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No. 50894

1) Does teeth whitening do more damage than good

2) Bleeding gums and how to fix it

3) Crooked teeth
4) Flossing good or bad debate

No. 50895

1) Been doing whitening for 7ish months. I don't notice any downsides, aside from sometimes it ices like fuck in one specific tooth during the process. Oh, and it's expensive as fuck. But very effective, I finally love my smile again. Lots of people get insanely sensitive teeth though.

2) Ask your dentist.

3) Ask your dentist.

4) Flossing is ALWAYS better than not flossing. And as long as you do a good job at it, it doesn't matter if you do it before or after brushing.

No. 50896

1) Google

2) Yahoo

3) Bing

4) Lycos

The whitening thing definitely varies on your location though. American-tier white freaks me out, I hate that some of the more glam types around here are going to that extreme lately, it makes them look fake.

No. 50897

I have four baby teeth due to some defect where four permanent teeth never formed. They are rather fragile. It's a miracle I've kept them this long. I do drink a lot of coffee and tea. but I also brush, floss and use mouthwash regularly. So my teeth are not too discolored. But they aren't white.

Due to my baby teeth situation I don't think whitening would be safe. And I have very small adult teeth anyway. I'd have to open my mouth really wide for anyone to see them. They don't really show much when I talk and I don't have a toothy smile. So it's useless to me.

I've heard that longterm whitening can make your enamel weak. You can't get enamel back as far as I know. Most teeth are not naturally white. I don't get the obsession with white teeth.

I had braces due to overcrowding. I had it fully covered. I got them at 17 because I got in just under the wire to be covered by CHIP. And they can't leave you mid-treatment so while I had them 2 1/2 years I never had to pay. I should have had it done years before. But I didn't have full coverage then. My mouth is pretty small and because of this and the weird size of my teeth the braces were very uncomfortable and I had some wounds in my mouth. They had a hard time getting them to fit right. And I had to go back to get the brackets refitted due to them being so big even when they used smaller components. My baby teeth could not be fitted so they were left alone. Otherwise they'd be pulled out by the force of the braces gradually. So I had the wire going across but no brackets. It looked and felt weird.

I would recommend braces for painful overcrowding. If it affects your chewing ability and closing your mouth it makes a lot of difference. It's annoying to have braces. But when you are done you'll no longer have that discomfort. For mildly crooked teeth that don't bother you I don't know if it is worth it.

In the US dentistry is very expensive. I can't even get a checkup right now. To get my bonding fixed a several years ago I used the money from the Bush stimulus package.

No. 50898

Thank you so much anon, I wanted to do the exact thread because I'm interested in teeth whitening.
Experiences about led whitening, the one you do at the dentist? Is it permanent or teeth slowly go back to the start? And in what amount of time?

No. 50899

Is it weird to get braces at 23? I never had braces but some of my teeth are slightly crooked

No. 50900

I think it's a waste of time and money to get braces if your teeth are only slightly crooked because they'll return to their original spots in a few years because you're an adult and your jaw has already formed. If it's just a slight problem but you really want to fix it you could try veneers instead. Getting braces is a better option if you have severe crowding that affects your facial structure and bite.

No. 50901

My mom got those invisible braces at 50. Her teeth were only a little bit crooked, and she had no problems with crowding or anything like that. Basically, her teeth were almost perfect, but not quite.

I had braces for 4 fucking years, so I thought she was crazy. But it was a bit insecurity of hers, and she always wanted to get them fixed. The invisible braces were only on for a year or so.

Tl:dr it is worth it if it really bothers you. My mom did it and is very happy with the results.

No. 50902


No. 50903

No teeth whitening is permanent, unless you get veeners. You'll have to do it several times monthly to maintain the color. In-office whitening is stronger than home-whitening, but they don't last longer than the other. You'll be fine doing home whitening, but please consult a professional first, don't just buy a random kit. I got my stuff at a whitening dentist office, and had it approved by my dentist. In fact, he sells the whitening gel so I can buy there when running out of it (I use a custom made teeth kit, which is probably the most effective way). I noticed a difference after a week, and my teeth became very white very fast.

No. 50904

But do they go back at the starting shade or a little more white?
Experiences with Crest stripes?

No. 50905

I drink ridiculous amounts of tea on a daily basis so I've to deal with the fact that they'll never be pretty and white.

But how do you only correct a single tooth in adulthood? I've this one llama tooth in the lower front that juts out and just looks silly when I laugh.

Also, if you're struggling with cavities, getting my wisdom teeth removed was the absolute best thing I've done in my life, no contest. No more bad breath, no food getting stuck there, I can actually reach all my teeth with a toothbrush now.

No. 50906

I have nice teeth overall… except for one. It grew in completely sideways and well there's nothing I can do about it except braces for 5+ years, it's that bad. It's a front tooth and it's just so twisted it looks like I'm missing it. Shit sucks

No. 50907

my bottom teeth are moderately? crooked and crowded and it didn't bum me out too much but i've been feeling extra insecure lately. i guess people notice it when i talk, which really bothers me.

i tried to get it fixed a couple years ago but it had to be approved by insurance and they only accept very severe cases so i just gave up halfway through the process and never went through with it.

i know its not a big deal, but i want to fix a lot lot of things and i know it would make me happier. i can't do anything about it at the moment considering i'm still a neet..

No. 50908

Fuck me too. You could try Invisalign? I went for an appointment and they told me they couldn't fully fix the problem but at least it would look more normal and not like I have no tooth there.

No. 50909

It's hard to say, and it depends on each person and their habits. For instance, I never liked coffee, but I completely stopped drinking coke and tea after starting the whitening. If you stop doing whitening, I don't really believe your teeth will go back to the original color for a long time unless you drink staining liquid like coffee/coke/tea and smoke. It also will take a little time.

I do none of that so my whitening has been very effective. My dentist said whitening slowly goes away depending on habits, and also each person. My teeth were very yellow when I started, so I don't think they would hold the white color too well if I suddenly stopped completely. I wish it were permanent, but I'll have to keep doing it once a week or so to keep the color. Like.. Forever. But that's how it works in Hollywood too, unless you get veeners. lol

No. 50910

It's important to know whose fault it is for your dental problems.

No. 50911

I have a heinous gap in my front teeth and people always say things about having "the london look" and men make stupid comments about it. My teeth are okay otherwise but having a huge gap makes me look poor, inbred and stupid.
I see other people with gaps and assume they're mentally challenged. :\

No. 50912

Veneers are so expensive though… I heard a woman saying she was going to get veneers because she was afraid of getting periodontitis through led whitening. But don't you need whitening anyway? I mean, from what I've seen veneers are put on the front of teeth… The rest is going to stay yellow

No. 50913

My teeth are shit but I'm too broke to fix them so I've just embraced them.

