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File: 1493076164230.jpg (56.12 KB, 500x500, IMG_0866.JPG)

No. 58871

Here we can discuss black hair issues etc

>be black

>2 years ago I would have been shamed for wearing my natural hair
>the "natural hair" meme started around 2015ish
>now in 2017 you're considered a slut/hood rat if you straighten your hair and or wear weave
>the only acceptable "natural hair" is the mixed girl kind, when people mean go natural that is what they expect your hair to be like.

No. 58873

Well mixed hair isn't a hair type hun, I'm East African, dark skinned and have a similar hair texture as the girl above.

3b/3c, I hated my hair type and wished I had wavy/2c hair like my sisters, so after being natural my whole life I decided to texturize my hair recently :b

I basically didn't know what I was doing and had to cut off half my hair since the texturizer straightened parts of my hair.

I'm wearing a turban/hats until my hair grows back out…After that I'm cutting off the rest of my damaged hair..

Honestly girls with loose curls probably struggle with the same shit you do.

Just learn to love your hair, btw I hate this idea that only mixed girls have curly hair.

No. 58877

how come u retards never check the catalog. u guys have 2 threads on this

No. 58880

im white through and through, and i always notice black girls hair whether it be weave, straightened, a big afro, a shorter one, or "mixed" hair, and i think no matter what kind it's so awesome and beautiful?

but i always feel weird complimenting it in case it sounds like i'm objectifying their hair? but in response to your last sentence, i really do think natural hair looks great even if it's not the kind that's ~instafamous~

No. 58882

It's cool

I have 4a hair and I wear it out. I don't really care

No. 58891

>>googles "4a hair"
>>spends thirty minutes looking at pics of girls with kickass hair

No. 58898

I have hair kinda like the OP pic but black and a lot thicker. I've had short ass hair (straightened everyday) for the past decade but now I've been growing it out. My current stylist doesn't like short layers in curly hair but I've also heard that curly hair needs short layers? I've never tried to deal with/enhance my natural hair before so I'm at a total loss of what a good style looks like.

I've been thinking of visiting a salon specializing in curly hair but their appointment process is kinda a pain lol.

No. 58899

sage for samefag

but I mean the curl pattern is like OP pic but I have a similar hair texture/strand thickness like asian girls. my hair is just too fucking thick for anything

No. 58900


That's not 3b/3c hair she has in the OP tho…

Source: am 3c

Stylists are the enemy when you go natural tbh. You don't "need" short layers for curly hair. You just need to make sure that your shampoo is sulfate free, you comb that shit out when it's wet and let it air dry, and that your hair gets properly moisturized.

No. 58901

I do all of that atm, though I use a hair drier w/ diffuser if I don't have time for it to air dry

It still looks kinda blocky and shapeless…almost like the horrible triangle shape curly hair gets into.

No. 58909

I'm glad my long Mexican hair is real!

No. 58921

I am mixed and have hair like the pic IF and only IF I let it dry naturally and don't brush/comb it when dry or floofs up. I do keratin straightening though to keep my hair in good shape because it's just terribly dry and having to comb through it is just…awful.

I think most black girl natural hair could benefit from keratin too, even if you don't straighten it out after you wash. It'll at least make the kink/curl a little easier to handle.

No. 58929

It's probably full of all your cousins

No. 58942


Try doing a bentonite clay hair mask. I did one few days ago and the results were so great!

No. 58943


That's nice Consuela, now go tell your alcoholic midget husband to finish mowing my lawn.

No. 58960

File: 1493148187240.jpg (95.24 KB, 620x604, 3008c0560362f98685c8345ff623c6…)


So this far I've had OP style curls for some reason. My mum has a fullblown pic related style hair naturally, but the hair texture is rougher.

My hair has started to curl lately a lot more, OP pic is now what it looks like if I don't do anything with it.
Since I'm a whitey, I have about half of the hairmass though. Any tips into the future care? It's pretty apparent that my hair is becoming an afro pretty soon and I have no idea what to do with it.

tldr I'm pale af, white eyebrows and all, but I have a blonde afro and no idea what to do with it.

No. 58991

hair texture and shape can change depending on things like stress and hormones.

Also what do you want to do with it? Downplay the curls or really get them poppin? Maintenance would obvs be different depending on what you want to do with it.

No. 59012

Id like to play it up, no point in trying to downplay. No hairdo stays and straightening doesnt work, it looks okay for about 15minutes.
Atm I use TIGI Blonde Curls stuff and have some Kardashian oil stuff. Ive never really done anything with my hair, since I like the look it has naturally. So,Im totally new and dont even know my options.

Any good blogs or resources to learn from? Googling obviously gives results, but afraid to fuck up my hair by taking bad advice.

No. 59027


First thing you have to learn about is how your hair holds moisture


If you're high porosity, that means your hair absorbs moisture quickly, but looses it quickly. The LOC method would work best for you


If you're low porosity, your hair doesn't absorb moisture quickly but it stays there for a while. So the best method for you is the LCO


(Talks more about all methods but you get the point)

Now for you in particular anon since you're white your hair doesn't need as much moisture, so adjust accordingly.

Moisturized hair is very important to having nice curls, but too much can cause moisture overload. I don't know what products to tell you to use because I'm black with a shitload of hair so you'll just have to figure that out on your own lol. Try starting with products that have coconut oil in them.

No. 59098

Tips for a curly haired gal with a shit hairline? I've heard about castor oil and am going to try that soon but I fucked up my edges with a shit relaxer a long time ago.

Coconut oil is really heavy though and a borderline meme, even for curls sometimes. I'd say try lighter oils first (you can google) and work your way up to find one that works for you.

No. 59149

I like it cuz I only gotta put it in like after I wash my hair and it will be fine till the next time I need to wash it. I usually go a week or two between washes.

Also for your hairline try jbco

No. 59271


Top kek!

Stay nappy jelly niggers <3

No. 59694

As a white girl i just want to use this anonymous platform to say I love black girl hair. Whether it's styled more to a "white" style or you go full on natural afro, there's something about your hair texture i absolutely love. I know there's struggles with that kind of texture so i'm not like fetishizing it but i just wanna say this about it: If you got it, fucking rock it because god damn it is fucking beautiful.

