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No. 59545

Don't you want to be internet famous or an "influencer". Travel the world, wear expensive shit and eat good food simply because you're pretty. I'm trying to get in shape simply for this. Most of the cute girls on snow are there because they slip up. All the fame gets to their head. But if you're smart and save your money you'll be invincible. I can't be the only one who thinks this way. If you're pretty just don't be fat or problematic.

No. 59546

No, it usually involves eating some oil sheikh's turds for money. Nobody actually gets stuff just because they're pretty, beauty just allows them to take certain shortcuts.

No. 59547

File: 1493792923607.jpg (345.93 KB, 1080x1349, 17268144_1803605686625467_2092…)

Not so much with social media famous girls. You can get promos like WolfieCindy. Look at LilyMayMac and EmilyTheMermaid. Travel and get money just for their looks and bodies.

No. 59549


I think it is very possible if you have a good head on your shoulders; just think of it as business/marketing. What is your product? What makes you special above all others? Who is your demographic? etc. etc.

I love the idea of it because it is like becoming whoever you want to be.

I'm rooting for you anon.

No. 59562

I'm sure they'd whored themselves out quite a bit before they became famous.

No. 59564

Anyone would want an easy lifestyle like that, when things are handed out so easily.
However, i think the lot of the girls trying to pursue this is in bad timing. You'd def have to work twice as hard now because there is so many girls and competition that youd have to be an absolute exotic beauty and stand out A LOT. Or have good connections.
I think its mostly due to luck and having done it before instagram or tumblr got too big. I still wish you the best of luck op, it is nice to be admired and constantly get free shit while never having to work.

No. 59567

So basically, aspire to be nothing other than a hole to fuck. Seems about right coming from a girl. Worth only that and nothing more. Cause why strive to be more than just something to cum in?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 59576


> Seems about right coming from a girl

This is the /g/ thread, so you can fuck off

No. 59581

I thought about trying to become one a few times, it seems rather fun to basically get free stuff for being pretty and having a great body and pretending your life is constantly amazing.
Realistically tho it's not only looks, but having a lot of connections and networking with other insta/YT/famous people. But whenever i see these girls with other famous "friends" jerking each other off about how great it is to see them and how much they love them and how they should collab (while looking directly at the camera, of course) the friendships always sound super fake and stuff, and idk if i would be able to be that kind of person or deal with that much fakeness daily only to get free stuff, it tires me just only watching it kek.
Also, with how oversaturated the scene is now, you most likely need to have a good "sponsor" (or amazing connections) if you wanna get noticed for being pretty.
Once you are settled tho, the life seems pretty great and easy if you know how to manage and market yourself to stay relevant.
So honestly, if you are smart about it and don't mind the fakeness it seems like a pretty great way to live tbh.

No. 59582

There's nobody in this world that wouldn't want this. You get everything you could want without having to do anything, or at least that's the way most people think it is.

No. 59584

File: 1493838639694.jpg (158.59 KB, 1080x1349, 18096139_1043285635773239_8657…)

But dude, you totally missed the point. When did I even mention men? Not that I would mind hanging out with rich hot guys. With that kind of brand power I could start my own business as well. Your mind is in the gutter.

No. 59599

>rich hot guys

In fantasy, yeah. In reality, it's ugly old fat arab men who are probably married.

No. 59602

No? Like, it's a full time job like any other job, only with less consistent hours, no privacy, and instead of doing something I like I'd spend 12 hours smearing Chinese chemicals on my face, starving myself, and doing 35 retakes before getting one that makes my tits look slightly bigger when I bend over. No fucking thanks.

How come /r9k/ never has the male equivalent of these dumb threads? "Don't you want to be a football player or an "influencer"? It's so easy you guys, you just play football all day simply because you're strong."

No. 59603

Unless you are stunningly gorgeous, I don't see how this could work out well. The internet is saturated with above-average girls posting all day to social media.

The free stuff you get aren't things you really get to choose. The events you are invited to aren't of your choosing, unless you hit it really big (unlikely).

Just become a sugar baby or gold digger if you want all this shit, although if this is what gets you motivated OP, then I say it's at least worth a try (but definitely don't get down on yourself if it doesn't work out as you plan).

No. 59604

Do most of these girls actually make enough money to sustain their lifestyle off of promotions? I always thought it was being subsidized by either extremely rich parents, or like other anons have said, gross old "sponsors"

No. 59606

File: 1493859953867.jpg (421.45 KB, 1080x1349, 17494441_192719747900376_11470…)

Honestly, it's better to already be making money. Maybe I'm naive but I'd like to believe you can do this without selling your body.

No. 59610


I can't really tell with the Chinese instagram girls, but most of the American/UK ones are either Rich Parents or (and more commonly) dating rich ugoos or flat out getting sponsored.

Check out tagthesponsor

No. 59612

my favourite TTS post was the one with Polish and German hookers being flown out to Dubai to get literally shit on.

Makes their peacocking with charter flights and Birkins look hilarious in comparison

No. 59613


Link please? Lol that sounds hilarious.

Anyway, I don't know if this would work in 2017. I was around on social media way back before smartphones became ubiquitous and a lot of the e-famous pretty girls were held to different (realistic?) beauty standards. Back then, you could just be decently pretty, wear a normal amount of makeup, dress modestly, and get a lot of attention. You could tell that as more and more people got iPhones and IG accounts, that the competition started getting ridiculous (contouring, falsies and lip injections became standard, more pressure to get exaggerate hourglass bodies which might not even be possible for a lot of people, etc). It's like the invention of the smartphone w/ front-facing camera created this entire massive industry.

I'm curious to see what the tipping point will be. Like, how much "hotter" can people get?

No. 59618

Everyone would like to live the easy life, adored by everyone and not having to worry about finance for the rest of your life when your light fades out (if you're not stupid with the money).

I'm honestly working my ass off on losing weight (30 pounds down, 90 to go…so got awhile to go but by 70 pounds i'll be cute just not #goals) so I can try my hand at the pretty social media star thing. What do I have to lose?

No. 59626

It's a really old post but check out some of the newer ones, he posts screenshots where he straight up asks them to do scat and then eat hummus out of a plate with another hooker. There's also one where he asks a girl to dress up as a nun and tear up a bible. And then eat hummus.

He mentions his 'hummus fetish' a lot and it's hilarious

No. 59627

I don't want to be famous because I did a lot of shady shit on the internet as a teenager/young adult. Even if I didn't who the hell wants people digging into your life and asking your exes about "the real you" and all.

No. 59630

I'm not sure if any have become full-on "influencers", but I went to a highschool in the Middle East with a lot of people from wealthy backgrounds who are doing really well on IG. Truly makes me wish I was hot and rich so I could do nothing but do amateur photoshoots all over LA with my Mazda and in my head-to-toe chic sportswear.

I never did anything tremendously awful when I was younger, but I was a bit of a dick to people both IRL and online. I definitely wouldn't want that to drag me down if I ever formed any sort of following, especially with current call-out culture.

No. 59631

same, nudes of me everywhere rofl

it's a shame because i have the looks and body but i'm too old now (25) mixed with the shady shit… yeah, that ship has sailed.

i'm just a barista now and i moved continents lol

No. 59633

This so much. Ive actually become desensitized over all the hot people on ig/tumblr and online in general cause theres so many, that no one stands out anymore at all. The same old shit with "thicc" instagram selfies and drag makeup. Everyone is actually atarting to look the same lol

No. 59643


Lmao hummus fetish. I like when he asks for them to send a video of them farting. I wonder how he manages to catfish so many of them.

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