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File: 1494951162789.jpg (25.85 KB, 418x254, youthlites.jpg)

No. 60671

Does anyone have any tips for thickening/filling out thin skin under the eyes?

No. 60675

Get stung by a bee

No. 60690

this is the funniest shit ive read today

also as a white grill mine are naturally filled and i think it looks ugly when i smile or laugh

if youre asian your eyes are probably cute the way they are, but we all want what we cant have i suppose

No. 60693

just don't do it, 99% of girls look better without puffy eyes, naturally puffy can look fine but forcing it isn't cute

No. 60707

>if youre asian your eyes are probably cute the way they are
this is the most weeabish shit ive read today

No. 60708

I don't think it's race-related. Some Korean grills have natural eyebags which look okay.
But the fake ones are ugly af. OP, don't draw in fat worms under your eyes. They look like you have an eye disease.

No. 60720

personally, my eyes have kind of deep hollows for my age, im very insecure about them and have been considering getting fillers 2 help plump them. so this whole trend is so fucking weird 2 me!

No. 60725

i have little bags of eye fat under my eyes, i never do the under eye concealer thing b/c the shape is still highly visible
its like trying to cover a big pimple w/ foundation
i don't actually feel bad about them since they do make my smaller eyes a bit bigger on my face

No. 60726

i wouldn't recommend changing your natural facial traits that much, its like eyebrows; if they naturally arch, straight eyebrows would probably throw off your facial balance

No. 60763

I agree but I also encourage people like OP to consider doing it with makeup rather than seeking surgery for it. Beauty trends die quick and there's already tons of korean girls who got these procedures and regret it because the style is beginning to change again already.

I think they look cute on some girls but i tried doing it on my face while copying an asian makeup trend video for funsies and it made me look exhausted, and i already look exhausted to begin with.

>every white girl who admires asians is a weeaboo
Nice stretch of logic

I think black girls look great with natural hair instead of relaxed hair, are you going to accuse me of fetishizing black girls?

I think it's nice to appreciate the beauty that might be racially specific or more common in one race. I mean isn't that why asian chicks get double eyelid surgery despite western cultures admiring the monolid look more (I always thought it looked really elegant, especially when paired with certain eyeliner looks).

We all want and like what we can't have and for everything else, there's makeup, photoshop, or plastic surgery. Take your pick.

No. 60766

I think this trend comes from people having emotionless faces through plastic surgery. They can't really smile with their eyes anymore so they face it with makeup/more surgery. I might be wrong but that's the only way I can explain this weird shit.

No. 60767

fake it

No. 60769

I've heard it's because they're are obsessed with looking innocent and youthful, and (Korean?) children tend to have cute puffy eyes they want to imitate. Not saying Korean adults don't have them but it's more common among children apparently.

No. 60941

wait this is a thing? I've been self concious of my "after image" thingies for years

No. 60991

This is pretty accurate. They're obsessed with the youthful look and a lot of asian countries have only one beauty standard so everyone gets it, so you literally stand out when you don't have it. Seems like a vicious cycle.

I heard it's going out of style now though

No. 61064

Don't be self conscious, anon :) They're cute, especially on people who have them naturally. I don't have them but my husband does and i think they make him look adorable when he smiles, i'm kind of jealous tbh but not jealous enough to go inject fat into my eye pockets.

No. 61068

draw a line with a black sharpie 8 inches under your eyes for maximum bags and maximum kawaii ness :333

No. 61083

I have really deep-set eyes, so I have sunken hollows instead of eyebags. Fucking sucks because the only 'cure' is getting some sort of fillers.

>I heard it's going out of style now though
I always wonder how people with very trendy cosmetic procedures deal with looking archaic, especially if it's something as permanent as shaving your jaw. I mean, if they were just getting their nose fixed to their liking, it wouldn't be an issue, but if you're willing to revamp your entire face to fit the Gangnam Unnie or Instahoe look, it seems like keeping up with trends would still be an issue for them.

No. 61108

That's an overstatement. Maybe in large Asian cities but people in small towns typically don't look like plastic unnies who all get the same features.

No. 61196

why the fuck would you want this?
I am white and have huge ass blue eyes but the downside of this is that they come with disgusting big eyebags like your pic in OP.
The pic also reminds me of what my eyes look like in the morning after a night of crying my eyes out. Is this actually desirable?

No. 62815

Are you me??? I got big blue eyes that got those big disgusting bags like in OP's pic except they're a tad bit lower and uneven. I fucking hate them. People say they're cute but it's so shit. I even got dark circles on top of that. Why would anyone want that shit? I got called a crack addict by people because of that and I hate it so much

No. 62823

Once bought the tear drop white eyeliner from etude house thinking it was a normal white liner, but apparently it's supposed to be used to create the aegro sal, so there you go OP.

No. 63938

I have that shit and it's fugly. "aegyo sal" isn't kawaii, it makes you look tired and uggo.
Having that fuckery makes me so salty whenever I get reminded about it by a "are you tired" comment or my camera/mirror.
Fuck that. And fuck anyone with nice smooth undereyes striving for that. I would kill for smooth skin under my eyes but i'm cursed with these shitbags forever unless i get surgery. Fuck it.

No. 63939

also they're a bit lower and uneven like >>62815.
And that's exactly it, we look like crack addicts. Why would ANYONE on earth want to look like that?

No. 63952

File: 1498430558739.jpg (32.91 KB, 496x200, 12.jpg)

i don't think that those eye bags are nearly as bad as the huge blue vein under my left eye.

it showed up suddenly about 3 years ago and i've refused to go without wearing my glasses in public ever since.

No. 64163

Hey anon same, except on both sides as well as eyebags.
I wouldn't worry about hiding it since everyone has their own little body quirks. Occasionally people will insist you have eyeliner/pen on your face even after you explain it's just your face, but most people won't even notice it. But if it's genuinely affecting your confidence on the daily you may as well talk to a doctor or plastic surgeon about your options rather than hiding forever.

No. 64312

yeah, the funny thing is that i didn't even notice it until three different people pointed it out to me. now it's all i can see when i look in the mirror.

i'm looking into getting a laser treatment for it. the price is a bit high but it's worth it. at least i won't have to buy a special concealer to cover it up in the long run, since i don't wear or spend that much on makeup in general.

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