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File: 1496410643937.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, loser ex stories.jpg)

No. 62165

Post loser ex-boyfriend (or ex-gf for gayfags) stories here.

>Online neckbeards you met in chatrooms at 15, that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday. Vent or share funny stories ITT!

No. 62166

>be 19 and not too serious about my education because college was still really easy in 2nd year. more into drinking and chilling with friends
>meet guy on tinder, hang out a few times, my first time really 'dating' and didn't really test the pool
>23, works at mcdonalds part time, no uni, brokefag, spends all spare time playing games or wasting money on weed
>19 year old me thinks cool, free weed, hangouts slowly form a relationship mainly based on mutual internet humour and eating takeaway
>over next few months i grow up heaps, cut down drinking, study hard, get involved in tons of extracurriculars, get an academic assistant job, win a scholarship to study overseas at end of bachelors, go to the gym regularly
>bf does the same old weed and vidya except is now super insecure, whines when i hang out with friends, spergs over male friends, refuses to participate in my life, does things like drink himself to death and piss in the bed while passed out, constantly eats takeout and refuses to cook so never has money to do anything nice or travel anywhere despite having a flight attendant sister and getting super cheap family flights
>1st time we break up is because he lies to me he plans to go back to uni in the coming semester, doesn't enrol and i only find out later
>i take him back after a week of guilt tripping and regret it ever since, too insecure and weak willed to say no
>date for another few months, his behaviour gets worse, does things like sperg out right before my scholarship interview or rage if i remind him about things like deadlines for uni or renewing his car registration, flat out refuses to exercise with me and is a skelly lanklet etc
>eventually break up with him again and make a big list of reasons I don't want to date him, force myself to read them out to him, he storms off and then tries to text me later to get back together, tell him no
>now in super happy fulfilling relationship with another boy I met in same scholarship program. we have similar interests, work out together, do cool things together like learn archery and try new recipes, cannot be happier. ex tried sperg messaging me a few times but blocked him on all social media :^)

No. 62167

My friend's ex from YEARS ago leaves cringey comments on her IG like "wow, you look beautiful and I turned out like a dumpster, damnit." Also keeps photos of them together from ages ago up as his featured photos on FB. Super cringe and such a "why cant you be as miserable as me" vibe.

No. 62170

>I'm 19, he's 18
>we date for a few weeks, he wants to have sex and I tell him that only after we become "official"
>After we sleep together I don't see him for three weeks and he keeps cancelling/postponing meetups
>I figure out I'll never see him again
>I do see him again, he pretends like nothing happened and that we are happily in a relationship
>Proceeds to chat girls up from all over world on his tumblr, posting things like "sucks when your soulmate lives on the other side of the world"
>Almost breaks up with me, then changes his mind, twice
>I kiss a rando 'cause I've had enough, but he decides to "forgive me" and we stay together
>Does fuck all and is a lazy jobless bastard on benefits
>I help him find a job and eventually a uni course that accepts him with his shitty grades
>two years into the relationship we move in together (I know, I know)
>He starts uni course and pays no attention to me anymore, hangs out with his friends, purposefully doesn't invite me out and lies to me
>I do all the housework because he's a lazy POS, while I still go to uni and try and make sure he's happy
>I get depressed as my parents are getting divorced and he gaslights me and makes me feel like crazy all the time
>Breaks up with me because it's "all too much", says he'll move out but then doesn't and tells me it would be easier if I moved out
>I move out and finally get rid of that asshole
>A month later he's in a relationship with his "friend" from uni who's an ugly whale
>I'm told he was cheating on me the whole time and lied about being tested for STDs before we got together

So that was 2.5 years of my life I'm never getting back. Oh, he was also messed up, went to a psychiatrist as a child and told me that his mum was told he had "sociopathic tendencies", couldn't handle weed or alcohol and passed out/puked often, yet still smoked to be "cool" or whatever.
For months after our break up I would get panic attacks when in situations reminding me of him, from the mental abuse/gaslighting. And I know I should've known better but I was stupid, what can I say.

No. 62171

File: 1496419158256.jpg (33.67 KB, 480x480, uh.jpg)

When I was 14 I dated a 16 year old guy that claimed to have MPD. Oh, but HE didn't like me, "Calvin" did… yeah. Also he was white trash and lived with his family in a filthy heroin house. Broke up with him after his Mom caught him fucking some girl that "another personality was dating". lol.

At 17 I made the same mistake and dated another white trash ~broken~ boy. Just like "Calvin" he lived in a heroin house where his Mom was constantly passed out and his siblings were tearing shit up. I'll call him Trent.

Trent was probably how you imagine every 4chan user, except skeletally skinny and covered in shitty tattoos. He lived in absolute filth. His computer desk (where he spent his time browsing /b/ and playing MMOs) was covered in old cigarettes, food, dishes, and, I shit you not, baby roaches were in his keyboard. When he wasn't complaining about 'not finding a job' (which he never looked for) he was begging me to take nude pics with him to post online. Thankfully I never went beyond kissing him on camera. Oh, and did I mention he loved MLP and was into incest? Of course he was.

The relationship didn't last more than a couple months. You can guess who broke up with who.
Years later he found me on Snapchat and sent some creepy snaps threatening me to come back to him 'or else'. Shows you that some guys never change. (Thankfully I learned to love myself. ~Broken boys~ are insane.)

No. 62172

My first "boyfriend" was a LDR I met on plenty of fish when I was young and sheltered who claimed he was a witch and that he could control the TV because he would think of an episode of a TV show he wanted to see and it would come on a few days later.

Reruns were proof of psychic phenomena.

No. 62175

The first, and last time I ever dated a guy younger than me

He forced me in a relationship, despite me telling him no several times, but I finally ended up giving in, would constantly pressure me into doing sexual things after I said no, especially in public, he cried when I didn't want him to, and would start flirting with other girls and touching them if I didn't let him do stuff to me, then blame me. He filled my head with bullshit about how loyal he is, how I can tell him anything, how I don't have to sugar coat anything, etc. yet would cry for weeks if I told him it bothered me that he grabbed another girls boob in front of me. He wanted to force me to be in a relationship with him because I was going to move to europe after a few years with my family, and said he could take the distance, but couldn't take the distance if I didn't hang out with him all the time, when I did hang with him he twisted it so "it didn't count".Would play the suicidal card, and would get even more suicidal because "he didn't have a bad life" and wanted me to spend 3,000 canadian dollars/usd to go on a trip with me and my friends and claiming my friends would hate him, but wanted to have a "harem" and would probably cry if we rejected him, he would push me to talk about my past problems despite me telling him I'm not comfortable, then play victim if I didn't tell him everything I'm not comfortable with, and later claimed he pushed me to talk about my problems because "he knows its about him"

sexually it was disgusting, he would constantly touch me in public despite me telling him not to, he would stop then do it again 5 minutes later, he was so awful at sex, and kissing, if I leaned my head close to him he would try to flat out start making out and frenching me and it was so nasty, if i went to pick something up he would rub his dick against my ass, he was so ugly and annoying, he had a moderatly high pitched voice for a guy, first time we did it I didnt wanna take his dick out but he whipped it out and told me to "suck it like a popsicle" and said it like a fucking pedophile, it was so nasty, I'm pretty sure he's a pedo as well and constantly fetishized me being asian, would make comments on it, tell me how I look like any asian video game character to ever exist, and had an odd obsession with his cousin, who was a small child

he disgusted me even thinking about him

No. 62195

File: 1496442369286.jpg (2.49 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_7136.JPG)

