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File: 1484506695766.png (1.89 MB, 1280x692, 14.59.46.png)

No. 49328

Alright so there are these makeup / skin care threads but I didn't see any PS one yet it's something that's mentioned a lot at /pt/ and /snow/.
I got a nose job some years ago and I'm VERY satisfied with the outcome (feel free to ask me questions about rhinoplasty if you have any concern about it). RN I'm looking forward getting jaw surgery done but I don't have much information about this procedure in Europe. Any advice?

No. 49329

Where did you get the nose job done? People always say stuff like "go to South Korea or Lebanon to get it done, they have loads of good plastic surgeons!". But is it worth to travel to another continent just for surgery?

Something I've always been curious about - do people you knew before notice your nose job and ask about it? And do you just tell them the truth? Has anyone been rude to you about it?

No. 49330

I want a whole new face but I'll never be able to afford it. Jaw shave, nose job, brow lift, filler in my gigantic nasolabial lines. Breaks my heart tbh

No. 49331

good luck on your jaw surgery if you ever get it done!

I'd personally like a breast lift, I think. my boobs have always been saggy, idk why. it's pretty depressing. they're also small, which I have no issue with (I really like small boobs) but combined with the sagginess they just look sad to me. my bf says he loves them, but I think he's just trying to be nice lol. I'm worried about pain and healing afterwards, and the cost…

No. 49332

I'm getting a nose job in May and I'm already nervous cause I'm scared I'll forget to breathe through my mouth and suffocate in my sleep during the first few days. I'm also a stomach sleeper so if anyone has any tips on powering through the recovery I'm all ears.

Aside from that I don't want anything else done, just laser hair removal and maybe some moles removed if that counts.

No. 49333

You won't suffocate you'll automatically mouthbreathe until you can breathe normally again. Get a dry-mouth mouthwash to protect your teeth while you have to mouthbreathe. Dry mouth leds to your teeth rotting.

No. 49334

Actually American surgeons are better. You murricans have Grigoryants and Toriumi

No. 49335

One of my biggest motivators for working rn is getting to a point in my career I can afford fillers regularly.

No. 49336

I'm seriously close to making the decision for a nose job. I have a bulbous tip, but I have the fear that I'll get a drastically different nose than what I want. I basically want a better version of my same nose. Subtle enough that I look better, but no one can tell.

Does anyone have any experience with how long recovery takes for this procedure?

Under eye fillers are probably going to be done this year as well. Weight loss has made them look better however, so once I hit ny weight goal, we'll see if I still need it

No. 49337

If you live in the U.S. I would recommend getting your PS done there. South Korea has some good clinics, but a lot of the doctors actually go overseas to the US to study anyway. Also, you'll have to factor in the cost of a plane ticket, a hotel (which you'll have to stay in for an extended time during recovery), plus the actual procedure. Also, if you're non-Asian the results might not suit you.

I've had some non-surgical work done, laser treatments and hyaluronate injections for the dark circles under my eyes and dermal fillers to straighten the bridge of my nose. I really like the results but it was obvious that my face looked different and people did notice, but everyone was positive, at least to my face.

No. 49338

Shop around, speak with a plastic surgeon who gives you a feeling of confidence in that they know exactly what you want and are going to work to give you that result, and they thoroughly explain how and go through it with you several times. This is what I did for my surgery as I was afraid of those botched nose jobs where people start out with a bulbous nose and end up with some too-small fake looking thing. Anyway the first week I was in bed and just doing the aftercare all day, after that I felt pretty good and was even allowed to work out, by a couple weeks in things looked pretty good, by 1 month it was mostly healed and then from there on it is just minor changes over the next year as the last bits of swelling gradually settle down. If you are only getting the tip done it actually makes the initial healing process much faster, since it does not require breaking the nose, and if you actually stick religiously to the aftercare schedule they give you (basically just constantly icing your face every hour and going through the arduous thing of having to sleep propped upright) you will probably have very little bruising too. All I got was a sort of mild yellow pallor under my eyes that I easily covered with makeup.

No. 49339

>I didn't see any PS one yet
really? why are there so many newfags here who dont know how to check the catalogs? we have like 6 plastic surgery threads being unused from months and years ago

No. 49340

there is one from one year ago and has 1146 replies, pretty close to bump limit.

No. 49341

File: 1484597296311.jpg (76.2 KB, 659x272, facelift-final.jpg)

I got a nose job two years ago and I'm very happy with it. It looks rather natural so nobody noticed the difference.

I need to save up for a full facelift though. I might need one at the ripe age of 30 because judging by my genes I have a "sagging" face. Hooded lids, sagging cheeks, nasolabial folds, small mouth that might just disappear. Sometime I pull back the skin on the sides of my face and it looks so much better it makes me want to cry. Even a headband that slightly pulls up my brows improves my features. Once I got complimented by a friend whilst wearing a towel turban after a shower. She said she never noticed I had such beautiful eyes. I told her that's because my eyes don't normally look this way. The towel only stretched the skin on my face.

I really need one but I'm scared of lifts… They're fucking expensive, the healing process is long and painful and I haven't seen any convincing before an after photos. They either look false or I don't see a difference at all. Plus I'm afraid some butcher will destroy my entire face.

I suppose no anon here is old enough to have experience with face lifts but if you know people who've done it I'd be thankful for any advice.

No. 49342

An average place in Europe lol. 8K€. I was advised to go to a clinic within an hospital because it's generally safer in case something goes wrong. I don't know if it's worth travelling because I've never done it for surgery purposes that's why I'm asking.
No one ever mentioned it. I guess it's a cultural thing because people here hate to speak about what makes them slighly unconfortable. But I've noticed I'm treated in a kinder way now. Like older people speak in a softer manner to me and guys are less rude. It's the world we live in ig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

nah gurl it'll be ok. They told me I would spend at least one day sleeping at the hospital, but I finally went home the same day I got the operation done. I did the customary "lay upwards for several days" because I was told so. I believe it had an effect on decreasing the swelling; you'll really notice the difference (don't be scared if it looks bloated and bulbous immediately after the operation! It looks best one year afterwards). I truly felt nothing. I recall no pain from the post op period.

It took me a couple of week to recover iirc. It could have been less but to be safe I stayed in bed / at home for the recommended time. A bit boring but that's about it. I've seen post-op pictures online and other girls seem to have got these bruises around their eyes. So not everyone's experience might be as rosy but I can only speak for myself.

No. 49343

I had neck liposuction about a year or so ago, due to the fact i have a super weak chin i always had a double chin or that neck "slope" where you no separation of jaw to neck. I looked fucking awful.

After I healed, I can tell I look way better in photos but i always wonder if doing it wasnt enough and i keep thinking of more surgeries i could get :/

No. 49344


How expensive did this run? I really want this.

No. 49345


Who was your rhinoplasty surgeon? What did you have done? Did you travel alone? Thanks!

No. 49346

i did alot of research on the surgery and the surgeons around me and the one i ended up being able to afford and had good reviews was around 4k-5k for the whole thing, the hospital stay and etc

No. 49347

Can't give you advice unfortunately. But I'd like to get some nasolabial fillers myself. I'm getting in my late 20s and it's starting to show. Anyone else here that wants the anti-age type of PS rather than the not happy with certain body/face part type?

No. 49348

Yeah I wrote about wanting a facelift >>49341 Why do you consider fillers to be the better option?

No. 49349

I kind of want both. I'm 24 and already getting grown lines which I'd like taken care of but I also want a few surgeries to alter parts of my face I've always hated.

The anti-aging side is pretty minor for me but I'm all for fillers since it's much less invasive.

No. 49350

I figured you can work out (gym + good diet) for body, but it's hard with one's face. I definitely want anti-aging PS and fillers. Nothing drastic, just touch ups.

No. 49351

I had a nosejob 2 years ago, and I have had fillers in my lips and tear troughs.

Fillers are great. I'd rate my nose job a 5/10. I was expecting my nose to look way different, but I realized that the kind of nose I want (tiny, small, upturned) would look bad on me. My nose looks better now, it was crooked before (slanted to the side because I broke it as a kid with a hump). I like the fact that it doesn't look like I got too much surgery and the difference is barely noticeable (my parents can hardly tell). It just looks like a "straighter" version of my old nose. To be honest, the only reason I feel disappointed is because when I photoshopped myself with my "dream nose", I realized I would have looked like a pig.

Would I get more surgery? No. I'm happy with everything else. Maybe a facelift when I'm 50. Until then, only fillers, which are AWESOME.

No. 49352

A good diet can also change your face by removing inflammation

No. 49353

But aren't fillers extremely expensive since you have to get them twice a year?

I'm also scared my face might look worse once the fillers wear off in case I can't afford them anymore.

No. 49354

File: 1484706861780.jpg (37.95 KB, 500x667, 30a95b132db1f147b0867dfe0fbcfa…)

Your old nose sounds exactly like mine and I know what you mean about the dream nose..Mine is already kind of upturned but big (and crooked and has a hump) and it being upturned is probably what I hate most about it. I don't know, I'm starting to accept it because I know I'll never have money to fix it and I think it'd be impossible to get my ideal nose (pic related)

No. 49355

My nose is a little crooked but I don't want to waste money and go under for something that won't change much. I wanted a cute tiny ski slope nose but what my surgeon showed me would be barely different. Just a bit straighter and thinner. I still hated how I would look.

No. 49356

You can't get the tiny barbie nose with only one surgery

No. 49357

I have your dream nose, but I store fat in my face so even though I'm small mostly every where else, I have a fat pig face. My nose really enhances the pig aesthetic I've got going on, but I would never have surgery because I'm too broke and am too afraid to go under anesthesia anyway…

No. 49358

Has anyone had permanent hair removal? I've been reading about it and I'm curious about personal experiences.

I wish I could get it on my arms (my arm hair is dark and thick and goes up to my shoulders) but I don't have the $$$

No. 49359

yes, I got done legs + armpits + groin
good fucking shit because I never have to shave them anymore since then. and you know when you shave but still the area looks a bit dark because of the hairs' roots? Well that goes too. Soft baby skin.
But the big cons are 1) time consuming (legs would take 1h30-2h, armpits or groin 1-1h30, I guess arms will be something in-between. 2) also price per session, mine charged around 200€ which is around a bit more in $, but it can range from 50 to 600 depending on the place according to the internet. 3) also in spite on what they said, it hurt ;_; You get "heat pinches" so bad they feel like ice
The dr said I was a super good candidate because I have dark ass hair yet I'm pale as fuck. And the machine works on a hair-vs-skin detection basis. I've been meaning to get my arms done since a couple of years, but I've been postponing it since my life got busy as hell.

No. 49360

File: 1484860860347.jpg (510.78 KB, 2420x1870, hooked-nose-dr-barry-eppley-in…)

tbh if it's about the concave-to-covex slope it's a HUGE difference
yet if it's about the size or width idk eh. I don't think you can "thin" it much…
if you have an aquiline (beak/hook) nose, I'd also ask how making it upturned would look. the septum shave + upturning did wonders to my mediterranean nose. pic related because it used to look like that and now it's normal.

No. 49361

File: 1484968996252.jpg (168.59 KB, 773x575, 1476588064954.jpg)

Hoping to get a nosejob in a few months, but I'm worried about how my family and friends will react. I hate my nose so much that I avoid going in public and seeing people I know face to face, but everyone insists its "fine" but my nose looks like pic related on the left. I'd give anything to look like the right.

No. 49362

I've wanted tear trough fillers forever! My undereyes are super dark and hollow, they completely ruin my eyes.

How much did you pay for it and where do you get it done? Can you get them injected by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon? Did you do extensive research on where to get it done or does it not matter?

thanks m8

No. 54088

Not that anon but you should get them done by a plastic surgeon who is an expert at facial contouring. That area is very sensitive to bruising.

Depending on how deep your hollows are, the doctor will likely take one syringe or a half for both eyes to start. Then top ups a few months later. The price is per syringe, which you should be able to find based on where you're located.

No. 54096

Your happiness is what's important, anon. If you hate your nose and have the possibility to change it, go for it. Just make sure you choose a good surgeon, make a lot of researches

No. 54100

That's totally fine nose, just like on ancient greek statues.

No. 54485

I want to get my buccal fat pads removed, I guess. I hate my face so much, I avoid looking in mirrors. I'm very skinny but I look like I still have baby fat!!! I read up a bit on the procedure and apparently it's not exactly recommended because, get this, in 5-15 years the patient's face MIGHT lose the fat naturally and if it has been already removed the face might look hollow and older. I'm sitting here like, Lmao who knows if I'll even be alive then?! Who gives a fuck about the far future? I want to look good now! Sadly I can't exactly afford a few thousand dollars worth little operation right now. Oh, and I'm imaging returning home to my parents and my mom asking me why my face looks different.

A nose job might not be a bad idea either but I'll consider that after I get my terrible face fixed.

Maybe lip fillers could help? Though, I have such a small mouth…


Sorry for the amazing self-hate dump, I needed to vent.

No. 54796

I've always wanted a nose job. After seeing people on YouTube who have gotten one still whining about the results make me feel like it won't be worth it for me. I want very minimal shit done so, meh. Anastasiya Shpagina finally got her nose done and to me, doesn't look right on her. Hopefully it looks better when the swelling goes down more it'll suit her face better.

No. 54807

File: 1486510904134.jpg (11.13 KB, 400x400, 13151551_10208072210914850_244…)

I finally spoke with the surgeon I want for my nose job. He asked for 10000 dollars. There's no way in hell I could afford that, and apparently he keeps raising the price as time goes on since I've seen other works of his on realself from 2-3 years ago and they paid around 6000-7000. I'm sad because he's a top surgeon and the only one who can do the deed in the way I want, and I don't want to settle for the second best (a local surgeon who charges 5500 and is kinda good, but not nearly as good as my first choice). Let's see, I have to be patient and keep working. I don't want to go for my second choice, then 80% of chance the nose doesn't come out as I want and I'd have to start saving for the first doctor paying even more. I just need patience.

No. 54808

I want a breast lift. When I was a kid and my tits were coming in, I would stupidly play with them like fun bags and as they grew they are full, but droop like gorilla tits. They look amazing and normal with a bra but once it's off, flop. Any experiences with this surgery? Thinking about having it done in two years or so when I'm 30.

No. 54810

my boobs are full D cups but they look so big and unfitting on my bony scrawny frame, with tiny high upturned nipples and really big areolas. at my weight/height i should have small b cups at the most. ive always hated them and wanted my flat chest back since the 3rd grade, but i've never had the $10,000 and the recovery pain is so scary.

No. 54830

Apply for a medical credit card.

No. 54831

Complain about back pain until you can get a breast reduction covered by your insurance.

No. 54832

>A lot of money

WTF went wrong with your upbringing? Did your parents not teach you to save?

No. 54837

Anon, shut the fuck up.
You know nothing about that persons life, their expenses, if they have mouths to feed, or others to care for.
Seriously, did your parents ever teach you to not be so ignorant?

No. 54838

That's a lot of money to nearly everyone? I've had more than 10x that in my bank account and I'd still balk at the idea of spending it in one go.

If your parents taught you to save properly, you wouldn't think so little of so much money.

No. 54839

For anyone that isn't as lucky to have been as spoiled as a few other anons here:

Many surgeons, even top surgeons, accept financing as well as medical credit cards.

This gives you the option to make a 20% down payments and have fixed monthly payments within the surgeons chosen pay periods. Most surgeons will allow the 6,8, and 12 month pay periods, but they have no interest. There are 24 month and above plans that require interest, but the monthly payments are low and fixed, so the interest is included in every payment.

For a $10,000 surgery, for instance, not full counting the possibility of your surgeon requiring a certain percentile of a down payment:

6 month plan: $1,667 a month
12 month plan: $834 a month

With a 24 month plan with, say, added APR because it's no longer within the promotional period offered by your surgeon,
you're looking at fixed payments of $485 a month with a total of $11,640 due to added interest.

There's also a 36 month plan that would lower your payments to $347 a month for a total of $12,492 because of interest. Or a 48 month plan for $278 a month for a total of $13,344 because of interest.

These are good options for those who are devoted to the surgery, but cannot gather a large sum of money in a short enough time period. Many can turn their nose at the added interest, but if you're truly serious about getting these things done soon, an extra $3,000 is nothing to you if your payments are entirely fixed at an affordable amount every month. It'll be like adding a car payment every month, another bill. Plus, you can save up enough for a down payment of a few thousand and then put everything else medical financing.

I will probably regret sharing this since some anons are completely delusional and out of touch with reality and will more than likely get really stupid ideas, but here we go.

No. 54840


If you read the post I quoted or this >>54810 you can see that the poster is very serious about doing it. $10,000 is nothing honestly - especially for something you consider vital for your well being. You can save that in 3 months. It just comes down to personal responsibility.

You lot remind me of those stories who let their loved-ones rot in jail because they can't rack up $20, 000 bail

No. 54843

OT but
> $10,000 is nothing honestly - You can save that in 3 months
How high are you right now anon? I'm in a good position for your average early twenties earner, working crazy hours, and I could put away 1k at most per month if I lived on cabbage and kept the lights off.

No. 54844

Lets say you earn the average wage a year in my country for a 20-35 year old. ($75k) or $1500 a week

>Buy house, mortgage is $500 a week

>Have house mate only pay $300 a week between us for everything
>Buy car in cash rather than credit
>$30 a week for fuel, $20 a week for phone

Leaves ~1200 a week lets say you spend 250 on fun things
Thats 11k every 3 months.

I'm not saying that it isn't tough don't get me wrong but when people say that $10k is a lot of money I immediately think they're one of those people who live week-to-week in an apartment they can't afford with a car they can't repay.

No. 54847

>$1500 a week
Well, there's your issue.
$450 a week is a respectable enough wage in my first world country for a young adult.
$8.99 is our minimum wage per hour, and 0 hour contracts are common.

No. 54848

Thank you for the info!

Not everyone is wealthy, anon. If you can get 10,000 dollars in a heartbeat, good for you. But you sound really sheltered and you have to understand that not everyone is as lucky as you are.

1500 a week? Where do you live? Here the average job for a young person gives you 600-700 a month at best. Again, you're sheltered, but consider the possibility that there are different realities. You remind me of those rich people that go on saying that "if you're poor it's your fault!"

No. 54850

I live in Australia btw

You assume immediately that I was sheltered rather than making good choices with education / work experience. My family has never lived in a home for more than a few years because of finance problems. As a result we were always moving between houses and schools as a kid and never enjoyed the luxuries others enjoyed.

I don't want this to turn into some kind of "oppression olympics" but assuming I was sheltered simply because I have made wealth for myself says a lot about your maturity and look on life.

No. 54855

I didn't assume you're sheltered because "you made wealth for yourself", I assumed you're sheltered because of your attitude. You basically jumped in saying "Lol you can't afford 10,000? That's because your parents didn't teach you how to save" like it's nothing. You also made fun of "those people who live week-to-week in an apartment they can't afford with a car they can't repay" that says a lot about your maturity.
Sad to pop your bubble, but as other anons said, for the average person 10,000 dollars is a lot of money, even with all the "saving money" in the world, because not everyone has the same possibilities and not everyone lives in a country with such good income opportunities. So just admit it was pretty ignorant of you to say that things. That says a lot about your maturity and look on life.
And if the average job in Australia seriously gives 1500 a week, welp, I'm moving there.

No. 54864

75k is not the average for Americans 20-35.

Phones as well are not $20 a month here. We're talking between $50-$100, sometimes more, a month. Most already own a car, and you can't trust cars you pay for in cash here so they're probably credit. So car payments on average are between $200-600 a month.
Most Americans within that age range can't afford a house either.

Seriously, stop. Your ease is not a reflection on the lives of others.

No. 54865

I'm going to korea in a week to get a nose job and chin/jaw surgery. I have a wide bulbous nose and my chin makes my face look way too long. Both surgeries added together will cost around 10,000 USD but I have saved for this for years and really want to do it. The plane ticket and hotel stay via travelocity only me around 1500. I personally think even with travel expense I'm getting a better deal than American surgeons who charge around 7-10k for a nose job and jaw surgery just for cosmetic purposes isn't really a thing here.
The clinic I chose is Banobagi for obvious reasons.

No. 54866

Also, anon didn't account for the legally required car insurance, health insurance, and home insurance (if you've got a mortgage like she said.)

No. 54868

>>didn't your parents teach you to save

Anon please. Your parents couldn't even afford to stay in a home, and you're here lecturing others about their parents.

Btw, I'm guessing you are a student and not one of the people making $75000 per year. If you have over $1000 expendable per week, then go see the world outside of Australia.

No. 54870

Are you Asian? The clinic seems to be very good, but afaik Korean rhinoplasty isn't very fit for non-Asian noses, especially "wide and bulbous" ones… have you seen some notable works from this clinic that convinced you for this choice or? (Not criticizing or anything, just genuinely curious)

No. 54871

I have a serious case of butt chin and I'm planning to get fillers hoping it will make it more normal, but I'm afraid it might just end up worse.

No. 54873

Get the bone shaved. It's worth it.

No. 54874

Very long post but. Former surgical success story here checking in.

If you're serious about surgery, plan everything out down to practically a god damn itinerary. Always overestimate rather than underestimate.

I've never been unattractive, but due to a facial injury caused by abuse while still in development, I had a soft tissue deformity caused by the blunt force trauma. It fucked with me because I always noticed something became off and it was getting worse over time. Others seldom noticed, and although I never had problems with guys, I never felt like I was quite anything beyond called "hot"–this I'm chalking up to the natural gravitation towards symmetry. It was just human that something wasn't quite perfect enough for other people.

From the injury, I developed something called ptosis of my brow. One eyebrow is permanently frozen up, causing the other to droop down to overcompensate for the other and although my sockets were completely aligned, it gave my eyelids a slightly asymmetrical appearance that drove my art-oriented brain crazy. Basically, it makes you look like you're raising your brow 24/7 and no amount of overcompensation with makeup or otherwise will fix it. It's either Botox or surgery.

Second, on the side I was hit forcefully, the soft tissues began to expand further, causing my jaw on that side to appear wider and longer. Although only slight, for the more aesthete of us this is fucking torture.

My nose was deviated from the injury as well. It was a nice shape but the swelling and inflammation from it being broken made it more bulbous, and my nostrils were stretched out farther from when they had to enter through them to operate on the extreme injuries.

As well, I wanted a breast lift just to keep everything good and perky, because my breasts are large and were beginning to droop a little.

So, I mapped everything out. I did a ton of math. I cut expenses, I got a better paying job, and I hauled ass.

For three surgeries, I got them done at once by an in-state doctor. My breast lift, a brow lift over my drooping brow, and fixing my jaw. About $6,000, $3,500, and $6,500 respectively. So, I payed $16,000 of my hard earned and saved money off the bat. Healed in a month, the changes although subtle made a huge impact on my confidence and facial harmony. Symmetry makes all of the difference!

Now, for my nose, I refused to skimp on quality and I urge you all to do the same. I got my nose done out of state with Nassif, and I do not regret it. $16,000 and worth every cent. I feel like my appearance is almost restored to what I would look like had I not been abused.

You have to have realistic expectations and I'm sorry, but a lot of you are extremely delusional. You won't get your "dream nose," because you weren't made to have your dream nose. The only way you'll get your dream nose is if your dreams are logical and realistic. You cannot expect to be sculpted like clay.

My advice is to work on the things you can change now if you're waiting for or yearning for surgery. Your weight, your skin, your hair and nails, your nutrition, the quality of your makeup, etc. This way you can max your already existing potential, and you won't be so clouded by delusion and depression. You can't expect for your life to be transformed from a fucking nose job. Do the things you say you are going to do when you get "fixed" NOW. Put the effort in so you can work your surgical changes around what you are now, now the other way around.

Bleh bleh etc.

This is lame but I'm not really good at organizing or curating my info but I do have a lot of experience and knowledge of all of this! Any questions and I'm all fingers to keyboard. I'll try to be friendly to make up for all the usual lolcow vitriol lol.

No. 54890

Thanks, captain obvious.
By the way you sound delusional, from the way you described your face it sounds like it was fueled by insecurity more than anything concrete.

No. 54891

money anon there are students who pays $50,000 in just tuition (NOT including food/dorm/clothes/makeup/fun expenses). its obvious why a lot of young women in college would have trouble saving up a spare $10000 for something that isn't a house/lux car. I can't even shell out $750 for the phone I want.

No. 54892

Foreigners go there all the time and there are tons of youtube videos and blogs of other races going to banobagi and their results are great. "Korean surgery doesnt work on non-asians" do you have a source? The doctors dont do one standard nose, they do ehat fits the patient.

No. 54893

My face is weirdly asymmetric. Ideally the chin would be on a straight line from the bridge of your nose, right? Mine isn't. My nose goes in one direction and my chin in the opposite one. It's quite ridiculous tbh. Is that something that could be corrected through surgery?

No. 54899

Nah, nice try tho. Go furiously masturbate to your own hatred elsewhere, cuz I don't give a shit that you feel the need to add your bitter betsy aggressive two cents to every little fucking thing. Try harder.

No. 54905

Glad to hear you had success anon, and completely agree with your advice to other anons. I wanted a nose job, but when I went for my consultation, the surgeon urged me to think about it because it suited my face and surgery for a minor issue (small bump I can see from angles) might not be worth the potential risk. He told me exactly what you said to do anon: lose weight, do my hair, nails, and makeup. I started using keratin treatments on my hair and have been learning how to use makeup better. Got some new clothes, and am taking vitamins and losing weight. I had to go on antidepressants before realizing the doctor was right.

While I would still love the perfect nose, just doing my hair has made a huge impact on my appearance…and I get the feeling a lot of anons have unrealistic expectations like you said (I mean, WTF constitutes a potato nose here lol and this obsessions some anons have with natural "wrinkles" aka nasolabial folds).

Nose jobs are one of the highest risk areas to fix, despite being one of the more common plastic surgeries. It's not uncommon for people to need revision surgeries. Echoing this anon here, in that you don't want to skimp on this kind of surgery. Revision surgery often costs double, and may take 2 or more procedures to correct .

No. 54911

You're the one lecturing other people and thinking that having shit taste in boyfriends makes you an expert on the subject

No. 54944

What in the honest to god FUCK are you talking about you psycho schizophrenic bitch? Lmfao this is the plastic surgery thread and I've never said anything about boyfriends. I'm a lesbian. I've never had a boyfriend. You're seriously nuts, you must be confusing the god damn surgery thread for the voices in your head. "Lecturing" people? I'm giving advice from experience in a plastic surgery thread you idiot. That's what threads are for, boo. Discussion.

Go stroke your angry bitchclit somewhere else.
Or try harder. I really don't mind either way.

You're obviously one of those weirdos that tries to pretend to know what anon you're addressing because of your rampant paranoia. Get that schizophrenia checked.

No. 54960

top mad

No. 54974

Nah, you're just top crazy. But k. Sure.

No. 54979

I remember someone posted a pic here of a black woman who had Korean facial surgery and it looked really good. The after pic was dolly and gorgeous. Specific aesthetics is different from doctor to doctor and what the patient was going for anyway.

Iranian doctors are probably the gold standard for multicultural aesthetics and reducing needed revisions though.

No. 55032

File: 1487000987853.jpg (46.25 KB, 660x531, IMG_2683.JPG)

With some googling I found this.
After pic obviously has makeup but you can see they greatly reduced the nose size and chin size.

No. 55033

File: 1487001135839.jpg (58.5 KB, 600x510, IMG_2681.JPG)

Your comment is confusing since most asians are probe to wider more round nose tip and thicker skin around the nostril area. Korea is the perfect place to have rhinoplasty on a wide bulbous nose.

No. 55040


One of her eyes looks noticably bigger than the other in her after picture and it's creeping me out a bit

No. 55044

Maybe this isn't the right thread but since my issue is about avoiding plastic surgery, does anyone here know anything about natural breast enhancement? I'm looking for alternatives.

I used to be happy with my chest size. I thought it was cute and I liked how perky and round my breasts were but lately I can't even look at my chest in the shower without crying and feeling inadequate. I'm a small B cup and I'd only want to make it to a solid C cup so I don't want to have to turn to surgery for it. I heard the pill can aid growth so I'm going to start that soon but open to any other suggestions.

No. 55045

The asian wide nose tends to be rather flat, a work on a flat/semiflat nose is easier from a perspective… While a tall, westerner long and wide nose is more of a bitch because when you deproject it (to make it shorter) you also make it wider so it has to be a very good surgeon who can close the "nose roof" bones and reshape them. It's quite hard to explain and I'm not a native English speaker so sorry if it's messy.
An advice, to everyone: look for real reviews. Some doctors even photoshop the after pictures, so always make a fuckton of researches before choosing a specific surgeon to lay his hands on your face. Go on Realself or Facebook groups, look specifically for 1+ year after reviews, to see how the nose changed and if it's still solid (a nose can be reduced of max 30% of its original width, otherwise it slowly collapses. I'm speaking for the people interested in a wide nose reduction). Have realistic expectations. Don't stop at the before/afters posted by the surgeon on his site. This was a general advice.

No. 55046

Well, you know there's not really a magic pill or herb that will help make your breasts grow. But I will mention that my breasts grew a bit after I started being exclusive with my SO and we were fucking like crazy. So maybe having more sex can help?

No. 55048

Unfortunately there's no natural fix for this. The only thing that will make your breasts larger is weight gain, pregnancy, and period fluctuations. You're way better off not wasting your money on snake oil herbs and nonsense that says it will magically enhance your chest. If you're adamantly against anything invasive you're probably best off investing in good quality 'chicken fillets' and push up bras.

No. 55049

There's no "natural breast enhancement". If you want to grow a size so much you could look for breast fat transfer

No. 55052

The pill may increase your breast because of estrogen, but remember:
>The bigger the tits, the bigger the crazy

No. 55053

Good find anon. I think her features look so dainty in the after pic, yet she still looks like herself in the eyes.

She didn't look terrible before though, which brings it back to "working with what you have" to have a good result.

Just get a proper surgery, everything else will not give you what you're looking for.

No. 55054

Had rhinoplasty a few years ago, love the result.
Tomorrow going in for Kybella injections. I've been underweight my whole life, exercise here and there, but I've always had a bit of pudge under my chin. Looking at old photos of my mom it seems genetic. It's not really a big deal and I doubt getting rid of it is something anyone but me will notice but I can't stand it. Good riddance for fucking sure.

Bit nervous. As a kid I had such a phobia of needles that I'd have to have nurses hold me down for injections. After learning about numbing cream it's been totally tolerable but I still get jumpy and my heart races. I just need one session luckily but there's like 24 injection points or some bullshit. And plus it's fucking acid I'm sure that's not going to be pleasant.

Overall looking forward to the result though. I have to roll my eyes a bit at the shit I do for beauty but hey, I have one life and I have some cash to spend so why not.

No. 55062

Please update when you get it done! I am also skinny with a bit of hereditary chin chub w needle phobia. This is my dream procedure but it's so expensive for something so small. Let me know how bad the pain is and if the results are to your liking. Good luck, hope all goes well

No. 55076

The pill may help you but even if it does, keep in mind that any amount of size difference and how long it takes to appear vary a lot from person to person. Also while it is fairly common for women to go up a cup size from the pill, some women also see a slight decrease in their breast size after going off the pill.

No. 55084

I know someone who got it done two years ago but she needed two sessions, even though she barely had a double chin. I'm curious how much change it gives in one session and how much pain tradeoff.

No. 55086

File: 1487096676172.jpg (171.21 KB, 800x532, mad boy.jpg)

reee I just want a rhinoplasty and hyaluronic acid fillers already but I can't afford them/are too scared to do it.
Should I just wipe out my savings? I fantasize about doing it all the time. I have ~7k saved up.

No. 55090

Literally just got it done. tl;dr painless, 100% recommend

I kind of did consultation then just went for it in the same appointment. I was given an option of 1 vial, 2, or 3. I went for 3 to just get it done. He said it's possible I may need another go with one vial but generally it's just part of his "you accept these terms and conditions" speech. Cost for 3 was $1500

So for the procedure… Again, I hate needles and after this I am totally fine and prepared if I need another go.

>got numbed with cream cause I'm a pussy

>numb with icepack
>get grid placed
>numb with ice some more

And ready to go. SIDENOTE: This specific doc mixes the Kybella with numbing shit. If you're nervous about the burning definitely make sure your doc does this cause I swear to you I felt no burning at all.

>get through 10 or so injections

>feel nothing or the equivalent of the teeeeniest little pinch (truthfully here. Not like when nurses say "k only a pinch!" and then give you a fucking ow jab. These needles are crazy tiny, smaller than a butterfly needle)
>I am me so I got woozy from anticipation and nerves, not at all from pain
>had to drink a juice box and lay back, chill..
>get the rest of the injections done quickly with just one more break

Done. Even with pausing for wuss breaks it only took about 5 mins. He warned me that it'd burn for 3 minutes starting around the 5th injection. Didn't happen.