You all keep rocking it because if it wasn't appropriation of me to do so, i'd lovingly style an afro every day.

Sincerely, a little white girl with fine, completely straight hair that doesn't hold a single curl ever

No. 59699

File: 1493970147341.jpg (42.39 KB, 970x546, dear-white-people-credit-netfl…)

I want to say the same. I know you can't admit this publicly but wish I could have afro puffs. Even though I understand there are a lot of different hair types, watching 'dear white people' gave me so much envy especially for Colandra's natural curls and for this beautiful bouffant.
It's a shame because if I see a white girl with nice hair I can just shout it at her, but with a WoC you really need to know them first.

No. 59821

Virtue? Virtue, oh Virtue~
But seriously no one gives a F, black women arent babies who need to be reassured by white girls that their hair is acceptable lmao

No. 59822

I forgot to answer earlier, but thank you so much!

What the fuck?

No. 59841

Have you tried not being an insecure twat?

No. 59845

This thread smells like Tumblr. This isn't the place for you, special snowflakes!

No. 59863

No. 59880

Cunt. No one was reassuring you, we genuinely LIKE your hair and are ENVIOUS that we can't have it both because it'd be insensitive and because our hair texture isn't right for it.

No. 59942


Thank you for explaining porosity to me. I usually use protective styles (weaves, wigs, braids, etc.) so now that I'm switching out of that, this is going to be useful.


OK thanks, bye.


Seconding the JBCO. It actually does stimulate your hairline.

No. 59955

>but with a WoC you really need to know them first.

White people compliment my hair all the time, as long as you don't preface it with something like >>59694 and just say "I love your hair" or whatever it's fine.


No problem! Porosity is very important. You also need to know if your strands are fine or coarse, to know how much product/manipulation your hair can take.

No. 59956


Stay built like a brick, beaner-chan.

No. 59962

What the fuck does this even mean. Yall are pathetic.

No. 59974

Lol white people. Just be happy with what you got stop trying to fetishize everything just because you're bored of your basic self

No. 59975

>be happy with what you got
>insults white girl hair for being thin and stringy

No. 59994


Listen, I understand English isn't your first language but learn to banter


Black women have been insulted for every feature we got, yet we're​ still okay. Besides, no one even insulted straight hair except the one anon who said she liked afro textured hair.

No. 60027

>just say you like their hair
Yeah anon that's a nice idea, until someone like >>59974 accuses you of fetishizing them just because you like their boxpleats or whatever
It's just safer to never compliment anyone outside of your race ever, so sad

No. 60161


The absolute worst is when I take it down and I get all these itty bitty baby curls in the tub. Is there any concrete way to reduce breakage other than the obvious "wash, keep your hair moisturized, don't touch" when in braids?

Also any tips for lengths that are longer than TWA but too short to bun? The struggle is real.

No. 60215

wow, way to be a cunt

No. 60282

JBCO was a good call, even after 2.5 weeks my hairline looks a lot less tragic (or that placebo is outrageous)

No. 60483

This. Some girls think way too highly of themselves and think every damn compliment is an assault of them. Chill the fuck out and either ignore it or take the compliment, damn.

No. 60502

File: 1494765761676.jpg (52.77 KB, 640x640, e85ba74a52346c22f71c17179dd98b…)


What are you using to wash your hair? If the product is too heavy for your hair then you could be making everything worse. Maybe try a protein treatment to make your hair stronger.

Pic related works well with short hair too. I used to do it all the time.

No one irl is going to get assblasted if you simply keep it as "your hair looks pretty today". The problem was that first anon felt the need to write an essay about how she wished her straight hair would be curly like a black persons when if she was actually faced with afro textured hair she'd freak out.

Like I said before, white people tell me they like my hair all the time. I don't have a problem with it and only the most special of snowflakes would. And those types don't tend to go outside anyway.

No. 60505

I'm from Euroland and I've never been in close contact with a black person. I really want to touch afro hair, it fascinates me. Does it feel like wool? I'm not trolling, just naive. lol

No. 60522

It shouldn't really if it's well moisturized. It can be really soft, actually.

No. 60527

People of color actually hate when people touch their hair without asking.

I have touched curly hair before and it's quite soft and fluffy.

No. 60530

Sorry this isn't 4chan you'd call black people niggers.

No. 60531

lol next time you post make sure to not regret it right afterwards, racist-chan.

No. 60538

Everyone hates when people touch their hair without asking.
Of all the African hair I've touched, I've only encountered a wooly hair type once. It was soft, like merino wool, and very fine. African hair (like all hair) comes in a range of textures.

No. 60566


Keep it up and you'll never go Naomi Campbell tier.


I -was- using Shea Moisture until they done fucked up and lost my money. I'm finishing that and using a mix of Aussie Conditioner and Carol's Daughter. Are these considered heavy? Sorry, I'm new to this.


As long as you ask first, you can touch with permission. Also, when moisturized and properly cared for, our hair stays light and fluffy… I have to resist touching my own hair often tbh.

No. 60577

I'm still using Shea Moisture, I don't give a shit. It's affordable and accessible.

No. 60592

I use Shea Moisture, what did they do?

No. 60593

>Be from carribean
>dad's chinese
>mum's full blown
>brother just full carrib with distant indian in him
>his hair is amazing and long
>I get stuck with "shitty" hard to manage hair

This proves that genetics means jack shit, lol. Either way, I've learned to accept my hair, and I love it. I have 3c/4a hair and I want to add colour to it, but It's stuck in that, too long/too short phase, so Idk what to do with it, help?

No. 60595

>muh heritage

No. 60600

Girls are mad that a commercial featured two white girls.

I live in Adult Land where I don't need to obsess over such trivialities

No. 60605

Some of their products where heavy for my hair, I have coarse strands with a normal porosity. If your hair starts to feel gummy and takes days to dry, then the products you're using are too heavy and you may have moisture overload.

With moisture overload at first your hair will feel very soft and nice, and you'll feel like everything is okay. But after a while you hair becomes very weak and starts to break a lot.