I've had a several loser exes due to my extremely low self-esteem in my teenage years


>met a guy on /soc/
>tells him I'm 18 because I just moved into a new area and was desperate for friends/bfs
>we dated for like 2 weeks
>one day while we were cuddling on his sofa, his GIRLFRIEND walked in on us
>I was confused and ashamed at the same time when she started yelling at me and trying to pull my hair out
>turns out he wanted to break up with his gf, who shares a rental lease with him, so he told her he was GAY
>you can imagine her surprise when she walked in on us cuddling
>I nope.jpg the fuck out of there, apologizing on my way out
>guy texted me "when you're 18, call me. maybe we can work it out"
>immediately deletes his contacts and never talk to him again

you would think I learned my lesson about meeting guys on chans but I'm married to a /fit/izen lmao fml

No. 62196

That was really dangerous for that guy to gamble like that. Imagine if she had a knife or gun and came at you during that moment of rage.

No. 62197

My ex boyfriend was this guy who I admired online for some reason and I was 14/15 and he was 19. I thought he had a nice voice and seemed cool and nerdy and cute so I liked him blah blah. I ended up liking his brother more (my age actually) and I confessed to his brother which ended up being seen by the original guy (lets call him M) who kept it from the brother and instead confessed that M himself liked me. I went with it because I was lonely and depressed and wanted the attention. Me and M never show faces until he begs me to and I do to which he complains that I'm not asian and I don't look good enough and photoshops me asian and says "this is what you would look like if you were actually pretty". I ended up getting a face pic from him and he was just a fat neckbeard who never brushed his hair. I basically never said anything else to him but blocked him and removed him from everywhere. I'm an idiot for even getting into this I know but I was young and it scarred me and made me wish I was an asian girl lol.

No. 62198

yeah the whole thing was crazy from start to finish

No. 62199

My ex was at first super sweet and charming, but then over time he began to grow violent and controlling.
The things that stand out were
>Seeing him talking to his friend on twitter about sharing pics he got from a girl in a skype chat of her vag
>Telling me he saw hot chicks at the pool and openly talking about cheating
>Confessing he got kicked out of high school for punching a girl and didn't understand why he couldn't punch girls
>Told me he'd probably resort to DV if we got married just because he wants to hit his wife
>Became upset because he didn't save the video of that reporter who got shot on camera by an ex-employee and it got deleted

He also would block me for days on end because he claimed "I'm like a cat and want attention only when I want it." We broke up because after being blocked for a week I finally asked what he wanted to do. He then told me after we became a couple he got bored because he liked the chase of flirting.

Dude was fucked up.

No. 62202

File: 1496451445764.jpg (25.3 KB, 346x450, 1494965653123.jpg)

>tfw ex is such a bitchass loser can't even post about him bc he'd get recognized for the very specific and embarrassingly stupid shit he did stories

Fuck that guy.

No. 62206

First… Same, anon. Same. Second, that picture is hilarious.

My ex was overall a really shitty human being and I was stupid, naive and trusting. I wanted to help him because he was a ~lost soul~. It turns out he was just a really crappy person, extremely vain and impulsive. He's also impossible to stand unless you have a really low self esteem like I did, or if you feel like you deserve to have a horrible person being a vampire in your life because you secretly hate yourself/think you deserve such hell.
Not only did he try to ruin my life, and actively did stuff to try to make it happen, but he was also dangerous and said he'd kill me and my friend. So yeah, definitely not a good bf.
He also used to guilt trip me all the time with the most unthinkable things, cheated on me with one of my good friends (who was a POS like him) and felt pleasure in making me feel sad and heartbroken over him.
Honestly, I don't wish him any harm anymore as long as he stays away from me and doesn't mention me with his filthy mouth ever again, but I know he'll eventually destroy himself.

No. 62208


I posted my MSN in a /soc/ thread when I was 16 out of curiousity. Cue a million adds from random neckbeards chatting me up, saying I was "mature for my age" and they wouldn't usually go for a 16 year old but I'm an exception. None of them ever had photos of themselves as display pics, too. Fucking losers lmao I blocked most of them after a week

No. 62209

I used to be a reg in a chatroom from 15, and some asshole guy there with the username "smartwomenarentreal" added me and started awkward flirting with me, found out later he was a schizo who had a gf irl and who claimed to be able to hack into everyone's PCs which scared me at the time. He typed with ~perfect grammar~ and spent his spare time insulting teenagers online so was clearly an autist retard but for some reason I'd put up with it… never became a relationship thank god, but now I'm curious to re-check his old FB i blocked years and years ago

No. 62211

I was never underage on /soc/ but I definitely gave up on finding anyone meaningful to chat with from contactfagging threads. The worst was when the orbiters would get extremely volatile and mean if you blocked them, were to swamped with requests to see theirs, or chose not to add them.
Every prick demanded attention for saying "hi sup."

No. 62221

what a fucking creep, he seems like a major pedo or rapist, but more whiney, reading that is so gag inducing, but learn how to say no anon, especially to disgusting fags that like him

No. 62228

Shit, this sounds so bad. I'm glad you're out of that hellhole anon.

