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File: 1485654502413.jpg (48.24 KB, 400x605, braless-jessica-alba-15.jpg)

No. 54114

Do you do it? When is or isn't it acceptable?


>Going to buy groceries
>At home with family

Obviously not talking about dresses etc that don't require a bra.

No. 54116

Anyone else just can't do it? I get really uncomfortable when fabric brushes up against my nipples, like I feel sick to my stomach. I wish I could even go lounging around my house w/o a bra but it makes me so uncomfortable, I have to wear a lounge bra.

No. 54120

Tiny breasts?

No. 54121

rarely wear one at home. as for going out - only when i know i wont be taking my jacket off… so that means, when buying groceries, picking up mail, etc.

No. 54125

Pretty sure that's called "Sad Nipple Syndrome". As the name implies, some women feel sad or depressed when their nipples are touched by anything, but there have been reports of women feeling sick too.

No. 54127

I find bras SUPER uncomfortable. I hate them with a passion and try finding ways around them. I don't wear bras usually, only during my period and or ovulating because the increase in size and soreness but massaging helps that a little… Is being braless appropriate or acceptable? Of course! Outside the home, maybe not so much to some women, you'll know if they glare or stare. Men usually glance or stare but no one complains verbally from either gender.
With family? No one really cares in my family but it's dependent on what your family is like.

When going to the store, nipples can be easily maskable with a cardigan or something so no one really notices unless they're focusing.

Work? Everyone should wear bras if they are working in an environment with lots of people. Some jobs you can get away with it if they're solitary jobs or the outfit can mask it… Otherwise always go for bras for work.

This is also dependent on bust size from woman to woman. Personally though I haven't had any negative experiences really. I'd like to also hear what other women have to say. I'm a B/C cup so I'm curious if any big busted women have had different experiences because the size differences.

No. 54128

I've pretty much completely stopped wearing them. My breats aren't very big (I can almost entirely fit them in my hands), I don't really think about it. I mostly wear thick sweaters so it makes zero difference. I might wear them again once summer arrives and my clothing gets thinner but I'm not looking forward to that.

No. 54129

I go outside without a bra during the winter months in which tend to layer up a lot. I have small tiddies (75A) so it's definitely unnoticeable when wearing a shirt + sweater.

I do wear a bra during the warmer months mainly because I don't like the nipple look. Sometimes I wear a bra at home so I can use it to deter my boyfriend. He really likes nipples I guess.

No. 54132

I don't wear bras if I can help it. My breasts are really small, so some clothes look weird with no bra at all. Like athletic jackets with the zip collar. Zipped all the way with no bra, it looks like I have a giraffe neck and there are weird puckers.

No. 54134

I don't do it, can't - sizable chest means even without bra there's just…a lot of movement, and it's distracting to me too.

I'd say the only place it's inappropriate to go bra-less is work, just for the nip factor around coworkers. Other than that, go for it.

No. 54136

I have mosquito bites instead of breasts so I never need to wear bras, but I do when I go out so that nobody can distinguish my nipples behind my clothes. I used to not wear one before because finding bras that actually hide the shape was impossible, everything I used to find was so thin it hid nothing at all and you could see everything. I hate bras with the metallic parts, they hurt and my breasts just hold themselves just fine anyway so I don't need them but they're everywhere in stores.

No. 54138

I finally gave up on bras, it's only given me back problems when I don't really need to support, I'm only a 32B so I can get away with it most of the time. I usually just were a thin undershirt to make sure my nipples won't be noticeable.
Though when I wear my nicer clothes I do make sure to wear one as its way too noticeable.
Best think I'm the world are cute dresses with I forgot if it has a name but they add more fabric to the chest so you don't need a bra.
My mom constantly gets on me about how my boobs will get saggy, but I really don't believe that will be the reason it happens. It's been only about 2 years since I e stopped wearing them everyday, not one difference quite yet. Plus lessened back pain!

No. 54141

I rarely wear a bra at all and when I do, it's a cotton sports bra. My boobs aren't that small either, but luckily they're perky. I like not wearing a bra mainly because of how it looks (especially with my nipple piercings) but also because I hate the way regular bras feel (even perfectly fitting ones) and I think most of them are too expensive. A braless life is the life for me.

