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File: 1493993590880.jpg (82.61 KB, 426x282, red-eared-slider-turtle-for-sa…)

No. 59731

This may be a controversial thread so I apologize in advance if it's controversial, but what is your opinion on Turtles. Do you like them or dislike them and why do you like/dislike them?

I think turtles are cute and they have cute heads. What is your opinion on turtles?

No. 59734

File: 1493996288971.jpg (8.66 KB, 239x211, images.jpg)

I love turtles too. They are gentle and kind.

No. 59736

I want a turtle but their tanks really stink.

No. 59737

did you know you can't bring in turtles to norway? because they don't have any (!!) and it would upset the ecosystem

No. 59738

File: 1494000177381.jpg (290.66 KB, 600x450, 57485.jpg)

I love turtles. My bf had one for years until the poor thing passed, but I hope he'll let us get another one at some point.

lol You ever meet a snapping turtle, anon? Not the nicest guys out there, but they're cute in a weird-ugly sort of way.

No. 59746

I love turtles so much, best pet I ever had! My mom actually caught a turtle in a lake on Mother's Day when I was a toddler and I named it "Cutie Pie" and it lived for about 15 years. Aw, I miss it.

No. 59764

i bought one at a mexican market when i was 12 with my friends mexican family and it was only 10 bucks with the cage and all. it died a few weeks later just like those carnival fish. never again poor little guys…

No. 59766

I had a turtle like the one in OP pic when I was a kid… Poor thing died in his tank after 5 years and I still don't know why.
I liked his heart shaped tongue and the lil tail

No. 59768

i had a turtle once. hardly ever came out of his shell when i got close to it. they're just as boring, if not more so than fish.

No. 59964

File: 1494191791945.jpg (84.68 KB, 600x399, snapper2.jpg)

Snapping turles are big good boys too

No. 59965

A couple decades ago it was okay to eat turtle meat in my country (it was a local thing though, most of the country wouldn't dare to eat a turtle).

They're delicious. I haven't had turtle meat in many many years but despite the strong smell, yeah, they're delicious. The meat is white and succulent. Lol sorry but that's all I can remember when I read this thread.

No. 59995

Science teacher "saved" a turtle from city's Chinatown and dropped it in a dirty tank full of guppies and snails. Not sure what his species is, but he looks like a slightly bluer and slimmer red-eared slider.
Anyway, teach got sick of cleaning two tanks so now the two turtles are fighting over space in the one. Poor guys are pretty cute, too. Been trying to bring them good food on a schedule, as they are not fed well by said teacher. Hard to keep up with but they seem to enjoy it. I feel bad for them.

6/10 pt pet material. They're cute.

No. 60052

Technically we can own turtles legally, but you have to apply for them and prove that you're allergic to furry pets heh

No. 60055

i like turtles

No. 60490

Just steal them man :( poor turtles

No. 60557

My father had a pet turtle that lived in his house before he went crazy. It was pretty cute, had it's own room in the house and came when its name was called (granted, it came slowly kek). It was also litter trained. Very cute, I like turtles.

No. 60646

I love them, they're so cute. But they smell SO BAD and they need so much room, and I hear they can spread salmonella.

No. 60677

I wish. :-(

They can. Best to buy them from a breeder who really takes care of the animals rather than a pet chain- much less of a chance of getting a diseased animal.

No. 60685

You should ask him to adopt them, seems like he does not even want to deal with them at all anyway

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