But if it works for you and leaves your hair properly moisturized then you're fine. How do you wash your hair exactly? Maybe you're being a bit rough.

I also advise you to make sure your shampoo is sulfate free, and try co-washing (washing your hair with just conditioner) and seeing if there's less breakage. How often do you wash your hair btw? I try and limit it to every two weeks unless I'm putting a lot of product in it. dry hair is brittle hair.


Curl pattern twins ay. Don't see why your curl pattern has anything to do with dying your hair, though. I used to dye my hair all the time and the only reason I stopped is because I'm lazy/undecided on a new colour.

Also, do you need help with styling, or growing your hair? Because my hair is about a little past chin length curly and collar bone length when it's stretched out. I'm trying to get to collar bone curly so I've just been mostly keeping my hair in braids for now.

No. 60606


No. 60612

Ironically, by boycotting Shea Moisture like the little petulant children they are they're effectively harming a black business and preventing it from becoming (more) successful because they don't want the company to cater to everyone with curly hair, they specifically want Shea Moisture reps to stand next to their displays in Nazi uniforms and slap every curly haired white girl on the wrist before pointing to a big sign on the stand that says 'blacks only'.

Of course those are the same girls who then turn around and cry that the beauty industry is overrun by white people and that is why they can't find a good foundation shade. Somehow black businesses are always supposed to hit that sweet spot of catering to an ethnic niche whilst remaining successful and popular. Mmkay.

No. 60618

Why are people so aggressive towards people being proud of their heritage? I don't know anything about myself other than what color my skin is, I'd kill to know more about my family.

No. 60619

never understood why they want to segregate things so badly, even going down to the hair and skin products.

No. 60621

All it's going to do is make it seem "okay" to racist white people to segregate too, just watch. If it keeps going like this, we're going to experience a massive set back. Racial tensions are too high as it is it's only a matter of time :/

No. 60622

lol dont reply to me like that you salty insecure retard. I love the way I look, and I know plenty of WOC who are insecure about their hair. Can say whatever the fuck I want and compliment people without censoring myself because how fucking boring to avoid complimenting a feature someone has that's to do with their race just so you dont think im "fetishizing" you. get over yourself lmaoooooo bye

No. 60627

The way things are going amongst the young black community is terrifying. The segregation is embarrassing and an obvious setback. The irony that other black people don't see that what they are literally doing is alienating our race further.

No. 60644

Nobody's being aggressive, it's just cringey to write a novel about your heritage that only you care about. Just say you're mixed, jfc.

It's nice to know who your ancestors were but it only matters to you at the end of the day.

No. 60658

Shea moisture isn't black owned.Also, the issue is that they are changing the formula to cater towards straighter hair textures when they could have created a separate line for that.

Now the core buyers are unable to use the products since they don't work for them anymore.

No. 60659

I imagine all of those fighting and throwing insults itt doing it while pulling at each other's hair, in a true girl fight stereotypical manner, lol

No. 60666

They put out this ad, which upset some people.

No. 60668

Requesting a source on the formula change?

No. 60669

File: 1494948832500.jpg (328.48 KB, 1484x1484, IMG_9208.JPG)

Here's an old article on it. This was an issue before the scandal, even I remember reading on it.


Anyways it's your pregorative to continue supporting a company who's eager to disassociate from their previous ties, but you shouldn't continue to buy from them at the expense of your haircare and your expenses.
There's more healthier or cheaper alternatives out there.

No. 60764

I googled "Who owns shea moisture' and got a black guy. Are you SURE it's not black owned?

Did the company change hands very recently?

Based on this it sounds less like they're catering to different hair textures and more like they just got cheap.

No. 60765

Bain Capital (which Mitt Romney co-founded) started investing in Shea Moisture's parent company about two years ago, through a minority stake. I don't use their products (they don't cater to my demographic), but most of the backlash I've seen seems to stem from this shift.

Sundial (the parent company) still seems like it's black and family owned, but a lot of those positions could be ceremonial (maybe that's what the other anon was saying?).


Anyway, considering how they've planned to almost double the amount of distributors for their products, it does sound like they were attempting to broaden their demographic and cut corners at the same time, if glycerin is also cheap enough to use as filler.

Anyway, if a company no longer provides products intended for a specific audience (by eschewing their needs), it's not a surprise people are going to drop them. There's a difference between making a new line for experimental products and reformulating staples for your core base to the point it becomes unusable for many of them.

No. 60785

File: 1495041250599.jpg (52.7 KB, 800x527, Richelieu Dennis 3.jpg)

>Shea Moisture isn't black-owned.
The company is a subsidiary of Sundial Brands, which was founded and is owned/run by literal Africans.

Sundial Brands, a leading skin care and hair care manufacturer and maker of brands including SheaMoisture and Nubian Heritage, is committed to making the highest quality products possible with natural, certified organic and ethically-sourced ingredients. Widely credited with introducing the concept of the New General Market to the beauty and retail industries, Sundial founder and CEO Richelieu Dennis began the company in 1992 with his college roommate, Nyema Tubman, and his mother, Mary Dennis, shortly after graduating from college and being unable to return to his home country of Liberia because of civil war."

Pic related is the founder/CEO.

No. 60787

The role of CEO is not ceremonial in the slightest. Lots of companies invest in other/rival companies, Apple holds Samsung stock and vice versa. Doesn't mean they're doing it for nefarious purposes.

Just because something is cheap doesn't mean it's bad. Glycerin is a perfectly sound ingredient to use.

No. 60801


Yeah but I've seen alot of black women say that the formula change didn't do well with their hair.

No. 60802


Samefag, but if you're gonna charge 10-15 dollars for a small ass bottle of conditioner you better not be attempting to cut corners.

No. 60849

No. 60862


They changed the formula in 2017. This year. That article is from 2015.

No. 60863


This is a hair thread. Please stay on topic.


