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File: 1490226738854.jpg (94.76 KB, 540x764, fdbnkjg.jpg)

No. 56878

I'm not sure if there's been a thread about this but maybe we can post hygiene tips especially girl hygiene tips?

No. 56879

>take shower
>use soap

there is my hygiene tip

No. 56890

I use salux rags in the shower now, best decision of my life

No. 56891

deodorant is also v important, makes your showers last

No. 56892

Bar soap > liquid soap

No. 56896

>wash your face morning and night with a gentle cleanser
>scrub your tongue
>use salux rag or something equivalent with some soap or body wash from the neck down (unless you have super sensitive skin, bc these things are coarse scrubbers)
>change your pillowcase every 3 days, sleep with your hair up
>avoid sleeping with underwear on or wear something loose so your vag can breathe
>shampoo AND condition your hair
i do this daily because i can't stand the feel of skipping a day (gets dandruffy/greasy), and i know you're supposed to ideally wash it once a week or so, but it feels nasty and makes my face oily no matter if i keep it tied up or not
>wash your ass right after you #2
>don't sleep with your makeup on or you'll get styes and acne
>try to avoid wearing panty liners, wear cotton underwear

No. 56897

Does using a washcloth/puff make you cleaner? Do people who don't use any smell?
I use one maybe once a week but usually wash with my hands alone, but I'm kind of paranoid I'm not clean enough. I use both bar and liquid soaps

No. 56898

When I don't use a cloth of some sort daily or every other day, I quickly accumulate a layer of dead skin. If you're ever in the shower and have soaked for a while, scratch your leg or smth with your nail and you might get gray dead skin coming off, or it might easily roll off your skin if you rub the area.
This doesnt mean you should be viciously scrubbing your skin every day or anything, but if you feel physically "dirty", it might be because of that. It's normal though.

No. 56899

Well that's why I take a hot bath every few days which gets rid of any dead skin.
But then some people think baths are gross, but as long as you rinse after I don't see why. I didn't even have a shower growing up, just a bathtub. Now I only have a shower ha.
I'm just a bit paranoid - does the "dead skin" smell?

No. 56901

does the hot water strip dead skin really easily? I thought hot water was bad for your skin though ?

No. 56903

I don't know whether it's bad for your skin but just rubbing my skin even without soap I can see tiny "rolls" of dead skin comming off while soaking. Kind of gross to talk about but yep

No. 56909

To anyone who thinks they don't smell and they don't need to use deodorant:
You do. Please wear deodorant.

I would really recommend just using a shower pouf with your soap to remove any dead skin or grime, only on your body though, that's going to be so much faster than stewing in your own juices for a bit.

No. 56914

>brush you your teeth
>change your clothes and wash them on a regular basis
>wash your hair
>actually use body wash or something when you shower and scrub your skin
>change your pads/tampons regularly. take care of hygiene around your vagina in general while on your period
>use deodorant even if you think you don't need it that day
>don't wear the same panties everyday
>wash your hands after wiping

I went to an all girls high school when I was growing up and there was one girl who didn't even do half these things. She smelled so putrid no one wanted to be near her, especially when her period came.

Don't be this girl. Take care of yourself and you will prosper.

No. 56917

Not everyone has hormonal issues anon

No. 56918

not everyone, maybe just you

No. 56921

This may seem like a weird question, but does everybody need to use deodorant? I do but my younger sister doesn't and I swear to god that girl never smells. She's not a young preteen, she is almost 20. The only time I remember she was smelly I asked her if she had applied anything and she said she had applied deodorant earlier after shower because she knew she was going to sweat a lot that day so she didn't want to risk. Tf. Nowadays she just avoids it completely.

No. 56925

File: 1490288367084.jpg (8.58 KB, 318x159, just kill me now.jpg)

I can't seem to get all the shampoo out while washing my hair no matter how long I spend in the shower. It's ridiculous and really embarrassing, but I'll need help to wash it in the sink every once in a while to make sure it's reasonably free of shampoo residue.

Does anyone else have trouble with this or am I just an abomination

No. 56926

I had this problem, still do sometimes. The shampoo would sort of "clump" my hair together and it would be a nightmare.
What helped was to change the brand, use less and brush my hair before getting in the shower

No. 56931

Anybody have recommendations for all natural deodorant/soap/shampoo/face wash/ etc? The amount of chemicals in average products make me nervous.

Also, just a small feel, but I hate that improving my hygiene even has to be a goal of mine. I suffer from a handful of mental illnesses so sometimes I'll go like 4 days without bathing properly (I'll still wash my pits/use deodorant/ brush teeth and stuff). Just thinking about how I want to/need to improve my hygiene makes me feel extra icky

No. 56938

Nips don't. They have some gene that makes their sweat not smell, it's why deodorant was nonexistent there until like 2010. Are you guys Asian/have Asian ancestors? She might've just gotten lucky and gotten that gene while you didn't.

No. 56941

I think I remember reading something about that. No, not really. We're white, zero asian ancestry.

No. 56943

Nah I'm fine without deodorant unless I work out. I live with other people who keep me in check so it's not just my opinion. Sorry you smell :(

No. 56947

Some people can get away with it if they don't sweat a lot. My mom doesn't wear it often and never smells. My sister and I wear it all the time though. The only time I don't wear deodorant is in the evenings because it cools down and I won't really be doing any sweating then. If I'm going to be out in public or sweating(once in awhile being nervous makes me sweat a little but), I always wear deodorant so I don't risk smelling musty as all hell.

No. 56950

Bacteria eating sweat makes it smell, not lacking a special gene.

No. 56960

are you really retarded enough to say sweat is unnatural? how old are you?

everything is made of chemicals…

No. 56962

Who said sweat is unnatural? Lmao I just bathe regularly and lead a sedentary lifestyle in a cold country. Not everyone ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to wear deodorant, no matter how much mentally ill trolls on the internet try to convince you otherwise.

