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File: 1491229367538.jpg (61.22 KB, 600x423, bepe.jpg)

No. 57570

>> Be in mid twenties

>> Have cycled through like 30 styles

>> can't decide what my "style" is

>> do i want to be a punk rocker? a boho chick? a minimal kfashion weeb? a comfy health goth? a swamp witch?

does anyone else have trouble distinguishing their own personal style? i know there's no "right" style, i don't want to hear "wear what u like!!11" I want to be able to settle on one particular uh, aesthetic. I change mine every month or so and i'm like yeah, this is totally it!! then a month later it's something else. it's wasteful of clothing, annoying, etc. do you have any tips on identifying your authentic style, or how you found what worked best?

also, what is your style??

did it take you long to fall into it, and what made it clear to you?

No. 57571

Honestly I got tired of searching so I did the Kibbe colour season and style personality test
It won't give you the exact name of a subculture but what it will give you is an idea of what styles and colours look best on you, which is a damn good starting point if you ask me.

As for 'wear what you like'… That can either go well or go well into PT territory, depending on what you look like and/or like. So… choose well, I suppose.

I mean I love girly frilly LOTR elf vomit and all but I also don't want to look autistic, so I compromise and settle for tiny details.

As for how long it took me, yee-haw I was at it for years! Took me ages to figure out my colours… then my style, then pare everything on my pinterest down to only what I would realistically wear (eg no impractical outfits to the effect of bikini tops and denim shorts in Alaska, no heels if you hate heels, etc) what tops fit me, then what bottoms fit me, then actually getting to buy the stuff I'd planned to get, then actually getting to wear it, then finding the right haircut/updo that's low-maintenance and comfy but also works with my style and specific needs… I remember I was 19 when I first started 'exploring' my style, now I'm in my mid-20s. Though if you have a lot of disposable income it'll go faster for you I'm sure. One thing I'll say though is learn how to recognise quality, that goes a long way.

No. 57579

Not op but I just spent ages looking up that test and I didn't understand any of what I was reading, sounds very useful though, how does it work?

No. 57581

Google truth-is-beauty, it's run by a lady who's really into that stuff and has a lot of descriptions, resources and links to different pinterest boards.

No. 57585

File: 1491237040113.jpg (128.32 KB, 600x911, sarah-dress.jpg)

Pic related is what I struggle with lol
Growing up I was a tomboy, still kind of am and now that I'm older I'm trying out more feminine stuff.
I figured that, the best thing you can do is just wear what you like. The only con side is that multiple styles require more money.

No. 57590

Same lol. I tend to stick to more masculine/structured looks, but I can never decide if I wanna be more punk/edgy or if I like fashionable streetwear looks. And then right when I think I've decided, I see a girl in a super feminine sundress and I'm like "oh shit she looks great now I wanna wear that." These days I kind of just wear whatever I feel like, I just buy solely neutral colors so that it isn't a huge shock to switch between styles.

No. 57592

You're in your mid twenties already. Why do you need to "find a style"? I do get what you're saying that you'd rather find something specific, but when you stop to think about it, it's just dumb and teenagerish. People change a lot in a year, so it's pretty much impossible to decide "what" you are unless you have been sure of it for a long time (for example, goths who have been goths since their early teens and keep dressing as such as grown ups). If you've been unsure for years, then it just won't work.

No. 57593

I totally get that feeling OP. I've always loved many styles and looks and I always buy a little bit of everything and just can never commit to a specific style and it drives me up the wall because I have a massive wardrobe full of shit but barely any of it matches. I didn't even have more than 2 plain t-shirts until last year (I'm 26) because I would constantly cycle through graphic tee/business casual/only peasant tops/only dresses/etc.

My only saving grace is that I do tend to focus on similar colours and patterns of blues, black, greys and creams so I feel like I know my colour aesthetic, and I always gravitate towards florals so I know I usually can't go wrong with a cute floral dress.

I think finding a style just comes with time. This past summer I threw out half my wardrobe finally admitting that most of my graphic tees and shirred shirts weren't doing me any favours. (Basically I got rid of my 2000s shit clothes that I just kept doubting myself over). This past winter I wore mostly black but it really helped me figure out what silhouettes I actually liked without worrying about colour patterns and stuff. Now that it's summer/spring I'm having a mini style crisis again because I love this smart/casual look that is big right now (culottes and loose button downs and stuff) but I look complete shit in them, lel.

I don't think OP meant being "Goth" or "Boho" or whatever strictly, but just being comfortable and knowing what to shop for instead of being like "Do I like this metal graphic tee or this striped button down?? Do I maybe want a lace up peasant top instead?" Like most adults kind of float around a style which doesn't have to have a name but it's something they pull off well and comfortably. It can even just be wearing athleisure shit 6 days of the week, but it's something they enjoy and just are comfortable and gravitate towards.

No. 57595

Omg I relate to this so much. I can't decide on what I want to commit to (goth? grunge? hippie? Lolita? vintage? nerdy?) so I've just ended up wearing really basic shit because I don't want to spend money on something I won't like in a few weeks.

