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No. 60924

How do you feel about how glamorized sex workers are? Like all these sex workers brag about how much money they make and how empowered they are but the truth is most of them seem broke. I think working at McDonald's would be better than being a cam girl tbh.

No. 60925

i agree because im a moral fuck and believe willingly engaging in sex work = having no dignity

No. 60928

File: 1495148013362.gif (225.2 KB, 275x275, 1492367995647.gif)

I think it's terrible how people on tumblr ignore how the majority of sex workers are trafficked women and children. They get so mad.

I followed this one rich Norwegian girl on tumblr, who moved to Canada for the sole purpose of becoming a prostitute. She keeps posting pictures of her hauls from expensive lingerie stores. She posted about how much she hated her 'SWERF' cousin. But I don't understand why SWERFs are characterized as hating sex workers. From what I'm read, they're just trying to bring the horrible experiences other women have had to light.

Also, there was a campaign a few years ago - a bunch of ads that wanted to 'normalize' sex workers. And then it came out that the campaign was being funded by literal pimps and owners of brothels and strip clubs.

I don't know where I'm going with this rant, but I think there's nothing but pure evil behind this.

No. 60929

No. 60930

I'm with you, anon. I wish I could change the way I think because everyone seems to think sex work is a great business nowadays, and maybe I'm just trapped in an old school mentality, but it just makes me feel sorry for people who do it. Maybe because the only prostitutes I've ever met IRL were really broken people, or because normies in general tend to despise hookers and the like. There's a ton of reasons tbh.
I also think that most of the girls who willingly become sex workers just for the sake of becoming sex workers are empty inside and are looking for some type of validation, even if said validation is a gross man old enough to her dad telling her hot beautiful and hot she is. It's not pretty.

I briefly thought​ about being a camwhore during one of my really depressing, sad, lonely eras. I changed my mind in the matter of a couple days, but I know I only thought that because I hated myself

No. 60932

It fucking disgusts me that SJWs think that "removing the stigma" from "sex work" is more important than helping impoverished women who have been forced into prostitution.

No. 60937

I don't care if you shake your tits in front of a man's face if you're a grown woman doing it because you want to, but I am upset that there are so many of these women trying to normalize their behavior without acknowledging women and children who are forced to perform sex acts against their wills.

The Tumblr camwhores who insist on glamorizing their shit lives need to watch some documentaries about people being forced into prostitution and stripping before they reblog pastel sex positive banners with Windows XP fonts.

It's especially irresponsible because they know for a fact Tumblr doesn't filter this shit out properly, and that a lot of impressionable minors can see their shit and think it's okay.

No. 60938

I stumbled across a forum for escorts a couple years back and remember a post someone made about their friend who was also an escort and had a client cut up her entire body. She lived, but supposedly has to spend around 2-3 hours per day on makeup to even go outside now because of all the scars. Definitely put me off sex work.

No. 60944

OP: I'm a masseuse coughcough* and I think no one in their right mind would wanna work as a sex worker. It's disgusting and degrading. People who say they like it or try to glamourise it are lying poor sad bitches. At the agency I work, I haven't met a single girl who likes what she does. I live/work in a foreign country (it's a muslim country too o_O), most girls I know are foreign as well and all they talk about is making enough money and going back home. Maybe camwhoring is different, I don't know. It sure looks less gross but making proper cash is impossible. (I make 100-150eur a day for a couple of hours of work) Even though camming looks less gross to me I reckon it'd be equally degrading. I can't think of any kind of sex "work" that a normal person would like it or glamourise it.

No. 60964

I thought about camming, but there's a 80% chance that someone will record it and reupload it somewhere. And people aren't really forgiving about this, not to mention it can ruin any other job opportunities. IF there was an "easy" way to get out of it, without any trace, then I'd consider it again, but we all know it's not possible and it's the internet after all.

