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No. 50964

What trends and changes are you guys noticing? It seems like platforms are going in & out of style and everything is super saturated right now.

Do you think now in 2017 it's possible to achieve any real success off places like Instagram & Youtube? Or just viral 15 minuets of fames with small fanbases? It seems like there are so many niche groups/subcultures everything is too broken for it to have any lasting impact. It seems like more than ever anyone (legit anyone no matter the talent or beauty) can get a fanbase by just consistently posting.

Like the random nobodies you hear of with millions of followers. Doing nothing that hasn't been done before.

With more and more companies trying to buy out advertising too on social media & attention spans dropping, everyone trying to brand themselves into substance-less carbon copies of each other, I wonder how long the days of the social media star will last.

No. 50965

Messenger apps are in right now. Apps that anonymously connect you to people in your area are becoming popular too.

I don't think social media celebrities are going away, but they are changing to keep up with the treads. They become famous because people want to be them. Sure, it's all just a persona, but until a new format comes along that can pretend to be more "real" than current social media we will continue to see nobodies posting selfies that get millions of likes.

No. 50966

cool thread, I think about this kind of thing all the time.

It does seem to be weird that, simply by consistently posting, people get a following from performing cliché challenges just as long as they grin like a maniac in the thumbnail.

I wonder if in a few decades things might be the total opposite, and it will be more common to want to be invisible than achieve e-fame. But I think that depends on how governments continue to assert their power with snooping etc.

No. 50967

File: 1484679856552.png (87.54 KB, 310x464, brb killing myself.png)

I have a lot of things to say about social medias, I don't even know where to start. I think people who are getting really famous over pretty much nothing on social medias aren't very private people. They post their real names and/or faces online non-stop, sometimes they even involve their friends and family, and do stupid shit that get retweeted or reblogged a lot. Obviously it's not very safe but even if it were safe, I don't get how people do that like it's nothing, maybe I'm too self-conscious or something, but just thinking about how future employers might find dirt on me makes me nervous. Then again, it might depend on the websites and apps. I mean, even here it's easy to see that, cows always feel like posting everything about them all the time, and if it weren't the case they would have never been noticed, at least not as much. It's more a case of infamous than famous though.

I mostly use twitter and fb nowadays. I used to use tumblr on a daily basis but I deleted my account some months ago because the user base turned to shit and the website became a buggy mess anyway. I'm missing the fandom dramas a bit though, and there are some good artists on here so I might remake an account there. I wasted so much time on there I really regret it overall.

I barely use fb, actually it's mostly for my college's group so I'm up to date for some info like classes that have been rescheduled. I really hate this website tbh, it's ugly, the people I know irl can contact me by other means instead of using fb, but the thing I hate the most is how there's almost no privacy on fb. Not just talking about how you're supposed to put your real name on it, but how people lose all common sense and dump a shit ton of photos of others without their permission, which they would never do anywhere else. It almost got me in trouble several times. I'm going to delete my account as soon as I get out of college anyway but it pisses me off that people do that shit even after I politely tell them not to. I also made an instagram recently but I barely use it, I don't know what to post on it.

And twitter. It's fun but I feel like the userbase is a condensed version of tumblr. Especially the fandoms, the SJW and the "woke" black american side of twitter who think they're hot shit. But with the character limit they have less space to dump shitty essays about how everyone is awful except them so it's way better. I wish I could have more followers, not to be popular but to have more mutuals to talk to. The ones I have so far don't seem to use twitter a lot and barely answer when I talk to them. I kinda want a website just for fujos to shitpost and talk to each other without SJW shitting themselves, that would be fun

No. 50968

I like social media, but i have a bit of a fear of gathering a following which ig is a bit odd considering how far people go for veiws/followers. I just feel like it could be embarrasing to try and persue a profession whilst being e-famous. Im working towards becoming a freelance artist so say someone was searching for my portfolio/website online and instead finds a bunch of selfies and ootd type shit, it wouldnt work out well for me. But i think with a bit of work you could balance the two

No. 50969

>Apps that anonymously connect you to people in your area are becoming popular too.

What are some good apps to try out?

