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File: 1446578522173.jpg (59.65 KB, 500x546, tumblr_mzqrx62YJ81qccr0fo1_500…)

No. 50356

i mean girls have been doing it forever. from being a sugar baby to just being online and recieving things because you're cute or nice, how do you guys feel about it?

sometimes i get jealous that a girl got a 500 dollar purse from a rando, but then i just feel happy for her and strive to get to that level one day.
i usually feel a little guilty when recieving money or gifts from others because it's simply in my nature to want to give back or do something for them.
this is hypocritical im sure, but when i dont necessarily have talent or a lot of money, it is nice to recieve something from your wishlist once in a while.

so yeah im rambling, but any opinions?

is it bad/trashy? or fine? im not sure if it's taking advantage of some, but no one is forcing people to donate or gift you things.

No. 50357

As long as you don't imply something in return, I say go for it.

No. 50358

The only reason guys purchase girls gifts is to get on their good side. They want you to like them and give them more attention which in turn could result in you having sex with them. Obviously you won't have sex with them but it's a false sense of hope in the back of their heads which makes them do it. So I believe it's taking advantage of flawed males and would feel guilty doing so. But if you're an evil cunt then go for it.

No. 50359

Imo it's the same morally as prostitution, but that said, I have no problems with prostitution so by extension I have no problem with receiving free shit.

I'm kinda interested in finding some place online to find some nerdy guys to send me free shit and whatnot. It could be a lot of fun.

No. 50360

I have done this and I don't feel bad at all. I've never pushed anyone to buy me anything but ive had about… 4 dudes buy me things off wishlists and pay me money. It's their choice, their money, their decision.

No. 50361

I think it's fine in theory, it's just kind of risky in practice because guys almost always want something in return. Unless you get lucky with a guy who has a fetish for financial domination or just spoiling a girl (rare), you're going to be expected to do something.

No. 50362

any other anon is a klepto?

No. 50363

i fight my urges

No. 50364

why anon

No. 50365

I think it's fine, sort of?
I mean I feel too guilty about it. Sometimes guys insist though and pay for food, movie tickets or send me games on steam. I never tell them to do it though since I feel guilty for it, and feel like I owe them shit.

I hate girls who beg fro free stuff though, they get on my nerves so easily. Like, I'm fine with you having a stream or being a cam girl or having a sugar daddy and have the viewers or a guy give you stuff, but begging for stuff from irl friends or in group chats is disgusting and pathetic.

I wish I had the guts to do this though, I'd love more free videogames, but I have a boyfriend and I don't like having orbiters.

No. 50366

tbh I'm interested in doing this even though I've never done it before. How do you hook the guys? Where do you find them?

Bumping this thread for advice.

No. 50367

I used to post time-stamped cleavage on 4chan along with my Kik username. You wouldn't be able to tell from the replies to the thread but I would always get a TON of messages, like over 100 at a time sometimes and basically you just have to find whoever seems the most lonely, rich, and desperate and string them along on false hope. I had one 18-year-old British kid who sent me $1000+ because I kept telling him I would buy plane tickets to visit with it kek

I wanna start doing it again but more efficiently and with less risk, so if any other girls have tips for us lazy sluts plz share

Also I'm banned from Paypal so I'm looking for a good alternative

No. 50368

I have an online friend who often gives me passes for games, but most of them he got for free or very cheap.

No. 50369

Do you have any screenshots of those chats?

No. 50370


No. 50371

File: 1478613837373.png (210.57 KB, 443x332, 56464565.png)

This is the way to go. Online works the best because it's easier to find lonely guys while still maintaining a safe distance.

I play CSGO to find guys, though any game with a male majority audience will work. As soon as you start speaking, they're on you like flies on shit. I had one European guy that would send me money, special packages, and bought me a computer just for talking to him. Just be sure to use a PO box if you're doing shit like that, though trying to get money via Paypal is better.

You just have to make sure you cut them off better they start becoming too attached, because they can get really annoying and clingy after awhile.

No. 50372

But don't they see your private informations with Paypal? I would totally do it, I just want to keep my identity unknown

No. 50373

Oh yeah, that's true. It's been awhile since I used Paypal for that. I know they started enforcing the "no fake names" rule a lot harder a year or so ago, so that's probably not a good idea after all.

I've never heard of Dwolla, like >>139729 suggested, but apparently they require a SSN upon registration, so fuck that.

Amazon wishlists are out too if you want to keep your identity a secret. It's possible to use a hide your address/name and use an alias, but even though your address is hidden on the wishlist, someone will still be able to see it if they make a purchase and get an order confirmation.

Seems like the best bet are gift cards with identity concerns tightening up. I know a lot of camwhores use them, so they don't have to give out their address.

No. 50374

What about Patreons and similar? Is people still able to see your personal informations?

No. 50376

do you consider yourself to be "exploiting" these guys or do you think it's a perfectly valid way to socialize? Do they consider you a friend, do you consider them a friend? Of course it goes without saying, as long as gifts and money is involved, there will no doubt be a feeling of obligation, debt etc. that could interfere with the concept of "friend"

No. 50377

There are also special amazon pick up boxes in some cities.

No. 50378

File: 1478654300036.jpg (122.54 KB, 960x960, ClcFw-SWIAAT0bS.jpg.4303f78221…)

these might be guys who don't have much female interaction and see buying stuff as a valid way to get her attention. like guys go to prostitutes just to talk at her. a sugar daddy is basically just a more formalised, up front version of this arrangement. i don't think 'friends' really comes into it.

but >>139726 for instance definitely did exploit that british kid because she lied about what she was going to use the money for. personally i think that's hilarious that he was dumb enough to do that at all. iconic

No. 50379

Female attention and emotional labor is a commodity and can be marketed, in the same way that prostitutes sell their sexual labor. The most successful sugar babies know this inherently. Men like to be coddled by women and will pay for the privilege, even better if it's someone pretty and apparently sexually available. /theory

I really admire the ability to scam and hustle men like this tbh, I wish I could but I find the smile-nod-laugh, keeping my mouth shut, ego stroking charade absolutely exhausting.

No. 50380

He was a pretty lonely guy, so we didn't even have to use Skype or anything. He was happy to hear my voice occasionally when I played CSGO. He asked for a pic, but I told him I wasn't comfortable with it, and he never asked again.


I definitely didn't consider him a friend. I know that he considered me a bit more than a friend, but I never corrected him about it. He did get something out of it, but I'm not going to kid myself and say, "Well, it wasn't wrong because he enjoyed talking to me." This wasn't a sugar arrangement, so it's really not "right" to do.


>I find the smile-nod-laugh, keeping my mouth shut, ego stroking charade absolutely exhausting.

You're not the only one. It really is exhausting which is why I stopped doing it. It's hard enough to find lonely guys who are desperate enough and reckless enough to buy you shit without really knowing you, but when you actually have to pretend to care about them, it gets tiring. It's like playing a game of chess for days in a row, knowing what moves to make and when, knowing how to read these guys, etc.

No. 50381

Is there a primer for video games somewhere? I tried team fortress once and had literally no idea what I was doing even in the tutorial phase.

No. 50383

I just want to know what rank she's playing at, not arguing about skill.

Also it's relevant. It's completely true that any girl who plays CSGO will get flooded with attention like flies on shit.

When I look at their steam profiles they have hundreds of friends, tons of comments, expensive DLC they get for free as gifts from white knights, etc. These stupid betas have some kind of delusion that they're going to get sex from a girl they met through Steam who is already flooded with other male attention.

No. 50384

I know a lot of women who play seriously who don't use voice chat bc they don't want rando dudes white-knighting themselves.

No. 50385

File: 1478687395953.jpg (28.67 KB, 488x254, 45354.jpg)

My best advice would be to start off playing a single player FPS first to get the hang of everything and then try out CSGO.


You couldn't find a way to word this to make it less insulting? I'm going to just assume your lack of tact means you're autistic.

My rank at the time was MGE, though now it's DMG. While it's true that more men probably play CSGO, there are plenty of women who do and just refuse to use voice chat because as soon as they do, they've got desperate fucks all over them. They can't even play the game properly.

My profile looks nothing like you described. I have less than 30 friends, 3 comments about my rep, and just a handful of games. It's almost like you're generalizing women who play video games.


Please fuck off back to /r9k/.

No. 50386

Since we're on the subject of gaming, do any of you (no robots pls) play DS3? I'm kind of shit at pvp but it would be nice to have someone to play with here and then. I have regrettably chosen a sorcerer build pls help ;_;

No. 50387

You can change it to a business Paypal and keep personal info hidden

No. 50388

>My best advice would be to start off playing a single player FPS first to get the hang of everything and then try out CSGO.
yeah… how do I do that? I literally didn't get the interface the last time I tried TF2

No. 50389

File: 1478748295742.jpg (431.2 KB, 1920x1080, OtqaFtvhrII.jpg)

Sorry, I'm kind of confused about what you mean by "interface".

You could always watch some CSGO tutorial videos on Youtube first. There's a weapons course in CSGO too, which is just like an in-game tutorial area.

My boyfriend is pretty great at CSGO and wanted to help out (he got a big kick out of this thread), so he made this little diagram for you to help you understand what you're looking at in-game.

Is this the kind of thing you were after, or am I being retarded and misunderstanding completely?

No. 50390

i'd have a problem if my bf showered my with money and gifts because muh independancy

but if some random dude off the internet wants to spoil me because he thinks im cute then i feel no ways. his money, his choice, my new makeup palette

No. 50391

I never played CSGO. I've only ever played TF2 which is what I assume to be a knockoff CSGO.

Basically I finished the tutorial (after failing it for over an hour) and had no idea what the game wanted me to do next. There were a list of servers in one of the options but I still had no idea which one I should and shouldn't join. So I wasn't even up to the gameplay phase.

I just don't understand video games. At all.

No. 50392

And about the tutorials thing, I've looked a few up but they seem to be targeted towards people new to TF2 specifically, not video games as a whole.

No. 50393

There's no way to get good at video games other than just playing them. Yeah, you might suck for awhile and not know what the fuck you're doing, but that's to be expected with shit that's new. Just jump in and play. FPS are literally just point and shoot essentially, so run with that and play.

You could always try something like Killing Floor at first since they do have a single player mode to get you accustomed to the FPS gameplay. You can mess around as much as you want without anyone breathing down your neck.

Are you wanting to get into video games to get shit from guys? If so, you better become at least okay/decent first. Most dudes are just going to get mad if a girl is dragging the team down. You have to learn how to hold your own a bit first.

No. 50394

File: 1478770108789.png (121.35 KB, 1315x1981, 1477390406493.png)

getting back on topic, I've just started being a sugar baby. I currently have three daddies with a combined income from all of them of around three hundred to four hundred a week, depending on whether I skype them or not. All online. I've used a fake name, with matching fake email and amazon account. it's pretty great, ngl. Nice amount for me to save on top of my part time job for tuition costs

No. 50395

Sounds pretty sweet. I assume you mean it's not just talking on Skype, right? Like there's sexual stuff involved? Or did you really manage to find 3 desperate fucks willing to just hang out on Skype and chat for a few hours? lol

No. 50396

yeah there's sexual shit, but all of them know that if they push my limits I'll cut them off and report them to their favourite hunting ground so that no other babies will talk to them. The sexual stuff is not even highly demanded, mostly they want companionship and to feel like someone cares, even if you don't. It's a little emotionally draining though, because it very much feels like work being nice to them when I just want to get paid, y'know? it's easier when they're not horrible guys though, and I've kinda lucked out in that aspect with the guys I've found.

I also wouldn't suggest more than three on the go at the same time because it's hard to keep track of them all, man.

