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File: 1494977307913.png (190 KB, 1000x1107, 1000px-Panties_styles_-_en.svg…)

No. 60704

Post advice about where to buy panties of different types, what to look for in panties, advice about what to wear under specific clothes, etc.

No. 60705

File: 1494977657505.jpg (20.51 KB, 564x564, d080fd8fe0cbf2fddfa77ee005c54b…)

I'll start.
Not too long ago, I realized I still had a ton of worn-out pairs from middle school, so I finally threw those out. Now, I don't have many pairs, and I especially don't have a lot of cute pairs, but I don't like to spend too much on this particular item. Most of my pairs are from Target or Aerie, due to being cheap. I like cotton, and prefer boyshorts, especially with lace (but it has to be comfortable and somewhat durable.) For panties other than boyshorts, the leg bands have to be lace or it's just not comfortable for me. I have a few pairs of maidenform panties that I really love, but the price went way up on Amazon so I probably won't be getting more.

No. 60706

File: 1494978603424.jpg (42.17 KB, 568x531, fembot 3.jpg)

I buy discount 5-packs so I wouldn't care if I accidentally get period blood on them.

No. 60712

All of my underwear is from aerie. I wish women's underwear had more styles that wouldn't ride up your ass and give you a wedgie, ie the 'tanga' style in the OP looks like they would do exactly that. Even my boyshorts from aerie give me wedgies and everything other than bikinis seems so impractical. I wish something similar to men's trunks was a more of a thing

Just get a weeks worth of black panties and wear them during your period anon

No. 60716


i love thongs so much. i usually always wear them unless im chilling at home in my pjs which in that case i have none or just regular hipster/bikini style panties from aerie. all my thongs are from lasenza bc of those 7 for 27 deals. i prefer the cotton ones or the sheer ones, but will occasionally wear a g string or a sexy thong for obvious reasons.

i rarely ever get wedgies with underwear though, is it because i dont spend enough time in underwear that's not already in my ass crack?

No. 60718

i have panties just for my period.

i like to have cute underwear even if no one sees them. ive found that for me at least it was a little boost in self confidence. seems silly though..

No. 60722

I actually prefer bikini panties, they make my ass look great and they're comfortable. but they're basically non-existant at trendier stores for some reason

No. 60724

thongs increase the risk of infections and irritation anon

No. 60728

I have black panties for that (one particular pack purchased from amazon has an extra comfortable waist, but it is no longer available) but mostly I just wear other panties that have already been ruined.

No. 60729

Is their "Remix Cotton" 100% cotton? Does the lace hold up to machine washing and air drying?

No. 60731

I prefer bikini and thong underwear, but tanga looks cute.

No. 60735

I wear normal bikini briefs and boyshorts exclusively. For briefs I go with the no-VPL cotton/modal ones from Marks&Sparks, for boyshorts I strongly recommend Uniqlo, they're ridiculously comfortable and don't show under clothes. My knicker drawer is just multiple pairs of those two and nude seamless bra tops. It's no fuss and maximum comfort.

No. 60736

Classic briefs, they might look unsexy when in lingery but they're comfy as fuck and more flattering when worn with clothes.

No. 60748

OXYCLEAN, WATER, AND A BOWL IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!! Seriously guys, if you repeatedly get period stains and don't want to throw out your good undies, use some oxyclean. This shit is lifesaving. I heard all my life to just run the stain under cold water and that will never work.

No. 60749

Period stains are easy to wash out though? I just put my knickers in a bucket of hot water with a little bit of bio detergent and let it soak, comes right off.

No. 60750

boyshorts all day err day. i usually get mine from forever21 stores since they're cheap and cute. i like lace in pastels and stripes, stripes make me feel confident.

No. 60751

>Period stains are easy to wash out though

Maybe menstrual blood is like vaginal discharge and it's super different/more likely to stain for some people. Idk.

>little bit of bio detergent

I just put my underwear in the washing machine with bio powder and I've never had an issue with staining. Bio forever tbh.

No. 60752

Wedgies depends on the underwear and your ass. If you've got a big round ass and you go for tanga, that's probably not gonna work out well. If you've got a flat ass and you go for something with too much material, that's not gonna go great either.

No. 60776

Any advice for washing out discharge and natural lubrication?

No. 60778

my PH is high naturally so i bleach like every pair of underwear i own. i bought a lot of cute underwear/bra sets recently and i'm worried they'll get ruined. anyone else have this issue? i usually wear cotton, for reference, but does the fabric type help?

No. 60779

Hipsters all the way! usually buy from Primark since it's cheap

No. 60783

Is Zout spray any good?

No. 60784

I like boyshorts and hipsters and always get seamless types. I have no ass so it gives me a little bit of a butt at least.

No. 60786

Boyshorts or commando. Everything else looks like utter shit under most pants and thongs are skanky.

No. 60788

What brand of bras do you wear? I can't find good seamless bras that don't show under shirts.

No. 60789

Could have sold those hot middle school panties!

No. 60793

They were kind of old and ratty.

No. 60797

File: 1495043283054.jpg (44.3 KB, 800x600, tumblr_inline_o5c08xHjpT1s3412…)

I like how most of us are boyshorts kind of girls. I personally only wear boyshorts or thongs…or commando. For bras, I pretty much only wear sportsbras or nothing but I have a few ~fancy~ bras for special occasions.