No. 56966

Why are you sperging over being a special snowflake who doesn't need deodorant? Can you not deduce that the original person who suggested it implies most people generally should wear deodorant, assuming they aren't couch potatoes and are concerned about BO? This is a hygiene advice thread.

No. 56967

File: 1490333478440.jpg (28.54 KB, 450x327, imusedtoit.jpg)

Underboob sweat is my biggest problem and idk what to do about it.

No. 56970

Deodorant under your boobs

No. 56974

If you are having a problem with ingrown hairs from shaving, try a shaving cream from a sex store. I tried nearly everything else on the market and if you have too, this may be your s(h)aving grace! On top of that, use a men's razor. Always a men's razor.

No. 56977


Ya know,I've heard about using lube and shit for shaving… Just didn't pay it attention.

No. 56980

Tbh I only use a men's razor to shave. Women's razors always made my legs itch and irritated them. I don't do the shaving cream thing but with a men's razor I haven't had any problems and my legs are still nice and smooth.

No. 56986

1. Shower
2. Brush teeth 2x a day
3. Use deodorant
4. Wear clean underwear and t-shirt

Do 1 ever two days at least.Do 2, 3 and 4 everyday. Those are the most basic hygiene steps everyone should take imo.

Also, if you have a sweating problem, you can buy these thing special deodorants that make you stop sweating for 1 to 2 days.

Also, clean you smartphone and don't touch your face.

No. 57132

I use Crystal deodorant and it is amazing. It has no perfumes or icky chemicals and lasts forever.
For other natural products check out health food stores.

No. 57134

Ugh, I have had this issue, especially with conditioners! Definitely change the product you are using. Avoid really cheap stuff. Maybe go to a beauty supply store and ask for advice on specific products?

No. 57172

I like the tropical fruity smelling razors, and if I don't have shaving cream, Dove body wash or Garnier conditioner are good alternatives. :")

No. 57177


this is wonderful advice anon, and gosh your pun was cute! Bless you!

No. 57178


Samefag but what are some really good men's razor brands that can be used even on sensitive parts like armpits, vag, etc?

No. 57181

typically i use really cheap, basic hair conditioner to shave with. just be sure to rinse your razor frequently so there isn't any build up. silky smooth skin

No. 57182

Anyone have advice on getting whiter teeth? I brush twice a day and floss, don't drink much tea or coffee. It's just kinda in the family!
Any specific brand of toothpaste you'd recommend for whitening? Should I be scrubbing baking soda on my teeth or whatever?

No. 57184

Teeth aren't supposed to be so white they're practically light blue. Don't worry about some yellow. Hell, don't worry about a lot of yellow as long as your teeth are healthy and you actually brush, mouth wash, etc.

No. 57185

File: 1490745140503.jpg (186.69 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_2611.JPG)

No. 57187

Do you guys clean your ears? Because I never have in my life, but recently noticed a few people around me whose earwax is fairly obvious, and it's made me worried that people can see that when I'm in profile and it looks gross. I want to use a q-tip to clean them, but I'm afraid of sticking it in too far and piercing my eardrum (kind of silly, I know.)
Is cleaning your ears necessary for a lot of people & should I be doing it? Because I also read in a few places online that it's not really necessary.

No. 57189

You're not meant to insert anything into your ears and honestly as long as you don't have allergies or sinus problems (like me) the most you should have to do is wipe around your earhole and the creases of your ear with a washcloth while in the shower to remove deadskin/discharge.

If I don't clean inside my ears I can't hear because of allergies, I'm totally disgusting srry.

No. 57190

Seconding the importance of an non-fragrance deodorant. They work a lot better and they don't mingle weirdly with perfumes you apply.
Most deodorant fragrances smell like grandma soaps and they're pretty one-smell-fits-all so go no-fragrance.

No. 57191

I had this with every shampoo, my hair was all flat and when I got it wet in the shower I could still feel yesterday's shampoo in it (yuck) even though I rinsed so thoroughly.
The only thing I've tried that got rid of it was Lush's BIG shampoo. It's not for everyone but it makes my hair clean and fluffy so I like it. I think there might be some chemical in regular shampoos that clings to hair or something. idk

No. 57192

It's really changes person to person. Some people just produce more earwax than others. Genetics also play a huge role. (Asians tend to have drier/flakey earwax that may not need to be cleaned to the level of a white person. Typically, most white people have the wet-type wax. Seriously)

If you're worried about piercing your eardrum, just take it slow and start getting yourself comfortable by working on the outer portions of your ear. It's honestly probably better that you feel this way so you don't become an overzealous moron who just packs the earwax farther into their ear canal and causes problems.

By the way, if you're really worried about not being able to see your ear I know here in Asia they sell ear cleaning picks that have a light and small camera so you can plug it into your laptop and see what you're doing in real time. Not sure how available they are in other places, but I'm sure you could manage with a shopping service.

Good luck

No. 57195

You both sound like you're just using way too much product. Even if you have a ton of hair, you really only need to be using a quarter-sized amount. Try getting your hair hair and hands wet first and emulsify the shampoo in your palms before massaging it into your scalp. If you still feel dirty after rinsing, do a second shampoo focusing on the areas that feel gross.

You shouldn't be putting shampoo on any of your hair other than what's close to your scalp.

Either that or you were using $2 shampoo filled to the brim with silicones.

No. 57209

I might be hmm. I get really oily hair and if I don't use enough shampoo my hair stays oily but maybe I'm using too much? My regular shampoo isn't shit cheap, it was 20 dollars for a regular sized bottle I think, does that count as cheap?
Do you have any brand recommendations? I'm oily and I have a thick head of fine hair that's short and gets weighed down super easy.
Like I said, Lush was all that helped so far, I'm pretty hopeless with hair lmao.