No. 50397

Yeah, I feel you. I don't do anything sexual with guys to get money and it's still draining, so I can imagine.

How old are most of these dudes?

No. 50398

File: 1478792981980.jpg (9.67 KB, 209x201, 1415493077016.jpg)

How did you do that? Where did you find them? What do you do with them? I'm seriously interested

No. 50399

Ayy! I am >>139738 and although I get super tired jerking off guy's egos I am fucking excellent at it, currently unemployed and bored out of my mind. I tried seekingarrangement but they all very specifically wanted to meet up with me, where do I go to find internet-only daddies? Is this hunting ground an invite only thing? Thank you based suganon

No. 50400

gather round my little sugar babies, and let me tell you of the wonderous reddit communities known as R/sugarbaby and R/sugardaddy. Sugar baby is a better place to go IMO because all you need to do is post ASL or [online] if you want to be an online only baby and what you're looking for in a daddy. I got fifteen replies after a single post in twelve hours. Sugar daddy is for irl arrangements, and while you do find richer guys there, irl is always riskier. Not to mention it's harder to have multiple daddies if you go irl. If you can appeal to a fetish, Like I did with cucking (I have a bf, he doesn't mind me draining beta wallets) you'll be more successful. The age range of mine are twenties to thirties, and as for the things I do on cam it's mostly just jerking off with them, which is easy at a dollar a minute rate. Let me know what other questions you have, and I'll post a guide for keeping yourself safe in a little bit.

No. 50401

You don't mind them recording the Skype calls and posting them online elsewhere? With camming and shit like that, it's pretty much a guarantee.

No. 50402

One of the specifications of R/sugarbaby is that if the members are found to cap you without consent, they'll be permanently banned. Not to mention since I have their kik and their skype name, I can warn other girls not to work with them. Obviously they can remake accounts but it's a hassle, so most don't bother. However, i do have a policy of no skype or videos to be exchanged until after the first month of the arrangement. That's usually long enough to figure out whether there's something iffy about them.

No. 50403

Same fagging to provide a bare bones guide to keeping yourself safe while sugaring:

1: Make a fake name, (pretty much a fake persona actually) and kit her out with all the social media you intend to be using. Her own accounts used specifically for when you're sugaring and nothing else. This includes some way of being paid.
2) if you're being paid in gifts posted to you, get a PO box.
3) Business paypals do not share your personal information with the person sending payment. Create a business paypal for sugaring payments and connect it to your bank account if you want cash.
4)If you're online only, make it clear. if that start harrassing you to change that, restate your terms. They don't drop it? You drop them.

Tips for getting more money/replies
1) sell yourself. "I want blah, I am blah, kik me at blah" is boring. However, include facts about your body, height, eye and hair colour and ethnicity.
2) When you get out of the shower, take a selfie. Getting dressed? take a selfie. Just done your makeup? take a selfie. Saves you from having to stop what you're doing when the daddies ask shit like what panties have you got on and stuff like that
3) Don't be afraid to chase them up for payments if they haven't paid you. If they get stingey, remind them that they're supposed to be a sugar daddy, and guilt them until they pay, Also, show them things you want online and sigh about how you can't afford it, beg them to buy it for you, wear them down.

No. 50404

> if the members are found to cap you without consent, they'll be permanently banned.

How would you know that they did that? How would you know that didn't start recording their screen before you even got on call?

No. 50405

bumping to also find internet only daddies…. i would totally skype/send pics whatever i just don't want to meet up

No. 50406

Do you really have to use the cam? Because I'm not sure I want to… Also, what payment method do you personally use to keep your identity private? And the link you posted is a reddit, right? Thank you anon

No. 50407

I'm also interested in knowing this. I'm scared to use cam and mic, I'll be leaving my job in a few months and I'm intending on doing this shit to pay the bills.

No. 50408

You can go far with voice, but you the better money is with doing cam, at least sometimes. A lot of men are happy with pictures though, it just varies.

I've never gone to sugar daddy sites but once you get them talking a lot of guys are pretty "generous" especially if you're sweet to them. I made a profile on a phone sex site and get okay money from it (not necessarily enough to live off of, though I do live in an expensive area, but a good amount), maybe try that first just to get started?

No. 50409

You're not gonna make money without sending them nudes.

Yeah some people actually do find guys that desperate, but chances are you won't. Do you not want to send nudes because you think you're too fat/ugly? Trust me most of the kind of guys who dish out money like this probably don't care, or at best like it because it gives you a sense of attainability to them, or generally being unwanted by other males.

No. 50410

I wouldn't mind as long as my face's not in the picture, not because I think I'm fat/ugly but because I don't want to have nudes floating over the internet in which I'm recognizable. At max I'm going to shoop my face to extreme Luna Blokar style.
I looked at the sugarbaby reddit anyway, there are many many posts without a single answer :/

No. 50411

>kit her out with all the social media you intend to be using
How do you make fake social media accounts that look real? Wouldn't you need a decent number of followers for them?

No. 50412

>because I don't want to have nudes floating over the internet in which I'm recognizable
Seconded. The risks just aren't worth it to me.

No. 50413

Exactly. Steam anon here, I think I just got lucky with desperate guys on Steam, but more than likely you're going to have to show some skin. There aren't a lot of ways around it.


Unfortunately, most guys are going to want proof that it's you, even if they just want to see your face a few times.


Fake social media accounts are pretty easy to make. I know with Facebook they have massive "add me" groups to help build your friends list. I'm sure the same concept or something similar exists for IG, Twitter, etc.

No. 50414

>Unfortunately, most guys are going to want proof that it's you, even if they just want to see your face a few times.
You don't have to show your privates to prove it's really you.

No. 50415

Wait, you have to pay for this shitty game?

No. 50416

If you can't be bothered to invest even just $5, there are free FPSs, the general principles are usually the same. Also, you're going to want to get a mouse that isn't the shittiest thing in the world, you don't need $100 progaymer mice but a 400dpi chinkshit or a crappy Apple mouse isn't going to work well at all, you're gonna suck even more than you would otherwise.

If you're the same person who was having trouble with TF2, you can most likely find beginner's tutorials on jewtube, or just find some faggot on /soc/ and bait them into helping you get started. But for tf2, just pick a server with many players(15+) which is in the US if you are in the US (usually server name will say where it's located) and play, there's nothing else to it.

No. 50417

File: 1478904006828.png (91.19 KB, 1288x103, Untitled.png)


No. 50418

File: 1478904294527.jpg (228.14 KB, 1021x825, opera_2016-11-11_23-42-40.jpg)

I thought you were talking about KF, but CSGO isn't that much more. If you don't want to use sketchy sites (as long as you use paypal, you're protected even if they do try to scam you, but they usually work), you can wait for a steam sale, price should drop to around $10.

No. 50419

Nah, you're right. I was talking about both. Can't really blame me for not being too glad over the idea of investing in something I don't even like especially considering I use a macbook and no mouse.

I can talk to guys on TF2 as well, right? If so I'll just stick with that for the time being.

And about the youtube tutorials, I've said it earlier but even those aimed at "beginners" generally expect at least some experience in and knowledge about vidya in general. So I still have a hard time following those.

But you've given me enough help. I think just always believed doing this isn't actually easy unless you're already playing video games and wanted to be proven otherwise.

No. 50420

Yeah, TF2 should work too. But you absolutely need a mouse, it's literally impossible for you to play without one.
Try this tutorial, didn't watch it all but it seems to start at the very basics, ie "how to find a server"

No. 50421

File: 1478910715600.jpg (20.52 KB, 640x636, bb46c2f2533d6f95b8d4f51ea9d280…)

Listen, at this point you might as well try to scam people by doing something you know how to do

No. 50422

No, but in my own personal experience, a lot of guys who want to throw money at girls are also really paranoid about being scammed, so they request nude pics with your face included.

I'm not talking about guys from sugar baby subreddits or websites though, so it may be different with more "reputable" or organized sites.


You can't really play TF2 without a mouse, and I doubt anyone is going to want to talk to a girl who's not even actually playing or contributing to the game. Guys think with their dicks but their not that desperate.

Like >>139780 said, you're better off finding another way to get shit from guys. I don't think you'll have any luck in video games.

No. 50423

Did you read the last line of my fucking post? Video games aren't for me, thanks sherlock!

Or are you upset that I'm not into video games? I don't really get why you bothered replying.

No. 50424

File: 1478913495676.jpg (29.09 KB, 263x254, 5e6858cc952ce3ca0070587892f204…)

No, I just see that you would have absolutely zero luck finding guys to milk with that attitude.

I mean, come on. This is like if I waltzed into a chess club and started knocking over tables and shaking my ass in everyone's face, expecting the attention to that to be positive.

No. 50425

>that attitude
>smug animu grill.jpg
Damn. You really do sound upset that I insulted your favorite hobby.

No. 50426

File: 1478916564654.png (6.12 KB, 272x174, 1478417269084.png)

Whoa, why are you so fucking defensive? I'm the one that's been giving you advice about CSGO tutorials and diagrams and shit. I just thought after everything you said, you'd be better off with some other method.

I think you have me confused with >>139783 or something. Either that or you're just a cunt.

No. 50427

File: 1478918311246.jpg (186.76 KB, 540x720, hydrangeas.jpg)

I dunno what's going on, but I see some of you are interested in csgo and would like to.. perhaps play with you too..
I've been looking for a reason to get back into the game. I peaked at badge. Just looking for a fun time and get better at the same time!

No. 50428

Because you agreed with someone who said I'd be more successful if I scammed people instead?

No. 50429

Maybe their word choice was a little off, but you essentially want to hit up desperate guys in games just get shit from them, right?

I was just agreeing with them that since you're not familiar with gaming, some other method - maybe something else mentioned in the thread - would be better suited for you.

No. 50430

File: 1478923392994.jpg (76.23 KB, 500x498, 46456456.jpg)

Anyway, back on topic.

Anyone ever try or have any luck with those websites where you sign up and then sext with guys for money?

I think one of them is called MyGirlFund, but I don't really know how legit it is or what it entails.

No. 50431

Bump for this, I signed up on Lunchmoney but I've not started anything yet

No. 50432

i think it'd be a lot easier to just be a cam whore than groom some guy into giving you money online

No. 50433

You mean Extralunchmoney? That's the only other one I know of besides MyGirlFund.

No. 50434

the capping can be a case of having to keep an eye out on amateur porn sites. However, I'm not too concerned, because between my fake name and the fact that I keep my location well hidden it would be difficult to tie it back to me.
>>4077 tere's an option in the sugar baby reddit for all replies to come as pms. they don't show up as comments. My post has "no" replies.
>>139781 you can verify without showing your face, however, most guys will want to see it. the easiest way around this is to wear a ton of make up in a style you normally wouldn't, or if you're really paranoid (and a cosplayer) wear a wig.
>>139791 Yeah, but a cam whore has to put in more work. Grooming a single guy requires nothing more than a few photos, some texting and maybe a skype sesh or two. Camwhoring is multiple hours, all dolled up, multiple nights a week and even then there's no guarantee of a significant income because it lacks the personal aspect a sugar baby has.

No. 50435

Such as what? The reason I want to use video games is because the alternative would be whoring myself. I may not like video games but I'd hate the latter much more.

No. 50436

That's fine. I get that. That's why video games are my preferred method. I wasn't trying to be rude.

My only point was, guys can be pretty harsh in FPS games and you probably won't have much luck unless you're decent in whatever game you're playing. It's not as easy as just firing up TF2 or CSGO and standing in the spawn area trying to chat up guys on mic. You'll probably just get yelled at for not doing your part.

So, it's either practice first to get good or find an alternative. Hell, if you're really desperate, just go scam some morons on Tumblr. Make one, start whining and racking up oppression points, then put up an Amazon wishlist or Paypal donation button.