I'm pretty sure every tooth is chipped, the ones next to my front teeth on top stick out further than the rest of my top teeth, the ones next to those are sharp and pointed (I don't know how that happened), and the ones next to my front teeth on the bottom are behind the ones next to them (it's hard to explain). Plus I've got a underbite and most are crooked.

I lived in a very neglectful and poor household, we went weeks (and once even months) without any water or gas and the first time I went to the dentist was when I was an adult and living on my own. I also bit my nails, sucked my thumb, and was malnuriourshed during most of my childhood which definitely worsened my teeth.

I also still haven't developed my wisdom teeth, weirdly enough.

No. 50914

Same here. I have a wide gap in my front teeth, not to mention that my front teeth stick out a little bit. My other teeth are fine, but I'm missing a couple teeth (but fortunately you cant tell and my mouth looks full, if that makes sense) so my dentist said I might have to wait on getting braces till my wisdom teeth come in to help fill in any gaps elsewhere in my teeth. I'm 18 and most people don't get their wisdom teeth till a couple years later, but I want braces now so hopefully they come in soon.

I feel you on thinking other people with gaps look mentally challenged, poor, inbred etc. The good thing is I haven't had anyone say anything negatively about my teeth, probably behind my back, but eh.

No. 50915

I have really spaced out teeth which the dentist said would eventually just sort itself out once my wisdom teeth started growing (I couldn't get braces because my teeth weren't crooked).

So I'm 21 and up until recently I only had 24 teeth. 4 are growing at the back but they're not my wisdom teeth and they're not enough to push my teeth together. I don't mind the gap in the front (it's kinda cute imo) but all the rest also have gaps.

I'm just a loss for what to do. My teeth are so ugly, it looks like I have 4 canines on my top set because they're so misshapen and I was really hoping growing new teeth would at least make them look…kind of normal. I don't smile because I'm so self conscious, is there anything I can do other than have them shaven down (I really don't want that).

No. 50916

My teeth are so ugly and I hate doing open mouth smiles because of it. I never took looking after them seriously when I was younger and I regret it now. I'm 19 now and was wondering if this is too old to get braces? I'd have to keep them on for years so I'm worried about being made fun of, which I know sounds fucking retarded but I'm that kind of person.

No. 50917

I have pretty good teeth overall (a few chips in the front ones, but they honestly don't bother me), but one of my bottom teeth is crooked because I lost my bottom retainer kek and my teeth are also pretty yellow. They're very healthy, I brush and floss regularly, but I drink a shitload of black coffee so there's no way I can keep them white. It doesn't always bother me but sometimes I just want a pearly-white smile (prob because I'm American).

No. 50918

My grandma was a dentist so I was fortunate to have pretty good counseling about my teeth growing up until she passed.

>teeth whitening

I tried Crest white strips in high school back when they were a new thing. My teeth were pretty average but I wanted that translucent white color teeth like I saw in commercials. I don't know if the formula has improved to make it less harsh on enamel, but I followed the instructions to the word and my teeth still were sensitive as fuck. Also minimal whitening. Threw that shit out when I found out it destroys your enamel and leads to cavities.

They key to making teeth white is regular dental cleanings and not consuming anything that stains frequently. I've never had a problem with yellowing teeth.

>Bleeding gums and how to fix it

My dentist always told me it's because I didn't floss enough. If enough tartar builds up on your tooth it starts to separate the tooth from the gum, so when you abrade it by brushing/flossing it bleeds. Or maybe some people just have sensitive gums.

Idk, I always thought my dentist was BSing me about that because she'd scold me about my gums bleeding after she just got done scraping my teeth with a metal pick for twenty minutes…

>Crooked teeth

Don't have firsthand experience so idk.


Need most of the time, typically after days when you've eaten really nasty shit. Tbh I floss infrequently and nothing is wrong with my teeth.

Stress did a number more on my teeth than anything. Back when I worked retail in my undergrad customers and management would piss me off so much I'd clench and grind my teeth. One of my molars on my right side got really worn down so I'll probably have to get it crowned eventually.

No. 50919

>she'd scold me about my gums bleeding after she just got done scraping my teeth with a metal pick for twenty minutes…

If you were flossing, the metal pick wouldn't make your gums bleed. My gums never bleed at the dentist.

No. 50920

It's actually quite common to bleed during cleaning. Maybe your dentist never got adequately into your gums.

No. 50921

Nah I could feel that shit I just didn't bleed much. I did bleed a little but not enough that I was told to change my cleaning habits.

No. 50922

Mine was only a little, my dentist was just nitpicky tbh. I bled the same amount when I flossed at home and every source I've checked says that happens to some people.

No. 50923

Aah I getcha.

No. 50924

I have a similar defect as you, except I only HAVE four adult teeth (two front + back molars). I think it's called oligodontia or something. I still have almost all of my baby teeth, but they're small and imo look a little funny. Needless to say I've always hated it and it helped worsen my depression when I was younger. I've gotten better about it but I still don't smile with my mouth open (it's not noticeable with my mouth closed) and am a bit self conscious about talking a lot. I'll likely be getting surgery/implants down the road but it'll be freaking expensive when I do. I've had braces in the past and I'm just trying to take immaculate care of my teeth so they don't get any worse for now.

By some miracle I've never been bullied about it and no one ever says anything to me. Even my ex boyfriend when I told him just said it was cute. Hard to see it that way myself.

No. 50925

I got the worst of combon of teeth/jaw genetics from my parents. I have my dad's horse teeth and my mom's small jaw.
My lower jaw is crowded as fuck and has smaller teeth. My upper jaw is pretty much completely straight, but I have giant rabbit teeth in the front.
I want to get braces to fix my bottom teeth but I don't have the money at the moment.

I've never been able to get really nice white teeth either. Even at its whitest point, it's still kind of yellow. I don't drink that much coffee and tea either. Whitening products haven't helped at all.

No. 50926

i have genetically perfect teeth. eat my puss if you don't like(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 50927

it'd be even more crazy if you were British

No. 50928

Did you post in this thread just to say that shit lol
inb4 anyone say I have fucked up teeth: mine are perfectly normal

No. 50929

People who hate flossing and have disposable income should try water flossing.

No. 50930

Same. I have perfect teeth cuz braces. I love imperfect crooked teeth. I think they're unique and attractive and not cookie cutter

No. 50931

File: 1484838253180.jpg (86.43 KB, 750x392, bottom-closeup.jpg)

My lower teeth are crowded exactly like in the picture. I don't know what to do about it and even if I knew I wouldn't have the money. The worst part is that I see the dislocation getting worse every year. The tooth that's been pushed to the back looks really dark when I smile because of the shadow. I hate it…

No. 50932

Get braces.

