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File: 1493241724518.png (121.35 KB, 1000x628, Veq9fCr.png)

No. 59063

Would anyone be interested in a girl-oriented anonymous imageboard? Including boards like


Would you be a user?
Which boards should be considered?
How friendly would you want the board tone to be (strict moderation)?

No. 59066

Yeah, I'd be interested.

No. 59069

it would just devolve into a gossip board just like this one anyway, I don't see the point?

No. 59074

I'd also be interested.

No. 59075

Id be really interested. I don't even come here for the cows anymore tbh.

No. 59083

i would be but it'd probably go to shit and get raided like the 8 chan one. i'm fine with sticking to /ot/ and /g/ for now.

No. 59086

Yeah, I am fine with just /g/ here but a more extensive imageboard would be cool too. Already I've gotten so much valuable info on skincare and makeup thanks to anons here.

No. 59089

Hell yeah.

No. 59093

I'd be interested as well but it would be hard to moderate to keep undesirable users from everywhere out.
I also wouldn't add too many boards from the start and just see what would be needed.

No. 59094

So /g/?

All those threads/topics are already covered on here. There wouldn't be enough traction for an entire separate board on it.

No. 59121

i would love this! /g/ is the only board i really peruse anymore. it would probably become a target for trolls/r9k pretty quickly but that's manageable

it would be nice to have a female-oriented imageboard that isn't vicious and mean but honestly that might be unrealistic, lolcow maintains a decent enough level of moderation for what it is. maybe you could quarantine that sort of content to one specific board?

i would really like to see where this idea goes

No. 59138

OP here, thanks for the feedback so far!
I would start out with fewer more generic boards and split them if popular. I can set up an imageboard and have experience managing them, but I need a name and more input from future users.

Also, what is your opinion on user IDs in this context?

No. 59142

I'd be interested in it, mainly because I only lurk on /snow/ and /pt/ and actually post only on /ot/ and sometimes on /g/.

No. 59148


It's gonna end badly tbh. I still remember how /fem/ and /beauty/ went down on 8chn

No. 59151

/baph/ destroyed /fem/ and everyone lost interest because swami was a shit.

No. 59156

I really enjoyed /tradfem/ for the brief while it existed

No. 59160

It would get 0 traffic what would be the point.

No. 59161

I would dig it. Coming here is kind of a negative experience, so I'd like to go somewhere that wasn't focused on drama.
Crush- Where we can post threads for hotties that we wanna fan girl over, or general relationship stuff
Diary- for "blog post" type stuff, like the Good Morning thread here, vent spaces, or just threads for each user to talk about their daily life if they're brave enough
Lifestyle- threads could be dedicated to how to achieve being a "type" of woman. For example: lifestyle Lolita thread, Homemaker Threads, Popular, Instagram Famous, Boss in Male-Dominated Business, Cam Girl, etc.

No. 59162

I don't think UserIDs would be terrible, honestly. Girls tend to be more organized and less shit-posty, and I think it would discourage males from coming in just to be dicks/fake girls. You could have an OT board where there were no IDs, so that there was still a broad area for people to be anonymous.

No. 59164

personally, i don't really like id's and would prefer remaining as anon as possible.

if you're going to make something like this though, how are you going to handle male posters? would you let them post as long as they're civil or would you outright ban them?

No. 59179

File: 1493328978566.png (212.89 KB, 1280x1204, 4614.png)

I think it'd be cool, but how are you going to advertise it? This board barely gets enough traffic as it is.

No. 59180

To be honest lolcow is the best-run option for a girl imageboard. You will either get barely any traffic, or you will get inundated with men. All board ideas I've seen have already been threads at some point.

No. 59182

I don't think we should seperate and split the community here.
Also there are active threads right now about skincare, advice, fashion, jfash, feels, career and sex RIGHT NOW on /g/ and /ot/.
What else do you want?

My suggestion would open a /a/ or /v/ board here on lolcow, if there is enough interest but that's it.

No. 59187

I would love an /a/ board.

No. 59200

I agree and I would love an /a/ slash /jp/ here. I appreciate OP's idea but I don't see why we can't have those things here, where there is decent traffic and good moderation.

No. 59204

I really REALLY like this idea. I'd definitely use it. I like all the boards you suggested also all these >>59161. The tone should be comfy but the moderation should be strict just to keep /r9k/ away.

I seriously hope you go through with this.

No. 59209

this was discussed multiple times on a certain 8ch board and we still never got a female imageboard.

it would be lovely to have one but no ones stepping up to actually make it happen

No. 59220

yes yes to this. My sorry ass would love to get the boards mentioned in OP. Even just staying here and adding boards would work

No. 59227

I wouldn't try to turn lolcow into this (assuming the admins want to go for it) because we already have a bad reputation which will drive new users away, especially if they're looking for a supportive community. A new site is the way to go.

No. 59228

I actually hoped the site would turn into something like that, but eh, too many snarky bitches

It would be worth a try, but as far as I'm aware the sites main focus is on pt and snow

No. 59237

I'd be interested in a girl imageboard for Spanish or German speakers

No. 59239

I'd be interested in giving it a try

No. 59248

>The few female boards I saw on 8ch were overrun with men.
That's not what I was talking about at all.

No. 59260

I'm the same. /Pt/ and /snow/ don't really interest me as before, so nowadays I've just lurked.

I'd definitely be interested but at the same time we already have /g/ so yeah. Maybe it's not that necessary, but I'd give it a try.

No. 59272

I love the idea but PLEASE be wary f segmenting it into too many small boards

No. 59274

(submitted before finishing)

Being too specific lowers the overall participation rate. Like on Reddit, lots of small, incredibly specific subs with no traffic. Boards I'd like to see:

/Health/ (exercise, diet, cooking etc)
/Beauty/ (fashion, skincare, hair)
/Relationshiips/ (not just romantic ones)
/Media/ or /Entertainment/ (not just anime)
/Offtopic/ for stealth history threads

I like >>59161's ideas for /lifestyle/ and /diary/ but I'd be wary of dividing it much further than that. Better to build up a base and add boards with demand.

No. 59275

career and school should be merged into a single board called /hustle/ or /thegrind/

No. 59283

I would love a female oriented board and would be a frequent user but only with tight moderation regarding male and robot faging.

No. 59286

OP again.


Can you link an example? I'm probably going to stick with imageboard software for familiarity, but I'm curious.

Right now I think boards could be
Health & Beauty (makeup, dieting, fashion)
Advice (dating, friendship, mental health, rants, diary)
Entertainment (TV, movies, anime, lifestyle stuff)

If needed, popular topics can still be spun off into new boards.

Users who seem male can be reported and will be removed based on how credible their post history is.

I'm grateful for the suggestions and input so far, please keep it coming!

No. 59310


Is it gonna be a chan or just another image board.

No. 59360

what do you even mean

No. 59372

How about some boards for history, politics, science, programming, hobbies and such? Do we really need to fit the steriotypes of women being braindead airheaded gender that cares only about superficial matters? Don't get me wrong, appearances do matter but I'm sure there are plenty girls that are or would like to be in tech or expand knowledge of a certain subject on a female imageboard.
It would be nice to discuss history without getting comments how women ruined it all. Or talk about programming opportunities for women, or DIY etc.

No. 59374

>>How about some boards for history, politics, science, programming, hobbies and such

Pretty much every existing image board contains these topics. Being able to talk about female-exclusive subjects is pretty much the point of a female image board imo. I really don't think it has anything to do with fitting a stereotype, although I agree hobbies and DIY would make awesome boards.

No. 59375

I think it could be nice if there were a board where men could post and interact with us, but ONLY there. If they post to other boards they should be banned.

No. 59376

I think these are both good ideas for boards. Not too specific, nor vague either.

No. 59377

I agree! It's not the same talking about this in a board like 4chan or 8ch. Plus, there are certain areas like health-related professions that are dominated by women, I'm pretty sure many people would be interested in a board for something like that.

No. 59378


Yes they do, but it's from a male's perspective. If it's history then if you mention female leaders, scientists, writers, artists then it's easy to out yourself as a female. And it would be cozy to have a tech refuge for female programmers, scientists, engineers, etc. on a female oriented board without men creating threads about meme girrrl coders. I just wish to encourage female farmers to gain some skills, expand knowledge, myself included. I didn't mean to come across as harsh with braindead part but we could profit more from education. Makeup and fashion is nice and all, but knowledge is more important than ever.
I wouldn't mind also having a recipe/food board. I'm quite skilled with bento(art) and creating gluten free meals for instance. It would be awesome to exchange recipes with other farmers.

Yes, precisely!
> Plus, there are certain areas like health-related professions that are dominated by women, I'm pretty sure many people would be interested in a board for something like that.

Particularly this. I'm sure a lot of farmers have incredible skills and tips to share aside from the common topics such as makeup and fashion.

No. 59405

didn't this site have a containment thread before? i think implementing something like that wouldn't be too bad.

No. 59447

OP here. I could probably launch the site pretty soon, but I'd like some more input regarding final board choices, and the domain name and such. I could make a group chat on discord if any future potential users want to talk.

No. 59470

i'd definitely use this

No. 59484

I'd also like to have this

No. 59517

File: 1493762287593.png (334.61 KB, 1306x1121, aJFJDWS.png)

Here's a screenshot of what the site currently looks like for those who are rightfully doubting this will happen. You can message me on discord (Snailtan#5286) if you want to share any opinions or suggestions.

Please ignore the board list, I put some placeholders in there because I haven't decided on the final boards yet.

I changed the posting form a little to make it easier for newbies to blend in. It will save a bit of friction caused by accidental namefagging and not make their first imageboard experience a negative one. Any opinions on this?

No. 59518


So the name and email section isn't selectable? How do you sage then

No. 59520

There's a sage and NSFW (spoiler) option at the bottom of the post form.

No. 59521

that's looking qt. i wanna make banners once it's ready

No. 59525

Same. I'd like to make cute banners as well. There should be a board for discussion about the site like the meta board on here.

The light green is cute, but will there eventually be style options for the site?

No. 59526

That would be great! Dimensions for banners are 300x100

There will be standard imageboard styles (like lolcow and 4chan) and I'll make more custom ones like the light green one once I have more time. Users can submit styles if they're confident.

No. 59528

In the options category, have a box for formatting keybinds, or another easy-for-newbies formatting option.

No. 59532

Awesome, I already have a few banners in mind. Just waiting for the official domain name so I can add text to them.

I wouldn't make the domain super girly in case the dudebros from other imageboards get a hold of the name or link and get ideas to raid or some stupid shit.

No. 59533

>I wouldn't make the domain super girly in case the dudebros from other imageboards get a hold of the name or link and get ideas to raid or some stupid shit.
seconded. based off the screencap the word emerald comes to mind. ribbonchan is another one that i think sounds cute. just throwing those out there. if i come up with something better i'll share.