You just have to be creative and know what buttons to press with people. Sometimes, it just comes down to that and manipulation, if you'd rather avoid the sexual route.

No. 50437

a lot of men who will insult you over mic would secretly like your attention if/when out of public view. Playing games that are 1 vs. 1 or 2 co-op players would be ideal because of that, they wouldn't be judged for white knighting by the other players and thus need not worry about inhibition

No. 50438

Trust, me they just want you out of their playground. No girls allowed.

Thinking that they would want your attention when they're tryharding a videogame is pretty naive. In fact, the higher in skill rank I went during my e-begging journey, the less people seemed to care about girls.

They just want to enjoy their toys without girls coming in and demanding attention. The best approach to get gifts and attract attention is to act like "one of the guys" and be on par, or even better at the game than they are.

Guys aren't the stupid testosterone-filled retards you imagine them to be. Well, I mean they are but they have much more self-awareness than you give them credit for.

No. 50439

>>139797 intended for >>139796

No. 50440

Exactly this.

If you want to get shit by going this route, you have to know who you're dealing with. Men do think with their dicks and are easy to manipulate, but it's a whole nother playing ground when it comes to their precious video games and ego.

No. 50441

i hate ddlg with a burning passion but there was a guy looking for an online girlfriend to do those sorts of chats with him in exchange for gifts so i'm doing it so i can sell the gifts for much needed college money
i do work study and still can't afford college i hate my life

No. 50442

I'm really curious what the context of this is that you feel frustrated by games but want to use them for money. I'm not trying to discourage you, but it's just kinda confusing to me that someone would try that over getting part time job/doing some online work. I've never asked for stuff but I've had guys give me skins and in game shit that costs irl life money, but would be worthless to someone who didn't care about the game.

There are lots of communities that offer free one on one mentoring for games though, perhaps you should look into that, like LoL had summoner school. Also a place to meet lonely guys I guess.

No. 50443

That's way more work plus you can end up with your pictures/videos spread out all over the internet.

No. 50444

You should straight up say you need money for school.

No. 50445

If you just want the easiest cash from pathetic men just do pedo-baiting or something.

No. 50446

File: 1479247603990.gif (404.16 KB, 400x312, row cat.gif)

Probably the most related thread, has anyone used Fiverr for a fake girlfriend/selfie-for-hire situation?
I need some extra cash as security as I look for a job, so I set up one earlier today, and I've already gotten like twenty prying messages that have made me question every decision I've ever made in life lol

No. 50447

Okay, any girls know of communities/ forums where I'd be able to find guys willing to buy shit for me off amazon? I'd probably buy stuff I liked in bulk quantities then on sell it for the extra cash, but I need some johns to pay for the goods first

No. 50448

If not sugardaddy sites, findom on fetlife? I heard the market's pretty oversaturated though so you'd better be hot.

No. 50449

File: 1479305957586.png (99.03 KB, 1182x390, Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 9.10…)

Not without putting in a little effort, but if you're a girl on the internet with some sort of presence over time you can probably get some shit. I've seem some pretty worthless/boring girls on twitter just ask and they receive, the only thing is that they were shit posting on their accounts for a while before hand. Guys don't want to give shit to girls who just show up and disappear.


Girl if you're just going it for thirst money, you're still whoring yourself.

No. 50450

I just don't want my nudes over the internet. I don't really care what you think constitutes as "whoring" or not.

No. 50452

Anyone can play video games. You're facing a pretty high hurdle of skill if you're trying to fake your way into a communities like that. Those guys have higher self esteem that gamers because they know fat paychecks are waiting for them. So it's hard to manipulate them into giving you money until you show that you have a few braincells to rub together.

No. 50453

That's an amazing idea, might have to use that

No. 50454

As far as the ethics of this goes, it's really the guys's fault for buying you shit. They should fucking know better than to be orbiters.

No. 50455


No. 50456

Maybe I like buying shit for pretty girls? Why do you care.

No. 50457

Not that anon, but you do you. I think the problem arises when guys sperg out because they were expecting something in return like sex or a meaningful relationship.

No. 50458

How does it work? You only pretend to be their gf on facebook or…? How much do you get paid?

No. 50459

If you're reasonably book smart, it shouldn't be too hard. IME, those guys are pretty damn desperate, too. You don't even have to be hot - just female and able to convincingly fake an interest in whatever autistic hobbies they have.

No. 50460

File: 1483421556984.gif (362.75 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_mh7iscY8n81qk3rb…)

I wouldn't mind doing something like twitch or youtube gaming to make money off of people, but like my laptop fan is shit cause anytime I run it you can hear its buzzing and I know people for the most part want to hear commentary while you play stuff and I know it would just piss people off.
So I'm not really wanting to scam guys out of money but like if you're willing to buy me things not really going to refuse it.

Also, do any of you have bf's that trick guys into giving you stuff? If so have you told them, and how did you tell them.

No. 50461

File: 1483422167954.jpg (121.33 KB, 961x540, 345353.jpg)

My boyfriend and I have actually worked as a team before. He would play a game for me that I wasn't particularly good at and I would just talk in vent or in game and act like I was the one playing.

This worked pretty well as most dudes were impressed at how "good" I was at the game, so a lot of them basically threw themselves at me and bought me a bunch of shit, some of which was stuff my boyfriend specifically wanted. I didn't even have to do much of anything except text them occasionally on Skype or "play" a round or two with them.

No. 50462

File: 1483429796542.jpg (77.41 KB, 393x829, 13563453367.jpg)

>see December's bank statement
>$1600 spent on online gifts for a girl
>got nothing but dirty talk, no tits, no pussy

No. 50463

kek you deserve it, you fucking betafag

No. 50464

I want to start streaming as well because I legitimately think it would be fun (I play best when I'm talking outloud anyway) but I'm torn on whether to use a webcam or not. Some of my favorite streamers like Joel from Vinesauce don't use a webcam or even any overlays but I'm not half as funny or interesting as them lol. Also I don't want to have to rely on being a grill for views/follows (I'm not even cute at all but a lot of dudes are desperate).

No. 50465

Being an honest prostitute/camgirl/sugarbaby is fine and so is being a streamer that accepts the thirst dollars, but I don't get the point in pretending to be the latter when you're really the former. All that effort to get money out of sad losers without just being honest, it seems more time than it's worth, and I don't get why they fucking pay up.

Tbh I always assume half of stuff like >>50461 is just trolling to piss the robots off, or even robots trying to 'expose' us or something, but then I see things like >>50462 and then I wonder if I'm just naive.

No. 50466


No. 50467

File: 1483579177807.jpg (1.95 MB, 3584x2102, woman.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ you people are pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50468

Angry incels detected

No. 50469

I think you're just naive, anon. While I do enjoy the fact that shit like that pisses off robots and incels, it really did/does happen. Some dudes are just really that pathetic and lonely. lol

No. 50470

Damn, I expected an extreme couponing thread and you guys are talking about nerd prostitution lmao?? I'm a lesbian so it's useless to me but you weirdos would get some items and money from the findom (financial domination) scene. They seem to get off to being humiliated and forced to spend money on you, and you have to show them how you're a "perfect sex princess spoiling yourself rotten on his pathetic broke bank card" while yelling that hes ugly garbage on skype with little to no sex stuff. I've never seen anyone do it offline.

No. 50471

I always make sure to pay for my own things. I sometimes pay for things while others are not paying attention to pre-empt any instances of people offering to pay for me. I don't mind buying things for other people, but I am very careful to avoid letting any men pay for any of my stuff, because it can be a precursor to unwanted advances. With women, I am not paranoid about this, but will make sure to reciprocate.

No. 50472

Is findom that easy? Coz damn, I know I'm capable of putting on the spoiled bitch act. If I can make a buck off of it, you betcha I will.

No. 50473

Honestly, I wouldn't even bother with findom. The whole scene has become so saturated with women wanting to make a quick buck that it's really hard to gain any traction and find dudes. Plus most guys will still want to see pics of you beforehand, so if you're not up for that, it'll be even harder.

No. 50474

Yeah but if you're in shame and moderately attractive you get the best pick of dudes since most findommes are ugly fatasses now

No. 50475


No. 50476

ngl I would do the findomme thing, but I'm terrified of providing face photos because it could very well come back to bite me in the ass. Plus using easily googleable images won't work for long (though I guess you could make a quick buck off of the truly internet-stupid guys), and using someone else's private photos would be wrong

No. 50477

You could wear a wig, do your makeup in a way you don't usually do and shoop yourself? I mean, even the shooping part alone can stand pretty well. Think of Kota

No. 50478

so where does one target men for findomme? Twitter, facebook, are there any forums dedicated to that?

No. 50479

how about right here

No. 50480

literally all you have to do is google the word, if you can't put in that much effort then this is not for you.

No. 50481


alrighty, I was just wondering if there were some more obscure forums or sites to go to. I haven't eaten anything for 3 days and I don't have anything to eat for the following days… so at this point I'm honestly ready for anything that doesn't involve selling my organs or body. I'm slightly anxious so wish me luck!

No. 50482

Would you mind coming here to write updates, sites, info and stuff? I'm also interested in findom but the only related site I've found so far involved camshows and I don't want to do that

No. 50483

I'm going on a date tomorrow. How can I make the most out of going out with this asshole?

No. 50484


Order the most expensive food and drink

No. 50485

Is he hot?

No. 50486

Nope. He has a man bun ffs.

It's just good to know that this guy is super into me so i can put in minimal effort.

No. 50487

Of course I don't mind! I don't really expect much from this, but I will give it a best shot, not like I have other options atm. I have found a few sites but we'll see how it goes. I'll report back in a few days. Cheerio

No. 50488

Is there anything redeeming about him? Does he have money? Career? Connections? If you can stomach it, go for a few more dates and see if you can play a longer game and get something more out of it

No. 50489

He does have money (which he uses to buy a ton of shit from Forever 21. idk why he is obsessed with the "brand".) I'm going to see if he can buy me something else before dinner. But definitely planning on going to an expensive place tomorrow lol.

No. 50490

I would buy you stuff in return for some online company if only I could afford to waste my neetbux on that. But my conscience, and embarrassment if my parents ever found out won't let me.
There, pretty sure this is now the most cringeworthy, pathetic post on this whole site

No. 50491

Hey anon - wanna help me out with a bunch of geeky books? Mostly related to math since I'm weird and that's my free time hobby. I'll keep you company.

No. 50492

File: 1483760350629.jpg (82.75 KB, 500x483, tumblr_oaguiq4Ixb1va5tboo1_500…)

I only take from guys if they keep pursuing me after I've told them that I don't like them. I've never manipulated one, never asked them to buy me anything (except food/unless I'm going to pay them back because I feel super guilty) and I've tried to never lead a guy on (I am very bad at being mean)

If you want guys to buy you stuff off your wishlist, I'd suggest posting nsfw/revealing pics to tumblr (assuming you're over 18, don't be an idiot). Amazon allows people to buy stuff off your wishlist, but some 2nd party stores reveal your name/address/number, so be careful of that.

But if you want to go the whole way with sugaring and all I'd suggest sugar daddy dating sites, they're really your best chance to meet POTs, unless you frequent extravagant parties.

Most of my "funders" are guys who like me, who I have told that I don't like them back. If they think they can win me over with money, then who am I to try and stop them? At the end of the day, you should be wary of where this can land you, as well as the friendship/relationship you have with these guys, it's true that a lot of them may have issues, and it's not kind to exploit this, but if that's who you are, then go ahead.

