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File: 1493407075567.jpg (97.36 KB, 500x331, hapa.jpg)

No. 59247

Is anyone here half asian (chinese, japanese, korean, taiwanese, etc) mixed with white (race)?

If so, how do you do your makeup ?

Do you try to look more on the "white" side (rounder eyes, more curved brows, higher nose)

Do you try to look more on your "asian" side? (straighter brows, following more generic asian makeup trends, enhance almond eyes)?

I'm half Chinese and white and sadly got stuck with a giant honky nose and slit eyes, but I love looking at "japanese hapa" makeup tutorials.

Anyone else likes these looks? Do you dislike them?

No. 59250

Half korean half brit.

I just try enhance my features like the are, hapa features. Im happy being both, so I don't try to look more white or asian. And I look pretty much smack dab in the middle.

When I was younger and bullied for being a different race, I deffo tried to look more white.

No. 59313


As a latina that has really native looking eyes, I've found out that hafu makeup tricks work fine with popping them out. I'm also addicted to Korean bb creams!

When I want to look cute, I do my make up Asian style. Then when I want to look sexy, I go for western. It's fun how different one can look depending on the technique.

No. 59692

I'm half italian, half a mishmosh of shit (romani (ie gypsy but that's a slur no one cares they use), irish, a very vague answer of "jewish" from my great-grandma and my uncle about my dad (never met him, both were adopted but unrelated)). People mistake me for latina because of my eyeshape, my skintone (has that slight yellow tone to it but i get super dark and golden when i tan, which i do not), but my fiance is a jackass and says it's because i have a big ass.

No. 59693

said fiance came in mid-writing that so i forgot to add my point sorry

I might look into this to see if it helps my eyes, because some times make them look too heavy and i'm tired of doing the ONE look i know looks flawless on me lol.

No. 59722

File: 1493983181157.jpg (21.98 KB, 262x131, 9D6Z5_b4after.JPG)

half filipino but always mistaken for half japanese, even by japanese tourists

I live in Hawaii so I wished to look less white growing up and more filipino to fit in w/ the filipino kids, but that was in elm and i didn't try anything to change my look

but In middle school I definitely went for the "real life anime look" influenced by anime which was rlly just pale foundation plus mascara and no lips

but by hs i realized how bad my makeup looked and went w/ normal foundation, no eye makeup, and one of those tinted burt bees lip balms // ppl thought i looked way cuter and i got a lot of compliments

i think the eye makeup just makes my eyes smaller somehow
theyr already kinda small, but ppl like them cuz of theyr light brown like in the OP cept w/ a rlly dark limbic ring
and since theyr smallish theres less white space around my iris like i have circle lenses or sumtin

No. 59730

one of my eyes has an epicathal fold like in this picture >>59722 but the other one doesn't (and has a a loot of space in that area). Any way I can make my wonky eye look more like my other other?
my fold isn't super prominent, it's just that since one eye looks so much more "open" I struggle with eyeliner.

No. 59739

>muh heritage

No. 59748

File: 1494007536557.jpg (4.52 KB, 200x76, IMG_5366.JPG)


Have you tried eyelid glue? Some girls use eyelash glue instead with the same results. If anything, how do you feel about surgery?

No. 59759


I have "double eyelids on both eyes, just one of them has a pronounced fold and the other ones does not.

So they kind of look the like eyes in this picture but with double eyelids on both ( so the one with the fold looks like it has a little 'curtain' in the corner LOL)

I've tried glue but i've been so messy with it and tape seems to disturb my eyeshadow. I could totally try glue again though with more practice. If surgery wasn't expensive in the US I would get it though, maybe in the future.

No. 59760

My thoughts exactly lel I'm so tired of everyone and there melting pot special bullshit ~I'm Irish and gypsy and 6 other ethnicities~ no1 curr

No. 59807

same, i look more asian to ppl on the left of me
everyone knows symmetry = beauty so I'm sort of self conscious about it, theres rlly nothing that can b done tho

No. 59886

It wasn't like that it was more of what "This odd combination of ethnicities gave me these features"

But whatever faggot

>tfw you're white and don't have to struggle ;)

No. 59894

Feels good man :)

No. 59898

Lord have mercy I feel so sorry for you people and wonder how you look sitting on your fat asses typing this shit

No. 72181

Genuinely curious please don't get mad at me. I'm half asian and I've been using the term eurasian for myself because I saw people online freaking out about how unless you are Hawaiian you are not allowed to call yourself a hapa. But on Instagram and almost any other social media I see half asians who aren't Hawaiian using the term so what is the consensus?

>inb4 stfu anon do whatever you want

I know but I'm just wondering.

No. 72431

It's so remarkably common for Asian mixes to refer to themselves as hapa that I don't see it as an issue. There will always be a minority of people upset about something.