No. 57604

I'm also in my mid-twenties, and have changed fashions a lot, but finally determined my style by finding clothing brands that look good on me. My wardrobe is 50% one brand and probably 20% another lol. But they all match together well because of this haha

No. 57612

File: 1491264412741.jpg (214.2 KB, 1280x720, Yojimbo-1961.jpg)

Between ages 12-19 I cycled many styles, pretty much all of them on the 'alternative' side. Ma was a tradgoth which instilled a very strong subcultural instinct in me. (Incidentally my little sister is really into gothic lolita and though we can't afford brand, she works hard on her co-ords and she has nailed lolitaesque/casual victorian gothic. The goth will out)
After that I noticed I had phased out all of my clothes that weren't black and all of my jewelry was silver. That meant that at the very least, I never looked completely retarded because everything matched.
I've kept this up (23 now) and it's sooo useful because I can focus much more on texture, silhouette, opacity, fabric, weight etc. of clothes and I know that pretty much everything will either work together or will be useful later in my stylistic life (plus my clothes look really nice hanging up).
I have a lot of fun naming specific outfits and making up backstories for them, like a pair of tight high-waisted jeans and a ridiculous frilly satin shirt was the outfit of a 'psychosexual adviser to the Rolling Stones for a time in the mid-70s, but now owns a private art gallery'.
Privately I referred to my own style that's stuck for the part year or so as 'sex witch': all black, tight but long OR short but loose dresses, fishnets or opaque tights, fur coats, motorbike jackets, black boots; glam but dark without being Hot Topic shitgoth.
I recently discovered people calling this strega which was useful for google adventures. Similar to this is dark mori, which is like mori kei (woodland look) without any colours, which i like to wear when i'm feeling less edgy.
Secretly I wish I could dress like a 17th century japanese peasant every day. Looks comfy as fuck. Pic related, Akira Kurosawa films are my dream aesthetic

The only practical advice I can give you is to restrict your colour palette and focus on being good at dressing rather than the style you are imitating. Also being fit means you can wear so so many more things than you would be able to otherwise.

No. 57614

Forgot to add I've also been keeping, since i was 11, a well tagged and organised picture folder of things i've saved from internet shopping, high fashion editorials, street style, film stills, whatever as long as i like its aesthetic. If you keep that much raw data on your tastes, you will start to see themes that you can work from.

No. 57615

OP here and i could just about kiss you for introducing me to the term 'dark mori' >>57612

it's the first time I've ever seen something incorporate the darkness I like with mori and kind of boho style… my heart.

No. 57627

I honestly could care less about having a single style. How fucking boring is that? Why do you want to settle to only dressing a certain way? Like, if I want to be a girly cutie pie one week and then gothy punk the next why the hell not. How is it wasteful of clothing?

No. 57631

Because you need a lot of clothing to pull off more than one outfit of each instead of looking like shit? Because buying lots of clothes is expensive?

No. 57636

>Secretly I wish I could dress like a 17th century japanese peasant every day. Looks comfy as fuck. Pic related, Akira Kurosawa films are my dream aesthetic
I thought I was the only one. I wish I was Toshiro Mifune, he pulled it off so well.

No. 57641

File: 1491301983223.jpg (59.63 KB, 428x640, 12 layer kimono.jpg)

>>Secretly I wish I could dress like a 17th century japanese peasant every day.

Someone else who understands this traditional outfit shit…I've been planning for years to buy some comfy, heavy imperial and high court traditional Japanese clothing around the house during the winter (pic related). Just got to find a permanent place so I don't have to cart this shit around.

No. 57643

File: 1491303942892.jpg (685.65 KB, 1000x667, IMG_4615.JPG)

Pic related is what I'd really like to wear. Idk if it's cosplay, but you get the idea. And why I can't wear it lol.

Right now I'm switching between cute but stylish outfits since I work in an office and dark/goth style while not at work. Would love to add more "male nu goth" stuff, but I don't think I'd have any appropriate occasion to wear that stuff. And most brands are rather expensive.

No. 57644

File: 1491304237359.jpg (772.95 KB, 650x975, outfit1.jpg)

Any idea what this style is called anons?

No. 57645

File: 1491304258009.jpg (80.2 KB, 407x610, outfit.jpg)

another pic

No. 57646

File: 1491304343341.jpg (63.1 KB, 480x720, outfit2.jpg)

Last pic.

I know the outfits are different, but there's something similar to them and I just can't figure out what I'm noticing. Thanks in advance!

No. 57648

It's called "Scandinavian basic bitch"

No. 57649

This tbh.

It's very fashion concerned European girl. Usually middle/upper middle class, updates her wardrobe constantly with the seasonal trends but her hair and makeup is constant.

You will want to shop at Zara, MaxMara, Marc Jacobs, etc. You will want to avoid obvious branding (so MK purses are out, etc.) and look like you could have both gotten the clothes anywhere but also nowhere (basically stay away from the extremely trendy shit but go with classic cuts that are always in style with a little bit of current trend). Depending on where you live, your best bet of emulating this look are local designers that cater to the wealthy where one top is like $200.

No. 57659

Please don't frame us in this light. Most scandinavian women who are stylish don't dress like this and we call it the wannabe Russian ig famous(aka girls who try to do a quirky rich girl but end up looking like a dollarstore version of a russian fashionista, since russian fashionistas sport the most amazing furs/fauxcoats but these girls use cringey horrible looking fakefurs), who wants to look famous and rich but comes off as the Zara season-catalogue.

No. 57660

Thanks anons! What would you consider a more refined version of these pics?

It looked kind of like a SoCal/Russian style to me, but I didn't even think about Scandinavia tbqh. I'm American, but am moving to Europe soon (never visited Europe or Scandinavia before) so it's good to hear it's a European/Scandinavian style, even if it's not well-liked by some.

>>updates her wardrobe constantly with the seasonal trends but her hair and makeup is constant
>>classic cuts that are always in style with a little bit of current trend
>>local designers that cater to the wealthy where one top is like $200

……This sounds exactly how I built my wardrobe except I don't update that often and like highend bags (sometimes with the name/logo visible though). I actually bought a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes last week……Anon, you are too good!

No. 57661

>please oh please guys, can I be European too?

No. 57663

Ummm where are you getting this from lol

I'm American, don't care to be European, but I like this kind of put-together look (even if slightly gaudy) and am happy to hear it's popular there.

>>Looking for serious suggestions on how to make this look more refined.

Thanks in advance again anons!

