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File: 1494479815504.jpg (28.97 KB, 655x355, Secrets-of-female-masturbation…)

No. 60277

How do you gals masturbate?
I can't get off without humping on something or squeezing my thigh muscles. No one has ever given me an orgasm because of that.
I also get off to things I would never actually want IRL.
This is probably a sensitive topic and it might be moved to /sty/ or I might be accused of being a guy, so be it. I thought I'd give it a try anyway.

No. 60278

I'm trying to back off masturbating for a while. I'm hoping i regain some sensitivity back… because i would often use my hitachi for extended sessions with multiple orgasms lol. So regular touching from my new boyfriend isnt really feeling like much. Anyone deal with this and have you fixed it?

No. 60279

I've tried those and they're definitely something else… I came in a matter of seconds the first time. It's wasn't even a hitachi just a generic back massager thingy. After a few a times though it just doesn't work for me, my vagina just goes numb.

No. 60280

>I can't get off without humping on something or squeezing my thigh muscles. No one has ever given me an orgasm because of that.
Me neither, sex is just uncomfortable to me, as is any kind of penetrative masturbation or finger diddling of any sort. It just makes me think of germs.

No. 60284

I noticed lack of sensitivity after starting to use a vibrator too. I took a total break for a few weeks, and now I masturbate only once a week (for around an hour, sometimes more because I prefer multiple orgasm sessions too).

I also try to avoid putting the vibe on high settings, at least for most of the time. I press it down a lot on my clit on a low/medium setting so it stimulates it a lot without having to use the high setting, which I was previously accustomed to. I don't have sensitivity issues anymore now!

No. 60285

jealous of everyone who says they can have multiple orgasms a session…

I'm either too numb or too sensitive to continue, even within the same day

No. 60286

I haven't used a vibrator in years and I'm still like that… the only way I come is by squeezing/humping something like my blankets or pillow. Direct contact is just very uncomfortable and penetration is better but nothing to write home about either.

No. 60287

I can have multiple orgasms if I force myself too but why? For some reason I get a mild tummy ache after coming so I'm done by then.

No. 60288

I have this really weird way of masturbating where I grind on my hand, I used to only be able to do on on my stomach. It's the only way I can cum fml, not even being eaten out can make me cum.

No. 60292

Me too! when I actually had sex and did things with another human being i felt so incredibly underwhelmed because my pillow is so much better

No. 60294

File: 1494493874702.gif (483.62 KB, 208x170, disappointment.gif)

i can never bring myself to climax like everyone else. i sort of stop like maybe a fourth of the way through (i think? idk) because the feeling is too intense for me and my vagina starts twitching like crazy. it doesnt help that right after it starts feeling really good, for some reason all sexual desires drop in less than a second and i can't continue. all i can get is a measly penny sized wet spot if im lucky.
does anyone else have this problem?

i only rub up against things to masturbate since im too scared to stick anything in my vagina which i feel embarrassed about. i think i just dont want to hurt myself somehow and the thought of feeling the insides of an organ isnt appealing to me either.

No. 60295

i can only really orgasm when I'm slightly embarrassed,
theres a certain thrill to it that I can't describe fully\

if i feel too comfortable about it I just won't orgasm

No. 60297

I noticed I get bored because I usually cum so quick. It makes me not really want to do it, but sometimes I end up masturbating 5 times a day and I don't want to stop. I recently bought my first dildo. It's alright but it's not as fun as I thought it was gonna be lol

No. 60300

having to stop because it's too intense + twitching + drop in desire = really probably an orgasm.
but you can try masturbating in different ways to make orgasms different or better.

No. 60302

I agree, sounds like an orgasm. Are you disappointed now? :^)

No. 60303

I've been blessed/cursed with hypersensibility. I come with clit stimulation by finger, I come with penetration, all in a single minute if I'm really aroused.

No. 60307

i rub my clit usually that's all.

i can cum by orgasm but my current bf is circumcised so it's very very difficult. does anyone else have this experience?

