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File: 1492298305186.jpg (26.88 KB, 660x381, whats-your-type.jpg)

No. 58204

We have threads for 2D husbandos, men and women we'd fuck with great shame and retarded crushes, so how about we have a 3D crush thread with less shame and regret?

Post what your "type" is - male or female. Post pics to illustrate your description. What's your ideal partner like? Why are you attracted to that type? What types don't you like?

No. 58223

File: 1492334328281.jpg (222.01 KB, 864x806, type.jpg)

Tall, dark, and handsome basically. Ideally around 6'3", slim but with some definition, slender hands, nice cheekbones, full lips, prominent eyebrows, green hazel eyes, straight and narrow nose. I'm attracted to these features because I find them beautiful, I've always been a sucker for pretty boys. I'm lucky in that my bf possesses nearly all of these traits, looks aren't everything but it sure helps. I prefer a shaved face but can appreciate a good beard, the rugged lumberjack look is OK but my fave type of style is a subtle dark alternative look. I dislike/am not really attracted to most other types.

No. 58226

You have great taste, anon

No. 58240

You just perfectly described the man of my dreams appearance wise. Probably even better than i would.

No. 58255

File: 1492367995647.gif (898.51 KB, 600x600, 1489305982327.gif)

I have a decent range of men I find attractive even though I'm still not attracted to most of the guys I see IRL. I couldn't really describe my taste without it sounding fuckweird and convoluted but eh, whatever.

Most girls seem to either like conventionally attractive men (6'0" or taller, angular features, square jaws) or those twinky pretty boys (think K-Pop) but I don't like either them. Sure I can appreciate their aesthetic beauty but there's no sexual or emotional attraction going on.

I very much so appreciate facial beauty, particularly the cute or pretty type, in men where they look boyish even a bit affeminate but they have a strong hint of masculinity in their vibe. Their features are usually not conventionally attractive but they're still attractive nonetheless.
They tend to have a petiteish build and be shorter than regular height for whatever reason but not always. They're eccentric and attracted to music and arts.

It doesn't have to be that completely but that's usually where the similarities will be between men I like.

I prefer multiracial/mixed race men the most.

No. 58257

the range of men I find attractive is so fucking broad I'm just a thirsty bitch tbh.

No. 58259

File: 1492372106645.png (553.22 KB, 911x437, type.png)

I'm not sure if I really have a type because I know I've stepped outside of what I usually say is most attractive to me, but there are features that I always find make a man more attractive to me.

I love thick, dark hair with a bit of a curl to it. I think dark eyes are the nicest because I think they look a lot more intense. I tend to flip between cute, boysih faces and angular, dramatic ones. I'm seconding >>58223 with tall, dark and handsome. I also like my guys more lean than huge bodybuilder-tier.

Personlity wise, I like dudes to be passionate about stuff. I don't really mind if it's not stuff I'm particularly interested in, but I don't like it when people are "meh" about everything. I like having conversations with people who really put thought into what they saying and consider other points of view. The usualy stuff people want in a partner, I guess. It's a bonus if they like books and art and films.

The types I don't fuck with are fuckboys, redpillers and guys who expect more than they give.

Live your life, anon!

No. 58261

File: 1492380288650.jpg (267.66 KB, 2044x588, muhtype.jpg)

maybe some freckles
curly blonde or lighter brown hair
slightly "odd" looking (not Cumberbatch level but not a stereotypical handsome man)
big eyes and lips
slight boy-ish, innocent features
muscles. Like I enjoy skinnier guys but he better have some muscles under that shirt.
big muscular butts and thighs

No. 58283

Soft butches. A la katherine moennig, kristen stewart, joan jett, freja, etc. Loving the buzzcut trend.

No. 58288

File: 1492408437439.jpg (305.29 KB, 1830x1247, amm_wilderness_bg3.jpg)

Sandy blonde, eye color unimportant, not too much taller than I, lack of muscle (can be either lanky or a little chub, not very important), with fashion sense that has a professional-hipster vibe. Someone who likes to read and can appreciate anything, even if they don't particularly like the thing (I guess very understanding?)

But…sandy blonde is most important here. Pic is Andrew McMahon, kind of the best representation of my type off the top of my head.

I have other sub-types that I really like as well but this is the kind I have found myself dating/falling for the most.

No. 58294

I just like alpha men,who are in some ways the opposite of me (so brown hair dark eyes, since I'm blonde light eyes, tall because I'm short). I abhor feminine men, skinny weak men. I prefer cleanly shaven face though.

No. 58295

It seems like all my crushes had charisma and made me laugh on more than one occasion

Pretty much stereotypical for a girl to say personality is the biggest thing but it's true, I don't really care much about looks as long as i don't find them repulsive

No. 58310

Thanks, seems the three of us do!


No, I have no idea who that is, bottom middle is Zachary Quinto.

No. 58358

I like a well-groomed beard. Something that makes me think "dad material."

No. 58363

File: 1492475907064.jpg (135.83 KB, 736x1185, bones.jpg)

There's quite a variety of men that I find attractive. Usually not the stereotypical pretty boy or hot guy but someone who has a few features society doesn't consider attractive. Any tall guy with long hair seems to be my number 1 boner that I can't shake off. This can range from a massive viking to a weird, skinny looking dweeb.

No. 58390

anon are you me? I love a tall, lanky, kinda weird-looking guy with long hair, especially if they have an interesting nose or strong cheekbones or other unusual facial features. this and well-groomed hair can go such a long way in making someone attractive

No. 58396

I don't like conventionally handsome men like >>58223, nor cuties like >>58259.
I look at muscular bodies and chuckle, because if you look long enough, you start seeing how funny and ridiculous looking muscles are. I'm a freaking kid. I can't take good-looking men seriously. I appreciate their beauty, in the same way I appreciate a pretty girl's beauty. No homo and no hetero
But I am hetero. I like guys between normie and good-looking. Like a little above average, but not too much. The most aesthetically pleasing for me is a tall slim boy, not gangly tho. Dark hair (not just cut short, I love guys with actual hairstyles). This combo usually comes with glasses, and I'm very ok with that. Clothes that say a person has some sense of style. I guess that's my type? I think a big part of my attraction to this type is personality. Idk, guys like this usually looks somewhat collected and chill. And if a dude's acting too loud, too rude, too hypermasculine he could be a freaking Adonis and I won't touch him with a stick.