Then he put some alcohol on a gauze pad and had me hold it between the icepack and my chin. I started to feel some warmness but not burning.

About 1 hour after my appointment now. I feel numb and a bit of tightness and soreness. A bit bullfroggy looking but nothing that anyone else would notice as a hideous abnormality.

Yep so about a month before seeing some results. I'll probably do an update here if I remember. I know this shit is scary and we're all insecure bitches so hoping I can ease some fears as it was truly nothing.

Last little note, anyone afraid of needles get yourself some Emla cream. Really takes the edge off.

No. 55098

Yeah always get things done when mixed with the numbing shit. I don't know how people survive without it. The pain alone would make my skin react. I'm also super sensitive to needles. How long did each injection take?

I want to try this because I have a double chin when I squeeze my neck in while looking down, and I often do this. but I don't think I have enough fat to get a visible change that's worth it yet, maybe 1 vial. Let us know how it goes in the post swelling. I heard the first two weeks are the worst.

No. 55099

Maybe save for a while longer so you still have some savings left over even after the procedure. In any case with something like rhinoplasty it is good to spend at least a year visiting different doctors until you feel fully confident in one, and then usually they will set the actual surgery date for a few months in the future as well, and during that time you can always cancel if your fear is too strong (though in my personal experience I was very scared to do it for a long time but because they walk you through every step of the procedure you know exactly how every little thing will be so it is not scary, and now my nose is better than ever, so I'm relieved to have gone through with it).

No. 55124

Pregnancy can make them get huge or flat af. My cousin was always an a cup so she decided to get implants up to a d or dd which where great but after she got pregnant they went up a few sizes to like a g cup (and have stayed that way even though her kid is 5 now) but my mums friend used to have huge breasts like a dd (and she's really short and thin af, like less than 155cm and less than 50kgs thin) but when she was pregnancy they went waaaay down (after she stopped breast feeding and the extra milk size went away) to an a cup… oh but my cousin only breast fed a month or not at all I can't remember so she's not still doing it to keep her boobs lol. And they all got them when the breasts get bigger for the baby's milk do it's not the best option for getting bigger boobs kek

No. 55129

File: 1487191791394.png (682.47 KB, 1000x851, kybella.png)

He had 5 syringes full of the stuff and then did them super quick, I really couldn't even tell if he went over some places twice, 0 pain. By his hand movements I could tell he was speedracering it though. Without any breaks I'd say it'd take 2 minutes for all 3 vials.

Originally I spoke to the guy who did my rhinoplasty and he didn't recommend lipo, so he set me up with another doc in his office who does Kybella. Rhino doc said he expected one session since I really didn't have a lot of fat. I figured one session = one vial, but after meeting up with the doc who does it I needed about 3 vials to get results. He said 3 would burn the most and may give me the result I want in one go, but if I was feeling too wimpy I could go for 2 and then probably another 2. I just went for 3, didn't feel any burning at all which totally surprised me. After he was done and I sat 5 minutes with the icepack he let me know that the fat burning was finished with. But yeah the cost… definitely be prepared to spend $2000 even for a small bit of fat. The vials cost around $600 each.

Here's some photos. Currently the area feels sore and numb to touch. It got bigger and I feel like a goblin now but the majority of the swelling is gone in a week. I can feel it jiggling when I move… weird. I've been told I have thick skin so I probably won't get results like the before and after girl but it would be nice. I love how defined her chin is now, she had to have 3 or 4 sessions though.

If you're prone to fainting make sure to eat before going and stash some applejuice or something. I was lucky my doc had juiceboxes handy haha. Also he recommended Zyrtec the night before and Motrin p.m. right before the appointment and continue both for two days after.

No. 55147

Wow that's awesome anon! I'm really interested in this myself. Can you please update in a week when the swelling disappears? Would love to hear how you feel about the final results. Also, does this need to be redone regularly, or is it permanent? Thanks!

No. 55153

Will do, and yep it's permanent! Of course if you gain weight it could return but it's not going to sneak back up on you for no reason. My swelling on day two now is about what it was 2 hours after. There's quite a lot of blog posts on Realself you should check out

No. 55165

Anyone have experience with lip injections? I have such a painfully plain face I think some bigger lips would help take me to the next level. It's frustrating because when I look at results online it's either ridiculously over pumped to the point where you can see the skin around the lips bulging or it's like they didn't get anything done at all.

No. 55169

File: 1487275468261.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.03 KB, 550x300, f7093fe860b8f1a0beb83711d9c9d2…)

So, I know I need a breast lift. Hell, I've always wanted a breast lift. But I don't know anymore, I feel like there's no right option for me - either leaving them as is or getting surgery. For reference, I'd say they're between stage 2 and 3. They've always been that way, no children or weight fluctuation, just bad genetics.

I am very embarrassed and hate how they are currently, to the point where I won't let anyone see my naked body and it takes a lot of work to make them look okay when I'm clothed. Not to mention, it's impossible for me to go braless because it's extremely uncomfortable.

But with breast lifts, from what I've seen, the nipples are always uneven or differently sized and/or differently colored than they were before - making them look 'frankenstein'd'. Or the nipples look too big or have large scars around them. The breasts afterwards are boxy or too round and look unnatural or, and this is what I'm most afraid of, still look somewhat saggy or deflated. I'm also very afraid of scars because I tend to scar bad and my scars are all reddish-brown even after years of fading (my other skin is very pale and you can see my veins clearly).

I don't know…I still want to get a breast lift but I'm so nervous about multiple things and I haven't found a doctor yet that I look all aspects of their work. Any anons have experience with this subject?

No. 55184

I have seen good examples online though the lollipop shaped scar is to be expected. Really depends would you rather have boobs in a shape you hate or just some scars which will turn to a faint color and not even be a big deal in a year or so. Also if you are worried about them still looking deflated, a lot of procedures will often include a small implant to help increase the rounder, higher profile.

No. 55186

ugh.. I desperately want a breast reduction, but I've had 9 doctors say they wouldn't operate on me. WTF? I have D cups on a rather small frame, and I hate having tits. I love tiny, perky A cups. I'd rather look cute and perky than porn star-ish. I guess mine aren't really saggy enough to warrant a scar from a breast lift.. The lift wouldn't do much, and would just droop again naturally in a few years, but they aren't perky enough for my liking. Why can women get tits the size of basketballs, but if you would rather be small chested doctors say no?

No. 55188

File: 1487290946731.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.61 KB, 400x394, userimage-439120.JPG)

Yeah, tbh, I'm not as worried about scars (they'll fade eventually…) as I am about the overall appearance - fullness, symmetry, etc. I don't know much about the implant + lift combo but I've been looking it up…This is a picture I got off realself and these look alright but to me, but they aren't very full/round/still look elongated/???. This effect seems very common and it's something I definitely don't want. I wonder if getting implants with it fixes that? Say, if pic related did get implants too, would the nipple be placed higher?

I'm kind of in the same boat as >>55186, I just want perky small boobs (which I think if I got a lift, they would be since they aren't that big as is) and I don't want to worry about them drooping in the future or when I have kids or whatever.

No. 55189

Anon, I think you could probably achieve the look you are going for with a breast lift. I personally usually like the results of natural breast lifts with no implants. I think I'll unfortunately just have to accept my tits until I get older and they sag more and a doctor agrees to operate on me. :/

I'd probably look way better with a nose job as well, but idk.. I'm a bit freaked about the healing process. I can't stand not being able to breath through my nose. That sensation is fucking horrid, but I could probably get it partially covered with insurance since I have a badly deviated septum. Has anyone had their nose job partially covered?

No. 55210

I had the same breasts as you and got a lift with implants and holy shit I'm so happy. Yea I've got some scars but they're faded to nearly nothing a year after and look extremely natural.
I looked for months until I found my doctor, it was a lot of leg work but I'm glad I waited. He asked me for photos of exactly what I wanted, so I provided him some of what I was aiming for and I'll be damned if he didn't get it spot on. As for scar fading, I used this and after a week my scars had faded an extreme amount.

When I was still healing (after the wound had sealed and the stitches dissolved and I was given permission to use lotions) I used this and the purple/red healing skin calmed down within a day.

You would def need implants as well, I was going for a DD but my doctor gave me D when I was under the knife because I specifically requested a non-beach ball look and going bigger would have screwed me over. If you can find a good doctor, he will listen to all of your concerns for symmetry and size and do what's best under the knife. Plus most doctors offer free corrections if you're unhappy because of sag/uneven positions.

No. 55229

How can I do research if I don't know anyone who has had work done and live in a small European country with poor internet representation?

Most people use all the conventional social media platforms but nobody really wants to talk about plastic surgery there. We do have one old school forum but you're not allowed to post names of clinics/drs there. Lots of doctors have websites but I can't really say how reputable any of them are, and since it's such a small community they all inherently look kinda shifty since they don't get much lip service. We don't have realself or any similar platforms. AFAIK surgeons here are fairly reputable and are known worldwide for tranny surgeries.

So far I've only managed to find recommendations for 3 different surgeons with whom I'm planning on having consultations, is that enough? Also, I kinda have to get it done this year since I'm moving soon and it'll be twice as expensive abroad so I hope they can pencil me in for surgery soon after the consultations (whomever I pick, that is). I'm only having my nose done and I don't think it's going to be a big procedure (shaving down the hump and a slight tip reduction, nothing else). I'm planning to get it done around May/June.

Do you think it's doable? How should I go about planning this? Sorry for the stupid q's, I've never done this before and want to make sure everything goes well.

No. 55241

i have the same breasts as you and it's always been an area of extreme shame and sadness for me. they're full on the bottom, empty on the top, and it's difficult to find push-up bras that work for me.

just wanted to let you know you aren't alone. out of curiousity, what cup size are you?

No. 55288

Can you share the pictures you used of what your end goal was?

No. 55307

I went to Colombia for a nose job, best doctor in the country, cost me 2k, and my nose looks perfect now. I recommend doing this is you can but get the best doctor.

No. 55310


No. 55409

Any anons that have/had implants know about "breast implant illness"?
I keep seeing articles about it but can't find how common it really is and how many people it affects etc?

I'd love to get mine done in the future but this is the only thing that seems to be negative about implants.

No. 55410

I'll look for the photo since I may have deleted it but when I find it I'll post it here.

I've never heard of it before and my search can only find stuff related to "healingbreastimplantillness.com" so my best bet is that it's fake/blown out of proportion. My doctor was super thorough in telling me every single thing that can go wrong with my surgery and I had to sign the documents after I'd read every possibility. I don't recall anything about "breast implant illness" but I can look back in my file and see if I can find anything about it on the sheets I was given.

No. 55415

What doctor did you go to?

No. 55482

I heard they can get mold inside

No. 55607

I have such a disgustingly asymmetrical face. It bothers me so much.

I know I have BDD so I may just be exacerbating these issues for myself, but I hate all of my facial features and I especially hate how different they are on one side of my face to the other. I have a bulbous nose that's off center– it deviates to my left. My lips look like they are being smooshed to the left, too. My chin is uneven. I would post a picture but I don't want to horrify any of you.

Is there any sort of surgery that can make your face more symmetrical?

I have huge bags under my eyes and nasolabial folds too, but I know fillers can change that.

Why couldn't I have been born different?

No. 55611

I have no advice but I just wanted to say I have the same problems, if you have the cash you might as well go to a clinic and talk through a consultation.
One day I hope to afford a nose job and fillers.

No. 55778

File: 1488049229258.jpg (1.15 MB, 2541x3341, 20170223_184003.jpg)

I have a consultation for sliding genioplasty in an attempt to fix my hideous small jawline. I might get cheek implants too.

No. 55779

File: 1488049338719.jpg (31.9 KB, 718x341, orthognathic-surgery-virginia-…)

I might go for full on jaw surgery to get results like this, this girl has a similar issue to me I think

>tfw will never have angelina jawline

No. 55780

File: 1488051523288.jpg (91.86 KB, 770x1056, 26-Renaissance-Painting-Reasse…)

If this is you, you look like one of those women in renaissance paintings. Not trying to insult you. I like it.

No. 55781

File: 1488052235541.jpg (17.21 KB, 480x360, pgriff.jpg)

Ugh same, it sucks. My eye and eyebrow are lower on one side of my face. I avoid taking photos because it looks like I had a stroke.

No. 55782

first pic is me, unfortunately. that's actually an accurate comparison lol i'm going to do everything i can to get rid of this irish jawline though

No. 55784


finally, someone who understand this feel. me too, i didn't start taking "selfies" till i was like 18 and could work angles so i didn't look lazy eyed as fuck. but it doesn't matter really, because i feel like i'm cheating. like if you don't do something to your pictures you look like you have a stroke. but if you do try to cheat on pictures people say shit like "you looked hot on your selfies but irl you have a lazy eye ew!". like… i'm so ugly i want to die.

No. 55818

Was there a reason for Zyrtec being prescribed?

No. 55824

Literally everyone uses angles though? Every single person. Photos are rarely representative of real life.

No. 55853

How are you guys affording surgery? I'm assuming we're all in our 20s, how are you able to save up 8-10k? Personal loans? Family members helping? As badly as I want a rhinoplasty and some fillers, in my 3ish years of putting aside money for surgery i've only saved up around 3k and usually end up dipping into my savings one way or another anyways.

No. 55859

I've been saving for 3 years. I haven't bought almost anything in forever. I shop second hand. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I haven't been on holiday in years.

I've wanted a nose job since I was 15, I'm 24 now and I'm only getting it now thanks to savings and living like a pauper. I can't find work but like hell I'm gonna let that stop me.

No. 55861

You have hemifacial microsomia. Look it up. Research it. Look into the surgeons that specialize in it.

No. 55871

How much do you currently have saved? Don't take this the weong way, but do you have student loans? rent? bills? Maybe I'm just missing something but I just never understood how people could save up that much money so quickly unless everyone works a way better job than I do.

No. 55874

File: 1488229502187.jpg (177.27 KB, 1350x1200, 12.jpg)

Same person again. After playing around with a plastic surgery simulator, i think i will need double jaw surgery (upper jaw brought forward, lower jaw forward and down). Any opinions?

No. 55877

Tbh, looks like you need to work on your posture more than anything, unless you're sticking your head out on purpose.

No. 55878

yeh bad posture, working on it lol

No. 55880

seconding the posture thing. Dont think that surgery is necessary at all.

No. 55882

I think you look better in the after, but you still look good in the before too. Frankly, actual surgery results are often not as perfect as Photoshopping/fixing in an app. Likewise, you'll want to think of how creating a more desirable sideview will change your frontal view.

As for me, I'm going to have to start saving for gum surgery. Since I got braces, despite caring for my teeth regularly (flossing, brushing, even using professional dental tools and expensive tooth brushes/tooth oils) my gums continue to receed. I've spoken with a variety of dentists and orthodontists who told me it's normal to have gum issues after braces. Will need to save around $20,000+ usd for this ughh. Will probably get it done when I'm in my early thirties, when I have more expendable income and a husband to take care of me after surgery. Until then, it's not that bad, but I still get tooth sensitivity when rinsing with cold water (use room temperature now) or having my teeth cleaned.

No. 55889

Yes yes and yes. Loans are interest free and I don't have to pay them back yet. I'm also saving for a visa fee to straya.

When you're desperate you get creative basically. I sell old camera equipment, clothes, jewellery on etsy with the help of a friend who's good at peddling and shilling. People ask me if I'm a smackhead lol.
I sell at flea markets, save birthday and Christmas money, do odd jobs of the respectable variety online. Currently I've 5.5k saved, and that's in euros. When my loan installment kicks in I'll have 8k. Oh yeah, I don't pay tuition, I'm on a scholarship. I'm pocketing my loan so that helps a lot.

No. 55890

File: 1488246810463.jpg (41.37 KB, 420x420, 400ca40cfc1e00cf24900915d7535d…)

What procedures are best for under eye bags? It's like I have permanent aegyo sal and it's fucking horrendous

No. 55891

Unless you're into being your boyfriend/husband's new mommy, getting together with a man who has absolutely no drive to do anything at any point ever is going to take years off your life.

No. 55893

lower blepharoplasty

No. 55919

Something tells me this belongs in an entire other thread.
Just a thought.

No. 55954

File: 1488407996996.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.83 KB, 394x264, userimage-1874202.jpg)

Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Grigoryants? My appointment is with him on June 1st and I'm freaking out. My nose is bulbous + somewhat wide-nostrils and all I want is a cute small tip, narrowed nostrils, and a little bit of a curve.

I'm also pretty nervous about the consultation. I'm 18 and I'm terrified he'll tell me to get lost, which I've seen happen several times from surgeons I've worked for in the past. Pic related :/

No. 55957

I'm assuming this is the edited result of what you want?

No. 55958

No that's my nose already

No. 55959

File: 1488414203233.jpg (27.98 KB, 278x600, userimage-1874192.jpg)

I guess this is a better representation of what it looks like

No. 55961


Why do you want to have a Voldemort nose then? Yours is fine as it is anon.

No. 55964

File: 1488428135636.jpg (29.28 KB, 400x233, userimage-1874262.jpg)

Because I think it'd look good on me basically lol. I don't want some tiny itty-bitty barbie nose; I just hate the bulbous tip and the slight flare my nostrils have. Something cute like pic related or even something more extreme like Ryan Newman or Shenny Kaplan. Of course I know I won't get their noses but something similar is what I want.

No. 55973


I'm not seeing what you're talking about. Your nose looks fine, honestly!

No. 55978

Good for you, nobody should have to go through life looking like gerard depardieu so it's good you're fixing this early.

No. 55982

Ayyyy Grigoryants is my dream surgeon, I'm saving up for him! Good choice girl :) He's very skilled with potato/bulbous noses. He asked me 10,500 dollars, my nose is similar to yours but wider and kinda long and requires a lot of attention because it's not an easy work. How much did he ask you? (If you have already talked to him via email, I did it)
My only advice would be: wait. You're only 18, your nose is not 100% complete yet, so you might want to wait for other 2-3 years. It's not like you have an horrible nose as it is. I have to say that it's already cute: nostrils are aligned with lacrimal ducts, so they're not large. Tip is not small but not too large either. I haven't seen the profile but you would only need some smaaaall definition and that's it. Have you saved up money already?

It's fine, anon only needs some tip definition, and the doctor she chose is one of the top surgeons worldwide so she won't come out with a voldemort nose. She can have a nice and natural looking enough job.

No. 55994

It seems like a bad idea tbh. Noses never stop growing, so whatever you do will just get bigger and bigger and move obvious. More tip definition is great now, but in 20 years when it's expanded and so has the rest of your nose, it might look funny.

No. 55999

You sure? Your nostrils look really edited

No. 56003

I'm sure your face really matches your cunt personality lol
I'm currently saving up and have a little over 1/4 of the $10,000. Tysm for your message though was so sweet and I really need some extra support right about now :) it's awesome you're going to see him though! Did you already have your in person consult? The lady told me starting price is $9500.
My bf says the same thing so that's the only factor that would make me reconsider.
Yes wtf? Why would I even edit the pic besides cropping the rest of my face out? What exactly would there be to gain from me doing that when I want actual advice?

No. 56004

*2/4 of 10k so half oops

No. 56006

You know how old people's noses and ears become huge? When does that start? I'm scared shitless, and I'm only 26.

No. 56011

No. 56022

Depends on your nose and your genetics, people age differently and not everyone takes care of their skin. Never for some, for others it could be in their 50s, some only get that when they're really old and shriveled up. I have a typical Southern Slav nose (which is to say, big and lumpy) and the tip started drooping down as soon as I turned 20. It used to look too big for a child, then sort of normal in my teens, now it looks huge and ugly again.

No. 56031

Listen to other anon and look at your older family members on both sides for an estimate. Mine is starting to get a little bigger at 26, but I don't think my ears will change much.
Also they say that being an alcholic doesn't actually make your nose bigger, but I still feel like most alcoholics have big noses

No. 56034

Yes, noses grow when you're getting older, but nothing dramatic. Our noses at 50/60 will be bigger than at 20 or 30, but slightly.

You're welcome :) Yeah I'm giving myself 2 years at max to raise up the sum, I seriously can't wait, I'm going to be 22 this year and I feel like I've had this ugly nose for too long, lol. I want to do this asap. Are you from USA?
Because I'm from Europe so I just emailed the doctor to ask about the price and he asked me to send pics and describe the work I would like to be done first, then told me everything. He was very helpful. The price is kinda high and it will be a big journey going to USA from Europe to stay a couple of weeks to get surgery, but you know what they say, you get what you paid for and I'd rather pay more and go through this to get my dream nose than paying less and staying in my country to have a meh job. I envy people with a hook nose so much, 99% of times it's already small, they just need a small bump shave that every surgeon can do and they're okay.

No. 56069

Because there's distortions ONLY around your nostrils that makes it look like you edited them, that's why.

No. 56072

I'm actually addicted to plastic surgery. I had my nose, breasts, butt, and eyes done. I am only 25.

I was bullied by everyone including my family and had a lot of people betray me. it's a cross between some revenge thing and deep body dysmorphia. Currently trying to save for fat transfer to my face like Taylor R and another breast augmentation revision. I will never know how good I look and always feel like shit. Be careful.

No. 56079

What about using those money to get therapy? Taylor's fat transfer looks awful and I'm sure you don't need another breast augmentation. I'm serious, not throwing shade or anything

No. 56107

File: 1488725837424.jpg (24.18 KB, 297x273, kybellashit.jpg)

Kybella anon here with an update. It's apparently been 18 days, the initial swelling took about a week with the worst being on day 2. Day 2 was "stay in the fucking house something looks medically wrong with you" territory and all other days were passable as just being an unfortunate looking girl. I've been at my original contour for a while now and it's been tightening up daily.

At this point the numbness is mostly gone. After about a week I felt hard lumps which are slowly going away and they're mostly on the right side now. I think once all of those fuck off my jawline will look even better.
I do have thick skin under my chin, and only fat is affected by Kybella, so I'm not expecting a miracle but I am quite happy with the results I have already. People with thin skin seem to be the lucky ones who get that tight shrink wrapped jaw.

I'm due for my checkup this week but if one more syringe is recommended I'll be doing it later in the year since right now isn't a good time for me to be rocking the bullfrog look. Will update in a month or so.

No. 56109

Thanks for the update anon!

No. 56115

Thanks for the update anon, is the swelling proportional to how much fat or vials you had? I want to try this sometime but am scared I'll look like a bullfrog.

Unlike Taylor R I can't stay home or hide under sweaters whenever I get something fixed.

No. 56116

you are never going to have the result you are looking for without looking silly. your chin and jaw line are weak.

No. 56117

you are never going to have the result you are looking for without looking silly. your chin and jaw line are weak. your double chin wasnt that abnormal b4 and couldve probably been taken care of with a better diet.>>55129

No. 56119

I think so but not positive. If you do have it done try to get it on a Friday and that'll get you over the worst of it on the weekend. I'll be living with my boyfriend soon so that's why I'm waiting if I need another session, but yeah at least for me day 3 wasn't bad enough to hide from my family or coworkers.

At the risk of getting tagged as 32" waist chan, I've been underweight my whole life and don't eat like shit, as I mentioned in that post I didn't expect that result due to my skin type but I'm quite happy with the shrinking I've already got.

No. 56120

You can be skinny and still have a double chin. As you age, fat starts to settle there no matter how low your bodyfat percentage is. Often skellies need just a small fat part removed, either by Kybella like on the chin or freezing it elsewhere.

A Friday in winter sounds best for this, so I'll probably wait for next winter.

No. 56128

Sorry this reply is so late! Yes, I'm from the US but it's gonna be expensive shelling out the money to go to Cali. The thing is, I sent him a picture that was actually quite flattering of my nose because initially I thought it outlined the big tip but I realized after he said to "Avoid rhinoplasty" that the picture actually highlighted it in a flattering way lol. But I know exactly what you mean! There's a girl where I work who would have such a cute nose if her nose didn't have a bump :/ I'd love to keep in touch if you ever do get the procedure done because I'm pretty nervous about it :)

I literally have no idea what you're talking about. I put concealer around my nostrils to help with redness but besides that there's nothing done to it.

Does anyone have any other info on Dr. G or have you gone to him ever? There's some info online like at makemeheal but I still would enjoy some anecdotal stories.

No. 56157

File: 1488839960741.jpg (44.69 KB, 340x509, Rhinoplasty-before-267942.jpg)

Just found a picture of a lady with very similar features to mine (except for the unsavoury makeup, obvi). Thought my nose was too big for the dr to give me a small one, she had the exact same thing that I want done and it only took one surgery. Such a big difference. Can't believe my luck, I'm over the moon!

No. 56158

She only shaved the bridge, which shouldn't be difficult for him. The photo on the bottom is taken more below, which is why it looks smaller. Aside from the shaved bridge, the nose is the same size.

No. 56160

File: 1488852835266.jpg (24 KB, 443x332, IMG_5175.JPG)

I want to be taller. Being 5'2 I feel like a femlet around my cousins 5'7 and above. Fuck the smol is better shit. Limb lengthening sounds like an alternative. Problem is I'm not sure where to go and how much does it costs, also seems the post op recovery is long and with loads of possible complications.

No. 56165

Yeah but it's the shape and illusion that matters, since I'm gonna be pointing at the picture and saying 'i want that' rather than letting him analyse it

No. 56172

No. 56183

>Limb lengthening
Oh god no

No. 56190

I considered leg lengthening.
And I was in a very, very bad place mentally.
Don't do it. Stop. Seriously. Get help instead, find something fulfilling, and don't even entertain the possibility.
I'm petite and it's cute, and it's even cuter that I can walk and run with no complications. I'm glad I'm not deluding myself into that anymore lol whew lad those were dark days.

No. 56191

I'm 4'11", but most people assume I am 5'3" or so. I've had countless people asking to prove my height (generally having me stand back-to-back with another person who is 5'2"-5'5"). All I can say is: try heels and keep good posture. With 3" heels and good posture I can easily pass for 5'4"-5'5" (unless stood closely with another person of that specific height).

I've looked into leg lengthening surgery out of curiosity, but it probably isn't the best idea. You are basically bed ridden, there are terrible scars, and it only changes height maybe 2 inches.

No. 56230

Limb lengthening can cause embolism and can paralyze you. You get 2 inches at most. Why drop 100k for that.

No. 56298

time to learn how to walk in high-heels anon

No. 56300

A guy in my class had this done on one of his legs since it was much shorter than the other, and it started to fuck up his back/spine. I remember he was using crutches for like 3 years, poor guy.

No. 56303

I'm a man with a height of 5'5, I unironically consider suicide every day. Even this surgery couldn't save me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 57466

I'm considering a jaw shave, but after a small google research I'm already scared because of how apparently it may cause facial numbness. Opinions?
Also, I've seen something about buccal fat removal and some faces drastically change and become slimmer, but how do you know if it's the jaw that's causing a square face or if it's buccal fat?

No. 57470

Real self that shit girl, tons of resources that both explain and show pics!

No. 57473

Do you have a manly jaw? Is it REALLY big ? I've met normal girls with Western features who obsess over how HUGE their jaws are but are delusional because they're thinking they should look like Koreans. Sometimes a western face won't match a shaved Korean jaw. Anyway, just my two cents

No. 57478


This >>57473 but also it might be your selfesteem? I used to think I had a really fucking huge nose and was really insecure about it. After gaining some selfesteem I'm not bothered by it anymore and think it looks fine

No. 57493


Not really, sometimes I'm just bothered of how wide my face looks and I've even started shooping it slightly. I don't follow Korean trends though, maybe I will forget it as soon as I fix my nose. This also answers to >>57478

No. 57900

File: 1491828894111.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.76 KB, 471x830, Screenshot_20170408-090453.jpg)

My ears are deformed.

No. 57901

They look really cute tho!

No. 57906

Just like CL! ^^

No… seriously now, >>57900 your ears are fine. Stop worrying

No. 57909


Anon, these are some cute ears. And they're small, too! I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 57911


They're just small

No. 57917

Aww, they're so biddle! Some chicks with dumbo ears would kill for cute little ears like yours. As long as it doesn't effect your hearing it doesn't make a difference.
Also, you aren't one of those jackasses like me who gauged their ears and got stuck with cat-butts so thats another plus.

No. 57924

>dumbo ears
Oi, fuck off. Think I can't hear you talking shit with these ears?

No. 57934

Woah, thanks, anon ladies! I mean, like, the top cartiledge kind of looks deformed and makes them pointier than they should be… idk, I guess I'm just overthinking it.

No. 57935

Ha Didn't mean to reply to you. I'm sure your ears are totally normal. Mine are just weirdly tiny.

No. 57973


Maybe check into botox in the jaw? A lot less dramatic but a lot less invasive

No. 57979

File: 1491927164855.png (Spoiler Image,226.84 KB, 303x601, ear.png)

The top of your ear looks normal and the smallness is really cute. If you ever feel bad about the top of your ear, you could always laugh at mine. You can see where it got smashed in my mother's womb giving the illusion of a small point to the right of it. Plus, no one has ever said anything about it!

No. 58166

Anyone know any good plastic surgeons in Toronto? Specifically for under eye fillers and rhinoplasty?

No. 58897

>in consultation for breast implants
>visibly nervous and uncomfortable
>doctor pinches my waist fat
>says ''I'm being sort of rude right now, but you've got a little something here'' and chuckles
>tfw i'm only skinnyfat, not even chubby

I'm a sensitive bitch but was that really necessary? I already felt vulnerable standing there half naked in front of a mirror, getting implants stuffed in my bra.. Left the place feeling like a fat piece of shit.

No. 58902

he's definitely trying to milk more money out of you by playing mind games. fucking jew.

No. 58914

I get nosebleeds slightly more often than the average person. Do you think this is cause for concern, would it make rhinoplasty more dangerous?
I've spoken to my mother about getting a nose job and I really trust my doctor, but she tried really hard to talk me out of it and kept listing all the ways I could die on the operating table.

No. 58919

He makes his money from harvesting your insecurities like >>58902 says, of course he wants you to feel you need more work done.
This idea that consultations are in your best interest is bullshit, at most it's just to see if giving you the work you want could end badly for them in any way.

I would really like some experienced advice on where is strategically best to get fillers in my face, but if I go for a consolation they will probably just say everywhere.

No. 59136

I'm going to get kybella once its taken off in Australia.

No. 59139

Don't get any work done by him. A rule of the thumb is that if your surgeon tries to jew you from the beginning, he will jew you all the way. He will milk you all the way.

I've had only once plastic surgery, but have friends who have gotten more. None of our surgeons have ever said anything of the sort. They know returning customers are happy ones who can trust their surgeons, they don't have to trap customers. My good friend was getting work on a keloid and her surgeon did the jew shtick, so she had a totally unnecessary filler done. He then tried to talk about her stomach sag, she had had a kid like 5 months beforehand or so… She changed surgeons and mentioned it the new one, he said he wouldn't work on such sag, since the skin hasn't even receeded.

No. 59145

I would advise against doing any work on your nose until you know why you're more subceptible to nose bleeds (unless you already know, in which case ignore me)

No. 59157

Anyone done Cool Sculpting? Not the shitty lay some pads on your stomach scam, but the minimally invasive lipo with a laser?

I've lost a decent amount of weight (> 50), and it seems that no matter how low I go, my stomach sags. I'm not sure if I should just go the full tummy tuck route, or try out the Cool Sculpting since its cheaper.

No. 59163

I've just been told it's muh juhnetics. I'll ask the surgeon when I have the consultation with him, everyone says he's super trustworthy and detailed but I'll see for myself soon enough.

No. 59230

File: 1493389097609.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.07 KB, 2531x699, CdKzGLX.jpg)

Any suggestions for tip reconstruction?
My nose is long/bulbous and looks very similar the image in the middle.
I'm worried that the tip will end up looking "pinched" because the rest of my nose is pretty wide.

also sage, because I'm a newfag peasant.

No. 59585

Thanks for your effort in detailing your story anon.

I've had troubles with allergy and swelling for over 3 years now. And before it didn't affect me that much with my antihistamines, however over time, I've noticed a slight drop in my cheeks (I'm assuming age related issue?) which pulls at the corners of my mouth. So anytime I'm not consciously trying to subtly smile, my face will be very angry looking as my lips are thin and I have fat cheeks that pull on the corners, giving me a stern look. Also, the general shape of my face is very wide, especially m lower jaw. This would not be a problem on itself but coupled with swelling (due to allergy and/or antihistamines), I look bloated constantly. So not only do I look angry, I also look horrendous. Like an angry chipmunk. As you can imagine, thin lips/small mouth, swelling, wide lower jaw, is not a good look.

I mean, I could even handle being ugly but it just fucking sucks that whenever I go out, or if I'm ever in deep concentration, people seem to think I'm glaring at them, so I'm constantly been met with death glares. This has affected much of my socializing with strangers to the point I will avoid going out simply because I don't want to get death glares from others that probably think I'm death glaring them when I'm just in my head thinking about uni work.