No. 50970

none are good as a default. and they're full of highchoolers

No. 50971

I feel like social media stars are only going to become more common, at the same time people trying to become e famous will increase too so it'll be even more competitive.

Looking back 5-10 years ago, it was much weirder to be internet famous irl or talk about internet famous people unless you were talking with some other nerd obsessed with the same niche as you. Now it's not odd at all, and even normies I keep up with and mention shit that happens in celeb's social medias in regular conversation (I mean big celebs like beiber, the kardashians, etc), and they heard of some internet only famous people and it's not a weird idea to them that people make their living that way.

I mean if you're as rich as zoella who cares what people think of it, she probably can afford good security measures anyhow.

One thing I find kinda sad is how much more time and effort it is to make certain niche videos that get way less return than a person who just sits and talks about what they bought that day. I don't hate them for making easy money, more power to them, but I feel like youtube saturated with so many people seeking fame through easy videos it pushes out the newbies who make higher effort videos about interesting hobbies they care about. Sorry my language is shitty right now, I hope that made sense.

No. 50972

Im surprised zoella is still popular, considering how soft and girly her style is, when the whole insta-glam thing is what is in right now. But I guess she has a loyal fanbase and they are all young.

I have a feeling these 'gurus' who do the glam makeup (like nikki tutorials) will disappear im the next few years, once the trend dies out. Unlike Zoella they havent got a really close fanbase or shown much personality so when their tutorials aren't relevant anymore theres no reason for their subscribers to stick around

With the amount of people on youtube now its so easy to famous really quick, hell im pretty average but if I did a few makeup tutorials in the same vein as nikki I could get famous easy. Anyone can do it honestly, if you have the money and enough skill

No. 50973

The only thing I hate about social media is how some employers will penalise you for not having ten thousand different accounts with oodles of followers and updating regularly. It's not even like you can't fake your personality and credentials, yet they still demand you be active online and sacrifice your privacy. Some of them even get suspicious if you don't have a Facebook account.

I know it depends on the industry and some employers look for it more than others, but it's edging dangerously close to Big Brother territory and it's creepy. I also miss old forums/LJ that were more private and where the sense of community was stronger.

No. 50974

>some employers will penalize you for not having ten thousand different accounts with oodles of followers and updating regularly

Ugh, I hate this so much. Some people are just private or busy doing other things, but some people have legit concerns after having been harassed.

>I have a feeling these 'gurus' who do the glam makeup (like nikki tutorials) will disappear im the next few years, once the trend dies out.

I feel like people sometimes like watching tutorial videos for the sake of watching someone do it rather than doing it themselves, so they won't die out that easily. I mean that's how they've stayed popular for so long, a normal person only needs a handful of looks, and after you learn a few it's trivial to break down other looks you want to learn, but people keep watching anyways, plus those comments that are like "I'm a guuuuuy and I will never try make up but this is mesmerizing to watch!"

No. 50975

Do employers really do that? I've always been told that they check candidates' accounts to see if there's anything embarrassing or compromising about them online, but not that they want candidates to specifically be present or even popular on social media. I guess I'm fucked then.

No. 50976

Getting famous is not that easy, even if you have the money. You have to have skill, drive and serious dedication and be willing to be a self promo whore. To think fame is simple is really deluded. Look how hard some of the people posted on this site have tried, spent and failed miserably.

No. 50977

It depends on your line of work, but to give you a short answer: yes. For the most part it won't really matter if you're applying to be a barista at starbies or any other low-rung position (as long as you're not posting super embarrassing shit), but if you're doing something artsy it's what your salary depends on, if you're in business it's what your professional image depends on (finance is an exception unless it's client-oriented like consulting, but you still need a well-rounded and active LinkedIn account with lots of connections), people in marketing won't get the job unless they have lots of followers, but they tend to be overconfident pricks so it works out.
IT is an exception, from what I hear they're not allowed to have social media profiles (maybe under a pseudonym?) at all for fear of compromising the client's security. I don't know about STEM.

It still differs from company to company even within different industries but from what I'm seeing the people on top are pushing it more and more because it's a hip new thing, they're old and they don't understand/care about the consequences since it won't affect them directly as they have the means to avoid it.