I dislike how glamorized it really is, not just on Tumblr. I even saw some of our "news" sites writing about it, how "these girls are students but at night they make mad cash!!". I know it sound ridiculous but what I hate the most about it (apart from the forced prostitution etc) that, even the girls that seem to like their job, are unappreciated. I hate that the whole glamorization of sex work basically gives guys free and more access to free porn. Kind of like the ~body positivity~ movement where you don't love yourself unless you post your nudes online.

No. 60973

Interesting, what are your experiences with being a masseuse? Someone online told me they worked as that to bring themselves up on the social ladder where they're staying.

Anyway, I do see sex work as something I wouldn't like to be apart of. I get why it's glamorized because of the economic hardships my generation has to go through. Aid in the fact degrees aren't what they used to be and most people nowadays are living with their parents well above 21, making lower pay, ect.
I can't see myself being a camwhore because that shit is saved for life. I'd rather have a sugar daddy but I'd need the social charm to be able to finesse his money without sex.

No. 60990

So I agree with you to some extent.

In places where prostitution is legal, i think it's fine to be proud of it like any other job. I'd rather it be legal to cut down on things like sex related crimes, pimps, etc (it wouldn't end it but it might help to not throw prostitutes in jail just for spreading their legs yknow?). Plus it'd be safer in regards to STDs since professional prostitutes (legal ones) have to get tested often.

I think it's ignorant as fuck to ignore the underside of sex related work though.

As far as things like cam girls go, they're just skanks too pussyshit to take the real jump into prostitution but if i wasn't married and didn't have a really conservative family i would do it in a heartbeat because i don't really base my selfworth on whether or not "too many" people have seen me naked. That's childish.

I think the normalization of sex work is a double edged sword, especially because of the was SJWs handle it.
Legalizing it could solve a lot of problems related to sex work in general(like what i listed above) but it could also cause young girls or naive girls who don't know how to protect themselves to make decisions without enough forethought and get themselves into difficult situations ranging from just being a shame to their family, nasty comments/attention from people who disagree with their job of choice, to the dangerous like being controlled by someone, risk of injury/getting killed or sold, etc.

It's something that could do with a lot more education.

I think cam girls are the best solution right now bt i hate how obnoxious they are about advertising (I've posted my skype info online ONCE and since then I get random bots linking me to cam girls all the time. That shit is fucking obnoxious and i've run into it on tons of sites too, even some bitch on tumblr)

No. 61012

I feel like a ton of sex workers have put themselves on a high horse about literally everything they do. The arrogance is annoying, they glamorize themselves.
Even just cam girls or nude models, suicide girls and the like. Trying to ask them a question about things non-sex related is impossible, they act as if speaking to someone who isn't going to tip them or worship their mediocre bodies isn't worth their time.

Try asking any of those girls were they got a tattoo done, where they got a bra and panty set from and watch how closed off they become about it.

Like damn girl, I just want to know where that bra is from, I'm not trying to upstage you or take your clients away from you. They act so friendly to other women in the business to get a step up while gloating about being "female positive~" but anyone not in the industry is almost a threat to them. It's annoying and weird. We're no competition, so it just screams insecurity that they can't even give the name of a god damn lingerie brand.

No. 61044

File: 1495252542757.webm (Spoiler Image,3.42 MB, 1280x720, 1.webm)


Thailand is the best example of prostitution.

Certain districts in cities like Pattaya and Bangkok have prostitutes, bars, clubs, and brothels covering entire streets.

These girls put a lot of effort into seducing white men, they act bubbly, they will even physically grab men that pass by them.

White men come from across the world for girls in SE Asia, because there's no use trying back home in their western countries. Average cost for sex with one of these girls is $30-$50 USD.

Why don't western women like whores? Because they're whores too, except they don't call themselves whores, they call themselves "girlfriends", or "wives".

All women are whores, the western ones are just more expensive, and unbearable because of feminism. You can't start a family with western women today anyway. That's why all these white men left for Thailand.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61046

Who hurt you, Elliot?

