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No. 55809

I've checked the catalog and if there was one, it is long gone. Can we have a bra/sports bra thread? There's a bra-less thread, but I want to be able to talk about bras from sizing to brands etc.

I'm currently looking for a really good brand of bra to switch to after using Victoria's Secret (no bully) for all of my teen to early adult life. Any recommendations for supremely comfortable bra brands? I've tried ThirdLove so far but I want to hear more brands before I end up settling.

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No. 55811

If you have small to medium-sized breasts I recommend getting a GenieBra or similar product. They're practically invisible and the silhouette they create is nice and flattering. Not to mention it's like wearing a warm hug.

I'm fortunate enough to have only worn padded non-wired bras my whole life and once I tried a wired one with preformed cups I was astounded, shit was so uncomfortable and downright painful at times.

No. 55812

It's funny you mention that, my grandma (lol) gave me a genie bra forever ago, maybe I should dig it out and give it a try again.

No. 55813

What are good running bras?

No. 55814

Are big titty girls stuck with wire? I bought some bralettes for bed (36E here) and they are soooo comfy, but when I go up and down stairs my boobs are going cockeyed of course. When I put wired ones back on for going out I just want to die, they hurt so bad in comparison and I practically rip them off when I get home. (This is coming from someone who used to live in a bra and took them off only to shower.) Is there a more supportive answer out there without wire???

No. 55815

Samefag but wanted to add I've been fitted as 36 E at 2 stores so I'm assuming that's accurate. I'm just hypersensitive to the wire now.

No. 55816

Shock Absorber

No. 55823

File: 1488102417068.png (51.59 KB, 678x662, IMG_1199.PNG)

I like these by adidas. They have hooks on the sides, making it very easy to put on and take off compared to those without any hooks or hooks in the back.
Picture is from the back, to show the hooks.

No. 55825

File: 1488110496850.jpg (47.95 KB, 512x336, miraculous-bra-before-after-51…)

Anyone here have the VS padded to hell bombshell? I'm a 32c seeking complete and utter titification. Also whats your guys thoughts on mega padded bras do you think it's false advertising or are you chill with it for me it's just an extension of shapewear for the most part but holy fuck does this bra turn pancakes into grapefruit.

No. 55826

I tried it and thought it was fun. My one gripe was that it was really obvious if you're a girl who knows about titty bras.

Like you know how naturally big tits are fully round/push out more around the armpit area? Push-up bras keep that part relatively flat because it's pushing the breasts in and out to create a bigger cleavage.

No. 55830

File: 1488124811211.jpg (87.96 KB, 640x751, Bras_WacoalBraletteBN.jpg)

I got some bralettes that look like these at Forever 21 for about 6 or 7 dollars each. I don't think they sell them anymore. They're the most comfortable bras I've ever worn. They have a small amount of padding you can keep or take out. All you have to do is pick out your size - small, medium, or large.
I can't understand why anyone would wear any other bra after wearing these. I have small boobs, but I used to wear pushup bras that ALWAYS dug into my shoulders, and the wiring would dig into my boobs. Made me feel like a Victorian women complaining about how uncomfortable her corset was.

No. 55834

This holy shit. I'm so lucky to have the option to wear these. Don't know who in their right mind would wear anything else unless they absolutely had to.
Same with knickers, I've been told I look like a granny for wearing a 'training bra' and 'drawers' (regular nude briefs… I swear lol) but the joke's on them, I'm fucking comfy like.

No. 55836

OT but the girl on the OP picture looks like a non-busted version of Grav3yardgirl

No. 55840

File: 1488140395955.jpg (17.97 KB, 570x570, 150873_sub2.jpg)

I've got one from Uniqlo I really like, it's pic related but I got it in pink. they don't sell it any more (AIRism Seamless Bra) so I wish I had gotten multiple colors when I had the chance. It has removable padding as well, and it's really comfortable.

No. 55868

Same, it seems impossible to find a wireless bra that's really supportive without it smashing my tits in. Every time I try to find an everyday wireless bra only sports bras pop up. I'm afraid we're sol.

That's Natasha Lyonne, she's in a ton of stuff (mostly indie).

No. 90501

She looks fat.

No. 90896

I like to wear these under baggier clothes so i don't hide my boobs to oblivion. usually for somewhat loose tops or very baggy sweaters.

No. 90898

Are you joking? Is this the lolcow standard or what?

I'm about her size and I didn't consider myself fat.

No. 90937

Probably a random child incel post, no sane adult would think that was fat

No. 91431

Does anyone know any good breast minimisers? The only things I can find are what are basically full on binders, and my sports bra only takes about 5cm off of my bust.
It's impossible to find blouses that fit, as when they do fit around my bust they're for fattychans, so I'm drowning in all other places

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