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File: 1492625022369.jpg (194.55 KB, 837x1080, sarcastic_zodiac_by_alex_lamb-…)

No. 58509

Do you believe in astrology? Are you anything like your sign? What about Chinese zodiac? Talk about the world's favourite pseudoscience here.

No. 58511

why do u niqqas never check the catalog

No. 58515


it's one fucking year old you dumb fuck.

No. 58521

Yeah I'm pretty much a textbook Taurus, but I don't believe in astrology, it's just pure fun.

No. 58522

i think my signs are quite accurate (virgo sun / scorpio moon / virgo rising), tho some of my planet placements are wack, like having pluto in the 2nd house is not me at alllll

anyway it's fun

No. 58524

i really want to know what my ascending sign is, but my mom doesn't know my exact birth hour (obviously, she was busy pushing out a baby from her vagina) and i don't feel like digging out my birth certificate for a frivolous thing like this.

No. 58528

I'm a Scorpio and I fit the stereotype perfectly. Most of my friends are also fit theirs to a tee as well. I don't even believe in astrology, but I do find it interesting how it seems that people born at the same times of the year tend to behave similarly.

No. 58534

I'm a Libra, but I really don't think that I fit into any of the defining characteristics of that star sign. I hate people for one thing.

No. 58535

I do, for fun. I don't read daily horoscopes but I do think that signs have certain traits. I worked desk at a doctors office and to pass the time I'd try to guess new patients signs. After a few months I was pretty good at it, more often right than wrong. I don't tell anyone because of the 'crazy astrology lady' stereotype.

I'm a Scorpio and I fit all the classic traits- secretive, quiet, bit of a weirdo, distrustful, etc

No. 58536

and it's still there for a reason. regardless, we have one from just a few months ago. maybe you should relax and learn to check the catalogs

No. 58539

File: 1492639864803.png (126.34 KB, 365x382, 1466702868315.png)

I'm a sagittarius and I don't give a shit and often want to die. Accurate innit

No. 58541

File: 1492641683731.jpg (77.02 KB, 600x400, a-skeleton-smoking.jpg)

we're one and the same. thank the gods we got a great sense of humor

No. 58542

>I hate people
I'd note you're venus and moon signs instead. You might be looking at leo or scorpio placed there. However, you are always your sun sign and live your life accordingly, despite your "personality". You might be immature, "bipolar", co-dependent/desire even partnerships, prone to attention-seeking/loves attention, superficial, and prefers compromise and/or the "middle-ground". Those have all been the hallmarks of Libras for me.

No. 58566

find out your moon and rising signs from a natal chart! i find that while rising and sun signs can fit personalities and "vibes"; the moon signs starts showing the more you get to know someone and their thinking processes. I personally find libra moons to embody the libra stereotype moreso than the suns: reliant on substances, co-dependent and always in a relationship, easily swayed, artistic etc
most capricorn suns i've met seem to be a bit more wild in comparison to capricorn moons… it's probably because their sun would have progressed natally into aquarius. as a capricorn moon, i find that i and other capricorn moons seem to fit the "cautious and square" stereotype more so than the capricorn suns i've met.
in the same vein, aquarian sun women actually give off an aquarian/pisces vibe. they're a lot more dreamier and feminine than you would expect (think kathleenlights). it really depends on the entirety of your natal chart.

No. 58611

The shit's fun sometimes and then a convoluted mess with all there is to it.
I don't believe it to be all that accurate though.
But then again, I notice there's the whole star sign, sun sign, ascendant signs/descendant signs with moon sign rising and all this shit involved that I had no idea of prior so I'm back to square one with all this shit.

As far as I know I have the qualities of being a peacemaking, self-righteous brat alongside being a mad genius and I have no idea how that works since basically every damned planet is involved in everything with astrology with relation to birth charts.

TL;DR Someone explain to me why every astrological sign is involved in a birth chart making each one equally important by the looks of things but then why only three matter despite everything supposedly mattering?

