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File: 1492468222464.png (4 KB, 220x166, Bupropion_1.svg.png)

No. 58349

What medicine are you on farmers? Is it for mental health? physical health? How are you dealing with the side effects?

I just got put on bupropion, it's been really helpful for both my depression and body dysmorphia, but I've been getting horrid headaches.

No. 58397

I'm on levothyroxine because I have Hashimoto's and on prozac for depression. Before prozac I was on Celexa at first and then brintellix.
I feel like prozac makes me tired and I don't like being on an antidepressant. Apparently it can also affect bone density and weirdly enough I got a stress fracture in my foot out of nowhere. I'm also unable to orgasm. I will bring up quitting prozac at my next psych appointment for sure.
I majorly struggled with lack of motivation so my psychiatrist recommended wellbutrin, but I'm not allowed to take it due to a history of anorexia and now bulimia.

No. 58411


I'm on Quetiapine and Clonazepam.

I have Bipolar 1 so the Quetiapine I use for mood stabilisation/sleep (and don't need bi monthly blood work like you do with lithium and the other thing for my GAD/anxiety issues.

I'm lucky in the sense that I've been on these for quite a long time and haven't had to up my dosage on these drugs. I've never abused my Clonazepam recreationally which I think maybe helps with that.

I still struggle with depression but being on anti depressants makes me either super jumpy or go full blown crazy manic..

I really don't like the Quetiapine as it makes me really sluggish in the mornings and makes me sleep super early (so I'm essentially a grandma) but it knocks me out and at least lets me get actual rest.

No. 58412

I also take quentiapine and clonazepam! I take lexapro too.
mine are for BPD/PTSD/MDD . I want to switch to a different antidepressant because I keep getting really hungry on lexapro. I recently tried to cut back on my meds but it didn't work at all and I kept having episodes constantly so I had to increase. I've gained so much weight from my meds this past year its really. It's just ironic because becoming obese has made me more depressed.

No. 58424

I have a history of bulimia and ednos, and I got it just fine? My doctor prescribed it to me as an alternative to vyvanse. Prozac and zoloft made me feel really sick and sluggish too anon, so I can sympathize. I hope you get your medication sorted out soon.

No. 58427

i'm on sertraline and risperidone. risperidone makes me gain so much weight but when i drop it i go back to being a depressed blob who can't achieve shit.

No. 58429


samefagging, but my psychiatrist outright told me i was "just lazy" for saying i lack motivation. should i attempt having wellbutrin prescribed?

No. 58474

From what I've read it has an increased risk of causing seizures in current and former AN and BN patients. She's also told me it can lead to relapse due to reducing appetite.

If I were you I'd see another psychiatrist. Being sluggish is a real symptom of depression and IIRC a diagnostic criterion? Maybe just ask them about wellbutrin and they will assess if it's an option.

No. 58482

plaquenil for inflammatory arthritis. it's gentle and effective, and i stopped having side effects (nausea, dizziness, lack of appetite) after 2 weeks. would recommend

No. 58492

Fucking Prozac made me unable to orgasm too. Switching to Lexapro helped. It was a gradual progression, but 5 months into the switch and I'm at a relatively normal level.

No. 58531

Lexapro has made it harder for me to orgasm and sometimes harder to get aroused but it's better than being a depressed anxious mess. I think I may be able to go off it in a few months though, I seem a lot better emotionally and could probably just survive off the occasional xan if needed. I'm also on a low dosage.

No. 58574

Reposting this here from another thread in case anyone else might know more about how to solve this issue:

I've been off of effexor for over four months now, but I don't feel the same as I did before I started taking it. At least I can actually have an orgasm now (I couldn't at all when I was on effexor), but it takes an hour or more and it's not very good. My sex drive is also a lot lower now than before. Sex doesn't feel good, either. Everything just feels really numb now. Before I started effexor, I could get off from a light breeze, and have multiple orgasms and I had a pretty healthy sex drive. I just want to get a semblance of that back.

I think the worst part is that I can't come from being with partners anymore, and it makes me not want to do anything sexual with them at all, lest I end up frustrated and they end up disappointed.

No. 58575

Honestly I think the only solution is to switch medications. It's also possible to take something that balances out the low sex drive, I've read about people being on buproprion (I think) to counteract the sexual side effects of some antidepressants.

No. 58598

I've been on sertraline for two years and it's amazing. Sorted me out almost immediately with physical parts of depression like lack of appetite and difficulty sleeping, which in turn helped to improve my mental health. I pretty much never want to come off it. Side effects were intense vivid dreams, inability to drink for 5 months, and lack of giving a damn.

Been on Levothyroxine for a year which has been more of a ball ache. It's hard to know if the balance is right because you don't know if your symptoms are side effects or not. I've had a lot of dizziness and trouble with memory and phasing out. My brain feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool. I do feel like I've got some personality back and feel generally perkier.

No. 58600

Have anyone here tried Inositol? (for depression, lack of motivation, panic, fears) Did it work? What's your usual dose?

No. 58615

Levothyroxine for half a thyroid missing and soon to have none left at all which has been a pretty bad experience; no concentration, hormones through the rood, irregular periods, digestive system slowed to a crawl, no energy making simple tasks feel like I run a marathon sometimes.
Fluoxetine, pregabalin, Abilify, and diazepam then in addition.
Otherwise I self medicate for digestive issues (nausea, sluggishness, intolerances to things I once was capable of eating/drinking and lack of energy involving use of veg carbo and ginseng (though the latter has been useless thus far).

