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File: 1490450023938.jpg (96.43 KB, 900x900, l.jpg)

No. 57021

Do the japanese have particular skin routines and beauty routines or ways of makeover to achieve looking so clear faced and young?

if so where on the internet does one find these things, are there any particular rules they have? I know there's an asian diet thread but I'm thinking more about skincare and beauty

No. 57023

makeup, lighting, and jpeg

No. 57024

photoshop, good lighting, makeup, and a good camera just like anyone else in professional photos regardless of ethnicity.

No. 57027

Honestly, I think it's some genetic thing. I once hooked up with an Asian guy (Korean), and his skin was so incredibly soft. Softer than mine, and everywhere I touched him it was just so incredibly silky. Also he didn't have any pimples or basically anything on his entire body that even resembled some kind of skin irritation.
It's like perfect balance of oils or something idk.

No. 57028

A few things I found helped in Japanese skincare:
-beauty supplements (snacks and beverages that contain collagen/hyaluronic acid etc)
-sunscreen (protects skin from aging. In Japan they have better sunscreen than most countries. A lot of sunscreen is not sticky and gross like in most places outside Asia)
-umbrellas/gloves/visors etc (basically protect skin from sun beyond sunscreen)
-skin care routine (cleanse, tone, serum, lotion)…I know this should be common knowledge, but a lot of people outside Asia and beauty fanatics don't do the full routine.
-acne stickers (these stickers you put on acne to clear it up under your makeup or while you sleep)
-humidifiers (cute humidifiers are popular, and good for skin)
-makeup (It's abnormal for women under 70 not to wear makeup in Japan)

I lived in Asia (including Japan) a few years and most of my friends are Asian. >>57027 I think this guy was just lucky, but skincare/diet/sunscreen/makeup are the real difference between Japanese and "western" skin.

Also, girl in OP's pic IS young, that's why she looks young. She's probably no older than 17.

No. 57029

Where are some good places for Asian skincare products? I know Ulta has a section on their online store but if there's anywhere cheaper I'd like to know.

No. 57030

there's the whole 10 step Asian skincare routine (just google it for a list and product examples) but also i feel like beauty standards are higher from a younger age than they are in somewhere like the US. if people start taking better care of themselves (skincare, diet, workout, etc) from a super young age then theyll look better. plus generally speaking they have softer facial features and softer features = more feminine/younger looking. there's tons of decent Asian skincare products on amazon, some okay brands to start with are skinfood and tony moly. i also second everything >>57028 listed

No. 57032

I think this could be kind of true. I'm Korean and do the bare minimum for skincare but I get a lot of compliments. More than skincare routine though, I think it mostly comes from my lifestyle which corresponds to a lot of what >>57028 has listed. I make sure to wear sunscreen (umbrella if I need it), sleep at least 6 hours (this is important; my skin breaks out if I don't), and drink lots of water. I also make sure to have a healthy diet; lots of vegetables, pickled things and avoid oily/sugary foods. My skincare routine is, as I've said, very simple. I first remove my makeup, wash my face with a natural bar soap, dry, Simple toner (with cotton pad; to remove extra makeup), HadaLabo lotion, and Cetaphil cream. Shower everyday. I do a clay mask if I feel like it.

No. 57038

yesstyle is reasonable but some things can be 30+ dollars

No. 57040


Ebay for Korean products - just buy from legit Korean sellers, nothing from China…

No. 57041

Yes, eBay has amazing prices, plus if something goes wrong (ie. product arrives broken or never arrives) you can just open a case and get a refund.

No. 57067

They care more about skincare than people in the west. Like, way way more.

Over here the emphasis is on covering up flaws and caking on makeup. In asian countries the skincare starts young, before you actually have problems.

Ive heard that it's somewhat common for Asian girls to receive skincare products as presents, that sounds nice because it gets expensive tbh.

No. 57074

From my experience, Japanese tend to emphasize makeup and Koreans emphasize skincare. I've actually met a lot of Japanese people irl who had either normal skin or pretty bad acne, but most of the girls would cover it up with lots of makeup. Many of the Koreans I've met have had clear skin and makeup on top.

I've never actually been to either country so I dunno if this is true overall, but studied Japanese in uni so I met a lot of Japanese people.

No. 57081

Lotions, sunscreen etc with a white cast. I know plenty of Koreans irl and they're not pale at all. They're usually around NC25 or so, and the one guy that hates Korea and Korean culture is even darker than that. My Egyptian friend is lighter skinned than him.

