have a recommendation for a powerful internal/rabbit-style vibe? Preference for cheaper ones.

No. 83959


I have that bad boy and it's pretty nice. Got it for free with a promo but I'd say its definitely worth the sale price. I love Eden Fantasy. Sometimes they'll have a 3 for X price and it's a hell of a deal. And if you sign up for their newsletter, you get a free toy. Some are worth 50+ bucks.

No. 83960

I'm afraid to be penetrated. Every time I try, it just hurts.


No. 83991

get in a place you can relax. Maybe try foria’s Hemp lube https://www.foriawellness.com/products/foria-awaken?variant=33410676675
And experiment. Don’t force anything. You need to be comfortable.
When I was having issues with pain it was just because I was uncomfortable. It helped me to get a little tipsy so I wasn’t really bothered with anything. I stopped associating it with pain and everything’s fine for me now.

No. 83998

Been masturbating since I was a kid. Even though I have penetrating sex with people, weirdly enough, I don't put things inside me and only rub my clit when masturbating. I tried fingers/dildo and it doesn't do anything for me. I can only come from doing it that way. Anyone else, or am I just doing it incorrectly?

No. 83999

This is totally normal! As far as I'm aware most women can only get off from clit stimulation, penetration doesn't work for everyone.

No. 85066

I'm so proud i got two fingers all the way in and three at the entrance when i was scared to even enter my pinky 5 months ago.
It feels really weird tho,i have to feel really horny (like,about to cum or right after cumming) to be completely comfy and feel any "pleasure" from it

No. 85179

For some reason I can’t cum from clitoral stimulation at all. I’ve tried a vibrator and it just doesn’t feel good. I hardly feel anything when my bf goes down on me either. Like fr I can only orgasm from penetration. Is that normal?

No. 85181

Try both at same time, have you tried a rabbit vibrator?

No. 90353

File: 1532966519480.jpg (9.06 KB, 350x350, HC86003_1.jpg)

I just got one of these babies, and maybe I'm just inexperienced (this is my first vibrator that's not an electric toothbrush) but it is blowing my mind. The vibrations are powerful but not overwhelming, the size is reasonable (it hurts a little going in for me, and I am a very tight virgin), and it's very easy to clean. Also the price was pretty reasonable for the quality.
If you have trouble coming from clitoral stimulation, I would really recommend a rabbit-type like this one.


No. 90385

tfw asexual

No. 90386


No. 90622

then go to a different thread?

No. 90624

Sounds edgy and boring. Hf w that

No. 90625

maybe boring if your life revolves around sex

No. 90668

That's called d-mer

No. 92844

>I was masturbating yesterday and I heard a bunch of popping(?) sounds coming from around my hip and lower stomach area

No. 92845

I can get off on clit stimulation by myself, but when a guy goes down on me/touches my clit I feel repulsed and it instantly turns me off. I can get off really easily from penetration though.

No. 92883

File: 1534958942605.jpg (91.09 KB, 900x900, 8736452903.jpg)

I do this thing where i lay on my side and just squeeze my upper thighs together and can come in a few minutes, handsfree. I don't know if it is a real orgasm though because I've never had one during sex.
Whenever I mention the thigh thing people think it's really weird, I've only found one other girl who can do it.
Rubbing my clit is OK but it gets a little boring and I can never finish that way, same with fingering.

If any of you guys also use the thigh technique please let me know I feel like a weirdo.

No. 92884

File: 1534961062507.png (172.03 KB, 689x667, Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.0…)

dude!!! i used to do that all the time before i had a vibrator because i kinda hate using my hands. i couldn't believe it "worked" and it felt like some sort of life hack. it's definitely not as pleasurable and full bodied as a regular orgasm but it's satisfying enough so i usually did it when i was distractingly horny and just wanted some relief.
i forgot about it for a while after i got my vibrator but i tried it recently and it still works.

evidently we aren't the only ones so why tf do we never hear about it?

No. 92886

I was able to do this only once. I was watching a video of a guy fucking a fleshlight lol. Havent done it since.

No. 92904

Thank you!! I'm glad there's more of us lol
I wonder why some girls can do it and others can't. Maybe it's because of stronger thigh muscles or narrow hips?

No. 92909

i thought it was thigh muscles too but someone on one of those google links said it has to do with how exposed your clit is. my labia minora are really short so that checks out

No. 92921

This is humiliating to admit, but the only way I've come close to what I assume is an orgasm via masturbation is to hold in my pee for a long duration and then, like… clench? I don't know, I end up feeling an enormous pressure, the same kind I do during sex, and it's pleasurable. I don't touch myself at all. I don't piss myself, either. Pee isn't sexy to me. It's the sensations I feel, as if I'm being stimulated in an erogenous zone, somehow. Don't know how it works. I wish I could masturbate normally (and actually get off), but my clit is only painful to the touch and I feel awkward putting anything inside of myself.

Wish I was trolling.

No. 92927

I'm the same, but in my case I get some small leakings. I try to do it not do often because, well, it's kinda gross and it can get you an infection inside your urinal canals or something

No. 92946

nah I do it and I know a girl who does it too, she actually gave me an idea lol.
For me, I just sometimes do it while peeing (the more you need to pee, the better). I think of some quick fantasy and release the muscles, but before the pee gets out I tighten them and hold and achieve the pressure you're talking about. It's not quite like an orgasm for me, more like… very intense butterflies. It's definitely pleasurable, but I don't get off on it

No. 92977

Wow, I don't feel so alone now. Second anon, you described it perfectly. I have a few premeditated fantasies on hand for when the opportunity arises.

No. 93062

The only way I am able to achieve anything close to cumming is putting a water stream at my clitoris and going around it in the shower.
Normal rubbing or pressing feels nice, but nowhere near close the intensity I need. Maybe I would benefit from a toy?

No. 93081

I hate direct contact with my clit, it feels uncomfortable and overly intense. Like many anons I can basically cum just squeezing my thighs or humping a pillow. I came once another way, the first time someone went down on me but that's it.

No. 93085

that's the way i learned to masturbate too and it was the only way i ever got off until i went to uni. there i was forced to resort to my fingers due to the shitty hall showers lol. it took like 30 minutes and felt very underwhelming and hopeless the first few times but on like 5th attempt it started to get good and take less time. maybe just try to keep at it?? good luck!

altho stream of water is still my preffered method, warm water just feels so nice esp when on period.