No. 59537

ooh emeraldchan sounds pretty. i'm a sucker for any celestial sounding words tbh.

No. 59543

Something like emerald cafe perhaps? Or is it too cheesy?

No. 59544


Not that cheesy but it sounds a little too girly.

No. 59551

I don't see the point, we already have /g/ and /ot/, literally what thread would you make that you can't already make here?
lolcow is already slow, adding another chanboard will just divide the userbase further and slow things down even more.

>plot twist OP is the femm version of that meglomaniac Josh or whatever from kiwifarms

No. 59553

Lolcow is a niche website known for being a hate community, which drives away a lot of users who'd otherwise be interested in a female board. It's too specific. That's why I'm trying with a separate site.

Thank you for the domain suggestions. I think .cafe sounds cute, or.club. Here's a list of domain endings if you want to look for available ones:

No. 59558

Oh please, tell me that we will indeed have pol, and sci boards! It would be perfect to have pol and sci boards that have nothing to do with the cancerous boards on other chans.

Will you also need mods?

No. 59559

The only kinds of users that .farm drives away are the uwu all criticism is bullying uwu types
Unless you mean something else?

No. 59575

It's slow because the admin is shit and her farmhand friends drove all the oldfags away when they decided to split up boards and go ban crazy with their le new power. This place used to be booming almost as much as 4chan but now everyone's back at cgl. I'm sure everyone would love to be back talking about girly things on a site with decent mods.

No. 59580

Puella.cafe ? (Pulls is Latin for girl)
Mädchen.cafe? (Mädchen is German for girl)
Chicachat.cafe (Chica is girl in spanish)
Opals.cafe (opals; opal pals get it?)

No. 59583

most of those sound like underage porno sites

No. 59586

Lmao youre right

Idk how sites work but is it possible to only have a temporary site name?

No. 59587


I dunno, I kind of like Mädchen.cafe

No. 59590



Whoa there anons, don't be so perverted! I seriously don't like emerald cafe it sounds like a mmorpg or something… And you gotta admit mädchen.cafe is a hella cute name
Brb while I go console my other ideas for not being good enough

No. 59591

It'll get popular the same way this nothing of a site got popular or any other imageboard for that matter. You realize advertising is a thing right and you can advertise on more places than 4chan? People will be talking about the site just like people talked about lolcow.

The site's already in construction and majority of the people here want it. The project's not just gonna stop because you don't want it to happen.

No. 59592


So mädchen.cafe it is?

No. 59593


you sound really salty about people wanting to give this a chance.


agreed madchen cafe is adorable !!

No. 59594

Problems arise on any site. Personally, I think the idea of a new imageboard is cute. we just have to give it a shot and do our best to make it work.

I like it! Even if the name is just temporary it's better than nothing!

No. 59595

I like mädchen.cafe too (I don't know what mädchen is but the name sounds cute regardless) but am I going to have to correctly spell it with the ä everytime I want to visit? And this isn't going to be limited to Germanons, right?

No. 59596

Oh wait, saw the translation in the original post. My bad.

No. 59597


I'd imagine if you use a regular "a" then it would just redirect.

Am I wrong, OP?

No. 59601

>how will it get traffic xDD

No. 59607

>Of course I'm salty about why people won't just invest in an already existing site that I am personally fond of

but you're acting like it's op's fault. she can't improve lolcow, only do her own thing

No. 59645

Not OP, but I believe you can't accentuate on website domains (hence even japanese sites using latin alphabet)

No. 59647

No. 59649

Puella sounds the cutest to me.

No. 59652


No. 59653

Hi again.

mädchen.cafe is possible, but in any non-German browser it would show up as xn–mdchen-bua.cafe, so that's not ideal. I have to say I'm not a big fan of puella.cafe.

A lot of cute domain names are taken. I found something cute and memorable, what does everyone think about crystal.cafe? Is it too new age?
It doesn't have to be the final name, we can collect more suggestions and have a poll later on.

No. 59668

i think crystal cafe sounds cute.

No. 59670

Fuck yes.
I'd like an anonymous board personally like this one or any chanboard because I don't like making accounts lol.

I think a better board set up would be this though
>Overall advice (relationship, life, anything that doesn't fit in another board)
>Normie fashion board (because we can't b kawaii all the time :'( )
>Beauty board (Skincare, makeup, hair, nails)
>Sex and relationships board
>A lifestyle board (Career talk and anything else that fits)

The boards you have in your own list are too narrow to fit a whole board. Rather than a separate skincare, makeup, and hair board itd be better to have some general threads for them in beauty, then other threads on anything else (fav brands, specialized help, whatever)

I think considering this is lolcow a semi-friendly atmosphere would be good. One where you can call someone a retard if they say something, well, retarded, but where nitpicking at someone's look wouldn't be considered constructive and thus disallowed (Since nitpicks don't help anyone). Something like PULL's atmosphere. People still get pretty catty there but it's moderated.

If it's an anon board, make sure it's well moderated and it'll be fine. If it has the same pacing as this board does it shouldn't be too difficult since i doubt the board will get massive.

No. 59671

/cgl/, this board, and if PULL has any section for it those would work? There's also the leddit beauty subreddits but advertising is tricky when everyone disallows it.

No. 59672

Good luck with that. You're better off seeking an existing german/spanish board and trying to launch your own specialized one from there friend.

No. 59681

scratch the advertising in pull and reddit. theres much better places with seasoned imageboard users who wont shit the place up so bad

No. 59717

Like where?

I agree that crystal.cafe is cute.

No. 59725

Do you mean paid advertising? Because it was already mentioned that /cgl/ deletes any reference to other rival boards

No. 59747

Not really into mädchen or crystal tbh. From all the names suggested my favorite is emerald. And all names I can think of are too cutesy and maybe even a bit silly. My best suggestion is probably jolie.cafe

No. 59763


No. 59765



No. 59770


>And all names I can think of are too cutesy and maybe even a bit silly

Lets here em.

No. 59781

I registered crystal.cafe for now to get started. There's a discord server to brainstorm https://discord.gg/AUkhq3Y or you can email me (see email field)

If you want to make a banner, please don't put the domain on it. I will do it myself so I can keep the blank version for when the domain will likely change.

No. 59827

dicksinmyan.us is already listed as a domain for mail service on https://cock.li/

No. 59923

Pol sounds like a bad idea. 4chan was able to have a successful board for a little while at the beginning, but then the parts of reddit that didn't feel welcome in their home site started flooding in.

A small board like this would barely be able to tank a hundred or so of those posters before the quality of the other boards were affected. It's best not to have any cracks for them to get in.

No. 59925

Yeah, maybe call it /news/ or something else related to current events.

No. 59946

Agreed, /news/ would be better. The one on 8chan is still as meme-y as pol, unfortunately. It would be nice to be able to discuss current events in a civil manner without a bunch of sperglords shouting inane bullshit.

No. 59949

seconded, crystal.cafe is cute

No. 60082

File: 1494288724168.png (226.11 KB, 789x491, drGQXyc.png)

Still making progress. I'll publish the site some time this week.

No. 60084


No. 60096

Nice. Do you need any mods?

No. 60115

Even though the site will be very slow at first, it would be good to have staff, especially in case we get raided. I will post an application form in this thread later. (assuming you're offering)

No. 60116

can we have a spooky /x/ board?

No. 60123

Looks like they got that covered according to >>59517

No. 60144


I would be very interested, but only if you made an effort to moderate male posters and ban them on sight.
Too many women here reply to men, so they keep coming here. That said, there should be a universal rule that states that no woman should reply to a male poster and if she does it should be with hostility like an equivalent to 'TITS OR GTFO'.

The internet is male-dominated because men silence us with tactics like that, women need to be more out-spoken and aggressive towards men in female-spaces if they want to keep their spaces female. If you are serious about having a female oriented imageboard this is what you will have to do because men love to destroy female spaces. I'm not sure why men want to erase female presence but they are great at it.

If you are serious I will support your site and become a moderator and make it my personal goal to keep your site female-centric.

No. 60153


Dick or gtfo?

No. 60168

I prefer asshole or gtfo. Men show off their dicks too freely.

No. 60169

File: 1494365998924.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, 1454278938271.gif)

but that implies we actually WANT to see their assholes/dicks

No. 60225

Maybe 6 pack or gfto? That way they'll only feel welcome if they have nice muscles

No. 60228

Good idea anon. I don't want to see some R9K dick or asshole that hasn't been washed in 3 weeks.

No. 60230

If you're looking for mods who can ban spergs on sight I'm in. I'm working from home atm so I get bored easily and I need something to do

No. 60231


This. It'll keep the incels out.

No. 60237

What do girls really like in men?

Guys can be content with boobs, but according to some interviews on Youtube girls claim to look at teeth, eyes, and butt first and then the rest later

No. 60238

Teeth is a thing both genders look at. what

No. 60473

Jawline or GTFO ???

Hope things are coming along well OP

No. 60481

I always looks at eyebrows, eyes, and lips first. I don't really care about teeth unless they're meth-addict levels of bad (I have shitty teeth myself from shit genetics and can't afford to fix them so i can't judge).

No. 60511

I was thinking that maybe making it girl oriented will make it a target for trolls.

What if the board was publicly neutral, but trolling and the people who reply to trolls were aggressively punished with permanent bans on the first offense? As long as the boards stay on topic, they would be mostly female by default. And trolls, even if they happen to be girls themselves, are just shitting up the board, so there's no loss in getting rid of them forever.

No. 60879

How is the site coming OP?

No. 60907

Sorry for the absence, I had to pause working on the board for a few days, but I'm close to a soft release now. Within the next 2-3 days?
That's a good idea, but it means we would be flooded with "how do I get gf" threads, banning for those would be unfair and shady unless there's a girls only rule already in place.

No. 60940


Girls only rule sounds good.

No. 61187

This is a defeatist way of thinking. 4chan is male-dominant and they keep it that way by harassing women off of their threads. We are perfectly capable of harassing men off a female-centric site. The '6-PACK OR GTFO' thing is genius and would definitely make them feel like shit and keep them out.

No. 61200

>The '6-PACK OR GTFO' thing is genius and would definitely make them feel like shit and keep them out.
>seriously believes this

No. 61202

i agree

No. 61251

It's online, but I'll wait until it looks less dead before I start advertising. I hope it'll be a fun experience <3


No. 61254

congrats on opening the site :)

No. 61255

yesssssss that little flower next to the admin name is real cute

No. 61260

Yippppeee Thanks anon! :)

No. 61295

thanks!! i've waited for this!!

No. 61340

I was a little wary at first because I thought it would be like this site's /g/ and /ot/ boards but everyone's being so well behaved! Great job anon!

