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File: 1485197845527.gif (1.3 MB, 443x332, unnamed (18).gif)

No. 55352

>>Developing a huge crush on a relatively popular fitness YouTuber
>>not something insane I'm-going-to-send-a-bomb type of thing, but it's still something pathetic
>>Super lonely since breakup in April
>>Know we probably won't ever meet because he's becoming more and more popular, and I'm just a sad potato in a different country
>>Daydream about him as if he was someone achievable; feel jealous and shit over him

He seems genuinely sweet and we seem so much alike. I know, maybe it's just a persona, but still.
I've thought of sending a gift, but I worry that might
make me even more helpess in case he opens his gifts on camera again :(

Anyone out there with a similar story? Tell me I'm not totally crazy, pls. I'm pretty sure it will go away, at least a bit, once i meet someone new, but yeah…

Making this in /sty/ because I'm not sure it is /ot/ material and I'm sure this topic has been brought up before.

/Ryoga best character

No. 55353

I've been in the same boat, anon. I tend to fantasize about youtubers because they're more "relatable" than other celebs and because I just don't have a ton of intimacy in my own life. I'm not really interested in dating or anything, at least not right now, so I just leave it to fantasy. It hasn't taken over my life in a destructive way or anything so I just let it happen tbh.

No. 55354

File: 1485237814315.gif (1023.63 KB, 218x228, 4646456.gif)

>start playing Sims 4 as a distraction from severe depression
>make perfect Sim husbando because I'm lonely and IRL relationship isn't great
>develop legit crush on him over time
>make depression worse over the fact that he's not real

How the fuck did I sink this low? At least your crush is a real dude, OP.

No. 55355

It's okay anon. I know this feel for imaginary men. Because your relationship IRL isn't great that's probably why you've latched unto it and while it seems really dumb, it's not, really.

What's wrong with your relationship atm?

No. 55356

Thanks, anon. My relationship has been pretty rocky for the past 3 years. There have been so many problems that I don't even know where to start, but our problems basically boil down to my boyfriend not being honest with me in the past about stupid stuff, gaslighting me when I called him out, and a lack of intimacy and affection on his part because I had gained weight when my mother got sick/passed away and he wasn't attracted to me sexually anymore. I pretty much ran myself into the ground trying to fix everything by myself simply because he couldn't be honest about how he felt/what he wanted.

It pretty much killed my self-esteem and trust in him, yet I stayed with him all this time because I was scared of being alone since he was the only person left in my life. Eventually, I finally got through to him that his bullshit was killing our relationship, and he's been breaking his back trying to fix things in every way he can. I told him this is his last shot before I throw in the towel. Despite his efforts to change, I feel so guarded and don't like when he gets too close. I worry that too much time has passed, and that things can't be repaired because of all the emotional damage that's been done.

I guess when you look at it logically, the whole Sims thing isn't really dumb, but it makes me feel pathetic as hell. I'm no stranger to joking about having anime husbandos and stuff, but I guess this feels different because it's something I actually created, indulge in, and turn to when I feel lonely. It's sad that a character in a game has made me feel more loved and attractive than my real boyfriend. I wish my boyfriend was as kind and romantic as him. I miss feeling important and desired.

Thanks for listening and letting me talk about it. I don't have any friends or family anymore, so it's nice to find support on lolcow.

No. 55357

I think it's a good sign that he WANTS to change, though, and is actively trying to. Men who don't want to put in that effort just won't because, well, they're stubborn.

But I think you also have to do a little work too maybe to kinda let your guard down and try to just let him love you / love him and not dwell on the past stuff. It's really hard, though. That past emotional baggage of him not being honest is difficult to get rid of but if you really want to move on, it might be best to try to let it go and focus on the fact he does want to change.

As to that all important 'feeling special/attractive' thing, we all chase that when we've been with someone a long time and I did too until I realised that if I put in a little effort to make my husband feel special, he was actually more likely to do the same. I saw a big improvement in terms of his reactions to what I was wearing, saying I looked beautiful, etc etc, when I was giving him the same and showing him affection in a way he understands. If you start doing that and you're not getting anything back, then yeah, this relationship isn't worth the effort you're putting into it and it's a drain to you.

I hope that helps. I'm sorry about your mom. I know I would be pretty beside myself and gaining weight and stuff is really understandable. Grief/depression cause those spanner in the works of just every day life and motivation. It'll get easier in time, hopefully.

No. 55358

Thanks a bunch for your advice and support. I really appreciate it a lot.

I know it's not fair to keep him at a distance. It's been difficult because my father was abusive and a pathological liar, so he pretty much set me up for a lifetime of trust issues. It pissed me off that my boyfriend would continually lie to me, knowing how important trust is because of my childhood abuse.

As for me pulling my own, I've always showered him with compliments, did romantic/cute stuff for him, and never "let myself go", other than gaining about 30 lb. like I mentioned before. I've never been a high maintenance person in terms of dress or makeup, so it's not like I suddenly changed for the worst. That's why it made me so angry when he basically told me that he lost attraction to me about a year after us dating because I didn't look like X,Y, and Z. You know, why date me if you didn't like how I looked right off the bat?

I'm really working on opening up again and have been in therapy for a few months, so I hope that helps in the long run. I really am glad that he's putting in some much effort to finally fix things.

No. 55359


It's okay op, I don't this is crazy to like them.

I have a huge crush on a girl in one of my classes. She comes off extremely stand offish and snobby, especially when the instructor was giving introductions and she exclaimed "You know I hate art people"

>This is literally art school

>This was a studio class when she said this
>Everyone went quite
>awkward for her after because we had to get other classmates numbers as a requirement and nobody went up to her but due to her very confident personality she just asked me and two other people for it.

Personality wise I just think she is forward/blunt and due to artzskoolz everyones pretty much an introvert. Intially I thought i just admired her a lot, since she's everything I'm not

>Have long think black hair to her back

>gives off sex appeal without trying
>extremely confident
>Can just say whats on her mind

But I'm pretty sure I'm just crushing hard at this point.

Yesterday she went out of her way to sit next to me, I didn't think much of it since why wouldn't you sit next to people who you go your numbers from the class before?

But she legitimately was nice and warm to me, and complimented me on my work. I don't think she swings that way and even if she did I hardly doubt I'm her type. She makes me want to turn in amazing homework each time so I can hear praise from her though.

No. 55360

My friend has a hot neighbor I've been secretly in love with for years. We chat here and there but I don't think I'll ever have the balls to ask him out.

No. 55361

I have a huge crush on a really popular person in the undertale nsfw community.
He is like the top producer of smut
But he lives in another country, out of my league, has thousands of people in line swooning for them.
Classic case of senpai will never notice me.

No. 55362

I always get the mega hots for random strangers on the street and sometimes I can't stop thinking about them for a few days while having kinky, fucked up fantasies about them. While doing this, I learned that I have the oddest taste in men. I've crushed on a security guard who straight up looked like he was a nerd from the 70s, a cashier who looked like he was from the 1800s, any guy with super long hair even if they're ugly, a tall asian pharmacist with the deepest voice ever, and another security guard who looks average and a bit like Sam Hyde. Kill me tbh

No. 55363

>tfw I cant like any band without having huge crushes the main singer/songwriter

It would be ok if I was into like… boy bands. But most of them are old folk/rock singers who aren't attractive and are already married

No. 55364

The only sensible experience.

Everyone else
>Muh celebrity

No. 55365

This person's crush ( >>55360 ) isn't retarded and I'm sure it's most likely possible to evolve depending on the circumstances. She doesn't have the balls to ask him out. Talking about it in the thread is absolutely okay and fine but the main topic isn't that.

So all other posts aren't >muh celebrity.
They're actually what the OP post is about: impossible/retarded crushes.

No. 55367

File: 1486831343087.jpg (40.41 KB, 600x869, ha00948.jpg)

yeah man he had one of those curly staches like in this pic but it was more kempt and perfect. he looked like he had time traveled to current day. he kept staring at me and i genuinely got chills when i looked at him, it was really odd. he was young, tall, and super handsome tho so i would still tap that hipster ass.

No. 55368

I think that according to the current trends your guy would be classified a hipster

No. 55369

I'm falling head over heels for my co-worker. No surprise since we spend 8+ hours alone in the same office every single day tho.
But it's pretty sad and shitty of me to feel this way because i have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend as well.
My boyfriend however is only interested in videogames and often says i talk too much. I'm very passionate about my career while he doesn't really care about anything other than food, videogames and memes. Basically a manchild. We've been together for years but while i grew up and moved on in life he kinda stayed the same idiotic teenager. An endearing idiotic teenager tho.
This other guy however, we can spend hours on end talking about books, life, art and human emotions, i've learned a lot from him and even tho i've read a lot less than him he actually listens to me and reflects on what i say like it's important. He's very passionate, humble, sensitive, super smart, is 8 years older than me and his girlfriend is beautiful.
I feel so stupid writing this.
Sometimes i think he also has a bit of a crush on me, but it's probably just my emotions making it up, he's just gentleman-like. He drives me to the subway station every day and drives me home if it's dark outside (we often have to work overtime). One time he called me by his gf's name by accident but our names are similar to begin with.
I'd never act on it tho, and i know he'd never cheat on his girlfriend either. I tried forgetting about it and moving on but it's been almost a year since i started working there and i like him more than ever. I'm okay with it just being fantasy, but it'd just be amazing if it was his impossible guilty fantasy as well. Then it wouldn't just be this one sided platonic thing but rather a complicated painful feeling we shared.

Sorry for long post + bad english. I haven't had the courage to talk about this with anyone. I feel really really stupid writing all of this tbh. I'm just trying to enjoy human relationships for what they are. I think that unattainable crushes are a beautiful part of life and that platonic love is best love.

No. 55371

Yeah, Im op and wasn't sure where I should make it because I thought this topic could be shared in the other thousands threads about shame, rants and confessions that were going on when I made it. Im gonna ask farmhands to move it, not sure if they will tho.

No. 55472

Can anyone help me how to get rid of an impossible and retarded crush? im fucking obsessed with someone from my past i dont even talk with anymore.

How did you overcome it? Help

No. 55501

I get really dumb infatuous crushes on random music artists. I think the worst one was skrillex when I was 15, I remember being so sad that I couldn't be with him I almost cried. Like he's so gross and weird looking, I don't know what lead me to that. A more recent one was soko but that wasn't as severe as the skrillex crush.

No. 55504

Christ I do this shit too. It's pathetic, thought I do a pretty good job of hiding it.

No. 55582

I get those but usually on actors I guess. I get really obsessed with someone to the point I get sad I'll never meet them, and it makes me feel terrible because I know how pathetic that is.
At least now I know the cycle I always go through, so I won't end up sending insane fanmail or something.

No. 55652

File: 1487880973592.gif (327 KB, 500x265, tumblr_n1dlvaIum81sghz6do1_500…)

I’m in love with a fictional character. Not in a ”this character is cute and I kinda like him teehee husbando” kind of way, I am actually in love wth him and have been for 3 years now. I imagine him standing/walking next to me and I make up dialogue between us in my head. Not to mention all of the embarrassing things I have written about our relationship.

The only real guy I've liked was a semi-popular Youtuber, but I stopped crushing on him after a week or so. I think I was just curious about what dating him would be like.

No. 55654

Just get in a community where this is considered completely normal and accepted and pretend you don't know it's devious and weird.

No. 55659

what character is it?

No. 55675

During my saddest, NEETiest times I was in love with a dead writer. It lasted about a year or maybe a little longer. He was a young poet and his art was super sad. He died in a tragic way and back then I wanted to die to meet him. I even slept with his book under my pillow every fucking night.
I know. I know.

Nowadays I'm pretty "normal" but I remember those times and feel super bad. I was so fucking lost.

No. 55686

It might not be impossible/retarded but it feels like it to me.
Huge crush on this guy I've been friends with and talked on/off to for years. I moved first so we stopped talking and cause he got a girlfriend. He moved too and I moved back to where we originally lived and now we're a 3 hour plane ride away. I've slept with him twice in the past and he's called me cute recently.
I feel like an idiot though because I'm super depressed, my other friends rarely answer my texts but he will so I talk to him almost every day. He seems to go out of his way to answer all of my texts so sometimes I think it's okay but other times I keep thinking that I'm going to start to get too annoying and desperate. Sometimess I feel really pathetic. And I think that with him flirting before, maybe it will go somewhere but then I think why would he even waste his time? Since my anxiety tells me I'm a pathetic waste of life, can someone tell me what is a normal amount of talking to someone long distance that you're interested in? And how to know that they're (for real) interested in you too? I feel like it would be impossible for something like that to actually happen or work out for me in my favor.

No. 55725

I’ve actually tried getting into waifuist communities but I don’t really like it. It consists of 98% men and it feels like almost all of them have some kind of issues with women irl. There’s also a surprising amount of drama.
Sorry, I’d rather not say who it is. He’s from a visual novel.

No. 55749

No, it wasn't but I did have a bit of a crush on him lol good lord, kek. He's a much more obscure writer.
Just the thought of sharing his name makes me feel anxious. Maybe I'm not totally over the situation yet

No. 55757

lord byron? although he's not very obscure.

No. 55797

File: 1488069979636.png (425.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170225-204301.png)

Damn I'd do him

I am crushing on this guy that follows my art/nonsense blog and I don't even know anything about him but that he lives in murica which is kinda far from where I am. I've been so fucking needy since my breakup in April. We basically chatted for a couple days, just about our writing and the meaning of life lmao. I know it's not going to work and that I need to take a step back before letting this crush take over me, but boy it's gonna be hard

No. 55808

I'm in love with half of the NHL

No. 55819

File: 1488095473992.gif (425.54 KB, 500x255, giphy.gif)

>tfw i will never wake up next to him.tfw he will never hold me in his arms.

I've had a lot of stupid crushes and mostly they're fictional characters or dead historical men and women and they usually disappear quickly.But ever since Overwatch came out I developed a stupid crush on Soldier 76.

>tfw i even make scenarios in my head where he doesn't even acknowledge my existence

>tfw i'm enjoying this

I'm so pathetic

No. 56126

SAME UGH. I love the game itself, but when I'm at an NHL game all I can focus on are cute hockey butts.

No. 56129

Uh this is sort of a retard crush that ended up in a relationship..
>crush on dude I might on tumblr in 2014
>start talking more in 2015 and 2016
>develop severe depressed and anxiety from always being anxious of when/why he isn't texting me
>literally only talk a few times a week
>end up failing a class
>literally have to leave the US on a month long trip to fucking Australia w/ friends to forget about him
>when I come back feelings resurface
>long story short, he ended up asking me out
>10 months together now

I don't even know how it happened. It came out of nowhere. It /was/ a retard crush though because I genuinely couldn't get over him no matter how hard I tried and the fact it ~triggered~ my depression and anxiety so much makes me feel like a weakling smh.

No. 56131

File: 1488774106977.gif (801.8 KB, 250x220, hockeybutt.gif)

my niggie.

No. 56133

DUDE I had it bad for Gabriel/Reaper, especially after the Halloween comic came out.

>tfw you will never sew costumes with your edgy latino husbando

No. 56134

>in love with a fictional character
S-Same here, anons. It started with ironic "holy shit 10/10 husbando material" shitposting and just snowballed from there. Feels so bad sometimes.

No. 56139

This is me but with McCree. Blizzard did too well with the husbando material.

>tfw understand the 3d can't compete meme

No. 56151

Long post, but hopefully my critical levels of 'barrassment will make yours seem mild by comparison.

I was a dumb and impressionable lonely child on the internet, so many of my teen crushes were on lame tumblr cosplay "celebrities" from like…2009-onwards.

They all lived in different countries from me, were hotter than me, had the coolest groups of friends, and were way out of my league in my eyes – even by weeb standards. Did all my desperate pining from afar through anonymous asks, which is really difficult when you're trying to prove your worth to a cool older stranger in 200 characters or so. I used to send one of them messages in goddamn Shakespearean prose to try to make them notice me. Didn't work, obviously. I'm sure I just came off like a freak.

I've since grown up and developed a sense of self-respect, but damn if years of reckless idolatry over a bunch of heavily image-curated online personas (of people who turned out to be pretty sad, boring nerds IRL, thx lolcow) didn't decimate my budding self-esteem and ruin my life for years. How embarrassing.

((Not too much self-respect tho, because I'm currently infatuated with a mysterious cammer from some far-flung part of darkest eastern Europe, and the point here is that I hate myself, lmao.))

No. 56153

I have always enjoyed rugby butts, but did not know the full splendor of hockey butts. thx

No. 56154

but I wanna read good sad poetry by tragic young men anon, that's like my favorite genre of life, pls share name.
>share the load master frodo

No. 56159

Tell me more anon, will you please? I never experienced truly being a fan of anyone. Sure, there were online personas I would take inspiration from, but I never had that interest above a standard level, if you will. How did you feel towards them, did any of them ever notice you, and if so, was it what you hoped it would be?

No. 56178

It's kind of difficult to explain my level of fanaticism. I mean, I've been a casual fan of "real world" celebrities, artists, etc. who never came close to making me feel the way I did over these people.

I guess the easiest way to describe it is to start by emphasizing that I was a weird, isolated kid at a delicate stage. I come from a really tiny island off the coast of the mainland Americas – kind of an extreme form of a small town. I was a preteen trying to figure out things and people that interested me – coming of age and all that shit, but largely through the internet, because…well, it was my only path of access to the subcultural world outside my tiny little island.

It's where I met my first friends who I hadn't been in the same class as my whole life, where I found the aesthetics, and music I was inspired by… So naturally as I was growing up and the hormones were running amok, all of these things ended up sort of…conflating? I was at an age where I was trying to develop a sense of self, and all of the information that I was getting to supplement that transformation was coming from things that people posted online – I was basing all of my aspirations and fantasies around internet shit viewed from afar, more or less. I couldn't really differentiate between people and things I liked and people and things I wanted to be.

Since I'd always been interested in cosplay, but couldn't ever actually do it properly, due to the size and relative isolation of the place, when I first found all these goofy cosplay videos way back in the early days of Youtube, it was like an awakening. I remember thinking "wow. Their lives look amazing. I want that some day. I want relationships and fun times like those more than anything" – again, conflating things that shouldn't have been conflated. But it established a template in my mind of "what perfect relationships and friendships and lives are like", in my feeble 12 year old brain.

And from then on, it was just…a series of sequential obsessions. Whenever someone cool caught my eye online, I'd fixate on them. My developing sense of identity + sexuality would need a new thing to latch onto every few years in whatever new direction it seemed to be branching out in, and I'd obsess HARD over whoever that happened to be. It was like they would become the centre of my universe. I'm not talking shrines to them or anything, but definitely hundred-odd file folders of saved selfies, and constant, constant thinking about them every day.

Half of me would fantasize about what it'd be like to be friends with them, or date them, the other half really just wanted to sort of crawl inside them and wear their lives like a skin. Because again, I couldn't tell the difference, and this pattern of behaviour was all I knew.

I hardly ever interacted with them outside of anon asks, or if I was feeling brave enough, fanmail (once I got tumblr). Short notes mostly, here and there. A lot got ignored, because none of these people knew who the fuck I was, and had thousands of other shy faceless teens trying to get their attention on top of that. I knew that even then. But god, it felt real.

The first boy I really had it bad for was this kid I'll call K. I found him through his blog, 'cause we had fandoms in common, and damn, I thought he was the coolest. He seemed so smart and gorgeous and talented, and he was everything that I wanted to be in a person. It was pretty twisted, tbh; the more I liked him, the more I hated myself. I don't know if I craved validation from him or what…

I'd sit on messages to him for weeks, strategizing and waiting for the best moment to send something to him, sometimes to get attention, sometimes just in the hopes of making him laugh (which was really still just a ploy to get attention). Just desperately hoping he'd want to continue the conversation, and we'd end up on friendly terms. I don't think he ever even thought of me for more than a few seconds. Why would he, you know?

But one time, he was really upset about how invasive and demanding his online "fame" was getting (pffft), and I wanted to cheer him up, but mostly I wanted to make him look at me. See me as different. His favourite animals were horses, so I'd sent him a silly fanmail message with a link to a cheesy slideshow of majestic horse pics set to "Return to Innocence" (?????). He sent me back a message, mostly just out of courtesy likely, saying "i love you, omg". And I almost cried. It was one of the happiest moments in my life, (as far as my deeply deluded brain knew at the time). It was like my entire being had meaning in the world, and like time and everything had stopped. Because he said he loved me. He didn't mean it – he didn't even know me, but it was like being acknowledged personally by a deity. HE loved ME. And for a while, it was like that one message was all that mattered.

It was almost a hollow victory though, because a while after, he deleted his blog, and I inevitably moved on and became infatuated with whoever I next became convinced was obviously the coolest person alive. I think the whole internet/social media thing had a big part to do with it. They seem infinitely more accessible than real celebs. Gives you hope that someday, yeah, maybe you can penetrate the inner circle. Maybe one day you'll be one of those couples reblogging your earliest @s to one another from your shared apartment, because when you're young and impressionable, and the internet is all you have to shape you, that's what your idea of livin da dream 2k17 becomes.

But yeah. There were more people before and after, and every fan-crush would consume me and cause me to rip my whole sense of self to shreds in pursuit of acknowledgement, because somehow I equated these people and who they were and how they appeared to live – these fucking nerds curating selective impressions of their otherwise boring or underwhelming or just plain ordinary lives – with some sort of weeby Nirvana.

Story doesn't really have an end. I grew up, realized that I couldn't go on like this, and deactivated my blog. This awful version of what I thought was love was making me borderline psychotic. Came back years later (and thankfully, MUCH stabler) for a few days to check on whatever happened to all these people, and for the most part, they grew up too. I can look at them now and not feel anything other than like…a sting of nostalgia. 'Cause it hurts a little, to know that someone had so much of an impact on your life without them ever having known at all. But I can hardly begrudge them for it. Not their faults I was an unstable moron.

I don't know if this is the kind of story you were hoping to hear. I don't know if you can relate to it, or if it answered any of your questions? It's pretty indulgent and suffocatingly prose-y and offensively long, so sorry about that lol– I think I just wanted to whine about it and get it off my chest. Pretty depressing to go over it now. I was a really sad, sad kid with a warped understanding of the world and affection and everything. Idk.

Oh! But there is one other thing I can share. One of my earliest "obsessions" (who happened to private his blog before the full-on infatuation got its hooks into me) was a kid who funnily enough, ended up being mutuals with me years later, when I'd gotten older and less insane (i.e. at which point the obsession had long worn off). I got to know him, and we ended up chatting fairly frequently. Sweet guy. Painfully nerdy and awkward sometimes, but clever, and cool in his own way – largely due to just having weird parents more than any conscious design. He was a lot shorter than I'd thought too, and lived a way blander day-to-day life than I expected, and all of these things sort of broke the image of him I'd created in my head all those years ago. And honestly? Having those illusions shattered was the best thing I could have asked for.

Turns out to be way nicer to just talk casually with someone as a person, and not some untouchable idol that you're lusting after and building up to a ridiculous ideal. He was just some dude. I try to keep that in mind these days. Everyone's just a person.

(whew, this was embarrassing as hell. i'm done spilling my prime-for-roasting guts now, i swear.)

No. 56188

Wow, anon, that was exactly what I was hoping for. reading your experience was really interesting. The fact that you have grown into such a grounded and insightful adult made it even better, and I'm serious when I suggest you repackage this whole thing and sell it as a thinkpiece to vice or something. I think a LOT of young people can relate to this, even at the level you describe. I was never that hung up on anyone, like I mentioned, but I do remember how my view of the internet changed when tiffany starpowerr got exposed, it, like your experience with yiur mutual, really opened my eyes to how much some ~e celebs~ completely curate their image. Thank's for typing it all out, anon.

No. 56194

File: 1488936540191.jpg (48.65 KB, 600x406, CQZ6MLUVEAAfKnW.jpg)

I keep getting crushes on guys from TV series. It's so stupid because even though these hot actors are real people, they're not their characters and I'd probably be really disappointed with their personality if I met them. Also I tend to crush on the "bad boys" and there's no way I'd look twice at some guy irl who put my life at risk or acted like an asshole towards me.

…but I still love them lol.

No. 56195

This is kind of embarrassing and probably bat shit crazy(I honestly envy the people who are crushing on real people). I've had a crush on a video game character for literally eight years straight.

The most screwed up part, I've literally formed my entire career and even my personality to suit this fictional character (so I can be his waifu assistant).

Sorry for shit English.

No. 56196

>his waifu assistant

Is it Edgeworth?

No. 56198


No(he is super cute though to be honest), but he actually is a Capcom character strangely enough.

No. 56204

File: 1488963056123.jpg (46.51 KB, 512x512, ghghgh.jpg)


i don't care if he now hates white girls and think they're all degenerate dogfuckers i still love him………..

No. 56216

File: 1488980097245.png (500.94 KB, 487x594, Codsworth.png)

I could die for British accents, and I love being told at all times how much I'm loved and appreciated.

Also I love Hancock, but since I like robots so much I actually find Codsworth more attractive. And the idea to put vibrators on your robot companion is more intriguing than it should be.

I'm trash.

No. 56219

File: 1488990352352.png (389.5 KB, 632x663, 1516229-edge_05.png)

edgeworth is true husbando material. i would die for him.

No. 56220

Who is it anon? Please tell

No. 56221

File: 1488991664697.jpg (68.63 KB, 1405x727, hngggggg.jpg)

i want to dress him up in girly outfits and embarrass him so hard

No. 56227

we already have a thread for 3d husbandos, so i dont think the last posts should be in this thread.

No. 56247

>starts watching filthy frank for the first time
>Falls in love
>Realize that's not how the guy actually is
>Sees actual guy behind Filthy Frank
>Gets sad
>Still fantasizes about Filthy Frank
>Starts seeing more videos of Joji
>Starts to like Joji
>Realize Joji (aka Filthy Frank) will never acknoledge my existance and even if he does he will never go for trash like me

why even live? ;_;

No. 56251

Joji is a gift to the world tbh. I can't help but watch old jojivlog vids and imagine life with him. Like going to restaurants together being all cute, then going out and exchange some nasty jokes, later back at his place where I listen to him making music… Hnng I love him. God I'm such a creep.

No. 56260

hahaha same here :^( but yeah lets be real here ladies, Joji wont date any of us unless we're famous or look like Ariana Grande. We have to be extremely good looking.

No. 56261

File: 1489071130667.gif (916.38 KB, 245x250, IMG_3229.GIF)

You fell in love with frank?

No. 56262

yep hard to believe right? but I am in love with him he idk I like him better than Joji hahah he seems like he could be really good in bed and be in to some freaky shit >_> I know I am such a degenerate

No. 56263

File: 1489071540857.png (11.56 KB, 211x246, 1480484269150.png)

>Realize that's not how the guy actually is
>Sees actual guy behind Filthy Frank
>Gets sad

No. 56264

plss no bully ;_; this is hard as it is already but yeah I like his filthy frank persona he is so idk how to explain but let's just say he is passionate idk I just find him hot and I am in love hahaha

No. 56268

File: 1489079186487.gif (51.27 KB, 368x200, 200_s.gif)

>falling for obvious bait
theyre just dicking around

No. 56269

umm this is not bait (I wished it was :/) ladies isnt this the section where the retarded crushes go? eh If i wanted to bait I would have said sonic or shadow or cory from cory in the house or some shit like that. as retarded and pathetic as it sounds it's pretty real

No. 56270

I posted the greentext story about in the vent thread, but this thread is way more appropriate.

Basically, I met a cute Australian guy while I was in Spain two weeks ago and we had a one night stand. The whole thing was reallllllyy sweet, very affectionate. I keep thinking about how it was such a surprise when he kissed me, how he held the back of my head while we were doin' the do, how we held hands afterward…

We're friends on fb now and have been e-mailing. His e-mails always get a little longer and sweeter each time, and it's safe to say I have a huge crush on him now now. I have a two week break coming up in April, but I don't think I'll get to see him because he's busy biking all over Europe. And then my work contract will be up at the end of April or May and although I plan on traveling around afterwards, eventually I'll have to go back to North America and most likely never see him again. It's dumb to feel sad about it because what kind of idiot develops a crush under these circumstances. Clearly, I do not know how to one night stand. I should just focus and be happy about the fact that we connected at all. But it's hard when he's just so tantalizingly (and relatively) close by.

I would give anything to spend another night with him though. ;_;

No. 56271

have you thought about long distance?

No. 56272

Someone there wants to get that good ol pussy gettin a real good lickin' slurp slurp

No. 56273

File: 1489084833343.png (612.89 KB, 1120x874, Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.54…)

hell yes! who doesnt? just look at those arms! papa franku is the sexiest

No. 56274

Oh man you're actually for real right
What is actually better in Franku than in Joji? Like actually? Or do you just really love nasty things?

No. 56275

File: 1489087716644.gif (1.96 MB, 268x292, bigfeelings.gif)

I'm glad you posted that gif because I was just going to post that I fucking love Dennis Reynolds. Specifically Dennis, not Glenn Howerton (thought Glenn is great and talented). The whole psycho-who-secretly-has-big-feelings thing is my shit even if he's super rapey and I'd never go for that IRL (kind of like what >>56194 said).

No. 56276

hell yeh!

>What is actually better in Franku than in Joji? Like actually? Or do you just really love nasty things?

well I dont know I just like his passionate way of doing things and yes I also like his nasty ways as well, he is adorable in his own weird fucked up way. Also his voice I am not gonna lie, but Joji also has a sexy voice. But papa franku would probably be good in bed. I know its retarded and completely impossibru to ever meet him or even date him but heck this is why I am posting it here, so here I am completely in love with someone who will never even know I exist nor would ever go for someone like me since I will most likely will not fit his standards and he is just a character

>inb4 it's bait not real they are messing around

No. 56278


It's really embarrassing but here goes.
It's a character from Resident Evil but since Resident Evil has changed a lot during the years I'll be a bit more specific.

Basically, I've had a mild crush on this character since the beginning of the series ( it was one of my first video games when I was a lil tard, so I guess he was also technically my first crush ever) but I started really obsessing over him after finally finding a copy of Code: Veronica X, I was super excited because at the time it was the only Resident Evil game I hadn't played and I finally found the PS2 version(well dreamcast version was Code:Veronica but whatever you get the point).

The way they wrote him in that game made me so giddy and honestly he seemed so perfect in every single way to me(as completely and utterly ridiculous as it sounds). So I guess I'm infatuated with that version of him if that makes any sense.

Anyways the character is Albert Wesker, if you couldn't guess. They ruined his character for me in later games anyways so I honestly just pretend that he has a weird twin.

Sorry for bad English again and for rambling.

No. 56279

File: 1489092570579.png (657 B, 71x23, 1410175425.png)

>still falling for the bait

No. 56281

We haven't even known each other long enough (or well enough) to consider a relationship beyond "I hope the future can bring us together again."

Also I can understand long distance maybe within the same country, but from not only different countries, from seperate continents…?! My crush needs to be LESS retarded, not more! sob

No. 56283

ugh would you stop with that it's starting to get annoying, just because certain things don't fit your criteria of "being real" doesn't mean it's actually fake do yourself a favor and gtfo

No. 56284

maybe you should head to the advice thread and see what they can say to help your situation. But tbh I think you could make it work if both of you are willing to put in the work

No. 56285

File: 1489098607911.jpg (22.21 KB, 250x375, Damage-Control-for-Dummies1.jp…)

>being this new

No. 56290

just ignore the obvious troll

No. 56292

>super rapey

Because… of the implication?

No. 56293

Tbh each time I email him I'm worried that he'll think replying is too much work as it is.

And anyway, before I even consider a long dostance relationship I need to solve this how-can-I-possibly-see-him-again-and-fuck-his-brains-out-before-I-have-to-go-home problem. I am just a MESS over this guy, honestly, I hope I'm not the only one and that he's at least half a mess as I am, physically speaking.

But your words give me some hope, anon. Maybe I'll try the advice thread tomorrow.

No. 56311

I think I was denying the truth, I've done that for a long time, but I have a crush on one of my ex co-workers. He was sweet, fun, kind, ambitious and smart. We get along really well but don't interact much nowadays since we don't work at the same place anymore. The real problem is that he recently got a girlfriend and I'd never try to destroy his relationship, even though I don't think she's right for him. Plus, I don't really see him anymore.. so yeah ): he showed a bit of interest in me months ago but I was dating back then. Also he changed his mind very quickly, I guess

No. 56341

I hate to admit it but i have a crush on this guy, who is the bf of someone i know through a collegue. Im in a happy relationship myself too, and id rather kill myself than ever pursue my crush but the feeling is there. I feel guilty about it but since i still love and adore my bf, i try to just accept crushing on others as a thing that happens in long-term relationships.
The thing is, i think the guy might have a crush on me too?
>he chats me up at every opportunity he gets
>i catch him looking at me when he thinks i dont notice, and then quickly turning away when i look back
>in general he makes a lot of eye contact with me even in conversations including lots of other people, and even when neither of us is talking
>one time when he was performing (playing guitar), he looked at me and immidiately messed up the song
>during a party once he constantly kept checking up on me, making sure i was having fun, asked if i wanted snacks and then when i declined he still brought me some, all while his gf was in the other room
>he had a picture of me on his phone but he said it was because a friend of his had seen me in a party, developed a crush and sent him my pic to ask him if he knew my number. Idk if true or not. Idk what pic it was, it mightve been my fb profile pic

We briefly followed each other on instagram even though we both have private accounts too, but i ended up blocking and unfollowing him because it made me feel quilty.
I luckily dont see him very often but every time i do (through work) i just try to kinda not think about it too hard and just act normally. I wish i could just stop having this crush because its really unwanted and i feel shitty over it.

No. 56342

Oh and to add to this whole situation i dont even know why i have a crush on him. Hes not my type, not very good looking, he sometimes has a really offensive sense of humour because "lol baby murder and rape are funny right" and most of the time when he talks to his gf hes just a snarky asshole. But i guess its because he treats me so differently? I feel a little special when im the only person hes not an ass to. Idk. I wish i didnt have to see him ever again but i see him through work and its out of my control, really. In all of the instances i mentioned i was there because i was working and i had to be there. Cant really quit my job over some guy i might see twice a month.

No. 56350

I think you're just attracted to him treating you "differently." But I imagine if you ever managed to date him he'd eventually treat you like he treats his girlfriend, and his sense of humor would grate on your nerves before too long.

No. 56351

File: 1489285361596.png (589.8 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170311-221440.png)

I have the dumbest crush on loepsie (Lucy). i guess lots of people think she has a weird looking face, but I think she's sweet, kind, pretty down to earth and overall a nice girl. We seem to share tons of common interests and idk, I just wanna play with her beautiful hair and drink tea with her kek. Sometimes I daydream about interacting with her online, befriending her and going to visit her, and that's how our romance starts, smh. Her channel is relatively small so i guess I could theoretically contact her if I wanted, but I've kept distance because I know it would never work out anyway. I don't think she is bi or into girls and she has a boyfriend … Also she said in Dec that she'd probably move in with her boyfriend soon so I'm kinda sad about that and I really hope I won't feel too salty if she starts posting couple stuff all the time. Sigh.