No. 50933

I have a similar problem with my upper tooth. But instead it's slightly rotated to the side, right next to my left front tooth. Looks retarded. Anyway, braces or a new tooth are the only option I think.

Really sucks that teeth care is so expensive, at least some parts that is.

No. 50934

…. People actually debate whether or not flossing is good?

I have a pretty bad gum disease as a result of not flossing that literally disinigrates the bone that holds your teeth over time. Luckily, since im fairly young and they caught it early, the damage was pretty minimal, but if you keep that shit up you won't have teeth by the time you're 40. So yeah, fucking floss your teeth.

Not to mention, it's fucking gross not to.

No. 50935

If you give me the money…

Seriously though can braces solve the problem if you're already in your 20s?
My teeth were perfect in my teens which sucks because dental work is covered by pubic health insurance until you're 18 in my country.

No. 50936

braces don't stop working after a certain age.
when i had my braces i saw many middle-aged and elderly people in those chairs.
if you can afford it great! if you can afford the invisible set(s) even better.

No. 50937


i didn't notice how weird my teeth were until i got them straightened. now i love them a lot more than before. my teeth weren't that bad or obvious per say, but there was a lot of crowding at the bottom so over all my teeth just look a lot nicer than they have their own space and theyre all straight.
invisalign was weird but has some perks, and i kind of enjoyed them. my mum has them now at 45 and she likes them too. so much less obvious than braces.

i personally dont think there's anything wrong with getting braces when you're older but i just think it looks less professional since it's a common symbol of youth and teenagers.

also i'd like to whiten my teeth. i don't see how my teeth are so yellow when i brush my teeth 2-3 times a day. i have green tea but i didn't think it would stain my teeth so badly. i'm a bit self conscious about it so i'm thinking of getting them done at the dentist in march. i want what the youtubers get because it looks easy

No. 50938

I actually have a tooth just like that, and I had braces for three years. It goes away overnight if I put my retainer in but I lost it months ago and haven't gotten around to looking for it. I actually don't mind the way it looks much but my tongue is constantly rubbing against it and it drives me nuts.

No. 50939

My teeth are hella crooked, but there is nothing wrong with them and braces would only be cosmetic (which is crazy expensive here). I kinda like my crooked teeth though, they are sorta cute and give me character.

No. 50940

I like my teeth I guess, theyre naturally pretty straight and theyre good size for my mouth, if that makes any sense.
As an european I find americas obsession with flawless, paper white completely straight teeth a bit weird. No one has teeth like that naturally so imo it looks uncanny and even a bit creepy. I honestly prefer natural teeth even if theyre a little crooked or a little yellowish. I get so annoyed everytime Venus uploads a new video and theres always at least 5 rude comments about how she should whiten her teeth.

No. 50941

I have disgusting teeth, don't want to go to the dentist though because that's uncomfortable

No. 50942

i work at a dentist office, specifically in the orthodontics dept. in case anyone wants to know:

for adults, without insurance braces are about $4-5k. invisalign is around $5-6k. you can get "express" invisalign (lasts about 10 weeks) which is cheaper. you can also do only top or bottom. at my office we offer payment plans. you can use care credit too. it isn't as unaffordable as people think.

if you do have insurance, you might pay $1-2.5k out of pocket if you have adult ortho coverage. the most common plan i see is probably horizon HDC. their benefits are alright for ortho.

the lab fee for invisalign is what makes it so expensive. the lab and your dentist upcharge like crazy. so shop around and find who is the cheapest.

No. 50943


a lot of people here are talking about veneers. you don't want them. they look nice but they ruin your teeth, are crazy expensive and have to be replaced. they don't last forever. i get that celebrities get them but they are rich. pretty much no insurance covers them also

No. 50944

>>braces don't stop working after a certain age.

oh ok thx. I always thought braces only work on children and teens because they're still growing so their bones are still moving and stuff.

A friend of mine got braces with 21 for a year. Her teeth look perfect now but her parents paid thousands of dollars so nope I think I have to let go of my central incisor as he disappears into the second row.

No. 50945

>>Using Venus as an example for normal yellow teeth
I'm not American and I'm not obsessed with teeth whitening but Venus' teeth are almost brown, anon. Not hating, just pointing out a fact.

Sage because ot and because no one cares
Reposted this because I forgot to sage the 1st time lol

No. 50946

I have really bad bulimia teeth. Got Ludwigs angina early last year and have one bottom molar left at 25. I'm desperate to fix them but it's thousands of dollars I don't have

No. 50947

I don't know where you live but maybe try looking at dental schools. I heard you can get work done for cheap or free and in turn, you help students practice and learn.


No. 50948

>tfw when I have gap teeth
kill me
no girl finds that attractive

No. 50949

Anyone ever chipped a tooth?
I chipped a small part of my front tooth when I was like 10 and the shit is still sensitive and flares up once in awhile.

No. 50950


No. 50951

File: 1484888031502.jpg (132.02 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0005.JPG)

I made an appointment with my dentist for next week because it looks like a cavity developed on a tooth in the back of my mouth. I didn't notice it at all until recently but I feel like an idiot because I haven't been in for a cleaning since 2015. It's 100% my fault for putting it off for so long.

No. 50952

Some fucking romanian ADHD fuckwad threw a handful of pebbles at me in the third grade and one chipped my front incisor and took a corner clean off.

The filling they used to fix it is top notch but it needs to be fixed up every now and then because it turns out biting shit is a lot of mechanical stress so every half dozen years I can feel it starting to… get a bit worn down.

No. 50953

Any Brtifags have experience with whitening strips?
I've read that some brands don't actually damage the enamel, but I'm struggling to find which UK store brands that would be that have irl reviews.

I don't want American white teeth, but I'm essentially the same as Venus right now from all the years of tea.
I also need to see an orthodontist for some slow shifting that's happening, but I'll need to rob a bank first.

No. 50954

There have been studies made proving it doesn't make a difference if you floss or not, as long as you brush twice a day. The only thing that would help when flossing is going to a dentist and have them floss for you (too lazy to find the actual article but here's one for reference).


If you have gum disease they give you mouth wash for it at the dentists. So to prevent it you should always use mouth wash. It doesn't hurt to floss though, but it doesn't rly prevent stuff from happening to your mouth at all.