No. 62233

i never dated this person but it counts as my first romantic relationship so they're an ex to me. we were best friends and he had feelings but i didn't reciprocate. when i rejected him he uncharacteristically had all our mutual friends harass me. this hurt me and i would try to make amends, until eventually the situation escalated over time into me coming over to have sex with him because if i didn't, he would write weird chain emails to his friends making up things i said to make me look bad and i'd get bullied and harassed throughout my school day, and had no friends, so in order to get them back i'd have to go perform fellatio on this creepy person i now hated. he took my virginity and said i was really stupid and slutty for even doing that in the first place since he didn't actually care about me and just wanted to make sure i had to remember the first time with him.

needless to say i have PTSD from the ordeal and tell many mutual friends now of what happened and they still hang with him and post about social justice/anti rape stuff on facebook

No. 62236

Deleted my post to repost with more detail, sorry
>date a guy for 4 months
>guy is a year younger than me
>seriously insecure
>crazy jealous, gets mad at me if i as much as chat with male coworkers
>obviously not working out so i break up with him in the nicest way i could, long face to face talk and promising to stay friends
>to weeks later he has a new girlfriend, good for him
>ask if he still wants to meet
>he replies "lol no"
>THREE YEARS PASS with 0 contact
>im walking somewhere when i see him smoking by the side of the road
>figure i shouldnt say hi, just ignore him
>i dont even know how to react to that level of pettyness so i just keep walking
I knew he was a little pathetic but the fact that he still even gave a shit after three years is a pretty crazy.

No. 62239

Ah, this is my favourite post so far. I lol'd at the ridiculously long-lasting grudge, and just how pathetically low it made him stoop.

All the other posts are more "how much of an asshole my ex was when we were together" and less "how much of a loser my ex turned out to be after we broke up", as I expected from the thread title. This post redeems the thread.

p.s. You did well to just ignore him. Best possible reaction to such shit.

No. 62272

File: 1496575631106.jpg (37.85 KB, 620x413, Older-women-dating-younger-men…)

Hm, it seems a lot of the loser ex stories involve someone younger than the anon who was telling the story


why are younger men in relationships such shitty boyfriends?

No. 62276

why did you mutants stay for so long??

No. 62287


in my experience, there's something wrong with men who can't date their own age group. same goes for men who date people way younger than them. i'm not talking about 2-3 years though, more like 8-10 years of age difference.

No. 62288

File: 1496605053401.jpg (21.21 KB, 600x600, x.jpg)

>be 20
>get a new part-time job
>24 y/o guy in my hiring group keeps chatting me up, invites me to dinner
>accept because free food
>three days later starts telling people I'm his girlfriend, changes his facebook relationship status and everything
>slightly disturbed but decide not to fight it, he seemed nice just really desperate
>invites me over to his house, lives with his parents
>room is covered wall-to-wall in comic book memorabilia, complete man-child cave
>watching netflix
>suddenly throws me down on his bed, whips his dick out, rips my pants off and goes to ram it in raw, all within seconds
>push him off me, ask him wtf he thinks he's doing
>"what? I'm just trying to get my dick wet."

No. 62296

the fuck? that sounds really disgusting. please tell me he wasn't the ugly fat neckbeard im imagining him to be.
why would anyone skip foreplay if they want to get their dick wet? was he genuinely that clueless or just desperate as all hell?

No. 62298

>break up with bf of ~1 year because I wasn't really feeling him romantically anymore and also was gearing up to be slammed with school with no time for a boyfriend anyway
>no contact for ~3 months
>he messages me one day
>"I don't want to cut you out completely, since you were my best friend" kind of shit
>be polite, but restrained because he's clearly still bitter
>spergs out and deletes me for some reason
>another ~3 months pass
>he readds and messages me
>"yeah I'm pretty much over it, wanted to try being friends again"
>brags about his new job and new friends
>asks me out for drinks
>spergs out again and deletes me
>text him to stop being a pussy and delete me for good or get over it
He ended up ranting about how I destroyed his life and that he did everything for me (he dropped out of school and ignored me a lot to play vidya) but I'm just another cold-hearted emotionally unavailable bitch. But also with a twist of "now I'm gonna have to fuck chicks I hate just to get my dick wet because you were the only girl I understood". And some "I have so much else to say to you but I don't want to get arrested". Also called me a disgusting bully because I browse lolcow kek.


No. 62299

He's probably just as you're imagining, he was sort of tall, big, lots of acne everywhere, and ginger. Very punchable face, and acted like a frat dude-bro. Would cry about his dead dad constantly seeking sympathy, even though it had been years since he passed.

I have NO idea what was running through his mind in that moment. Literally nothing could have prepared me for that. He got really pissy when I started telling people at work about it, but he eventually got fired for always being late/never showing up for shifts.


No. 62300

>be me, be bi
>kiss girl at college party after getting permission from her bf who's right there
>after we're done he kisses me
>chemistry, so we make out
>he's 17, I am 22
>it's just a party, who cares
>exchange phone numbers
>he sends me over 20 text messages
>politely and nicely explain to him that I don't usually reply to texts
>he whines a bit and spams me a bit more
>his gf texts me like a normal human being and is friendly
>he's good looking, so when he shows up on the next party we make out again
>he spams me and I have nothing better to do so we hang out
>i get to class one day and people tell me he came by looking for me
>he doesn't even go here.jpg
>cue another party, we make out again because I'm drunk and horny
>all the while he sends me over 20 texts every day
>things come up and there are no more parties
>he still sends me a shitload of texts
>his gf dropped out and he still shows up around campus, looking for me
>one day at home my phone rings
>it's him
>i ignore him
>suddenly my doorbell rings
>i tell him "please go away" and he never talks to me again

Don't get me wrong, I was pretty crazy myself, but this was some next level shit.
I still have no idea how he got my address.

No. 62311

honey that's called rape and you can have him prosecuted for that.

i'm sorry to say this but you're an idiot.

No. 62317

That's not rape, anon. He stopped when she asked him to stop. It is disgusting, however. Nothing grosses me out more than a man saying he wants to get his dick wet. Fucking gag.

No. 62320


correct me if i'm wrong but "suddenly throws me down on his bed, whips his dick out, rips my pants off and goes to ram it in raw" reads to mean there was forced penetration (i.e. he rammed his dry penis into her before she was even wet), it's textbook rape?

No. 62321

Oh no no, anon I'm sorry if the way I worded it was confusing. He did prod his dick against me, about to ram it in, but because of how fast and scary things got my instincts set in and I just immediately kicked him off. Sadly that wasn't the first time a guy tried to force himself on me, so all those fears and anxieties came rushing back in an instant.

Like >>62317 said, he did stop. But he acted like a pissy child having a tantrum for not getting what he wanted for the rest of the night.

No. 62326

my ex messaged the boy that i was talking to that we had sex the day after we broke up. boy called me a panic but understood as we weren't together yet. i told him to block my ex (i already did) and he did. it's been months but i still get mad about it.

it was pity sex that i regret you pathetic scumbag you were the worst mistake of my life

No. 62327

oh i forgot to mention that while it took me a very short time to get over my ex it was because he was a controlling, jobless asshole who wanted me to publicly announce i wasn't talking to someone like we were in fucking middle school. while i was asleep after that last session he went through my phone. he'd stalked me online and once harassed me at university (which he doesn't attend) about it. i hope he rots in a ditch.