It's more annoying that we have to share our products with white women and are eventually pushed out of products which were initially marketed to us using our money. Plus, as >>60801 said, if you're going to switch the formula you should make it worth the cost for EVERYONE, including your initial demographic. I think many Black women are also tired of our products, hair, and threads being co-opted by white people - especially women - who feel the need to have an input or belong to a movement that is not geared towards them. It's annoying.


Does anyone here use Ouidad? Those products are fairly expensive.

No. 60869

So make your own company and keep it geared towards your demographic. That's the literal only way you can change something is by being part of the change.

Stop blaming white women for all of your problems because they probably have no idea this is even happening. Blame the owners for going back on their values.

Stop derailing a fucking hair thread to be pissed at whitey, no one cares.

No. 60881


Uh? Isn't that the point of boycotting a company? Expressing your dissatisfaction with their actions? You're the only one who sounds mad and it takes no effort at all for you to let it go, lol.

Anyway, I brought up Ouidad because their products are actually pretty thick and I haven't ever heard a bad thing about their formula. I wanted to try them since someone recommended them as being similar to Shea Moisure but… Never tried anything from Sephora on that level before.

No. 60886

I think anon is trying to say if they changed their demographic boycotting them isn't going to really help. They likely changed it to be more 'everyone friendly' while not realizing that white and asian people can legit put anything in their hair without damaging it.

boycotting now is like when all those fat girls "boycotted" abercrombie and fitch squeezed themselves into their clothes cause the ceo said he wasn't going to make clothes for fat girls. squeezing into those clothes didn't change the fact that the company wasn't making products for them, they didn't care about their opinion, if they did they'd have made larger sizes to begin with.

here, if shea moisture changed their formula, they did it knowingly.

No. 60889


But here a boycott will work because like you said, white and asian people have more options for their hair, and aren't gonna shell out 15 dollars for a small bottle of conditioner that's in the ethnic section of target.

If they wanted to be everyone friendly they could have made a separate line, but they probably realized that wouldn't work either because they'd have to lower the prices on that line to compete. And that would have been a while different can of worms because then you'd have the original target demographic paying out the ass for a small amount of products while everyone else gets their shit cheaper.

Or, they'd have to lower the prices on the products made for afro-textured hair without changing the formula and potentially lose alot of money.

tl;dr: they should have stayed in their niche market because they where dominating.

No. 60891

i think then it may work once the ~ethnic~ hype from it dies down. white people love 'discovering natural products from africa' so this will sell, just because it's "african" and "natural" but not for that long.

No. 60893

There is a disconnect between the brown girl talking about getting garbage put in her hair and learning to love her curls by using a product for curly hair and the blonde lady with a generic "i don't know what to do with my hair" and the redhead talking about hair color.

How will SM help them? Weird commercial tbh. That said, CURLY haired white girls are welcome imo, straight hairs get out ree, etc.

No. 60898


I wonder if the white girls in the commerical even use the products tbh.

Maybe the hipster ones but I think the average white person isn't going to pay out the ass for a product that won't really work that well for them. I can see it working for thick, curly haired white people but not the average person. Some of their stuff was too heavy for me and I'm fully black.

No. 60903


This post is exactly what I'm talking about. There are a lot of levels to this conversation.


This is also my point. Like why completely transition (haha black hair puns) from your starting point with this in mind? It's pretty rude and nonsensical, with the comments of their former hair model in mind.

No. 60909

Yeah. You have the brown girl who holds up a SM product and it's implied this is what she uses. Then they shoehorn two white women with generic problems but offers no products they "used" to help them over come this. Offers no incentive for anyone with a "idk what to do with my hair" or "i didn't like my natural hair color" problem to choose SM over any of the other brands out there that advertise the same thing. Isn't that the point of a commercial? To sell a product?

As said, I don't see how this would make white women/straight haired people more interested in the brand and just pissed off loyal customers. If their goal was to create a diverse commercial to attract women of other races, why couldn't they track down actresses with naturally curly hair…that would actually work well with their products?

No. 60915

File: 1495134738953.jpg (34.99 KB, 450x524, micro-braids_02.jpg)

On a non-SM related note, what's everyone routine on the daily? Does anyone use silk pillows? I have a billion questions

My daily routine is a bit different since I have braids now, pic related

No. 60933


No. 60935



They sponsored a model who found out, she outed them, they said: "No comment." and later admitted it.

No. 60936


I use a silk headscarf every night and once or twice a week I'll oil my roots if I have cornrows/braids in.

No. 60954

File: 1495168529200.png (651.74 KB, 599x578, Pantene-Gold-Series-1490708044…)


I also use a scarf, but I heard silk pillows were better. I'm afraid of using one since I imagine I'll be washing it around the clock, though.


Pantene's new ad campaign is actually winning me over as a result of this and I usually fucking hate Pantene. The models' hair just looks so fucking KEPT.

No. 61063

Yes thank you you understood it. A boycott only works if the MAJORITY of consumers join the boycott. Unless you can get the white girls who are now buying shea moisture to stop buying shea moisture until they either change the formula back or make a separate line for white girl hair, a boycott will not work.

It'd be better to spend that energy trying to change it by making your own shit. It's not that difficult it just takes work, time, and research.

The best way to change things is to be part of the change.

I hear silk pillowcases are best but I basically need an ice cube for a pillow to sleep so i just use a scarf.

No. 61117

How many women with straighter hair are even buying Shea Moisture at all? I was just in the shampoo aisle yesterday and all the women besides me were looking at the big mainstream brands, Pantene, Garnier Fructis, etc. Considering that a lot of SM products where I live are like $11 for 10-13floz, if you don't need to be picky with your hair products why would you consider that over a $7 for 20floz or whatever for those big value bottles of Pantene? So yes a boycott only works if the majority engages, but that's assuming black women/women with curly hair aren't the primary consumers right now.

All that said, I'm checking out their products on their site they DO have separate lines for "all hair types", "fine to medium hair", "wavy to curly hair", "curly to coily hair, and "straight, fine hair". So it is unclear if changing the formula means making it work less well on type 4 hair or as a cost cutting measure. My suspicion is they've downgraded the popular Coconut & Hibiscus line to work mostly for type 3 hair (it's labeled "wavy, curly"), and women with type 4 hair are reclassified as "curly to coily", but idk for sure.