(Personally I still floss cus I just think it feels cleaner, but I know it's kinda futile)

No. 50955

File: 1484924927036.jpg (8.69 KB, 240x193, 1476383474396.jpg)

>tfw gums are receding, especially on my two front teeth (gums make an inverted v shape now on top of the tooth)
>gums bleed if I brush just slightly too hard
>gums are inflamed and growing over my molars and hurt when I touch them with my tongue (I can even move part of the gums around)
>front tooth is starting to show a subtle crack line
>bad breath
>wisdom teeth are coming in and I have no idea whether they're coming in well or not

well shit, I don't have dental insurance for another year and I can't afford it right now
just tell me it's going to be okay

No. 50956

Receding gums? You could have periodontitis! You have to do something quick

No. 50957


Do you have a dental school nearby?

When I finally got my dental insurance, I was able to get all that shit fixed for cheap. And they normally have the full spectrum of dentistry so you wouldn't have to go to different locations and would be able to get into booked fairly easy. Will note, it will eat up your time

>be me, finally an adult at dentist, cleaning complete

>Gets handed generic free toothbrush
>Dentist: Ohwait.jpg That's too big for your mouth, you need a kids tooth brush head.
>Me: but I'm 26?
>Dentist: Yea, you have a tiny mouth with tiny teeth.

Anyone else have a tiny kid head? Would be ok to request if they used pediatric equipment on me? X-ray films cut up and my cheeks and gums… :/

No. 50958

flossing helps your breath not stink

No. 50959

nah same equipment pretty much. the xrays you got are uncomfortable for almost everyone. just remind the assistant and doctor when you go in to be extra gentle

No. 50960

I know this is OT
But anyone here suffering from TMD?

No. 50961

>I don't want American white teeth
Kek. I didn't know we set a standard for white teeth. Huh.
I personally hate how tight my teeth are crowded together, but I do a pretty great job when it comes to oral hygiene, even without religiously flossing. I do brush aggressively though. I also think the appearance of my teeth is average, but I always get such amazing praise from different dentists, I swear to god they're trolling the shit out of me or most people must have really bad oral health.

No. 50962

Not that anon but I'm sure they meant teeth so artificially whitened that they look bluish or unnatural. That's what "American white teeth" are

No. 50963

I know what they meant, I just didn't know it had our name associated with it. It is definitely the norm where I live at least.

No. 54130

I have pretty bad teeth. I have hypodontia (am missing my upper incisors and 2 lower premolars). I do have implants but so far I've only been able to afford crowns for my incisors. Luckily the missing premolars aren't visible due to my overbite (which isn't severe thank god)

My teeth have always been yellowish and weak, and I have been subjected to the workings of a 'horror dentist' who fucked up my teeth even more over the years by doing whatever. I have had braces for 12 years until I removed them myself and finally made the (overdue) decision to switch to a new dentist. The first thing he asked me when he looked at my teeth was "What horrible chemical treatment did that man give you?"
Most of my teeth are made of composite by now. My new dentist did a terrific job at patching stuff up.

I really want to get my teeth whitened eventually. I hate the colour so much and it's one of the few things that can make me super self-conscious. The only issue is that I'm so sure that I can't get my teeth whitened since I have crowns and most of my teeth have been fixed with composite.
Does anyone know if I can get my teeth whitened? Or will it cause splotches and/or stains? Will it weaken my teeth more? Would it affect my crowns?
Veneers are something I'd love to have; but they're something I won't be able to afford for a long time. They're long-term goals though.

No. 57760

>2) Bleeding gums and how to fix it

No. 57837

File: 1491666661638.gif (34.55 KB, 278x189, out.gif)

my teeth are slanted outwards, similar to pic related but mine are a bit worse. i never sucked my thumb or anything. i have a freakishly long tongue and it rests to the left of my teeth up against them, poking through a slight gap, and gives me a lisp. I literally hate my teeth with fervor, but can't afford braces at all.
Recently on top of that they're so yellow it makes me want to die, obvs can't afford teeth whitening either haha kill me

How long do you guys spend brushing your teeth in the mornings and evenings?

No. 57838

samefag, but my wisdom teeth have been poking down for about two years now, can feel tiny points of each wisdom tooth but they dont seem to have enough room to grow, except for one that one side of the tooth has come down. also all of my teeth hurt all of the time.

No. 57839

File: 1491669074277.jpg (17.14 KB, 355x355, 81zbXVU3J2L._SY355_.jpg)

Anybody have any experience with tooth whitening powder?

No. 57840

You'll probably have to get your wisdom teeth removed at some point. Lots of people do. I had mine removed a few months ago because they were impacted and growing completely sideways instead of up. They were huge too. My teeth were hurting all the time and I was miserable because of it but after I recovered from the dental surgery I was ok.

Just go to the dentist and have some x rays done or something to see what's up. They'll know more about what to do.

No. 57845

yeah, I'm worried that's what will happen. Can't afford the dentist at the moment, also have an irrational fear of having wisdom teeth pulled because my mom had it done when i was a toddler and hers got infected and the amount of pain she was in scared the shit out of me. Oh god I think I just hate teeth

No. 57865

Some dentists will work out a payment plan if paying straight out of pocket isn't possible at the time of visiting. Save up money if possible and then go and also talk to different places about payment plans.

I didn't have an issue with infection after having mine removed. Normally, they give you antibiotics to take for awhile after surgery to prevent infections or fight any off if one is trying to set in. Generally, if you follow the guidelines for after care and take the antibiotics, you shouldn't have any issues except pain. Some people have severe pain and others are up and moving after a few days. Whatever you do anon, good luck cause wisdom teeth are terrible.

No. 57982

I've used this it works pretty well.Itlast a really long time.It taste bad though,and is really messy.

No. 58004

I haven't been to the dentist in six years, I had braces when I was 13 but I never wore the nighttime guard thing after having them removed so they have moved a little bit but not majorly. It's most the front two, one is slightly more "ahead" than the other.

If I make a dentist appointment, will my dentist actually murder my ass? I keep meaning to but I can't stop thinking about how much trouble I'll be in (mfw when grown ass woman scared of dentist). I drink a lot of sugar drinks too which makes it worse >_<

No. 58026

Make the appointment. Floss every day before bed between now and then. Your guild about not wearing your retainer will be lessened by not having inflamed gums.

No. 58030

Swish Listerine before brushing, brush twice a day (morning and night,) swish hydrogen peroxide if you have red gums or lesions. That is, if you don't already do this stuff, but I'm assuming you only brush once a day like most people.

No. 58053

>like most people

In the developed world? Wtf anon, ew

No. 58071

>I'm assuming you only brush once a day like most people

where tf do you live?

No. 58082


i thought mouthwash was for after brushing???