I think another thing might be my hooded lids which also give me an angry look. And right now I'm deciding on which part of the face I should fix.

Do I get lip fillers which will not be permanent, look trashy on most people and possibly not change much in terms of my bitch face?

Do I get a jaw shave which will most likely change my appearance the greatest, but is intrusive and high probability of something going wrong. It will also cost the most and hurt the work. However, changes are permanent.

Or do I get something to lift my hooded eyes? I am already happy with my eyes, so I'm scared doing something to it might change the shape and make it look worse as it's the only redeeming feature I have at the moment.

Sigh, I don't know. People probably won't read this but I so indecisive. And going to Korea all alone without knowing the language seems so scary. Especially the healing process all by myself :(

No. 59598

If the skin is stretched you'll need a tuck. Cool sculpting just shrinks existing fat cells and pulls the skin a bit tighter on people who only had to lose like, ten pounds. Legit stretched skin from being fat won't tighten up without surgery.

No. 59625

If they made something that was literally a weight loss surgery I'd get it in a heartbeat even if it put me in debt.

But all those options either have horrendous side effects (I've witnessed some of them first hand through an ex's mom.) and don't teach you to keep it off which can mean complications down the line so…

diet and exercise it is desu

No. 59794

File: 1494034233958.png (290.68 KB, 1100x218, IMG_5395.PNG)

My earlobes are super attached, exactly like the far right image in pic related and it looks awful, they make they bottom of my face look huge and I cant wear my hair without having some peices covering it and also I cant even wear tiny stud earrings without them taking over the whole of my ear and looking ridiculous. I've tried looking to see if theres any kind of surgery to fix it but I haven't found anything. I thought about stretching them but theres not even enough skin to do that, any advice?

No. 59833

Is there any Turkeyanon here? I see so many (seemingly) good surgeons on insta and most of them are from Turkey, I was wondering how's surgey in Turkey and if it's safe to go there now

No. 59840

I've just been, it's fine to go there. Do you speak Turkish? English only will be a problem, since the doctor may not understand what you want specifically.

No. 59849

No, I don't… but if I get a nosejob there I plan on getting a native translator next to me. I'd need one already, because there's a Turkish forum about rhinoplasty and I've seen there's a thread about the surgeon I'm following. Google translate can only do little, and if those girls have their noses collapse within a year or two, if this surgeon fucks up noses, I need to know

No. 59867

I don't have any useful advice unfortunately, but just wanted to say I have the exact same problem. I tried to pierce my ears when I was 14 but it just couldn't be done because there was not enough earlobe space.
My ears are both abnormally tiny to the point where they look kind of deformed too, so I've been hiding them behind my hair my entire life. Updos are a faraway dream.

No. 60186

turkey and especially istanbul is a place you have to definitely watch yourself as a female tourist, but not all that much more than other metropols of the world. traveling alone, especially with a male companion if you're female, will take care of most of it. there hasn't been a bomb threat for a while and most of the strife happens in the eastern-southeastern parts while places that would do good plastic surgery are predictably in the west. larger private hospitals employ translators and there are freelance interpreters that specialize in interpreting for patients, but i don't know how you'd get in contact with them.

No. 60224

Foreignerfag living in Istanbul, I have to disagree with this anon. I traveled/lived shithole places like Istanbul (caracas, johannesburg etc) having a male friend won't do any help. When you're traveling by yourself you'll get way more help from the locals than you'd get with a mate. People love to help out a single female foreigner, specially in places like Turkey where guys are under the impression that if they buy you a drink they'll get free sex. Just be careful, don't trust anyone, you'll be fine. Istanbul isn't that bad.

No. 60493

For those who have done it, how did your friends and family react?
Money isn't really an issue for me, but I'm worried about people judging me for it

No. 60496

I had a nosejob:
>acquaintances from class I'm barely on speaking terms with
I lied and said I couldn't breathe properly so I had to have it done. I don't owe them an explanation, they can draw their own conclusions all they want and I really couldn't care less about their opinion.
Told him straight up and let him help me plan, he'd known it a year before the surgery so it wasn't really a shock to him. He made sure I know what he thinks about it but also said I'm a responsible adult and it's ultimately my decision. He likes the result and is glad I chose a good surgeon and researched well.
He's been with me through everything, took care of me when I was convalescing. He likes it and admits it does suit me better.
Tried to scare me out of it and tried to get me to cancel my consultation on account of the doctor being 'the grim reaper who's just going to kill me on the operating table'. I had my dad tell her, but we aren't on speaking terms anymore (for an unrelated reason).
>other family
Wished me a speedy recovery.
>everyone else
Either won't see enough of me to notice or won't care.

That's it in a nutshell. I should probably mention my family are Slavs and ps is still very much a D-list bimbo starlet thing over here so YMMV.

No. 60514

I'm in the opposite situation: I don't care for other people judging but I'm broke atm. Think of your own happiness

No. 60561

I didn't care this much about PS/plastic surgery until I went to the doctor's for a lung problem and he told me that my nose was crooked… now I can't stop touching my nose and feel a slight crook, It's not visible to the eye, but touching it is enough… Is it even worth it, other than it might help me breathe better.

No. 60670

thanks a lot, it's probably stupid to worry so much about what other people think

No. 60753

i got mine before moving away from where i used to live lel so only family members saw the before and after. my mom went with me to korea for it and she definitely likes my new nose better. my dad didn't like it much but that's because my old nose resembled his i think.

i'm asian and other people of my ethnicity actually reacted well and wanted to know what i got and where. none of my boyfriends have cared much and say that my nose fits me. the friends i do tell can't believe it's not my real nose. i would've thought they could tell because it's pretty high and triangular but whatever.

but you do you, anon! my nosejob has been the best decision i've ever made though tbh

No. 60841

Anyone here ever had smart lipo? I have a double chin that never goes away with weight loss, my face always looks fat no matter what. I am just worried about the procedure and hope someone here can share their experience.

No. 62257

File: 1496539498716.jpg (57.84 KB, 1200x461, patient-36652-buccal-fat-remov…)

Has anyone here had any experience with buccal fat removal that they're willing to share? I'm really interested in getting it done but I'm not sure if it's right for me.

No. 62283

I was interested in it too, but from what I've seen the result is very very mild, you can barely see it. Also, since the surgery needs to be performed on someone with good cheekbones, if you don't have them the surgeon will take advantage from it advising you some cheekbone implants.

No. 62289

I'm starting to save up for surgery for my eyelids that are uneven and one is making my vision worse. I'm curious how you even go about finding a reputable surgeon. It's crazy to me thinking about how a lot of people will go to anyone that will just do it.

No. 64706

I'm going to my first rhino consultation tomorrow with Dr. Grigoryants.

I'm scared shitless because I'm flying across the country, staying at a hotel in an area I'm totally unfamiliar with, and I might have just spent all this money for nothing. I'm terrified he'll reject me. On realself several doctors have said I'm a prime candidate because the changes are so minor - but I emailed Dr. G months ago and he said I should avoid rhinoplasty. The problem is that the pictures I sent were really, really good. I'm embarrassed I even sent ones that didn't highlight the issues I have.

My flight is at 6:15am tomorrow. Hopefully I don't shit myself out of stress.

No. 64709

Good luck! Try not to get too worked up about it! Keep us updated please. It's my dream to get a nose job.

No. 64711

File: 1499734268782.jpg (60.82 KB, 620x350, IMG_0731.JPG)

I booked breast reduction surgery today.
I've wanted to do it for a while as the back pain and inconvenience of having big boobs has gotten too much. I'm only 5'1" and am currently a 34E (UK). Planning on going down to a C cup and I can't wait to buy new clothes and eventually exercise comfortably

No. 64722

Wew lass! I'm happy for you actually. I'm currently sitting at a 36I UK and it's killing me. But I'm also a fatty-chan that needs to lose some weight before I consider reduction surgery. Anyways, I think a C cup would probably look pretty damn cute on your height. Good for you anon!

No. 64732

Does anyone else have to deal with a hyphocratic bf who faps to women who had work done but don't want any women to have PS?
I really want to have a nose job but I'm so scared about the healing progress. And my bf is not very supportive.

No. 64734

u wot

also, dump

No. 64741

>but I emailed Dr. G months ago and he said I should avoid rhinoplasty
He told that to me too. I was puzzled at his "You have a nice nose", I don't know if he meant it literally or as a "you're a good candidate", because it would take some courage to say that my nose looks good lmao.
Anyway, best of luck! I'm happy for you, dr. G has a very good reputation and I would've chosen him if I weren't poor kek

No. 64742

Stop wasting time with a guy who faps to other women.

No. 64743

I thought that's normal. Oh god.

No. 64744

>faps to women who had work done but doesn't want women to have PS
Red flag. Don't know if this is a troll since this popped out right after people discussed this exact kind of men in the PS frauds thread, but just in case you're legit, have the nosejob you want and don't give a fuck about your hypocritical bf. Also, the healing process is fine.

No. 64745

>faps to women who had work done but doesn't want women to have PS
Red flag. Don't know if this is a troll since this popped out right after people discussed this exact kind of men in the PS frauds thread, but just in case you're legit, have the nosejob you want and don't give a fuck about your hypocritical bf. Also, the healing process is fine.

No. 64746

I'm pretty sure it's normal, as long as they're just porn stars and not real women he's interacting with,

No. 64759

My ex
I considered getting mild unnoticeable PS and he went on and on talking about how "oh its so unattractive if you got it even if it looked good id find it ugly plastic surgery is so ugly" but the next day would talk about how hot kpopers are, then complained about how insecure i was about my body, claimed id still be insecure after the surgery, etc etc
Basically, men are idiots, plastic surgery is ugly to them, but only if the woman is open about it

No. 66148

5 months late but if you're still thinking about it, what I would do is use half my savings upfront and then pay the rest of it off through carecredit (if you live in the USA) since they have some manageable plans with no interest, that way you don't completely lose your savings but you're not stuck paying things off forever.

No. 66149

File: 1501989676898.jpg (125.44 KB, 1981x1071, Plastic-surgery-in-Korea-is-ve…)

Does anyone else want to go to Korea and surgically reconstruct their whole face?

I was reading stuff and watching videos about how small heads and small faces are most desirable. Head size can never be changed but I figure if you make your face smaller than it compensates for it?

I have a big face, big jaw, bigger nose (especially when I smile), big chin and big forehead. But honestly all I want are 3 things:
- lip lift
- rhinoplasty
- chin/jaw shave
I think those alone would make me look so much better. But I want a lip lift because it's so feminizing. I'm not a huge fan of the Korean after shots but for fixing my nose and jaw I'd really like to go there. I'd want a closed rhinoplasty and for them to only shave off the bump, that way they could do it at the same time as my lip lift. But then again I have a non-Asian nose so it's not as flat and I can't risk having it fucked up! That's my only downfall I guess. But if I had to choose between only one surgery I guess I would choose the lip lift, even though my chin is big. You can only really see how big my chin is when I smile, and it's not like it protrudes, it's just long. But my ideal situation would be to have my closed rhinoplasty at the same time as my lip lift that way both insecurities are taken care of.

sorry for the blogpost!

No. 66150

samefagging but I meant I'd do the just the lip lift or the rhino & lip lift in America! I wouldn't go to Korea just for two things. or one.

No. 68579

Bro I was just about to post about how much I wanted v-line surgery and was going to ask if anyone here had any experience with it. I would def love to go there and have work done, though, I'm just hesitant because I'm not asian.

No. 68595

You either have a very fucked up face or a very fucked up view of yourself.

No. 68627

tbh I think the girl in the before looks very cute in her own sort of way. Makes me kinda sad she felt the need to do that.

No. 68643

she got a jaw shave, eye surgery and maybe a nose job, she just helped the features she didn't like on her face, it's not like she was some poor insecure little girl who is now addicted to plastic surgery, she might have looked cute "in her own way" before but this was her own choice, you only saw her once, when you see yourself everyday your flaws are going to get bigger and bigger, I think she looks pretty before and after, and if she is being safe and not doing this out of mental illness more power to her

>long philtrum
>large jaw
>large nose
all of these are common features, you don't have to have a "FUCKED UP FACE OR YOU'RE JUST INSECCUUURREEe" to see small problems and just want to fix it, this isn't a melanie martinez mrs potato head music video about a young girl who gets her face and body done and now shes still unhappy even though she looked fine before, if you think that plastic surgery is only done by insecure mentally ill women and that no one should get plastic surgery because they look fine in your opinion youre retarded, you sound like you're on onision level

>getting sad at a girl who did something that made her happy just because you prefer her before

>telling people that 3 small facial procedures to fix common features means they are either fucked up or have a fucked up face

just go, you sound like some pathetic guy who rants and raves against plastic surgery then goes and faps to women who have had it

No. 68651

Eye surgery? Her double eyelids got smaller/slantier tho.

No. 68654

She was already cute tbh. The jaw shave was so unnecessary.
Lip lift leaves a very nasty scar and the result is very subtle, you should do it with a very reputable surgeon and do a lot of research. In USA a lot of surgeons are good with that.
Same for rhino, do a lot of research.
Avoid jaw shave, it's dangerous and in 10-20 years you may have a lot of problems.

Avoid jaw surgery, as I stated above. Too risky and it's not worth it + big possibility of problems in the future. Your face needs that support and every surgery that touches the bones of your skull should be avoided.

No. 68662

What exactly are the risks? Just curious.

No. 68668

File: 1507329604515.png (664.99 KB, 638x331, chin_2.png)

What do you guys think about plastic surgery in men? I have a big nose (not large, just big nasal bone) and weak chin (not as bad as pic related). This makes me have a younger looking face which, combined with 5'6 and skinny/ottermode, makes me feel like I look like an eternal teenager. Those jaw sugeries can fuck you up pretty bad, so I never considered it, but I have thought about rhinoplasty plus chin implants. But at other times I think I'm overreacting and it's unnecessary.

No. 68669

for big noses, it depends, big noses can be very attractive on men if it's not some witch level nose, for the jaw/chin implants, you can do it just don't go full ken doll and look like a crazy botox tranny

being skinny isn't that bad, most women love skinny men, a lot even prefer it or muscles

No. 68675

If you think it's necessary why not, it's not like a nose job will stop being a nose job just because it's performed on a man so my opinion is the same as for women.

No. 68680


Most women don’t mind if a man’s nose is large, small, or anything in between. Some even prefer large noses. Both men and women tend to dislike severely receding chins in their partners, but you said your chin is “not as bad as pic related”, so I doubt you’d get a large benefit from surgery.

Many women, including me, actually prefer thin men over Hulk Hogan types. I don’t know where the idea that women will only date men who look like they’re ready to enter a bodybuilding contest came from. Skinny men tend to look good in suits. This is why men from ethnic groups prone to having thin, angular bodies like the English and the Japanese tend to look male clothing models without even trying when they wear them. Just make sure it properly fits you (tailoring helps a lot). If it’s too baggy you’ll look like Hugh the human coat hanger.

No. 68685

idk why people are saying "i prefer skinny guys! i hate muscles!"
people have such low standards for men, it's depressing
just go work out, you'll look and feel better and lifting a few weights won't make you bulk up unless you're eating a zillion calories a day
personally, i think overly-skinny men look a little ill and bad without clothes on

No. 68688

isn't weak chin usually connected to bite problems? Like overbite. Get braces instead of an implant, if that's the case. Big noses are usually ok on men. But weak chin is terrible and I wouldn't judge anyone for trying to fix it. Do what you must to get rid of it, really

No. 69253

Anyone got nose fillers done?

No. 69297

You can have your face paralyzed if the surgeon fucks up with your nerves. If not, you can still have some spot on the lower half of your face that will stay insensible, because at least one nerve will be touched.
You can also experience jaw pain, trouble to chew, osteoporosis.
Regarding the aesthetic, you may have an innatural result, and/or an uneven jaw. Also, skin will sag since you take out a bit of the original structure of your face, so a lifting is mandatory.
You can look on Realself and see with your eyes how many people have been ruined by V line surgery. Remember that it's a new surgery, so even when people say they didn't experience any side effect we don't know how the situation will be in 10, 20 years because we have no data of it. Just avoid, most of the people that consider the V line have absolutely no need for it… Especially if you're in the West. Look at Keira Knightley and Olivia Wilde.

No. 69299

After a rhinoplasty revision I had a graft which was showing through the skin so I got nose fillers to disguise it since to have a third nose job wasn't an option for me. My situation is obviously a bit specific but if you have any questions I can try to answer them.

No. 69309

Owner of a weak chin, mine is from an overbite that couldn't be corrected with braces and only surgery.

No. 69320

Here are my questions

Does it feel funny?
Does it feel like cartilage?
What happens when it disolves? Did the skin on your bridge stretch?
What filler did you use?
How much did it cost?

No. 69343

>>You can look on Realself and see with your eyes how many people have been ruined by V line surgery.

Link? I don't see anything.

No. 69344

I'm a diffent anon, I use to go on realself alot. I can't find them anymore but I can vouch for the unhappy reviews for the vline surgery. To sum it up people were usually unhappy about either the hanging skin or not looking like a celebrity. I feel like there are alot of misconceptions about the vline surgery and Korean ps in general. You can drop 17k on vline and chances are you'll still look like a normal person. From my own opinion I think you can only look dolly or like a celeb is if you drop 40k-100k.The only person I can think of who looks more dolly after going to Korea for surgery is sayathefox, god knows how much she had to she'll out for that transformation. Why do you want the surgery anyways? Like what the other anon said;people in the west like bigger faces.

No. 69345

No. 69359

Sry for the grammar mistakes, was on mobile.

No. 69370

how addicting is plastic surgery?

No. 69387

Not at all. I guess it depends on the individual person.

If you hate yourself you'll probably keep wanting to "upgrade".

No. 69390

Have any farmers had any experiences with stretch mark removal? I’m looking into getting them removed with lasers or radio frequency needling.

No. 69394

i've had a rhinoplasty, it went great and i don't ever want to have any other plastic surgery. not addicting at all for me.

No. 69395

It depends. Some people feel insecure about an actual flaw of theirs (for example, let's say their nose) for years, then fix it through PS and finally feel good about themselves.
Some other people, instead, are unhappy with everything in themselves, or have unrealistic standards of beauty (see: human Ken etc.), and end up becoming addicted because their body dysmorphia is so bad it's never enough for them.

No. 69424


I guess I'm the type you mentioned. I plan on getting septoplasty to fix my breathing but the more I think about it, I really want to get rhinoplasty done as well. I know for sure after that I'll have a laundry list of procedures I want as I already want them.

No. 69447


You made me super scared of getting a jaw shave. I mean, I would only get it if I were rich but now I think I'll just deal with my square jaw. It sucks but at least by checking out this website made me solidify my choice in wanting a nose job. I think my dad would kill me if I got lip injections so I'm currently saving up for a nose job and might get a second job for it since I want to be able to afford it ASAP. It's been an insecurity of mine since I was 11 and I almost always burst out crying when I see profile candid shots of me. My nose is too big since I have small eyes and lips. I wish I had big doe eyes and mouth but we can't all be blessed.
How much is a nose job in Ontario? Or for nosejons in general should I go to an American doctor? Or just find whatever doctor I believe would do me the best ?

No. 69454

I don't know anon, sometimes I look at my face and start coming up with more and more things I'd like to do in the heat (and insecurity) of the moment (lips, jaw botox, even lip lift) but then I rationalize and realize that if the nose job goes well and balances my features I won't need anything else. Maybe you only think you'll come up with a laundry list of procedures because your nose makes you insecure so you assume you'll need more than that, but imo if the surgeon does a good job you'll quickly forget about any other procedure. A nose can change an entire face.

There's nothing wrong with square jaws, don't let absurd beauty standards sway you. Just open a random model website and check how many of them have a square jaw.
Look at this post >>55045 for what regards the surgeon choice

No. 69466

Apologies for the late response!

>Does it feel funny?

Getting the actual injection feels weird, yes, but afterward it doesn't feel like anything is different at all. A bit of soreness for the first couple days perhaps but that obviously dissipates.

>Does it feel like cartilage?

It just feels like part of your nose, doesn't feel any different from your normal nose structure at all.

>What happens when it dissolves? Did the skin on your bridge stretch?

Well it's been a little over a year now and the filler is just now beginning to dissolve to the point that I can feel the nose graft again but it hasn't started to show through again yet. The skin hasn't stretched or anything like that.

>What filler did you use?


>How much did it cost?

I think it was about $600? They didn't use the whole syringe in my nose though, the little bit of extra left over they put in my nasolabial area lol

No. 69515

Thanks alot anon!

No. 71891

Anybody have masseter Botox/diaspora done?

I had 60 units put in 2 months ago and I didn’t notice hardly anything. Trying to decide if I want to get it again or it’s a waste of money.

No. 71920

Masseter botox doesn't work on everyone, some people have squared jaws because of an enlarged masseter muscle, but other people just have a square bone so botox won't help. The doctor should've told you that.

No. 71933

I thought he was a decent doctor because he didn’t want to put in nasolabial fillers because he said I didn’t need them but he thought the masseters was a great idea and didn’t say anything about it not working.

Sucks because it was expensive af and I have a Kota tier jaw.

No. 71940

How much did it cost? I wanted to get it too, maybe, in the future.
And if it didn't work don't worry anyway, Kota's jaw isn't bad by itself. It's just her facial features that don't work well with it. Slim jaws don't look good on anyone, beauty is more about balance than "ideal features"

No. 72329

I'm finally getting my long awaited rhino in two weeks, I figured it anyone had any questions about the process i'd be willing to answer them

No. 72339

Good luck anon, take it slow for the first 3 weeks, the first few days are going to be hell. I had rhino 6 months ago and am really glad to have gone through with it, though I'd not go through it again on my life. Waking up from the anaesthesia is hell.

No. 72366

Who's the surgeon? Congratulations anon! I am too waiting for my rhino… In a year hopefully I'm gonna make it

No. 72425

im pretty nervous about getting sick/throwing up after waking up from anesthesia, did you have any problems past nausea? i really dont wanna puke with a clogged nose

i live in buffalo new york so its not a really popular surgeon or anything hahaha

No. 72426

Nayrt but some people get sick after anesthesia, some other don't. There's no way to tell how it will affect you. Just do as the doctor says and don't eat or drink anything 12 hours before the surgery, it will be fine. From what I know few people actually puke after anesthesia.

No. 72428

thats comforting, idk why but every time i watch a rhinoplasty vlog or read someones experience with it they always seem to throw up after the surgery

No. 72435

Actually not with nausea, just having to pee every 10 seconds and then getting a really bad adrenaline rush out of nowhere.

No. 72524

File: 1514880337905.jpg (85.46 KB, 1024x768, collage-2018-01-02.jpg)

question about lip injections.

So I got some lip injections (pretty subtle, my lips after injections look like the ones on the right). My lips just look like the shape of my natural ones, just slightly more plump on the bottom all around.

I like the "round" shape of lips like the ones on the left. Not the size but I can't really describe it very well, they look more "round" vs "wide". I was wondering if it's possible to achieve a more "round" look with my lips with injections/how would I ask for it .

My injections are going away now, so the next time I go in i'd like to try to get a more "round" shape if possible. I get half a syringe done everytime, thanks!

No. 72540

File: 1514896267305.jpg (62.63 KB, 639x627, CrXgfc9WYAAc2jk.jpg)

you would need multiple visits. It's attainable. Personally I've never seen lips from thin to the ones on the left that would look good, though.

On the other hand, here's Cindy Kimberly. She had thin lips, yet somehow she pulls off the intense fillers look.

I kinda like my thin lips, but what bothers me is the space between them and my nose which is definitely too big. I'm pretty cute from side profile but when you're looking at me en face, my philtrum is ridiculous. Wide nose is not helping.
I thought maybe lip fillers would harmonize this area. Or is there any procedure that would help?

No. 72541

A lip lift would make the philtrum area smaller

No. 72557

A lip lift for sure would fix, and it's permanent. The top lip will also look more plump.
Generally a philtrum is considered long after 1,5 cm (0,6 inches), with the ideal lenght being around 0,4 and 0,5 inches (1,1 cm)

No. 72564

Not quite plastic surgery, but still a cosmetic procedure- I had Miradry done about a year ago for bromhydrosis and hyperhydrosis so if anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer them. I'm very happy with it, and it has vastly improved my self esteem. I'm not wet and don't smell like shit all the time anymore.

No. 72977

I know this is a vague question, but do you guys know which clinic in korea is the best? I've been looking at Banobagi and Item clinic, along with Cinderella. I know for sure I'm going to get my jaw shaved and nose done, but I'm having a hard time picking which clinic to go to.

No. 72987

Ahhh!! How was it anon? I dream of getting it tbh I constantly feel shit, self conscious and dirty even if it's not the case.

No. 73013

All the three clinics you mentioned are blacklisted.
I'd tell you to avoid Korean clinics, especially for the nose. Where are you from? What is your race? I think you could find much better in the West

No. 73037

It's not an awful procedure, the worst and most time consuming part is the numbing, but it only took a little under an hour for the total procedure. I had about 50 numbing shots in each armpit, and I hate needles, but my doctor was very nice and good at distracting me. I didn't feel the Miradry machine itself at all the first time, but the second it did burn me in one spot and I got more numbing. I had both sessions, of course my insurance would not pay for it (they were willing to pay for a dangerous medication for the rest of my life though, go figure). First round was $1900, and the second was about $1000, so I would make sure this is a last resort or you have some extra cash because there is a risk it won't work for you. If you have good insurance, you may be able to jump through hoops to get your sweat glands cut out for cheaper but I was too fed up to deal with that.

For me, it worked great though. A year out and my sweat is very minimal. I don't sweat at all in the winter, and in the summer I do sweat a little, but it doesn't have that funky cat piss smell and is a normal amount when it's really hot. I can finally just use hippy deodorant and be fine. A lot of the hair in my armpits didn't grow back, I have a big stripe in the middle of both with absolutely no hair, I'd like to eventually get the rest lasered off. My armpits were weirdly textured and lumpy until recently, though, and the swelling can be pretty bad for the first couple weeks. First time wasn't too bad, just regular irritation swelling, but the second time my right arm had a lump the size of an orange under it. I would suggest getting it done in the winter, you definitely don't want to wear short sleeves right after, or possibly even for a couple months. Pain wise, it wasn't anything a couple tylenol couldn't handle: for a few days I felt like I had a rugburn under my arms. Things will feel kind of weird there for a few months, kind of like there's still some numbing, but it isn't bad. I didn't end up having any more sweat anywhere else, like some people reported.

No. 73039

Also, I know how you feel, I've have very strong persistent sweat since second grade. It got worse as I grew older, but I hoped it was just hormonal. It got to a point where I did not want to leave the house in the summer and even my cold weather sweaters were ruined by that awful smell that no amount of treatments could get out. I've tried every kind of clinical deodorant over and behind the counter, even one awful thing that made my sweat feel acidic for a year. I just wish I had just done this early on. Even now I won't raise my arms up very high, but I'm so happy I can wear clothes I care about without ruining them.

No. 73175

Oh thanks for the info. I'm Chinese from California

No. 73214

Are fillers really the only way to deal with the nasolabial area? I feel like that would just make my face look puffier, and I want the opposite.

No. 73229

In USA you have great surgeons like dr. Grigoryants. And in California you can have so many of them! Try to check realself. You can save a lot of money and have an actually good result.

No. 73576

As an update, i had my rhino 10 days ago and its been nothing but a pleasant experience. No problems with anesthesia, and had pretty much no pain the entire time (i didn't even have to take pain meds!)
I got my cast off and stitches out 3 days ago and i'm already in love with the results despite it being super swollen and my smile being weird from a numb upper lip. If anyone is considering going through with rhino, do it! the recovery was so easy and its already made a huge different in how i look

No. 73596

So happy for you, anon! In february it will be 12 months since my rhinoplasty, i still remember the same excitement from when i first got my cast off :) &How prettier I suddenly looked lol

No. 73599

File: 1516386868829.jpg (19.65 KB, 400x400, userimage-2319197.jpg)

Anyone here had a lip lift?
Sometimes I rise my top lip a little bit with my finger and I can see it would improve my looks tons. But I have rather thin lips, I'm afraid the top lip would overpower the bottom. Overall, I look very much like Sophie Turner (except my long philtrum). I have exactly the same profile, with lips "in the back" and a strong chin. I don't know if I like it, when I smile it sometimes looks really ridiculous (crescent moon vibes). I'm afraid a lip lift would fuck it up even more…

No. 73600

do you have a better b&a pic? this one is kinda deceptive…

No. 73601

File: 1516388225376.jpg (21.63 KB, 400x400, userimage-2124326.jpg)

okay, gonna dump some. This is from the same woman (from realself)

No. 73602

File: 1516388263765.jpg (28.1 KB, 400x400, userimage-2474688.jpg)

No. 73603

File: 1516388297350.jpg (16.58 KB, 400x279, userimage-2640085.jpg)

No. 73604

File: 1516388432492.jpg (20.39 KB, 400x320, userimage-2677020.jpg)

all of those are performed by the surgeon that specializes in lip lifts in my country, he's supposedly one of the best in Europe.

No. 73608

sweet cool, thanks! the 1st picture just looked a bit deceptive cause of the open mouth. i think you should go for it, looks like it might fix your issue (and mine) i kinda have an issue where it looks like i'm constantly opening my jaw while my mouth is closed…

No. 73616

What's his name? I'm in Europe

My philtrum looks like the one on the right (her post-op), should I go for it? Her philtrum was really long, mine should be fine but I'd like a shorter distance from nose to mouth like this >>73602

No. 73617

It's dr Osuch in Warsaw, Poland. From what I've read, he's not doing surgeries on people that don't qualify (I think the philtrum has to be longer than 1,5 cm?). You can have a consultation via email though and just ask
There's a girl on my radar on instagram, @scorpioasshoe, she had a lip lift (and many more procedures). She's very open about it. I think her scar is very visible, but maybe she wasn't too keen on taking care of it.
Idk, this procedure is tempting, but anything permanent scares me. I'm afraid it'll end up botched or I'll just miss my old look. Eh

No. 73635

do you remember when you started to see the swelling begin to go down in your nose? i know the first few days after cast removal the nose just swells and swells and im admittedly already really anxious to start seeing the swelling go down bit by bit, but every day seems the same or more swollen than the last

No. 73658

Ntayrt but you will have a swollen nose for many months depending on the skin, thin skin starts defining after 6 months, normal skin 1 year but thick skin may require up to 1,5 years to deflate completely. You have to be patient

No. 73667

I know that final results take a full year, but my doctor said most patients see the majority of swelling down after 3-6 months. I just wanted to know when that process BEGINS, I understand swelling doesn’t go down in a day

No. 73677

God I want so much work done.

Lipo for my weak chin (nearly had a double chin when ten kilos underweight wtf), lipo on my inner thighs, nose job to fix the bumpy bridge where I set it myself after breaking it drunk and to fix the ugly pig nostrils, I want to have lips not anorexic lines, fillers for my forehead wrinkles and disgusting nasolabial folds (full on floppy dog jowls going on imo. I look like a basset hound), probably more lipo on my stomach cause there’s a pooch that won’t go away, a bone shave for the man jaw, and whatever procedure they’d do to fix the sunken bags under my eyes.

I want so much work done and I know I’m just not a good candidate because I want so much. Ugly-face genes are lame and I don’t even know where to start researching Aussie surgeons.

No. 73682

3 months is usually the peak of the swelling process. 6-8 months is when you may start to see most of the swelling calm down

No. 73691

Anyone gotten teeth surgery? If that's the name. My teeth are dead lol, most of them anyway due to depression + bulimia. I can't even smile or eat properly because one of the front teeth has a crack in it. I'm also scared of the procedure, so has anyone done it?

No. 73695

i had 2 weeks off after the surgery and by the time i was out in public again, i looked completely normal. i had no more bruises and the swelling was "gone".
i put gone in quotes bc although my nose and face looked normal by that time, there actually still was some swelling. thats the swelling most doctors say take about 6 months to go down and i found that to be true. its just that i dont think it actually looks like swelling, more like in those 6 months your nose kind of "finds itself" and makes itself comfortable, you know haha.

No. 73701

do you mean something like getting veneers?

No. 73702

how realistic is it to ask your rhinoplasty surgeon to correct only the profile of your nose and not the actual shape of it (especially the tip?) i like the way my nose looks from the front, it balances well with my other features, but my 3/4 and profile are tragic…

No. 73703

Like, actually veeners but actually transplates too (like completely new tooth a the place of your old one)

No. 73704

It's unnecessary. Your nose will look if not exactly the same then pretty damn close from upfront if the surgeon is any good. They don't have a tendency of going overboard, it's not in their best interest.

No. 73708

you mean like implants? i have to get some cause i was homeless for a bit and couldn't access dental care.