No. 58616

Can anyone else discuss with me the emotional hell and torture that are Gemini men?

No. 58623


Forreal, they are a nightmare

No. 58624

i'm a leo. i didn't know there were other parts to your sign, i'll have to have a further look.

i don't think i easily fit into leo stereotyping. i'm pretty introverted and easily embarrassed when attention is drawn to me. stubborn, too.

the guy i was with until recently was a capricorn and i feel like he was 100% true to that sign (total nightmare). he's actually put me off capricorns, just in case.

No. 58652

Hi! I'm Wildchild! I'm a libra!

No. 58657

No namefagging

No. 58658


Hi! What is your space sign?

No. 58669

Hi! Fuck off

No. 58670


Be nice to wild child :c

No. 58674

I'm a Gemini and I hate it because it means I must be two-faced.
Then again, I am posting on here, so.

No. 58675

Speaking as a male, my star sign is Aries.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 58681

speaking as a woman,

No. 58682

sun in pisces, moon in libra, so just fuck me up. venus in the 8th house, lotsa luv and great sex they say, financial gain through marriage/partnership. too bad i'm a virgin and most likely ace/aro. explain yourself, astrology.

No. 58690

Sun & rising sun in Pisces, moon in Leo. I fit the Pisces stereotype (absentminded, escapist, sensitive). Moon in Leo is more ambiguous, different websites have different traits?

No. 58707

Libra rising, Virgo sun, Taurus moon

I don't believe in astrology, but I have dissociation/identity issues so it's reassuring to me sometimes to read about my signs lol

No. 58708


every astrological sign is involved because each of them are said to "rule" a planet and what house they end up in determines the strength or absence of their influence. the newspaper sun sign astrology characteristics are universal so you can use those stereotypes to interpret them in your chart.

midheaven/MC represents the overall "theme" to your life, rising sign/ascendant represents the first impression you give off to others, sun sign is what friends/family see, moon sign is your inner most self others don't see. mercury sign represents intelligence and communication, venus is love and money, and mars is how you deal with conflict. these planets are the most important to your natal chart because they are the fastest moving, so they cause the most variation from chart to chart and are the strongest influencers. jupiter sign represents fortune and insight (some signs like cancer and pisces are considered "psychic", so if you have one of those signs in jupiter, then an astrologist would probably infer that you have high emotional intelligence based on only your chart). saturn, uranus, neptune, and pluto all move really slow from house to house, so they are more meant to reflect the state of society at the time of your birth rather than you. chiron in your chart can mean good luck, but lilith is an omen. north node represents skills you need to develop in this life time while south node represents ones you have over developed in previous ones.

there's 12 houses on the astrological wheel and they also have associated meanings and signs. i'm not gonna list all of them because they are easy to look up, but here's an example of how to read them. the 1st house governs the self and is ruled by aries, which rules the planet mars. lets say your sun sign and moon sign are both aries and mars is in your 1st house, then that would imply that you very much embody the aries stereotype because the signs are strongest when the planets are in their respective houses. if there are no planets in your 1st house, then you probably don't relate much to your sun or moon sign, and might find it more useful to read about the signs that show up in other houses.

No. 58717


that's why so many people do them but they are not aware of it , people likes to find anything they can relate to

No. 58722

I'm a Leo too anon, pretty accurate to my sign too. It can depend on what part of the month your birthday lands on too. If you're late July/early August/mid-August/later August it all depends.

No. 58729


Really? That makes me feel much better then. I always thought people used astrology to try and ~predict the future~

My sense of self is so fragmented that I view my chart as proof that I exist as a real person. I have birth date and time… therefore, I am? hahaha, fuck my stupid brain

No. 58731

oh hi! thanks for replying. what are your leo traits? :)

i'm 12th of august - i actually went away and looked at my ascending/sun/moon altogether, and saw how they interplay. it was actually really accurate - more so than the straight sun sign. i'm floored.

i mean i still don't logically believe in astrology but at the same time it's nice to have something to relate to and feel understood.