No. 62333


oh, i see. still anon, forcing you down like that was no joke, especially if you experienced similar behavious before. i feel for you and i'm glad you were able to react in time, but still i kind of wish you pursued legal action just to light a fire under his loser butt.

No. 62334

It's not rape but it's still sexual harassment.

No. 62339

I'm sorry anon :(

No. 62341

>But he acted like a pissy child having a tantrum for not getting what he wanted for the rest of the night.
Wtf why would you stay there after that

No. 62343

Completly agree. Younger guys are usually immature and not ready for a healthy relationship.

>Be me, bored and ready to make bad decisions

>Meet guy who's in the military in a base nearby
>Really stupid but sweet in a way and the parties at their base are lit
>Pursues me for weeks and weeks I slowly give in
>Suddenly no contact for weeks
>His friends tell me his gf is in town atm
>Ok then
>"I can explain everything"
>Blocks him for months
>Suddenly run into him later, decides to forgive him because i'm bored
>Starts to be better, we slowly hang out together
>Decides to sleep with him a few times
>He's now bored and tells me we need to see other people because he's afraid I want to date him
>Still text from time to time
>He starts sending me pics of other girls
>Starts sperging out because I don't care
>Begs me to come hang out
>Calls me at random hours of the night
>"You're a fucking cunt don't ever talk to me again!"
>Blocks me everywhere and move to another city

I know the fragility of the male ego is like a SJW joke but it's so fucking true

No. 62368

>dated an "aspiring" gamer who wanted to join the esport world
>held a job at a cafe when i met him; seemed like a good guy
>dated him for a month and started playing mmos with him
>game was hard for me because it was a foreign game with no english patch (game was Chinese; ex was Chinese)
>when i couldnt keep up i asked him for help during a raid
>laughed at me and called me a crazy bitch
>dropped the game and did not talk to him till he apologized
>things are fine for 3 months
>OW comes out and he gets really into it
>gets fired from his job and holes up in his room
>did I tell you he's 28
>parents refuse to pay his rent
>he begs to move in with me and my roommates
>I decline because he hasn't replied to me or texted me in over 2 weeks since OW launch
>he tweets a passive aggressive threat on me and calls me a bitch for not helping him
>break up with him via twitter
>a day after, he calls me and cries for forgiveness
>see him literally living in the streets
>feels bad and let him crash at my room
>he drives out the roommates with his behavior and hygiene
>Im in shitty mother mode so I let it slide and take care of him
>he stole my belongings to afford his virtual items
>he sold used underwear on reddit lol
>when I confronted him, he said he wore them and then sold it
>i want to laugh or die
>this fucker made $700 over the course of 4 months by selling underwear
>stole $300 worth of items from me
>kick him out; beg roommates to return because I've depleted my savings
>he goes to Minnesota to stay with his gamer bro
>he calls me 2 months later crying that his roommate wants him to pay rent
>wtf do you want me to do about it
>he asks me to support him lul
>he can't get a job because he needs to "train"
>blocked his ass after laughing like crazy

No. 62374

unconsentual penetration isn't rape? I think thats the literal definition of rape…

No. 62377

I think it's hilarious that gamers get so deep into their delusional fantasies that they start to behave like most drug addicts.

Just replace games with heroin and it sounds exactly what addicts do!

No. 62380

another anon here
I'm assuming the reason she didn't describe it as "he tried to rape me" is b/c he initiated it so fast but actually stopped once she protested, like he probably thought she was down in his small little mind as he went for it

No. 62400

>look maybe 15, am immature and sheltered
>live in small town
>get with a friend of my parents who has been creeping on me for a few years, he's 42
>too depressed and indifferent to take charge of my own life, just let him do to me what he wants all the time. everything has to be super secret because everyone knows everyone in our town and he doesn't want people to know.
>this goes on for maybe a year
>the only "relationship" I ever had.
>now he goes on holiday in Thailand a lot. I know exactly what he does there. fml

No. 62402


what a psycho. Did the roommates return and things are fine again for you, anon? omg

No. 62419

File: 1496795800370.gif (924.69 KB, 297x168, 1469465205985.gif)

This thread is great and I hope more anons share their experiences.

No. 62453

What the fuck man, report his ass already. Burn him, he doesn't deserve to live

No. 62455

> 19
> incredibly low self esteem, one acquaintace
> feel directionless in life and seeing a psychologist who encourages me to hang out with acquaintance and her boyfriend
> hangs out with them
> acquaintance's boyfriend messages me and we relate on our depression
> tells me he loves me and wants me to see him
> i tell him it's wrong, i'm not into him like that
> he dumps her anyway and tells to me to get into a relationship with him otherwise he'll go back to the acquaintance and tell her everything
> spend the next 2 months with him in secret, feeling like a shitty friend to acquaintance, not really into the guy
> pressures me into having sex, when it doesn't work gets upset
> finally have the courage to stop seeing him
> he calls me the love of his life, threatens to kill himself if I leave
> i try to calm him down.
> he suggests we should see each other "like friends with benefits" for the next 6 weeks before he graduates
> i delete all social media
> have nobody in my life for support so slowly tried to piece my life back together alone
> 2 years later on my birthday: good grades, just met a new guy, trying to make new friends
> loser ex-bf e-mails me wishing me a happy birthday and hopes we can meet up soon

i know this story probably makes me look a lot worse than the guy. i felt awful about what i did for a very long time. but i've learned a lot since then.

No. 62458

Dude, what am I supposed to do? I wasn't underage and I'm not responsible for his actions now. Do you know how many guys do that kind of tourism? It's fucked up but it's not my job to stop them.

No. 62459

I only dated this guy for about 3 months.