No. 50493

sugar baby tips

Before you sign up for any sugar baby/sugar daddy websites, make a list of things you’re willing to do and things you are not willing to do. Do not let any amount of money change that for you, unless you are truly open to and okay with it. I had a friend who had a sugar daddy who was super dominant and overpowering in bed and he gave her an incredible monthly allowance but it destroyed her mental health. Do not be that person. Stick to your guns.
Come up with a monthly allowance that you want, be reasonable but do not low ball yourself. Come up with the minimum allowance you’ll be okay with receiving and do not let any of these POTs talk you down from it. That’s the biggest mistake I see new sugar babes making. But do not and I repeat, DO not compare your allowance to other sugar babes. A lot of girls fabricate their allowance and others had to go through many sugar daddies to get that high allowance or have been in the bowl for awhile. Do not let comparison be the thief.
Come up with a sugaring name, do not use your real name. Also create a separate email with said sugaring name and use that to communicate with POTs. Never text from your real number. Use a burner app. I use Pinger and TextNow.
I recommend starting off with SeekingArrangement to search for a sugar daddy. Do not use any photos of yourself on there that link back to your personal accounts (Facebook and Instagram). Take new photos just for sugaring and don’t upload those to your personal accounts. You don’t want them to be able to reverse image search and trace back to you. My public photos on there are of my body in form fitting clothing and photos of my face from the nose down. My private photos are more body pictures and full face photos. Some girls put full face photos as their public photo but I choose not to as I have 20k+ followers on Instagram and Twitter on my personal accounts. I’m super cautious and don’t want just anyone knowing about my sugar life.
This is my rule and not every sugar baby agrees but do not ever send nudes to a POT. I think there’s no reason to do so until after you’re in an arrangement IF you choose to do so. But be smart about it. Never send nudes with your face in them because you don’t want that popping up later in life.
Anytime you meet up with a POT, make sure it is in a public place. NEVER get into a POT’s car or go to a POTs house on a first date. I don’t care if he says he has a check written for you for 50 million dollars there, don’t do it. Always make sure someone who knows about your sugar life knows where you’re going and who you’re with, in case things go south. I have a few close friends and my sister who know that I sugar. Anytime I meet up with a POT, they know who what when and where. If you don’t feel comfortable letting anyone know in your personal life, please message me and let me know.
Do not EVER sleep with a sugar daddy until after you’ve received your allowance. Don’t fall for that test drive bull. You are not a Ferrari dealership.

- taken off tumblr (bilyeubabe, if i remember correctly)

No. 50494

On a scale of 1-10, how autistic are you?

No. 50495

This is why I hate being in a mathematics department. 90% of the guys are aspies who think you are their waifu due to having one or two autistic interests in common.

No. 50496

Books can get expensive (esp when they're about quantum mechanics or signal theory, yeah real cocktail party subjects…). It'd be nice to get some help scratching that itch of mine.

No. 50497


Why do girls who don't even play/enjoy games want to get into gaming/streaming if they don't like it ? Waste of time tbh. Twitch bux is easy to achieve if you're a girl but you still need to have knowledge on the games. You can get away with being silver if you're cute and have played for at least a season and play a variety of games, but if you're planning to show up in your Victoria's Secret push-up bra and expect donations you're just dumb.
I hate when girls pretend to be into something, it really shows. The boys will most likely flame you than be attracted. Why do you think that kaypea twitch bitch gets so much money from fanboys? Because she's kind of decent at the game, no tits required.
I used to stream, and I hated when girls who suck at games and have no personality would ask me to host their stream or follow them like go away leech.
Sorry if this sounds super salty I'm just saying that if you want money off of guys but you're not good at games and have a bad computer you should probably just resort to things like sexting. Or, this is easier to fake: nsfw cosplay. Slutty inaccurate cosplays are the easiest to make/buy anyways and the weebs will be drooling and sending you more shit on amazon to wear or receive.

No. 50498

one question: Is it not possible that skilled female players will make male viewers insecure about their own skill? I always thought that's why men would be put off from watching good women players' streams

No. 50499

File: 1483778620607.jpg (22.58 KB, 404x413, sad.jpg)


>meet cute girl through ERP community

>she's a hardcore sub
>we get along and start doing other stuff besides typing sex
>she's a beast at videogames, tops the charts of every thing she plays, she completely obliterates me at everything
>masculinity feels go to 0
>feel all awkward when she gets horny and wants me to dominate her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50500

Yes, mens egos are too fragile

No. 50501

Do any of you like your daddies?

No. 50502

A lot of my guy friends online have a huge complex about me being better at video games. For example when I did my placement matches for Overwatch this season I placed platinum/2800 which was higher than one guy ended his last season and he insisted that I was carried when I played those 10 matches solo queue and another friend's first question was also if I was carried. I'm sure they'll assume I was somehow carried when I finish this season as master, too.

No. 50503

Lol and then they say that girls get too emotional over stupid shit

No. 50504

Hi, would it be a problem if I'm not a native english speaker? I'm also super shy and socially anxious. Would it be hard for me to find a sugar daddy?

No. 50505

Do you want a irl one or an online one?

No. 50506

Im basically leading a guy on rn because he knows some people I'm trying to get close to for career reasons. Any tips on being relatively diplomatic about it?

No. 50507

Yeah, I have 3, but I only like one of them. He makes sure I have food to eat and genuinely cares about my health and wellbeing, he's better than any of my previous boyfriends actually…

No. 50508

Where did you find them?

No. 50509

They're all boys that like me who still try to get me to like them even after I've told them that I'm not interested, you just need to play coy and act guilty, if you're like me feeling guilty is natural and boys still eat it up

No. 50510

Make sure your connections aren't too close to him. If he knows someone a Large Company, feel free to ask for a connection, but if he suggest the place he works for or a close friend's small workplace, it won't be worth it. Even if you genuinely like him, never shit where you eat.

Also, if he says he'll give you general advice and guidance for your search, he's probably just going to lead you on so you too can continue hang out. Good networking is one of the strongest assets you can have in your career. Get a lead, and then take action ASAP to get that job.

No. 50511

an online one. Also where can I find one?

No. 50512

If you still come here Suganon, I have some questions. I'm looking into trying this, in fact, I am 110% on board and already making preparations to use this subreddit. I was just wondering, what should a first-timer charge in your opinion (this question is open to anyone ofc)? I'm planning just to use nudes with a wig and my face plus certain features shooped. I figure since I'm not open to voice or webcam I don't have the right to ask for as much as someone who does those things would. I want to be reasonable, but being a first-timer, I'm not sure what really is. Asking here first and then going off to try to do some more research on the internet.

No. 50513

Can you find lonely guys willing to buy you stuff and give you money on 4chan? And if yes, what boards should I try to target? I'm asking this since it mostly seems to be flooded with neets and teenagers that probably aren't too well financially.

No. 50514

If you proceed into posting on that subreddit, please keep us updated

No. 50515

ofc, anon. Probably going to get to it in a couple days though since I still have to take some pictures and set up other accounts.

another thing is I'm not sure if I should keep this a secret from my bf or not. he's a bit of a goodytwoshoes and dare I say a tad possessive so I'm worried he'll tell me to stop even though it's really doing no harm. I could see why I would be potentially relationship ruining if I was going out to meet SDs irl but this will just be pictures. I want to be honest with him of course, but part of me just thinks it'll be easier to tell him I'm making all the extra money from my etsy instead. The way I see it it doesn't hurt to simply be sending pictures that don't even include my (real) face but I'm still conflicted since I generally have a need to be honest with those I'm close with. Thoughts?

No. 50516

It might be better to keep it a secret at first if he's the way you described since he might set you back. I want to do it and I already told my boyfriend and he's fine with it. I'll probably do it in approximately 1 week since I also need to set up. What do you mean by >sending pictures that don't even include my (real) face
Are you gonna Photoshop your pictures?

No. 50517

sorry for not quoting properly

No. 50518

How are you going to get paid? Have you set a pay pal account? Or you will only request gifts?

No. 50519

I intend to photoshop my pictures, yes. Not to uncalley valley kota levels of course but just switch up or enhance a few facial features as natural as possible. I have many years of photomanipulation experience under my belt so I'm confident I can do it to believable levels. Paired with a decent wig, I think it can work out nicely.
>I already told my boyfriend and he's fine with it. I'll probably do it in approximately 1 week
wonderful! Keep the thread posted on your experience. I'm looking to starting next week now as well after doing some more research. Really have to put a lot of work into setting all this up and I am fine with that.

I'm trying to figure that out, actually. It think giftcards are probably the easiest and most discreet way to go until I can find a website that is ok with adult work (if that even exists).

No. 50520

I don't know what I'm going to do about my face since I have no photoshop skills and I'm sure it's essential to show them my face. I'm not sure how I'll get paid since gift cards aren't that convenient for me because it takes forever for amazon items to be delivered to my country. Would setting a business paypal account be fine? I saw Square Cash being suggested on the subreddit, what do you think about it? Are you going to send nudes and if you do how much are you going to charge for them? Are you going to ask for an allowance? What are you offering?
Sorry, for the amount of questions but I'm really anxious and don't know how I am supposed to do this sort of thing since I've never done something like this before.

No. 50521

shh anon calm down, it's ok. let's just take it step by step share what we know to help each other out. Just remember I'm as stumped as you are with a lot of these things and I definitely don't have the best answers or solutions being a newbie myself.
>I don't know what I'm going to do about my face
from what I've seen it's best to only show from your nose down in pictures, infact I think this is what a lot of online SBs do unless they are or are planning to take their services to the real world. I'm deciding to use photoshop as a bit of extra security later down the road, but I do not plan to /start/ with full face photos.
>Would setting a business paypal account be fine?
No, paypal will freeze your account if they find out you're using it with a false name or for adult services. I haven't read up on square cash at all so i'll look into it as well.
>Are you going to send nudes and if you do how much are you going to charge for them?
I do plan to send nudes but I'm not quite sure what reasonable prices are for those yet.
>Are you going to ask for an allowance?
that's the plan but i need to understand what kind of things the general SD population is willing to pay for to understand how allowances should work in regards to what I'm willing to give them. i have an amount i'd like to get per month so that's a good starting point, I guess?
>What are you offering?
photos and possibly nosedown videos if there is a market for that in the SD/SB world. I might even decide voice chatting is up my alley when i become more comfortable with things.
>I've never done something like this before.
I haven't either, but it's something I've been wanting to do for a while. Now that I know there's a market for online SBs I'm all in. All the answers I've given you are based on minimal research and no experience, so take things with a grain of salt and do as much research you can for yourself! I'm finding out that Tumblr and Reddit are great resources for information on this.

No. 50522

sorry for any typos, i typed it on mobile and my scrolling is all fucky so i couldn't scroll up to re-read lol

No. 50523

If you're having so many problems with showing your face then perhaps you should think about it some more. If being identified is such as big risk, do the ends justify the means? what price is an ok price for that? Aside from either disguising it with makeup/Photoshop, show half, the only other way to hide it is to just not show any of it, and then accepting that you'll be a lower commodity than girls that do.
A business paypal is fine to get you started for hiding your real information. It's still against the ToS to use it for sex work so you shouldn't advertise your paypal name online as connected to your sugaring and all of the transactions look like legit online business transactions (no 'Thanx 4 da hot pics bby'), learning to send your own invoices is helpful for that. However just take it as certain that disgruntled asshole might report the account and get you shut down, in the same way that any of your photographs will get leaked.

Same thing as above, will the the pay out justify losing him? Just take it as a given that no secret stays kept, be practical own whatever decision you decide.

No. 50524

I've heard of Google Wallet to accept cash… anyone knows how does it work and if it keeps your info private?

No. 50525

If you guys wanna be real secure why not use bitcoin?