No. 54142

File: 1485711293682.gif (495.35 KB, 500x354, tumblr_lncybxGoOC1qjhv5fo1_500…)

same, especially going up and down stairs or really just running everywhere- I can feel every step and it bothers me! Do you also ever feel like…just the feeling of skin against skin is bothersome? I wear bralets or tight tanktops even to sleep because I don't like that weird underboob feeling, where you can feel your breast against sternum. I never knew if that was a "sizeable chest" problem or just a "me being weird" problem…

tbh I'm jealous of girls comfortable enough without bras, they're so expensive and such a pain- if I didn't feel so awkward without I would never.

No. 54151

i get this feeling too but i also experience gender dysphoria (pls no hate im not from tumblr) and that feeling is triggering

No. 54154

I go braless whenever my outfit allows it. Even been braless at work a few times (under thick sweaters)… It's great

No. 54156

I don't usually like to wear one so when I don't I put on pasties if my nipples show. Finding a bra that fits me is a nightmare and my boobs are saggy so I'm an unlucky fag

No. 54163

I'm 30DD but small so my breasts aren't that big. I hate bras a lot and most days just wear a bralette or one of those tank tops with built in training bra thing. They kinda just hold them in a bit and make nips less noticible I only wear one if my top is gonna be form fitting (i usually wear looser shirts).

It's great. Never going back to daily bras again.

No. 54165

Maybe just get pasties to cover your nipples?

No. 54167

I always go braless and you usually cant tell because of thin jackets, but it's a fucking nightmare when I have to hug someone. It's the weirdest thing for someone to platonically squish their body against my boobs. Bras are kind of like armor against hugs.

No. 54168

I wouldn't do it in public because horny guys can't control themselves and wouldn't stop rudely staring. That being said, even if I'm just lounging around the house, I find it a bit annoying not wearing a bra. I guess I've gotten so used to wearing one all the time that it doesn't feel right to me if it's off. Hell, I sleep in my bras.

No. 54170

i'm only a 32a so i don't wear bras a lot of the time. since its winter i wear them a lot more bc it provides a little more warmth plus dont need extra hard nips walking around outside. i never wear a bra at home because im all about comfiness
my favorite things to wear braless are hoodies or dark t shirts cuz it hides everything

No. 54175

File: 1485760542761.jpg (482.09 KB, 800x1200, 800x1200.jpg)

Consider a padded bralette. Not one that has enough padding to give you fake tits (unless you want that, of course) but one with padding to cover the nipples.

No. 54178

File: 1485784061626.jpg (33.15 KB, 650x532, 4erfdfa.jpg)

I can't go without a bra. I'm a 34H so no bra = tits everywhere. It makes me sad because a lot clothing I want to wear require no bra or strapless, and strapless bras are all shit after a certain size. They're a bit too heavy too so I even wear a bralette or a soft sports bra when I sleep at night otherwise they feel sore in the morning from gravity pulling them back.

No. 54180

I feel like a bra hypocrite, when I see a girl with big breasts without a bra I can't stop staring or alternatively I'm looking everywhere else so it's obvious I'm trying not to stare. I have small boobs and often go without one myself, so I barely notice other small boobed girls doing the same though.

I mostly wear underwired lacy things that do absolutely nothing, I have pretty low breasts but I don't know if it's related in any way because every week there's a different study saying that bras do help or don't help. I've accepted it's a human mystery and anybody who believes they know 'the truth' on boob droop is deluded.

No. 54181

Same here (36 E). The only time I'm braless is for shit that requires no clothing whatsoever like showering. Otherwise it's just too uncomfortable.

Though lately I've been super adverse to bras because they just seem to hurt now. I've started wearing bralettes more, which aren't the most supportive but keep things in place reasonably. I just wish I could have something as comfy as a bralette but supportive as an actual bra.

No. 54187

I never considered it until I found things my size, so it was already kind of useless at this point. I don't have clothes that required me to not wear anything underneath so I don't need pasties yet.

That's the kind of stuff I'm currently wearing, but the ones I have makes me look like I have fake breasts a little bit and I don't like it that much. I tried looking for new ones recently but they were all sold out or overpriced because everything was on sales in stores. I have no idea why they're so hard to find, unless I shop online which I try to avoid as much as possible.