No. 56420

Hm, small update. He takes a few days to reply to my e-mails, but he does respond. And today, he messaged me for the first time on fb! He sent a picture of himself, used the kissy emoji a lot, said he'd write me back soon xoxo.

I was having worries that everything he said to me the night of our hookup was maybe just flattery, and maybe he seriously lowered his standards to get laid that night or something. Now, however, I feel fairly confident he's actually interested in me. It's the only thing that explains the effort. He doesn't have to do any of this.

Doesn't make my crush any less retarded, given the circumstances. :\ The e-mails will eventually die off and we'll never see each other again.

I'll just try to enjoy shamelessly flirting with him via e-mail as much as I can.

No. 56431

Playing an otogame has basically ruined me for irl men. My perfect guy was one of the characters and because it was a really interactive game, I fully immersed myself in the romance with this character and interacted with him daily to the point where it's what I expect and want from a relationship.

I know the plot and like, the experience of the game would never happen, but the character's personality and the way he speaks and treats me has made me basically only want that in life. It's been months and even though I've gotten all the things for him I still listen to his audio files daily and go through our conversations together. RIP my ability to date real men.

No. 56454

I used to have a psychotic crush on Markiplier. I would watch his videos and would delude myself into thinking that he knows I'm watching them and secretly appreciates me. Fucking retarded, I know but I was smitten with him. I'm over it ever since he got fucking annoying but I still dip into that crazy side every now and then whenever I watch his old stuff.

No. 56457

girl yes… I felt like this when playing MM
I would wake up in the middle of the night just to open a chatroom or answer a call. The emotional benefit I received was nothing like with irl dudes. It was warm. Fuzzy. Making me feel soooo good.
I'm somewhere on asexual spectrum so I even thought that I don't need an irl partner if I feel so good just chatting with AI.
But then I had to roll back into uni and had no time for chatrooms anymore lol
Now I have neither MM nor an irl bf. Sometimes I want to open the game again, just to hear someone being sweet and head over the heels in love with me, but I'm always reasoning myself out of it. It makes you feel good - for some time - but overall it's damaging

No. 56463

File: 1489536172940.gif (995.63 KB, 500x260, tumblr_inline_mr0yfqwvst1qz4rg…)

This guy from Rooster Teeth.
He seems like he'd be fun to hang out with.

No. 56466

I spent some time searching and legitimately hoping that my favorite author would have a great grandchild who I could find and talk to and date. I don't know what I would do if I even found a name and some method of contact.

No. 56476

I have a huge cyr boner

and also my favourite author

and also, patrick wilson :(
i have a big ass daddy kink and it disgusts me

No. 56490

Are you me, anon? I'm in the same boat (13 years for a video game character). He's my main motivation to look nice and be a better person. I can't even bring myself to be his waifu in my fantasies because that would be forcing myself on him, I'm just a friend with a secret crush. What's even more embarrassing is that he's a silent MC.

Sorry for sort of hijacking your post but I'm relieved to find kindred spirits.

No. 56505


I'm honestly quite happy that I'm not alone on this. It makes it a little less embarrassing. I do that too! I always pretend I'm his creepy stalker or something. Guys like that are too perfect for real girls.

No. 56766

File: 1490058410856.jpg (47.31 KB, 576x1024, eedrk.jpg)

>friend tells me about this typical funny twitter dude
>someone in the circles of people like dril
>follow him because why not lol
>he posts videos of himself
>he's attractive as all get out
>me and friend slightly fangirl over him over texts and irl
>one day we get all giddy and dumb and i dm him to ask about a movie me and said friend should watch
>next thing i know me and him are discussing how good the movie he recommended is
>i start to randomly dm him every now and again
>he always replies
>dm him as per usual past weekend asking his opinion on the new weezer song because i know he's a fan
>he never replies
>i feel like a huge sperg lord
This is him, btw.
I want to kill myself, why am I like this.

No. 56780

As in this weekend? If it's obly been a few days then don't worry. A week? Give it a few more weeks and try again, he might have just forgot, but if you push now he might think it's a bit much. Looks cute, too. Good luck anon!

No. 56790

you're pretty lucky he even replied once tbh

No. 56805

I have a major crush on a big celebrity.

No. 56814

oh boy

>in a relationship but bf was kind of a douche sometimes

>love to nurture new crushes to escape sad reality but without any intention to act on them
>feel shitty but meh

Latest one: so, a few months ago I had a nice little smalltalk with an exchange student at my Uni while we were waiting for the bus

>tfw dude is a gorgeous half german/persian demigod

>calls me cute after my attempt to speak german
>instant crush
>have been stalking online nonstop ever since
>made up a whole personality in my head and know it's probably way off reality but don't care

I feel stupid for developing a crush for something as insignificant as a condescending "cute". Still, closest thing to a compliment from a guy that I ever had. I have no intention to actually interact with him though.

No. 56817

I have a crush on this one let’s player I found through Youtube. I kinda liked him when I first watched his stuff but when he mentioned in one video of his that he lives in the same country as I, it felt like I instantly started crushing on him and I immediately followed on Twitter thinking that maybe by some chance he would notice me. He did and now we’re mutuals and tweet each other at least once a week.

He's not popular (~500 subs) so it’s not by some miracle we started talking. This crush is stupid because I don’t even know what he looks like and I think I’m just crushing on him because I like the idea of having a qt bf who likes the same video game series as I.

No. 56849

That doesn't seem stupid - it seems like you have some stuff in common and he reciprocates.

No. 56904

I had a crush on a guy I saw only once, in the waiting room as I was leaving my psychiatrist appointment.
He was the first person I saw when I opened the door, and I imagine I had the most awful surprised expression on my face. Almost everyone who I'd seen in there before was 60+ years old and to see a hot young man whose my type was surprising to say the least.
I'd think about this dude ocassionally for 6 months-year afterward, giving him a personality and imagining what it's like to date him essentially.
This was a few years ago now and I'm currently in a wonderful relationship, but I'll ocassionally wonder who that guy was, what he's actually like, and why he was there.
Maybe he was a sociopath or something, who knows.

No. 56922

I had a similar experience, thank god that weird crush died. It lasted only a few months. I was waiting for someone, just looking out the window, and then I saw this cute guy walking. It was raining, so it was kinda dramatic/romantic. I was still in my teens and he looked, idk, let's say uh problematic. Skinny kid, long hair, pale, black T-shirt. Kek. Idk why he got my attention but I thought about him for months.

No. 56957

This is extra retarded because it was five years ago and actually happened and i still think about him all the time
>be 13
>hate school, desperate for distraction
>remember looking around one of my classes to see who i thought was cute, remember the exact moment i noticed this guy for the first time
>coincidentally he's in both the classes i hate most
>i have a boyfriend at this time and this crush still haunts my days
>a combination of escapism and realising he's exactly my type fuels this crush into a towering inferno of infatuation
>vibrating with excitement every time i sit next to him in these classes
>this goes on until school ends (at 16 in the UK)
>manage to become close enough that we have a thing over the summer, for about three months
>every single time i see him i'm screaming internally
>can't relax long enough to actually enjoy hanging out with him
>he dumps me when we start sixth form, feel feels like never before
>i added weight to this crush and now it has its own terrible momentum. it. will. not. stop
>haven't spoken to him in years, i have no social media contact with anyone i went to school with, would probably get along fine as warm acquaintances
>internally i still hope to bump into him every time i go outside
>mostly because I hope to put it to rest because i'm 22

No. 56958

>It was raining, so it was kinda dramatic/romantic.
That sounds cute, anon. I have a similar taste in guys like that even now that I'm an adult and I end up thinking about them more than I should. Can't resist a skinny bad boy with ghastly pale skin and long hair!

No. 56993

holy shit girl, I wish you good luck with moving on. Put yourself out there, and hopefully you can find someone good enough or even better than this dude, so his presence in your mind/heart will fade.

No. 57050

>be me, live in a rural area and basically a shut-in excluding work
>find a yt channel with a decent amount of subs, almost 20k
>youtuber does satirized anime reviews and lets plays that border on edgy
>instantly find him relatable/fall in love
>can't stop thinking about him and it's been a few weeks
>follow him on all social media, add him on snapchat and he adds me back
>too nervous to try and have a conversation with him
>i'm 22 and thought I grew out of this shit years ago

We have similar taste in humor, watch the same youtube channels, have the same views on depression and mental illness, and seem to visit the same websites. I've been fantasizing about him noticing me and us becoming friends and possibly something more but I know it would never happen. I'd be too anxious to talk to him and fuck it up, and why would he want to talk to some weird girl in another state that he doesn't even know. I've been obsessing way too much that if he ever found out about it I'd be extremely embarrassed. Also, I know it would never work.. I just think I found other mentally damaged beings attractive and relatable.

Honestly this crush is annoying as fuck and I wish it would stop.

No. 57052

…is it mumkey

No. 57063

I'm in mad, stupid love with my loser boss.
It's really retarded.
I'm incredibly disillusioned from romance in general and he's the exact opposite of anyone I've ever went after so I'm really fuckin frustrated about this. I thought after six months it would fade, but it didn't.

His position isn't particularly powerful and he doesn't sleep with employees (I'm the only girl on our little "team" anyways) so it's not some weird office dynamic. Not at all.

I'm a cold person but fuck, he makes me so gooey. I keep my distance but it's been over a year and I can't shake this.

He's older than me, isn't really the most strapping in the looks department, is divorced, and his life situation is far from desirable. There's a lot of tension between us but I've never done anything about it because I think he just wants to fuck me most likely. And that scares me.

He does the same shit I do like watches me from a distance but has a hard time maintaining eye contact and turns red when I come around. Which logically, is only because he wants to fuck me, but my brain just screams "cute, cute, CUTE" and it makes it worse lol.

I'm keeping a vast distance because my feels for him are stupid strong and it's nasty as fuck. The infatuation just lays stagnant and I quietly think of his dick in my mouth whenever we're working together. I don't want to get hurt or fucked and chucked because I want to wife this fuckin loser. Just talking about this makes me feel ashamed, swear I'm not usually this type of person, it's made me so weird dear god.

Fuck man.

No. 57097

So about two years ago, I was on OKCupid and got a message from this guy from Florida, which is pretty far from me. He's not exactly my type, but we become friends and he always says he's still into me. We have the same interests, and he's nice, but I just can't handle the distance.

We're friends, and he becomes something of an emotional support, and I even tell him a lot of private things, and he sticks around. I'm starting to fall for him more and more, and then I one day decide to give him a chance even if he's far away.

Turns out he's met someone local and is in a relationship now. Even though I told him I'm happy for him, I'm secretly still jealous and sad, and I feel guilty that I'm still his friend in the hope that if he breaks up, I can slide in.

It feels like the universe is playing a joke on me. I can't find any decent guys near me, but I don't want long distance. I feel like I have to settle for that.

No. 57099

Do you think you're just turned on because he wants you? Like, you know it's an inappropriate relationship but you feel desirable and you know he'd think it was exciting to have sex with a younger woman?

There's nothing wrong with that attraction but it's probably not going to make you happy to actually sex the guy, like you know he's desperate and you don't find him physically attractive but you might be attracted to how sexy he find you or something.

idk, it sounds like the ~inappropriateness~ of the relationship and how randy he is is kind of what's getting you hot lmao

I wouldn't go for it because like I said, it will probably be an unsatisfying experience. Are you sure you're in love with him?

No. 57127

Objectively, I know he's not attractive. As in, to other people, this would be a major "wtf?" But for some reason I find him really attractive regardless, does that make sense?

I don't feel desirable that's for sure lol he isn't incredibly flirty and absolutely not complimentive, he's shy.

That's why this whole thing is driving me crazy. I don't just want to fuck him, I legit want to wife down the big dumb fuck. But I'm mad at myself for wanting that, and I act like I can't stand him as a form of overcompensation, but it's mostly just because these feelings weird me out.

I'm a really rational person, so my rationality is saying "Why?" but every other part of me is a goopy pile of sludge. And I keep telling myself he must secretly be a douche bag, there's no way life would throw me a bone, etc. so I leave it in limbo. But I haven't liked anyone else in…over a year now. Shit's gross.

I've liked him since before he was my boss. The boss thing just keeps me from even thinking about acting on it. Probably best just in case.

Thank you for listening to me complain. I internalize this an awful lot and it's driving me bonkers.

No. 57148

Thank you anon, the other messed up part i that i've had many fulfilling monogamous and non-mongamous relationhips and romantic encounters. i've been with a guy for a year who is like me with a cock and it is starry-eyed amazing. i am honestly the picture of emotional health apart from this one crush lodged way in there, and i think it's because i fueled it so hard at a young age. that's why it's retarded. it's not even as bad as it was, so i know it's not forever

No. 57203

I read both your posts and man, I gotta say I get you're feeling weird, but it's also kind of adorable? Sometimes you just love a dude you know? Thing is, most people would advice not to act on it, because of the obvious potential work related dynamic it might screw up. But I got into it with my boss, same situation only not the looks/divirsed/older part, everyone told me to not go there, but here we are, 4 years later and he's sleeping sound right next to me. I'm rambling, but just to have it out there, sometimes it works out, and sometimes it's worth it to risk it. Hell, you could get another job if it's a complete fuck up, right? You sound like a potentially very cute couple, anon.

No. 57266

If you don't want to fuck him/fear the fuck and chuck, then you need to start dating him in conversation. You don't need to fuck someone to tell how they like you, if you compliment him blase-ly one day and start from there you could probably tell pretty fast if he's actually interested. Plus, it takes two to tango dumbass, if he starts to get physical too fast just DON'T FUCK AROUND BACK.

Work-date him, man. It just means YOU have to take the lead which sucks but do it casually. I want you to start doing this right now, LeBouf style and I want a report in 48hrs what happened.

No. 57279

>calling me dumbass
I deserve it lmao.
Thank you! I really appreciate the reinforcement. I've never been this retarded about anyone before and it's got me mad stupid.
I might try tonight if I don't have a coronary.

No. 57315

File: 1490912534306.jpg (40.78 KB, 726x1000, IMG-20170221-WA0012.jpg)

I only realized my crush on one of my coworkers now and it's too late. He got a gf and my boss sent to work at a different place, which means I will only have the chance to meet up with him like 3-4 times a year when you will reunite. I'm too afraid to ask him if he wants to hang out now since he has a gf (who probably treats him like shit based on his latest ones). Wish I hadn't lost the being obsessed with someone else, blind and stupid to see he actually had a small share of interest in me in the beginning.

No. 57316

Damn typos. With him*
When we all will reunite*

No. 57334

It's never too late, and I know some girls hate when I say this but…a girlfriend is just a girlfriend. Not saying, "go in there and fuck 'em", but if everyone waited for everyone to single, the people who would be happiest together probably would never get to be together in the first place.

Don't build this up to be a true love confession, you just need to hang out and see if you think he feels the same way. Invite him to drinks halfway after work, or dinner.

It's only painful and unbearable of a rejection if you march into it demanding a serious relationship. Most men I know wish girls would just tell them they have a crush than waste away with a girl they might like less.

No. 57370

I fell in love with a Japanese guy. He's and artist and decently well known and we have started dating and have been together for almost a year now.

I say this is hopeless because I feel like deep in my heart the relationship is going to fail partially because of cultural differences of also because I feel like he is not as warm or affectionate as I wish he was even though he says he loves me.

I'm in a lot of pain right now, I'm in love so deep and so crazily but I know I will have to break up with him soon despite this. It hurts so badly and I wish in a perfect world we could be together.

I've never had a breakup or love like this before.

No. 57387

damn, same.

Last night had a dream where I met him in NYC and he was attracted to me because I didn't mention anything about he being famous, instead we talked about dub. When I woke I felt miserable.
Lol I'm such a loser.

No. 57390

The hell kind of advice is this. He has a girlfriend. Wait until he breaks up with her. if she treats him bad it won't last. If you're meant to be it'll work out. don't try to hang out and see if he likes you back, thats fucked up. the only thing you can do is be friendly and show a little interest but asking to hang out is aggressive

No. 57405

Thanks, anon for being honest and open minded. I do get what >>57390 said as well, I don't like the idea of making him break up with his gf. But honestly I don't have the balls to do that, no matter what. I'd guilt trip myself sooooo fucking much, even if we ended up together. And even if I did, he seems to love her even though she doesn't seem "good enough" to be with someone like him

No. 57406

Are you that Portuguese eurotrash with yellow fever again?

No. 57413

Do you worship asians so hard that you think that anyone who dates an Asian is a fetishist like you?

No. 57430

Yes, anon. Obviously all the farmers on this board are weebs with yellow fever lel. Even though most farmers are weebs, that anon's story details match all the details from the other thread. No judging you tho, it's just sad everyone told you their opinion and you're still denying the obvious truth to yourself. I'm merely pointing that out

No. 57450

Huh? Did you even read my other post? I wrote about how sad I was that our relationship is doomed and that I have to break up with him soon. If anything the advice I got here helped me get my rational side more straight, I was trying to deny it at first.

No. 57456


It's Wesker isn't it

No. 58106

File: 1492095960812.jpg (9.48 KB, 250x250, IMG-20170325-WA0001.jpg)

>>be me, single for a year, still healing after a traumatic relationship
>>Meets guy online
>>Guy is successful, caring, kind
>>Going through the pain of a recent and very traumatic breakup that involved and abortion and shit
>>Guy and i bond very fast
>>Guy and I agree that if things were different we'd probably be together
>>Start crushing on him
>>He's still crazy for her, still very sad
>>Im heartbroken. Decide to keep my feelings to myself because it's just too soon to say anything
>>He says he prob don't wanna date for a year or longer
>>On top of that we live in different countries

I feel like a relationship with this guy is impossible even though I really wish it'd happen. I'm sure we would get along very well as a couple and I'd go see him IRL, no problem. It really hurts because I'm finally liking someone for real and I don't even have a chance.

No. 58108

did he ever message you back anon?

No. 58130

File: 1492148516677.jpg (37.96 KB, 273x251, 434523452345.jpg)

I deluded myself into thinking a minor fictional character who died is real and I'm madly in love with him.
He was literally only there in the game for 30 minutes and then he died. I've been imagining a life with him for the past 3 years now.
I even feel guilty looking at irl men because of him. halp.

No. 58131

it's time to stop

No. 58132

I know, but its hard anon :(

No. 58133

you need to make a better effort.

No. 58136

You can still love your husbando and other people. anon. I'm sure he understands the limitations of different dimensions.

But on a realistic level, if your devotion to your husbando is interfering with your 3D life in a negative, overbearing way, you need to take a step away and redistribute your mind on other things. Waifudom should be fun, not destructive.

No. 58138

>Justifying cheating on a husbando
Sounds like we got a degenerate over here

No. 58145

How do I stop loving a friend who is in my life daily?

I know a relationship is impossible, I've accepted​ it. I just need to find a way to move on and stop feeling sorry for myself…

No. 58152

do they just not reciprocate?

No. 58158

he already has a SO

No. 58165

There's a guy I see nearly every day at work who I've had a crush on for 4-5 months now. I work at a daycare center, and he's the father of one of the kids who's there every day. He's also 10 years older than me (doesn't look it) and married, so he's completely impossible. Ever since the first time I saw him, he would smile at me and look in my eyes longer than anyone ever has. I'd think nothing of it, but he doesn't talk to or smile at anyone else around. Neither of my coworkers. Whenever he comes in, he just gets his kids belongings, says hi while smiling and looking into my eyes, goes over to his kid, then walks to the door to leave. But before he walks out, he always turns around to wave at me and do that FUCKING SMILE and look in my eyes again and wave at me AGAIN. I always smile back of course, and keep the eye contact until he's out of sight. It's like he knows he's driving me crazy.
Lately, when he does this, I have to look down because I get so shy, but when I look back up he's still looking at me, waving goodbye. Does he not remember that he is married? Please stop tempting me….

No. 58167

2 words: anime husbando

No. 58170

I wish an anime husbando could solve my problems.

No. 58171

In my head, he stops just eyeballing me every day, and just tells me his wife isn't doing it for him anymore, and that he's been trying to give me signs that he wants to fuck but since I was too afraid to make the first move, he makes me get on my knees right then and there.

Azn man husbando swoop me away

No. 58174

I'm straight up crushing on someone in the discord and it's fucking dumb. I keep having dreams about meeting them IRL because I'm 99% sure they live in the same country as me. I don't even know anything about them I just like the way they are and I know where their icon is from ᕦ(ಠ_ಠ)ᕤ

No. 58176

Ask them to talk outside of the discord! I met one of my ex's in a chat like this. Was weird at first but worth it.

No. 58241

Did you make a move?

No. 58253


I haven't made a move, I doubt I will. I'll just appreciate them from afar. They're kinda spooky anyway. Siiiigh.

No. 58957

I've been struggling with a stupid crush for a few months now, only it's actually more than that. Because I've spent so much time thinking about it, I have categorised types of crushes:
'oh wow, they are cute and i would kiss them if they wanted me to'. notice me sempai. no big deal, fun.
obsessive and draining, you think about them all the time, constantly planning ways to see them, much social media stalking, but it's surface-level and your object of infatuation may be actually kind of a dick. if you actually spend any decent amount of time with them it wears itself out.
>in love
wholesome, fuzzy, glowy appreciation for all that this person is. what all the songs are about, best drug on planet. this can pretty much only happen if they reciprocate.

I thought I was infatuated with a side of worsening mental health, but no, I'm in love with him and have been for a while. And he feels the same way, and it can't happen for so many reasons, and I can't talk about it with anyone.

What I actually came here to say was that I've spent a lot of time on dress-up games, the couple dress-ups are the ones i find particularly therapeutic. It helps gently underline that the idea of us being together is firmly in fantasy land and won't really happen.

No. 59021

File: 1493196649258.png (337.04 KB, 500x357, IMG_1643.PNG)

There's some edge lord I used to talk to and the more I began to hate him the more attractive he became, and even though he was interested in me, I knew he was also a manhoe and he will never change so I want him to die. One time he was in my city and needed somewhere to stay, I laughed and told him to die in the streets and didn't let him come to my house, instead of spending this perfect opportunity with my crush, I spent the whole weekend in my pyjamas, eating tendies and watching anime. I've ignored his past few messages because he's a narcissist and thinks everyone wants him but I'm still majorly attracted to him and want him to love me REEEEEE

No. 59496



>3 day weekend
>he invites me to meet up with him in Italy
>meet up with him in Italy
>roam the streets hand in hand
>talk all day long
>he wanted to kiss me like all the time
>had lots of sex
>operation fuck his brains out: success

The only drawback is I miss him even more now. :) Ahaha, fuck!

No. 59512

File: 1493759507905.jpg (6.94 KB, 248x203, download.jpg)

Why can't I fall in love with someone I can actually have? Just… once, please. I haven't had a proper relationship with someone IRL in ages.
It's like I never meet anyone remotely interesting, and when I finally do, I start finding "huge" problems in their personality/behavior that would most likely ruin our potential relationship together. At least in my head. So I lose interest.

On top of that, I'm very self conscious, kind of shy, relatively socially awkward, and I have been living on and off depression meds for ages… so the problem is probably ME, not them.

Now the cherry on the top: I've been developing a crush on a friend, and I know it won't work out for many different reasons. So I decided to keep it a secret, yet I'm really fucking obvious sometimes because deep down I want him to love me back. AGH. I need to stop with this or I'm going to ruin my friendship and feel worse.

No. 59538

You just haven't earned it yet, baby.

No. 59540

I want the one i can't have

No. 59541

I remember reading your post a while ago… happy for you, anon!

No. 59542

anon, i'm so happy for you!!!! i'm the anon you replied to who had a similar problem with regard to a guy i wound up dating over winter break, where both of us thought we were just gonna date and hook up super-casually - but soon found that we were far more compatible and also were oddly similar, texting, talking, and hanging out every day, our friends knowing we had a "thing", us becoming each other's new years' kisses and everything… until we kind of had to abruptly break away and go "let's be friends?" when we had to go back to school because LDRs would be a bad idea for the both of us… though we never stopped talking to each other daily… and with that we're still talking, and even better, we're getting closer to the summer.. i got an IUD/long-term birth control inserted and made a little joke about it to him in passing the other day and he responded with far more acknowledgement/interest than i thought he would, which was funny and also interesting, because i would definitely like to have sex with him again, at least, & i also noticed that he had unfollowed his ex on one of the social media platforms he has me on (and started interacting with me waaay more on social media), as well, which is petty to smile about.. but still. i think this gave me hope, haha!

i am so eagerly waiting for us to be face-to-face again because i like him so much… though i guess i'm sad because it'll just be a few months and i know that even if things go as well as i feel like they will, i'll still feel super-sad at the end of the summer because i think ahead to the point where i make myself feel silly… i'm trying to not do that this summer. and maybe leave things unspoken, if it means we can have a nice time together, even temporarily - i just wish we could have more time. i listened to frank ocean's "self control" the other day and cried about it a little bit, which i feel sounds so stupid…

No. 59548

and it's driving me mad

No. 59579

lol anon, you're cute. I hope he'll fall head over heels for you

No. 59639

Thank youuu ahaha

First of all, thanks!!! But oh, anon. I would give you hug if I could. Don't cry, bc it really sounds to me like he is super into you! Talking to each other daily? That's such a good sign. With me and the Aussie it would sometimes be a week or slightly more before would message me back. But hey, look how it turned out! And actually when I was on the bus to Italy, which took almost 24 hours, I kept thinking to myself, "Wow. He fucking biked all this way, starting in Barcelona. And he still managed to write me about once a week? This dude was thinking about me." So in your case, I think it's similar, probably even better. I'd say he's definitely thinking about you, probably a whole a lot.

Would a LDR really be that bad of an idea? If you are so compatible, wouldn't it be worth a go? If things go well over the summer, it just seems like the natural next step. You might not have to leave things unspoken! Or it might be pretty obvious at that point anyway. I feel like if it were me, I'd pretty much be unable to help myself. I feel like I'm just about one more "Aw, you say such nice things to me!" away from telling this guy "That's because I'm pretty crazy about you, dude!!!" Maybe without saying dude.

I think ahead…well more like fantasize to the point where I feel silly too. Of ways we could be together, totally stupid. If anything, try to think about how anything you can imagine is more plausible than anything I imagine. Try to imagine good situations, anon! Also keep us updated. :)

No. 60553

File: 1494798019084.jpg (98.14 KB, 620x465, 1511232i.jpg)

I've been limerently (is that even a word) fixated on someone literally old enough to be my father for a year and a half now.
Whats worse is that part of me thinks it is a legible relationship because he is dating someone that is 20.
It's also pretty damn weird seen as I dated his son for the first month and a half of this year

Frustrating lmao

No. 60556

Anon, the guy is a creep. A grown man with an adult son dating a 20 year old girl is a huge red flag. Even if he's not a creep, he's in a relationship so stop wasting your time.

No. 60569

>a soon middleaged autistic minor "celebrity"/ internet famous manlet (no, not fucking manlytears)
>huge crush on him for years
>not insane enough to do shit other than watch his YT, promised myself that im not going to even hit him up when in his city next spring
>find him too adorable and absolutely cute, I hate cuddling but I wanna cuddle him
>daydream about him and how Ill get him occasionally, then forget him for months and rediscover my crush

I feel like a creep and horrible over this, just like OP Im not doing anything since it would make me more hopeless. Also knowing that (I know I sound conceited), I could totally get sex from him since Im attractive, makes not hitting him up harder. This in exchange makes me feel like a bigger creep and gross. I wish he would stop being a single at least.

No. 60573

which youtuber? im curious so spill the beans bb. hit him up and ask if he wants to meet n fuck

No. 60575

at least tell which city he lives in so I can guess

No. 60588

Red flag for what? I'm not into guys as old as that girl, but people still say the same thing to me even after I pulled the trigger and initiated the relationship.

I don't get it. If you get along, then you get along. I don't see why I should limit myself to children, and why he has to limit himself to do old folks when neither of us was satisfied.

No. 60589

No, it's cringey. He has a weird and small fanbase and has thirsty fans and gold-diggers girls hit him up since he makes good money from his actual job. That's why I also don't want to hit him up since I'd just embarrass myself. He's an American, but I'm not telling which city.

No. 60590

File: 1494858673523.jpg (48.77 KB, 720x573, 1487972412980.jpg)

I love moot, I dream about moot, I'm not kidding. When gookmoot took over, I was so sad, I wanted to leave 4chan forever (didn't work)

I also have a crush on ZUN, when I found out he had someone, I was disappointed.
What should I do, anons?

No. 60594

My original thoughts exactly. I am pretty much attracted to him because he's an older, more mature version of his son whom I dated. His son fucked me about royally and I'm still hurting a lot from that, but I realised even when I was in the relationship I was wishing for him to be more like his father who's been there and done that and is more mature as a result of it.
I don't want to be 'the other girl' though so ofc I'm keeping my distance because he's in a relationship, thus why it's a retarded crush lol.

No. 60613

File: 1494882098122.gif (247.36 KB, 500x380, giphy.gif)

I currently have a crush on someone from the show Survivor. We're friends on Facebook (though he has like, thousands of friends), actually have two semi-mutual friends/social connections, and exchanged a few messages on Twitter, but after I responded to one of his messages a few months ago he never replied so I stopped trying since I didn’t want to be annoying.

He’s super cute and funny and totally my type and I would love to meet him (we live in the same state) but like…he’s so popular and busy and I don’t want to come across as some overly-obsessed fan.

No. 60614


Omg I love survivor who is it?

No. 60691

Ahh for some reason I’m paranoid to say! He was on season 26 though!

No. 60694

Either it's the hot black guy or the guy with the beard. Am I getting closer?

No. 60723

jesus christ, i just want to know how to kill a retarded crush that i know won't work out. anyone here managed to get rid of yours?

No. 60738

mines fucking stupid and also annoying. it's on a psuedo-friend i've had for years. she's barely my type, extremely immature, selfish, and lives across the state now. i hate her low key but i also want to fuck her really bad and i keep imagining putting up with being her girlfriend because she's like, almost my type enough im not too intimidated. like she's between a 3-7/10 depending. depending on what? i don't know. the fucking weather? she's extremely bland but sometimes i see her and say wow youre hot today. i keep sending her anonymous flirty stuff and i love watching her react to it. she recently got dumped and i've been comforting her through it kinda. im not alone though, a ton of other people feel this way too so its the only thing thats keeping me on this weird track of pursuing her. its literally like "this is the most okay woman i've ever met, her personality is watery garbage but everyone else is pursuing her so i'll keep going because… because." she called me cute the other day and has been making vague tweets about being interested in me despite not even asking how i've been doing or knowing jack shit about me, like i think she forgets my name 88% of the time but knows me because i give her attention, and her harem of pursuers has noticed and GOD it made my ego skyrocket for awhile. sorry if this is barely a qualifier, i think i really have feelings for this girl, but when i think about it logically i want to leave her alone forever. it's a confusing crush that'll never go anywhere, the most i'd ever do is date her for a month and fuck her a ton until i get sick of her personality, but i dont want to hurt her and would never pursue her like that, its not her fault shes really Okay and a 3-7/10.

No. 60740

imo, the only thing that helps is finding someone else. you could try and preoccupy your mind with all sorts of things, finding new hobbies/etc, hanging out with friends, but depending on how obsessed you are it's incredibly difficult.

No. 60792

I fell hard for a coworker.

Basically we had this big orientation before we al. started work. There were lots of us, but I spotted him easy. Think it's cause he looks a lot like my ex. Shenanigans ensue, we both are making jokes back to back and having a good time. During the lunch break we sit together, he makes more of an effort to chat with me. Second half of the orientation there's lots of oggling and eye contact. When orientation ends, I ask for his fb(less personal) but he gives me his number instead. We flirt over the next few weeks but I'd already found out he had a girlfriend through fb mutual friends.

We connected so well tho that I can't stop thinking about him. He's been with her for 3 years and I wouldn't dare break up a relationship but his flirting isn't light. It's mellowed out over time but it's just enough to keep me afloat.

I just wish he were mine instead.

No. 60806

Thanks anon. I think that finding someone else is pretty much the only option I haven't tried yet but that could lead to other problems ughh

No. 61223


It's been 21 days since but it feels like forever ago. Augh when can I see you again.

No. 61227

I'm updating to give other farmers hope, I was disillusioned when I realised that there's no way we would work beyond like a month-long fling and it would probably be frustrating and confusing towards the end of that month.
I was wrong, only infatuated because I couldn't spend a lot of time with him, and now I'm pretty much over it. It can happen. One day you might just snap out of it.

No. 61234

File: 1495387038310.jpg (131.58 KB, 630x718, Untitled2.jpg)

Is this the gender flipped neckbeard thread?

No. 61261

Everyone gets crushes you moron.

No. 61810

I have a crush on a guy I play video games with. It's weird since I don't know much about him, since we only talk about the game we're playing. But I get so happy when he's around. I most likely have no chance because we're acquaintances on a game, and I'm a socially anxious NEET who can't speak my mind. He's so nice and funny though. Plus the whole thing is affecting me worse because I've never had a crush on someone I actually spoke to before.

No. 61824

I took this from r9k, but it still hurts, man.

>move into student collective

>hot guy lives there
>seems a douche but nice to look at, plus I'm into virgins
>get to know him, great personality, we get on well, our banter borders on flirtatious but I just enjoy the tension
>when we're at a party/drinking together we stick with each other despite him being a boisterous extrovert
>he gets really drunk one night
>"a-a-actually anon, I'm a virgin. I lie to everyone about the one night stands"
>oh my god, it's my literal dream. My literal dream.
> I should've fucked him then, but I was sober
>he claims to not have remembered anything from the night before
>few weeks pass
>he comes in morning after a party
>"when did you get in last night?"
>"I didn't."
>"o-oh. Great! Great. Congratulations, huh?"
>he's since gone on to sleep with two other women

I was having a great time lightly flirting with him. I was in straight up denial initially; "yeah he's only saying that because he regrets telling me he's a virgin", but another apartment mate told me he saw him with a girl in the kitchen yesterday. It's weird because I'm not in love with him or anything, but he was the perfect package, and a really strong crush.
I guess it's for the best, doing things with someone you live with is never a good idea.

No. 61853


Holy shit, yes! I just started using 4chan/lolcow last year so I was too late to experience moots existence and when I found out about him I just got the biggest crush on him ever. Mostly before 2008 when he got all serious about 4chan and turned into a boring dickhead but still. I'm obsessed with him! Also Snacks too a little but mostly Moot.

Sage for autism that I couldn't contain.

