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No. 55638

So we have vent threads, but nowhere to discuss happy feels. (Well, nothing stops anyone from venting their joy in the vent thread but I'd feel awkward doing that in between all the sad things people vent about.)
Post your latest accomplishments, good experiences, little joys here.

I'm starting to be more and more comfortable on the phone thanks to being obligated to call companies for my job. The first two day were quite stressful and I kept embarrassing myself but I'm already much more comfortable, I'm so glad because being anxious on the phone is really inconvenient on a daily basis.

No. 55642

It's really hard for me to be positive most days, any time I think of a "positive" I almost immediately counter it with some related negative that overshadows it. I'll try, though.

>I had an Ethics midterm yesterday (a class I literally never attend), I crammed for two hours beforehand and I actually think I ended up doing alright on the exam.

>I've been really unmotivated in my classes at uni lately but I've been trying to condition myself to have a good time reading, writing notes, and quizzing myself, and I think it's working a little.

>I haven't been self-harming as much anymore and I'm getting a little better at holding back outbursts and controlling my anger.

No. 55644

Good job Anon. I keep a gratitude log and I made a page for "Stuff that help me study", maybe you could try that so you can look forward to cramming a bit more? For me it's candles, instrumental music, the "Forest" app (it's nice to cut out phone distractions) and when I look at that page it makes me want to light up some candles, get music on and study comfyly.
Also I've found meditating really helped with my anger issues, now I have the reflex of breathing and calming down instead of immediately screaming at people. Headspace is a nice meditating app, it has 10 free sequences and then you can just download the rest on TPB or something, but mostly the free trial is great to teach you the basics of meditating and then you can do it on your own.

No. 55676

>>happiness/gratitude thread
>>Created 7h ago
>>2 posts

Does it mean most of us are unhappy, farmers?

I'm not a happy person but I'm glad for the fact I'm becoming healthier. I've been losing weight and even tho I still need to lose a lot, my progress is starting to show and I'm fucking happy for that. I can't believe I really followed through with one of mine plans for 2017. I know I won't give up this time as I've pretty much changed my habits and feel great.

No. 55677

I have a pretty "happy" life in general but full blown anxiety over everything ruins it in the moment lol

A good thing lately has been I have found a new creative outlet and it's going really well. Just trying to find a balance because I have a tendency to get really consumed with new things and neglect everything else. Still have to get enough sleep, eat decently, work out, have friends, etc instead of just making art for 15 hrs straight and getting snappy when my husband interrupts me. Stepping away from it has been great for me actually and I'm not stressing about deadlines like I usually would.

No. 55679

I'm a lot better at mending my own clothes than I used to be when I was 16.
I've transformed a tattered old Gloverall coat from a filthy rag to a sturdy, respectable-looking woollen coat, reinforced fleece soles on my fuzzy slippers (neighbours complain about the noise when I pace around at night and this is a good compromise), and most recently removed shirring from an LBD and pinned it back at the waist for a sleeker silhouette.

It's all minor stuff really, and you can tell it was done by an amateur if you really look, but overall I feel kinda proud for saving money. I've also managed to find a good seamstress and I love her so much, she's fantastic.

However, I'm moving to France in a few months and I really need to start studying French but I'm in my mid-20s and all the language studying I've done was in my teens. I'm worried I won't be able to learn it as well anymore and will end up being that dreadful foreigner everyone makes fun of for even trying. I can't just stick with English though since I'll be living in a small village for a year.

Overall I'm very motivated but I feel like nothing I learn sticks with me anymore. I need to carry around little notebooks with dumbed-down lecture notes and have everything explained to me like to a 5 year old in order to remember anything, what's worse is that my field of studies is very complicated (finance) and you just can't wrap your head around certain things because they were deliberately created to sound complicated and fuck with your brain.

But this is a happy feels thread.

No. 55682

Addendum: I was fully planning on skipping my classes today but I sucked it up and went anyway and I'm glad I went.

