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No. 58230

All my life I've been an annoyingly "weird" girl, had a really weeaboo teen phase and dressed badly.

I'm envious of those girls who are just the right amount of pretty, good with makeup, quiet but fun and eminate a lot to like and fancy and be attractive.

Can we please have a thread for people like me (living cringefests) who want to adapt and become more like these beings to fit in?

Teach me

No. 58233

If you have Instagram just follow the Instagram normies and emulate what they do.

No. 58234

OP I have been thinking about this all week!

I essentially am wanting to be more of a "normie".

I dyed my hair a dark natural colour,
Focus on more neutral makeup,
Added some basics to my wardrobe - you can look up a capsule wardrobe, it combines basics and classics that can be combined endlessly and always look great
I follow somewhat of a skincare routine now
I layer my clothes properly

I followed a ton of normie instahoes too.

No. 58251

Learn 2 makeup
(insta hoe youtube tutorials)

Learn 2 hair
(Youtupe vids)

Learn 2 style
(Copy what you see instahoes wearning. Also H&m/Zara for basics)

Lose weight if you need to.

Listen to normie music/keep up with pop culture.

That's it really

No. 58260

I mean, you can still be pretty "normal" while keeping some of your not so conventional parts. My hair is blue, but I keep it very healthy and don't do weird hairstyles. I dress very normal, and keep my nails done in neutral colors. It's about balance really. When it comes to personality and such just keep your non "normie" interests on the downlow, don't wear your animu gear outside. Keep up with current events, and practice being able to smalltalk. It sucks, but it's better than sperging out over doctor who or whatnot to a stranger. Just take it slow. Charisma on command and similar channels on youtube can help. Good luck!

No. 58269

idk man. its hard. i feel like for girls like us, theres always an invisible wall, if that makes any sense. and people can tell you aren't normal or something tbh. like no matter how hard you can try, you're always the back up friend, or the least liked friend, or the one every always pities… follow the other anons advice and succeed where i failed, lol. everyone is always faking it till they make it tbh.

No. 58277

I agree with this, balance is the key.

I once got so tired of being an outsider I tried to go full normie, but I didn't feel like it made people like me any more than they had before (probably because it was an act) and when I tried to give it up I found that I'd lost myself in the process. Keep doing what you do, but learn to keep it on the down-low in public and maybe get into a few mainstream things so that you can relate to normies through those things. That's how I managed to find some balance.

No. 58279

I'm pretty abnormal but I do a good job of blending in.. somewhat. I've gone from dressing dumpy and looking dumpy to wearing hyper feminine clothes and styles. People can tell I'm off when they talk to me but I fit in okay these days.

Maybe you should try to moving to a place with a huge art / music scene. I always felt those ppl would be more accepting of eccentrics

No. 58282

Start from the bottom. Be as plain and as basic as possible with a light touch of whatever is fashionable, then slowly start to incorporate trendier items in your wardrobe and makeup routine.
Don't just throw on whatever crazy makeup and clothes are trendy overnight because you'll probably fuck it up and look a little desperate.

No. 58345

Well anon, idk what the fuck it is I do, but despite being a complete weirdo I manage to get people talking to or hitting on me. I change up my styles a lot and will wear weird shit, but I do it in such a way it's stylish or alt-y in a cute way.

I'm considered attractive even though I'm fucking weird loser though so I'm not sure if people let me get away with more. I think confidence, being able to relate to normies, and not acting like a mouthbreather matter more than looking like a normie.

No. 58364

You can do a complete makeover all you want and be pretty but nothing will fix the quiet social awkwardness that lies deep within.

>tfw this is where I'm eternally stuck and there's no benefits unless ur social

No. 58370


>TFW no matter how hard you try you will always be a weirdo loser inside


No. 58383


No you won't, it's all about practice. Look up socilizing tutorials on youtube. Not kidding, there are tonnes of great resources that explain how and why people are/like what they do.

No. 58385

I'm not even gonna bullshit, I was exactly the same OP.