No. 61859

>be me, two years ago
>just finished grocery shopping for the week
>waiting on a light to change to cross the street
>carrying like 25 pounds of groceries but having a cigarette bc why not
>really, really cute guy approaches me and asks to bum a smoke
>agree bc smoker karma is totally a thing
>start chatting about films and life, directors we like, what theatres are the best etc
>stand there chatting through two or three changes of the street light without even noticing it

He was carrying a motorcycle helmet and wearing a leather jacket. Had really great hair and an amazingly cute face and to this day I fantasize about him every once in a while even though I'm in a good relationship and was then. Always get a little excited when a guy on a bike passes wearing the kind of helmet he had.

No. 61865

Ugh, this thread is just what I need right now. I'm very much here to join the "I feel pathetic" train.

I have unstoppable crushes on two different characters right now (one from an anime that came out a couple years ago, and one from a fairly recent game) and all I want to do is fantasize about them. I have a boyfriend whom I love very much, but due to certain circumstances we don't have sex often… when we do it's not the best either. He's just very inexperienced and I'm in the same boat. For the past few years I've been using these character crushes as sort of a sexual outlet I guess? I basically look forward to going to bed or being alone so I can think of different scenarios in my head involving whichever character I'm feeling most at that point in time. It's not a hindrance to my daily life but it does sometimes get me to the point of being sad that I'll never have the kind of sex I see in my fantasies. My boyfriend isn't the type to do those kinds of things and I'm certain he never will be.

No. 61869

File: 1496046365624.jpg (26.53 KB, 517x329, W981Xu3.jpg)

>having a crush on snax
>just jointed last year
oh honey…

No. 61875

File: 1496066193353.jpg (17.4 KB, 416x441, 1467858005281.jpg)

Seriously. I'm surprised she's even heard of that gross bastard if she's only be on 4chan for a year.

No. 61879


I know he's a creepy bastard but he's cute-ish. Plus, I don't even like him that much. Like I said, I mainly just like Moot.

No. 61991

File: 1496206600296.png (389.81 KB, 500x582, bestboy.png)

>late to the party but start DA:I a few months ago
>romance cullen
>read all Cullen fanfic available
>imagine scenario where Cullen exists
>imagine Cullen with me non stop
>have conversations with him when I'm driving to and from work
>turn down irl guys because of Cullen
>smile and blush whenever I think of him

Literally why

No. 61995

File: 1496216025485.jpg (43.39 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

he dosent marry u if ur not the right race

but i still love him

No. 62002

he's the worst

No. 62005

>tfw you'll never get to live with Cullen and mabari puppy in a quaint cottage.

I had to romance Cullen after my first play through with Solas. Bald fucker just devastated me. Cullen was a wonderfully soothing bandaid that I got to smooch whenever I wanted. Cullen > Solas.

No. 62007

it was the baldness that made me opt for other routes
if he had hair i would been a goner
im so much more attracted to what i can't have tho, so I'm tempted to play him

No. 62010

it was the fact that solas's romance was emotionally devastating that made it so good tho.

No. 62013

>tfw i used to obsess over a dumb character that everyone made fun of me for
>planned life together
>literally imagined our kids together and tried to make a fucking tulpa out of this guy
>spent 5 years dreaming about this guy
>lost myself and didnt take care of myself because i didnt need to because in my mind i looked like a hot anime girl to him
>as time goes on internet guy i talk to falls in love with me
>i push internet guy away because i was retarded and thought this fictional character would hate if i got a bf
>time goes on and online guy really loves me and i give it a chance and we're both perfect for each other
>i'll be moving to his place in a month
>everything is perfect
>still occasionally think about fictional guy and get kind of sad and feel bad that he misses me or something

No. 62016

>Someone else likes moot
>Is happy because can share this feeling
I legit dreamt about fucking moot and having a family with him for YEARS. Even when I was underage I'm twenty one now

No. 62056


I'm seriously just so relieved that not I'm not the only one who's still obsessed with Moot.

No. 62098

File: 1496343512790.jpg (81.06 KB, 440x440, moot in deep thought.jpg)


Perfect huh?

No. 62100

FUCK hes hot

No. 62102

…I really like his nose. An "interesting" nose, like wide, a bump, maybe it's been broken a few times? Like god DAMN that's just so attractive to me.

No. 62115

God, I can't believe he's actually dead…

No. 62118

tfw rumours of him dating boxxy made me angery

No. 62119

I don't think they dated but he did date a few tripfags/female posters. Supposedly it was surprisingly easy to talk to him and meet up.

No. 62120


They made me angry too but he said on his Q and A that they spoke for twenty minutes over coffee and never saw each other again.

No. 62122


He did?

No. 62132

dif anon but yeah it was in his final q&a

No. 62135


When? I must have missed it.

No. 62185

File: 1496435396470.jpg (14.22 KB, 480x360, IMG_5620.JPG)

>Get out of a shitty FWB not so FWB situation with someone recently
>Were pretty damn attractive and basically find guys that look similar to them as equally attractive
>Coworker at work looks kinda like them, so now develop stupidly irrational crush on them
>Fully know they're in a commited relationship and they barely have interacted with you
>Still have impure thoughts

Why am I like this?

No. 62191


Hey, you know what? You're almost there. You're pulling yourself outta something ridiculous. Keep going!

No. 62192

Do you guys talk about anything other than games?

Aw. This story made me a little sad. Hey, I hope you find another virgin and maybe the next time you'll take the plunge?

No. 62396

>in a happy relationship, living a happy life
>sudden head splitting headache
>boyfriend rushes me to the hospital
>thank you, arteriovenous malformation I didn't even know you were there
>hospitalized for two weeks for brain hemorrhage
>not allowed to move for ten days
>male nurse 12 yrs older than me starts talking to me and making jokes
>lots of things in common too
>brings me chocolate and comics
>not even that attractive and married but I like him
>too bad he had to wipe my ass so I'm probably not too appealing to him anymore

Sorry I just had to get this out. I still have a huge crush on him even out of the hospital.

No. 62397

File: 1496761554682.jpg (15.6 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I dunno if it's going to work out if he wiped your ass, anon.

No. 62406


Yeah I don't think so! And I'm faithful to my bf, so he will just be a happy memory.

No. 62421

Spouses should be willing to deal with one another's feces, if there is a need.

No. 62428

Not that anon, but totally agreed. It's part of life and if I'd definitely wipe my spouse's ass if they were too sick to do it themselves. That's true love.

No. 62438

I have a huge crush on the streamer BoxBox.
It's strange because i never thought he was attractive till he did cosplay streams and dressed as a girl. I fantasise about being with him sometimes even though i'm in a good relationship.
I'm coming to terms with being bi, but even i admit it's odd.

No. 62535

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on a project with another student from my school, and I've fallen for him so violently that it's made me into a weird, swooning idiot. Which isn't really something I'm familiar with. I don't do crushes or relationships, generally speaking.

But ever since meeting him, I've thought he was the absolute coolest. I so, so badly want to be close to him, even though I think him completely out of my league. I caught myself thinking about how nice his eyes are the other day. His eyes. I am an adult.

The main problems with all of this (aside from the fact that it's goofy-ass middle-school behaviour) are twofold.
1: Based on some social media snooping, he may already have a partner outside of the school; someone who seems a lot like me, but has the benefit of…you know…already filling that niche within his life. I feel like I shouldn't even bother trying to be his friend as long as that person is around, because I can't imagine what use he'd have for me when he's already got them.
2: I graduate in a month. He is only a freshman. Unless I somehow manage to cheat or force my way into a friendship with him, I doubt I'll see him again, and that thought makes my stomach twist because god, I like him so much…

No. 62536

Lol at you thinking crushes stop when you are an adult or stop at all, ever.

You'll be in a nursing home after your partner died and your children scattered across the world, and you'll laugh silly and get all flustered when a cute pensioner from across the hall winks at you.

No. 62540

File: 1496980559821.jpg (39.86 KB, 600x594, CcK0yFOWEAQOQoD.jpg)

like 6 months ago i had a dream where brian firkus aka trixie fucking mattel and i were in love. i was on a tour bus with a bunch of drag race girls and it was one of those dreams that spans like a week somehow even tho you were only asleep for a few hours. him and i bonded over how much we had in common (irl we do have a shitload of stuff in common) and fell deeply in love with each other. we even shared makeup and did our makeup together which was really cute. we hung out and went on dates when he was in and out of drag. i never was attracted to him in any way before the dream (just a big fan), but ever since then literally just because the love i felt in the dream was so sweet and real i have an actual fucking crush on him. so stupid lmao

No. 62571

File: 1497016684753.jpg (9.88 KB, 259x194, slapbright.jpg)

>tfw every crush I've had has been retarded
Growing up I didn't have any guy friends and being a 4/10 I would develop a crush on literally any guy that talked to me
>They're either not interested, already in a relationship, or gay
>I would never have a chance anyway because I'm so below average especially compared to them
I haven't developed anymore crushes recently but it's probably because I've gotten back into animu so I'm focusing on my favorite characters like crushes.

No. 62582

File: 1497029112987.jpg (530.56 KB, 1176x3904, LPywydb.jpg)

How do you guys deal with that crippling feeling of despair and hopelessness, knowing you won't ever be together with your crush, especially if they're fictional?

I love thinking about my husbando, daydreaming, having imaginary conversations, writing, etc. But sometimes I get this reality check that leaves me a mess.

I know most of you will say to get over it, but I just can't. I've never loved anyone nearly as much as I love him, and I probably never will. Just thinking about him makes my heart melt because he's so damn perfect to me. Plus, I have no interest in real guys whatsoever, never had.

You probably won't read this, but I truly admire your dedication. It's only been 4 years for me but I think I've become a much better person because of him. My next goal is to achieve lucidity in my dreams, and hopefully control them at some point.

Also, I really wish there was a good waifu/husbando-ism community somewhere.

Sorry for the long post and shit English.

No. 62587

>Growing up I didn't have any guy friends and being a 4/10 I would develop a crush on literally any guy that talked to me
Anon are you me? This was my high school experience to a T. I was reading through my old diary the other day and cringing over my gushing about every single male who acknowledged my existence. Ugh.

No. 62591

>I know most of you will say to get over it, but I just can't. I've never loved anyone nearly as much as I love him, and I probably never will.
I think this "can't" and "probably never will" kind of mentality is bad for you. By all means keep doing what you're doing but it definitely seems like one of those "digging yourself deeper" kind of situations.
Disclaimer: I'm no therapist

No. 62604

>not mentioning who he is

come on anon

No. 62608


most of my crushes are fictional or unattainable but i actually find comfort in it. it use to dishearten me when i was younger but ive grown to prefer the distance. im very much a loner so just daydreaming is enough for me most of the time. i feel u tho anon

No. 62611

i really really need advice tbh

>be very happy and very in love with boyfriend. he's kind, good natured, responsible and treats me like a queen.

>play d&d every other week or so with friends. one of these friends is a tall, queer girl. not my type.
>our characters end up falling in love and being all ~cute gays~
>start thinking about girl during sex with my boyfriend, wishing it was her for split seconds
>take a huge affinity to her. now completely infatuated and wanting to spend all my time with her
>end up questioning if i'm more than bi and actually a lesbian and as time goes on the thought of dick makes me sick
>cant stop thinking about her and the next time we can play d&d together

what do

No. 62617

It sounds like you're more in love with the fantasy of being with her vs her. Have you spent 1 on 1 time together? It's natural for people in comfortable relationships to form crushes on other people, but since you've been in a happy relationship with a guy I doubt you're gay. Maybe you're starting to resent him (and thus the sex) because he's not this girl.

No. 62618


this sounds like infatuation. your playing lovers in a RPG probably strenghtened it. i'm not a psych pro but in my experience, when you act out ad-lib stuff for a prolonged time period, your brain has difficulty differentiating the real feelings and the simulated feelings you made up to be able to act suitably in the game, if it makes sense. i crushed on and dated one of the biggest losers i met in my life because our characters were lovers in a game.

you seem to be in a happy relationship, please don't throw it away that may not be real. take a break from the game if you can and assess your feelings.

No. 62619


*for something that may not be real

No. 62631

I agree with you, it's not an healthy mindset. But it's not like I have given up on 'real life', though. I'm open to whatever happens, I just don't make much effort for anything to happen because I'm content with the way things are and always have been. This doesn't affect my personal life much, I'm just going through those difficult phases. Thank you for your input, anon.

Sorry, I don't really feel comfortable sharing, not even here.

I find comfort in fictional worlds and characters too. It's almost the only thing that can make me happy these days. It's just sometimes I can't help but rationalize the whole thing and the result gets me depressed for a while. It'll pass.
Thank you!

No. 62637


thank you both for your advice! i think you are both totally right. we have spent 1 on 1 time together but it was a little awkward and forced. tbh the whole thing about seperating make believe feelings and real feelings makes a lot of sense. i'm probably having trouble seperating the character from the girl as she plays my sort of type (headstrong, muscular, tan). i've got a real catch though and you're right that i shouldn't toss it away

thank you again!

No. 62705

I've had a crush on an idol since he debuted. It's really embarrassing because I know that this buisness is basically made to make profit from young, stupid girls.
But I really can't help. For four years now I've had this feelings. I'm not a jealous person (at least I thought so) but when it comes to him I feel all kinds of dirty emotions.
Even men who I dated looked like him/have similar interest in music to him. But every damn time I get to know any person better I discover more differences than similarities and I quickly lose interest.
I feel like I fall in love deeper with him thanks to every damn picture, interview, song, tweet, anything he is in. How can human be so perfect, cute and talented, ugh.

Lmao @ myself for being so edgy and stupid

No. 62709

Who is the idol?

No. 62734

File: 1497212143566.jpg (57.22 KB, 500x667, DCAISohUQAAuZKl.jpg)

That guy

No. 62739

I'm not into K-Pop much (I kinda used to be into a few groups) but Suga is very very cute, good taste!

I don't think it's that stupid. I mean, how could it be more stupid than me having a 2D husbando. At least your crush is real… But dating men like him is probably the worst thing you could to yourself because (and I hope I'm not being too harsh) you'll probably never find a perfect copy of him, unfortunately. You'll just get more and more disappointed and frustrated, I bet.
My advice is, if you do want to have a relationship with someone, try to be more open minded about it, and not choose guys who remind you of Suga. You might find a guy you really like!
If you're just okay with being in love with Suga it's fine too, I guess. As long as it doesn't affect your life negatively, like stopping you from dating when maybe you want to date, then go for it! Just keep your options open.

No. 62741

No. 62743

Thank you anon for such a kind reply!
I know that it's not good to date people because they remind you of the special person but I can't help it. I only have any interest in them (and that's just in the beginning, unfortunetuly)
I read this thread and I think lots of anons there have nice point of view on their crushes - there's no point in denying it, it's better to accept and enjoy the feeling.
And I don't think there's anything different in liking 2d husbando and idol. We both have the same chances in hooking up with him and my crush will find stable partner when yours is always "accessible".

No. 62748

File: 1497216904970.jpg (99.02 KB, 632x555, 20170611_143319.jpg)

Anon…… i feel your pain

No. 62749

File: 1497217390149.jpg (182.34 KB, 720x1280, b0a3b1dd-0414-47b0-a34e-794397…)

You just can't escape from his charms

No. 62750

File: 1497217589675.jpg (214.44 KB, 608x1007, 20170611_144533.jpg)

It's an endless cycle

No. 62756

File: 1497223988089.gif (462.1 KB, 500x214, tumblr_m8djhxojAZ1r282o3o2_500…)

Anon, this was beautiful.

No problem! I'm happy to talk with the people here who at least understand this side of me that I don't share with anyone.
Good point, idols may as well live in another dimension. I feel like if I ever saw one of the guys from groups I liked, like Block B or EXO, I probably would feel very weird and pass out. Have you ever seen BTS live? They do fansigns too, right? How would you react if you met him in person? I'm just curious…

>pic related was my k-pop crush

>tfw I still have a folder full of pics of this fuckboi

No. 62797

File: 1497236897490.jpg (37.09 KB, 400x447, 1312421977761.jpg)

>High school
>English teacher shows off these doodles some underclassman does on the back of his paper when he finishes work, they're beautiful highly detailed fantasy drawings
>Love it, vow to myself to find and befriend this kid
>Month or so later, school calls kids down who's birthday is that month to wish them all Happy Birthday
>Kid sitting in front of me is drawing kid
>He's super cute, a year younger than me and his birthday is two days before mine
>Introduce myself, tell him I saw his drawings and how much I like them
>We develop a passing friendship, no classes together but we make a point to see each other whenever we can
>Before class and after class. Sometimes we walk out of school together. One day walking out he stops and picks up a beetle on the floor, not wanting other students to step on it, carries it outside
>My little vegetarian heart melts right then and there
>Both of us were in relationships at the time, but a very unspoken/avoided connection was developing
>Best friend sees us talking one day, we hug
>His arms are the most secure I'd ever felt, I thought he was so handsome and charming
>Best friend tells me something along the lines of I really shouldn't let him get away, we should be honest with our feelings because it's the most genuine thing she's seen. She's honest to god upset with me because I don't do this/don't want to ruin my relationship.
>I leave school, never really see him again. Chat a few times on fb.
>Still in the relationship i was in in HS, he's off at college dating pretty girls and making something of himself. Still handsome and charming and gentle as always.
>I still think about him all the time.

No. 62798

Ahh anon I too feel your pain except for me it's jimin. I've been into kpop since 2010 but never crushed so hard until bts. Yoongi is such a deep soul, his mixtape must've killed you bc ik I got teary lmao. But yeah sometimes I wish I didn't like them just bc of how much they emotionally affect me. This sounds so lame haha but I totally get how u feel, wondering if it's possible to find someone in real life who you'll feel as strongly towards

No. 62803

File: 1497265783875.jpg (157.82 KB, 800x1200, C1aCgJNUAAApGIu.jpg)

Jimin is so cute and fierce! I can't with him on stage and he is always so funny during vlives/bangtan bombs. Good taste anon! Let's suffer together.
I truthfully started crying at the beginning of Agust D mv lol. It was intense.
Could I ask what is your 2d husbando? Because Zico is just 10/10
I think I wouldn't react much, maybe ask for a photo or something. If that was Suga on the other hand… I don't trust myself with that.

No. 62808

File: 1497272046745.jpg (107.16 KB, 736x945, 1f210b70e9c4ea4336e4e165b2cd1f…)

Understand you anon, this guy litterally makes me cry

No. 62809

omg lmao SAME TBH……….im a suga stan aswell ffs but i know like the chances of ever being with a guy as famous or from that industry is 00000000000000000.000000001% so i dont develop actual crushes on them god bless

No. 62810

File: 1497272472846.jpg (207.53 KB, 898x1200, Mads-Mikkelsen.jpg)

This guy… Honestly he is too good for this world , love him too much.

It's kinda weird cause because of him I realized I have a thing for older men, who have grey hair (not horribly old, but 30-50 yo, even tho Mads is 51)

He and Benman Cumbercatch, Rupert Graves are my top crushes…

No. 62811

File: 1497272537990.jpg (87.77 KB, 1024x671, 2255152,J8pewl_AL5lVjAz0EF78Zj…)

>>62810 BTW anyone else fan of Maurice?

No. 62812

You know how I can tell you use tumblr?

No. 62813


Used like 2 y ago.

But saying Benman Cumbercatch or that all my crushes are basic af ?

No. 62902

Mine is a mutual friend of my best friend. She's not smart at all (literally didn't understand how scientific notation works as a 3rd year in college), her major is boring to me (vocalist) so no shared interests there, her sense of humor makes me cringe, she seems really emotionally unintelligent (gets upset over really trivial petty situations) and she's likely straight/taken atm but I still think about her romantically because she's nice and cute. Like idek why I'm still into her despite knowing she would annoy the shit out of me as a gf, I think she's just the closest person I know that fits my "type" of girl so I think about turning her and doing romantic lezzy stuff with her all the time. I think if I was closer with more gay girls the crush would evaporate but it's really hard to find cool people in my classes that i'm attracted to, and most of the women who talk to me on dating apps are flaky bi/straight girls only interested in sexual experimentation. My type is the plain cute boring nice girl next door type like my crush and all the girls like that seem to be straight or at least dating men.

No. 62910

File: 1497405358585.jpg (116.28 KB, 700x685, tumblr_oqqtnx5tOM1w72up8o1_128…)

>16, moved back to a town I lived in until i was a toddler, three years ago
>fall for guy that is a family friend
>legit 9.5
>worst crush i've ever had
>he's 20, would have to wait another 2 years EVEN IF by some long shot he liked me back


No. 62923

File: 1497456152180.jpg (65.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about a 10/10 who I'll never see again in my life. He's also intelligent, interesting and the sweetest person I've ever met.
>tfw now everyone's a shit

No. 62925


if it's going to make you feel better, he probably has some terrible flaws he's smart enough to hide with being a decent person. most people who are intelligent, interesting AND sweet are usually a mess underneath.

No. 62954

File: 1497491754425.gif (592.1 KB, 480x272, a12pjDJ9m_480wa_v1.gif)

I'm still in love with this guy I met on the internet 2 years ago. I live in America and he lives in England. He is what I would describe as perfect (attractive, intelligent, very good at conversation, loves kids). I was crazy for him and we would talk all the time. I confessed that I was in love with him one day and he was sort of passive about it despite flirting with me a lot and admitting that he liked me back.

We stopped talking over time but he still has me added on everything. I know we won't ever go anywhere/talk again but I still am not over him. I cry over what could have been constantly and haven't loved anyone else since.

No. 62969

Just message him, anon! If the worst thing is not ending up with him then you don't have anything to loose. If you become friends you might be able to visit him. (I moved to another continent for my SO, it's doable, especially if you're in college or if you have a degree (=easy visa)).

No. 62975

Yes, anon, listen to >>62969. What have you got to lose? Message this guy and try to start talking to him again.

Wow, you moved to another continent?! How did that go for you? Were you long distance for a while? I'm >>56270 and >>59496 and I've gone full retard now imagining my life with this Aussie guy. It doesn't help that he's messaged me every day (every day!) since our weekend in Italy, and he sends the cutest texts too…once, he sent me the bouquet of flowers emoji and said "Here's some flowers for you!" I fucking melted. Please want to be my boyfriend…I get sad thinking about how this is all probably going to come to an end at some point. All I wanna do is gush at him about how amazing and wonderful I think he is, and how I don't know how I deserve/got his attention but I'm sooo happy to have it and I want to keep it for as long as I possibly can. But that's probably way too intense for this summer Euro fling we're having. Ah, what a mess.

Any updates, anon? I've been curious!

No. 62978

C'mon, who doesn't want to fuck Mads? That's not even an embarrassing crush.

No. 62986

I have a similar crush on Chris Ray Gun, he's a disgusting, despicable, cocky little manlet, obviously has some form of autism/severe social anxiety (I saw a vlog of him and he was painfully self conscious and awkward irl) I disagree with and hate all of his opinions. But I want to fuck him badly and I just find his punchable face and overbite and thick glasses and big nose and Auschwitz bod rlly cute idk. There was a video where he put his tongue inside a drink and started flicking it against an ice cube as if it was a clit (at least in my mind) and I literally nutted to it like 15 times. This is embarrassing because I'm like a year older than him.

I'm also genuinely jealous, amused and grossed out by the fact he's fucking Laci Green. I find it so hilariously lame that they arranged to meet up like once and then immediately started dating. Tf? They're not on the same level at all. They look super weird together. I mean I know Chris is a manlet little rat but at least he's quite handsome facially. Laci is just a dumpy fat faced chipmunk.

I'm just imagining him having to eat her out, getting a mouthful of her cheesy puss discharge and her going 'IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL, ALL GIRLS GET THIS CHRIS.' Makes me fuckin' sick. Like please anyone, anyone but cowtits herself.

No. 62989

>tfw I have really bad chronic halitosis (ew) that has never gone away despite having excellent oral hygiene, self care, medical treatment and diet and have resigned myself to being a NEET shut-in living in a fantasy world bc no guy with a sense of smell would ever date me irl


No. 63004

I can only laugh so much please stop

No. 63013

Wtf they're actually dating now? Fucking KEK. I guess opposites really do attract.

Don't despair anon. I'm sure he'll get bored of Laci and her hideous nasolabial folds soon enough.

No. 63018

Holy shit, for once someones crush is worse than mine. I'm sorry, I laughed hard. I feel so much better. At least my autistic soon middleaged manlet isn't dating Laci Green. He might have fucked his fair share of hookers, as there's no way did he get laid before he became e-famous. At least he never fucked Laci Green. That's a point from where you don't come back. I can forgive a lot of things, but Laci Green? No.

Date women 15 years younger ? At least it's not "Not one-of-the-guys" Laci Green
Watches nasty and weird porn while performing asphyxiation? At least the porn doesn't contain "Hitler was all right and by that I mean alt-right" Laci Green

>>60569 this is me btw

No. 63109

File: 1497626204210.png (97.02 KB, 297x310, wat.PNG)

Subjective ! Description ! Please !

No. 63120

I have a huge crush on a pornstar and I fantasize about him taking my virginity and chilling and talking about music with him afterward. Why am I like this.

No. 63128

Do you have tonsil stones? Get your tonsils checked out, they might be the cause

No. 63192

I have this crush on a youtuber who makes reviews about books. I'm not even into books nowadays but she's so smart and always makes her reviews with such passion, researching stuff about the background of each work she reviews, that I can't help but wish I could date her. I thought I had been over this but I dreamed about her today. Pathetic tbh.

No. 63210

File: 1497686681574.jpg (5.42 MB, 3000x2004, IMG_2842.JPG)

This might be a bit off-topic but does someone get sad that nobody will ever have a retarded crush like this on you? Because I sure do. I don't know, it just seems so sweet to me and I want someone to feel like this about me, but I know it probably won't happen cus I'm plain and fucking boring. But still - seriously, I would be so happy if someone had an impossible or retarded crush on me…

No. 63211

Omg same but I'm really weird looking and boring as fuck.

No. 63215

even if they weren't your type at all?
the guys who fall for me don't take care of themselves/ r always chubby

No. 63220

Yeah, sure, even if the person isn't attractive. I don't care about their looks in this situation at all. We're talking about impossible crushes here - they can't act on it. It seems sweet to me no matter who the person is…

I want someone to notice me walking down the street and then think about me for months, or see me on a photo and then crush on me hard, that kind of thing. Just like the anons in this thread who were mentioning their impossible crushes described.

No. 63239

Same, although all of my ex-boyfriends have been obsessive and most still want to get back together. I'm not sure if they are/were just really into me, or if it's just their personality and they would be really into whoever they dated. I get a feeling it's a combination of both, leaning toward the later, and the reason they haven't found other women to retarded crush on is because most women don't pay them attention and they have limited relationship experience. Having someone into me, and not because they are desperate would be nice tho.

No. 63272

>When you have to listen to your crush describe how he proposed to his fiance and not only is he your crush but you're in your mid twenties and have never been in a relationship and what he's describing will never happen to you

I've been crying on and off for the past day.

No. 63275

fuck that sounds rough :\

No. 63276

feel better anon. try and get over him asap, just don't think about him. keep busy.

No. 63362

File: 1497851821695.jpg (113.68 KB, 930x930, 4a0c3bb5-7c7c-494c-8aab-e09af6…)

I feel like Jungkook from BTS would be the best boyfriend. He's ugly-cute and athletic and p much good at everything
Tfw I'm not Korean and probably will never meet him ):
I just want to meet a guy who looks like him so we can date

No. 63363


I think many people would disagree…

No. 63384

I fall in love with literally every guy that gives me the slightest bit of attention.
This weekend I talked with a guy I met, that's not even my type for a couple of hours and it wasn't even flirty at all. Just normal talking. And I just can't stop thinking about him and his stupid face. One time I saw a hot guy in the grocery store that asked me where I found the sunflower seeds I had in my shopping cart. He politely said thank you with a smile and it takes me days to get over that.

How can one stop that?

No. 63386

Sorry, I didn't check this thread for a few days. We weren't in a LDR but we moved to another country/ continent after we were dating for less than three months because he was planning to do so. I didn't want to break up and just came along.

Because it was so spontaneous it took me a bit to get a working visa but nothing too bad and I've been working before so I could live off my savings. If you can, visit him in Australia for a few weeks or apply for a work visa if you don't have anything better to do (e.g. college). It's really easy and quick depending on where you're from. Best case, you guys progress with your relationship and might move in together etc. and you can start looking for a long term visa (which is what I'm doing right now) and worst case is that you'll have an amazing experience abroad and meet new people etc. If you're in college you might be able to do an exchange to Australia.

Hope it works out for you!

Realize that you're not in love but that you are projecting something that you want to have onto other people. Make yourself aware of that fact. It's not love, it's probably not even a crush. It's more like a wish. If you tell yourself that it has nothing to do with the person itself, it might get easier for you.

No. 64668

File: 1499690771619.webm (258.6 KB, 373x210, qt.webm)

>fam posts this guys youtube on normiebook
tfw cucked by jesus

No. 64828

File: 1499956641206.jpg (235.13 KB, 1001x1024, JB.jpg)

I'm crushing hard on Jimin from BTS right now, I'm so fucking depressed atm and daydreaming has always been my coping mechanism. It's really pathetic, I know I'm being sold a dream by a multimillion dollar industry but I'm falling for it 100 %. Damn they are just so good at presenting those boys like perfects talented beautiful angels it really make you feel like you would be much happier with them in your life.

No. 64830

File: 1499957658147.png (225.29 KB, 600x338, $RUXTOBU.png)

For a while I thought Werster was super cute (in that ugly cute way) despite the rage. I find gamer rage quite relateable. I thought he was single too and that fueled it I think, I always end up crushing on unavailable people.

The attraction died immediately when I found out he was engaged.

No. 64833

This guy being engaged delegitamizes any argument an incel can come up with.

No. 64839

File: 1499977060626.png (139.69 KB, 405x377, 18839910.png)

I have an embarrassingly real crush on a streamer. I've been watching him for four years and I'm pretty sure he's asexual or just not into relationships because he never talks about them. He also said straight up he doesn't like the concept of marriage and enjoys his introvert life style. His voice helps me sleep and I've had his streams just playing in the background for the past four years. I've had happy relationships but I still daydream about being his girlfriend a lot. If he ever did get a gf I'd probably feel such genuine feelings of jealousy and get upset enough to where I'd have to stop watching him. He's so chill and cute for a white boy nerd streamer imo. He has a band and his singing voice is so good. I never have crushes on celebrities or "unobtainable" people. He's the only one and it feels so embarrassing. And painful. I just want to cook him dinner and play videogames in a comfortable silence in the same room together.

No. 64840

lmao, vinny?

No. 64841

Yes lol. He won my heart. What else can I say besides I'm a disgrace? lol

No. 64848


god are you 16? its no different than girls who have a big ass crush on guys in rock bands or whatever, who cares. joel is better anyway

No. 64850

its weird for some ppl to crush on those that are considered unobtainable (kind of what the whole thread is about lol) and to argue which streamer is better seems more like a sign of being 16 lmao. different strokes for diff folks and they are just nerd streamer boys. nothing worth getting taking sides on imo

No. 64862

File: 1500011219843.jpg (26.82 KB, 442x494, tumblr_inline_oq4m1ob90x1ub0zb…)

I have a teacher at my college. Basically, I found him incredibly attractive over time and it was driving me crazy and I fell for him. Mind you, this guy and I are probably only 8 years apart since I'm going to a barbering school.

We would be so good for each other. We have the exact same music taste, the same taste in video games, and I can tell he somewhat enjoys talking to me. Sometimes he teases me or asks me questions about myself. I'm pretty silent in class so he's always initiating the conversation.

The other girls in my class think he's really weird, because his music taste is a bit obscure and his taste in haircuts/art is very unique.

But he's kind of a hardass type and he has a girlfriend who lives with him. I've heard him say that he's planning on marrying her. When I hear him talk about his girlfriend I get really irrationally upset, but I can't help it.

I saw him at this fashion show that we had to attend, and his girlfriend showed. I pretty much just sat behind them and watched them kiss and hug each other, and I just felt really defeated/depressed. I know I'm not allowed to feel like this, though.

Sometimes I fantasize about what he would possibly do if I approached him romantically, if I told him how I felt. I could see myself being really happy with him. But I know it's not meant to be.

No. 64868

Even if he does choose you over her; who wants a cheating scumbag who will chuck you away if new legs walk by?

No. 64877

File: 1500050666160.jpg (66.46 KB, 500x375, dazed and confused.jpg)

writing this cos I literally just saw my mum talking to this guy outside our house and remembered this thread

>'my friends cool older brother' type

>we all played together as kids and we 'dated' which obviously doesn't count for shit
>always been a few years above me in school, used to be an emo/metalhead kid which I also wanted to be at the time
>is now a huge stoner
>kind of a waste of space, dropped out of college and now works in a chip shop and lives with his parents.
>smoked weed for the first few times with him and his friends when I was 15 and still had a weird ridiculous crush on him
>I'm 18 now, in Uni, have my own house, a great bf and everything going for me
>still see him when I'm home for the summer and can't help but imagine what it'd be like to throw it all away to live that dazed and confused lifestyle and become his **~stoner princess~**
>usually goes away in like half an hour but still
>y am i like this

No. 64879

Yeah, you have a point. That's why I know it's definitely not gonna happen.

No. 64880

I'm sure you know this already but that lifestyle is definitely not as romantic and pretty as it seems. Don't throw away what you've got. By the way, 18 with your own house? That's really awesome!

No. 64882

Yeah, it would get old way quick. I've already done my fair share of smoking anyway and it's not for me full time. Also thanks!

No. 64884

Don't cling onto the past and remember he's a dead shit.

No. 64888

>I'm 18 now, in Uni, have my own house, a great bf and everything going for me

I didn't believe this but it's a specific thing to make up, 18 with your own house is damn impressive don't even think about throwing it all away!!

No. 66453

File: 1502599917774.gif (1.52 MB, 500x280, grlly.gif)

>getting crushes on strangers all the time
>today get a crush on the average looking guy who smiled to me twice at walmart today
pic related is me to myself

No. 66456

This guy from the wwyd episode
I searched his information and found out his name was anthony crouchelli and now have a massive crush on him

I've been looking at all his social media on the daily trying to get his attention by asking for fitness "Advice" and considered traveling to new jersey before to take his classes and make him fall for me
whats worse is that if a miracle did happen I would be constantly jealous because he is surrounded by beautiful women and liking their photos on instagram, he even had to pretend ashley graham was his girlfriend before, I have no chance despite it being unrealistic as well as me being older than him and a chubby slob with no tits

I don't even know why, this reminds me of when I was 16 and pretty little liars came out, and I developed this huge crush on ian harding, having wet dreams about him every night and wanting to meet him and pretending to have his interests in hope he notices me
I always have crazy crushes on these men, no idea why, something is just very appealing to me about hairy, slightly built, italian men with short fluffy hair and an average face, there's so many better looking guys to obsess over and why are my ovaries throbbing over slightly more than average looking men who knows

No. 66459

It's been almost 10 years and I'm still in love with a fuckboi (he's more of a "bro" than a fuckboi actually) who has never (or will) returned my feelings for him. I no longer dwell on it as much as I used to but every time I see him with a new chick I die a little inside, subconsciously wishing it was me. I'm happy for him, I really am and I've tried erasing my feelings for him to no avail.