No. 58398

File: 1492517001001.jpg (53.68 KB, 590x799, The-Mountain-Game-of-Thrones-2…)

I am into huge, manly men. Like a bodybuilder off-season or a powerlifter. Lots of muscles but also some fat. Don't even care about his face as long as he has a nice full beard.
These are basically all my requirements, I don't care about stuff like hair, eye colour or race.

Pic related would be ideal bodtype

No. 58400

File: 1492518965205.jpg (84.79 KB, 636x960, 5f5c0646d1ff8f1d7da998bb2e2c96…)

Guys with medium/long hair and a beard. I don't exactly care if they're muscular or skinny if they have long hair lol

No. 58407

Same, I would kill for a guy that had this type of look. How did I end up with a chubby manlet with no muscles?

No. 58417

File: 1492543118052.jpg (39.19 KB, 378x550, a2fefee96a965939676a813821314e…)

it's the same for me

No. 58420

File: 1492544332784.jpg (177.04 KB, 900x643, uglyhot.jpg)

hollywood ugly, half-ugly or uglyhot. there has to be something unusual about their face (big nose, weak chin etc.)

body type isn't as important to me. but my faves are tall-gangly and musclefat.

No. 58421

Ugh I binged a ton of Brooklyn Nine Nine and was SO thirsty for Andy Samberg for a while. He's a cutie.

No. 58447

File: 1492559421042.jpg (22.82 KB, 500x400, brandon-boyd-6.jpg)

guys with squinty eyes, large mouths and a laid-back vibe. i'm still fucking thirsty for brandon boyd.

No. 58450

File: 1492560675816.png (42.73 KB, 402x574, Mugi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png)

I am really into women with long blode hair, dark eyes and fit physiques looks-wise. Personality-wise i have a thing for gardeners and farmers and just sweet, funny girls. Shame there are basically none nowadays since most lesbian women seem to be sjw bulldykes.

No. 58453

File: 1492562930419.jpg (10.57 KB, 300x300, frank-filthy-image.jpg)

what do u think of george

No. 58454

File: 1492565719502.jpg (34.09 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Yes! And guys with big noses, especially if their noses are really wide.

Besides that, I have two main types - one being the typical skinhead look (shaved head, tattoos, combat boots, etc.) but I also really like the stereotypical trashy junkie. Ugh, I know how bad that sounds but I love it - and the whole early 2000's trashy grungey/punk is so good too. Rip to pic related but damn, I always thought he was cute.

No. 58455

who is that ?

No. 58456

File: 1492566091634.jpeg (37.13 KB, 408x600, thirst.jpeg)

All my 3D crushes in one picture. Really I'm just into guys who are like 6ft5 and look kinda like Jesus only ripped. It doesn't even matter what colors they come in.

No. 58457

File: 1492566216687.jpg (29.39 KB, 600x603, 3727d3edb4jcbailey.jpg)

JC Bailey, he was this small time wrestler in the early 2000's. He died from a brain aneurysm (everyone thinks it was onset by drugs though).

No. 58463

File: 1492570195175.png (1.21 MB, 1321x582, 456456456.png)

Damn, I wish I could say I have a definite type but I just find too many different kinds of men attractive to narrow it down very much. Not necessarily related or altogether, but some qualities that I do like are:

curly, dark hair
asians (including dark skinned)
weird looking guys
huge bodybuilder/powerlifter bodies
above average height
masculine facial structure
full lips
high cheek bones
thick, big eyebrows

Personality wise, I'm drawn to men with interesting hobbies and interests. I hate people who have no opinions or see everything as "meh, blah, whatever". I hate robots, /pol/lacks, and other autistic varieties, though I like guys who are into reasonable nerd shit without jizzing all over figurines or buying MLP dakimakuras. Being smart and creative is a bonus.

Pic related, some of my types

No. 58466

Robert Sheehan is fucking gorgeous.

No. 58467

Are you aware of what the /g/ stands for?

No. 58468

they said they're lesbian, anon.

No. 58475

My apologies, but her mention of "sjws" made me think she was a man.

No. 58478

File: 1492584876656.jpg (162.55 KB, 1080x1349, 15802519_1003926483044563_5212…)

Last year a friend of mine took me to a show where a Japanese band was gonna be playing.

This guy from that band is exactly my type. Sharp features, okay skin, slim. I like alt guys with a good sense of style.

No. 58488

He looks like chief

No. 58489

File: 1492602266806.jpg (224.91 KB, 2221x976, 1488456435725.jpg)


Girls with slightly drooping eyes.

Pic is a random farmer and the link is my gf tier Korean girl.

No. 58490


that his comedy is profoundly autistic.

No. 58496

Well looks are not everything. While I would love to get fucked silly by one of these guys personality is much more important when it comes to relationships

No. 58517

I heartily agree. The most engaging part of a man is his personality… and how good he's in bed! (Well you could say that's a plus lol). A good looking man will catch my attention for a short span, then I'll soon forget about him. But a charming guy with interesting hobbies will be hard to forget. (Specially the type that tend to read in public transport. That's hot)

As for I perceive as "good looks" is kinda tricky. In a general sense, would be a fit guy with some sense of style, a somewhat prominent nose, good hygiene, lovely smile, long hair (if possible). Skin, hair and eye color it's all the same.

No. 58520

Lol! You're so funny Suzie :))) Give Ashley and the boys a kiss from me!

No. 58540

File: 1492641351517.jpg (65.24 KB, 500x663, men.jpg)

Dark hair and eyes. Intelligence and good work ethic (not that those qualities are sexy but because the opposite is a turn-off). Also powerful men in general with a preference for practical strength from work, martial arts, etc. over superhero-type gym rats who just have glamour muscles

No. 58560

File: 1492660862162.png (2.11 MB, 1057x1139, mytastetbh.png)

Pretty much taste in men, not too picky just every man I find attractive all tend to be older.
Through I think salt and pepper/dark hair with blue eyes is my favorite.

No. 58562

File: 1492661646734.jpg (116.08 KB, 600x800, 2f7ceb1c380607632bd832e7675b42…)

When I was younger I always had a preference for tall and lanky men who were clean-shaven with long hair, but then Tom Hardy came along and ruined it for me. Now he's my ideal type in terms of looks and personality, but I know I will probably have to lower my standards.
I also happen to like Adam Driver, who fits better with my original type and is probably the type I will end up with

No. 58581

File: 1492686421057.jpg (1.23 MB, 2560x2560, IMG_5222.JPG)

I really have a thing for guys with baggy/tired eyes, and also really skinny faces. I really like blonde hair + eye types…. im kind of amshamed of this tho, its so cheesy

No. 58584

File: 1492689894682.png (891.24 KB, 1000x661, mytype1.png)

Nerdy cute white guys with a particular hairstyle (shown in the pic) and round styled glasses really do it for me. I think I latched onto 80's/90's movies characters of this type in my childhood and it just stuck. I was born in the 90's but ended up rewatching the same VHS tapes over and over again into the 2000's.