No. 54203

I never wear bras, unless I'm wearing a shirt that irritates my nipples. even then I only wear bralettes because I can't stand constriction anywhere. my boobs grew over the past year (b to c) so maybe I should start wearing them more often, but they're very perky and I don't feel too self conscious about holding them while going downstairs so I just leave it alone
I don't notice my own nipples for the most part, and I'm pretty oblivious so if I know anyone else going braless I don't usually know it. if anything I notice particularly uncomfortable/unshapely bras. maybe when I get a job I'll invest in nipple pads or something.

No. 54471

Most fabrics feel scratchy and uncomfortable against my nipples, I just wear one of those soft genie bra tops. They're honest to God both more supportive and more comfortable than regular bras or no bras at all.

No. 54479

70A here (European). I just tend to wear bras out of habit, unless I'm in my sleeping wear. I wouldn't really care not to wear a bra under sweaters/baggy stuff, but I would feel uncomfortable with tight clothes, because: nipples. Also a bra makes me feel safe from any potential touching. Especially with padding, like then you know that if someone hand slips or you got hugged a bit too tight, it's just the padding/fabric they feel and not your actual boobs.

No. 54494

I have really full and high boobs and it feels like I literally have two bowls full of jello on my chest (legit like I have implants basically) so when I walk braless and even with a bra my boobs are shaking everywhere and they hurt, thing is my boobs aren't even that big. Bless you if you can.

No. 54496

I have really perky nips so I have to wear a bra most of the time, but during the winter I wear a ton of thick sweaters so I can get away with bralettes, sports bras, or a camisole.

No. 54497

I'm a 34A and I usually wear a brabjust so I can look like I have at least some boobs lol
But I'm planning to go braless this summer just so I might stop feeling insecure about them.

No. 54520

Enough of this, lets all just post pics of our breasts for science(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54524


why are men so stupid

No. 54526

For reference, I'm somewhere around 34B, and probably relatively self supported by this chart (http://www.herroom.com/breast-position,334,30.html) but they're a little awkwardly bottom heavy I think?

I always always always wear a bra when I work out, preferably one designed for high impact, and I always shell out for a good one. Sometimes the built in tank bras are fine for like, yoga, but if I'm running or something, sometimes I even double up. I tried with just a looser one once and my breasts were so sore after the run, it was a nightmare.

If I'm just lounging around the house I go for maximum comfort, just a t-shirt and underwear usually, maybe even sometimes just a robe after a shower or bath. I don't see the point in wearing a bra at home (the caveat is if someone else is sleeping over, then I dress full pyjamas, bra, etc.; sometimes happens if I drink with my friends and one of them isn't ok enough to be alone yet)

For work, I usually use sports bras since I wear a uniform where nothing really stands out anyway. I know some women who wear more conventional bras, but I couldn't imagine it outside of our dress uniforms maybe. It makes sense if you're more endowed though.

I kind of like going braless under sweaters or stuff, with just a tank or something on but if I'm less layered, I'll wear a standard wire bra unless I'm going out to a convenience store and it's really late or something. I dunno, I don't really care if other people do it because I don't look, but I feel super rude if I don't wear a bra. Definitely a habit I developed to appease others.

No. 54527

I feel like that violates the spirit of anonymity, but if you really want nonsexual pictures of breasts, this website is pretty good for that.

http://www.007b.com/breast_gallery.php (NSFW, actual pictures of actual breasts, but presented non-sexually/without anything else)

I've given this URL out to people who freak out after/during/before PAP smears and they've said it's weirdly reassuring. You get so acclimated to perfect surgical breasts in Hollywood, magazines, and porn, and forget that there are plenty of women with an average pair, just like most people do.

No. 54562

File: 1486105249294.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.14 KB, 200x186, el-ze-npg.jpg)

Went there and found boobs that look exactly like mine immediately, slight size/droop difference and everything sigh so much space. I can't get butt-crack cleavage unless I stuff it like crazy on the sides. :/

I can go braless with the right cut blouse (like ones with a bit of boob support) or in a dress that can't be easily worn with a bra, sometimes I skip bras in the summer but rarely with a t shirt since it looks weird and floppy.

It always risks showing pointy nips so I hold the down with bandaids.