Fluoxetine is just a placebo drug from my perspective since the entire time I've used it, it has been absolutely useless to me but the doc won't take me off of it since I've tested so many anti-depressants already.

Lexapro and Seroquel just made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack all the time and gave me incredible chest pains and I slept around the clock for 16 hours on the weekends and I had no concentration whatsoever while being hungry all the time.

Pregabalin does help me relax but I think it effects my digestion quite a bit so I use it only when I absolutely need it. It really does reduce my anxiety a lot.
Same deal with the diazepam but since they're quite addictive, they're really controlled and I'm limited to very little amounts which means I need to go over my limit sometimes just to get my anxiety under control.

Abilify just makes me gain a shit tonne of weight no matter how little I eat so I haven't taken those in about a year now, same with the fluoxetine.
I've hit a low point since the anti-depressants fell through but considering the psychiatric departments won't help me despite my asking for switches in meds; I'm left to my own devices on this and I can't rely on them for help so I'm going the old fashioned research route with what's available to me currently.

So I typically self medicate for those problems now too (with little results to show sometimes).
My audio and visual hallucinations have been tamed more from self medicating than with what I've been prescribed needless to say though.
I took up a lot of meditation and visualization of my own accord which has helped, including decreasing my anxiety a little bit. I also use lavender oil perfumes I make myself to wear which relax me a little when I need it. Vetiver can also help me when I can get some of it for helping out my panic attacks.

I used to be on pain meds and preventatives for constant migraines but they fucked my heart up too so I was told to get off them by my doc.

No. 58617

I was on 2 medications and now I am on one. Cipralex and effexor are the ones I was/am taking.

Both worked really well for me. I got off of cipralex which was for my anxiety. I had a minor amount of anxiety return when i was weened off and fully off of it but it is tremendously better than before I was on the medication and it is way easier to manage now.

Effexor has been absolutely fantastic for me. Im on 150mg daily and have been taking it for about 3 years. I would eventually like to ween off of it but I'm not sure when I will be ready. I feel like right now my depression has been extremely manageable but I'm just worried about what will happen when I come off the medication.

I always find it hard to discern what is a side effect of medication and what is just myself/my body so I cant really say I've noticed any side effects. If I forget to take my medication though I feel like absolute shit all day. Not depressed but I physically feel dizzy, nausea, etc. Its hard for me to stand because I'm so dizzy and weird feeling. It also makes me want to sleep a long time. When I forget to take it I can sleep for 16 hours in a day its crazy.

I've still had some mood… issues that I want to address with my doctor in the future. These symptoms before I was on medication I believed to be caused by depression but since I have not been having my other depressive issues like suicidal thoughts, sadness, etc. Im beginning to think it might be something else. I think I might have adult ADHD or something because I can get irritated very easily, cant sit still, and have an insane amount of trouble focusing on tasks I should be doing. So I end up procrastinating a lot. I dunno, maybe Im just a shitty person

No. 58629

Thanks, anon. Hopefully it will help undo what effexor did. I actually did really well with effexor, but after a year or so, I wanted to see how life was without it. It's not all smiles and rainbows by any means, but I guess I had to see that for myself.

No. 58635

Effexor gave me a crazy tremor but it's the best thing to ever happen to me.

No. 58650

I'm on 30mgs of Mitrazapine daily, 20 mgs of Prazosin daily, 40mgs of Citalopram daily, 4mgs of Estridiol daily, 30mgs of Methylphenidate daily, and 200 mgs of Spirnolactone daily.

No. 58941

anyone has experience with nootropyl? it's a non-prescription supplement which is supposed to help with attention problems, but every source i saw recommends 3 pills a day and coupling them with fish oil to up their efficacy. honestly it seemed a bit too much to me.

No. 58974

bupropion for depression, but a pleasant side effect is that it cut down my appetite by a lot and I dropped a bunch of weight.

I'm also on naproxen for back pains that I've had for a few years now

No. 58988

When I was first diagnosed they started me on Lexapro. After highschool I tried going off medication but that really didn't work out, so I was put on desvenlafaxine for a couple of years. Recently I've been told to switch to sertraline and am currently in the process of doing so. I was prescribed metaprolol earlier last year for my heart.
It seemed like lexapro helped with anxiety and desvenlafaxine with depression. At this point I don't know what to expect from changing medication because I can never tell in the moment whether it is or isn't helping me. Honestly? I'd rather go off everything because I can't feel any difference, or more like I can't feel any differences that are helping me. Actually, it's like I can't feel anything? I can't shake this numbness and it's driving me insane. I feel like if I were sadder and less anxious I might be able to make progress. Not to mention all sexual function has gone to shit ever since I started des.

sage for blogpost just in case, but this should be alright to post, considering what this thread is.

No. 68343

File: 1506709481589.jpg (21.99 KB, 400x394, tumblr_inline_od5h51zq9C1slttw…)

experiences with weight and prozac? i'm switching from zoloft because it is impossible for me to lose weight on it for some reason, i'm at 150mg and switching to prozac 40mg gradually. i won't really mind a loss in sex drive tbh because my high sex drive depresses me when i'm single like i am now

No. 68351

Bupropion and just started lamictol a week ago, anyone else taken lamictol? I always have had all the side effects of medicine starting but lamictol has been a whole other level. Everyday is suffering between hot flashes, headaches, dizziness, shaking, and overall a crappy feeling. I want these meds to work but getting to 100+mg feels like it's going to be hell for me.