Have any of you tried the period panties? I'd like try them but they're too expensive for me.

No. 60812

these don't actually work. it's a total waste of time, it was basically like i was just leaking onto my normal underwear.

No. 60818

Aw fuck that would feel terrible. I'd be so paranoid of bleed throughs too.

No. 60822

i was super paranoid! i was really excited at first but it doesn't like isolate like you think, and it felt like i was about to bleed through after only like an hour. plus cleaning was a terrible mess, you have to rinse them before you wash or the blood will dry. i buy these japanese panties that have an extra liner in the crotch for you to attach the pad wings so it's not uncomfortable. honestly, pads suck but these made me feel really trapped. with pads you can at the very least change out the gross stuff, with these you just kinda have to wipe the stuff like clots off.

tbh i only bought these with a groupon style deal, since the marketing is totally pushing this weird almost fairytale idea of how bad periods can get.

No. 60823

I have near constant infections and soreness due to hormonal imbalance so I can't wear thongs, but I also have longer labia so anything but thongs are uncomfortable since they don't hug my vulva.

Literally want to kms

No. 60825

I like bikini style underwear. I normally buy from amazon or target cause it's cheap. I was thinking of getting boyshorts but I'm not sure yet. Any brand that's cute and decent?

I've heard they're shit. If you're period is just you barely spotting then they might be ok but I haven't heard a lot of good things about them from women with heavier periods.



No. 60826

Samefag because idk what happened with the bottom text but to >>60812 did the entire pair of underwear become a period mess because of clots or was it all centered in one area? Basically, was it like wearing panties made entirely out of period blood? I imagine that's what it'd be like.

No. 60838

it's kind of like just a pad but thinner and you can't change it, and have to wash it out later. it kind of centers but then spreads out more. i felt really gross afterwards. it's more of a mess than you'd think.

No. 60839

also, the middle part is the area that retains blood so it's basically a big sewn-in pad.

No. 60840

Mine doesn't come off just via detergent in the washer. My post was directed towards people with heavy periods with stubborn stains.

No. 60850

i just wear black panties on my period.

No. 60854

File: 1495073291987.jpg (45.35 KB, 640x640, IMG_0405.JPG)

Does anyone wish panties were cute as Japan's?

No. 60857

I agree, it's so hard to find cute underwear and bras that aren't expensive or that actually fit well because they're in Japanese sizing (which runs smaller than western sizing).

No. 60859

I just get mediums from Japan. Surely a Japanese medium-large would fit?

No. 60860

I went to the asian mall thing in Toronto last week and the underwear there was so fucking cute. None of it fit me of course, meanwhile my petite friend bought 3 full bags. So jealous.

No. 60867


i'm disgusted just reading this, good thing i didn't listen to the train ads


tfw your ass is literally too fat for cute panties

No. 60870

File: 1495086810189.jpg (109.64 KB, 995x479, jap.JPG)

No. 60873

What? There's cute panties with ribbons, lace, and even striped ones for all your weeb needs in forever 21 and victoria's secret/pink.

No. 60876

That's what I was thinking too. To be fair though, a lot of Japanese panties seem higher quality in my experience and there is more variety of extreme-cute designs.

No. 60880

Holy shit anon, thank you for this. Not because of the underwear (although it's cute,) but these bras.

No. 60882


Bless your soul, these are adorable… Is shipping time really long? Have they ever let you down?

No. 60884

I also buy from this shop! It's really good plus their sanrio goods are super cute!
>tfw my melody on my ass

No. 60885

I wish I could get this kind of lift from what looks like a small bra. Looks like my size except I never get that extreme lift, is there a name for this?

No. 60887

that's shoop'd but you can get it with pushup bra's and silicone inserts, unless your chest is wideset, then you need a sticky bra underneath.

No. 60888

samefag, but you can tell it's shoop'd because they didn't bother to blur the rest of the shadowing elswhere on her body, and they also didn't fill out the other parts of the bra to make them look larger. she probably has highlighter on her chest as well, but even compared to her collar bone you can tell it's not the same.

No. 60896

I hate that there are no boxer briefs for women. I love how they feel and look, but the penis pouch is annoying.

No. 60899

The Uniqlo ones I mentioned upthread are just that. No penis pouch, you can get plain ones or with a pattern.

No. 60900

Briefs, hipsters, and bikinis for me.

I stopped wearing thongs when I realized they made me feel uncomfortable and bfs/dates didn't give a shit either way. It felt like the thongs were constantly in jeopardy of slipping off my body even when they fit. G-strings were just as bad.
That's why I tend to prefer underwear up to my mid or belly button, it just feels more supportive.
>tfw so uncool

No. 60902

Idk, what's uncool to me is having a piece of fabric flossing your arse as you go about your day. If it was as 'omg so comfortable' as teenage girls say, guys would wear it.

No. 60904

File: 1495129947712.jpg (99.27 KB, 640x487, Boyshorts-1025.jpg)

Boy shorts seem kinda short, do they cover the whole butt? Everything but boxer briefs give me a wedgie lol.