No. 54563

i'm a 32D/34C/30DD and although I support braless people, I'd never do it personally. I hate the feeling of not wearing a bra and frankly they are like little cushions for my breasts. Why would I want to get rid of that? I also have pain in my breasts whenever I move without a bra. It's all weird because my size is pretty average.

No. 54564

same here, about everything you said
Also my boobs are kind of saggy (elastic skin and heavy boobs) so I really need the support my bra gives me. Aaaand they're pretty sensitive so the little "cushions" are great.

No. 54565

oh and I sometimes don't wear one when I'm in my PJ's but after a few hours it starts to get really annoying.

No. 54571

File: 1486116625826.jpeg (32.14 KB, 300x232, image.jpeg)

Your breasts look great and youthful anon!

Also found a pair that look like mine pretty early on. Mine also have some distance, but are wide like pic related. I also need pushing to get cleavage, but frankly I'm just grateful not to have lopsided or ultra saggy tits. Very few women have perky breasts and natural cleavage so don't feel bad.

No. 54574


"early on"? how old are you now?

mine currently resemble those, perhaps a bit smaller.

No. 54575

I have neither cleavage nor perky breasts. if I had breasts like in your picture I'd probably be a lot happier with the way my body looks. :(

No. 54576

File: 1486119752025.jpg (11.24 KB, 180x143, IMG_1327.JPG)

Mine are very similar to these here. I do wear a bra in public but skip it when I wear a padded dress or a blouse with support. I feel mostly uncomfortable going outside without a bra and I don't like my nipples showing. But at home it's all bra free

No. 54577

i never wear a bra unless a piece of clothing requires me to (or for the boyfriend)

i especially hate wearing bras in summer. i dont care if people can see my nipples. i can see guys' their nipples all the time so they should also get used to womens' nipples.

i do like to wear bralets or yogatops sometimes and i always wear a sportsbra when working out or doing any strenuous activity.

No. 54578

File: 1486122561641.jpg (24.17 KB, 300x150, IMG_5433.JPG)

Mine look like this with a bit puffier nipples and I have nipple piercings but idk I feel like my boobs aren't round enough or full enough to go braless I wish I could I think people who can do that are so lucky and it looks so cute

No. 54579

File: 1486123017068.jpg (10.65 KB, 200x185, ma-ho-npg.jpg)

Damn, I'm really jelly, you guys have great boobs

Pic related would be close to mine.
It looks weird if I don't wear a bra because they're far apart

No. 54580

File: 1486123423362.jpg (4.97 KB, 149x144, jo-od-npg.jpg)

Mine look very much like pic related. I'm an European 70-75A.

I'm honestly happy with my smaller breasts. I don't have to wear a bra in most cases, which is pretty nice.

No. 54581

Yeah I have similar boobs, I need to wear something, a bra or a bralette, other wise it just looks strange.

No. 54582

Since it's on topic enjoy some topless Kate Hudson

Thanks anon :) same to you! You're so lucky to have such balance. I know perky boobs are like a genetic gift, i need to figure out how to keep them that way for as long as possible.. I'm 25 and can see the sagging happen very very slowly

Wide-spaced boob club!

I think small can boobs looK super cute braless, especially in alt/punk-ish style outfits

No. 54583

File: 1486134598956.jpg (225.36 KB, 1336x758, kate_hudson_2000_almost_famous…)

Oops here it is

No. 54584

I have to wear bras because my boobs look like cones unless my nipples are hard, and my left breast is noticeably smaller than my right breast. It's really upsetting. I avoid looking at them. Of course I hate bras, too. If my tits weren't ugly I wouldn't wear bras.

No. 54588

On the subject of wearing a "nothing there" bra, I got a "30" (does not specify if inches) band size sports/t-shirt bra from the adolescent girl's section. Is it the same as in the adult's section?

No. 54589

Asking because it fits pretty good, but I feel like an idiot wearing a 12 year old's bra.

No. 54593

I imagine that's inches, and the same as a "women's" band size. It should say on the tag, if you still have it. It doesn't matter what section you got it in if it fits though, no need to feel like an idiot over that.