No. 73716

File: 1516614631344.jpg (44.63 KB, 567x417, secret-celebrity-nose-jobs-fer…)

can anyone give some advice on the emotional aspect of getting cosmetic surgery? now that i'm working, i could probably afford the nose job i've always wanted, but it would be such a huge life decision for me personally (even though what I want isn't that massive, just the tip, exactly like pic related). I'm not even sure what I'm afraid of, it's not a fear of not liking the result, or regretting it, or the surgery itself. It's more of a fear of just taking the huge step.

No. 73717


anon, if you're sure you want to do it and have the money for it i'd say go for it. i had my tip lifted too and stayed at home for like a week until i could remove the cast for a few hours a day. there was no bruising at all and you'll be back in business in no time

No. 73735

File: 1516641471555.jpg (54.18 KB, 596x575, 26731556_2008355822744462_6255…)

Working on the tip is much harder than just shaving down a hump, not many doctors can do that effectively
Do it, it will change your life in a positive way. If a tip is worked by competent hands, the results can be spectacular.

No. 73741

I really, really, absolutely need to get rhinoplasty, chin reduction and jaw shave, maybe also a fat graft to my face.
I am 26 coming 27 and although my skin has no wrinkles and seems in okay condition, my nose and structure has changed a lot from when I was say, 23. My nose has grown into this fucking stupid shape, with a bump on the bridge on both sides, the tip drooped and deviated septum with the nose appearing to growing to the left of my face slightly (loss of symmetry). I fucking hate it. It's a fucking cunt. I used to have a nice nose, button nose. But gravity and the shitty aging cunt process appears to have fucked it up for me. How unfair.
I have hated this nose for a long time. Aside from the nose however, it is not my only problem unfortunately.
My jaw seems to have sharpened more and become more angular with the left more prominent and strong than the right (more asymmetry, fuck me), so hence the desire for jaw shave to correct this fuck up.
And the chin seems to have become more prominent than when I was younger which is ridiculous. So that's why I see a chin reduction necessary.
Fat graft to the face I was considering because after going through the trauma of medical surgery a long while ago I lost a lot of weight and have become very slim that it has stabilised at a weight I cannot seem to increase. So I have lost face fat which made me look more youthful and I miss it a lot. I really get so depressed when I look to my reflection and then compare to how I looked even few years ago. I don't want to look how I do now I absolutely loathe it entirely. It's not me and not what I consider even remotely beautiful.
And as a woman, I believe it is empowering to be beautiful. How I look now does not empower me but I feel oppressed and extremely unhappy.
There are days I do not go out because I think to myself I'm too ugly even though people say I'm not and I can take a good picture at times but its only because of certain angles. I have nice things to wear and such but I don't bother anymore, there is no motivation anymore because I think to myself, what is the point to dress oneself in beautiful things if one is not beautiful or feel beautiful themselves? It doesn't fit.

I am considering arranging surgery for this year and going to South Korea to get it done. I have explored forum.purseblog.com which is very good for information regarding plastic surgery and is a must read for those considering it.
From reading this forum I am very much considering mvp clinic in South korea.
I am also not Asian, but white. I read this place is good for foreign clients as many have gone there and is a clinic that can specialise in foreign client surgery.
Anyway, the one thing that I will really get is rhinoplasty If I decide not to do the others.
Rhinoplasty is the most important on my list. However I would like to get the nose, chin, jaw and fat graft all done in the one operation.
But then again, perhaps it is wise to get one done such as rhinoplasty and see how that goes first before getting much more done.
What are your thoughts on this and any advice?

Also, as I mentioned before, forum.purseblog is an essential read up prior for those determined to make plastic surgery happen.

I mean, if you can live life looking young And beautiful, then why live it looking older and uglier? Its no fun to be an old hag.
I think getting plastic surgery on some features is like refreshing yourself and wiping away the negative impact life has had on you that accelerated the loss of your beauty, such as stress and deprived sleep, shit diet etc.
And can make you feel a whole new better self.

No. 73770

fuuuck i've been wishing that a procedure like this was real. i really like my top lip from straight on as it's pretty big. i don't have a long philtrum either, but my top lip protrudes in a way that they disappear from a higher angle like hers in the left.

how much does something like this cost?

No. 73772

its not as dramatic as you make it out to be. as soon as the cast is off (usually one week) you're pretty much good to go, and its not that you'll regret it or hate the results, but you might not be 100% happy with them because you have an idealized version of your future nose in your head that surgeons probably wont achieve.

if you're okay with throwing that much money on a small change like a tip lift, go for it. personally I wouldn't do it unless you also wanted proper work on the bridge itself, its just not worth the effort.

No. 73773

i'm dreaming of a second nosejob, lip fillers, and tear tough fillers. when i have the money in future, i'd definitely look into fillers, but might hold off on the nosejob unless i win the lottery or something.

im fueled by the despair of taking good selfies and then seeing candid photos of myself looking fat and disgustingly ugly. this will sound pathetic, but i also feel my worst when i see my boyfriend liking girls photos on instagram, who i could never, ever compete with. i might as well just give up.

No. 73777

Damn, this is proof that i you are meant to be ugly you'll always be ugly. Her nose do look better but her face is not meant to be nice to look at, period.

No. 73789

So since about 3 years ago i noticed my jaw was very asymetrical and it bothered me insanely, i have very crooked teeth and recently noticed my bite is about 0,3 mm off causing my jaw to have grown weirdly, with one side being longer than the other.

So i started researching for solutions as to fix my bite and apparently you can get surgery to fix it!! So my question is, has anyone here gotten jaw surgery? Not the korean kind kek

No. 73790

Accidentally saged my post so bump

No. 73791

She's not that ugly…

Btw I'd kill for that nose. Since I'm going to the same surgeon and my nose looks already better than that girl's I'm crossing my fingers for a similar result.
Do you know when the rest of your face looks nice and you know your nose is just ruining the balance of your features? That's me. I can't wait, for real

No. 73811

Yeah I totally see what you mean, some people's face only need one little change to become really beautiful.
About this girl, she is not hideous but the shape, size and placement of her features make for a very uninteresting and not eye catching face.

No. 73819

You mean maxillofacial surgery?

No. 73847

weird question but are you referencing anything (articles, doctors, pseudoscientists, etc) when you talk about the level of interest certain features/placement of features can pique?

sometimes i wonder why certain features isolated are considered conventionally unattractive, but on specific faces and in combination with other features can give an extremely beautiful and fresh appearance (a wider nose, for example)

No. 73863

Not totally sure, havent talked to my dentist yet.

Did you have this, and if so, care to share?

No. 73881

not sure if this belongs here, but any anons had a labiaplasty before?

No. 73883

Are there any South Korean PS anons around who are foreign and travelled solely to SK for their ops? I need some info anons

How did you arrange your surgery? Did you first email, do an online consultation before making your choice and booking a date and flights?

What does the surgeon do in the consultation? (Questions asked, was it in-depth and explained in detail? Do they use computer program/ graphics to demonstrate on a sprite/ 3D render of your face the possible outcome of the PS? Etc)

Do they require your files of your medical history to examine?

Did you source your own accomodation And how long did you stay?

I have read here that Banobagi clinic is recommended, how good is it and price range estimate? I was considering MVP Plastic surgery. Thoughts?

Should I have more than one PS clinic choice and visit them in person first before deciding?

How did you pay? I heard somewhere that paying in cash can give you a reduced fee and it's more preferred (not sure of the authenticity of this or maybe I'm remembering incorrectly).

I'm thinking of getting rhinoplasty, chin reduction and fat graft to the face (I would like some fat distributed to my face to plump it a little.) Even a slight jaw shave to restore symmetry (not sure on this procedure). What are your thoughts?

What were your experiences during your trip to SK and your PS?
Would you go back again for other work done?

Lastly, is there anything that you would stress as essential to know and any particular crucial tips/ advice for a SK PS/ PS virgin such as myself?

A lot of questions but maybe answers to these can prove helpful to other anons considering the same and hopefully solve a few of their queries too. I made an attempt to present my questions in a more organised format so it's easier to read for you, hopefully.

No. 73888

if you’re white, don’t go to sk

No. 73889

I'm not referencing anything other than my own experience, I'm fascinated by people's face and I spend a lot of time studying my friends's facial structure. It's surprising but sometimes people check all of the basic beauty boxes (tiny sharp nose, lifted eye, cute mouth, high cheekbones) yet their face look dull and other time you see an amazing face with what could be serious imperfection like a big nose or droopy eyes. I think people seriously underestimate how important the basic measurement of your face are (the ratio between you eyes, mouth, face width and length, etc…). That's why I think plastic surgery is only useful for an small amount of people, the rest are gonna still look ugly/boring but with nicer features.

No. 73891

If you don't have anything worth to contribute and can only provide a "don't go to SK" without even giving reasons for Why other than this stupid race one, shut up. You sound ignorant and bigoted.
SK is plastic surgery capital of the world, with cosmetic and PS surgery tourism booming. Russians, Europeans even US citizens largely go to SK. WHY? The surgeons are more skilled, the price is way cheaper even with travel and accomodation costs factored And the aftercare is great. I have read WHITE people going to SK FOR PS and have been very pleased with the results.
I have no idea what you're talking about and I don't think you do either. Do your research. You're spreading misinformation.
Your reply isn't helpful to anyone so refrain from posting it.
Kek "if you're white, don't go to SK" telling others what to do ignorantly based on race and won't even supply an explanation although I already know what that explanation is ~ 'dont go to SK for PS if you're white cause they aren't experienced with white structure so it will be bad.' Even though sk has many foreign clients for PS and PS tourism is booming there. Jfc.

No. 73892

i had a breast reduction and it stopped my hidradentitis on my under arms but not my groin….

No. 73894

File: 1516793458924.gif (Spoiler Image,217.68 KB, 200x300, E7EFF444-F095-4120-83B5-44A683…)

Its not even that, it seems like they only have skills for giving people the ideal korean beauty standard face “ayy lmao” which i dont think anyone but koreans want

No. 73896

Firstly, relax.
SK medical tourism IS booming, but you’re being completely decieved if you believe for a moment that they have a large western clientele. Their industry is fueled by the chinese and SEA patients who fly to korea for surgery, NOT white or african americans/latinos/ect. If you want to see what koreans will do to perfectly fine faces, I suggest you go look at celia and sonia leslie, who both got standard korea noses and their faces look absolutely fucked now.
Not only that, but you clearly aren’t doing enough research if you’re planning on going to banobagi or mvp, both of which are well known for upcharging A LOT to foreign customers and are known to botch a huge amount of surgeries. If anything, i’d recommened TP.
The reason I said “if you’re white, don’t go” is mainly because you’re completely wasting your time. I don’t know where people have gotten the idea that Americas surgeons are ineffective and inefficient, but we have some of the most skilled and best trained surgeons, and the price WILL NOT differ drastically if you were to get procedures done in america. For reference, I asked 3-4 clinics in south korea for quotes and was told for rhinoplasties alone it would be ~7k, not including the ~1k for a plane ticket and ~1k for a week in a hotel. You’re better off staying in your own country where you’re safe and don’t run the risk of someone completely butchering your face in attempt to make it look like how every plastic face in korea does, with no regard for your ethnicity or facial balance.

No. 73898

File: 1516796700153.jpeg (37 KB, 627x449, 9D44F1D1-977D-4C63-B357-B47BDA…)

TL* sorry
and here’s what sonia and celias rhino end results looked like (they’re both black)

No. 73900

This advice is not informative or effective.
I think I will stick to Purse Forum and I'm glad I found it, it's really good and the advice there is given by experienced, intelligent, mature Ladies who know what they're talking about.
Seriously, everyone considering PS here, please refer to Purse Forum and read many threads in the plastic surgery and asian plastic surgery section.

You assume I reside in America. I don't.
You also failed to mention there are a large majority of Russians equal to those numbers of SEA foreigns who visit SK for PS.
I am also not black. Black profile and structure is different from that of white. When in consultation one should bring a good sized (A4) clear picture of The kind of nose/noses they like/ want in order to give the surgeon a good idea.
Did it ever occur to you anon that perhaps this was The kind of nose she wanted? Maybe she brought an image showing a style of nose like this or perhaps she didn't show images at all hence what you call 'a fuck up.' There are many variables. Maybe she did not go to one of the more well known acclaimed surgeons. The example you featured is irrevelant.

Foreigners get charged more in SK compared to the rate for locals because foreign clients such as white aren't used to haggling/ negotiating for a better deal.
Even if foreign is charged more it still works out cheaper than PS in the west EVEN with the costs of travel, translator, accomodation.
Client can negotiate lower price with the consultant if they agree to promote the clinic with their before and after pictures and through social media, give good reviews, model for their clinic to promote etc.
Client can also bargain with the consultant for better deal by saying - 'oh that is out of my budget unfortunately. I only have (blah blah amount here). Thats a shame, I was really hoping to do business with You, your work was just what I was looking for, but the price, I'm afraid I will be going to (insert clinic here) instead as they offered me a more reasonable/ competitive deal and similar work' - they will be so desperate to not lose business and serious client, they will lower the cost.
Even if you tell them 'either give me the local pricing or I walk out to go to another clinic' will work because competition is high.
If a foreign client even brings a Korean friend with them or pays for someone Korean from some friend service to attend the consultation with them, the price will be much, much lower and the client won't be exploited as you highlight.

Also, if you source your own translator and accomodation independently and separately rather than opting for one of those package deals including those necessities specifically for tourists, it will be cheaper.

So yet again, you're telling me stuff that I know more about.

No. 73902

American plastic surgery is not the best. Although I did not explicitly mention that American surgeons are ineffective and inefficient, this is not the point.
The point is, SK offers cheaper in comparison for better results.
With everything involving serious procedures, it requires a lot of research and you have to know what you're doing. If you don't, it can result in fuck ups like the one you mentioned.
Don't go for the clinic most advertised, don't go for the clinic full of people waiting in the reception to be seen, don't go ahead with a clinic that during consultation, the surgeon is still in their operating theatre gown.
Why? If it's most advertised - Needs business, not good work. If it was good it wouldn't need to advertise so much
The clinic full of people in reception will most likely not spend much time on your surgery and you'll just be seen as another piece of flesh, then it's 'NEXT!'
The surgeon appearing in their surgery gown during your consultation is likely rushed and doesn't have much time due to the large number of people which equals a higher chance of fucks ups and, do you really want your surgery rushed?
Etc these are just some common sense things I would think.
There are many top surgeons in the world in SK. Why would a surgeon do their business elsewhere when they can do it in the plastic surgery capital of the world where business is prolific and potentially make more money?
Also, personally, I will be close to SK within this year so flights will not be the cost you detail and will be very cheap.

No. 73903

Banobagi was mentioned here and the anon said they loved their results and would recommend. In fact I recall numerous anons recommending Banobagi. But you're saying it has a high possibility of doing botch jobs. Though it worked for an anon here. Banobagi wasn't so much a choice of mine but I had simply put it into my considerations list because of the feedback of it here.
MVP was mostly my no.1 choice and was influenced by a woman who had surgeries there and would recommended it heavily, even returning to the clinic herself.

With your mention of TP I have added it to my considerations list. I will have a look into it. So thank you for your suggestion and also for a little bit into your own personal experience with consultations and quotes you added.
Much appreciated anon.

No. 73904

I just looked up Sonia and Celias.
They're huge koreaboos so it's understandable why they got a nose done like that. They probably had an image of a k pop idol as reference to show their surgeon kek. But they are pretty (I think they are anyway). Maybe You mean their faces are fucked now because they don't bear the features that resemble their ethnicity. But I believe this is the nose they wanted because they're huge ass koreaboos anyway so standard Korean surgery nose or not, it was more than likely their intention and preference.

No. 73911

File: 1516811371076.jpg (121.24 KB, 1200x800, IMG_2404.jpg)

I want what this girl had

No. 73913

i'm not sure why you're shilling the fuck out of korean PS clinics and using "they're the plastic surgery capital of the world" as a reason why everyone should go there to get surgery done. like another anon pointed out, most of their clientele comes from SEA - not the western world. they're obviously skilled when it comes to asian features, but to think that they could do better on a white face than someone in beverly hills is a bit of a reach. i'm not saying it's 100% fact that they'll do worse, but you have no reason to think they'll do better, either.

a close girlfriend of mine went to south korea to get rhinoplasty. for reference, she is mixed, but her nose was stereotypically "asian". they pinched the fuck out of it. it looks exactly the same as every other nose job that comes out of south korea, but it didn't balance well with the rest of her features at all. south koreans have a technique and for the most part it works - for people with asian features. to think that the same technique can be translated across different ethnicities, however, is pushing it. that, in combination with the fact that their standards of beauty differ from western ones…

No. 73914


No. 73915

this looks like a really misleading before and after - it looks like she's purposefully mashing her chin into her neck to create the double chin look lol

it looks like she got fillers, but tbh the biggest difference in my opinion is her skin texture… thanks photoshop?

No. 73917

File: 1516813426500.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 1510883646088.gif)

>The surgeons are more skilled
My sides. I guess you didn't see the amount of fake looking ugly MJ noses and crooked jaws after V line.
Also, many many many SK clinics are guilty of doing what is called assembly line surgery, with zero care for the patient afterwards (especially if things go south) and tight schedules to make everything fit into a week, even multiple surgeries.
Most clinics also shoop the fuck out of the post-op pictures. If this seems appealing and trustworthy to you, go ahead

No. 73918

They had vlogs of the surgeries and no, they didnt provide any pictures of idols. THAT is what the surgeon recommended for their faces. If you’re happy with that result then I can’t convince you otherwise so go for it, you sound like you have your mind set and refuse to hear any criticism.

No. 73919

Again, there are countless success stories and many happy caucasian clients from their results in SK.
I could say the same thing about ~amurican~ plastic surgery results being botched if one just takes a look at the countless fails celebrities of Hollywood have suffered. If American plastic surgery is sooo superior, then how come so many celebrities (use this as an example) who have access to the best resources, have botched surgeries? Actually the results are so, inferior, in comparison to the craftmanship found in SK.
Kek post examples of SK plastic surgery results on white foreign clients then we'll talk.

Exactly. She didn't show a picture for reference and she followed what the surgeon wanted. That's like going into a hairdressers without a visual reference for what you want AND agreeing with them to do what they want. That's fucking stupid.
If they're not going to give you what you want, you walk out and find somewhere better. Considering they went to fucking Cinderella PS clinic which only produces and specialises in gangnam unnies, they're not going to get any better result. The results they got is a reflection of their stupidity because they went to a gangnam unnie clinic and didn't do much research when there are plenty of good PS clinics in SK.
Your criticism is negligible because you are bias and don't even consider the contributing factors that lead to bad results, as I mentioned in the above, those twin sisters went to a clinic that is well known for shitting out the gangnam unnie look. Kek please

No. 73923

You do know banobagi and MVP are also incredibly well known for shitting out gangnam unnies, right? They're even blacklisted on purse forum

No. 73924

Nobody said that American surgeons are the best in the world (well, some of them are in the top 10 actually, but yeah there are shit surgeons everywhere of course), but saying that SK surgeons are the most skilled with the gangnam unnies they spawn is hilarious

No. 73926

No. 73944

File: 1516824711544.jpg (42.47 KB, 800x682, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

But Banobagi is suggested and recommendeded here and you anons have such priceless advice

Come on, that was 2014, 4 years ago from now time travel anon. At least try to find some relevant up-to-date incriminating articles. Policy and procedure could've changed a lot since then especially with this 4 year old exposé being potentially dangerous for business and rep.

No. 73946

Well if you think about it, the ability to produce the same result whilst working on differing features and varying proportions is actually, very skilled.

No. 73960

File: 1516828037099.png (2.98 MB, 1420x1440, 5942e8a8e4fee_Capture_2017-06-…)

All of these SK anons are going to end up looking like pic related

No. 73963

File: 1516828282997.jpg (233.17 KB, 1080x1080, omyjewelsofia3.jpg)

If it's a look you like then by all means go for it, just be careful I guess

No. 73993

The problems with these, imo, is that they just look overdone. If it's a style you really like, then I can't help but worry that your expectations go far past one small thing you'd like to change, and looks more like a slew of image issues. If you want to look like someone who's had a ton of plastic surgery, an overly tiny and pointed nose and chin with huge round cheeks and eyes, then you probably don't have a healthy beauty standard to begin with and shouldn't be getting surgery at all. No one is born looking like that, and everyone will know you've had work done when you get surgery like that, especially if you're an ethnicity other than asian.

No. 74002

The girl in the first pic - her nose is too long with the tip too droopy, pointing downwards rather than appearing to be "growing forward" with a slightly upturned tip. The length should've been made slightly shorter. And the cheeks are too puffed, too much fat graft or filler. Moderation is key. I honestly think this is an example of overkill and not within reason. It's just the style this girl wanted.
The girl in the second pic is pretty. She kind of appears a koreaboo's version of Kim K with white skin. Do You see it too? At the same time she looks dollish.
I mean this is clearly the image these girls aspired to, they're into the koreaboo lifestyle, you can tell by their dress style and pose. They even got the aegyo Sal eye bags.
No it's not a look I am interested in. All I want to do is refresh my appearance within reason and with what my natural structure and tissue will allow. So similar to how I look now except more refined, and fresh, youthful as myself 5 years ago or so.

No. 74005

File: 1516837733159.jpg (107.42 KB, 990x1280, FB_IMG_1497556598888.jpg.c83c8…)

I mainly posted that 1st girl as a joke, but that image looks a bit shooped (look at her eyes). Pic related is also her, which isn't bad looking imo, just very plastic.

>>73963 is Sofiia Ramazanova for anyone curious

No. 74009

Well I guess the Slovenian granny look was her ideal. Hairstyle + clothing + thin top lip + the flared Triceratop beak nostrils + facial expression + derpy smile and eyes = Slovenian granny.
This isn't a good look.
Nose needs shorter with a more petite refined, soft yet upturned tip and lesser flare of nostrils.
Don't know what the fuck she asked for and who she went to. I really don't think she spent much time researching. Maybe it's just her beauty ideal idk

No. 74010

Oh and did I mention? Those fucking derpy eyebrows. Jfc

No. 74017

you keep saying moderation is key, but wanting a rhinoplasty, chin/jaw reduction, and a fat graft is not moderation, and your results will be incredbily drastic. Only a SK surgeon would let you do so much to your face in one go

No. 74018

File: 1516841867071.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1440, textgram_1516840605.png)


Hmm, I am definitely set on a rhinoplasty, chin reduction/shave and a slight fat graft to plump the cheeks slightly to recover the volume they had before and get rid of the hollows and dark circles around the under eye area.
But I'm not so passionate about the jaw shave. And even if I was to, I would only want a slight shave on the left to restore symmetry and balance because it's a little off.
But really, the rhino and fat graft are the major ones I want asap. So we're talking just 2 or 3 procedures here. I don't think a chin reduction is such a big procedure, but then I was considering DR Lucian Ion in London for that because their method is very little trauma to the bone.
But that's in London and isn't necessarily convenient because that's not where i'll be. SK for the surgery because it's more convenient for that time.

I put together a collage of noses I would like. There's a couple pictured that are similar to how my nose was before the cartilage of the tip detached from the bridge (droop) and lost its shape from the loss of collagen through aging.
This is a rough idea of the look im after, within reason of my tissue's capabilities of course.
You can see I like a nice fine, buttony nose tip. Thats how my nose used to somewhat be.
Maybe this image I have put together there are a few examples other anons like? Some images included,I spotted on here that I liked.

No. 74046

>collage of noses I would like
Okay but plastic surgery isn't a dress you can like on the hanger but take off when you put it on and see it doesn't look good on you. Take a look at YOUR nose, the one you have right now, the end result is just going to look like a better version of that. You can't take the nose off someone with a completely different face, slap it on yourself and think it's going to look as pretty when you aren't Angelina Jolie.

You sound like you have BDD and need to step away from the mirror and the internet.

No. 74049

tbh most of anons here sound like they would benefit more from theraphy than surgery (and I'm saying it as someone who posted here).
It's like using a small bandaid on a gaping wound.
It won't go away.
(of course, it's not always a case, surgery helps some people, but damn posters here seem super BDD.)

No. 74050

Did you even read my post correctly? As I stated
"There's a couple pictured that are similar to how my nose was before the cartilage of the tip detached from the bridge (droop) and lost its shape from the loss of collagen through aging.
This is a rough idea of the look im after, within reason of my tissue's capabilities of course.
You can see I like a nice fine, buttony nose tip. Thats how my nose used to somewhat be."
They're similar to how my nose used to be - the tip, before it lost its shape and flared which is inevitable and happens to everyone. The nose loses its shape, it droops, the nostrils flare and it becomes longer with aging. I wouldn't feature noses that were not similar to mine before it aged.
Don't reply me if you haven't understood the text i've written.

I'm not even going to validate your last paragraph with a response.

No. 74087

Reproducing the same cookie cutter nose style on everyone is not being a good surgeon. People have different faces. A good surgeon gives you the right nose for your face, not a copy/pasted MJ nose that depending on your original nose might indicate an excessive reduction that will result in a V inverted deformity and a consequent mandatory revision rhinoplasty.
Surgery is not a joke. As someone whose close friend got botched, I want you to consider that if they fuck you up it won't be just a money issue to try and fix it. Other surgeons may not be able to fix the mess.

No. 74109


The nose doesn't change with ageing, both facial symmetry and nose size is related to health and hormones. You can improve by stabilizing both. Also you said you are 27? (too lazy to scroll up). Ageing is not a factor here.

Other Anon is correct

No. 74110

File: 1516925478983.jpg (491.06 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag_260118-001014.jpg)

Pic related

Judi Dench young and old.

No. 74116

I dream of winning the lotto and getting work done in SK. I want to get a nose job, v line surgery and just do anything to get a feminine face. I have that ugly white girl man face, maybe my dream will come true someday…

No. 74158

File: 1517003857135.jpg (232.14 KB, 1042x422, 20180126_225457.jpg)

did anyone treat lip asymmetry with botox here? my lips look alnist exactly as in pic related. it doesn't make me feel super ugly but it does throw off the whole symmetry of my face which sucks especially when i take pics

No. 74159

For whoever wants to have V line/facial contouring, I've heard good reviews about GNG (and dr. Choi specifically). Apparently they didn't botch anyone… unlike Banobagi, ID, Cinderella etc.
Stay safe anons

No. 74169

File: 1517016935227.jpg (80.32 KB, 400x400, what-kinda-shit-is-that.jpg)

Anon, what? The bone structure changes and fluctuates from aging. Hormonal changes and imbalance can be age related also.
"As one ages the nose does not grow but it changes in shape, which often makes the nose appear larger.
As the support of the nasal tip weakens and the nose begins to fall, the nose appears longer from the side or profile view. Additionally, it will make an existing nasal hump appear larger or cause a small hump to appear as the tip falls." - Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh
And at late twenties this aging of the nose applies. My nose of now looks vastly different from my nose of 23. The tip which was once more upturned and "attached" to the bridge appears drooped. This is simply because of gravity pulling everything down and the tissues weakening because of aging.

No. 74170

Actually anons I haven't been quite so honest.

It's the nose picking.

No. 74176

if you can see a difference in your noses shape from 23 to 27 theres a good chance you're overanalyzing your face and have some body issues you need to work out

No. 74180

File: 1517028468276.jpeg (Spoiler Image,412.09 KB, 1962x1209, 13DBD8E6-23B6-4B86-BB02-4D302B…)

Pic related is my chin because I couldn’t find a similar image on google. I have a crooked smile and I hate it. My chin is uneven when I smile with my teeth and it’s weird and crinkly. My jaw seems asymmetrical, but my cheek bones, eyes, lips, and nose. What can I do to get it symmetrical? I think it’s my chin I hate the most.

No. 74181

File: 1517029448971.jpg (126.33 KB, 638x632, fjm69u.jpg)

That looks like a great job! I pretty much dream of something like Mariyan Pashaeva. Her and her friend Sabina have the best nose jobs I've ever seen (pic related), so good that I don't even expect to have the same amazing outcome.. there are no before photos of Sabina (left) because supposedly she had her nose job when she was very young, but there are some of Mariyan and her nose tip was bulbous and droopy. worse than mine, this why i've gotten so obsessed with getting something similar.

No. 74182

File: 1517029485134.jpg (103.92 KB, 641x414, 2z.jpg)

some before pics of Mariyan

No. 74183

Yep, you are correct.

The pics you chose are somewhat bulbous…

No. 74184

her friend's nose looks fake at the tip and between the nostrils, it's too much. Better stay a little bulbous imo

I'm jealous of mari's looks in general but she doesn't look that impressive in the before pic. How'd she get so pretty? Besides the nose job lol

No. 74188

Beyond getting better at doing makeup?

No. 74189

So who was their surgeon?

No. 74190

You look pretty, anon. I'm highkey jello of your teeth. And that asymmetry isn't as obvious as you think it is… I had to literally squint and focus to see something, and it's not that bad at all.

Are they Russian? I don't trust Russian surgeons… Their nose style is really fake most times, and they tend to reduce too much. The only decent slav surgeons I've seen are Ali Aliev, Glushko and Matolinets.
Consider Turkey instead, they still have some fake-style surgeons there but their top surgeons are on a whole another level, to the point that they're travelling around to teach other surgeons in Europe and USA their advanced techniques. And they're even cheaper in price

No. 74192

File: 1517069665250.jpeg (Spoiler Image,875.59 KB, 2840x2840, DC5036B6-4428-499C-93C6-653C97…)

It looks worse in selfies and other pictures because compared to the rest of my face it looks even more asymmetrical. I think it’s only my chin that really bothers me, now that I think about it. I don’t think it’s the bone, it’s a weird chunk of fat/muscle/tissue. Pic related is what I want my chin to look like. Top pic is what it looks like now, right pic is my ideal chin, and left pic is a more realistic chin. I used Facetune to edit my chin.

Thank you for the compliment though <3 I never realized how straight my teeth actually look until I took this pic.

No. 74193

there is nothing wrong with your chin and i lowkey hate you for that being your biggest insecurity

No. 74194

You know that’s like, really obnoxious, right? You don’t know anything about me and you assume that’s the thing I hate the most about myself? I only came here because I have no idea what the hell to google because “chin implants” and “chin augmentation” doesn’t get me the search results I want.

No. 74196

File: 1517075160352.jpg (251.25 KB, 730x430, chin-filler-04.jpg)

Front camera is awful and tends to exaggerate asymmetries you weren't even aware of/can barely see at the mirror. Whenever I take a selfie with front camera my nostrils look really uneven, and I've never seen said asymmetry in the mirror.
Moral of the story, phone cameras are shitty and highlight asymmetries that are barely noticeable irl, so if your chin looks slightly asymmetric in a selfie in real life it should look completely fine imho. I still think you're fine and sadly I don't know much about chin surgeries… I'm going to get chin fillers (my chin isn't weak, but I have a cleft chin and I really dislike it so the plan is to fill the dimple and at the same time slightly elongate the chin vertically like pic related, because on top of that I have a moonface so it could give the illusion of a longer, less round face). Maybe fillers could do something to you too? In case you go for it get Radiesse only, since other fillers like Juvederm and Restylane have a more liquid formula (ideal for lips) while Radiesse is thicker and more resistant

No. 74197

Looks good. Who did their work?

No. 74198

Depending how your teeth line up with your nose and lips or if you have a midline deviation, you may have occlusal plane canting. This can cause asymmetries in the face which are most evident in the lower area of the face. You can see an orthodontist about it and get their qualified medical opinion, if that's the cause of the asymmetry.
The teeth are an important part of facial symmetry.
It can be easily remedied by braces.
Or you could simply get a chin reduction/ shave. You will only qualify for a chin reshape/ reduction/ shave if your occlusion (bite) is satisfactory.
You won't get the information you want here, as you've experienced how frustrating it is when anons can't simply give the answers you're looking for and seem pretty shit at answering others' questions. They only telling you their opinion instead of fulfilling your needs which is giving an answer/advice, not their opinion, to your problem. Kind of selfish.
Anyway, No one knows what will make you happy better than yourself.

No. 74200

Aw I have one and I think cleft chin are absolutely lovely, probably because of the way they are referenced in my country, we say "having an chin like an angel butt".

No. 74202

File: 1517083555791.jpeg (54.6 KB, 330x210, 6F1E5492-ED48-431C-AE17-4CCB96…)

That actually sounds like a good idea, the Radiesse. It’s less invasive and it’s cheaper than chin surgery. Are you getting it done somewhere in California, or are you getting it done locally? Have you gone to a consultation yet? My only fear with the Radiesse is that it’ll just make my chin bigger. Also, I get what you’re saying about the front facing camera making everything look worse. My nose looks big in pictures but it’s actually perfectly sized in real life. But, when I look in mirrors I still see my weird chin and I hate it.