I fallow him in all social media; I'm friends with him on Snapchat, Facebook and I lnstagram and nowadays I no longer talk to him but just observe what he's up to.

Am I really in love or nah?

No. 66460


I also hate to admit it but there were times I thought about "offering" myself to him and be done with it just so I can no longer remain a virgin or himself offering to sleep with me or "kidnap" me to do so. I even thought of our sexual encounters together.

It's safe to say I no longer care for such things now.

No. 66462

I had a crush on this guy through primary and and most of secondary school, however he moved and transferred to a different school, I found out the town he lived in and where he graduated, I'm tempted to move to his town for a bit until I can bump in to him at the store or something, but we all know it's unrealistic, I do wanna bump into him though, I just don't know how to go about it and I believe he has a girlfriend

I was an ugly duckling throughout secondary and primary, so of course when people found out about my crush on him he mocked me as well as everyone else, I guess it's because I have an inner greed now that I'm making good money and look so much better than I use to
what do anons

No. 66541

vinny aint asexual.

No. 66542

Sounds more like you're in love the fantasy of him than actual him. Unfollow him (block him if you have to stop yourself from looking), stop thinking about doing things with him, and see someone else to distract yourself.

No. 66544

>be 12
>played club penguin for hours and met a boy on there
>developed a huge crush on a stranger who plays as a penguin
>talked for a long time
>he suddenly quit without telling me
>took a shower and wept as I tried to wash my ass
>parents were in the living watching tv as this was going down
>never told anyone about this
>now 20
>never felt the same way towards another man
>I once a while think about everything and what could've been
>a penguin
>now has a crush on sans from undertale
>became a skele fucker

since I was little I've always had crushes on fictional character but whoever it was that I had a crush on was the first time I actually felt something for an actual person.

holy shit yall

No. 66604

I know what you mean, I often think about bumping into people who use to bully me or start shit with me in school

for moving to his town, if it's not that far away don't waste your money moving for that, however I guess you can just go to his towns restaurants or shops every now and then and see where that gets you, just don't obsess over it and make it obvious you traveled to a different town to look for some guy

No. 66605

Maybe anon could use all the info she has about him to go on tindr hunting trips? Treat it like an actual safari where she goes and has a fun weekend and searches for him on tindr whilst she's there. Don't expect to actually find him or for anything but enjoy the experience itself, like irl fishing

No. 66606

I used to have a pretty big crush on Vinny from vinesauce and I used to watch every stream of his and every video basically. I wanted to be his girlfriend so badly I basically just fell in love with him but I had to stop with my obsession because it took up a lot of my time. I had a dream about him last night which consisted of him falling in love with me and petting my head and now I think I'm falling in love with him again I can't stop thinking about him and I'm watching his videos again. I'm considering actually trying to talk to him but then I realize how terrible that is. I'm so stupid I wish I could just have nice dreams about him. I really wish I could hug him.

No. 66609

I doubt he has tindr, I live in the fuck middle of nowhere so does he and I'm p sure he's seeing someone

I want to run into him in a way of kinda a "regret you didn't date me" sort of way, I don't want him to fall for me or anything

No. 66618

dude i love vinny too his personality is charming and hes funny and cute
i dont think im as obsessive as you but sometimes i daydream about dating him lol

No. 66638

I'm other anon who posted about Vinny lol. I'm with you. I try to detach but end up having a dream and it starts all over again. It's nice to know I'm not alone in daydreaming and thinking he's charming. I doubt he's dating someone sometimes, not just so I don't feel dumbly jealous, but because he's expressed distaste for marriage and talks often of his introvert lifestyle, but I know it's not impossible either.

No. 66728

I have a crush on artist youtuber. I've watched pretty much every one of his videos and follow him on all social media. He is almost a decade older than me but I always imagine what it would be like to be with him. I've even thought about switching colleges across the country so that I could meet him. Its starting to negatively affect me. I get really salty when I see him like pretty girls pics on Instagram and its pretty pathetic in hindsight. Honestly creeping on his social media at this point is almost like a hobby, as if it gives my life extra drama or something.
Writing this is pretty therapeutic and i think I really need to step back. Its hard cause i love his content he makes so much but when I watch it I end up getting all daydreamy and unrealistic. Any advice??

No. 66735

which youtuber anon. spill it

No. 66741

Ugh i started crushing hard on Damon Albarn really recently, i've been a fan of gorillaz for a while but i never felt any infatuation for him until this vid came up in recommended feed and i immediately started feeling some type of way when he and kali were dancing up close. I basically spent the whole week with my thoughts clogged with fantasies of him and i singing and dancing the night away at a club or something lol. Too bad I'm his daughter's age and I'm way too poor to be anywhere within his general vicinity

No. 66753

ahmed aldoori

i hope he never sees this

No. 66769

I know what you mean, I think it's a psychological thing, I'd take an 7/10 instead of a 9.5/10 anyday of the week, he seems like a complete sweetheart too
you shouldn't feel bad though, it's normal to be jealous but you shouldn't call yourself a chubby slob with no tits, who is he anyway?

also, ot but he reminds me a bit of my dog

No. 66774

File: 1503178522161.gif (365.22 KB, 500x275, feels-Dr-Who.gif)

i have a crush on a celebrity who's been dead for a while, ive adored him for years until i forgot about him for a while and it isn't until recently that i rediscovered him and started crushing on him. it isn't obsessive or an unhealthy crush or anything, it's just normal. I just really love him, he was kind-hearted and generous.
I feel ridiculous having a crush on someone who's dead let alone even saying his name so I'll stop right here, lol. Nothing significant or spectacular really

No. 66775

I don't blame you lol, he's qt, has a nice voice, and is super talented.

as for advice, I get the same way with ridiculous internet crushes and pretty much the only thing that heals them is time lol, after a while I just find something else to obsess over.

No. 66806

oh anon, I'm still emotional about the death of my one and only - Heath Ledger
so I can relate I think

No. 66813

is it river phoenix lol

No. 66820

I fell for a guy at work a week before he left for university and I have no idea if I'll ever see him again, I know hardly anything about him, I don't know which uni he's gone to or what he's even studying there, I only spoke to him a handful or times but I still miss him even though it's been a few months and I've moved jobs.

No. 66821

lol not the same person but i have a crush on his surviving brother joaquin. normal or shame thread material?

No. 66827

File: 1503271696984.gif (1.57 MB, 480x260, tumblr_nk6z0eMu9q1sf2npfo1_500…)

ntayrt but i have an impossible crush on River Phoenix lmao

No. 66828

dw anon it's normal. i've seen a lot of girls say they have major crushes on both brothers. they are both super handsome!

No. 66841

File: 1503287835864.png (112.64 KB, 252x254, Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.45…)

ok good. he seems a little hollywood freaky but he's so…my type. i like him now that he's older too but check this out

No. 66859

oh this is a really nice pic of him. he is a certified s t u d

No. 66891

File: 1503352667520.jpg (33.44 KB, 450x346, 1502381046227.jpg)

hi anon, person who posted that here and no, it isnt him. although i can say i've certainly taken an interest in him though! he was a great person.

No. 66965

guys dis was me too but with joel… like, dreams and daydreams and it got so bad i had to stop watching his streams to get back to reality lmao. he's just so nice, and when u send art he compliments it so genuinely no matter how shitty. ugh, love the boy… :'(

No. 68745

File: 1507488176904.png (23.18 KB, 180x212, 180px-Whfchance.PNG)

I have a crush on this massive fucking nerd who streams full time. He's really nice to listen to and consistently has interesting things to say. I find him cute even though he makes me cringe at times and sometimes looks fairly unattractive. I'll never make contact, of course. Just continue watching like a creep (though, I'm equally as interested in his content as I am in him)

No. 68751

My crus is this doctor receptionist guy, he's so cute and handsome, and so nice whenever I go to the doctor. He plays in a band and likes rock music, and this I know because I kind of stalked him online (no shame lol)
He's a few years older than me but he has a wife and a kid, so no chances but everytime I see him I kind of want to hide under a rock at how ridiculous I feel

No. 68757

I have a crush on a person I've only ever talked to on the internet and who lives on a different continent. I might be obsessed. I don't like this one bit.

No. 68759

Oh god, I know this feeling too entirely. Try to abort if you can…

No. 68786

are you me anon? lol. i'm also attracted to a streamer who also makes me cringe sometimes. i'll be meeting him soon tho. he wants to hang out (outside of the convention/meet up, like get something to eat). we have so much in common and he's acknowledged it before (we talk sometimes outside of stream). itd be so cool if a crush like this actually worked out and if we had chemistry irl but im trying to be realistic.

No. 68821

i've developed a crush on a youtuber who makes tutorials about oil painting. he's very straightforward and practical, but its never condescending about it. plus he never once acts like an embarrassing ADHD ham for jokes or clicks. on top of all that, he's an extremely skilled artist and carpenter. just an artistic guy who wasn't one of these whacked out art dudes i see everywhere, just very chill. i first just had a lot of respect and admiration for him, then i thought he was kinda attractive, and its just downhill from there. plus he's like 25 years older than me and it doesn't help that i have a thing for older bearded men…

No. 68824

I have a crush on my dental hygienist lol. He's fairly young and really fit (he was a professional athlete before he went to school for dentistry) and, of course, has nice teeth and an amazing smile. Also he always does jaw and neck examinations before teeth cleanings (idk why????) and it's basically like a mini massage and it's so nice aksdjfksdjf I've never had a male hygienist before and it's fucking me up lol, when it's a woman it's really comfy because they're always really nice.

No. 68834

Sounds familiar to me. Did he design his own easel?

No. 68868


shit im caught lol. yes he does, and also makes his own oil paint.

No. 68870

Nice. I'm planning to watch his vids when I'm done with school. I found him a bit droney, but he seems to know his stuff

No. 68878


his drone use to annoy me actually, but i find it kind of calming now, similar to asmr for me

No. 68888

I do have a crush on a guy at work but I don't see him all that much. I don't know much about him and don't want to get my hopes up, especially because I won't work there for very long anyway and he most likely has a gf because everyone around me has a bf or a gf. Should I just forget about him or try to be a bit closer to him just in case?

No. 68891

>I won't work there for very long anyway
That's perfect. It's better if you aren't coworkers when you date, though it's not imperative as long as you are peers. Find out if he has a gf.

No. 68908

>Find out if he has a gf.
I have no idea how to get this sort of info without embarrassing myself. I was legit curious once and asked to another colleague how old he is (the guy I like) because I had a hard time guessing, and she asked me really loudly if I'm asking because I 'm into him. In front of other colleagues.

I'll try to ask him about himself in general without being too direct, I'm a bit scared of spilling spaghettis tho. I'd rather assume he has a gf right now, so I won't be too disappointed if I learn that's actually the case.

No. 68939

I have an impossible/retarded crush on a certain actor that I won't name. What makes it worse is that he is easy to see/meet because he does conventions, so I've gotten to meet him and therefore make the crush even worse. And what makes it even more worse is that he is cool with his fans online and has reached out to me before, so that also caused my crush on him to get even more retarded.
He's married though and I have no chance with him but dear god I wish I did.

No. 68947

Have you searched stalked on Facebook/other social media yet? Might be better and safer than asking a colleague who might spill the beans.
Anyway, good luck!

No. 68948

I'm getting along very well with some of my coworkers and I always forget to add them on fb, might as well do it once we see each other, maybe I'll find him on fb that way.

No. 68966

Who is he? Is he a voice actor or an actor in general? I don't even know why but I'm really curious.
>And what makes it even more worse is that he is cool with his fans online and has reached out to me before
I don't know if I'm feeling bad for you or not, since it's usually pretty cool to be in that situation, must be really frustrating.

No. 68968


An actor in general but he has done voice work as well.
And it is awesome that he's reached out to me, but it's just enough to drive the crush into overdrive I guess and that's frustrating, but still, not complaining, I seriously cherish our interactions, just wish it went farther, haha.

No. 68969

File: 1507903883913.png (595.99 KB, 618x488, me.PNG)

A bus driver who I sometimes see when I'm coming home at night (poorfag).

Ever since he smiled at me one time (I didn't smile back, my face freezes up when I'm nervous which is always), when I get on the bus and he's driving, I'm self-conscious about what I look like and I overthink my every movement.

A few nights ago I was catching the bus home after grocery shopping and he was driving and said he hadn't seen me recently and… I don't remember what I said in response. He told me to have a good night when I got off the bus and I found myself smiling like a lunatic.

(this is where the retarded part comes in) I think he smiled at another girl once and I felt jealous, and maybe he is just being polite when smiling at passengers as they get on, but I don't think he smiles at everyone (I have checked), so maybe he finds me cute? I used to not notice that guys were flirting with me instead of just trying to talk to me so now I assume they have ulterior motives if they're talking to me.

I hate how I'm all 'most men are scum, don't waste your time looking for a good one' but when an attractive one pays attention to me I fantasize about dating him and have to try and get myself not to by reminding myself that most men are douchebags that have ugly dicks and are circumcised. But it isn't working I still wanna suck his dick.

No. 68971

My blossom snowy daisy?

Joking aside, hopefully, just talk to him. You'll soon find that you don't like him, he's unavailable or that you're actually building a rapport.
Unfortunately him smiling at you isn't proof of anything.

No. 68975


Yeah, you should talk to him, a bus driver is totally approachable unlike some of the retarded, unreachable crushes we have. Start with some small chitchat, don't get yourself all nervous and freaked out thinking you have to have a full blown conversation right away, just test the waters a bit and see how much more or less you actually like him.

No. 68978

god thanks for that blast from the past, what a fun thread

No. 68981

I really want to fuck my supervisor. He's kind of an asshole who never smiles or engages with small talk but he's quite cute.

Now I'm too embarrassed to even make eye contact with him because I feel like its written all over my face. Eh.

No. 69021

I have it really bad for one of my customers.
He's married with kids so I know nothing will ever happen but when I serve him he always looks right into my eyes and smiles and when we say goodbye he'll always look back at me before he goes. even when I'm not serving him but he's in the store I will always catch him looking at me.

one time he came into the store with his wife and he honestly looked so guilty or something.

I don't even want a relationship. I just want to fuck him once to get it out of my system. The lust is driving me insane!!

No. 69037

File: 1508019212825.png (587.39 KB, 604x675, 1c8580cbddb4a95cadc230b05e7d97…)

I have a crush on Sam Hyde. The man's insane but I want him to spit on me.

No. 69038

i have a crush on a married coworker and im engaged. literally got distracted during a code blue (we're both nurses) watching his ass while doing cpr. just fuck me up fam

No. 69056

File: 1508031506695.jpg (607.25 KB, 1334x750, tgWWBDN.jpg)

Same, but I want to have sex with him while he's dressed as Trex

No. 69088

I had a crush on one of my teachers back in highschool.

No. 69148

I couldn't see him last time we could have worked together because we were sent in different places now and there's a chance he isn't working in the same company anymore because I see his name in the week's and next week's schedules. I hope I'm wrong.

No. 69159

Me too! I also have a big crush my (ex-) professor at uni, and now we live together, so it's more realistic/less retarded than I thought. I think?

No. 69496

File: 1508775412721.jpg (62.52 KB, 500x500, 1501952664515.jpg)

feel free to shit on me for being fucking dumb

>be me, fresh out of all-girls school

>meet guy when presenting at school programme
>used to be introverted, shit at talking
>no-one in the 50-something student crowd is listening
>guy takes microphone from me
>"Can everyone listen up to what Anon is saying?"

>can't seem to read script well enough
>"Let's share the script"
in hindsight, it might be because my presentation was awful lol

cringey part is here
>realise feelings 5 days later
>muster up courage at programme's final ball / dinner and take pics with him
>had to ask my friend, to ask his friend to ask him to send pics (after 4 days)
>try to chat up awk conservation
>barely makes it past two messages
>grey-ticked forever, probably deleted my contact later on

It's been two fucking years and I'm still crazy into him. He's better than me in every single way, I'm so angry @ myself for liking the first every person in my life who stood up for me.

No. 69497

to add on, we're in the same school now but he's graduating. He never noticed me, and as much as I wanted to initiate a conversation I would just be embarrassing myself. I feel like an idiot… he probably talked about me with his friends.

No. 69506

I want Seth Everman to love me…….

No. 69509

I have a crush on a 2D character i will not name. I decided to forget about it because it's obviously not real and will off course never happen.
I think it's because i have a thing for buff,strong girls with a dorky side. Sadly i'm such an autist(litteraly) and so shy irl that i can't even start a convo with any girl (or i come off as cold because i'm not very talkative at first) and I find myself not good enough to be loved.
Sometimes i read fanfics of that character x reader and tear up because i wish so hard for a girl like that to come into my life,help me be more confident,nerd out with me and love me.

It's not cringy or retarded anon. I kinda understand how you feel and why you feel this way.
Like for many people in this thread I hope you can find love, and someone that can stand for you!

No. 69510

god me too he's so tall I wanna climb him like a tree. can you imagine how good he probably is with his hands???

No. 69690

Nice! I guess it is more realistic, then.

No. 70115

I've fucked him actually.

No. 70116

File: 1510436987470.gif (213.47 KB, 450x306, 45b7d6a0142667079374454843_700…)

I have this huge crush on a girl from a dating site. She lives in another country, but it's close enough to mine plus I'm going to move soon for 6/8 months to her country (this was planned beforehand, not related to her anyway but it's a lucky coincidence). We're talking but she logs in once a week or so because she's busy with university. I'm going to ask her for her number or something like that so we can talk more, she's just my ideal gf but for some reason I feel that it's an impossible crush and that she's probably talking with some other girl better than me

No. 70122


No. 70157

Can't offer any. I don't want to post our messages and he didn't let me take any pictures. He has one of us though.

No. 70218

File: 1510665866487.png (32.87 KB, 423x400, IMG_1453.PNG)

I think I'm starting to have crush on a sim. I could recreate him since he's not mine but still, it's not the same. I want THAT specific one.

No. 70223

Good luck anon! I hope everything works out!!!

I think you won this thread.

No. 70234

Shit, son

No. 70240

File: 1510713752672.jpg (26.54 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

bro i want him to fuck me in that purple Rutgers presentation outfit guys with long hair are hot as fuck i dont care if its a shitty wig and he's wearing a dress. im drunk so i'd mkae it work

No. 70257

my condolences lmao

No. 70274

He has long hair now. When I was with him it was shorter and wished it was long, lol.

No. 70310

>he has long hair now
I meant way past the shoulders you basic niqqa. Just because he doesn't schedule appointments to get that unkempt, hairy mess around his ears trimmed anymore, doesn't mean his hair is long. He looks fucked up in his recent videos.

Also you keep saying you've dated him but aren't coming back with any proof or lulz so you might as well let that shit go.

No. 70314

Sorry. I don't want to give any definitive proof that it was me in case Sam ever sees this.

No. 70318

Just found out my lost-love has a girlfriend. Figures. He was good looking guy anyway.

No. 70319

how do i fall out of love with someone i see 3 times a week……
i have the stupidest crush on one of my professors and there's just no way not to bump into her. and i only now realised i have a crush on her, after a year of obvious (to everyone except me…) fawning over her. the thought of her or anyone knowing i have a crush on her makes me wanna kms lol but i just admire her so much fuck

No. 70335

y bother to keep coming back and saying youve fucked him when u still cant provide any proof. you seem really hung up about either the relationship itself or just desperate to prove yourself to us. also you said you didnt want to post messages because you dont want him to find out who you are, but you went out of your way days later to post this anyway while still saying you dont want to reveal yourself. if thats a real ss, youve pretty much already revealed yourself. youd be surprised how people can remember the most minuscule conversations, specifically what they've said to you
anyway this is the retarded crushes thread not the "i fucked a greasy homeless guy" thread…

No. 70336

What possible proof could I give?

No. 70337

none apparently which is why u should just drop it. thats why i asked why u keep coming back and saying it

No. 70338

Two people asked, I uploaded some and then you chastised me.

No. 70339

Uh not that anon, but how are some random messages (half blacked out ones) proof? Do you know how many apps there are where you can preset fake conversations and contacts? This is lolcow, home of the most skeptical bitches, not a facebook feed of 15 year old high schoolers. I have to agree with them that it's strange you keep talking about it and are starting to get defensive about anons "chastising" you when you said yourself you can't provide anything legitimate. If you don't have interesting specific info on sam like the tranny chick did and some noteworthy caps for proof y'all were together, then no one here cares about your micro blogging.

No. 70382

>be me, watched the friday the 13th movies all my life
>recently get into the game, it's really fun
>develop a massive fucking crush on (part 6) tommy jarvis
>it gets to the point where i watch at least one of the movies with him in it daily, die in the game intentionally to play as him

fml, every actor that's played him is literally older than my dad now

(would upload a picture of him but i don't know how to upload from my gallery on this site, newfag here)

No. 70466

File: 1511223885038.jpg (29.05 KB, 273x275, 1479153789460.jpg)

I have a full retard crush on an e-friend of 10+ years.

>be me, late 20sF anon in 7+ year abusive relationship

>have gaming e-friend who lives on the other coast
>go through emotional rollercoaster as relationship implodes, start crying one night drunkenly in voice chat
>tell crush what's going on
>"Anon, you are beautiful and funny and loved and you will find happiness."
>qq more
>spend 10+ hours a week playing gaems with crush
>get introduced to his friends in gaming groups
>watch shows and sports in voice chat with crush from time to time
>selfie swap while on respective vacations
>contact drops off
>"thanks for sending me that meme video anon, it helped me get laid the other week"
>feel inexplicably depressed
>get told I should meet up at Blizzcon next year

What do I even do tho? There is literally no way to make this work, I think he's probably about 80% of what I want in a partner and I just want to hear his dumb jokes and drink beers and eat guac together. Halp.

No. 70468

Cut off contact, you're falling hard for someone who has made it obvious that he's only after pussy

No. 70474

i had to do a double read and rethink this bc it sounded harsh af, but i have to agree with >>70468
he sounds thirsty and like hes not looking for a relationship rn. he also is not into you in that way otherwise he wouldnt have said that to you. yall are obviously just friends to him at best, worse is he's using his time spent with you as a token girl to be flirty with on the side and inflate his ego to make believe that he has "charisma" and can get more comfortable talking to other girls. sounds more like the latter, based on the first and second part of what he said. shame but hes a total pos

No. 70479

>"thanks for sending me that meme video anon, it helped me get laid the other week"

Yeah nah. No guy who sees something meaningful with you would have told you something this gross. At best you'll wind up being his pump and dump, anon. I'm sorry.

No. 70487

I wouldn't be that harsh. He probably sees you the same way as his other gaming friends since this looks like a casual male-brag. Just try pursuing a little bit, maybe? To see if there's any response. And honestly, if you're in an abusive relationship - dump
And then you can do whatever you want, who said HE can't be your "pump and dump"? Lol anon, just go and have sex with him if that'll make you happy, but first of all, dump your abusive partner because duh.

No. 70490

Don't just give up without trying. Tell him you wanna eat gauc. That sounds like my kind of love confession. Good luck.

No. 70491


you think it's harmful to keep swapping thirst traps?


yeahhh - I went through the mutual breakup back in May but we've been stuck in the save living quarters while ex has refused to sign appropiate paperwork to break the lease.

Tbh, I haven't been single since I was 19 so I really wonder what it's like to just hook up with a person and leave

No. 70492


Thanks anon. I think the company I work for is expanding to the coast he lives on, I debate making the jump but I also always wanted to gtfo of here anyway

No. 70496

i have to disagree that she should use him as a pump n dump. sounds like she wants a real romantic relationship with him, so it most likely wouldnt end just there, nor would it be fulfilling for her. she'll get even more attached if they hookup just once, she won't be satisfied and she'll keep talking to him in hopes he budges and pursues her romantically. someone cant just be like "oh hes using me for a pump n dump so ill try to use him like that" if that wasnt the initial intention. its like a bizarre, petty, sexual form of "i know you are but what am i".

just cut him off, anon. you're obviously practice for him socially so he knows what to say later to get into other womens pants.

No. 70537

I have such a retard crush.

When I was at college I got on really well with my philosophy teacher. We talked so much and started having these little inside jokes and I don't know, we just clicked as people. So I slowly realised I had begun to fancy him, and the crush only progressed as our relationship developed.

I've left college now and I wasn't sure whether to ask for his number just so that we can meet whenever I'm around or something, and also just because it's easier to talk over text than email. But I'm quite good buddies with another teacher there, and he said something about there being a "recommended" 2 year wait period before that sort of contact with an ex-student. So for now we're just emailing.

But I don't know what to do, anons. I seriously have feelings for this guy. But it's such an impossible crush for so many reasons you'd think I was joking. Obviously he taught me and he's 20 years older than me, but it gets worse.

He's married with children and is a rather committed Catholic (i.e. no divorce). But we've touched upon the subject…he doesn't wear his ring so I've told him that he needs to do what makes him happy, whether that be staying here with his family or going travelling in India like he always wanted to do.

I don't know what to do about this whole thing. Wait nearly two years before suggesting we see each other in person? And then what?

No. 70538


Stop talking to him.

What are you expecting out of this? A quickie? Him to leave his wife for you? It seems like you're implying the latter - he'd leave his current life behind and you'd do some kind of Eat, Pray Love trip or whatever. Save yourself the disappointment.

No. 70541

I don't know what I'm expecting. I really don't. I don't think he's the type for a hookup and I'm not looking for that either. I mean, dream scenario, yes he finally leaves her and we start a relationship etc etc. But I'm not expecting that.

It's not like I'm turning down other people because of him. I'm still going out and meeting people, there was one guy I fancied quite a bit but I moved away. But I do worry that I'm sort of going to compare everyone else to him.

No. 70542


That's part if the issue here, though - you have a best case scenario in your head which, imo, shows exactly what you're looking for from this on the most base, internal level.

If it's getting to the point where this man is your "one" and it's hindering your interest in other people, you've gotten to close.

This is why he's bringing up the two year thing. As humans, it's extremely easy for us to emotionally attach when in close quarters. Its literally there so everyone can save face and keep their best wits about them.

Also anon - let's talk about that best base scenario. Okay, he leaves his wife and family for you. Great. Would you not feel any kind of pressure or be unnerved if you were in the wife's shoes?

No. 70543

Oh sorry, I should have been more clear. It was another teacher who mentioned the 2-year period, not him. But I'm still kind of adhering to it.

Would I feel unnerved if I was his wife? I mean, yeah, I suppose I would. I don't know exactly the ins and outs of their marriage but I know that he isn't happy and I'd imagine she isn't either. I mean, I get it, from her perspective, it'd be weird for him to divorce her and start a relationship with me.

No. 70545

The whole "he isn't happy with her and wants to leave" is the oldest trick in the book, dude. If he truly was that unhappy he'd have already left her. And if he gets with you now over, you know, his wife and kids, what's to say he won't do the same to you when he gets bored?

No. 70548


Now you say that I hear how I must sound lol.

It's just hard, because I'm not an idiot. I know you're right. If I was giving someone else advice about this, I'd tell them to forget it and not waste their time over a possibility of something happening. But it's harder than that, you know? Maybe I ought to keep him at arm's length.

No. 70549


Arm's length? No, football field.

Be professional, don't make any contact unless you absolutely have to.

Distance and lack of contact will make it easier.

No. 70675

>>70537 is me.

So… I just bumped into him. It was weird. I was waiting for the bus after coming out of the pub and I think he had just left work. Ugh…I didn't expect to see him, I was really happy and I had this goofy grin on my face the entire time we talked. He asked me if I was going to go back to my job at the school and I said I didn't think so. Argh I have it so bad for him but I need to get the fuck over him.

No. 71178

File: 1512529559649.jpg (93.38 KB, 300x300, 3385d87e4456656a2f1d627cd11bd2…)

I'm OBSESSED with Dick Valentine (Tyler Spencer) from Electric Six. He's so attractive and smart and weird… he's perfection.

He's super interactive with fans and is known to regularly hang out after his shows, but he's married with a young daughter.

If he was single, I know I could pull him no problem, but alas he is not, and I'm not a homewrecker. Nor does it appear he ever cheats on his wife <3

It's a reasonable crush but goddamn if I don't want him hard. It hurtsss…

No. 71193

holy shit I relate to this so much, but Joji is an awesome guy I am bummed he is not doing ff anymore but none the less he is basically husbando goals

No. 71208

File: 1512593596503.jpg (878.11 KB, 1229x1818, 2.jpg)

I've developed a crush on Dumbfoundead recently. I attend all his insta lives even tho I'm too shy to do a split screen with him lmao. Asian dudes with tattoos are def my type, I need to get my fucking life together

No. 71211

Literally who.

No. 71214

I think he's cute too. I'm not even that into Asian dudes usually lol.

No. 71226

I don't normally find guys like him hot but when I saw the Water MV I was surprised by how hot I found him.

No. 71238

I have this massive crush on a famous youtuber ( as in the millions of subs count )
He is funny and cynical in an edearing way and we share most of the same niche interests.

Too bad im a nobody.

Makes me wish i have met him before he was famous, we would've gotten along so well in high school.

No. 71450

Update: I found out recently that he was sent to another department and now our shifts are even more different than before. Because of that I met him right before my shift started and right after his shift ended on Sunday. We talked a little and he asked me about myself. I couldn't talk too much to him or I would have been late. But it made me so happy, I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot for hours after that. It's dumb and it was probably just out of politness but I'm so glad he asked me things about myself. I hope I'll be able to see him again next time.

No. 71464

I have a shameful youtuber crush as well and I also tend to fantasize about how well we would've gotten along if we'd known each other in high school lol

No. 71475

File: 1513210625607.jpg (483.43 KB, 579x800, Ayase.Koyuki.full.1676360.jpg)

i usually just lurk here but.. . ..here we go (also sorry for my REALLY bad english)

i've been in love with the same person i think for like…. 3 years ?

it all started one day when i was shopping with my mom and we stopped in a pet store, i was really tired but my mom wanted to se the dogs so we got in, i go look for the cats and

There he was…

This cute guy with long blonde hair holding all those kittens …. it was like heaven, i even talked about him on twitter this day. Anyways it was a day before a new year in school i think but, when i enter the school… I see him and, we stare at each other for some seconds. It was really anime in my mind ok. I was a dumb 13 years old weeaboo.

After this day i never actually talked to him. We used to wait for our vans to get home in the same street but he waited in the other side of mine and so could just look at him, I was pretty depressed this time and honestly the only thing that gave me strength to still go to school was being able to see him there.
One time, when i was getting into my van i looked back to see something, i dont remember what, and he was looking at me. My dumb 14 ass was so happy this day i still remember it. After some time, i think in the end of the year, he stopped going there since he got some friends i guess ? He never really had that many.
He is i think 2 years older than me so, he moved to first year in another school.

The next year was better for me i guess, i made some friends and kinda forgot about him. In the end of that year our school got to go to this… festival ? In that other school that some of us would go to if we had nice grades and stuff.

It was like those anime festivals where the clubs show their stuff and all. We got to this class and …. he was there, his hair was PRETTY BAD and i wish i could give him some shampoo os something really but i still liked him i guess, i was really really happy and i really hoped to go to that school the nest year.

The dumb weeaboo (me) was aways fantasizing about confessing to him like in my animus and mangos, but as soon as i got to the new school i was out of that phase.I actually started liking this girl from my class for like the whole year i guess but at the end of it i just lost interest.

I still looked at him tho, he was WAY taller now and had a nice pair of round glasses and braces.. with i weirdly think is really cute. The next year one day he just cut his hair, which was a big surprise to everyone at school, because at this point his hair was pretty long (i secretly wished to tie his hair like Link's hair), he still looked cute af tho so yeah.

One day this new friend of mine asked if i ever kissed somebody, which i still haven't so she said 'oh my friend [HIM] still haven't either !' and i was like UHM OK THATS… WEIRD COINCIDENCE HAHAHA and later this day she asked what did i think about him and my anxiety ass was freaking out so i said 'well i think hes cute hhahahHHEHHHhhehhhhhaha,,,,,.' and we pretty much never talked about him again because after that she started to kinda push this other girl to him.

Nothing more than that ever happened… i never actually talked to him, besides this one time when he answered a comment i did in my friend's post but that was just on the internet, now the school is over and he was on third year which means i'm never seeing him again….. recently he liked my new profile picture and i literally screamed, i keep falling more and more for him…. he's volunteer at this local pet ong and is going to study psychology… god kill me.

pic related cause i used to listed to this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqlpuarOvq8) honeyworks song and think about him.(Underaged)

No. 71484

Aww man, you shoulda just tell him? Or like hit him up on Facebook or something

No. 71551

that's… very weebish, I can't lie lol. But also nice to read, very calming for some reason. Listen up nonnie, why not do something? I know, it's the worst, but you can try without being weird. Give him back some attention on fb, not saying just hit him up but like his posts, pics n stuff. You can volunteer in the same place, you like animals too, right? That's not such a retarded situation, since you two kinda know each other and he notices you. You can still do it.

No. 71553

you're underaged.

No. 71580

I'm op and I completely forgot I made this thread lel. Just a quick update on my crush: shockingly he started shitting lots of click baity videos a few months ago, which is, I mean … Okay, since he's a YouTuber. But that turned me off a little. I ended up deciding it was a good opportunity for me to try to end my retarded crush and stopped watching his videos. It was really hard in the beginning but time passed and I eventually forgot about him. I came across one his videos today though, checked out his channel and he's addressed the click bait videos. Trying my best not to watch that for now, lmao.

Anyone else wants to update us on what happened to your impossible crush?

No. 71589

I can't remember if I posted it in this thread or another thread, but I posted a few months back about how I had a crush on a youtuber who's popular for video games/other stuff, and a couple months after that post I made fanart of him and he reblogged it on his tumblr and said it was amazing. He fucking hates tumblr and stopped using it since, and he never usually commented on fanart he reblogged back when he did use it, so I felt really special and just about died of happiness lmao.

funnily enough though my crush on him completely dissipated between then and now. I'm still a fan and watch his content regularly I just solely admire him from a creative standpoint now.

No. 71598

> go on a date with a guy 3 times
> he dropped me
>still into him
> someone killl me

No. 71610

Plenty of fish in the sea, anon. I hope you feel better though.

No. 71724

well this 25 year difference between me and my crush isn't looking good

No. 71749

File: 1513651780733.png (144.87 KB, 500x250, tumblr_onyt0xoztG1vf872go1_500…)

I can't tell if I'm attracted to my professor or if I just like that he acts like a father figure and looks out for me

No. 71765

If you can call it a crush, then its the worst fucking crush ive had in years.