No. 61161

Does anyone wear lace front wigs?

I want to take a change from wearing my natural hair and try something new. Does anyone know what to look for or brands to get the wigs from?

If you're in the socal area it would be great if you could tell me what shops to go to

No. 61182

What style are you looking for? I've been buying mine online for about a year in half. My first human hair lace front was 130 dollars but surprisingly it wasn't as good as my current favorite human/synthetic one, way better price too.

No. 61198

I started using Camille Rose Naturals products and I feel I can't go back to using anything else. Which sucks because I have to order it online and it's also not the cheapest stuff. But the result is so nice and I already see a difference in the moisture of my hair vs other stuff. Ugh.

Do you guys have hair growth goals? I didn't set out to grow mine to a specific length I just want my hair to HANG. The longer it gets the more it hangs and I've sort of become greedier. I can just see myself being one of those creepy ladies that drag their hair behind them when they walk.

No. 61226

Right now I just want to see how far I can take it. I've had pixie to bob length hair for the past decade so I really want to try something else. I've FINALLY stopped trimming my bangs and my shit finally looks semi nice. Just past shoulder length now after shrinkage.

Side note: how the hell do I deal with shedding.

No. 61230

>2 years ago I would have been shamed for wearing my natural hair

who is shaming you? Why? Most people I know are jealous as fuck of afros and super curly hair. grass is greener and all that.

No. 61235

seriously this. i see so many girls saying this shit when really it's just that they're unhappy with their own hair.

No. 61246

Wait, what?

I don't know about that anon, but I thought they were referencing the fact that Shea moisture has been replacing their all natural ingredients for more harmful ones on the sly. I don't trust companies that reformulate their products (esp when they're known for being natural and healthy) without alerting their customers. No one cares about a stupid commercial.

Lol what are you talking about? It's about changing the formulation in a way that would make it less ideal for their initial demographic. They got money and they got lazy. That would upset anyone. I don't think it's some reverse racism thing, because that's not where I've seen a lot of the frustration come from. Stop trying to start some race rivalry, you look silly.

No. 61247

Anyway, I have a question for anons itt. Does anyone use henna on their hair? I've wanted to use it, but I've also heard it can mess up moisture retention and as someone with high porosity hair, that is a huge issue. Any thoughts?

Also thinking about a lace front/360 enclosure, buuuut the money, though. And I've never had one before, so I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do. Any experience or knowledge on those, 360 esp? I don't ever hear any downsides, everyone is beaming about them when I look up videos or forum posts…

Just like how keratin treatments were all the rage a few years back and now I don't see many women mention it at all.

w2c? The synth bundles, I mean.
And I don't really have goals. My hair has always been about mid back length curly/coily (I'm 4cish, but it looks more 4a if I keep it moisturized), a good bit longer straightened (but who has time for that?) until a salon cut off 8in because she thought dry hair was damaged (??? first and last time at a salon for me). Now I'm growing it back out and I find that shorter hair was more convenient for styling, but it also gave me less options for wearing it out/wash-and-gos (because, as you say, length gives you "hang" and it lengthens the curls). I told myself I'd start taking care of my hair at one point and seriously working on growing it out and stop washing it once every other week and only water and oil rinses, but I'm too lazy for real products and it seems to work for me really well.

No. 61265

I have no experience with bundles, but I've heard outre synthetic is pretty good.

No. 61290

i have super big curly hair and some douchebag in a rich area who was walking behind me told his friend my hair looked like "worms". but im white so imagine the awful shit people say about black hair which is a lot kinkier and much thicker.

No. 61293

They're probably just lying to be nice. Not that super coiled hair isn't gorgeous, but it's not ideal and very hard to maintain.

No. 61311

I'm Indian so I use henna alot on my hair. It helps in keeping my hair voluminous and a bit shinier than usual.
Wouldn't recommend it for high porosity hair or hair that's curlier beyond 3b/c.
My mother has 3c hair and using it gave her the worst case of frizzy, dry hair ever.

No. 61317

Thanks, I'll check that out! I realized from my post that I want to do a shitton with my hair all at once and that I need to choose something and chill.

I was thinking that, too. I don't think it's actually high porosity, but it does absorb moisture extremely fast and gets dry faster than it should, so it probably is. That's really sad, I liked the red highlights it gives! How often do you henna your hair? Just whenever the mood strikes you, or is there a limit?

No. 61322

My hair is around the 2b/c range, so it needs some products to keep the frizz at bay. This weighs down my hair alot, so hennaing it once in 2 weeks gives it life and shine.
Doing it more than that will just dry it out so much that conditioning won't even help.
Something I've heard from my grandmother is adding a tablespoon of coconut oil will reduce the drying effect. Maybe you should try that?

No. 61366

File: 1495505748923.jpg (137.51 KB, 716x723, 3.jpg)

god im so jealous of all of you. ~_~
when i was a child i always dreamed of hair like that.
i always wanted whoopi goldberg-ish kind of dreadlocks when i was a child until i had to admit to myself that caucasian hear just looks like a rat nest when doing dread locks

No. 61369

ugh i have such frizzy 3c hair. i've been chemical free for 8 years now, relaxed parts all grown out, yet my hair STILL won't grow into a lush mane. it sits on my shoulders and doesnt grow any longer.

anyone know where to buy good silk scarfs/headwraps? i sleep with a satin pillowcase and a slap, but it's getting hot out so i'm lookin for good scarves

No. 61370

sorry samefagging but SM didn't change their formulas. i have an old bottle from 5+ years ago and compared it with a new one i bought. same ingredients, same order

No. 61393

I'm stopping by the store later, I'll check a bottle there too to double check. Always good to get double confirmation, right?

No. 61440


Very true I knew a Somali girl who has long loose curly hair like the girl in the picture too and she was full black. Its just genetics really.

No. 61441


Basically used white women, a mixed race girl in the advert excluding any full black people and changed the formula which doesnt work on black hair properly

No. 61455


Different Anonette here, I actually hate Outre, it tangles way easily. I would recommend Zury wigs, especially their Royal Swiss lace, the part comes prepared and it doesn't look like like a damn hair helmet if you tweeze the front just a bit.