If you’re talking about the way I replied to that anon, that anon wasn’t trying to help me. Saying
>I lowkey hate you for that being your biggest insecurity
is unhelpful. It makes me feel silly and stupid for speaking up about my insecurities. That anon doesn’t know anything about me.
As for the occlusal plane canting, I googled it and tried that stick test and it looked symmetrical. That’s why I think it’s only my chin. But thank you for the suggestion! Jaw shaving sounds terrifying and painful, I’ve heard of it because I used to watch videos about trans women getting FFS. So I’m glad my jaw doesn’t seem to be the issue.

This is actually really cute. My dad used to tell me that freckles are angel kisses.

No. 74207

I live in Europe, in a nearby city there's a very well-reviewed doctor who performs every type of filler so I think I'll head straight to him. I'm going to do it later though, because for the moment my priority is the nosejob. I'd like a permanent solution for the chin anyway, because spending 400 bucks once a year for a non-permanent solution is kinda annoying to me :( I thought fat grafts would be a solution, but contrarily to what I thought they're absolutely not permanent, and way more expensive than fillers!
Then there's chin implants, but ehh, I've heard they're kinda uncomfortable (like you can feel them under your skin) and fake looking most times.
What the doctor should do to you is inject a little bit of product to fill not the chin, but the sides of it, so it will look all even. When you get fillers you pay for the whole syringe, so you might start with a little bit of Radiesse, see how it looks and if the result is still too subtle you can go again and get a bit more of product injected, and won't pay for it because you bought the syringe the first time. Hope I'm making sense, I've been smoking today

There are girls who look lovely with a cleft chin! But I don't know, I never liked how it looked on me…

No. 74224

File: 1517123841940.jpg (163.31 KB, 633x600, 2m6029c.jpg)

Both of them have gotten A LOT of work done. Boob job, ass, nose, eyebrow implants, hairline, chin, and lips. I've seen this before photo of her going around but it's so unrecognizable that I don't even know if that's really her. Could be though, because Mari is a natural brunette, and I guess the eyes look the same. btw this after photo has a bit of photoshop. despite her nose already being tiny, she likes to shrink it even more.

No. 74232

File: 1517145058593.png (371.16 KB, 493x500, mariii.png)

The surgeon is from Mari's hometown Makhachkala in Dagestan and his name is Isa Davydov (at Klinika Al-Isa). Apparently he's skilled at doing noses, I remember browsing a Russian plastic surgery forum with pictures of his and work and the results were absolutely stunning.

Mari also said that the surgery didn't even require general anaesthesia, it was done on local anaesthesia and was just a reshaping of the tip.

No. 74234

Please don't be ridiculous

No. 74244

File: 1517161552258.png (754.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180128-173958.png)

So it's in Russia. Ugh. Is it worth it or even realistic to go to Russia for a rhinoplasty even if it's with the ~ best surgeon ever ~? How would that be managed, travelling from UK to there? I wouldn't have a clue where to start; Flights; accomdation; costs; exchange rates; language barrier etc
I tried looking for that surgeon but I couldn't find. Instead I found this article, pic related. You can guess what she said after lmao heres the link. Read for a laugh http://www.irinatee.com/2016/11/24/coming-clean-plastic-surgeries/

No. 74245

So I’ve been doing some research on Russian plastic surgery, and I found an interesting article: https://themoscowtimes.com/articles/russias-silicone-valley-boob-jobs-in-the-provinces-58266
Apparently Russia’s plastic surgery has been booming in a town called Ryazan. Apparently, it’s cheaper to get it done there than it is in other parts of Russia, like Moscow. I’d be a little scared going to Russia, because I don’t know any Russian. I’d like to, though, because the country is interesting to me. But you’d have to find a translator willing to go to the surgeon with you, and make sure the surgeon isn’t trying to scam you because you’re a foreigner.

The article brought up a good point: Vladimir Putin looks really good for his age. I’m not into older men, but I think he looks really good.

No. 74246

A nosejob in Russia would be cheaper compared to UK prices, but you should hire a translator because they don't speak a single word of English

No. 74248

Yeah but at least in UK I could get rhinoplasty done in London without so much travel and be within a familiar environment. I'd only seriously consider going to Russia for that rhinoplasty if it was with that surgeon anon mentioned,"Isa Davydov (at Klinika Al-Isa)." But as I said, cant find.
Plus i'm looking to get more done than just a rhinoplasty. Which then leads me to South Korea since they seem to do a lot of procedures in the one op, which i'd prefer, it's convenient. But then again it's necessary to have a surgeon who is a specialist in a particular area like specialising in rhinoplasty in order to get best results with that particular feature. Which means you can't really have plastic surgery on all the areas you want in one operation since you can't have all the specialists in the one theatre at the same time, they're sourced in different clinics. Which sucks. I just want all the procedures done in one op and have it over and done with kek
Dont know what to do really.
Anyone know anything about good plastic surgeons in central Europe? Poland etc

No. 74250

The website of Mari's surgeon is al-isa.ru
I'll see whether I can find the forum with the photos of his work.

But yeah, if going to Russia for surgery, one would probably have to hire a translator, unless it's some clinic especially catering to foreigners.

No. 74253

>I'd only seriously consider going to Russia for that rhinoplasty if it was with that surgeon anon mentioned,"Isa Davydov (at Klinika Al-Isa)."
ditto. I would seriously go too. Please find the other forum pictures, anon.

No. 74254

I'm not sure whether this is the actual forum I had in mind, considering it was some years ago when I was looking into it, but when googling I found this Russian forum dedicated to rhinoplasty. This particular subforum deals with Isa Davydov and his son Osman Davydov, who is also a surgeon at the Al-Isa clinic.

No. 74255

Not sure if this belongs in the PS general, but does anyone have experience with tattoo removal? I regret most of the tattoos I got as a young, dumbass so I'd like to get rid of them. I'm just worried about the scarring that might occur.

No. 74256

see >>73617
This man should seriously sponsor me, lol. I always recommend him but he's just genuinely good.

No. 74259

What's his speciality? Rhinoplasty? Is he good at everything in general?

No. 74262

I'm the anon who said i'd only go to Russia for rhino if it were with
Isa Davydov. But I think going to Poland for rhino with dr.Osuch is more reasonable and would offer the same good result, similar anyway.
Poland I know has great price and their clinics are good. Russia is much farther. I think going to poland is more realistic and accessible.

No. 74264

Omg why is Poland so cheap?? You know how much a rhinoplasty is on Dr. Osuch site? Around £1275! (Granted this is probably a starting price and depends on the individual case but that's an amazing price) Totally getting my rhinoplasty with Dr. Osuch, it has to happen.

No. 74267

I suppose going to Dr. Osuch in Warsaw Poland to get rhinoplasty is better than going to South Korea to get the same with a specialist in rhino if you're Caucasian. One probably has a higher chance of getting a nice nose with DR. Osuch and he can probably do a better job. Have you ever been to see Dr. Osuch or wanting to? Maybe you don't need to.

No. 74268

I will go to Turkey to get my nose done, cheap accomodations and the surgeon speaks english, too. If you want more info hmu

No. 74282

He specializes in lip lifts (something I'm interested in), face lift and rhino. I know a girl who did boobs with him, so I assume he's doing variety of work.
probably because the salary rate in Poland is low kek. I guess it's a good business to get surgery here, even adding the travelling expenses. I know Osuch has many international clients, especially from UK

No. 74286

I'm going to give him a big tip if I like the result. I will seriously tip him £1000 if he does a good job

No. 74287

You won't know what kind of job he did until it heals.

No. 74290

Yes but I trust he can do a good job. He appears to have a good reputation.

No. 74299

File: 1517204141713.jpg (175.26 KB, 964x595, c.jpg)

This is Fatima, Mari's cousin. her features were the worst of all of them (that's why she's the least popular) but now she looks like Mari's twin. I'm pretty sure she had 2 nose jobs https://www.instagram.com/fatii001/

No. 74304

Stop shilling roach surgeons

No. 74305

File: 1517216391843.jpg (273.72 KB, 960x960, ifwms0.jpg)

Whoa, Fati looks unrecognisable to how she looked in 2015, when she had already had one nosejob. She has also deleted all her old photos.

Well, all three of them look like clones now. I wonder if they've also fallen out with each other, because they don't seem to be following each others' accounts on IG anymore. Mari also used to post pictures together with Sabi and Fati, but not anymore.

No. 74306

The best bang for your buck is usually in Eastern Europe. I know of a doctor in Zagreb (Croatia) that's relatively well known for having done some work on local celebrities, in Serbia there's Ribnikar who's really experienced but he refuses to do anything that's super drastic, his rate is around 3000€-4000€ which is considerably more expensive than other doctors in the region, there's a young doctor from a clinic called Diva that's more affordable and I've heard he does good work.
There are also several doctors in Hungary but my Hungarian is really bad so I haven't looked into them much.
In France there's also doctors who will do it for 3-4k€ but you need to speak really good French and do a lot of research.
I got my nose done in Finland (with Ståhlberg) and I'm super happy with the result but it was 9k€ which may not be in everyone's budget.

No. 74308

File: 1517217648834.jpg (559.45 KB, 1713x1764, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.14…)

I know! i haven't seen her for a year, and I literally looked back and forth at the url a few times to make sure it was the right person. in some of her new photos it's insane how much she looks like Mari

No. 74309

anon, you really dont need it. you have a slightly long chin, but it's very feminine and works well with your features. i'm not someone that poopoos plastic surgery or anything and def advocate it if someone looks off/has strange features, but you really don't need it.

No. 74311

Why did you pay €9K euro for rhino in Finland? What was the attraction?
I could afford it but I think they'd be as good as elsewhere and why pay more when you can get same result for less.

No. 74312

File: 1517223320448.jpg (20.78 KB, 480x432, RMEGG.jpg)

Girl you want to look like a hard boiled egg?
Your face is gonna be fucked up with a smaller chin I can guarantee it 100%

No. 74321

Yes, because a shill would go on imageboards to promote their shit. I'm not even the only person who talked about Turkey ITT.

No. 74322

I wanna know what she did to get such a nice tan. Spray tan? Self tanner? Tanning bed? Laying in the sun? I am intrigued.

The egg cracked me up haha, no pun intended. But I think y’all are right. I still like what >>74196 suggested though. Fillers would give me a chance to see if I like it, and they can always be dissolved.

Do y’all think she had something done to her chin? It looks like it to me. If so, what could it have been? I really like the chins of these Russian girls everyone keeps posting. And their noses, if I wasn’t comfortable with my nose I’d wanna fly to Russia and get myself one of those noses.

No. 74323

File: 1517246425012.jpg (101.06 KB, 768x1024, CnjrFLxVMAAVtgJ.jpg)

why does anon want to look like kim namjoon

No. 74331

Because I lived there at the time and wanted to rest and recover at home instead of some hotel in the boonies.

No. 74360

File: 1517325562242.png (Spoiler Image,407.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-151816.png)

I'm getting my titties done in around 10days
My mum is threatening to disown me but I really don't care at this point
I have a really flat chest everyone is in my family have HUGE tits.
Literally when the doctor took a picture of my chest I gasped, I didn't even know it was that flat!
I'm hoping to go from 34AA to 34C if that's possible
I still don't know what cc to get, aiming for 350cc? Would that be too little?
If anyone knows please let me know!
I'm attaching a "before" pic for you guys to see

No. 74362

What did the surgeon say? He's the most qualified person to answer… For what I know during the consultation the surgeon should let you see the various implant sizes so you can choose.
I would say don't go too big, C cups at max. Maybe even B cups

No. 74363

i know it's a ps thread but fuck fake tits are gross. i hope you're doing fat transfer…you'll regret it no matter how nice they look.

No. 74364

What >>74362 said.

I want to get mine done too if I'll ever have the money.
Hope you post a before after (if it wouldn't be too weird) since mine are only a bit bigger than yours and I'd get B/C too

No. 74365

Ntayrt but fat transfer wears off, just like fillers. Plus since it's a new procedure people are wary of the risks

No. 74367

true. i just always regretted my decision after i did it. people really judge you for it…

No. 74373

Ehhh the doctor wasn't too helpful just was like "try these and see what you like"
Uh, Do u see how skinny I am? I don't think I'd qualify for a day transfer
I will defo post after pics! Just may take a while… not sure if I should post them right after the procedure or wait a few months

No. 74374

Meant to say fat transfer

No. 74376

If you feel comfortable, it would be great if you would share some update pictures and if you tell us about your experience and the size you went with! I wish you the best.

Also, one of my friends had her breasts done and they look and feel wonderful, so don't listen to >>74363. It's your choice and I can understand why you're doing it. I think it just adds balance to your figure if you have very small breasts tbh.

No. 74381

It's perfectly normal to have a pointed chin when you grin, I do too and a lot of Anons would consider my face ideal proportionally, based on their "ideal faces" they paste in here. If it looked like bottom right when you were grinning you'd look totally gormless and chinless when you weren't smiling.

No. 74434

"you assume thats the thing i hate the most about myself" -You, 2018.

"I think it’s my chin I hate the most." - You, 2018, the post above this one.

No. 74466

Who would be best, or where should one go for rhinoplasty and chin reduction? I read that if you want both of these procedures done then it is best to get them done at the same time; chin reduction or augmentation (whichever is needed) is beneficial for the rhinoplasty. Both can be aligned and create a better symmetry and harmony of the face. I read here that Osuch of Warsaw Poland is good for rhinoplasty and he offers a remarkable price, but I don't think he does anything chin related such as reduction of that feature. I had thought to get both of these surgeries seperate sourcing from different surgeons, but the results would be optimal if I got both done at the same time.
Anyone know a surgeon or clinic that specialises in rhino and chin reduction or a good surgeon who is both a rhinoplasty and maxillofacial specialist?

No. 74485

i'm about to book a consultation with a surgeon regarding nose fillers. i have a stereotypical "hook" nose (hate that term, sry) and i'm 99% sure i'm a good candidate as the hook isn't huge and my nose otherwise looks fine. i'm really concerned that filling the space in to give the appearance of a straight profile is going to stretch the skin on the sides of my bridge, if that makes sense - is this possible? i'm also concerned about sagging once the filler has dissolved etc.

does anyone have any experience with nose fillers? i know one anon in the thread has but i'd like to gain more perspectives if possible. i know i could just ask my surgeon these questions (and i will) but i'm always suspicious of doctors whose procedures aren't covered by universal health care in that they will obviously try to sell and upsell their services…

No. 74511

I'd like to know the truth about V line surgery/"facial countouring" tbh. I heard horror stories about people ending up with severed nerves and face paralysis, chronical jaw pain, sagging skin, mandatory braces etc. but after lurking on the purseforum for a while most people don't seem to have had any problem? Apparently if you get any of those complications it just means the clinic/doctor was shitty? I was kinda considering this surgery, but what worries me is the fact that we still don't know if and how will it affect you in 20, 30, 40 years. I know that doctors in the west do basically the same with orthognatic surgery, so why don't they shave jaws as well? I think I'll just speak to some western surgeons to know every risk.

No. 74514

I've been on the fence recently whether I want to get breast reduction surgery or not. I have 34DD breasts but I have a petite figure (I'm 5'2" and 100 lbs). It just looks really weird on me and I really envy girls with smaller breasts who can wear cute tops without bras, who don't look fat in a t-shirt and who don't have to wear a bra constantly just to not feel gross.

I used to be overweight when I was 14, then had anorexia when I was 15, so it made my boobs sag a bit from my rapid weight loss. They're not lexxynichelle level of sag, but they're not cute, perky breasts either. It causes me a lot of angst sometimes.

Just wanted to vent, sorry. Have any other anons had a breast reduction that was successful (as in, your boobs didn't end up getting big post-reduction again)?

No. 75078

File: 1518645692220.jpeg (45.75 KB, 659x238, F5D5D4E5-EADC-4A2B-B8E0-7701C1…)

Anyone here had a jaw shave?
Where would you go for it?
What is the price?

I really want a jawshave to correct my assymetrical chin/jaw area to look like the smaller side.
As you can see my right side is longer, broader and less defined.

Please get back to me, its killing me everyday and i cant seem to find anything on google.

No. 75079

File: 1518645709969.jpeg (14.58 KB, 286x145, 122A5AB1-61D1-42F6-ACE7-684F18…)

Another photo

No. 75086

Pretty much every clinic in Korea offers jaw shaving surgery, I would not recommend Grand and Cinderella. It also depends on how much money you're willing to spend, some people have issues with the swelling and sunken skin and they have to spend alot for treatment like fillers and laser therapy. It doesn't happen to everyone but some people do have that side effect

No. 75096

I would try botox to reduce the masseter muscles first. Its much cheaper, less risky and less invasive.

No. 75097

File: 1518686209371.jpg (27.95 KB, 500x281, Westley-Buttercup-in-The-Princ…)

Some of y'all crazy bitches. Your jaw wont get any more symmetrical. No surgery can achieve perfect symmetry, no surgeon will be able to promise you perfect symmetry. . You have an extremely symmetrical jaw already, what you are asking is not going to happen.

Ill phrase this again, your asymmetry is so miniscule that not even a filler would correct it. No surgeon can do perfectly symmetrical work. No injection can guarantee perfect symmetry, especially on a young individual. Pay attention do you chew more with the other side, your muscles might be less developed on the otherside and you can balance it out just by starting to chew right. Only a hackfraud is willing to operate that.

No. 75110

Girl just get masseter reduction with botox. Your jaw isn't even bad wtf. Jaw shave is risky and most times obvious, while with botox you spend less money and get the same result (but more natural looking) in a safe way. Look for a specialist in your area, try to see reviews on realself.
Jaw botox can even be permanent after the 2nd-3rd time you get it. Consider what I said

No. 75121

File: 1518726830158.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 2003x1477, 20180215_203030.jpg)

Im back with a quick update!
I got my boobs done on the 10th and so far the recovery has been okay
My bandages has been taken off today and this is the reason for this pic
It won't fully heal for another 6weeks so I will probably come back and post another pic as an update instead of this shitty one
I went for 380cc under the muscle teardrop shape
If there's any questions feel free to ask!

No. 75122

you paid for these? they're not even very large. they're also spaced too far apart. you're literally going to look the same.

No. 75123

They were just done 5 days ago. Implants take months to drop/settle. We have no idea how they’ll look once fully healed. Not everyone gets a boob job to have huge tits.
They look great so far, anon! I think you chose a great size for your frame. Once the drop I’m sure they’ll look very natural. Thanks for the update!

No. 75124

they are too far apart, anon. they're not going to settle any closer to the middle.

No. 75125

Thanks for the update anon

No. 75129

Are you male?
>wahhh not big enough
>wahhh too far apart
>I'll casually ignore the previous posts

They look fine, other than the expected fake look from the post-op.

Good for you anon! Keep us updated

No. 75134

no i'm not a male, it just seems fucking stupid to get tiny wide-set breasts when the main reason people get boob jobs is social pressure. if people didn't know she had one they would still make fun of her small breasts.

No. 75139

Are you 12?

No. 75142

Gosh you seem really upset about my decision. I'm very happy with what I've got. They look huge to me even too big I'd say and yes they are wide set because that's how they were before, that's not going to change.
Thanks girls! I do hope they will settle well and I will keep up with updates with anything :)

No. 75143

They are beautiful, excellent choice. Don’t listen those jealous cows. Plastic surgery it’s only meant to better what’s already there. Surgeries will never be perfect. poster had naturally wide set boobs, surgeon can’t change that but just make the boobs bigger. People think plastic surgery is a magic fix but it’s not, it’s just a help.
Thank you for having the guts to post despite knowing some girls aren’t very reasonable here, I’d love to get one too.

No. 75144

keep us posted anonette, its hard to judge a titjob till months after when they've had a chance to settle and soften.

No. 75148

Are you the same sperg who flips their shit everytime some anon says they dont mind their small breast?

Anyways, i think they look super pretty and i hope your happy about them.

No. 75149

they probably are, sis. they sound like the 'only pedos like small breasts' idiot.

No. 75151


What do you know about breast implants? The anon just got them in literally last week. You don't have to go hate mode just cuz they aren't the type YOU like.

No. 75152

don't worry anon, it's probably just the person >>75149 and >>75148 mentioned. there's someone who absolutely hates small breasts for some reason.

No. 75154

>"tiny wide-set breasts"
>"if people didn't know she had one they would still make fun of her small breasts"
They're not even tiny, lmao. She's thin and was starting from very flat breasts. Not every girl who gets a boobjob is aiming to round bolt-on pornstar boobs.

They look really good, and this is coming from someone who heavily dislikes breast implants. The shape is really nice, they look natural and perfect for your body frame. Good choice

No. 75155

Those look nice and suit your frame well. Keep us updated!

No. 75161

File: 1518804275151.gif (901.02 KB, 420x282, H2UVNOn.gif)


Are you literally retarded? If you do not have a lot of breast tissue, like anon, you can not get giant titties on the first surgery. Even if she had wanted giant milkbags, it wouldn't have been possible.

Where the fuck do you think the skin will come from and suddenly fill in something like 590cc ? You do realise you need something to have the implants in, like FUCKING SKIN? You really want Anon to have tiny A-cup nipples on 590cc implants??

The patients anatomy determines can an implant be centered, if the mammary fold is already located high centering the implant is difficult. On skinny women the lower edge of the muscle needs to be cut and is often released from the ribs to aid it, not much else can be done.


If you dumb fucks knew what you were talking about, you'd know that the implant should match the breasts dimensions and characteristics. You can't put in a giant ass implant and call it a day. The breast width, diameter and position need to be considered on the chest wall and those will limit the options, a good surgeon will inform you of how much he is comfortable putting in. Placing a very large implant under a small and narrow breast, like you are suggesting, will result in a refund gap and a visible implant edge.

I am so done, you long titty no nipple havin ass bitch.

No. 75162

STOP. REPLYING. TO. TROLLS. that post is almost a day old shut the hell up. especially shit like >>75161 you're derailing and it's not funny.

No. 75163

>complaining about replying to day old posts on a slow imageboard on a year old thread

TBH, I posted that as I wish more people would know the realistic results of plastic surgery and what are realistic expectations. Even if they are trolls, someone will take their posts as actual expectations for surgery results. We have a ton of underage b& kids on the board who post their weird body dysphoria levels delusions. The obsession with things like "nasal folds" and "haggard" a lot of farmers have is unsettling.

Plastic surgery is a touchy subject as it is and it takes months and sometimes years for the results to show. Everyone who participates should be aware of this. The amount of consideration surgery takes is made seem very minuscule on lolcow.

No. 75165

there's a difference between chimping out and simply giving information. the OP clearly is trying to piss everyone off and it obviously worked. but big lengthy OT posts with stupid reaction images clog the thread.

No. 75191

File: 1518972611257.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.54 KB, 437x538, face.jpg)

So I'm entirely unphotogenic and tend to do weird things with my face when I get my photo taken, but I had this picture taken of me yesterday and I'm really upset with how masculine, long, and horse-like my face is. Does anybody know anything about procedures that shorten the face or jaw surgery when one has a decent bite? From what I've read it seems like a person has to have a pretty messed up bite to be a candidate for these types surgeries but mine is okay.

No. 75195

But I don't think you look too masculine anon. I think the angle was probably a bad idea because it made your jawline look larger than what it probably is. Try to remember to bring your chin in the next time you are being photographed up front. It will make your jaw and chin look smaller in pics. You probably look cute in normal views though. Pics tend to bring out the nitpick in all of us.

No. 75204

Have you thought about cutting your hair shorter (like chin length)? Longer hair tends to slim and lengthen faces and, although I personally think you look fine, I think it's an easy and less drastic option to consider.

No. 75205

You are completely fine Anon. Some people forget that you're suppose to look like an adult and not like some kid, I blame this on Instagram and other social media. You are great the way you are.

No. 75206

Anon you have the stereotypical tench girl face?

You seem to have really good skin and a nice haircut.

Pls don’t compare yourself to photoshop
You’ll never be able to win against it

No. 75207


No. 75234

File: 1519087708025.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1233x579, Before and After.png)

Thank you for the tip! You might be right, I almost never know what to do with my face in pics so it could (hopefully) just be a bad angle/expression.

I actually recently cut it from mid-chest to just above the chest for that reason, but hadn't thought about going shorter! I always thought if it were too short it would make my face look even longer, but maybe it's something to consider.

Thanks anon, you're right, I'm honestly so jealous of girls who have short baby faces so it's tough.

Thank you, I really appreciate that.

I did a (shitty) edit of what I would rather look like, and I think it looks better, but I'm not sure if this is just my BDD talking.

No. 75240

i legitimately prefer the before. I really like your face and jaw shape, i get you on the bdd side of things though. from the eyes of a random passerby on this forum though I think you look lovely and your face shape is nice and would make you stand out to me in a good way. it's angled but not masculine to me at all.

No. 75246

You’re crazy, you don’t need any surgery. I think you look good and it gives your personality. Don’t be hard on you.

No. 75247

Your hair is so pretty! I can't cope with it. I can never make my hair look like that. Also agree with everyone, your natural faceshape is a winner.
The girls with babyfaces (online at least) are 89% angles. A lot of the time they have completely ordinary faces outside of selfies.
Plus some of the ones with tiny chins are legitimately a bit freaky looking outside o' selfies.

No. 75250

Just to jump in, anon, I have a fairly large nose that almost always looks too large in photos, but in real life I look pretty and interesting. Seriously, photos are not an accurate representation of what you look like.

No. 75256

Your shopped jaw is so disproportionate on your face. I actually laughed when I saw it . Your jaw looks great on your face, it's by no means as bad as you think.
It's prominent, but it's no Jay Leno.

No. 75270


Thank you guys, everything you've said has been extremely reassuring and I really appreciate the input. I guess I'll keep trying to remember that my BDD makes me way more nitpick-y about my features than anyone else would be. Thanks again to everyone. <3

No. 75284

File: 1519161491890.jpg (50.09 KB, 615x409, Kylie-Jenner-Main.jpg)

I think that your jaw seems enhanced both by the pose and the expression. With a frontal picture and a neutral expression I'm sure it would look way different.
Anyway jaw shave is crazy, if you're really bothered maybe try to overline your lips a little bit so that they will "fill the space" (that, or lip fillers). Some people think that Kylie Jenner got her jaw shaved when actually all she did was getting lip fillers, this is a good example of what I mean when I talk about filling the space in your face

No. 75285

Your shape is beautiful. I think, if anything, a little lip filler to even out your smile/take up a little space in that area. The edit is so silly!

No. 75286

These are going to look beautiful in a year. Once your muscle loosens up again and they drop into place, they’ll be so nice. To the anons saying they look weird, when you cut into the muscle for implants (I’m assuming you went under) the muscle shrinks up in defense. Freshly done breasts will be incredible high on the chest for at least three months.
Anon who just got them done, be sure to do your post surgery massages and wear a sports bra for a month or so. I worked at victoria’s secret for a decade and I’ve also had mine done(350ccs and teardrop, I adore them) and I saw so many young girls that had wonky boobs because they didn’t do the proper after care

No. 75293

I am also not a fan of boob jobs in general, and your look really good! Even post-sugery swollen they look good, damn, imagine in a year. Awesome choice, my sincere congratz.

Also, I'm a 36B and I understand how you feel with your boobs. Legit happy for you, it doesn't happens often on the internet.

No. 75319

that edit makes you go from 20s to 30s. If you shave off that much it just makes you look like a grandma.

Only thing I noticed is that your smile isn't completely centered. Did you ever have braces?

Anyway youre cute, don't stress so much.

No. 75321


Thanks! Yes I had braces when I was younger and I'm actually starting to have some TMJ problems so I'm not sure if that could be a factor as well. Though when that picture was taken I was also like half way through putting lipstick lol so it could be that too?

No. 75326

Try masseter botox for TMJ, it helps a lot with the pain

No. 75340

Masseter botox not only helps with TMJ it slims your jawline, you might really like the effect

No. 75342


Thanks, I'll definitely talk to my jaw doc about it!

No. 75511

Shit, sorry anon, I barely go outside snow and pt but if you’re still here after 2 months:

60 units masseter Botox - $600 (all CDN)
Tear trough fillers - $600
Nasolabial fillers (I got them done later) - $300

The nasolabial filler moved around and sometimes made them look even worse. Probably try a different doctor if I do any again.

No. 76349

Anon, they looks great! As far as fake breasts go, they look pretty damn natural. I'm sure it'll be even better after a few more months!
They're not too far apart, lots of breasts are like that. They're spaced that way because that's how her natural breasts are. If the doctor tried to artificially bring them closer together it would look awful. Nobody is going to make fun of her breasts unless she's in 8th grade. I am almost exactly the same size and nobody has ever made fun of my chest because adults don't mock other adult's breast size, that would be super weird and immediately isolate you from your peers.

No. 76350

Your boobs look fantastic anonette!

They look similar to mine (natural), so don't look fake at all. At least to me they look real! :)

No. 76454

So I'm going to go to Korea in May to get epicantholplasty, vline surgery and rhino.

I'm not too worried about it, since I'm trying to get all the changes to look very natural, but ever since I moved to Koreatown, LA, I noticed there's a lot of foreign rich international students that look absolutely FUCKED from their surgeries. I know they could afford to go to good surgeons, so I'm wondering why they look so bad. Is it an aesthetic choice that I can avoid by specifying that I want natural? Or is that how people who get surgery overseas end up looking like?

Does anyone have any examples of people who got surgery in Korea and don't end up looking like a creepy plastic ulzzang?

No. 76456

File: 1521409882274.png (573.29 KB, 588x586, instagram_18032018.png)

I've seen good looking outcomes at GNG. Dr Seong seems pretty good, too bad flying to Korea for me would be crazy expensive.
People who get botched either go to shitty doctors or ask for the fake effect. That, or get too much work done. I've observed that at some point PS stops making you look better and starts making you look worse. Ask for a natural effect and choose a reputable surgeon

No. 76458

Haha thats funny cause I'm going to GNG because of their reputation for looking more natural. That's where all my procedures are being done.

No. 76473


OT but that chick is gorgeous. She was pretty beforehand, but I must confess I like her enhanced version better.

No. 76659

Ayrt and that's good! Please update us, especially for the rhino. I won't go there bc of distance but I'd like to know anyway.

I know right? That's the goal of plastic surgery for me, enhancing what you already have. You recognize a successful nosejob when the after looks more "in line" with the rest of the face while the before looks almost unnatural, as if their original nose didn't belong to their face and the new one does.

No. 76756

File: 1521687284514.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.35 KB, 478x1024, pgGqdvnz.jpg)

wanted to give another update since the its been almost 3months since my rhino and the swelling is pretty subdued nowadays
still some unevenness (especially when i wake up) but it usually goes down throughout the day and it seems like its at the point where it'll just keep getting slightly more refined in the tip for the next few months
the tip was rock solid for the first month and its still a tad bit hard now but it can atleast wiggle a little bit and touching the nose definitely doesn't hurt anymore
overall it's been a super easy process! the only hard part is the mental stress of constantly thinking the brief moment you poked your nose has ruined its shape forever lmao

No. 76760

You're nose looks gorgeous, anon! It suits you so well. I'm glad you're happy with it, thanks for posting!

No. 76761

Wow, gorgeous results anon. I’d like something similar, how was it telling other people? Whenever I mention a nose job, people always seem to be judgmental about it.

No. 76781

pretty! How did you go about finding the best surgeon for you?

No. 76794

NTA but I just told people when they asked and didn't address it at all unless they noticed.

No. 76797

That's a great job! Working on reshaping tips is way harder than just shaving a hump down. What type of skin do you have? I'd say normal/thin because at 1 month it didn't look very swollen already. Care to share the name of the surgeon?

No. 76799

File: 1521735891968.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.12 KB, 597x373, SlGuNMgy.jpg)

thank you!

like the other anon said i really didn't mention it and most people generally don't assume you've had a nose job even if they notice a change
i told my close friends and parents and they were supportive but i didn't tell my coworkers or other acquaintances and i basically just came back after ~10 days and no one seemed to care or notice haha

i just went with my gut and made sure my surgeon wasn't someone who did a ton of different things and only specialized in facial plastic surgery
honestly i was probably a bit hasty with my decision because i hated my nose so much, i only visited 3 doctors so i'm not the shining example of well thought out decision

yeah i was told i had pretty normal skin, any swelling i've had post 1month is definitely only noticable to me because i'm constantly staring in a mirror
my doctor was doctor sherris in buffalo, ny and the total cost with hospiptal and anesthesia was 6.5k

No. 76803

Wow anon nose jobs in my country are 15k+
What country do you live in?