No. 50526


i want to start selling some nsfw sets (no nudity) but i'm wondering if i should use a website or just maybe email people directly? email would make sure i get 100% of the profit but i have a feeling a lot of guys wont want to give their actual email. i've heard of extralunchmoney but i don't want to use a site that will take a decent cut, and i don't want to make my sets too pricey for now

No. 50527

Is it possible to transfer bitcoins into real money though?

No. 50528

Yah use a tumbler and then transfer to a wallet, and then transfer to coinbase

No. 50529

bitcoin has the same policies as paypal with adult work, so just be cautious if you do use these methods.

No. 50530

I was reading a SB guide and she said she uses this https://www.youcaring.com
What do you guys think?

No. 50531

bitcoin doesn't have policies you dumbshit. that's why people buy drugs off of it.

No. 50532


Update I finally saw her vagina after I stopped giving her shit, so she just did it to keep me around but I won't

No. 50533

Go away u moron

No. 50534

Weren't you banned? Ugh

No. 50535


What's your problem? I'm not doing anything wrong.

No. 50536

Robots aren't allowed in /g/ threads, you moron. Also, nobody cares about smart girls exploiting your dumb ass. Also, stop bumping the thread for nothing and go back to /r9k/

No. 50537


I'm not /r9k/, I was there for like 15 minutes in 2012 and I carry none of their ideas, stop randomly hating people who are not even trying to harm the board in any way, don't make me the scapegoat of your man-hating issues

No. 50538

dude, I don't know what you don't understand about this being a girl only thread. We don't care if she played you and paid her bills with your grand. It seems like you'd fit better over at r9k.

No. 50539


If anything this is the real female /r9k/ the amount of stupid broad statements and generalizations about men in this place are not any different from r9k, the loser stories you all share easily rival those of fucking wizardchan, the only thing preventing you idiots from hooking up is your mutual hatred, get over yourselves you're as bad as those "robots"

No. 50540


Maybe if all men didn't act as butthurt as you, we wouldn't make such broad generalisations.

I don't know why you're so upset that you're not welcome here. Did you not read the rules? Girls only. Fuck off. Pretty please.

No. 50541


Well /g/ is gone and it didn't seem as obvious as a make-up thread you bitter asshole.

No. 50542

>To be clear, robots are banned from /ot/ and men are still banned from threads that would normally have belonged in /g/
This thread used to be in /g/. Your input is worthless and you're not wanted here. Fuck off.

No. 50543


You wouldn't talk to me like that irl you fucking coward, must be nice to act all tough and mean behind your monitor.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50544

lol you're retarded

No. 50545

Oh my god get the fuck out and go see a therapist.
To other anons: keep reporting him, no reply.

No. 55330

You can get banned from PayPal for that?? How?

No. 55331

I've had guys gift me money for being cute (their words) before but that's usually the guys I've chatted to before and they did it without telling me or me asking for any money so idk how you get a guy to do it for you which I'd lose to do… I'm fat but have an hourglass figure (fat doesn't store much on my waist and my hip bones are wide and but size never changes from weight loss or gain) and a baby face so maybe that helps lol

No. 55332

Sorry meant to say my bust size doesn't change from weight loss

No. 55337

I've sold pics of myself 3 for $30 in a bikini. Not even nudes and I'm fat too lol

No. 55346

Where did you find them?

No. 55401

Facebook but this is only 3 guys of hundreds I've spoken to. It takes awhile to find a guy who's just happy to chat but they sent the friend request and started messaging first. I just accepted and started chatting

No. 55699

Can guys do this type of thing too? I heard story of this girls roommate who drove a hour to pick this guy up cause he didnt have a car, took him out and paid for his dinner, and bought him stuff. All because he had a big dick. Does that really happen?

No. 55700

Maybe not as often as gay guys doing it but it most likely happens, don't see why not

No. 55704

I don't do this because guys always expect something in return, and to guys who haven't given me something I'd look like a complete whore.

No. 55709

I daydream so much about being the kind of girl who gets stuff from guys, but I can't even let another girl pay for my coffee. I can't even accept when a shop let's me away if I'm a few pennies short, I bring in the money next time and force it on them. I get uncomfortable in relationships if I feel like I could be the moocher.

I'm jealous of girls who get free stuff from guys, and efamous girls that just get shit bought or donated to them all the time, I wish it was as simple as wearing a sign that says "I'll talk to you for a bit if you buy my lunch, nothing more".

No. 55715

Repay them in sex. It'll make you feel a bit like a hooker but meh.

No. 55730

I had a friend in high school who had a rich family and some scrub used her for years. She bought him food and so on and straight up gave him money, I would see him actually walk up and just ask for it. He was a relatively attractive guy and she had some issues with self-esteem and appearance.

I know these feels too, I want it but I actually hate it in practice. I'm perpetually guilty; just today a guy got me a perfume that in truth I dislike so now I feel even worse but I can't deny getting money and free shit is nice.

No. 55733

I definitely get what you feel. I'm active in an online community that is male dominated and I see girls come in and out constantly and they get a ton of free shit/fawned over by just pandering a little bit and one part of me gets a little bit envious because it'd be great to get some stuff I want/save up for for free but just acting cutesy online but at the same time I know I'd hate myself for doing it.

No. 56162

File: 1488859795438.jpg (57.64 KB, 680x700, 32d.jpg)


Update, I found another girl to give gifts to, we fell in love and I'm gonna take care on a few trips to other countries in the next few days. She's the sweetest girls in the world and has cried several times from happiness because of my gifts.

I decided to give this update so you


can see that if you're a positive person who treats people well and doesn't randomly insult people on the internet life will reward you, what have you done during this time you horrible man-hating dike? Oh yeah, nothing, you're still dumb and pathetic while I've found happiness, you're gonna die in pain and alone while I'll be surrounded by my loving wife, children and grandchildren.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 56163

>When someone writes fiction but suck at it

No. 56167

I've had a couple of robots buy me a handful of items after seeing just my face. Never managed anything long term though, I'm simply not a very good conversationalist. I met a girl here once who managed to hook them without using her pics at all. Color me impressed.

>I'm a lesbian so it's useless
You think we're attracted to these guys??


This was already discussed. Shit like that's been oversaturated for quite a while, just like everything else.

Because most people don't know how to use bitcoin. Another hoop to jump through before getting the money.

Go sell your old socks on ebay. Homos love that shit for whatever reason.

No. 56168

Try collarspace or shilling on 4chan/8ch.

It's very saturated but you can still find people who are willing to do pay you.

No. 56169

Which boards?

No. 56170

/femdom/, /anita/

On 4chan you can also find people. /soc/, /r9k/ and maybe, maybe /d/. I think there was actually a robot begging for a findom on lolcow /b/ (now /ot/) like a year ago too.

No. 56171

found the thread: >>>/ot/59632

No. 56173

Anyone considering becoming a camgirl?

No. 56186


Hell no. Call me old fashioned but I only want my boyfriend to see my butthole and nipples. I am considering doing a few 'no nude lewds'. Like photo sets in cute weeby attire (like the cat lingerie shit that got popular) or even a few cosplays. The only reason I'm hesitant on it is that I actually like cosplaying so I'd really want to separate my business and my hobby because I don't want to be like moomoo. Of course I would get creative and have the full cosplay, but I still don't want to be that kind of shit stain on the community.
I know everyone hates tumblr but honestly making a nsfw blog there to promote your content is good bc it's really easy to get attention/buyers.

No. 56225

I love going on dates with randos for free meals. If you go on a date with a more desperate guy, he might be willing to drop tons of $$$ on you. I don't feel bad about what I do since I give lonely nerds a bunch of attention and talk to them for a while. It's also fun to fuck around and troll guys too.

No. 56228

I have, but idk if I'd be able to stand the consequences of showing all my holes to strangers online. My family would hate me forever and I'm honestly pretty sexually repressed to think I'd be good at it. But the fact you can make money without having to have sex with dudes, explore your sexuality, etc sounds tempting. But no, real life won't let me do it.

No. 56229

I don't think it's worth it cosidering the current situation. Everyone and their dog wants to cam now, the market is flooded. You have to put in a shit ton of work if you actually want to make money. Not to mention people cam record your cam session and upload it anywhere.

It's just not worth it.

No. 59290

How does asking for gas money sound if the guy lives far away? And never showing up.

No. 59291

sounds like something a douchebag would do

No. 59312

File: 1493505909901.jpg (51.88 KB, 488x254, 7565.jpg)

I mean, if it works, why not?

Did you forget what thread you're in?

No. 59322


i agree with you anon. camming isn't worth it anymore. lots of people have switched to exclusively clip sites because of how over saturated the market is. only the top 500 girls on any given cam site make enough for it to be worth it and it takes a lot of effort to climb into those ranks. the other thousands of people on there will barely make scratch, yet will be recorded anyway. best sex work for fast cash imo is stripping. you can keep your anonymity and get to leave with cash in hand. you have to tip out other club employees like bouncers and DJs and pay a flat house fee, but you don't have to wait for biweekly pay from a site that takes 20-30% of your sales. also, the emotional connection you have to form/maintain with the regulars in your cam room in order to get people to spoil you with money/gifts is exhausting.

No. 59346

File: 1493556654325.png (4.26 KB, 816x64, 1.png)


No. 59349

Are you a guy? Where did you find girl orbiters? Lolcow is not the easiest hunting ground for what you want, though.

No. 59362

File: 1493579600594.jpg (20.51 KB, 306x542, 3EAFC1FE00000578-4354664-image…)

What do you all think about this 'Send Me 5$ And See What Happens' Girl from Tinder? Have anyone tried this shtick irl, does it work?

No. 59388

how does anybody do this thou. i mean don't you feel bad for taking advantage of sad lonely men. if you don't feel bad for them do you atleast feel bad about making a mockery of your romantic self isn't that supposed to be something sacred you are share for the one you love

No. 59389

I hate her for selling her story because its obviously not got to work for anyone now, ugh


Ive tried sugaring before, trust me all the guys know that it's not a real relationship, they just enjoying pampering girls, and always go with someone they share common ground with in the first place. A lot of babies have boyfriends that know about it, theres not much romance going on with a sugar daddy, its kind of like hiring an entertainer for a party to be honest expect instead of singing happy birthday you eat dinner with some old dude.

No. 59390

All my ex-boyfriends feel like they were somewhat sugar daddies, except for we are in a relationship and as >>59388
said they were/are sad, lonely men.

I only date men who wait on me and buy me whatever I want, so I'd guess it's possible to date a sugar daddy or have your boyfriend basically behave as one?

No. 59392

I guess if you had your boyfriend start to treat you like a sugarbaby that could work, just like being an overly pampered girlfriend. The thing is, you meet sugardaddies with the intent of not having a romantic relationship so I doubt it would work the other way around (have a sugardaddy become your boyfriend overtime). Its not impossible tho, and could work in the type of arrangement where you are the only baby for a few months or even years, I could see how a romance could bloom from that. Its hard to explain unless you've done it but there's different types of arrangements and stuff, its kind of a bit more complicated than most people think at first haha. What I just described (Being the only glamourous baby of one daddy for a set amount of time and getting an allowance and going on exotic holidays and all that) is what springs to mind when people first think of sugaring and it is common, but way more guys are just looking for random girls to hang out with a couple times here and there (pay per meet) and its the easiest way to get money, and honestly you can build up a genuine bond if you enough in common. So I guess you could do that, but it would take some work and sorting through guys until you find 'the one' lmao

No. 59443

but don't you feel bad. like you don't really love the person and are just using them. depriving them and yourself of love

No. 59446

why not thou? you are basically just pretending to love someone and denying your own autonomy to be loved and to love in return. it is like turning love into a commodity when it is supposed to be sacred

No. 59450

Im >>59392 and as I said, both parties know there's no romance involved. If these men wanted real relationships they could find them easy on tinder or even irl but that's not what they want, they want girls to fo no strings attached dates here and there and if it costs them money it's fine because they can afford it. It's not at all like a having real girlfriend.

