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No. 57176

Can we get a thread for cute clothes websites, particularly for lolcows in the UK who don't want to pay for shipping?

What are some good websites and clothing shops in the UK you guys recommend?

No. 57239

i ordered some gothy stuff from killstar, which is based in the UK i think. The product looked exactly like the photos which was nice, but the clothes (especially the leggings) are really delicate. 8/10 will order again

No. 57245

>not knowing what a lolcow is
>calling farmers "lolcows"

No. 57247

this tbh. Also a super narrow topic that would have been better as a question in another thread.

No. 57264

holy shit is that what they meant? the first time i saw this thread i couldnt even figure out what they were trying to say. fucking newfags need to lurk the internet more. lolcow isnt even a site exclusive word.

No. 57276

File: 1490861213845.jpg (40.53 KB, 275x208, IMG_0547.JPG)

There's no break from obvious newfags now. We need banners that just say 'lurk the fuck more'

No. 57323

for real. I lurked for about 3 months before ever commenting on anything because I was never on 4chan or anything like this before and needed to learn proper board behavior before diving into discussion.

No. 57329

>never used imageboards before
I'll give u points for doing it right, newfag.

No. 57338

what's even worse is that I came from PULL and only got to there from lurking g_s. (I've sadly been here for almost 2 years now? shit. didn't think it was that long)… so PULL users have 0 excuse if my non-imageboard using ass can figure it out.

Regardless: I am interested in cute clothing links… but cute is really kind of subjective on here I think.. so OP needs to be a bit more specific and narrow it down style-wise. Quality would also be concern. I know a lot of those generic asian clothing sites that jack images from other places now seem to give really… not good products. I'd ordered from on eBay like, 5-6 years ago and they were pretty good and slightly cheaper than now, but I seem to see a lot of people complain about quality now so I am hesitant to buy from these sources now.

No. 57396


Sorry, I was absolutely knackered when I got in and wrote this, apologies, I meant farmers because lolcows mostly dress awful anyway

No. 59714

>tfw you've lurked on the farm for a few months and still don't know the right lingo all the time
Some of it doesn't get said all the time so i think i've made this mistake before too…oops

No. 59721

Welcome to the boards.
It's time for you to leave now.

No. 90430

Thinking that way because she's famous and because everyone is able to understand?

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