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No. 56923

I was wondering… has anyone got any good advice or felt good from posting on the boards?

Like, for example; learning to try to be a better person or any positive things in general? I've been here for a while, and I really enjoy the boards and learned a lot… I guess, this thread is about learning new things and positive things - even if there were negative things posted about others.

Has Lolcow been a catalyst for you, and in what ways?

No. 56930

>felt good from posting on the boards
sometimes i get a good kek out of this place

No. 56933

I always try to help anons when possible. I've offered help in diet threads, body issues, etc etc. And that makes me feel better. Not sure if I really helped people, but I tried and that's good.
I also got a few nice replies all the times I had to vent, and I appreciate the help.
Unfortunately, I think most of the time lolcow makes me feel kinda insecure because people bitch a lot and nitpick, which is fine and expected, but I have serious self esteem problems. so seeing people call some girl that looks healthy and normal an ugly, fat hambeast makes me feel pretty shitty. That's a personal problem, obviously. Still I love this place and I've spent many hours procrastinating on here. I do need to take a break from time to time though.

I remember that character, op…Yes, I was born in the early 90s I just don't remember her name. What is it…?

No. 56934

Same, I try to help out or be supportive when anons need it. I like that the board is generally not filled with faggotry and edgy little shits. Personally, I've met some pretty cool people through the Discord chat so I'm really glad that we have that.

Also, not OP but that's Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.

No. 56935

Omg YES. Thank you.

No. 56955

I'm autist trash and will constantly correct people when they're wrong and offer unsolicited practical advice, because i think everything is a problem to be solved and can't tell if someone just wants to vent.
But at the same time, because I like problem solving so much, I have a huge store of tips and tricks and life hacks that I love sharing, because they made my life better and I want everyone to have them.
So lolcow is my favorite place for this because there's so many advice threads and either my input is inappropriate, and it will just be ignored and I won't embarrass my anonymous self, or it will actually help someone.
But it works both ways. My skin was awful recently in new and interesting ways, then an anon in a skincare thread posted a link about fungal acne, so within a week my skin was way better and I was able to report back to the thread what had worked for me.
>it's the circle of liiiife

Lolcow in general helps me because I recognise so much of myself in other posters, and while I don't really get lonely, I've always lacked in female company and it's so good to see people who revel in girly cute shit but also are fully aware and up front about the bullshit that comes with being female.

No. 56956

I try not to take the nitpicking too personally, because either the people being bitched about are already terrible and anons are just trying to find new ways to insult them, or they actually believe there is such a thing as a perfect body, which is just nonsense and probably internalized misogyny.
All the anons saying these things probably look like you, because I am assuming you look like a human female.

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