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No. 58494

does anyone here have a large amount of followers online?

recently one of my posts blew up and i gained 10k followers in the course of a week. i wasn't trying to gain followers, it just happened one day.. of course i'm not really 'famous' but there's a lot of attention on me at the moment.

my main problem is the creepy men. it literally happened overnight, so i didn't have a chance to put my account on private. i enjoy interacting with my new followers, but some of the comments and DMs i get make me really uncomfortable. mainly porn/voyeurism accounts messaging me.
share your stories about internet attention here i guess!

No. 58495

I've always kinda wanted to be popular online, but I don't think I'd ever be dedicated enough to keep at it long enough for that to happen. I can't even participate regularly in communities because I'm too lazy, except lolcow but that's almost only lurking so not much effort. I don't mind it anyways. Getting a hundred of likes on new profile pictures on facebook will have to do.
Plus I know I get way too obsessed, having a following would not be healthy for me. I only have like 100 followers on Instagram, mostly IRL acquaintances, yet I check way too often if anybody else liked my new pic when I post one. I feel like I should stay away and use my time for hobbies and studying I guess.

What kind of post went viral, OP? Details!

No. 58497

it was just a picture of myself, a few popular accounts reposted it and then it ended up on the explore page. i went from 100 to 10k followers, it was all so sudden and a little scary.
the bad part is i feel like i really can't post what i want anymore- there's a clear distinction in the likes if that makes sense. i also feel pressured to take pictures that i know my followers will like, and i have to post every other day at least. i'm hoping that ultimately i can make something good come out of having this sudden following.
funny thing is when i was actually trying to get followers, nothing happened. then i posted a selfie before i went to sleep and everything blew up.
i was hoping other girls on here also have a following because i wanna talk about it with someone who can relate, but i don't wanna dm random IG famous girls about lol.

No. 58498

*about it
sorry for typos i'm on mobile!

No. 58499

I wasn't popular on tumblr for my looks, but it was for art. I'm still semi-popular, like I get about 100-200 in notes every few days despite the fact I do not post anymore at all. I found it a little overwhelming. A lot of people wanted to be my friend solely to get me to draw things for them which I eventually came to grips with and learned how to vet the actual friends from the hanger ons.

I liked the exposure, and I appreciate the commissions and opportunities that came from it but it got to difficult to balance my actual art work in a studio and my fanart stuff. I realised I was spending so much time on tumblr that I wasn't actually enjoying the attention anymore and it was a hassle to keep up with drawing for fanzines and fancomics and shit. I burnt out. I pretty much quite cold turkey, left most of the art up but deleted the porn stuff because I was worried potential employers might run across it.

It's weird to think about at times but I'm happier now without the attention. I just want to draw what I want.

No. 58500

Nah. I can't be assed to post my pics on social media

No. 58501

Ah, I should add this was like years ago and when tumblr was first starting out so it was easier to get noticed for art then. Now it's kinda flooded with fanart.

No. 58503

I wouldn't mind being popular because I really like to help people, while at the same time I easily get overwhelmed with only a few asks lol

I have currently 4.5k followers, it's not much but I like the amount of attention I get. Kind of gave up on the fame tho. It's really hard unless you're pretty, really talented or collow trends.

No. 58504

it probably sounds retarded but this is basically my dream, anon :( I wish I could figure out how to do this

No. 58506

What do you mean? Get famous?

I mean…it takes some effort but I'm sure one could build a decent following with enough dedication

No. 58516

i try but only have a small hundred followers. ive tried hashtagging the life out of my posts, selfies are my most popular but none of my posts get over 100 likes.

No. 58523

honestly internet popularity seems exhausting. i haven't posted anything on facebook since november, my instagram is private, and i don't post about myself on my tumblr much at all. i don't trust the anonymous hordes and don't want their approval

No. 58537

beautiful people are pleasing to the eye. and just like you said, it does make people wish they looked a certain way. its all about fantasizing about improving your looks and reveling in self hatred. people are easily addicted to superficial bs

No. 58565

>a few popular accounts reposted it
Whoa, instagram allows you to do that now?

No. 58567

A ton of instagram posts are reposts?

No. 58568

I don't use instagram so I don't know.

No. 58571

Now you do (:

No. 58578

You can screenshot and tag, or use a repost app that does it for you. Either way I think anon mean that people re-uploaded her photo and tagged her in it.

No. 58580

I got instagram around halloween last year because eveyone convinced me that I should put my art out there and that insta was a way better platform than anything else. I've been sitting at 180 followers since I started and get an average of 40 likes per photo. I somewhat regret getting insta because I see people who do shit work (like copied work or something) and they get 100s if not 1000s of likes. I've learned it's mostly just marketing yourself, not just being good at art.