Luckily there are a lot of this type in the industry I'm in and I've bagged my absolute ideal.

No. 58587

I like guys with dark circles under their eyes. Physically that's one of the only characteristics I've consistently found attractive in people I have dated or talked to. Besides that the main attraction is in whether our senses of humor can mesh. I think everyone here can agree that the farm and other chans have a slight effect on your sense of humor whether you realize it or not, so usually guys I go for do casually browse chan image boards of some sort.

No. 58588

Anyone would do.(But I'm really into built fat men) I like the goofy types in men and women, honestly. I like the loyal, non-clingy and funny ones. They don't have to be romantic.

No. 58620

Nice taste, anon.
>Luckily there are a lot of this type in the industry I'm in and I've bagged my absolute ideal.
What industry is that?

No. 58627

File: 1492727591408.jpg (173.11 KB, 900x643, Untitled-1.jpg)

I feel you. I love trashy white guys or just shady looking white guys in general.

No. 58636

File: 1492735283848.jpg (50.88 KB, 518x318, idkwhat.jpg)

Beard/long hair combo is always nice, but with my luck he'll be as high as his cheekbones

Anooooon <3

No. 58637

James Spader was so hot as Daniel Jackson.

Ugh Joe Cole is such a cutie.

No. 58641

Pete was so fucking hot good taste anon

No. 58644

File: 1492745764864.jpg (122.67 KB, 500x400, hnnnng.jpg)

Asian + perfect smile + tall (over 6' because I'm 5'10"). Bonus points if they frequently wear suits.

I have been blessed by the universe, as my bf has all of these characteristics and is a lawyer, meaning that he is forced to wear a suit every day. I am not worthy of such a man.

No. 58653

File: 1492756184897.jpg (127.95 KB, 635x751, Soft-Baked-Funfetti-Sugar-Cook…)

I'm a big fan of cookies. I like it when cookies are soft and when they just come out of the oven, those are my favorite.

No. 58655

the giraffe pic lol. lucky you anon, your bf sounds like a catch!

No. 58656

Video games. It's swarming with cute/handsome as fuck nerd guys despite what the neckbeard stereotype would have you believe. It's a heavily male industry so literally just be female and take care of your appearance and you're already ahead of the curve.

No. 58662


as far as the perfect type goes, i like very masculine men, strong jawlines, little bit of facial hair (i hate actual beards though). ideal height between 6'0" and 6'3". as far as body types go i like big frames, but i hate fatties, big shoulders and chests and biceps are good. i like any hair colour except extremely blonde, and i prefer it to have some kind of style to it. some tattoos are sexy, depends on the kind though, i hate that look where guys have shit tonnes of ugly tattoos and shit on their knuckles and neck. and if they have to have some kind of subculture leaning i prefer just typical normal men. slightly nerdy guys (just a tinge, actual nerds gross me out), or sweet / goofy dudebros are cool too. i always go for intelligent and sensitive men, but they often turn out to be a bit mentally ill too. i can't stand super political guys because we always clash. i also need someone to be very affectionate and willing to give me a lot of physical attention. i also love guys who get fired up and would punch people for me. probably not a good trait to be into.

wow. i'm only just realising what a fussy cunt i am as i type all this out… wonder how long until my boyfriend leaves me kek

sage for blogpost

No. 58663

bigger lips and strong brows too, i forgot to add. race doesn't really matter to me, but i don't tend to go for bisexual men unless theyre more on the masculine side. /stereotype

No. 58683

File: 1492800012893.png (2.47 MB, 1280x1104, ideal sixway.png)

I'm not too fussy about looks on a guy as long as they have a winning personality - intelligent, same sense of humour, and not a total dick. I do much prefer cuter, nerdy-looking guys (pic related) over super ripped Manly Men, but 'bigger guy with beard who loves the wilderness and tattoos but also is soft and sweet' is an oddly specific preference to me. Maybe I'm biased because most of my male friends are gay, but I like feminine men (metrosexual?) or bi guys too. If the bf wants to wear makeup, fine by me, just don't use up all of my eyeliner.

Also could be biased because I like women too, but I'm not as picky. Butch girls aren't my type at all but other than that I don't have many 'requirements' other than the basic 'be nice, sweet, intelligent, funny', etc.

Also Cr1tikal. God. I would.

No. 58689


No. 58695

File: 1492825492237.png (1.91 MB, 1024x768, IMG_5741.PNG)

I'm not too picky about looks, but the whole Spencer Reid persona Matthew has going on is grade a for me.

I really like and can get behind a good roast to flirt ratio. Seriously, in my previous relationship people on occasion thought we were actually mad at each other but tbh we were just joking and roasting one another. It can be fun and silly and light hearted.

Oh, and I like a good debate. So long as we can agree to disagree it's good to go.

No. 58732

Oh goodness, cr1tikal is so handsome. I would have never guessed that this sarcastic piece of shit makes me tingle and I want him to impregnate me.

No. 58935

Man I mean personally for some reason I love feminine looking men and masculine looking women? People that look extremely androgynous are also really hot.

No. 58946

File: 1493136288452.jpg (381.39 KB, 1868x928, dca2a62ead9e3918731e868874832a…)

Mature (as in 'grown up', not 'old/middle-aged') men who can take care of themselves, are relatively well-spoken and know how to cook. Beard may be a plus depending on his face but I honestly don't care that much about his looks as long as he isn't paperbag-ugly and obviously knows how to fend for himself.

It's mostly because I've only been in 2 LTRs with 2 lovely guys, but they both needed me to teach them how to wash and iron their clothing (something I had literally learnt by googling it when I was younger) and were the type to play video games all day, fart loudly on purpose, wear hoodies and wrinkled clothes to work and then whinge when their boss wants them to not look like shit and their friends are too embarrassed to be seen with them.

Aside from that, he must be gentle, kind and loyal, of course. I would never ever ever compromise on that, it always comes first.

My 'type' mostly has to do with disposition rather than looks so here's some nice-looking singers and a guy I found by googling 'fashionable man'.

