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File: 1492872539805.jpg (127.95 KB, 635x751, Soft-Baked-Funfetti-Sugar-Cook…)

No. 58714

I'm wishing all of you good morning and I hope you have a wonderful and excellent day!

No. 58715

File: 1492872807542.gif (92.05 KB, 582x433, 1422032161816.gif)

Y-you too…

No. 58716


Thanks! You too!

No. 58720

Those cookies look so delicious, I kinda want to bake some later now. Hope everyone is having a good day :3

No. 58721

File: 1492883970281.gif (808 KB, 500x608, iIY5hyE.gif)

Thanks, you too sis! Now I want cookies but it's way too early to be eating dessert.

No. 58725

♥ Thanks anon, hope your day goes well too

No. 58727

File: 1492892686616.jpg (47.92 KB, 600x592, 1479846652394.jpg)

you know what always makes a good morning better? a good boy photo!

have a blessed day comrades

No. 58734

Thank you! I hope your weekend is the best! <3

No. 58736

thank you anon! i needed someone to tell me this. how is everyones day going? can we talk about our day here?

i deleted a close friend of mine on facebook today. i don't ever see him irl anymore. he used to be one of my biggest friends, and he's the closest i've ever gotten to falling in love with a man (lesbian). we stopped talking years ago, but a year ago he added me, and as soon as i told him i had a gf he stopped messaging me ;-; i don't know what happened to him. he's super condescending and just rude to me for no reason. he's all day posting memes about feminist and what not and he's just filled with negativity 24/7. he makes me feel so bad with how he treats me! so today i just unfriended him. i know that he thinks he's too cool and he's going to pretend he didn't notice. so i feel really sad. i miss my friend, but that person doesn't seem to be there anymore. its a weird day for me. i miss having close friends. i feel so lonely.

i'll post in the vent tread but i feel like people are going to be mean to me cause its /ot/, /g/irls are nicer.

No. 58737

It's honestly comical how much this thread lifted my mood lol. I'm gonna go make cookies!!

I'm sorry about your friend, anon. It's good to distance yourself from that kind of negativity, there's not much else you can do.

No. 58740

File: 1492910960438.png (477.91 KB, 556x502, kotori - awe.PNG)

This thread made me really happy even though it's evening where I live right now. Good day, anons! Or good night, whatever your timezone is… hope you all have/had a wonderful day!

Anons who felt like baking cookies, post pics if you can! I'm trying to make a matcha roll cake for my boyfriend but it keeps flopping…

No. 58742

Thank you so much, anon! I hope you have a lovely evening/ day as well c:

Today I'm babysitting and then throwing a party with BBQ! I'm nervous because food cost more than I thought and I still have to buy my Dad a birthday present, but I should be able to do it. I think I'll only have like 40 dollars for next week but that should be fine.
I'm also proud of myself, because outside of /g/ and /ot/, I've only looked at threads of genuinely bad people on this site. I've never been here hatefully, more so out of interest or to get deets on legitimately bad people (abusers/pesos/ etc.), but it still made me feel icky to read any general drama threads. I know this is why this site was created, but I only really come here to vent. It's nice knowing that this corner of the Internet is mostly girls. I've always wanted girl friends, so I feel a sense of community here.
I've been trying to break my viewing of mean threads for a while, so going on day 2 of avoiding them is major for me lol

teal deer : I'm happy that I've avoided petty drama threads because they make me feel bad.

Anyway, sorry for just going on and on about my day. I hope all of you cuties find happiness today! Let's have lotsa smiles all around

No. 58749

File: 1492929124715.jpg (516.53 KB, 1462x1607, IMG_6868.JPG)

not the original anon but i baked some matcha donuts the other day that turned out pretty good! pic related. if you go to an asian market you can usually get culinary quality matcha, which is a bit cheaper but works just fine for baking applications.

i hope everyone in this thread is having a good night!

No. 58750

How do you use culinary matcha? I only find powdered tea and I don't think that's quite the same

Those look both cute and delicious, btw!

No. 58751

File: 1492933029985.jpg (51.93 KB, 600x400, culinarymatcha.jpg)

matcha is powdered tea! is this what you mean? it isn't the same as regular ol green tea.

when baking, i usually add it along with the other dry ingredients, usually sifted in with the flour. because it's a powder, it's not that fussy to cook with and can be adjusted according to taste

No. 58755

good morning bebs, hope you all have a sweet day and a speedy week <3

No. 58778

File: 1492965449541.gif (497.08 KB, 500x375, 1491964479392.gif)


you are right, anon. even if its hurting me so much, its for the best. all i wanted was an apology…that's it… but i guess i'll just have to move on.

No. 58783

File: 1492971884284.jpg (2.73 MB, 3968x2232, 079.jpg)

this thread gives me the warm fuzzies. i wish you all a great day, wherever you are!

No. 58786


Awwww anon these are adorable! I'm sure your bf will love them!

No. 58787

File: 1492976907046.jpg (47.49 KB, 500x334, tumblr_oosg3fEko71sfq81ko9_500…)

Thank you for this thread OP! Hoping everyone has some good moments today

No. 58790

Good morning/night, wonderful people!