No. 61353

Girl image boards will never be as popular as 4chan because they're too strictly regulated. Why post on a forum where there's a strict topic regulation when you can just go on 4chan and post almost whatever ya like?people will get bored if they're having a discussion in a thread then a mod butts in telling them to stop.

No. 61355

agreed. everyone is so nice there right now. i haven't seen any toxic posts or people bitching out each other. once the community grows, it'll be exactly like this place though; full of some of the saltiest fish in the sea.

>people will get bored if they're having a discussion in a thread then a mod butts in telling them to stop.
i agree. the discussion should flow freely until it gets way out of hand aka people arguing back and forth with continuous name calling and just shitting up the thread entirely.

No. 61374

It's been a day and there are already men, jesus
The only thing I'd like is a darker theme, so far all of the current ones make my eyes hurt lol I know we'll get one eventually

But so far I like it, good job

No. 61464

>i haven't seen any toxic posts or people bitching out each other.
That sounds boring af, what's the point in an anonymous board without real talk?

No. 61470

Right? You guys can police other people's opinions on tumblr ffs.

No. 61474

I know right? They are like a plague, no matter where you fuck off, there they will be.

Also agreed, the theme is too green.

No. 61483

you can do that here already, let a place on the internet be nice for a change. why "real talk" has to be inherently toxic? so far I didn't see people's opinions being policed, just edginess and male presence.

No. 61487

I have, and it's usually excused with 'lololol do u know where u r??? this is LOLCOW! If you want to have a normal conversation without spergs shitting up the thread, go to reddit/tumblr/9gag, you pussy!'

No. 61488

The only instance of anything remotely comparable to policing on the new board was admin's comment on the Scottish YouTuber thread. I didn't like that and won't stick around if they do stuff like that consistently.

No one's made a massive ass out of themselves and started a shit slinging match. Yet. I'm sure it'll happen, but I'm not sure what's so boring about the absence of it. If anything, I feel more welcome to share my controversial opinions on crystal rather than lolcow because of shit like >>61487 is describing.

No. 61522

Thanks everyone for the kind words so far! I hope I'll see it grow. Moderator applications are open now, by the way.

Hope this doesn't sound too defensive, but the comment was going to derail the thread. A separate thread was made which has been unmoderated so far. I just want to keep things tidy so we don't immediately /pol/ify everything.

No. 61532

No, it's fine. I didn't think about it that way. That makes sense enough.

No. 61536

That sums it up. I feel like I'm seeing more edgelords here lately too. Those are a given on any imageboard but it just seems really prominent here.

Personally I don't see the issue if the new site wants to have less salt. It doesn't need extra toxicity. When I want to be that I just come here for a fix.

No. 61550

File: 1495668773687.png (31.09 KB, 300x400, penn_jillette.png)

>being civil and having real discussion sounds boring
well, now we know why this site has gone to shit within the past 3 years. way to out being a bitter bitch who doesn't know how to socialize. 9gag would be best suited for you.

No. 61551

The only instance of anything remotely comparable to policing on the new board was admin's comment on the Scottish YouTuber thread. I didn't like that and won't stick around if they do stuff like that consistently.
My thoughts exactly when I laid eyes on that. There was nothing /pol/ about it, in fact, quite the opposite since they were talking about the police being utter retards. I've read the article and the police stated themselves they didn't want to be called racists despite women being raped and tortured. I don't see how that would derail the thread lest an angry SJW was lurking and completely missed the point of the post, then decided to sperg out which in that case, they'd deserve a ban. Relax on the moderating.

No. 61553

How does one apply to be a mod? There are no directions and I'm autistic but I'm good with following directions and would like to be a mod.

No. 61577

Go to the site and go to meta its right there at the top.

No. 61578

agreed 100%. I'm getting fed up by all the rampant infighting here. why the hell does it make people so mad when anons try to be civil?

No. 61641

Because here apparently being civil means you belong on tumblr. As far as I've seen on the new site, it's cozy and you can say things withiout being told to go back to tumblr.

No. 61642

Me too. This place is nice and I'm happy to have an imageboard with much less salt.

No. 63279

File: 1497743100630.png (108.92 KB, 1301x301, YQ2a4h4.png)

God damn it, Spoony.

No. 63280

Pretty sure she still lurks and/or posts here too, since she knew about Mystery's rants and posted about them on /cgl/.

No. 63813

File: 1498265066914.jpg (61.63 KB, 500x381, tumblr_lynt0kfWMH1r791bbo1_500…)

i don't completely ~disagree~ with this but it irks me a bit. i get that we're making a safe space for women to freely be themselves but i don't think it's necessary to be rude to just any male. i know a lot of them are terrible especially the ones that thrive in the internet but how about the ones that aren't assholes and can keep up a civil smart conversation? i'm not expecting there to be a lot of those but i personally like hearing both sides to see the bigger picture if that makes any sense. i just don't think it's nice to have to stoop down to their level of immaturity and hostility. it sounds more of getting even, i guess? i do love this idea of a female oriented imageboard without the catty-ness and i'm excited to see how it'll turn out!

No. 63829

They'll be there even with the rule. There are good male posters here who actually do find some of the threads in /g/ relevant to them or that enjoy the more general threads in /ot/. A blanket no men rule would punish the male posters that actually participate and aren't here to find a GF or to fuck with people, in the event that mentioning their gender is necessary or if they slip up. There should just be rules and mods to target r9k trolls and male posters starting "male here" threads and mentioning their gender when not relevant/necessary in their posts. How relevant it is to mention your gender might be pretty opinionated so maybe it's better to have a rule like this than to be too lax and have annoying, attention seeking male posters, but I think it could be done well.

No. 64219

I've been lurking the last few days and it's really quaint and comfy. I hope more farmers from /g/ start crossing over.

No. 64244

Is it me or does it seem to be getting slower?

No. 64247

Noticed it too.
It seems that most users are lurkers rather than posters, which with such a small userabse amplifies the slowness since discussion isn't that varied.
I hope it can picks up some more (good) traffic soon because it's such a nice board, i wouldn't like it dying.

No. 64255

Yeah, I like the site so far but the admin seems very excited about implementing new features that will be fun for them rather than taking measures to enrich and grow the community. The activity from the new boards is already drying up, and ultimately they'll make the site feel even more disjointed and inactive since there wasn't enough traffic to justify them in the first place.

I really would like to see the site succeed, I just think admin needs to get more users before focusing on vanity projects.

No. 64256

Yeah, the fact that c.c already has more boards than lolcow but with 5% of the traffic isn't a good sign..

No. 64258

Admin here!
Growing the userbase while maintaining post quality is actually my top priority and I've been advertising in different female-oriented communities. I'll gladly try any good idea to get more users. You can post your ideas here if you want or in cc's meta board, or email me. Thanks!

No. 64259

I browsed recently and it seems like some of them have really similar threads to what's already in /ot/ and /g/, although I like that it does have a couple different boards

Not to beat a dead horse even more but as soon as I opened one board I already recognized a bunch of posts by Spoony and honestly I'd rather hang out here since she's supposed to be banned

No. 64260

She's banned there too

No. 64261

Was she? I noticed her post in a drawing thread that says it was from almost two weeks ago.

No. 64262

I'd rather be in a board with Spoony than Mystery tbh

No. 64265

Yes please I don't know how to use the discord it's so confusing

I like ot and g more than the gossip boards

No. 64279

The 'Forky' comment was Mystery, I'm sure of that

Anyone remember that cgl troll who was allegedly married to an older man and lived in Japan etc etc? She sounded a lot like Mystery too, when I think about it

No. 64280


Housewifechan I think it was? Only happened to ever catch one of her threads

No. 64295

Same. Spoony is less obnoxious but she really needs to get a life instead of posting so much and hardcore lurking.

How can you guys notice which posts are Spoonys'? I guess I'm completely oblivious.

No. 64297

Girl has a certain style of rambling about specific topics like her nosejob, dirty roommates, being anti-natalist etc

I'm convinced these are Spoony:
>Most people don't know that our bodies don't make our own calcium, so when a foetus is developing inside you guess where its bones comes from? IT FUCKING STEALS IT RIGHT OFF YOUR OWN SKELETON, and that shit NEVER gets replaced.


No. 64299

The art gave her away in this one.

No. 64303

THAT'S SPOONY'S ART? Holy shit, I thought it was some retarded Tumblrina that slipped into the boards. That style is terrible, not only ugly.

No. 64317

This. I love crystal cafe, but Spoony spamming all day every day with her walls of ramblings, fake sympathy(tagging random posts and writing some bs "OH THAT MUST BE SO HARD!") to attention whore the poster into acknowledging her is REEEE. Every thread there has minimum 1-2 Spoony posts. You'd think a person would grow up in what… 7 years that she has spent spamming imageboards?

I admit that was me, the mods said it was inappropriate, so I stopped. It was when Spoony just had started spamming, I was hoping she would realise the "commentary" and tone it down. No, I'm not Mystery. I do wish she would grace us with her presence again ;__;

Once you spot Spoonys posting style, It's RIP.
>muh nose
>muh thicc thighs
>walls of text about random shit
>starting fights with others and then pretending to be a victim
>today I was so productive, I took out the trash

Definetly her. If it's a wall of text where they play the victim and throw blame about inane things that are unfortunate, but not a big deal, It's 95% Spoony. 99% to be Spoony if it's a thing that could have been dealt with easily, had the poster not been a lazy fuck.

I would have no problem with Spoony, if she didn't shitpost so fucking much. It's ok to spot Spoony once in awhile, but when you start to notice her 10 times a day in a slow moving board…

No. 64321

I mean, I understand her, asian roommates are a pain.

No. 64325

>tfw moving to a dorm with 80% Chinese students in a few months
pray for me

No. 64326

Honestly i love the board so far. It's much more warm than lc, but Spoony is getting on my nerves already. Don't she have anything better to do with her life than posting on imageboards? What the fuck.

No. 64420

Huh, that girl was also talking about roommates in the discord (though not complaining and didn't specify they were asian). I've heard people complain about spoony a lot, but I haven't seen any concrete explanation of her posting style until this thread.

No. 64497

Who is this person and why does it matter? I've been posting in cc quite a lot and feel like this is a huge inside joke that went right over my head. Didn't really notice the shit posting.

No. 64506

Same, not sure what I'm missing

No. 64507


Just an attention whore from the old boards. Her biggest problem was derailing threads about cows to talk about herself, and samefagging. But tbh I don't even see what's the big deal about Spoony posting in cc threads where literally everyone else is talking about themselves. Wow she shared her art in an art thread. Woooow she's talking about her nose job in a plastic surgery thread. Oh my god is that her venting in the vent thread?