> i'm 16

> have no idea how love or relationships are supposed to work
> forces feelings for every "cute" guy i meet because i desperately seek attention and love
> meet guy through friends
> fall "in love" with him (he's 15)
> turns out he's the most whiney insecure loser i've ever met
> is vegetarian
> constantly berates his own family for being hunters and having a bunch of "corpses" in the freezer
> i try to explain to him about how much better hunting is compared to industrialised meat production
> it's all the same to him, keeps hating his family and calling them murderers while they cook vego shit for him without complaining
> he's a literal baby
> started crying once because he accidentally ran over a worm with his bike
> claimed he wouldn't care if he saw a human die, but would go into panic if he saw old roadkill "cuz amimals r better than hoominz"
> his room looked like it neither had walls nor floor because of all the stuff he had scattered everywhere
> had pictures of naked girls all over his bedroom wall because he pretended his family would go crazy if they found out he was bi (they didn't give a single fuck and they already knew because he bragged about it all the time)
> had no idea how to handle money
> wasted all the savings his family intented for him to have once he moved out on guitars and effect pedals
> got used by his asshole friends constantly because he was insanely easy to fool and "did everything for friendship", including wasting all his money on pizzas for them because he didn't want to see them go hungry (they never went hungry, they all had loving families that fed them properly, he was just dumb af)
> wanted to go to a concert with me
> friends bought all the tickets so we could pay them later
> of course he wasted all his cash on used LP's instead because "they might not be there next time, i gotta get them now, they'll probably be worth a fortune some day!"
> i had to pay for his tickets
> had an expensive computer
> complained it was a shit computer and that the store had scammed him because he couldn't burn cd's properly (he did literally everything wrong and i had to teach him)
> thought he had permanently deleted the waste bin (he had just moved the icon) and that deleting things were now impossible
> i break up with him as nicely as i possibly can, explaining how we just don't fit together
> he cries but accepts
> still have a few of his things at my moms (a few t-shirts and some ps2 games)
> assumed he didn't care for them
> 2-3 months later i get a random call from him
> in the mopiest most emo voice i've heard he says "i'm outside. i'm here to get my stuff"
> he lives in another town wtf, bus takes like an hour
> i meet up with him
> he's turned full on bargain basement emo, wears ill fitting black clothes, eyeshadow UNDER his eyes, half of his mouse-colored hair is swept over one eye like side-bangs except it's not even bangs
> he gets his stuff and just walks out without saying a word
> never hear from him again


No. 62463

>Be 16, meet guy in a chat room and exchange tumblrs
>Talk on tumblr for a few years, live in opposite ends of the same city so eventually meet up twice, im severely depressed and wanted a bf to make me feel normal bc no social life
>both move to the same city for college, live in separate dorms that neighbour each other
>now seeing him frequently instead of the odd meetup for a day
>his personality irl is NOTHING like how it comes across online. Online bf is witty, funny, can deal with my emotions well, was genuinely my best friend for ages, well angled flattering photos
>irl: dweeby looking, cant dress, beta manlet, can't carry a conversation, cant socialise normally, literally obsessed with me (eg blocked male friends on my fb without me knowing) and pushes DDLG on me
>pampered; doesnt know how to do simple things like fry an egg or study
>Everyone at college asks why tf are you dating such a loser. Literally so different to online personality
>feel no attraction to him, break up a few months later
>date another guy, try to stay friends with ex
>ex is clingy, wants me to hang out with him but pretty much as dates eg seeing movies alone together
>follows me around clubs
>asks me to take him shopping for clothes i like on him
>block him on everything and cut him off, way too demanding and I dont even like him
>he whines to all my friends for ages and tells a friend he's develops a fetish for my race (he's white) and wants another girl from my race with my personality

Anyone else met up with someone from online who was nothing like online personality? ;___;

No. 62502

please elaborate on him pushing DDLG on you- it's hilarious to me that someone would want to take on a "dad" role but couldn't fry an egg

No. 62532


he would ask me to call him daddy all the time despite me saying it made me uncomfortable, wanted to take tumblry style photos of him choking me with his tiny ass manlet hands, got mad if I called my real father dad or even mentioned his name (???), always wanted me to wear pigtails even though I look retarded in pigtails and wanted to have sex in my one lolita dress (not a lolita, but I own a cheap BTSSB dress I find pretty and never wear outside)

one time, he said he had a surprise for me after i did well in an essay and it was just this stupid "im so proud of my little girl" ms paint certificate in comic sans he probably found on google

No. 62533


I ask myself that every day. I genuinely think I was brainwashed into thinking no one else would love me and I couldn't do better. And also my friends were too polite to ever say anything cause I seemed outwardly happy enough. But a lot of the blame is on me too.

No. 62534

File: 1496975921282.png (355.7 KB, 572x380, O40do5r.png)

That's fucking hilarious (and creepy) thank you for sharing.

>choking me with his tiny ass manlet hands


No. 62537

File: 1496979036446.png (86.7 KB, 301x337, 1488473228156.png)

Mine isn't too notable, but I'd never miss an opportunity to shit all over my ex.

>dated for years

>proposed in the most cringe-worthy way (don't even ask)
>barely paid attention to me most of the time bc "muh video games"
>lived with parents in late 20's, couldn't drive
>no education or ambitions
>looked down on entry level jobs
>lied to me about loads of shit
>finally broke up
>tried to win me back multiple times
>had to block him on everything just to get away from him

First and last time I'll ever date a robot. Looking back I have no idea why I stuck around so long. I guess it was just because I had a lot of issues at the time and didn't really have a lot of other support/people in my life.

No. 62538

>he said he had a surprise for me after i did well in an essay and it was just this stupid "im so proud of my little girl" ms paint certificate in comic sans he probably found on google

fuck that just reminded me. one time my ex said he had a surprise for me and it was just that he shaved his pubes

what the fuck goes on in the male brain

No. 62541

Dude, me three. Weird ex did that stuff all the time. He could be a good gift giver, but would pull weird shit like "here's the gift -my shaved crotch" thing too. Do they want us to thank them? Lmao it's not like they thank us when we shave.

No. 62543



No. 62552

Reminds of my friends who hyped a big surprise to their girlfriends so they put on really nice dresses and heels because they thought they were going fancy, like a fine restaurant.

They went to see a soccer game.

Because they guys were huge fans. And one of the girl was pregnant at the time.
They're really nice, proper guys and they genuinely thought they would enjoy it as much as them, I'm just guessing sometimes guys become retarded for short periods of time.

No. 62563

We were watching the fireworks on TV for New Years and he got up like 10 seconds before midnight and said, "Be right back. I gotta go take a shit," and ran off to the bathroom. He comes back a few seconds later and proposes, kind of just stumbling over his words and spilling spaghetti. It was the least romantic thing you could imagine and the lowest effort thing he could possibly do.

No. 62596

File: 1497046885736.gif (Spoiler Image,2 MB, 400x251, tumblr_o47lodrfb61saxkr1o1_400…)

I was in a relationship for two years with this one manchild. He pulled a lot of stupid shit, but I'll stick to some of the cringy highlights.

>he would randomly wear Joker make-up for a period of time (The Dark Knight had just come out)

>admitted he would freeze pic related when he was younger and masturbate to it
>maxed out his credit card on magic the gathering and world of warcraft card game shit
>would call me in the middle of the night to argue, talk about emo shit, or lie about being on a bridge and wanting to jump
>during calls would hang up and then call me back angrily because I didn't try to call him back
>got pissy when I wouldn't bring him lunch at work
>wanted to have a baby despite us living at my parent's house
>balked when I said babies are fucking expensive and responded with something akin to, "all they really need is love!"