No. 58986

File: 1493166637481.jpg (79.27 KB, 612x308, type.jpg)

I like asian and black guys with cute faces, smiles, and glasses, especially Chinese and West African.

Clean cut (no tattoos or piercings) and generally squinty eyes or pinchable cheeks lol. I don't care if they are chubby or skinny (just not obese or ana), or short or tall (as long as they are over 5'3" or 160cm). I'm not honestly that picky physically aside from race, as long as his personality is good/sweet and he treats me well and is nice and moral.

I can't stand "bad boys", so generally find average or even slightly below average looking guys attractive based mainly on their character…although I prefer if they look a bit geeky (ie. glasses) and professional (ie. suit). Also prefer someone 10-15 years older than me, although a bit younger or older isn't much of an issue tbh.

No. 58989

File: 1493170581362.jpg (54.73 KB, 690x960, 56456.jpg)

Do you like black dandyism by chance? That's what I thought of anyway, based on the dude on the left.

I really wish it was more popular in the US, because a lot of black guys can really pull it off.

No. 58990

wish i could post my ex here bc he looks like this and is model hot :/ i guess i got lucky. too bad he's an idiot

No. 58995


damn we need a pastry/cooking thread cause i love that ;-;

No. 58997

File: 1493174702952.gif (1.81 MB, 593x335, fuck me up tho.gif)

>buff dude or fat dude
>has a good full beard

that's it. its not 2012 i don't know why i'm still into it. legit get uncomfortable every time i'm next to a guy like this. i have a gf and i never pay attention to dudes, but beards just work for me. i'm so weak girls, please forgive me.

also, these type of boys always basic as hell too. hate it.

No. 59000


I have deemed it as an impossible task for me to find someone who has as ultra dark and sarcastic frat brah sense of a humor as me, at least where I live. The closest man I have found to sharing some dumb as fuck jokes without trying too hard was Cody Ko.

ANywho when it comes to appearances I've never been one for the blondes, but hey what girl doesn't love a good LUCKY BLUE SMITH huh.

But personally, I love dark haired, eye color doesn't matter, lanky, awkward boys. Disregard of race. I used to love Harry Styles as a kid, and had the hots for Ash Stymest. I love boys with tattoos, but now that I am an adult that just means they got no jobs.

However, recently I think the MOST ATTRACTIVE GUY on social media is this actor, model kid named Michael Qeliqi. He is literally my dream boy walking in reality.

No. 59002

for reference purposes here is a vine vid of michael qeliqi from years ago

he looks much cuter now

No. 59004

brown hair, light eyes. full eyebrows, dimples (optional but preferred), good smile with straight white teeth. over 6ft (i'm 5'11) but if taller is possible that's cool. well dressed.

and i guess most farmers are into slender men here? i prefer my men broader. i'm not really into the muscular type and i'd rather overweight then slender.

No. 59006

I love gentle giants.
Broad, big, bearded. Quiet. I don't mind them a little stupid if they're sweet.

I like my men to look like men. Not little boys. So that whole ~~~sleepy eyes and purple lips and veins and collarbones~~ tumblr bullshit has me in full gag mode.

No. 59016

File: 1493192030011.jpg (61.4 KB, 450x300, Cookthelad.jpg)

I love trashy white dudes even though I never fuck with them in real life. Cook from skins is one of my ultimate crushes. Also, even though I always knew Tom Hardy was a good-looking dude, I didn't find him super attractive until I found out he used to be addicted to crack. It's pretty messed up tbh.

No. 59018

>tfw I am naturally attracted to dark features
>tfw my ex boyfriend is blond as fuck and I can't get over him

No. 59019

tattoos and piercings. holy shit.

which is funny because I present myself as super boring and vanilla and bland and I've always been a "good girl" soooooo

No. 59026

Can we form a trashy white dude lover society or some shit? I've been told I have shit taste my entire life for liking them.

No. 59030

Jesus god this. Especially markers of trashy roughness:
>missing tooth/ broken tooth/ decorated teeth
>facial scars
>scars in general
>hand and neck tats

This makes it sound like I'm into dumb rednecks but as you know, dear anon, there's a balance. Being UK white trash myself, the povs with hearts of gold are always my favourites.

A criminal past or present is a plus too but only if they're good at it. A failed criminal is just embarrassing.

They never age well though lmao

No. 59031

Surfer or skater white trash is a really delicious subculture of white trash too.

No. 59034

I like the viking aesthetic, but I don't know that I'd say I have a "type" exactly. I do like feeling small.

No. 59041

File: 1493226635989.jpg (91.92 KB, 578x800, IMG_5351.JPG)

Are we allowed to post lesbian types? Because pic related is so damn sexy! Too bad classic tomboys are fading away since fakebois on hormones became a trend. Fuck you tumblr.

No. 59059

I think I finally found my people.

No. 59073

Guys who are maybe a little taller than me (not important though)
Hair colour isn't a big deal.
Mostly attracted to whites but like I'm into anything if it looks nice.
Biggest interests are like longer hair (especially if it has wave to it or curls), oddly enough if they have like minor imperfections in their teeth I'm super into it? Like tiny gaps or canines pointing in the wrong direction.
I like a generally feminine look but the more definition in the shoulders the better.
I lean towards bony/lanky dudes for whatever reason. Not into chubby or muscular really.
I wish I could post pic of exactly what I'm talking about but I only know the one person IRL so not a good idea haha

No. 59081

I take it you've never been in an art school, anon

No. 59088

I got a bit wet reading this

I just love shaved heads, weird/fucked up teeth, big noses and scars. Oh and they have to be tall. I think muscles can be nice, but a bit of a chubby stomach can be cute too lol.

No. 59107

My heart <3

No. 59116

Blonde or sandy colored hair, green or blue eyes, 5'9"+, muscular, average, or chubby, broad frame, SUPER hairy, hard-working, witty, playful. I hate to admit it, but I have a thing for military officers. The whole frat thing turns me on.

No. 59124

How does one go about hooking up with a trashy white guy irl? Swiping on Tinder? I'm asking for a friend..

No. 59146

if you want super trashy you'll need an app worse than tinder, tbh

No. 59158

check okcupid

No. 59176

get the bus a lot

No. 59177

Trashy white guys are everywhere, nice trashy white guys who'll treat you right (even for a night) are very few and far between. I've only ever found two, still with the second

No. 59185

File: 1493330889995.png (2.19 MB, 952x1292, theboys.png)

Tall, dark haired boyish guys with light colored eyes kill me. Also veiny hands, prominent arm muscles, and a strong jaw are pluses, too. And if he's a good musician I'm probably obsessed with him. I can't help it, I fangirl over my favorite artists when they're cute. Pic related.

