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File: 1494157729335.jpg (46.47 KB, 900x506, scarecrow.jpg)

No. 59924

Tell all about what you fear the most, what makes you scared, what you're really afraid of

No. 59928

File: 1494161849465.png (440.85 KB, 540x597, kAJUBhBkL1TLZmJH7uy2FbeKGBtkxC…)

>Getting alzheimers/dementia, not remembering anyone or anything, seeing my family and not recognizing them, not fully knowing who or where i am, it terrifies me to no end. Since some family members had it, i'm terrified i'll get it, seeing them not recognizing me after only a few years back they were at my home almost every single day playing with me was absolutely heartbreaking.
>Dying completly alone with no one who loves me.
>Becoming blind.
>Aging before i can turn my life around and make myself happy accomplishing what i want.

No. 59929

losing my limbs. Idk why, but the thought of that really freaks me out.

No. 59935

i'm genuinely terrified of aging like angelica huston

No. 59945

being kidnapped and tortured/murdered. fuck that

No. 59947

File: 1494185096663.png (133.28 KB, 371x371, tumblr_nkn1iabxDB1tbcju1o1_400…)

>>Catching my boyfriend cheating on me(in bed with a girl, doing a sexual act at some location)
>>My mom dying(my last words to her not being I love you) which death is inevitable so there's no stopping it I'm just afraid of the day it happens
>>Being in a car crash where the car lands in deep water, getting stuck inside and drowning.
>>My stalker coming to kill me/my partner/family
>>Waking up to my partner dead next to me after sleeping together for hours

No. 59948

>zombie apocalipse
As retarded as it is, I hate them so much and had nightmares about it. I'd be really paranoid about the whole thing, they don't sleep, feel pain or anything, they're on the hunt 24/7 ugh


>parents/bf dying
>going blind

No. 59954

>Dying in an excruciating way (burning to death, being stabbed and bleeding out, dying in a plane crash, generally stuff where I'm aware that I'm dying/going to die)
>Being in a horrible accident and my family keeping me on life support if there's no hope that I'll recover and be fully-functional mentally
>Being kidnapped and my loved ones never getting to know what happened to me
>Something bad happening to my mom without me being there (she was in a car accident late last year and I wasn't able to be there for her no thanks to my dad.)
>Being abused my a significant other
>If I had kids, anything terrible happening to them

No. 59959

>My parents' death, which is inevitable so I'm just here thinking of how am I not going to commit suicide when it happens
>My sister's death. I don't know why, maybe because she's my little sister, but I remember that when she was very little and I was 5 I spent nights crying because I thought she could die. The other day I had a nightmare in which she was killed and for some reason we were keeping her body on a table at home and after a couple of days I saw her face becoming slimmer, skin around her eye sockets becoming purpleish, and now I'm crying again… nice
>Drowning. I nearly drowned when I was a kid so I guess it's both from trauma and knowing from experience that it's a terrible way of dying
>Never fulfilling my dreams, ending up being 40 and still living in this shithole of a town with a mediocre life and no career
>Never finding love
>Me or anyone in my family getting cancer or a heart attack or a stroke or anything like that
>Becoming blind

No. 60162

My biggest fear is slipping and falling on my face in a dirty public bus on a rainy/snowy day. Even typing this post made me nauseous.

I know it doesn't compare to stuff like >>59945 but it's high up there on my list of "nope"

No. 60164

Growing old
DC movies
Being photographed candidly
Being vendetta posted

No. 60166

Spiders. I am currently trying to get treatment for it though because it's getting out of hand (e.g. a spider no bigger than a sequin will get my whole body shaking, my eyes watering, my heart rate racing and trigger intense bouts of nausea and headaches). It's ruining my dreams of ever visiting Australia/climbing mountains in hot countries and the thought of living alone - which will happen soon - and having to be left alone to deal with it in my current state is terrifying.

Aside from the parents dying/going deafblind/dying horrifically stuff…my dog's getting old now. Although her death is inevitable it's going to really affect me. My mental heath is already declining, so I see myself doing something really really bad once she goes. I'm scared of that day.