No. 58739

Thoughts on cusps?
I like somebody who is a Gemini-Cancer cusp and I want to trick myself into believing that their Cancer traits will make up for their flighty Gemini ones lol.

No. 58743

Different anon but I was born aug 14th so hi almost birthday twin

I dont buy into astrology so much but I think it's fun/harmless stuff. I'm introverted and generally I'm a wallflower but I try to emulate leo traits that i admire.

No. 58775

If they're a girl, it's not too bad. It's tiring to deal with a gemini but they're open, curious and goofy generally. Gemini guys are literal trash though and my most psycho ex was a cancer, so tread carefully imho.

No. 58782

I love reading about astrology, everyone I've made a full birth chart for has been super accurate.

I'm Leo sun, Sagittarius moon, Cancer ascendant, Gemini venus, Cancer mars, Pisces midheaven. Pretty shitty placements tbh, I get all the hypersensitivity of water and none of it's depth, and all of the impulsivity of fire and none of it's drive. I really hope I age into my personal planets. I also have a bunch of Capricorn houses so I hope to one day pull myself up and actually do something that matters.

No. 58814

File: 1492996151294.png (84.72 KB, 540x456, tumblr_oiehwoAU6y1ufjywdo1_540…)

I think the general consensus in the wider Astrology community is that cusps are bs but I don't know.

Anyway, here's my chart - feel free to roast or drag me or whatever else.

No. 58819

yo you seem knowledgeable about astrology. help me understand this paradox:
i have a scorpio ascendant but with a leo MC and saturn in the 5th house, pluto in the 1st. in many ways, this seems to counter act and negate each other, after all scorpio and pluto are secretive, with saturn in the 5th limiting self expression yet the "theme" of my chart is one of "leo" which i fail to relate to symbolically. how can i break down these aspects to understand the nuances more cohesively?

No. 58824

File: 1493006814277.jpg (173.72 KB, 750x750, tumblr_onjnv3dCSh1tx7a3io1_128…)

Taurus Sun, Pisces Rising, Libra Moon!
I fit perf in my sun and rising stereotype, i find it difficult to relate to libra, i'm not very social skilled.
Gemini men are weird af but they're fun too i like them but would never date one

No. 58829

I'm apparently an aries sun, libra moon, capricorn rising, and scorpio midheaven how fucked am i

No. 58836

Peak Taurus, impressive.

No. 58849

I'm pretty text-book leo. I like attention and have a huge ego, basically lol.
My rising sign is Scorpio and my moon is Aquarius though, and they make a lot of sense to me.

No. 58851

My Sun is in Taurus, Moon in Aries and my Ascendant in Sagittarius

No. 58852

File: 1493055946470.png (38.1 KB, 553x477, Capture.PNG)

I am absolutely ~*~shook~*~. Went there and put my birth date in and 90% of the description hits me. From personality traits to my job description, I mean what the heck is this

No. 58856

what is this site, if I can ask?

No. 58869


I really like your aquarius venus, that's one of the best venus placements imo! Leo rising is good too.

No. 58887

File: 1493083219422.png (55.8 KB, 667x540, birthchart.png)

I felt like reading all this info was too real and embarrassing tbh.

No. 58893

generic doormat; moon in just plain evil
ascending smothering homebody (◕‿◕✿)

im fascinated by zodiac signs, i've never met someone who wasnt perfectly described by their zodiac, myself included. and i'm a total skeptic

No. 58894

sage 4 no contrib but anon i read this with my mouth open, this is so interesting, can you recommend sites to gain such knowledge on the subject as yours? <3

No. 58913


your scorpio ascendant and pluto in the 1st house means that pluto has a very strong, overbearing influence since scorpio is it's ruling planet. look into "plutonian people" and see if that offers any guidance. saturn in the 5th house implies a serious nature, so just from what you listed, the leo characteristics in your mid heaven would absolutely be drowned out unless you mindfully work towards reaping the benefits of having this placement. instead of looking at your MC as a "theme", maybe look at it as a guide for your untapped potential instead. scorpio is probably the most secretive sign, but leo benefits from being open because people with this sign always have innate confidence regardless of if they use it or not. both signs can be prone to arrogance, so that'd be an example of something you'd want to work on, if that's an issue you have.