No. 68355

Lamictal was fine for me. One of the easiest ones to taper on and off of.

No. 68358

are you all from the us? i think it's depressing that so many of you are on meds. this shouldn't be the norm. hope you can figure out how to live without these crutches that in the long run do more harm than good.

No. 68364

>>I'm from the U.S. but live in Europe now.

The reason so many Americans are on mental health meds is because the U.S. is growing shittier and shittier by the day (thus more and more people are depressed and hate their lives) and medication is more openly accepted as a treatment. I honestly believe that if it weren't for Christianity (you'll go to hell if you kill yourself), shame (there is no honor in suicide here), and high prevalence of medication the suicide rate would be much much higher than it is, and possibly even worse than Japan and South Korea where medication isn't really discussed.


I'm on antidepressants (lexapro) and even though I am still depressed, I am no longer suicidal. I gained a lot of weight, but have cut down to the minimum dosage and am determined to lose it now. I don't plan on going off for at least a few years when I am in a better situation. I really like lexapro honestly.

No. 68366

I keep spelling it wrong lol
It probably is just mostly me, I've always been prone to getting really sick every time I start something new.

No. 68401


i also take lamictal and have had no adverse effects. in conjunction with seroquel, keeps my crazy to a minimum

No. 68413

I take a lot of medication, honestly probably more than what’s good for me but I’m just doing what the doctor says. I started my first antidepressant (Prozac) when I was 8 years old, my mom took me to a therapist (who recommended us to a psychiatrist) after she discovered I’d been sexually abused. So the doctor has listed bipolar, OCD, and an eating disorder listed on my chart right now, but it varies by specialist. Right now I’m 22, and they have me on quite a list:
Effexor 225MG, A.M.
Buspar 60MG, A.M.
Depakote 250MG, A.M. and noon
Propranolol 20MG, A.M. and P.M.
Seroquel 100MG A.M., noon, and P.M.,
Paxil 30MG, P.M.
Hydroxyzine 50MG, P.M.
Klonopin 2MG on an as-needed basis (for anxiety attacks).

I keep alarms set on my phone and sort my pills daily into a divided container to maintain this routine.

A lot of these meds have little to no effect on me. Honestly, I like the klonopin but the addiction factor scares me and I’ll only take it when it feels like the world is ending. Some of this stuff I can miss a dose (or 5) and feel unaffected. The Paxil, Hydroxyzine, Propranolol, Buspar, I can skip those or take them and it doesn’t make a difference. I take them since I have to get blood work done pretty often, and don’t want my doctor to call me noncompliant with treatment.

Effexor, Depakote, and Seroquel cause some crazy wicked withdrawals and I honestly wish I’d never started taking Effexor or Seroquel. Never realized I’d be relying on these things to function once I started. Without seroquel I’m hallucinating, having nightmares, head feels spacey, it’s awful. Effexor is more physical, I’m nauseous and shaking, my brain feels weird and I feel shit mentally. Those are the pills I’ve been taking since I was 16, and I’ve cycled through just about every antidepressant available on the market, including some of the more old-school stuff that isn’t prescribed as much (like Risperdal….ugh).

Sometimes I wonder if life would be different without my meds, but I suppose different could mean psychotic (worse in my opinion).


No. 68415

I used to take Lamictal! It worked well for me, until one day it just didn’t and life went to shit again. Very easy to taper off, didn’t cause me any noticeable physical or emotional discomfort.

No. 68417

I started bupropion in June and it's worked well in the sense that I've been able to go outside and actually keep up with my classes. It really helped with my body dysmorphia as well, though the stress of school and social life shit has trigged my ED again so I'm thinking of upping my dose just for that. It's the first antidepressant I've been on so I'm kind of worried that it's going to bring out the worst side effects. I've only increased dosages with stimulants in the past and that's usually been a bad experience. The only side effect that I've had a problem with is constantly waking up during the night and the weird lucid dreaming.

No. 68448

>8 different psych meds

Anon, I hope you realize how absolutely ridiculous this is. I'm not against medication as a whole, but are you at least seeing a therapist who specializes in trauma in conjunction with all that?

These pills aren't actually doing anything to "fix" you. The trauma you experienced still lives inside you, and until you find someone who can help you integrate those memories and move forward, they will continue to subconsciously effect you in a ways that drugs can only numb.

No. 68512

I tried taking antidepressants but they didn't really work. I guess I never took them long enough. Thankfully my depression has gotten better on its own without me doing much to treat my psychological issues.

Right now I take 10mg Aderall XR for my ADHD. I try not to take it every day. A few days ago I took 20mg and I felt like I was on meth. I fell asleep at 5 in the morning. Lol

How the fuck do these medicines not interfere with each other?

No. 68521

Youcant just stop taking effexor. It will lead to those symptoms you described. Effexor needs to be gradually reduced.
Also search for a trauma therapy, please.

No. 68525

stop just doing what the doctor says then. This is horrifying and I hope you can get off that shit and get better. Find someone who doesn't just care about making money.