No. 58084

It is but see

is clearly confused about dental hygiene

No. 58089

File: 1492066874990.png (145.17 KB, 359x330, 1452747202708.png)

>falling for the Listerine meme

No. 58103

I work in a dentist's office and the majority of people we see in a day clearly only brush once a day. Or even freely admit it. The Listerine before brushing is what my dentist tells people to do who have a good bit of plaque build up. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who keeps up with their dental hygiene as well as going to the dentist regularly.

No. 58104

Yeah, mouth wash with alcohol in it will dry out your mouth. That's why alcohol free, fluoride mouth wash is a thing.

No. 59690

File: 1493968523130.jpg (44.48 KB, 323x427, c.jpg)

would any of you pay $200 for a toothbrush?

No. 59707

I have really crooked teeth (People tell me they don't look that bad but i do occasionally get a mean comment about it on social media.)

That said there's a whitening gel that they sell at Ulta (GoSmile or something like that) that is amazing for teeth whitening fast. I legit saw results instantly.

My biggest problem with my teeth is cavities or specifically one cavity. It's on the left side on my upper molar and is massive (Like i can fit a large amount of my tongue into it). It only started to hurt recently. I've had it filled twice and both times the fillings came out

The problem? I grind my teeth in my sleep. Mouth guards don't work (they just fall out while you sleep). So ive just been using temporary filling because i have no other choice.
At least it's far back enough that you can't see it unless i'm TRYING to show it off (which obviously i don't) but i'm self conscious about it.

Doesn't help that i never formed good teeth brushing habits so i brush once or twice every couple weeks :(

No. 59716

File: 1493975331957.jpg (171.28 KB, 746x594, del.jpg)

>I brush once or twice every couple of weeks
bitch wtf? and you think grinding your teeth in your sleep is the reason?? the consequences of this are going to be massive, expensive, embarrassing, and painful. you're already it's experiencing it.

get yourself a kawaii sanrio calendar and put stickers every day that you brush. that way you'll feel bad if there's a gap without a sticker. I mean that worked for my niece. didn't even need the calendar anymore after just 3 months. that's how quick the habit forms, you'll get so used to having a clean mouth all the time, that if you skip a day you'll feel disgusting.

No. 59718

Oh boy anon, it's not too late for you so start brushing and flossing asap and do what >>59716 said.

I'm only 21 but have like 8 fillings and I can't afford the white ones, yet. My gums seem to be slightly receding too. I used to be a depressed little shit that didn't care about hygiene because I didn't think I'll live to see 18. All of that combined with my mothers shitty genetics, well…it's a disaster.
So start brushing 2 per day and flossing, what anon said is true, especially "you'll get so used to having a clean mouth all the time, that if you skip a day you'll feel disgusting."

No. 59733

I had to get braces when I was 14 to help with migraines, but the retainer they gave me after made them so much worse so I stopped wearing it. Fast forward to 10 years later, I grind my teeth and have a night guard along with a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth.
Over the last 10 years the perm retainer has shifted to an angle rather than in the middle of my teeth where it's supposed to be.
I've pointed it out repeatedly but my dentist never listened. Now, since I grind my teeth my bottom teeth are getting pulled out of alignment. Since the retainer is basically sitting on my gums, whenever I grind at night it's pulling them in toward my tongue.
Imagine someone crouching behind someone and you shove them backwards so they fall over, that's what's going on with my teeth.
Now I have to pay 3k for invisible braces and it's taking weeks for them to come in, meanwhile my speech is getting slowly worse and I have a lisp now. I'm so embarrassed and angry.

No. 59735

I have crooked teeth. They are in a straigh line and symmetrically crooked, so I guess its not too bad, but I'm still self concious. I am too old for free braces, and since its just cosmetic, I won't get anything covered.

The worst is that I'm asian and my two front teeth stick out. I feel like an old racist cartoon, and people point it out all the time :(

No. 59742

File: 1494001512237.jpg (16.53 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

I'm not the anon you were advising, but this is a great idea, thanks. I brush like once every other day because I've never been the kind of person to keep a schedule or form habits with depression on top of that. Super cute things are what keep me going in life, so I think your suggestion would really help me get better with my hygiene…

No. 59743

>I've had it filled twice and both times the fillings came out
Either the dentist or the oral hygienist who does your fillings is a complete dumbshit for not using a proper binding agent or giving you the wrong type of filling you need for that kind of cavity.
>I grind my teeth in my sleep
Get checked for sleep apnea if you're not someone under stress. Sleep apnea causes bruxism.
>brush once every couple weeks
Yellowing plaque forms on your teeth after a three day cycle. It won't always be visible topside, but it can develop underneath the gums. That's what causes bleeding gums.

No. 70345

Can wisdom teeth problems cause problems in the rest of the mouth? Ever since the gums over my wisdom teeth started getting sore and bleeding, the rest of my mouth has gone to shit. My gums are so sore, red and bleeding, even though I have a good oral hygiene. I brush and floss and my dentist has never said there was a problem with my hygiene, so I doubt thats the cause ://

No. 70347

Yes, why do you still have your wisdom teeth? Most people get them extracted when they start coming in since there's not enough room in your mouth. You should probably ask your dentist about removing them.

No. 70349

My dentist told me she wouldn't remove them until they had actually broken through the gums, even if they bothered me :/

No. 70356

Do braces hurt? I need them, but I've always been scared of them because of memories of friends from hs that got them and complained that the first days they couldn't chew and cried a lot for the pain… I guess if they were overreacting

No. 70357

I mean, it's not the greatest feeling in the world. the first day is hard but you get used to it. Every time you have to get it tightened it will be uncomfortable too but it only hurts for like a day and then it's fine. It's definitely worth it, I think

No. 70358

They get removed if the dentist sees them as causing a problem. Mine came in fine so we're left alone

No. 70360

mine came out fine too but they got cavities so they removed them instead of fillings.

No. 70374

Not all veneers have to be replaced, at minimum they last for decades. A lot of people have broken their tooth and gotten a veneer/crown to repair it and it's still there like 40 years after. Front teeth get the least wear so their restorations also last the longest.

Some people just have that, anon. Teeth color comes from the color of your dental bone which is under the translucent white enamel, and if you have yellow bone, your teeth will also look yellow. It's not related to dental hygiene. If anything, if a tooth hasn't been taken care of, it looks matt white and has a black/grey hue to it. Yellowish/brown is healthy.

I agree with the original anon about the american (or americanized) obsession with super-white teeth though. They just spread the assumption that anything but blueish white, plastic looking teeth are "dirty". They look fake as hell too, like wearing badly made dentures.