No. 57666


I have the issue I like different styles. Lolita, Mori and larme are my weeb stamp. On the other hand I fucking love punk shit and goth (more like death rock). I'm also infatuated with some classic designs from both world wars.

So what I do most of the time is to say fuck off and mix them up. Sometimes I look autistic af lol other times I pull it off and look fantastic. I learnt with the years to make it work. Dressing for your body type and finding the colors you prefer can help you work it off.

But at the end of the day, having a defined style doesn't mean anything. Aesthetics doesn't define your persona as a whole, or it just shouldn't. Also styles change through time as society changes as well. Fashion is more like expressing your identity. Though for some people is the other way around, like if the clothes you wear were the persona you wished you were. After all people around us will judge us according to the things we put on.

No. 57676

File: 1491352938069.jpg (115.7 KB, 652x900, mifune_large.jpg)

My people. Like I'm not weeby at all but i love outfits designed around layering and the way the straight edges fall around the body, and how completely simple they are. I've tried to make so many kimonos but i haven't got the proportions right. and yeah, this is just for home wear because there's no way i wouldn't look autistic as fuck irl.
toshiro mifune is bae. i love how he can't escape looking scruffy on film but irl he looked like japanese cary grant?? pic related

No. 57682

File: 1491355417142.jpg (76.75 KB, 500x750, gorgeous.jpg)

tbh, I think I have a thing for any kind of over the top ~royal~ outfit. The outfits in the tv series Outlander are one of my favorite parts. I fucking love the Victorian dresses in Season 2 (France)…I would love if the fashion trends swerved backwards in time to when women wore corsets and fancy outfits like the one pictured (from Outlander).

No. 57711

File: 1491431756121.gif (471.69 KB, 268x291, tumblr_oeyel0D2pM1sgwm5lo1_r1_…)

Is anyone else olive-toned/yellow-toned like me? I wish I could wear black, white, or pastels, but they look AWFUL on me. I see so many cute clothes that I want to wear all the time, but I never buy them, because they'd look awful on me.
What colours do you wear if you have similar colouring to me? I just know that bright reds and yellows and burgundies look good on me.

No. 57712

op here, i'm pale as fuck but i know a girl with a similar skin tone and she wears lots of mustard yellow, rusty orange, dark green, burgundy, with black accents. basically very "fall" colouring, if that's any help? and she always looks amazing.

No. 57715

Olive and yellow toned aren't the same thing.

No. 57716

Do you have any tips for figuring out which one you are?

No. 57719

Try reddit.

No. 57720

Try these guides https://anuschkarees.com/blog/2013/09/24/colour-analysis-part-i-finding-your-type?rq=Autumn I found them really useful. That site is great in general for thinking through your aesthetic

No. 57722

File: 1491458192411.jpg (18.74 KB, 223x455, dress-cardigan46.jpg)

Oh man, I started out being ~emo~ in middle school, then switched to decora/bright stuff, then got into visual kei, then alternative(?), then rokku gyaru, then mori girl. Christ.

As a result, trying to find things I like together in my closet sucks lately, and I would like a longterm style that I can be happy in in most aspects of my life. So I understand wanting to find a style, OP, even when you're past teenage.

Lately I just choose stuff that's comfortable but very flattering for my body and modest, like a classic/professional-ish style that's also casual, if that makes sense. I also had a huge revelation where I discovered that bright colors do wonders for my look and mood, to where I don't want to wear black nearly as much now. It feels awesome. Idk if that's relevant for you.

But, the thing is, like some other Anon mentioned, I still have little pieces/accessories here and there that are relics of my old styles, and adding one of those to an outfit really makes me feel /comfy/ and I like to think that it adds a quirk to the outfit.

I think maybe if you have an interest in a crazy style but don't think you'll keep it for long, maybe buy a little accessory that really embodies that style? For example, I have a pair of 2D deer antler hairclips, which feel very mori, but can go with any normal outfit. I feel like my perspective is more about "growing up" with style rather than finding a specific aesthetic, but idk man. You don't wanna be 30 and be like Luna Slater. Unless you do. Follow your dreams!

No. 57723

I've cycled through so many looks, I pretty much just gave up and now just wear plain t-shirts or tank tops, and jeans.
Probably not what you wanted to hear but I do dress up on occasion, in a variety of styles, but yeah only on occasion. I got bored of the "aesthetic" thing I guess.

No. 57732

>>You don't wanna be 30 and be like Luna Slater. Unless you do. Follow your dreams!

haha thanks for the laugh anon!

No. 57735

I was never comfortable shopping for clothes because of my wide shoulders. After a while I started to learn about what looks best on my frame and what I see myself actually wearing regularly (instead of wearing something once and it stays in the closet forever). I probably dress most similarly to middle aged women (drapey cardigans and maxi skirts) and even look like someone's grandma from behind, but I'm a lot more comfortable following the guidelines for my body shape.

I'm not particularly adventurous when it comes to trying out different styles and stuff, so knowing how to dress my shape is pretty much enough to satisfy me.

No. 57745

>European/scandinavian style
Y-you do realise Scandinavia is in Europe…and there exist countries middle of North Europe where that style is most prominent, which aren't part of Scandinavia…?


It's not popular here among non trash crowd. Stop assuming we have no taste.

No. 57749


this made me howl and it's late and I probaby woke my neighbour up god bless

No. 57754

I want to try the gamine style, because it suits my body type. But I'm not ready to commit to a pixie cut.

No. 57782

anon just STFU and stop nitpicking.

No. 57786

You don't have to…?

No. 57829


I'm Russian. I've never seen a Russian girl dressed like this unless she was a model.

No. 57868


they're not but you can be a yellow-y olive. I'm olive and have yellow patches of skin/can sometimes look super grossly sallow.