No. 98133

Ive given up porn thanks to radical feminism but now flicking the bean is boring and I can’t orgasm. This may sound stupid but what’s the alternatives? I don’t have a great imagination which makes fantasizing difficult.

No. 98134

Try reading erotica. Literotica.com, subreddits where people write their fantasies, fanfic, novels, etc

Or you could try audio porn. gonewildaudio, literotica's audio section, sexy audio threads from /soc/

No. 98135

try figuring out what kind of physical stuff you like to make it more interesting/stimulating. try experimenting with stuff like vibes or soft bristled brushes or stuff that generally gets everyone excited, then you won't need to really fantasize and can just focus on the feeling.

No. 98148

with a good vibrator you genuinely dont have to think about anything
experiment with different ones, different positions etc and you should be good soon enough

No. 98354

Okay, this is going to sound really weird, but it works really well for me so I'm going to share. This is actually also how I had my first orgasm.

If you reach behind yourself and hook your thumb into your vagina from the back, you can get a really good angle at the lateral fornix (g spot).

Hope I helped someone out.

No. 98425

I never watched porn or got off to porn, but I see a lot of "it's boring" from people who have quit. I probably won't ever really understand, but fantasizing is pretty easy and works well for me. Your brain might be wired for external stimulus from all those years and you probably haven't used the neuron groups associated with fantasizing to the point of having to reteach yourself.

Learn how to use your imagination again. You also don't have to fap all the time, either. Give your body a break. Fap when the feeling is upon you, and don't mirror the same habits you used when watching porn. Get used to interacting with your body, not just your clit, and familiarize yourself with how those sensations feel with the absence of an external stimulus overloading your brain.

Hope that helps, at least a bit.

No. 98433

Does any one else only masturbate externally? I can get off with toys and penetrative sex just fine, but nothing gives me a better orgasm than external clit stimulation, and no one I've slept with regardless of gender can do it well enough.

No. 98437

I think thats really normal.

No. 98438

I think thats really normal.

No. 98441

i dont like penetration or internal stimulation so yes

No. 98442

Anyone else not like vibrators at all? They are just hard plastic and gives mechanical boring sensations.
I want something nice and warm and soft on my most sensitive parts.

No. 98443

Yes. Me. I've never used one and have no interest to. They also desensitise your clit. I don't get it the point… my hand is just great.

No. 98445

Ah so I'm not alone, everyone seems to love them. I wish there was something that could properly mimic getting oral however.

No. 98447

deffs not alone.

No. 98463

I'm the opposite. Tongues feel slimy and gross and make me want to squirm away, but vibrators feel like they're massaging my soul. Wish my nerves worked the way that yours do.

No. 98689

Does anyone know any erotica literatue sites preferably written by women? I looked at literotica but its too messy and full of rape/bdsm shit that triggers me.

No. 98789

I know this will sound narcissistic lol, but has anyone tried masturbating in front of a full length mirror. I did it a few days ago, it was really awkward but also kinda hot at the same time? Like it's kinda exhibitionist in a way, even if you're the only person there, and seeing how your whole body reacts and stuff is kinda a turn on. Lol I feel really weird typing this out

No. 98804


lol yeah. I was kinda high that day and feelin myself. It was super hot lol. It actually kinda made me get over some of my body image issues. It's no where near "perfect" or conventionally attractive but
>wtf I love my body now?

No. 98805

I've tried it a few times. It's an instant turn on, idk why. A mix of shameful horniness and how embarrassing it is to see yourself looking like that. After doing it the first time I felt so weird and couldn't stop thinking about whether I did it because I'm bi or did it because I'm narcissistic, lol

No. 98806

Same anon but this just reminded me that when I was much much younger I took pics of my body on an old flip phone and got off to them, wtf??

No. 98810

File: 1540055412577.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.24 KB, 1024x688, 31862495881_74b4878bfd_b.jpg)

Yeah, mainly because I'm physically my type when it comes to women. Not conventionally 10/10 or anything, but I'd be dtf myself.
I also dabble in visual arts and mainly depict women with a similar build. I admit that's bordering on being a narc, but I also realize others wouldn't like my body so I'm actually very insecure in public.

No. 99002

File: 1540164406279.jpg (24.87 KB, 500x500, Db0XyGiX0AAoqdj.jpg)

Can someone give me advice please?

>can't get off by my own fingers anymore, even after trashing my vibrators

>can only get aroused to extreme fantasy
>don't look at porn, however i do think about sex all day

I've tried nofap and it doesn't fix my inability to cum by hand. I get more and more frustrated until I eventually have a wet dream.

No. 99032

have you started a relatively new (as in the last year) birth control or medication?
i started taking orsithia in 2017 and completely lost my sex drive

even after not being on it since march of this year, i still havent gotten it back and have no desire to masturbate at all, and when i try im just numb basically and the orgasms, if i can have them, are basically nothing in intensity and really not worth the time

No. 99044

Yes, I just got off Junel Fe a month ago….fug. Thanks for the reply. I hope we both adjust back :(

No. 99056

I hope you do. I was on anti-depressants and got fucked up from them. Dry as Sahara or weirdly horny but it incredibly difficult to get off. Much better now that I'm not taking them. Here is to happy wanking in the future.

No. 101110

Anyone know of any lubricants that have the same exact texture as egg whites? Not gonna use actual egg whites to masturbate.

No. 105090

posted in ot but realised this is a much better place to put this question

i've never been able to masturbate with my hands, it gives me little to no pleasure. i dont have any toys so the only way i can get off is using the massage setting on my shower head and using that as a dildo, but that's really inconvenient and annoying as i can't look at porn at the same time. am i doing it wrong? is it normal to not be able to get off with fingers? does anyone have any guides or tips? i just wanna beat it to material rather than just thought.

No. 105111

Try going off of the shower head for a while, then use rapid motions with your hands maybe? That's the motion that gets me off the most.
Regardless becoming accustomed to vibrations will just make it even more difficult in the long run. From what I've heard it's basically death grip for women lol.

No. 109296

File: 1551210713268.jpg (149.58 KB, 1500x1500, 71KUpmA1tPL.jpg)

Anyone here tried a Louviva? I want to buy this one but I want to read honest reviews first.

No. 109302

File: 1551211899602.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1630, Screenshot_2019-02-26-14-09-03…)

Their website looks like if someone was having an orgasm while making it

No. 109303

>realistic testicles
>shows dick head

No. 109309

nowadays it is hard to find Voluptuous women

No. 109346

I guess you get bored of using Lorem Ipsum?