Regarding makeup, I tend to be really natural everywhere (no circle lenses or any of that, foundation that matches my skin tone, natural lips), I don't know if that's more Eastern or Western. Anyway, the only "distinct" makeup I wear is some eyeliner to emphasize the almond shape of my eyes. If I'm really dressing up I also put on a half set of eyelashes.

No. 72461

TIL not wearing circle lenses and mismatched foundation is considered natural. Jesus christ.

No. 72521

Ok so half white/white?? This thread isn't for you ugh. You sound like keks lol

No. 72522

So you are white?

Same anon, I don't know what fucked up standards people have on makeup, but anything that covers your skin is not natural. "Natural" makeup is a bigass lie.

No. 72567

different cultures have specific terms for being half so I understand not using hapa. hapa is only used in the US and i personally think it sounds fucking stupid.

No. 72590

viet and italian here
I have small long eyes but also thick straight bushy brows
I try to slim my brows a bit/keep them less bushy as well a curving them a bit, I use to let them grow out and went with the "ig brow" look but it always emphasized my small eyes even more, well not so much small, they're almond shaped, and long but not wide, I'd love to have bigger eyes but regular circle lenses look ridiculous same with white waterlines

my nose is pretty small, I tried contouring it but it just makes my nose look dirty, my cheeks look fine contoured though, I try not to go for the greasy highlighter look lots of people do nowadays but irl it looks ridiculous and dirty, imo I look best with a tiny bit of rust shadow to emphasize my crease, a wing, normal filled in brows, normal dewy foundation but not too dewy, sometimes no foundation at all because I have super pale skin (anemic) and when foundation oxides, even in the lightest shade it makes me look orange, and some pink or red blush with red tinted chapstick

No. 73190

Not exactly news, but I found this entertaining.

No. 73201

Half korean half Ukrainian- most of my facial features aren’t too bad but it’s ruined because one of my eyes is so much lower than the other one it looks like I had a fucking stroke. I just wear tinted moisturizer and glasses because I feel like makeup makes it even more noticeable.

Kill me

No. 73478

File: 1516156888848.png (84.38 KB, 640x640, UzJkdDwt.png)

I know it a makeup thread but have any of you ever tried to do something other halfs do and it just doesn't seem to work? Pic related is Phoebe Cates who is also part asian and I wish I could have her feathery bangs, but my hair is fine, thick, and my bangs stab my eyes. It just doesn't lay like this.

No. 73669

old post but completely the same issue with me, i used to use eyelid glue on the eye without the fold but it still didn't look right as the glue actually made that eye look way more 'open' as opposed to the one with a thick fold which actually had the opposite effect…

i will always be self-conscious about it ;_;

No. 74205

File: 1517091613241.png (316.06 KB, 480x438, ugh.png)

samefagging but anyone else feel like they got the shit end of the half asian stick? i see all these gorgeous half asian chicks on instagram and then there's me, i look like that fucking half asian lesbian on buzzfeed.

No. 74212

File: 1517101181235.gif (831.6 KB, 250x141, jb99875.gif)

I feel this anon. So many halfs look so cute and I somehow got none of the cute features. And for me, no one even recognizes I'm Asian. Everyone thinks I'm some kind of Spanish to the point people at past jobs came up to me speaking Spanish! It's not fair when models like gif related are actually half Hispanic but still ended up looking more passing than me.

No. 74222

Actually, she's really pretty. She looks odd because she is smashing her chin down (double chin) and doesn't have nice makeup on.

If she tilted her head up, did her eyelashes, and had her eyebrows done she'd look really hot!

No. 74548

Romani aren’t white

No. 74551

What are some hairstyles that work for round face hapa?

No. 74579

Same. I hate being biracial because there's a weird fetishism of it and higher standards of beauty.

No. 74582

you mean HAPA not "halfs"

No. 74600

No one really cares.

No. 74626

File: 1517811443036.jpg (81.39 KB, 415x878, Different-Hairstyles-for-Round…)

depends on how round, if it's a yumi level moonface get something that frames it and hides the free space on the outer part, if it's just a chubby baby face, like lucy hale or selena gomez or whatever, you can pull off just about any hairstyle that isn't shorter than a bob and not a side shave

my face is pretty round but chubby, I have a mid neck bob with 2B type hair and side fringe, I like it because it fits the sort of styles I rotate and experiment with which are vintage, art hoe, ulzzang, and soft princessy type shit

No. 74652

Thanks so much anon! Its not a chubby baby face, but like.. oval, I guess.

No. 74653

Probably will seem retarded but this video made me feel less retarded about my hair situation.

No. 74683

can you stop? hapa is a hawaiian term and as someone who's half japanese (haffu) i don't use the term.

No. 74685



No. 74686

people can call themselves whatever they feel like. (ffs jap is a slur but is used prominently in japan proper like it's nbd)

No. 74687

haffu means half, just like hapa means half.

No. 74709

You are one person.
It isn't a big deal.
Now please go away.

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