I wear a lot of jewel tones, rich dark greens, blues, etc. these tend to look nice on a lot of olives. I can wear black too but its not my best color. I think I look better with deep browns. Burgundy also looks great on me too

No. 57869

I've had the same problem as OP, but I have decided on two very different styles, that I use on different occasions. Both of these work with my hair/face and feel comfortable. When I've tried other styles, I have had to think what would fit this and that aesthetic, but these two styles feel easy to shop, I don't need to put that much effort. That's how I decided on them.

One is more rock-ish/edgy casual with slight weeby undertones. There I like to combine black with different shades of pinks and purples, and maybe some studs here and there. Chain and spike necklaces sometimes. Another color I like in this style is that olive/army green, when I'm not in the mood for purples or pinks. With this style I have more feminine and masculine outfits. So basically this style is casual edgy with little bit of kawaiines lol. Nothing crazy that would make people stare at me on the streets. This is the style I will most likely wear when going out with friends.

The other style is way more classic. I have a hobby (riding horses) that is filled with rich snobby people and this style is my uniform in hobby related activities and meetings, when I'm not in my actual riding clothes. Sometimes I just want to blend in, and I actually like this style too, but would be too bored to be "classic" every day. Marine blue is my best friend. Brown leather, knitted shirts, expensive watches, sporty caps in summer time… Also white pearl earrings are a must.
This is also the style I wear on other official meetings, like job interviews.

No. 57888

I've been various levels of awkward tomboy/goth/visual kei my whole life, settled on drapey black/jewel tone clothes with lots of layering. I'm mid 20s so I'm pretty glad that I've found a style that appeals to my need to look a bit over the top but can be mature enough for a dinner date as well.

As a teen I absolutely adored all of the over the top fashions in Japan but I realized it's ok to admire something without diving headfirst into a style switch. I have a really mature masculine looking face and look like babby's first drag show in anything remotely feminine.
To compromise, I'm a seamstress and make as much cutesy garbage as I want. I get the satisfaction of creating things I love and it feels good knowing someone's going to appreciate it and look cute as hell.

No. 57892

I am so glad this is not something I can relate to. My normie everyday wardrobe is nonspecific shit that fits a certain aesthetic I sort of created myself (it's not too creative/innovative, it just doesn't fit any specific style) and my alt shit is just sweet lolita.

It sort of developed on its own, I started buying stuff that I felt comfortable in but that still looked pretty and expanded on that style.
I think "shopping around" for a style is the worst thing you can do if you're unsure, because this will lead you to a bunch of stuff that looks good or cool on other people but may not go well with your lifestyle. Or maybe it's not comfortable. Or maybe it's all shit that's hard to get and you'll have to import everything from across the globe. I mean, shopping around local stores and trying to make do with whatever you find is probably your best bet.

Either way, some people simply aren't very fashionable, or don't have a strong sense of self. Those can be a problem.

Sage for semi blogpost

No. 57904


hi anon! i'm like you too, and finally just kind of accepted that situation itself as a style choice. now i decide what kind of style to wear according to the occasion (hipster/fashion blogger type things for semiformal/work occasions, colorful street fashion type shit for parties, goth for gothic and metal events, straight up leggings and sweatpants when i'm hanging out with close friends and wanna feel comfy etc.). i try to shop for pieces that won't go out of style easily and will work for more than one aestethic. it's kind of tough but also fun. you don't need to limit yourself. think of every social occassion as an opportunity to try a suitable fashion aestethic you like maybe?

No. 57907

i'm in the same boat as OP. mid twenties and i still can't decide on a style.

like, there's definitely nothing wrong with not having a specific style or aesthetic or whatever, but it's very annoying liking so many things and none of them really working together.

i enjoy pink and cutesy things, but then i really like the boho/woodland fairy vibe, then there's also the alternative rocker chick look that's really neat. i have a lot of pieces that fit into one of those categories, but they don't mix well.

sage for long post.

No. 57913

File: 1491849083919.jpg (4.86 KB, 236x236, ae7ff6b4a081d39e23cdcfca577fca…)

Man oh man is this me.

When I was in highschool I was deep into the scene look. I had skinny jeans in every color of the rainbow, all sorts of "quirky" shirts… A shitload of hot topic merch and even some fingerless gloves.

I grew out of that a few years back and now I'm into all sorts of stuff.

I usually default to whatever a catalog model at zumiez would wear (pic related).

But, I really want to try a more feminine style of dressing, like larme or something. It's getting warm out and wearing pretty dresses and being feminine gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside sometimes.

I have a decent amount of dresses, but most of them are bodycon stuff so I'm trying to get more loose fitting pieces in pastel colors.

Sorry this is all one rambly mess

No. 57916

Who cares if you're consistant in your style? Stay true to you girl.

No. 58034

High school:

> mall goth

> decora


> corporate (button downs and slacks bc I was really excited about office life?)

> indie (quirky "vintage" hoodies/graphic tees with corduroys, similar to early 00's emo)
> twee (Zooey Deschannel/Modcloth aesthetic)
> metalhead lite (moto jackets)

Post college:

> ironic weeb fashion (sailor collars, nanchatte, etc)

> commercialized hipster/grunge (UO, flannel)
> normcore/oversized stuff popular in Korea and Japan rn (still a lot of UO)

My wardrobe is a giant mess of all these things littered in but I don't see myself really committing to any one look. I've gotten rid of so much, but I still hold on to a few fits (the rockabilly shit will always be close to my heart for example). The biggest annoyance is the shift from tight-fitted cuts to loose-fits and how they need to scale up if I want to invest in the baggy silhouette now. For example, if I get a baggy t-shirt, then my old fitted jackets aren't going to fit comfortably and I'll need to get a bunch of new oversized cardigans/jackets to go with them.

No. 58035

Are you me?