No. 59486

>>59390 here

I don't feel bad, because I date with the intent of marriage. I am just, basically, as said >>59392
an over pampered girlfriend. Since the guys I date tend to be sad and lonely men, they are really happy to be with me (and often state how much happier they are).

I tend to really like people more than love (or at least, it appears I don't feel it as strongly as a lot of people although I'd never admit it to anyone irl) so if a relationship doesn't make my life easier (ie. buys me food/cooks me meals, helps do chores and basically takes care of me) then I'll just end it. It's not like I just sit around and don't try to reciprocate, but I don't think I could ever love someone who doesn't spoil me. With that said, I'll gladly date someone 10-25 years older and/or physically below average if they are smart, nice, and basically worship me lol

No. 59495

I feel like something that doesn't get talked enough about are the "vidya game sugar daddies".

The ones that pay money to essentially obligate popular twitch streamers to hang out with them.

I always knew that there are retards that give tens of thousands of dollars away in a year to streamers. It goes even further than that.

They fly out to events. "Host" special parties, pay for bottle service, foot the bill at expensive restaurants, rent out club areas, etc. just to hang out with the "cool kids" of whichever video game. You may not see the sugar daddies in the pictures on Instagram, but I can guarantee you, if you see a group of people from a gaming community at a somewhat exclusive or expensive area, and if not some big company, a sugar daddy is footing the bill.

It is so pathetic how the retarded twitch streamer girls, who don't even know how to play the games, latch onto these sugar daddies. Even conveniently being in their hometown "for vacation" and of course "meeting for dinner" with them.

It feels disgusting to use people like that, but maybe these sugar daddies enjoy it.

No. 59608

Codependency. You really think they aren't getting anything out of it? They girls are being used, too. Their currency is their image, though.

No. 59622

To be honest i've tried doing this myself before but some guys will try to scam the fuck out of you online. Don't give anything in advanced if you do decide to exchange something for it (Even if it's just a normal selfie. The guy in my case was a boot fetishist and just wanted a picture of me, knees down, wearing boots. I kept telling him i would if he'd send the money so i could have money to get boots he liked but he was all talk.

Now i'm engaged so it's more complicated but my husband hates fuckboys so if i can get a base going i think he'd be fine with it if i didn't give anything in exchange besides my personality in videos or whatever i end up doing.

No. 59655

That's why you should feel out dudes first to see if they're beta as fuck or not. Don't go after guys who even seem a little confident and self-aware, because it's harder to gain control of the situation and use them.

No. 59666

Yeah. he approached me and it was my first attempt. I don't really know how to go about finding a sugar daddy, especially just an online one.

I'm good at photoshop (graphic artist and shit) so I wonder if I could ever get away with shopping some pre-existing nudes so i don't ever have to share my own? lol. I know guys have gotten catfished with another girls pics before so it could work if it's a half-lie right?

No. 59769

Go on r/sugarbaby to find an online one. And yes, photoshopping is an option I personally use (although I shoop my own pictures to avoid being recognized, but I think that if you pick nudes from complete nobodies it's going to be fine too)

No. 59776

Seeking arrangement is the most popular/reliable site for sugaring, it will take a bit of time to find someone who is online-only, but they do exist and its a lot more trustworthy than reddit

No. 59831

Really? You're the first person I see saying it… I'm not on SA but I've always been told that it's more irl oriented and nowadays it's full of scammers. Experiences?

No. 59852

Honestly, I don't use it too often, for guys to come up on your searches and for you to come up on theirs you have to be close-ish to each other and I live in a poor area sadly. My own experiences have been irl, but I have had one or two guys buy me wishlist items and never get to back to me.

A friend of mine lives near a bunch of millionaire houses luckily and she has a had a few guys buy her items from her wishlists often without ever having to send nudes or anything, just promising to meet and stuff like that. They usually will want to talk on the phone tho, or want a pic with whatever they get you.

If you are into 'darker' styles of clothing (like pleasers and latex, bdsm shit) it's easy to attract guys looking for findom, if you wanted to go for that

No. 59866

SeekingArrangement has the weirdest rules. They say that "illegal activities such as prostitution are not tolerated", isn't sugaring prostitution basically? Especially when irl. Duh.
Also they're pretty nazi with SB profiles, I was banned for mentioning the word "allowance" in the section about what you're expecting from a SD, and a friend of mine got her account suspended for having a name (the name she uses for sugaring) in her username… Crazy.
Btw you can change your location from what I recall

No. 59872

File: 1494112810410.jpg (45.92 KB, 500x468, 0b4.jpg)

Doesn't it seem morally bankrupt to knowingly take advantage of pathetic, desperate, broken people with no grasp on how human relationships actually work? For those of you who encourage or engage in this, do you have a general sense of honor or not?

I'm not here to piss in anyone's cornflakes but I am interested in the psychology behind it.

Before you point out that men take advantage of the opposite gender in certain ways too, I know they do. That isn't what I'm asking about, though that is also an interesting psychological phenomenon in its own right. Perhaps it's just both sexes effectively saying "well the other sex does it", but that would seem an oversimplification to me.

No. 59873

You're like the 100th person asking this shit in this thread. Scroll up ffs

No. 59930

I didn't have anything explicit though… just mentioned "allowance" once in the bio. Nothing about sex. Maybe I should have contacted the mods

No. 60060

I'm talking to this 36 year old Japanese schizophrenic guy and he offered to help me with money and I accepted. He wants to visit my country but I'm kinda afraid to see him. What should I do?

No. 60063

Don't do it, anon. It's one thing to just scam some lonely virgin out of money, but if the dude has legit mental issues, it's not worth it, no matter how much he's offering. There are plenty of other dudes you can exploit out there.

No. 60064

How much did he offer you anon?

I'm guessing he's poor and you live in a poor country, so he is basically planning to fuck you and pay less than for a hooker in his country kek.

Japanese men are stingy as fuck, and yakuza/CEO's are basically the only ones with real money.

No. 60094

Don't fuck with this girl, sex work with a person not registred in your country that says he's schizo? Come'on, that's begging for trouble.

No. 60111

anon, firstly you should not meet with this guy for your own safety
secondly, it's one thing getting money out of “normal” guys, but it's pretty bad imo to be getting it out of a guy who's not mentally sound

No. 60138

I'm jealous of some of yall's skills. I can only accept stuff in MMO games, like when dudes get to know you're a girl in a vidya they bombard you with stuff like the Luftwaffe. But irl, I can't do it; the thought that a man could think about himself as superior to me because he gives me stuff, or use it as an argument against me or the fact alone that he's a wealthy one and I'm the poor one stupid girl getting free shit I cannot afford myself, drives me so mad. Idk. I guess deep down I find it belittling and I'm not confident enough to distance myself from the thoughts of inferiority.
Maybe it's for the better, because I'm such a lazyass if I was getting too much free stuff I wouldn't do shit

No. 60147

I started talking to a mutual friend I know because a friend told me he gives her stuff. I've been working on him for about 10 days and he is starting to ask me about things I like and saying he will buy them for me. I stoked. It's just little things but I've been wanting to dip my toes into this water for a while. If I can get him to send me one thing I'll have the confidence to look for other people to talk to.
I'm not sure where or how though because this is a guy I already know so I'm OK with sending him selfies when he asks (nothing explicit, just regular selfies.)
When I use to stream on twitch I would only have like 10 viewers and dudes would be trying to talk to me. I get the feeling if I started doing that again I could get a bunch of stuff put of them just for being female and cute.

No. 60148


then you should string them on for a bit and drop them. playing dudes is the best way to kill their egos.

No. 60314

SA is very much IRL-oriented. You're not going to have much success there by saying "online only" in your profile. 98% of SDs will put you in the trash bin. After all, the majority of SDs and SBs on SA are there with the purpose of meeting in real life. Why would a SD waste his time with someone he knows will never meet him, when there are at least 10 other SBs he can message who are willing to meet and much more?

No. 60320

So what would you suggest for online sugaring? I've tried r/sugarbaby but you need verification first and the mods won't answer dm

No. 60341

"online sugaring" is an oxymoron. You might as well call it camwhoring. The fact is, you earn what you put in it, and if you want the serious sugaring things like an actual allowance and shopping and all that, you will need to do IRL meetings and sex is of course expected.

You will read stories about how some girls make $1000 a week just by talking to people online or make $3000 a day when some older guy just takes them shopping and just wants to talk to a young girl in exchange… but remember, those are almost certainly all made up. Sugar daddies who have the money to spoil a girl didn't get rich by wasting their money. They certainly won't spend a cent on a girl who will give them nothing in return.

No. 60422

Oh, we'd definitely feel bad if we did any of this to anyone we care about or at least have an iota of respect for.

No. 60438

File: 1494692666368.gif (530.61 KB, 500x281, f3e05e008d8d5e0eda6c0fa8f559ab…)

I've always found fascinating what some dudes would do just to have a grill to talk to, but have had a hard time implementing myself into getting free stuff just cause i'm a girl, always felt awkward recieving things and having someone expecting something of me in return.
I'm generally good at games, but i stopped playing online a few years ago, used to get free stuff on habbo and mmo's by being cute to dudes, i didn't even realize why they were giving me things back then kek.
I find it morally grey because it's not the girl's fault that a dude is so desperate for affection that he's willing to give free stuff. Feel kinda bad for the dudes that expect the girl to love them but ehhhhh. So i'm kinda intrigued and would like to try it off.

What would you say are the best games (apart from cs:go)/communities for finding willing dudes?
Would you say voice chat is mandatory? What tips would you give a newcomer into this whole ordeal?

No. 60446

i just made a post on r9k for an online bf who buys me stuff and i already have 2 replies wtf is it really this easy?

No. 60449

Does anyone have any experience with selling panties on reddit? I've lost 20 pounds and wanna get into it but I have no idea how to go about it like, when the guys message you interested are you supposed to act formal or informal? Flirty? Are you supposed to keep contact over a time period? I was thinking of ordering some random hoes panties just to see how the process works but if anyone has experience in this field could you help a lass out ; ;

No. 60458

File: 1494722691691.jpg (493.32 KB, 3264x2448, 677675.jpg)

>implying robots aren't broke NEETs living with mommy and daddy

Anon, come on. There's no way you're going to get shit from them. They're probably just trying to scam you right back.

No. 60459

WoW tbh I've know a hand full of girls who have gotten fake tits from edating and scamming men out of money for plane tickets they never buy lol

No. 60475

I've had a handful of these so called robots buy me things (nothing major, most were in the $10-20 range) and all but one of them were "wagecucks".

No. 60655

Why even waste your time for $10-$20 shit though?
At that point its better to just get a boyfriend or sugar daddy really. You can easily get at least $20 per day, plus a lot of lonely guys are happy to provide an allowance and buy expensive shit/pay for nice vacations too imo.

With that said question for other gold digging anons:
>>What kind of hair (curly, straight, up-do, blonde, brunette etc) /clothing (boho, sporty, rich girl, instate, slutty) /makeup (natural, heavy, cute, sexy) style do you find gets men to spend the most money on you?

No. 60709

Because your scenario includes doing shit irl and revealing more information about yourself, neither of which I'm comfortable with. The most I interaction I've done with robots amounted to nothing more than a few text exchanges and a couple pictures of my face.