No. 57211

Do you massage your scalp properly with your fingertips? Try that and keep the shampoo in your hair for at least 5 min before washing it out

No. 57212

Oh jeez, I always thought you had to wash it out straight after because it dried your hair out? Like I use it like I'm washing my head, that's wrong huh

No. 57229


Thanks for the feedback everyone! I realize from my post it may have sounded like I used cheap shit but I'm actually kind of a snob when it comes to hair products (which makes my situation all the more baffling to me). Until recently I used the Pureology volume shampoo+conditioner and I've read online that some people had similar problems after using them so stay the fuck away from those. Before that I've used stuff like Redken and Kérastase (the latter of which I'm seriously contemplating returning to now) since it's what my hair salon carries. I'll just latch onto whatever my hair stylist uses on me from now on.

Just remember that no matter how much you spend there's still a risk high-end products either suck worse than cheaper stuff or just don't go well with your hair. It seems like a given but even when you go off of other people's reviews it can go wrong.

No. 57237

I've actually had the same problem with Pureology. Even the Volume line always felt too disgustingly heavy no matter what. If you liked the idea of Pureology, try checking out Colorproof. Same price point, and created by the original creator of Pureology. He came out of retirement to make it after becoming offended at Loreal's changes to the Pureology line after selling it kek.

(If you ever do pick it up btw, be aware that it's a very gentle formula that requires two shampoos, a dime sized amount of product, and dripping wet hair. Using it wrong will make you hate it, but I recommend it constantly because it's actually amazing when used correctly)

No. 58017

What?? Bar soap is disgusting af.

No. 58019

wait what me too what is this i thought shampoo stripped your hair

No. 58020

also i second this, is bar soap unhygienic? I feel it cleans better but dont like the idea of it collecting all the poop particles from my bathroom.

sometimes my cat sneaks in and shits in the sink.

No. 58041

You're being ridiculous, both bar and liquid soap are fine. Just wash your hands regularly and don't shove it up your asshole, like.

No. 58068

>>poop particles from my bathroom.
>>sometimes my cat sneaks in and shits in the sink.

I think this is more your issue than bar soap lol

No. 58080

how often should i wash my hair? i've heard i shouldn't be washing it everyday but I do anyways because it gets rly greasy otherwise.

No. 58085

Depends on the person. I used to not need to wash my hair except once every 1-1.5 weeks. Now I wash every 3-4 days (since performing keratin treatments).

No. 58093

What's the best technique for washing hair? I feel like mine is always still a bit oily especially underneath and at the roots, even when I pay attention to washing those parts particularly. Feels like I'm doing something wrong.

No. 58098

What >>58085 said. I used to wash my hair once a week because I'd been told it was 'bad' to wash it more than that, and that you 'shouldn't use shampoo anywhere other than your scalp, you should only shampoo once and never use a hair fryer'. I don't know if that kind of mollycoddling does anything for other people's hair but mine is crazy thick and coarse, and after I heeded that advice it just started looking limp and sad. Now I barely use conditioner and I shampoo twice every four days, drying it with a 'hair fryer' because air drying takes for fucking ever.

TL;DR do what makes your hair look best as long as it doesn't involve baking soda, there's no right or wrong way to wash your hair as long as you get it clean.

No. 58101

Massage your scalp with water, get your hair soaking wet. Dime sized amount of shampoo, distribute evenly over your scalp. Massage it in (really get in there with your fingertips, rub your scalp), leave for 5 min. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.

Only use conditioner and hair oils on the lenght, not on your scalp.

No. 58392

Does anyone have any recommendations for low-energy hygiene, as bad as that sounds? Depression sometimes gets the better of me and I end up going for days without showering/changing my sheets, and I hate looking(or smelling…) like a complete mess when that happens. If anyone has any tips for dealing with stuff like that it'd be great.

No. 58405

Baby wipes are your friend. Wash your face, armpits, and crotch with actual soap and water every day. Wash your face every morning and evening. Dry shampoo is good.

No. 58428

use hidrofugal. im also a slut regarding personal hygiene but have no issues with that thing, it keeps the smell to a minimum. it also helps because when the bacteria under your arms becomes too much, it gets a nasty deodorant smell. personally i cant be bothered by my own sweaty smell but when i smell that i feel the urgent need to take a shower and scrubb me for hours.

for being depressed: jump into the shower without expectations. even a water-only shower is better than nothing. dont expect to do a full shower regime, just jump in for a start and get wet. cant be bothered to do more than getting wet? call it a day.

i also started washing my face with only water and i actually have less pimples and clocked pores. >>58392

No. 58486

the only natural deodorant I can recommend is the Crystal rock deodorant.

No. 58487

Wash yourself with a washcloth

No. 58525

do you have a shower chair? my health problems are physical but it helps a lot to be able to just sit in the shower and rest if i need to

No. 58526

This is going to sound utterly retarded but: what's the best way to clean your lady bits? I'm completely ignorant on the subject in general (I didn't even learn how to wipe properly after peeing until after college). Recently I've just been basically taking a warm wet washcloth in the shower and kind of dabbing between folds? But I don't know, it doesn't seem especially effective, I still feel like I smell down there.

No. 58529

I used to wash the outer bits with regular body wash - not good. Whenever I tried this I got bad discharge or yeast infections. I switched to a feminine wash that has the same ph level as the vagina and I use it on the outside, never the inside. I've done this for a year and it works perfectly. I like that it has a very mild smell instead of being overly scented.

No. 58556

If you have a removable shower head, use it.