No. 61048

depending if you're syren cove who makes just enough to pay for rent in her shitty apartment or that one cam worker who got 40,000$ for one hour session or hungry lips who made $900,000 from camming and she doesn't even show her damn face

No. 61050

'girls' :^}

No. 61051

did you play overwatch once and now all azn girls are QT submissive waifu slaves no matter how hideous their face is and how potatoey their body is and theyre all submissive and bubbly because the internet said so despite some being complete gold diggers and ungrateful?

you clearly have not had experience at all with asian women, as an asian woman myself a lot of them can be stubborn and materialistic as fuck, even worse then most western women. Just look it up there are tons and tons of cases of your qt submissive bubbly waifu azn slaves doing stuff like throwing out expensive jewlery they didnt like, having men pay for their surgery and clothes, etc

look up the millions of stories of how brainwashed white guys go to thailand or japan, korea, etc to pick up their dream submissive waifu then end up in deep depression when the reality of the stories on 4chin they've read about submissive asian women aren't true

hope you like sucking your thai prostitutes aids covered dick when you get to thailand anon

No. 61053

As a non-white woman I honestly have no interest in white men. Many of you are affeminate, have no balls to approach women, have no charisma, are bad dressers, ect
I feel sorry for white girls

No. 61054

File: 1495258112651.jpg (54.75 KB, 400x490, 1190978563_2261111954595ugly_m…)

"must be asian, pale,skinny, short, play league, have nice boobs, be obsessed with me, address me as no other than Master hentai tentacle leader,I will talk to you in one language so don't bother learning english,put my anxiety medication and adderall in my miso soup and lo mein you cook every night, like all animes I like and dress in clothes I want you to wear, if you are anything less you are trash"

never understood girls like lillychu and yumi king and every asian league twitcher who fake online personas to appeal to weebs, they're so ugly, smelly, lack self awareness and think they can have standards and treat you awfully

No. 61057

I never said anything about Asian women being any of that (except "bubbly"). I actually called them whores, but you seem to have read the opposite.

I didn't even say any of that stuff you're arguing against.

>no matter how hideous their face is and how potatoey their body is

>as an asian woman myself
So you admit that you have a gook face and potatoey body? I like chubby girls anyway.

Took me a sec to realize you were talking about the ladyboys.

"Non-white" is really vague, what race are you? If it's not white or Asian, well of course you've never been seduced by an alpha white man, they don't want you.

No. 61058

you didn't have to say it though, we all know what you're thinking, learn sarcasm

I mentioned the hideous face and potatoey body part because a lot of guys like you would think a woman is attractive for the sole reason they're asian, they can have a hideous face, lena dunham body and yellow fevers will think they're hot because they're asian, not because they actually are. never said all asian women have gook face and shit bodies

the thing about chubby asian bodies is that it tends to be awfully propotioned, when asians get chubby a lot goes in face, waist, stomach arms and boobs, and not their ass and curves, the girls in the video you posted are good reference

good thing you're not an alpha white male, those are too busy working out, having good jobs, having actual class, they get actual quality women, not ugly, assless, 20$ hooker trannys

No. 61060

A lot of white men actually like that gook face. Can you believe it? It's true.

Men don't go to Thailand because they have yellow fever.

They would like it just as much, or more, if white girls were doing it. But that doesn't exist, the kind of environment shown in those videos, that specific kind of prostitution, only exists in SE Asia. That's why men go to SE Asia.

>those are too busy working out, having good jobs, having actual class, they get actual quality women, not ugly, assless, 20$ hooker trannys

By "quality women", you mean really expensive whores who end up divorcing them.

>good thing you're not an alpha white male

I'm an alpha male, it's just that being an alpha male doesn't mean women like you.