unfortunately that's all i can say from the information provided, but one thing that you could look into are the degrees of each placement (there's 30 of them and Leo MC 1° is very different than Leo MC 30°). another are the angles of the planets in respect to eachother. angles to look for: 0° (conjunction), 60° (sextile), 90° (square), 120° (trine), and 180° (opposition). if any of the planets in your charts have one of these angles in it, then the planet's/sign's influence could be either be weakened, cancelled out, or amplified, depending.

hope this helped you. if not, feel free to post your full chart if you want me to look at it closer.

No. 58926

File: 1493111181611.png (45.79 KB, 539x459, natal.png)

I find this all to be so fascinating, even though I've always been skeptical of astrology. Anyone care to give mine a go?

No. 58933

File: 1493125399376.png (40.02 KB, 543x470, astral map.png)

Please tell me about myself.

No. 58944

File: 1493134111410.png (162.46 KB, 472x750, tumblr_nt30ysor971unuq74o1_500…)

Here's something I found that might interest you guys!

>“I come off as [Rising Sign], my character is [Sun Sign], and my inner soul is [Moon Sign].”

No. 59082

You are very cool. Do you often apply your astrology knowledge? Even reading some of this "basic" descriptions has given me ideas how to mask my motives better (not in terms of being a snake, but, for example, how not to seem too eager, showy or praise thirsty at work). Do you combine this knowledge with some other field like psychology and sociology?

No. 59109

search up anything by linda goodman. she's an author of astrology that imo relates the 12 archetypes to their higher octaves rather than giving adjective descriptions. then the rest of the blogs and tumblr-sphere is about weeding through the useless posts to find astrology bloggers willing to explore complex aspects of astrology like houses and aspects rather than just "astrology aesthetics".

those observations were based on people i know IRL. as a capricorn moon, I know for sure that there's certain behaviors that capricorn suns have exhibited (shaved head with face tattoo on girl, doing dmt and heroin at age 16) that goes beyond "letting loose"(as capricorn moons needs to learn to do) and goes into the Aquarian territory of straight up self-ostracization and rebellion. meanwhile the actual aquarian suns i knew were all women and women who looked completely normal with a dreamy-ish way of speaking and got along with what one would consider "normal crowds" such as church groups, volunteer groups, huge groups of women etc

No. 59112

File: 1493267252624.png (40.32 KB, 593x485, birthchart.png)

absolutely! thanks for the reply, <3_<3 i didn't know about the angles and the fact influences can be weakened through it.

i personally feel the descriptor of pluto rising people to be "sexy, alluring" inaccurate due to the saturn in the 5th influence- i have never been described as sexy and i definitely don't actively try to cultivate that image either. however, many have noted that i seem secretive, startled easily, "like you're hiding something, hiding yourself". in which case, i do see the significance of pluto 1st. i do not however understand where i must be expressing leo energy within the interactions of my chart

i have:
1st house: Pluto and Mars
2nd house: moon and jupiter
3rd house: uranus and neptune
5th house: saturn
11th house: Sun, mercury and chiron
12th house: venus and north node

No. 59249

File: 1493409713722.jpg (104.03 KB, 550x460, hmm.jpg)

So my Ascendant is Libra and my Node is Libra. Does that mean that everything I've read about Ascendant Libra (charmers, everyone likes them, diplomats, calm people seeking peace) is something I have a problem with and need to work on to find happiness? Or am I interpreting things wrong? I've read about a Libra Node, but I think the fact that Libra is also my Ascendant plays a big role and it changes the interpetation a bit. Can someone more experienced tell me if I'm right or it's pure baloney what I wrote? Thank you in advance

No. 59251

File: 1493412483521.png (217.87 KB, 1122x968, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 18.1…)

I don't get this. I've always thought that i'm scorpio and actually the superficial descriptions fitted very well but reading the result it doesn't match pretty much. Also, i'm a scorpio anymore? or i'm just being simplistic about signs?