No. 59709

Just gonna list shit at random might be some repeats
>Change your loofah/sponge/whatever often or wash your washcloth often
Bacteria forms on that shit quick which is a big issue if you wash your vag with it
>If you have an innie bellybutton or are otherwise fat, take great care in drying off
Bacteria grows in warm wet spots like under folds and in your bellybutton. I use q-tips and tissue paper to get the belly button (When they start coming out dry you're good to go). As for body folds, drying off extra carefully under your belly and tits will make any odors build up less quickly (crucial for hot days)
>bar soap is less sanitary than liquid soap
I use bar soaps once in awhile in the bath because those are my "spa" moments but for daily wash you need a liquid one.
>geta sulfate free shampoo
Lot of shit in commercial shampoo is shit for your hair, and depending on your texture might make your hair appear greasier faster
>Learn to love a "whore bath" if you're in a rush
Oversleep for work/school/whatever and don't have time to shower but you reek? Take a washcloth and just wash your pits and vag from the sink (use either a clean spot to wipe away the soap or a different washcloth). Dry shampoo and a bun will save your hair
>Wash your face morning and night
It's tough to get into the routine but everyone should. I like using a lesser step asian beauty routine (2 cleansers, toner, sheet mask, and moisturizer. Minus the mask and adding sunscreen for morning. You can get by with western products with similar results, i did this until ulta started getting Ab items in. If you make the night routine a part of winding down for the night it can become kind of relaxing, it's the mornings i'm bad about because i sleep in too much
>get a little nail brush from any cosmetic section anywhere (they're like $2, most manicure kits will include one) and use it in the shower. Make sure it dries properly.
>change your underwear more often
I think people are universally bad on over-wearing their underwear and for ladies that can cause problems in the long run. Better to change them daily or every other day at least depending on the style (I'll let boy shorts or certain fabrics go a little longer if i'm not leaving the house because i'm nasty)

Btw if it's any incentive for anyone to wash their face: Ulta sells those cute little headbands you see animu girls wear when they wash their face, the ones with the bow. It makes me feel kawaii and keeps my hair dry while i wash my face. Amazon also has really cute ones (i got a 4pack of kitty cat ones for pretty cheap)

No. 59711

I'll say this: You probably don't smell as bad as you think you do.
I've always been petrified of guys going down on me because i thought i smelled bad but when a couple guys randomly told me i smelled good it made me realize how much of it was in my head. Same for pit stank. Have a good friend check your pit stank for you if you feel funky or just carry deodorant around with you.

I personally use men's deodorant because no female brands worked for me (anxiety makes me sweat more than average) so if this applies to anyone else i recommend old spice in Showtime or the wolf one (it has a picture of wolves on it). Those two smell the "girliest" to me. In general our body chemistry will make the smell girlier on you regardless so unless you try to wear something like Axe you don't have to worry about that. They have it in the gel-stick or the powder-stick.

and honestly? Buy two and keep one in your purse. If you can find a travel size, do that. I'd rather have it on a day i forget to put it on after my shower than be without.

No. 59719

I feel dumb for asking this but anyone has tips for proper feet care? (idk if it would belong here or the skin thread)

I usually just use a foot rasp and the moisturize my feet, and clip my nails, is there anything else I could add to the routine to keep my feet soft and nice?

No. 59741

>bar soap is less sanitary than liquid soap
Not unless you keep it in your anal cavity all day.
>Get a sulfate free shampoo
No need unless you're allergic.

Wanna know how I can tell you're American?

No. 59745

Diff anon here. Before reading this thread I didn't know people thought this about bar soap. My mom always told us to run clean water over it after we were done, and everyone had a separate bar for personal use. I like liquid soap better, but yeah.

Talking about gross things, some people are so unhygienic when it comes to baths… Wash yourself before going into the water, please.

No. 59749

If you have curly hair you should use sulfate free shampoo because it makes your hair frizzy.

No. 59751

File: 1494008855916.jpg (9.49 KB, 227x218, darkcat.jpg)

! So using regular Balea 2€ liquid soap can be the cause of vag discharge?

I kind of don't know how much discharge is normal. I do wear panty liners every day and I don't think that's normal :< It's not like really disgusting or anything and there's less/none of it on days when I actually drink 2l of water and piss like 20 times that day.

So which soap ingredients are bad for the vag?

No. 59755

Cleaning your vag with clean water is more than enough tbh. You don't need to use any type of soap unless you have an unusually smelly vagina or some kind of problem.

Also, don't use panty liners every day, only a couple days prior/after your period. Choose cotton underwear if possible. Vags need to "breathe", believe it or not.

No. 59757

My undies is all cotton, why no liners? Not even unscented ones?

No. 59758


how do you guys the area thats inside the outer lips but outside the inner lips? thats where I get a weird smell sometimes.

I've been using soap there (not inside the hole but ouside) but im scared that this has contributed to discharge or something. should i switch to feminine wash? i tried it for like one day but it didnt give me that "clean" smell so I stopped to use it, but maybe i have to do it for weeks to "fix" the smell if that makes sense (if the smell is caused by using soap I mean)

No. 59761


I sort of forgotten the real purpose of pantyliner until the doctor mention it again, and here is what I found on Wiktionary. A pad worn on the inner surface of women’s underwear … during a shoulder-day of the menstrual period, designed to absorb small, spotty quantities of menstrual fluid, in contrast to a tampon or sanitary napkin, worn on heavy-flow days.

Yes, if you got it right, pantyliners are meant for spotting days, and not to be worn on a daily affair.

No. 59762

It depends from person to person. I've always had copious discharge since I started puberty and it's normal for me. I don't think soap matters that much as long as you don't actually wash your vagina with it (as in, stick it inside). It doesn't make you gross or unclean, some people just have a lot of discharge, some don't. Pick thicker cotton underwear like the kind they sell in Monoprix for 9€ (if you have it where you live).

I'm kind of appalled at some of the responses here tbh
>bar soap is bad
>sulfate free shampoo is bad
>using industrial strength deodorant and showering twice/3/4 times a day because you have a fear of smelling

I've also heard some people from the US say they wash their clothes after each use and change their clothes after biking for 15 minutes. Jfc. I understand if you live in a tropical climate and have to wear a stuffy uniform or something but some of this stuff is so excessive and frankly more harmful than just… smelling a little. This is how little kids develop allergies and eczema. Other stuff is not so bad but is literally gluten intolerance-tier and completely unnecessary.