No. 61061

File: 1495259886501.jpg (28.45 KB, 500x375, tumblr_l823gziYPX1qd28fj.jpg)

there's a reason why they like "gook face" caked and makeup and beaten with plastic surgery so much

do you not know what amsterdam is? oh yeah but it has NOTHING to do with yellow fever

>By "quality women", you mean really expensive whores who end up divorcing them?

oh gosh, this is hilarous, do you have any experience with western women? when I went to flordia for my uni time, the white girl friends I made were sweet, faithful, and loyal. They weren't expensive at all and would feel massively awful if someone especially men tried buying them something, once I remember a friend felt bad if I tried buying her anything, she even tried giving me $6 if I tried buying her a $5 birthday gift, I've seen this in so many cases, a lot of the girls even paid for dates themselves

>I'm an alpha male, it's just that being an alpha male doesn't mean women like you.

yeah because alpha males go on an all girl image board and talk shit on whites and praise ladyboy prostitutes, the fact you even need to mention you're an "alpha male" on a fucking girl talk thread about sex workers, just shows, you are NOT an alpha male

No. 61062

So I may be mixing up my countries a little because I haven't looked this up in awhile but don't most girls in Thailand who go into prostitution do so because their families are desperately poor? i'm pretty sure sex trafficking is still a problem there too even if it's more widely acceptable overall.

As a white woman, i feel sorry for non-white women because all your men are ugly, overly aggressive, unfaithful and dress like they're still in high school.

I feel sorry for non-white girls.

That said, i don't really feel that way i'm just pointing out how stupid you sound. Everyone of every race sucks equally in some way, no one is better than anyone, and to assume your race is better because of your personal taste in men is the most ignorant thing i have ever heard someone say.

Also it's spelled effeminate.

Can we leave racism out of this discussion on prostitution now? It's fucking stupid and i'm pretty sure race talk isn't allowed on this board anyway.

Guys in general are kind of like that. I've met equal amounts of guys of every race when i was trying online dating who were basically cookie cutter examples of "douchebags." All the type with high ass standards for their girls, no standards for themselves, and who decide you're actually fat and ugly the second you turn them down.

Anyone who identifies as an alpha white male in my experience is either a douche, or an awkward virgin who got ripped thinking they'd get ladies but didn't realize they're still autistic as fuck (For example: the fit board on 4chins. There's always at least three posts up with guys crying over not getting qt girlfriends despite working out, dressing well, and getting nice jobs)

Having a nice image doesn't fix autism.

Back on the actual subject at hand, there's AMAs on leddit from people who visited countries like thailand for the sole purpose of fucking prostitutes and all of them seem to have "alpha male' mentalities from what i gathered.

Some were virgins, others were in the area on business and took up the opportunity once and then returned to experience it again, etc.

No. 61066

>the fact you even need to mention you're an "alpha male" on a fucking girl talk thread about sex workers, just shows, you are NOT an alpha male
Yeah I don't care what some whore thinks the definition of "alpha male" is, because I'm an alpha male.

>do you not know what amsterdam is? oh yeah but it has NOTHING to do with yellow fever

Amsterdam is completely different, did you actually watch those videos? It's not like Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world.

>There's AMAs on leddit from people who visited countries like thailand for the sole purpose of fucking prostitutes and all of them seem to have "alpha male' mentalities from what i gathered.
Pattaya Thailand is a magnet for bodybuilders, there's steroids OTC, gyms everywhere, it's cheap, and the lifestyle fits well with a lot of them.

>the type with high ass standards for their girls, no standards for themselves, and who decide you're actually fat and ugly the second you turn them down.

I could make a fake dating profile right now with some fat ugly 2/10 hambeast, and get hundreds of replies from men.

Regarding sexual selection, Homo Sapien females are infinitely more picky than males, you have to be pretty much retarded if you haven't realized this.