No. 54625

are you me anon? I plan on getting a boob job because my pointy tits piss me off

No. 54676

I never wear a bra and no one notices but it's probably cause they're small

my gf stopped wearing them back in high school and the kids there would point it out and would even get guys creeping on her when we were freshmans, but that eventually stopped because it's pretty much normal to them now. They don't see her as 'bra-less' anymore

No. 54677

freshman in college, usually by other freshman

she doesn't wear it at work either, but no one notices because of the dim lighting and it's really relaxed since it's a pizza place that caters to stoner culture

No. 54699

I'm around a B-cup. If I'm wearing a shirt/dress that's thick enough to cover everything up, I won't bother with a bra. Otherwise, I'll wear one because I really do not like exposing my nipples.

No. 54712

Huge D cup boobs. I always wear a bra. Except before I go to bed when I will put on a tight lycra tank top that works well enough for that. But I've never tried wearing it anywhere. It certainly is more comfortable though.

If I had teeny boobs I'd never wear a bra. I think it's great that some women don't have to wear one. I think unless you are wearing something sheer, it's really cold or your nipples are sensitive there's no reason to burden yourself with a bra if you are flat.

My sidter is totally flat and I sometimes joke that I'll lend her a knee sock to tie around her chest like a bandeau.

No. 54714

*sister not sidter.

No. 54764

I wear DDs and I don't mind being braless comfort-wise, but my breasts sit kind of low even if they're pretty perky otherwise. So yeah nah I'm way too self conscious.

No. 54776

I have F cup and I only wear sports bra if that counts. But all the clothes I wear are flowy/baggy so it kinda hides it.

No. 55060

I stopped wearing bras a year ago (my bra size was 34B, so not big at all). I use pasties for work and slip on the one bra I own for things like job interviews - at that point, it's necessary to avoid potentially risking a position, since management can call you out or a customer can complain. Otherwise, never.

The only attention I've gotten was a drunk gay guy pointing out that my nipples were visible through one of my dresses. Besides that, no one cares or points it out. Such a good decision honestly, bras always added discomfort and made me really warm in the summer.

No. 55061

i think its something you get used to. like it feels weird bc you're not used to it yet. im 30DD as well and made the switch to bralettes and at first it was a bit weird but now is very natural to me

No. 55071

I have pretty much no tits whatsoever (32AA) but I just can't go without a bra ever. I have to sleep in one too.
It just feels so weird to me having them out loose. I don't like feeling any shifting around.. or having a breezier feeling on them…
idk to me it feels like wearing no panties or something.
and also, ofc I don't want everyone to know the exact size/shape of my boobs & nipples.

No. 56016

I don't wear bras ever anymore. Like another anon said, I only own one. At first my nipples were very sensitive and got chaffed/irritated by my shirts, but now it is not an issue. You will get used to it, anons who might prefer to "free their tatas!" Only rarely do I encounter a piece of clothing that can still bother them. I am about a B cup. If I run they hurt but otherwise they don't bother me.

No. 56018

if my nipples get hard it's super obvious that one stands higher than the other.

that's my no1 reason for wearing a bra when out in public.

I have big breasts (28E) and they are heavy and sag and the areolas are wide and I manage not to beat myself up over it but the asymmetry will be the death of me and it's killing all my motivation to exercise and lose weight.

to other big boob anons - you get used to the feeling of no bra the more time you spend without one.

No. 56019

I just can't. Even at my thinnest I have a euro 85C, 90D/E when I was overweight. I sleep in a bra, I put a bra on as soon as I step out of the shower. The feeling of heaviness on my chest is almost unbearable if I don't.

No. 56038

Mine are same as the anon above, 85C/100C. They started developing pretty early on, I had a lot going when I was 10 and I felt the need for a bra like 2 or 3 years later. I remember wearing tight undershirts to keep them in place.

I only go braless when I'm home, otherwise it feels uncomfortable to walk without one. Let's not get started with the need of one to give me a shape since they're not really perky nor round, or how I feel super embarrassed if my nipples poke out.

No. 56239

are you sure you are wearing good size? idk, maybe i'm reading too much into it, but 85c without being overweight looks to me more like really wide ribcage with relatively small breasts instead of a rack so big not wearing a bra causes discomfort. i wear size 80c-ish and i don't even have a cleavage.

No. 56242

I wish I could go without a bra, but my boobs are noticeably uneven when I'm not wearing one. I used to not think they were that bad (like, I knew one was bigger than the other) but I had a roommate who was the honest/blunt sort and she told me that I should probably avoid wearing tight shirts or dresses without a bra because one really is noticeably bigger. It's at least a cup size bigger… like, one's a B and the other is a C.

