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Just wanted to send a message to this largely female board of western women. I despise you and I hate you because of how vile all you women are. You all are foolish women not worthy of life. You live off your female privilege and are surrounded by your delusional narcissism that evelopes your being. There is no doubt in my mind that you worldy women are inferior and have always been inferior to men. You are animals who are incapable of the level of wisdom that a man can achieved. The purpose of humankind is different for men and women. Your purpose on Earth is to serve and please men. That is the reason for your existence. That is why you have breasts. So that we may be enticed and comforted by them. That is why you have a hole that goes inward as we pierce you. However, none of you are worthy of being called a woman. You are not women, you are the equivalent to a manchild. You are but little girls who are narcissists. That is all. I hope my words pierce your callous fornicating whore hearts.

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bless u anon

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Moved to >>>/sty/3703.

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