No. 60311

damn, really? thanks guys. it happens so fast and easily then. i want to kick myself for expecting something grander but like you said, i'll have to experiment for different results.

i'm sorry being a clueless n00b.

No. 60313

I'm pretty much a "one and done" kind of person. I can't even imagine trying to do an 1+ hour session, too sensitive for it.

No. 60315

Same here. I can't stand it when guys go on after I cum. But I gotta say that the most orgasms I have are pretty good as I know what I have to do in order to achieve what I want.

No. 60321

Lol don't worry, the same thing happened to me… I always wondered how orgasms would be like and then I realized I've been having them for all these years

No. 60322

You all make me feel so much better! OP, I am like you! I cannot come unless I contract my leg muscles, at least my thighs. I sometimes practice edging by forcing myself to not flex my thighs and it is intense. Sadly my partner cannot make me come and I hate it. Glad I am not the only one.

No. 60330

Yes! I do that too sometimes. It really intensifies the orgasm a lot.

No. 60338

i can't masturbate anymore, i use to do it all the time when i was younger and now its just a chore and my orgasms don't feel good. i can never get myself horny or sensitive enough. people on reddit told me to try and do more to myself but its just so hard and not worth it. i envy people who can masturbate because it use to help with chronic pain and stupid shit like that… different vibrators seemed to help but i dont have any extra money to waste on trying a new one after my last one broke and im too unbothered to just use my hands so i'm just bitter.

No. 60363

I have exactly the same issue. Some anons in this thread are saying this is an orgasm, but it can't be so, right? What about being all idiot like and what about the fireworks?!

No. 60370

It's almost impossible for someone else to make me cum, especially on bad days where sensitivity is minimal to none.

I masturbate before bed sometimes, just to try and tire myself out, but even then it can be weeks at a time before I bother to try and cum again lmao.

No. 60371

Got a probably dumb question: do any of you come too fast?
I just kind of go at it for like 4 minutes and it sort of builds up until I just reach a peak and am just not turned on anymore and I'm just sort of done. Donno if that's an orgasm or what but if it is it's damn overrated.

No. 60405

I'm in the same boat really. And since no one can make cum sex is nice but… boring. I kind of wish I could watch tv during it or something hah.

No. 61468

Just found a korean hentai manga that has been doing the job nicely. The main guy is totally husbando material, tsundere as fuck. 10/10

No. 61477

I had this for years too I would barely feel turned then it would slowly build before I would just twitch a bit and lose all libido. I finally have good orgasms after 6 years of sex. I don't know if it was my body maturing or if it was that I stopped chasing orgasms and got a mature boyfriend who wanted to spend time exploring my body tenderly rather than sticking his dick in it. I still sometimes have crap premature orgasms but it's cool because I will just have a good one later.

Why not watch tv or something? You should be honest with him about the way sex feels for you, because faking it and forcing yourself to do it is really bad for your psyche even if it doesn't feel that way. But if he cares and watching tv at the same time would make you feel more relaxed then he would want that too

No. 61494

>She's doing even post it or put the name

No. 61496

same on the thigh squeezing thing!

I usually hump on my hitachi, it's amazing.

No. 61503

How much girth can you all take? Like I've always wondered what's normal because I can't really relax and other girls use huge (to me) stuff on themselves.
The average penis is about 5'' but a vagina can normally take much more, right?

No. 61520

how would you be able to measure that

i have the europe version of that, it's amazing.

No. 61524

Like, if you use dildos or from experiences with dicks?

No. 61526

…a tape measure?

No. 61529

The mental image of a woman trying to measure the widest girth directly inside her vagina with a tape measure.

No. 61540

You can get a reasonable idea from holding it in your hand, and/or comparing that size to your wrist/forearm.
For instance with the biggest dick I've ever encountered, I couldn't touch my middle finger to my thumb around it, and comparing it to my forearm that means it was 7" around.
It was also as long as my whole face, which means it was about 8" long, which he confirmed. Yes I was sore.

