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Are there any guides on how to file or shape nails? Do we have a nail thread? if not could this be it? I'm sure I'm not the only anon who'd get a lot of help with one!

No. 59695

General nail thread would probably be better.

I'll try to help the thread get traction with my own nail related question

How the everloving fuck do i get my nails to stop chipping? Is it a brand? A certain top coat? Is there no hope unless i have a UV dryer thingy like in the salon (the idea of those kinda freaks me out tbh).

Help me i'm tired of them chipping the second i leave the house.

No. 59728

File: 1493991764946.jpg (113.66 KB, 1000x563, REVLON_08.jpg)

Revlon do a great gel-like chip resistant polish which you don't need to use a lamp to cure. It's called Gel Envy, you'll have to buy the same brand for top coat to make sure it works, but the colour also doubles as a base coat.

Also, generally just avoiding doing too much with your hands after doing your nails will help immensely, your nails wont be completely dry for quite a few hours after doing them despite touching hem and they feel dry; very easy to smudge if you knock them against things. Quick dry drops/sprays are also a great investment if you're extra paranoid.

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