No. 109350

kek wtf this thread

No. 109375

>responding to a 3-month-old post

No. 109376

It's a bit funny how realism still matters when this looks like the confetti club edition of dildos. But it certainly looks cuter than e.g. early funfactory toys

No. 110811

>confetti club edition of dildos

god damn it anon I was going to make that joke lmao

No. 111084

Hahaha it's a serious question that I had. The lubricant I've tried was too oily

No. 111160

File: 1552591650361.png (Spoiler Image, 40.27 KB, 548x371, men are over.png)

i'm about to drop 1,300 bucks on a fucking sybian

No. 111161

You are 100% right anon, I also want a lube like egg whites.

No. 111163

sliquid slippery stuff isn't oily and is more gooey, but it's a bit watery and i find i'll need to reapply. it's my go-to, though

if you're really looking for that nasty, creamy lube tho, maybe check out the cum lube from bad dragon. i have no experience with it, but from what i've heard, it's thick

No. 111183

Please report back. Curious to see how it goes.

No. 111184


No. 111190

Damn that's a lot of money. These are basically just handsfree dildos right?

No. 111191

Oh, I've heard of those for years and I could only dream of spending that kind of money to get off lol. Congrats anon and please tell us if it's really all they say it is!

No. 111200

Well… it vibrates too afaik…

No. 111206

Nah it's more like a washing machine that you don't have to put your sneakers in.

Some of the heads don't even penetrate from what I've seen.

No. 111208

it's gonna be here on monday. i'm beyond excited, and still a little woozy from dropping that much cash. it'll be my most expensive sex toy, but cumulatively, i've spent more than 1300 on all the varying toys i've gathered through the years.

it's likely THE most powerful personal vibrator on the market right now. it does more that vibrate tho, some of the attachments rotate (like someone swirling their finger around inside you, but at 6000+ rpm lmao)

No. 111209

I wish there was a way to rent them in a not gross way.

No. 111217

I had my first extended orgasm the other night. It was legit 2+ minutes long and only ended bc my vibrator turned off. I was honestly amazed, never happened before and wasn't expecting it at all but was glad to know it's possible for me lol

No. 111275

oh god, sounds heavenly. i am happy for you

No. 111383

Anybody else get ridiculously jerky and spasmy when building up to orgasm? Doesn't matter if it's with my bf, masturbating or with hitachi, everything from my legs to my shoulders and stomach muscles jerk uncontrollably and it can get tense and hurt and take me back from orgasming. I have no hangups about sex, I'm able to relax but cant stop this jerking from happening and it's really fucking annoying

No. 111495

So how is it? Was it worth the price tag? You left everyone hanging, anon!

No. 111516

OK, i've used it a few times now, but it's pretty unwieldy and i'm still getting used positioning it best for my body. this thing is heavy, huge, and sounds like a god damn lawn mower.

once i can relax into it though, holy shit - my vision blurs and my legs turn to jelly. this machine has taken me to new heights.

but, no matter how good an orgasm i get from this thing, there's gonna be a little voice in my head afterwards saying "yea, but was it a 1300 dollar orgasm?" to which the answer is always gonna be "no"

i can't say i'd recommend buying it, but if you ever find yourself in the room with it, i really urge you to sit on it.

No. 111518

>and sounds like a god damn lawn mower.

Oh my. They should fix that on something so expensive.
Can you tell us more about how it works?

No. 111535

haha! congrats to you anyhow, anon. if i had 1300 to blow (ho ho ho) on a sex toy i'd do it in a heartbeat. i feel you on the lawnmower bit, though. those things have been around since the seventies, they need to get with the new millennium!

No. 111537

>"yea, but was it a 1300 dollar orgasm?" to which the answer is always gonna be "no"
no problem, just have over 130 ten-dollar orgasms and you're profiting. sounds like you'll reach that peak in no-time.

No. 111658

I had antibiotic treatment (sorry don't know what it's called in English) few weeks ago and my pussy has been acting out since then. My labia is painfully dry and masturbating is way less satisfying. I hate having to use lube.

Does anyone know if there's more affordable options with same idea? I know Sybian is a legend but I simply can't spend 1,300 bucks on sex toy.
Maybe when I'm old rich domme with a personal sex dungeon but not as a student.

No. 111660

Antibiotics fuck up your system, do you take probiotic supplements to replace the good bacteria?

No. 111661

Actually, antibiotics in itself shouldn’t affect your hormone levels. However, since it does affect your intestinal bacteria and enteric flora, and the health of your intestines does affect hormone levels, there might be a correlation.

Maybe read up on how to rehabilitate your intestines after taking antibiotics. Probiotics can be helpful.

Other than that… are you sure it‘s from the antibiotics? What did you get them for? Can you rule out a yeast infection (although idk how that would affect your libido)?

No. 111760

I've never had a vibrator until the other day because it was offered to me for free by Satisfyer. I got it in the mail and used it. I had an orgasm in under a minute. It felt great.
One thing I noticed is that it helps relieve my anxiety a ton. I usually experience dissociation when my anxiety is more intense and at times it just becomes overwhelming. Yesterday I decided to use my vibrator after a long day at work, had off and on dissociation. I gradually started to feel more grounded after my orgasm, like I could diffuse my anxiety better than before.
I guess I'm grateful for this vibrator right now lmao.

No. 111766

I heard that it's supposed to feel a bit similar to getting head, is that true? I'm looking for a toy like that.

No. 111769

Yes! It does some sort of sucking action around your clit and you just let it sit there. It definitely felt like getting oral. There's 8 different speeds on mine, but the higher ones are too intense for me.

No. 111770

Cool. I'll def get one too. Vibrators are usually not my thing, I wish there were dildos with a more realistic motion too.

No. 111816

File: 1553609897961.png (81.38 KB, 356x349, l2.png)

Anons, I would like to find a good toy for beginners. Thing is, that i feel alot more pleasure when it comes to clitorious so it would be good to find some good vibrator…?

I really want to try out Lush / Lush 2 because the controlling idea sounds quite exciting to me. Anyone had experience with this one? Would you recommend it?

No. 111817

I’ve never tried lush but it seems like it would be better for g-spot stimulation. The best orgasms I’ve ever had were with a “Womanizer” and it’s clit-only so it’s pretty intense. I think they’re either cheaper than lush or around the same price. Lush is really only special if you’re using it with someone else.