I'm sure there's more stuff I'm not remembering right now, but just imagine an early twenties guy desperately trying to be an adult and failing so hard at it. The break-up was pretty satisfying even if it started with me being a huge doormat.

>be me at 21

>meek and spineless after years of gaslighting and mental abuse
>bf comes home from work
>has been hanging out with a woman co-worker
>he admits he might have feelings for co-worker, wants to figure stuff out
>"o-okay, bf"
>they continue hanging out
>bf tells me he's leaving me for her
>initially devastated over it
>get a call a few days later
>"anon, I made a horrible mistake, I want to get back together"
>get uncharacteristically angry
>suddenly grow a spine of steel
>"No. You made your choice."
>bf is shocked, sounds like he shit a brick
>tries every trick in the book
>"But I love you, anon!"
>"You're my soulmate!"
>"It's either you or I die cold and alone!"
>it escalates to him sobbing and me screaming at him to leave me alone until call ends
>after a few instances of stalking and trying to get me to reconsider in person, finally leaves me alone
>a sort of mutual friend contacts me to tell me ex-bf got really depressed and drunk because me, supposedly fell down stairs
>Didn't give a shit. Didn't feel bad about not giving a shit.

Definitely a turning point in my life. Too bad it had to happen because of a loser.

Bonus: One time he was driving with the window down and a bee flew in through the window, somehow fell down his pants, and stung him in the ass. Wish I was making it up (especially since I like bees). Just one of those weird-ass karma moments.

No. 62612

>he would randomly wear Joker make-up for a period of time (The Dark Knight had just come out)
niqqa wut

No. 62613

File: 1497079521761.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 385.jpg)

dropped pic but i didnt drop my keks

No. 62628


This is hilarious anon, what the fuck re point 2. Fucking retard

No. 62649

Ot: what movie is the gif related to?

No. 62651

File: 1497125042750.gif (468.56 KB, 480x228, 2nlaaoi.gif)

>Joker makeup
>manchild WoW nerdlet
>bee stings him in ass

L M A O, Oh Anon, I am so glad you're free of him and thanks for the laughs

No. 62700

The Animatrix about the history of humanity and machines, called The Second Renaissance.

No. 62715

Satisfying read

No. 62723

>be me, early 20s, off a bad breakup, just lost my whole group of friends because of one person turning them against me, and am incredibly lonely
>Find guy on dating site while looking for friends
>Despite my "JUST FRIENDS" profile he ends up asking me out second week of knowing him, says i can move in
>Living with abusive as fuck family that just fights constantly and just came off a suicide attempt so agree mostly to get away from him
>Whole relationship is mostly us being friends with me trying to do the girlfriend thing

Everything i did as a girlfriend he kinda kicked me in the face for
>Make him lunches or wrap up dinner leftovers for him to take to work
>He completely ignores them and gets taco bell for his lunch
>Throws a fit if i ask him to bring me home some once in awhile because he "can't afford it."
>buy him nice things for his birthday (Like spent a paycheck just trying to make his birthday special, baked him a cake and everything)
>eats half a slice of cake and wastes the rest (Like fuck, throw it out when i'm not around and pretend you devoured it or something..)
>says thanks for the gifts and goes back to playing video games

But the real kicker is christmas
>Be two days before christmas, we're at his friend's house
>His friends mom comes in and they talk about him coming over after work on christmas (Yeah he had to work shitty retail on christmas)
>He's laughing and agreeing, meanwhile i know nothing of this plan so i get upset
>Talk to him on the way home about it, say how since he's not going to be home all day that i want to spend time with him after he gets off work since it's christmas DAY
>he agrees, promises he'll come home straight after work
>Christmas comes, my mom and friend come over, we spend all day making christmas cookies and I make chicken pot pie from scratch for dinner
>Drop off cookies to him and even some for all of his coworkers because they're all stuck in a story with no customers all day
>he doesn't even come out front to thank me so i leave them with his coworkers
>He gets off work
>Calls me
>He's about to go to his friend's house after all
>I had to yell at him to get him to come home and eat the dinner i spent hours making first
>He comes, eats as fast as he fucking can, and leaves
>I just completely burst into tears

I didn't love him before this. We were barely dating but i was tryng to make things work. I'm not proud of it but after this night i started cheating with my friend (Now my husbad) because i was hurt. I made it clear to him we were over and just tried to keep things awkward until the lease was up and i could move out, eventually broke up with him officially. But he guilt tripped me into going to visit his dad with him who didn't know we had broken up despite it being months by this point which was the most awkward weekend of my life.

I made bad decisions with this one but i'm still really hurt by this, especially coming from someone who kept bringing up marriage (despite me firmly saying i wasn't interested in marriage a few times to get him to understand we were not in it for the long haul long before he made me hate him)

Oh and he also broke my tablet within our first month or so of dating and never even offered to replace it once he found out the local shop couldn't fix it, so just left me to be out $300.

On the bright side, I've been with my friend for three years now and it's great.

No. 62725

Holy shit anon did we date the same douche?

>had the same obsession with the Joker, randomly dressed up in a shitty party city costume.

>insisted on calling me his "Harley Quinn" gag
>extreme manchild, even named his dog after the creator of Marvel comics
>would come to my house at midnight and have me sit in his car with him while he sobbed that the world was against him, happened at least three times a week
>overly jealous of any guy friend in my life, despite knowing some of them for 10+ years
>would cut friends out of his own life for even smiling at me
>had weekly arguments of his "manhood" being threatened, blamed my libido for his feelings of insecurity and "muh masculinity" being questioned
>would cry and scream at me when i wanted to fuck, said it wasn't right for me to ask and that he had to be the one to initiate it ALWAYS
>told me he could never love me because im bi and therefore could never be worthy of his trust or something
>dumped him after 4 months of this bullshit
>a year later and he's still randomly texting me, liking my photos, and adding me on snapchat, etc
>constantly having to block him to this day

No. 62782

> thought he had permanently deleted the waste bin (he had just moved the icon) and that deleting things were now impossible

omg. my abs. i cant stop laughing

myspace days?

No. 62819


where the fuck do you find these people ????