No. 60713

Is there a way to ensure that a video you send someone can't be recorded? I'd be down to strip/masturbate for a guy privately if he was willing to pay good money but I don't want to be recorded. Obviously I'd have to get him to show me his end to make sure he didn't have a camera pointed at the screen, but I'd also need some assurance he wasn't using software to record the video stream and I'm not sure that exists.

No. 60714

There isn't.

No. 60730

No. 60761

Just don't show your face or wear a wig

No. 60781

Or a mask

No. 60790


>I'd also need some assurance he wasn't using software to record the video stream

If you wanna be real hard core, have him share his screen and do ctrl-alt-delete to open task manager to see whether he has that type of software running. However, he can always start it after he shows you, so moot.

No. 60799

I'm thinking that what would be needed would be a program that runs on a standalone OS that is incapable of running any other programs. Not sure how hard it would be to create something like that, but there might be a market for it if they made it cheap enough.

No. 60815

if you're that paranoid then don't do it, it's not the right line of work for you…

do something easier like pics.

No. 61171

what if you're out on a date and a guy refuses to pay? this actually hasn't happened to me before, and i feel like you can avoid it because most guys won't stand up to the pressure. but just wondering if anyone has a contingency plan? i feel like i should go to a restaurant where you pay for your food ahead of time first.

No. 61177

You pay and don't speak to him again. I went out with a Japanese guy who assumed Id split the bill. He knew he fucked up and tried paying for other stuff afterward, but I'd already lost all interest.

No. 61192

Was browsing and…
Wait, you want someone to install a virtual computer with a restricted program memory so you can be a camwhore?
What if he has a separate recorder, a dedicated card that captures everything and it doesnt show in software? You then want to monitor his hardware, which is kinda illegal unless you get him to write up a ToS.

OR what if he records with a normal camera the screen?

lol bish u paranoid, dont do stupid shit if u fear the repercussions

No. 61219

The thing is I usually just go for single dates anyways.

No. 61263

I only had one gf in the past and we would split everything, but that was probably because I only study and have no money of my own and she already had a job (also she was older). We would do stuff like paying when the other had no money but it always felt like a natural thing, I never felt pression to pay.

The thing is: she was my only dating experience, is it a deal breaker if the guy doesn't pay? Or is it only a first date thing? Help an autistic anon please. I don't want to pay for other people's meals tbh, unless maybe if she was broke

No. 61268

If you invited her you should pay IMO regardless of gender. Or at least offer to.

No. 61271

don't agree here, she said yes to go. i think that 1st dates should always be split cause otherwise it looks too tryhard.

No. 61272

Well there's not much else you can really do though, and walking out and jipping the servers seems pretty rude. Just call it a lose in those cases, seeing as it's probably not very common anyway.

>>is it a deal breaker if the guy doesn't pay?
>>Or is it only a first date thing?
It's a deal breaker for me personally. I expect the man to pay for everything for as long as we are together. Food is the bare minimum, as I also expect designer clothes and nice vacations/shopping sprees. With that said, there are women who don't feel this way and men who take pride in being able to afford to spoil a pretty girl. Just do you and if you end up on a date with someone like me and don't want to pay, she'll not go on a second date and you can find someone else. Good luck anon!

No. 61276

Honestly, I think the person extending the invitation should pay. Now that I have a boyfriend, i do pay for half of all things. We never split the cost, and instead we take turns, and I pay special attention to making sure I pay my fair share. Sometimes that means I have to pay while he's in the bathroom so he doesn't get a chance to pick up the check.

No. 61280

Thank you, sage for derailing the thread.

No. 61408

File: 1495550841011.jpg (14.17 KB, 417x234, 13342924_647361862080674_35288…)

Asking to the fellow suganons of this thread: how did you explain the sudden money to your parents? I'm trying to come up with a fake but legit enough job that I'm supposed to do at my computer (they know I'm unemployed) and my brain is burning. Damn Euro clingy families

No. 61409

online customer service chat rep is the easiest one.

No. 61418

Thanks, the commission thing might work. I have to explain a monthly income of 1600 if I manage to keep both my sugardaddies, 800 if only one. Never thought I'd have this kind of problem

No. 61419

I always figured that the whole sugar daddy thing isn't going to work if you're a girl who acts like a total autist and is just awkward and uncomfortable around men. Any awkward bitches doing this and able to give advice? I feel like as long as I'm young and pretty I should make use of it.

No. 61421

just look pretty and cute and be fake. most of the good ones are really beta themselves. stay weary of alpha dudes, they'll usually try something. I got a lot of money doing it before and I never had to be physical at all.

No. 61422

Are you looking for online or irl? If online it's even better for your case, you can just put up an act. Most sugarbabies fake their personality anyway

No. 61438

One of the best guys on SA (from what other girls have told me with years if experience on there) reached out to a friend of mine and I met him for the first time with her. It was a perfect situation, he gave money per meet to just hang out with him and some other babies in his house, just hang and chat to him a bit is all he wanted. It was my first time sugaring and ofc I was scared shitless, I tried to hid it but it was pretty obvious. My friend met up with him a few more times after and he told her my nervous-ness made him uncomfy and skeeved him out, and he wasnt bothered about seeing me again. Because of that I missed out on a pretty good link and I regret it. Its really scary but honestly anon just play along with everything, try and think of it as a massive joke and remember that you aren't doing this for (although it can be fun) you do get something out of it.

No. 61442

How do you go about just sugaring online? I was a cam girl for a hot minute and don't think I'd wanna do that again so I'm curious if sugaring online is basically the same thing

No. 61531

Well, it's not the same thing as camming. Sugar relationships are relationships, as in there's obviously sexual stuff involved but it's just a small part of it. In my case for example, I only send pictures. No cam, no videos. Nudes are from the neck down. But we spend more time talking, from chitchats to serious stuff. Both my SDs live a very interesting life imo, so I genuinely enjoy talking with them. One of them is teaching me interesting stuff about photography. I'm doing pretty well for my standards, the allowance is basically allowing me to plan to move out to a bigger city.
If you're interested, you can open a thread in r/sugarbaby or create a profile on SeekingArrangement, but be careful with the latter since they don't allow online sugaring, so you basically have to avoid any mention to it in your profile and engage with daddies via dm to find out if they're interested in online.
Imo it's much better than camming, you can keep your identity private and make much more money. Win/win.

Sounds very nice. I'd do in-person too if all daddies were like this guy.

No. 61533

How much do you actually make from this? I've browsed a few threads on 4chan about it and the guys seem pretty cheap.

No. 61538

400 per week, 200 from each daddy

No. 61555

Does anyone know how to do this but not with a sugar daddy or w/e? I have a boyfriend and I want to stay loyal but I need money and I'm not sure how I can go about this lol

No. 61559

Just scam/catfish guys like other anons have done. That's what I do since I have a boyfriend too.

No. 61565

Should I make an alt account? Plus, how do I find these guys dumb enough to do that lol Any tips?

No. 61569

So if you do the sugarbaby thing on reddit, how do you know who to talk to? I wouldn't have the first clue once I got multiple messages as I find that kind of stuff really hard to tell online.

No. 61617

I find my daddies on SA, so I could check their profile to see their pics, income etc.
On Reddit I guess you should just talk to everyone who replies to your thread, see who's seriously interested in an arrangement, then exchange skype or whatelse. On Reddit they will most likely ask you to "verify": basically you have to send them a pic of yourself holding a piece of paper with your username written on it, to prove you're real. If you're afraid to show your face just shoop to oblivion, wear makeup in a way you usually don't, and if you own a wig wear it. There are also ways to have your daddy send you the allowance without ever knowing your infos. It's totally possible to stay anonymous

No. 61618

*I found, sorry

No. 61973

>guy who i rejected in ms asks to hang out at mall
>remembers this thread
>goes and see if i could actually get free stuff

>went to game store but he didn't offer to pay 4 game he recommended to me

>went to jamba juice and he offered to buy but i chickened out and paid myself
>he did end up buying me 12 volumes of manga at a second hand bookstore cuz dey only accepted cash

No. 62152

Lmao this guy once offered me two hundred dollars for monthly nudes.

I considered doing it, or even bullshiting him by sending him nudes I'd found online elsewhere but I chickened out.

No. 62158

I mean…if he only said nudes, not specifically whose, you could've done it without issues lol

No. 62231

How many pics per month? If one+ per day, it wasn't worth it

No. 65904

Thank you for this threat.

5 Minutes before discovering it i read through the other stuff on this board and it restored my faith in women.
I actually liked you, i actually saw me in you, i´m very sensitive and i like how most of you write and how you are able to cater the emotional needs of each other while giving good advice.

So i went from 14/88 - all women are whores to:

Let´s try it again, after being abused my whole childhood seeing my dad getting abused by my mom and surviving an abusive relationship which broke me for 5 years and nearly killed me, i came to the conclusion that the cute blonde girl at the gym who smiled at me even though i showed her that she is stunningly beautiful AND i am scared is may worth a shot and is not a soulless monster who will crush me at the first sight of weakness and is only trying to gain something out of me.

I really thought you could be loving creatures, like real humans.
I really thought that i could treat one of you good, give love and receive love back, honest love.

You shattered this illusion again. Thank you for this.

You are Scum.

TL:DR You destroyed my new gained faith in womanhood.

I know you could not care less, but you will never know how it is to love.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 65905

lol no1curr

quit schizo typing and fuck off back to r/incels beta cuck

No. 65908

lol k

No. 65909

We're probably all loved a lot more than you are, bud.

No. 65911

File: 1501499924014.jpg (239.97 KB, 1762x1090, what.jpg)


You know, i wouldnt even blame women for being whores, i blame it on you beta faggots who buy them shit.

Why not just go fuck a hooker or something? Im pretty sure that with 1600 dollars is more than enough to buy some high quality hooker.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 65914

Why don't weak faggots like you just die already
Oh right
We need them for free shit

No. 69290

I've had such bad luck on SA. I live in the city too where a lot of them would live. They're pretty much always cheapo's who'd pay like $800 a month to meet 1-2 times per week. But they usually don't want to do monthly payments at once either, so there's always possiblility of flakes.

I've had more luck online with just rando's on vidya games. they'll usually buy off my wishlist , get all flitatious and I just act dumb and oblivious towards it and so greatful they're being so nice to me. My boyfriend is okay with it, he thinks its rather beneficial on my part lol. It saves me money

No. 69578

File: 1508972368310.png (328.32 KB, 1113x1237, senaluna.png)

What do you guys think of her advice?

No. 72585

>I've had a couple of robots buy me a handful of items after seeing just my face. Never managed anything long term though, I'm simply not a very good conversationalist. I met a girl here once who managed to hook them without using her pics at all. Color me impressed.
How do you do that? I'm attempting this but I can't seem to drop the hint that I want money well.

No. 72605

>and strive to get to that level one day.
To what level? That of being a manipulative leech?

No. 72614

Hell is waiting for you. This is fair.

No. 72669

File: 1514991558045.jpg (58.49 KB, 560x700, c4807d7c18231c78fce0457935d1b8…)

I'll take the rest of your money and let you hate me, anon. I will also talk to you constantly about your daily life and maybe watch a movie or two online with you.

No. 72678

I would love to be able to talk with someone on the side for some extra $$$. I'm a fairly cute and very spergy girl who is a good listener. Why won't anyone take me up on the offer? lol

No. 72689

how much money, you dweeb?

No. 72691

why is my post deleted?
it was >>72617
I was raising my concerns that you might be leeching people with autism or (diagnosed or not) mental disorders (like me). This is immoral and this is also illegal in many countries.

Thank you. I'm a selfhating masochist as well so I appreciate your post and derive pleasure from this and really like you. Please keep going.
I'm fucked up… but I have learned my lesson and will do my best to

No. 72694

do you have skype?