No. 68526

I think the US also have a culture that doesn't deal well with negative emotions and everything other than being happy and content is pathologised and medicated away.

No. 68529

My brother, my mom, my grandmother, and two of my aunts have been on Lexapro and say it has helped them 100%. I'm not currently on anything, but tbh I probably should be. I definitely feel existential dread, death anxiety, and ppd (pretty sure I never got over this after giving birth) hanging on me all the time.

No. 74106

File: 1516922903524.jpg (92.55 KB, 800x800, mission-105.jpg)

I got put on Fluoxetine after my counselor p much gave up on me, for a few months but stopped taking it because I still felt as (if not more) shit as I did before. I haven't admitted to the doctor that I still felt suicidal and self harmed more on it (also my libido was non-existent :// ), so I just said I didn't like it. She then prescribed Sertraline but after the first day I had a bit of a meltdown and I was too scared to take them.
I now only take birth control and propranolol for anxiety (works sometimes I guess).

Should I try meds again??? Are there other options (apart from like counselling)???

No. 74111

ive tried a bunch of ssris and the like over a period of a decade, nothing helped.

about 4 years ago i got put on gabapentin, which is an anti epileptic but used off label for anxiety/addiction and it works liek a dream. i also have valium/seroquel as needed.

i was a mental wreck for a decade and now i'm a perfectly functioning adult.

i'm convinced the american health system is a scam. years and years of that shit did nothing for me. i mean they even put me on adderall when i was anorexic, like wtf.

No. 74118

I was on Fluoxetine from the age of 13 to 23. It's ruined me. It left me with occasional slurred speech, a stammer and it's left me with no sexual desire of my own. I also feel like it's taken away some of my capacity to remember things.
From 23 to 25 I was on Citalopram which was even worse. I quit by going cold turkey. I still suffer from depression now but am I fuck ever taking medication for it. It's not worth it. It's like being hugged by someone who doesn't give a shit about you - the action of a hug is nice, but there's nothing behind it - it's so synthetic and feels unkind.

I occasionally take 5HTP which is an amino acid which can help with the synthesis of serotonin. Do some reading on it, but I do find it helps on days/times where I need it most. For the most part though, I get on with my life and have accepted that it's totally okay to be depressed to the level I get to, it's just who I am on a biological level.

Just do what is right for you. If you feel talking therapies will help, go for it. If you can handle life without meds, go or it. Or give something else a try; exercise, dietary alterations, 5HTP. I hope you find something, because fuck meds.

No. 74120

Celebrating 2 years without Seroquel. I'm back to a normal weight. I'm managing my generalized anxiety. I had some little breakdowns this year but nothing landing me in the hospital.
I also stopped seeing my therapist (all our therapists here only do talk therapy and I think I need CBT).
Had some issues again regarding abuse of zolpidem and xanax but got through withdrawals a week ago and am sleeping without anything ATM.

I kind of want to try taking meds again but I know everything I tried was either making me worse (ADs precipitate suicidal thoughts for me) or the side effects were unbeable (tummyaches and weight loss on some ADs or massive weight gain on Seroquel).

I think I'm still clinging to the idea that all I need to get better is find the right magical pill. And it's never going to happen.
I'll always be this anxious mess, I can only cope and get better at managing it.

No. 74125

Propanolol (a beta blocker 40mg once a day) is all I'm taking right now. I couldn't sleep for more than 5/6 hours a night for months, got 10-15 migraines a month, often had nausea and was like, overstimulated by everything (people talking in the background, cars passing etc) which was exacerbated by the fact I moved to a city centre. The propanolol has made a world of difference, no more migraines and I can actually sit down and do coursework for a little bit, getting my life a little more in order so it's now like a bit more of a positive feedback loop.
I normally live in the UK so when I visited home for christmas by some miracle I got a GP appointment and a total of 10 minutes to describe everything that's been going wrong with me and made me want to fucking kill myself at points. About 5 minutes in the guy said there's no way we could cover every one of my problems in detail, and gave me sleeping pills (28 of them), propanolol (a 3 month supply) and the link to some poorly made CBT website.
I don't know what will happen when my meds run out, I'll be here for at least another 3 months after they do so I hope my life will be together enough that I'm not so stressed.

No. 74126

this thread is so depressing. Makes me want to never seek professional help because meds are going to make things much worse. how live?

No. 74127

You have to try, anon. Meds work and are a life-saver for some people but you can't know until you try.

No. 74128

You can probably get the betablockers renewed by another GP easily. I'm eurofag too and my GP throw them by the 100 at me since they are so cheap and non addictive.

No. 74150

Going on meds saved me, because they gave me the temporary safety net I needed to change things. I have bipolar II and BPD and was on Seroquel for 3 years; I completely turned my life around in that time and now I've been medication free since August 2016. I won't pretend things are perfect, but they never ever get as bad as they were pre-med.

No. 263724

God I wish bupropion was available in my country. I know I shouldn't have an opinion on it before I've tried it but from every online testimony I've read it seems like a legit miracle drug

No. 263730

it helped me a lot when I was on it. not on any of my meds anymore due to issues

the only place I can recommend if they don't sell it where you are is some kind of black market site unfortunately

No. 264139

one of the meds i have to take is lamotrigine for temporal lobe epilepsy and to help control my derealisation/personalisation. do any of you anons take that? or have TLE

No. 264206

Tyroxin and progesterone, two pills each. I also have an iud, it's wild out here.

