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File: 1487817238795.jpg (123.76 KB, 950x973, q1844-0527-mb3.jpg)

No. 55579

I'm hyped for summer, beaches, and swim suits. ITT share nice swim suits/Bikinis and share links of stores!


No. 55580

File: 1487817878157.jpg (270.6 KB, 1500x1000, Marysia-Antibes-ScallopedBande…)

Sure, why not.

No. 55581

File: 1487818004705.jpg (93.5 KB, 792x1253, S0044-ROSE_043.jpg)

No. 55583

File: 1487819299587.jpg (15.83 KB, 240x337, V1505-PPO_V2554-PPO_A1197-PPO.…)

>tfw no beach or pool near you

anyways, i really like bikinis with a skirt, i think they look good if you're pear-shaped.

No. 55595

Here here anon! I also love skirted bikinis. I think it's a nice way to add a cute and more modest touch at the beach.

No. 55596

File: 1487834714595.jpg (169.75 KB, 750x884, HTB18ohpLpXXXXaJXXXXq6xXFXXXT.…)

>tfw desperately trying to lose weight before goddamn bikini season

Does anyone else keep a swimsuit they want to wear/look good in for workout motivation?

For me it's this gosh darn mermaid bikini. I can't pull this off without a nicer body.

No. 55597

Can I get some general advice? I hate bikinis. They're so uncomfortable. One piece suits flatter me well because I'm short with an hourglass shape, but I'm worried that people think I'm insecure (talk about irony). I'm literally the only person I know that wears a one piece. Is it seriously that bad of a fashion choice?

I'd be more open to bikinis if they gave more support, like a sports bra. I don't enjoy the feeling of my tits flapping in the wind or paddling me through the water. They're just not perky or small enough. I'm worried that if I take too hard of a step they'll bounce with such force that I'll fly off in to space.

I have no idea where to get cute swimsuits of any style either. I only know Ross and thrift stores. Works great for everything except for underwear and swimsuits. Help? I'm a very late bloomer when it comes to fashion.

No. 55601

>I'm literally the only person I know that wears a one piece.
…so? If you prefer one pieces, wear them. God knows popularity doesn't equal good fashion, and nobody really gives a shit when they've got their own bodies to worry about. And I'd rather people assume I'm insecure (ie self aware) than think I look like shit in a bikini that doesn't flatter me.

No. 55609

Just get an athletic one piece. Lots of people wear them, myself included

No. 55615

I wear a one piece, it's got a cut-out panel, but it's still a one piece. TBH if bikinis are that uncomfortable for you, just stick with what works. I find them really obnoxious to try and walk/swim in, I'm convinced they're meant for beach girls who just tan

No. 55670

How do you guys deal with keeping the skirt on, it falls off when I wear it

No. 55687

For my bigger boobs I love tops that are made like bras so they don't cut into my neck. I'm sure if you look around you could find a top that is made like a sports bra. If I'm not mistaken, I think some sports stores may have some?
And me personally I never go for flashy suits, just one or two toned. Usually just black. I think a swim top shaped like a sports bra in all black would look great.

No. 55688

File: 1487909790740.png (1.6 MB, 800x800, spreepicky_MLXL_GreenPink_Sexy…)

No. 55689

File: 1487909859771.jpg (72.87 KB, 800x800, spreeicky_M-2XL_Black_Angel_Wi…)


If I could get rid of the black bow in the front it'd be perfect.

No. 55690

File: 1487909920255.jpg (76.45 KB, 700x700, spreepicky_SML_CardCaptor_Saku…)

No. 55692

if it werent for the apparent swimsuit fabric, itd be just another cocktail dress

No. 55694

That's indeed very cute!

No. 55696


something tells me these all probably look like trash IRL

No. 55697

looks like trash in the pics too tbh

No. 55701

It's really sad how many of these look cute/great in pics, but once you see them irl, yea no thanks

No. 55903

I have such a disproportionate body I just never go swimming/to a beach.

However, this has always been my dream bikini.

No. 55904

My big complaint is I can never find a bikini that covers my butt enough. I don't have too big of a butt but it's also not on the smaller side, but so many cuts nowadays have half the ass hanging out and it makes me so uncomfortable.

I kept hoping for a high waisted bottom with a full butt cut but for some reason designers always think "oh they want to cover their stomachs a bit? lets just have the ass showing instead!"

Is it so hard to make just a full cut bikini bottom that isn't either shorts or half way up the buttcheeck?