I get a lot of inspiration from japanese streets or fruits magazine but is very difficult to find neat clothes. My problem with baggy clothes is to find the perfect fit so I don't look like a saggy potato.

No. 58195


No. 58218

I would recommend wearing clothing inspired by your music choices. I listen to pun, goth, postpunk, new wave,and industrial mostly. They can all be related in some form or another so it's pretty easy for me. I will admit I don't look amazing or anything, but it keeps me confident enough to not care so much. If I'm listening to skinny puppy then I dress like, the same goes for the sex pistols, joy division, bauhaus, the smiths, and anything else I'm listening to. I guess this won't really work if your desired aesthetics are not related to your music though.

No. 58221

I kind of do the opposite, where if I'm dressed kind of punk one day I actually feel kind of silly listening to, say, my favorite rap artists.

No. 58222

I'm the person you responded to and I actually do kind of the same thing. Like if I'm listening to harder stuff I'll dress softer and vice versa but the point is that my music can all be related in some form so I just go with the general theme

No. 58225

If you really want to have a polished aesthetic for yourself, I would say to pick a theme (like colour scheme, motifs etc) and stick with styles around that.

If you like pastels and cute things, then styles like sweet lolita, fairy kei, decora etc for you. Branch out from the one style you like the most and find other ones that share things in common. Like >>58218 anon said, reflecting your music tastes in your clothes can be a good idea, especially as there's some great looking band merch out there. Personally, I dress pretty gothy everyday but how ott and what style of goth depends on where I'm going, it's really important to dress for whatever occasion and it's also a really good excuse to try new styles that you wouldn't of normally. Eg. I never thought I'd wear cybergoth clothes in my life, but there was a themed night at a club near me so I went for it and really enjoyed it. I wear that outfit pretty often now.

My biggest piece of advice if you want to try out more than one style, aside from them all relating to each other in some way, is to keep your hair and makeup consistent. You can do this with a pair of shoes or some accessories as well. That way, if you usually dress in say, decora and one day you want to try to add something really dark to your wardrobe, it looks less like something you're just trying out for fun and more just like another outfit of yours.

I just realised this all kind of biased to alt fashions but I'm sure you could apply some of it to more normie stuff as well.

No. 58258

To be fair, most people are talking about alt fashions anyway like goth, punk, mori, lolita, various keis, etc, so even if it couldn't be applied your input is still valuable

No. 58266

Can we have some videos of OOTD to help us to find aesthetics?
Here is some 90's inspired looks.

This is my ideal aesthetic but I don't have enough clothing to coordinate looks so end looking like a soccer mom.

Sage for samefag

No. 58271

I know this is a such a typical saying, but are you me? I've been kind of obsessed with low-key 90s fashion and I don't know why exactly. Maybe the Twin Peaks marathon I did about a month ago inspired me somehow. Luckily I mostly own basic clothing, so I just need some key stuff like overalls. I also want to get a retro looking windbreaker, I'll try to find one in thrift stores.

Unfortunately I don't watch OOTD videos, but I just recalled this video I liked a lot. All these kids look somewhat unique, it's like Portland got stuck in time. Where I live it seems everyone dresses the same, with the occasional weeb/koreaboo girls.

Anon, the good thing about this style is that you won't have to spend much or have a hard time looking for pieces, so good luck!

No. 58274

You anons would like the milk club's videos, she does a lot of 90s and 2000s lookbooks and she puts in quite a lot of effort to make them authentic (especially the 2000s look book she did, had a Motorola razer and everything lmao)

No. 58276

Yes! I watched her early 2000s lookbook a while ago and I loved it, dunno why I didn't subscribe. Thanks for the suggestion!

No. 58278

File: 1492393570954.jpg (61.04 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.974081584_s8ja.jpg)

I would like to something like this but with a more regular texture like satin, velvet, ect instead of this. I also would wear pants over the crotch part.

I kind of don't want to b/c of i've been called a whore for wearing a shoulder off recently but I really love these club styles ;_;

No. 58340

Honestly the top part of that of that looks some h&m and f21 crop tops I see girls wearing all the time in the city, just in more subdued colours. Put a jacket over it and its pretty normie

No. 58372

this looks like a jprg side character outfit lol

i kind of like its sleaziness

No. 58764


>> want to dress like this but not look like an instahoe retard

No. 58766

I feel your pain, OP. I'm 25 and I'm not even sure I can name all the styles I've cycled through in my life.

>basic bitch a la whatever was cool and popular in the mid 2000's

>dicovered j-fashion
>rokku gyaru (at least I tried and failed miserably)
>boho / rasta stuff
And to my current style which is mostly black clothes, but more "grown up" than a goth style. Very minimalistic. I look up to crowrunner @ tumblr a lot. she can pull off so many looks and I'm very jelly.

No. 58789

>called a whore for wearing an off shoulder
What the fuck? By who? I can only imagine this person's thought process.

"Damn these promiscuous women showing off their sexy shoulders nowadays! I can't stop my boner from growing at the sight of arms either!"

No. 58801

File: 1492990830318.jpg (60.44 KB, 401x712, somegirl.JPG)


this style is tricky. you constantly need to adhere to a certain makeup and hairstyle in order not to look dated/dowdy/stupid. it can only look in staged environments imho, in real life it looks pretty silly in motion. you could try a more "adult" version of it with better tailored ankle pants, more elegant sneakers or dress shoes with a modern twist, and large blazers or jackets?

No. 58804

I'm amazed by her (over)confidence. Everything about her looks like shit.

No. 58805

Some weird ass Mexican dudes in a car. People are strange here

No. 58807

They're just being dicks and probably trying to make their buddies laugh. Go ahead and wear whatever you want. Literally no one else cares about shoulders I mean people wear tank tops all the time.