No. 111866

This is a good suggestion. I have a Satisfyer, which is a knock-off of this, and it's pretty good. My favorite toy is my Eroscillator, but it's pricey for a first toy.

No. 112076


My bf bought this for me (without consulting me first so I couldn't veto it). It has known issues with connecting to your phone via blue tooth, which we observed. also, to charge it you have to pierce the silicone to get the cord in and that isn't hygienic at all. Germs will accumulate there over time in a part of the toy that will go inside your body.

I don't recommend it at all.

No. 112240

File: 1554106064257.jpeg (5.73 KB, 244x300, 2F9CABF8-C908-4854-88B5-BA65C6…)

I bought one of these “no touch” vibrators and it’s blown my mind. I need pretty strong vibrations to get off, but this one uses a really gentle suction and it feels like someone’s eating you out. I can usually only get off once in a sitting but this gets me twice every time. 12/10 and not very expensive, I think amazon has one type

No. 112241

Oh I just scrolled up and saw people talking about it lmao. Def reccomend it

No. 112280

Might give the Sliquid stuff a try sometime. Thanks!

No. 113920

File: 1556460688418.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 731.96 KB, 1500x1000, 35C419D4-CB68-4358-908D-8183BF…)

I have one of those and didn’t like it. I’m not huge fan of receiving oral sex, though.

Where do you guys find female-gazey porn/pics? To be honest I miss tumblr for it’s porn. Especially gifs because there is room for imagination.

No. 113923

I don't know what I expected to see but that picture wasn't it
But seconded, I feel like the destruction of spaces where you can express your sexuality contextualised within normal personal posts or share "soft" porn, like instagram and Tumblr, will lead to our options being either an underwear catalog or hard-core painal gangbangs on pornhub

No. 113927

Kek, a fucking latex horse wasn't what I expected either. Tumblr was always 13+, not an 18+ site so it made sense for them to ban explicit pictures. There should be an 18+ female-focused alternative to that site. Hopefully, some techie gets frustrated enough and create it.

No. 113939

i just watch amateur gay porn for the most part.

No. 113943

File: 1556488082633.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.24 KB, 400x300, 39069230-7F2F-4BE3-8FDC-E44AFC…)

This. I want to enter an address into a browser and not see an ad for incest or fidget spinner buttplug porns thrown in my face, I miss tumblr for that.
Pic unrelated

No. 113944

There is still heaps of porn on tumblr. Literally.. that site is made of macaroni - they couldn’t get rid of it.

No. 113945

>Pic unrelated
Sure. Interesting taste, anon.

No. 113985

I know some nsfw blogs moved to newtumbl.com - navigates like tumblr, has the look of older tumblr.

No. 114233

me too. is that a real orgasm or not? i have nothing else to compare it to so i have no idea.

No. 114410

I have the cute motorhead model vibrator which, on the max intensity and with a bit of work, gives me the most fucking unreal orgasm that is so nice it practically makes me feel cozy and safe. But, I have to have it on the max and wish it went higher, and I have to really jam it as hard as possible against my clit in a really particular way, and push myself down on top of it hard, to the point I broke my last wand. Why is this? Also, can anyone recommend a fiendishly strong vibrator lol

No. 114412

Time to save up and spaff the big bucks on a mains powered Doxy for you it sounds like tb

No. 114413

Thanks for being the devil on my shoulder nonnie, I'm always so tempted but i only want to blow the money if its gonna practically vibrate me out of my skin

No. 114440

Seconding this, I bought myself a Doxy for my birthday last year after my old cheap wand broke… the orgasms are actually out of this world. It's not hands free though, but you can use bondage tape to fix it to your thigh if you want to play with your tits or ass or choke yourself or whatever while you cum. 11/10, one of the best purchases I've ever made

No. 114446

File: 1557178004101.png (178.45 KB, 600x600, cope.png)

Not to blogpost but my mother recently found my dildo. I was embarrassed and all but it pissed me off when she told my father over the phone about it and they are DIVORCED! for 11 years! For what purpose???

No. 114454

Who the fuck gets a dildo when you're still living with your parents, wtf anon? That thing vibrates too.

No. 114456

once I lost my vibrator under the bed when I was staying at my deaf grandmother's house and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE and then I left and my mom found it and wrapped it in a bag and gave it back to me and I'm like wtf wtf omg no so I feel your pain. but I walked in on her having sex with her now-ex-husband so maybe we're even

No. 114457

I only fap late at night when my mom's already asleep.
She understands people have needs.

No. 114463

My mom was staying over at my apartment while she was travelling to my side of the continent and went through my stuff for some reason. I didn’t even think to hide it more because who would expect a parent to look through your own place?

No. 114477

File: 1557236591917.jpg (41.08 KB, 650x650, 170400.jpg)

Escalate. Next time she comes over, have something even more dramatic for her to find.
On a serious note, remember that it's totally fine and okay, and your mother had no right to look through your things.

No. 114498

It's one of those "oh look our child has grown so much". It's nothing bad.

No. 114516

Weird take.

No. 114582

My mom found my vibrator once and jokingly called me an "orgasmic maiden." Was embarrassing but she was cool about it.

No. 114599

Breaking news for your mother: you are grown woman. It’s her own fault that she was digging your stuff.
I mean, it’s not sex dungeon in your hidden basement.

When I found lube in my parent’s bath room I was happy that they are having sex=not divorcing more likely.

No. 114600

I just gave myself an amazing orgasm in the shower and now I'm just sitting in the towel tryna catch my breath and cool off

No. 115745

File: 1559098971446.jpg (329.04 KB, 1707x1280, PicsArt_05-29-06.01.13.jpg)

visiting home and omg I forgot how much I love the water pressure here. I can come easily and good with fingers but the showerhead is like a whole nother level. just had a cheeky lil sesh and my legs are still shaking lmao (and I have toweled off, lotioned up and made this OC since then)

No. 115753

I feel nothing when I touch my clit, I never have my entire life. Inserting anything into my vagina feels like picking your nose, or just really weird, but not good or bad. I've tried a shower head, rubbing gently and roughly; any movement, really. Had a boyfriend who did oral on me for a very long time. I felt nothing through all of this. I had my hormones tested, they're all in a healthy range. I'm not on birth control, and wasn't on depression medications (or any meds in general). I'm not sure if this is normal. I've never experienced an orgasm, or really know what sexual attraction is even supposed to feel like. I get the feeling for brief moments once every couple of months, but nothing that would sustain interest long enough to be aroused or want to "relieve" somehow.

