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No. 56927

Is it okay to find other girls objectively sexier than your girlfriend?

My boyfriend says he has a lot of attraction towards me and that he finds me incredibly sexy but that in terms of looks (not emotions) there's lots of cosplayers and girls that he finds objectively prettier, sexier, has more lustful reactions looking at

More than from me but he loves me and he would never cheat on me or act upon it

Is this normal? Please give me the blunt reality.

No. 56928

It's normal to find other people sexually attractive even when you're in a a relationship with someone. I'm fairly average and even though I know my bf finds me very sexually attractive I also know he finds women who I would consider much better looking than me attractive. On the same note, I find men sexually attractive that are objectively better looking than my boyfriend as well. What's not normal is him going out of his way to TELL you that he finds these girls more attractive than you. That's really fucking shitty of him. Especially if he has more lustful reactions to pictures or videos of these girls than the girlfriend he has IN REAL LIFE and supposedly has formed a bond with. I would be pissed if I were you. That's just inconsiderate of your feelings and a sure fire way to lead to resentment and insecurities.

No. 56932


He didn't go out of his way to tell me no, I pressed him once and he admitted to me that while I'm incredibly sexy to him and I'm special because he loves me, that yes, there are women he finds objectively sexier than me and he has more shallow lust for (aesthetic)

I don't know if that's normal and something guys just keep between themselves or if I should be worried

No. 56936

I would say that it's normal then and you likely don't have much to worry about if it's purely shallow lust. If he prefers to look at other women online than be intimate with you then you should worry. You should also worry if he tries to push you into changing how you look or tells you how he wishes you looked like other girls. Those are huge red flags. Finding other girls sexually attractive online and wanking to them is about as normal as a guy could get.

No. 56937

Jesus why make a whole new thread to ask that when you could just use relationship and advice threads?

No. 56939

Do YOU find other guys sexier?

I think it's normal for a guy, but I would NOT like to hear my bf say it. It is half your fault for pressing him into saying it, but i think most guys wouldn't say that.

As for me, I don't find objectively hot guys sexy. I only get the hots for them if they have a great presonality on top. And maybe Keanu Reeves.

No. 56944

I think it's fine to find other people attractive while in a relationship most peoples sexuality doesn't become single target after they get a significant other.

But if my SO told me he doesn't find me the most attractive I would feel like shit. If I'm not your #1 what's the point? And I don't think that being this kind of "honest" in a relationship is a good thing. If my bf didn't find me the most attractive, I would just feel like a placeholder until he does find a girl more attractive.

No. 56948

It is normal but your bf seems emotionally stunted
Why would he tell you this?

No. 56949

What kind of retard would say something like that to their partner?

No. 56951

This tbh. Of course it's normal to have thoughts like this crossing your mind but how much of a nutcase thinks about this enough to accept that as a fact and then decide to tell this his gf? Like what is he hoping to achieve aside from hurting her? I really don't get it and think that's pretty weird.

No. 56952

As much as it was erroneous for your boyfriend to say that even under pressure, you just need to let up on yourself. If he really wanted someone else he wouldn't be with you now. Just roll with it, it can be a fun ride if you're not stressing over minute irrelevant details.

No. 56953

File: 1490306339628.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, 7e7.jpg)

Who tf would say something like that to their partner though lmao
Even if I know other guys are "objectively" more attractive I would never say such an insulting thing to my boyfriend
He "loves you" but he'll tell you straight up, without any necessity of doing so whatsoever, that he doesn't find you alluring compared to photoshopped pictures of random chicks dressed as anime characters?

No. 56961

Sounds like you're insecure about your own looks and your relationship with him if you pressed him about wanking to cosplayers on the internet. He's a dumbass for admitting that he finds other randoms sexier/prettier than you as well. Are both of you in high-school or something?
There's no way for this to end without resentment and jealousy now.

No. 56963

Read the fucking thread jesus christ, she admitted she pushed him into it

No. 56965

Yes, I think this is normal. It's good that he is faithful to you, plus you said he thinks you are sexy.

However, just out of curiosity, was he uncomfortable talking about it, or did he get pretty chatty and eagerly talk about all of the other women?

No. 56971

So how many of you here can admit you find other people objectively sexier and more attractive than your partners out of interest?

No. 56972

You still don't admit it unless you are a retard

No. 56978

Oh man you shouldn't have pressed him. Most guys are absolute idiots and won't understand that such a question is really a call for reassurance, so they'll answer honestly. You should never ask a question if you're not ready for the answer. Yes, it's normal anon. Don't overthink it, it's not a problem unless it interferes with your intimacy or if it seemed like he was enjoying talking about it.

No. 56982


I'm relieved it's normal, and not that I'm ugly

Like, it's normal to love your girlfriend and see her as sexy but objectively have more desire to fuck women you find sexier and thus that makes them more desirable from looks alone? No emotions and I don't mean acting upon it, but he's admitted that yes, objectively there's women he has more desire to fuck than me/finds sexier. THAT'S the bit I've not been sure if other guys feel.

No. 56984


It's normal.

I can objectively see men who are considered "more physcially attractive" than my boyfriend. That being said I don't want to sleep with them more than I do with my boyfriend.

I know my boyfriend finds certain women more physically attractive than me (for example a porn star or actress) but he would not cheat one me.

He likes very large breasts and although I have small ones, he is always touching me there, playing with them etc, telling me they are sexy. Sometimes I do notice him oggle a picture of a hot model with large breasts but it doesn't bother me since I know it's only fantasy.

No. 56985

Wtf dump his ass. Correct response from bf:

"On an objective scale, I'm not the most attractive man in the world, and you're not the most attractive woman in the world, but you're the most attractive woman in the world to me".

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