No. 59803

Sound advice. I have an unscented wash for my vulva for during my period, and to wash my menstrual cup when I empty it (I boil it in a designated pot ever month) but water really is more than enough.
Pantiliners are great, but using them every day doesn't feel right. I have been having a lot more discharge than normal since getting my iud, and I'm considering getting washable liners made from cotton or something else breathable. Can anyone tell me how well or poorly they work, what to look for when purchasing them, and if they are visible under clothing?

No. 59804

File: 1494038575502.jpg (56.03 KB, 600x600, sweetset[1].jpg)

washable liners are great, I buy mine on rakuten pic related. I also get my period panties there, they have this extra fabric so you can put the wings of pads rather than putting them outside your panties.

No. 59813

Personally, those feminine washes did jack shit for my vaginal odor and discharge, if not made it worse. They were more drying than the Dove bar soap I grew up using. I bought a Waterpik shower head from Costco on a whim, and these days just blast the shit out of my crotch + use my hand until it feels clean. Sometimes I use a gentle washcloth if I feel extra grimy. Always make sure that area gets dried properly. I get sweaty after a shower so I even use a fan to dry off. Wear cotton underwear. I've stopped experiencing chronic UTI and potent odor after going water only for so long.

No. 59819

I always thought it was okay to use pantyliners daily as long as you use unscented ones without plastic.

No. 59820

Yes, I know it was meant to wear them like that, that's why I knew it wasn't supposed to be normal to wear them every day like I do. But I didn't think it could make the discharge wore (by not letting the lady parts breathe).

Albeit it sounds gross, I liked using it beacuse if I felt sweaty and gross in the middle of the day at work, I just took it off and threw it in the trash and there were fresh undies underneath.

Sadly no Monoprix, but i do have thicker 100% cotton underwear by lisca (not white though, don't know if that's a minus). Great post, I agree with the later completely. Do avoid bar soap to wash your face if you have dry skin, but otherwise it's not the devil.

Today I'm starting with the no soap and liners regime. Thanks everybody!

No. 59823


Never wash your vagina with other than water, it cleans itself naturally and doesn't smell then. By using soap you throw off the pH.

No. 59888

This. Unless a doctor tells you to use one, no one has any need for feminine washes.

I use a mild soap but never on the inside (Just the outside of the lips to wash away shit like dried blood from a period and shit) emphasis on mild. I suggest checking out a hipster health food store for gentle soaps.

No. 59889

I use panty liners daily, and have no problem with my vag breathing. I don't know if it has to do with bodyweight, but I don't get anything trapped air tight and very sweaty. With the panty liner my panties don't cling more to my vag than without, they're cotton and less than a millimeter in thickness. I've never had a problem, and started doing it because especially in the week after my period my discharge seems sort of acidic and ruins all the crotch parts of my underwear, even the black gets slowly bleached over time, and it leaves a yellow tinge in the white and other bright colors. It's a way to keep nice panties presentable.

No. 59890

I shower every day and put on deodarant every single day and shave ever 2-3 days, but my pits still smell after a few hours. I tried a lot of brands (femenine only, only time i tried masculine it irritated the shit out of my armpits), exfoliating it (which sometimes makes it better, sometimes does nothing) and i'm at my wit's end.
Could it be the shower soap i'm using? Any deo european brands recs (currently using a nivea one, which seems to be better than others i've used, but not by much)? Any remedies DIY or otherwise?

Also, how to stop/reduce smelly and sweaty feet? I tried pharamcy products and everything, i am very thorough in my showers and i dry them completly, but i have overly sweaty feet and nothing seems to work for them.

No. 59976

Try Secret Clinical Invisible Gel. The Gel works so much better than the solid, though I'm not sure why.

No. 60054

day 1 of no liners / soap: disgusting

No. 60077

Just use an unscented, paraben-free soap that is pH balanced. Soap mechanically removes residue with suds. Be sure to rinse well.

No. 60108

Do you shower at night or in the morning? Which is better?

No. 60110

Depends on your schedule and what you prefer.
Some people say they get sweaty at night so they shower in the morning, others like the feel of jumping into bed fresh out of the shower.

I'm the latter, I just put on some deodorant before I go to bed and again when I wake up. I like hour-long showers so there's no way I'm going to rush just to squeeze in 15 measly minutes of being cold, then warm, then cold again in the morning.

No. 60112

Why people don't shower in the morning AND before bed? Unless you're in the middle of winter/trying to save water idk why someone would deny themselves 2 long min showers twice a day. It just feels so much better.

No. 60114

Because it's excessive for some and doesn't suit their routine? Not everyone has to like the same things you like.

No. 60120

You do realise this fucks up your skin? If you have a dry flaky skin or an overly oily skin, well thats the reason. The bodys pores contain sebum and showers wash some away, so the body will either dry or the glands go on an overdrive.

No. 60124


I shower soon after I get home from work, or in the early evening, so I'm minimizing where I spread the dirt and germs I picked up from the day.

No. 60125

tbh i use an unsoaped washcloth and water and it works fine. make sure to get between the folds and in the crevices, obviously.

No. 60133

Two quick showers with a mild soap a day do not fuck up with your skin. Don't exaggerate, Luna Slater

No. 60137

I bet you're better than every dermatologist out there, my DUDE MARIAH.
>Your skin is covered by a thin regenerating layer called the hydrolipid film. You’re essentially secreting acid, albeit a weak one. This film’s job is to protect you from infection by bacteria and keeps most parasites off you.

The fastest way to destroy that film is by using soap. Every time you wash your body with shampoo or soap, especially in a bath, you destroy your own protection. Not to mention that water makes your skin softer, easier to penetrate for bacteria.

No. 60140

Different anon but I don't give a shit. I feel dirty if I don't shower every day. I haven't gotten any diseases yet, I'll be fine.

No. 60141

Quit implying that showering once a day makes you dirty, lol.

I'll first try a month with water only and then move to other solutions. I'm sure it's clean.