No. 76804

Asking because I’d travel to get good cheap ish surgery

No. 76805

Yeehaw City, Murica

No. 76807

yeah i live in america!
obviously in cities like LA and NYC it'll be a lot more expensive like +10k but buffalo is pretty small so it wasn't very expensive

No. 76810

Ntayrt but where do you live that nosejobs start at 15k+? I thought the average in pretty much all first world countries would be 6000-7000

No. 76811

Welcome to Australia everything is overpriced

No. 76917

Fuck, really? I'm in Australia and got a breast reduction and that cost 13k I thought rhino was like 8-10k

No. 76920

>buffalo ny
OT but I used to live around that area and actually dated some filthy punk who lived not too far from that clinic.
I don't know whether to be fascinated by the fact that someone on lolcow is from that slice of world same as me, or that any competent plastic surgery could actually be found in buffalo.

No. 76921

boobs are cheaper unfortunately

No. 76922

also anon please give me a review of your doctor ill travel anywhere to get good work done

No. 76929

i wish i could recc but i honestly can't. i was under for 4 more hours than i should have been and had necrosis, lol.

No. 76950

Girl I live in buffalo. On my phone so don't feel like looking through the thread, but what did you pay?

No. 76951

I am a fool, it was in your post, nevermind

No. 76952

Any anons here that are moms to little girls? I've wanted rhinoplasty for years but I'm scared of my daughter growing up to have my nose and automatically hating herself for such a prominent "ugly" feature.

No. 76954

She'll hate herself for it whether you do it or not if she grows up hating it, there's images of tiny upturned noses all over the place. Both of my parents had better noses than me and I just got mine done in the end, but it would've happened even if my mum had the same nose. If you don't like it, you don't like it.

No. 76955

Never make fun of her nose, it such a big point of self hate for everybody even people with perfect barbie nose find it too big or too pointy, or too upturned. My parents were literally perfect about my physical appearance they never criticized me or teased me, but my dad did it ONCE in my whole life and I still remember it to this day it was about my nose ofc and I cried myself to sleep over it (I was a kid btw). To this day I still feel insecure about it, even more so when my own father made fun of me for it but I now have a love hate relationship with it, so it's a little better I guess. I kinda take pride in refusing to have it done tbh.

No. 76957

I know the only reason I started hating it is because I was bullied so bad for it. I know it's not that awful compared to some huge beaks, but I can't change the way I think about it. I think my face is nice, and my nose detracts from it all.

I would never make fun of anyone's looks, especially to a child. I'm kinda the same because my nose runs in my family (my dad and his brother got it from my grandad, so me and my uncle's kids have all got this nose) and part of me feels like I'm erasing my heritage by getting it done.

No. 76959

I have the same kind of feeling about it since I inherited my mother's nose which is kinda ethnic? So more fleshy and rounded while on my father side everyone has tiny sharp nose ala Megan Fox. So I basically got a white person face, white person skin tone but the nose of my ethnic family. I couldn't help but think that I would be rejecting a part of my heritage by wanting my nose to be more like the white side of my family, and that's the main reason I won't do it. I kinda deluded myself into thinking it gives me a personality lmao.

No. 76961

My mom used to crush my nose when I was little to try “fixing it”

Love her and empower her and she will be ok with herself.
The media may ruin it though

No. 76965

Wow, that’s… messed up. I won’t do that lmao. Yeah, I’m worried that I won’t do my nose to save her feelings, then she’ll end up hating it anyway. It’s so difficult.

No. 76973

I think that if she has to hate her nose she will do it regardless of you having the nosejob or not. My mom wanted to get a nosejob, in the end she didn't, and even though I've never been teased for my nose, and it's better looking than hers, I'm going to get it fixed. So if it's your desire to do it, do it.

No. 76983

My great aunt was a medicine woman back in the old country and she used to do this. People would bring their babies over to her and she'd massage and pull and pinch specific body parts to shape them while the body was still soft. Over time she could help straighten limbs (rickets or other nutritional deficiencies I guess) and fix noses.

My mom knew some of her techniques and did this to me as a baby, apparently I was born with an outie bellie button and she turned it into an innie. I guess it works, though she says it takes months.

No. 77016

does cold lypolysis/coolsculpt/fat freezing (the non-laser kind) work? i have love handles and saddlebags that won't go away no matter how much weight i lose and laser lypolysis/smartlipo is incredibly expensive here. i'd really love an opinion from someone who tried it.

No. 77353

File: 1522261577918.jpg (96.7 KB, 582x424, heart.jpg)

I've overcome my dysphoria over my facial features and my body. I used to want a rhinoplasty, but I've accepted that it's not the worst nose in the world and I actually like it.

But the two things I cannot overlook are my undereye hollows and the discoloration on my skin. They are objectively ugly. I really want to get the fat fillers done and maybe some kind of laser on my face? Or peels? I don't really know what to do to even out my skin. I don't really have acne or pitting, it's just kind of dark and scarred in some areas. Any ideas?

Also, are fat fillers dangerous at all if I go to a well reviewed plastic surgeon? Thanks!

No. 77354

AHA products are known to be good for discoloration! I use Paula's Choice 8% AHA gel myself.

No. 77362

Fat fillers aren’t dangerous but depending on your metabolism can be metabolized very quickly and most accounts i’ve read suggest that its not worth the price compared to normal fillers

No. 77441

I use 5% Glycolic Acid Toner, but I still feel like it's not doing much for me. I don't know if there is any cosmetic procedure to make your skin flawless, but i would throw money at that so hard

I think I'm going to elect for Restylane fillers and do them yearly. Anyone have any experience with this and are there any risks or tips?

No. 77453

Does anyone have advice for nasolabial folds?

No. 77459


No. 77463

does using fillers has some kind of downside in the long run?

No. 77467

I’ve heard more “permanent” fillers like sculptra do, but not the temporary ones like juvederm. A quick google search will tell you more specifics.

No. 77484

the only downside is the price lmao

No. 77526

The only downside is the fact that they reabsorb.
>mfw have to get chin fillers for life

No. 77677

i feel like sometimes i see celebs that look really plasticy or old after fillers, ie. kylie jenner

is this only like overusage of fillers or badly done?

No. 77678

has anyone had a boob job before? I'm considering doing either breast augmentation/fat grafting/or a lift. i have small droopy uneven breasts, and its been a big insecurity of mine

im very nervous about the long term effects like breast cancer or having to replace it cus it ruptures

No. 77682

that's called "filler face" and i think its what you suspected, just something that happens from overuse. as long as you stay grounded and don't get too obsessed/neurotic i don't think you'll be at risk for that. just remember why you got interested in getting fillers in the first place and stick with that you know.

No. 77719

I'll have what she's having

No. 77727

that nose is tragic

No. 77728

It's often a combination of both. Some famous doctors in Beverly Hills etc. still have no idea of how to tone down (some even love and encourage the "plastic effect"), and some people don't know when to stop with fillers and botox.

>ID clinic
Hell no.

No. 77803

I have a large jawline and I opted to do botox in the jaw muscle, which shrinks the jaw muscle if it's oversized ( mine clearly was).

It worked for what I wanted and I'm glad I got it thou instead of jaw surgery. Just throwing that info out there.

No. 77816

I want to do it too… how much did it cost?

No. 77825


It was 430 for 30 units (15 each on either side)

I have a fundamentally square face so it didn't change that, but it's def more defined, the bulkyness around the jaw is gone and I can see a little bit of cheeckbone definition for the first time. The doctor recommended I do 40 units and I think I might go back and do the additional 10.

No. 78122

Has anyone here had nose fillers? The "non-surgical nose-job" kind. I've never been happy with my side profile but don't like the idea of going through surgery. Did you like it, regret it?

No. 78141

I would avoid it. Since it lasts about 6 months, in the long run you'll end up paying more than you would've paid for a permanent surgery, and the side effects can be pretty scary. I've heard of people going blind because of it.

No. 78207

File: 1523099162549.jpg (71.29 KB, 736x1108, 509b4ea5f647a2c0e2976bd0c21ffc…)

ugh ive wanted a nosejob since i was 12, currently in the process of saving. i really want something just like Gemma Wards shape but thinner. my nose is already got a similar shape but nostrils are too flared… i love Gemmas wide/almost nonexistent nose bridge. the only reason id like mine to be thinner is my eyes arent as far appart as hers are. a thinner version would suit my face just perfectly. Id like a nice scoop side profile too, im unsure if thats possible with this nose though. ill have to see what can be done…
my mom constantly tells me that my nose is fine how it is and almost gets angry at me when i bring up wanting a nose job. its honestly really upsetting to me and makes me very sad… i know she has good intentions but i dont understand why some parents cant be accepting of their children getting surgery. i could see the concern if it was something crazy and drastic, but a nosejob is a fairly common procedure. and if itll make me feel so much happier in my own skin why cant she be supportive?
sorry for blogpost, have to vent somehow lol

No. 78212

You got your genes from your parents. Maybe you wanting to change your nose makes her feel like her/your dad's own nose isn't good enough. Especially if you bring it up a lot.

No. 78224

Remember that pro-tip for the perfect nostril width for your face is that they should be aligned with your tear ducts. Gemma's nose is very cute. Not sure about the scoop, it depends from your starting point and your face (it can look good on some people, not so good on other ones) and apparently the perfect nose is upturned at 106 degrees.
Also I can understand, I haven't told my mom I'm gonna get a nosejob maybe next year because I know she would raise hell on Earth.

No. 78258

My parents are the main thing keeping me from surgery tbh, but it's not that they're so vain they'd be insulted about their own noses, more like they love me as I am so they'd be insulted on my behalf that I think I need it, if that makes sense? I'm also a bit embarrassed at them knowing I'm vain/insecure enough to go that far.

No. 78432

I think it can look weird. I've seen photos and sometimes it swells or makes your nose look bloated.

Wanting to vent a tad and share my experience in case it's helpful for any anons out there with the same issue.

Years ago I had a surgery to correct tuberous breasts. If you don't know what that is (lucky you) it's possibly the worst breast shape you can be born with, pretty much classified as a deformity. I could not fit a single bra and I couldn't wear low cut tops without public scrutiny to the point it made me suicidal so there was no way I could "love and accept myself", if it's bad enough society leaves you no option to do that. It was surgery or nothing.

I didn't have any assimetry in my case but they were pretty bad (sagging down to my belly button) and my doctor warned me that it would be challenging due to my skin being very thin and a lack of fat on my breasts, which would make my implants more obvious than usual.

I went with it anyway and came out with beautiful, round perky breasts, though I didn't have my dream cleavage (this is typical with tuberous breasts even post op because your breasts grow so wide set it's impossible to have a cleavage even with the best of push up bras unless they're dds). I had an aerola reduction as well. They eventually dropped until around two years after I noticed unless my nipples are hard, my breasts go half way back to their tuberous form. My areola is so large again. They're not as bad as they used to be by any means, at least they're not sagging one bit but it's their shape that bothers me. When I come out of the shower, they're perfect. But once I get warm and relax I realize they will never look more than "odd but decent". No matter how much I try. I also have some hard lumps on my breasts from my implants. It's not my doctor's fault because he did do a great job but it's exactly what he warned me about, I don't have enough fat to hide them well. I can't put on more weight though because I'm at my ideal right now and I'd go over it…

On top of that I lost pretty much all my sensitivity. I don't feel anything, at all. So here's a very strong warning to anyone who's considering it, this is a real risk. For me it was worth sacrificing for my mental health.

Because of my body image issues I've only gone so far with my ex (girlfriend). She knew and didn't care. I'm now getting somewhere with a guy and I'm pretty afraid. I don't think most guys could look past something like that, they're already pretty anal with the "natural" thing, they wouldn't understand why would I get a breast surgery that didn't even make them look good. When I had tuberous breasts I was most shamed by dudes, they'd pretend to throw up when they saw me. I think I currently look great in a bra but once it comes off I don't know how any male will react to this.

It's shitty feeling this way after having spent so much money and sacrificing so much. At least I can now wear whatever I want.

Blogpost over, I hope it was helpful!

No. 78435

As another anon with toobie boobies, genuinely thank you for writing this up.

So overall you do consider it worthwhile?

No. 78437

I do! You'll have to accept your breasts will never be 100% round once they settle and that you'll probably never get to show off cleavage or look like the average girl but it's still very worth it. Not only for your mental health, they also used to stick to my skin (gross) if I didn't wear a bra as saggy breasts do and I felt their weight so much more. The implant gives them support to stand on their own and you won't have to worry about them sagging even with age for many years to come.

I can also fill bras now which increased my comfort, my boobs would escape them before, it was annoying. Even physical activity was an issue before because of their shape and floppiness, not anymore.

No. 78511

Hey Anon do you mind posting example? I don't understand the ratio thing

No. 78589

File: 1523284939139.png (117.23 KB, 242x269, n1 jpg 521×280 .png)

Sure, sorry if my post was confusing, English is not my native language. This is the example pic for ideal nostril width

No. 78590

File: 1523284967856.jpg (44.08 KB, 634x381, article-2671205-1F2B6299000005…)

And this is the example for the ideal profile/tip rotation

No. 78603

Thanks anon!

No. 78674

I was told there was a plastic surgery thread on /g/ so here I am. I've been thinking of lip augmentation but I don't want pillow thick lips, I'd like to augment my shape to get a cute cupid's bow.

Vid related is the sort of result I want and best result I've seen. I'm not too far from this guy but he is expensive. Any thoughts on the result from the video, am I missing something and it actually looks terrible? Another anon over in the PS thread in /ot/ said I should look at lip lifts instead but it is more costly and it is permanent. I'm thinking I'd try fillers first and if I like them enough maybe consider a lift but I'd love to hear some feedback.

No. 78715

If you're interested in lip lift you can look up at Dr Osuch, he's one of the best surgeons in the world for lip lift and costs about 1000$ (since thumbnail in the video you posted shows a result I've seen a lot in lip lifts). But yeah, of course you should try fillers before doing anything permanent

No. 78758

Thank you for the response, I''d never seriously considered medical tourism but it would be silly to assume the best doctors were all the the US and you want as good as possible for your face. I think I will try the fillers first and if I like the result get a lip lift.

No. 78776

Do you have a example for non asians?

No. 78850

For non-asians it's the same

No. 78858

File: 1523471593534.jpg (91.98 KB, 750x564, britney-spears-1 (1).jpg)


That nostril width looks far too narrow.

Imo there is no mathematics for it. A good surgeon will take into account eye width, lip size, bone structure, etc etc. It's not paint by numbers.

Unless the rest of your face is "ideal," then there's no point trying to achieve an "ideal" nostril width kek

look how much worse Britney's nose job looks than her original because it doesn't look like it belongs on her face

No. 78860

pretty sure her old nose wouldn't have worked with her new face either. yeah you can be ugly but having a nice nose doesn't hurt.

No. 78872

i thought britney aged well until she starting getting a bunch of procedures and surgery done what a shame

No. 78875

That nostril width seems fine to me, if you look at it even without the lines it's proportionate to her face. Of course it isn't set in stone, like a nose a couple of millimeters "wider" wouldn't look too bad, but most surgeons do use the tear duct alignment rule because it takes into account the proportions of your face. It also explains why people with wide set eyes can look good with a "wider" nose. And as >>78860 said, even if the rest of your face isn't ideal, a nice nose can only help. If it's achievable in a safe way, why not

No. 78883

Ho-lee shit, and she's 36 now? Damn I thought she was 50 from looking at this picture.

No. 78885

yeah i used to think she was aging well too and didn't get what people were talking about but it's because i thought she was much older rip

No. 78886

What happened to poor Britney? That is not how a 36 year old woman looks, she looks 60. Is this the result from plastic surgery or too much stress?

No. 78888

Stress, drugs, partying and alcohol, a mental breakdown and god knows what else.

No. 78889

badly done mouth fillers (and fillers in general), bad makeup artist, and lots of stress

No. 78890

forgot to add, she probably tanned, too. if you look at her mom they both aged shittily. her sister aged much better, but is imo uglier (nta).

No. 78895

File: 1523490849586.jpg (113.51 KB, 634x965, 4773887600000578-5193905-image…)

>her sister aged much better
Idk. She is only 27 but looks easily mid 30's. Maybe some of the fast aging in Britney is genetic.

No. 78902

File: 1523493448747.jpg (49.39 KB, 780x438, 170206115248-jamie-lynn-spears…)

her sister aged better as in, compared to Britney. I feel weird though because I think it also is related to the fact they both have more mature facial features. I don't think Jamie has aged badly.

No. 78930

>Maybe some of the fast aging in Britney is genetic.
Britney had her peak when she was 19 and this is what happens to people who peak early.
That combined with how popular tanning was back then and all the stress from her break down.

No. 78942

File: 1523543825678.jpg (48.21 KB, 759x500, britney-slumber-party-759x500.…)

Britney still looked good during 2016. I think she got a fuckton of work done recently. And her peak was definitely not at 19.

No. 78945

Lol I wouldn’t use this as a reference at all.

She co directed this music video to only shoot “on her good side”

She peaked in toxic

No. 78948

not only that but it's fucking shopped to shit.

No. 79108

For anyone who’s had rhinoplasty - could you share your approximate costs?

I’ve been getting quotes from docs in the states and in Korea and they’re all around 6k-7k.
People have said prices in Korea are lower. But so far that hasn’t been the case in the 5+ quotes I’ve gotten.

6k is quite a lot of money, but I guess it IS my face so it’s worth it

No. 79127

>her peak was 19

That's what youth obsessed farmers actually believe lmao

No. 79134

In Europe and Russia is approximately 6k-7k too, Turkey 2k-4k, Iran 2k. See it as a life-long investment: if everything goes fine, you'll have a cute nose for life

No. 79146

Turkey and Iran are so cheap . . . I wonder if it is worth going there

No. 79159


No. 79163

File: 1523652974442.jpg (23.74 KB, 320x320, 18298807_1908523006094607_3661…)

Check the instagram of doctor Farshid Mahboubirad. Unless this is the look you're going for, the answer is a no.

No. 79166

In Turkey it depends, there are many good surgeons and the prices are relatively cheap because their country is poor when compared to first world countries. As for Iran, personally for what I could see I couldn't find ONE surgeon not obsessed with the fantasy nose fake MJ bs. In Israel I've seen nice noses, by a doctor called Jacob Barr, but couldn't find a lot of info, so nah.
Tldr: Turkey can be worth it, Israel nah, Iran strong NO

No. 79186

Two of my family members got nose jobs in Turkey (they live here) to remove a bump/make their nose less convex.
Their new nose look completely natural and fit their face well.
I don't know which surgeon it was (and calling them to ask would be pretty awkward…) but I believe it was done in Ankara.

But I guess part of choosing a surgeon really depends on your nose type. Turkish surgeons are likely experts at removing bumps on noses but if you have an African nose for example they might not have much experience unlike an American surgeon.

No. 79187

The reason you’re being upcharged from korean doctors is because they know you’re a foreigner. You can bargain the price down a bit once you’re there, but generally speaking you’re going to be charged more than a Korean would be charged no matter what. And definitely don’t go through services like docfinder

No. 79204

does anyone have experience with butt augmentation of any sort? i would love to grow a thicker, juicier butt and wider hips (within reason) but my body just doesn't distribute fat that way. i have a slender frame and a fast metabolism, so i don't really put on weight. this is the one feature that i would love to change, but i don't see how i could possibly afford it any time soon

No. 79205

Wait until you can afford an experienced and well reviewed surgeon. (Being thin with no ass is way better than a scarred,uneven or lumpy ass from a botched augmentation)

Get a fat transfer, you may have to get some fat first. You should plump up or tone up your thighs too so your ass doesn't look like its bolted on

Only go to a real doctor

No. 79206

sorry to burst your bubble but hip aug looks pretty bad tbh. wide hips are nice because of the bone structure, not fat distribution.

No. 79229

Seconding, Turk doctors are usually good with bumps, bulbous tips and thick skin. I have a slavic bulbous tip with (I think) thick skin but I've chosen Turkey instead of Russia because Russian surgeons tend to 1. not speak English at all, forcing you to spend more money to get an interpreter; 2. prefer a more "fake-Barbie" style that I dislike

No. 79231

File: 1523716060475.jpg (89.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I really want tear through fillers but I'm afraid that once they go down, I will have a bunch of wrinkles and loose skin there.
I don't know if this concern is reasonable, but I imagine thin eye skin being stretched out by fillers may leave permanent damage….

No. 79232

You can sign in on realself, it gives you the possibility to ask this question to doctors so you will hear from many actual professionals how it really is

No. 79237

File: 1523721815344.jpg (29.08 KB, 476x348, epicanthalFoldOU1.jpg)

I have some weird type of underdeveliped epicanthic fold (dunno how I'll describe it).

Kinda like pic related just even stronger. I have double eyelids (I'm white but might have very minor Asian and turkic ancestry which I assume must be the explanation) but the inner corner of my eye looks like the kid in the picture but with a little more space from the inner eye to the epicanthic fold.

The child in the picture also had a bit of the fold on the bottom of the eye, but mine continues even further. The skin is also really thin and dark. Does anyone know what this actually is (if its an epicanthic fold) and if there is a treatment for stuff like this.

No. 79247

Do you have prominent eyes?

No. 79256

File: 1523735234324.jpg (73.4 KB, 404x207, yee.jpg)

I have it too, and I'm also white (French with Hungarian/Slavic ancestry) It got less noticeable as I grew older and my eye shape changed/I lost the baby fat on my lids, but it's still there. It goes down and blends into my tear troughs. As a baby it was really visible, pic related.
I don't think you should do anything to it! It looks cute and makes your eye shape all the more unique. Just learn how to conceal and do your makeup to flatter it, maybe some highlight in the inner corners.

No. 79257

Like if they stick out of the skull? Not really. But my eyes are probably on the bigger side of normal if you mean size.

It does look qute, but I'm just scared that it's going to look ugly as I start to age. It sort of casts a shadow around my eye and makes me look really tired. I absolutely hate parts of it, even though I want to keep some of it.

No. 79272

wow anon!! im super late to this but you look great. question for any anons who got a boob job!! i was wondering if the whole "implants feel hard/gross" is a myth or not? i have the opportunity to get a boob job, mine are really small. id love to be able to fill out a dress more and i think boobs the size anon got would be perfect. having just slightly larger boobs would make me feel more "womanly". the only thing holding me back is them feeling "awkward" to the touch? ty in advance to anyone who has answered.

No. 79561

Anyone else wanting/have any experience with… pretty much removing breasts/mastectomy/top surgery? I wish I had a pretty flat chest, I'm a B cup, planning on having breast reduction pretty soon. Hoping I can have periareolar to reduce scarring, but it depends what the doc says, it's very dependent on tissue elasticity. Have been saving up for years and I finally have enough. I'm a little worried what my closest family will think of this, but at least my closest friends are pretty understanding and supportive. I don't consider my self trans, but I don't like having visible boobs and I have been binding my chest. I just like an adro look, it's how I feel the most comfortable and confident.

Darn, I'm legit jealous of your small breasts, lol! I hope your surgery goes well, tho. What kind of implants are you getting? Since you are pretty slim, wouldn't tear-drop shaped implants look the most natural, perhaps?

No. 79562

Oh, didn't see you'd posted an update! You went tear-drop, awesome! They already look good and they'll look even better and more natural in time. Congrats!

No. 79874

File: 1524342747516.jpg (71.69 KB, 1000x500, buzz.jpg)

I have this type of lips naturally (they just have more volume). Is there a way to make them straight instead? Maybe a lip lift, or is it only possible with fillers?

No. 79875

File: 1524342963842.jpg (60.69 KB, 1118x597, 1118full-dasha-astafieva.jpg)

This is my ideal shape, I have the lip plumpness. But sadly I am cursed with the ugly shape

No. 79880

What am I looking at, did someone have surgery to achieve this particular lip shape? What on earth?

No. 79882

ikr, i guess turtle mouth is in now?

No. 79899

i'm kind of into lips that shape on guys for some reason, but can't relate to wanting to cut and sew my lips for it wtf

No. 79907

I can see the appeal for them because it makes you look smiley without actually smiling with your muscles but I've heard horror stories about how some girls who got this done can no longer fully close their lips anymore.
I certainly don't understand these plastic surgery trends, they seem like something that can easily go out of style within just a few years (like aegyo sal eyebags or yaeba fangs)

No. 79933

I have these exact same lips and I hate them so much.

I wish I had a less defined cupid's bow, I feel these type of lips make me look really overdone the moment I put on lipstick.

No. 80420

File: 1524657118673.jpg (38.22 KB, 720x681, b9d5f024a08a22e54fd1068e8701d6…)

Any anons that had their teeth done?

If I'll ever save up enough money I'd get my front tooth fixed, it's a bit crooked, not noticeable unless you stare but still annoying.

Also, small fangs. I think they can look cute but I've read they can give you issues with speech?

No. 80448

They also break quite easily and you might have to be careful with what type of food you eat so they don't.

No. 80458

yep my top teeth are B1 ( very bright) bottom row ( A1 white but not as bright as the top) I had them done by lazer aprrox a year and half ago, and since they faded I decided to have the Trays, which were a bit if a hassle. I also had some composite ( white filling) placed over certain parts of my teeth. I know have a lovely white smile. Taking care of teeth is vital for a good appearance. I also from the UK lol

No. 80483

I'd like to get filler in the lines starting to develop from the corner of my lip to the jaw. (Bad genes - my grandmother looks like a puppet, it's that bad.) I live in the UK but could go to eastern Europe for it if needed because I travel there a lot. Any thoughts on where to get it done for the least amount of money?

No. 81023

>my grandmother looks like a puppet

There's a name for that it's called marinette lines

No. 81077

my face is starting to get droopy, like sloping at a downwards angle, especially along the jaw. it's getting really noticeable without makeup. i'm only 25. would a facelift fix this?

No. 81089

potentially, there are smaller less invasive lifts done now

No. 81094

Has anyone ever had lipo done for their double chin?

I just see plus size and obese people getting that kind of lipo seemingly without issues and I'm tempted to get it done so I can be happy with my face too.

No. 81104

I'm also curious about this. When I google it I see mostly older women getting it for neck sag but i just want to get rid of the fat around my chin/jaw.

No. 81113

File: 1524943355976.png (110.36 KB, 351x272, chin.png)

Curious about this as well. It seems so invasive though.

To answer >> 59157 's question, I actually did cool sculpting for my chin/neck to try and get rid of my double chin. I did see results, just not as extreme as I would have liked. It cost me about $1700 for the one session, because it was 2 spots (left side of chin and right side of chin). There was only one place in my town that would even do the chin one ("cool-mini") and basically other places I spoke to would roll their eyes at me for even wanting to do it because I'm otherwise petite, I just have a fat face. I was actually feeling pretty good about my results until a year later my brother posted this picture of me. Obviously it's a bad picture, but its also very clear that I still have fat there, I hate my profile.

It was nice because it was totally non-invasive, I went to work the next day. But for $1700 I'm not sure if it was worth it. Both of my parents are very jowly and have chins, so I know it's only going to get worse as I get older.

No. 81154

File: 1524995619906.png (251.31 KB, 553x369, foto3.png)

Do any of you have experience with chin/jaw surgery? My jaw is big and yet flabby and i have a huge witch chin that sticks out when i smile. it looks like i have an underbite even though i don't. idk how to go about that because i'm always told not to mess with bone structure, and i don't wanna end up with a saggy face/nerve damage…

No. 81158

I had my lower jaw pushed back (don't know the correct word for the surgery soz) almost 7 years ago and it was the best decision I've ever made. Had a tiny bit of nerve damage on the corner of my lower lip where it was a bit numb but you couldn't see it at all. It wasnt too painful either and in my country they don't even give you sweet opiotes to deal with it.

No. 81206

File: 1525021019070.png (122.02 KB, 600x335, jBtdajS.png)

anon, is that you in the picture?No hate, but it does look like you have some weight to lose.. (from looking at the rest of your face and neck, not just the chin)

What do you consider 'petite'..?

Also you have a cute nose :-)

No. 81207

Has anyone had a tummy tuck? Like how were your results and how painful was recovery?
I'm pregnant with my second kid and I'm thinking about getting one after I heal postpartum and drop the weight.

No. 81208

5'3", 115 lbs currently. Even when I was younger and weighed like 90-100lbs though I still had that double chin! I've always had fat cheeks too.

Thanks though! Seeing everyone talk about rhinoplasty makes me thankful I like my nose. Everyone's got their own battles.

No. 81209

i hate when before/after photos do this.

>diff lighting

>diff hair
>diff expression

she could be jutting her chin out in the first one but we'll never know. so fucking misleading.

No. 81225

A double chin is fat that usually can't be lost due to genetics or general stubbornness. It's pretty disingenuous for people to say weight loss helps it only for those losing to be disappointed when they discover their double chins are still there even at normal BRO.

Kind of like sagging breast. Chest exercises help but in most cases there needs to be surgical intervention to regain lift.

No. 81226

No. 81263

>It seems so invasive though.
Does it? I saw a few videos and it doesn't look bad at all. I think lipo can be real fucking dangerous and invasive, but only around tummy area and close to major organs. What's the worst that can happen for a double chin, getting a hole in your trachea? lmao

I really wanna do it too, even when I was a 15 BMI ana-chan I still had the fucking double chin. Almost all my fat was gone and it was STILL there, it never goes away. Fuck this, I'm getting it removed as soon as possible.

No. 81314

hm wow that's really strange then. I get that the chin is mostly genetics but hmm… Good luck is all I can say haha (maybe some stretches could help a litle?)

I'm sure you look better in more flattering photos though :)

No. 81388

File: 1525213035311.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.46 KB, 2048x2048, 31743693_2037767689585419_2966…)

Does anyone else have any breast lift experience? I got mine three years ago, but as time goes on I'm just feeling really unhappy and disgusted with how they look. Pic related, you can see they are uneven and the scars just make them look very unattractive. I'm worried if I try to get a revision they might just turn out worse. Any input/advice is appreciated.

No. 81397

Your tits look nice anon.

No. 81399


I think they’re absolutely fine.

If you want to get them changed because they’re not your ideal and you can afford it, then sure look into it. But if you think other people will judge you or think they’re bad, you’re mistaken.

No. 81425

Adorable tits, 10/10
If you're really that dissatisfied with them, maybe figure out why they became asymmetrical first?
I'm not very knowledgeable in the art of titty modification but I guess something happened to make them become crooked after three years
But I would like to repeat that I personally find them adorable the way they are, just saying

No. 81468

Thank you!

Thanks, yeah a lot of it is concern that future partners will find them unattractive, though they aren't my ideal either.

>The art of titty modification
lmao. They actually were noticeably asymmetrical soon after the procedure but I thought it might correct itself and kind of just accepted it at the time. But thank you, I'm glad people don't find them as horribly offensive as I do.

No. 81490

super cute boobies anon. they're not 100% symmetrical but damn they are really, really nice.

No. 81534

welp, I've done it. I made my rhinoplasty appointment for end of June.
I am super excited but I think my greatest fear is actually that there won't be a big enough change. That I'll come out of it and still be "that girl with the big nose".
I've seen vlogs with people that come out with large noses still and I don't want that at all.

No. 81618

File: 1525418897465.png (451.97 KB, 1022x703, chinlipo.png)

Well, maybe invasive isn't the right word. I guess I just can't imagine when I would have the time to take off to sit at home with a lumpy/bruised/swollen face after chin lipo.

No. 81947

Not really surgery but does anyone have experience with tear trough fillers? I need it desperately but I’m afraid to throw down the money if it’d be a waste. I’m poor and I doubt you can set up payments on fillers

No. 81950

Does anyone else find RealSelf's website to be a nightmare to navigate? It just likes to throw random pictures/reviews/doctors/cities everywhere. Terrible UI.

sage just in case

No. 81951

Yes, I was just thinking this earlier today. It’s awful

No. 81984

good luck anon! and don't be afraid to make sure your doctor knows you want a more dramatic change, you're not being annoying or anything, just being sure!

No. 81997

Some people have paid time off and vacation at their jobs.

No. 82038

Yes…and some people don't. Are you dumb?

No. 82109

File: 1525837654758.jpeg (93.29 KB, 464x300, pop-star-ariana-grande-famousl…)

Are there fillers for facial asymmetry and if so what are they called? My chin is wider on one side and one of my eyes (or maybe it's my browbone?) looks "droopier" than the other. It's not that bad but sometimes I feel like I look like I've had a mild stroke and when I've told people close to me they say "oh yeah i see what you mean!" instead of just denying it lol. When I did that thing where you mirror image your right and left side to make two symmetrical faces, I look like my own ugly sister.

It's not something I'm horribly insecure about but I wouldn't be against paying a few hundred to take pics from more than one angle lol. I know a doc could answer my question but I'm stuck on preliminary research.

No. 82191

They're just called cheek fillers. But _everyone_ is asymmetrical in their face. People who have symmetric faces then to look alien-ish or "off", and you shouldn't compare your sides to each other. Everyone would look different if you did the mirror thing on them.

No. 82194

Sorry, did I strike a nerve? How else would you find time for this unless you were jobless? Sheesh.