No. 58808

Agree. This is the dumbest active thread atm. What an awful waste of money.

No. 58843

That style looks really odd irl. Some girls at my college use this style (art school) and they look like a) baby hoes or 2) kinda homeless. >>58801 is right. If you wear too much makeup with those styles you can look too over dressed (but messy) and forced.
The best you can do is to take the elements you like the most and style them. What do you like about that style?

No. 58846

Yeah all the outfits are really basic and plain (same pair of slip ons + fishnets for each look, no accessories expect a choker) all the comments praising her for looking like a 'bad gal' make me laugh

No. 58847

This girl is just trend-hopping, regardless of whether or not it suits her. The jeans and black tee, the bodycon bardot and the slip dress with ankle socks all made her look stumpy and fat, even though it was pretty clear in the other outfits that she was pretty small. This is the complete opposite of what a person should do.

No matter what look you want, you have to alter it to suit you. It's the difference between wearing an outfit and having an outfit wear you. If you want to dress like her, I'd say you should figure out what lengths, cuts and colours suit your body first.

No. 58866


I mean she is kinda chubby.

No. 58879

I've been dressing in black only, dresses & skirts mostly but occasionally oversized tees with knee socks or stockings and people usually label me as ''goth'' but the only ''goth'' band I like is bauhaus I guess, I'd label my style as comfy edgelord.

No. 58886

i love her body shape tbh, she seems like a twat but her body is hot af

No. 58888

File: 1493083435524.jpg (1.76 MB, 3021x3603, IMG_8433.JPG)

I wear similar clothes but not as "sexy" style. Lots of denim, basic shirts, a "statement" bag and some low boots/sneakers. A lot of people may not like it since it's a bit "frumpy" but I like it. I don't wear much noticeable makeup besides like mascara/face basics otherwise I feel like it tends to look like another anon said, too much.

No. 58907


she's not? she isn't super fit, but she barely has a belly. maybe skinnyfat is the word you're looking for?

No. 58934

What would you recommend to a goth and gothic lolita with an all black closet who insanely love pink and "cute" stuffs (not like candies and teddy bears but more like flowers, stars and clouds)? I don't want to look childlish but pink is the worst color for that imo.

No. 58936

File: 1493131289682.jpg (221.09 KB, 690x551, 016186299f33a77ea91f0168e5539b…)


start with some accent pieces, like a creepy-cute brooch, frilly lace choker, a headband which incorporates a star or flowers etc. then you can branch out to coordinating black and pastels; black works really well with mint, pink and florals. you can wear black-and-pastel striped stockings, or trim a petticoat with an interesting lace in a pastel color maybe?

No. 59058

i struggle with the same thing, do you have bpd? i have bpd and because of it, feel like i dont have a solid identity. i just let myself change aesthetic weekly, as long as its not too different, like i would go from a really girly style to a pink and black goth-ish style, but not straight from girly to all black goth. i dont mind having all different clothes, i know if i liked something before i might have that phase again

No. 59072

So, I neep help, please.

I am a fairly influenced person who can't have a proper aesthetic.
If I see a girl wearing a nice goth outfit, I will want to look like her, if I see one wearing an adorable dress, it will be the same thing. As long as I find it beautiful enough, I will try to copy it. Even if it's a fictonal character, it's awful to live, truly.

For example, I got tattoos because I loved them but I now regret them because I love how bare-skinned girls look, but if I see another girl having a tattoo, I will want more. Same for dying and cutting my hair.

At this point, I can't even keep a nice Pinterest board because it's a literal cluster. I wish I have a proper aesthetic because it's tiring to want to look like EVERYTHING you like and my closet makes me sad because nothing truly match, and don't get me started on my home decor.

The thing I find the most ironic about that is that I'm not easily influenced except on the clothing part.

(sorry for my bad english but I really need help, any advice would be great!)

No. 59455


Anon I swear you are me
same issue

No. 59456

I understand you completely, even down to having tattoos you don't want anymore when you see someone without them/wanting MORE when you see someone who looks good tatted the fuck up.

No. 59465

sigh i relate so very much to bpd and im basically certain i have it. havent been formally diagnosed though. OP here btw. i struggle with my sense of identity a lot.

No. 59466

lads are you all me?

No. 59475

i know it's been a week but anon where do you shop, because that's my style but i'm having issues transitioning from normie clothes to…faux goth, i guess. i like the strega and dark mori styles a lot, regular mori too.

No. 59503

My problem is that i'm very tall so cutesy clothes obviously don't suit me very well, but since i recently gained a lot of weight i also can't wear clothes that are suited for girls with long,thin legs.

I can't seem to find something in between that doesn't look completely boring, anybody has the same problem?

No. 59534

Preppy, normie, WASPy clothes might work.

No. 59782

I didn't expect so many people to relate to me (I'm >>59072) but it's a bit reassuring at the same time!

I still need a great help tho, because I'm always lost about my physical appearance. I wish I could be a cute lolita, or a nice goth, or more fashionable but for unknow reasons, I can't bring myself to be everything I want to be in terms of clothing.

I can't bring myself to wear wigs so I dye my hair since I really want to be "real", I don't like having different styles in my closet because I feel inconsistent while I find people who wear different styles amazing, I'm often jealous of the beauty of a fictonal character in a video game or an anime, even in 2D, and then "fall in love" with another one completly different than the first one. And everytimes, if I find them beautiful, I want to look like them and do everything to be like them.

I just don't think I have a physical identity at this point, but I wish I did.

No. 59795

File: 1494034574921.jpg (58.67 KB, 480x720, work-outfit-culottes-army-gree…)

Does anyone else struggle with actually pulling off an aesthetic they like?