From what I've noticed they slather on sunscreen, fear the sun and use whitening products. 'Whitening' as in makeup, not actives. Their waterproof sunscreens often have a strong white cast and they have non-sticky lotions that do the same. Also filters and Photoshop. Edward Avila talks about some of those products, I've tried one (from Innisfree) and it was nice because it was very light but still tinted and not paper white.

No. 57083

sunscreen, hat/umbrella, makeup

No. 57086

I think part of it is genetics, followed by avoiding the sun at all costs and using whitening products. There are even shots (vitamin c?) that people can get to make them whiter.

I've definitely noticed this myself, even without makeup. I think white people tend to look less white because of sun damage (even light freckles will make you look darker) and not caring about being super light.

No. 57121


what was that innisfree product?

No. 57129

The old ampoule cushion in #13. It matched my skin tone perfectly, but somehow still looked too… Korean, even on me.

No. 57130

Is a humidifier something to invest in?

No. 57131

The two places I buy from (and have had no issues with) are Jolse and direct from Etude House. Etude House always has good sales and free shipping often.

No. 59703

It makes sense that it's genetics
I mean even this small example i have kinda points in that direction
>Have half brother (same mom,different dad)
>mom had no problems with acne growing up or now
>Brother has EXPLOSIVE acne even now in his 30s
>I get 1-2 on my face at a time and only when i'm stressed

He's tried every skincare product out there and been to the dermatologist but he just has shitty skin forever. some of his face is scarred now because i think he used to pop them and pick at them. It does get better when he's less stressed out but not much

Meanwhile my half sister, same dad different moms, also has clear skin like I do which makes me think a combo of my mom's genes and my dad's genes gave me good odds for decent skin

>tfw dad was predisposed to weight gain though

>if sister and i don't watch our intake religiously we balloon up in a week

However i know a lot of people have had success adjusting to asian skincare routine even with bad acne, so i kinda wanna put together a not-too-girly not-too-long routine for my brother and see if it helps him, but i think he'd take offense if i asked. I myself know my skin is more supple and youthful looking when i stick to my routine. I've been off it for a month because of a bad case of depression and the difference to me is obvious.

No. 59704

Amazon has some products like the Mizon line for instance.

No. 60633

Yeah but I wouldnt go all out and spend more than 30 bucks on it

No. 60711

File: 1494980216321.jpg (18.45 KB, 366x380, nigga.jpg)

>ingesting collagen

No. 60715


I mean, it is naturally found in some food products.

No. 60732

That doesn't mean it goes into your skin wtf collagen isn't absorbed like that and eating it or rubbing it on your skin won't put it back in there lmao. How do you think stomachs work?

No. 60733

Why are you so angry anon? Go chill out, you'll feel better.

No. 60734

Nobody's angry I think it's hilarious.

No. 60745

? What makes you think we're angry?

Yes, you're quoting two posters.

No. 60755

anon is projecting. No one is angry.

But yeah, ingesting collagen does jackall and is just another thing being marketed to women crazy enough to believe it.

No. 60772

File: 1495035079921.gif (1.95 MB, 349x267, tumblr_inline_op63worzT31rb06s…)

there's a lot of delicious food with collagen in it, like pho. you need to relax, instead of assuming that every woman who's consuming it is an idiot.

No. 60773

I think they're just pointing out that it doesn't actually do anything for your skin and the marketing of it as an edible anti-aging supplement is deceptive, not that any person who has eaten pho is stupid.

No. 61006

I'm not Asian but I have been told I have great skin. Here is my main things that I do that I recommend and some are "Asian" inspired.


>lots of leafy greens like spinach and kale. I also love things like asparagus and broccoli.

>I drink 3-4 cups of green tea a day unsweetened. I drink Japanese green tea but I'm sure you can drink any. When It's a Friday or I'm feeling like I want a treat I add a bit of honey in it.


>I take a multivitamin, calcium, Green Tea supplement, and Korean Red Ginseng Supplement.

>I don't 100% know if the ginseng/green tea do too much but I enjoy taking them and they aren't hurting me or anything. I also take spearmint supplements which help with my acne but you should ask your doctor about these because they mess with your hormones (in my case, in a positive way).

>I also take birth control for skin reasons.

Skin Care

I have a basic routine, you don't really need a lot of steps like I like to use but the super basics I'd recommend are

>Gentle face wash (not drying, wash only as needed. I like to wash only at night with it and use either a toner to wipe my skin down or just cleanse with water in the morning)

>Lotion. I use a Hada Labo lotion

>Moisturizer. I use a few essences but if you don't want to you at least use a moisturizer suited for your skin.