Thanks anon, I'll check out those apps.

No. 55702

Honestly I think you don't have such a big need to vent to tell people when you're happy and it's the opposite when you're unhappy.

>have a stable job until the end of the year
>pay will increase in March
>bf bought a car
>we're starting to work on our home
>I can afford to go to the gym again
>and protein

Life's pretty good rn

No. 55710

>Have a job after being unemployed for 8 months
>No more debt, actually saving a fair bit of money despite shitty pay
>Finally got the right diet for my body.

No. 55712

>don't have such a big need to vent to tell people when you're happy and it's the opposite when you're unhappy.
This, it's even the same in using a diary. But it's really important to remind yourself of what's good
Congratulations to you and >>55702 on that nice stability

>going to see friends tonight and tomorrow so I won't be sad while my bf is away

>my family situation seems a bit calmer
>managed to eat home made salads for a whole work week

No. 55724

Anon I can assure you that no one will make fun of you for trying to speak the language. Just give your best and the locals will appreciate your efforts.

No. 55738

After weeks of being too stressed or sick to do much on the weekends, my husband and I will go on a date today! Shopping, dinner and a movie. Really looking forward to it.

No. 55741


I'm starting recovery from bulimia and my grades on all my first few exams have been a's and b's. I have a wonderful best friend and my cold is going away. The weather is also warming up nicely and I hope I have the confidence to not cover every inch of skin this spring and summer like always.

No. 55742

>Just hit my 3 year anniversary mark with my boyfriend

>I've gotten close with 2 friends that I can go to when my depression hits the fan (which it's been doing a lot recently)

>We play D&D together

>Almost done college

I want to die a lot these days, but sometimes life is good.

No. 55743

I'm really happy about the fact Im losing weight I used to be 62lbs now Im 52lbs but I have a long waaay to go and I got accepted into the college I want

life is pretty good

No. 55744

**kg i mean

No. 55745


i was about to post something similar! i was 61 and now i'm 57 :/… but i'm happy for you anon! how tall are you?

No. 55752

Ahhh im very short im only 4'8 thats why i have a long long way to go

No. 55754

File: 1488019026215.jpg (77.7 KB, 615x572, Cxii8iUUQAAS7Iz.jpg)

I fell in love with Jennie's dress, found an affordable, seemingly quality Taobao replica version of it based on reviews and review photos, AND my boyfriend offered to buy it for me. I only buy like 1-2 semi-pricey dresses per year and the rest are thrift store finds, so I'm super excited.

No. 55758

>but nowhere to discuss happy feels
yes we do. learn how to check the catalog in /ot/. you newfags are utterly retarded

No. 55759

It literally doesn't matter but ok.

No. 55798

that thing is tunic length

No. 55805


do you have a link because oh my god i need it anon

No. 55856

File: 1488181003064.jpg (226.04 KB, 683x1024, 904_image_1024x1024.jpg)


The length should be fine, since it looks like Jennie's belt bunches it up some. I also have a slip dress to go underneath because it looks sheer.

No. 55857

File: 1488181546046.jpg (50.11 KB, 580x445, TB2siBjaNtmpuFjSZFqXXbHFpXa_!!…)

Oh yeah, and I'm short.

Enjoy, anon. They also have Lisa's dress, but only Ivory color left.

No. 55979

File: 1488469079984.jpg (216.45 KB, 1278x719, VGU5tLA.jpg)

>got all my points for the last half school year (need 60, now have 30, so on track)
>Had a pretty good day at school energy wise. Sleeping early worked this time
>I did not buy the chips I wanted, so I saved money and kcal

No. 55980

I'm happy my financial situation is looking less dire this week, I'm getting some work this month with a big client.
Tomorrow, i'll gather some motivation to work on my exam. It's next week, I still have plenty of time.
Today, I've spent some time with my bf, I'll finish reading the book I started.
It's a good day, no reason to feel anxious.