>be me circa 2012/2013-ish, getting into really tiny theater fandom

>find video of old performance; one of the actors is a really feminine looking guy, but his voice gave me feels that hurt for ages
>fall into bizarre obsession with this dude; he literally dropped off the face of the earth after he performed, he couldve been dead for all i know
>also proceed into daydream mode where i imagine being with this guy, i imagine performing with him, and i literally reach the point where he appears in my dreams
>tfw they were great dreams that i wanted to have again

Fast forward some time:
>after a year or two i finally find info on him- and find out hes essentially a fuckboi-turned-manchild going on 50 years old
>also find he was a massive jackass during that time he was performing

Worst part is that, despite the
shit behavior and the age gap, i still cannot look at pictures of him (new or old) without my face just growing hot in embarassment like hes looking at me. And it pisses me off and saddens me, because i cannot bring myself to even think of being in a relationship when im being this retarded.
>tfw i pray to the gods above to end me now, but they wont listen

No. 71766

File: 1513697123720.jpg (19.4 KB, 563x559, tumblr_ovvl34yChS1s0g1o4o1_128…)

same, anon. feels kinda fucked up:/

No. 71828

I hope you take the opportunity to end your retarded crush, OP.

Am >>70537, update on mine. Saw him today, actually. Was weird. Didn't realise how much I missed him until I saw him. He's so cute. And beautiful. And perfect. He was joking around with me and being a big flirt like he used to when I'd see him every day. I miss that. We've given each other a book to read over Christmas and after Christmas we're going to email each other with our "book reports".

I wish things didn't have to be this way though.

No. 71854

>Got bored one night and sing up on a dating website for the lolz.
>Super cutie come across my profile
>Guy is 10 years older than me
>list as hobbies going on 9GAG & 4chan
>Clever me starts sending shit memes as an introduction
>After talking a little more with him, guy said he just wants a sex friend.
>His behaviour with me is ambiguous
>Cooks for me when we're seeing each other, give me his sweatshirt when i'm cold. We're having super indeep conversations, is super sweet in general
>Guy totally ignores me the rest of the time.
>Only texts and wants to see me when he's horny.
>Turns out he's a ass. (Big narcissist, arrogant and prone to anger fist)
>Said himself he's a jerk. (''I'm a jerk but everyone loves me because i'm nice'')
>Retarded me is super in love with him

It's been going on for 4 month now. Since he knows I'm leaving the country (for work reasons), he's totally ghosting me. (He still hasn't deleted me from his social media tho.)

I really hate the way he's making me feel. It makes me suffer and feel like a complete retard. Why am I like this ?

It definitely makes me feel less alone to read all your replies to this thread. I really appreciate that and wishes you all the best luck in the world.

No. 71871

Just ignore him anon. Not much you can do, block and remove him from everything.

No. 71893

File: 1513933719609.gif (9.5 MB, 720x405, wMZYh0n.gif)

Fucking hell I've been reading through this thread and I just need to vent/thank. I can't believe I'm not alone
I've had the weirdest and most intense crush on a Youtuber since I was 15 (21 now) and did all the shit you guys did
>planning how we might meet
>striving to be a person he'd like
>thinking maybe I'd have a chance cause I'm kinda normie hot?
>getting depressed about the wake-up call of 'not going to happen ever'
I don't know if I wanna laugh or cry but at least I feel a little less mental now though thank you

(Also is it weird that I feel kinda guilty posting this because I don't want to embarrass him with my obvious insanity lol)

No. 71897

File: 1513940707930.png (586.07 KB, 720x528, apIQM7G.png)

Don't feel too bad about your crush, anon. Mine comes up on a daily basis, and even though i know damn well than to even let it run rampant (fic related is me berating myself daily because this crush is stupid and i feel like an idiot for having it in the first place), its still something that keeps me from just up and tossing myself off a bridge at the end of the day.

No. 71907

Thanks and I get it anon, it's a bittersweet feeling but luckily it does get easier to work through, I know it doesn't seem like it especially if you're still in the obsession stage but it'll all end up okay. Crazy-girl's honor.

No. 71937

God I hope so

a sidenote to my crush and how it functions: i now have this issue where anyone that even has a passing resemblance to him makes me get real embarrassed. i dont know why it happens but ive fucked up many an encounter this way and now i can't watch Evil Dead ever again becAUSE OF IT GOD I WILL GLADLY TAKE MY DEATH RIGHT NOW THIS IS RIDICULOUS

No. 71993

>start a new job
>intimidated by boss because I've heard lots of unpleasant stories about him from co-workers
>work with him alone a few times, realize its not all true
>start to talk more outside of work, sending memes and stupid jokes
>we get closer, have an amazing connection
>crush develops
>am hardcore into my boss and he's hardcore into me but we can't date for obvious reasons
>wish I'd never started this in the first place

No. 72001

I've had this multiple times with both super famous people and Youtubers, usually it passes in time, but I try to just enjoy the warm fuzzy crush feelings without getting too deep about it lol. Also I try to consider what it is about the person that I like and look for that in other people who are actually attainable, plus I strive to be more like that. Like if the person is attractive partially bc they seem really creative/fun/outgoing. Plus I don't really interact with them on social media and such. I've actually met a couple of my crushes at cons and such but I feel like there's a boundary there that reinforces it as a fan/celeb and just friendliness. I have to keep that in my head to avoid thinking that there could ever be a chance, it's kind of sad but it's better than getting your hopes up for something unrealistic. Hope that makes sense

No. 72015

File: 1514304490762.png (103.05 KB, 462x466, Citrus33.png)

Okay so I have this GIGANTIC crush on this fictional character. I spend the whole day fantasizing about him and once, when I was kinda having a panic attack, I just imagined him comforting me, which made me feel a lot better… Also, when I fantasize about him, I'm never myself, but a character I created, who is very different from me.
I think the worst part is that I don't even want to change this, it makes me so happy to just daydream about him, because unlike a real relationship, we never fight, and I don't have to talk to him all the time, he will always understand me (lol)… It's getting to the point where I think I might be asexual/aromantic or something bc I honestly don't feel attraction to anyone else other than him, and he's not real, so.
Sorry for the autistic rambling post, I just needed to share this with someone.

it's snape from harry potter btw. please don't judge me

No. 72016


Bruh, Seto Kaiba is my animu waifu (husbando?) and I'm approaching the wrong side of my 20s. No shame.

No. 72025

holy shit I think I hurt myself laughing when I read that spoiler lmao sorry anon it was like a knee-jerk reaction.

I sympathize with the aromantic part, I rarely if ever feel interested in real people. In middle school I thought I'd eventually grow out of only being attracted to fictional characters but here we are years later and I'm still a kissless virgin because real people don't do it for me lmao.

No. 72026

It's okay, I wold laugh too ;_;
The thing is, I have been in relationships before (still a virgin tho) but it never pleases me as much as daydreaming about a fictional character. There were times where, even in a relationship, I would still do it.
I wonder if I'll ever grow out of this… Maybe it happens because my standards are just so incredibly high that no actual human can fulfill them lol

No. 72035

I'm the same anon except I'm in a relationship so it gets even more complicated.

No. 72036

I'm the same…it's gotten to the point where I was getting mad at my bf for not being him and I had to stop myself from watching the TV show he's in otherwise I would get reeled back in.

No. 72038

Me too but I just privately embrace it and don't let myself get delusional about it. Like there's really 2 of the celebrity I'm crushing on. The actual person and the version of them that I've inferred from their art and what I recognize in them in myself and what I want to be. So the reason my attraction to them feels so weirdly strong is because i connect with their persona as an artist so much and subconsciously elaborate on it to the point that it feels like i'm in love with them, but they're really acting as a stand in for what I love and want to acheive in myself. I don't know the actual person. They may be the same or very different from the version that I've crystallized in my mind out of their art and appearance. So I think crushing on a character/public persona is a subconsciously masturbatory act. And there's always going to be things masturbating provides that sex with an actual person doesn't, and vice versa. The problems only arise when you confuse your idealized mental version with the/a actual person

No. 72039

Samefag but I really think the reason it feels like no real life person could ever be as good as your crush is because it's always a reflection of yourself and what you want from yourself. It might seem weird if for example you imagine them dominating you but you prefer to be sexually submissive, but even in situations like that, your impossible crush knows exactly what you want, can predict it move by move, moment to moment. They are the most relatable person possible. Eventually they're so relatable that they're indistinguishable from yourself, because they were you all along. After all, what drew them to you in the first place, other than sexual attraction? Probably things like art or music that resonates you in a big way, witty dialogue and behavior you agree with, beliefs and ideals delivered with the same impact and precision you wish you could deliver yours in. We find people/characters that represent a further along, realized version of ourselves and if they're also someone we'd like to fuck it becomes this phenomenon.

Shutting up now

No. 72041

Are there any girls out there that know how to deal with an crush that might could get into a real relationship ?
So there‘s this guy who cosplays from my fav fandom as same as I do and he wants to visit me a lot and wants to celebrate into new year with me, but I remember everytime I had a crush on someone they only wanted the one thing so I‘m scared that I‘m trying to get used by a crush again.
Is this fear nonsense or should I be careful on getting my hopes up ?

No. 72046

No it's not nonsense but don't let that fear completely block you from having a potential relationship. Just be reasonably cautious.

No. 72051

have you met before or would it be your first time seeing each other? I don't recommend celebrating a new year together, just the two of you, if it's your first time meeting or if you haven't hang out a lot before. Of course he wants to try something, no matter the intentions. It's up to you if you're okay with this, or not.

No. 72081

My crush is fictional but I think this is accurate. I can see a lot of my own traits in my crush except he is more successful and confident. As a plus I find him attractive and enjoy his personality.

No. 72151

I… I am my husbando?

No. 72242

This makes sense, but it's also getting increasingly horrifying to me the more I think about it.

No. 72246

lol sorry about that. i don't think it needs to be seen as that fucked up though. it's the same reason people get really into their idols and heroes, just more sexual. and it's not like it's 100% one way or the other. they do also just seem like someone you'd go for irl. i think it's when you start to feel like you actually know them or love them despite them being fictional/unattainable that it's this self-husbando phenom.

No. 72292

File: 1514629185046.jpg (9.53 KB, 268x200, 3261`783495725385002745634572.…)

This is actually really great advice and I want to add to all in this thread that I don't think it's bad to have a fictional or unobtainable crush, as long as you know it's in your head and keep tabs on it and make sure you're not going to send them a bomb in the mail… but I gotta take the piss (it's healthy to laugh at yourself)

So far my ironic favorites in this thread would be
>A Sims husband
>A rando bus driver
>Papa Franku

Y'all are hilarious but I legit wish you the best and hope things work out or you get over it

No. 72293

File: 1514631838076.png (383.01 KB, 491x331, Výstřižek.PNG)

wow, thanks anon, this… explains a lot.

No. 72315

File: 1514663349868.jpg (174.9 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_ob7dvhJV5R1v67zo4o1_128…)

I'm really glad you guys liked what I wrote! I don't think it's bad either, and can be an interesting tool for self discovery and self improvement, since your impossible crush is telling you what you want to be. It's only a problem when you get super obsessed or become delusional, but hopefully being self aware and not taking it so seriously can help prevent that!

Maybe now that the veil is pulled back it won't seem like such a big thing that torments you and demands an unreasonable amount of time, just a fun way to fantasize when you do have the time.

No. 72792

I wanna thank some of you guys that made a relationship really easily possible. You guys are awesome for advice !

No. 72828

This really reminds me of crossdressing and straight men who are turned on by it but insist they aren't trans.

No. 72886

you're completely missing the point then. autoandrophilia isn't the same as projecting yourself onto other people/characters. the latter is extremely common and not even always sexual and the former is a fetish.

No. 72888


Considering my past projection-heavy crushes on guys, you may have a point. The type of mind to project a crush is a similar type of mind to be a lesbian trans woman.
There is a lot of projection in many relationships, but both trans women and heavy crushes are different expressions of the same thought process. Self-love via a third party/creation of a third party.

No. 72916

File: 1515283199159.gif (493.14 KB, 490x273, w.gif)

I have a crush on a former college professor of mine and I drunk-texted-flirted with him and he's been reciprocating and a little suggestive.

I don't know what the fuck I'm doing anymore. I'm also telling you guys because admitting that I'm flirting with a silver daddy to anyone irl would kill me. I wonder if I should go for it. It's an impossible relationship but a possible sexcapade.

No. 72918

Are you still in school? If not, go for it nonnie.

No. 72919

I'd go for it, but I'm talking as someone who has often crushed on professors much older than myself.

I don't see a relationship working out in 90% of cases, but for sex? I'd go for it

No. 73059

I'm not his student (and never will be again) but we are at the same school so he begged me not to royally fuck him over with this. He wants a discreet affair but I really hope he isn't after a relationship down the line, considering he's nearly forty years my senior.

also we fucked last night

it was really good

No. 73061

File: 1515526566573.jpg (29.75 KB, 750x750, IMG_20171127_013931.jpg)

I have a huge, probably unhealthy, crush on the vine star Casey Frey. At first I would just giggle during his vines in vine compilations but the more I watched with his vines included, the more I wanted to know more about him and where to see more of his content. Once I found his YT, I was crushing so hard. I now follow him on twitter, instagram, youtube, and I'm debating making a Snapchat just so I can add him and see his snaps.

He's such a funny dude, and he dances, and he's had a few tv commercial gigs, and now he's getting into music production. All of that is just so attractive to me. I'm really hopeless but watching his videos puts the biggest smile on my face :(

No. 73062

YES ANON YOU GO GIRL tell us everything

No. 73065

sounds like your impossible crush is a reality now. grats!

No. 73066

Care to share deets?

No. 73068

File: 1515529124757.gif (1.71 MB, 640x346, 1435185059916.gif)

I have a crush on someone who i've known on a game for about 6 years.. About 3 years ago I finally decided to shoot my shot but a "friend" of mind decided she was better and ended up getting with him a few weeks afterward and has been with him since.

Me and the guy are still friends despite the emotional and physical toll it took on me. But, every time we talk it's so clear we like each other/still love each other and he asks me to come see him in Cali but I feel if I do, it'd be like reset on everything and just drive to like end up confessing all over again or mauling him.

No. 73069

Oh my gosh I totally remember him! I was a huge fan of Vine when it was still a thing and I would check the app every day. He made some really hilarious vines but I totally forgot he exists.
I don't blame you at all for your crush. I always thought he was so cute. I didn't even know he made YT videos now! I'm totally gonna watch them now lol.

No. 73070

File: 1515530330613.gif (505.41 KB, 540x303, 627ec3e35482a2f769d7ac1af3c1ff…)

Oh jeez I saged because I transcended the thread topic's purpose but I'll try to greentext well and be on my way. I don't know if I should spoiler or if a giant wall of black bars would be annoying.

>go to bar for a couple of beers

>go back to his place before we barhop
>i admit to daydreaming about him in class, he admits to checking me out (nice)
>cuddle while he strokes my leg and up my skirt, tells me how cute I am, sweet nothings, etc.
>the admiration and coddling from an older man is like nothing else; it's like I'm the hottest thing in the world at the moment
>grade A zettai ryouiki helps
>fingering leads to hand job
>my buzzed self thinks it's a good idea to be kinky and call him "professor~ uwu"
>he fucking goes with it and calls me his student, embarrassing but hot roleplay
>we finally get to having sex
>legit did not expect this old man to be so rough and hard, grunting and all; later on flips me onto my stomach to finish
>daddy issues: solved

is this real life

No. 73073


That… is actually pretty hot. How was he in the morning?

No. 73078

Damn anon that was wild.

No. 73079

Or is it just fantasy

No. 73092

He's been texting me quite a bit, so I don't think it's gonna be a one-time thing…I'm also gonna end up seeing him around campus since our schedules coincide. I'm excited for the sexual tension of that alone.

Damn it Freddy

No. 73111

I have a crush on fucking Jimmy Carr. Not only is he double my age, I’m American as shit and obviously not celebrity status. (Oh and he’s married.)

Literally the most random and unattainable celebrity crush I’ve had so far. And I’ve had 2D crushes before.

No. 73136

fgfjgjhg… i used to have a crush on him as well. hes not even good looking tbh, i think its just that his humour made me forget my loneliness so i liked him haha.

No. 73244

Same! He’s just funny, clean, and a good mix of mature and immature. TBH I’m sure I just have daddy issues since I never met mine so I don’t have the same aversion to older men that others do. I don’t actively seek them or anything, but get crushes on celebrities twice my age every once in a while.

Or maybe it’s just the colorful backgrounds he’s always standing in front of, who knows?

No. 73434

File: 1516116962004.png (25.37 KB, 193x261, 02ED455F-8C20-4C8F-87E3-18C430…)

I went on a few dates with a guy and now he has a new girlfriend (after we fell though)

I will never date him and that’s really sad because he’s literally the only person I’ve been attracted to physically in years

No. 73585

tfw have a huge crush on a really famous ftm cosplayer in the international comm…. we actually have mutuals but I'm not really attractive and a nobody so unfortunately that's just never gonna happen unless I get really famous myself lol

also I'm not her type.

No. 73588

He's a cutie. I think his laugh is extremely endearing (and I'm going to see him live in March, omg)
Just gotta make sure to refrain from participating in his questioning of the audience, think I'd die of embarrassment if he picked me out for a public exchange.

No. 73597

File: 1516381317461.png (247.32 KB, 824x447, 3BCC97DE-4E85-41CE-96BD-04E41A…)

I have the most cringe-y, irrational dual crush on early 00’s Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. Something about the two of them in the ‘It’s My Life’ MV just stabs me right in the heart for some reason- probably their smiles. And knowing they’re both fantastic musicians. And A+ styling.

Of course I’m never gonna have a chance to be with or fuck either of them so instead I settle for reading fics about them fucking each other (or, more specifically, Richie fucking Jon’s brains out six ways from Sunday).

I’m so fucked up.

No. 73610

File: 1516397047046.jpeg (91.79 KB, 800x703, jonghyun.jpeg)

My impossible crush is Jonghyun. I am a huge fan of kpop and particularly Shinee and always supported Jonghyun and Taemin as they were my favourites of the group.

In case no one here is a fan, Jonghyun committed suicide in December about a month ago. I was in complete shock. I genuinely cried for days.

Is it fucked up my crush for him has become intense? I feel so sad that he felt lonely and pressured in life. I wish I could have helped him in some way, even though I know that is utterly ridiculous.

No. 73611

File: 1516397701867.jpg (70.14 KB, 425x640, 113.jpg)

I just saw the pic of Jonghyun on the front page not really sure what type of thread this is but I just needed to reply whatevs

SHINee was the first idol group i ever got into, and Jonghyun instantly became my bias. He was my favourite idol for like 7 years, and his struggle with depression and eventual suicide was probably (sadly) one of the reasons I felt I could relate to him so much. His radioshow, his solos, him standing up for LGBT in Korea…it just showed a lot of love for others. So sad that he couldn't give some of that love to himself. I also cried for days, I barely managed Christmas.

I think a lot of people felt like that when they heard the news, I know I did. Your feelings becoming more intense is not fucked up at all, it's pretty natural after something like this happens. He's a good impossible crush, if there is such a thing.

No. 73621

File: 1516412689529.gif (927.37 KB, 250x230, bestj.gif)

Damn, I'm also Jonghyun fan. His suicide is still big shock for me, I still can't believe he is no longer with us. He was such a good guy.

btw, SM is going to release his album on 01.23 (digital) and 01.24 (psychical), and they are going to release MV. I'm going to buy this album, this is the last thing I can do for him.

No. 73655

File: 1516458738724.gif (1.84 MB, 500x440, jonghyun ears.gif)

OP here, me too! All funds go to his mother. I hope his mother and sister are doing better now. I know it's only been a month but I really hope they are looking after themselves. I personally have lost a family member to suicide and it is such a raw, confused feeling.

I'm so glad i'm not the only one who felt like their heart was torn at his passing. I keep watching videos of him laughing and smiling. He was such a beautiful soul. >>73621

No. 73671

File: 1516497323250.png (1.02 MB, 1233x1011, my sim.png)

I realize this post is ancient but I just had to say SAME. This is my Sim. I decided to play around with the new gender/pregnancy options and made an ugly tranny couple and he was their offspring. I turned off aging because I liked his face so much.

Now if only I could find someone IRL who looks like this.

No. 73672

File: 1516502716768.gif (1.9 MB, 245x150, jklk.gif)

I am really worried about his mother and sister too, and I am also worried about rest of SHINee members, they were so devastated on his funeral.

His passing it's especially painful cause he was a really great person. I'v got many bad experiences with men, but Jonghyun was a person who I genuinely trusted and loved, he wasn't like other men. Idk but he was like my main role model. Sorry for rambling… I'm a mess.
To be honest, I don't know if I could to be able to listen to his album, it will be too hard to me, I may need some more time.
Jesus, I miss him so much…

And I'm really sorry for a lost family member. If I could I would give you a big hug, take care of yourself.

No. 73681

File: 1516540930558.png (82.81 KB, 228x269, 1499588281575.png)

Sims anon here. It's pretty sad since it's been almost a year since I made that post, but nothing has changed. lol I actually tried to stop being a moron and deleted my save to start over, but ended up remaking him all over again in like a week.

I didn't even make him super attractive or anything. He just has all these traits I'd look for in someone but can never seem to find. Shit really sucks.

No. 73689

I'm sure a large portion of female Sims-players are just like us haha so it's okay. Don't fret. It's no different than having a usual videogame husbando other than the fact that we personally customized ours.

No. 74823

File: 1518152292204.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, C45FEBBD-2A82-4292-9E48-6BC895…)

I’m in love with the guy from peaceful cuisine

He’s not even that physically attractive he’s just really good with his hands and I find it oddly charming.

There is no way in hell that he would like me so I’m just going to silently like him

No. 74844

i have a huge e-crush on Leon Lush, a commentary youtuber with mediocre videos. he's an old fart and has an ugly old wife and they're even planning on having a baby soon.
he is insanely intelligent and is such a kind soul. he has 100k+ subs but still interacts with all of his fans and always remains humble. i've talked to him many times on twitter and he opens every snap i send.

one night i was balls deep in a manic episode and really wanted to send him nudes but i knew he wouldn't appreciate it since he loves his wife. so i was crying like a bitch the whole night and hating my life even though i have a hot young scandinavian boyfriend kek. i am on stronger meds since then. still want him to murder my vagina tho

No. 74845

File: 1518186053628.jpg (79.19 KB, 1280x720, IMG_9039.JPG)

sage for samefagging but this is him he ain't even that hot but i really want to yankee doodle his noodle

No. 74851

I don't mean to start an argument but this part
> has an ugly old wife

sounds so vile. We're all going to grow old and besides if they're both happy, why do you have to pick on her looks?

I think women are already under enough pressure as it is when it comes to looks and I hate it when other girls perpetuate the idea that women only like to belittle each other for the most superficial reasons.

No. 74853

>ugly old wife
whom he still loves while you literally don't matter to him, stay mad

No. 74860

sounds like someone's ugly and old

No. 74861

Not even those anons but like chill

You are going to be old and ugly and without him

My impossible crush is this girls boyfriend I’ve known him for years and he has never looked nice before and now that she gave him a makeover he looks so good
I wish I had told him that I liked him but now he seems happy so I want to be also happy for him

No. 74864

Sounds like someone’s real worried about getting ugly and old food for thot thot

No. 74865

Speaking of the sims I’m really bad at recreating the person I want to recreate and I would literally pay someone to do it for me because I’m desperate for that husbando, damn.

No. 74877

Leon lush fag here, i didnt even post that lol i agree that it's not in good taste to take jabs at ppl for their looks and age but this is lolcow, literally every cow gets called 'haggard' or old… And this is a thread for impossible crushes where i thought it was normal to express jealousy? anyways he posted a pic once with his wife and a lot of people were mistaking her as his mother so i'm not the only one at least…

No. 74892

haha whenever I play sims I always imagine my dream job being to make sims for people. I have a shit tonne of nice CC and always spend the most time making my sims. in a dream world anon I could do this for you

No. 74893

haha whenever I play sims I always imagine my dream job being to make sims for people. I have a shit tonne of nice CC and always spend the most time making my sims. in a dream world anon I could do this for you

No. 75003

startin to crave some commentiquette

No. 75178

Just developed an impossible crush on a small streamer real fast. I thought I grew out of this shit. Kinda want to message him, but also kinda want to not be a loser.

No. 75208

Recently I was ill for over 2 weeks and since I couldn't go to work I watched ridiculous amounts of YouTube to pass the time. Thanks to this I now have a really stupid crush on iDubbbz that I can't seem to shake.

No. 75210

It'll pass if you watch him more

No. 75213

It'll pass if you read the Anisa thread

No. 75216

damn I went through the same thing, it'll pass lmao

No. 75217


Lmao, I read them all but he's still cute though. Maybe it's time to revisit!

No. 75333

File: 1519256174184.jpg (53.76 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

damn anon I just started watching his videos a few days ago and I already have a crush on him

No. 75666

File: 1519755978431.png (688.78 KB, 663x1080, 02-27-18_1-22-44 PM.png)

You just have to spend a great deal of time fumbling around with the features until you make something you like I guess. Though I think Sims typically turn out better when they're the offspring of your other Sims rather than something you made from scratch, at least from what I've seen. Pic related, the teenage daughter from my second tranny couple that I like a lot. I can't ever get my female Sims to look this pretty when I try to make them from scratch, they always look really generic.

Anyway sorry for going way off topic.

No. 75795

My company is supplying a drug that is currently being researched. Once a week I call people taking it to monitor their progress and make sure they are taking the correct dosages.

It’s for a pretty bad disease. Mostly older people have it. But there is one guy my age who I’ve been calling for 6 months now, and today we found out that he is cured. I was so happy for him, but I am sad at the same time. When I told him he wouldn’t have to hear from me anymore he said it was too bad.

I actually really enjoyed talking to him. He had such a sweet personality and a cute voice. I always had to keep myself from getting too personal because of how nice he was. I feel so creepy for saying that too. I know his entire health and social history. It’s weird lol.

Obviously I never flirted with him or anything like that. It would be extremely inappropriate. Still part of me can’t help but fantasize.

Oh well! Hope he finds a nice girl and they are happy together.

No. 75796

taka from one ok rock

it's a weird attraction..not so much physical attraction. well, still some physical attraction, but most of the attraction is for his mannerisms and his voice..I don't even know why oh god kill me

No. 76549

File: 1521512908703.jpg (103.29 KB, 846x1200, C0TAC9XXUAALyx5.jpg)

I have a crush on my manager.

He's stepping down to be a team leader soon, but either way, it gets me so flustered and almost ashamed, like I'll try to make myself dislike him but I can't because I find him super likeable

I daydream about how we'll talk more but I never know how to

It feels sometimes like he has an interest in me, too, as he focuses on me a lot, but I can't tell if it's a friendly kind of focus or just finding me a reliable coworker.

Ugh, kill me

No. 76556

I have a slight crush on this guy I found out about through twitter. He got internet famous for posting videos of himself befriending the deers that hang around his house, and now he posts videos of himself befriending other types of animals too. He's just so goddamn goofy and lovable I want him to hold my hand and introduce me to his deer family.

Not like I lose sleep over this or anything. I just get slightly disappointed sometimes when I watch his videos because I don't think I could find a guy like that irl, and I'm sure I wouldn't be his "type" if he had one.

No. 76611

5 years ago I had a crush on my manager, he's 10 years older than me, seemed like a distant fantasy, now we're engaged and parenting a cat.

Anything is possible anon

No. 76620


that's super cute! He's about five years older and we get on quite well but I'm too shy to ask him on a date or to meet me outside of work ;-;

No. 76662

File: 1521585807662.png (646.42 KB, 535x631, 1484259368250.png)

>it has been almost a month since I've seen my crush, who is also a coworker
>mfw sometimes he either doesn't notice I'm here or ignores me or he talks to me first and is so nice and adorable and asks me things about myself
I already talked about him in this thread before but I can't deal with this situation. I don't know what he thinks about me and it's just so frustrating. I wish I could forget him.

No. 76795

File: 1521730523542.gif (138.3 KB, 275x240, 6874F7F1-19F5-499F-ACA1-C055A6…)

Guy in Instagram that saved me after a car crash when he was a firefighter.

>he’s engaged

No. 76800

Fuck. Sorry anon. That stings.

No. 76801

File: 1521738440314.jpeg (36.39 KB, 442x494, 85604B40-9546-4F55-8D91-1E5CB9…)

We became friends and he’s incredibly nice and talented.

>his gf is a fat cunt that lives off him and refuses to work.

It’s really sad to watch her berating the man I love.

No. 76821

Wreck that home! Wreck that home!

No. 76866

I've fallen completely in love with my gay friend, he's my absolute dream man and its slowly killing me. we've kissed several times for a laugh and I know I'm making it worse for myself by being so touchy and affectionate with him but my self control is weak as hell and I just want him close to me.

No. 76879

I'm normally extremely against home wrecking but in this case I'm willing to make an exception. Save that fucking guy.

No. 76881

>Worked with a guy who was handsome, extremely funny, on a very same wavelength as I am
>He switched companies and left
>Can't get him out of my mind 6 months later
Our interests and ways of living were too different for it to ever work so I don't want to contact him but I can't forget about him. Memory wiping pills when.

No. 76882

Crushed on a random guy who always took the same train as me. Found his fb by an accident, turns out we share some friends and quite few interests, which unfortunately only made him more interesting to me. Long story short, my schedule changed, so did the time I commute. I see him very rarely now, only when we randomly take the same train, but maybe it's for the better. It's a tiny platonic crush to keep my heart occupied and fill in the void, but even such a mere trifle can be quite tiring.
I wish I could crush on, like, a friend. At least that gives me some space to take action and I wouldn't feel so pathetic.

No. 76883

ask him to coffee

No. 76901

I wish I could do such bold things, anon. I truly am a disaster with stuff like this, I get flustered very easily, I can barely hold an eye contact with crushes (costs me a lot of will-power, lol).

I wish boys wouldn't be so dense and realize that when a girl is making eye contact often, she's giving an "ok" for The Approach. Like, about me, either someone approaches me, or I die alone. A hopeless case of shyness, indeed.

No. 78923

Try to rope him in on some after work activity and
> I don't know what he thinks about me and it's just so frustrating
If there is alcohol involved, you know what to do.

His relationship status and line of work is a sign of that he might have a savior complex (maybe not intentionally), so if you attempt to do a home wrecking it might tear your friendship apart.

Not to add any doubts to your decision making here but its a risk worth mentioning. But what is more important; your happiness or a soul crushing friendship?

Contact him or find a new crush to occupy yourself with.

Just sperg out casually next time you meet him on the train, you have nothing to loose and all to gain.

Start with coffee.

No. 78957

>first guy to actually hang out with me and plan something fun to do, not a horny douchebag.
>didn't care that I suck at darts and he dressed really nice.
>there's a bit of a language barrier and I can't tell if he likes me, plus I'm only here for like 5 months.
>he has no interest in going to my home country in the future except for famous places (my bumfuck town is irrelevant)
>goes home and can't sleep cuz thinking about retarded crush.

No. 79283

>Try to rope him in on some after work activity
Sounds like a nice idea but I have a feeling he would avoid these kinds of events with coworkers. He acts polite and friendly with most people at work but he isn't the kind of guy who would go on his way to star a discussion with coworkers I guess? At least that's the impression I have. I'm saying that because I saw him again a few times and he's just so silent until somebody else starts a conversation with him (except a few time he's the one who went to me and asked about me). If the opportunity's present though I'll definitely try and at the very least try to learn more about him in general. We don't have the same shift anyway. I should have asked when we did some months ago.

Actually I saw him yesterday and he didn't notice me again (he finished his work day and was getting home). Maybe he saw me and didn't feel like talking to people in general, he ignored pretty much everyone. And because of that I didn't dare say hi and ask how he was doing (that and I was too embarrassed anyway). So that's why I'm so frustrated and why I wonder what he thinks about me. I have no clue.

No. 79285

Same here, this has happened to me multiple times…

No. 79319

Sounds to me that he is a reserved type of guy, which either means that he sees you as a friend or has genuine interest in you.

If he was a complete anti social then he wouldnt start any interactions and avoid conversations. But you never know, Id try hanging out with him more at work and try inviting him to some casual activity ("I want to visit musuem/exibition this weekend but have no one to go with?" approach).

Worst case scenario he was just hitting you up to fill his daily socializing quota. But whatever outcome, you will sleep easier at night if you just get over with it and ask him.

No. 79333

File: 1523817072871.jpg (143.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I feel ya anon.
>saw a tutorial on how to make a Sim that looks like Jeonghan from Seventeen.
>Currently have an obsession for Jeonghan.
>Fell in love with the Sim and got this crazy idea to make him and then make myself and then have them fall in love.
>Bought the game on a whim without reading the reviews or anything.
>Downloaded the mod and ended up having to watch several tutorials to get it to work.
>Started to sort everything out.
>opens the file for Jeonghan's Sim
>Sim ends up bald and in his underwear (some glitch).
>Gets sad and ends up returning the game.
>Realize that Jeonghan probably isn't in the mood for dating or is to busy with work (or he's secretly hooking up with someone). And I'm not his type either since his type is someone who's older and taller than him.

No. 79334

File: 1523817340856.jpg (212.96 KB, 720x514, 12db471d3342628afbaec9e9128c5a…)

>>79333 cont.
Life just isn't fair and the Sims 4 ended up slowing my computer.
>Resorted to setting Jeonghan as my phone and computer background.

No. 79479

>develop crush on movie character
>"oh haha this is fun!"
>start thinking about him 24/7
>save hundreds of pictures of him to my phone
>talk about him to my friends constantly
>project all my weird fetishes onto him (has never happened with a 3d boy before)
>his appearance becomes literally my type
>can't imagine having sex/dating with anyone else
>become "that girl"
I want off this ride please.

No. 79486

I do this shit with a new person like every six months.

No. 79487

Ah, who's your current crush?

No. 79488

File: 1524008523383.gif (1.82 MB, 245x400, giphy.gif)

Capa from the movie Sunshine lol.
>tfw no pretty physicist bf to die in space with

No. 79491

File: 1524014318755.gif (1.2 MB, 500x220, giphy.gif)


That's what I do!!! Currently my obsession is Jeonghan from Seventeen (as seen above >>79333 >>79334 ) I'm pretty sure in a couple of weeks I'll go back to obsessing over some cute guy I see in a movie or in a cartoon.

No. 79505

i have developed another crush on my old high school crush because he’s being nice to me and i’m currently in a very toxic relationship. like he’s pointed a gun at me, threatened suicide, threatened to kill me, a whole bunch of awful things.
i’ve had a crush on this guy from highschool for about three whole years- i met him in band but we were too shy to talk to eachother in person. now highschool crush is in the arm and is stationed across the country- he’ll be in my town on leave in june and i just moved out of the apartment me and current bf had together. i would’ve ended it with him a long time but i’m a doormat and don’t want to make him kill himself. me and highschool crush talk all day every day, current bf never talks to me.
i’m currently battling an ED; i’m not in a very good mindset to make important choices right now but i really think my current bf isn’t the right one for me. and i’ve got a hopeless crush on a soldier i met in highschool.