No. 60167


I'm really sorry to hear that you're in a not-so-great place. Maybe you should start to think about what you're going to do if you haven't already… I find that thinking about that stuff calms me (when my cat had to be put down, I was the same way)


Revenge porn is honestly the only reason I'm afraid to take nude pictures. I even get scared of sexting with my boyfriend… I trust him but it's not necessarily his fault I freak out about it

No. 60171

My parents dying. :(
I've had nightmares about it since I was a kid.

No. 60174

Getting my organs harvested
Waking up in Somalia
Evil looking old women

No. 60175

In terms of things that completely terrify me to think about:

>being buried alive

>having my room robbed at night while I have to lay there and pretend to be fast asleep
>waking up to someone standing over my bed
>waking up to someone sitting or kneeling at the foot of my bed so only their face is visible (I've had nightmares about this for years)
>aliens LOL, I don't believe they've come to earth and yet I'm still afraid of getting abducted

as for life/existential fears:

>still being a NEET 5 years from now

>disappointing my family by never finishing college
>never figuring out what I want to do in life

No. 60179

>evil looking old women

No. 60206

>waking up in Somalia
How oddly specific, kek

For me:
>being in a coma and someone pulling the plug on me
>heart disease
>my parents dying
>dying in a plane crash
>becoming a vegetable
>going blind, deaf, or both
>dying early
>never getting a job

No. 60217

Only thing that keeps me up at night is Alzeheimers. My grandma had it and I always wonder if my father will have it to. Or fuck, what if I have it?

No. 60226


No. 124993

>Getting stabbed in the eyeball.
I’d rather get stabbed in the stomach.
>Breaking my glasses.
When I was a child, our old apartment became infested with them so now I’m traumatized.
>My parents dying.
I’m the only child so I would kill myself the same day they died.
>Getting chased by a person with a chainsaw.

No. 124994

File: 1570683525579.gif (1.98 MB, 417x553, giphy (18).gif)

>Getting stabbed in the eyeball
SECONDED THIS. Oh god I'm already blind so the thought of getting stabbed in the eyes and losing my vision completely is horrifying.

I'm also afraid of the following

>My bowels falling out of me during shitting

>My bowels exploding or having acid leak from an open sore in my esophagus or stomach

>My organs burning up because of the same reason and disappearing

>Something crawling inside my nose to my brain

>My brain leaking brain juices from my nose

>My eyeballs detaching randomly and I become immediately blind

>Me puncturing my organs by flopping on a mattress with a pointed object which enters through my skin

>me developing holes in my brain and getting something like dementia

>My heart exploding

>My vagina deciding to prolapse

>My vagina starting to randomly bleed heavily

>Getting cancer

No. 124995

All of this is extremely scary tbh, especially being in a coma and someone pulling a plug on you.

Imagine you have all your senses and aware of everything and your thoughts except you can't move because you're just completely stuck in your body. oh and you also can't open your eyes. You hear your loved ones crying over you and the doctor saying you are completely comatose and have no senses whatsoever and then they decide to pull the plug on you for the better. You can't say anything because you're trapped in your own body and stuck..

No. 125002

Accidentally speaking my thoughts out loud.

No. 125019

>Being pulled under tides so that I can't get out
>Being trampled or crushed to death in a large crowd
>Being stranded out in open water of any kind
>Violent sexual abusers, specifically those that target the most vulnerable people
>The fear of having a child and then anything happening to it
>Aging so ungracefully that it's embarassing/pathetic to look at
>Alternatively, wasting my older years by caring what other think
>Being abandoned by my friends as they start their own families
>everything related to being a failure and wasting my life, being a disappointment to those that cared about me etc
>Visibly shitting or pissing myself in public, or during sex

Same. I'm watching my grandmother go through it right now and recently I realised that I will need to take care of my mother one day when it happens to her, and also I'm terrified because there will probably be nobody to take care of me

I know that none of this will help you stop being scared of it, but I just wanted to say
>There isn't a passage to your brain from your nose, or any passage to your brain in general, and nothing crawling in anywhere would want to go that way and nothing would ever leak out like that.
>If your eyeballs detach they can actually be popped back in and still work
>Your vagina bleeding heavily isn't going to kill you, and fixing a prolapsed vagina is a fairly standard procedure that women recover from just fine all the time
Still scary stuff though