No. 264231

It's akin to a sugar pill for me even when I take a big dose. Which sucks because most depression medications make me asexual and unable to get out of bed or even sick, and Bupropion is supposed to be a good one with few sexual issues. I wish an antidepressant that raises libido existed because I feel happiest when I'm in the mood

No. 270340

Does anyone have experiences with mood stabilizers and libido? My psychiatrist once said that she thinks I might actually be bipolar instead of having major depression since SSRI/SNRIs and Wellbutrin never worked out for me, but the #1 thing I hated about the serotonin antidepressants was how they killed my libido and I still struggle with getting turned on, even though I was on Wellbutrin and have been clean off them for awhile and learning coping skills for depression in therapy. I've read that Lamcital has raised libido in some people, would that be a good choice? I don't solely want it to be horny but I'd like to have my mood swings and mania under control and feel good about my sexuality at the same time, lmao

No. 270342

Yeah, I remember being in group therapy and some people were helped significantly by the first med they tried. Sadly wasn't me.

No. 270358

I'm on Lamictal and would say that my libido remained unchanged. From all I've heard from my psychiatrist and neurologist, it seems like a really good choice, if it works for you it's perfect because side-effects are not severe and not too common.

No. 270361

That's interesting, is your libido high, low, or normal? I read from some people with issues I have from antidepressants (where their sexuality is scorched earth even after stopping the medications for 6+ months and using good porn or spending time with their partners) that it raised their libido. I'd like to read more experiences, but having no change is also better than ruining things.

Does it help with mood instability? That's the main issue I have because I feel more unstable than just the typical depression symptoms. I'm kinda scared of experimenting with medications though because the last time I tried out a new time the side effects made me miss work and I don't want to risk that again. But I really want something to work out since depression and anxiety medications made me worse, and I was told by a professional that most people with "treatment resistant" depression are actually misdiagnosed bipolar.

No. 270375

>I was told by a professional that most people with "treatment resistant" depression are actually misdiagnosed bipolar.
this is really interesting. I've been on 10+ different medications and combos, and while I'm definitely worse when I'm not on any medication, I can't say I've had a lot of success on any of them. I relate to what you said about being more unstable than typical depression. my mood shifts very often, it can be a daily thing. I don't think I've ever experienced mania either so I've never considered it. idk, I thought bpd might be the best explanation for how unstable I feel but the doctor who first suggested it was an inpatient doctor that knew me for a few days. can you have bipolar and bpd? mental health is so messy and I'm so tired of meds.

No. 270402

I think so, BPD is a personality disorder and bipolar is mental. I was almost diagnosed as BPD but instead have PTSD on my record, which is another can of worms since those overlap.

No. 270441

As for libido it's hard to answer because I'm not sure what would the difference between normal and high would be tbh. I would say it's normal? As in I'd enjoy having sex every day but I don't necessarily obsess about it. In my depressive periods it was always (obviously) nonexistent and since I'm on lamotrygine that's not happening anymore. I can definitely see a difference in how hard the mood swings are before and after starting taking it; I still feel things and it's not always great but it's not as extreme as before, and not as long lasting; so it's a huge relief. As far as I know mood stabilizers are never as extreme in side effects as SSRI's are (had some bad experiences with these as well), and your biggest possible concerns would most likely be you being allergic to it or it not working; but still definitely discuss it with your psychiatrist.

No. 270451

I never knew how to measure libido either, but I guess it depends on sexual receptivity to behavior and horniness? Even when my psych took me off SSRIs are replaced them with a high dose of Wellbutrin I was never in the mood even when I did the sex therapy mindfulness (erotica, foreplay, having a sex positive and pro-sex attitude etc.) which sucked because then it killed my relationships and broke things off. It's clear that the libido stuff is a brain chemical thing instead of a psychological issue since the medication was the only thing that changed in my lifestyle for it to happen, but there's no affordable Viagra equivalent for women, so I'm stuck like this even when it's out of my system, and it contributes to my "depression" feelings, but my mood swings/instability and mania tends to cycle or get triggered. I'm going to see if I can get a new psychiatrist for a diagnosis, since the treatment resistant depression=bipolar was a possibility an old one brought up to me, but he still wouldn't give me anything but antidepressants even though they didn't work.

No. 270502

Has any nonnie here tried to find a combination of vitamins to see if it would help fix your issues? I used to be on some antidepressant (I can't remember the name, maybe stared with a v?) I didn't like it so I stopped taking it, I can be okay for a while but feel the depression creeping back, I wondering if taking supplements could possibly help? I obviously wouldn't know what vitamins I could be deficient in without seeing a doctor, but what are some common ones that help with mood stability? I just hate the idea of being reliant on prescription medicine

No. 270518

I think its a neat idea to take some basics, at least a multi vitamin. I personally take vitamin d3, omega 3, vitamin b12 and a multivitamin. It helps but it could be that I'm generally taking better care of myself when I'm taking my vitamins regularly. It could just be a placebo and it also helps me keep somewhat of a morning routine.

No. 270537

Depression can come from low vitamin D often, especially for those with seasonal depression or don't go out often (not making assumptions but this was me as a kid). Magnesium also helped me pretty well with my mood and sleeping issues.