>Sunscreen. ALWAYS. I even wear it near big windows indoors.

>Oil cleanser. Helps remove all makeup/sunscreen and excess sebum. Helps a lot with cleansing.

>I have oily/combo skin so I use a clay mask 1 a week max. I use sheet mask 2x+ a week and it also really helps keep my face in check.

>Using a retinol long term will help with acne and aging. I use prescription Retin-A.

Body Care

>I use a Japanese salux cloth in the shower. I like to take the shower first and sit a bit in the water, and then scrub all over my body.

>I use a whitening papaya soap every once in a while and leave the suds on for 10 minutes. Helps keep my body skin clear and white. It is very drying though so I use sparingly.

>I like to take baths in Japanese bath salts at least x1 a week. I have a few kind by Bath Roman and some Yakusen style ones as well. I do shower before to "cleanse" my body and clean the tub before. This is kind of an extra "hydrating" and relaxing step.

>I use a Japanese face lotion (toner/looks like water) with kojic acid and sake stuff to hydrate, remove uneven spots and whiten. Then I use a regular body lotion (thick) and sometimes a body butter on top of that.

Just some of the things I do, hope this advice helps anyone.

No. 61651

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? I'm beginning to see fine lines, but I've heard if you want to use Retin-A you have to be 25+.

Also on a sunscreen related note I really liked the Biore Perfect Face Milk since I live in a hot and humid climate and my face pulls towards oily, but I was going through the small bottles so quickly that I was getting getting frustrated having to keep ordering them. Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion reminds me alot of it. It comes in spf 30 and 55 I believe, dries pretty matte, and it's about 10 dollars for 3 fl oz. I'm eventually gonna suck it up and just order multiples, but for now it does its job.

No. 61652

Different anon, but I don't think you have to be a certain age to use Retin-A, as it can also be used as an acne med, as well as a way of preventing wrinkles. My doctor gave me a prescription for it when I was 17 or 18, although I don't use it anymore because I don't think it really helped me with acne.

No. 61656

>tfw getting nasolabial folds and laugh lines
someone please help. ;__; i've been thinking of doing the ordinary's anti-aging regimen. any farmers try that? and i'm open to suggestions if anyone has them. so far i've been trying to stay hydrated and am trying to sleep on my back more. the hydration really makes a difference but the line is still somewhat visible and i haven't corrected my sleeping posture long enough to see a difference yet. i always wear sunscreen and i'll occasionally moisturize but i'm trying to do that more often now.

No. 61667

are you at least past 25? just moisturise and possibly exfoliate.
you can use retin a at any age but you have to have an actual condition to treat. as far as i know there's no proof that "preventative" use of tretinoin prevents anything, it was only evaluated as a treatment for acne and preexisting sun damage. theoretically it's all good, but tretinoin is quite sensitizing and inflammation is pretty damn aging so by continued use you can accidentally rack up quite a bit of it. that's mostly just my opinion though, maybe i'm missing some crucial pieces of information.

No. 61675

It sounds like what you're doing is a good start. AHAs and retinoids/retinol are supposed to be good for fine lines and wrinkles so they might help with the laugh lines. You might also look into frownies. I used them for a fine line I was getting on my forehead and they worked pretty well but the effect isn't permanent of course. Honestly if it bothers you a lot it might be worth looking into fillers.

No. 61740

I'm in the same boat. It makes the nasolabial folds meme just that more poignant.

No. 61741

early 20s. i don't know why this is happening.
thanks, i'll look into frownies. i know you said it isn't permanent but how long did you use it for?
sometimes i wonder if i'm just being caught up in the meme and am overreacting

No. 61743

Quite possibly. I've had nf since I was a girl. It's just what the fat distribution in my face is like, and going without them just makes me look weird. It's really not that big a deal.

Have you been drinking less water than usual? Moisturising regularly? Sleeping in your makeup? Do you smoke?

No. 61760


No. 61767

This is not a humblebrag here but I am part Japanese and have great skin. It is genetics sure but it is also sticking to a healthy diet, exercise, not consuming too much sugar, and avoiding sunlight. I don't use any skin care products. My brothers skin is better than mine and he just eats well and works out. I just don't think products will eliminate the issue totally you also have to take the extra step and take care of yourself

No. 61774

I think thats probably the reason i get mistaken for being half japanese b/c of my skin

one girl said she thought i looked like a white girl stuffed inside an asian skin – which is possibly the worst sounding descriptor I've ever heard of myself

No. 61779

Or it could be because you wear circle lenses and Korean makeup

No. 61782

I've never worn lenses
the only makeup i wear is foundation+powder from the drugstore

No. 61784

although id say my iris takes up a lot of my eye b/c theyr smaller
myb shoulda mentioned I'm half filipino but ppl never think I'm that
do u think losing weight would diminish nf if its b/c of fat distribution?
everyone says i have baby face but i can't help obsessing over my nf

No. 61788

Not that anon, but I've got a baby face too, and my NF lines are more visible now that I've lost some weight (with a lot more to go, RIP). I'm trying to counter-act them with a retinol moisturizer and ten thousand layers of hydration.