No. 115758

have you tried a vibrator?

No. 115780

If you don't feel sexual attraction then that's the problem. Not being turned on is like trying to force yourself to eat when you don't have an appetite. Anything you do is going to be unappealing and unsatisfying. Maybe you just have to find the person or thing that gets you going.

No. 115782

Is it true you can lose sensitivity if you do that often?

No. 115783

yes, i don't do it often with water for this reason and i don't always use a vibe either, i tend to go in cycles between vibe and hands. i will say water better approximates the feeling of sex better than a vibrator but it's still not what you want to use all the time.

No. 115797

og anon, idk I think it depends? I used to masturbate exclusively with a showerhead from ages 9-18, then I had to switch to fingers (bc mounted showerhead in new place) and it took me like two weeks or so to adjust to that (but then again, I had never done it with fingers so there was def a learning curve included). however, ever since I did figure out how to get off with fingers I have had no problem switching around whenever. nothing will ever beat period and showerhead combo though!

No. 115837

What is masturbating with a showerhead/toothbrush though? The anon saying it feels like actual sex makes me think it is inserted in the vagina…

I masturbate like a literal genius queen. I ride on a gluestick that has is round edged while I touch my love-button til I cum on my bed and it feels like I need to continue until I cum but then I just am like: Okay this feels overrated. Does anyone else has regret faps? I fap once a month but I still have them. Like penetration is just not so good but it feels necessary to make it all very wet and warm there…and most funny thing is that I just hope I can one day buy a keekweek themed sex machine and just lie down there for 20 hours to win the orgasm record not induced by some orgasm disorder.

No. 115843

h-h-how do you think you can insert a showerhead up your vagina?
by off chance you're not trolling, you stimulate your clit with both of the methods, in case of showerhead by pointing the water to it either like it is or by removing the showerhead so it's just the stream; in case of toothbrush by pressing the backside of the brush to the clit.

idk about that regret thing, I only feel like that when I've used "unconventional" things for it, have never used a pritt stick tho kek. the shame of grinding on a highlighter like some sort of retarded primate in heat you know

No. 116019

You can say clitoris. It's okay.
Also, try buying a real dildo so you don't feel so weird about it.

No. 116222

I just used the Satisfyer Pro 2 for the first time and I wanted to see how it felt before really getting into it so I didn't bother getting myself aroused just yet (still used it properly with lube though) and I shit you guys not I went from totally unaroused to having one of the strongest orgasms I've had in a LONG time within maybe 2 minutes. Still not sure if I'm totally sold on the sensation but its nice knowing I can have a fast, intense orgasm whenever I'm feeling lazy

No. 116224

how does this compare to the hitachi

No. 116240

File: 1559744252384.jpg (105.88 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mds233DxIF1rghn5ho1_500…)

can anyone rec some gay male porn with really nice moaning? that gets me off like no other, but a lot of times if you specifically search for it you'll get a lot of fake pornstar-y noises. i prefer amateur.

No. 116253

Can't really compare it, I don't particularly like or use vibrators and have also never used a hitachi and the satisfyer isn't a vibrator (although they do have models with vibration), it uses what they call pressure wave stimulation iirk. Some people compare the sensation to oral so imagine someone sucking on your clit over and over and over again. I ended up using it again that same night within like 10 mins and I couldn't even get past the 4th setting level (it has 11) without feeling like I was gonna lose my mind and it definitely gives amazing orgasms. I'd have to be home alone with a pillow over my face to ever be able to use it at the higher settings because shit gets INTENSE and there's no way I'd be able to stay quiet.

There is a learning curve to figuring out how to work it and position it the right way but I'm excited to use it again. Its worth looking into if it piques your interest though!

No. 116282

I’m a virgin. I am a little used to sticking fingers up in my vag because of my menstrual cup but i want to be able to get comfortable with it. Any tips? Should I get a dildo loool Im not losing my virginity anytime soon

No. 116295

Try fingering yourself. Yes, you can get a dildo, it's best to get a silicone one imo from a repuatable source. If you're too tight start smaller.

No. 116308

Anyone else like to masturbate during their period? Idk why but I only masturbate when I’m on it because I love the smell. Maybe I’m a weirdo or some shit

No. 116410

I've tried both. The Satisfyer is subtle good for a few orgasms, It's not really suitable for partnered activities. You just kind of hold it still. The Hitachi is not subtle. It's good for use with a partner and they can get it to work by putting it in the general direction of your clitoris. It's best to move it around or the vibrations can numb you out for a few minutes. You can pretty much keep going with orgasms for 20 minutes (when it needs to be turned off to cool down) if that's what you want to do.
One thing to note is that the Satisfyer doesn't have the largest "nozzle" so it might be a little bit difficult to get situated, depending on your anatomy.

No. 116414

I think it overall depends on the person and their anatomy but hard agree. I used to struggle to get off once per day even though I was aroused, with that bad boy I can finish AT LEAST once a day, sometimes twice which is impossible with a regular vibe for me.

I do think when I place it wrong it doesn’t feel the best, and I also don’t like the feeling of penetration with it going, dildo or fingers or anything. Usually I do a bullet vib + dildo combo but with the satisfier (I think I have an offnbrand one) I can go from unaroused to orgasm in less than 10 min

No. 116415

Imo pick up a small dildo and lube. You can get a small one pretty damn cheap, it doesn’t have to be dick sized at all, it can be skinny. Lube will make it 100x more comfortable, and of course take it slow.

No. 116416

Not specifically, but if I get the urge it doesn't stop me unless it's one of my heavier days. I feel like it helps with cramps.

No. 116417

i got my first dildo and am kind of bummed out to see i'm supposed to use lube and a condom.. do any of you anons just use it dry? is natural lubrication sufficient?

No. 116423

I never used lube or condoms with my dildos. I don't share them. Just wash them before and after you use.

No. 116429

well i was impatient and horny so i decided to use it. i got super wet really quick ig just bc i was stoked to finally use a dildo. took me longer to reach orgasm but it was INTENSE. i have never came from normal PIV sex with a guy. ig i need to be the one controlling it lmao.

No. 116878

Has anyone "squirted" without having an orgasm along with it?

