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No. 56882

This is probably a really stupid question but how do I be more like those girls on Instagram and social media who are just uniform beautiful? Perfect eyebrows and somehow perfect fashion sense, you could even count the whole basic bitch thing but I'm hoping someone knows what I mean. How do I be more like the majority of the girls I see on the street with perfect clothes and hair and bodies?

I'm 22 and feel pretty much like Tomoko Kuroki in comparision. I'm very short and curvy, but my height and baby face make me feel like I stand no chance and I have no clue where to go for makeup or fashion resources that these girls all learn from and perfect.

I really want to finally feel more like a pretty young woman, anyone got any resources or tips?

No. 56884

Learn how to pose and how to shoop. And follow a fashion blog of your choice, there's no need for much creativity. That would probably do.

No. 56886

File: 1490228867866.jpg (905.36 KB, 750x5140, IMG_2352.JPG)

Shoop for starters
Read all sorts of skincare & makeup guides
Practice self care by doing your eyebrows weekly, always having your nails painted or done, condition your hair regularly, moisturize your face twice a day and body everytime you shower, always wear a light perfume, exercise and cut out food high in sugar and drink 2 liters of water a day

No. 56900

Why did you post this in both /ot/ and /g/, with an entirely different image? Here you posted your typical asian subhoe and on /ot/ your typical instahoe. I mean fucking pick one at least.

No. 56907


Sorry, I realized after that it was best to post it here than OT and I wondered if a different image was appropriate, apologies!

No. 57001

makeup tutorials can definitely help with makeup and grooming- just be careful not to go overboard like most beauty gurus.

another thing to remember- pretty much everyone on social media with any sort of following uses editing apps. they don't look like that in real life. no shame in shopping your pics if you want to look that beautiful too (just own up to it of course.)

No. 57019

Aren't oil pulling and body wraps total bullshit? Other than that, good infographic

No. 57039

tomoko koroki isnt curvy…

No. 57093

One thing that makes people look beautiful on the internet is honestly being interesting. I'm not saying "ooh ur inside needs to be beautiful not ur outside" I'm saying, look how much lolcow tears into people who just stare vapidly at their cameras and shoop themselves into aliens. No one envies that.

Find hobbies, if you take a beautiful photo of yourself reading a book, watching the sunset, finishing a bike ride, painting a picture, you will look so much more beautiful than someone who rolls around on the floor trying to find the perfect angle and lighting.
lol i sound like a neckbeard but I'm actually just a woman who went through exactly the kind of painful envy you did. I feel a million times more attractive now that I can do makeup well, bathe regularly (I was gross), have good skin and have lost 20 pounds- but what really made me feel better about myself was finding shit about what I enjoyed and who I was.
I'm an artist and as soon as I put my all into painting, I felt better about myself. I took better care of myself because I had an identity to care about.
Obviously, art's not for everyone, but make sure you've got something you're passionate about OP, otherwise you're decorating an empty shell and that's not exactly motivating.

Also, diverging from that, make sure you have routines(diet/hygine/skincare/exercise). Consistency is the only thing that improves appearance.

No. 115464

what about people who have horrible facial features or bodily features lol makeup can only enhance what you have so are we just hopeless then

No. 119509

Honestly? Plastic surgery and weight loss/fitness.

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