She posts a lot, yes, but the only thing we should be doing about it is engaging more and drowning her out–ya know until she does something actually ban worthy.

No. 64515

This. Honestly I don't know enough about spoony's life to even recognize her posts (really don't care to know either), and I'd imagine the majority of the anons are the same way. Pretty sure she has HPD so talking about her is just giving her what she wants anyways.

No. 64520

Same here, i remember spoony from her time on LC but i've been been on the CC since the beginning and only seen shitposting from that tripfag "Forky", but otherwise everything seems fairly normal, i really don't understand or see how they are "shitting up the board", maybe i am blind kek.

Maybe i don't notice them because most of the board consists of selfposting, ranting and venting anyways.

No. 65344

I am really liking crystal.cafe so far, and I've been trying to post there semi regularly, but it saddens me that it's still kinda empty.

Admin recently advertised on PULL, but it seems like it flopped? Just one reply in the thread. Watch you guys think about it?

I must admit that I also took a while to go check it out, but now I find it so comfy.

No. 65348

i'm thinking of regularly browsing cc–is it more of a friendly environment? (not saying y'all aren't friendly, it's just that this forum site is literal meant to make fun of cows.)

No. 65349


Yes, in general I've found it super friendly and comfy. I think I've only seen like 2 people being edgy for no reason lol
The topics are usually more chill too, since it's not a gossip focused board.

And the banners are legit so cute. I love them

No. 66379

Loving it so far, I just wish it moved faster.

No. 66391


You and me both, girl. Farmers, please come to the cafe!

No. 66405

File: 1502489037419.png (448.92 KB, 1366x637, PRcmtTB.png)

No. 66412

File: 1502499166552.jpg (59.45 KB, 900x900, Q7aQie3.jpg)

I thought Spoony left after being discovered, but she's still posting here and there to brag about her boyfriend and sperg out in the UK thread. She's the phantom of crystal cafe.

No. 66415


Crystal.cafe Autumn thread is definitely my favorite, so pretty. I love it. I see you also use the orange theme, anon, good taste.

I really still can't spot her posts, unless pointed out (duh i guess), so it really doesn't bother me. Sorry to hear you can't enjoy it because of her, anon. :(

No. 66435

I don't understand why anyone cares at all.

No. 66480

Please just shut the fuck up about her already. Literally no one else is noticing her posts except a small group of stalkers.

No. 66556

Im really loving it so far, wish it moved it a little faster but eh, its still pretty new

Also no idea someone made an instagram account for it? I feel like thats going to attract the wrong type of people; but wait till the board builds a rep for itself ig

No. 66594

Hiiiiighly recommend the cafe, I love the variety of boards and feel of the community. If I could think of more ways to suggest it to people I would but idk any ;;
I feel like the board really has potential

No. 66608

>really similar threads to what's already in /ot/ and /g/
I'm seeing this too, I'm not against girlychan but I just don't see the point in it.

4chan was too male orientated and toxic so girls gathered on /cgl/
/cgl/ was too hugboxy so girls moved to lolcow
Lolcow was too toxic so girls are moving to crystalcafe
Why not just return to cgl? Or stay here? Again I have no beef with it, I just feel like I'm missing something obvious

No. 66614

>Why not just return to cgl? Or stay here?
Personally, cgl (from what I've seen) is too cosplay oriented and lolcow is just…a bit too "hostile", for the lack of better words, even in ot & g.
People seek advice or confess something only to get snarky remarks, called names, etc etc etc. (I'm not saying it can't or won't happen to CC once the userbase grows, but for now it's a nice place to stay.)
Some of us also don't want to be associated with LC anymore.

I suppose it's just personal preference.

No. 66624

I feel like crystalcafe is too girly. It doesn't at all bother me that some girls like it that girly, but for me it's way too much. I like the hostileness of lolcow, because it's a mini power trip, but I do agree some girls are petty as shit.

>Some of us also don't want to be associated with LC anymore.
We are anonymous, lol.

No. 66626

>too girly
explain? theres a wide variety of threads and boards there. feel free to make your own and contribute too.

cgl was never too hugboxy, it was just as bitchy as here and thats not why we moved here.
cgl is for discussion about cosplay and lolita. not all of us are weebs. we want to talk about real life shit not 400 dollar grandma dresses and sewing.

No. 66631

I still use the lolcow /ot/ and /g/ boards just as frequently as crystal cafe. I like crystal cafe because I feel like it has a wider variety of boards and topics, the only downfall is that it's not very active. I also like how it's not centered around one topic (ex: cgl is cosplay based and lolcow is gossip based) which allows flexibility and a variety of people.

No. 66656

I already posted something similar on crystal.cafe, but since it's not as active there as it is here, I figured there's no harm posting a similar request here.

A lot of what I post (perhaps 50%) on lolcow and crystal.cafe receive negative, often snarky, replies. I don't feel my posts are that "triggering", and are similar to things I'd post elsewhere and receive feedback similar to irl.

I like the assortment of weeby and fashion/beauty/relationship topics in one place (here and crystal.cafe), but don't seem to fit in with the userbase. I'm not an argumentative person, so it's very frustrating having anons overreact (imo) to many of my posts.

I swear I'm received absolutely fine irl (and am often asked to hang out, so I know people aren't just putting up with me). I have a difficult time making friends with anons into anime or Asian beauty products, so having a place to discuss like topics as those discussed here would be really nice.

While many of my posts are received well, overall, I still receive too much negativity on these boards. Name calling, nitpicking, and the likes just aren't my thing, and it bothers me seeing it happen to other anons as well (I don't browse /pt/ or /snow/ for these reasons)

>>Does anyone have suggestions for more peaceful places on the internet to discuss similar topics as those found here and crystal.cafe. They don't need to be anonymous.

Thanks in advance :)

No. 66657

No one overreacted. You brought up WW2 propaganda and you even STATED that it was a stupid thing to ask then proceeded to derail two threads and got huffy when people told you to fuck off. You looked like an idiot and you know it. The way you're handling it all is really immature and you sound absolutely assblasted. I'm not trying to be a bitch, trying to talk some sense into you. How old are you?

No. 66659

I asked a single question in one thread, saged it, and acknowledged it was dumb. I asked because I feel out of the loop on a lot of inside jokes (still don't understand who spoony or mystery are for example). If no one had replied to my question or had at least answered seriously rather than rudely, the thread wouldn't have been derailed. I didn't derail the beauty thread btw, although I did post a reply after it had already been derailed.

Anyway, I obviously don't belong in either of these places. I'm in my late twenties and pretty well-adjusted irl. While I'd still appreciate suggestions for other places with similar topics to those on g and ot, I won't be posting on these boards again.

No. 66673

yes, you are so well adjusted getting mad at the anon that answered your question, trying to say their lives are miserable, and yet here you are posting all over the place projecting. get lost

No. 66682


it lasted a whole two months.

No. 66694

Idk, maybe it's just the years spent on imageboads but I don't find lolcow too hostile. I'm surprised when I read anon's posts about how lolcow is making them feel insecure, how it's a constant negative force in their life etc. Lolcow is nowhere near as stupid and snarky as say, 4chan. If lolcow is affecting you to that extent, the problem isn't with lolcow, it's with your sensitivity.

No. 66696

Yeah, I dunno if 4chan gave me thick skin or something but nitpicking about nasolabial folds is almost pleasant compared to the horrible shit I've seen men say online. Lolcow can irritate me, no doubt, but it's more like an intense eye roll at the bitchiness than feeling personally attacked by it.

No. 66698

> I don't find lolcow too hostile
This, the LOL NASOLABIAL FOLDS FATTY shitposting is dumb as fuck and I wish users called each other out on it more because not only does it probably warp our perceptions to see it all the time but it's boring.
However, it's just the resident shitposting that you expect like kys or tits or gtfo. It's nothing personal, it's just there and it's the price you pay for having that ruthless honesty that I like in an anonymous board. It's the kind of board where you can call out someone for shitposting or for being too harsh and if someone goes to far then other people will step in too.
Unlike /cgl/ where you can literally get banned if you say a cosplayer is wearing too much blush or something

I like the spread of topics on Crystal Cafe, but I'm not interested in a hugbox. You can just join PULL for that.
This place has more than it's fair issues too even going as high up as the moderation rules, but I just wish that the userbase took the time to work on this place before jumping ship to the next half baked attempt.

No. 66713

Yeah there was no need to post a picture of some fat bitch from discord with mommy issues in the discussion. There's already circlejerking going on, clearly, and people who are desperate for attention despite simultaneously posting on ANONYMOUS imageboards. How dare anyone say anything bad about it! :(

I agree wholeheartedly. Crystal was cool in the beginning but it's starting to seem so fake and contrived. The self posting, the "omg anon i love this and i love everything and you are adorable dont let anyone get you down!", discord problems again. They're definitely sensitive if weight and wrinkle discussion gets them riled up. The crazy things people say on imageboards should be laughed at and not taken seriously. I love the hypocrisy too when someone posted their weight as part of a rant in the vent thread and a few people started attacking her for looking like a child and saying she's unhealthy. Total bullshitters.

No. 66739

I've always thought the nitpickers/super crazy anons were funny. Like, yes, focusing on some bitch's teeth is super fucking petty, but at the same time: we focusing on teeth now? Damn bitch that's petty.

I honestly don't understand those anons who said that lolcow posts so severely affected their self esteem and gave them negative thoughts. It's like…if you don't like it don't come here? On a cerebral level I understand it's hard to leave for some people, but I never took the internet/imageboards so personally that it's weird to me.

I use both sites though. Hugboxes aren't actually a problem if you recognize them for what they are. And sometimes I want to vent about some dumb shit and get nice people to pat my ass about it.

No. 66740

>I just wish that the userbase took the time to work on this place before jumping ship to the next half baked attempt.
I'm glad they left. It's clear they had other (aka PULL-tier/hugbox) expectations for the site, and fundamentally missed the point of lolcow.

tbf 72lbs is ridiculous and that anon has her own issues she needs to work through. Other than that, it's not so surprising to find hypocrisy there, given that most of the userbase seems to be that kind of emotionally fragile person who actually lets stupid shit on the internet warp their worldviews and self esteem.

No. 66742

Not this I like. please bring it here.

No. 66752

Oh, with the cutesy shit. Crystals, hearts, princess banners, pink, dots, ~positive vibes~ whatever. I feel like a kid when looking at a place like that. It almost feels like a 2005 site with cheesy decore, the only thing missing is soapy bubble animation following my cursor.

No. 66777

Why does it have to be one or the other? So far I haven't found this site too hugboxy. If users are overtly nice, it's the novelty of the change of scenery. It wasn't made to be an anti-lolcow site as far as I know, just an extension of b and g to give users a place that doesn't have the same stigma. The only anti-drama rule I see is the one against singling out which is necessary imho.