No. 125020

same for me, even as a kid I would worry about it excessively

No. 125021

being buried alive is seriously one of the most terrifying things I can imagine

No. 125025

File: 1570722455889.jpg (91.88 KB, 814x960, 1ea.jpg)

things that terrify me

>the death of my parents

>sudden death of any of my loved ones
>climate change and the whole shitshow of how that could go down. what with extreme weather like flooding and rising heat meaning I'm displaced from my home, hungry, in pain and scared. also the famine and wars that may follow. I ruminate about this a whole lot
>like another anon said - aliens. just any kind of alien invasion. it's not entirely unbelievable
>being kidnapped, raped, abused and tortured
>dying in dreadful ways like burning alive or drowning
>being trapped somewhere and unable to escape, slowly running out of oxygen
>war breaking out in my country and being bombed

smaller things related my life
>remaining a virgin into my thirties
>remaining in my parents house into my thirties
>never having a social life/friends
>my mental health problems becoming unmanageable and becoming suicidal again
>becoming a bitter old lady full of regrets

No. 125028

>getting a life-threatening disease, losing a limb/losing my mobility, going blind
>living alone and dying alone
>losing my mom or sister, losing a partner
>getting old and realizing my life/accomplishments are utterly worthless
>getting fat

I have really bad anxiety about everything I'm doing now being a complete waste of time. I know it shouldn't matter so long as I'm happy but it would kill me to know I'd spent years doing something that didn't matter.

I also have such an irrational fear of my mom dying. I know it's going to happen some day but I'm so scared because she's the only parent I've ever had/I'm not super close with the rest of my family. It would just be my sister and I and that would be so devastating.

No. 125072

Damn, are you me?

No. 125154

>Losing my mom who is my only close family member. I'm also an only child so despite my aunt pitching in I would very likely lose my mind and kill myself
>Being trampled to death in a panicked crowd (don't read up on it lol)
>Dying from cancer kinda young like my dad
>Being socially rejected by my friends
>Getting killed in a terror attack
>Getting raped
>Being pushed from a great height
>Ending up unable to have children
>Ending up not having finished higher education
>Losing my hearing

No. 125158

I know everyone has their rights to fears and whatnot but LOL @ you putting fat on the same list as losing a loved one, dying alone, or becoming blind.

Fat sucks but it's really not THAT bad anon lmao!

No. 125543

>being buried alive
>being unable to maintain a good relationship with someone important to me (i think i would actually go mental again and end it, i know it's unhealthy and fucked up)

haha i thought that too

No. 125550

Being fat isolates you socially specially as someone that browses here you should understand why that would be scary

No. 125586

>Getting dementia or watching my spouse slowly deteriorate and forget me from it
>Being raped and/or tortured
>Getting kidnapped
>Drowning, burning or being crushed to death
>Nobody believing me when I'm telling the truth, or my friends and family all turning on me
>Dying from something preventable due to my or someone else's stupidity or neglect
>Watching someone I love die violently or painfully
>Being cheated on by someone I love, especially if it was a serious affair or several affairs, and especially if I had no idea
>Finding out a partner or family member is a pedophile or abused my children
>Finding out in general that someone abused my children
>Someone I care about dying suddenly without giving me the chance to say goodbye, especially if we were fighting before
>Becoming "ugly" or unattractive to someone I love deeply and still find attractive
>Getting a serious or painful disease
>Just being lied to having things hidden from me for a long time and believing the person, in general
A lot of stuff scares me but I don't think about it much, I just try to take care of the people I care about so I can treasure what I have with them.

No. 125758

>Getting dementia
I feel that one. Its disgusting that people are forced to knowingly deteriorate into vegetables just because euthanasia makes some people uncomfortable. How selfish must these people be to argue against it.

No. 126208

whats so scary about DC movies?

No. 126210

My biggest fear is being paralyzed, blind, mute, deaf, etc., not being able to communicate at all but still 100% conscious. Like Locked In Syndrome.

No. 126261

>getting kidnapped/getting sold to human trafficking
>being raped
>clowns with rabies
>losing my parents/other loved ones
>dying alone
>dying young and becoming a ghost for the rest of eternity, never able to do anything other than watch
>time also, lowkey, and its inevitability

No. 126308

> getting tortured
> losing a limb or becoming an amputee
> ending in a wheelchair
> becoming blind, deaf or mute
> having a slow painful death
> having no one who will ever love me and dying like that (cheesy i know kek)

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