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pic mostly unrelated

So I've been a lurker for a while, mostly just for the cows, but realized /g/ may actually have alright advice for a question like this. I saw some other threads related to sexual things, but didn't think that would have info on this, and didn't see any lingerie threads.

I've tried to look around for sexual/sexy lingerie, but it feels like if I go too cheap, it'll be garbage, or otherwise, I'm going to go broke buying pieces of string with pasties attached for $60 a pop.

Where have you noticed sells decent but sexy stuff that's not completely overpriced? I'm mostly looking for the just-for-sex pretty but possibly impractical stuff, but more practical but pretty/sexy stuff also works.

No. 55173

If you have the patience for couponing, you can see if Macy's has anything.

Or hit up Marshalls. I got a cute/sexy Berset Johnson slip for $20 there.

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No. 55181

Have you checked out brastop? They have a lot of discounts on lingerie since they sell pieces that are from older seasons.

No. 55183

I'll have to check it out. I'm not sure I'll have luck just looking so far because I'm pretty flat, though I retook my bra size the other day and I think my "true size" is something bullshit like 26DD.

I'll hit up my local Marshalls at some point then! I've had a lot of good luck in general with them. I think I went to Macy's a month ago, but no luck. I did find a pretty emerald slip at Victoria's Secret, though.

No. 55261

shirohato!! i love shirohato! super cheap and suuuuuuper cute! i mostly buy bras from lulalu because i'm a 28b cup which is a meme size tho… but shirohato is my fav.

No. 55275

If you live in the US or know someone who can reship to you, try Poshmark. Super cheap, new with tags bras etc from Victoria's Secret etc. Shits probably stolen, but someone's gotta buy it.

No. 55280

Speaking of poshmark, there's also mercari. Both are kinda janky but worth a look. Tradesy is better in terms of legitness, that's another option

No. 55333

Try toabao, there some cute nice sets on there if you dig around, plus you can stock up on socks and tights etc for cheap. I just brought a shit of chokers, harnesses and lingerie for hardley anything

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