No. 66785

I blame the kiddish stuff on the weebiness and where most of the userbase has come from which is why it's so overly girly and tacky.

The admin and mods are huge weeaboos too so of course they loved most of the shit that was sent to them for them to put on the site.

No. 66804

What stigma, tho? We are anonymous, there's no stigma of being a lolcow user. I also haven't seen drama or petty girls in vent or skincare topics or wherever.
I agree on where it comes from, but then again I've been a huge weeb for 10+ years and am not into this infantilising crap. And there's none of it in lolcows layout, so my preference is clear.

No. 66805

anti-drama rule and a thread dedicated to trashing lolcow. Yeah, seems legit
I was planning on posting there sometimes but when I saw how salty they are with lolcow, I felt not welcome there. Laugh at me, but I'm a sensitive little shit

ot and g are pretty active on lolcow, so I don't really see the urge to move from here? Everyone's very nice and helpful. And sometimes I even enjoy the hostility, because it's somewhat… liberating. Like, girls are usually pressed to be "ladies", all smiley and kind, but here we can act like we want to. And call out bullshit and idiocy when we spot it.

No. 66807

>call out idiocy
You can do that too on crystal cafe. There are threads of people discussing things and disagreeing in /disc/ as well as people being helpful and direct in other boards.
Just because the userbase is not trying to be edgy at the most minor chance they get or emulate 4chan ways does not mean it's a hugbox full of people not ever having opinions.
Also the drama rule is on there because cc is supposed to be a board like an extension of ot and g, not lolcow.
I don't know why is it such a bad thing that one single female oriented board on the internet has no drama/gossip core and rejects it.

No. 66808

You're a spin doctor.
>I don't know why is it such a bad thing that one single female oriented board on the internet has no drama/gossip core and rejects it.
We already have it and it's right here. This is an age long battle of all forums and alike. Some of the userbase splits under someone who wants to be some kind of a leader. No need to shill it further.

No. 66809

I only replied to that anon that said that the anti drama rule in cc is bad. I'm not promoting the site as the only true imageboard or whatever you are thinking. I just said that cc's core is not drama, is discussion among girls about their stuff without including threads for drama or internet personalities.

I am pretty sure lolcow's core is drama based as it is why it started, and that was what i was referencing, website in general, not single boards. But if you disagree, it's cool.
I like both sites for what they are, but if stating the obvious makes me a cc promoter, so be it.

No. 66814

There isn't even a no drama rule, only a rule about singling out people to make gossip threads about. So you can discuss drama and everything, as long as you don't make a thread specific to a person, like here on lolcow.

No. 66815

>what stigma

if anyone hears lolcow, they think of drama threads and cattiness, not acne tips and conversation. I can understand not wanting to mention it and give that impression.

No. 67024

Admin clarified cc isn't a hugbox and shouldn't be treated as such. I'm relieved. At least I can browse there without having to see CP staying up for hours.

No. 67026

careful, someone's going to go super saiyan on you with their sjw talk over there. dont forget to not mention anything from here or they'll go ballistic on you for it

No. 67030

You know that is not true.

No. 67047

It's actually already happened, unfortunately.

No. 67064

Just found out about the imageboard, and tbh I love it. It's so comfy and nice.

Is it advertised anywhere else? I only just found out about it after three months.

No. 67080


Admin tried advertising on PULL, but it floped AFAIK.


No. 67086

You must have been one of the people sperging out in the LC thread.

No. 67103


I don't post in that thread, sorry. You seem to be the only one sperging out, tbqh.

No. 67118

It was advertised on reddit (lol)

No. 67151

its been advertised on instagram

No. 67202

>i know you are but what am i

No. 68255

File: 1506552840223.jpg (40.36 KB, 680x499, 16387859_135839580260514_64091…)

>mfw crystal.cafe is being raided by stupid neckbeard virgins because spoony is a spoiled bitch that can't take a ban

fucking sucks and now I am paranoid that everyone is a sweaty cheese riddled titty roboto

No. 68260

I posted in one of the feels thread and I got banned? I'm not sure why. It was in the general vent thread.

No. 68264


Maybe they thought you were a man assuming that you actually aren't

No. 68266

Was that recently?
If you think it's unjustified you can always contact admin about it.

No. 68267

File: 1506579675512.gif (859.01 KB, 498x346, surejan.gif)

>Spoony shitposts
>cc admin keeps on letting it go
>months later Spoony crosses the line, like she always does
>slanders lush and says they sell acid that melts skin
>cc admin gets enough and permabans her
>few hours later /r9k/ raids cc
>just like when she got btfo'd from /cgl/ that mysteriously was raided few hours later by /r9k/

Hmm… Who could it have ever been behind the raid? Now, we already know her shit always ends up with sudden sympathy posters white knighting her conveniently through the same VPN service! I WONDER WHO COULD THOSE BE?

No. 68270

I still have no idea how the fork is Spoony? I was even accused once of being Spoony.

No. 68273

Some woman who tries to attention whore on every possible imageboard it seems

No. 68275

File: 1506605302792.jpg (180.91 KB, 1280x1280, 1504594341840.jpg)

Nope and my post didn't indicate that I was either. At least I don't think so.

I want to but I never been banned before so I don't know how to contact an admin. Email maybe?

Sucks because I really like cc and it made me sad to see I was banned.

No. 68276

Shot them a email, hopefully I can get it resolved.

No. 68293

File: 1506620900673.jpg (62.62 KB, 720x720, 21369352_1407585306022514_5049…)


I hope it was a misunderstanding and that you can soon be able to return to the cafe!

No. 68295

File: 1506623382306.png (297.05 KB, 928x656, mh.png)

Posting this here saged for archival reasons. Some guy doing the le epic troll xd in the board mascot thread.

Imagine being this obsessive and resentful at wimminz at the same time.

No. 68297

This is pure delusion. Whoever drew that must never leave his room because building strawwomen is too important.

No. 68299

File: 1506630807830.png (392.13 KB, 1346x654, 6548648654.png)

And now 32ch is raiding the place. It's being more effective cause Admin is not online.

How I hate those autistos.

No. 68300

I applied to be a mod, and I sent an email offering all social media/contact links to prove that I'm not a robot. The site really needs to be cleaned up and I want to help.

Tbh, I'm sad. I love c.c.

No. 68301


Yeah, me too. I would even apply as a janitor temporarily to clean up that shit. I'll see if I can apply.

No. 68302

Yeah. I would have been able to clean up that shit literally all day today when admin was doing real-life shit. RIP.

No. 68303

File: 1506631520279.jpg (19.62 KB, 500x461, i-know-that-feel.jpg)



No. 68319

File: 1506646554800.jpg (48.52 KB, 640x459, 1413146360211.jpg)

i got banned too but for making a sad post on /feels/. i guess they assumed i was a robot because it happened during the raid. i've been a regular on c.c since it started up and being banned got me really bummed out.

i just wanna stay comfy in my own board, man..

No. 68325

spoony is currently getting her comeuppance in her thread

also we've found her bf and he's a poorfag, kek

No. 68326

What happened to the Discord?

No. 68329

There is no official discord for cc

No. 68332


Don't be paranoid, lolcow had attempted raids by robots and it failed most of the time. They realized we don't talk about sex and boobs all the time and left out of boredom.

Same thing will happen in CC.

No. 68335

File: 1506692405733.jpg (6.85 KB, 243x250, 1506530581215s.jpg)

>>68293 Thank you! they still haven't responded to my email yet sadly. I hope I can be able to post again soon

That's weird because that's pretty much what happened to me was talking about my recent break up mishaps Did you try contacting an admin also?

No. 68336

They're just pathetic excuses of meat, they're not worthy even a single thought from you. Don't worry, you will know them by their posts. They can't hide their hatred and bitterness.

No. 68341


Oh! Was your post the one with the bear and a broken vase? I tried to reply and it was gone. Not gonna lie, I thought it was a robot as well, maybe because you were rambling a bit (understandable) and ended up looking like a robot mocking girls for being emotional, if that makes sense? Probably me and the admin just thought so because it was, as you said, mid raid.

Try contacting them like >>68275 maybe?

No. 68348

I got that, I saw the post on CC. But there was a sort of active one owned by vixx and it looked like it was pruned one day.

No. 68354

Yeah, she nuked it one day without prior notice in the middle of a conversation after abandoning it for months.
She did not say why at any point before doing it, she just did it.

Currently there is no official discord as the admin has expressed she does not want one.

No. 68360

Hi everyone, (Admin here)

I've received a few emails about wrongful bans because I was erring on the side of caution when a post looked suspicious and the user had no prior post history before the raid. I will be working through them as well as any ban appeals over the weekend. Thank you for being patient!

No. 68369


so you're just banning people at whim and letting the robots run rampant. gj

No. 68382

well, gj indeed bc i see no robots. they’re far from “running rampant”

No. 68392

i did shoot an email and an ig dm. i hope it gets resolved soon.
yep! i totally get why it did sound very r9k but i wanted to see if any other women felt or thought the same.

No. 68395

That's upsetting to me. I enjoyed it much more than farmer discord, which is way too big for me. Does anyone know of any other small, female-oriented servers? Did anyone make another one?

No. 68399


Legit question, what's the appeal of a discord server?

No. 68407

seconding this

No. 68408

Your post is restored and you're unbanned. Many apologies!

I accepted all appeals that weren't obvious robots, so if anyone else is still waiting to be unbanned, please do send an email. It's on the rules page.

No. 68441

I might make a new server. It won't be affiliated with here or CC but since it might have the same people the vibe might be similar.

If anyone is interested, I'll drop a link.

No. 68442

I'm interested.

No. 68443

also if anyone has ideas for a name, I'm open to hearing some

No. 68444

I do not recommend going there currently.
Robots are spamming mutilated animals and gore to fill the front page.
This is getting annoying and it's making me want to leave the site.
This has no signs to stop so maybe we should consider other options other than banning? Maybe url change?

No. 68445

Yeah this shit is getting very old, but I think it's just going to be something we have to deal with. I'm sure someone would find the new url and link it to them again.

I'm guilty of replying to them before, and sometimes it's still difficult to not engage their stupidity, but I think the best thing we can do is just ignore completely.

No. 68450

shit’s depressing. they’re apparently plastering the url/talking about cc on other smaller chans. i hope things turn out to be okay.

No. 68451

damn. i was just going to ask if cc has been cleaned up (i'm a pussy when it comes to animals getting killed, and i accidentally saw one on cc). it's really unfortunate that cc is becoming like this, since it was a legitimately comfy and mature place. Heck, even the misandry thread wasn't extreme

No. 68452

looks clean to me. Admins are really quick on there, much quicker than lolcow. hats off

No. 68454

i wonder why they’re persinting this much, it’s like they’re intrigued with cc. i’ve seen some raids happening here, but they didn’t seem to last long. is it because the posters there seem “nice”? because it’s small? i don’t see any reason for them to be pissed off, the misandry thread is tame as fuck, whereas we shit on robots and incels hardcore on the regular here. Seriously, fuck Spoony.