No. 61564

lol sorry anon i was drunk .

here it is, enjoy

No. 61574

7'' sounds brutal. Like not fun. But maybe I'm just a baby.

No. 61619

It was ok, he was never able to get it all the way in and he had to be really careful. So, not the most fun I've ever had.
I know there are some size queens out there who love literal forearm-sized cock but it's honestly not practical. Don't feel bad for not wanting to or being able to take ridiculous sized dick.

No. 61627

Ayy, I've been reading that too. Top taste in Korean smut manwha my friend.

No. 61629

I avoid masturbating with anything much over 5" in circumference because I'm worried I'll enjoy it too much and end up being a size queen who is disappointed by most of the guys out there. The only problem with that is large penises kind of scare me because if he tries to put it in when I'm not totally turned on to the max it's going to hurt, so part of me thinks I should practice with larger toys in case I get with a guy who is super hung. IDK what to do.

No. 61636

oh my god same on the thigh squeezing

what is this and why

No. 61637

i did this. i am a size queen. bf has a big ol girthy dick (<3)

still have a super tight vag and require lots of play. if you go too fast without lubrication it does burn but as someone who fucks a massive D regularly, it's nothing foreplay won't get you into. get a big dildo though for sure. you'll love it. dicks and dildos have their pros and cons, a big dildo and a normal dick will feel different but if you want a big toy no point in holding out on it :)

No. 61647

Oh no, more like fitting the biggest thing in there and then measuring that afterwards

No. 61654

Lol I got that, I just found the mental image amusing. Actually it's amusing either way.

No. 61657

The whole tenting thing the vagina does kind of freaks me out. The thought that some people do fisting or insert other huge stuff is at the same time intriguing and frightening. In hentai I actually find these really exaggerate size differences really hot but in real life I'm kind of squicked out by penetration.

No. 61660

I always tense up like hell on reflex when I'm having what might be an orgasm or the start of one(?) and it just stops it from reaching it's full potential. Kinda ruins it for me because it makes it more mild and controlled when I just want to let go. Anyone else have this issue or know how to stop it? I physically can't relax when that sensation kicks in.

No. 61665

I'm starting to think that this is just normal for women. At least it's very common.

No. 61677

when this happens to me i purposefully shake/shudder my legs rapidly, like a tremor. for some reason it loosens up whatever is going on and i can complete. (it looks dumb as hell, but it works) i also take slow, deep breaths when i feel i'm about to climax because holding your breath can hinder an orgasm.

No. 61700

Right? The husband is fucking fiiiiiiine.
Only problrm I have is that im not used to reading korean manwha so I keep forgetting their names, also Ive noticed they have a word for senpai too but other words I have no idea what they mean. Oh well. it still does it job nicely lol

No. 61715

File: 1495805186461.jpg (9.76 KB, 350x350, 446980-462240-350x350.jpg)

Has anyone here ever had an orgasm during an orgasm?

I dunno if it is a weird question and I am not joking, I will try to explain, so bear with me if you want.

I am 28, I am sexually active and I've masturbated since my teens. when I masturbate I usually rub my clit, so I get a clit orgasm. I cannot get a vaginal orgasm by itself (which is common) unless I stimulate my clit as well, but if I do them both, I get some pretty decent Os.

Last year I got myself a nice vibrator (pic related). It has motion on both the main part and the clit bud. It also has several different vibrations, but I usually use the first level, which is a regular buzz. The way it is shaped, it can find the g-spot very easily, and it can usually give me a nice mixed orgasm (clit and vag) that lasts around 5-7 seconds. it has also helped me achieve multiple orgasms (I've tried up to three)

So, I use it today, I have my first one, reach resolution stage stage and then continue because I wanted to achieve the second one. At some point, by mistake, I turn it to the 3rd level vibration which is a very strong one. Normally I would have turned it down but I say what the hell and keep it up, so after a while, and while using the vibrations both vaginally and on my clit, I start orgasming like normal, but instead of going to resolution stage, the orgasm keeps going for what I am guessing was almost a minute (at which point I am getting freaked out)and then I get a much stronger orgasm ON TOP of it, as if I wasn't in an orgasm already. It had me litterally screaming and lasted for an aditional 5 seconds I think. I got to resolution stage after that, and now I feel like a fucking zombie. I actually feel like I am half drugged now.