No. 270549

Vitamins are placebo, most of it comes out in your pee. It's better to get what you need from diet and sunlight. They're also not regulated so I don't take any that haven't been prescribed by a doctor for a noted deficiency

No. 270563

Nta but also, if I may add on… i worked at whole foods in the vitamin area, and I dealt with top company reps who would travel store to store and teach their “notes” to the staff so the store could push more of their brands. Theres not enough regulation in the supplement market to assure youre actually taking anything that will help. Most cheap vitamins do flush out. I think adapting your diet to your needs is dar more beneficial and cost effective.

No. 270651

I’m on vraylar and lamictal for my bp 1. My new psych won’t give me my fucking kpins for my ptsd though, so I’ve been having fucking melt downs and horrible insomnia and relapsed really hard on drugs and alcohol.

No. 272184

Has anyone taken Strattera and does it have any bad sexual side effects like antidepressants do? I realize it has some libido/orgasm stuff as some of it's side effects and it's apparently an NRI (no serotonin to the degree of antidepressants but I know SNRIs have that problem) and I value my sex life a lot, but I really need help with my ADD.

No. 345701

Does anyone else here take Xywav/Xyrem?

No. 345702

these pronouns getting out of hand

No. 345714

Kek. It's basically ghb. Feeling weird after being rxed for a year and a half

No. 376466

Anyone have any success with medication for insomnia? For me SSRI-type drugs make my jaw clench so the only thing that works is diphenhydramine (benadryl), which is terrible for you. Being able to consistently sleep would fix like half of the problems in my life. I've been to the doctor many times for it over the year and they do jack shit despite not being able to sleep for several days at time, how hard for you was it to get prescribed something harder than an SSRI?

No. 376468

I got on mirtazapine last year and it's been great so far, not really experiencing any negative side effects and it improved my sleep alot and my appetite too. It was my doctor who put me on it when I told her ssris were making me feel sick.

No. 376480

Anons any experiences with amitriptyline and propranolol? Doc gave me amitriptyline to help me sleep so I stop waking up so many times a night (would ami help with this?) but im not sure about the popran, I read it slows your heart and lowers blood pressure but I feel like my anxiety is more mental than physical? Sure I feel weird in my body and a little tight but its mainly my mind racing about awful thoughts

No. 376554

I took propranolol for a short amount of time. I had to stop because I could physically feel my blood pressure being lowered, and it at times made me feel light headed. It's also short-acting, which can be both helpful and a hinderance depending on how it affects you. People with "performance anxiety" often use it because it's a beta blocker so you aren't addled with adrenaline every time you do something stress-inducing. It's really helpful if you become disabled by your anxiety at times, like stage fright or panic attacks with seemingly minor causes.

I've been on Prozac for … two years now? 20 mg, so not a high dose. It has legitimately changed my life for the better. I also take vyvanse for ADHD. Prozac was far more helpful for the emotional issues associated with ADHD, the rumination, the sensitivity, the negative feelings you produce when you procrastinate or are "stuck" and can't switch tasks. However, Vyvanse has still positively helped me with switching tasks, organizing tasks, managing time, and managing the intensity of my focus. I doubted that it was less prone to abuse, but it is in fact difficult to abuse. You feel nothing re-dosing in comparison to adderall. The only downside is I could only start taking Vyvanse once my insurance would cover it and I could afford the co-pay. I'm actually taking a generic version now… that's probably why it's more affordable - the generic version of Vyvanse hit the American markets right at the end of 2023.

No. 376558

Never took amitriptyline, but I did take propranolol. I stopped taking it because it made me fall asleep at a pretty important work meeting and I got in big trouble. It frankly didn't help me that much with anxiety, it just made me drowsy. My anxious roommate accidentally took some when she was trying to take her meds that looked similar, and it also made her fall asleep. I bet it'd be good for insomnia or acute anxiety spikes like >>376554 mentioned. I once took some during a panic attack and it did help it stop quicker, but it just wasn't something I could take regularly for anxiety maintenance. I wanted it to work because I also have POTS and beta blockers are supposed to be helpful with it, but it just made me too damn sleepy and didn't touch my actual anxiety. Honestly, no meds ever have except for Klonopin, but it's way too easy to get addicted to.

No. 376575

Currently on lamotrigane and experiencing extremely bad drool mouth, swelling around my inner lips and teeth and painful painful gums. I have natural gum recession but there are periods esp when I increased dosage where it fucking pains me. Has anyone else on Lamo / Lamictal experienced a similar reaction? I read somewhere that swelling and pain in your mouth can be an early onset sign of the rash, but I've shown no symptoms of it otherwise. My mouth pain has gotten much worse since my upping from 100 to 150 mg. I'm going to consult with a dentist but if I see any signs of the rash or the gum pain persists I want to change drugs.

2nd stupid question- there any other bipolar medications, namely mood stabilizers that won't make you gain weight? It seems like it's from person to person. I lost about 5-10 lbs on lamo and I am extremely paranoid about weight gain. Almost everything Dr Google recommends for non weight gain besides lamo are antipsychotics like latuda and abilify. I had a bad experience in the past with seroquil so I'm hesitant about antipsychotics

No. 376582

I'm probably going to stop taking it. I'll call my doctor day after tomorrow. Mouth pain is so unbearable I can't sleep. This is worse than just my usual gum recession issues, the pain is spreading through my entire body from my mouth. Oh god why did this have to happen to me side effects aside it was helping my mood

No. 376609

No, never got this, but my friend did and she hated it. I just got the facial tingling and brain fog at 400mg. Couldn't find good meds for mood stuff, lithium made me gain weight. Good luck nona, sorry you're experiencing this.