My bf bought me a vibrator set that includes a g-spot vibrator. I used it and squirted but didn't have any sort of pleasurable orgasm along with it. Plus it felt like I had to pee afterwards, so I went to the bathroom and didn't even have to pee. Turns out it was my "Skene's gland" so I kept using it and squirting but still had no orgasm. It was honestly a ton of work and total shit compared to actual orgasms that I can get from a bullet vibrator on my clit.

No. 117131

I can only get off by crossing my legs and tensing/squeezing them together. It feels really weird/uncomfortable touching myself with my fingers and trying to do anything with my clit kind of hurts / feels weird also.
I feel so stupid and I'm too scared to do anything. but I remember when I was raped when I was young it felt good? (yikes i know). I just wish i was ale to/had the courage to finger myself (can't really use toys/vibrators since I live in house of guys)

No. 117406

Ordered myself a rabbit with a soft and flexible shaft… I'm excited but I'm also a little nervous because what if I hate it? Guess I'll have to fuck myself with it to find out.

No. 117407

I’ve never had an orgasm + squirting happen at the same time lol. And honestly when I do squirt, I don’t even know it happens until I see the aftermath? Idk one girl I know claims she always squirts when she orgasms so I dunno what’s standard for the experience

No. 117430

How was it and can you link?
I have a rabbit type that has a hard ridge at the head so it just sits stuck in you, it works well but I want something that is easy to move in and out.

No. 117441

Hey anon, it hasn't come in yet but this is the one I got. I've only used my hands and a bullet one long before so it'll be an interesting experience.

No. 117646

Is masturbation supposed to feel good the whole time you're rubbing your clitoris? It doesn't feel like anything for a bit and then I get the build up sensation and then the orgasm (approx. like 10 seconds in total) which feel great. But other than that I don't feel much else. Is this normal?

No. 117653

I can orgasm normally in a few minutes just by rubbing my clit and it feels amazing, but afterwards it's super sensitive and almost hurts to touch. I'm wondering if it's impossible to have multiple orgasms that way? Penetration never felt good to me so if that's the only way it can happen that is somewhat unfortunate.

No. 117805

It's possible. Feeling sore/too sensitive after orgasm is common, I usually do it too but sometimes when I'm really horny I can just continue and get multiple ones. It seems to be a random thing.

No. 117825

It's really weird, I think maybe it just feels too good so I end up overstimulating myself out of lack of self-control. Somehow I've never gotten oversensitive after my bf rubs me, maybe I'll ask him to try it with me.

Do you just orgasm and keep going without stopping at all? At the same intensity?

No. 117850

Yes if it still feels good, continue as before. But you could also ask your bf to keep rubbing more gently after orgasm, that can also work.

No. 117873

Can’t say what it’s supposed to be like, if there’s such thing, but to me it usually feels good the entire time.
Sometimes, when I’m only slightly horny but not really in the mood it’s a bit like you’re describing it, but I’ll also need a lot more pressure/vibration to come in general, so idk.

No. 118800

File: 1562778581790.jpg (49.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I have nowhere else to share this for…obvious reasons, but, I masturbated for the first time!(I'm 20 btw) Like properly, I've done pillow humping like once or twice but it did not compare to what I tried last night. I got one of those magic wand vibe things. I accidently switched it to the highest setting first on accident though and that was…not pleasant lol. Though using the lower setting I think I almost had an orgasm? Maybe? My stomach muscles started like moving on their own and my head felt all light. But just as I thought I got 'there' it was too much and I had to stop myself. Is this normal? Do I need to just force myself to keep going or get a vibe with a lower setting? I'm going to try again tonight though, regardless.

No. 118839

If you don't know if you had one or not, you didn't have one. Keep trying!

No. 118843

>it was too much
Sounds like you got right to the edge and stopped before you orgasmed. Try to keep going next time, you'll definitely know when it hits.

No. 118847

File: 1562823024592.jpg (48.76 KB, 676x905, 571869f85c460ecdc9c193c3dc494b…)

Keep the vibe on that low gentle setting, you're comfortable with. You'll cum.

No. 118850

Am I mastrbating correctly? Just getting out of a depression, trying to regain somewhat of a libado. I don't have a problem getting stuff in, but taking things out hurts, it feels like heavy friction even when going slow. Also I don't feel fleshed out inside unless my bladder is full. The closest thing that starts feeling good to me is pressure from the sides or behind and light squeezing on my waist, but I have no idea how to get that without another person. :-(

No. 118980

this is how masturbation always ends for me too. I don't think I've ever had a real, full orgasm. I get very close and can't stand it and have to stop. sigh.

No. 118981

I feel so stupid for asking but if girls orgasm do we like cum?? if so that means that ive never had an orgasm

No. 118986


No. 118989

let me be my stupid 20 year old virgin ok

No. 118990

Does masturbating make your period end faster?

No. 118991

It’s ok anon. We don’t “cum” in the same sense as men. When men cum, they ejaculate because they produce sperm. We don’t ejaculate because it’s sperm from men that makes us pregnant. We don’t produce any sort of liquid when we orgasm. (Few girls squirt, but that’s just urine).

No. 119001

I've seen a few videos where the orgasm liquid that comes out is stringy and thick
would that be as close to squirting/cumming as girls get or would that just be because of some untreated infection?

No. 119004

no but it makes the cramps and bleeding lessen (for me)

No. 119005

The only times I enjoy penetration is when someone else does it to me (penis/fingers/toys) or when my bladder is full,like you. Other than that I don't feel shit with penetration, so I just masturbate touching my clit,you might want to do the same and give up on penetration

No. 119017

>I've seen a few videos

That's the problem, don't watch porn if you want to learn anything about the female body and orgasm.

No. 119164

File: 1563142417489.jpg (11.36 KB, 522x522, img.jpg)

I bought my first dildo/vibe. It'll be here in a week. Kinda fell in love with this one because it's sleek and doesn't come in a gaudy neon color. I spent quite a bit because the cheaper ones on amazon have mixed reviews of either being wonderful or straight up not charging out of the box. I didn't want to take the chance.

No. 119171

offtopic but this dildo looks hilarious to me. it looks like it's pointing at itself like:
> look at me
> look. at. me.
> do you think this is a joke m8

No. 119173

I thought that too a few years ago when I first saw one. Have you never seen a rabbit vibe before?

No. 119179

Holy kek I can't stop laughing, I can't believe I've never thought of that before

No. 119186

File: 1563148693373.png (232.5 KB, 1001x623, Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 4.54…)

Slightly off topic, but I was looking at vibes and saw this in the reviews and I can't stop fucking laughing.