No. 60905

Boyshorts almost cover your ass but dont stay in place, so you wind up with a wedgie anyway (personal exp)

No. 60906

does shapewear actually work? like, it seems silly to me, because as soon as a guy sees it hes going to be like nah

No. 60913

I don't know how big your butt is but they cover all of mine, and then some. They're made out of a sturdy fabric (but don't show through tight clothes, at least on me) and don't cut into your crotch, which is why I got them. All the boyshorts i've had before used to cut into the gap between the leg and the crotch and the hemlines were super uncomfortable.
What do you mean by 'work'? As in make your figure look sleeker? That depends on the shapewear. And who cares about what guys think anyway? They don't know shit.

No. 60914

File: 1495134481277.jpg (81.73 KB, 734x734, goods_03_191220.jpg)

forgot pic
They're not as short as the boyshorts in >>60904 pic, but not as long as the 'girltrunks' (lol) on the bottom either

No. 60926

if anything boyshorts will give u a wedgie. i can wear bikinis and hipsters/cheekies just fine but man a pair of boyshorts will crinkle up into my ass

No. 60927

I mostly wear bikinis or brief/granny panties. I find them the most comfortable.

Thought I've never seen girltrunks before, and they seem really comfy! I wear dresses/skirts a lot but as it gets warmer the top of my thighs chafe and get sweaty and these look like a great option!

No. 60931

My boyfriend always calls me "cute" and never sexy. I don't ever wear "sexy" panties because I don't own any, as I didn't do much sexually prior to meeting him. If I buy sexy panties, will they be sexy on me, or just cute? Also, how2buy sexy panties?

No. 60965

I've never seen girltrunks either and thinking the same as you but I fear they might ride up immediately.

No. 60974

Sexiness is about vibe, body language, and style. You either have it or you don't

No. 60976

>being able to predict your cycles
Check your period privilege.

No. 60977

I thought hot water makes it harder to wash out stains.

No. 60978

>You either have it or you don't
Anything you don't have you can learn, some more easily than others.

No. 60979

Yeah, go ahead and elaborate on that one.

No. 60980

Alright, to elaborate:
You can learn to be less of an autistic cunt on the internet by forming good habits and having some sense of self-restraint.
You can also learn to be more confident and comfortable in your own body much in the same way, which translates to being 'sexier'.

No. 60981

damn anon chill w that savage shit

No. 60983

Just a suggestion: Check thr tags and throw out all of your polyester/spandex/mostly synthetic material panties.

I used to wonder why my panties would smell rank and sweaty only sometimes when I didn't have any issues down there: it was all the polyester etc panties I'd been buying from target.

Get cotton or whatever other natural fabric panties, let your vagina breath.

If you shop at VS, target, or department stores it'll narrow your selection a bit but for me its totally worth it.

No. 60984

I pre-soak all of my panties (period or not) before washing so they'll be fully clean without having to use the washing machines high settings (which wears them out faster).

No. 61007

bitch no. that is not what sexiness is to guys, only idiots and little girls think that. it's about meeting specific cultural standards. in the US for instance, sexy girls are 'bombshell' types that dress promiscuously. they may act a specific way but girls who mimic their look could be a total klutz and still be 'sexy' to the guy.

No. 61026

>dress promiscuously
laughing so hard rn

No. 61029

>buying synthetic panties in the first place

No. 61037

File: 1495244930364.jpg (78.98 KB, 1280x1280, lucia_p004c_2.jpg)

I hate underwear but I have to wear it because my vagina is always wet. Is there such thing as a dry vagina? What is it like to go commando and not get a wet spot on your clothes? I won't know true freedom until I've experienced this. I also have to wear bras because my boobs are just a little bit too big. I feel like I've been cursed.


No. 61038

I accidentally deleted a paragraph oops.

The only underwear I can stand are boyshorts but they always end mid cheek and give a wedgie like pic related which is super uncomfortable. I don't want fabric in my ass crack. Is that so much to ask? I just want to find a single pair of comfortable underwear.

No. 61040

There is a such thing as a dry vagina, but from all the products made to counteract it, I assume that sucks, too.

No. 61041

>Is there such a thing as a dry vagina?
Maybe if you're a tranny and have a surgical axe slit for a vagina which smells bad and is itchy from lack of discharge and natural cleaning.

No. 61045

Woah there, chill the fuck out mate, normal vaginas can fluctuate too, haha. You really hate transpeople, don't you? Sage for bear poking

No. 61047

File: 1495255627484.png (106.12 KB, 457x527, 1495207590518.png)

not the same anon but neovaginas are p gross, its literally a bacteria filled wound that never heals up. vaginas might be gross but at least they can actually self clean lol. go back to tumblr if you get so easily buttblasted about us hating twanspeople.

No. 61049

No. I was just stating the facts. Maybe you should chill out and stop getting so defensive friendo. :^)

No. 61052

File: 1495256493637.gif (888.96 KB, 245x219, IMG_0187.GIF)

I just didn't understand the outbirst lol, I'm not some trans activist, but the girl with the perma-wet vag was just posting about her perma-wet struggles and HEYO straight outta left field comes that graphic triad? It's not even relevant

No. 61070

It's okay, we all make mistakes. Just try not to sperg out next time.

No. 61085

File: 1495272995327.jpg (13.77 KB, 300x300, rolls-eyes.jpg)

>on the internet
>forming good habits and having some sense of self-restraint
Bitch, aside from the fact that you just backpedaled 500 miles your post makes zero sense. How does the latter have anything to do with the former?