No. 61723

I hate my hair. It's not curly, but it's so coarse and stiff and thick I can't get it to behave, it looks like ratty shit 24/7 no matter what I do, and I hate that it's dark black. I hate, hate, hate it. I would trade it gladly for the thin, soft, blonde hair of a White woman. In fact I would like to trade my entire body for a White woman's but that kind of sounds really creepy now that I've said it.

No. 61727


anon are you okay?

No. 61777

>girls with loose curls struggle with the same shit you do.

I don't think this is true. There's a pretty obvious disadvantage to having hair so coiled and coarse that it doesn't have an obvious curl pattern cause it just tangles into itself.

To be honest, life would be a lot easier if my hair had actual, loose curls. My mom didn't want to deal with my nappy, coiled hair when I was a toddler, so she relaxed it and it left me with two large bald spots that I cant hide until it's long enough to manipulate into hairstyles mimicking a looser curl pattern now that I'm trying to go natural because my hair in its natural state won't reach a length that would mask it due to curlier hair showing less length

That and curlier hair is typically drier and more prone to damage due to dryness because the oils from your scalp won't travel down the hair shaft, so that's another challenge of having doily 4c hair as opposed to loose curls

I mean, not saying you don't have any problems with yours, but it's really not the same as having 4c hair

No. 63995

I'm african and my mom relaxed my hair since grade school (funnily enough before that i got bullied for having natural hair by none other than other black girls). Then in 11th grade I went natural until the end of my freshman year of college, and it was really hard to deal with or do anything with. My hair would shrink to the point of matting like a rug no matter what I did with it or stretching it out. Went back to relaxing after that. I usually get braids so it's no big deal anyway, I don't mind straightening my hair since I don't do it often.

No. 64108

I have 4c hair but it's pretty soft and def has an obvious curl pattern. It didn't have one until I learned how to take care of it properly, though, so I guess you just have to find what does it for you. After experimenting for a while, it's soft and bouncy! I just embrace the shrinkage as a characteristic of my hair. Chasing a looser curl pattern rather than figuring out your own will only end in disappointment.

I've noticed (personally, in my rl exchanges), that it seems that women with the most trouble with their natural 4 hair just don't know how to do their hair and since they've had straight hair all their lives and don't understand that it's simply a different kind of work. Your hair should not be getting tangled too badly after only a few hours/day. My hair detangles after running it through the shower if I'm taking care to keep it healthy and hydrated, so maybe your hair isn't getting the right kind of protection? Maybe try letting the sebum get to the ends of your hair?

I'm not disagreeing, but so many people treat 4c hair like its the worst possible thing when it's manageable as long as you treat it like it should be, not treating it like your permed hair or just following everyone else's formula.

Matted like a rug? How? Is it hydrated and cleansed? That only happens to me if I leave my hair out and don't comb it for three months.

No. 68538

Anyone have any tips on how to stop touching your hair? I hate having to cut my edges everywash day because i keep getting handsy.Also any good high porosity products?

No. 70998

Hello, I wanted to know if anyone is transitioning the hair?

No. 71057

very insightful, anon

No. 71059

File: 1512315954756.jpg (219.44 KB, 600x454, tej59_hair_color_brown_hairsty…)

recently started to go natural this past July/August and my hair has gotten quite lengthy since the big chop. i haven't been natural some the 5th grade and I'm now a sophomore in college.

anyway i don't remember my afro being this thick nor this curly. i have coils of curls?! they're ringlets and they're plopped randomly in my hair, while some areas are frizzy I think. i don't know how to do my hair texture number letter thing, but I will try to describe the texture with them anyway lol. the coils look like mixtures of 3a/3b/3c, and the non curly hairs look like type 6 in pic related. an hour ago I noticed that my hairline was peeling (dandruff), i think it's mad dry, which is odd because I've seriously been struggling to wash my hair due to how thick the roots are. i washed my hair multiple times in the shower and it just seems like the product build up is never-ending!! fuck , my scalp is struggling to breathe but I can't seem to get all the product off! it itches so much. please save my scalp. ah and I didn't have this problem until I moved. it's not even hot here so idk what could've changed.

No. 75156

File: 1518797195857.png (5.62 KB, 212x237, 4234235345.png)

Join this black fashion discord if you have curly hair. https://discord.gg/JCpG6Xu
Others are welcome to join to.

No. 75516

File: 1519631524121.jpg (25.71 KB, 480x360, a.jpg)

I'm white and my parents are as well, but my great great grandfather was black. But if it weren't for my hair, I look 99.9% white. Blonde and blue eyed, and really pale.

It makes me hate my hair so much because people expect me to have straight hair based upon how I look. And they think that I have damaged hair, when in reality its just kinky 4c hair.

People question my ethnicity. I get rude comments how I should straighten it (which now I do. before I always wore lots of braids), how i should just shave it all off. That its poofy. I'd kill just to have looser curls like the OP pic. It'd be somewhat more easier to style instead of coils that frizz up. It always feels like I have 300 pounds of hair on my head. and it gets matted so easily. I have to keep it straight unless I want to spend a long time on moisturizing natural hair care, which is too time consuming for me, and the outcome is not worth it since I hate the look of poofy, short hair.

Its such a relief to straighten it and my scalp can actually breathe. I don't look good with short hair, or an afro. I hate when my new growth starts showing and people tell me I should get dreadlocks, that its time for a touchup, etc. My Dad always wore his hair short and tex-laxed, easy for him. I keep my hair long but the upkeep of relaxers is so tiresome, expensive. and the transition from new growth to my next touch up is always time consuming to keep up with. I probably will get backlash for my opinion, but I hate this type of hair, and I've learned to just live with it to the best of my ability.

The only positive side is I won't ever go bald. (even with relaxers, I still seem to have so much hair), and never gray, since the generations before me didn't. And if I ever want loose curls or beach waves, my hair will of course hold curls in all day without a problem.