I've fallen in love with that Preppy meets Paris chic look that's been around for a bit (lots of neutrals, loose fitting clothes, baggy pants and skirts with sweaters, trenches, lots of layering, usually black clunky shoes) because I love how both efortless but classy it looks, but I cannot fucking pull it off.

Whenever I try to do the baggy look I look 80 pounds heavier or like a crazy bag lady. I had some success with mori so I thought I could pull this off but I just can't get the hang of this style.

No. 59808

You're either not choosing the right pieces that work with your body or the style is just plain unflattering on your body.

I really don't like the current attitude of "you can wear ANY style you like and have it look good! Just b urself! It doesn't matter that you're the size of one of Jupiter's moons, you look great! :)" Some things are more flattering on certain body shapes than others, but finding out what looks good on you personally takes a lot of trial and error. Sometimes your face clashes with the style, sometimes it's your personality. I don't know what you look like so I can't help, but try trying a bunch of stuff in different cuts and colours in front of a mirror and get a friend's opinion.

I look like crap in boxy 'Scandinavian' clothing even though I like it a lot, so I just… don't wear it. I wear stuff that's more feminine and form fitting and pick accessories that fit the style or get like a Malene Birger bag or something to pair with my usual clothes.

No. 59814

File: 1494043532620.jpg (7.88 KB, 236x172, c24e89ddf4b9c85c7de9701becbc19…)

i want my style is be kind of like 80s anime - simple and muted cute colors
i also want to lose enough weight to get smaller boobs (or a flat chest even) so loose clothing dosent make me look fat

No. 59885

I just wear what I like and let other people label me how they want. Most settle on "goth"
I've thankfully never been called emo (probably because I avoid that kind of hairstyle)

No. 59895

File: 1494128186813.png (535.27 KB, 540x919, Screenshot_2017-05-06-23-26-28…)

I've been really into girly french 60's styles ala Bridgette Bardot. It was kind of a great revelation because I can still look cute but it's more timeless and I don't look like an aging weeb. Pic related.

No. 59901

It would look weird today imo

No. 59902

The hair and make up is cute, clothes must go. I love her hair and make up style so much!!

No. 59903

Ever bumped into L'ecole des femmes? I think their clothes capture this aesthetic pretty well. They're kinda expensive(for me at least), but as soon as I get my hands on one 'belle de jour' dress I'm getting an Angela-esque hairstyle and makeup and I'll walk around like I'm some girl straight out of a Godard movie, don't even care. store IG: https://www.instagram.com/lecoledesfemmes/?hl=en
store: http://www.lecoledesfemmes.com

No. 59904

Uhh blouses,cigarette pants, and flats are considered wardrobe staples. The exact styling creates more of a whimsical aesthetic but the base pieces are pretty timeless. There are loads more references to vintage french gamine then what I provided but it's not that outrageous.

No. 59905

Yes! I've been following the brand/creator for a while now! I hope to have a piece from them someday too.

No. 59909

It's not but cigarette pants now are different from cigarette pants then and cuts will always always change.
There is no such thing as 'timeless'.

No. 59915

Oh man. When I was in middle school/starting high school I was in a tomboyish, military gear-obsessed phase. I'd get all of my clothing from secondhand army dumps and was obsessed with the idea of an apocalypse happening and being tactical when the time came.
Which translated into wearing way too big mens camouflage pants with a million pockets with tightly laced combat boots and Tomb Raider-esque tank tops and jackets.
So cringy and edgy in retrospect.

Then when I got into high school and grew into a more feminine shape I threw it all around and started wearing shorts and dresses and waist-accentuating stuff. Shortly thereafter I got into mori fashion.
After that classic and gothic lolita, which I'd wear as a daily sort of fashion.

Right now I'm looking at all sorts of different stuff and unable to decide what the hell I want.
I still like lolita, but I also like '90's fashion, a more casual rocker/goth kind of thing…

No. 64088

File: 1498631646474.png (891.97 KB, 808x1064, skirt.png)

I'm late twenties and have been through this after I graduated uni. My fashion interests go from rockabilly, larme, lagenlook/art teacher to Scandinavian basic bitch.

Anyone who wants to do all of the different styles and can't decide or afford, here's what I did:

-Find the base items that can be used in multiple looks.
High waist black skirts in larme, rockabilly, work

Wide tailored pants in lagenlook, Scandi basics and rockabilly

Shirts with ruffles, lace details and sheer fabrics for all of the above.

For larme and rockabilly, I decided on a few motifs that were common and color palette. Black, pink, cream, red, polka dots, bows and hearts. pearls for jewelry

Lagenlook and scandi basic are in a earthly palette with gold and textured fabrics as common cross-over items.

No. 64628

i was like this then i discovered "me" was just all the styles in one

No. 64647

I have bpd and struggle with finding a sense of identity too, my tastes vary from week to week. I literally feel like I don't fit in anywhere with any subculture (not trying to be edgy it's just fact), and when I try to fit in, it feels like people can sense it isn't genuine.

I tried being goth for a while, spent shitloads of money on hair dye, makeup and clothes, thought I looked good, and even went to some goth clubs, but the people there are really elitist and not interested in talking to newfags.

I've experimented with what feels like hundreds of different aesthetics but I find I get very bored of them quickly. Also when I stop liking a certain look, I don't just dislike it, I literally loathe it. So I also can't afford to waste so much money on fleeting interests.

I'm in my mid twenties now so yeah it's kind of embarrassing. I also know I can only keep experimenting with looks for so long, eventually I'm gonna have to grow up and go into normie 30 year old mode.

No. 64785

Same here.
I stopped with this bs and now I look super lazy and boring.
Just a black top with skinny jeans and sneaker everyday.
I want to buy dresses, but they will be just basics, because I am too scared for everything else now.
It's just sad, because fashion should be fun.
I am glad I didn't get tatoos when I was in my rockabilly phase, because as another anon said, I would regret that.