No. 60203

Nothing worked on my feet until I simply used Degree/Dove's spray deodorants (i'm sure many more brands make them depending on your country). Ever since I was a kid, my family would try to use weird pharmaceutical grade stuff to make my feet stop sweating, because it was particularly abnormal for a child. I tried weird tricks like soaking my feet in tea, using tea bags or scented powders in my shoes, specialty gels, foams, socks. They spent so much money.

It wasn't until I moved out on my own at 18 and literally just bought anti-bacterial spray deodorant. I haven't had any issues since then. Careful though those cans can be fatal if you have issues like asthma and use them in a non-ventilated area.

No. 60223

>I've also heard some people from the US say they wash their clothes after each use
I usually wear pants a couple times before washing them but yeah, underwear, gym clothes and any shirts I wear for 6+ hours get washed after one day.

No. 60229

>>Why people don't shower in the morning AND before bed?

It really depends on the individual and their routine/where they live anon.

I live in California now, and only bathe every 2-4 days because it's dry and cold. In summer, I bathe every 1-2 days (same/every day if I exercise). When I lived in humid countries, I would shower 1-3 times per day in the summer and more frequently if I rode a bike or walked a lot. I drive in the USA, but when I have had to use public transit here, I shower like crazy afterward because I'm so disgusted.

No. 60244

California is cold to you?

Where the hell did you live before anon?

No. 60259

Zinc oxide (diaper rash cream) is the only thing that worked for my feet. I had the most disgusting foot smell that could clear an entire floor if I took off my boots.
Apply a thin layer all over your feet after washing for a few days, the smell should be gone for up to 6 months. You may need new shoes though.

No. 60263

Bitch it's 60 degrees outside. In socal rn. California gets cold especially the more north you go. It's prob 50 degrees there. It's cold for us sorry we're not pioneer women in the west living in the negative degrees

No. 60264


No. 60270

>>California is cold to you?

Yes, it's cold. I live next to the beach. I hate it (yes, I'm moving thank gawd). If you move inland, it's warm or even hot, but living next to the beach sucks and is overrated as fuck. It's literally cold nearly every single day of the year, including during the summer months. The only thing I enjoy about it is listening to the sea life, and not having to compete with tourists for parking spots on the few days its actually hot (I just walk).

>>Where the hell did you live before anon?

I've lived in a few other countries, and on the east coast (New York). Not going to go into specifics, but suffice to say living near a beach in a tropical climate is much, much closer to the "beach dream" stereotype than in California.

>>Now to turn up the heater and put on another sweater……

No. 60468

the fact that you said exfoliating it sometimes fixes the smell makes me think it's a build up of bacteria.You also have to remember the way you smell depends on your diet too so make sure you're eating healthy.
Use bar soap if you aren't already. and don't use anything feminine smelling because that always seems to make it worse. Something like Irish Spring or Dial.
In my experience waxing instead of shaving reduces the smell for me a little more. I think because the wax removes a lot of built up deodorant residue on the skin too.
I also like to make a sugar and honey mixture to exfoliate my arm pits and I think it works pretty well.

No. 60470

My vagina leaks thick gelatin-like discharge from time to time ever since I was 12. I'm 20 now and it's starting to smell like feta cheese. I also have chicken skin on my clit area. Could I have a serious disease?

No. 60471

I have family that lives by the beach and the first time I went to visit them I was so excited! Sun and surf, it was gonna be good.

It was a beautiful sunny day and as soon as I crested the hill I noticed our descent was plunged in fucking fog. It was GORGEOUS everywhere else except by the beach where it was cold and humid. I was shivering because I was stupidly dressed for the heat and my makeup and hair turned to shit.

The first time seeing the ocean and it was cold and foggy :(

No. 60477

honestly, no idea, but get that checked out

No. 60478

Vaginal discharge comes in many consistencies and colors but if it's clumpy or smells bad, it's usually a sign of something being wrong. Does it itch? It could be a yeast infection. Get that shit checked out.

No. 60559

I get ingrowns easily after shaving my vagina and despite me washing it a lot it smells quickly

what do I do?

I use femfresh and everything…

No. 60560

Some issues I have

> Spotty butt and face

> Razor burn regardless of razor and shaving gel/baby oil
> No idea how to care for my vagina
> After two days of hairwash my hair ge so greasy and sad that I have to again, really jealous of you anons who only need to once a week
> Got expensive hair colour and treatment done but it's already fading and revealing my patchy bleached hair and roots, no idea what to do, cannot go in and demand money back

Please educate me

No. 60565


Don't use washes to balance your pH. Let your vagina do its own thing.

Wash with bar soap or fragrance-free soap only on the outside lips, okay?

Next, ingrowns. Get a fresh, non-motor razor. Don't soak the kitty and your pubes in water before you begin. Get a good shaving cream (I use Aveeno, it's moisture filled and not irritating), and don't skimp on the price. Shave the kitty in the direction that your hair grows after applying shaving cream liberally to the area you're going to shave. Go slowly, take your time, and try to be sensitive to hard to reach areas so you don't cut yourself.

Wash the razor under cold water when hair builds up. Try to trim first, then shave at the skin. Once you're done shaving, EXFOLIATE. Use a soap to wash off excess and loose hair, and then follow it with an exfoliating scrub after. Pat the kitty dry with a towel.

Lastly, you'll want to use a non-alcohol based aftershave so that ingrowns don't come in. There's two I highly recommend. Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment (you can get it at Sephora for $25 USD) or Jack Black Bump Fix (I get mine from CVS or Walmart). Use it every night after you bathe on your kitty where you've shaved. If you're dealing with current ingrowns, apply the aftershave and then use a sterile set of tweezers to pull the hair out.

Good luck. (Sorry if this is a long post.)

No. 60568


Licensed Cosmo anon here

Try washing less often (as much as possible), I know after two days it gets greasy but this is because your scalp is used to the natural oils being removed (shampoo) that frequently. To stop this you're going to have to bite the bullet and just deal with having gross hair for a little while and it'll slowly/eventually regulate itself. Another tip to help is avoiding putting conditioner on the roots/scalp. Focus the conditioner on the mids/ends of your hair since thats the hair that needs conditioner most.