No. 75526

Rock it, my mum has your hair and I am so jealous I did not inherit it. It's so beautiful when well kept and looks unique, please don't shave it off or straighten it because of dumb people.

I wish I had your hair, you can make it look so good.

No. 75625

just do what black women do and wear weaves/wigs

No. 75671

Go back to the 19th century. The one drop rule doesn’t apply anymore. If they’re mostly white, then they’re white.

No. 75680

tfw instantly recognize varg virkenes' wife and kid

No. 75684

so you mean to tell me if this blonde, blue eyed pale ass girl goes "I'm black", that people aren't going to argue and be like "No you're white, you just have curly hair from generations ago". That she immediately belongs in the community? Its alot simpler to just categorize yourself as to what you are primarily. Especially since her entire bloodline is white except for one relative.

No. 75685

If random people in America are “questioning her ethnicity” when a lot of mutts in America totally pass there’s something fishy. Tbh I would have thought 1/16 was the cut-off for becoming white again but unless she’s actually blacker than she thinks, the one drop rule sounds true now.

No. 75687

pretty sure she meant people see her hair and question it. But when she has her hair straightened, nobody bats an eye because of her other features being white.

No. 86214

does anyone have an updated link for this? its expired

No. 88604

File: 1531776437250.jpg (276.47 KB, 1019x1437, 0b14fb957504ac31f97b604e801f9b…)

Anyone have much experience with DIY crochet braids?
I know pic related is probably a weave, but I'm still looking to achieve something similar for at least a few months.

No. 88611

Oh yay validation from whites! exactly what I go on one of the few POC-friendly sites to get, thank you sooooo much!

No. 88630

"poc-friendly" what is this tumblr speak.
Lolcow is not a fucking safespace, go to tumblr.

No. 88631

This isn't 4chanpol either, I could care less about your crying about safe spaces - this site is pretty progressive all things considered and I'd like a certain amount of respect for the many minority groups that use this site, I'm sure people will back me up on this.

I don't know why you decided to pick a fight with me in the thread dedicated to black beauty and haircare, but the stringy white hair threads are that way -> -> - >

No. 88633

nta but you replied to a comment from 2 years ago, and are obviously posting this tumblr shit in other threads. no one gives a fuck what color your skin is but your attitude is piss poor.

No. 88640

File: 1531796754027.gif (557.31 KB, 410x358, 9a566d5ef96db655bffbd45b3f216f…)

I feel like it's the same anon who made some slick post like "Are standards for white women this low?" about someone in the British monarchy having a flat ass in another thread.
Like, just reserve these comments for when an actual racist tries to come for you. There's not exactly a shortage of them, but not every single white person is trying to passive-aggressively insult us, lmao. Sometimes, they mean well but are just tone-deaf. No need to assume the worst.

No. 88656

You're still on about that? Learn to love your flat ass and let it go anon.

No. 88658

>I'd like a certain amount of respect for the many minority groups that use this site, I'm sure people will back me up on this.
>the stringy white hair threads are that way
A+ bait kek

No. 88667

I was never on it, I just witnessed the sperging (and I have a pretty nice, naturally round ass, no need to project lmao). You can talk about a depressingly flat ass without making it about "tHe wHiTeS". Save it for when some asshat makes a comment about black women first, at least. Get the chip off your shoulder, kek.

No. 88691

Its not a troll, this is the way tumblr thinks

No. 88717

go back to 4Chan if you don't like us being here, where there are black women we will talk about black issues and turn the conversation towards black culture. It's bad enough you have these threads dedicated to worshipping conventionally attractive mainly white "cute girls" without invading our threads too

sage for off topic and conversations with people i really don't like talking to but some things have to be said smh.

No. 88728

What the fuck are you on about?
Please tell me this is parody..

You are salty about white girls being posted by other white girls on a thread about cute girls, where there are a variety of girls of different races being posted, and in your bitter saltiness you resort to search for shit to get triggered about, so you respond to a year old compliment on black womans hair to shit on white girls and complain about raceism while at the same time putting down other races (stringy white girl hair)

Maybe its time to y'know, just ignore and report shit you dont like or leave to a "safer" place where you can complain about trivial shit while being a massive hypocrite without being called out?

Also sage your shit, your standing out like a massive sore thumb.

No. 88741

File: 1531852252317.gif (745.87 KB, 405x226, e375623d80a2b285a1b7302641754f…)

no one on here thinks making fun of AAVE is somehow funny, if our dialect is amusing to you then I have nothing to say to you

I didn't realise it was such an old post OK, what does it matter anyway? And how is "stringy white girl hair" "shitting on white girls", if I wanted to shit on white girls i'd say something like "white girls are way too sensitive", but I won't because I'm trying to be civil and because your post already says it for me.

No. 88773


anybody have any good product recommendations to combat frizz and add moisture? i recently moved to a place where its hot and dry af during the day, but humid towards the evening/night. my go-to products aren't working anymore and my hair is feelin crispy. my hair is 3c and it hasn't been cut in half a year cuz white people around here don't know how to cut black hair

No. 88782

Depends, what are you currently using now?

I also have 3b-3c hair, and live in a part of the US where it's hot/dry this summer and humid if there's precipitation. Right now I'm using a variety of Cantu Shea Butter products for washing, styling, and as leave-in, which I can get from most supermarkets. So far my hair's been holding up quite while with moisture and staying styled this summer, even if I spend a lot of time outdoors.

(Also I never get my hair cut at salons, my mom usually does it for me lmao).

No. 88784

To be fair though, I wear my hair pulled back a lot or put it in plaits, so it never really gets "poofy".

No. 88795

ive been using the sheamoisture manuka honey line for shampoo/conditioner, then Elasta QP mango butter leave-in conditioner and hair smoothie. this combo worked well for me for awhile but now it's not doing shit lol.

i've seen Cantu products in the store, i'll have to try some out to see if it gets any better,thanks!

i used to wear it down all the time and it looked cute, but now i look like don king's long lost daughter lmao

No. 111879

what are y’alls experiences with different brands of loose hair for braiding? i’m wanting to get 26 in box braids and have always bought the brands my stylist recommends, usually kanekelon

sorry if necroing

No. 111880

I bought some really cheap braiding kanekalon hair off AliExpress.