You're making this up as you go, aren't you? Stop dishing out retarded life """advice""" that has neither worked for you or anyone else.

if this is not samefag, you're even more pathetic than the guy above you.

No. 61086

>backpedaled 500 miles
…Why would I? You said sexiness is something you either have or you don't, I said that's not true.
>How does the latter have anything to do with the former?
It's not supposed to…? It was an insult, while the latter wasn't lol.
>You're making this up as you go, aren't you? Stop dishing out retarded life """advice""" that has neither worked for you or anyone else.
You're absolutely right, self improvement is bullshit. You just sit tight in momma's basement and wait for things to be handed to you like you always do. Remember, no tendies if you don't clean your room!

No. 61089

Oh fuck off will you, just because I'm not enraged by trans pussy I'm sperging, lol. Aigh, kewl.

No. 61091

Have you gotten that checked out by a gyno? It might be a type of UTI or something, since discharge is your body cleaning itself out.

I think your best bet is breathable fabrics + if it's super annoying or bad wear day pads often. The small ones are really light and aren't noticeable, and they can help with the wet feeling.

No. 61092

>You said
I didn't post that. There are at least two people here who think you're retarded. I don't agree with her assumption that whatever "sexiness" encompasses in this context is innate, but I do believe that an individual's personality is influenced by many factors out of one's control and that it isn't something someone can consciously retrain, especially through the fucking internet.

I asked a question and reasonably expected you to give an actual answer in order to back up your own argument. It's obvious you don't have a real answer so stop trying to hide under your bullshit with a layer of snark and just fuck off already.

No. 61102

sorry i hurt your feefees by agreeing someone who roasted your dumb ass

No. 61119

it's supposed to be wet. feel lucky it's wet and you haven't had parts of it lopped off purposely to dry it out.

No. 61124

You've been cursed with being female. I know that feel, anon.

No. 61137

seriously though. i dont understand the shame over a functioning vagina. it self cleans, discharge is normal.

No. 61152

never know why but literally everything I wear goes straight up my ass, even if its the right size

No. 61170

I like boy shorts but its harder for me to cover up the pantyline so i just stick to bikinis

but when I'm on my period i like to layer a boy short over my regular bikini just for extra security so my pad dosent move around

has anyone here tried those period panties out? I want to get those but I'm not sure where to buy from
I also want to get some sturdy bicycle shorts to wear under skirts b/c i can't wear skirts w/out pants under them

No. 61193

Same, I feel like my ass crack is a black hole.

No. 61213

probably american. america puts alot of shame on functioning genitals, they ruin their boys' genitals and make products to ruin their girls'.

No. 61214

…how big are your butts exactly?

No. 61216

Same. But it tends to happen less with boyshorts.

No. 61256

Do surgical "vulvas" have mucous membranes?

No. 61257

>vaginas might be gross
not if they are healthy and well-taken-care-of

No. 61274

not to argue but american trans vaginas are fucked since we circumcise here. they use the foreskin in other countries(which has a mucous membrane) to form various vaginal parts.

No. 61275

For the labia or other parts?

No. 61277

not 100% on that one, i don't actually have the steps in front of me, but i'd assume so.

No. 61284

Another bleach anon here. I mostly just wear cotton panties. I used to get issues with that, but my white/pastel panties are resistant.

Had no idea it was related to pH, though! Learn something everyday.

No. 61294

Yeah, my dr said that discharge has different pH varies from person to person, hormones can play a part, as well as diet, but it's not worth really doing anything about it.

Apparently if it's a new problem it could be a sign of something but if it's like me, going on 10+ years then it's just how your body is.

No. 61296

>I like boy shorts but its harder for me to cover up the pantyline so i just stick to bikinis
I've found the opposite is true for me, as boyshorts are the only thing other than thongs (which I won't wear because they aren't great for you, I find them uncomfortable, and I like more fabric between me and the outside world) that doesn't give me vpl. Must be a difference in wardrobe, brand, or body type. When I used to wear pads, I'd layer boyshorts over bikinis so that my pad wings were not visible when I was changing for gym.

No. 61297

I seriously cannot tell the difference between a tanga and a bikini. What is the difference?

No. 61298

File: 1495432150611.jpg (979.97 KB, 2460x3464, tanga.jpg)

They look completely different in OP's photo, but irl I can see how they can be mistaken for one another. Tanga is generally just smaller, and look similar to this creepy photo of a woman without a backbone being gripped and berated for her weight by a veiny older woman. "Look at those love handles! You should be wearing control briefs" "Leave me alone granny, I already mashed your potatoes with the garlic cloves!"

No. 61302

Your description of that stock image is uncanny… But I think it's just the model resting her hands on her hips and they decided to blur the fuck out of her torso and nothing else. The photoshop on that is awful.

No. 61303

>i think she is just resting her hands

Well, yeah…

No. 61304

lmao at the trans hate here…sad.
Is this a TERF site? Do y'all spend all your time hating on people who have a penis or used to have one?
I'm a transwoman and can tell you right now I get hit on by more guys than any of you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61305

yeah but that's because unlike you i don't hang out in seedy alleyways where men can't see my face and shapeless body.

No. 61306

Oh look, another man in a dress making a topic entirely about himself when nobody gives a shit.

Today isn't tranny tuesday, go away.

