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No. 61894

Does anybody know any good gaming podcasts hosted by women?

I've found some, but they're usually focused on diversity and female depictions in gaming and though I consider myself a feminist, that's not what I want. What I'm looking for is gamers, who are also women, discussing games and gaming culture. What I usually find instead are gamer women discussing feminism in gaming.

Basically, I want hosts who discuss if a game has fun gameplay or if it's story is enjoyable, and don't give a crap if a character's boobs are too big or if a woman is depicted as a damsel.
If any of you know any podcasts (or websites in general) that fit these criteria I'd love to hear them.

No. 61895

I would also like to find one. I'm really sick of everything "For women" these days having to be a feminist statement or discussion.

No. 61899

No. 61933

Honestly, I'm super feminist but my dream is that there would be enough women doing this kind of shit that it didn't have to be a statement. I look around for lets plays all the time that are by women and they're all either creepy asmr, kawaii weeb girls, conservative meninist gurlz or girl power girls.
Being female shouldn't be so political, women have been making/playing games since games were invented.
Sage for rant.

No. 61955

Two good female let's players I watch are Lucahjin and Masaeanela. Despite what their names may imply, they aren't weebs.

No. 61983

u might already know this one but
theres a lets play channel called geek remix on yt
they have a few podcasts also

not all of their stuff is gold but i appreciate them

No. 62095


off topic, but i couldn't agree with you more. i'm extremely feminist too, but while i agree that women need more representation in all media, focusing on their gender and their presence being a ~social justice gurrrrlll power~ thing actually does the opposite effect. women's presence and their actions should be omnipresent but normalized, not a selling point/statement.

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