No. 82195

nta but i save all of my time off until the end of the year and take a 2 week or so vacation. so…

No. 82196

Yeah, that was mentioned here >>81997 and other anon got angry at it for some reason.

No. 82207

whats the best form of scar/indented skin reduction?? i have weird lines on my arms i've always been insecure about :/

No. 82252

File: 1525956543713.jpg (209.84 KB, 1020x1530, gettyimages-955766998_master.j…)

Plastic surgery related:
This picture of Mary Kate Olsen scared me so badly. What did she do to her face? She's only 31.

No. 82253

Just the result of drugs, no sleep and malnutrition

No. 82254

Wtf, she's so busted, she looks like she was recently resuscitated.
She always had a longish face compared to her sister but it seems liker her features are moving further from each other every years.

No. 82255

She looks like a necromancer who just crawled out of her cave full of zombies to try to act normal for regular human festivities. I feel like I'm getting a character inspiration coming on.

No. 82256

It's the coco>>82252

No. 82259

>she looks like she was recently resuscitated.

My sides anon. Perfect description.

No. 82262

File: 1525965385280.jpg (143.22 KB, 963x1444, 1524443972701_MKA2018.jpg)

They honestly look like mother and daughter, not twin sisters.

But I don't think its plastic surgery related. Don't forget MK was the first person Heath Ledger's masseuse phoned when he overdosed. Her face is the result of decades of drug abuse and not eating. Besides that, they are both really heavy smokers which ages you awfully. I think the major differences are MK's neck, sunken cheeks, and smaller eyes. I think her makeup doesn't help, either. Ashley looks great, imo.


No. 82276

File: 1525981494304.jpg (90.57 KB, 1200x630, 645807-avant-mary-kate-olsen-a…)

Mary kate and Ashley circa 2008

It's crazy to think they once looked a like

No. 82277

I wonder what they hated about their noses so much?

My humble opinion is that both would look better if they ate. The hollowed cheeks make both of them look gaunt and ill.

No. 82278

Yeah I remember seeing them on the cover of a magazine and thinking how beautiful they became. Then they got more cat like. Can't say for sure if it's plastic surgery because you can tell from childhood that they had strange features, but their chiseled face has to be plastic surgery. They have unnatural face proportions. I'm sure Ashley gets lip injections and they probably receive small procedures since they look too different. Gotta say that drug abuse and anorexia is responsible for at least a portion of MK's crypt keeper look, but you can't look THAT bad without taking a scalpel to your face. >>82252 Her jaw line is like twice the size of Ashley's.

No. 82281

File: 1525983956858.jpg (87.42 KB, 594x473, Ashley Olsen Mary Kate Olsen O…)

MK and Ashley during early '10s

No. 82285

File: 1525990783713.png (497.21 KB, 720x573, wp_ss_20180510_0011 (2).png)

They look like members of a cult who were allowed out for the day. How does this happen in only 8 years? Much older benefactor who's paying for a certain "face"?
(same pic as >>82262 cropped for comparison)

No. 82293

LiLo also had a relatively fast downward spiral. I think the drugs and the hollywood lifestyle did them in. Models like Kate Moss stay at low weights but they don't get that weathered look

No. 82295

File: 1526002947121.jpeg (91.61 KB, 662x993, 46C71369-B2B0-47C8-8C5D-E34C4C…)

The drugs, partying, and everything else obviously didn’t help but imo Lindsey Lohan is botched as fuck

No. 82309

File: 1526025903457.jpeg (53.24 KB, 750x396, 0FEE4F19-2728-4F58-9B61-1BAFC5…)

Sage for super ot but this pic honestly scares the shit out of me. It’s some June & Jennifer Gibbons (“The Sient Twins”) shit
>”According to Wallace, the girls had a longstanding agreement that if one died, the other must begin to speak and live a normal life. During their stay in the hospital, they began to believe that it was necessary for one of them to die, and after much discussion, Jennifer agreed to be the sacrifice”

No. 82328

I mean, MK had/has an ED. SHe probably has a certain amount of body dysphoria and turned to plastic surgery to "fix" what she thought was wrong. Her face changed drastically and suddenly - it's hard to believe it's just aging and drugs. Since when do drugs do that to your nose and … other features

No. 82329

No. 82343

File: 1526060966973.jpeg (311.35 KB, 1330x614, 475F8BBD-84F3-4072-AF14-B81C56…)

If you cover their eyes, they still look like twins. If MK wasn’t so skelly and had aged better, the only difference would be their eyes.

No. 82344

File: 1526061084292.jpeg (173.77 KB, 1171x369, 6E8AF500-8B26-463D-B0F0-1B185C…)

Same pic, just the eyes now.

No. 82397

File: 1526133375604.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.92 MB, 2343x3288, 20180512_143928.jpg)

Does anyone here have experience with getting fillers for smile lines? I'm only 22 so I feel like I'm too young to already be developing fine lines around my mouth. It looks even more prominent when i put on foundation due to creasing.

No. 82398

Have you considered using retina?

No. 82399

I have been using retinoid products for a few months plus a bunch of other skin care products that supposedly reduce fine lines, but nothing has really changed imo.

I don't want to have to resort to fillers because they're quite expensive (to me atleast) but I'm starting to think they may be my only option.

No. 82422

File: 1526150001347.jpeg (27.5 KB, 480x360, 839FCC52-DB52-485F-ACC8-85F76F…)

Your lines are fine. Chill. It’s normal and unnoticeable. You look like the after, already. Unless you’re going for a mannequin look?

No. 82424

Wear sunscreen to protect the skin from further damage. Unless someone is literally holding a magnifying glass to your face they won't see these lines at all.

Your skin on your upper lip is lighter, is that from bleaching? waxing? avoid using chemicals on your face other than foundation, concealer and gentle cleanser (pure water-based etc) as this creates skin damage. Btw your skin is lovely and healthy, glowing, just giving advice to avoid lines in future. What you have there are like 1% visible if you're looking.

No. 82444

Okay okay maybe I'm being a little paranoid about them. I guess I just find them more noticible because I look at my own face more than anyone else does (obv).

I honestly never noticed that my skin was lighter on my upper lip. I do use an eyebrow razor on that area to trim any tache hairs haha, so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway thank you for the advice anon!

No. 82454

Not really.. MK got jaw, lips, nose, eyes and other stuff done to her face

No. 82524

definitely looks like MK had a nose job. hers is more pinched, which actually makes her look older. Pretty sure her nostrils are asymmetric too

No. 82737

>tfw you realize you fit the "witch skull" description perfectly

No. 82757

If it’s any consolation, if you lack forward projection it’s probably because you were/are a mouth breather or never developed a proper swallow pattern/tongue posture/dental arch thanks to a soft diet. You don’t necessarily just have shit genetics or something. How you look is heavily effected by your environment.

No. 82768

thanks Dr Mew

No. 82771

Jeez, that explains.

My former classmate had really weak jaw and poorly developed face, her parents were health nuts, and their diet consisted mostly of soups and pourees.

No. 82801

That video is pretty terrible

>there is no non surgical way to fix a witch skull

>you can get a angel skull through jaw surgery

This has to be a shitty advert for surgery

No. 82805


I couldn't agree
more. Jesus christ.

No. 82808

File: 1526575949095.png (154.41 KB, 338x271, wrecked.png)

>tfw i had a witch skull and got both jaw surgery and a nosejob and i'm still hideous

someone put me out of my misery pls

No. 82812

I'm trying to decide between getting fillers in my nose or just a full on rhinoplasty. If I asked a surgeon which would be better for my face aesthetically, would the surgeon be honest or would they just try to get me to go through with rhinoplasty even if fillers are a better option (because they'd be making more money off me)?

No. 82813

File: 1526579566231.jpg (146.59 KB, 430x473, Cr-1.jpg)

The creator of that video supports and vouches for the plastic surgery industry. All his videos are ridiculous to the point it seems like propaganda. His channel encourages BDD, self hate and unhealthy body image "goals".

It pissed me off how he labeled an example of a man with Graves disease eyes as unattractive, the guy has a fucking disease that makes his eyes bulge out, it's not his fault, leave him alone you crazy fuck! That's like if he made a video about perfect body proportions and he throws in a cancer patient and calls their body unattractive.

This is the girl who was used in the video, I think it's all about the angles

No. 82861

She looks cute

No. 82870

I have the skull of neanderthal and would love to push back my brow bone and butt chin. I look very masculine but not in a good way. If I got surgery on my brow bone though it could seriously go wrong. Is it worth risking a dangerous surgery for a few more years of being a pretty young woman before I'm old and worthless?

No. 82871

File: 1526664602327.jpeg (339.47 KB, 1125x541, 09771F6C-EC10-4E46-919D-132FFE…)

Has anyone gotten a face lift?

No. 82873


Yeah. And of course the comment section is riddled with incels.

No. 82900

>Is it worth risking a dangerous surgery for a few more years of being a pretty young woman before I'm old and worthless?

jesus christ anon take a break from this website, you know there's more to life than being hot right?

No. 82904

Not her but it doesn't matter how much we know that, the world disagrees.

No. 82940

Is there a non-surgery route to make your temples smaller?
I have a larger temple area near my ears that make my face a little bigger than I'd like since I have high cheekbones in addition, an inch smaller on each side would be nicer looking I think. Opinions?

No. 82943

Wouldn’t the right hairstyle help out with this?

No. 82960


I have to agree with >>82900
Where do you get this notion from that for women old==worthless? My neighbours are unmarried, in their forties and they have plenty of friends and are valued for their personalities and their work (they're both nurses).

Are my female professors wortless because they're old? Are female politicians worthless because most of them are old? Are grandmothers wortless because they're old?

Stop defining yourselves by your looks.

No. 83216

Yes but unfortunately I work a job that requires my hair to be tied up most days of the week and I wondered how a non-surgical procedure would go, if any

No. 83303

has anybody gotten tear trough fillers and were they happy with it? I'm making an appointment with a very good plastic surgeon to get a consult for bags under my eyes.

No. 83517

Nah, the guy in question I'm fairly sure is in no way implicated in the cosmetic surgery industry - he's apparently part of the Lookism.net crowd, which is an incelesque website that is really autistic and obsessive when it comes to facial dimensions and harmony. They're part of the incel.me, sluthate and PUAhate coalition, but their ascertainment of facial attractiveness is pretty solid. Whether or not you're attractive does indeed predicate a great deal on the progression/development of your maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw) - almost every female and male models and actors alike have very good forward facial projection.

Is it really encouraging self-hatred to merely identify what makes a person unattractive? This is coming from a witch.

You'd have to get maxillofacial surgery to correct a witch skull like lefort I, II or III, but it's expensive, dangerous and time-consuming (have to wear braces for one year before and after surgery).

No. 83568

File: 1527428416125.png (971.42 KB, 960x946, a1_orig.png)

How realistic would you anons think this is? I'm concerned about how short my jawline is, but these transformations seem almost too good to be true. Anyone have any experience?

No. 83569

File: 1527428454988.png (881.61 KB, 960x899, a5_orig.png)

No. 83571

Totally worth it anon

No. 83572

the jaw is better but that small pointy chin in after doesn't even look like an improvement to me.

No. 83573

Although the girl's profile looks sharper now, it looks REALLY out of proportion
I wouldn't do it unless you have a long chin or something. It looks really weird with small chins (based on the pics you provided)

No. 83574

It's long from the front but really undefined from the side.

Thanks for the reply anons!

No. 83581

Looks worse. Like a cheap witch prosthetic imo

No. 83665

File: 1527531960052.jpg (66.92 KB, 480x600, rapp.jpg)

So I went to get a consultation for tear trough fillers, and I thought I'd share my info here if anyone was interested. I'm only 26 but I don't know what's happening with my undereye area. Mine isn't nearly as bad but the closest I can think of is disgraced internet gurl Alison Rapp's eye bags. I'm terrified mine will end up that bad. Basically what I feel like happens is that I have very round cheeks and when I smile it pushes up against the eye tissue and creates "wrinkles". I also get bad eczema around my eyes and when I'm having a flare up they look even more dry/wrinkly/sunken. I can't even wear concealer under my eyes really because it just sinks into the lines and makes it look worse. She also asked if I'd had my thyroid checked recently? Anyways:

>Estimate I was given was $600

>On me she said it would probably last about a year
>Would possibly be swollen/bruised for a couple of weeks
>Avoid Advil/Ibuprofen/etc, take Arnica pills up to 2 days before to help with bruising
>Tear Trough is the issue, even under eyelid surgery wouldn't fix it
>It would mostly just affect the inner most corner, not so much the lines created by smiling. Would at least make it so I could wear concealer.
>Said we could also try some botox to try and relax the lines created by smiling if I wanted

I'm broke right now so I'm gonna hold off for the time being, but I just wanted to know if that was even a possibility. It's frustrating because I have a real baby face otherwise, and I feel like in the past year or so I've developed these crazy old lady eyes (also when the eczema started appearing). Ugh.

No. 83670

her ears are huge wtf

No. 83684

I can bet you 10 bucks that guy is ugly af irl and he's scorn about the world. Now that you've incels it makes sense that some of them would be so obsessed with appearance. A while ago I saw this post on Reddit where some obvious incel kid was asking for advice on appearance. He listed all the plastic surgeries he needs to "look somewhat normal" (his words), this guy said he needed lefort 1, 2,3 jaw surgery, jaw shave, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, orbital decompression surgery (he doesn't suffer from the eye disease), ear pinning and some other insane shit. No one really give him actual advice they just said gl on that or it's too expensive and not worth the pain

No. 84869

my nose is kinda wide, is that procedure different from a regular nose job? My bridge isn't perfect but I can life with it.

No. 85035

I have a really weak chin and loose skin on my neck. I already know what I'll look like in about 15 years because my mom and I have the same face, and I'm not okay with it at all. My face has literally two angles that look good in pictures. I avoid smiling with my teeth because it gives me a double chin.

My bf keeps taking all these candid photos of me and I want to cry every time I see how repulsive I look. I've told him to stop but he's doing the whole HURR DON'T YOU SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE schtick. I'm not into it. I don't like the way I look. I don't look in the mirror and see someone who is beautiful. I see someone with decent features that COULD be beautiful with a bit of surgery to correct major flaws.

I want to go in for a consultation, but my bf is super against the idea. I know that social media and where I live plays a role in how I feel about myself, but it seems like plastic surgery is becoming more and more common these days, so I don't see myself "accepting" my face the way it is anytime soon.

No. 85044

my friend says women shouldn't get plastic surgery because
1)it's lying
2)how you look is an indicator of how healthy you are
3)You're hiding your bad genetics
What do you guys think of his argument?

No. 85047

I don't disagree with him necessarily, but the fact that these are the only reasons he came up with make it clear he couldn't care less about how women actually feel and is only thinking about himself and not wanting to be "deceived." He's certainly being insensitive, if not an outright entitled asshole.

No. 85048

there's many reasons not to get plastic surgery but male interest is not one of them. male interest is infact a reason not to get it.

No. 85049

It's true that how you look is a reflection of your health status and your genetic makeup, but I never see a day where women care if men think they're being tricked or not lol. Plus men get plastic surgery too.

No. 85063

>it's lying
Then so are a lot of things, like nicer clothes, hair styling, makeup, etc. Everyone is selling themselves.

The other two points are related to each other and not really applicable to most plastic surgery procedures, since most of them are done on features that have nothing to do with health and are done to fix imperfections that have nothing to do with bad genetics. A big nose (or small breasts, big ears, thin lips, weak chin, what have you) do not indicate bad health or bad genes, we just find them unattractive, generally speaking. Not to meme but a lot of beauty is a social construct.

But to meme further, I'm worried by my emerging nasolabial lines and I hear some back and forth on whether or not to get fillers or a face lift. Sorry if this has been asked before.

No. 85073

Facial features you mentioned like a big nose, thin lips, and weak chin are an indication to your health though. Look into orthotropics. It doesn't mean you're healthier in the immune system or more fit or something, it means your body functions how it is meant to which makes your face look how it's supposed to.

No. 85084

File: 1528850894517.jpg (83.2 KB, 634x552, 30E83AA900000578-3441271-image…)

>Facial features you mentioned like a big nose, thin lips, and weak chin are an indication to your health though

To a degree. But you can't underplay the role of genetics. I have the exact same eyebrows as my mother. No amount of tongue exercises or orthodontics will change that. My "tongue posture" didn't give me my lips, my grandma did.

No. 85085

I agree that the shapes of features are genetic, it's just where they're placed on the face that's mostly environmental. It's kinda undeniable the positive impact orthotropics can have on a face though, everyone would be more attractive if they took part in it.

No. 85120

Its unproven pseudoscience but ok

No. 85877

File: 1529603260683.jpg (45.14 KB, 723x283, nosejob.jpg)

I've wanted to get my nose done for about 10 years now. I have a somewhat bulbous nose which is visible on the side and super visible from the bottom and round alars/nostrils like the left pic. I really wanna get the tip of my nose shaved to be slimmer and my alars fixed so they melt into my face. The only problem being I really don't want an implant or anything put inside. Not sure if the model in the pic had anything done, just posting bc she looks like she had a similar nose to me in the middle picture but most of her pics look like the one on the right.

No. 85878

Lol that is Alodia and her face is now only around 5% natural.

No. 86036

I'm getting a rhinoplasty in two months. It's $16k in total. I'm really excited because I've wanted this for years, ever since I was in middle school. I'm also planning on getting fillers along my jaw and also under my eyes and maybe do a fat transfer to my lips, although my lips are pretty big already.

I know that sounds insane. If I told people they'd probably think I'm vapid and shallow and all that. I think my views on surgery are so desensitized because I worked for a ps for all of my adolescence so it's like, I know what to look for and what to do, and now I'm not afraid to actually go after it? Like, it just doesn't phase me or scare me like it might others.

No. 86096

Why would you want to look like a Fillipino plastic surgery monster?

No. 86119


Would love to know who her doc is and what her procedures were. Her transformation is pretty drastic

No. 86154

File: 1529838231838.png (53.82 KB, 500x326, rt-thedreamcioset-this-nose-jo…)

>Facial features you mentioned like a big nose, thin lips, and weak chin are an indication to your health though.
The partisans of orthotropics always say that, but they only use extreme examples like in this video >>82737.

"Oh but if you have a big nose it's because you are/were a mouth breather, otherwise you'd have developed properly and now you'd look like a model!"

What about people like girl in pic related? She has all the traits of the "angel skull", with a projecting face and a nice jawbone, yet she has a big convex nose. So is she a mouth breather or not? I look pretty similar to her and I've never been a mouth breather, I can't even fall asleep when my nose is stuffed and I have to breath through my mouth. Yet I still have a big nose, because my parents have a big nose.

I think there might be some truth about orthotropics (some), but listening to Mike Mew and his followers, you'd think genetics aren't real and the only reason you have thin lips or a big nose is because your mouth posture is shit.

No. 86201

What race is the woman in the picture? Greek, Persian or Arab, maybe? Because for some races, having a hooked nose is more phenotypical rather than being a result of a facial deformity.

No. 86208

Mouth-breathing has nothing to do with nose size. I have a small nose and had breathing trouble for like 10+ years and couldn't breathe through my nose.

One thing that changes the shape of the face is where your bite is. I was using the wrong place for my resting bite (closed mouth) for a while until I checked different positions and found the right place in the mirror. That had barely any effect over all but my face is more symmetrical now.

Lip size and nose size are genetic imo

No. 86210

(related, the reason why I hadn't found the right bite location before was because my mouth was ever so slightly open a lot of the time, during the bad airways phase.)

No. 86216

Also there's a difference between a nose being physically large and appearing large. If the maxilla is set backwards, this makes the nose appear much larger and the profile more birdlike. I had an issue with jaw recession and after having lefort 1/BSSO, my nose looks a lot smaller despite the size not having changed.

No. 86218

anyone else hate their teeth? I have teeth like the photo and I hate HATE smiling. Dentist told me it would cost 5000. Like wtf I could get a nose job for that amount of money.

At the same time tho I have that super appeal baby face where the upper lip sticks out a little more then the lower and I've wondered if it's because it's resting against my teeth and maybe I shouldn't fuck with it.

No. 86219

File: 1529891634785.jpg (156.63 KB, 624x382, before.jpg)


forgot the attach, lolfail.

No. 86228

I had a similar case due to sucking my thumb until I was 18. You should get that shit fixed anon, it gets worse with age, your teeth could fall. Also it can be related to back pain.

No. 86408

I can't find any surgery results where a bulbous nose has been fixed completely. Is it even possible to go from bulbous to sharp barbie nose?

No. 86411

File: 1530067254943.jpg (36.27 KB, 450x385, celebrity_nose_job_01.jpg)

Most plastic surgeons try to make your nose proportionate to your face, because it looks the most appealing and natural. Sharp, small Barbie noses don't fit everyone

No. 86413

File: 1530068418327.jpg (118.69 KB, 1332x999, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

It's possible BUT it costs a lot of money. Be prepared to spend 10-27k

No. 86466

Anon, this girl got a proportioned nose to her face which is still medium and nowhere near a smol sharp barbie-like nose. The before is tragic and her face looks balanced now.

No. 86509

What? Her nose looks thin and "barbie" like to me.. wtf do you want? a straw for a nose?

No. 86525

A barbie nose has a slope, a very small tip, and smaller nostrils. It's your classic ski sloped nose. That girls' nose is not a barbie nose - like the other anon says, it looks proportional to her face and cute, like a cute button nose. But a barbie nose? No. Barbie noses don't even look good most of the time.

No. 86526

Also what are you talking about, lmao 27k??? Like what? Revisions with top, highly experienced docs with 20+ years in the business price their revisions around $20k - I'm sure some can be as expensive as $25k. But no primary rhinoplasty will EVER be more than $16-18k, even with the most highly specialized surgeon, unless the surgery center/hospital has incredibly expensive fees, in which case it's not worth getting your primary done. $20k for a primary rhino? I mean, are you fucking kidding me?

The doc I went to has been practicing for 30 years, gives talks internationally and workshops, and is one of probably a handful of face-neck surgeons that can handle any case given to him, including mine. He priced me at $16.5k, as are most of his other primary cases.

No. 86573

Agree with you.

This happens if the surgeon takes away too much tissue from your nose in order to make Barbie nose.

Here is a good example. Barbie noses rarely look good but Bella is an exception.

No. 86574

File: 1530205138304.jpg (57.91 KB, 900x561, dae18835ce446585d43e0bef2eb6a3…)

Samefag, forgot the image

No. 86641

Will someone please explain how people finance cosmetic work? Nobody ever seems to want to fill me in on the payment process. I want fillers in my eye hollows, but can’t afford them. Payments would be doable, but that’s my only hope

No. 86642

They either have a good salary or they save up for it. Just my advice but if you don't have a lot of money and can't afford it then it's probably best not to end up spending whatever little money you have on cosmetic work. As I said, that's just my opinion though.

No. 86646

There are no under eye hollows in existence bad enough to justify spending money you don't have on fillers. If you can't afford them to begin with you have much more serious problems than your looks.

No. 86655

This. Plus, you'll have to get them redone every so often. It would be better to figure up how much you'd have to save to get them done with the frequency you'd like, save that much in that amount of time, and then get them. After you get them, continue saving for the next one.

No. 86657

What about the people who go to Serbia or Iran or wherever for cheaper nose jobs?

No. 86661

Risky if you don't know the market well, and I say that as a Serb. Especially if you want lip fillers, a lot of filler doctors here are just aestheticians who inject and shill biopolymers to cheapskate women who later end up with ridiculous sausage mouths cause the thing doesn't dissolve, and have to get it removed surgically after which their lips look disgusting.

For a GOOD nose job here you pay around 3000€, which is considered expensive by many, but cheap by many foreigners. And yes, there are a few doctors that locals trust but they're not nearly as well known (both locally and internationally) as some others who have been known to give bolt on titties, bad lipo or even no nose job at all (I heard of a girl whose nose looked literally the same pre- and post-op, and she wondered why she experienced no pain) to local starlets.

Though the plastic look is actually something many women here want in the first place since a lot of women are really tall and like to tan, so looking like a buff Kim Kardashian is something of a beauty ideal. These women will praise a doctor for giving them what they want but when people read the reviews and then opt for that doctor they get disappointed.

No. 86672

I can only agree with this is the saving for the fillers is on TOP of your emergency fund, retirement savings etc. How the fuck can people be so cavalier with their money? You can't spend it the moment you get it on luxuries like surgery unless you have secure finances, or it was for something deforming/truly ruining your life. Which eye bags are never going to be.

No. 86823

File: 1530456260790.png (757.13 KB, 738x479, Eye.png)

Recently had my first cosmetic procedure done! Ever since puberty, I've had a prominent blue vein under my eye that has annoyed the heck out of me. It just made me look tired, in addition to spawning some pretty dumb comments occasionally when I didn't bother covering it up with make up ("have you gotten a back eye, Anon?") I've tried in the past to find someone to laser it away, but always got rejected on the grounds that it was too big/too close to the eye. But FINALLY I found a trust worthy clinic where a they wanted to give it a go! It's been 3 days since I got it done and it's healing nicely. The swelling has gone down a lot, there's a lil' bit of a scab/wound where the vain was closest to the skin, but nothing to worry about (I was warned of this) and I just have to keep it clean and out of sunlight while it heals. I'm so happy that vein is gone!!! Oh, how such a small thing can bring so much joy… Good bye, fucker! I won't miss you~

No. 86841

I've been wanted to laser my eyebags for years do you have any advice?

No. 86844

Afraid not, I didn't even know you could laser eye bags. I looked in to it, and it seems it can improve it a tad, but if the eye bags are caused by excess fat in the under eye area, then surgery to remove that fat is the most reliable option. Also under eye fillers can help decrease the look of bags since it fills in the area below them. This is off course not a permanent solution. But if you want to try laser first, just make sure you go to a trust worthy place. Any kind of laser treatment on the thin under eye skin can carry risks.

No. 86874

Thanks anon. I still have to do more research, I don't think fillers will help my case and I don't like the idea of going back to get them filled every half year and the minimal risk of going blind

No. 86877

Just found out it it will take me 600+ dollars to do the holy grail of fillers I want ( cupid bow's enhancement). I hate that everything is so extensive in the city I live in but I don't have any other recourse because there are no other major cities nearby I can travel to. I went to cheapo doctor for the first two things I did ( Botox in jawline and crows feet area) but I don't want to go to him for this. How did you all save up for your fillers?

No. 86882


Olsens are actually fratnernal twins, not identical. Some of MK's face ( nose specifically) is clearly done, but I think the her new long midface and large chin proportions is something she was probably destined to grow into genetically.

No. 87054

Hopefully guys can get feedback too! I'm old but really want to improve my ugly face. There is SO much I want to do to it, but I only have so much money. At the moment i'm talking too a surgeon in Madrid about rhinoplasty and chin augmentation to give me a bigger, wider, taller chin. In the meantime, I wonder about whether I could get some improvements in my face from fillers? (in the cheekbone area to lift my face, and maybe to make my jawline wider) and maybe in my chin as a 'test drive' before getting genioplasty. Surgeon is called Alejando Nogueira btw.


https://imgur.com/a/F02ClY5(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87069

Lolcow is no boys allowed, Jackson. Read the rules.

No. 87076

Why would you waste your money on surgeries? There's nothing wrong with your face.

No. 87135

You look like that 24yr that’s dating some underage girl.

Learn how to dress properly https://www.gq.com/story/holiday-season-a-mens-dressing-guide-sponsor-content, here’s a link.

Your face it’s ok, the seedy looking clothes and expressions are your actual problem.

No. 87165

Your nose looks fine. Did you say you were 18? I don't mean to patronize you but I think your complex is not justified and if you have any work done you will regret it in years to come. Use that money you saved to have things done when your are older. My nose is very similar to yours and I get complimented on it, from the side profile it looks like a little ski slope which is one of the most requested nose jobs, in other words people pay to have the type of nose you have. I one like yours and I get compliments, do not let a surgeon mess around with it, i am not against PS , but you really do not need it.

No. 87166

>>56006 My grandma was a real beauty in her youth, when she got to about 60 I noticed her nose looked different, so i think for most people it is past menapause age. This was at a time when there was no suncreen, effective skin care etc, yet she really is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was my dad mum so my aunties were all beautiful looking women and many people have said my dad was handsome, so it is all in the genes, but I cannot be the only one who looks back at pics at old relative and wonder how they had such nuce skin and teeth without beauty products? my grandma only wore make up for occcasions, she used ponds cold cream but her skin was flawless, I can recall men gawping at her when she was late 40's. Sorry for blog post, I was going to make a thread on beauty before the Billion dollar market came into place, but was not sure how to go about it.

No. 87167

Taylor R had HA injections, if she had a fat transfer her bloated face would still be bloated, her face looks fine now, and I am not a Taylor stan,

No. 87168

I am not brave enough to post a pic of my face on this site, but I want to post parts of my face. I am using a google chrome, what software can I download/use that will allow me to just show you my lips, or nose for example? I have had work done , as I can get certain things done for free and I thought it be useful to show before and after, eg I had a chemical peel with an LED mask and it made my skin look flawless and poreless ( for a short time) these things are meant to be done every 6 weeks.

No. 87169

Yes, The first time I asked the injector to focus on the outline and she said this would give me less of a round plump look, and she said that she could give me 0.5 so my lips would look plumper, but she advised me to wait until my lips settle down and then decide as the fee would be the same, so yes it is possible. I live in the EU, so the products used go be a different name in the states, it was a new filler out that she used, but I don't think that made difference as it was still a HA filler at the end of the day. I went and got my lips plumped up 3 weeks later, I would love to show you, but I cannot figure out how to edit pics on a google chrome, and I am not brave enough to post my entire face, I am already aware of all my flaws lol.

No. 87170

The blonde one has great skin texture did she have anything done to her skin?

No. 87171

Has anyone had vampire facials ( PRP) where they use your plasma with micro needles to improve your skin, or has anyone had CIT which is meant to increase collagen. I have had 2 doctors that I know on a personal level say that it does not work, but these doctors are men who are not really interested in beauty, A girl at work claimed to have PRP and her face does look amazing, her skin looks clear and more plump all over, she looks about 5 years younger. I want to have a procedure to make mu skin look younger and clear, I don't have spots or large pores but without makeup my skin looks dull. I like the pale flawless skin look. I have 5k saved for ' Fun thing'but am willing to delve into my other savings or use credit cards, if there is anything that can give me skin like filters can. any anons out there have any advice, my skin is clear and pale no pigentations marks or big pores etc, I just want it too look clean, fresh, and younger, that blond russian sister has lovely skin, is all make up or did she have skin treatments? My skin is really getting me down, to look decent I have to wear foundation or use a a filter, it feels so deceptive, I don't want to conned out of money but I am prepared to do what it takes to have better skin, I want skin like a filter, Ironically when I was younger I did have good skin, now it looks dull and is getting me down and affecting my confidence, I am play a competitive sport and last year when i won my first ever adult medal, instead of feeling overjoyed I was dreading the picture as I knew it it would be in the paper and on local TV, but thankfully I was all red and sweaty with my hair messed up, I would rather people see THAT, then me smiling with dull pale skin. Any ideas?

No. 87182

Chiara Ferragni has been getting PRP sessions for a while and her skin is still shit.
Good skin is 50% skincare 50% genetics imo, invest in good skincare and don't beat yourself too much about it if you still aren't 100% satisfied… There's a good probability that other people don't even notice

No. 87195


I have not done the Vampire Facial but I have gotten dermarolling with PRP. I can attest that it works, I saw and felt a very noticeable improvement in my skin. I can't comment on how it works with acne scarring since I don't really have an issue with acne, but it did make my skin softer and much more plumper.

The Vampire Facial seems like a rip off though, just go get a regular dermarolling session with PRP, it's much cheaper and basically the same thing. If you want, you could dermaroll at home for practically nothing (that's what I do these days). You won't get the PRP but dermarolling without it is still really beneficial and super cheap.

Also, there is enough scientific data out there that shows dermarolling boosts your collagen production and improves your skin texture. This blogger breaks it down very well: https://simpleskincarescience.com/dermarolling/

All that being said, it's not going to magically make your skin look like an Instagram model, and it is not a quick fix. It takes several sessions over the course of about a year before you really start to see/feel the results. Age and diet will also affect how fast and how well you see results. If you're a 35 year old smoker with a crap diet, your results won't be as great as some 30 year old who never smokes and eats fairly well.

No. 87229

Anyone else in Southern California? I'm looking around for surgeons for a rhinoplasty, would be nice to discuss surgeons. We have the benefit of good doctors here but they are usually more expensive. I've already looked at Dr. Grigoryant but I'm not fond of his style.

I'm getting my lips done in 5 days, will report back on the experience and on the Dr.

No. 87543

Has anyone gotten injections? Can you go blind from getting aegyo sal injections?

No. 87544

Probably, since blindness is also a risk for tearthrough fillers.

Why would you get those done? They always look awful.