No. 61307

no one likes TERFs …

No. 61308

Reported for off topic and spam, enjoy!

No. 61309

transwoman can talk about what panties we wear too. I'm a thong girl.

No. 61313

Wear and talk about whatever underwear you want, but there's no point in mentioning that you're trans unless you just want to start shit/be an attention whore. It's the same as mentioning you're female on a dumb 4chan board. There's no reason to. It adds nothing to the discussion.

No. 61316

"I get hit on by more guys than any of you"

Wow didn't take you long to show how pathetic and in need of validation you are, huh. I don't build my self esteem on whether guys want to pump and dump me, so I don't give a fuck.

This isn't tumblr, your strawman bullshit won't work here. Go back to camming on /lgbt/ and having desperate betas sucking that bullshit out of your asshole, AGP.

Yeah, because you don't have a vagina and of course you'd wear the most fetishized pair of underwear that you creamed over in high school. Fuck off. Don't mention you're trans again, but you won't because you're an attention whore and you need the validation that comes with asserting you're no longer an undesirable worthless excuse for a man.

Like the other anons here, I wear boyshorts. I also have lots of seamless bikini types, but the boyshorts do a better job most of the time. I need more matching pairs, because man does that increase my confidence by tenfold.

No. 61326

wtf is up with that shoop?


>one butt cheek
>some areas on her back


No. 61330

wahhhhhh woman don't actually like me! newsflash: most of us on here don't give a shit about your meaningless buzzwords to describe women that don't validate your fee fees! most women just fake caring about your issues in public so the mentally ill people don't get upset. because we feel bad for you.
anyways, to get back on topic before the AMAB penis bearer decided to derail, i like lasercut seamless panties a lot! they are comfy and the target brand is amazing. now i know why leggings are so hyped.

No. 61331


anons i love you

anyway, i am a real fan of classic briefs. if they touch my belly button, that's great! mostly because i like the vintage look to undergarments and they're also really comfy esp in good black cotton. i like sloggis and playtex briefs best of all.

they're not very sexy but fuck it. i'll choose the sturdy gusset of a brief or boyshort over the bacterial superhighway to my vag that thongs offer lol
(no shade if you're a thong girl, they look amazing, but i always found that they don't feel super fresh personally)

No. 61333

I actually love thongs and g strings, when they fit properly it feels like wearing nothing at all. But it's hard to find any with a big enough gusset for my fat fucking roast beef flaps so I default to boyshorts or hipsters. Even bikini rarely have a wide gusset for me. Anyone else deal with this?

No. 61337

How do thongs and g-strings not irritate your asshole? Every time I wear them, feels like I get a rash back there. Itches like crazy.

No. 61339

me. i just avoid thongs and g strings altogether. i used to be super embarrassed about my vagina because of the flaps, but whatever at this point. im getting too old to be insecure about something thats normal.

are you wearing the right size?

No. 61354

File: 1495497429956.jpg (14.44 KB, 236x382, 6fb679bb265e812b2016efde574fb0…)

I wear lace thongs because they feel like I'm wearing nothing, now I get mine from Primark for £1 each. When I discovered them I had a very cleansing day where I bought 10 and threw out all my withered/broken/uncomfortable underwear. Now I never have to think about VPL ever again.

But I also really love french knickers (tap pants)! They look so pretty and comfortable, I'm thinking I might make some because at the simplest they're basically just a little circle skirt with a gusset.

No. 61410

File: 1495553212759.jpg (73.21 KB, 673x399, cca33fea68d86065b8b7db27f68281…)

Do you wear them as pajamas, as panties, or as a slip?

No. 61471

I was planning on wearing them as panties under dresses in the summer

No. 61481


That'd be cute af

No. 61530

All of my panties are plain white cotton briefs. I have about 10 or 15 pairs. I have two bras, both wire-free, one white and one grey. I have two underskirts, again one light and one dark. I'm planning on getting some bloomers/shorts since I wear skirts a lot, and of course I would have a white pair and a black pair.
I'm like the most boring person ever.

No. 61572

Sounds pretty solid.

No. 61583

im in your boat, anon. i have 1 white and 1 black bra, half and half white and black panties, and safety shorts in black and white. i buy new bras every 6 months or so. it's great.

No. 61614

Grey panties are ideal.

No. 61625

>Not nude panties

No. 61747

Are there any good seamless cotton panties?

No. 61990

same dude, I knew girls who didnt even have that big of a butt but everything they wore went straight up their ass

guess it just happens, I have a pretty big butt myself and tend to wear skirts a lot because I hate when you can see a buttcrack through clothes

No. 62243

I wish I had known about those in middle school. I always wore an extra pair of panties over my panties to hide the pad wings. It was an awkward time in my life.

No. 62345

Personally I don't like grey underwear. I get really sweaty sometimes, especially around my vag. If I wore grey, my panties would be very visibly wet all the time. Don't know how your experience is.

No. 62360

Discharge is normal, yeah, but I'm the same in that I seem to have more than average (or maybe women just never talk about it; I feel like I'm the only person who wears pantyliners daily). I complain every time I go to the gyno but always get a clean bill of health. So I actually did start going commando at home, wearing nothing under sweats or shorts. I feel like I actually get less discharge that way. Maybe the underwear itself triggers more discharge (the way pantyliners can)? Either way, I don't have the guts to try it in public. I have a flat ass so my pants slide off a lot no matter what. :x

As far as underwear goes, I like boyshorts and cheekies.