No. 59254

File: 1493428227384.png (64.57 KB, 737x606, sun.png)

Capricorn sun, Gemini moon, and Scorpio rising. I don't want to believe in horoscopes but some of this is spot on, maybe I'm just falling for it though. Astroanon, would you read me please? Thanks for sharing the site too!

No. 59259

go to astro-charts.com and create a natal chart but select view house systems. it will give you where your planets lie within in your houses and start by reading those descriptions before trying to relate to like "capricorn in the 3rd" etc. it's much easier to understand planets like "mercury in the 3rd" "sun in the 3rd" etc

that being said, i hate to say it but i despise gemini moons. all the two-facedness and venomous words but without the light child like offset of gemini suns. everytime a gemini sun has slighted me, i found it easier to forgive because it feels like "their bluntness, bipolarness ends up hurting everyone-including the people closest to them and their own friends." but with gemini moons it's like "how can anyone be so blunt, rude and mean to even their own friends/people closest to them?"
not saying you act as such, i'm thinking your capricorn mercury/pisces venus would probably change my perception of you as well.

No. 59261

File: 1493438115883.png (150.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170428-235300.png)


>tfw gemini moon

My turn now, anon! pls.

No. 59262

I used to be a Top Contributor back at Yahoo Answers when I was like 13. Never completely believed in horoscopes, but I fit mine. Cancer sun, Aries moon, and Aries Rising. iirc how it used to go, your sun sign is the face you put to the world, your moon sign is you emotionally, your mercury sign is how you communicate, your venus is how you deal in relationships, and your mars is your actions. i never cared about the rest like Jupiter, the signs in those planets stay still for years and years so almost everyone in your generation is going to have the same thing. But basically, if your moon is in pisces, then you deal with your emotions like a pisces, even if your sun is in virgo for example.

in my years of obsessing over this subject, this website was my favorite. Jot down your details and it will give you your full birth chart and description for the sign and placement of each. you need to know your time of birth for your rising sign.


No. 59263

>i hate to say it but i despise gemini moons. all the two-facedness and venomous words but without the light child like offset of gemini suns.
snort. kiki kannibal/spergchan is a gemini moon.

No. 59292

Well I for one am glad I have a gemini moon so I drive away people who can't deal logically with things. Libras and cancers for example throw a shit fit if you are direct to them.

No. 59297

typical gemini moon, putting others down to feel better about themselves, unable of letting this horriburu insult from some anon on the interwebz they'll never ever meet go
lol sorry, couldn't stop myself. Maybe my chart says I'm a meanie?

No. 59298


No offense taken. Im actually very sensitive about how others feel, so sometimes I might withhold telling people how I really feel to avoid upsetting them. Not really venomous or a shit stirrer though. However, if someone fucks me over enough and wont stop after I tell them, I can be pretty cold/unforgiving. Anyway, thanks again!!

No. 59299

lol anon pls

No. 59307

We should do a chart for pixyteri

No. 59397

File: 1493609898946.png (130.69 KB, 578x940, Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 11.3…)

this is pixyteri's chart. didn't include rising sign cause idk what time she was born

No. 59686

I don't hold a lot of stock in the western zodiac because it's never been that accurate for me (Aries) but my chinese zodiac is a sheep and even the specific year is accurate to me (Metal sheep) to a scary degree. Every bad ex i have had a really uncompatible chinese zodiac sign with mine except for my literally-almost-perfect husband whos a COCK.

I like native-american type too but since there's a lot of tribes it's hard to really know what applies. It's more the idea of them that i like. Totem i think it's called?

Either way i think it's fun and i just hate how negative people are about horoscopes and shit.

No. 60182

i lost my third scorpio friend in 4 years. any geminis that could make it work with scorpios as friends or significant others?

