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No. 62025

I didn't see one before, so a thread for phones? Discuss what phones you have here, what you love or hate about them, etc!

I myself am looking to buy a new phone, my Galaxy s3 mini is finally near its deathbed.

I want a phone with good storage but microsd, good camera, and reliable battery and sticking to Android. Any suggestions?

No. 62029

I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 neo, and oh my God the camera is so bad. I always have to take pics with filtered apps like Snow or Meitu, because that camera would make even Angelina Jolie ugly.
I thought it could be because it's an old phone, but when I went to the store and tried the new and most expensive Samsungs' cameras I didn't like it either. Samsung cameras are definitely bad imho.

OP, take a look at Huawei P9. A friend of mine has it and the camera is awesome, maybe too dark sometimes but you can fix it

No. 62031

I'm 20 and have never had a phone, people are aghast when I tell them lol. I just have an iPod Touch that I used for apps and stuff. I was thinking of getting a Huawei for my first one.

No. 62032

I have a galaxy S7. The camera is ok and I dont have any problems with the phone itself, but in hindsight paying 600ish dollars for a phone is not worth it to me. Battery life is pretty good though. I only use messengers and basic apps like the browser, instagram, snapchat, etc.

My previous phone that I had for several years was an Iphone 5. I wouldnt recommend Iphones because the battery becomes such trash quickly, at its end my 5 would not display the correct power remaining and drop to 1% constantly. A friend also has one of the newer Iphones and mentioned having a similar problem.

No. 62035

Really? That sucks, I wanted to get an iPhone…
Has anyone here ever tried Meitu phones?

No. 62037

I have an iPhone 6s. Works mostly great except like 4 months ago or so something happened (maybe I dropped it or something??) and ever since then the camera is complete shit. It'll be perfect lighting and I'll be using the back camera but all my photos come out grainy/pixelated as shit and look like I took the photos 10 years ago in a dark room. It's driving me crazy and I hate it since it's my main camera.

In a couple of months I can upgrade to an iPhone 7 but I really don't want to because of the dongle mess, but I just like the iOs/what I'm used to and have all my apps on so I don't want to lose everything. If anyone has the 7, is the camera good? Or does anyone else recommend a phone with a great camera?

No. 62038

Yep all the Samsung Swhatever phones I owned had terrible cameras. I have a shitty prime now and the camera isn't as bad but it's still shit. However, if you use the snapchat camera, it makes you look 100 times better for some reason. Too bad about the quality but hey, you can look ugly in high def or look cute in shit quality.

No. 62041


Where to buy good smartphones that are cheap than on most phone sites?!

No. 62053

I agree with this, the selfie camera is very unflattering for me on Samsung phones personally.
But it depends, for some people it makes them look incredible. Something about the lens flatters most people but not me.

No. 62063

same, but I'm 18
all I've had are fliphones but those fancy phones are basically small computers and i already own a mac

the only reason i find myself wishing i had one is so i could take more pictures

No. 62069

I have a Sony Xperia, one of the newer ones. Had an iPhone before that (5s).

The iPhone is shit, the only thing that's good about it are the apps (the Google Play app store is kinda crap in comparison), the camera and all the cute cases they make for iPhones, but I wouldn't buy a phone just because of a nice case and camera. Its battery life was abysmal and it would die on me mid-commute every winter.

The Xperia's battery is a billion times better, I can charge it in the morning and I'm good to go for the next 2 days. It's smaller, thinner and more customisable, the only thing I don't like about it is the camera and the fact that the only cases available for it are those little wallets, I hate them.

No. 62070

I have the same experience with my phone (I'm the sonyfag from the previous post, so not samshit but still). On my phone, I look good until the moment when I press the camera button. I once took a screenshot of my face in the app and then took a picture, and I looked 100x uglier in the photo. I don't know how the phone processes those photos but I always end up having no lips and a 10km long nose and a pointy, long face.

No. 62075

Is iPhone 7 considerably better than iPhone 6?

No. 62078

My mom has a 7 and I've got a 6S. I don't really notice any difference between them. There's nothing hers does that mine doesn't, and I don't have any problems with speed or battery life.

I'm not super into phones though. Maybe if you're a power user you'll notice a difference.

No. 62082

Yes, this exact thing happens with my Samsung! You just open the camera and see something, then take the picture and BAM it's something else and looks 100x uglier. It's like it puts the pixels together in the wrong way. Same for the no lips and giant nose. It also gives me some bad dark circles I don't have.
Meanwhile I used to take pictures with a friend of mine's iPhone 4s and I looked good. It is a mystery

No. 62106

What phones besides Huawei are good for camera?

No. 62109

I want a Sony, Xperia X Compact is tempting. Thoughts?

I cannot afford the higher end Sony phones, but I really like the Experias and want to abandon my laggy Samsung phone.

No. 62110

i have a burner flip phone straight from the late 90's because it's all i can afford.

No. 62111

I have the Pixel, the google phone, and I love it. I always had Samgungs before it and my two previous phones to it had been Samsung notes so I wanted to downsize. I think its a great phone, it has a good battery life and the camera is good enough for my use. The only issue I have is not having a physical home button like most phones but I'm getting used to it now.

No. 62143

Ugh yeah… it gives me a fishbowl affect and just makes my face and nose look rounder than they are and makes my face SUPER lopsided after I hit the button. It genuinely looks nothing like me. I also noticed at the edges of the camera, whatever is there is elongated. Samsung cameras are so glitchy.