I couldn't actually find anything similar when I googled it, so I thought I'd ask here

No. 61725

Yeah, this has happened to me once with my hitachi while using the attachment.

No. 61737

I got a Hitachi-esque magic wand and I can't properly use it because the increased bloodflow to the area just causes intense itching and it's really uncomfortable. How can people stand it? As a BDSM torture device I can see it but for regular vanilla pleasure? Not working for me. Am I doing it wrong? I always do it with panties or even pants on already.

No. 61748

try without clothing and use lube. the itching youre getting is because of the fabric being rubbed against your skin from the vibrations

No. 61750

Maybe try the lowest setting? I find that the highest setting always gets me a tiny bit itchy.

No. 61826

File: 1495966580390.jpg (53.96 KB, 633x758, 9f516907-506a-462e-b417-32d233…)

>finally have a dildo
>cant orgasm vaginally

No. 61828

Try rubbing it against your clit anon. I can't always get off with just my hand so just rubbing something against me, removing that tactile feeling adds a lot for me.

No. 61838

is it normal to not be able to pull up your clitoral hood to expose your clitoris? i've never had an orgasm, i can rub things over my clitoral hood and it feels nice but it doesn't feel like it's enough.

No. 61862

sounds like you have phimosis. you can get it surgically fixed.

No. 61863

Is the hood long, or the clitoris quite short/small´╝č That might give some impression that it's not pulled properly.
But yeah, like >>61862 said, more likely to be phimosis

No. 61878

my hood definitely looks longer than normal. i'm not sure if my clitoris is short or small since i've never seen it lol
but thank you and >>61862, i will definitely look into this more and hopefully i can get it fixed

No. 61880

Rubbing my clit directly feels way too intense and uncomfortable even with a tongue. Kind of awkward when I have tell partners to stop doing that. Anyone else?

No. 61885

anon, i tried, but this was crap

No. 61889

Yeah same, just feels weird. Wouldn't even say intense, just uncomfortable. I like strong pressure on it, though. Like when I'm grinding against sth/sb but that's only through clothes.

No. 61890

i shamefully read all the chapters and it was ok but not enough to get me off. it barely turned me on except for super dom scenes with the husband

No. 61891

File: 1496091680457.jpg (44.75 KB, 479x466, 645644.jpg)

I'm so desensitized to everything that it's hard to get off now, even though my libido is high as fuck.

Anyone else have this problem? I already tried to give up porn to see if it helped, but it didn't in the long run.

No. 61893

Yup. Never enjoyed direct touch to the clit, never will. When I masturbate I've got my finger slightly above it. On the hood I guess. That's the only way I can tolerate it.

No. 61907

back when i was 10-11, even though i didn't know what masturbation or orgasms were, i used to masturbate by aligning my clit with the pressured water coming from the pool jets because i liked the sensation. i can't do it now because an adult woman standing in front of a pool jet would look weird. but if you have a private pool or sth i recommend it, way better than a showerhead and a very interesting sensation.

also on the topic of large/girthy dicks, i found out that medium/smallish dicks are the most comfy and pleasurable to me. big ones just hurt.

No. 61909

I don't know if this is off-topic but I have a question. I don't really get aroused. The only times I felt real arousal I can count on a hand.

But I do enjoy orgasms, so I most of the times just rub my clit or use my magic wand till I cum. I try to watch porn to make lewd thoughts happen, but if I would just watch it without touching myself, nothing would happen.
I tried so much, too. VNs, doujins, fanfiction, smut. Even my SO can't quite "turn me on" by itself. We use lube and sometimes I can also cum due to the motion, but no matter what I can't get really horny and wet.