No. 119187

That's adorable. What a good bird.

No. 119204

wrong. I'm a woman and I squirt. yes it comes out of the urethra and it's a very small amount but it's very thick and white/slimy like mucus or it sometimes looks like yogurt. not all women do.

No. 119207

Late to the party, but just incase it's useful:
My bf bought the Lush 2 after checking with me to see if I was into it. It's a great toy, with powerful vibrations. The silicone is a lovely texture and it feels well-made. It's well-balanced and easily stays in while walking around. I'd recommend it, but not for you. The top part doesn't vibrate at all; it's just an antenna and on/off button. It's a really nice toy, but it really only does g-spot and other internal stimulation.

No. 119340

tbh this makes me deeply uncomfortable

No. 119434

File: 1563372224982.png (386.95 KB, 1247x742, Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 7.02…)

If you guys ever wanted to get fisted by Thanos, there's a dildo for it

No. 119436

do you feel it… squirting out? I get the thick white/slimy goo too and the occasional large wet patch, but it's just on the bed when i'm done

No. 119437

are these the actual size of a fist or are they slimmer? can't imagine they're selling a lot of these if they're full size…

No. 119439

File: 1563373791548.png (30.45 KB, 373x243, Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 7.28…)

It's about the size of a small woman's fist. You'd be surprised how many people buy this sort of thing. On amazon, they sell massive butt plugs that are meant more as a novelty, but there are gay men in the reviews who actually used them.

No. 119440

File: 1563374105922.png (303.19 KB, 1416x604, Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 7.34…)

Pic related is said "butt plug"

No. 119443

The base isn't flared. Imagine getting that stuck inside.

No. 119451

Fusilli Thanos. It was a million to one shot, Doc!

No. 119544

Did anyone else go through this? I've never been able to cum quickly or sometimes at all.

Suddenly I can cum several times in one day and fast. It's like I've unlocked a super power or something lmao. I'm genuinely shocked…I'm not doing anything different and I'm mid 20s.

No. 119545

Yeah, me. It's because I found some things that genuinely aroused me and started being interested in sexuality again after having almost no libido for a while thanks to anxiety. Now I climax several times a day and even managed to come by oral for the first time. I am excited for what's to come. I also changed my masturbation style and use my finger on my clit. Before, I never felt anything there and could only use a vibrator or some strange hand humping technique.

No. 119586

The weirdest thing is that I can come without thinking about anything now, as well. Am I dying?

No. 119754

It came in today; holy shit it's so cute. I think it's too big for me, lol. I checked the sizes while shopping around and made sure not to get anything ridiculous, it's not that much larger than the average sized man, but actually holding that in my hand was a shock. Oh my lord, what did I get myself into.

No. 119768

How big is it and is it soft? I have a rabbit but would like a more flexible version.
A sign of being very healthy, it's just the little death.

No. 119779

It's about 5.75 insertable length I believe. It's pretty hard; it's soft enough it can bend, but not without some effort.

No. 119845

I love masturbating by literally just humping things, especially something fuzzy like a stuffed animal. Never had sex but afraid it will be hard to have an orgasm from normal sex after conditioning my genitals to this for so long.

No. 121235

How often is too often?
I sometimes feel like I do it too much

Also, I'm not porn addicted, but if I had more active sex life or felt better about masturbating to people I know IRL, I wouldn't watch it–but it just feels better when I have something during
That's normal, right?

No. 121244


I'm 30 and I rarely go a day without my solo-time. Been like that since my teens and have only ever noticed a decrease when I struggled with depression or took meds for that

If it's not interfering with relationships or taking up too much time I would see it as healthy

No. 121245

I hope you who do this wash your teddy bears in the washing machine afterwards.

No. 121253

If there's a too often, is there a not often enough? I do it about once a week, maybe even less than that, but every other month I go through a phase for like a week where I do it every day and sometimes twice.

I don't think there is a definite "normal" but more of a "what's normal for you" kind of thing, but I don't know.

No. 121291

There's definitely no reason to think that you should be masturbating more

You shouldn't stop yourself if you feel the need/want to (assuming you're in private at home), but not masturbating more isn't really an issue

No. 121663

Does anyone else ever just get tired of masturbating?
I don't have a sex life so this is pretty much all I got going, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort for me to get started.

Not that I don't get horny, and I've definitely thought about "getting out there", but I just don't think my heart is in it to do anything but touch myself
This is probably a depression thing, but I just wish it was easier to cum

And sorry if this sounds more like a vent than a question, I just want to know if this is common with more people or if it's something just mostly affecting me

No. 121677

Question about sexuality and masturbation, asexuality etc, looking for opinions

I masturbate regularly and have been a fan of toys since turning 18, I've always felt that I could happily go the rest of my life never touching another person sexually and it wouldn't bother me

I have slept with men and a couple of women but in relationships the sex always dies out. It's a relief whenever I'm single and back to just toys again

Does this sound like asexuality? I know there are different types of ace. Currently in my 30s and still don't know what to call myself

No. 121684

Sounds like you're bi and like the majority of couples, lose that initial horny spark that can be short or long lived.

Sounds like you just trust your toys more.

No. 121692


yeah I've been stuck between thinking I'm bi because in terms of porn or looking at people I go both ways but then If I'm honest I don't want any contact with a person, it's more just visually appreciating someone.

I've had sex in relationships cos it felt like an expectation and one relationship I had for 4 years he never pushed it so we never had sex once.

I'm at a point where no matter what my label technically is I need to probably only date asexuals because I don't want to repeat having sex out of 'duty'

No. 121700

Could you buy a magic wand, anon? It's the best thing for low effort orgasms.

No. 121754

I'll look into it, thanks

No. 121789

Anyone have any recommendations for silent vibrators? I don't live by myself yet and don't want to wake them up or something.

No. 121795

I use the iroha mini! It’s really quiet, small, inexpensive, and cute. But if you need a lot of power, it’s not the one lol. It’s great for its size and the shape lets you adjust how intense it it, but my powerhouse loving friend can’t get anywhere with it.

No. 121799

have any of you ever bought a vibrator off of ebay before? ebay is my go-to for internet shopping, and I really want to buy a small vibrator but I live with my parents and I'm afraid that it will be obvious from the packaging that it's a vibrator. is there a way I can know before I buy it if the packaging will be discrete or not?