No. 55913

I have a bikini from VS with a basic full-butt coverage type of oldschool bikini bottom cut, so they probably still sell ones like that there. Though I also want to get the skirt version of the mermaid shell bikini one anon posted in here which would also be good for butt coverage while still being very cute.

No. 57759

Try Land's End. They aren't as dorky and unflattering as they used to be, but some of their sizing does run a bit large, so check the size chart before ordering.

No. 57912


I always found Asian clothes to be too broad-waisted and flat chested. These people have weird shapes.

No. 57914

>tfw boobs too big and saggy to look good in a bikini

what can i do, wise anons? i've literally cried because i can't ever find a bikini that doesn't make my boobs look sad… i always end up wearing ugly one pieces without much cleavage to swim and covering myself up when i'm in the sand…

No. 57918

Victoria's Secret has some good full-support pushup bikinis. As long as you aren't too high above a size DD (since even if you get a higher "band size" than your real one it's a bikini, so many just have strings for the band and you can make it as tight as you want) I would recommend going there and trying a bunch on, chances are you will find a couple that make your boobs look rockin.

No. 58621

File: 1492723378555.jpg (23.64 KB, 350x200, img_0717.jpg)

Is there any sort of bikini that looks okay without the totally flat stomach? I have a tiny fupa and I can't stand wearing bikinis because of it. On normal bikini bottoms it goes too low and you can see my stomach start sticking out above it.

No. 58626

i'm in your situation anon, mini fupa club forever ;-; i just bought a swimsuit. nothing granny-esque, simple black with white polka dots that looks totally cute and vintage. i tried high waisted shorts but they made my hips look massive so i doubt you'd want that.

nobody will really care that much anyway but i know i'm just as bothered about it even knowing that - try and rock whatever you wanna wear, i'm sure your body is cute!

No. 58633

That is not a fupa. You have a normal looking abdomen so wear whatever you want.

No. 58634

I need to lose 2 stone before I'll be caught dead wearing a bikini this summer. These pics are motivation, I'm so jealous of all of your excitement.

No. 58639

Same :( Another summer of shorts over a one piece for me!

No. 58640

I'm thin and look good besides my super flat chest. How can i make it look like I have even the tiniest of boobs?

No. 58642


Minifupa unite. Yeah I feel like high waisted ones make me look really wide! I usually wear a one piece with parts cut out.


It's just the part where it starts coming out above my bikini, if the bikini doesn't sit flush it looks weird… I can't explain it very well.


Padded / structured bikini top!

No. 58643

File: 1492743999182.jpg (38.39 KB, 678x1024, Youre-lucky-your-small-bust-al…)

Plunging necklines on one pieces look good on girls with small boobs. Makes me sad that I can never wear something like that because my boobs are sad and saggy :(

No. 58648

really? i have small boobs but always avoided plunging necklines cus i thought it looks kind of pathetic with small tits

if you got tits then im sure itll look good on you

No. 58654

honestly that's a completely normal slim stomach, you have internal organs that need space lol

No. 58671


Do you even know what a fupa is? It has to cover your pussy ffs.

No. 58765

Anyone else tired of the whole "bikini briefs so small they don't cover anything unless you're ana-chan"-thing? I'd say I'm pretty normal when it comes to weight, I just have big thighs and a bit of belly. I always try to go for high waisted bikini bottoms, but it's difficult to find cute ones near where I live. It's either MOM sections, or granny panties when I try to find it.

Do you guys know of any good brands that sell cute high waisted briefs or one pieces that give good support? Or am I dommed to be looking at maternity swimwear for life?

No. 58771

Well, if you want to shop online Modcloth has some cute, vintage style bikinis in the high waist style

No. 58776

File: 1492965018059.jpg (57.46 KB, 600x897, CATKITTYCAT.jpg)

Here's a picture of a cat! I like cats because cats make me happy! Cats don't like swimming so they don't wear swim suits.

No. 58777


very true info, anon! i love u

No. 58779

That's not true, some cats like swimming. They just don't like being forced to swim.

No. 58785

That's a really good picture of a cat

No. 58806

File: 1492992866910.jpg (21.68 KB, 350x500, 41MCG2xi71L.jpg)

I love this style so much

No. 58815

Reminds me of the 80's. I like it.

No. 59023

Women aren't meant to have absolutely washboard flat stomachs, that's a meme. That is a normal and attractive stomach shape. The little curve around the bottom of the belly button is natural.

No. 59039

Holy shit get off these boards. You're letting them infect you.

No. 59044

You will look like an instahoe in that.

No. 59183


That looks like something you wear when you're about to be dancing on a pole, jfc

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