No. 70376

I drink a lot of tea and my teeth take it fine, if they look more yellow than they should I use a random whitening toothpaste for few days and it's ok again.
I have a lot of fillings, especially on front, and lately the discoloration got in the edges of the filling. So you can see a darker outline, like a contour. It's pissing me off and I have no idea how to get rid of it?
I also had to fill behind my front teeth and I feel like the dentist did it too thick because when I want to close my jaws, it's a bit different, like if I had a slight overbite.
It's tiring. I thought after getting straight teeth I will be happy with them, but the struggle never ends.

No. 70377


I'm also a heavy tea drinker (specially green and black tea) and the only thing that really helped me to remove the most (not all) darker stains from my teeth is a professional theet cleaning.

But I have read that after a while some darker outlines and stains are pretty hard do remove because they get stuck on your teeth, specially from green tea. whitening toothpaste never really helped me in this case so going to the dentist and getting it done there has been the only useful option for me.

No. 70379

I've heard that charcoal is bad for the teeth and it gets stuck under the gums, making them inflamed.

No. 90774

They just seem high maintenance insofar as touchups, and it doesn't have to try, anon.

No. 111088

File: 1552453676071.png (388.37 KB, 1300x700, teef.png)

I hate to bump an old thread, but I can't find any other threads this would go in nor anything on google really, so I'm getting desperate lol. I tried to edit this image I found on google to describe my problem but basically my left lateral incisor goes slightly behind my left central incisor. All the teeth behind the left lateral incisor still feel straight and same with my left central incisor and all the teeth to the right. I've had braces, and I wear my retainers like I'm supposed to. I asked my friends and family about and said there's just probably nothing the dentist can do about it since he hasn't already, and he doesn't point out any issues with it when I visit, so it's more for aesthetic reasons I guess. Is there a surgery or anything? I haven't had my wisdom teeth removed yet either, so will it perhaps change once I do?

No. 111107

Getting out your wisdom teeth could help. They could be large or growing in at an angle and pushing your teeth together, so there could just not be room on your jaw for your teeth to fit straight currently. Do your teeth feel tightly packed together and kind of tight?
Keep wearing your retainers, and maybe just bring it up to your ortho/dentist next time you go. I had my wisdom teeth out after my braces were off and my teeth shifted a bit after surgery.

No. 111114

A hygienist might be able to get rid of them using an airflow system, otherwise the edges may need 'covering up' with a flowable composite.

No. 111135

I see, I'm actually getting them removed soon so that's a relief, and yeah they have felt tight for a while now. I'll bring it up with my dentist as well. Thank you anon!

No. 112794

File: 1554807756231.jpeg (86.21 KB, 750x785, 7D095523-4E09-4597-85A9-AF5552…)

Alright guys, give it to me straight. Does the do-it-at home kits with the blue light thing actually work?

No. 112796

I have adult braces after finally deciding I didn't want gaps in my teeth anymore and I don't mind them, but keeping them plaque-free is a major pain in my ass. I brush diligently, I use interdentals, I have a waterpik I use every night, I use mouthwash, and I still get plaque.

My dentist says this is just what happens when you have braces and it's not a problem with my oral hygiene, but having to get my teeth scaled and polished every three months is a pain. Does anyone here have any other tips on keeping your teeth plaque-free with braces?

No. 112797

They do work but are extremely bad for your teeth.

Dentists use H2O2 (or similar) to whiten your teeth. However, only dental practitioners, dental therapists and dental hygienists are legally allowed to treat your teeth with those bleaching agents. So these kits usually use NaClO2 (or, in other words: chlorine bleach), which they’re legally allowed to.

What this does is it dehydrates the teeth and therefore make it appear whiter. It also makes you lose tooth lustre. Your teeth become porous and stain more easily. This can be a permanent damage. It also leads to increased tooth sensitivity which is really difficult to treat.

The light thingy does absolutely nothing and is just for show purposes and to make it appear more professional.

Please do yourself a favor and either see a professional for something like that (although that can damage your teeth as well, but much, much less than those home bleaching kits) or don’t do it at all.

No. 112798

This is good to know, anon, thanks.

How much damage would it do if I had my teeth whitened by a professional? Or does it depend on the individual person's teeth?

No. 131203

Seems this thread is dead but I have a question
I ordered bamboo toothbrushes because they were really cheap and I also liked how they aren't made of plastic or something
But I've use them for a few days now (4 or 5 days) and every time they make my teeth/gums hurt and feel sore. It doesn't look bad or strange but I do feel it.

No. 131237

I did permanent damage to my gum using the cheapest toothbrushes throughout highschool. The bristles were firm and low-quality. It seems like your toothbrushes might be similar. Buy yourself something that doesn't hurt.

No. 131239

Look for soft bamboo TOOTHBRUSHES. I like Humble Brush,they only sell soft ones where I live.

No. 131240

Wow sorry I didn't mean that to be in all caps, my phone fucks with me sometimes.

No. 131249

The bristles are soft tho, brushing itself feels nice and soft but it still hurts for some reason?

No. 131252

Maybe try a Dr Perio brush if they have any around you, they’re advertised as being very soft. And don’t forget to floss once a day to help your gums.

No. 131262

My teeth are so crowded floss doesn't fit, it gets stuck and hurts

No. 131265

Get a waterpik.

No. 131474

File: 1580096055868.jpg (1.5 MB, 5100x5100, 4CuBhTb.jpg)

Have any anons used at home remedies like tumeric or baking soda? I've read tumeric and oil pulling can whiten naturally and gently but I have no idea if its just crunchy propaganda

No. 131528

How would the tumeric whiten your teeth exactly? It's super pigmented, wouldn't it sooned stain your teeth than whiten it?

No. 131529

btw baking soda is abrasive, probably don't do it

No. 131538

I'm gonna get a whitening session and an implant soon, which one should I do first? If I did the implant first I'd want to wait at least two months to make sure the gums healed 100%, but if I did the whitening first and the implant after 1/2 weeks, would the blood from the surgery stain the teeth?

No. 131539

Do the whitening first, so they can match the color of the implant to the hue of your bleached teeth.

No. 131542

I'm in the process of getting full implants (top and bottom) because genetics f*cked me over and I got a lame mutation instead of a cool one like the X-men.

No. 131544

Makes sense, thanks. My dentist says that now he's gonna put the screw thingy in, but for the tooth part it will take at least 6 months from now. It sounded a bit weird to me because I knew that you could put the tooth part after 1-2 months when you're sure that the screw has settled and isn't being rejected, but I don't know.
Has anyone here ever got a tooth implant? How long did it take?

No. 131545

You generally want to wait 6 months because you want to make sure the bone grows properly around the implant (the screw). Then you'll go back in for an abutment placement ( the thing that hold the tooth part to the screw). Let the gums heal a bit more and then you'll finally get the tooth. Implants are wonderful, but they just are a long process. Good luck!