I did get one photo on tumblr of myself to 4k notes. Not much happened afterwards.

No. 58590

Did you tag like clothes/makeup companies or any of those promo pages for it get to reposted so much? Im curious how you could go from 100-10k so fast honestly, I'm jealous.

Ive had pictures reposted by clothing companies before, when I very first started insta I went from 50 follows to 250 very quickly from that but that was a year ago now Ive made only 100 more followers since then. Im too ashamed to use hashtags, a friend of mine is pretty popular on insta and reckons if I started using hashtags I could gain loads of followers easy, but I think they look really embarrassing on posts

No. 58593

yeah i never used hashtags because i think they ruin a post. i didn't tag any accounts, i think a semi-popular outfit account already followed me and they reposted my picture. then the picture i posted ended up on the explore page, which is where i got 5k followers from. now every time i post an outfit i gain around 2k and it gets on the explore page.

No. 58596

Your story is actually interesting, OP-chan. So it can happen super fast like this, huh?
I think the easiest way to get semi-famous in insta is to do glam makeup. Even if you're not very beautiful, even if you're ugly, heavy makeup can transform it into 'interesting'. And people on insta just love them baddie selfies.
Another thing, outfits. Preferably something vintage-looking, tumblrish, while still instatrendy - like fishnets, mom jeans, vans, skater clothes. Be egdy. Be cool with the kids. Voila

No. 58599

100 to 10k overnight for a selfie? Now I'm curious

No. 58609

I used to be one of those relatively "famous" photo whores after my pics got spread a lot from around circa 2008 onwards until around 2016. Occasionally the odd photo will cross my eyes though.
I only held onto one of my online accounts but deleted practically everything there spare random bullshit no one cares about with no face involved.
I like the peace and there's no worries about being doxxed anymore.
It had its ups and downs, and admittedly I do miss the attention every once in a while but I prefer it this way obviously.

No. 58619

Years ago, I used to be fairly popular with a certain fandom on Tumblr. I have a "canon url" and did shitty silly cosplays that folks found funny. It was fun for a while, until I was leaving class (uni) and someone stopped me to say "hey, it's USERNAME!". They didn't say much other than the hello before running off, and they never contacted me in any way afterwards. Even though they were probably just an awkward but well-meaning kid, it creeped me out enough to scale back a lot of my "public" interactions.

No. 58625

I had a similar situation as you a while back. Thing is a lot of those creepy men still followed me for years and never stopped. What's worse is the ones that are super inappropriate and if you ban them they retaliate by making more accounts. There needs to be some way that mutes them without them knowing.

In the meantime just post whatever you want. Don't pay attention to the comments or likes unless you're trying to make money out of this.

No. 59269

maybe a bit OT, but how do you ward off pervs commenting or DMing you? i'm only interested in female followers with similar interests (kawaii/fashion/selfie account) and was trying to think of effective ways to not be contacted by men. I was thinking putting in my description that I'm married or something lol

No. 59270

Works like a charm on some of them, give it a try, but there will always be guys who will think they can score or just be creepy

No. 62178

OP i'm jealous. i really want to at least grow on instagram. i'm actually trying pretty hard. obsessing over pictures i'm thinking about posting, trying to do a theme, using hashtags yet i still stay at the same ~300.. i don't know what i'm doing wrong

No. 62187

You're ugly

No. 62194

Honestly I'm really glad to hear of your success OP. But I must say I am jealous since I've been trying to make something of myself on social media for a couple years now and growing in popularity seems to be based on luck more than anything else.

I have taken up streaming on Twitch recently so I'm kind of hoping to boost myself up that way considering I stream 6 days out of the week.

No. 62229

My gay ass is still curious about how OP must look like

No. 62290

I have a big tumblr following but not at all on instagram. I've tried lots of things but i feel like its so flooded its impossible.

i had something go viral on tumblr years ago and it basically was why i have any following now.

i wish a selfie of mine could get big, lol mines get the least likes :(

No. 62301

And you're edgy

No. 62307

Follow accounts that post stuff similar to yours (who aren't uber famous, because those will certainly ignore you) in hopes they'll follow back. Perhaps try to strike a friendship with some of them and they might mention you sometime.

No. 62330

I have a very small following on tumblr, sometimes I wish it was a bit bigger, especially for the blogs that I put more effort into, the largest is just a main account for shitposting rather than anythin with a lot of effort. But I'm rather content with that following only ever being a few hundred or thousand at a time.

It's currently around 400 for my main, and I'm friends with quite a few of them.