There's a reason that men are paying the girls for sex, and there's not girls running around paying guys for sex. (I'm not a SJW, but ladyboys basically count as girls here)

No. 61071

like I said, you are not an alpha male, no one thinks you are, except you

it seems the actual respectful men I know aren't much with crazy standards on looks, I knew men who wore formal clean outfits to classes everyday, didn't curse, was against doing drugs, worked out, had a good job, didn't have the crazy standards most weebs have, thats why you see 5/10 girls with handsome boyfriends who both have a smile on their face, and hideous men like you who have to go chase ugly hookers in thailand, the girls they do somehow get end up being miserable

you're lonely and miserable because not only do you have an awful personality (and no girl wants a man who runs to thailand and hires ugly hookers) but you went outside for once and saw three gold diggers so now all girls are gold diggers and whores, did your mommy beat you as a kid ?

No. 61072

>How do you feel about how glamorized sex workers are?

Everyone knows at heart that the work is hollow and soul-eating which turns girls into shells that get discarded as soon as fresher meatholes replace them.
The ones who say shit like "HURR ITS BETTER THAN WORKING AT FAST FOOD" are just fooling themselves and turning a blind eye. And are especially ignoring the bigger issues like sex trafficking.

The types of people who glamorize sex work are those who would never have to deal with the consequences of what happens after that kind of 'career' is over.
Like Hollywood, not every sex worker makes it.
Most of them wind up hooked on some kind of drug or develop severe image/mental issues. If they didn't make enough money to "retire" or marry someone rich, they're stuck in their late 30s with no resume.

No. 61073

I used to be a stripper and honestly it was a bit glamorous at first. The money, being desired, etc.
I actually didn't mind at the time, but now I'm ashamed of my past.
I realize I was severely messed up emotionally and being desired so much that people were paying real money to see me, was a way to feel better about myself.
Of course, I didn't really need that much money at the time so I was able to quit. Many women who have come to the same realization as me are still working because, well, it's great money even if it eats at your soul. If they could earn the same amount of money doing something else they would.

No. 61074

>poorfag yellowfever is pissy bc respectable white women aren't cheap

No. 61076

>All women are whores, the western ones are just more expensive, and unbearable because of feminism. You can't start a family with western women today anyway. That's why all these white men left for Thailand.

So because of the literally tiniest amount of western women who are expensive and "whores", which I've never personally met one myself who was an actual gold digger or crazy feminist, you can't start a family so you go to thailand and get cheap ugly hookers with aids to start families with? Holy shit you're hilarious

No. 61077

agreed anon, the only time I have ever seen a legit western gold digger (well in america) was in those prank shows were everything is most likely scripted like "how to catch a gold digger" on yt, most of the women I knew were more like anon in >>61061 described, some less stubborn about paying less than others, some girls I knew were so stubborn about people not paying for them it would be annoying, but I've never met a girl in real life who wanted people to buy her expensive crap

No. 61078

I think stripping is one of the most over-glamorized of the sex trades imo. If you work for a good place it might be fine, but not every club is going to be a nice place that controls the customers. Some clubs expect strippers to sleep with customers even if they play off publically that it's not allowed, and others are really strict about it and will fire any girls who do sleep with customers.

I think it's something that's good for exhibitionists who legitimately get off on the attention rather than needing to fill a hole in their life.

I've considered stripping because the money is really good but the problem I have personally with sex related work in general is the lack of control of who sees you, talks to you, etc.
>Pattaya Thailand, not gonna quote the whole thing
That makes a lot of sense.
Did a comment get deleted because the one you quoted i can't see? Lmfao did "mr. alpha" realize he's an autistic faggot bitching on a girl talk forum finally?

No. 61079

I just finished reading a book on sex trafficking and sex slavery, and I know this is more a discussion of women who choose to go into the industry, but holy shit y'all. It's horrifying.

No. 61080

>well of course you've never been seduced by an alpha white man, they don't want you.

kek. Where do you pol tards live? Are we pretending white passing Latinas, Arabs, ect don't exist now?

No. 61101

You complain that their standards are too high, the reality is YOUR STANDARDS are too high. You don't even acknowledge the men who do want you. You're at a buffet complaining that you don't like any of the food.