As for the color situation, it sounds like since you had a treatment &color done (and that you had previously bleached hair) your color is probably fading fast/revealing patchy bleached hair for two reasons. Your hair is more than likely porous meaning it'll take a while of rebuilding for it to grab and that your stylist probably didn't properly fill your hair. When going dark from previously bleached hair, especially if more than 2 levels darker, you need to put the pigments you stripped out back into the hair. For example, if you were a platinum blonde (LVL 10) and you went to a dark brown they needed to put a red back in.

Also- to help with the fading, using proper hair care products can help prevent fading. You're typically going to want to find something sulfate free and/or color PROTECT not just color safe. Color protect means it will help protect your color from fading whereas color safe literally just means it's safe to use on color treated hair. I would personally avoid grocery store shampoos- even if it's a high end brand in the grocery store. For example, Paul Mitchell isn't supposed to be sold to you unless it's done by a licensed professional, because otherwise the quality cannot be guaranteed. Grocery stores and places like Walmart buy their salon brand products from 3rd parties. Typically these products are expired (yes shampoo has a shelf life), or even tampered with (watered down/different products entirely) Ulta is a safe/reliable place to buy salon quality hair products without having to go to the salon.

If you're having trouble with your hair not grabbing color you probably need protein and moisture. Protein will help even out the porosity of the hair and the moisture will help prevent your hair from becoming over proteinized.

Avoid washing hair in hot water if at all possible, hot water opens the cuticle of the hair/dries the hair out/allows for easier fading.

If you need to touch up your color but absolutely cannot afford a trip to the salon, you could do it yourself using products from sally's. If you do choose to do this I would stick with the Wella brand, and if for some reason they insist you need 20 vol developer, you need to insist on 10 vol. 20 volume will lift your hair and damage it more, whereas 10 is going to deposit only.

PS don't trust the swatches for the colors- keep in mind the color you see is dyed on top of white hairs.

Sorry for long reply, I tend to nerd out about hair.

No. 60571

Not who you're replying to, but my hairs are very coarse – shaving in the direction the hair grows barely gets rid of any hair, but when I shave against them I end up sore and with bumps for weeks!!

Any advice? I've given up on shaving my pubic hair now ;__;

No. 60579

Go with Brazilian wax

No. 60580

Just say vagina, jfc.

No. 60581

I tried that! Again I was just left with bumps. AND it was itchier after than shaving. The hair might just be too thick to remove.

No. 60583

Be my waifu, I love you already. I rarely see this good advice here <3

No. 60634

I was my hair everyday but for some reason even after i was when I scratch my scalp out comes a huge thick paste underneath my fingernails which is disgusting but how do I stop this I never had this before and I dont have dandruff problems

No. 60645

Maybe you're not rinsing enough and it's leftover shampoo.

No. 60647

Sounds like you need to rinse better. It's product build up and dead skin cells from washing it everyday. If you put conditioner on the top of your head, don't do it no more. Just put conditioner on the ends of your hair.

I'd switch to shampooing your hair every two days at minimum and see how that goes for you so that your head can breathe and let the natural oils saturate.

No. 63337

I feel like I don't shower effectively. I always feel dirty and smelly no matter what I do. Are there any products that will make me smell really good or any products that will make my skin really smooth and soft? I feel really gross and it makes me scared to face people sometimes

No. 63360

Did anyone else go through the nasty as fuck phase as a child?
Sometimes I wonder. I used to be really nasty looking back when I was around 10 or so (I had some shitty family life so maybe that's why?)
I would only take a shower like once a week or less.
Maybe that was because of depression? I wouldn't think that's normal lol

No. 63365

Scented products are just masking smells with perfume if you're not actually cleaning properly.
Even normal soap is enough, you don't need anything fancy, just make sure to lather up properly and actually scrub with a loofah. Just putting shower gel on your body and then rinsing it off won't do shit
If you want your skin to be soft and smell perfumed then just apply body butter or lotion all over immediately after you shower or a sunscreen if you live somewhere hot. Make sure you find a deodorant that is working for you and regularly wash your hands.

No. 63391

Oily anon here. Exfoliate tour skin while in the shower. We buy this homemade bar soap with Shea butter and coffee grounds and it makes my skin softer and allows me to put toner on afterwards. I use St Ives Collagen lotion on my face and it doesn't make me overly oily but do NOT use a ton of it otherwise you'll feel like Vaseline was all over. Shea or Cocoa butter for the body. I also agree with Eucerin since its water based if you have dry skin

No. 63403

File: 1497896774278.jpg (294.16 KB, 768x625, ba5.jpg)

hi farmers. does anyone else here like…sweat profusely? i think i might have an anxiety issue that contributes to it, but i always feel like i sweat more than other people… doesn't help that i actively think about it whenever i go out. i'm chubby, but even my heavier friends don't sweat this much, so i'm confused.

also, i tend to sweat a lot between my thighs, which always ends up in my underwear being gross and wet, and the seat/crotch of my pants being wet, too. this is probably the most embarrassing part tbh. idk how i made it to 22.

No. 63406

I sweat a lot, too. I've been using nighttime prescription-strength antiperspirants and they seem to help more than any other types I've tried. Everything else stops working after a couple days or discolors my clothes from the sweat interacting with the antiperspirant/deodorant.

No. 63409

Same thing here
That's why I often wrear dark colors so you don't see how sweaty I really am

>nighttime prescription-strength antiperspirants

Mind explaining what that is?

No. 63429

File: 1497909276749.jpg (45.02 KB, 400x400, IMG_0706.JPG)

There are antiperspirants like this that say they're prescription or clinical strength, basically you put it on before going to sleep and it blocks where you sweat overnight. You can also shower in the morning and it won't come off because it's already in the pores. I think they work pretty well as long as you're not doing anything too intense (it helps me not sweat at work or when I'm outside but I always look like shit at the gym).