No. 68472

someone posted on cc that there's going to be another raid (said that they were going to post porn and gore) maybe it's a late warning and the raid we saw before was it, but i think i'm going to stop going there for a couple of days. hopefully this thread will keep me updated. tis a sad day

No. 68473

thread: https://8ch.net/b/res/7436636.html
holy shit that’s the pettiest thing i’ve seen this week

No. 68477

There was a thread suggesting a name change, tbh if anyone has an idea, they should speak up

The 8ch thread is still active, so I guess they'll keep trying. So far there doesn't seem to be much interest for it.

Guess they have to flaunt their autism everywhere.

No. 68488

File: 1506953710371.jpg (66.02 KB, 736x981, IMG_7095.JPG)

They're bitter that women can have something of their own that they enjoy that doesn't include men, so they have to ruin it.

No. 68496

is it me or did the unpopular opinion thread become a racist shitfest?

No. 68497

Yep, it did. That escalated quickly.

No. 68498

File: 1506976680752.jpg (61.63 KB, 960x760, 20620833_1870759166575874_8239…)


I appreciate new users and traffics, but redpillers and racists could kindly fuck off

No. 68501

There was no raid, only a few robots shitposting in the unpopular opinion thread and meta. I think they got bored after they started turning on each other over being too dumb to bypass the flood protection. They were exchanging VPN tips and kept coming back to complain they were banned within the minute.

No. 68505

but if we change the site name into something different, it might help. it has to be a name that robots and /b/tards won't think of right away.

No. 68506

i love the name but rebranding might be necessary as a diversion tactic. it’s a shitshow atm.

No. 68702

File: 1507404196235.png (416.19 KB, 855x705, 434239A2-2351-418F-ABCC-9458C9…)

They’ve been back on their bullshit for hours now, mods aren’t doing jack shit

No. 68703

File: 1507404220410.png (101.22 KB, 869x328, 08D0B99D-83CB-47DF-8F22-2D87B0…)

No. 68708

> women are commuter cars

Absolutely fucking disgusting lmao. Also I've seen robots and the like post shit way worse than this and they constantly blame women for their problems so…

No. 68709

There is some poster with redpilled arguments that keeps defending men all the time there. I don't doubt it is an undercover robot trying to shit on our comfy board.

No. 68737

fuck man, dont they have anything better to do than shit up the boards
i must have reported like 10 posts in the past week

No. 68738

File: 1507463612501.png (403.93 KB, 853x480, 795.png)

>I've seen robots and the like post shit way worse than this and they constantly blame women for their problems so…
This honestly. They sound really retarded. It's all fine and dandy when a dude does some shit but once it's a woman? Oh boy they sure will be out to call her a hoe or whatever.
>xD look at these wymins doing shit they're all thots wew i sure wish i had a gf h-haha
No wonder that half of these failures are virgin.

No. 68739

I mean, what did you expect from these idiots that are probably either neets or still live with their parents lol.

I find it quite laughable that they use a few examples of girls cheating or doing shit/having some opinions that they don't agree with to go "ALL WYMINS ARE SHIT!!! AND ANYONE DISAGREEING WITH ME IS TRIGGERED XD" but if some girls said the same they would be the first to get buttmangled over it.
Manbabies being manbabies, let them cry until they're tired of it.

No. 68741

If there's one thing I've learned about robots, it's that they love projecting and absolutely refuse to do any self reflection or acknowledge their own hypocrisy. They're practically incapable.

No. 68747

Yup. In the past I was naive enough to try and befriend guys that went there (i felt bad because they looked like "nice guys that were just shy/awkward" or "nice guys with silly perverted humor that didn't mean any harm" and they had no or not much friends, two of them BEGGED me to stay when i said i didn't want to talk to them anymore because they had "no one besides me")

And I shit you not, every single one
of these pricks tried to get in my pants in the creepiest way possible (one started masturbating while we were vc on discord,one went on a rant about how could i be lesbo if i never tried dick,one admitted he fapped to CP "but it's ok if they're 16 and not kids!!",another told me he fapped to my profile pic (where i'm covered from head to toes in a Victorique Debrois cosplay) and that he wanted to take my virginity.
And the last one, where I decided to never make friends with heterosexual guys (especially from 4chan) ever fucking again, was one that looked funny and kind at first, we memed a lot together, then i realized he was a /pol/ack from the alt right (despite that i still tried to discuss with him because "hey he isnt so bad after all,he even listens to my opinions") confessed liking me in a game of "fuck,kill,marry" in a general convo because i'm "aryan" and said that he wished that i could become a traditional wife. He then proceeded to make really weird jokes (sending me pics of preg animu grills and shit like "you 9months after i redpilled you and met you l-lel"). I made an excuse to delete my account.
There were also two beta orbiters from discord gens i was in that i remember but nothing worth mentionning.

I tried hard to be nice, I really wanted to be friends and have a good time playing some games and chatting with them, but fuck it.

/autistic blogpost

No. 68748

Also funny thing is, some of them made fun of robots (not even ironically) for being betas/weirdos/…

No. 68931

Is it just me or is CC slower than usual?

No. 68932

Just to clarify I mean activity wise.

No. 68933

I keep getting errors when trying to post, and it looks like the last post was 7 hours ago.

No. 68935


Same for me. :(

No. 68943

Same here.
Keep getting http error 500 when trying to post.

No. 68952

I can't post on it either. I wonder what happened.

No. 68953

same, hopefully admin lets us know what's happening.

No. 68980

It’s back now

No. 68985

File: 1507930419584.gif (493.03 KB, 350x270, 624555568753.gif)

Anons, how do we know the CC admin is actually trustworthy and not someone fishing for our IPs and personal info? Is admin actually a girl? I'm glad she protected us from the robot fags and didn't give into marking Spoony's posts but I'm still skeptical.

No. 68988

Lol honestly I've thought of this too. Really though, you take that risk with any imageboard.
Even with IP addresses, I'm not sure how it would be possible for them to "dox" us, unless if you're literally posting selfies or your real social media.

No. 68990

If they're dedicated enough they can piece together information from your posts. Also, some IPs can give away personal info, especially if it's not dynamic. There could be other ways as well but I'm honestly not that knowledgeable. I worry I sound like some naive tinfoil but I only bring this up out of concern. I find it suspicious how randomly OP came along and produced this imageboard. It seems almost too good to be true. For all we know this could be a honeypot waiting to bite us in the ass. Does anyone even know her?

No. 69033

What makes you skeptical?
Not disagreeing with you in the slightest, but i'm curious what made you think this way.

No. 69049

I saw a post on there recently that reminded me of a certain debacle on another community I used to frequent. Similar thing happened where someone randomly came along and produced a dating site for shut-ins and the whole thing at first was neat but eventually it came to light that the girl who was running it was being very shady. The pastebin linked is a copy of a message from one of the former admins of the site that goes into detail if anyone's interested in reading about what went down: https://pastebin.com/dUzKGuLH

I'm not saying the same girl who produced that site is behind this one as well, could be someone with similar intentions or just someone innocent who genuinely wants to build a nice girl oriented community. It's hard to judge. I'm naturally a very superstitious person but I do think anons have a good reason to be cautious. There's a lot of people who don't like us grills for one stupid reason or another and who knows if there's ulterior motivations behind this or not.

No. 69051

what post recently reminded you of this?

No. 69055

File: 1508029870838.png (93.16 KB, 275x328, screenshot.png)

I don't know if I should directly link it since it was more so the image attached than the post itself that got my attention and I'd rather not needlessly point fingers at a random anon since it was more than likely a coincidence. I recall the same pic being used for one of the throwaways on the shut site and I haven't seen it anywhere else since. Not the most reasonable source, I know, but that's what kicked off my paranoia.

No. 69062

>>69055 someone called "snail" is the admin of a female board on 8chan. I always assumed her and snailtan were the same person, as they act very similar/have similar ways of doing things, and thought it was cute they wanted more female only spaces. Your theory is way scarier!!!!

No. 69164

Which board?

No. 69209

>i don’t see any reason for them to be pissed off, the misandry thread is tame as fuck
True enough. It's quite telling that they're fuming with anger at the fact that women are calling out rapists and lulzy scumbags, because most of what that thread does is pick at some of the easiest targets of the male gender. I wouldn't see a reason to get mad if none of those criticisms apply to them, just like I don't get upset when men shit on actual gold diggers because none of that applies to me. Meanwhile back at their /r9k/ circle jerk threads, they were using the fact that some of the anons on cc are normies and have had stable relationships as fuel for their hatred against women. Fucking hilarious…

No. 71570

File: 1513393154028.png (195.17 KB, 1288x378, dfgdf.png)

Excuse me for mild necro, but I couldn't think of a better thread to post this and it's killing me lmao

Who do you think this is, farmers? I think it maaay be Kenna, but I don't know. I don't even know if she's bi, she claims to be asexual?

No. 71611

/baph/ didn't destroy /fem/ though. Swami destroyed /fem/ when she kept going around taunting every other board owner and Redditors and eventually 8ch was overrun with d&c campaigns which Frederick didn't bother to take care of because he was always on "vacation" and thought it was something which would sort itself out. Spoiler: It didn't. There were people regularly trying to start shit by pitting boards against other boards. I remember the pre-/meta/ days and when /boards/ was a friendly place to advertise your board and try to help the site gain some traction.

tl;dr This is why we can't have nice things. Being a janitor or even a board owner is tiresome.

No. 72050

While this is a valid concern, cc's biggest problem is its shitty userbase.

No. 75459

4 months late and I dunno if someone is going to read this, but here I go:

most guys on 4chan act that way because they are extremely afraid they are going to repel women if they show the slightest amount of vulnerability.

No. 76254

CC turned out to be quite shitty; does anybody know another good site, something like kiwifarms, there you have your own account…? (and maybe just for girls?)

No. 76258

File: 1521030816651.png (6.73 KB, 240x240, main@2x.png)

Seconding this, it's become very shitty. According to the "how did you find out about this site?" thread over there, a lot of anons came from r9k, google images, 4chan, pull, or other shitty sites no one gives a fuck about so that explains everything. Lots of whining, baiting, infighting, underage, and insecure anons getting upset over weight every time someone mentions a thing about it (pull/r9k). The admin there really needs to ban certain people.
It's a shame because it was really comfy at first. It was a lot of fun making banners and the spoiler picture for them but I don't think I'll be visiting there anymore. Tbh I saw it coming a mile away when they were discussing advertising on all the worst places you could advertise. Extremely disappointing watching them destroy their own site.