No. 62367

Im the same too, Im way to scared to go commando even at home, do you really think its making a difference? I really think the time has come to give my vag some breathing room lmao

No. 62369

I do think it makes a difference for me; maybe it's the placebo effect but I feel like I don't have nearly as much discharge when I DO wear underwear. I live alone so if my shorts ride up or I get a wet spot it wouldn't be embarrassing to me (the latter has yet to happen); if you live with parents or something try a pair of black sweats until you're more comfortable.

No. 62371

You could try starting by going commando when you sleep. It's comfier that way anyway tbh.

No. 62401

I just find that discharge doesn't look as gross in them as in black or white ones. On black it just looks disgusting and on white it gross and yellowish (in contrast, I don't have anything nasty lol).

No. 62665

The lack of love in this thread for vintage-style lacy high-waisted panties is breaking my heart.

No. 62666

i love the look but they look terrible on me! it's sad since anything high-waisted looks terrible on me. i'll live vicariously though you, anon.

No. 62732


i'm in the same boat as >>62666, they cut me at my love handles making an awkward panty line and the butt part usually gives me a wedgie. they ARE super cute tho.

No. 62738

Oooh thank OP for this thread.

I highly recommend women'secret

Panties are sexy but comfortable to wear, they have nice bras for small boobs too.

What I like about this brand is the materials they use, pantie lines never show up.

No. 62800

I'm eternally cute as well anon but for me it's not a bad thing. My boyfriend loves my body so I don't have to worry about dressing sexy to turn him on. I'm really looking forward to being a mom (not going to happen for at least 4 more years though) and he says I'm going to be a great mom because I'm cute. Not to say that sexy women can't be good moms, but I think he means my demeanor is very cute and motherly and therefore fits a good niche.

Enough blogging though. I do need help with finding good underwear. I have a fat butt (bubble butt may be a better term) which ends up eating the fabric of almost every pair of underwear I try. I usually stick to hipsters because they cover the most ground. Boyshorts give me a wedgie immediately and bikinis usually have a thick band that's noticeable. I never really gave thongs a chance but I may have to because I'm wearing more business pants now.

The best pair I've ever worn were actually boys briefs. I didn't mind the penis hole because I could just sew them shut. Anyone know of brands that make that kind of cut but for women? Or should I just buy boy briefs?

No. 62801

aerie has great boyshorts

No. 62912

File: 1497409043482.jpg (941.24 KB, 4000x1333, boybriefs.jpg)

They also have boybriefs, which might work better if boyshorts don't work for you.

No. 62920

Which panties are helpful if I'm extremely prone to infections and sweating? My thighs and butt are both kind of big so I sweat a lot and it feels disgusting. I get really bad sweat in my buttcrack and it smells gross same with vag but I mostly get infections from my underwear. Is there any underwear that can help me?

No. 62921

Try to wear 100% cotton only panties. It absorbs the sweat a lot better and actually let's your vag breathe. If you are prone to get infections and bad smell, stay away from too tight and synthetic panties.
Maybe go commando at nighttime as well.

No. 62963

I tried the boyshorts and there was so much extra fabric. I can't even sleep in them comfortably.

The boy briefs, however, have been a staple in my collection for years. I stopped buying them for a while because they all had thick bands that poke through thin fabric but they now have lace trim and those Sunnie briefs so I'm back to hoarding them. They're not as good in preventing wedgies like actual boys briefs but they're definitely cuter.

The hipsters from Uniqlo are also really nice. Soft, bands aren't too thick, and they don't ride up much.

No. 62965

I hate wearing panties, I avoid them as much as possible even when I'm on my period. I mainly wear baggy shorts, palazzo pants and long dresses so I don't bother with them. I'm pretty sure my butt look better in everything without underwear.

No. 63238

File: 1497725262819.jpg (211.86 KB, 1154x1500, 91GKqgrXzLL._UL1500_.jpg)

Maidenform has cotton boyshorts that fit better (on me, that is) compared to Aerie. They cost more, so I don't wear them exclusively. They have a diagonal seam on the back panels, so they don't give wedgies like boyshorts without that seam tend to do. This picture illustrates what I mean with the extra seams.

No. 63294

Thanks for sharing! Those look better fitted than the Aerie boyshorts. I'll have to try them out. The thing that sucks about underwear is that you can't really try them on before you buy them, so if they don't fit you're stuck with them.

No. 64586

File: 1499536407482.jpg (23.39 KB, 500x500, 410w1-D9szL.01_SL500_.jpg)

Anyone else have ugly but comfy panties that they love? Normally, I wear boyshorts. However, when I'm all crampy I wear these bamboo panties. They are ugly in person, neither great nor terrible in terms of quality, but very comfy. I wish these came in a version that was more seamless under dresses and skirts.

No. 64829

File: 1499957546587.png (6.62 KB, 204x116, maidenform boyshort colors.PNG)

Hoping this doesn't break site rules. If it does, my apologies.
These are on sale on the official site right now for $5.75 a pair, down from around $10/pair. Shipping is free, and there are coupon codes floating around online. There are not that many colors, but they have black and "latte lift" and a few others. Sadly, that's their only "nude" offering for this style at the moment; there is no caramel or brown.