No. 62349


my tumblr is nearly 10 years old and i have maybe 50 followers, is "a few hundred" that small?

No. 62356

(Different anon)

There are some people with 12k+ followers and they still aren't as famous/well known as those with 20k+

I currently got 4.5k and well… I'm an absolute nobody, despite making my own content etc.

So yes, a few hundred is a small number. But it can def feel bigger if the people interact with you

No. 62358

My current growth on tumblr is about 1k per year despite putting quite a bit of effort to post original/visually interesting content and it's such a bummer.

I just can't figure out what works to grow at a faster rate. My instagram is a younger account so I feel the growth there is a lot better but I've hit a plateau with tumblr, I seem to lose a lot followers as well (despite avoiding text posts) but I feel like the core of my followers are still jfashion related blogs so I wonder if it's the kink/ddlg community who unfollow when they realize my blog very much isn't about that.

No. 62359

Ugh yes. It's really hit or miss with the content.
I guess the easiest way to actually get popular is to be relatable and talk to people, which sucks, but it works.

Have you tried using statcounter, meta tags or google search console? It usually shows which pages people visit the most and with which keywords they found your blog.

It doesn't increase the follower number, but who know, it might help

No. 62389

I think it really depends on what your blog is about. I make masterposts, guides and graphics (Like those motivational images you see,I fucking hate them, but some have over 1k reblogs and likes, so why not) And I still posts selfies and "life updates" but honestly no one really cares about that.

The bigger social networks get, the harder it is to stand out. Unless you have something others want (pretty face, nice body, money), no one is going to care.

No. 62390

The fuck? How do you even get followers? I've been on tumblr 5 years and only have 500 followers. Even though people seem to love my content- my posts get a ton of notes but no one actually follows me.

No. 62391

Do you use tags? Does your blog have a theme? (as in actual theme and blog theme) Do you follow people back? Like their posts in tags? Or comment on them?

I found that liking new posts in the tags gets you the most attention, especially if you're the first to like.

No. 62429

Also, submit to bigger blogs. This works especially well if you run a nsfw blog but it works for any. That and joining networks of similar blogs, which are making a comeback on the blue hellsite. High quality, unique OC is definitely the most surefire way to get followers.

No. 62441

File: 1496837942075.png (21.33 KB, 320x240, ps2-youweirdo.png)

No. I've never been "famous" outside of a couple of places on GameFAQs.

With Youtube I went and picked the wrong damn game to obsess over. no one cares about old school Phantasy Star. But that's the hill I chose to sperg on.

Had I picked Mario or Final Fantasy for my glitch and hacking exhibitions I might have a decent amount of subscribers now. Sucks because I've done stuff no one to my knowledge has done before.

Oddly enough my most watched video is for an ancient MSX game that pretty much no one has heard of. I was amazed that it's gotten like 1200 views. So I guess someone cares about Ashguine after all. Maybe I should do MSX games more often. They don't get enough love.

The downside to any hacking or glitching is that people tend to think that you are 1337 and start asking for all sorts of help. I once had someone dogging me about a game I had never played that I couldn't help him with. It went on for months. No matter how many times I told him that I couldn't hack this game because my skills were very limited he still bugged me. I think I ended up blocking him.

My main gaming interest is Japanese games from 30 years ago that no one cares about. So I can't get big in the gaming circles. The circles I'm in are so tiny that no one notices them. And unfortunately I can't really read Japanese. I can recognise some characters because of the Tomodachi Collection fan translation. I got to the point where I could use the hiragana keyboard without a guide too. Then I stopped playing when I got the 3DS version in English. I really regret not learning more Japanese. I really do.

It seems that on Tumblr I've gotten somewhat popular for posting Bob's Burgers screenshots. Well more popular than I would have guessed. If you post screens from popular cartoons you will get reblogs and follows fast. Too bad I don't like Stephen Universe.

Sometimes people like my art. But not many. I'm not really an artist and I like doing unpopular characters.

It seems that outside of very insular communities like GameFAQs boards I am not cool enough for the internet. I kinda would like better recognition. But when I see people screaming over the same games I've uploaded and getting lots of views I realise that I'm not doing it right. Maybe I need to get a mic and yell stupid stuff while playing Sonic.

I think deep down I'd like to be just a little famous. But my interests make me a gaming weirdo.

No. 62442

*Steven Universe. Now I feel dumb.

No. 62445

It's usually good to be in a niche, it just takes a lot longer to gain a following. You can still learn Japanese, nothing is stopping you there.

Otherwise, try to mix it with some semi-popular games and get people interested in your niche. Make an introduction video or something, otherwise they might not even know where to start with it and if they would like it.

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