No. 376625

Give it a couple more nights, floss, keep rinsing the area with saltwater, and if it doesn't stop, then I will call doc. I also woke up feeling like I ground my teeth and superbly nauseous. It could be due to the gum issues but I doubt they'd escalate and swell so fast.

There's no upside to being bipolar. All the medications suck, are highly individualistic so it's impossible to tell if you'll lose, gain, or have horrendous side effects or not, and when you're off meds you're a complete headcase. I hate this fucking condition so much and I'm bridled with sensory issues and a former eating disorder, why do I have to be like this? I don't have time nor money to be experimenting with every mood stabilizing drug or antipsychotic under the sun

No. 376630

I tried this for a mood disorder and it made me starving 24/7. Might still be worth a try though, I definitely found latuda more comfortable than seroquel (and you might get lucky and not get the ravenous hunger issue).

No. 376656

The side effect of latuda I worry about is the nausea and vomiting. I may ask my doctor. I know it's technically an antipsychotic but it may be worth the shot. someone I knew said she took it at night, which I prefer. The other thing the friend warned me about was weird dreams

I woke up today and feel better, I'll try taking the lamo tonight and see if the symptoms persist. Instead of taking it after dinner I'll take it right before bed. I'm on my period so I'm wondering if my hormones are fucking with me to cause the discomfort

No. 376727

Samefag, nevermind, I just developed symptoms of the rash in the shower. Red bumps and spots. Fear taking it tonight. Will call doctor tomorrow and I feel like hurling a lamp at the wall.

No. 376832

Yes, if this happens, you are supposed to stop taking it ASAP. I'm sorry nona, it's so frustrating to deal with meds that have such awful side effects. I hope you have better luck with the next one you try. I didn't take Latuda, but I did take other atypical antipsychotics (I tried Abilify, Invega, Seroquel, and Risperdal) and they all had side effects I couldn't compromise on. Abilify made me unable to focus on literally anything, my brain felt like it was short circuiting all the time. Invega made me suicidal, Seroquel turned me into a zombie, Risperdal made me dissociate. Etc. So I would say keep your expectations very low if you're looking into atypical antipsychotics with the hope that they'll have less severe side effects. Good luck with whatever you try next.

No. 376853

So I'm using liraglutide for my hormonal issues, I mostly have issues with managing my insulin.
The good things: of course I've been losing weight, I don't get all weak nor tremble when I'm hungry, my cravings for sweets and fatty foods are almost dead, I have more hair on my head so now it's more dense, I don't have as much thick hairs on my hips or under my chin as before and I feel more focused even.
The weird things: whenever I try to go for a higher dose I feel like I will throw up regardless of what I eat, now I only want to eat basic foods and very small portions like a weird ass anachan or a toddler, I also crave ice for some reason?
The annoying part is that I've been using this medication for months already, like 4 or 5 months, and I still take a low dose, because the moment I try to use a higher dose, I feel like I could just eat only once or twice a day and call it a day, but of course I can't do that because I live with my parents and they don't want me to skip meals. And when I keep a low dose, like 1.2, I get cravings and it's annoying to fight them, I mean, I can just not eat shit which it's something I've been doing for a while before I even started taking the medication, but having a family that seems to want me to never get better is hard, because they always offer me sweet stuff or fatty foods and no matter how many times I tell them that I don't need them, they always find a way to make me try or eat them, so my fat fatty fat fat brain gets happy with the not so healthy food it consooms.

No. 376876

Seroquil was the AP I was on before and it gave me horrendous zombie syndrome too, like I'd taken one too many klonos or was barred out on xans. I haven't taken any APs since out of fear. I talked to a psychiatrist friend who's not my doc and she said lithium is very tricky and will likely make me gain, so I guess that's a no no. Haven't had any rash or weirdness since last night. I forgot to call doc today

I read sore throat, mouth problems, flu like symptoms and small "rashes" can happen between dosage without it being SJS or the rash, but I'm gonna consult with doctor nonetheless if we should down the dosage or go off completely. The "rash" I developed has thus far just been pustule dots and redness that fades but I don't want to take the chance. Real shame, it was working for my mood. This dosage sans side effects made me feel so damn relaxed and contented the first few days. Ruin a good thing.

No. 376904

I take cbd oil for my anxiety which has manifested into physical symptoms. However I also take supplements (vitamins) from time to time, would taking NAC get rid of the cbd oil in my system? I know it helps cleanse the liver so I wonder if I should not take my oil if I'm taking NAC that day?

No. 376941

I take pregabalin for chronic pain in my vulva, out of all places kek. It's ok, I'm still in pain every day but at least it reduced it by a lot. It used to be so bad that I wanted to kill myself. Now I'm still limited because sometimes it gets really bad again, it isn't consistent relief, but at least I can mostly function. But still, I can't have a partner or active social life for as long as I'm in pain. I can't maintain relationships.
Idk if they could be giving me something better, I don't know much about pain medications. There probably could but I don't think I'll get it, since doctors are paranoid about people "becoming addicted". I heard it's really bad in the US and doctors regularly get thrown in prison for helping people who live in pain.
One side effect of pregabalin I hate is weight gain. I gained almost 10 kg, now I'm working to lose them.