No. 87571

The risk of blindless has to be extremely low though, my ex stepmom was a plastic surgery addict who loved getting pumped full of botox every few months, she had a bunch of botox viles in the freezer for later use too. She would also inject herself and she never went blind

No. 87591

They don't use botox for egyo sal injections, they use fillers like hyaluronic acid which carry more risks of going into the wrong place basically.

No. 87595

I wish there was a way for girls to post themselves and not get banned for self posting. Everyone here seems like they know what they're talking about and I'd love some of your expertise on what I need, but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 87863

do you do the makeup trick for them? you should try them out first to see how you like them.

No. 87869

The makeup trick? No one knows what you’re referring to summer anon

No. 87872

there's like 5000 makeup tutorials for fake ageyosal. why are you accusing people of being summerfags when you can't even google ageyosal makeup?

No. 87882

File: 1531074624147.jpeg (462.31 KB, 1125x1218, 6ED9E439-B486-4449-A5EB-8772FF…)

Going to South Korea for a month with the money of my cheater ex husband.

If you are in South Korea or know of good treatments for skin or w/e let me know

I’m open to recommendations and really need a pick me up

No. 87940

Those semi permanent bb cream 'tattoos' are neat. As are the various 'shine' treatments like water-shine injections, derma-shine etc

No. 87950

I went to Dr. G and it was insane how quick and abrupt he was with me. I put off going to do surgery with him for a year. I ended up going to see Dr. Davis which is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world - literally, I mean, the guy does international talks about rhinoplasty, how to do complicated cases, workshops, etc. constantly - and somehow I scored an appointment with him (in the past it was like a year wait). When I went to go see him, he showed me 10 revisions he had done of Dr. G's failed work - he has dozens more - and told me he's seen lots of broken hearts come in after getting surgery with Dr. Grigoryants.

This is mainly targeted at ANY girl (or guy) considered rhinoplasty. A bad surgeon, a bad surgery can fuck your life up. Dr. G, for example, pays realself and other sites to take down bad reviews. He has less than 15 years of experience. He does his surgeries in 2 hours as compared to an expert's like 4-6 hours. And often times he won't do your revision. It's a conveyor belt process.

Make sure your surgeon is DOUBLE board certified - make sure your surgeon has at least 18+ years doing RHINOPLASTY (so if he's mainly been doing breast augmentations but suddenly started rhinos like 5 years ago, he's not your guy) - most certainly should be some kind of ear, nose, and throat doc - and please, if money is an issue, save up. You don't understand the world of pain you could go through if you end up having to get a revision. A lot of top docs with like 20+ years of rhino experience cost like 20-25k for a revision, which is actually reasonable. A 16k primary rhinoplasty is worth it for a perfect nose that will stay perfect forever.

No. 87951

literally just crop the picture to that section of your face

No. 87961

File: 1531128461508.jpg (11.42 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

I knew something about Grigoryants put me off. Regardless I wasn't a fan of his nose style. Thanks for the extra warning, I'd seen backlash here and there but this cements it. And he is expensive too.

I was actually thinking of heading to Argentina to see Dr. Hernan Chinski. His noses are BEAUTIFUL.

Has anyone done medical tourism? I really think Chinski is my buy but the trip makes me nervous.

No. 87989

>that pic
i've had a rhinoplasty myself but man, this girl was so pretty before. the after looks so basic and boring:/ different strokes iguess…

No. 88015

She looks far better in the before. Almost shockingly so.

No. 88023

I guess we just have to agree to disagree, I am loving his work

No. 88065


Not saying it was bad previously, but I really like the after. Side profile is super cute.

On another note, I really want a lip lift but most of the reviews on realself (while there are some decent results imo) haven't given me the confidence for a consultation. I'm also wary of a permanent scar to be left under my nose…have any other anons considered this procedure?

No. 88072

File: 1531278308019.jpg (402.51 KB, 892x879, f2d3ec5c76ebc5b132aa4fc67b06b0…)

I have. Personally I'm going to try my results with lip fillers first, if I find my look oddly foreign in the mirror I will know that the fillers will dissipate. If I like the fillers enough to try more than once then I will seriously consider a lift. Will the fillers be a direct comparison? No. But sometimes people end up disoriented seeing how different they look, so even if fillers are just an approximation I get a faint idea.

Here is another Hernan Chinski before/after.

No. 88074

wow, he's amazing. want to go together, anon? like lowkey not even kidding. he's incredible. has anyone else found anyone this good in the US?

No. 88076

Lowkey, not even kidding the answer is yes lol. I HAVE looked at doctors in the states, and for all the hate medical tourism gets I haven't found any one in the US I like as much. I live in Southern California for context so I have access to a huge cluster of doctors, still like Chinski more. There may be another American Dr. in Massachusetts or something that would fit but a that point if I'm gonna fly and get a hotel I may as well do that in Argentina instead, take advantage of the exchange rate.

No. 88077

in case you are serious look at his site more closely:


and look at the results on the instagram too


Some of the before/afters look too subtle (like there wasn't anything wrong with the nose but obviously the patient really wanted a change) and I found one I didn't like (she had a small nose and he should have made it bigger than he did IMO) but over all I like his work. Every Dr that does rhinoplasty seems to have their own style. I'm sure there are other great Drs across Latin America that also do great work but as a point of cultural difference many of them don't maintain personal websites beyond contact information and listing where they were educated and what their accreditation is. Chinski shares a broad catalog of his work.

On this point has anyone done any other sort of work done via medical tourism? My mom is getting her spider veins lasered in Tijuana later this year, I might get something non-invasive like a laser facial or something.

No. 88078

File: 1531284886309.jpg (208.46 KB, 702x637, IMG_6017.jpg)

how many of you guys have lip fillers? pic is my lips, i'm looking to get fillers to make them a little plumper and more proportionate to my other features. is it possible to get natural looking fillers? i'm so scared they're gonna look fake, especially from the side (like a duck).

No. 88079

I think natural looping lip fillers are possible. Everyone has a 'look' that they do or become known for, either because its their taste or because its just what people demand. I think the super full pouty Kylie lips are in now so that is what most Dr.s are familiar with but that doesn't mean finding someone who can product subtle results is impossible. Look at this video, I think her results look nice and natural.

This is who I'm getting my lips done with actually. I hope I like the results, I'm kind of worried that I won't feel like myself but its worth a try. It took me entirely too long to find someone who wasn't flaunting big ol' pillow lips as examples of work they were proud of.

No. 88086

your lips look fine

No. 88110

I think your lips are cute just the way they are! do whatever makes you happy though

Kylie dissolved her fillers and she looks way better and so much younger now imo… so idk if super full pouty lips are in right now, the trend seems to be on its way out actually

No. 88111

Why would you want lip fillers? Yours have a nice shape and aren't even thin.

No. 88115

File: 1531319856827.png (77.49 KB, 300x211, me.png)

I've been on the fence about a nose job for a long time, my nose itself isn't that bad or that big but it makes my face look masculine because it makes my philtrum look prominent. I don't know exactly how to describe it. I'm afraid to go under the knife for it and end up looking worse and having to get a rhinoplasty revision but I feel so ugly.

No. 88120

sorry anon but your face looks masculine cause of the shape, not your nose.

No. 88121

Oof, yeah. I'm in a similar boat to anon and we just have to accept the jaw or get it shaved.
The latter doesn't seem worth it to me.

But yeah, her nose looks fine actually.

No. 88122

bih, where? i dont know if this is considered masculine in anywhere except asian countries lol.

No. 88125

File: 1531324284978.png (160.73 KB, 620x380, 9X6heoj.png)

having a prominent jaw or a square face does not necessarily make a person look masculine

No. 88127

since we are only seeing her jaw.. not the whole face.

No. 88129

File: 1531332752191.jpg (53.21 KB, 1280x720, liplift.jpg)

I don't think you look masculine at all, but if you want a shorter philtrum a lip lift would do the trick better than a nose job.

Btw a squarish jaw isn't masculine in itself, it's features like strong masseter muscles, a thick jawbone, a long and square chin that are masculine, all features that Anon doesn't have (or at least that can't be seen in the potato quality picture).

No. 88130

File: 1531334995221.jpg (132.21 KB, 372x519, IMG_6040.jpg)

aw thank you! to be fair i like the size of my lips, but i'd like them to be a little big bigger because overall they seem too small for my face. like for example my real problem is my nose because from the side its cute but the front is kind of bulbous and my bridge is wide, so having bigger lips makes it less obvious. but i also just think that having plump lips would be super fun because i could wear lipstick and stuff!

No. 88133

Her face doesn't look remotely masculine jesus christ, her jawline is round and normal. Save the nitpicking for cows.

She looked way better and less masculine in the before picture assuming it's on the left. I honestly can't tell if right is meant to be after because it's such a downgrade.

No. 88134

Eh… I don't know, to me your nose seems fine as well. For what I can see your nose-lips area is pretty balanced. Super big lips don't look good on everyone, look at Kendall Jenner, she outright downgraded after the fillers

No. 88137

You don't need big lips to wear lipstick…

Agree, it's probably some v-line worshipping kboo talking lmao

No. 88145

>She looked way better and less masculine in the before picture assuming it's on the left. I honestly can't tell if right is meant to be after because it's such a downgrade.
I agree that she looks better in the before picture, but I think it's the facial expression and/or the makeup because if you hide the mouth area she still looks better in the before picture.

No. 88158

Your nose isn't making you look masculine. If you are concerned about your jawline masseter botox is less invasive.

No. 88159

Your jawline isn't masculine looking at all, neither is your nose. People here have weird, ugly beauty standards that aren't at all aesthetically appealing because they're weebs. That jawline is drop dead gorgeous and is model-tier. If you go under the knife, you're gonna just fuck yourself up AND be synthetic.

No. 88161

lol, i think you're in the wrong thread.

No. 88171

I came back from my lip consultation with Dr. Sanusi Umar from vid related and decided not to do anything. He told me the results I wanted (more defined cupids bow) were unrealistic with just fillers. He could make them plumper though, which gave me pause, I don't really want bigger lips just more shape. I asked about other aesthetic concerns and if I could use XYZ and he said he would not do them because I did not need them and looked fine as is. I was disappointed I was unable to get the results I wanted but was pleased by his honesty, he could have been a huckster and pushed me towards other procedures or said yes to my other requests and taken my money but instead advised me against spending the money on things he thought wouldn't benefit me.

So if any of you femanons are in Southern California near Inglewood and Redondo Beach I can recommend Sanusi Umar for being honest and biased towards natural results.

No. 88193

File: 1531403864833.gif (45.08 KB, 209x164, 79xi.gif)

My tits are small and weird looking. I've been self conscious of them since puberty. I wouldn't care how saggy they were if they could be just a little bigger. A that said, does anyone here have experience with fat transfer? I am very, very skinny, so I don't really have any fat to transfer to them, but I could try to gain weight. I just don't want any silicon for fear of it looking even worse/unnatural.

No. 88237

Only about a third of what is implanted will actually take, so however much you eat to put on you need to gain for three times as much to be enough. Implants are way more reliable.

No. 88249

So sad. This whole thread is.

No. 88250

Is laser lipo bullshit? I can't believe that shining lights on my tummy is gonna make it flatter.

No. 88256

No it's not but it is expensive still

No. 88257

Why? There are tons of things that can't be changed like weight or hair color. If they make you unhappy why not change them?

No. 88258

Are you sure because how does red lights make my fat go away
Also it's available on groupon

No. 88261

Same way sunlight can give you a sunburn. Lasers can damage fat cells so they die. Calling them red lights is oversimplfying a lot. There's plenty of resources online.

No. 88303

If you're very very skinny it's not surprising your breasts are small, it's the case for most women. Gaining weight might make them bigger, depending of your fat distribution.

No. 88305

Yeah, I knew about this, and I'm okay with it. I really only need enough to go from shallow to full.

I'm a true pear shape. Any ounce of extra weight I gain goes to my butt and thighs. As I said above, my breasts are not only very small, but shallow, so the only bras that fit well are padded to some degree. Even when I was pregnant, my breasts never got any bigger, unfortunately.

No. 88314

I've been meaning to make a post about this, actually! I've had four laser lipo sessions in the past few weeks and it's made a significant difference for me.

For my first three sessions I got the backs of my thighs done because my main goal was to reduce cellulite. My thighs are now so much smoother and firmer. I'd say at least about 80% of the cellulite is gone in the treated areas.

My last session was a few days ago and I tried getting it done on my abdomen for the first time. For several hours after, my skin had these red blotchy spots all over and I was worried that they might be permanent but they eventually faded away completely. I lost about an inch off my waist with just one abdominal session. Went from 28" to 27". I know people say waist size can fluctuate quite a bit, but I always measure at the same time (i.e. in the morning without having eaten first) and I've never seen such quick and dramatic changes in my own body.

With a Groupon, the first three sessions were $100 which is a great price considering how happy I am with the results! Although, I should note that the practitioner said that I would get more noticeable results faster than most other people due to my body composition (I'm skinnyfat with a borderline underweight BMI).

No. 88342

Well shit, man. Did you lose weight too, or just size? Maybe I'll use it as a booster reward if I'm able to get my diet under control.

No. 88346

I didn't lose a lot of weight, maybe only a couple lbs. It's weird though because I can visibly see a difference. I guess it's possible that I might have gained a bit of muscle. After each session, the practitioner has me do 10 minutes of basic exercises (squats, lunges, step-ups, etc.) while standing on a piece of equipment that vibrates so vigorously that it feels like every ounce of fat is buzzing. It's a strange sensation but supposedly it helps the lymphatic system eliminate fat.

No. 88437

Whats the best place out of the US for relatively cheap but good veneers? And also for a bbl?

No. 88763

I guarantee that this is some fetish fag as well, similar to ana coaches/feeders.

No. 88814

File: 1531881591125.jpg (96 KB, 718x739, rhinoplastie-photos-avant-apre…)

Aside from Dr. Chinski I'm also really liking the work of French Dr. Lionel Azan. He's a top rhinoplasty specialist in France and he's still cheaper than American doctors. The cost of travel and accommodations are the wild cards but would likely still bring you cheaper than a lot of American doctors. Why is plastic surgery so expensive in the states?

No. 89632

File: 1532564797212.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.22 KB, 1280x720, 20180726_021916.jpg)

My biggest insecurity are my boobs. I think they're really saggy(i'm young so i feel even more insecure about this)and that my areolas are really big and disgusting so i wanted to ask if they're really abnormal or if my view on them is a little bit screwed because i don't like them. I'm thinking of getting surgery but i'm quite scared of it. In the spoiler is a pic of my boobs and i want to know what you think

No. 89634

Your breasts are entirely normal. Check out http://www.007b.com/breast_gallery.php if you ever forget what the average pair of boobs looks like. VERY few women have naturally round, perky, full, or symmetrical breasts.

No. 89635

theyre pretty. i have small nipples but mine dont look nicer imo. big nips are feminine

No. 89653

Anon, your boobs look like mine. You're normal. I understand being insecure about them, but getting them done is an actual surgery, so maybe wait a bit longer and see whether your feelings change.

No. 89655

>VERY few women have naturally round, perky, full, or symmetrical breasts.

I do because I work out,im a D28, your point?

No. 89657

Very few doesn't means none anon. And are you seriously bragging on lolcow? That's fucking embarrassing.

No. 89658

You’re welcome for giving you an excuse to brag about your ~*uwu perfect titties*~. Next try to develop some reading comprehension skills.

No. 89661

Some jelly ass anons
Perfect tits are a reality for most young women, sorry you have ugly ones and need to tell yourself deformed tits are normal

No. 89662

I hope no one is retarded enough to think this isn't a scrotoid in disguise lmao.

No. 89663

"Everyone I disagree with is a man"

No. 89664

File: 1532610046787.png (228.38 KB, 539x462, dplus.png)

>Perfect tits are a reality for most young women, sorry you have ugly ones and need to tell yourself deformed tits are normal

Perfect, most young women, choose one. If it is perfect it means it is probably in the top 5%, if it was the norm it wouldn't be perfect it would be the norm. Also I think a lot of men wouldn't call your tits 'perfect', 28 band size is pretty small and D cup doesn't automatically mean big. You have pretty small boobs and they are more likely to be perky, that is nothing to pat yourself on the back on. Bigger boobs are more likely to sag because of gravity and even exercise won't do much for them. Pic related to show that D cup doesn't mean humongous tits. If you were a woman, you would know this. Only a man would ignorantly use 28D as a means to brag. If a man looked at a woman with actual 28D's he would guess she had a B cup.

Her boobs are normal, they don't look tuberous or especially saggy and tbh I'd swap my small ones for proper tits like that anyday.

No. 89665

not to undermine the point but so many women on here have no idea how bras/boobs work.

No. 89666

>thinking working out is going to make breasts firmer
Begone, scrote.

No. 89667

I know, but if it were an actual woman, they could just look down and see that 28D is actually smaller than average and what most normies who don't know anything about bras/boobs would call a B cup.

But yeah you're completely right!

No. 89668

True, I also just remember having anons arguing that 28D (specifically) was pretty large looking and large on a small frame. They couldn't get their heads around the bra size was already indicative of her frame size, and even after I posted pics, they said something like "we don't know how big the girls in the photos are", like what?

I was on /cgl/ like 6 years ago and the entire board basically had a bra epiphany so it's super weird to me when this stuff happens on here. I'd be down for a bra/boob thread too tbh.

No. 89669

Oh i see, so average size boobs cant be perfect?
Fuck off with your projection, not everyone wants big saggy udders

No. 89672

Fat girls with udder tits always try to spread the lie the bigger your hideous deformed tits are the better
Its about fullness, nipple breast ratio, perkiness, and roundness, which me and any young woman of a medium size has

No. 89675

>big saggy udders
>udder tits…hideous deformed tits
Wtf is wrong with you?
She only said that D cups aren't as big as people believe them to be and that having perky boobs is more common if you're a smaller cup size…?
Nothing to get so riled up over.

No. 89679

>> Also I think a lot of men wouldn't call your tits 'perfect', 28 band size is pretty small and D cup doesn't automatically mean big

Here shes saying they arent perfect soely because of size, sit down

No. 89680

Yes average can't be perfect, it is an oxymoron. Perfect is like 5% of the population, average is like 75% of the population to give an idea. If everyone can attain a certain standard of perfection, it isn't perfection anymore and it becomes average.
I'm happy for you that your ego and self esteem is so big that you need to REEEE about how perfect your boobs are when in reality they are on the same spectrum of normality as the girl you were putting down.

Lol the moment someone gets salty when they are called normal instead of perfect. It's normal for smaller tits to be more likely to perky, woopdiedoo. All sizes have pros and cons and barely no one has actual *~* perfect *~* breasts due to the nature of perfection.

No. 89681

Its an oxymoron right off the bat because nothing is perfect so stfu

No. 89685

So salty.
Yes if something is below average how can it be perfect? What most would call perfect is when bigger than average boobs manage to have the perkiness of small boobs. Which doesn't occur often without the help of surgery, and if natural doesn't stand the test of time.

Just be happy with your normal boobs and stop putting down other women with also normal boobs. You don't need to be perfect to be happy or be attractive.

Jeez is there something similar to manlet or dicklet syndrome for chestlets? Humble bragging, having a meltdown over being denied perfection, slinging rude insults in retaliation. The meanest things said to you was that you aren't perfect, while you called the girl who posted the picture deformed, ugly udder tits etc. Literally in retaliation to being called normal and denied perfection.

No. 89686

>Women calling other women's perfectly okay body disgusting

This is why people think we're the most vile gender

No. 89689

Normal tits are not below average, they are just normal and fit the body, making them bigger does not make them more “perfect” just because its more rare, deformities are more rare does that make deformed people perfect? Perfection is a meme anyway and different for everyone
And yes big udders are saggy or will get saggy very fast, fat sags which actually is true not this “perfection meter” you claim to have ownership of.
And no im not “jealous” i had big boobs when i had a fatter body, i much prefer myself skinny and fit with normal proportional boobs that stretched out fat saggy cow udders.
Whats it with bitches thinking everyones jealous lol? Getting Mariah mallad vibes.

And lol saying to stop putting other people down when you are doing just that yourself

No. 89692

I am putting you down by saying you are normal and not perfect? Mmmm kay. You started with the whole I AM SO PERFECT SHE IS SO DISGUSTING schtick, so no backpedaling, YOU started. You were the one getting offended about being called normal instead of perfect. Do I really need to start screenshotting your own comments and spoonfeeding them back to you because your memory is that short? You were saying she was deformed instead of *~* perfect *~* like you.

Your boobs are normal, not perfect. Her boobs are normal, not perfect. For some reason you are extremely salty it seems about the fact that you are on the same spectrum of normality as the poster of the picture is. You are normal, she is normal, get over it. If you interpret this as putting you down, then I feel sorry for you.

No. 89693

Why would you feel the need to say that. I'm picturing crazy neet in a dark room who has nothing to offer but her semi decent boobs lmao.

No. 89694

You might be right since she's having a meltdown after being called normal instead lol

No. 89695

No, from what I've seen, most young women have boobs like mine, full, perky, good ratio, fairly symmetrical

Fatties and their insecurity about their dick tits

No. 89697

This is me

Lol you said normal size was below average and that big tits were perfect, sorry not everyone agrees with you, get over it

No. 89699

It's the same ana-chan from a few weeks ago, calling boobs "udders" and "disgusting" and assuming only fat girls can have bigger ones…

No. 89700

it makes sense cause only anachans would think 28D is at all big.

No. 89701

>Lol you said normal size was below average and that big tits were perfect, sorry not everyone agrees with you, get over it
I said that most people consider big breasts that are very perky perfect, but that this doesn't occur often in nature without the help of surgery, and doesn't stand the test of time. Learn to read.
I said that D28 is a below average size. I should have maybe said specifically in Western countries though, it might be bigger than average in Asian countries.

I never said all or most or any indicator like that. I also didn't state that it is objectively perfect, just in relation to the majorities opinion. The only person who tried to make an objective statment is the 28D anon claiming to be perfect.

I'm a muscular chestlet, not a fatty, thanks for trying though. I just feel bad for completely normal boobanon who came here with her insecur(t)ities and then gets called deformed by some humblebragger. I know what it's like to feel insecure about my body or view my body in a dysphoric way. Last thing that helps is some misguided individual calling themselves perfect and you deformed, while in reality both are completely NORMAL. I used to think that girls with big boobs couldn't feel insecure and had nothing to complain about, but seeing this behaviour is kinda eye opening.
She doesn't need surgery, but you might need therapy.

No. 89704

This would all be solved very quickly if anon would post her perfect 28D boobs and prove us all wrong

No. 89712

28D is equivilant to 34B which was the national average size before the obesity epidemic, so yes its a normal size unless your fat.

No. 89714

I don't know who to reply to in this thread so this isn't a direct reply to you, but

Does anyone understand bra sizes? A 28D is LITERALLY the same size as a 32B, each band size increase lowers the cup size. If you were 32D your breasts would be larger than the 32B. 28D has exactly the same breast size as 32B, band size vs cup size is basically the distinction between where the material is focused, the cup may take up more surface area when 28D vs 28B, but the overall size of chest tissue that is covered is the same as 32B.

This is the source of a lot of women's bra confusion when they are wearing the wrong band size, and also men's confusion when they think D is big without considering band size.

This has been your bra PSA

No. 89717

It's not literally the same size, just very similar. There is a distinct difference in the actual size, shape and volume of the cups between sizes. Sister sizes only work one cup size away from your regular size. A 28D in a 32B bra is going to be pretty illfitted.

No. 89718

I live in a western country not affected by the obesity epidemic and doesn't have many overweight people and the national average is still (the equivalent of) 34D. It's not just people getting fatter, wouldn't surprise me if it's because of the food. Girls are also starting puberty earlier and earlier nowadays.
Ana-chans at this point blame everything on the fat people conspiracy like alt-righters blame it on the kikes lol

No. 89719

Isn't the difference basically wide vs tall boobs?

No. 89727

File: 1532628250540.jpeg (112.41 KB, 962x742, 41E15709-AA39-45C0-B4B7-0486C0…)

No. 89728

Basically yes, I do think people should be aware that while in theory sister boob sizes are the same, the fit of the bra is definitely not. 30D here who can't comfortably fit 34B.

No. 89734

In my country 13,3% of the population is obese, and most of those people are men above age 50. Not many pre-menopausal women :)The few women who are overweight, very likely aren't native because we are naturally lanklets and our culture is not fat-people friendly.
So sorry, not all women with big boobs are fatties like you cooked up in your conspiracy theory.

No. 89736

You dont have to be obese to be fat, i live in scandinavia too and there are alot of overweight people or bordering on overweight. Look at statistics instead of being in denial.

No. 89737

The statistics say that most fat people aren't native and are above age 45. Young native people are generally a healthy weight or underweight. Heck the amount of native young underweight people is growing (atm it's at 17%).
I don't live in Scandinavia.

No. 89741

>we are naturally lanklets and our culture is not fat-people friendly
>most fat people aren't native
>in Europe
Where is this magical place?

No. 89751

They dont count foreigners or fatties in these bra statistics in this made up place? I doubt that

No. 89759

nta but you know census and stuff asks race and nationality right?

No. 89760

>Most fat people aren't native
Where, lol? I live in Finland and there's lots of fat people under 50, and even more fat kids. That's not even counting the 'chubby' ones. Most people in Nordic countries lead sedentary lifestyles and it's cold as tits nine months of the year so it makes sense that there's going to be more fatties than in Southern Europe or wherever.

No. 89761

Yup. I live in Norway and there are literally news reports about more and more kids getting fat, and that obesity is starting to become a problem. The fat activism here is growing, overweight girls reeing at stores like Zara because they can't fit into their clothes. Saged for retarded ot sperging.

No. 89764

Show me these bra statistics that dont count foreigners and/or fatties then

No. 89765

i said i wasn't that anon you idiot.

No. 89767

also, i don't think anon is saying there are some kind of statistics that measure the bra size based by race and stuff.

she's trying to say that her countries bra size including everyone is a large size, and also that over all native's weight is less, so she's going off of both statistics.

it's autistic levels of math but it makes sense.

like hypothetically if 80% of women are E cup and 90% of native women are under weight, and native women make up 32% of the population, it's not like it's hard to figure out what percentage of native women wear E cup bras.

No. 89773

It doesnt exist. The national average bra sizes grew because of fatties. If some counter evidence exists show it.

No. 91109

welp. My fears were realized. I came out with a very subtle result, so it's still on the large side. Guess having a cute nose isn't gonna be a reality for me.

No. 91112

Do you mind posting a picture of your profile? Your nose may not be the issue.

No. 91121

I had a deviated septum from getting kicked in the face, so I had to get a septoplasty. I coughed blood for about a week and my whole face felt sore. I felt bad piercing pain in my ears too. I'm really happy with it because it feels nice to breathe again and my allergies don't suck as much anymore.I also feel more confident with the way my nose looks now because it's straighter.

No. 91324

You know what, sometimes it's for the better. Tiny button noses don't look good on everyone… A girl I know had her nose done, which seemed strange to me in the first place because it looked good. She had the first rhino and the surgeon fucked up her breathing, now she's had another rhino and this surgeon fixed the breathing but gave her a tiny nose with a super tiny tip that doesn't suit her face at all, and I actually feel bad about it because her original nose was perfect for her and now she ruined her face.

No. 91509

I'm skinny fat and I recently started thinking about liposuction to help me to start my weight loss journey, I'm not ana-chan. But all the exes fat is really bothering me. My only question is, is it worth all the money? I would start working out and eating healthy after it, so I could keep a slim and healthy figure.

No. 91731

File: 1533919520184.jpg (208.54 KB, 1824x1368, jawbones-1.jpg)

I am super dumb and couldn't find anything about this, but about jaw shavings

Is there a difference between like cuting a piece of the bone with a saw or something and actually shaving it, like when you file your nails?

If so, what's the difference for the results, aftercare, pain, surgery, complications and such?

Thanks in advance.

No. 91733

literally what is this question? a saw is "shaving".

No. 91734

Iirc there's a procedure where they don't cut the bone, instead they inject something into the muscle to make it relax and appear smaller.

No. 91740

Yep, masseter botox

No. 91764


Sorry, I am ESL. What I meant is, if there's a surgery that just "sands/files" your bone instead of literally cutting of a fragment of it, like in the pic I posted.

I know of this, but it's temporary and doesn't do much if you have big bones instead of a "tensed" (?) muscle. I've taken x rays of my head, and I know that in my case is all bone.

No. 91771

I'm fairly sure the only method of jaw reduction is cutting pieces of the jaw off.

Any reduction in the mandible, regardless of the method, will result in sagging, and accelerated ageing by extension, as the bone serves as "scaffolding" for the soft tissues and removing parts of it results in less support. Another complication is nerve damage and subsequent numbness.

I won't go to South Korea for cosmetic surgery, I've known people who've gone to decent and reputable clinics and had their faces butchered.

No. 91772

filing the bone would be a bit dangerous tbh. it could cause fractures or chips, even though it would be more precise.

No. 92287

>I won't go to South Korea for cosmetic surgery, I've known people who've gone to decent and reputable clinics and had their faces butchered.
I know this is an old post but I'd love to hear stories

No. 92322

Yeah, i love hearing about stuff like that. It would be fun to have a botched surgery thread

No. 92325

Anyone have any experience with septoplasty and face injections? I need to get septo done sometime for my breathing issues and I kinda want to get my face pumped for a more youthful look.

No. 92339

Seconded. As someone who's considered Korean ps I'd like to know what the risks are

No. 92341

File: 1534455438343.jpg (489.96 KB, 2980x1450, comparison_taylor.jpg.a2fdc62f…)

Fillers in your face are kind of risky if your doctor is inexperienced. Look at Taylor. She wanted to look youthful too and ended up looking like a chipmunk.

No. 92342

File: 1534455558653.jpg (179.05 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_orv0qxWMij1v4zu0go1_128…)

No. 92398

File: 1534525090727.png (711.86 KB, 720x723, Screenshot_2018-08-17-12-58-28…)

After a few months her face went down, this is what she looks like now, I'm pretty sure she still gets face fillers but uses a different doctor.

No. 92635

I think with v lines you can get facial paralysis and premature jowls

No. 92983

I have a recessed chin and I recently got 2mL of Juvederm Voluma to correct it. I couldn't be happier. The problem is, though, figuring if I want to continue doing this for the rest of my life or just save up for a legitimate chin implant.

I'm also so shocked at how easy this was. Like, I'm wondering why I didn't do this sooner.

Tempted to get some Botox now, dunno.

No. 93398

Guurl I've been planning for awhile to get it done but I'm always spooked out by stories of people who got blind from injections. How much did it cost you and how much did it hurt?

No. 93725

update, i got 1 syringe of juvaderm! its only been a few hours so i might post a pic later if anyones interested. i'm super happy with the results, it was $450 and it looks natural (doesn't stick out from the side, my lips aren't 'smooth')

No. 93727

I'm interested anon please post pics

No. 93731

ok, i will on sunday probably when the swelling is completely down!

No. 93754

Sorry for the weird question, but I've been wondering for a while: Is the filler in the chin different than the one used in lips? Like, does it harden to feel more like bone, or is it noticable that it's not "real" once you touch it?

No. 93781

Nayrt, but I know this for experience. For chin fillers surgeons usually use Radiesse, because among fillers it's the "thickest", looks and feels natural, is long lasting and is calcium based. Juvederm is mostly used for lips because of its smooth formula (in the chin region it would dissolve way more easily compared to Radiesse)

No. 93816

I got bicycle kicked to the face during a soccer game when I was 14 and broke my nose. You can feel the fracture in the bridge of my nose. I've had breathing issues for over a decade and I'm pretty sure the mouth breathing is catching up with me.

Besides the asymmetry IDK how much fixing the fracture would improve the cosmetic appearance of it, since I'm pretty sure I just have a jew nose. Not even sure if insurance would even cover it at this point, because it's been so long.

>>49361 the before nose is literally my ideal nose LOL

No. 93894

It was around $1400 for me. Didn't hurt at all, just a pinch. They used a numbing cream.

Mine hardens and it feels like bone, though I personally can tell it feels a little different. I think Juvederm Voluma is usually used for cheeks, chin, aging, etc., wheras a different type of Juvederm is used for lips. Someone can check me on that, though.

My nurse practitioner recommended Juvederm Voluma over Radiesse because it lasts longer. But if I remember correctly, the Radiesse was a bit cheaper.

No. 94080

Has anyone had rhinoplasty for a bulbous nose tip? I'd love to hear anyone's experience with before and after photos if that's possible. The tip of my nose is so weird I'd like to have it reduced and shaped so it's less bulbous (I have a slight bump on my nose too but I don't even care about that as much).

No. 94086

$1400? Where do you live? Sounds a bit much for 2ml

No. 94101

East coast US.

What prices do you see?