No. 55996

i'm jealous, anon. my mother is just hard to get along with.
treat your mom well <3

No. 56312

My internship is ending today, I feel so liberated. Tonight I'm going to see a good friend at a party and we'll get to catch up and drink, and then next week I'll have lots of time to relax and be with my bf. A good week ahead, I need to savour it.

No. 56839

This is such a sweet thread and I'm glad it exists. Sometimes this board is so negative that I just get fed up and step away, but I always end up back on lolcow, lol.

I actually went through a bad period of anxiety-induced depression, so I feel like this will be nice to other people struggling as well, as a reminder to remember what you've got.

I'm (secretly) engaged to the person I consider the love of my life, and I think our families already figured out we're going to get married sometime in the future. He's my exact vision of a 10/10 in looks, sweet without being overbearing or patronizing, honest, funny, mind-bogglingly brilliant, amazing in bed, and shares my core convictions, interests, and aesthetics. And he thinks I'm the hottest, cutest thing on the planet, and just loves to spend time with me and chat. We're comfortable and used to each other, but the passion seems to spark itself up when we feel bored and listless about life. He was my best friend before we got together and there's a whole fucking story about what we were like before this and the way it got into a mess with my ex, but irrelevant; the tl;dr is that we both came out of bad shit and are happy together.

I'm back in school after dropping out for mental health issues about a year and a half ago. I'm studying something that makes me excited and full of life, even if some of it may actually occasionally bore me to tears and I procrastinate.

My dick ex is completely out of my life and can wallow in his whining with his NEET new partner. My best friend is amazing and I love her and cheer her on, and she's going to grad school. I thought I'd lost her and was uncomfortable with her because she was mutual friends with my ex and said some hurtful things in duress, but now she's close to me and we basically have nothing to hide between us. She came around to realizing what my ex is like and she's come to like my bf more because she's realized the two of them are very alike in personality and that's exactly why we click so well. It's just so nice to have someone I can turn to and bitch with and laugh and share pics of dogs and shit, besides my bf. And not only that, but my bf and I have a mutual best/close friend that I can shoot the shit with and talk about my (obscure) interests with, and we've been close for at least a couple years now.

I'm feeling more confident in one of my more achievement-based hobbies and have lots of ambitions and some collaborative projects lined up with the bf, even if sometimes the more "adult" responsibilities/ambitions stress me the fuck out because of how long they're going to take to pull together when I just want to get moving.

I nearly killed myself in 2015, and I was miserable at the beginning of last year, but I'm still here, and my life is just…so much better. It feels like I'm making something of myself and that I'm succeeding in my social life.

No. 60025

You know what? I love where I live. Born, raised and currently in socal and I love that even if I am having a difficult situation, I know I live in the best place on earth. Everyone tries to move here and to act like they're from here. But I got it. I have tried moving for a year, and quickly realized this place is the best. My island in the sun

No. 367178

i love being a woman and being able to understand other woman and provide them with comfort and careful advice, i love having female friends who are positive and caring

No. 367182

I'm thankful the only work colleague that's not sick or on holiday is letting me have an early work day tomorrow so I can still go watch Holiday on Ice without worrying about getting there on time.
And I'm thankful that tomorrow/today (it's 4am, can't sleep somehow) is my second to last day of work in 2023.

No. 367206

File: 1703222853346.jpg (50.45 KB, 620x412, cat in blankie.jpg)

I'm glad to have a warm bed with heated blanket. Makes winter so much less miserable.

No. 367281

I am so grateful for my vet. She is a sweet woman with a squeaky voice, and she has helped me so many times. My vet is very kind and her presence is calm. She clearly loves the animals, and I never worry when she takes them to the back for an x ray or something. She gave me her personal number when my cat was sick, on a holiday years ago. She said call me anytime! My kitty passed away in the night, and my vet waved the fees from our previous visit. There's just something about her, her kindness inspires me. It's so delicate and difficult to let go of sick and aging animals, but I feel a tiny bit braver knowing she is going to be there with me.

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