No. 58792

Anon those look so cute and delicious!
I hope everyone here is having a good day/evening! This is truly a blessed thread.

No. 58793

File: 1492980674272.jpg (959.92 KB, 1936x1936, 2017-01-11 18.50.39.jpg)


thank you anon, have a great day too!

that looks like a chill version of my cat! sharing because this thread could use more cats.

No. 58795

Wow your cat is a cutie! Those amber eyes are stunning. Are they a boy or girl?

>collar on cat

Your cat must be so chill. Mine is too stubborn and he does the wiggle thing if a collar is placed around his neck.

No. 58798

I love this thread ;-; I love you all and hope you have good days

No. 58803

Ah, that makes sense! I don't even know what I was looking for, I was so confused haha. Most youtube tutorials mixed it with water, made a paste and added after dry and wet ingredients were mixed… thanks, I'll try that

No. 58817

Thank you anon :* Even though the day already ended you're an angel for creating this thread

No. 58827

Aww, this thread made me so happy. Thank you and love all around sisters!

No. 58838

Good morning! I'm skipping work and unwinding from the weekend. Going to take some time to myself.
Maybe I'll bake! Any recommendations?

No. 58839

Good afternoon! Maybe some type of bread? Garlic rosemary?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Let's work towards accomplishing our dreams ~

No. 58840

Good morning, I'm doing the same. As for baking/cooking, you should try tater tot casserole. It's fattening as hell but holy shit it's delicious.

Cook up some hamburger meat, place it in a casserole dish, then pour potato soup over it, then shredded cheese, place tater tots ontop and finish with cheese and bake to cook the tots.

As far as sweets go, try haystacks. It's more of a holiday treat, but still quickish and fun to make.

No. 58841

Honestly this community has helped me and given me the motivation and confidence to grow and become more positive in myself than anywhere else and it's threads like this that reminds me why

As an early 20 living by myself and coming home from an abusive job that pays my rent who is slowly crawling out of my shell from a really hard couple of last years there's nothing that quite makes me feel more hopeful than I do sitting down after a bath to read threads like these and learn how to become braver

Thank you ♥

No. 58842


Anon do you have a recipe for these cat cookies too? I'd love to bake some cute cookies for my loved ones !

No. 58844

Good morning! Maybe some muffins with whatever you have in your kitchen.

No. 58940

hello anons! i hope you're having a great day!

today is a warm, sunny, perfect spring day where i live. i hope you have great weather (or if not, a cosy, relaxing day with lots of warm drinks) as well.

No. 59011

I hope you all have a great day! I have to get up early, but I'm going to classes that make me feel alive and excited and studying what I love, enjoying the beautiful weather, and appreciating that I'm with the love of my life.

I love some of you people on /g/, idk if I ever expected to find such nice people on a lolcow community. May Pixyteri bless you all.

No. 59015

Hello!! Today I'm getting my hair done properly after years of it being abused with dye and I'm really excited, also my dad and me have gotten closer recently despite not being close when I was a teen and I'm really happy!

I hope you're all having a good day!

Does anyone have the recipe for those cat cookies also? I want to make them ♡

No. 59036

Today I am simply at work. I feel more okay than usually working, and I managed to not get completely absorbed by my depression so far. I hope I don't drink today. I did really well and didn't drink for 5 days (is that pathetic?), but after I allowed myself to drink again I drank for 5 days straight. I was going to stop yesterday, and did really well until about 11 PM. I have designed a schedule that I wish to stick to, so hopefully that will have me in bed before any nonsense can go down. We'll see!

You too! I'm so glad the weather has been this lovely lately.
Congrats on choosing excellent classes. I hope I can find classes I'm in love with some day. Bless you as well, anon.
Omg let us know how your hair goes! What are you getting done to it? Congrats on getting closer to your father. I would like to do the same, but we'll see. I hope you can find the recipe that you're looking for!

No. 59135


kudos for pushing against that depression! it's pretty hard.

5 days is a long time when giving up a habit. if you didn't drink for 5 days, you obviously have the willpower to stay away longer! maybe just keep giving up drinking "for only 5 days" until you feel less inclined to drink? you can do this anon!

No. 59150

I'm not that anon and don't have an actual cookie recipe for you, but these are the cookie cutters they used: https://otakumode.com/shop/565c37804601453f6c19b46d/Nyankies-Cat-Cookie-Cutters

No. 59181

Good morning. I'm never going to get tired of wholesome memes and I hope nobody else does.

No. 59557

File: 1493802544346.gif (853.92 KB, 500x304, splishysplashy.gif)

Good day anons, this gif made me smile so I wanted to share it with you all

I think I'm in a good place now. I still think of myself as depressed on a daily basis but objectively things are really looking up, I'm working enough to pay my own rent and all of these other things that I easily take for granted. Also it finally feels like spring has arrived and so now I want to eat salad and be outside instead of just cocooning myself in bed, praise the sun!

That's great anon! Don't give up if you stumble, you got this far so you can do it again

No. 60678

hello anons! i've been feeling pretty good for the first time in months and i wanted to share that. hope i stay afloat for a while.

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