No. 60185

God, I'm a Scorpio and I would really like to know. I handle a lot for a Scorpio but every Gemini that has ever came into my life has been flighty and selfish and does not care about consequence. Shit hurts, cuz I love them so much.

No. 60188


i'm not claiming you're like this anon, but scorpios tend to not share when they have a problem and accumulate them all inside. then they get all bitter because they feel they're being wronged constantly. they become convinced that since they suffer so much, they're absolutely right in what they do or say.

one good thing about geminis is that they're open to communication, but the problem is if you don't tell them anything is wrong, they'll take everything at face value and assume everything is okay. so maybe geminis should poke their scorpio friends more to see if everything is okay between them, and scorpios should voice their hangups quicker, even if it may cause a fight. because that one last bitter bitchfit usually ends everything irreperably.

No. 60189

My boyfriend has the exact same chart as me, besides our Mercury being off. His Mercury is in Cancer, whereas mine is in Gemini. Also, many aspects of my chart already fall within their ruling planets?

Our chart (with a reminder of each ruling planet since a few of them match up):
>Sun in Gemini
>Moon in Pisces (ruled by Moon)
>Mercury in Gemini (ruled by Mercury); Cancer for boyfriend
>Mars in Leo
>Venus in Taurus (ruled by Venus)
>Jupiter in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter)

What do these juxtapositions mean anons? Any insight into my (astrologically) weird relationship?

No. 60191

sigh does anyone ever get annoyed by their Pisces mannerisms and stuff? Like I always compare myself to other girls who seem more adult, sophisticated, etc. I'm always too bubbly, too childish, very idealistic, etc. I worry my bf is unsatisfied with me (this is completely in my own head tbh he treats me grand) and I look at other guys' girlfriends and they seem so much more like adult women…

No. 60193

samefag from the post above you

Moon in pisces and I feel very much exactly like that all the time. Insecurity and paranoia can get very bad. I can never get over comparing myself to others even when I try to discipline my thoughts.

No. 60195

from what I've learned your Moon is what the core of your personality and self is right now, whereas your sun sign is the sign you are learning to and destined to become. Perhaps we are to overcome the negative aspects in our moon signs and are destined to suit our sun signs, in your case, Gemini?

I'm the anon you're replying to, and my sun is in pisces but my moon is scorpio… it's rough lol.

No. 60221

Im a scorpio with sun also in scorpio and moon in virgo but I don't know anyone of virgo personally so I don't really know how they are… My sign get a long with a bunch of taurus but everything end pretty bad with them, I got its because both signs are fixated signs.

I find this quite accurate at least for me (im not the op) its quite hard for me to say whats wrong and I kept everything inside but I also think people don't like me and when a friends do something that hurts me I ended believing it was because they don't like me or appreciate me.

No. 60233

So much leo, no wonder she cares so much about her ego.

No. 60240

File: 1494441503494.jpg (72.17 KB, 580x471, Capture.JPG)

For anons who are know more about astrology and this site, is report that is below this birth chart somewhat accurate?

No. 60241

File: 1494442004361.jpg (40.81 KB, 548x253, Capture 2.JPG)

Because some of the reports are contrary..

No. 60274

Astrology sign: Leo
Zodiac: Tiger

I know theyr two different animals but to me theyr just big cats

No. 60276

File: 1494475313563.png (101.7 KB, 640x536, IMG_4320.PNG)

Here's mine, I used to love my placement but these days I'm pretty neutral about it.

No. 60304

File: 1494530679236.jpeg (127.65 KB, 750x632, image.jpeg)

here's me. I think it's pretty accurate, honestly. I've always had trouble coming to terms with being a Gemini because I keep hearing that we're awful (my bf is also a Gemini), but I guess that's fair. I know I can be very manipulative, emotionally, but I think he's sweet and just very emotional. far more emotional than me. the majority of my immediate family are also Geminis. I wish I could be a Libra instead, they seem like fun. also, I'm a Boar/Pig in the Chinese zodiac, but I haven't done too much research on that.