No. 72717

I decline to reply.
That much.

No. 72719

more or less than 10k?

No. 72748

File: 1515027468674.jpg (54.38 KB, 600x847, 753f5a527686c53d606e8fcba9d99e…)

I've never used Skype, but I will try to set it up when I get home!
In the meanwhile, I do have kik, anon.

No. 72751

Guys aren't allowed on this board, dumbass

You can add me on discord

No. 72936


>chosen a sorcerer

at least you didn't pick a faith build. thanks from

No. 75039

Wow, hi. First of all I've never managed to solicit money. Only items.

I was very upfront. I made my intentions clear before moving the convo to DM that I expected them to prove that women truly have it on easy mode.

I limited my requests to small, inexpensive (~$10-15 USD) items so it probably wasn't that big of a deal to them in the case that I flake on them.

In the end the time and effort spent trying to get stuff off of them is more than the time and effort spent working at a minimum wage job to afford those stuff. Wouldn't really recommend.

No. 75066

Any recommended sites? I'm completely new to this but, as someone who works at home already I'd love to earn some extra cash from just texting. My bf is even supportive of the idea. What I am looking for is text only, not overly sexual(I'm down with rp but not sending nudes or anything), basically being an online gf with perks. Maybe what I'm asking is a little to good to be true? Most degenerate I am willing to go is being a little to some ddlg loser if he gets off on buying me cute stuff.

No. 75073

File: 1518641315881.png (117.07 KB, 372x351, 1404005425769.png)

Elliot Rodger came back from the dead on Valentine's Day to sperg on this thread.

Sage for taking bait but I'm sorry this is too funny

No. 75074

There are companies that will hire you to be text-only phone sex operators. I can't recommend any one specifically, as I've never done it, but a lot of them look pretty legit. Just google, like, "sex chat for money" (lol) or something along those lines and browse the results/read reviews. If you're good at sexy talk it looks like it could be a decent gig.

No. 75080

I'm going to have to do my research. I know there are sites where you can be a fake gf to men but, most of them the men a looking for an eventual nude or video. And I want to make sure I don't give my information to the wrong company.

Reading about how women can make up to 25 cents a minute from just chatting is convincing me to want to try it at least once.

No. 75084

You should try it! What's there to lose? Report back here if you do and let us know how it is! I've been curious about chatting for pay for a while, I've only never tried it because I already have an online sugar daddy who takes up a fair amount of time.

No. 75111

Try Mygirlfund

No. 75126

I was actually just considering mygirlfund. The only thing is most of the girls on there offer too much of themselves that I don't see guys wanting to spend money on just flirty text/rp but I am willing to give it a test.

No. 75135

I'm interested to see how this goes for you so please report back if you get into anything interesting! I'm thinking about trying it myself as well but I'm a bit nervous to even sign up for a site like that.

No. 75157

Nayrt, but I was interested too. Didn't go further because they were requesting your ID and I don't want some porn site to have my full name, city and address

No. 75171

I remember a few years ago there were a lot of people faking disabilities and whatnot and asking for donations on indiegogo. Is that still a thing?

No. 75179

Don't do that just strip or cam.

No. 75185

A good way to make your way into the munchies thread for sure

No. 75310

That's so frustrating
I'm desperate for cash right now in a country I can't work in, and I can't think how else I could monetise nonsexual girlfriend experience stuff

Seeking arrangement charges you to join and doesn't seem to lead to much unless you show face

No. 75316

I mean, you could always scan your ID and go on with it, the site says they won't do anything with your info and it's only meant to check if you're above 18.
You can also try on fiverr.
And does SA really charge you to join now? I made an account a year ago and it was free

No. 76340

>nonsexual girlfriend experience
That's not how it works. Remember that the market on sites such as SA is heavily skewed to the sugar daddies' favor. Why would someone pay a girl just for existing, when he can choose from 10 other girls just as attractive who are actually willing to have sex?

No. 76345

cause he's a cuck. and it's not skewed in the sd's favor at all, it's just that western men are nasty. asian sites like this are full of beta fags who will pay you to cuddle them. the splenda daddies on these sites just want to have a harem or get married to a cute trophy wife. hell, in asia hostess clubs exist and all you do is get paid to look pretty and drink with men.

No. 76379

You make it sound as if it were so easy. Do you have actual personal experience in this?

No. 76410

probably a rare occurrence but a few years ago a posted in a snapchat thread on /b/ and collected a bunch of "friends".
Kept contact with a few nice ones, a few dicks bought me sex toys on amazon but now one of them is sending me technology stuff because he works for a cell phone company. Got a bunch of accesories for my surface including the ~$130 keyboard, used ipad and now an iphone 7 with a otterbox case basically for occasional nudes. I basically complained about being broke and needing to buy a new computer and having an old ghetto phone on my stories, he reminded me he was a store manager and that he had a bunch of extra phones, ipads and such lying around. I only really Asked for the keyboard and phone case when he offered the "new" iphone. Hes kind of older and respected no screenshots until recently i said it was fine. I still dont take nudes with my face though.

No. 76475

File: 1521437727828.gif (904.25 KB, 500x532, 1400701829371.gif)

>make SA profile long time ago
>get messages from ton of dudes
>narrow it down to foreign guy
>he wants to meet an hour away in a hotel
>obvs sex
>say fuck it, negotiate price
>he tells me I look like his crush
>his student
>be skeeved out but it's $1000
>he constantly messages me over the next few days
>I work and have a life
>realize that if I say anything remotely off that he gets very insecure and starts bombing me with messages
>day before trip
>he asks me if he could use a sleeve for his tiny dick
>tell him he's a creep
>delete SA
>delete from memory until now

I want to try again, but I think I'll do it the old fashion'd way by finding a nice rich guy that I actually love.

No. 76477

File: 1521441009025.gif (3.54 MB, 275x155, 48DEE3C2-3BA2-4959-A424-A78D7A…)

>university student
>date a lot of guys in tinder and in ikc
>semi popular in the community I was in
>Ana chan peak
>rumour starts that I’m a sugar baby
>guy at mate’s work asks me if I’d go with him to the Xmas party for $
> no touching allowed
> continue going to office Xmas parties for money with several IT guys
>kinda creepy guys but mostly well paid autismos
>come back to a guys place because I knew him for months and told my friends about where I’m staying who I’m with.
>asleep in guest house
>sleep in underwear bc I packed change clothes
>wake up
>he was cuddling me
>nothing weird or boners he was just so sad and alone
> guy in his early 20s dresses horribly skinny fat but covered in money
>asks me if I’d like to be a little and live with him

> I tell him that I’m really awkward about this whole situation and he shouldn’t be in the room as we didn’t agree to me cuddling
He pays 2.x $

> I kindly thank him and leave.

We are still friends and I get paid for hugs.

He literally just needs someone to listen to him and care for him but leave if he needs them to.

Not too bad.

Warning ⚠️ you really need to read this if you are thinking of getting on this type of agreement.

My friend was anally raped with a curling iron turned on.

Fucked up things happen
I’m really lucky .. for now but the money isn’t worth the stares and the bad smoking coffee breath.

No. 76480

>My friend was anally raped with a curling iron turned on.
Holy shit, that's fucking terrifying and awful. I hope your friend recovered well.

No. 76482

File: 1521445846205.jpg (26.92 KB, 459x581, ofx84.jpg)

a hell nah

No. 76483

File: 1521451351139.jpeg (17.08 KB, 261x163, 6A2107C0-5D2E-4DBB-92BD-759538…)

Jesus christ mate i hope your friend is recovering well

No. 76485

File: 1521460527991.png (658.86 KB, 1280x720, 8812129.png)

What the absolute fuck.

No. 76491

this shit is why i only go on dates and stay in public with these dudes and uber home.

No. 76492

How do I go about getting money from these dudes? I'm really shy and awkward and don't know how to act around them. I don't want to get raped or have my virginity stolen from me by some creep.

No. 76494

do you want to like meet them irl or just online?

No. 76496

i inadvertently got into a friendship like this. i met the guy on tumblr and we became friends, but after a while he started buying me things off my amazon wishlist. i was super broke and he would send me money randomly through paypal. long story short it became weird at a certain point because he started to feel like he owned me, but i was naive and just thought he was ~helping me out~. i blocked him on everything but he still tries to contact me to this day. i wish i was more careful and had this person been normal i wouldn't feel bad about it lol

No. 76508

Ill meet them irl. Im curious about the whole thing

No. 76514

You arrange to meet for something like a lunch or coffee, at a public place. You see if there is chemistry, and if you want to take it from there. Before meeting though you should have clarified to each other what your expectations are and what you are looking for.

Just be warned, since you sound like you only want money without sex, that very few sugar daddies would bother to waste their time and money on a girl who doesn't give them anything. On the other hand, the best case scenario is that you could find a rich handsome sugar daddy, and he would take you on a fancy trip, and after a fancy candlelight dinner, he takes your virginity. You could earn several grand in one go if you tell him you're a virgin and you want your first time to be special and that it has a price.

No. 76515

Get a job you worthless bitch.

No. 76516

how do i fake being a virgin?

No. 76518

Act like a nervous schoolgirl who doesn't know how it works, just like in hentai. If you don't overdo it, it will probably work. Also, stop shaving and leave your pussy hairy.

No. 76532

I posted that from my job, try harder.

No. 76543

do those fake blood packs work? should i got for a foreigner?

No. 76555

I would assume a guy who can afford to pay a good sum for someone's virginity knows more about the female body than a basement-dwelling neckbeard whose knowledge comes from hentai and memes. So I would forget about such gimmicks. It's all about how you act.

No. 76557

File: 1521530197589.png (411.77 KB, 1080x1920, 52CA2AB1-33A1-478F-9F7C-698153…)

Here is another warning.
He fucked up and sent the text to the sugar baby that he was talking to instead of his friend.

This could be your photo.
Seriously if you are shy or awkward this is really not a safe job at all.

No. 76560

No more "dangerous" than meeting or dating any random guy from Tinder, really.

No. 76561

File: 1521531279853.jpeg (117.5 KB, 539x960, DA5BAA4E-3117-45E4-A8E6-9D4904…)

No. 76562

File: 1521531296232.jpeg (145.03 KB, 640x1136, C36F5F39-449A-407F-9BA8-6DCFD0…)

No. 76567

Yes, and? You will meet such scumbags anywhere. Exercise caution and use your head regardless of where you meet the guy.

No. 76568

The normal scumbag doesn’t believe he purchased any services from you.

No. 76600

I do believe a guy who sends a message like that should immediately raise red flags and make you nope the fuck out.

No. 76606

not at all anon. in fact, i think most of the men who want someone's virginity are just rich neckbeards.

No. 76607

Rich neckbeards are rare. I'd guess most rich men who would pay extra for a virgin are in the "well why not" category.

No. 76638

You're the one who should try harder. Then you wouldn't feel the need to bum off others like the scum of the Earth that you are.(infighting)

No. 76640

anon do u know what thread ur in? u sound salty as fuck. did ur man cheat on u with a cute sugar baby?

No. 77944

I have mixed feelings. I respect the hustle and have little sympathy for anyone stupid enough to throw money at any pretty face, but I also find it kind of gross.

Women have their own vulnerabilities that men can take advantage of, so don't complain if some creep takes advantage of you if you're taking advantage of men.

No. 80066

heres what you need to do

1) open a smurf PP account with fake name + google voice # + fake address
2) open a verified PP account with everything true
3) advertise and post links to smurf PP account to receive money
4) with the money in smurf account, have verified account send a money request to smurf account
5) verify the transaction from smurf account and have money for withdrawal in actual account

it works for me in my case; where I am infatuated with giving money online to twitch streamers but I don't want them to find out my info

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