No. 76259


>inb4 elitist cc anons come in and bitch about how we're gross salty cunts despite them advertising here

also the discord is a dumpster fire. it's full of edgy-chans who think saying stupid shit makes them cool

No. 76260

Funny you mention that. The anons who use lolcow.farm as an insult to each other at cc, are the very same anons who still admit to visiting here. I love when hypocrite people come crawling out of the woodwork and am patiently waiting for said poster to appear like they always do anytime someone says anything bad about that wretched place.
As someone who's been here since staminarose days, farmers have always been much more pleasant and interesting to talk to than miners will ever be despite what people think about the nature of this site. You guys are hilarious as hell too meanwhile miners are boring snowflakes who want a hugbox and to pretend they've moved on from here and improved their character but are still hateful bitches underneath the surface of their vapid posts who couldn't move on from their teen weeb years.

I can't think of one interesting thread there except for some of the shit people post on x and watching all the crazy bitches on their health/beauty board fight about meaningless stuff that doesn't mean anything in the long run just to defend their egos

No. 76265

File: 1521040320089.gif (1.06 MB, 500x273, 9a21d174f4348552800e6629a2ecf2…)

On the one hand they act all cutesy and sensitive (and who knows how many trannies there are), want cc to be a nicer place than lc, but one the other hand they use just as many insults. I was especially disgusted by what they posted on their discord, memes about jesus getting raped, liking lolis and cute little boys etc.
Of course lc is bitchy, but in an entertaining way.
I'm a rather shy person irl and for some reason being a bit catty, but also getting some back helps me toughen up a bit…?

No. 76267

not to mention there was a gross thread on c.c basically saying loli/shota isn't pedo and women can't be pedos. like wtf?

No. 76271

File: 1521042451637.jpg (24.93 KB, 551x600, DVrKN8tVMAE6-YQ.jpg)

I love cc, visit there every day, i contributed with mascots and i made most of the banners on the site but you are so right about the whole disgusting posters that are basically 2edgy4u and pedophiles hiding behind cutesy shit.
I actually tried to have a discussion with one on a thread that was trying to defend shotas/lolis while explaining my points and basically everyone seemed to jump on my neck about it because uwu oversensitve11!! lolis are not pedobait!!1!.
It's starting to gross me out how "2edgy" the place is turning, but i guess it was inevitable with the sites the place advertised to and the raids. (i also saw a thread on r9k while searching for cc on google where male robots admitted to pretending to be girls on cc and posting their opinions, so, take a wild guess why it started going to shit after the raids and why is there so much cancer)
I haven't seen anything about the whole jesus thing but i do have a few channels muted on the discord, there are some very nice mature people on it but it does have some… other kinds of posters lol.

No. 76273

I'm really craving another site just for girls. I've heard of a few other imageboards but they're either dead or full of men roleplaying as women ("Teehee someone looked at my boobs today!" "I'm jealous~").

Still searching…

No. 76283

File: 1521044883660.jpg (12.05 KB, 510x381, 6465564.jpg)

my newfag is showing but CC has a discord? Would you mind posting an invite link? I can't seem to find it anywhere. The lc discord is basically dead and I have nowhere to hang out.

No. 76287

Here you go https://discordapp.com/invite/66HwWqt

Glad i'm not the only one! PULL is just not for my and lolcow is very anonymous, i'd like to be able to have an account and maybe get to know some people etc

No. 76291

I started getting disillusioned with it when I started seeing people post weird ass shit like some of the stuff mentioned here let's not forget the rape is not that bad thread on /nsfw/ and I've seen some obvious men there who try to "redpill" or post blatantly anti-woman shit then act defensive when you call them out. I don't mind fembots from /r9k/ just so long as they aren't spergy. Idk. I kind of feel like its been getting better recently and has the potential to keep going but there also aren't enough people that make interesting threads and keep the conversation flowing.

The anons who want shit to always be ~super sweet uwu~ are annoying but not everyone agrees with them, and I still banter sometimes without anyone tone policing me.

No. 76292

There's also this >>70916

No. 76293

Oh my god that rape thread on nsfw is ridiculous. I wonder if the admin checks who's long time posters and who's posting bait for the first time on the site. It's all downhill from here.

No. 76297

Tell me about it. I wish we could have a board without any 2edgy men from 4chan finding out about it, and less stereotypical vapid chicks. Maybe a different format would be better, since chans attract a certain type of people.

No. 76299

Even if we were to use a website that requires a sign up, you can still maintain some anonymity by not providing any personal details or photos of yourself.

No. 76303

Would another discord be an option?

No. 76307

Considering the others were fails, no.

No. 76314

i swear anger is a fucking man.

No. 81435

Decided to visit cc after a long time. They now also have a thread for "older" anons and surprise, this is how they feel about it:
>I am 25 but I don't feel old at all despite saying I feel old. I guess I say that because people expect you to change when you hit 25, but I still feel like I am 20 or so.
>33 here, mentally 27 tho.
>I'm 27. I don't feel it or look it but it can be hard to get people to take me seriously as a result.
>I am 25. Just like >>14489 I feel pretty similar to 21 or so.
>I'm 29, but I feel like I'm about 20 or so.
It's full of anons who all magically seem to feel and look a lot younger. (Or maybe it is because they act and dress like womenchildren?)

No. 81443

more like a lot of anons who are immature shits which is partially why they think they "look" younger.

No. 81444

I don't see the problem?
It's not like you need to feel like a grandma as soon as you hit 25+, it does not indicate immaturity in the slightest.
People expect to feel and look old when they hit a certain milestone in life, and when they hit it but don't feel old because, well, they aren't, they feel "younger" than their age, it's quite normal.

No. 81445

This. Honestly, as long as they don't get kids, most women over 25 still feel 25. You continue to do the same shit for the most part, except maybe you have more money from working.

It's just like thinking having sex when you're a virgin is suddenly going to change up who you are. It's dumb.

No. 81447

None of these women are old, I understand what they mean when they say they still feel young, you're made to feel like your a senior citizen when you're a woman over 30 when in reality a lot of 30 yrs old look very good and young and are still building their lives, I would even argue that a good portion of women won't look good until their late twenties.

No. 81451

This would be a valid complaint if being 21 is nearing your 40s according to general lolcow standards, especially /snow/. Bitch about things that don't happen here too.

No. 81455

Not the OP anon, but idk, I wouldn't want to feel 20 when I'm 25 or 29. Screams no character progression or enhancement which means to me that you're still the same vapid child you were at 20 and couldn't be arsed to mentally grow into a mature adult. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about being only 20 myself currently. And maybe that's just me, but I like to always try to expand my mind and open myself to new ideas and become a better person, which 20 year olds aren't so I'm going to assume if you're nearing 30 and have the same mentality, that you aren't a very decent person to be around. Young at heart has multiple meanings to everybody so who knows what the posters there actually meant, it's hard to say what "feeling 20" means for them.

No. 81457

>And maybe that's just me, but I like to always try to expand my mind and open myself to new ideas and become a better person
Yeah Anon, that's just you, the rest of us plebs love to stagnate.

No. 81458

>grow into a mature adult
Kek, younger anons always make me crack up.
Sorry kid but you're in for a shitty surprise. You're not going to be a 'mature adult' at 30, you're still going to be figuring your shit out. Good luck on being a better person trying to juggle a job and a family.

No. 81461

>Screams no character progression or enhancement which means to me that you're still the same vapid child you were at 20 and couldn't be arsed to mentally grow into a mature adult.
Not everyone is a vapid child at 20. You can be mature without feeling like you're old and these anons were most likely saying that they didn't feel like old ladies despite being over 25.

No. 81462

I agree and that is the overall tone I see in that thread. Ironic coming from the place where "nasolabial folds" and "she looks old" have become memes.

No. 81463

You'd be surprised how much of the general population of 50+ year olds still think they're 17. That's when shit starts to become a problem.

No. 81476

seriously this. i'm still the same wreck who lazily eats fast food instead of cooking and procrastinates so she has to pack up her whole house the night before.

No. 81478

Nobody's saying that you need to behave like some granny at 30, that's not old, so why are some of them saying they look and feel like 20? Can't they just be 30-year-olds who have weeby hobbies and aren't settled down yet??

No. 81482

Why is crystal cafe so slow after almost a year of existence? Is it because of the discord server? How active is it actually?

No. 81486

Totally missed the entire point of my post.

I'd wager because of what >>76254 and >>76258 already discussed.

No. 81518

The discord is very active.
But i don't think its the cause of cc slowing down. Probably its because of exam session since a lot of anons seem to be studying.
Plus it never had a big userbase to begin with.

No. 81532

>late twenties being “older”
>thinking you can “feel” a specific age after 21
>all magically “feeling” a decade younger than they are
> “feeling” like a late twenty year old (aka acting their age) means feeling like a granny
>look “younger” than they are, as if they were expecting to have a face full of wrinkles at 25

No. 81637

i just searched for the terms you listed in the discord and saw nothing of the sort lmao

No. 86390

I would like to pick feels and Fashin.

No. 86492

The board was made, if you want to check it out: https://crystal.cafe

No. 89643

File: 1532575464512.jpeg (20.17 KB, 474x474, DiWxSuQUYAApCue.jpeg)

I found something called #gynoselfie its something that will eliminate the stigma or getting a pelvic exam or something. What do you all think? https://twitter.com/Sarah32293898/status/1019415879405142019?s=19

No. 89645

stupid imo and i would never do it but if it somehow manages to eliminate pelvic exam stigma, that's great

No. 89646

Silly, but I don't do selfies.

No. 89649

Actually, considering how the younger generation love a selfie craze, it's not the worst idea. I support anything that encourages young women to take action over their health.

No. 89673

>tfw in your country they just make you strip naked without getting you a coat/dress thing…

No. 89775

File: 1532651933012.jpeg (22.17 KB, 400x400, Diabr_dX4AAh9zL.jpeg)

Omg this is crazy I found this in my feed today https://twitter.com/Sarah32293898/status/1019673635072741376

No. 89794

What country is that? Thats the entire reason I dont go to the gyno, especially with male gynos, they even have this thing called tubes and it stands for totally unnecessary breast exams, with gynecology, there are too many men abusing it and being able to easily get away with it by calling it a practice, despite the fact breast exams never shown to help detect breast cancer

No. 89804

But at least mine is a woman

No. 89933

>sitting on the gynecologist chair, naked, legs spread wide open and waiting for the fcking doctor to come back because he forgot something while he left the door open, so anybody could look into the room. The doctor told me to wait but I couldn't because I don't want everyone to look at my vagina, so I immediately went down, put on my jeans and closed the damn door. Of course he came that moment back and ranted at me. Worst day ever.