No. 79506

File: 1524031706187.jpg (37.42 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I completely understand, anon

No. 79511

> i really think my current bf isn’t the right one for me
Anon, no offense… but fucking duh. It's not a case of 'thinking' he's not right, or even that he's 'not right'. He's objectively abusive and dangerous, and you need to dump him. He won't kill himself, but even if he did it wouldn't be your fault. Tell his family, his friends, anyone who might be able to support him and get the fuck out of there.

No. 79527

Girl you need to get out of your relationship and never look back. Who cares if he kills himself, he's an unstable abuser and you're his gf not his mom, you're not responsible for his actions.

No. 79609

I have a crush on this lesser known YouTuber called Ramsey Dewey. who does MMA. He is so freaking adorable, his body is amazing, he is really talented and seem to be extremely kind.

BUT he lives in China, is married, has kids AND he is 30 years older than me. KMS. I'm really happy that his life is good though

No. 79625

File: 1524141937855.jpg (17.31 KB, 458x403, 4d1ed4d77fc4caf2d552b4f2d17659…)

I developed a crush on my ex boyfriend's best friend. He's funnier, smarter and much more attractive than my ex, but I still try to convince myself that I only like this guy as a way to get back at my ex for dumping me and treating me like shit, but I've seriously been planning my future with this guy. I think he likes me back, but this is only based on body language, so idk how reliable this is. I only see him once a week when we all meet up to game (him, my ex, and a couple of my friends). Plus, my ex seems to be flirting with my friend who's in a relationship (both her and her boyfriend are always at our game night gatherings ffs), so i feel like it's justifiable. I've even started watching series that he is interested in, it's getting out of hand. He has this incredible smile

No. 79659

I have a crush on Tyler Willis from LWLN. I got back into lolita after years of pursuing other things, and found her channel and watched the entire backlog of her videos a month ago. I'm in a (admittedly often problematic) open ltr with a guy already, she lives in another state, I don't even know if she's attracted to women, and I'd never be brave enough to even comment on her stuff; but that doesn't stop me from imagining us having a cute lolita life together, with me being her script copyeditor and frilly housewife. She's hilarious, pretty, and has excellent taste in prints, plus good values and isn't afraid to call out bullshit (especially men's gross fetishization of young girls, one of the things I also get most riled up over) or speak her mind.

It makes me feel so dumb and immature that I suddenly think so much about some woman who'll never know I exist.

No. 79945

These types of situations typically arise from not seeing enough new people, thus you crush on people within your friends circle instead.

Thats the only issue I see with it, from my experience it doesnt end well unless the guy/girl is genuinely good for you.

If he really is as great as you say, just go for it. No more akward game nights though.

No. 79948

I completely agree, I've always been content being single, so I never have any real need to look for a partner, you're 100% right. I'm not going to initiate anything unless he gives me an actual sign, I wouldn't want to come off in the wrong way, thanks

No. 80012

Why do I keep getting unwanted thoughts about becoming my coworkers' girlfriend. This has happened with three of my mildly attractive coworkers and I don't even like them or have a crush or anything yet I think about them a lot if I'm not doing anything.

Then I get really bad unwanted sexual thoughts about them at work and I get super embarrassed and my face goes all red from the heat and I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea because I genuinely am not interested in them. Please kill me. Does this happen to anyone else? How do I stop the thoughts? I really hope I haven't developed OCD on top of my other illnesses.

No. 80014

File: 1524432833494.jpg (10.96 KB, 238x232, Cw_ncPPXUAAhn7c.jpg)

im crushing on an internet friend. hes really cute, my exact type, hes older, we have similar interests, hes into cosplay and gaming and anime.

but he lives really far away, and hes surrounded by so many girls that are way prettier than me, and i dont travel anywhere he travels. we will probably never meet, so for now ill just daydream about baking him desserts while hes at work and spoiling him and pampering him like he deserves ;_;

No. 80021

If he thinks the same way then you will never know what he thinks about you.

Give him some signs and see how he reacts. And your ex sounds like a selfish ass, no idea why you even let his continued pressence be an obstacle for your own happiness.

How would you react if one of them started hitting on you?

Try and become internet besties, then you might have some chances of going over and visit him.

And ignore the other girls, if he's single then he is available.

No. 80024

>How would you react if one of them started hitting on you?
There wouldn't be much of a reaction since I'm extremely shy and would never allow myself to be with someone let alone a coworker. And they have gfs anyway.
It would be a very awkward and failed attempt on their end.

No. 80057

if you are sensitive or have certain mental health issues then never do this! Trying to be the best pal ever to someone you have a crush on is going to exaggerate the shit out of those feelings and if you get rejected when you confess / find out he's not attracted to you / he stays in the relationship you thought he'd leave or gets with someone, it's going to hurt so much worse than if you hadn't become emotionally attached to them. I've been there, and I've had to ghost them multiple times because no matter how hard I try or how long I step away I can't just be friends with this person anymore. Hurts a lot and makes me feel alone and manipulative. I'm a headcase though, so you do you. Cooler, more calculating people probably do this stuff constantly and just shrug it off if it goes sour.

No. 80085

For me it wasn't an impossible crush in the beginning. I actually had a chance with him but completely fucked it up, as I always do :(.

I had a major crush on this guy for about a year. He's a model and pretty opular with girls, but he seemed interested in me when we talked online for a couple of months. Last summer him and I finally hung out a couple of times, the chemistry was incredible and he seemed really into me. I thought he was the perfect guy for me and got super worked up over him, texted him first a lot and made myself available for him all the time, which obviously caused him to lose interest.

Last time I was in his city I texted him and he actually agreed to meet up, but then stopped texting me. When I messaged him to make sure we're still on he ignored the message and basically ghosted me :(.

He no longer likes my photos or watches my stories on instagram and obviously wants nothing to do with me, but I just can't get over him.
I dream about him all the time and everytime I see a picture of him my heart feels like it's exploding. I'm basically obsessed with him.

HOW do I get rid of this shitty ass crush and just accept the fact that he doesn't want me?

No. 80102

as useless a it sounds, just try not to think about it. When you are, stop yourself and then make yourself busy with something. Time and future prospects will heal it.

Obviously keep them out of sight within reason, don't look at their social media pages, etc.

No. 80314

You didn't fuck up, he seems rude to just ghost you but you did nothing wrong.

Seconding…you have to get over it. You don't know anything about him and have painted him as ideal in your mind. He is just another guy, awful to say but there are only so many varieties of men and there's plenty more of whatever he was

No. 80361

File: 1524626487493.jpg (77.92 KB, 834x1159, nig3ljzquwn01.jpg)

Lately it's this one musician in his 50s. Sure he's one of the big names of the genre and he doesn't look terrible for his age, but he's old and I don't know anything about him other than that he has some sorta European nobility connection cause he doesn't have that many interviews around. I like bumping his tracks but come on. 7 billion people and my brain pulls this shit. He's not even particularly good looking so idk what it is.

>tfw you will never watch him work the synths in his studio as he comes up with a hit
end me

No. 80426

I need to get that out of my chest, it sounds straight out of some Dramatic/Romantic fiction but here we go

>Be 10 or 11 years old.

>Be in summer camp, a very short one, 4 days if I remember correctly (and not even in summer but I don't know how to call it).
>Meet a boy, lets call him E.
>E is 12, obsessed with dragons, knights and just fantasy stuffs in general.
>I wasn't into it at that time but whatever.
>He's kind of cute, nothing much, but his smile…
>God, his smile, it melts my heart just thinking about it.
>His ears are quite big, like lots of kids, so everytime he smiles, his ears go up a bit.
>Quickly become close friends, we only have 4 days anyway.
>I'm in love with E.
>Everyone thinks we're in love.
>…Some think we're siblings.
>We always deny everything.
>But we're so close… I know he loves me back, it's untold but obvious.
>Summer camps ends.
>We part way. Nothing more happens.

Fast forward 5 or 4 years.
>Be 15.
>Have a nice boyfriend, sweetest guy I've ever met, I like him very much.
>But I've never actually stopped thinking about E.
>Go to a shitty "Anime and manga" convention.
>Buy some yellow ugly contact lens.
>I want to try them on now, so I go to the Con's bathroom to put them on.
>struggle to even open the little bottle.
>A guy comes in, set himself next to me.
>He has the same lens-bottle as me, so I ask him if he knows how to open it.
>He doesn't. We both struggle more for a little while.
>Suddently a girl comes in and shouts:
>I look at the guy.
>The guy looks at the girl, confused, then smiles.
>That smile.
>His ears went up a little when he smiled.
>Realization strucks me. He became such a handsome man.
>But it's too late, he's gone already.

It's like fate gave me a second chance, but I fucked it up. I spent the rest of the con looking for him, but when I did find him, I panicked and didn't even dare go talk to him, and the girl was obviously his girlfriend.

With the hinsight now I'm not even sure he liked me back then, maybe I was just really clingy.

No. 80502

George Mallory. Yeah well he´s dead and his corpse lies on Everest for almost 100 years, but he was a great pioneer and a handsome guy

No. 80539

File: 1524667189410.png (165.93 KB, 500x280, Stanley Kubrick 2.png)

Stanley Kubrick. I keep watching his movies over and over again. His genius is exceptional. I've read all of his interviews, books on him and any tidbit of information there is that I feel I already know him. I often fantasize about an alternate reality where he is in love with me, I get to travel in the past and we live together happily ever after. We both love cats, classical music and reading books, we're a perfect match. Alas, I was born too late.

No. 80601

File: 1524675488200.jpg (67.9 KB, 571x960, tumblr_p3sgwm9sAk1r27bbko1_128…)

i have the worst crush on a woman more than twice my age. why does this always happen to me

No. 81211

File: 1525026048666.jpg (63.26 KB, 653x1000, George_Mallory.jpg)


Sweet shit on a cracker I never thought I'd run into someone on lolcow who's familiar with the British Mount Everest expeditions of the 1920's.

Anyway I agree with you about Mallory. I own a few books on the expeditions. Everything I've read about him describes him as a thoughtful, driven man who wasn't an asshole towards other people. He also wasn't cruel or disdainful towards women, which is always a plus when it comes to famous men from 100 or more years ago.

Anyway, here's a photo.

No. 81223

>I never thought I'd run into someone on lolcow who's familiar with the British Mount Everest expeditions of the 1920's.
Why not? You're not the only person who knows history or "niche" interest. lmao.

No. 81240

hardly a topic associated with lolcow or what the userbase is here to discuss. Don't be so snide at anons surprise.

No. 81651

i've fucked up & fallen pretty hard for a kpop idol
it's stupid for all sorts of reasons but the guy makes me so happy

No. 81655

File: 1525462001919.jpg (212.02 KB, 500x375, 60cb64c30de4ae89e1a8b30c466f99…)

I found this guy on reddit who is a template of my type, I guess is the best way to describe it? Every guy I've been into or dated has looked like him, but he's like the perfect version. He posts only like twice a month if that but from what he's posted he seems very sweet. I feel so creepy but I check up on him once in awhile to see if I can jump into a discussion so he can maybe notice me.

No. 81657

File: 1525463579571.jpg (5.95 KB, 250x230, 1503133458950s.jpg)

lmaoooo I went and did the same shit. Me from two years ago would be so disappointed. I know it's all fantasy but it's my fantasy dammit. I DON'T EVEN LIKE POP MUSIC.

No. 81662

File: 1525471821187.jpg (70.55 KB, 640x960, a8afa89556656dac4952fbec60c4ba…)

Saw this cute guy on the subway today and he was totally my type.

I couldn't help stealing glances, he must have thought I was weird af kek. He himself looked a bit high, he kept falling on the door, it was funny.

He looked like pic related, just his lips weren't as full and his features weren't as sharp.

It's so fucking sad knowing there's no guys like him around me and if there was any they probably wouldn't be interested in me.

No. 81670

File: 1525479226602.gif (1.21 MB, 268x170, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

_Flashback to 10th grade_
>There's this guy named X and I always kinda had a crush on him.
>Known him since the 7th grade.
>Share a few classes together.
>Complements me during a presentation.
>Realizes feeling for him.
>Find out he's into Anime and is currently watching Naruto.
>Starts watching Naruto thinking that I would get his attention.
>Befriends his friends.
>Gives him Gushers every morning.
>I help him find him missing laptop.
>Has a few conversations about Anime and drawing classes.
>Help him draw a tiger.
>Everything starts to hit off.
>Finds out that he's transferring to a different school next year.
>Decides to confess my feeling for him.
>Draws him a picture of Hinata from Naruto hoping he'd get the reference. I also add my contact info on the back.
>Being the annoying weeb I was, I wrote _"I like you, X."_ in Japanese.
>Asks him if he's leaving next year, he says yes.
>Suddenly gets tongue-tied and quickly gives him the picture and runs away.
>Never contacts me.
>Assumes he's thrown away the picture.
>4 years later I happen to find his Instagram profile and requests to follow him.
>He accepts it and follows me back.
>Finds out that he's with some insta thot.
>Gets sad but tell myself it was predicatble cuz he's just so likable and cute.
>He unfollows me for no reason.
>I unfollow X and try to forget about him.
>Distracts myself with this cute Vietnamese guy I met at a lecture and Kpop stars.
>Starts to develop a crush on him
>Forgets about X for a time being.
>Had a dream about X last night.
>Back to being in crush-mode on X again.

It's impossible to forget about X.
And I've also been really into Jeonghan from SVT but he's halfway across the world and the chances of him falling in love with a 5"3 latina is slimmer that X's gf's waist.

No. 81671

File: 1525479438473.gif (1.42 MB, 268x350, tenor (1).gif)

Oooo that hit me hard in the feels. My condolences anon.

No. 81718

File: 1525526415807.jpeg (25.17 KB, 348x423, B2A58EE8-123E-4482-B150-E663CB…)

Walking lips Kardashian’s body guard is by far the most attractive guy I’ve ever seen

No. 81719

File: 1525526552698.jpeg (62.21 KB, 988x770, DS-zoFTVQAAyB6w.jpeg)

I had a dream about Kim Taehyung last night and I realised how fucked I am this morning, first time having a crush on a boy. I'm supposed to be meeting him during autumn so I'm probably going to fuck that up

No. 81723

there's this girl i like. she shares all my interests and we've got similar backgrounds. we're even friends. i talk to her every day. we've known each-other since i was in like, middle school.

the only issue is that, she's. just turning 17 this year, lol. and i'm 18, 19 in a few months. it'd never work

No. 81726

kek a girl in CC just posted a similar situation with those exact ages but said her crush is a celeb. Same anon? If not that's a cool coincidence and I'm charmed that we girls actually worry about this sort of thing.

imo stay friends but wait until you're in a similar age group to initiate anything, like 20 and 22. It's not a big enough gap to be SUPER CREEPY as if you're a 30 y/o man waiting for her to turn 18. You're both still developing and will probably be more sure of yourselves at those ages anyway.

No. 81738

Holy crap anon, I've had dreams too but about RM (I know..) This is OT but how are you able to meet them…is this impossible for a poorfag like me?

No. 81748

File: 1525550607258.jpg (63.01 KB, 900x500, 0211.jpg)

It's just by knowing the right people and having good skills, I can't say exactly how as I'm worried Bighit could see this, but you just have to be somewhat prominent (not prominent enough where you could be a saesang) and trust worthy. As a poorfag you can do it, but it's difficult building up status (no matter how much money you have), so a fan meet would be the easiest way of doing it (which I think they might be doing this this tour in some cities). Bts still have a couple years left on them, so you could get in if you try hard enough

To stay on topic, I've realized how bad this crush is. I only ever crush on people who I've known for years and don't go for looks (he isn't my type looks wise, Suga is), so that means that I'm emotionally attached to someone who I've never talked to before, and my brain truly believes in his most likely idol persona.

No. 81760

Last post about this sorry, it would be great if you could talk about it more maybe on Discord or something if you have it? If not thats ok too, I appreciate the reply anon!

I'm the same with this type of crush, as I don't go for looks either (obviously). I have a stupid feeling that I NEED to meet him atleast once in my young life to satiate this thirst.

No. 81879

File: 1525632859165.jpg (39.76 KB, 421x604, 98349874?FNEF.jpg)

I'm convinced he's a cool guy would probably make a great friend, but my crush for him died down when I started getting the feeling he might be very misogynistic.
Otherwise he's super cute and his idol persona is very dreamy, I don't think it's real tho, no one is that sweet IRL.

No. 81889

I'm 20 and I have a crush on a 17 year old girl. Obviously I'm not going to pursue it and I've been purposefully distant (we also live in different countries which helps) but it still sucks. Especially since she might like me back. Literally the first time in years I've had mutual feelings with someone and the first time EVER having mutual feelings with another girl. Gotta be responsible and not disgusting though.

>I'm emotionally attached to someone who I've never talked to before, and my brain truly believes in his most likely idol persona.
I have a similar issue with a different celebrity and it sucks. It's such a strong irrational feeling. Good luck meeting him I'll be praying for you lol.

No. 81891

File: 1525637119794.png (304.79 KB, 1366x768, aoiharu.png)

I feel so ashamed to say this but my crush has literally always been my cousin.

There's this Japanese movie called 'Blue Spring' and he looks so much like Yukio here, it's uncanny. He doesn't exactly look like the actor Sousuke Takaoke, it's just in this particular movie even the glasses are identical. Of course I'll never tell him that, I just look for his characteristics on every guy I see. I don't know if I'll ever get over this.

No. 81893

I see many anons posting K-pop idols in this thread and I totally get it, they're dreamy and all, some of them are my type too and seem like nice people in general.

However when I see how bad misogyny and sexism is in Korea and how backwards thinking is very common there I can't disassociate this information from their entertainment industry too. I think it's naive to think the same idols who grow up in this kind of enviroment would behave like real princes in RL, I believe it'd be actually the opposite. Dating violence is a huge problem there too.

Nothing wrong having a crush on them but I've seen it many times when crushes turn into something obsessive or scary/cringey. I've seen girls chasing Korean men and fetichising them like crazy because of these crushes. Don't fall for that shit, people.

No. 81895

I think it's usually younger or unstable fans who really full-on fall for an idol's persona. overall I agree though. There's nothing wrong with having crushes on idols, it's a cute fantasy, but idol personas are literally just a blown-up version of waitresses being sweet and friendly to you lol.

No. 81902

>Gotta be responsible and not disgusting though.
You're already disgusting. Try not to be even more disgusting.

No. 81903

It’s ok anon. I had a crush on my cousin when I was younger. It’s pretty normal. Just don’t act on it and you’re fine.

>The phenomenon is called genetic sexual attraction (GSA), and some researchers believe it's related to what's called imprinting

>in families and cultures where brothers and sisters are separated at an early age, the Westermarck effect never gets a chance to set in, thereby increasing the chances that siblings will develop an undesirable attraction later in life.

Don’t be ashamed, you can’t help who you are attracted to. Just be grateful it’s a cousin and not someone closer and don’t tell anyone irl. While it’s legal in a lot of places, in most places it’s socially taboo and uncomfortable

No. 81909

Got this crush on this guy I'm writing with. Doubt he is serious from the vibe I get over his texts.
I send him some lingerie pictures here and then and get some nice pictures in return.
Anyways I feel like I'm just a flirt to him which I wouldn't mind if I weren't already crushing on him.
Sometimes its the opposite and I feel like I'm more than that tho kinda confusing.

Nothing serious has happened so far and I don't mind taking bra pictures.
I'm guessing I should enjoy it as long as it'll last.

No. 81913


I was the original anon you replied to-
I have a date with him tomorrow!
So nervous!

No. 82050

will she be turning 18 this year? and are you only recently 20?
i think it's fine if so desu

No. 82080

This is such a terrible scenario but I guess I have a developing crush on my dad's girlfriend's daughter

No. 82086

she's turning 18 in a few days, and I turn 21 in December. She's still in high school though which is the unappealing part. Honestly just reminding myself she's in high school any time I get """"feelings"""" for her has been enough to put a damper on my crush. I thought she was in college for a while because she does take a few college classes and mentioned them in passing, but the moment she mentioned she was in high school and I realized she was 17 I was done lol.

No. 82251

I just saw this incredibly attractive guy on my (not close) friend's instagram story. He's drunk and singing karaoke and his face is just perfect. My friend lives in another town and goes to a prestigious uni so I already know he's too good for me and probably has a gf. I don't wanna be creepy and even message my friend like "omg that guy is so hot."

No. 82258

I developed some sort of infatuation with the guy who gave me the tour of the uni I'll be attending. He was absolute (subjective, since I've got a specific type) physical perfection and when I first saw him I thought I was going to cry. He was also especially talkative with me compared to the others on the tour, although that may be because I'm going after the same major.

I've had so many fantasies of him since then, from a regular fluffy romantic things to beating the shit out of him. Probably because I wouldn't be personally compatible with someone who is clearly extroverted + pursuing a similar career, and am angry that he's as perfect looking as he is.

I think I'm just lonely. I'm a khhv and have one whole friend, which explains my fixation. I've also had crushes since, I just always revert back to this guy.

No. 82296

You want to beat the shit out of him??

No. 82338

I'm >>82258 and suspect you meant to reply to me, since other anon didn't mention wanting to beat up her dad.

I have anger control issues and I'm a sexual sadist. Hope that explains it to you.

No. 82727

File: 1526489587361.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, ok.gif)

I'm that anon >>76662 and >>79283 and I found out some days ago that my coworker quit. Between the previous posts and that one I barely saw him and only from far away for the same reasons as usual so I didn't really notice that he was gone for good until this week. I'm so depressed because I have no idea how to contact him and when I looked for him on fb I felt like a creepy stalker and I couldn't even find him anyway because he had a common name and some of the people I found on fb didn't have photos as profile pictures but pictures of cartoon characters or the picture you have by default when you create your fb account. I'm not even sure he has an account. Tbh honest our job really sucks so at the same time I'm glad for him if he found something more interesting and that pays well.

There is a way I could find him though but I'd feel even more like a stalker, because I found out another guy I used to work with quit as well, I know where he works because I met him not long ago and we talked a little, and I know they got along pretty well so he might know. I also know he's a musician and he has concerts sometimes but I have no idea how I could find him that way. What should I do? I want to get in touch with him but I don't want to be a nuisance.

No. 82740

I guess that means I should give up? You're probably right, I should move on.

No. 82741

File: 1526505347959.gif (752.58 KB, 350x350, kramer.gif)

I have a crush with a famous rapper from my country, he is awful looking and his music is pureless shit but I always imagine him at my side and having something with him, but the worst of all is that he is a family member of mine and I always see him.
idk how should I feel?

No. 82743

tbh I have a lot of other things to think about so getting over him and forgetting him will most likely make me feel better anyway.

No. 82744

damn that plot twist though

No. 82826

>and forgetting him will most likely make me feel better anyway

Keep telling yourself that when you are 40 and a single mom to three cats.

First you stop chasing other people.
Then you stop seeking out relations.
Eventually you shut down others advances because you have grown in to a big pussy who fears intimate interactions and will only take steps backwards to avoid any mishappenings.

You either change today or you never change, ever.

No. 82846

>You either change today or you never change, ever.

No. 82849

Is this bait?
You know life doesn’t revolve around chasing boys? That it’s possible to get into a relationship while focusing on yourself and not seeking someone out?
Yeah… this has to be bait, and I’m an idiot For taking it lmao

No. 82851

It's not about how I should stop chasing guys in general but more about how if I try to keep in touch with this specific guy I like I'll most likely pass for a creep. Which will be off-putting for him anyway.

No. 82853

You're so retarded lmao

No. 82872

>dick starved Stacy gives life advice on intimate relationships not realizing every single interaction she has are devoid of actual intimacy and that is much better than being in solitude after all it is impossible to be alone and happy


No. 82980

Do fictional guys count?

I have a crush on a goofy character from a 10 year old shooting game. I've been attracted to said character for years and years, but ever since I admitted it to my husband he's been acting really strange and insecure about it.

I don't know why. It's nowhere near 'body pillow/self-insert fanart' level and I don't even bring it up often, or much at all. I did made the stupid mistake of telling him that I'd had a dream about cuddling the character once, and it set something off in him. Since then, he's been sincerely pressed about it and even said he was concerned about my 'obsession'. Later on he did admit that he was having a jealousy episode and had been projecting his insecurities, but he's starting to worry me. I've had other fictional crushes that I've been much more vocal about in the 7-8 years we've been together, but only this one bothers him.

Anyway, the Sniper from TF2 is kinda hot.

No. 82999

tfw you have a crush on thom yorke

No. 83002

Didn't Thumb Yolk break with his wife a while back? Think I remember reading it was one of the themes on AMSP or something. Maybe you've got a chance, anon.

No. 83314

apologies for the late response, anon with a crush on her ex's best friend here

He definitely seems to like me, he even said that he was glad a convo I had with him was casual because he "was probably going to drunkenly confess some feelings", as well as going out of his way to message me a lot. My ex was selfish, and I don't understand why I care so much about his feelings when he didn't show me the same…

No. 83523

Super late to the party, but same here

No. 83562

I've had this insanely retarded crush on a popular streamer for a while now and I fucking hate myself for it. I daydream about meeting and dating him all the fucking time and want to die when I realize he'll probably get a girlfriend before I ever meet him irl. It makes me so depressed when he stops streaming. Why the fuck am I like this. I mean I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this but I still feel so guilty.

No. 83565

I have a strong crush on a Youtuber who recently left youtube for other pursuits, and while I'm crushed that I won't get regular content of him anymore I have a secret fantasy that as his relevance fades I'll have a better chance of meeting and dating him. I'm basically emotionally attached to him and I've never even met him smh.

No. 83617

Filthy Frank?

No. 83620

nah less popular than that, but good guess lol

No. 83649

I don't really like older men since I'm a young woman myself (and thus far my sexuality has aged with me, thank goodness for no weird hangups), but there's this one 40-ish looking man who manages a walmart down the road from me who I have a crush on.

Not exactly in the 'I-want-to-fuck-him-now-as-we-are' way, but I sort of see him as how I'd want my future husband to age. He's relatively well dressed, mannerly, and physically my type…just an older version. It's weird, but I feel fulfilled whenever I spot him. As if this future is really possible.

No. 83650

>have gigantic crush on Eric Andre
>my uncle is minor voice actor/stand up comic, organizes a lot or charity shows in LA
>knows Eric Andre, has been to his parties
>fantasize about being introduced to Eric, us hitting it off, dating him/writing for his show/learning about and from him in general
>wayyyy too often

Irl I'd sperg and creep him out or he'd be annoyed about a fan talking to him. Bird up.

No. 84087

File: 1527923628671.jpg (42.52 KB, 500x375, 1516940376403.jpg)

I've posted here about a really retarded crush (>>71765, yes I still want to die), and was finally getting to the point where I'd settled it, but here recently I started watching some videos from a major gaming Youtube channel, and one of the hosts from it has me wanting to super-die right now thanks to the growing crush I have on him. He's about 30, he looks extremely average and dad-like compared to everyone else in the group, and he's recently married, but he looks so precious and nerdy and awkward and I HATE ALL OF THIS IMMENSELY.

I don't know how I missed this last time, but I know that feel, anon.

No. 84090

>Know a guy
>Good-looking, a lot of muscle, tall and strong as shit, I like bigger men a lot
>Very nice and helpful, empathetic towards others
>Average income
>…but he has severe mental issues that require medication and even then they don't always work
>Been in an abusive relationship with someone with a personality disorder, don't want to take the risk again even though it's a mental disorder, not a personality one
I mean I feel sorry for him for having to fight his demons constantly but I'm too afraid and traumatized of everything being repeated. I hope he'll find someone nice though because he deserves it.

No. 85267

Oh this is me with a streamer too. It’s fucking insane.

No. 85565

File: 1529251668032.jpg (9.79 KB, 240x240, 6EqHBuAP_400x400.jpg)

I have this gigantic crush on this small gaming youtuber from Ireland. Everything about him is just so great to me, he's so funny and goofy and it kills me that I'm not able to share my life with him. I know we'd make a great couple. I became a patreon and hopefully soon I'll be able to donate the highest amount so I have more chances to talk to him and show him my adoration. I think about him and just smile, he's so cute. I haven't been able to tell anyone this l m a o

No. 85653

Care to share his name? My friend from school had a gaming youtube channel and Ireland is pretty small when it comes to YT channels.

No. 85685

Kevin, he's got half a mil now so he's getting more popular, he deserves it imo

No. 85709

File: 1529422414316.jpg (58.48 KB, 1170x792, Hyungwon-1.jpg)

So…. I asked this guy whom I met in a lecture out today. He has an accent and kinda looks like he could be a model. I ended up getting rejected and I feel like a complete moron. I get the heck out of there and am now binge eating and watching Netflix. I'll see him again tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

No. 85711

File: 1529423466448.gif (915.54 KB, 480x270, ED99CFED-1D4B-4B84-A90A-41B69C…)

I still stalk a guy that broke up with me two years after it fml

Anon, congrats on having the guts to ask him out now you have to complete fly ignore his existence so he never knows how hard this was on you.

Seriously it works

No. 85721

Reminds me of the guys who think they have a chance with the cosplay/streamerthots so they support them on patreon

No. 85728

Anon, you did what most would be too cowardly to do. It sucks that he rejected you but now you know you can focus on other things and people instead of constantly being in the state of "what if".

(btw it doesn't mean you are less worthy)

No. 85736

The more chances you take, the better your chances.

No. 85737

File: 1529452822274.jpg (46.59 KB, 274x275, 1479249198880.jpg)

lmaooooo my girl, congrats. I did the same thing back in 2016 with a classmate and it was the best and worst thing I have ever done to myself, I owned my feelings and for the first time in my life I felt like a bad bitch. A bad bitch with her expectations and dreams broken, but still a bad bitch.

If it makes you feel better about yourself, I did it in the cringest way possible: I wrote him a letter asking him out with multiple choice anwers. And I throwed it at him and ran down stairs, he then texted me a way too long rejection letter, I saw it while I was in class and I couldn´t stop laughing. I just could not believe that I actually had done THAT!

I was hurt and everything, couldn't look the dude in the eyes for a long time, but you know what? fuck it. I realized that I prefer chasing than being chased, to choose who I want to be with and when. I felt confident and I still am.

Don't try to ignored him like the other anon said, thats just childish and its going to have the opposite effect: you will show that you are hurt.
Treat him like always, be polite and all, be classy about it.

Show him that you own this, your feelings and your pussy!!!!!!!!!!

No. 85764

>tfw have a crush on some fucker who used a throwaway account on breadit for a roastme two years ago

I need to consensually touch a boy's peenor irl or I'm going to lose it.

No. 85767

File: 1529512986996.jpg (9.52 KB, 228x219, 16299351_1645415335762989_7421…)

Rejected Anon here with an update.

>Sees him again.

>He ignores me and refuses to make eye contact with me even though I was right in front of him.

No. 85768

It's a normal reaction to be uncomfortable with a person you just rejected.

No. 85769

that's how I feel lmao

No. 85771

Geez anon chan have some class, peenors aren't as great as they're made out to be

No. 85772

File: 1529514843418.gif (986.58 KB, 500x261, 227738F2-EC30-4719-B4D5-832FBC…)

No. 85773

Anon go on holidays and have a one night stand if you are so thirsty

No. 85806

File: 1529543167961.gif (469.72 KB, 500x371, 8416854865416415.gif)

I got played Anons.

Been talking to a guy for a while. Found out that he still talks to his ex, caught him physically all over another girl all while messaging me daily.

I'm not humoring him anymore and I am just short of ghosting him. Anything else I should do to deal with a fuccboi?

No. 85807

Ghosting is probably your best option. No explanation, no warning, no closure. Don't post anything about missing him on social media either. If you didn't mean anything to him then he means nothing to you.

No. 89782

I've had 3:
1. When i was working full time at a factory there was this guy who worked primarily in the office, but came down to the floor a couple times a day because his job was to basically see if the machines/equipment could be improved/needed tweeking etc. He was tall, had waist length hair, loads of ear piercings and a strong jawline/side profile. turns out hes the son of the guy who built up the company and omf for some reason everytime id see him i'd full on internally sperg like a 14 y/o. As in I'd hide from him if i looked like a mess, lowkey snoop on what he was doing, would only turn up to company bbqs/xmas parties just to stare from afar - he was pretty friendly too but the most i could ever say to him was 'thank you' when he just happened to be in the warehouse and held the door open for me once. tbh im glad i dont work there anymore because i think pretty much all of my work friends knew i crushed on him hard because id go red or as one friend pointed out 'you always stick your butt out whenever heres nearby' and i was fully aware of how ridiculous i was acting during all of this but i could not stop myself. and if your wondering why it was impossible: he was 30+ and i had just turned 18, my mum had been working at this place for a long time and i didnt want to embarrass her further and the entire time i had worked there i was already dating someone else (sue me we both window shop). would not be surprised if he knew/knows now and gets second hand embarrassed for me.

2. Pete Steel (hes been dead for like 5+ years)

3. currently crushing hhaaarrdd on Ralph Fiennes. so much so that me and my bf have an 'allowance' pact: if i ever meet him irl and he 100% wants to turn my guts inside out my bf has to be ok with it. and its vice versa for my bf if he ever meets Lena Headey, and if one of us gets lucky we have to try and convince our respective crushes to pull all the celeb strings to get the latter laid. out of the two of us i'd say my bf has the advantage of Lena Headey living fairly close by. (we are aware its ridiculous but atleast we've had this discussion o k a y)

No. 89783

File: 1532660631096.jpeg (63.07 KB, 502x679, 36B91EC6-4E9E-4873-A50F-BE551E…)

I feel you anon… weep..

No. 89791

>Been talking to a guy
doesn't mean anything. are people supposed to stop their life because someone is talking to them?

No. 89913

Not that anon, but whenever I talk to someone who I can imagine as potential partner I ignore all other people who would otherwise be considered as potential partners. It may be stupid, it may be putting all eggs in one basket, but I call playing it safe. I wouldn't like the idea of being someone's back up girl, I want to be the first choice and I want my future partner to be my first choice.

No. 89917

File: 1532710687544.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.6 KB, 400x590, rockhistory77_c1bf42.jpg)

In memoriam

No. 89921

Damn. Me too, anon.
Living that hyper monogamous life. Get even just a crush on a guy and I no longer have eyes for anyone else (until he disappoints me).