No. 62822

File: 1497287108974.jpg (57.65 KB, 500x500, 5sos-emo-grung-grunge-Favim.co…)


Sounds like Myspace kids or these days more like tumblr crowd XDDD

No. 62859

I was 15 at the time when I dated this 17 year old boy for about a year. He was heavily into Roblox, MLP, and Warrior Cats. He tried to force me to watch MLP and you know how every ponyfag says, " Give it a chance!11 ". I know too much about this show, and his favorite pony ofc is Fluttershy. He would wear a fluttershy hoodie to school and would constantly say everypony instead of everyone. He wouldn't shut up about MLP and constantly tell everyone he met that he loves fucking fluttershy. Well anyways this dude also happens to draw. He left his sketchbook on the table wide open when he left for a restroom break one day. I peeked into it cos why the hell not. He drew me as a pony. He drew me as a stupid ass pony in lewd positions. He comes back from the restroom and sees me looking into his sketchbook. He says nothing about it. I broke up with him and he started to sperg on me. He would constantly call me a ugly bitch and send me messages about how I'm a nasty slut and whatnot. We didnt see each other for the next 4 years bcos he switched schools. Fast foward 4 years, I happen to see him at a grocery store with his bronyfag friend. I walk past him without saying anything. I can hear him behind me telling his friend that he " fucked that ugly bitch ". I ignore his comment because I know he wants a response. As I was leaving the store he confronts me telling me how ugly I got throughout the years and how he's getting bitches as of late. I continue to ignore him and he starts to publicly sperg out. He starts to shout at me saying how I have herpes and I'm a dumb ugly slut.
> Security guard tells him stfu
> He starts yelling at the security guard that I was harassing him
> Mom's and 3 month old babies start to quietly judge him
> Security guard escorts him out of the store kek
> Feels good to ignore and walk away from pathetic ass ex.
It's been a couple of years later and he has a deviantart that my friend found dedicated to furry fetish art. Damn it feels good :^)

No. 62868

File: 1497347808881.jpg (15.52 KB, 500x504, rtuu.jpg)

current bf is a loser

>meet online, all he can talk about is vidya

>we finally meet irl and I come to find out he works a shitty job and still lives with his parents
>his younger brother has his own place, a salaried job and is overall more attractive
>bf still thinks hes superior
>tries to cheat on me, falls through because hes a mouth-breathing uggo
>is still creepily obsessed with his ex
>spends all his free time playing vidya, getting fat and whining about how unfair his life is
>his boss obviously hates him because hes a lazy moron
>his parents tell me how disappointed they are in him constantly

more recently:
>I'm away for the weekend, come back to my place trashed
>wtf bf?
>whining about how he doesnt know how to use the washer and he was busy
>busy doing what bf?
>whines about how he has no free time and misses living with his parents because they did everything for him
>mfw I'm too pretty for this bullshit

I cheated on him this weekend out of pure frustration, and if it wasnt for my crazy abandonment issues I would have left him some time ago. Sorry for the self-pitying rant, I just can't believe I got myself into this mess lmao!

No. 62869


Tbh just leave that fatass

No. 62889

File: 1497369009847.jpg (6.74 MB, 2716x1810, lys.jpg)


No. 62892

I get the abandonment shit which is why I stuck with my deadbeat ex for 6 years. Let me tell you girl, it's not worth it. He's gonna suck the life out of you and leave you with even more issues.

Leave him, get some therapy, and find someone else who's not a pathetic neckbeard.

No. 62894


Dump him. Now.
You even cheated on him, there's nothing connecting you too anymore but your current status as bf and gf, so you won't be losing anything, just gaining.

Dump him.

You deserve better, anon.

No. 62896

File: 1497378657137.png (216.15 KB, 504x529, Bitch please nobody satisfies …)

This might sound harsh, but honestly I dated the nicest dude for 3 years but holy shit without getting into the full story I swear to god his mother completely emasculated him for me. I never fucked the dude because of it.
I legitimately thought I was asexual for a while, and then when I met my second boyfriend, who turned out to be a complete dickwad anyway, but that's another post for another time- I could only then get intimate with someone because he actually had a backbone.

Seeing a grown adult man who is 3 years older than me be walked over and treated like a child by his mother completely ruined any form of sexual attraction.

No. 62907

>I won't give you the full story, but trust me, the guys I dated are [belittlement] [insult]
Sure, angel

No. 62919

Fuck off, robot, having someone to describe you hurt your feefees? Kill yourself.

No. 62928

>14, met first real boyfriend
>everything goes fine, but due to distance we break up
>see each other when he's in town, nothing weird
>fast forward to 5 years later
>he comes in town pretty early in the day, no one to see this early
>let's invite him to house, we're friends now, nothing bad will happen rite ?
>talk with him, smoke a bit on his joint
>the fucker put an extra dose, I'm feeling so bad I think I'm going to die
>go into my bed
>he comes
>tries to touch me even though I'm lethargic
>try to go away, push his head when he tries to kiss me
>mfw he doesn't stop
>bolt to toilets without saying anything, with my last bit of energy and consciousness
>come back, sleep on the sheets at his opposite
>turn on the pc for him to play so he stops touching me
>fast forward to hours later when I'm finally able to drive him to a friends place
>"but anon, I'm sure my friend won't be awoke yet !"
>get the fuck out my house

Later on I texted him about how it showed I didn't want. Instead of saying sorry, I got spammed about how we should do it again, and why, even when I was clearly saying no.

No. 62929

So, I have quiet a few stories about my ex who went from military to Neet in record time, but for now, I'll share just one.

>Me early 20's, lucky to make it out of HS with a $15 per hour job, also going to college full time while working 40 hours a week.

>Him, also early 20's. Went into the Navy, but got general under honorable because too stupid to follow directions. During this timeframe, he's dragging his feet to go to VA to get his benefits.
>So at this point in time, we are living with his parents, since we could no longer afford to live on our own because I was the only one employed.
>There was a Target just down the street a bit from where we lived, and he applied to get a job there.
>"Hey I got the job!"
>Now, home slice and I are high school sweet hearts, we were together for about 10 years before I walked the fuck away. So I can read him like a book, and smelt bullshit right away.
>Me: "That's great! I'll stop by <my employer's store> and get you some new khaki pants."
>Him: "Actually, I don't need to buy anything."
>Bullshit flag raised.jpg I made a stance with myself to just let him go and fuck up, I wasn't going to coddle him anymore. Not after the whole Navy fiasco. So I waited.
>He tells his mom the news, she's excited as well and asks for his schedule.
>Schedule days comes and goes. He's not leaving with anything on that would be Target approved.
>Later on that night, we're all having dinner his mom starts, "So I stopped by your work the other day, when you said you were working. I didn't see your car in the parking lot, and after talking to some of the workers, they didn't even know who you were."
>"..Ok, I didn't get the job, but I didn't want to disappoint you guys either."

Y'all, would you believe I stayed with this loser for three more years?!