If I'm wearing something more baggy and am only planning on spending maaayyybeee 30 minutes in a grocery store, then I'll consider going braless… but chances are I'm still wearing a camisole underneath whatever it is I'm wearing purely for comfort.

What's bad is that I could get away with not wearing a bra and not fear nipping when cold or whatever because I have inverted nipples… and they just kind of mind their business. It feels a little weird, but I've never struggled with visibility in situations where I've been braless in, like, a dress that has a cut-out in the back and the A/C suddenly kicked on. I guess I'm fortunate in that regard? I don't know.

No. 56267

I'm confused too, now. Isn't the letter for the depth of the cup and the number for the band?
Like 85c is a more profound cup with shorter band than a 90B?

No. 56296

Pretty much. 80C is the same as 85B, etc.

No. 56314

You're right about the sizing. I think I failed at communication there. 85 just seems like a very wide band for a thin girl, and average-sized women who wear big band + low cup size can often fit better into a lower band + bigger cup. If you are super tall or athletic, or generally have wide ribcage this probably doesn't apply.
I wear a similar size and my boobs never felt heavy to me so that guided my reasoning too. But then what boobs feel on your chest is probably a highly personal impression. I still wear a bra most of the time, but mostly so I don't have to look at their sorry shape.

No. 56316


I have zero breasts. I never developed breasts not even an A cup, so if I don't wear a bra I look very strange.

I wear an A/AA bra when I go outside just so I can not look totally board like, but it still looks like I have small breasts.

No. 56317


I wear a 28 band bra, I buy everything online though. You can easily find a 30 band bra online if you look!

No. 56330

I think we're really not talking about the same size, here. 85 is the smallest you can find in women clothes here. Under that, it's bralettes for teens and pre-teens.

No. 56337

does anyone else have like permanently hard nipples? They're just so fucking pokey! I have pretty small breasts so I really don't need to wear a bra unless I'm going to be exercising, and I would love to go out without one, but my nipples are almost always visible and I'm afraid people will misinterpret it as arousal or something.

No. 56338

not to be condescending, but do people ever assume you're a guy/trans or something?

No. 56347

haha, so that's french sizing, not euro.

No. 56348

I kind of have the same issue as that anon, just in my case my boobs are just wide set and shallow

I've actually had people ask me what gender I am when I had short hair and wore baggy clothes. It all depends on how you dress/your face. I doubt anyone's that stupid to think that just because someone has no/small boobs =/= not female

No. 56349

I wear 85 Euro, 100 French and I'm average weight. Anything smaller squishes my boobs badly. I wouldn't say my ribcage is large.

No. 56354


no? I don't look like a man, I look pretty "feminine" besides not having breasts. I have other "womanly" features.

No. 56355

Ah, well, duh. Sorry anons, I'm mixed up.

No. 56522

im with you anon my tits are like two soft birthday hats

No. 56671

great way to describe. how abnormal is this? i thought this shit would go away when i turned like 19, but it looks like it's here to stay. i normally see the birthday hat phenomenon on smaller boobs, but mine are a decent size and yet still… traffic cones.

No. 56692

The only times I wear a bra are when I either have to work out (I don't care what any braless advocates say, working out without a bra at a D cup sucks) and when an outfit just looks odd/stupid without the extra lift

I just wear little nipple covers (Got some at ulta for like $3 and you can re-wear them as long as they stay sticky, so months if you take good care of them) when I'm not wearing a hoodie or sweater on top and have never gotten odd stares or comments for it.

I've been more comfortable, been less stress trying to dig through my wardrobe for the "Good" bra, and my back hurts way less (some of my scoliosis actually began resolving itsself around the same time i quit wearing one).

I recommend it. Getting use to boobs touching skin took awhile for me (I kept tucking my shirt under my tits at home for comfort and caught myself doing it in public (under the hoodie thankfully) so that's about the only downside to me and you get used to it overtime.

it's comfortable, convenient, and with the nippy covers I have no reason to be embarassed or worried about it. My tits even seem a little perkier which is a huge plus as a big titted lady.

No. 57009

I've never been under a D cup in my entire life. I will never go without a bra. Never.

