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No. 59497

Is it actually possible to change your voice?my voice is so deep and I have an accent(raised in the south) and I'd love a cutesy/soft voice.

No. 59498

Southern accents are adorable though!

No. 59499

Maybe you could just do voice training? Like the ones that MtF transexuals do. You could do it on your own or go to a voice coach, the ones that train actors, so you could fix your accent+voice in one go

No. 59502

..of course? People change accents and imitate voices and there are voice actors etc.
I'm from the rural south and I don't speak with the accent, you would probably only figure out where I'm from with the words I use.

No. 59511

A cutesy soft voice with a southern accent would be qt as fuck honestly. I have a northwest accent (if we really even have a specific accent up here that isn't just "generic american") and it's bland as hell.

I actually want my voice to be deeper but I'm not sure how to start going about doing that without my family thinking I'm going insane lol.

No. 59550


Find and try to imitate a person who speaks the way you like.

No. 59556

So is it really possible and it requires only practice? Any website or other guides?

My voice is a bit deep but I'd like to change that to something more feminine sounding. I guess changing the vocabulary a bit could help too.

No. 59561

Well, practice and speaking like that for a long period of time. Most people who adopt a different accent (unwittingly) will have lived abroad for several years and interacted with people who speak with that accent on a daily basis. I don't know about trannyspeak though, don't have any experience with that.

No. 59577

Yes, it is. I had a very high-pitched voice when I was younger but it got deeper as I got older because I thought it was cringey.

Accent is much harder to change. You can get classes but it will take a long time depending on how strong your accent is.

No. 59578

Southern accents are the only yank accents I actually like.

No. 59614

Definitely possible. My voice is annoyingly cute/high pitched to the point if I ever posted it online, I'd get crucified for faking or attention whoring. So I've learned to make it sound deep when I need it to be. It just takes practice.

No. 59615

I wish I had your accent, I sound like a toddler but I look like a fucking man because of unfortunate genetics.

No. 59616

As someone who took vocal training for most of their life, it's definitely possible to some extent to raise your voice but it takes a lot of time and patience. I don't know how to help with examples outside of a singing environment but I went from being a low alto, to a low soprano in a few years, then over a lot of time i've gotten closer to high soprano (but can't hit the highest notes with ease yet).

As a result I do have a higher than average speaking voice. My husband laughs at me because even my angriest voice (Such as when disciplining the dog and needing to sound forceful) is still "too soft"

No. 59619

i feel like my deep voice doesn't suit my face, but it'd be weird to change it suddenly…should i just train it in secret and gradually raise in public?

No. 59648

seconding this

No. 61190

have u ever listened to a recording of yourself?
everybody's voice sounds deeper in their head

I use to always talk in a higher pitch b/c i thought my voice was deep but i actually sound like a grade schooler

No. 61194

In recordings my voice is very shy and high-pitched, but deep and strong in my head like you mentioned. It creeps me out, but thanks for the reminder anon.

No. 61204

I've noticed that different languages lend themselves to different pitches. My voice gets high-pitched in English (I have a British accent since I lived there as a kid), a bit lower pitched in French (I have a central African accent since I lived there as a teen), and significantly lower pinched in my native language (which is full of consonant clusters), since that's the easiest way they flow.

No. 61220

True, every time I record my voice for a voicemessage (ex. in Whatsapp) I always listen to it after, it's so different and sounds so much better than the voice I hear when I speak. A bit nasal and I'd like it more high pitched, but still.

No. 64738

So no real answers. Anyway you can change your voice but it will be a struggle. Diction & elocution classes.

No. 64751

Lmfao I guess I'm the exception to the rule then.
Got a deep voice. But it's still alright. I record it it's getting deeper.

No. 64777


No. 90468

It's possible, I think there's an app out there for it? I remember hearing about some trans beauty guru using it.

My voice is very high pitched and while most people don't comment it in real life, so many gross guys online are like "wow u sound like an anime girl! be my waifu plz" and it genuinely makes me want to die.

I do believe girls with deep or husky voices have a charm to them though.

No. 90639

My voice is neither high nor deep, it's just very plain and it changes depending on my mood (it's a bit higher when I'm nervous). I guess I don't know what my voice sounds like lmao

No. 90652

My voice is fine but I picked up a really posh accent from my ex and I can't get rid of it. Anyone know any good ways to change your accent?

No. 90675

People with my favorite voices ever that I wish I had are: Imogen Heap (especially in Breath In), Elle Goulding and the vocalist of Gorillaz. I love whispery voices. Mine is regular and kinda annoying sometimes.

No. 90738

See what's the quality is all this?

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