No. 63430

When I was fourteen I had major sweat issues due to puberty and hormones, my local pharmacy had thie roll on that I'd use (as described) like a cure, so I'd use it every day for like a week, and then stop for a week, and so on for about a month, after that my sweating stopped completely, and now (I'm 27) I only sweat of I have bad anxiety (like you mentioned) or if doing physical labour. Check your pharmacy! Also there's been a lot of positive results using botox for reducing or stopping sweat, you could look into that!

No. 63441

Maybe y'all sweaty anons can try a light powder?

Also, if its mostly because of summer and it being hot, I'd start examining what your clothing is made. Polyester is a no-no as is rayon.

No. 63494

ty for the suggestions guys. what sucks even more is that the city i'm in is apparently super notable for being the sunniest place in this country. it was like nine million degrees today, all day, and no air conditioning anywhere but on the tram lol. i think i scared an old woman trying to get groceries because i looked like i'd been drowned.

anyway, thanks again, will check out the prescription strength stuff!

No. 63686

This is what I use. I like the gel because it's the only antiperspirant I've used that doesn't get into my clothing.

No. 63688

Anyone really hairy? I have an actual mustache that I have to pluck every 3 or 4 days. It's left me with a five o'clock shadow and I either have that or look like a shemale. Any routines or permanent solutions? I'll take anything

No. 63833

File: 1498291595831.jpg (27.51 KB, 500x333, reeeeeblackspots.jpg)

Does anyone use an epilator? I've been using one for the past few years but noticed this past year that I have a bunch of black dots on my legs where the hair used to be, so I've picked at some with a tweezer and found them to be a bunch of little ingrown hairs.

I have tried exfoliating + shaving afterwards but there's still so many black little dots.

No. 63834

sounds like a hormonal thing. get checked out for polycystic ovaries or thyroid issues.

No. 63835

i have the same problem, even when waxing. i was hoping epilating would make it better but nope, still ingrown hairs/black spots. i tried everything, exfoliating before epilating and every kind of scrub, i have no idea how to get rid of them other than laser but i cant afford that shit :(

No. 63845


solution to most body hair problems is either laser epilation, or not giving a fuck.

No. 64138

Trust me it's easier and less expensie to not give a fuck. Invest in some pantyhose for days you give a fuck about people seeing your legs and you're fine, almost no one will notice you're wearing them and they make some that end before the toes for toeless shoes.

No. 64157

You can reduce it with the stuff that anon said (lots of lotion, using a slower speed on the epilator in a sensible downward movement rather than scrubbing around your leg like crazy on high speed, exfoliation) but even then sometimes it just happens. Honestly I don't care about them myself but if you have very dark hair and feel self conscious about it, then you might want to just shave or save up for laser, or get a tan so it shows less.

No. 65510

File: 1501005801298.jpg (104.91 KB, 700x700, stretch-marks-imperfections-pa…)

can I ask one weird thing?
Is it normal that nearly all of your panties get stained from usually blood or other fluids over time?

Like I never wear pads (I just gag from the smell alone of it, also they nearly always get out of the place anyway, even those with wings), but still.
Some women I know seem to have only clean and sparkly non-stained underwear or somehow thats the impression that I have.
Do they just throw the stained ones out, or only wear them on their periods? Are you suppossed to do that?

No. 65513

They probably wear panty liners to avoid staining their underwear.
I don't and it get stained pretty fast. I don't see myself wearing a panty liner full time, it seems like UTI city to me.
I just throw out the stained one when it's really too much.

No. 65515

I have a bunch of underwear that I only wear on my period and they have some stains. The rest is nice looking. I wouldn't want stains on all of them, imo you feel better when you're wearing nice underwear. Also, if you do get blood stains, try to rinse it out with cold water right away if you can.

No. 65516

Your regular fluids don't stain them? Over time, it's like I'm throwing javel on the crotch of mine. Maybe I'm particularly acidic, Idk.

No. 65525

I wear pads and my underwear gets stained occasionally. Usually I just wash out the stain and use this stain removal liquid that's cleans em up pretty good

No. 65526

Nah I get this too.
My vag must bleach them or something cause the dye goes

No. 65536


i began sweating like a motherfucker these past few months and i had no idea what to do (i'm also chubby)
my problem was that basically, i wasn't drinking enough water, so my body started freaking
i started drinking 2L a day and now i'm back to normal, all gucci
of course, you don't have to drink that much but try at least 1 liter a day

No. 65537

not rly though
laser would be a pain in anyone's wallet. and as someone with thick hair, laser would only slow down its growth for a short period of time,
then it would all start again
i've been recommended the pulsating light hair removal treatment, which does the same but cheaper

although not giving a fuck is the best option

No. 65549

I used to have the same problem in high school. The only thing that stopped it was losing weight and drinking a ton of water daily. Hardcore anti-perspirants and powders did nothing for me, personally.

No. 65550

It doesn't since I got the mirena (IUD). But regular discharge is acidic enough to act as bleach. Didn't think about that, sorry! I just don't really get any nowadays.

No. 65568

File: 1501078191172.jpg (112.91 KB, 500x487, driclorpacks-both_4e816be50809…)

I've had this problem since I was 13 and it's so embarrassing. The only thing that helped me was a product called Driclor. I've been using it for around 8 years now and it honestly was a miracle product. Initially I had to apply it every few days but now I only need to use it once every two weeks. I've only ever tried it under my arms though, so I don't know how well it would work for thighs or other body parts. But seriously, if you sweat profusely under your arms, this will change your life.

No. 65617

I also had this problem, and i started using Certain-Dri. it makes your pits itch like crazy for the first 15 min, but it kept me dry for 48+ hours. Shit is probably so bad for your health but it works so damn well. Just make sure to follow the directions completely.

Also they have a $2 off coupon on their site

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