No. 133282

I know this thread is dead, but, I thought I'd share my issue. I always brushed too hard as a kid, and now my enamel is kind of see through on the ends of my front teeth. Is there any hope for my teeth looking normal? I know that a dentist might have bleach options… but that will ultimately make them worse in the long run? Ugh.

No. 134129

File: 1584004572354.jpg (46.56 KB, 348x800, gc-tooth-mousse-strawberry.jpg)

I have the same issue and my dentist recommended this mousse to me. It's supposed to strengthen the enamel

No. 134279

My teeth are pretty bad, my parents never let me have braces and they're very crowded and I have a huge over bite. I'm also missing a small piece on one of my front teeth for some reason. They're also moderately yellow and there's a yellow stain on one of my front teeth. Now I can't get braces at the moment and I'm not sure I ever will, but can I do anything to make my teeth appear less hideous? I don't think my dentist will agree to bleaching my teeth because they're also see-through from the enamel being gone. Pretty sure bleaching would be too damaging in my case.

No. 134366

My new filling fell off and I can't go to the doctor. Will I be ok? I have been brushing them after eating anything because I am so nervous.

No. 135181

I've really fucked up my teeth because of bad dental habits. Partially because my parents neglected to teach me good dental hygiene like brushing more than once a day and flossing but also because I struggled with personal hygiene during my teens and early 20's because of mental health issues.

Soon I'm going to the dentist for the first time in a long time to get caveties and plaque sorted out, but my biggest issue is that my teeth are yellow af. Is there anything I can do at home to de-yellow them? I don't want pearly whites, just a natural white is great. I currently can't justify getting them bleached professionaly by the dentist because I'm on a student budget.

No. 135183

Don't. Almost all of the home bleaching tricks are snake oil and will wear down your enamel. It might be tempting to sand down your teeth with charcoal toothpaste and e-bay kits and shit but it's not worth it. Ask any dentist or a health professional, they will tell you that it's a bad idea. The whiteness that you'll see after using them is the product grinding down your enamel and making it matte so they look whiter but will be more brittle and prone to cavities. You'll just have to wait until you can afford a dentist cleaning/whitening. Yellow teeth may look unflattering but they aren't unhealthy, teeth be stained by coffee, tea, smoking etc. or just due to the naturally yellow dental bone shining through.

No. 135198

thanks anon, I won't try that then. Guess I'll be saving up for a proper teeth bleaching treatment at the dentist then

No. 135200

File: 1585520372160.jpg (11.31 KB, 355x236, 416a31a9b3031e7a1aebc4c42bb7a4…)

Don't worry, anon. Once you get your teeth cleaned, just make sure to brush your teeth 3-4 times a day every day. My teeth used to be yellow when I was a preteen for the same reasons as you, until I got cleaning done and I brushed every time I ate. (which is too much. don't do that) My teeth became blinding, lmao.

Of course, be careful choosing your toothpaste.

No. 135214

How can I cure mouth ulcers?? Omg it hurts so bad

No. 135244

Try switching your toothpaste to a gentler one, if you have Sensodyne in your country try that out. Worked for me, my mouth was destroyed by a toothpaste I was using and I was in so much pain. Went away immediately after I threw it out. If you're using strong mouthwashes switch them out to gentler ones too. If that doesn't work there might be an infection you need to have checked out, but most likely it's your toothpaste/mouthwash.

No. 135390

Anything I can do to prevent tooth chipping? My front lower and one upper tooth are slightly jagged and I'm only in my mid 20's.

Other than that my teeth are healthy and I've been seeing a dentist monthly to get my fillings replaced. I guess it's happening because I clench my jaw subconscious.

No. 135414

Your ulcer is hopefully cured by now, but swirling salt water around in your mouth helps.

No. 135416

Lmao this is an essay sorry! Social distancing has got me rambling.
As someone who's had them since a young kid I can recommend several things.

After getting by for over a decade using bonjela, I happened upon the fact that liquorice seems to remove the pain from a mouth ulcer and imo heals it quicker. Liquorice boiled sweets work best personally speaking, it's become my main crutch. Manuka honey also works similarly (since it has antibacterial properties) but in my experience it hurts a bit more. Uh if you drink coffee or eat chocolate I'd give it a break, same with particularly salty, spicy or tomato dense food. Also not too hot or crumbly foods. Awful, but the ulcer heals so much quicker when you obey these.

The other reply mentioned sensodyne, and that's mainly effective because it doesn't contain the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate, which is known to not only not help but can cause ulcers in the first place. My favourite is the toothpaste from the lidl supermarket. Doesn't contain SLS, so isn't inflammatory. I brush more frequently too, after all meals and snacks because it numbs the ulcer.

The last one is most recent but I find it funny it actually worked because I saw it in a bonjela ad as something you can't do. In a moment of desperation I applied an actual plaster to a mouth ulcer on the inside of my lip to give it a barrier. What was amazing about it is that when I did it for a 1 day old ulcer, it froze the progress completely, and eventually went away. The bigger ulcers took 2-3 days, but whenever I pulled it off after a couple of hours, there was a disgusting yellow ring of what I think was a film of bacteria (or white blood cells but given that it healed quicker I'll assume the former), and yeah. It was also a less painful ulcer overall.

I'd been through times where I could only eat and drink through a straw, lived on painkillers and sometimes just refused to eat, learning these techniques throughout the years has helped me immensely. What's more is that I don't see shit on most of these things I list here when I tried to extensively research this. I mean, liquorice? Honey? It's so accessible but all I see is "buy sensodyne" when I google.

No. 137576

Can braces move teeth horizontally? I have a crossbite due to a narrow palate, so my top row looks a bit off-center. If I wear braces, would those move my teeth horizontally so they'll be aligned to the bottom row and not off-center anymore?

No. 137583

Yes they can. Though a consultation to ask an orthodontist to look at your mouth is free. Just call your local dentist and ask for an appointment.

No. 137657

if you can afford it, get braces. would fix it in a couple of months,. tbh it's not that bad really. my fiance has teeth like that and doesnt bother me cause i love him :>

No. 137701

File: 1587973728237.jpg (88.14 KB, 980x653, trueblood.jpg)

Is it normal that my gums get sore and sometimes even bleed right before 'that' time of the month?

At first I thought it was incidental but recently I realized that it always happens a few days before I get my period

No. 137798

You can just say period…

No. 140595

Can you get braces when your teeth are very transparent? I read about people having teeth too weak for braces and I'm sure having half my enamel gone counts as weak?