No. 89923

God, I wish this man was still around. A+ for you anon

No. 90014

that's great but no one should look down or get upset at others who don't

No. 90412

File: 1533018694341.gif (149.02 KB, 250x254, tenor (1).gif)

I had a big crush in high school that I knew would never work out. He wasn't like the hot guy, but I looked like a fucking potato. one of my friends revealed to him that I had a crush on him and it didn't go well. Years later, I look a lot better, I've had a few relationships that were shit. I'm now in a nice relationship with someone who I feel comfortable with, but not necessarily crazy in love with. I still talk with my high-school friend as are in the same friend group. I consider him one of my best friends and I just realized that I still like him, and probably love him. I'm crying knowing that it will literally never happen as I know he's not attracted to me. I don't want to ruin anything with the relationship I have now as its the best one I've had, and probably the best one I'll ever have. I just don't know how to get over this crush, and I don't want to stop being friends with him as we are in the same friend group.

No. 90414

>I'm now in a nice relationship with someone who I feel comfortable with, but not necessarily crazy in love with.
>probably the best one I'll ever have.
That's sad anon, don't waste your time

No. 90722

So there was this male contestant on the America’s version of a popular reality show that I sort of fell in love with about few years ago. When I first saw him I thought he was so weird but his goofy and happy personality won me over and I eventually saw how attractive he was. He seems like the type of guy who I would date and eventually marry, which is unusual because most men tend to eventually annoy me, even the ones that I’m attracted to. But he doesn’t know I exist, so it’s not meant to be. Still makes me a bit sad when I think about it. But I also realize that I don’t know him actually and thus have no idea what he’s like in real life. The whole thing is stupid but still.

I also have a crush on my coworker who looks a bit like him. I wouldn’t say that I’m “in love” with coworker but he’s cute, funny, and I definitely would fuck him in a heartbeat if I had the chance. I highly doubt he likes me back but he’s pretty friendly with me for the most part, which is something at least. Most of the time my irl crushes barely acknowledge my existence.

No. 90878

File: 1533257146113.jpg (48.36 KB, 900x900, DcV297oXUAE_SJZ.jpg)

I have two that are just so fucking embarassing. One is Seth Everman who does music related youtube videos. He's so completely opposite of my usual type so I'm not sure what the deal is but I get genuine heart palpitations when I see his pictures or vids.

The other is a guy from reddit who does sexual audio posts. I have no idea what he looks like or his real name but I contribute a humiliating amount of money to his patron so that I can get personalized audio posts and special one-on-one chats with him. I feel like I would do anything for this man and I have no idea who he is.

No. 90880

seth everman is really fucking hot. i only know of him because a tumblr post of his got popular and his icon was your pic. it was tiny and low res but i did a double take and had to find out who he was because he's kind of incredible looking.

No. 90899

seth is super hot tho

No. 90915

He has an undeniable charisma (and I usually really love guys with long hair lmao), he is funny and talented. Plus, he seems nice and humble, so a+++ taste anon

No. 90934

Seth Everman is hot as fuck, on top of being talented and funny, so I don't see what the issue is here.

Who's the dude from Reddit? Just curious since I'm guessing he posts in gonewildaudio? Maybe it is retarded, but I donate $$$ to Patreon every month to some dude just because of the sexual audio and ASMR shit he does. No real clue who he is but I don't care bc I love his voice and the content he makes is 10/10.

No. 90935

silly boys

No. 91223

>a guy from reddit who does sexual audio posts.
oh thank god this isn't just me. I've got a few on there, one I really like always just makes a post or two then deletes the account, I've spotted him several times and saved all his audios in a folder that I listen to and fantasize about, pillow talk stuff included to make me feel better. I also imagine life together with this person whom I've never even seen god im pathetic

No. 91224

That's Incel tier

No. 91226

File: 1533546936738.jpg (19.14 KB, 525x296, harold.jpg)

I know.

No. 91497

File: 1533748102578.jpg (7.64 KB, 236x236, e04127ea5ec6f9dfb36d7d22076b66…)

I've been really sad since my own breakup and watching a bunch of let's plays and I've developed a huge crush on Matt from Supermega. He's just my type, lanky and nerdy and has really nice eyes and wears glasses. I also have a really immature sense of humor so I think he's really funny. He loves Animal Crossing and his cat too.

He seems like he would be just such a sweet and loving bf and that's all I want.

No. 91506

If you hadn't told me I'd have thought it was one of the Proclaimers brothers

No. 91520

File: 1533762283667.jpg (24.17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-2.jpg)

He's the lost third brother.

No. 91523

File: 1533763429054.jpg (123.02 KB, 426x678, IMG_0817.JPG)

Andy ward from Camel will forever be my ultimate tragic, bipolar, wrist slitting rocknroll husbando with the ultimate facial aesthetics to my tastes. Even if I have to contend with the reality that he's an probably currently an old alcoholic in his 60s who has basically no resemblance to this photo.

No. 91525

File: 1533763672544.jpg (21.51 KB, 284x305, IMG_0886.JPG)

One more for good measure

No. 91543

File: 1533784547621.jpg (24.44 KB, 564x317, cd7f23fc1f648070b8a625d722d157…)

Love love Camel and prog in general. Andy still sings really well. I have a crush on young Peter Hammill(Van der graaf generator). Sadly he did not age well.

No. 91544

File: 1533784989288.jpg (103.2 KB, 564x820, 9fa1d356354d0731b90af3e3c1aa80…)

Most of my musical crushes are dead or aged badly. And I like the the look of 70's haircuts but nobody has them.

No. 91555

File: 1533793529074.gif (3.56 MB, 400x400, 11FC1D63-D2A1-43EF-9B65-1A0F19…)

Talisen Jaffe from Critical Role. I seriously wasn’t even attracted to him when I first started watching the show and then one night I had a dream where he was my ~uwu~ soulmate or something and it felt incredibly real and my brain got stuck on it and now I have a really stupid crush on him even though he’s like my chubby goth dad. Somehow the fact everyone else on the show is married makes it even worse because I just want to be the one to comfort him and make him happy or something and then we can all be friends. It’s sad.

No. 91559

File: 1533794963626.jpg (83.94 KB, 455x683, Waffle-Crew-9.jpg)

I just want to find me a man like ProJared. Someone cute, nerdy and fun who is completely at ease with himself, who he is, and his level of nerdiness.

No. 91597

You mean Latemir? Yeah it's amazing he still sings and tours at his age, but he does nothing for me looks wise young or old. Peter Bardens was also a cutie but he aged terribly too lol. I haven't dug that deep into prog rock yet but I probably should since I love that cutie British look.

No. 91605

What makes you think people won't be taken after you finish grad school?

No. 91613

wait what

No. 91614

File: 1533841578583.jpg (33.91 KB, 480x260, khaled.jpg)

My female chemistry teacher… Not to be objectifying but she has one of the nicest bodies i've ever seen, i bet she's both soft and firm at the same time. I suck at chemistry.

No. 91684

File: 1533892623306.jpg (12.79 KB, 200x288, ecb28add08647a4855ec602e458c3b…)

Ah I see now. I was amazed by the 2018 night of prog performance. Ward was not there though. I am not sure if Ward still performs. If you like Camel you will probably enjoy most prog and tons of cuties too(though not so cute anymore)Like Mike Oldfied who also had mental problems. I really like the vibe of many 70's men.

No. 92172

File: 1534297636685.jpeg (18.34 KB, 317x464, images (5).jpeg)

My husbando is hella dead :-(

No. 92255


So glad you were right, no longer have a crush on Ian lol

No. 92256

tfw you had internet stockholm syndrome

No. 92271

File: 1534375750678.png (183.2 KB, 353x338, 17d.png)

Me too! I thought he was super cute and I stupidly assumed his whole edgy internet persona was an act. Reading the Anisa threads killed that crush real fast.

No. 92740

File: 1534839890130.jpeg (99.32 KB, 789x750, DA918A1F-AA21-43C6-A7FE-B588C2…)

>leave a comment on the aspie subreddit because i feel like it’s one of the only places where i can relate to others
>the OP replies to my comment and because im lonely and curious i check his profile
>learn he posts on r/foreveralone and wizchan (not in a woman-hating incel way)
>all his posts are about being lonely and craving affection, barely ever mentions wanting sex
>he seems so sweet and reminds me a lot of myself

I’ve been checking his profile every day now to see how he’s doing. I’d… want to message him but I don’t know what I’d even say. Why am i retarded like this anons

No. 92769

I think talking with him would do you good, just approach him saying you're in the same situation and would like to talk
I am also in the same situation but I usually manage to drown the bad feels by posting on imageboards, listening to music and doing my hobby

No. 92774

Talk to him anon. You'd both benefit. Let us know how it goes.

No. 92811

File: 1534888630878.png (64.09 KB, 507x540, hoodiewojak.png)

Maybe if he ever responds to another one of my comments I'll message him so it doesn't seem like I just messaged him out of the blue, but I'd even feel weird doing that. He's also in his 20s and I'm not even 20 yet so he probably wouldn't want to message with me. He'd probably just judge me. I think I might just stick to stalking him…

No. 92859

Fucking DO IT
Don't worry so much, if you're worried your age will put him off then you'll at least be able to be friends and you'll be 20 eventually, right? Plus, i doubt he'll care about your age if it's an online thing anyhow. Just give it a shot, you'll either both be happier for it or you'll stop having to feel sorry for him

This is just a very… familiar story and my end of it went super well, so I feel giving it a shot couldn't be so awful

(small-ish/not huge age gaps aren't even so bad on the internet since it's not like he can pressure you into fucking him or pull nearly as many fucked up power dynamics over your head while you're at it, unless you're very very not careful, so no worries. just keep your eyes open and chase that nice fella!)

No. 92860

>He's also in his 20s and I'm not even 20 yet so he probably wouldn't want to message with me.
Uhh… I'm going to assume you're just naive and not humblebragging but men go for the youngest women they can reasonably, legally get. Your age will be a bonus. Bad news is that's gross.

No. 92863

The worst thing that can happen at this point is that you message him and he doesn't reply. Try something like this:

>Hi, you replied to a comment of mine (x) days ago and from looking at your comment history it seems like we have a lot in common. Would you like to chat on (kik/discord/etc)? I was really nervous about sending this message and have been thinking about what to say all day. No pressure, you just seem cool and it would be nice to have someone to talk to. -(Anonette)

Don't get too upset if he doesn't feel comfortable talking, he'll probably feel a little comfort just from getting a message like the one above. I'm socially retarded too (avpd) and a lot of the time I just can't handle interacting with people, but it's nice to know someone is thinking positively of you. Idk if aspergers differs in that regard.

No. 92871

except JBW (just be white)

No. 92872

he looks like fouseytube with hair

No. 92895

OK I'll try to message him next time he posts on any of the subs I frequent (dont know how long that'll take) but i really doubt it will go anywhere
I don't know if an age gap would make him uncomfortable or something but I'm probably being overly pessimistic
Thank you for that message blueprint anon. I probably would've come off as 1000x creepier if i tried coming up w/ a message myself because i'm also a social retard

No. 93121

File: 1535136563354.jpg (76.84 KB, 564x946, end me.jpg)

>be me
>friend asks me to watch kamen rider with him
>sure why not
>watch drive
>this is okay.jpg
>come across screencaps of pic related
>"b-bro… who is this"
>"he's from kamen rider ooo"
>we're now watching ooo
>getting in deeper
>becoming a weeb again
>have to stop myself from making him my wallpaper on my phone because that's too much even for me

This fucker is legitimately causing me to question my sexuality. What the fuck. I just really liked his weird face and anime hair and it spiraled from there.

No. 93122

kek the appeal of feminine men is not lost on me, but he really just straight up looks like a cute girl. no testosterone in sight. unless you're thinking about his dick i'd say you don't have to turn in your lesbo membership card quite yet

No. 93124

Yeah, I absolutely think a lot of it has to do with him being so feminine. He occasionally crossdresses and every time he does he becomes 11/10 waifu material for me. It just feels weird because I've never been this attracted to a man before despite the nuances of the attraction itself.

No. 94573

File: 1536338407363.jpg (70.46 KB, 1280x720, Scums-Wish.jpg)

Update from crush on ex's best friend anon >>79625
We're now dating and I've never been happier or felt more secure with someone before. We have the same values and he genuinely loves me and cares about me. Keep your chins up anons, there is a chance your crush might develop into a relationship.

No. 94578

I'm so happy for you anon <3

No. 94596

File: 1536363922543.png (286.35 KB, 921x686, C41AE827-0772-4E5A-BA7A-DAA5B6…)

That’s amazing anon! Can you tell the story of how it happened?

No. 94906

File: 1536691354070.png (13.45 KB, 240x240, main@2x.png)

I've developed a crush on my mom acquaitance's son quite recently,we havent knew each other personally but through the photos he sent us his son was sooo cute,charming and hot…While i was setting up my moms linkedin account for work and i happend to stumble accross his profile,he was wayyy beyond my reach.Ivy league school,future chemistry engineer,prolly in a relationship too while im just an English major at a fairly normal uni in a third word country (he lives in the us btw) and have quite an age gap too,im a uni freshman and hes already a allumini le sigh

No. 94912

File: 1536698809107.gif (1.01 MB, 540x300, original.gif)

Ugh I have a huuuge crush on a celebrity, but when he was younger. Basically all I've done this weekend is stalk his imdb page and watch everything he was in when he was younger. In interviews he's so funny and charismatic, looks wise I find him so cute even though my type is usually the opposite of him. Sigh, I even daydream about me being a celebrity during those times and us falling in love, etc. It hurt less when my crushes are fictional since I know I'm my heart that no humans exist like them. But, this crush is going to make a standards kinda weird lol. It also made me try and find what sort of girl he would be attracted to for some retarded reason, it makes no sense to try and be like that anyways. I hope this crush goes away soon ugh.

No. 94941

Who is it

No. 94965

i have this a lot but only because im getting old lol
im pushing 30 so a lot of the people i grew up crushing on were young in whatever i liked them in but are actually older than me and im not really attracted to them as they are now

No. 95060

File: 1536802042608.jpg (19.39 KB, 331x500, oLvkQBx.jpg)

I have an impossible crush on an unknown artist who makes rap music, writes cheesy posts on his social media and has impeccable fashion sense. He also has really nice and big hands with long, slender fingers that satisfy my hand fetish.

I've left comments on all his recent tracks so far and I wish I was creative enough to make music because I know he listens to the stuff his followers like/make and I want to get noticed by him kek.

Too bad he lives an ocean away.

No. 95180

thank you so much

well he and I had been flirting with each other and sending signals under the radar for about 6 or so months, honestly we just grew closer because we had similar interests and a lot of time spent together. It was hard to do this without possibly causing issue for my ex/his friend, so we never actually made any solid attempts because we both didn't want to cause any problems. But one day he invited me out to this film festival that he knew I wanted to go to, so I went to visit and ended up talking to him for a couple hours about everything, and that's when we realised we both felt quite exactly the same way about each other.

It's so cute learning now how we both subtly tried sending signals to each other, and how we constantly second-guessed each other's actions. He deems me to be fit as a life partner and that's all I've ever wanted. I wish you luck anon, sometimes you just need to be patient.

No. 95380

I need to vent about this so I came to /g/. this is the literal perfect thread for me

>be me

>married to my husband 4 years. Together for 6
>love him deeply. We work well together. Dont want to leave him or anything

But I developed a stupidly huge crush/infatuation with his older brother. It's been going on for 5 years about and it's sometimes worse than others. Right now is a bad bout since we recently spent a lot of time together. I know in my head we wouldn't even be that good together if being with him was feasible. He does things that really annoy me sometimes and I think I'm more attracted to this weird fantasy of him.

No. 95613

same, but with bruce campbell :/.
you have been attracted to his brother for most of the relationship? oof

No. 96879

File: 1537972058685.jpg (24.17 KB, 640x640, 1170891_202864660088882_428405…)

I cant believe its been going on for so long tbh. When it first started I was thinking "haha this is stupid, it'll go away!!"

5 years later…

No. 96889

File: 1537977876493.jpg (97.25 KB, 352x500, John_Minton.jpg)

He's gay and dead.

No. 96921

WHY do I have a crush on Shayna, DumDolly…

I know she's gross and despicable, and her vagina is terribly infected, and her lifestyle is a mess..but for whatever reason I've been finding myself totally attracted to her.

I don't know why I would ever want to be closer to such a train wreck, but here I am. A part of me wants to save her, and help her turn her life around. It's so stupid

No. 96923

I can understand. She is gross but comes across as kind of tragic and oddly alluring. I'm not into camgirl culture or anything but felt drawn to her thread for some reason (aside from her trashy lifestyle).

She was also decently cute before she really fell apart.

No. 96956

I also sort of get it. She's pretty cute. Maybe it's also because of how insecure she seems, it's unthreatening and watching her trainwreck life kind of makes me want to teach her what a loving relationship is really supposed to be like. And smoke weed with her.

No. 96960

It okay, anon. I know she's shit but I can' help but like Luna.
Maybe cause she is so interesting to me and I see bits of myself in her crappy art, shitty poetry, mental health issues, adorable trinkets collecting etc. I just reallly enjoy her threads and find her really cute under all that grime.
I wish I was brave enough to take selfies, pictures of my stuff like she does… I feel to stupid and shy for that even though I would love such a photo diary, even just for myself.

I wish I had a friend like Luna, but without all the inexcusable shittiness… Idk how to find one though

I would never support her financially in any way and would love to kick her ass for fucking up her own life and being selfish cunt lol

If anyone knows a similar instagram or tumblr user that are not greedy, stealing junkies and that blog about their lives, mental health and have a kinderwhore type of an aesthetic etc. I would appreciate a link.

No. 96964

I KNOW THIS IS A YEAR OLD BUT ANON YOUR LIFE STRAIGHT FROM A FIC. I would like to know if you had your way with her anyway of your heart was broken?
sage for being noisy

No. 96987

Lol thanks for making me feel less crazy you guys. Her tragedy IS oddly alluring, and I just can't help but feel like deep down under all the grime, she can't really be that bad of a person. All this girl needs is a push in the right direction. Like you said, the fantasy is that I'd be the one to show her what a loving relationship actually looks like, and how to have a happy lifestyle.
I noticed my attraction began after she moved in with her shit abusive boyfriend. Now that things are actually dangerous for her, I feel an urgency, and a crush developed.

This isn't the first time I've been attracted to this type though. I'm always drawn to tragic and fucked up women. It's most likely a result of my own dark past & all the things I've had to personally overcome. When I see someone so "broken", I can't help but feel affection for them, like I know that they can get out of it like I did. And I want to help.

It's not wise to feel this sort of thing. I wish I was naturally so attracted to actually healthy people, but here I am lol
(sage for my blog/essay)

No. 96989

File: 1538089429327.jpeg (29.77 KB, 400x227, 1D5F2CBF-0E25-40B4-A007-EDD848…)

I have a huge crush on my coworker. He’s goofy and funny and respectful and him and I just vibe really well. He listens to me and gives me advice and has never crossed a line or made me uncomfortable. He always calls me hun/sweetie/doll (but I think he does that will all the female employees tbh). He’s 10 years older than me, with a wife and new baby. I’ve been with my bf for 3.5 years. I wouldn’t cheat on him, and I don’t want to hurt my coworkers wife, but I can’t stop fantasizing about him and always make excuses to be around him or talk to him. It’s killing me bc my relationship with my boyfriend is past the ~new and exciting~ stuff and I’ve been so bored with him the past few months. I crave all the feel good and butterflies. He gave me a ride home from work for the first time today because my bus would have taken forever to come. My heart was going a million miles a minute the whole time. Rip.

No. 99154

File: 1540256101869.jpg (36.8 KB, 500x414, png-crying-girl-anime-blush-br…)

>play tabletop rpg two years ago
>fall in love with my character
>fantasize about her all the time even now
>tfw I'll never fuck a shy yet invincible fictional amazon

>boyfriend has a cute bisexual best friend who is insecure about being a virgin

>best friend is 6'4", attractive, lifts weights, sweet caring personality, smart but not pretentious, a bit shy but opens up around us
>mommy kink activates and I crush hard
>boyfriend knows and is cool with it
>we offer cute best friend a threesome
>he gets flustered and says he'll think about it
>it has been three years and he's still a virgin

>female best friend of past six years

>bisexual, beautiful, so interesting and clever and funny
>only fucks people she's in love with
>considers having casual sex with me but doesn't love me enough

No. 99164

All y'all sound nasty wtf. Why you tryna literally fuck up platonic relationships?

No. 99177

That sounds pretty dysfunctional, anon…

No. 99189

>crushes on family fembers?
>crushes on video game characters?
>crushes on bosses/teachers/authority figures?
>crushes on literal friends who already care about me?
>wow anon too far
This is a thread for impossible/retarded crushes, I know mine aren't going to happen. Especially with my best friend, I'm not even going to raise the topic. I just tend to crush on people who care about me.

The threesome with my bf's best friend is a special circumstance, he has said multiple times that he is actually into us and that he wants his first time to be with someone chill who he's not dating so he doesn't feel like he has to impress anyone and can just relax and learn. And we're not pressuring him about anything anyway we literally offered once to do that for him and that's it. The offer is on the table and if he never takes us up on it that's fine too.

No. 99196

Update on old posts of mine: the dude I like and I are friends on fb now despite not seeing each other, we make small talk sometimes and there's a chance I'll be able to see him soon at an event. Last time we saw each other irl was almost a year ago so I'm surprised he didn't forget me. I was forgetting about him and now I can't stop daydreaming about him.

No. 99221

i have a huge crush on some guy at my college, but everytime im around him i spell spaghettis and say retarted stuff because i dont know what to say. also it seems that one of his friend has a crush on me which makes things even more complicated

No. 99222

nta but your crush isn't what's too far, it's the fact that you added unnecessary info about your shit relationship.

No. 99249

NTAYRT but yeah, all of this sounds gross AF. Do you want to fuck all your friends? Always thought crushes are about wanting to be close to the other person, not just getting into their pants.
You are not doing anything wrong morally but I still am disgusted. You do you, though, as I am speaking out of my ass and based on an emotional response.

No. 99325

File: 1540420086068.gif (543.16 KB, 498x267, tenor.gif)

Anyone else who's mentally ill start to think about someone all the time when you catch them looking at you multiple times or staring? Maybe bc I'm a lonely fuck but my god, the amount of times I fantasized about a relationship happening with any guy who gave me a little attention and I thought was cute is much too much.
My OCD really screws with my thoughts.

No. 99326

…that doesn't necessarily seem connected to mental illnesses anon, just loneliness and isolation. Unless it's invasive and unpleasant and is distracting you from day-to-day function.
Regardless I have a similar issue. If a guy is nice and smiles at me or holds the door open I wonder if he thinks I'm cute. Or, like you said, he looks at me in class and I imagine him trying to make a move on me.

Meanwhile no one has ever hit on me and I've faced constant rejection from men lol, even non-normie nerds. I'm not even super ugly and take good care of myself…but that's another issue not for this thread.

Anyway, I feel you. One of the men that rejected me was even one of those that shared a passing smile and stared at me, so I don't recommend hitting them up after some "signals." It will just end in disappointment, especially with your imagination running into the future with him. It's tough when you've fantasized about being married to them and growing old, then they just hate you.
Which isn't blaming them btw, it's just how things are.

No. 99403

File: 1540509159446.jpg (15.81 KB, 400x400, 48jA1Fuc_400x400.jpg)

I have an absolutely retarded crush on a YouTuber Peter Knetter

No. 99407

File: 1540528922648.gif (1.68 MB, 400x225, solas.gif)

I'm still heartbroken from Solas… I've never fallen in love more with a character. It honestly hurt when I finished the full game/DLC content lol, took me a while to get over it.

I even got irrationally angry when I saw a video of another character besides mine in romance scenes with him lol so pathetic.

Same with Alistair in the first game, he was so cute and funny. But with Solas it was just perfect in every way, the romance was top notch and I kept wanting more scenes with him.

No. 99447

>>mfw Angel was literally my first love and jesus christ I remember that cringey ass ride. I'm actually rewatching the series atm
I know this is an old ass post but fuck I couldn't not respond to this.

No. 99729

>post of a year ago
Maybe it was you and you forgot haha

No. 99774

Girl same. Every time I think about the look my character had when he was trying to end it breaks my heart. I still have all those feels.

No. 99891

For a few months now I've had a crush on the head of my department but it just feels so weird, not only because he's my professor but also because he's this really old eccentric ex-hippie. I've worked for him for around a year now doing various chores around his house and he's literally the sweetest. He'll hire me for a few hours to do mundane tasks and then spend most of the time chatting with me and giving me food and anything he finds laying around that he thinks I might need or like. He's bent over backwards helping me with some difficult situations throughout my school career and has even offered to take me and my family out to dinner several times "just because we deserve it" (!!). I had a dream about him a few months ago and ever since I get butterflies thinking about him but only when we aren't together… if that makes sense? Like I'm not attracted to him in person and would never make any advances towards him but thinking about him makes me happy. I've been trying not to think about it too much but he called me beautiful the other day and it didn't help.

I also have an art history teacher who literally looks like Tom Selleck but leaner with grey hair and he's just really cute and nice. This one is more of an "i'm intimidated by how cool you are" type of thing than an actual crush but damn… he could get it.

No. 99896

How do I stop myself from developing a crush on someone online who lives 2 thousand miles across the country?

No. 99900

Either drop them or find someone near to obsess over.

No. 99908

This is terrible advice.

No. 99910


No. 99911

You're either very young or naive if you think it's a bad advice. Dropping them now is the best thing she can do. We have limited time on this planet, why waste it.

No. 99912

I mean, I even gave her an alternative option of chilling till she falls in love with someone else. Though tbh I would be afraid that if anon is so attracted to the person, with contact kept she would fall for them despite having an irl partner. lol
Dropping them might be the best option of avoiding drama and heartbreak if anon can't just be friends and keep herself in check.

No. 99942

File: 1541116289619.jpeg (58.99 KB, 797x1194, heartattack.jpeg)

I'm going to see a band live this month after kinda "forgetting" about them for four years, and I accidentally reignited a crush from my teenage years on the bass player, only now it feels way stronger.

Thing is, even though the band is well known in my country and they're definitely famous, they're still kinda niche, their gigs are relatively small and it's actually quite likely to get a chance to meet the band members, but I think it only makes the whole thing worse. With big celebrities it's kinda comforting to know that I'll most likely never even see them IRL, so I don't get my hopes up. But now it's a "so close yet so far"-kinda feeling, because I could easily meet him face to face, but the chance of him seeing me as anything more than just another fan is pretty much non-existent since he most likely already has a girlfriend, he's ten years older than me and I look like a sentient sack of flour. But goddamn he still makes my heart pound so hard my chest hurts.

No. 99968

nta but telling anon to simply obsess over someone else is shitty advice.

No. 99978

>drop this person you deeply care about or "chill" till you find someone else to love
Is fucking terrible advice. That anon sounds like they don't talk to people or has zero empathy and drops their friends like flies.

No. 99998

What do you suggest then?
You are not helping by criticising the advice and not providing a better solution. I am genuinely curious what would that be.
Getting quickly romantically attached to people met over the net without chance of meeting them is a shithole I would not wish on anyone. You get too sweet on them too fast cause they are halfway imagined by you and there is a false sense of deep intimacy.
Anon is already falling in love and senses it's not good.
If she can meet the other person soon then fine, but from her post it does not seem so.
It's not my life though, so if anon wants to keep going, I wish her the best of luck.

No. 100059

I could never admit this irl or even say it out loud but I developed a huge crush on a fairly famous gaming youtuber.

Weird thing though is that I'm rarely sexually attracted to someone without being attracted to their personality first. For him that's way different. I actually don't really like his personality and wouldn't be surprised if he was a coke head. But I do fantasize a lot about fucking and being fucked by him. Especially giving him head. And he seems to be nicer to his gf than he's to all the other people around him. Which… it's not like it matters because he has several million subs and lives across the world but… y'know…

No. 100063

File: 1541264879223.jpeg (26.38 KB, 320x320, 89A5977B-5AD5-4F8E-B5C9-28DC67…)

I’ve had a crush on Etika for months but never actually watch his streams unless it’s on my YouTube feed. I hate how he’s the type to forget he was ever in a relationship after a hangover and his ADHD personality doesn’t help. He’s so unstable but I keep coming back to his videos

No. 100100

File: 1541302092608.png (2.36 KB, 244x226, 1348764844816.png)

I've noticed I've developed this really weird crush on my coworker that I only see once a week and I only noticed it because we were joking around earlier and I almost called him "babe" mid-sentence (I only do this with really close friends), and I've been thinking about it all day (tbh I've been thinking about him for the last few months but I tried to never entertain the thoughts). I hope this is just some passing fad for me because even though he's most of my type I really don't want to have this crush, especially not on a coworker I have no chance with (plus I think he's has a girlfriend anyway). I hate that I fall for guys who give me attention and I can vibe with so easily.

No. 101292

File: 1542887367275.jpeg (56.6 KB, 1200x675, 080F388A-6716-47C2-975F-A5301C…)

I’m this anon ( >>92740 ) with an update if anyone even still cares. I finally built up the courage to message him and I am so fucking nervous that my body vibrated continuously for probably 15 minutes after sending the message and I feel like I’m going to vomit.
It was a slightly long message explaining why I was drawn to him, and i basically asked if we could be friends at the end. The suspense is going to make me fucking die anons, he’s either going to ignore, block, or report me. I definitely came off as a creepy e-stalker. Because I am one.

No. 101294

Don't worry anon, I don't think he'll report or block you. Sounds like he'll be flattered and happy that somebody's reaching out to him. But be careful, he might be a fucker nevertheless. Keep us updated!

No. 101297

>a girl liked his posts on /r/foreveralone of all places and now has a crush on him
He's very, VERY likely to think you are just trolling him.

No. 101300

File: 1542906921538.jpeg (95.95 KB, 500x750, B27228D1-F022-4C50-B19D-74DBE1…)

I will anon <3 even though im 90% hes going to ghost me because i physically cannot reread my message without cringing

Ah fuck, you’re right. How would I prove that I’m not? I guess he’d just have to take my word for it. He posts on some other subs but rarely

No. 101308

>I definitely came off as a creepy e-stalker.
Guys are far less worried about that kind of stuff than girls are.
>he’s either going to ignore, block,
To the forever alone types a girl going out of her way to approach them is like finding a winning lottery ticket just lying on the street. If he blocks or ignores you he's not actually rejecting you, he just found the whole thing so implausible that he doesn't believe it's happening. He doesn't know you at all so really, don't take it personally, whether he agrees to talk to you or not has nothing to do with what you are like, it's entirely about how he would react to a message like that.
If he blocks you there's really nothing you can do, creating a different account and messaging him through there would definitely be creepy. If you see he's been posting but hasn't replied to your message, don't immediately assume he's ignoring our message, he might be trying to work up his courage to message you back.
>or report me
lol, don't be silly.

>im 90% hes going to ghost me because i physically cannot reread my message without cringing
You made yourself vulnerable and that is always scary, but your message is probably fine. You are likely cringing at nothing. Even if you dropped the spaghetti if both of you post on the aspie subreddit he will probably be understanding (assuming he's not an idiot, in which case good riddance).

One problem I see is that you are head over heels over somebody you only know through reddit posts. What you like is this image of him you've built in your mind, it's possible that he doesn't match it exactly. Please keep this in mind if you two end up getting in contact. He might be good but in some ways not match your idealized view of him, or he might be awful and then you don't want to leave him because you think the idea you have of him actually exists somewhere deep in him when it actually doesn't. Please remember that you would be only in the getting-to-know-eachother stage and not in some soulmate fairy tale. You've had him in your mind for several months now, so you could mistakenly think he's more than some guy you are just getting to know. He isn't.

No. 101312

Thank you for the wise words, i needed all that.

No. 101315

Anon, I wish you best of luck! Pls remember to update us. I hope this works out so you can both stop being foreveralone.

No. 101317

>sit next to some cute guy on the bus
>stare at him almost shamelessly
>he fidgets and looks nervous so I accept that I've creeped him out
>but when he gets up he smiles at me and says thank you for letting him get up (lmao what else would I do)
I'll never see him again. Don't know if I'd make a move even if I did.
But he'll live on in my heart just like the boy in the book store I saw in 2015.

…fuck I'm lonely.

No. 101343

Omg I relate to you so much. I remember all the cute stranger boys and men i'll never see again over the years and had fantasies over due to being forever alone. Eeeee

No. 101356

I can't stop crushing on Mr. Darcy HALP

No. 101381

If he smiled to you he was probably just fidgeting because he was nervous, not because he was uncomfortable. Reading about these scenarios have me wondering how many potential matches completely miss out from each other from anxiety related reasons.

No. 101384

I don't know if it's the same for you, but it's always the case that either I have no chance to hit on them, or the ones I do always end up having gfs/rejecting me.
Absolutely cursed either way.
He was wearing headphones at the time, and I didn't know he (potentially) reciprocated at all until he got up and left…
If I see him again I'll try to make conversation I think, maybe bring up recognizing him and asking what he's majoring in. Nothing to lose.
The chance is unlikely though.

No. 101588

File: 1543358536673.jpg (64.24 KB, 500x333, large.jpg)

Not sure if this makes me creepy, I know some of you anons won't like this but I have a little crush on some boy who's the same age as me (a little older actually) but he looks so much younger than his age and it's so cute to me. It's also kind of shameful because he's pretty much rocking the emo look but without the makeup. I think I like that androgynous look…
Anyway, I started looking at him a lot whenever I was bored just for something nice to look at and because I'm a bit of a perv and I think he started catching on because now a lot of the time when I'm looking in his direction, he's already looking at me first (I know it's most likely to check if I'm looking lol). I don't even know how he caught me though because I always made sure I was looking at him when he wasn't even facing me.
Tbh, I don't even know why I'm attracted to him, he's not my usual type at all and I get super embarrassed on the occasion he says something to me. I start blushing so hard when he's right in front of me and it's really obvious when I don't have makeup on, I'm almost sure he can see it.

He walked up to me and complimented my appearance today, noticing that it was different and I can't stop thinking about it. It made me kind of happy because I never get compliments from boys, but I can't stop thinking about it like a stupid teenager. When he said that to me, I wanted to runnnn! I actually wish I never started looking at him because I don't like my crushes to know that I exist or that I like them. I don't want them noticing me at all. I have major issues in my life including with my depression and spergy anxiety and I don't want to drag anyone down with me so I know I can't have a boyfriend.

I feel dumb and embarrassed. On one hand, I imagine pure scenarios with him and on the other, I have dirty thoughts of him. There's no way I can look him in the eyes after the stuff I've imagined lmao I hate this!!!

No. 101593

Welcome to having a crush anon
You don't have to do anything about it, you don't have to marry him just because you fancy him, maybe he's not even available and doesn't even know you like him
Despite all of what you've said, flirting is fun and you're experiencing new things. Try to just enjoy the mysteries of life and don't just turn down future opportunities based on the past

No. 102123

I think I'm developing a crush on my GP and I feel so dumb for it.

He's not your typical good-looking doctor kind of guy. At all. He's on the smaller side, a bit chubby and he's a huge nerd.
One time we somehow started talking about photography and he even recommended me stuff for my analog camera.

