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No. 61772

Do you ever want to go out but feel it's pointless because there's no reason to go out and even if there was you have no one to do anything with?dont have any hobbies but also feel no excitement or motivation to learn new things?do you feel that you just work everyday and are waiting for death?is your boredom caused by depression or are you becoming depressed because you're bored?

Sometimes life starts to become monotonous and tedious. We want to do something with our lives but we don't know exactly what.

No. 61783

Get a job NEET

No. 61787

>do you feel that you just work everyday and are waiting for death?
Great shitpost, edgelord. Wow this place is really going down the drain between this kind of shit and the balding thread in ot.

No. 61790

read a book

it gets hard being online constantly and comparing your life to others so much so maybe u should unplug for awhile and meditate

No. 61798

omg, I was going to post this exact thread. yea! That's currently how I feel. I work full time Monday-Friday, usually out the house 12 hours a day. Don't enjoy my job, don't have any friends at work because of big age gap. Then on the weekend, I'm sat at home alone with nothing to do, no one to really talk to until I start work again on the Monday (which I don't look forward to either). I've watched so much anime I'm actually getting so sick of it. We have a 3 day weekend this week and I feel so depressed because I have nothing to do and no one to see, yet it's my own fault for not arranging anything. All my friends have boyfriends now so it's hard, I haven't had a boyfriend in years, and it doesn't help I don't go out to get chance to meet anyone. Not sure what to do as I'm actually an extrovert living life of a recluse.

No. 61802

go outside and stop bitching

No. 61803

I almost wish, it's more like there's not enough time in the day to do things I'm interested in. I'm a serious introvert with a full time job so I need a few hrs of alone time every day, and even with that I can't get through all the TV/anime/movies/music/reading material I want to, then I have two sports which I wish I could do more often, then I have language study which I don't spend enough time on and can't get to the classes in time after work. I don't even bother trying to have a social life because I'd rather do stuff I'm interested in than go out with people all the time.

But admittedly my free time gets wasted a lot online, just on lolcow or 4chan or whatever rather than anything productive.

No. 61820

You should take your own advice instead of shitposting all day without even saging. :^)

No. 61861

Call me a wagecuck, I still stand by it. Get a job and stop being such a burden to your parents.

No. 95637

alcohol and drugs help you to deal with boredom

No. 95644

Reviving a year old thread to tell OP to become an alcoholic or drug user? You're the one who really need a hobby.

No. 95651

As a habitual Stoner I would not recommend smoking weed to kill boredom. Hobbies are so much better and more rewarding and when people ask what you get up to you'll not sound so dull. Uh just sat and watched TV all day can't remember it all tho huehuehue

No. 95654

What are you talking about? The OP mentions working in her post, so it's not like she needs to get a job, she seems to have a job already.

No. 95655

(ah, sorry, didn't realize that this is an old thread, but my comment still stands; you're accusing the OP of being an edgelord, but you're being an edgelord yourself by telling her to get a job - OK, then, very helpful)

No. 97356

thank you! anon is salty about own problems

No. 97357

For anyone stumbling upon this. I like playing animal crossing, drawing, dancing, making pen pal letters and so on :)

No. 97543

I genuinely like to clean. My house isn't like amazing or anything but I enjoy laundry and tidying. It's good for my anxiety also. I like to read unresolved mysteries and play sims, I am not much of a tv person but I recently started watching a series and I enjoy it. I used to find animal crossing helpful too

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