No. 64910

I dress older than I am unintentionally :/ I'm 20 but dress like I'm in my late 30s, should I put more effort into looking trendy since I won't ever be young again?

No. 64925

be the next baddie winkle, age is all in your head

No. 64931

File: 1500160266397.jpg (92.36 KB, 500x650, F8fbIyb.jpg)

Woman are naturally indecisive. It's why we're so fluid and ever-changing!

I've tried to compromise with myself by choosing clothing that all fits a similar color scheme, but when it comes to picking out outfits and clothing, I really just go for what I like, regardless of whatever "style" it might come off as.

I'm obsessed with ruffles, lace, silk, white dresses, girly, Victorian everything. Gross, I know. But basically Picnic at Hanging Rock is the epitome of my life. I try to class it up by taking some inspiration from Mad Men, and wearing classic cut dress and petticoats that might be considered "old-looking" to some, but since I'm still young and cute I think I can pull it off.

Honestly, I've found that wearing longer skirts and dresses almost receives more attention than having everything hanging out. When every girl around me is wearing a crop top and coochie-cutters, dudes tend to notice that you can't even see my knees. I do get hit on by old men a lot though, idk if that's related to how I dress or what.

But yeah, tl;dr - Find articles of clothing that you really like, and try to build your wardrobe around them!

No. 64932

File: 1500160363700.jpg (219.04 KB, 725x1529, WkSHvjy.jpg)

No. 64934

almost everyone has different styles, it's not a big deal. one day i'll wear my gucci loafers with a plaid skirt, the next day i'll wear nike AF1s with thrifted mom jeans, and then i'll wear vinyl booties with a miniskirt and leather jacket.

as long as you know when to wear what, have as many different styles as you want.

No. 70078

File: 1510309967992.jpg (70.51 KB, 532x800, bAoMezM.jpg)

Kind of had a similar transition. Started out emo/scene in middle school. Scene has that cutesy element to it with the hello kitty/bright colors/gloomy bear (thank u jeffree star). So I started getting into visual kei after seeing japanese elements and then decora when i finally decided i like j fashion but im not emo af anymore. So i wore a fuck ton of hair clips in my freshman year of HS, tons of bracelets left over from my scene phase seemed to fit well, and hair bows, colorful clothes. Then I discovered hime gyaru / gyaru in general and bought a lot of Liz Lisa stuff. transitioned to something more tame now like larme or hime kaji and welp here I am today. Thank u scene phase for making me who i am today lmao

No. 70086

File: 1510338946541.jpg (72.71 KB, 640x640, TK-2012-07-14-012-001-Harajuku…)

Has anyone gone through a full-on kawaii/lolita/gyaru/fairy kei/larme phase and gotten their fill of it? I want to be like this for a while, and get it all out of my system.

No. 70098

File: 1510387367955.gif (854.36 KB, 245x245, cher horowitz.gif)

This was me for quite some time. I honestly dressed the way others wanted me to dress, and since most of my life I had nerdy no fashion sense friends I was exactly the same. If I wanted to be seen as "cute" or "cool" I ended up copying the more popular kids, which meant a failed emo attempt and a barely successful basic hollister teen look. My daily uniform turned into a girl cut skate shirt, jeans, and vans tennis shoes with a shitty poofy ponytail. If I wanted to look girly I copied the mid 2000s sort of hollywood casual glam thing which of course I was super uncomfortable with and looked like garbage (how the fuck was I getting complimented by friends, were they blind?). In my mid twenties I really found myself thanks to lolita and goth fashion because I started looking for the things I actually liked! I'm slowly building my closet around my true calling, matchy matchy coordinates. I've gotten way more compliments from complete strangers dressing like this, but good god if I won't be suffocated under a mountain of berets one day….

No. 70103

In my late teens i always wore kawaii/liz lisa stuff i bought from taobao.At the time i didn't even notice how much i stuck out and i still cringe thinking about it kekk.

Regardless tho it was a fun phase and satisfied my weebiness but now i have all these ott clothes ill never wear again.

No. 70136

why not just sell them? there are a lot of people who still wear TaoBao kawaii/LL stuff.

No. 70265

I know what sort of aesthetic I’d like, but I’m heavily tattooed and have quite an angular/strong-featured face so I just feel stupid whenever I try and wear it. Any other anons feel like this? Did you just get TF over it or did you abandon the aesthetic altogether?

No. 70402

I dress like the Starbucks lookbook.
Dark gray, navy, or black shirts with dark wash jeans. In the winter I wear fleece turtlenecks and cable knit sweaters. I sweat a lot so the dark clothing helps hide that problem.

Also a good 3/4 of my clothes are from Uniqlo, I’m completely hopeless when it comes to being fashionable.

No. 70404

I adore so many fashion styles, it is hard to stick with one. Or even dare to actually buy and wear it. I love cute looks like a white skirt, soft pink sweater look. White long sleeve, baby pink velvet top above. But then I also like the 'cute grunge' style. Wide flare ankle pants, those big black shoes, oversized striped shirt tucked in and some (denim) jacket with fur trim.

I would love to combine both. But what holds me back is my awkward potato face, it would stand out more in 'pretty styling' i think.

But other times i think fuck it lets be a ugly mess all together then and wear some weird combinations i like.

No. 70430

Wear what you want to wear. Perhaps people will see your face in a cuter light if you feel cute and dress that way.

No. 70436

I asked my friends what would suit me most and they said "twee" fashion. I kind of find it a little bit plain. Although I might be able to pick up a few lolita pieces to keep myself interested and to build a kind of a more mature, causal lolita look. À la Fanny Rosie.

What do you guys think? I'm not a tall, slim beautiful girl so I'm going to wait a few years and lose a lot of weight before I allow myself to get some new, pretty clothes.

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