Is this normal?

No. 61910

No, it's not normal.

No. 61913

Well, what got you aroused the times you did?

No. 61925

I also only touch around the hood but never directly on the clit as it's getting too painful. Recently I have been experimenting different methods like relaxing legs right before climax and putting pressure on different parts of the hood. Definitely makes a difference regarding how often I can cum and how intense it is.

No. 61936

It's probably not normal but you're not the only one. I just don't have any turn ons. The only times when I enjoy sex is when I'm on drugs because everything gets more sensitive so it feels nice, otherwise it's boring and pointless.

No. 61946

This thread is making me miss masturbating :( I can get off so easy with myself (my record is 5 orgasms in under 20 minutes) but I have really bad endometriosis so pretty much every time I cum (especially if it's multiple orgasms), I get insanely painful cramps that bring me to the point of tears. I rarely get them when orgasming while having sex though…

No. 62049

i can only masturbate by humping something, i usually watch porn and hump the bathtub edge. cleaning it before and after is a chore though so i hardly masturbate anymore, but it's the only way i can get myself off. fingering is way too painful for me too, but my boyfriend really likes it. i can cum lightly multiple times if he plays with my clit, but it doesn't really satisfy me.

No. 62051

I feel like have a small vibrator dildo would b fun and exciting to play w/ (I only have this back massager vibrator from walmart)

I've been looking at some online but I'm scared i won't b able to get to it on time when the package arrives, and the people i live w/ will find out i bought one
plus theres the matter of keeping something like that completely hidden, its okay for my back massager to b seen b/c its inconspicuous but a actual (albeit small) dildo?

No. 62052

Can't you just buy it in a shop? Even small towns usually have a sex shop, and they're so so small and easy to hide.

No. 62055

Most online sellers advertise that they ship all their sex toys in inconspicuous packaging, or if you do what I did you can order one off of Amazon so it comes in an amazon box.

No. 62059

true, I'm just rlly paranoid of the worst case scenario
I actually wanted to buy a super cheap one off wish, but I already know their packaging isn't discreet

No. 62061

i don't go outside too much, but ill be keeping an eye out for those shops thx anon

(although since i live on an island I'm worried of running into ppl i might know there) just gotta b brave i guess

No. 62068

What kind of Porn do you all watch while you masturbate/do you not watch anythin at all?

My taste changes: Lately humiliating bdsm & being groped & fucked on public transport by a stranger, the more men using them the better. Usualy I prefer asian porn cuz the women are less slutty & up for it & act so embarrassed, American porn women are way too loose. When I watch it I really wish I was them, but I don't think I want to be groped, used & gang banged by strangers irl, may be if I could do it as someone else and not have to live with it for the rest of my life I would, but after I orgasm I feel so dirty and ashamed and lose interest completely. Sorry 4 blogpost.

No. 62073

Asian lesbian porn. The girls are just too cute and sometimes they wear really cute lingerie too, its the best. I dont watch any porn with men in it.
The funny thing is I consider myself pretty hetero and im in a hetero relationship too. Any other girls out there who are like this?

No. 62074

Bi, but yea. I also try to avoid them. They tend to be ugly af

No. 62091

File: 1496338017176.jpg (64.2 KB, 950x1042, 2017-06-01_HTB1ioqCNpXXXXb1XFX…)

I haven't bother to read the site rules so I'm probably b& after this but I'm not planing to "join" this site so ehhhhh.
And maybe this helps someone.

She has not broken this one after near daily use for 8months so far, and it's cheap+water resistant (to both her mess and showers/short baths).
It's long enough to fill, curved enough to hit things, and not stupid girthy. Also the "chin" is deep enough to get to her clit while she has it inside. Run time and decent and charge time is something like every minute of charge is two minutes of run.
I know you said you don't have money to waste but maybe this one can fit in a budget somewhere. If I tried to buy this in a store here I'd be looking at over $60 so this is quite a bit more budget friendly.