Worked a treat.

No. 144899

Does anyone here have curly eyebrows? How do you style them, because I find it hard to shape them because the curls just look messy. Even trimming the ends doesn't help as it still has a bit of a wave. I just want nice straight sleek brows :(

No. 144910

You'll need to fully remove them and learn to draw them on, anon.

No. 144913

Have you tried eyebrow lamination

No. 144915

use got2be ultimate hair gel in them. It works amazing. if you want something semi-permanent, try eyebrow lamination. Amazon sells at home kits and they are safe and work great.

No. 144987

finally a thread i mostly relate to!
I have really kinky hair, the most my mom could do when i was a little girl was plaits so i never really styled my hair in my high school years. I got teased a lot by students and one of my upperclassmen even tried to straighten my hair, she ended up burning it a bit and it became short.

at first i decided to have extensions to help grow my hair but then when i started attending university I started wearing wigs. people kept on thinking it was my real hair and I have been wearing wigs a lot since then (while keeping my hair in plaits underneath). I am honestly so envious of the black women who can do stuff with their natural hair and wish I could do the same too but my hair is too rough.

No. 145004

I’m so happy that this thread got bumped back up. I’m mixed with 3c hair and recently changed my routine for the better. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but I figured that if this thread was dead there wasn’t a big enough demand for it on this board for me to be able to relate to anyone. (also was annoyed by all the previous race baiting.) Hopefully we can stay on topic & help each other out.

>curly eyebrows exist
I learned something new today.

No. 393025

Pokimane's natural hair is curly

No. 393057

gonna get flack here but thoughts on the idea of 4c hair being a myth / temporary dry state of african hair? i had a 4c texture all my life but i finally worked out how to properly moisture and detangle my hair and now it looks more wavy/curly and hangs instead of sticking up. if it were possible to purposefully dry out my hair enough again i would like to still be able to style an afro from time to time (i prefer the way certain styles look with it) but the curls clumping together has made managing my hair so much easier since it doesn’t tangle or dry out as easily. it doesn’t seem worth losing the health and growth (went from back-length stretched out to mid-thigh!)

No. 393068

There is some validity to that claim. Cause I know so many people who just have badly taken care of 4a/4b hair and you see this a lot in natural hair influencer spaces where they try to pass off 4b as 4c and it's annoying to people looking for genuine 4c hair advice. Also people trying to pass off 4a/4b hair as just 4c hair with a wash and go kek

No. 393071

I'm a white girl reading this thread because I have curly hair and was curious. I hate it when you ask to touch my hair (and you probably are asking to touch black girl's hair too). Please act normal about it.

No. 393075

4C is not a myth. I have 4C and I want black people to stop fucking gaslighting 4c women that are hair isn’t in 5C/6C because it’s always just so fucking dry and kinky and coily. That’s the one thing I hate about being black and it makes me seethe seeing other black women with nice, softer pliable hair textures because it’s so fucking hard trying to style it, idc how much these natural hair enthusiasts try to convince us that it isn’t hard to upkeep and maintain with a modern western lifestyle. It pisses me off so fucking much, tired of 4A and 4Bs pretending their hair is 4C and shitting up the tags with their own hair that they damn well know isn’t the “bad” hair.

No. 393077

File: 1713892843369.jpeg (276.62 KB, 900x1200, IMG_0221.jpeg)

I’m not convinced it only applies to certain ‘4c’ hair though, because in my experience (and in some anecdotes) my hair was completely indistinguishable from any other 4c. so what would be the distinction? if everything is the same i think it would be odd to assume they’re any different.

i have the time so i’ll spout my theory. i’ve put an autistic amount of effort and research into my hair because of how much trouble it was giving me and came to the following conclusions: 1, all moisturised and detangled hair, 4c or otherwise, naturally inclines to clumping waves/curls together; 2, the curlier the individual follicle the more moisture it needs to hold itself into clumps; and 3, curlier hair types are dryer because less hair clumps means less moisture retained.

basically what i found is that the more progress i made with my hair the more follicles bunched together and followed the same direction. it ended up progressing from typically 4c to reminiscent of 4a/4b to curl bunches the size associated with type 2/3 hair (but the curl shape looks different, more random meandering and coils upward at the tips, sort of water-like). picrel is not my photo but looks exactly the same as how my 4c hair looked when i first noticed the curls clumping after a veryyy long couple of hours trying to wash a hair mask out.

i’m simply convinced people are too busy putting money into wigs and extensions etc to experiment with research around our natural hair. current hair science is geared to caucasian hair types, from shampoos to conditioners - we don’t have the luxury of products scientists have literally researched to work for us, i would even argue this for ‘black hair products’ (like greases, they seal out moisture that just isn’t in the follicle). as a result all we have are anecdotes when there could be concrete science on this matter, especially since it seems so disputed.

saw the last reply so disclaimer - while i think locking moisture into hair is probably beneficial long term i don’t consider either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ hair. i dislike when people get trigger-happy over this topic regardless of what you say, and as i said i prefer ‘4c’ texture for certain styles. but this is my experience and, once i shared what i’ve done with my hair to friends and family who also have 4c hair, the same has occurred for them. even if you believe i somehow had 4a/b beforehand, i doubt every single one of those others did, and regardless - my hair now looks closer to type 2/3 now anyway, not 4a/b.

No. 393106

What did you do to your hair anon?

No. 393970

File: 1714191045780.jpg (60.16 KB, 735x1016, 2650a2bcb3f727a7949aaa9679ad0f…)

I have super thick and dense, 4c (or maybe 4b. Or maybe a mix of both, idk) hair and it's always been super difficult for me to manage. Haircare has always been a confusing and mystifying topic for me. I've shaved it off multiple times out of frustration and insecurity from other other people judging my hair. The most recent being only a few months ago, so I'm currently in a phase of wearing lace wigs. Once my hair grows out a bit more though, I want to dedicate more time and effort into understanding my hair. Stuff like moisturizing, keeping it healthy, styling, retaining length etc…

No. 393999

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