No. 59217

File: 1493356864067.jpg (48.57 KB, 639x960, gavinmcinnes .jpg)

Older (late 30s, early 40s) artsy type guys with tattoos and beard. Gray hair and wrinkles are a turn on for me.

No. 59256

File: 1493433546890.jpg (82.72 KB, 907x1134, {36A10038-8F0B-4A86-A6D2-F2291…)

Taller than me but not necessarily very tall, anything over 5'9 is fine. Won't compromise on body composition and want visible muscle. No receding hairlines, and usually darker, but not always. This guys for example is light-eyed and light-haired. He's fresh out of prison, going from model to cocaine smuggler to actor. He's not very bright though (writes like he's borderline retarded), which would be a turn-off long-term. Just noticed that in recent pics that its last curtain for his hairline, oops.

No. 59257

File: 1493434036231.jpg (20.85 KB, 759x422, ianmcshane.jpg)

Sage for same-fagging. As long as a man is over thirty, relatively dark overall, has thick hair and is funny/charming, I have no upper age limit. I'd settle for non-perfect bodies if they're over sixty.

No. 59258

File: 1493434384968.jpg (34.13 KB, 385x480, swanful suf.jpg)

I'm definitely leaning towards women, but damn, Sufjan is everything I want in a man, physically and intellectually.
>tfw no ambiguously homosexual, multi-talented, mythologically obsessed brunette qt

No. 59281

damn id let him rape me in prison even if he is a retard

No. 59326

I don't know if I have a "type," perse… but there are a few things that I really, really like that I'll list if that's okay:
>I love it when guys have long hair, cause it's so fun to play with
>Cute, soft-looking, pillowy lips
>A clear, loud, infectious laugh
>A nice smile
>I appreciate a good hugger. Like, someone who'll hug me and I feel like even my heart is smiling and I'm warm and safe
>Guys with a deep, even complexion (like Adonis Bosso I guess. I remember being wild about him a few years back.)

No. 59355

File: 1493572171286.jpg (59.21 KB, 632x950, 7dfd8969a2ca445df64b2c8f1d7992…)

Ew dafuq?

I like black men (well I'm black so obvi)

But my type is nerdy/quirky types who are weird :) They're rare gems though since most black men are annoying af with their hypermasculinity bs. Also being shy is a plus, when I say nerdy I mean actual nerds not fucking video games and anime.

>>>Also being woke is a HUGE +

No. 60032

File: 1494237913011.jpg (45.42 KB, 806x838, c.jpg)

I have an extreme attraction to very blond men. I don't mean like Chris Hemsworth, I mean towheads with blond eyebrows and beard. I hate saying it because I'm really embarrassed of the "nordic fetishist" shit usually attached to neo-nazis who rave about the same thing. It's such a joke.

I dated a guy like this once when I was like 14 or 15, but he was an insufferable crybaby who loved for people to feel sorry for him. I actually put up with it for a long while because I was so attracted to him tho.

No. 60312

File: 1494537518682.png (3.18 MB, 1636x1284, no blondes here.png)

This is my type. My friends say "Euro looking and refined as fuck".
Brunette, tall, artistic, relatively refined. I don't care about eye colour and while I do like lighter skin on average, tan skin can be really cute, like on Javier Barder or Julian Casablancas.
I love curly brown hair, but straight hair is nice too. I just really like brunettes. Hnnnng

No. 60316

File: 1494541968331.png (161.51 KB, 524x1080, IMG_9534.PNG)

Curls. Bonus points if they're attached to Hugh Dancy's head.

No. 60317

File: 1494542119693.jpg (90.85 KB, 1053x299, IMG_9537.JPG)

(samefag) and guys who look like greek sculptures(?).

No. 60325

File: 1494545983921.jpg (80.14 KB, 656x984, 4578454.jpg)

Same here. Guys with curly hair and strong facial features are the best.

No. 60335

But Elon looks really American to me, even though he isn't.
Also he's dating a bimbo so that's pretty telling of his character.

No. 60347

is cole sprouse wearing full makeup on his right eye or are my own eyes decieving me?

No. 60349

File: 1494584192956.jpg (44.07 KB, 354x390, 320696103_bf0a5803e2.jpg)

I also have a thing for big burly men. They seem so comfy to cuddle with and I would feel so safe and protected? I'd prefer someone with kind eyes as well, but other than that I don't think I have any sort of race/hair colour or type preference. Height also isn't too big of a big deal but I just want them WIDE AND STRONG.

No. 60350

omg he is, I didnt even notice that anon haha

No. 60381

That's true. I think it's also his style that makes him look American as heck.
Maybe he's playing her too~

No. 60412

File: 1494645465106.gif (1.6 MB, 720x404, krBhXrv.gif)

Reminds me of a younger Alex Rybak – cute.

No. 60517

The people I find myself overwhelmingly attracted to are pretty disparate. That said, I'm always a sucker for really angular stereotypically """exotic""" non-white features, but then very plain people with wide, soft mouths, wide noses, and big, smiley eyes can be nice too. Just different levels of attraction, I guess.

Androgyny is another huge one. It's silly though, because I find that I'm only ever attracted to masculine features on girls, and feminine features on guys.

Recently, I've also been getting roasted non-stop for my newfound fixation with scrawny, twinky, kind of prim-looking guys. Gingers especially. And I don't mean purpose-built, self-imposed twinkiness in gay men either. I'm talking guys who are just small-framed and cute, with the demeanor of some sort of skittish prey animal, like an Eddie Redmayne, or a Domhnall Gleeson (both being extra-large examples of this type, so take it with a grain of salt). It makes me want to bully them. Had a professor like this once, and I'd go out of my way to make him nervous because I thought it would be cute to see him cry. Horrible, I know.

No. 60842

File: 1495060473078.jpg (877.01 KB, 800x1137, IMG_5556.JPG)

I really like alt/scene girls its a bit embarrassing but i find the tom-boyish (baggy clothes, snapbacks etc.)aspect of it really hot, when combined with a cute face. Piercings are hot too imo which it makes it better.

I think its because I was really emo in my teens and tried hard to get on that level but failed lmao. So Im almost jealous, and Im always attracted to people who I think are 'better' than me for some bizarre reason (maybe its bc im so submissive?)