Also how can you say my standards are high, but then say I fuck "ugly" Thai hookers? My standards for looks couldn't get much lower, it's just that western women are impossible to deal with, and they don't want me, so I go to Thailand instead.

>So because of the literally tiniest amount of western women who are expensive and "whores"
ALL of them are literal, by definition, whores.

They would never date a guy if he wasn't providing money, or doesn't have a path towards providing money, therefor they're whores too.

That's why I don't feel bad about fucking Thai whores, it's the same thing as having a girlfriend or wife in the USA, just cheaper and less bullshit.

>Did a comment get deleted
No, it's just that I wanted to edit my post.

No. 61103

A girlfriend or wife is a commodity that men have to purchase.

No. 61131

Who the fuck wants bitter hideous men? You all should off yourselves since you contribute nothing to society. Go fuck whores but don't act obsessive about it. If you're so confident about fucking whores you wouldn't have to brag about it and act like a dick.
You're obviously insecure about this thing and I love it.

No. 61132

Dumb fuck. So many men on the internet are damaged and disturbing and it shows. All of them are hideous looking or have something "off" about them. Nature shows.

No. 61146

what world you live in? reality will hit you hard on the sad ass one day

you're prob just upset respectable western women don't want some basement dweller narcissist so now you gotta call all of them whores because it hurts your poor little delicate fweling when a girl doesnt want some autistic moron like you who fucks ugly thai hookers

No. 61400

I've seen this too honestly.

I think it's because deep down they either do feel shitty about it so they have to talk bigger, or they at least are self-conscious about the social stigma so they want to protect themselves the only way they know how: being insufferable

I've met 1-2 people who break that mold though (Like one of my best friends who wants to be a stripper. She just has a good body and isn't ashamed. She's in an amazing relationship with a guy we all love and he's seemingly okay with it. Lmfaooo she only decided against it because she realized pole dancing took way more effort than she was expecting.
All of this.

Know why my husband, who is for the purposes of this argument, not at the same level of attractiveness I am, and I are together?(I'm not full of myself he tells me a lot and objectively, he's not traditionally attractive. I think he's cute as fuck but for the sake of this argument..)

Because he treats me like a human being.

Golddiggers exist but men like you are what make them. If you've been hurt by a girl who only used you, you probably were too desperate and tried to buy her affections because you don't think of women as human beings who want to be treated like a person with feelings, aspirations, and a life.

You're a waste of space. Go fuck your ugly hookers because that's all you'll ever get lmfao.

No. 61414

I'm saying though. The stigma is there for a reason, i'm not sure if a lot of them understand that. But we all know they only make a huge fuss about it because it either gets them money, attention, or both, as that seems to be the only thing that matters in hoeland - other than finding a daddy~. You simply don't deserve to be put on a pedastal/given a drop of respect, which you wouldn't even know what to do with in the first place, just for being a sex worker~. But try to tell that to the ones promoting it and it turns into a "but muh FeMIniSum/mUh QWeEndUmm/muah HuStle" bitching session. Like get over yourselves, it's not that hard to do at rock bottom.

No. 61431

do all thai hookers suffer from noassatall syndrome?

relating to the video, I don't see how this shit is attractive or cute to be so pushy, its trashy as fuck and nasty

No. 63442

I've been a stripper for about 8 years now and it's the only kind of sex work I could see myself doing. However, I think it's only "glamorous" for a very small percentage of all of the girls doing it. You basically have to have a perfect storm of: 1) live/work in a city with an incredibly high tourism industry comprised of traveling business guys who want to spend money on strippers (New Orleans/Vegas) 2) be considered "mainstream attractive" 3) have incredibly thick skin 4) not have any drug/alcohol abuse problems.

Some girls burn out before their 3rd or 4th year because they get caught up in the party lifestyle.

Some girls don't save their money because of the "you can always make more" mindset.

Some girls burn out because it's a mentally/emotionally draining job.