No. 67854

Is it bad I’m almost 30 and wear VS pink panties? I love their designs especially the logo thongs.

No. 67861

Nah, they've got some cute and sexy designs. Nothing wrong with having some fun panties. Besides, I find them to be way more comfortable than some of the other VS lines. I don't know if it's the type of cotton or cuts but they're really nice to wear. They tend to be a bit cheaper too.

No. 68128

No. Wear whatever you like that works for you. I wear Aerie panties, and that brand is marketed for high school/college-aged women.

No. 68207

Does anyone else find that their skin gets irritated by underwear? Wven with covered elastic, I get all these gross red ingrown bumps from any panties that are not boyshorts.

No. 68290

That's because panties that are not boyshorts are fucking uncomfortable. Why wear anything else?
If I wasn't so leaky I'd go commando but alas.

No. 68540

Are there any good cotton boyshorts that don't give wedgies that have maybe a 1" inseam? I want the seam to be all the way below where my thigh meets my crotch.

No. 68545

Local uniqlo boxer shill here, try those

No. 68700

Men's boxers? Which boxers in particular? Are the Supima boxer briefs good? Do they all have a penis pouch? Are the seams flat?

No. 68740

as in uniqlo boyshorts. they are great.

No. 68875

File: 1507683421748.jpg (218.88 KB, 2000x2000, goods_13_163944.jpg)

These? They don't look very long, but I'll give them a try and report back if this is what you mean.

No. 73284

Thank you so much for this suggestion! I tried these and they are great. So comfortable, and washing does not seem to hurt them. I ordered a few in dark colors, though it seems that my favorite pattern is no longer available, so I'll have to keep an eye out for new prints. I especially like that the pattern wasn't printed on white fabric.

No. 73292

My favorite brand is aimerfeel! they recently opened up a shop in california, so they're finally expanding to the west!

Silly weeb, who never tried on or bought a bra from Japan lmao… Its not shoop. Almost all the bras there have removable inserts which really give a lot of push up. (Similar to VS's Bombshell bra that claims to increase 2 cup sizes). I like that the padding is removable since it gives you options.
I really don't think its shoop lmao. I buy most of my bras from Japan, and if you have small boobs, you'd know how they work. There's a lot of padding in the bottom part, and you have to lean forward and pull all of the boob up for cleavage if that makes sense.

Not really. IMO, VS bras tend to be a hit or miss if you can happen to find pastel colors, chiffon material, and frills etc. Sometimes you'll find something in a certain collection, but not year round. VS/Pink bras tend to be more mature looking, flamboyant, or plain and sporty.

No. 73297

nta but >>60885 is definitely shopped.

No. 73410

File: 1516073350156.png (302.52 KB, 1267x762, sanitary panty.PNG)

What is a sanitary panty? is it regular panties with a gusset made to accommodate a pad so the pad is not visible from the outside?

No. 73413

yep. they're really nice.

No. 73425

does anyone have experience with selling their used panties?

No. 73430

this is not the thread for that…

we already have one for that, don't sully this with that crap.

No. 73486

I wear almost exclusively boyshorts because I like having my panties cover the creases where my legs meet my crotch covered by fabric. My bf really doesn't care much, but does seem to appreciate when my butt is at least somewhat exposed. Is there a somewhat comfortable style that does both of these things?

No. 74944

How often do they come out with new colors/patterns? Are the patterns colored throughout, or white on the back?

No. 74947

Bikini panties?

No. 74950

Any suggestions on good cotton bikini panties?

No. 268045

where the fuck can i get cute cheeky panties that arent literally $15 a pair (like at VS) or cheap and made of literal shit material on amazon? help me

No. 268046

also dont bully me but i can never find cute horizontal striped "anime" style panties that are made of good material anymore. of course as a high schooler it seemed like you can get a decent pair at target but all i see are those stupid seamless "no show" cheeky panties and i want pretty underwear.

No. 268060

I love classic brief panties so much. I wore bikini and hipster style my whole life because the fashion was everything low-rise when I was a teen and so I always had either a wedgie or my crack showing. It's wonderful to put on underwear and then not think about the underwear again until I'm changing it.
For a while I wore men's underwear but the panty lines were pretty ugly.

I'll never understand how other women with big butts prefer thongs. I've tried them once or twice and it's literally just wearing an unpickable wedgie. One time I wore a thong to school and it was so uncomfortable I had to remove it and go commando.

No. 268074

I fucking got bleach stains on my fav pair of undies. I'll still wear them but now I can never show them off to anyone they looked so nice on me but of course the stains are on the ass part. Sorry just ranting because I'm mad about it

No. 268077

thongs disturb me. don't get me started on g-strings. who started that anyway? they look like torture devices.

No. 268079

Add more bleach stains and make it look like it's cow-patterned!

No. 268087

Ass flossers that make me SO UNCOMFORTABLE

No. 268096

Get some RIT dye or sone other fabric dye

in my goth phase I would use it on all my black clothes so they were all more or less the ‘same’ shade of black

No. 268116

Target or sometimes when aerie has the 5 for 35 (I think that’s the price?) deals

No. 268126

File: 1654378315299.png (1.81 MB, 1344x1020, cheekboss.PNG)

I'm sure we've all got a million ads for Popfit leggings and I guess this is their sister company. It's a subscription service thing so I'm automatically suspicious but wanted to see if anyone has tried them out. I actually did cave and redeemed popfit leggings twice and I thought they were just ok other than the pockets. Not sure if their panties would be any better

No. 268134

I bought two pairs of thongs and biker shorts from them for free, only paid for shipping both times. The thongs are pretty nice, they're seamless and meant to be invisible under tight clothing like leggings, which is why they shill them alongside Popfit so much. The crotch is slightly wider than most thongs' and it has a 100% cotton lining. I'd say they're worth it.