No. 60868

>better than me
>botdf groupie reject pic

love yourself, gf

No. 61646

File: 1495751121889.png (105.72 KB, 640x638, IMG_5679.PNG)

But shes such a qt anon I cant help it ;_;

No. 61649

File: 1495752268730.jpg (100.5 KB, 593x960, 11133766_875485115843515_21199…)

I've always been attracted to androgynous Visual Kei guys. All of my exes and now boyfriend look like this(current bf used to be in a local VK band actually lel).

Idk man, shit makes me more wet than an ocean. rip

No. 64538

File: 1499398414377.jpg (879.51 KB, 3988x3988, BeFunky Collage.jpg)

I'm not really sure what type this is but these are 4 of the men i'm most attracted to. Three of these are murderers from Hannibal. I like messy hair, dark eyes and sort of a "unique" mouth if that makes sense.

No. 64546

File: 1499423031249.jpeg (18.06 KB, 317x464, 97DDB516-E6A1-4CF1-A60D-C8AFB9…)

You forgot someone!

✅ Hannibal
✅ Unique mouth
✅ Handsome

No. 77990

File: 1522933386469.png (226.25 KB, 500x374, toucha m box.png)

I don't know how it happened, but somehow I fell in love with pic related, a character named Andre from a 2003 indie movie. He is my type and I pretty much can't imagine being with anyone else.

No. 78001

same here anon
>pale asian bf
>vk/punk clothing
>soft face and curves

No. 78008

teach me how to do those checkboxes

No. 78013

but that's le chiffre also he's awfuly ugly

No. 78018

File: 1522946880895.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.64 KB, 473x810, 8EB779A4-0F39-456A-916D-F40E75…)

This is everything I want.

Spoiler Bc nudity

No. 78020

File: 1522948139971.jpg (115.12 KB, 722x968, tumblr_p6bt1iA9Eo1rf1yd3o5_128…)

Personality wise I like intelligent, introverted nerds who are kind, funny, dominant, and have similar values/interests as myself.

The middle guy in pic related is my crush and the type of guy I usually find attractive - Stylish yet nerdy looking white dude with dark hair and a beard (glasses are a plus).

No. 78025

I really like sweet feminine girls in looks/personality. I'm not into butch girls at all and I don't particularly like the cynical/sarcastic type. Though honestly I'm not much of a catch so I'd be happy with any girl that genuinely liked me.

No. 78029

Who dat?

No. 78030

File: 1522954604147.jpg (26.35 KB, 400x300, IMG_8501.JPG)

I have a thing for super "western" euro guys with blonde hair, high cheek bones, high nasal bridge and small mouth with fine bone structure overall. Super tall ( over 6) with glasses is ideal. I'm kind of meh about body type as long as their not overweight or grostequely skinny. I'm Russian and Jewish and grew up in sourrounded by Russian people and I have Zero interest in typical "Russian" faces ( flat round face, big lips, upturned nose) but also don't want to date someone who looks like my dad ( curly brown hair/strong jaw/) . So I'm looking for like my genetic opposite I guess lol. I actually met a 6''3 german guy like this once ( he later modeled for Dior ) but it didn't work out . :/

I've also seen some really beautiful asains that have similiar features ( high cheekbones, small jaw).

No. 78035

File: 1522959602692.jpg (1.24 MB, 2667x4000, 04-timothee-chalamet-vogue-nov…)

Somebody like him.
K-idols are often described as looking 'fresh', pale skin, slim, youthful, always smiling, simply innocent and friendly looking - and i'd say he has that look too.
Sadly most european guys nowadays try their best to look as old as possible with beards and while tanning is no longer as popular as a decade ago, you'll hardly ever meet somebody who's really pale and not a nerd…
I simply want a cute bf who is and looks my age.

No. 78042

Honestly, my boyf. He's got nice dark brown hair, really pretty and big dark hazel eyes. Tall (6'3), broad as heck shoulders, V body and a really good mind. Yum.

No. 78043

Yeah, once you're really into someone, they become your type.

No. 78065

that looks painful

No. 78076

File: 1522975011432.png (575.58 KB, 914x514, oh my lord plow me.png)

I love big, broad, tall guys. Tan (bonus points if non white), brown eyes, brown hair. And I almost always prefer guys with short hair, and maybe some scruff. Ideally they kinda musclefat.

Although I'm also into guys like Steven Yeun too

No. 78079

he's well fit, la

No. 78124

THIS! I hate how rare it is to find simply a cute boy that's not trying to look older or forcibly masculine. Bonus points if they're kind and good-natured.

No. 78128

File: 1523026914580.jpg (88.23 KB, 634x853, 46CE2E6B00000578-5131047-image…)

I'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks like this!
Maybe they aren't even intentionally trying to look older, but a beard will definitely age you, no matter what. Also, simple short cut hair is just so boring, i'd prefer a longish style.
And of course there's nothing more attractive than a guy who's friendly and treats you well.

No. 78134

God, anon, we have the same tastes. Except I don't care about his ethnicy, except I dislike blondes.

No. 78144

Be hotter if he wasn't a Liverpool fan.

No. 78146

File: 1523034636351.jpg (327.06 KB, 1000x666, cutieslavgenes.jpg)

Stipe Miocic is my biggest crush right now and a good representation of my taste, I think.

>big, 6'4" 245lbs

>in shape
>looks like a middle aged dad, but is only 35 with no kids
>"slav" look? (his parents are Croatian immigrants)

No. 78156

File: 1523046026374.jpg (81.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Hobo Johnson, he's adorable and artistic
he reminds me a lot of my bf

No. 78158

File: 1523048897144.png (343.6 KB, 350x500, 603d17c9-afd7-4676-a130-8a4362…)

There is something special and pure about younger looking guys - a sense of innocence and hope that maybe they would understand you, they would be clumsy but gentle. I love the vibe of "artsy first boyfriend", when they don't really care much about their appearance and don't try too hard. Messy hair, boyish face and blushed cheeks on a guy will always be my weakness.
Sorry for just a single image but I'm on mobile.