There are numerous pitfalls, but if you can somehow avoid all of them you can have a very nice life.

I work at the top club in New Orleans and we average about $1500 a night. It's not uncommon to leave with $3000-4000 during peak season or special events. And we don't have to suck any dick! Like I said, though, perfect storm exception it's the rule.

No. 63444


*isn't the rule

No. 63446

how many nights a week do you work? do you have a day job as well?

No. 63447


3-5, depends on what's going on. We don't have a set schedule at all, you can come and go as you please as long as you pay your house fee. I haven't had a day job since 2011.

No. 63449

How long do you plan on stripping for? How did you learn?

No. 63455

Is that a topless or fully nude club? Interesting.

No. 63456


This is going to be my last year, most likely. You learn from other girls and trial and error. Once your new girl sparkle fades it's basically just dumb luck if you make a lot of money until you get your hustle down.


Just topless. I travel to work at some fully nude (stage) places during the slow season, but I've never worked anywhere that has nude lap dances.

Like I said, making money like that is entirely dependent on whether or not you can get into a top-tier club in a good city. I think the average for most dancers is $200/night (taking into consideration that a lot of them work in tiny clubs in tiny towns and smaller cities).

No. 63469

Thanks for responding. So you must make like 100k+ per year? That's crazy, have you invested it in anything?

Are you worried about potential social stigma from being a stripper? What will you do for money once you're done?

No. 63470


Yeah, I'm not even one of the top-earners at my club either. I work with a girl who drives a baby pink Mercedes G class. I have, but I came into the investment game pretty late.

Ummmmmm… not really. It isn't as taboo as it used to be. People gonna people though.

I'm getting my real estate license and going to work for my friend's agency. Ideally I'd like to get into the short-term property rental game but I'm waiting to see how the Air BnB situation evolves in the next few years.

No. 63484

Woah, good for you anon

I'm not mainstream attractive so that would never work for me. It's a dann shame, because I do live in a touristic place

No. 63633

Ex-prostitute here.

I did street-walking for 1 day and it was the most terrifying experience of my life. It ended with the girl who introduced me to it calling a "friend" who then took us round various houses to guys who had booked us for hours, and me finally getting tired and asking to be taken home.

Shortly after I stumbled across a brothel and began working there (I was 17 at this point). The money was good, but I was also living in a homeless hostel and rapidly succumbing to a serious cocaine addiction, so my memories of working there are definitely softened because I was wrecked all the time. The vast majority (95%+) of my customers were Asian men, most of whom treated me like shit and some of whom really hurt me and seemed to enjoy it. That arrangement ended after one of the other girls tried to get a client who was hurting her removed and our pimp hit her for "upsetting the customer". We both ran for it and never went back.

My second experience working in a brothel was a few years later, just before I turned 20. I was again a homeless drug addict, but this time I wasn't allowed to use whilst at work, so I remember it a bit better. All of the other girls I worked with were white immigrants (Eastern European) and most of them were married/in relationships, some of them sending money back home. However they all professed to enjoy the job and were free to come and go. So not trafficking victims, but definitely doing whatever they could to survive. The majority of my customers here were white and treated me very well - I can't remember being hurt or having a truly "bad" experience in this place.

I don't agree with the glamorisation and forced normalisation of sex work but, as porn and "glamour modelling" is so socially acceptable, it was bound to happen at some point - you can't villainise the supplier of something that is so in demand. The vast majority of women who do it are either slaves through trafficking or slaves through circumstance (I was a homeless drug addict because I had a serious and untreated mental health problem). What I do like about this movement is seeing SWs as people - throughout this time in my life I was still studying, and now have a degree, a stable home, a steady partner and a child on the way. People seem to assume that all SWs are just stupid fuck-ups with nowhere and nothing else, and that they deserve scorn and hatred as a result.