No. 57010

childhood must have been hard

No. 57011

Yeah I developed into a D cup at 8. No joke.
It was flat chest to big breasts instantly.

No. 57031

Same here. Tough life, anon.

No. 57035

I'm cracking up imagining a newborn slithering out of the womb with D cup baps

No. 57037

same. im pretty small everywhere else but i have always had a giant chest. its super embarrassing some days.

No. 59700

I'm a d cup and i go braless. It's not really as big of an issue as you're making it out to be. Just get something to cover your nips with for thin material.
Some shirts and fabrics make it really obvious so i'll wear one with those, but i've asked people if they can notice and no one can. It's helped my back.

If you're over 30 though it can be bad to suddenly drop wearing a bra though.

Either way expect a small period of soreness as the muscles you never let develop have to suddenly hold the weight of your boobs on their own.

I've been a D cup since I was 11 so i know the big boob struggle but you don't know if you like something better if you never try it. Just do it at home if you're to afraid to go out in public. Get dressed every day but just leave out the bra and see how you like it.

No. 59919

File: 1494152121228.png (28.13 KB, 1000x600, bebs.png)

>I kept tucking my shirt under my tits at home for comfort and caught myself doing it in public
This might be a stupid question, but what exactly do you mean?
I have large breasts but if I try to "tuck" my shirt under them there's nothing to hold the shirt where it is, so it just falls down.
Do I just have weirdly shaped boobs I didn't previously know about, or..?
Pic related, 100 hours in MS Paint

No. 59921

It stays if you're sitting, friend.

No. 60474

Braless is comfy but not all garments look good that way. If the neckline is too open or loose you need to be super careful about how you bend or move, instead of an eyeful of cleavage (if you had large breasts to take up space within the garment) a person could look all the way down your shirt and its easy to inadvertently nip-slip.

If the fabric doesn't drape right you don't have the elegant suggestion of breasts you look as flat as a prepubescent kid. A lot of clothes are designed for bras and bras not only shape but add cling to fabric worn over it.

And yeah nipples, doesn't matter how hot it is they are showing through. I like going braless but it takes thought to look right.

No. 60488

i think your breasts are just perky for their size my friend, worry not

No. 60508

OMFG! I'm sorry, this is a 3 months old post but for the first time in my life I heard that other people also feel depressed when their nipples are touched. This is insane, I thought I was nuts. At least I don't have it with clothes, only when they're actually touched.

No. 60518

I do the opposite (I'm a C cup though)

In summer I go braless because it's hot and don't want another layer over my tits making me even hotter and sweatier.

In the winter I wear bras for support because thick winter clothes and jackets press my tits down which is an uncomfortable feeling.

I always wear bras when exercising, though, stops them from bouncing around, and I get all hot and sweaty anyway.

No. 60539

I don't get sad when my nipples are touched, but I do get very emotional. Especially when I'm not aroused, having my nipples touched makes me feel very bonded and full of love, in a way that if I was then denied affection, I'd be sad.

No. 60540

i've stopped wearing bras unless im running. I wear baggy shirts most of the time but when i wear less baggy shirts i just have a tight tanktop undeerneath. It helps that my nipples don't poke through too.

No. 60551

wish i could go braless but im so flat chested it looks so strange since my chest is very bony. feelsbadman

No. 60576

No for me it's completely different. It makes me feel disgusted with my whole body sort of and makes me feel overwhelmingly depressed. And I normally love my body and everything about it. The feeling goes away fairly quickly when they're not touched anymore. It's fucking weird.

No. 60710

i do it all the time in the winter and when i can get away with it in the summer. when i wear a bra i prefer one with little padding and without underwire if possible.

No. 60727

small boobs & inverted nipples here lol. i got mistaken for a guy the other day when i was wearing a sports bra & a baggy hoodie.

if my boobs weren't so saggy i'd probably go braless more often, but they look sad when i do that, so i don't.

No. 60824

i never wear a bra, i do believe it have made my tits saggier but it might just be using/stopping/using/stopping birth control. i quit wearing them at 16 as a feminist thing but now i cant imagine going back, i think bras look very ugly under clothes and i have never found anyone even close to comfortable or fitting well even going to special stores. i can get away with it because i am young, but i fear for the day where i will have to start wearing them again to look professional.

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