Anytime I feel like teasing GF and not stopping/slowing when she starts cumming. I think I've managed to stack 3-4 at most "at once" and her hips won't listen to her after it happens either.
She quite a bit easier to do this too but I've had partners before where this has happened or where they want this to happen on the regular.

No. 62097

>buying sex toys off of aliexpress
r u dum

No. 62101

just bought the cheapo knockoff version of >>61715 and fuck, I came so hard, at least like 5 times.

The last time I came I fucking pissed everywhere. No regrets tho it felt amazing

No. 62108

well I'm glad you admit it wasn't "squirt" kek

No. 62114

I don't know if you care, so disregard me if you don't, but:

Take a piss beforehand if you're concerned about smelly, yellow urine getting on anything. That way whatever comes out when ya "squirt" should be clear and odorless because it's not been in your bladder very long. The smell of urine is what I find most gross about it, so this takes the ew factor out of it for me.

No. 62116

Spoiler: you're bi

No. 62123

pretty sure theres quite a few articles about how straight women are the ones who gravitate towards lesbian porn

although I've also read theories that women r more likely to be bisexual just b/c they don't have to worry about their masculinity being affected like men

No. 62124

No. 62140

Spoiler: its time for you to go to summer camp

Straight women watch lesbian porn. You don't have to be bisexual to get off on people having sex.

No. 63684

so. I find regular porn cringey, boring & not sensual. I like more relationship/love intimacy, when there is mutual care for each other, caress/kiss each other's body, it's slow not fast and not senseless. thing is idk what to search for?? what keywords should I use or what blogs should I follow to find the vids I'd enjoy. thanks

No. 64239

Guys guys GUYS!
I had my very first clitoral orgasm omg!
Forgive me but I'm so excited lol, I'm in my 20s and have only ever orgasmed through penetration up until now. I read a lot of girls saying they only had clitoral orgasms a few months back and I never really thought it possible. It takes extra work, whereas if I put two fingers inside I can get there really quickly actually but it isn't the same at all. I tried it once a while back but I wasn't really into it. Per sort of coincidence I got in the right mojo and God! Forgive me for sounding virginal (lol) but that was so different lmao what have I been missing out on…and I thought I had basically maxed out masturbation. Thank you, God.

No. 64270

I'm so happy you got to know your body better, anon. That's great!

No. 64276

Just search up "sensual" and add any extra tag on that or leave as is and hope for the best.

No. 64344

Try "massage," or "sensual" as >>64276 said. If you don't mind it, there's a lot more lesbian stuff in this vein, too.

No. 64348

clitoral orgasms for me only cuz i wanna cum hard every time and not just sometimes. i usually just use a little clit stimulator since hitachi wands are too big for me to get any pleasure out of, but my absolute favorite is a detachable shower head. it feels like an intense out of body experience with when i use it. the only thing its comparable to is oral from someone with experience.

No. 64488

How long does it usually take? For me it feels like it just takes so long to get there…

No. 64576

File: 1499519500882.jpg (42.75 KB, 390x390, 1427130069453069330.jpg)

I just bough my first vibrator (Picobong Zizo)! Can't wait till it gets here. I've wanted to try toys as long as I can remember but was always too embarrassed to buy them.
Do you guys have any fun toys?

No. 64612


for me, it usually only takes about 5 minutes. the longest was up to thirty minutes i think. the latter is usually my own fault since you wanna get really turned on beforehand. the trick is to pull up on your clitoral hood gently so you have more to work with, thats what works for me anyway

No. 64653

Is it possible what you're describing is the true definition of multiple orgasms?

I remember reading some dumb cosmo article talking about having consecutive orgasms and how to achieve them, and thinking so what? Most women are capable of having multiple orgasms during one session.

Then I started thinking if it's so common for women to have 3-5 orgasms in one session, maybe what they were actually referring to was 'an orgasm during an orgasm' that lasts for minutes instead of seconds? That would make more sense and explain what the fuss is all about. I've never experienced such a long orgasm and I think if I did I'd be a little scared I'd end up like that woman who went into orgasm contractions for like 3 hours and had to go to the emergency room to get some anti spasmodic meds lol.