No. 50978

I'm fucked too. I literally don't have a single social media account. Fuck.

No. 54102

I hate social media because I'm sick of both people who post like they're a corporate brand or post completely mundane things. Like, I'm not interested in seeing lingerie selfies a million times a week, I'm not interested in seeing everything your pet dog does, yes your holiday was probably amazing but can't you just enjoy it?! Social media is just = having to experience everyone else's life constantly, it's so tiring.

I think social media will always last for certain groups of people: SJWs who need somewhere to pretend they're making a difference, girls who think following attractive women with nice bodies gets them a step closer to being that way themselves, guys who follow porn stars & models so they feel like they have a connection with them (the modern-day equilavent of going to porn conventions - just follow them on Twitter!)… but for everyone else who doesn't make a living from self-publicity I think it will die off eventually.

As for YouTube, what a mess! So many videos with stupid clickbait titles with the most boring stories EVER. Or even better, snooze-inducing videos describing things they've bought! A marshmallow candle, that smells like burnt wood and marshmallow in a glass jar?! Fascinating, PLEASE tell me more! sarcasm What the f*ck are these people trying to be, an Avon catalogue?

I miss the days where you had to actually be legitimately interesting to a large enough group of people to actually get noticed. Like models had to be good enough to get in an advert or magazine or something, musicians had to be good enough to attract a crowd who wanted to see them, etc. Not just contour your face to death, get your body out, gain a million followers and then bang - you get offers to pursue whatever you please, with a crowd of mindless fans cheering you on. Even if all that entails is doing the most simplistic makeup looks ever then being hailed as a creative genius. "omg you stuck metallic stars to your cheeks and it looks amazing, because you're an attractive young woman with a great camera!1!! pls do my makeup u r an angel" /rant

No. 54103


I agree with both these comments. There's people who've been putting effort into niche videos for years but have tiny followings, so do them purely for the love of it. Then there's Zoella - power to her for being successful, but all she did was talk about things she bought, her boyfriend, and having anxiety… and she can buy a 4-bed house in Brighton? I know that's not her fault, it's the audience, but it's just baffling to me.

No. 54131

I agree with you on a lot of points. I hate using facebook exactly because I dislike seeing people I know irl post about how they're having so much fun in whatever restaurants or how they're traveling all over the world. I admit it's because I'm a bit jealous sometimes because I can't do most of the things as often as them, so seeing these spoiled brats brag about whatever they're doing can make me super salty.

But I either don't care about these people and only add them for college stuffs or when it's my friends who post these things they actually directly talk to me in private about what they do anyway. Basically I think social media for people who already know each other is pretty much useless.

No. 54140

mah niggas

I ended up blocking one of my closest friends on Snapchat because she would. Not. Stop. Sending selfies AND photos of her (gross) bf. They're not even doing anything cool or funny. I know what your faces look like dude!

No. 54144

Oh yeah, I agree with you about people like Kiki. Interesting to follow even if they had no real talent. But that's why so many people from the scene era end up on places like lolcow, because they miss being entertained without feeling jealous lmao (myself included)

So bored of cookie-cutter profiles. I want 2005-2007 Myspace back :(

No. 54145

my sister does those videos where it's just different angles of your face with music in the background. Like I've never seen her face before fgs

No. 54152

I often want to unfollow people on some websites but I feel like the majority likes to bitch about how they're blocked or unfollowed like it's the end of the world. I used to follow a friend's blog on tumblr but she wouldn't stop posting spoilers of series I like and stupid and ugly art and cosplay so I wanted to unfollow her but I ended up deleting my account when I noticed I wanted to do that with too many blogs anyway. I like that friend a lot, we hang out a lot and stuff, but the way she types and the things she posts are so annoying.

No. 56328

I fucking hate social media! If I didn't need them for networking reasons I'd avoid them all. Instagram drives me crazy with the scripted comments. "Nice snapshot!" on a video post, or "LOL so cute!" on a sad post make these b.s. comments glaringly obvious. YouTube used to be amazing but it well and truly has become a gimmick shithole.