No. 376957

Swelling on your face is bad and you definitely shouldn't take it any more before consulting your doctor, I have a vague memory that where I live it might even be considered an emergency that warrants immediate medical consultation but it has been a few years since I last read the instructions.

No. 376968

AYRT. Found out my doctor is closed on Fridays. I'll call her Monday. Thanks for further input

I read somewhere that swelling can also be sign of a blood disorder and I am a former self harmer so it's always sat at the back of my mind that I'm more sensitive to meds now because I've let a lot of blood in the past 2 years. My levels only said my HG was a little high the last time they took my blood though

No. 385013

>allergic reaction to lamotrigane that caused my lymph nodes to nearly burst and chest to rash
>struck out at 5mg abilify and can only function at 2.5mg otherwise akathisia is unbearable
>found out caplyta isn't covered under insurance and have to go back to doc again

my insurance is shit, so should I try and keep at abilify low dose and add an anti anxiety pill or just switch to another antipsychotic that's not $450 a scrip. I'm afraid latuda and seroquil will make me gain weight and I'm a former anachan so I really don't want to. I didn't gain much weight on abilify though

No. 385014

I'd say you should maybe try to keep the low dose Abilify and add an anti-anxiety pill if you know the Abilify is helping you at the 2.5mg. Bouncing around antipsychotics is really hard on your body and mind. Doing that made my life a living hell. Abilify gave me horrible akathisia too. Psych switched me to Seroquel, which made me gain weight that was very hard to lose and also knocked me the fuck out in a weird zombiefied way. I slept for 16 hours on it once. Then she put me on Invega made me the most suicidal I've ever been in my life, like I started giving my belongings away and was really happy and serene about my impending death. After all this I said no more antipsychotics. Honestly, I think psychs only push them so hard because it's supposed to be an "all-in-one" solution so you don't have to take more than one med, but they're so notorious for the side effects it makes no sense to me. Plus insurance can be very finicky about which it will cover.

I think the "med cocktail" approach can be useful here. They put me on a combo of Prozac, Wellbutrin, and Lamictal (with Klonopin on an as-needed basis.) Not sure what they'd put you on. But honestly, I stopped taking my meds a few months ago because the stress of fighting with insurance, med management when you travel or mood (and the withdrawal symptoms), with low efficacy made me so miserable. Good luck whatever you choose, but be very wary of antipsychotics, they are very powerful and poorly tolerated for many.

No. 385046

I've only been on Seroquil before abilify years ago and it turned me into a zombie, I was on it very briefly. I'd rather stick at a low or half dosage of an antipsychotic if it's helping at all. I still have some akathisia symptoms but they're not unmanageable at 2.5mg, maybe we can lower to 2. I was on a "cocktail" of Buspirone and Lamictal once upon a time, but I lost my insurance and had to stop taking my meds for 2 years. Going without meds isn't exactly viable for me. Without them I went bonkers and fell into self harm and addiction the worst I had in ages. When I fell ill as a result of taking Lamictal/lamotrigane two months after I restarted, I was heartbroken. It worked for me otherwise with fairly minimal side effects, hence why I took it in the first place.

I'm afraid to go back on lamotrigane after my reaction at a lower dosage, and so is my doctor. I'm going to tell her I'd rather just stay on a half dosage abilify and try adding a support drug. I hope she understands. She'll understand in the very least that I can't afford caplyta when I tell her it's $400+ and not covered kek. Thank you for your advice!

No. 385057

File: 1710433637732.jpeg (75.96 KB, 750x750, IMG_5345.jpeg)

Samefag, turns out caplyta may be covered or my doctors request to exception it was approved. the manufacturer who produces its discount card and my insurance company were part of a massive hack. So nobody can apply any discounts or see approvals at my pharmacy and the doctors office can't see much either because the companies are cleaning up the fallout.

doctor's office will give me some samples for a few weeks for free. if all else fails I'm going back to my original plan of support drug and cocktail. This really isn't the doctors or the pharmacies fault, it's shit luck piled on top of shit luck

I hate America

No. 385600

It's been years since I took abilify, but has anyone else had the side effect of it giving you a walking limp? It worked pretty well for me dealing with a panic disorder, but that one side effect pretty much had me turbo kick my therapy in the ass because I couldn't have the medication for very long. Coworkers thought I had been in a bad car crash lmao.

No. 385603

It hurt my legs and my muscles in general yes except most of my pain is/was centralized around me having my wrists cramp up worst of all, and I'd constantly be cracking my joints

No. 389027

>lamotrigane worked for years, stopped taking, restart, works swimmingly for 7 weeks then almost chokes me to death when tiering up dosage
>abilify akathisia nightmare, hopping on the bad decisions train, extremo mania and spergy pacing
>caplyta farts, burps and gerd oh my, followed by crippling return of the crying attacks and cold shivers
>buspirone used to work few years ago, restart, also gives me severe gastro hangups and renders me insomniac for a week

oh nonnies my nonnies will psych meds ever work for me again or is my body now too autistic to handle big papi pharma

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