No. 268186

Is underwear made with modal or a modal blend as safe as cotton?

No. 268229

How did you get free panties? I've only seen the free leggings campaign. I'd love some free panties because damn $15 for a pair and $10 shipping is no joke.

No. 268467

File: 1654510117092.png (365.48 KB, 925x521, ModiBodi.png)

Anyone else disappointed by ModiBodi? Can't believe I spent over £40 on 2 pairs. Weird plastic-y material, glued and not even stitched together. The glue came apart bit by bit after repeated washing and I had to throw them away.

No. 268493

It seems less panties are made out of cotton. I’ve had trouble finding my preferred cut made in cotton. Everything is polyester or some weird blend. Anything besides cotton gives me a yeast infection and cotton is known to be the better fabric for underwear, so why are there almost none now? Costs?

No. 268503

I feel like it applies to most clothing, cotton/linen has been replaced with polyester with the same price tag in place. Polyester/viscose should be real cheap since it's made of plastic, but I don't think consumers are aware. Thankfully I'm still finding cheap multipacks of plain cotton panties.

No. 268508

Modal is made from plant fibre so it's safe as in not polyester, but in my experience it's very soft and doesn't keep its shape, so underwear feels amazing for the first few wears, but then gets baggy and worn through very quickly.

No. 268510

Make your own! Underwear is a really low stress beginners sewing project even with the most basic sewing machine. There are loads of cheap patterns on Lekala and I'm sure some free ones on Pinterest etc as well.

No. 270045

Yes, there's a cotton crisis right now and companies are in a lot of trouble with sourcing. If they use cotton and keep the same price, they lose a lot of profit. You can try to sew your own like other nonnie suggested or look for more expensive brands. If you sew, you can just "copy" the panties you already have.
Personally I buy mine at supermarkets and they always have basic cotton ones

No. 270447

does anyone here wear boxer briefs or boyshorts? what do you look for in a good pair?

No. 270456

bikini panties are the only underwear ever. all other panties are aphobic and fatphobic.

No. 270464

I had to google this. Seems like rayon manufacturers are in a race to the bottom to avoid calling their product by its real name.

No. 270674

Nona, do you get yeast infections from wearing panties that are 95% cotton as well? I've been getting some more often and wondering if my underwear is the culprit.

No. 348012

poor burgerfags of lolcow, do you prefer hanes or fruit of the loom? i'm eyeing a 9 (6 +3bonus) pack of briefs for ~$9. If you can suggest any other brand offering similar packs for $11 or less, do tell! the pairs i've been wearing for a couple years have been falling apart at the waistband and some have been getting holes at the crotch and i've dedicated myself to throwing the ones falling apart away because i hate dealing with the random strings so now i'm getting short on my undies supplies.

No. 348028

I do wear boxers (even men boxers) and the most I look for is comfort. They're perfect even for my period time.

No. 348046

I've been wearing fruit of the loom for years (boys boxer briefs) and I find them to be great quality for the price. Super soft and comfy, nice thick material. The elastic around the thighs wears out over time but that's to be expected. I have no idea if their stuff for women is the same quality, but based on my experience I'd say its worth a shot.

No. 348131

how do you attach a pad to moid boxers though? or do you use a tampon/cup? i thought about switching to moid undies but i am a heavy pad user

No. 348146

Does anyone actually buy high waisted underwear? I accidentally bought some and they look so ridiculous. I definitely prefer low/waist type of undies even if I'm wearing high waisted shorts or something.

No. 348152

I wear high waisted all the time, maybe not when sleeping but I have some scar tissue around and in my belly button that feels better with the slight compression of the high waist underwear, I do think I kinda look like the mib aliens wearing them though, long ass

No. 348160

It’s my favorite type of undies. The most comfortable one. In fact, I have one on at the moment.

No. 348166

I need at least mid rise or else I have to choose between a wedgie or having the top of my crack uncovered.

No. 350706

speaking of this, does anyone have good recommendations for places to buy highwaisted underwear? i was using meundies for a while but they're pretty expensive and they stretch out SUPER easily, i just can't justify the price. i want something that has that no-feel waistband and fabric but all searches redirect me to aerie, knotty knickers, or meundies.

No. 350734

I would sniff all 9 of them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400842

are you a moid by any chance? i recommend killing yourself(replying to 7 month old bait)

No. 401635

does anyone have recommendations for cheap panties that wont disintegrate in discharge? its so annoying when my panties start tearing after a couple months.

No. 401638

Either your underwear is made of tissue paper or your discharge is made of battery acid

No. 402797

This store seems to have closed down now. Does anybody know of any similar?

No. 403447

Do the categories and suggestions in this video line up with your experience? I bought a pack of high-cut briefs based on other women saying they'd stop wedgies, but I really don't like high-waisted underwear so I might try boyshorts or hipsters.

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