>that fucking ukulele intro
Thank you! I hate that whistling one too. When people use these stupid repeating background refrains I can't take watching if their videos longer than a minute or two.

On Facebook you can 'hide' a person's posts, and on Twitter you can 'mute' accounts. IDK if Tumblr has a siimilar option because I don't use it (too many obnoxious fucktards). These are ways to "stealth unfollow" so they don't know you do it. Not sure that helps but it's a good alternative if you don't want to totally delete your account.

No. 56332

I've been on social media for forever (LJ in middle school to high school, xanga and myspace in high school). I think Facebook, as the first generation of users got older, just went to show how completely boring real people are. It was one thing when you used Facebook to see the people around you on campus, parties, local events, but now that EVERYONE has one, especially old and young people, and Employers go on there, it's just a stream of Headline Regurgitation and Baby/Dog Photos. I've only heard how Facebook has fucked with it's algorithm over the year, but "status" idea is impossible now. You either have to be dumb as bricks to use it as your blog, or be completely neutral about topics. The best thing was always the photos, and now your better off finding people on Snap or Instagram to get to the "good" content. There's literally no OC on Facebook. It's only purpose is like a weird Phone-Book that also comes with life-milestones and some photos.

Twitter was OK, but now that Facebook is dying, more and more people are, surprise, reblogging a ton of News/Other People's content. It's like having to go through my friend's shitty tumblr but even worse. I don't fucking care about your Fandoms, but here's 15 "Yuri on Ice" fanarts! All of the "happy" tweets come off as pretentious or forced, and the sad posts are such an obvious plea for replies and circle-jerking.

I'm finding real life socializing way more gratifying. I don't mind Instagram, for whatever reason. It feels less intrusive, I guess.

No. 56333

Just as I wrote this, I checked Facebook. There was a time when 80% of your feed would be text-only and if you even saw a Photo box you knew it was actually a friend/classmate/acquaintances photos. Now you barely get text status, just people sharing stale memes. When even your parents are adapting an "online" persona on a site, it's no longer sexy.

No. 56339

"There's literally no OC on Facebook. "

everyone my age just shares memes and viral noise

it's like a weird blackhole i can't seem to get out of either. i feel like if i cut off FB im missing out on knowing whats going on culturally (which im never a part of, but as somebody trying to market themselves its good).

No. 56340

tumblr is the same way too now.

youtube and instagram are spammed up with people that just want to be e-famous and theres a bunch of robots.

what about the people that want to make OC?

No. 56343

God help you if you make gaming content but aren't a screaming jackass pandering to 12 year olds. Your video will be buried under Pewdiepie and Markiplier wannabes.

It's hard to compete in terms of glitch videos and cheat code stuff. There's so much stupid glitch clickbait. Most of it for games like COD and Battlefield. But I think it sours people on the concept of glitches in general.

The most views I've gotten is for Sonic games. But I'm not into Sonic enough to go full Sonic for views.

As far as Tumblr is concerned, it seems no matter who I follow it turns into Stephen Universe central or people are suddenly SJWs. I feel like I have to censor myself to keep people from having meltdowns and bombarding me with hundreds of nasty notes. I haven't gotten any tumblr abuse. But after seeing how nasty those genderspeshal otherkin kids can get I just kinda resigned myself to being as mundane and neutral as possible.

No. 56344

>I feel like I have to censor myself to keep people from having meltdowns and bombarding me with hundreds of nasty notes.

This is my no.1 issue with tumblr. If you're not 100% PC and support everthing and everyone you get labeled as racist/nazi/bigot or whatever, in extreme cases people will even try to doxx you. Even if your views aren't exactly offensive. Also GOD FORBID you insult a popular blogger, no one can take a bit of criticism or non-ass kissing opinion there, it all has to be sugarcoated.