No. 121802

Sites like eBay and Amazon have alot of cheap knockoffs of branded toys or unsafe toy materials from China etc. A site like lovehoney would be better. Lots of product reviews on site and a plain brown box for packaging

The return address on their parcels is usually 'LH Trading' too so even that is discreet

My advice would be to to stick to safe materials like silicone and get something rechargeable if you want power

No. 121818

I buy from Eden Fantasy's it always ships in a plain brown box and doesn't say anything explicit on the billing statement.
They always seem to be having sales too.

No. 122137

File: 1566680198935.jpg (9.99 KB, 480x456, SMC_Product_Frenchman01-480x45…)

I'm someone who is hunting for toys with a more organic feel. I bought this one that is meant to feel a bit like oral sex. It's pretty nice but it's sides are not as soft as they should be and uncomfortable. Why can't sex toy companies make something that is comfortable and soft and still firm enough for stimulation?

No. 122163

Bruh keep going

No. 122172

Your bro posted 3 years ago, perv.

No. 122193

File: 1566788878595.jpg (44.03 KB, 800x600, xIMG_1859-Eroscillator.jpg.pag…)

I have the Eroscillator and the "marshmallow" tip is honestly the best. I wasted money getting the other 3 attachments because this one is so perfect and squishy.

No. 122212

File: 1566831895330.jpg (33.49 KB, 880x500, img_spec_001.jpg)

Seems nice. I have also wanted to try one of Tenga Iroha's squishy products, anyone tried them?

No. 122217

I own one, it's not amazing and the soft body doesn't make a difference. The silicone smell rubs off too, your pussy and underwear will smell til you wash yourself

No. 122218

>not soaking the toy to make the smell come off


No. 122222

In which way doesn't it make a difference? Does it just feel like a normal vibrator?

No. 122228

Soaking doesn't help you retard.

No. 122230

Vinegar and water really doesn't get rid of the smell?

No. 122232

If it makes you feel better anon, I relate to all of this in my own way. I've been attracted to both men and women, although the sexual "spark" is rare and I don't really have a drive to act on it, and I don't feel much downstairs anyway. Romantically, I love both sexes, but because sex seems like an obligation, and the other person loses interest eventually anyway, I've just given up on relationships entirely. If I ever meet an asexual person, where sex is rare and only when both of us really want it, or not at all, that'd be perfect, but I'm not going out of my way to look for it anymore.

No. 122268

It can't be made of silicone if it has a smell, no silicone toy will have a smell

Rubber/TPE/TPR all have smells and are all porous materials that don't ever wash completely because of this porous quality

No. 122273

>porous materials

Reminder to everyone ITT to stay the fuck away from porous materials like jelly toys. They aren't safe to use.
Stay safe, fapping farmers.

No. 122277

Oh wow Dangerous Lilly has been the lil lolcow of sex toy reviewing blogs for about a decade, she's always been into bitchy subtweeting other smaller reviewers and chased a few away from doing what they enjoyed. She never shuts up about her manic episodes and the worlds 'fatphobia' towards her. Takes turns between bullying people and having personal crises

Do stick to safe materials like medical grade silicone though, or glass. Half the sex toys out there are made of materials that have no place going inside a body

No. 122278

Ooh, is there a thread about her?

I just noticed and copied this link from earlier in this thread. It's message is important to repeat. I had no idea that jelly toys were dangerous, myself.

No. 122280

The sex toy reviewing community is full of lil lolcows, super woke people that have daily tweets about all the transphobia and fatphobia that they are assaulted with everywhere they go.. that and they're constantly losing their day jobs and setting up gofundmes claiming they face homelessness..high rates of mental illness, always the victim etc..none of them have enough of a following to get onto here though

I think most of us sadly start out with a jelly toy cos the the translucent look (and the price) appeals. I've had jelly toys literally melt and stick to each other before I switched to all silicone

No. 122281

File: 1566935543789.png (40.98 KB, 605x154, lilly.png)

A bit OT I found her twitter. She will never lose weight because she gets injured, gals.

No. 122282

This is exactly the shit she's been posting for a decade, never changes. Never gains any self awareness. Super snarky about everyone else though.. and thinks she smart cos she writes about dildos and knows the difference between rubber and silicone

No. 123129

Does anyone's hips kinda start bucking and spasaming wildly after they've come? Like after a few seconds I start rubbing myself again and I literally can't control my hips, they start to thrust up like crazy

No. 123142

Yeah that’s normal for some. I‘ve never had one of those and am pretty sure it’s sadly just not a thing that my body does.
But yeah, heard a few women describe things like that.

No. 123163

Yeah, the only times I don't are when it's a dud and I wasn't really into it. I've seen guys do it too in amateur porn.

No. 123164

I will say lovehoney looks reputable but they sell unsafe toys too and like shilling 'toy cleaner'. For buying a non insert vibe though (is it a small bullet?) LH is fine and +1 their packaging is discreet

No. 123177

that's interesting, I get it but with my head and higher back. I throw my head so much I think if I orgasmed on some hard floors, I would get a concussion lol.

No. 123207

With your head? That's a little strange haha, I don't think I've heard that before. Like does your neck start shaking or your nerves there go crazy?

No. 123215

Idk if you already got a vibe but the wevibe tango is really quiet as far as vibes go. I've had a few and it's the quietest, quieter than any lelo vibe I've tried. I love my tango because it's so powerful but so quiet too.

No. 123221

same, but instead of throwing my head back I have like a nodding convulsion lol

No. 123247

Yeah lovehoney is good, they still sell a few jelly and rubber toys which I hate to see but have higher ratios of safe material toys compared to many sites.

I'd love to see a day when jelly toys are banned for being a health risk, prob won't happen though

No. 123251

>toy cleaner
Is it bad for you or just unnecessary?
All that shit should be banned at least from websites who don't want to give their costumers vag cancer or whatever. There is so much talks bout the harms of chemicals in plastic and beauty products these days so there should be more spotlight on stuff like this that people actually put inside their bodies.

No. 123715

i know this is like 2 months old, but wtf, I do produce a sticky-like mucus substance that its clear and has no color, kinda like egg white, like >>119204 describes but wtf, does that come out from your urethra??? I'd swear it comes out of my vagina instead. And apart from that, there is the usual quantity of pussy juice my vaggo produces when it's aroused oc. Also it doesn't feel like I "squirt it out".

Idk, more opinions on this?? I don't think that's squirting at all but kek, I'm curious on other people's experiences. I always assumed that was what comes out of all vaginas when you come.

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