No. 78161

File: 1523050006852.gif (712.88 KB, 420x235, ?.gif)

Reminds me…

No. 78166

File: 1523053337564.jpg (210.97 KB, 1000x1000, maximumsperging.jpg)

I definitely have a type lol.
-wide jaw, big ching, butt chin a bonus
-downturned eyes with low eyebrows, it gives a certain intensity that i really like
-thin but defined lips
-big nose if it goes with your face
-stocky and muscular-thicc
Any one feature doesn't need to be there, but you could put all the guys I'm attracted to in a composite image and it would look pretty coherent

No. 78177

File: 1523066258147.jpeg (172.84 KB, 720x1280, EDD18330-9975-4449-8688-F10479…)

No. 78182

File: 1523075774208.png (917.58 KB, 748x820, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 7.23…)

this random guy from some college humor video would be ideal if his hair was a bit darker and his eyes were green

No. 78194

File: 1523090157882.jpg (303.87 KB, 1562x2048, 1517943808866.jpg)

>timmy t
damn, was just about to post him. awesome taste anon!

No. 78195

>hope that maybe they would understand you
Yes! My biggest fear is that they would make fun of me, guys like that seem just so much less intimidating than your typical popular 'jock'.
But i always wonder what type of girl they would be attracted to…

No. 78196

Lol, thanks! He's such a cutie

No. 78198

File: 1523092084484.jpg (72.42 KB, 786x634, 1195896.jpg)

non-contribution but he looks like he'd be the twin brother of natalia dyer

No. 78200

File: 1523094001448.jpg (837.78 KB, 1161x1600, jb3.jpg)

I love cute silly guys. young, fun, sensitive, maybe a little strange, thats what im like so its what im attracted too. someone goofy and kinda stupid. i want someone to roller skate with, bike with, play games with, shop with, whatever. alot of guys try to act/look as old + masculine as possible but man that really is the opposite of what i want. i like feminine young guys. masculinity is a cage, it makes guys feel insecure about having emotions. alot of guys are too embarrassed to cry and admit their feelings are hurt. any guy whos comfortable enough to do those things really is off the wall to me. wear your heart on your sleeve! im also bi so it would be nice if my partner was too.
as for appearance i dont have as much of a type! usually i like no facial hair, weird teeth, pale skin, freckles, boyish, slim, strawberry blonde or black hair. im not super strict though, ive been attracted to people without those features. the big NOs for me are fat, long hair (past shoulders), very muscular, and big noses. other then that its free game, i find a huge variety of guys cute.

No. 78204

File: 1523096757527.gif (1003.22 KB, 500x279, tumblr_n2r5i4ypqR1skvzgoo1_500…)

face like this guy, even tho I don't have one standard. But I def prefer dark eyes.

manners, kindness, ambition, understanding, work ethic, culture, and intelligence is very important to me.

If you're actually born and raised in Russia I recommend that you go to Southern Scandinavia for guys like that. They like Russian girls I've heard. However idk about the jewish part, they've gotten kinda anti-Jewish lately. Good luck tho!

No. 78208

Sweet fucking jesus, I was right with you up until >>60325 where you pegged my heart right on the good spot.

No. 78214

holy shit, you're so right.

No. 78226

File: 1523114015283.jpg (10.29 KB, 300x300, 1654125432154.jpg)

I'm into guys with cute mouth something likthise >>60325 is so attractive to me, I want to put lipstick on him and kiss him. Tom Hardy also has adorable round lips, it gives him a youthful charm IMO, since child seems to have thicker brighter lips. I also love babyfaced smiley men with playful eyes ala Elvis. Bottom line, I like men who look young and kinda cheeky.

No. 78231

File: 1523115255991.png (1.48 MB, 1894x1865, bloody hell.png)

I have a thing for "manly looking beardless redheads". Yeah I know, very specific.
Pics related couldn't make me wetter, sadly I don't know who they are

Elvis was such a qt in his good years, so charming

No. 78240

> manly looking beardless redheads

Me too. In particular the second type in your pic with semi long hair. Shame that a lot of men after they're 25+ start balding, including ginger men and I'm not fond of the lumberjack beards either that many seem to sport. I would do anything to get my fingers through ginger hair but I live in a mediterranean shithole so no luck.

No. 78242

Also many ginger men look really boyish without the lumberjack beard. Good looking ones are excruciatingly hard to find

No. 78266

bloody hell. second guy is beautiful

No. 78270

I'm aware of that. I sometimes browse subreddits related to ginger men/redheads and indeed they are so hard to find, it's either the chubby Viking/lumberjack ginger or the bald dude with the ginger beard, and tbh they all look a bit gay.

Yeah, I really like his sharp facial features, manly jaw and then the red hair to crown it all. He has such a noble look about him.

Every time I talked with friends about my type, they were always surprised to hear that I like red hair, many girls apparently think it's not attractive at all. I guess for the better because there's a lack of them here and the less competition the better.

No. 78276

I tried to find the second guy but alas only found the same image on harry potter rp forums..plz if anyone knows who he is drop his name

No. 78277

File: 1523128184789.jpg (326.7 KB, 1200x1632, 1200px-Jason_Momoa_by_Gage_Ski…)

I have basic taste… Beard. Tall. Deep voice. Bedroom eyes. A childish/fun side but doesn't run out the mouth. I'm basically describing my SO but anything that resembles Jason Mamoa is my type. Also older Latino guys.

No. 78279

To add on. Nice sturdy legs, butt, and strong hands.

No. 78280


I found a name "jan francken" I'm not sure it's him, it could be. But it's quite disappointinf.If that's really him it's his only pic worth lusting over

No. 78281

Yeah that's him

No. 78282

File: 1523128609109.jpg (34.37 KB, 360x540, Jan-Francken.jpg)

Lol, he looks like a mix between a lesbian and a fish, so weak and feminine

No. 78283

File: 1523128726997.jpg (298.13 KB, 1500x1000, large-1456908325-0903e423481f3…)

I spoke a bit too fast, it's not so disappointing (I'd sage this but..)
No gold though

No. 78300

File: 1523131161468.jpg (202.92 KB, 1280x1280, vfQS2nCS.jpg)

that pic seems uncharacteristically bad though. he seems like a chameleon and it's hard to pin down what he usually looks like from the pics i'm browsing. we need to see what he looks like irl

No. 78318

Thank you! He's still quite handsome imo and the medium length red hair is urgh superb. He has a gf though, not that I had any chance, to begin with.

No. 78325

File: 1523136618219.jpg (22.66 KB, 500x370, godhelpme.jpg)

oh my god zero day!! i used to be in LOVE with cal gabriel. all-consuming.