No. 56346

ikr!!! its become a total shithole, they only ever see shit as black and white, you arent allowed to have a 'middle' opinion and their obsession in thinking its okay to be violent to someone if you think theyre a nazi/transphobic/homophobic!! uwu it fucking sickens me. i didnt know being against that made a nazi thanks tumblr!! everyone on there is either a shitty 15 year old who thinks they shit about the world or over fucking 20 and cant grow the fuck up and stop acting like dipshit. it irritates me that trans is the new emo/scene none of these kiddies are trans they are just making their youth more cringeworthy to look back on, literally just scroll through the #tdov (trans day of visibility) tag more than 90% are just stupid transtrending 'not like other girls' they/them 'lesbians'.

No. 56358

I got so bored of Facebook, but felt like I would be cutting myself off from certain people I care about if I deleted it. I then realized I don't really talk to those people as I used to. So I ended up deleting my fb and it was an awesome decision. If anyone is seriously thinking about it, just do it- don't second guess it. You're not missing out on anything.

No. 56359

I had no idea you could hide other people's posts on fb, I thought it was only like that on twitter. Tumblr doesn't have that option, but it has been a while since I left the website so maybe it's the case now? If you have xkit though you can hide people's posts and reblogs by blacklisting their url/username, correct me if I'm wrong.

I made my account some months ago because everyone in my college was sharing info and the notes the teachers gives for lectures there and only there, even the most important ones. It's convenient because of that but other wise I really don't need or want to use fb so I'm definitely going to delete my account as soon as I get my degree. Before I had my account I kept missing classes because they were rescheduled at the last second and the info was on fb but nobody told me anything. I also nearly missed an important ceremony in high school to get my high school diploma (sort of, it's not really one but it's a super important document) and a friend sent me a message on my phone the day it was happening to ask me where I was and why I was late.

Maybe my friends will stop posting photos of my without my permission and my siblings will stop tagging me in embarrassing or straight-up racist posts if I delete my account.

No. 56361

There is a "mute" option on tumblr (xkit) so you don't have to see any posts

No. 56384

Honestly, I'm thinking of trying another blog site. Tumblr is too toxic. The only consolation I have is that in a few years some of these tumblr teens will be really embarrassed about being specialgendered demisexal gemkin and will try to scrub the evidence. And they'll probably fail. Especially if they are dumb enough to keep using the same username or variations of it elsewhere.

People were initially really surprised that I didn't have a Facebook. I got some horrified expressions along with "You don't have a Facebook?"

But eventually people stopped nagging. Luckily many of my online friends don't use it and hate it entirely. But irl people seem to think it's as natural as breathing in and out. There are so many places online where you can't even comment without a Facebook account. Very annoying.

Mainly I don't want old classmates and neighbors finding me and bothering me. I'm sure there are people looking for me right now and wondering if I'm dead because I don't have Facebook.

No. 56405

>>Mainly I don't want old classmates and neighbors finding me and bothering me. I'm sure there are people looking for me right now and wondering if I'm dead because I don't have Facebook.

idt you're that special :'(

No. 56428

Not the anon without a fb but you'd be surprised. I get the weirdest messages every couple of weeks from people saying they're highschool friends of my parents and shit trying to connect with me and I'm like "literally who????"

It's this idea of overcompensating/over connecting with people you normally wouldn't give two shits about.

I personally still have my facebook mostly for meeting up with people from my Uni and photos, since I know I'd never get them otherwise. I regularly clean out my friendslist and remove people I haven't spoken to in a year. There's no need for them in your friendslist if you wouldn't want to talk to them irl.

No. 56575

File: 1489701262091.png (589.08 KB, 960x685, 16508454_1141235819318761_7727…)

thank god someone else brought it up, "quirky" ass royalty free stock music is the bANE of my existence

like especially on youtube, if you're a content creator can't you at least be bothered to make your own simple intro or buy one that doesn't sound like an insurance commercial

No. 56582

I don't mind stock music, but as an editor it drives me insane that all these youtubers just use the same fucking clips.

There are sites with literally tens of thousands of license free audio clips, some actually really good and they never go past like page 1. It's your brand. At least try to be original.

No. 56602

>insurance commercial


I don't bother watching videos that have the same shitty intro tbh, you just know you'll get the same "hacks/tips" you probably already saw in another video with the same intro music

No. 114360

I notice nothing changed tbh. It is delusional if you think artists back then had talent. It is the exact same. Same as it ever was.

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