No. 62145


i'm a Sonyfag through and through and i love my Xperia to pieces, but i can't say the same thing for the lower end models. a couple friends got Xperia U and one of them had a faulty battery that had to be changed two times while the other's mainboard suddenly and unexpectedly broke after 6-7 months of normal use. also all Sonys tend to heat up quickly if you do anything more labor intensive than typing messages. i've been using mine for 2 years and lagginess is an issue for me too, but i think all phones do that now. on the upside, the interface is rapid, the music functions and sound output are very nice, the camera is great especially if you can figure out the manual mode (not iphone quality but close) and the battery lasts for a reasonable time. i'd recommend saving some money and getting a higher end model though.

No. 62159

I'm the previous Sonyfag and I agree, my friend had to use her mum's phone because her old Xperia (it was yellow, don't know the model) wouldn't let her type properly and the battery lasted as long as my shitty iPhone one, which is to say not that long.
I'd suggest a Z5 Compact instead. Both me and my bf have it and couldn't be happier with it.

No. 62160

Give Motorola a chance, OP. They have many great budget friendly phones and the more expensive ones are amazing. They're Android. I swear to god, best Android phone I've ever used.

No. 62161

Yeees this. I have the A3 and it fucks up your face. All of the effects (skin smoothing, enlarge eyes) seem to stop working once you hit the button or they mess up your face

No. 62164

File: 1496410264369.jpg (110.8 KB, 447x473, 1447256842322.jpg)

no, don't. i had a moto g and it was the worst phone i've ever had. i'm staying away from motorola forever.

No. 62168

I don't know if amerifats get Oppo, but I have the newest Oppo phone and I love it. Specs are for the most part, on par with or better than iPhone 7, better camera etc, but for a fraction of the price. They make a mid-range phone too which I convinced my flipphonefag boyfriend to buy and he adores it.

No. 62174

The first Moto G was shit imo. Moto G2 and up are fantastic.

No. 62182

i had the moto g 3rd gen. maybe the moto g2 was great, but my moto g only had 4 gigs of internal space. you could put in a microsd card, but you could only save apps in the internal space, which meant i pretty much only had space for google chrome, and absolute essential apps. i kept having to delete apps that i needed to just because there was no memory. also, it was really slow. i hated it so much i really find it hard to believe that the moto g2 could be any good.

No. 62204

Used to have a LG G4, the phone was okay but it started acting stupid a few months after i got it (google would open randomly, it would overheat, apps would not load, camera took blurry pics), finally it started restarting on it's own until it just balck screened and died.
Searched the interent and apparently it's pretty common with g4, so i fucked up kek

Luckily where i bought it from were understanding of it being a faulty phone and exchanged it for a LG G5 SE 32gb and holy shit this phone is amazing for the price.
It has no lag, the camera is superb most of the time (the front camera can be a hit or miss), it has insane amounts of customization, basically 0 pre installed bloatware and it barely heats up. My only complain is that it feels a bit easy to break, but i got a transparent Ringake protector and it's solved. Plus i can make any cover i want with it.
Though the battery only lasts me for a few hours even at the lowest brightness, which sucks major dick.
Also sometimes the camera decides to be a grainy piece of trash.
But otherwise i have 0 problems with it so far.

Don t really care for the interchangeable parts garbage so cant comment on those.

It cost me 350 euros, which is a great price considering some phones with worse specs are more expensive.

I was kinda scared after what happened with the G4 but now im an LGfag through and through.

No. 62240

does anyone have a Huawei P9? i like taking photos but i'm not that serious, so a good phone camera would tide me over. but it's pretty pricy where i live and the interface seemed sluggish, so i'm not sure if it's worth the expense. am i better off with spending the same money on a semi-decent camera?

No. 62259

I'm American and never heard of it, but it looks like an Android-iphone lol.

I'm getting an iPhone 6plus or iPhone 7plus soon. I'm still undecided which one to get though. I've considered switching to Android, but I love the Appstore's apps too much to switch to Google Playstore. Plus, I've probably invested well over $100-$200 in apps already, and can't find good replacements for Android. Plus, I already use a MacBook/iPad too and love when things match (I know it's a dumb reason lol)

No. 62269

Not Amerifag but 3 years ago I got Oppo Find 7 and it was pretty damn good. Still use it today and everything works good, camera is a bit outdated but hey it's 3 years old. Once it starts malfunctioning, I'll probably get an Oppo phone again.

No. 62285


yeah, you guys got suckered into accepting the iphone as the default smartphone some years ago. around rest of the world iphone is tied with android and in some places nobody uses it because it's too expensive for the features and support it offers.

No. 62342

File: 1496672568627.jpg (298.63 KB, 2000x1099, Wileyfox-Rear.jpg)

I have a wily fox swift and it was a pretty good phone when I first used it. I factory reset it once when I dropped my phone and my front camera stopped working/existing within my phone. (turned out I needed to press the front camera 'back into' the phone), before i figured that out I did a factory reset. Now it's slow as shit and don't know what to do about it. Apps constantly freeze and i have to wait a long time before some app open or work probably. Kinda annoying since I have it for less than a year. Serves me right for buying a budget phone.

No. 62352

Opinions on Asus zenfones?

No. 62364


a friend uses one, she was so happy with it that when her first one got stolen she bought a second one. the interface is beautiful and camera is usually said to be the best among budget phone. i don't know anything about how much it heats up or how soon it starts to slow down though.

No. 62388

I love my galaxy S6 except for the battery life which is my fault for leaving it charging overnight, and the fact that everyone I know wasted their money on iphones so I can never borrow a charger when I need one. It was cheaper and I'm always asked to give directions because google maps works better than apple's version, and any apps that're apple exclusive usually come around or I find that I don't need them that badly.

No. 62393

Is leaving your phone charging over night bad?

No. 62394

It shouldn't be a problem, though batteries have a limited life.

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