No. 64654

Consider this: Female sexuality is still kinda a new thing and it's incredibly common for a woman to never experience an orgasm (alone or otherwise) even without some diagnosable disorder.

No. 64661

>Female sexuality is still kinda a new thing
lol wat

No. 64670

No. 64671

I have a tiny vibrator that i use on my clit, i come everytime in 5mins. Penetration does nothing for me

No. 64727

You had multiple consecutive orgasms. As in another orgasm starts before the current one is over. This is easier (for me) with two kind of stimulation.

Try exploring your g-spot, if you haven't already. It might also work best when you're at your horniest part in your cycle. If you only orgasm clitorally, it's not the end of the world.

Masturbate until your clit is engorged and grab a mirror.

Yes. It's normal. I use my hand to show my partner where/how to touch me. They don't seem to mind, and like to hear "just like that."

I'm torn on whether I want this. Looks so nice, but I also don't know if I need to really redirect this much sexual energy, as I do have a partner who is always down for spoiling me, and I should probably just keep taking advantage of that.

No. 64729

File: 1499754908515.jpg (10.58 KB, 459x305, 1.0x0.jpg)

Use it directly on yourself, without clothing. Use lube and a silicone attachment. There are a lot of attachments available for Hitachi wands, so look around and find something that looks good to you.

No. 64813

I kind of want one.

No. 64816

I just ordered this and hope it's as good as people say. I was very disappointed with the Lelo ora 2.

No. 64819

I can't orgasm without just playing with my clit for awhile. Sex or being eaten out doesn't even really feel like much. I don't feel properly satisfied unless I masturbate. Sorry if this is like a stupid question but is there something wrong with me?

No. 64824

Many women have a hard time feeling much through penetration alone, it's normal. Give yourself a helping hand during sex. Also, a lot of people (probably men especially) just have no idea how to give a woman head without a lot of guidance, trial and error. My guy apparently had to read some online tutorials and try what they said until we figured out what worked. Lightly bucking your hips against them in the rhythm you like can also help you attain the sort of sensation you do when masturbating.

No. 64831

Iirc, they have an "orgasm guarantee" so if you hate it, you can return it. Please keep us updated.

It's not a stupid question and there is nothing wrong with you. Needing clitoral stimulation for orgasm is common and fine. I like oral too, but don't orgasm from that alone.

No. 64845

Really? The first time a company takes a toy back when it's not working haha but good to know! I will report back once I tried it.

No. 64856

Not a stupid question at all anon! When I first started having sex, my ex would get upset and tell me it was my fault if I didn't get off. Now that I'm older, I realize that sometimes guys just don't know how to finesse the lady parts properly! Try grinding against your s/o while they eat you out to create some friction, or maybe buy a vibrating ring to help out with the stimulation.

No. 64870

You guys are ever so friendly and sweet. I'll be sure to try these things out tomorrow so thank you very much!

No. 64972

So I got the Womanzier today and I'm impressed. That was probably the fastest clitoral orgasm I ever had. Less than 3 minutes. It's a bit difficult at first to place the device at the right spot. Usually it takes me a while to orgasm with finger and vibration egg. Gonna try this more often now and see how it goes. So far I disappointment.

No. 64982

I have great masturbation sessions with multiple orgasms and all that jazz. I prefer it to sex, which is something men really hate hearing.

No. 65036

Thanks for following up. What makes it disappointing?

No. 65037

My problem is that I masturbate too much and I'm mainly used to my pace. Whenever my boyfriend touches me it feels like nothing and I feel bad because I have to fake that I'm enjoying what he's doing. He's never made me cum. Is anyone else in a similar situation? How should change?