That's Germany btw

No. 90186

>male gyno
I thought this meme was dead

No. 90198

Male gynos are all perverts, no exceptions. I don't believe a straight man would take a job where he can legally look at and feel womens breasts and dig into them legally for no other reason

No. 90226

even if there's some exception out there like some guy who's a genius at reproductive biology and his mom and sister died of cervical cancer so now he feels it's his duty to put his talent to the cause, i don't see the point in taking that gamble when there's so many female gynos. also no matter how well meaning or well studied he is he's not ever going to have insight into how much pressure etc to put because he has no way of knowing what would hurt or not. if i was a man i'd rather have another man managing my junk because how is a woman supposed to know what exactly is going to hurt my balls besides the obvious?

No. 90299

I have a male gyno and he is super chill and goes straight to the point no awkward chitchats and no embarrassing situations. In my country female gynos tend to be really bitchy esp with older women, so I dunno

No. 90303

I tried two women gynecologist and they were extremely cruel and cold to me, the second one made me cry in pain and stress when she put my IUD in because she went in like a savage and didn't listen to me when I told her it hurt way too much. It scared me so bad that I didn't see another gyno fo 4 yrs, didn't even care for the check up. When I HAD to change my IUD I decided to try a male gynecologist, he turned out to be super kind, calm and a good listener, very empathic, he put my new IUD perfectly and it didn't hurt, he even let me hug him for a second because I was so terrified of having to do it again since it hurted me so bad the first time that I was shacking and crying just thinking about it.

So yeah, only male gyno for me from now on.

No. 90313

of course he let you hug him lmao. Disturbing.

No. 90314

Yeah I'm a very touchy person, there was nothing sexual about it he was an absolute professional and helped me get over my fear of gyno. Sorry not all of us hate men and only have shit experience with them.

No. 90323

thats nice

No. 90328


Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just MAYBE, you got 2 rotten apples like there are everywhere in every field and every job and across both genders and it´s stupid af to completely generalize both genders and exclude one of them based on two or three experiences? (Women: Never again they're all cold and cruel!1, Men: Got 1 kind male gyno so they must all be like that!1)

No. 90329

Why is the gyno discussion in this thread?

No. 90330

Maybe I can make whatever choices I want for my health? Lol. And I don't see you REEEing at the farmers who claimed all male gynos are perverts by default.

No. 90341

>and it´s stupid af to completely generalize both genders

Clearly that part of my comment indicates I think overgeneralizing every male gyno to be a perv is just as fucking stupid

No. 102871

Will the vpn ban lift anytime soon? Or am I never going to be able to post with one again?

No. 102889

Why would you want to post at a place full of trannies and men pretending to be women? Vpns are banned on most imageboards for obvious reasons.

No. 102958

god, just a quick glance at the posts of this thread make it obvious that cc was gonna be full of handmaidens and males from the start. Makes me want to puke.

No. 103000

Because I want to help "up" the population of females on the board. And lolcow doesn't mind my vpn, which is great.

No. 103019

I've given cc several shots but it sadly reads like a female r9k and it's basically just feels posting at this point. I tried posting in threads I don't even care about to stimulate activity but I just gave up. Sad since I think the site had potential.

No. 103076

Its already ruined. Theres a reason why no one goes there anymore except men.

No. 103163

File: 1544803083914.jpg (51.55 KB, 500x328, IMG_1872.JPG)

Y'all bitches CANNOT have anything nice. You complain about this place being full of men and trannies, then CC is created and then you complain about that place being full of men and trannies. Leave then. Turn off your computer , and go out and meet people IRL instead of seating on your asses and bitch about other people having different opinions than you

No. 103169

No one bitches about this place being full of men and trannies. They leave or get banned because they sperg out when they see the man hate thread. God forbid women have their own space, not like men have the entire rest of the internet to shitpost on.

You sound upset about something. Are you one of their male mods?

No. 103174

probably a tranny.

No. 105742

Did anyone here go to the chat last night?

No. 105745

No. 105749

You're lucky, it was a shit show.

No. 105752

How so?

No. 105753

Spill the milk/caps or fuck off honestly

No. 105761

File: 1547403685282.png (43.66 KB, 568x474, garfield.PNG)

>was created to discuss changes to the site/discord but most of the time was just drama between the mods and people treating it like a joke

>was revealed that a mod allowed her boyfriend to log into her accounts so the admin removed her as a mod on discord but kept her as a mod on the site

>said boyfriend was from r9k and they "met" during an r9k raid of CC and she openly bragged about it on the site
>he would have had access to private photos shared by members of the discord who were under the impression that it was all women and secure (due to regular checks), putting their privacy at risk and potentially could have doxxed them (keeping in mind that some people hadn't even heard of this because there was no public announcement or apology so some people were probably unaware that their private photos were visible to some greasy basement dweller)
>she creates a sob story about how her boyfriend was controlling and demanded access to her account but wtf did you expect from a relationship with someone from r9k who only pretended to like you to infiltrate your "girls club" jfc
>she also never admitted it to admin, admin found out because the mods were arguing about it one day
>a mod left over this, some users were upset by that
>mods were asked to remain anonymous, did the exact opposite by trying to guess who each other were and creating multiple accounts to fight with each other
>someone kept demanding everyone stop talking about the "old drama" and move on despite the fact that this was very serious and isn't old as the mod still has her position
>admin was really pissed off with the mods and apparently got rid of them all but we've no way of knowing if that's true

>chat comes with a YouTube player for some reason and members play cringy, weeb content and old memes which they focus on more than actually discussing issues with the site/discord

>the chat is then spammed with reactions to said videos while people are trying to have productive conversations
>some even tried to distract others from having a conversation by asking them to stop talking while a particular video was playing or "can we wait until this song is over?" how productive
>mods literally couldn't stop talking about themselves or behave themselves for a few minutes for the benefit of the site

>trans people being on CC is discussed and multiple users are like "WOW I didn't realise CC was ANTI-LGBT. Transwomen are women. I don't mind transwomen talking in graphic detail about their surgeries!"

>some idiot starts a really forced, unfunny meme about "Garfield porn" and multiple people spam the chat with messages about "garfield's wet pussy" and "you should calm down and watch some hot garfield porn", keep in mind that this chat was to discuss site changes and these people (some mods, I'm guessing) were treating it like a joke and were never banned

>you could have told me it was a chat for kids playing Minecraft and I would have believed you

>someone brings up the fact that LC doesn't have a problem with trannies and it's instantly shut down by a mod who claims that LC "is full of men" lmao okay

>a few people suggest having even tighter security for the discord (so not only voice calls but also video calls or timestamped photos holding up "feminine items" w.e the fuck that means or showing ID) which really defeats the purpose of an anonymous website but ok and the admin refuses it because apparently some users are "too shy" to even go on voice chat hmm

>in the end, users voted to get rid of it to reduce further mod drama
>it still exists

Calm down, this is /g/, not /pt/ or /snow/. Didn't take any caps because the chat log was promised to be uploaded but the admin announced that the chat doesn't allow her to scroll up anymore so all that's visible are messages about "Garfield porn" which basically just summarises the chat anyway. Pic related.

No. 105762

File: 1547403731597.png (91.19 KB, 841x859, fO4m93L.png)

Pic related was posted multiple times by someone and was mostly ignored.

No. 105763

File: 1547404157398.png (18.94 KB, 1388x222, true_love.PNG)

This was also shared but the mod and admin brushed it off.

No. 105767

this sounds like absolute hell. I'm so fucking glad I never go on CC. It's also deppressing that it's very likely that those cringe fuckers are also farmers.

No. 105772

>said boyfriend was from r9k and they "met" during an r9k raid of CC

Lmao, how romantic~

And also truth be told, what the hell is a good way to verify someone's gender without it getting a bit too invasive?
Trannies can fake a voice. They can fake a look. They already go out and buy women's hygiene products because they're delusional about their bodies.
I really don't know what admin could do besides ask for a birth certificate or an ID, but I don't think much anyone could be comfortable with that. How are they even verifying people here on lolcow for sure?

No. 105773

Vag pics would be the only way to go. Fake ones are easily spotted

No. 105774

>Anons exposed private information to people online and then it wasn't as private as they thought
People place so much trust in anonymity without realizing how superficial it really is. On any imageboard we're all only one rogue mod away from being doxed, maybe I'm jaded but it's a risk that has always come with the territory since like >>105772 says, nobody well-adjusted is going to give their ID in order to mod a board.
The r9k boyfriend twist is really something though

No. 105776

while i prefer and wish for an all female staff and user base, as long as the majority of users who post are "natal women", or whatever the right term is, i'm satisfied.

have common sense and don't share tons of sensitive information? use a vpn? unless you share your degenerate and/or illegal behavior, i don't think a mod on an image board is going to come after you or something.

No. 105811

Lol these people are such rejects. No surprise that the admin and mods are too since they actively allow trannies and men to shit up their site. Watching the infighting over there is hilarious. Fucking retards.

I want to know though, what were you doing in the chat over there?

Clearly, since anon was in there long enough to watch this shitshow go down.

No. 105913

I checked out the site for the first time the other day and seemed like a really depressing feelsposting dump to me. I don't think I'll ever visit again bc my god is it a boring, sad mess.

No. 106482

A photo of a hand? Hands are what usually give trannies away

No. 107746

Was the imageboard made already? Sorry for the stupid question

No. 109437

File: 1551396818025.png (396.34 KB, 1280x720, 20190228_055915_0000.png)

(Begone scrot)

No. 109467

>said boyfriend was from r9k and they "met" during an r9k raid of CC and she openly bragged about it on the site
It's impossible to brag about such a thing. It's openly advertising how desperate and lacking in self-respect you have to be to knowingly date a dude who goes on /r9k/. What a dumbass she is.

No. 118424

Scrots generally become obvious after a few posts.

No. 131599

why are the girls bald?

No. 158654

uhhh does anyone know what the hell happened to crystal.cafe? i lurk it veeery occasionally and it looks like it went down. was there any drama, raid or anything?

No. 158655

It's up for me anon

No. 160248

File: 1605650422404.png (142.75 KB, 881x610, 160493777895328305265132364541…)


No. 160549

It looks like a half finished collab Deviantart base. It's a bold choice for the topic lol, maybe OP misclicked in their folders or something

No. 210190

Go back to tumbler, or whatever it's spell(necro)

No. 210308

Super late, but its still up if anons are looking for a more docile atmosphere than lc.

No. 211514

We stopped using it years ago because it was quickly infiltrated with men larping as women. Don't use it.

No. 229300


No. 334793

File: 1686512165579.png (1.03 MB, 2339x1654, wonderegg.png)

since cc has gone to shit are there any other cozy imageboards like this out there?

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