No. 140606

if you cant have braces then try invisalign. it's been proven to work, if not better than traditional braces. also with the added benefits of lower cost and less frequent checkups

No. 140610

>it's been proven to work, if not better than traditional braces
Not true in my knowledge. Not only it costs way more than regular braces, it also works veeeery slowly and only if you don't have complicated issues like malocclusion or tooth rotations. Since it works so slowly (I've seen people with a slight crowding issue after a year of Invisalign and their teeth had barely moved at all, where with regular braces they would've had straight teeth by then) the treatment will last longer. I mean, it's plastic.
Tldr: get Invisalign if you hate the aesthetics of regular braces, you don't want frequent checkups and you don't have anything bad/complicated to correct, and if money and a longer treatment aren't an issue and you.
If you don't mind the look of metal braces and you want to go cheaper and faster, pick them instead.

No. 140612

I had a friend with teeth too soft for braces, so she got invisalign. A good orthodontist will be able to tell you.

No. 141470

I've taken very, very bad care of my teeth and I haven't been to the dentist in 6 years. My teeth are yellowed (especially inbetween my teeth so you can tell I haven't flossed), I have tartar on my front teeth and most likely caries. I know I really need to go, but I'm so scared of what the dentist will think of me. I have obviously practiced very bad oral hygiene for a long time. (My oral hygiene is good now but that doesn't undo all the damage) So I'm super emberassed and scared to go.

Can someone give me some encouragement?

No. 141472

Better to go literally as soon as possible because it'll only get worse the more you put it off.

I found out I needed around 10 fillings when I went after a few years of what I thought was OK dental care (brushing once, maybe twice a day). It was one shocking appointment taking 30 min, then it was just a case of fixing it up. It took 2 appointments to remove that active decay, and I think that's what'll get you. Because even if you take great care, the active decay will still be making your cavities bigger, and it'll be hard to fix without professional help. Go for the sake of your future dental health, or accept you'll have false teeth sooner than you should.

No. 141473

Most dentist won’t give a fuck, also even if you have damage they won’t think much about it because some people just have naturally weaker teeth, plenty of people take very good care of their teeth and still have issues like yellowing and caries. It seems like there’s quite a bit of luck involved in tooth health, Im a bit of an airhead and always forget to brush frequently enough but i never had any issues, people sometimes comment on how i have a pretty smile lol

No. 141477

you're right anons, I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow.

I'll report back (to keep myself accountable)

No. 141941

I’m quite worried about my teeth.
I’m only 22 but my teeth are all thinned-out and worn.
I didn’t realise i had a misalignment until I was like 17-18 because no dentist ever told me that I had an overbite.
I remember my dentist saying I didn’t need braces when my dad asked for them. I then just assumed I had normal teeth since they’re otherwise quite straight. But then the front teeth became visibly thin and chipped and now i even have trouble biting into tougher food and can barely drink anything cold or hot.

I moved to another country where the dentists are all shit. They fucked up my teeth multiple times already so I’m afraid to ask for braces. I also never had the money for it but now I’m seriously considering it. But then I’m also scared of my teeth breaking since they’re so weak already.
I don’t even know if braces will help my overbite. It could be a jaw issue too.

No. 144448

Smile Direct Club - do I risk it or stick with a dentist supervised Invisalign programme?

No. 144484

Your best bet would be to go to a dentist. Better to be safe than sorry

No. 171777

Sorry for not saging but no one will see this if I do.

I royally fucked up my teeth from not brushing and never flossing because I struggled with depression for years (not an excuse but for context). I literally didn't see a dentist for 6 years and took terrible care of my teeth in the meanwhile. A few months ago I finally mustered up the courage to see a dentist and recently I had my final appointment to fill the caries. Dentist said I could make an appointment for a regular check-up in 6 months time, so I did. But, I'm pretty sure I have hardened calculus on my front teeth that's gone completely unaddressed. They're hard patches that very clearly sit on top of the teeth, so I assume that's what it is. I was too emberassed to mention it to the dentist or dentist's assistant because my front teeth are yellowed af, discolouration between the teeth from not flossing etc. What should I do? Just wait until my next appointment? Or should I make an appointment with a dentalhygienist?

No. 171791

If you're that concerned, I'd give your dentist a call. Tartar buildup can mess up your teeth even further.

This is obviously easier said than done, but the next time you're at the dentist, don't be afraid to bring up any concerns. Embarrassment is temporary but fucked up teeth? Not so much. Maybe also consider talking to your dentist about what you can do to remineralize your teeth and reduce the yellow appearance.

No. 171823

Ask someone who is getting 7 teeth (6 if you exclude my wisdom tooth growing side ways) anything.
I'll be getting dentures at 25.

No. 171865

How did you manage to loose that many? Get in a lot of fist fights with dentists?

No. 171878

Bulimia and being depressed enough not to leave my room to brush my teeth. They're all molars though. I also have a huge fear of dentist and I keep walking out mid appointments.

No. 171927

Can you really remineralize your teeth?

No. 171934

Even though I had two wisdom teeth removed 2 years ago I still get severe pain in the exact location it was at (and areas where it was spreading, jaw, ear, etc). Feels like it was kind of pointless tbh. There wasn't even any issue with the healing process my mouth just went "fuck it" a whole year later.

No. 171991

Using products with fluoride in it & taking supplements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium & a few others that I can't think of right now can help you remineralize your teeth

No. 171994

Anyone ever feel phantom loose teeth? Like something feels loose but it doesn't wiggle at all?
Ive been to a dentist & they haven't mentioned anything is wrong.

No. 171999

Did you go to a shitty dentist? Is it possible they could have nicked a nerve? In some cases of slight nerve damage there can be pain instead of the typical numbness associated with more extensive damage.

No. 172034

If I skip brushing my teeth for too long (like, too many hours between) they physically hurt. They feel fine after brushing though. Placebo effect??

No. 172052

a vent. i'm a binge/purger. i've had braces for a while, to make myself stop. i didn't. now i have expensive metal in my mouth, still purging. i went to the dentist, and they said i have 4 cavities. fuuuuuck.

No. 172096

They seemed to have done a decent job, there was hardly any pain when they removed it and only took 10-15 minutes, plus when they checked the area a week later they said everything was fine. Idk how to tell if it's nerve damage or not.

No. 172244

I’ve felt this before, and quite often. I’ve never asked a dentist about it, but I chalked it up to being psychosomatic. Sometimes it’s gets bad enough where I would touch my teeth a lot and wiggle them, and swear I would feel it loose in my gums, but then the next day they’re firm and normal. Sometimes they feel loose and don’t wiggle, like you mentioned. I assume it’s stress.

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