Thinking about seducing and fucking him really turns me on. Plus the fact that we have similar interests, that he seems to be a huge actual nerd and that he's kinda shy is very endearing.

I would probably even dare to ask him out if there was another doctor I could go to if he declines. However, it's probably not legal anyway due to ethics and everything. Ugh.

No. 102151

way to not actually read what she said.

No. 102187

Crushing on my boss, 34 years my senior. He's married, a silver fox and all the girls at work are into him. It's completely ridiculous and never going to happen - I am ugly and sexless and pretty dumb.
Nonetheless, he's flirty and kind to me. He messaged me after a couple of drinks recently and told me that he knew I was special from first meeting. He's always teasing me too.
I was walking on air about the messages but he sat me down after a week of avoiding me and told me he'd deleted everything and if I wanted any future in my career, I'd delete his messages too. Then went back to being himself again. It really upset me.
It's mega pathetic. I can't stop thinking about him and what's worse my sister has twigged that I fancy him and keeps giving me shit for it.

I feel awful anons. Is this normal crush territory? I wish I knew how to turn off these feelings.

No. 102190

No. 102192

He sounds like a creep and probably does the same thing to all of the girls in your office. I would keep your relationship 100% work related. Over stepping that boundary with your boss NEVER ends well. This is coming from someone who had a long and drawn out "relationship" with her boss

No. 102193

Learn to love yourself

No. 102196

No. 102215


Thanks anon. I'm trying to draw that line + your message helped put it in perspective.
I mean, you're right - he probably does do it a lot and more with the girls around him, and it's nasty to think about. One of my friends was actually hot and madly into him, to the point where she made her personal art practice into loads of really provocative photos of herself and kinda about him. They used to have a weird "thing" until she left. Now he acts like he doesn't remember her.
Just something in my stupid little lizard brain just goes mad anytime somebody shows me a shred of positive attention.
Sorry to hear about your own boss trouble. Hope it hasn't affected you + your career too much.

U right but how?

No. 102220

>liking some greasy old guy
Tf, fam?

No. 102379

I have a long term boyfriend but I've become seriously obsessed with some guy online who I've never even really talked to one-on-one. I keep trying to get him out of my head but it's weird he's stuck in there.

I hate this because I have a good thing going with my boyfriend! I'm happy with my relationship.

But I've never felt about my bf the way I do about this guy :/ I mean just the intense interest- obviously I love and care about my boyfriend more than someone I don't even know.

I feel lucky he lives in another country or else I feel like I would lose control. I keep telling myself that whatever I'm feeling is just a crush and it will fade like all crushes do. But I want to talk to him all the time. I feel more happy and alive just knowing it's possible for a guy like this to exist.

In the meantime I've just been doing all I can to ignore him but it's been incredibly hard.

No. 102386

it's obviously just a crush (on basically nothing) so taking it too seriously is just going to ruin your real relationship .

No. 102387

Maybe it deserves to be ruined if anon is so obsessed, or at least something needs to change. Noah fence but if they're so obsessed with someone they've never met maybe there's probably something wrong in the relationship they already have

No. 102398

This is what I was thinking too, and maybe there’s something I can take from this extremely ridiculous crush that I can talk to my bf about within our relationship.

I think part of it was that my crush was talking about me and how he wished he knew me irl so he could help me embrace the weird part of myself and apply it to my art- since he is living in as an expat in an artist colony. Before that, I already found him interesting because he’s doing a lot of cool creative things that I’ve checked out and found really exciting. It’s fun to imagine being with him in some capacity and he’s hinted that he’s thought about me in the same way.

My boyfriend is a computer programmer and half the time when I suggest we do something, I don’t feel like he’s all that into it. Like he would rather be working out or at home playing video games. In fact he often finds an excuse for us to leave things early so he can go do just that. My life has become more stable but also less interesting since dating him. I also feel like the only way I can entice him into spending more time with me is through sex.

My crush is someone who can and wants to have good conversation for hours. And I think the good conversation component is one of the biggest things missing from my relationship to the point that I’ve actually become a more social person looking for that elsewhere with other people.

No. 102400

Have you ever talked to your boyfriend about that? Please do. When people don't work on major things like that, it causes them to fall out of love in the long-term. You have to put in the effort of being honest, and he has to be put in the effort to recognize what he's doing and change it so you both can have a deeper connection. If he doesn't even try or he invalidates your feelings, you know what to do. Good luck anon.

No. 102401

this post of yours completely changes the game. I wouldn't go as far as to say "break up" but… that's a possibilty to have in mind. As anon above says, you need to talk to your boyfriend, communicate that you feel unhappy with the way things are - and his reaction should give you the answer. If he brushes off your feelings then don't waste your time. Don't settle for someone boring just because it's stable. With the crush-guy, if you get with him obviously it won't stay exciting forever, but from what I can gather form your posts, you two are way more compatible.

You really need to ponder deeply about what you actually feel towards your boyfriend. Is it love, or is it just gratitude for security and stability?

No. 102438

You are having good conversation for hours because he is trying to get with you. It doesn't mean it would be the same irl or if you lived together. You always see the best side of someone before you get together.
I understand your troubles with your current bf though. Just dont take uwu art colony uwu chat for hours as the full picture

No. 102450

this. and anon will never get a chance to interact with him irl period because the level of control one has with online interactions is insane.

hell, it's hard enough to feel someone out irl.

No. 102506

File: 1544289032721.jpg (178.65 KB, 522x400, IMG_2358.JPG)

ok so storytime (not clickbait)

i am a complete nobody as is most everyone ITT. for some reason i have never had crushes on real celebrities and instead only on fuckin D-list e-celebs. probably because they seem more attainable and my self esteem sucks. however i did luck out in the genetics department and guys think of me as very attractive so i have been able to talk to certain youtubers through twitter and rarely through snapchat. i feel so embarrassed, most of the YT fangirls are like 16 years old and i'm 21 and i hate being in the same pool as them. i dont sperg on twitter trying to grab attention, i dont draw creepy fanart or write fanfics, i have never ran any fan account. i am extremely low key and it works, but i still feel disgusted with myself kek.

so for the last 2-3 months ive been talking to a guy that was very popular on youtube because he was a part of a very well known 'team' (all the guys ive talked to or stalked have been in the gaming community so dont worry its not team 10 or other cringelords). he is very invested in me and won't leave me alone (no shade). we've been talking every single day, either just texting for hours or talking over the phone. however, at this point i am using him to get to vinny from vinesauce. i feel terrible and i know i'll never get to vinny because he's the most unattainable e-celeb i could have picked (the pastebin circulating 4chan proved this). this guy only briefly knows him, but he has close friends that are close with vinny. i have this whole elaborate plan on how to at least just get his attention. i am also talking to one other popular yter albeit he hasn't shown explicit sexual interest in me which i appreciate. however he lives in LA which is too far from vin so i doubt they see each other outside of cons.
the funny part is, i dont even like vinny's streams. i much prefer joel and he is the only streamer i actually watch. i love vinnys music, his intelligence, his personality and he is one of the top 3 most attractive people ive ever seen.

sorry for the sperg anons i just feel like a complete loser idiot and i had to vent lmao. i'm not gonna pretend like i'm a shy uwu foreveralone grill because i do have opportunities to have relationships/sex but i literally cannot feel any attraction to anyone except for the person i'm fixated on, which is fuckin vinny at the moment. pls no booly

No. 102513

What are you saying to get their attention? Just responding to their tweets casually, they see your pic and get thirsty? I'm just curious lol. More power to you, anon

No. 102515

What pastebin are you referring to?

No. 102517

kek thanks, i was afraid people would judge me for being such an autist.
i dont know actually, its never my intention to start convos with these people so i guess it's just random "luck". perhaps it helps that i don't sperg out like the majority of their kiddie fans and have slightly more followers (if that even matters), so they feel more comfortable replying/following. maybe i just shoot low, i would never even attempt to @ anyone with over like 3 mil subs because its embarrassing lol. the yter im talking to on a regular basis has been off the platform for a year but still collabs on other channels and is thinking of continuing before he becomes completely irrelevant. so my groupie luck hasnt been that great.

warning, if you stan vinny maybe dont read, its very cringey. granted its from many moons ago but still. the girl in question is a complete lunatic too, so i do take this with a grain of salt. here ya go- http://archive.li/Mp1gB

No. 102519

not gonna lie, this is crazy but I'm not judging you in a slightest lol, you go girl. I also tend to fixate on youtubers, I have a "crush" now on some UK guy who's not even that attractive - he's cute though, and I like his personality, he seems very in touch with his sensitive feminine side which I'm always attracted to. I'm also I guess above average in the looks department, I feel like I could grab his attention easily but honestly what's the point. So I'm manic enough to fixate on some yt rando, but also enough sensible to not act on it in any way. Will wait for it to pass.
Anyway, keep us uptaded, that's an interesting situation you're in

No. 102552

does anyone know why this was posted in the first place? i remember reading this like a year or 2 ago and i recognize the girl he's talking too, she used to show up on streams a lot with her art.
(i also used to have a huuuuuge crush on vinny too, even had some cute-sy little fantasies in my head about being his gf like some other anons here)

No. 102604

eh get in line, who hasn't had a crush on vinny/cr1tikal at this point lmao

and idk why this was exposed. the girl says vinny leaked it, /v/ says capicoli faked the whole thing out of vendetta, some think the bitch did it to humblebrag etc. it seems legit but there are a lot of irregularities, like the girl claiming he cheated on his gf with her when in the transcripts he says he hasn't had a gf in like 10 years. also the dates dont match up. whatever the case, both her and vinny seem pretty unhinged in that convo. reading it is a great way to dampen the crush due to his autism (i'm still gonna continue my totally-not-creepy operation tho lul fingers crossed)

No. 102734

Well we aren’t talking one on one for hours because I would consider that cheating but I see him having great conversations with others and so I’m saying he’s capable of it where my bf kinda isn’t.

Anyway I ended but talking to my boyfriend about it and honestly this was the best possible option. I stopped obsessing over it immediately after that. But like another anon recommended, it turned into a deeper convo about our relationship. That part didn’t go as well :/

Oh well hoping things work out

No. 102792

I posted earlier with a crush on a gaming Youtuber, and things have worked out to where I'm no longer watching their videos. All prior crushes are good and gone, great and grand and everything…

But now the other night I came upon a channel where a British dude is talking about different topics like other YTers and situations that have happened recently. They're much closer to my age, and they are very much my type of person… but they're also gay.

… At this point, I just need to live life without ever hoping for a decent relationship because I'm not cut out for anything normal anymore.

No. 102830

File: 1544580925834.gif (112.81 KB, 278x400, jrzcxqV.gif)

I have a huge crush on one of my professors. He's only a few years older than me and he's newly single and we've hung out together socially before, so maybe it's not impossible. I've thought about asking him out once the term is over, but I've never asked a guy out before and I'm not sure if I have the courage. Also I have to write a 2000-word essay for him by the end of this week on concepts that I barely understand, and I'm afraid he'll think I'm an uninspired halfwit (if he doesn't already).

No. 103009

add him on facebook after term is over. worked for me. if he doesn't message first, gather up your own courage – there are so many legitimate excuses you can use: thanking him for a great class, pretending you're interested in pursuing the subject further and asking for advice, etc.

No. 103259

I didn’t stop obsessing… I ended up messaging my crush and he has liked me for a while, but he said he doesn’t know what to do about it. And he doesn’t want to mess up my relationship.

Which is probably too late at this point. I think I have to break off my relationship. Not because of anything happening with my crush because it honestly can’t. But because I feel like I’ve basically cheated.

No. 103263

You don't like him you like some idea of him from talking online a few times. FFS. I hope you do ruin your real relationship because this one isn't going to go anywhere.

No. 103266

Does his name start with "A"? Lol

No. 103285

I added him a few days ago, actually, but he hasn't accepted. Maybe I should've waited until the term was over, but he has someone else in our class on FB so I didn't think it would be a conflict of interest or anything like that. Also he's literally referred to me as his "friend" before. But whatever, I should probably spend less time overthinking this and more time writing essays.

Glad it worked out for you though, anon! Is it more of a friends with benefits thing or an actual relationship?

No. 103352

Nope, not an A. He doesn't seem real popular, so Idk the chances of a lot of people knowing him here.

No. 103760

File: 1545411863121.jpg (9.2 KB, 236x220, 4887db0022fa78c9901851d8308b62…)

>visiting someone who lives in city near Chinatown
>stop inside supermarket real quick before i arrive at their house
>almost immediately make eye contact with a man who looks identical to my vidya husbando, except more built
>same hairstyle, facial hair, face shape, features, height, eyes, wtf
>even has the same criminal air about him (lmao)
>get chills, feels weird seeing what my husbando would look like in real life
>turn to look at him again
>he's still looking at me
>first thought that pops in my head is if he thinks im cute
>instantly hate myself, this guy is a bit old for me
>tell myself he's not my vidya qt, just looks like him and that he's probably a scumbag, dude literally looks like a convict
>go elsewhere in the store to grab some stuff
>guy randomly appears and is still staring at me
>my brain is so retarded, says he must think i'm pretty and basically thinks this is validation that if my husbando was real, he would find me attractive
>guy's probably really looking for an opportunity to mug me or rape me or is just a weird pervert
>despite thinking all this, i kinda want him to touch me
>can't stop wondering why he's been looking at me
>ok i got to go
>pay for my items and gtfo
>have sexual thoughts about him days later anyway because im lonely and mentally ill and it just became easier to imagine sex with vidya husbando
Kms, lassies.

No. 103837

Who's your vidya husbando? I kept imagining Kiryu or Majima from the Yakuza series while reading your post, it made it hilarious.
>crushing on someone because they remind you of a vidya/anime character you like
Been there, done that.

No. 103868

File: 1545512583751.jpg (101.37 KB, 800x450, Majima_in_Yakuza_6.jpg)

You got it! It's Majima. The guy at the market facially looked like older Majima but he had the longer, tied back hair that Majima had in his 20s in Yakuza 0. It was honestly surreal.

>Been there, done that

Now you got to share your retarded crush story, anon.

No. 103928

i dont like him anymore
i actually think he's pretty cringey now

No. 103942

File: 1545625987560.png (2.49 MB, 1920x1080, 1536239699440.png)

he was just hitting up the discos. no need to worry, anon

No. 103953

I can't fucking believe Sega would create the most handsome video game character

No. 103967

I want to boogie with him.

No. 103982

File: 1545687560402.jpg (389.04 KB, 1920x1080, 1533863361652.jpg)

i think kiryu is more handsome, but majima just radiates charisma

No. 103983

I love you majima anons

No. 103984

Majima has such a likable personality. Yakuza 0 turned him into husband material I'm frustrated he's not real lol he deserves to be happy.

No. 103993

File: 1545710310735.jpg (240.61 KB, 800x1134, 1496088798502.jpg)

i love the yakuza 0 version of majima the best. i'm so sad there's barely any merchandise of him. if he can't be real at least let me buy a figurine or something

No. 103994


No. 103999

I want a majima keychain so I can take him everywhere with me

No. 104001

There's a Majima Figma but it's so fucking expensive right now, $220 is the lowest I've seen. Tbh there should be more Yakuza merchandise period. Fucking step up your game Sega.

No. 104012

File: 1545770214425.jpg (46.19 KB, 720x420, its_a_wonderful_life.jpg)

Watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and realizing how attracted to 1940's James Stewart I am…

No. 104390

I lied I’m still obsessing and I feel like a creepy weirdo.

I think about my crush all day and wait for him to talk to me. My boyfriend just wants me to stay with him and is sticking by my side which makes me feel guilty.

I kinda want to just break up with my boyfriend and also ignore my crush and be single now because I’m clearly not cut out for any of this

No. 104392

File: 1546202935817.jpeg (51 KB, 385x500, 1539152327689.jpeg)

I have a crush on an internet friend I met through my irl friend. He's a tall, lanky boy who likes varied music and we can talk about such things.
Right now, it seems impossible since we live on different coasts in different countries, and I don't know what is going to happen with my academic standing.


And well, after a shitty relationship, I'm scared of getting hurt again.

No. 104451

Ive crushed on and dated so many internet guys, i even meeted several in real life. And we all ended up not talking anymore. Its very unstable. I had 4 e-bfs and them or I eventually lost interest. I was super obsessed with one guy i met online and we e-dated for 7 months and then he broke up with me and i flew to his country and he pushed me away and said he will call the cops for trespassing if i go to his house again. I met another online friend i knew for 3 years that was purely platonic but he kept pushing to have sex, touching me, i eventually let him, stayed at his place for 2 weeks then flew back home and he blocked me from everything. I advise you to stay far away from internet guys. Work on your grades, meet guys in your class/area, spend less time online, perhaps pick up a job and meet guys at work.

No. 104453

I have a crush on my best friend.
She’s a year younger then me and I’ve known her for years. We’ve been best friends since she was 11 and I was 12. We hung out everyday until she moved to the next city over after middle school. We still hung out as much as possible. When I moved to that same town (I had just turned 19, I’m now about to turn 20.) we started hanging out everyday. We joke about dating all the time and say we’re just gonna get married for tax benifits. I never know if she’s serious about dating me or not. The other night we got stoned and hung out and she told me she ‘calls dibs.’ She’s a really good person and she’s super nice and super pretty. I’ve liked her since we were kids. We used to cuddle on the sofa, go for long drives together, and we still make eachother playlists. I know I should confront her and see how serious she is about me but I’m afraid to ruin our friendship.
I remember when we were 16 and 17 she stayed the night at my house. She ended up going home early, crying. She said it was because she really likes me. We never talked about that either. Whenever we start hanging out after a while I end up wishing we were together. We’d never be able to work publicly because her mom is homophobic as all hell and we’re both girls.

No. 104454

Reading this was wholesome. I’m sorry I don’t know whether you should confess to her or not, but treasure a friendship like this.

No. 104455

I had a similar experience, because my parents were very strict and never let me socialize, so I spent all my time talking to guys online from Skype chats and Omegle. I would form a close friendship with them, then it developed into an online relationship… They would always ghost after a few months. I never told this to anyone because they would judge me for spending so much time online talking to strangers.

No. 104456

I have a crush on a twitch streamer with like sub 10 followers, which makes it super awkward for me to crush on because when I watch his streams it’s really obvious it’s me (because usually there’s 0 watchers).

My old abusive boyfriend cheated on me and I developed super bad depression and would stay up super late at night, not being able to fall asleep. I saw a guy streaming (who was exactly my type) on some obscure ass game and I started watching his streams to fall asleep at night (he is in a different time zone).

I really like him because he is super into sci-fi stuff and even though he has like 0 followers, he always dedicated himself to his stream 100%. Like even though he’s been streaming for longer than one year and rarely gets any viewers, he still makes a post on Twitter every time before he streams and seeing him so passionate about it is really endearing lol.

I feel so pathetic because last night was like the first time I engaged in chat with him and I feel like he thought I was super weird and now I’m scared to watch his stream cause he will know it’s me watching lol. I even fantasized about like losing a bunch of weight and glowing up and then streaming my own stream and hoping he would see and fall in love with me. Then I found his Facebook and found out he has a girlfriend lol.

I feel so pathetic about all of this.

No. 104458

i think you should still PM him, it could blossom into a beautiful friendship and maybe lead to something more. My dad met my mom when she had a boyfriend, they were friends for a while, then her relationship ended with her bf and eventually she and my dad started dating

No. 104459

That’s literally how Marzia landed pewds (cringy albeit adorable)

No. 104462

I'm super wholesome, I definitely could never do that haha. But thanks for the suggestion!! I've definitely been on the side of being cheated on so I don't think I could ever approach someone with a girlfriend without feeling like a piece of shit. Even with friendly intentions.

Wow I didn't know that! Super interesting. I'm not super pretty like Marzia though, I'm like…very average. Which adds to the cringe.

I used to make fun of like forever alone guys on worshipping girls on twitch…and now I'm basically one of them except worse cause I'm a girl. I'm like…100% sure if he found out I was interested in him and he saw what I looked like he would think its creepy instead of cute.

When we talked for the first time, he even asked me why the fuck I was watching his stream at 3am in the morning and I didn't know what to say without being creepy so I said his stream helps me fall asleep, and he was kind of hurt about that so I tried so stay up as long as I could lol. It was kind of cute cos he would check in every half hour to see if I was still awake or not.

anyways i want to die lol

No. 104467

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I'm curious why you flew to his country then went to his house after he broke up with you. Do you have family or other friends there?

I agree with being reluctant with internet strangers, but my irl friend, whom I met in university, has known him for a long time and currently lives and works with him at the same company. My irl friend and our other mutual friend (who is closer to my crush) would have told me if he's a scumbag, but they both haven't. He's not a complete stranger in the way that we met on 4chan or other "questionable" means.

Either way, I posted in the impossible crush thread for a reason – the distance is too much, I don't know him as well I need to (yeah ofc I know this) and I should try to meet other guys in my area.

But who knows? Maybe I'll get a job in that area after graduation and it won't be a pipe dream, but hopefully I'll have found someone irl.

No. 104483

I met all of my e-bfs on chatrooms or video games so maybe you'll have better luck. I was really close with him and we talked about our lives and families a lot and shared our addresses and parents names with each other. So when he broke up with me I thought it was because we never met in real life and that he was losing hope in an LDR. I booked a flight to his country and an airbnb and knocked on his door. His dad answered and I asked to see his son. My ex was furious and told me to fuck off, when I tried to hug him he pushed me away, he said I feel no attraction to you get out of my life, he said if I come back to his house he will call the police for trespassing. I was crying so much, I went back to the airbnb and I was blocked on everything. I stayed for a week touring his country but all I felt was sadness. When I went to the capital I saw couples holding hands, friends laughing, and it made me realize how alone and pathetic I am, how much money I wasted for some guy I met online…

No. 104512

He sounds like an asshole, at least be friendly when the girl shows up. I wouldn't do it (show up) but he obviously left it too open-ended and you didn't know what happened.

No. 105024

File: 1546797084305.png (911.04 KB, 920x584, Jeff Goldblum.png)

Jeff Goldblum

No. 105026

but did you stop to think if you should?

i'm sorry

No. 105043

Mostly shameful but there's no les/bi version of that ashamed-to-fuck thread.
Even though she's an asshole and liar, I actually have a thing for Moo. I don't participate and just lurk, but watching her stream made me realize she hits that thing I have for obnoxious, chubby, openly sexual women with big tits. Same with Micky. If neither of them were shitty people and bathed more often and were legit bisexual, they'd be the types I'd approach.
Impossible, retarded, and shameful.

No. 105073

I don't see why we need a new thread, I think women have been posted here before
Maybe it's just less embarrassing to want to fuck women in general lol

No. 105075

I think there is one but there weren’t a lot of posts and it hasn’t been updated in a long time. I’m sure you can find it if you dig deep enough.

No. 105077

There is a "women you're ashamed to say you'd fuck" thread. It's buried somewhere in the catalog.

No. 105555

File: 1547210358027.jpg (96.04 KB, 600x845, drmccoy.jpg)

>fictional character
>guy in his late 40s with a stupid hairstyle
>on top of that, the actor has been dead for almost as long I am alive

What the hell is wrong with me?

No. 105798

>Develop a crush on the vocalist of a veeeery indiefag visual kei band
>Starts out innocently enough with your typical thirsting and whatnot, but after reading 4 years worth of defunct blog posts during the summer (trust me, it was A LOT and also I'm not fluent in Japanese) it develops into full-blown obsession
>Indiefag guy accepts DMs for a day on Twitter and end up sending him one in my shitty Japanese
>He replies. I cry when I read it. Obsession develops further
>Begin stalking and digging. Find among other things his (mostly locked) personal FB account with his real name.
>Do some more digging.
>Long story short, today on instagram I accidentally find that someone I thought may have been an ex is actually his long-time gf he lives with, confirmed by the cute little dog they both have shown in pics.
>She's of course super pretty. Basic af, but pretty.
>Heart breaks as if I found out a real life crush's gf. How freaking pathetic.

Your average enraged fangirl would've already spilled it all across the internet. But I won't. I genuinly care about the guy and I wouldn't wanna harm him in any way. I just feel dumb I am heartbroken, as if I'd ever had a chance with him. I don't even live in Japan, and they're definitely never coming to the West. But now I feel weird even thirsting about him in my escapist fantasies. Serves me right for digging in too deep I guess.

No. 105809

There's this guy in one of my classes who I just really want to fuck badly but don't really know why. I guess he fits in with my type (awkward, not white, unique (farmers would probs call him uggo lol) face, skinny) but so do a lot of men and my desire is rarely this intense. He isn't even well-dressed or charismatic or anything, just average in other aspects that would draw me more to someone of my base type.
I don't think it would work out romantically since he's from a different culture and I'm not willing to acquiesce much but BOY do I want to bang him.

No. 105861

I broke up with my boyfriend. I'm still messaging my crush and he wants to meet except it's really not possible right now.

I'm being so stupid. What am I doing. I was lucky to find someone who wanted to be with me for 2 years. My ex said he didn't want to marry me, but now he's saying he wanted to be with me forever.

I wish he had just been receptive in the beginning so I could have gotten excited about where the relationship was going instead of getting swept up in to some fake Internet thing I can't get out of.

No. 105865

it's not on him, it's on you. you're a fucking moron.

No. 105885

File: 1547588611659.jpeg (45.99 KB, 663x579, DF510E53-FF84-4C75-8375-22E830…)

>go see RHPS last month with a friend

>the guy playing Riff Raff is kinda cute and keeps doing all the callbacks with the audience

>develop huge crush on him

>can’t get him out of my head and imagine us in romantic scenarios constantly

I’m hopelessly in love with a bald cap wearing, 30-something year old stranger. Kill me.

No. 105947

File: 1547669338965.jpg (19.41 KB, 720x462, 1535933649723.jpg)

definitely not an impossible crush, but a retarded one for sure.

>2017,last year of highschool

>notice this cute guy at my bus stop
>keep looking at him from afar, see that he's friends with some acquaintances, lurk their accounts
>find him, know his name, lurk his accounts
>see that he has the same humor as me, the same interests and even follows some obscure unknown YT channels I follow too
>develop a crush.jpeg , without ever talking to him, stalk his online accounts

then I had health problems and missed lots of HS days, met another dude, he becomes my bf

>had a bf so I forced myself to focus on the relationship

>a week after I started dating said bf, I receive a message from someone I don't know asking if I'm cute guy's name's GIRLFRIEND
>panic.jpeg , turns out our common friends wanted to make us meet bc they thought we'd be a perfect match
>oh fuck
>I tell the guy who contacted me that I don't know who cute guy was, pretented to look him up to see what he looked like (as if I didn't already know ffs)
>then they called me to explain, turns out cute guy said we were dating so his friends would leave him alone, but one took it seriously
>they call me to explain, pass him the phone, he panicks and says my name then our common friend rips it off of him
>ask said friend cute guy's twitter to talk to him (I waited until he gave it to me to keep up the appearances of ignorance)

>we talked a bit that night, then we never talked again

>It became a running gag, at the stard of 2018 when our common friend tweeted at him asking "when are you gonna be in a relationship?" cute guy answered "My heart belongs to anon" obvs a joke but get flustered anyways, tweet back and forth some shitposts

>August 2018, see common friend, still insists on how perfect we'd be, taunts me by saying stuff like "awww anon misses cute guy"

>dude if only you knew the truth

I still have a huge crush on him and I lurk through his facebook events now that he's studying in the same town as me
I never crossed his path yet, but I won't stop hoping for it

No. 105948

Wtf this belongs in a "guy has obvious retarded crush on me and we both do nothing about it thread." Anon, just ask me out - I would usually never but it's too obvious he already likes you but is scared - so why not? Do you live far away?

No. 105949

*him out
Swear I'm noy him

No. 105950


No. 105959

samefag, he's noticed me blatantly checking him out several times and I thought it just made him uncomfortable (which I'm into). But today in class he sat two rows behind me despite only sitting across the (huge) classroom for the past few weeks. His old spot was also free so there was no reason for him to be there, and when I saw him at the end of class he left quickly.
Could be reading into it too much but. lol.
I almost feel bad since I'm currently invested in pursuing another guy, I just thought this one was cute.

No. 105981

I don't know if this belongs here, but I don't know where else should it go

>9 years ago, I was a dumb oblivious teen

>meet some cute guy at a local convention
>we chat for hours, eventually start hanging out and become fuckbuddies
>neither want a serious relationship with the other one so when he gets a girlfriend we stop
>eventually lose contact
>fast forward to a few months ago, suddenly he contacts me on twitter
>start talking again, decide to meet in the city to catch up on what's been going on
>turns out we still have similar interests and points of view, decide to be friends since we are both in happy relationships now
>invite him over one weekend
>we chat and laugh and have a good time watching stupid videos and talking about people in our past
>my body just itches to get closer, manage to restrain myself
>a few days later I tell him, turns out he was the same
>confesses me he couln't forget about me all these years and shows me poems he wrote about me
>we decide to keep distance and hang out only outside or with more people around so we don't ruin our relationships
>every time he's around I'm wet and can only think about the times we had sex

What is wrong with me? He's not a stud, he's just average cute. I wouldn't want him as my boyfriend either. And I had similar fuckbuddies in the past, but neither made me feel like this when I met them again. I really love my boyfriend, but this guy drives me insane.

No. 106133

I have such a crush on this guys that's a co-host of a podcast. I spent 2 hours browsing through his twitter following list to see what kind of girls he is in to. The only thing we had in common was that we were girls and we have brown hair. Otherwise I wouldn't even be his type if we met in real life.

Why am I so retarded…

No. 106400

I've just recently gotten a retarded/impossible crush on this character from a book series I'm reading and I knew I had to come straight here to vent about it.

So I have a boyfriend, but I've legit started losing my feelings for him and developing feelings for such a mary sue character in the Divergent books and movies, Four.
He is typical strong-silent type who seems harsh but is soft and deep on the inside and I'm a total slut for those characters.
My boyfriend is sweet… but soft and not masculine or very deep or interesting.
Our relationship is coming to an end soon by itself but it feels so weird to be in love with someone who I know isn't real but it still feels like a genuine crush? I'm going insane but uhhhh, I can't help it

No. 106426

you cannot post here if you are under 18, anon

No. 106497

File: 1548442245132.gif (1.6 MB, 440x440, c9cfc9ee-d239-42e3-a73d-382103…)

came in to whine about my suga longing but there's already a bunch of you here :')

No. 106499

Wat? How did anon imply they were under the posting age? Seems like an appropriate post, no need to mini-mod.

No. 106501

I recently got into this group called the Brow beat and the lead singer is really attractive but his fan base consists of teenagers and middle aged women.

No. 106504

Gross. Seriously.

No. 106522

Yeah, I have a no fuck shut up help level crush on this random musician from online. I bought tickets for a thing they're in back when I was normal, and now I'm so psyched out I'm skipping the show because I think about them so much that the dissonance from seeing an actual person feels like it might make me short circuit and kms with whatever is handy. It sucks because I've liked this type of music forever and it was something I would let myself obsess over because it always made me happy and now I just feel worse, like that weird guilt you feel when you start liking something because someone you like likes it except that's not even what happened so wtf. Also I have no idea what I actually want from them, it's like a glitch crush where my brain says their screen name and shows me a stock photo of their face over and over again in response to any random stimulus. It's clear from their social media that this is like.. common and they're just kind of crush-able or whatever. So I guess this is just my discount brain trying to practice crush-having on an easy target. I hope it gets bored and stops soon because I want my life back.

No. 106524

>>106426 the worst part of all of this is I'm in my twenties. I know it's humiliating but I honestly can't help it and I feel like a crazy idiot.

No. 106871

>tfw your crush is so embarrassing you're ashamed to even admit it on an anon retarded crush thread

I'm with you all in solidarity, sisters.

No. 106876

We're anonymous…. just say it

No. 106880

Unless it's your dad or something I'm sure it's fine.
>inb4 it is indeed a close family member

No. 106886

File: 1548799880378.jpg (122.33 KB, 1013x1024, justendmysuffering.jpg)

>I have definitive evidence I didn't develop the Westermarck effect with my second cousin

Why does he have to be exactly my type? Our parents have even joked that we'd be dating if we weren't related. If only they knew. I always knew I was a disgusting person, but I didn't expect to stoop this low.

(not >>106871 btw)

No. 106905

File: 1548820005019.jpg (53.57 KB, 564x559, hurtsalittlebit.jpg)

I have a crush on the kiwi farms admin. I weirdly like his voice and I've been watching his streams a lot. His laugh is pretty cute imo.

No. 106907

File: 1548820739741.jpg (101.41 KB, 800x450, angrydognoises.jpg)

I gotta crush on this guy I know.
He's tall, thin, handsome, exactly my type.
We even dated for a bit but then he broke it off. I still really like him even if he needs to workout some issues, and we don't always agree.
What makes me really mad at him though is when he sends me mixed signals. He told me that he didn't know if he was ready and that he didn't know if we'd get along, but then he hugs my legs, sometimes holds my hand, hugs me, rests his head on my lap or shoulders. Sometimes he jokingly threatens that he'll "put my face on yours. Goddamn it anon I'll fukkin kiss you." It just hurts because I still have feelings for him and want him to be happy, but know that I can't be with him.

No. 106910

How many times are you going to post this. You say this every week now

No. 106911

I've never posted about him before now, must be another anon

No. 106912

I know this feel, it is a bad one :/

No. 106913

Perhaps he's behind these posts himself

No. 106920

not the anon but i posted about having a crush on him a few weeks ago in crushes i'm ashamed to admit to have for the same reason.
>>106905 it's okay… i understand.

No. 107424

I have this massive crush to this chef dude on youtube, it's ridiculous. I never daydream or shit like that, he isn't overly hot or anything, just funny, tall and passionated? I daydream about going fishing and cooking with him, FISHING AND COOKING. Vile.

No. 107427

Are you talking about Brad from Bon Appetit? If so….. same

No. 107461

>>107427 YES, fucking wanna go catch crabs with him and i'm a fkn vegetarian. He just seems so funny and sweet AND LOUD.

No. 107471

File: 1549404613884.jpg (22.85 KB, 265x470, bonappetit_brad-makes-sauerkra…)

me 3, I would die for brad

No. 107479

>>107471 i am so jealous of vinny (and maybe brad's wife) and to you anons, i love that you feel my pain.

No. 107490

I too want Brad to ferment me.

No. 107538

I’ve fantasized about Brad. I don’t usually like balding men… or any men for that matter.

No. 107539

>>107490 I need him to talk about epoxy and wourder to me

No. 107544

It's recent but I'm falling bad but he can be my uncle or worse dad… but fuck his voice is hot. Just wish there was more info about him, a thread where I can gush over him and hopes he updates his instagram account and twitter with pictures of himself, gonna some of his films next week… bye or I'm going to spill my sad crush over him

No. 107546

File: 1549467460939.jpg (28.81 KB, 349x524, clancy_brown_a_p.jpg)</