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No. 61800

There is a non-archived version of this thread, however, I'd like to have one more targeted without 8mil complaints about the 'industry.'

Who's trying to gain fame via Instagram, YouTube, or whatever?
How's it going for you? What's your niche?

I'm interested in doing this for myself to someday launch a business creating personal brands and the like. I'll probably talk more about my plans if this thread takes off but idk if anyone here is interested.

No. 61830

I started using social media to brand myself as an artist. I don't expect much from it not because I'm a terrible artist but because I'm not a tumblr-esque artist. I don't care though because it's not my career or main source of income.

But I was also thinking of starting a fashion/beauty/weight loss/cooking/housekeeping blog and youtube. I'm not sure if that's covering too much under one website/channel though. And I don't think it would make sense to put it under my artist blog/brand. Any thoughts? I also like learning languages but that doesn't fit anywhere either.

No. 61832


Start off with your art then make a second channel for your fitness/lifestyle interests.

No. 61833

Use instagram, friend. It's the best social media platform for artists right now. I got offered to be part of an art show just posting my homework from art school.

I'm trying to gain fame with my art but i also want to be known as a QT on the internet sob.
So i'm mostly devoting my instagram to art and want to make a youtube channel to see if i get any popularity that way. I just haven't decided what to do.

No. 61834

From what I've noticed internet fame is usually organic and it happens at random.

No. 61847

I want to do YouTube, too, but I only have an iPhone right now, lol. I decided I would start on Instagram or something.

Not so - there are tons of agencies that look for talent for this specific purpose. A good number of internet famous folk have/had agencies.

No. 61858

Depends on what you're posting. It's encouraged nowadays for models to set up instas to build up social media followings to pad their portfolios/show off to potential clients, and there have even been cases of people being hired basically as 'social media influencers' who get aided in the background by a company and made to look like a natural account when it's not actually run by the person. This isn't as common but it is steadily growing as brands are realizing the power that social media influencers have on millenials and gen z

No. 61883

You mean making a new thread focusing on a specific portion is worse than trying to force a thread into doing what I want and is whiny?

Grow up.


I would reccomend doing it MUCH later - it would be really confusing for people and you want to try to put out as much consistent content as possible. Focusing on 2 areas that aren't really related may prove difficult to sustain

No. 61963

File: 1496185401449.jpg (79.74 KB, 1080x1080, 18445010_1303881226400052_5253…)

Well in her defense. It seems this thread is more about using social media for marketing and business stuffs. The other thread is more about the lifestyle of an infulencer. The pretty ones who don't do too much work and get partnerships with companies and such. Like lilymaymac.

No. 61971

That thread wasn't even active, you could've started this topic there- it's not like you would've been shot down. And it wasn't even whiny, what's whiny is not understanding that you can talk about different aspects of social media fame in the same thread!

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