No. 61789

im also trying to lose 6 pounds to get down to 105
nf is the bane of my existence

No. 61791


Yeah my nf where the most prominent when I was at my lowest weight.

No. 62224

Tanaka face massage - 7mins a day and you'll look much better after few weeks, esp good for sagging face and nosolabials
of course if you stop by then, you'll go back to your old face again after a while, so you need to this regularly, just like skincare

No. 63069

sounds like crazy maintenance, what does your skin look like?

I'm a pretty busy woman so the best I can do is take vitamins, wash, tone and moisturize every night and have a healthy and hydrated diet, I have a diffuser I use too before sleeping, and sometimes when I had a stressful week I get some cheap ass mask from target

I use african black soap, tone with witch hazel, put tea tree oil on spots, which usually happen around my period, and moisturize with either beauty oil, or some facial moisturizer I have at the time

the vitamins I take are one a day and flawless complexion by olly

before makeup I moisturize of course and my skin looks pretty nice and has healed my teenage acne pretty well (I had from 13-19, I'm 21 now)

No. 70986

I don't have any Asian beauty products, but I've been accumulating a knowledge of ingredients and which products and brands work best and these are what I like.
-get a cheap humidifier, only use purified or distilled water in it though
-i get face masks from Wal-Mart, they have purederm and sooae, sometimes I'll even get sheet masks from the dollar store or ardenes or shoppers drug mart. I use these every few days or so
-nivea creme, I use this mostly at night, it makes my skin glow,I also heard of people using it as a mask which worked really well for me
-a balanced diet, lots of protein and fiber and good days with omega, I tend to go for food with estrogen just for a boost
-i do protein shakes, I like drinking karma brand vitamin wtaer, all other brands are garbage
-green tea with ginseng and honey will make you glow if you drink it everyday
-i take multivitamins, as well as a couple other ones, which are acai, garlic, vitamin c, vitamin d, collagen, vitamin e, fish oil, magnesium and calcium, and a biotin gummy
-getting to bed on time every night. I have insomnia so obviously this isn't solid, but I have force myself to get off the internet and lay in the dark lol
-exercise. Again I'm bad at remembering this but this will be the thing that makes the biggest difference
And for products
-night of olay, it's pretty affordable and is brightening and plumping
-use either olive oil, jojoba or coconut or even almond or argan. Also I have used bio oil and palmers vitamin e skin therapy oil on my face and really liked them
-may coop Acer maple water mist, I need more but they don't really well it around here, I got it out of town
-i just purchased it but st ives citrus brightening face scrub is supposed to be really good
-i have these olay dry who's you mix with water and they're really hydrating, a lot of olay are really food actually, especially their bar soap and body wash
-i like trying random beautiful products, I have this eye and lip collagen roller, some collagen eye patches,and a moisture mask I all bought on a whim because I like extra moisture and protection
Also don't forget sunscreen, and smiling and being good to yourself makes you less stressed out and less prone to wrinkles. Take Epsom salt baths. Take care of your hair and use blistex.

No. 71210

It's mostly genetic and some of it diet. Asians have more fat in their faces and thicker skin, which ages better. White people have thinner skin and less fat(unless they overweight), those things show age quicker. White people have it the worst with aging skin.

Asians have better diets, they eat more fish and lots more fruits and veggies than most westerners. I heard not long ago, only 10% of Americans eat enough fruits and veggies. The western diet is too high in processed carbs and sugar.

Diet and skincare will help a bit but the biggest factor will always be genetics.

No. 71218

Another important factor is the Asian habit of trying to stay out of the sun, while a lot of Westerners love getting sun/tans.

In general, aside from taking better care of themselves, I don't think Asian "aging" is that incredible. The majority of them look their age, which is not a bad thing at all. I think I say this because I'm Asian myself and I'm used to normal people, usually in these threads you get a lot of models who obviously look better than the average person.

No. 71222

Its obvious you dont know shit about anything racist chan lol

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