No. 65039

Oh that was a typo…. I meant so far no disappointment

No. 65046

Stop masturbating for a while, or show your partner how you touch yourself. Don't fake enjoying it; let him know what you want him to do. This is more constructive than saying you don't like what he's doing, because you're letting him know what you'd like for him to do.

No. 65079

Thanks I shall try to do that. I'll stop masturbating for a while, maybe that way I'll regain some sensibility.

No. 65081

I had the same problem and I found masturbating in a different way helped me. I would always masturbate to get to orgasm quickly, just doing the "perfect moves" or whatever. It had a bad effect on my sex life cos no one could match my own skill, so I started masturbating slower and less skilfully, focusing on the sensations and teasing and stuff. It let me enjoy the build up way more and get enjoyment from that rather than mostly from the orgasm itself. I also got more confidence cos I learned I could still orgasm without doing it my way, and that transferred to enjoying sex more and being able to orgasm with others more easily.

No. 65095

I can't make myself orgasm the normal way. If I"m masturbating, I have to rub my lower stomach with my pc (yes this is shameful for me to even write it) so I can come. Is anyone the same ? For some reason it only works with the pc, rubbing my stomach with my hands doesn't do anything.

No. 65096

PC…as in computer? Maybe you need a sex robot?

No. 65100

Lol if you're saying what I think you are, try riding/grinding against a pillow or a vibrator.

No. 65103


I don't think both would work as I'm rubbing the part between my belly button and the top of my lower area (if that makes sense ?)

No. 65105

I laid down and I think I know what you mean. I guess the stimulation could feel nice since it's a kinda sensitive spot for me too.

No. 65117

That seems like a great plan, I shall give that a go as well. Nowadays I masturbate because I'm bored, it's not even about the orgasm anymore it's just to make some time pass by or just to fall asleep. Need to find my sensuality again.

No. 65129

File: 1500435558837.jpg (71.78 KB, 970x600, 1zee67foSCq4._UX970_TTW__.jpg)

>Bought my first dildo today
I'm sort of nervous but I ordered a 6.7 inch realistic dildo with a suction. I don't imagine I will orgasm internally from it since I was born with MRKH and got vaginoplasty, but I wanted something more real feeling and to dilate with so sex won't hurt as much with my bf. I'm tired of using cold, hard, plastic dildoes.

No. 65131

>that pic

Good luck anon!

No. 65135

>when you want to buy a dildo but still live with ur parents and ur mom opens up ur package without asking everytime u order something

shit nigga

No. 65148

I would just let her see the dildo, teach her to fuck with your packages.

No. 65153

I would never be able to give myself a clitoral orgasm on my own until I met my bf and he was able to. I would try all the time but I would just give up half way through cos it never felt like it lead anywhere. I did however give myself a vaginal orgasm by myself.

No. 65154

I'm tired of masturbating and i just want someone else o do it for me already

No. 65156

lmao i would die of embarrassment. i cant

the dream

No. 65163

You could get a PO box, or see if you can get UPS to hold your package at a pickup location.

No. 65170

yeah, if only i had a car or lived in the city.

No. 65186

>old enough to buy your own dildo but have no ways of picking it up or handling it like an adult
Please tell me you aren't NEET anon

No. 65194

i dropped out of school at 15 for health reasons, therefore couldnt attain my license at 16 like everyone else (in the US) and my family is quite poor so even if I did have a license, I still wouldn't have a car. ive worked at multiple places, in case you were worried about me being autistic or something. sorry im not "adult" enough for you.

super sage for blogpost.

No. 67051

What does it feel like?

No. 67073

have it delivered to work. no one will open it and it'll be discrete.

No. 67098

I have been trying it for a while but to be honest I prefer my hands over the womanizer. The 'sucking' sensation is very little and it's more vibrating… it gets me off but I can't go for multiple orgasms as it gets irritating and painful, even when I go down with the strength.

No. 67119

Do you think it would be good for edging?

No. 67155

Lie on my tummy in bed, rub my clit up and down while thinking about hot college cheerleader types using squirting dildos to knock me up. Works every time.

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