Lmao, I was a fucking loser all through out my teen years because of this, I lived in my head and didn't realize it until I graduated how detached I was from what mainstream teenagers were doing :(

Follow the advice listed in this thread; learning to wear makeup (you'll fuck up a lot before you learn how to beat your face correctly :p), dressing well (you don't have to look fashionable, just learn how to look put together, that's what matters), eating right and ultimately watching news/keeping up with current events.

I also read blogs/articles, popular magazines and listen to interesting podcasts.

Things like this you can share with strangers and not have them give you a strange look. :p

I get what you mean, I'm a weirdo and instead of being ashamed I always take note of where I fucked up and try to improve myself next time around.

Right, most of my friends are pretty artsy/book worm types. I feel like they're much more understanding compared to full on stacies


Honestly this only works for attractive people, for below average people you need a nice personality or else people will be put off by your weirdness.

True, I went from being mute to being able to hold up conversations with strangers it's all about practice :)

I hope things turn out well for you OP, remember there are others like you out there, trying to do the exact same thing, take it day by day.

No. 59708

youtuber normies work too, it's how i learned how to blend it.

Normal girl by day, weeaboo by night

No. 59727

get a job in retail or preferably hospitality, where you have to learn to be good with people.

helped cure me of my social awkwardness. i can now make conversation with anybody and have zero social anxiety, before i used to have literal panic attacks thinking about events where i had to socialize

No. 59740


Same. Only my close friends know the true weeb I am

No. 59752

(I'm not OP)
Hmm, really? I've always had this mindset that I absolutely can never work with people, because I'm so awkward, can't look people in the eyes (not autistic, just insecure as hell) and small talk is impossible. I also feel like I would forget how to count change if I get anxious and people hand me a lot of coins. (That's really my biggest fear: not being able to count change..)

I have always thought that I can be learn anything, except socializing. Could I actually learn it in retail..? Why would they even hire someone who is awkward?

No. 159729

I can't figure out what type of Stacy i wanna be(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 159736

This thread makes me angry, I hate normies.

No. 159752

Just move to a city like Austin or San Francisco where the weirdos outnumber the normies.

No. 159757

I feel really bad because I think I will not ever be pretty enough to fit in or be noticed. It confuses me, because there are plenty of other ugly girls who do have friends and so forth, but I still feel I am way too ugly and I bring myself down over it. I just cannot and will not accept that not pretty deserves attention. I need to be perfect everywhere. I score well academically, exercise regularly and am creatively inclined, making me a skilled dancer, as well as talented and active with drawing and acting in productions. AND YET, I feel too ugly for anything, it is my worst problem. There is a specific medical procedure I need to fix this horrible deformation, but I hate how it is the one thing I can't change and make perfect like I can the other things. Luckily I am capable of being social, but usually have no interest in other people, so I keep to myself. weird rant, but i just wonder if other people can relate? ugliness being the only thing stopping you from being stacy

No. 159760

Why do you want to be a conform and suppress your interests? It's fine if you want to look better and if you want to learn to be less obnoxious and socially retarded. But why would you want superficial relationships with people and to quit enjoying something perfectly harmless, because it's "weird".

I genuinely don't understand people who want to "fit in". It's very obvious when people are trying to fit in anywhere.

No. 159762

>no interest in other people
Then why do you feel bad about not attracting people in the first place? This is probably the main reason why people “don’t notice” you or pursue a friendship you. Relationships of any kind are generally a give and take thing.

No. 159764

People don't just flock to other people because they're talented or pretty, charisma is a skill of its own. There are plenty of really talented but not popular people, that maybe have a few close friends. It feels more like you want to be praised than to make personal connections, and come off as self-conceited, so I'm not sure it's because of your looks alone.

No. 159780

You have a lot of growing up to do. Worry about fixing your personality before you worry about your face.

No. 159790

>I genuinely don't understand people who want to "fit in".
So that other people will like them. Sometimes it sucks enjoying things on your own.

No. 297557

I was in the same boat when I was your age, nona.
I wanted to be accepted, but found the idea of making personal connections incredibly uninteresting and unfulfilling.
Don't rely on outside validation. If you have no interest in other people, like I did, then their opinions and judgement should mean nothing.

Live your best life, and give absolutely zero fucks what anyone thinks of you.

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