No. 78329

Eeeh…I browsed his insta and yeah…he seems like a boring fboi and that pic is the only good one of him :/ ty tho

No. 78331

File: 1523138572398.jpg (59.47 KB, 640x640, 20479375_363562720726774_73730…)

Young looking, pretty face, long hair (the longer the better as long as it's taken care of, like young Atsushi from Buck-tick), I like boyishness or femininity more than manliness in terms of face, but I like muscles as much as I like slim guys. For style, trendy urban clothes > more mature things like suits. I like smooth shaven faces and mostly hairless bodies, this honestly affects my racial preferences a fair bit - Asians tend to meet my standards the most, native americans and polynesians often do too, whites only sometimes although they can make top tier twinks.

Pic related is an example of my type (https://www.instagram.com/jaewon.yg/).

No. 78335

Haha, no way! Everyone likes Cal more because he's such a pretty boy but Andre's more my style ;)
My friends are sick of hearing about him by now.

No. 78349

File: 1523141509878.jpg (72.18 KB, 652x960, tumblr_oqe07jkZm31u7jkqmo4_128…)

Slightly feminine looking, asian men in their thirties. I'm actually super embarassed about that but I can't help it.

Also, facial structures with prominent cheekbones are a huge yes for me

No. 78350

feel u anon
good taste haha

No. 78351

Acchan and Toshiya? Yes please!

No. 78352

it's funny because when it comes to dir en grey kyo will always be my number 1 bae but generally speaking toshiya is the type of man I'd consider very much my type

No. 78365

Wow i use to love Atsushi

No. 78552


Holy shit, I LOVED Luke from Skins. I think this is my type too…

No. 81652

>all chads

No. 81654

File: 1525461607504.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.85 KB, 506x667, kRARIEU.jpg)

That you, darling?

No. 81656

I want to pop that blackhead.

No. 81663

File: 1525472555750.jpg (118.86 KB, 600x350, a8fda78ce557196c84da0de84894f3…)

I love bears. Chris Pratt is my favorite celebrity guy. My ideal man is chubby with a big belly but also big muscles, strong shoulders/biceps, great butt, thick strong legs etc.
I think I'm also somewhat partial to Korean guys, but not the super cutesy k-pop type, rather older and very masculine Korean men.

No. 81667

>bones and joji
on what earth are u living

No. 81669

File: 1525477763375.jpg (27.05 KB, 600x600, d96.jpg)

>Guys with long hair or at least medium length. No buzzcut.
>Tall (5"5 or taller)
>A little older than me (not DILF status though)
>Lighter skin than me
>Must be attractive and in shape

No. 81711

>Tall (5'5 or taller)



No. 81714

File: 1525518098292.jpg (380.19 KB, 900x800, 8d7704012e119130b628adfa5a609e…)

Average looking South Asian guys with prominent noses and eyes and lanky builds, although I've found short guys cute before, too. Being skinny and non-athletic is the base body standard. Bonus: Nice hair, smells good, somewhat fashionable.

This may sound unrealistic, but I did have a miraculous experience in a book store where I saw a guy who looked exactly like this. Biggest regret not hitting on him.

Personality wise I want someone as introverted as I am and who is willing to listen and compromise sometimes. + will be comfortable with being a trophy husband someday.

>pic related is really cute face-wise

No. 81775

File: 1525570999741.jpg (990.03 KB, 700x796, 1520293530087.jpg)

i posted my thing a while back in the ideal partner thread, but it's practically gone from oblivion.

anyways i'm in love kaneoya sachiko's character. i want him so bad. but really my type is somewhat hairy, dark curly hair, green eyes. alot of jewish guys fit this type but i'm a racist so i can't commit

No. 81781

Good taste

No. 81807

40+,fat,short blonde or grey hair, no beard (!).

No. 81815

yeah, technology lolz

No. 81941

File: 1525669535439.jpg (48.69 KB, 640x799, 26865701_1799957470074506_5518…)

For girls, I don't really have a strict type. I find a wide variety of girls cute. For men, I fucking love sunken in, hooded meth eyes. Bobby Burn is just everything I want.

No. 81954

wow are you me

No. 81966

File: 1525697015606.png (1005.04 KB, 717x823, my type.png)

I love darker hair/eyes and a guy with nice hair.

I also generally like taller guys but that's more because they tend to be nicer about me being tall.

And I appreciate good bone structure but I think everybody does

No. 81990


>but i'm a racist so i can't commit

Simple solution is stop being a pos edgelord

No. 81992

Shut up, jewbag. I'm not even that anon but I know someone was going to sperg out eventually about that lil tidbit. Get over yourself, no one cares.

No. 81993

File: 1525719576188.png (516.93 KB, 979x404, pics.png)

I feel like this is so basic but one common theme in my crushes is basically "skinny brunette white dude". I feel really weird putting moot there but honestly he's a good example haha. I also agree with >>58986

No. 81994

so which one is it anon

Jokes aside, moot is a super qt.

No. 81998

File: 1525721267793.jpg (44.07 KB, 1480x832, 140702-telegraph-poster-child-…)


I am not jew? lmao There aren't even many jews in my country

It's just baffling that anon is dumb enough to rather stay ~totes wacist~ than just be a decent human being. It's ironic, kinda like that "perfect aryan child" used on nazi propaganda that was actually jewish.


No. 82007

>posting about nazis and jews in the type you're attracted to thread
keep it out of here anon this isn't debate club hon

No. 82562

File: 1526257637535.jpg (57.92 KB, 743x649, 4861b73ae6014dea5b63c4b2cf7535…)

tall, athletic and eastern European guys with masculine features and preferably beards

No. 82567

File: 1526260084623.jpg (24.31 KB, 635x500, amir-chanteur.jpg)

Speaking of Jews, I've got bad matzo fever. I just find them really cute.
Doesn't help that Jewish guys are usually very sweet and caring in my experience. Plus I like the dorky vibe some of them have.

No. 90729

It's so hard to beat.

No. 108087

File: 1550047818001.jpg (54.62 KB, 330x380, shiksa.jpg)

The following describes the 7 guys I've had feelings for with disturbing accuracy. Obviously, not all are true for all the guys:

140+ IQ (cringey, I know), huge nerd, Ashkenazi Jewish (making the first thing more likely), slightly above average looks, XNTX personality, snarky, shrill voice, light eyes, myopic, depressed or bipolar, programmer, math or CS major, zero fashion sense, reads webcomics, secretly a hopeless romantic, did competitive debate in high school, basically the "gifted kid burnout" meme come alive

No. 125747

That guy hella cute, hardly of the anons will agree with you though because they by and large prefer white men, even if they're ugly as fuck.

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