I think it speaks to a wider problem in our society, one that not many people want to challenge, and so the glamorisation and normalisation of sex work will only continue - even to the detriment of speaking about the negatives of the sex trade. Overall the sex industry is toxic, but we will never get rid of it, so it's almost a pointless battle. & isn't that the aim of the extremist liberal left, that we can never speak badly of anything other than white straight cis men because it weakens feminism as a movement? sarcasm

/sgae for blogpost

No. 63663


If I want to have children and buy a home (to raise said children in) with a man, then I need him to earn money, to add to the money I earn so we can afford to do these things. How you've equated expecting a man to be an equal provider in your relationship to "all women are whores because they want a man who provides money" just says a lot about your distorted view of relationships. I feel sorry for you.

No. 63698

That was a interesting read anon, thank you for sharing with us. I also wish there was a more balanced critical view on sex work, but I hope this is something that can come with time after we remove the generalised stigma surrounding it.

The only SW thing I ever did was a group trial shift at a lapdance club which was fairly eye opening for just a few hours. A lot of the girls had come with little Coyote Ugly fantasies about having a persona and being empowered etc but that was shut down immediately and all of the girls older than 23 were sent away one by one. I learnt that some of the top girls had terrible bodies and great hustle, but that it all boiled down to youth. Backne, cankles and a flat ass? It didn't matter to the punters if they were freshly 18.

No. 63740


Where was this? At all of the clubs I've worked at the best hustlers and the girls that made the most money were 25+ and some were even in their mid-30s.

No. 63741

That's quite alright, glad you thought it was interesting. :)
I think the stigma about people who end up in SW needs to be removed. Stigma about the sex industry itself, however, I think is justified. The truth is no porn is realistic and so perpetuates damaging ideals, as well as being waaayyy too easily available to children (even camming requires a woman to be sexual whether she likes it or not because it's her employment) and using nude women as entertainment (strip clubs) is pretty weird and damaging when you look at it. I actually think prostitution is the least problematic purely because it's done in private and the most honest/realistic exchange, but even then it attracts damaged (and potentially dangerous) men to women who are exchanging their vulnerability for an income stream - especially in countries where prostitution is illegal/highly stigmatised and can't be practiced openly. But that's just my opinion!

I also worked at a strip club for a few months - never again. I'm not conventionally attractive, pretty slim (no boobs small ass) and covered in tattoos. Once the novelty wore off, so did my money. Bit of a self-esteem killer, lol

No. 63793


Saw the same age range at clubs I've worked too, but I've only ever worked in major cities. Maybe at small town dives, younger is better? I was 20 when I started and I had many men reject me by saying I was too young for them. Shrug. Top earners I've encountered all have only one thing in common: extremely honed social skills.

No. 63839

By mainstream attractive you guys mean huge ass and boobs, tall, tons of make up (?) and the such right

No. 63847

If its an adult and they're 100% consenting and its their choice to do it, then I don't really care. Doesn't seem so bad on paper, show your tits, "work" from home, maybe have a decent paycheck depending on how popular you are, and get gifts from your fans.

But I do think its important that people realize that there is a chunk of of sex workers who are not doing it out of their free will. And I think a lot of regular people don't realize just how prevalent it is even in developed countries like the US.

No. 63913

The ones that claim it's 'sooper empowering u guise' and that they're 'making bank' whilst complaining about prejudice and the male gaze on their tumblr are the biggest hypocrites imo.

Sex work is literally selling yourself as a fuck machine, if you think that's empowering then there must be something wrong with you. Not to mention all the nasty men, physical violence, abusive pimps, health risks etc.

I personally don't give a shit if someone's stripping or working the corner or whatever as long as they don't try to Tom Sawyer it into something desirable because it hurts young women and hurts women who were forced into sex work by criminals or circumstances. And no, selling your knickers online whilst writing Steven Universe fanfiction for your tumblr is not sex work imo.

I don't see anyone glamorising construction workers and bricklayers (Village People notwithstanding) to the same extent.

No. 63962


Not necessarily, just like "nice face, nice body".

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