No. 60563

I know two… I think they are pretty fun and interesting to listen to.. they contradict themselves alot but they have all this knowledge. its just kinda scattered. but arguing with them is ….hell ..

No. 60582

I'm an Aquarius (sun) and I fit all the characteristics but I'm also a Taurus (moon) and I don't think it suits me at all? Aren't the moon signs supposed to be more accurate?

Also does anyone follow any good horoscope readers online? Most I come across are such bullshit and could apply to anyone.

No. 60616

File: 1494886627865.png (46.23 KB, 546x484, chart.png)

Here's mine. I find find some of the info to be very accurate, but some doesn't sound like me at all.

I don't know tons about astrology, but I was born on the Leo-Virgo cusp (August 22nd- one day away from being a Virgo) and based on what I've read about "The Cusp of Exposure", it describes me almost to a tee. I know an anon earlier in the thread said most people in the Astrology community consider the cusps to be BS, but it just sort of makes sense to me because I've never identified with a lot of the traits typically attributed to Leos.

No. 60676


sorry for replying to a month old post but this is too close to home. i dated two gemini men and one of my best friends had a gemini boyfriend for years. all three were completely unreliable and unmanageable even though i'm a gemini myself. they have no concept of commitment (not in a long-term relationship way, they can't even commit to a coffee date), very little consideration for others, run their mouth indefinitely mostly for bragging and when they're pissed (they're quick to get pissed) they're completely unrelatable and unsufferable. it was weird how three different people are so alike in being a pain in the ass. gemini men should preferably die alone.

on the other hand, my female gemini acquintances, while flighty and also somewhat unreliable, are delightful people.

No. 90895

every gemini person i've met starts off really strong and a super great conversation frequently with me, and it turns sour after some time. You're spot on about males, and had experience with similar guys myself. As for girls, they tend to be two faced bitches. Their temper is never rational. They never want to admit fault, and just shrug things off and move on to the next new person with their approachable-ness. Then the cycle repeats.

No. 90901

File: 1533278795814.jpeg (34.27 KB, 394x329, 223EB5B5-631B-41CC-95B3-299149…)

>very little consideration for others, run their mouth indefinitely mostly for bragging and when they're pissed (they're quick to get pissed) they're completely unrelatable and unsufferable.

Actually me (am Gemini)

No. 90906

I've never liked astrology because I'm a Pisces and feel that most of it doesn't match my personality. I'm not soft, emotional or romantic.

Howeveeeer, I recently found out that there's stuff like moon signs and all that, and turns out my moon sign is Aquarius which I identify with way more.

No. 90909

No, it's all fake.

No. 90910


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A while ago a friend showed me this HUGE book called 'The Secret Language of Birthdays' and it describes every person by it's birthday. I'm highly sceptic and non-believer so I just looked at it for fun, and it was kiiiinda true? Like for 50% maybe. But my friend said mine was especially vague so I dunno.

I'm a leo and Idk much about astrology, but I looked my sign up once or twice because people keep bringing signs up, and I can't say I resonate with what was described there like at all.

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> it was 50% true
that is how all this bullshit works, say a lot of broadly applicable stuff and it will resonate with a lot of people because everybody's basically the same

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yo im a late july leo with sag moon and cancer asc. did't know it mattered when your birthday was, makes a lot of sense tho. that's probably why i'm such a little bitch, im almost a cancer cusp.

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Whoa spooky, I have this book and my birthday actually matches almost specifically to the write up in that book. I’m a Scorpio, if it helps at all. I get that it’s all pseudoscience but you know how detailed those articles are, mine managed to correctly guess certain personality traits that most people don’t have. I wouldn’t say I believe it for everyone but I can relate to the article pretty strongly.

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if anyone's curious, you can get the ebook here:

I'm gonna check soon if anything matches up in regards to my birthday. Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless fun. I don't get people that get anal about astrology, Myers-Briggs or enneagram if people only enjoy it for what it is and do not make important life decisions based on them.

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