No. 62936

File: 1497472289049.jpg (9.06 KB, 319x316, 1430739914386-0.jpg)

Hoo boy, if this is what you're opening with, I can't wait until you share further, anon.

No. 62951

>15 years old, i meet this guy online through a small "community" of people who post memes and stupid shit like that
>i was fresh from a breakup, torn about it, so this guy and i get together
>profile picture is him in front of a confederate flag holding a gun (i shit you not)
>racist as fuck (obviously), claims he's from russia but his accent sounds fake
>supposedly kicked out of school for beating up black people who attacked him (which i don't believe), no job and no plans for college or career. NEET
>when i asked him what he wanted to do in life he said he wanted to conquer shit and be some kind of new age spartacus
>never interesting at all, always talking about videogames and sending me screenshots of whatever strategy game he was playing
>we literally only had 1 conversation that wasn't about his stupid games or anime that he liked
>i always pretend to be interested because he kind of scared the shit out of me over time and i was afraid to speak my mind
>he was really into history and would send me wikipedia articles on wars
>start thinking he is an aspie because he shows all the symptoms
>he was really obsessed with Rome and GENUINELY believed that he was the reincarnation of Caesar
>would get mad at me for insulting Caesar as if i was insulting him
>once told me this story about how he beat the shit out of some alligators when he went fishing with his grandpa (LOL)
>one time trying to be hot he said "i'll fuck you hard and thrust into you like a battering ram" (DOUBLE LOL)
>incredibly controlling, i had a male friend that i hardly spoke to but he told me to cut him off or else he'd "just leave, np"
>always covered his face in photos and the only pictures he sent me of himself was him engulfed in darkness where i couldn't see his face
>humiliated and threatened me a lot
>we only voice called once for 5 minutes

>now it's MANY years after i broke up with him (only dated 3 months but he begged me not to leave when i broke up with him)

>i found out just last month that he's been stalking my instagram on an account i didn't know was him
>i found out it was him because he posted this shitty picture of a tracing of one of MY drawings that i sent him years ago
>literally he traced my drawing and posted it?

luckily we only dated for 3 months but holy shit he is something i am so heavily ashamed about. needless to say i was VERY desperate for a rebound and i think i only kept him around after a while just for the laughs

No. 62993

It's like >>62165 is personally talking to me and I shouldn't get back with one of my exes, who isn't a crappy person per se but did lots of stupid shit, but I'm going to give him a second chance because I am sad/lonely and i know he loves me and wants to make things work. But he's still immature as ever and now I have the added negative bonus of knowing he did a bunch of stupid shit during our breakup. I wish I could just stop myself now but my feet are deep in this shit and I can't escape atm. At least I know this is the first and last time I'm doing this.
Someone hold my hand…sigh.

/End rant

No. 62996


Two just for you bby <3

Brain Ramen. This took place a little before we moved in with his parents. We were getting out of a shit situation and my ex's brother took us in until his parents finished remodeling their master bedroom as an emergency measure.

>Be us, couple with no kids who got an illegal eviction notice over a box of generic frosted flakes. (Yes, my life was a complete shit show and I'm thinking about writing a book about it, but I digress.)

>No! Be SO's Older Bro, late 20's making 80K because of IT job hopping, now a Project Manager. Renting a house and being a general hipster with his on and off fiance.

Now, I'll back up and explain some things. When I first started hanging out with our ex roommates, aside from missing a shit tone of red flags, they introduced me to pot. Later on, my ex got to try after leaving the Navy. I still kick myself to this day for allowing it to happen, given I knew he had an addictive personality. It only usually came out in forms of video game addition. That's my cross to bear. Back to the story.

>Ex's Older Bro: I don't care if you smoke pot, just don't do it on my property.

>seems fair.jpg
>Ex: "Nah, I'll do it in this sweet ass barn/shed." He deices to make some ramen, toke the pipe, and play Gary's Mod.
>I get home, house is smoking. Run to the kitchen to find over boiled ramen in a stainless steel pot
>fucking stoners.jpg
>Removed it from the stove, tore in to Ex.
>Me: How are you going to fix this? (Older bro's fiance loved to bake and was starting to form her own business, so they had all the best cookware.)
>Ex: Don't worry, I'll handle it. <Proceeds to just hide the pot, acting like they wouldn't even notice>
>Later that evening.jpg
>Older Bro: Dude, have you seen the soup pot?
>Ex: No.
>Older Bro: Are you sure, we checked all the cabinets and the sink and can't seem to find it? Also, are you smoking in my shed?
>Ex: def no.
>A month goes by, I find the pot, where ex hid it. The bottom has a burned surface that resembles a brain.
>Googles how to clean stainless steel pot
>Proceed to purchase Bar Keepers Friend, steel wool, and all determination my Asian heart could give.
>Pot is clean enough to use, but still has a slight brain look to it on the bottom. Put it back into the kitchen.
>Informed Ex, cause we all know what happens next.
>Older Bro: So, what happened with the soup pot?
>Ex: idk.
>allofmywat.jpg; facepalm.jpg

Jailed for Pot. My ex and I became friends with a dude who could qualify as neet, but deals pot on the side. He was taken in by our ex roommates, when the owner of townhouse he was living in got sick of his neet shit and sold the property. He was pretty chill, but shady as fuck. We'll call him Sunnyside.

>Don't ever be Sunnyside. Late to early 30's, two kids by the same baby mama, but not together. No job, no schooling, just watching his own kids on someone elses dime.

>Don't be Ex. Bad stoner who steals from everyone around him.
>Sunnyside and Ex get caught in a predominately black neighborhood by cops. Sunnyside and Ex are as white as snow.
>Cops: So what are you doing here?
>Sunnyside: Selling cookware on Craigslist.
>Ex: I was driving him.
>Sunnyside gets charged with intent to distribute. Ex gets possession.
>Me: Ok, game over, lets get you a lawyer.
>Ex: Nah, Sunnyside is going to teach me what I need to know.
>What Can Go Wrong.jpg

>Court date, I was at work, because I didn't have enough leave to take it off. Ex has a surprising track record of talking himself out of shit. So I figured he would have just gotten a fine and some probation.

>Get a call, its from Jail, ex got five days. Sunnyside is on the run, didn't show up for his hearing, but went with Ex to his. Sunnyside drove Ex's car home as a solid (but slept in it that night).
>Explain to boss about leaving early for an 'emergency'
>Get home to find car and talk with Sunnyside.
>Ex's dad is the first to get home, but being a barely functional alcoholic Navy Vet. He disappeared into his garage to blast Metallica, drink, and do woodworking things.
>Ex's mom comes home later, and I decide now is the time to drop the bomb.
>Me: so, your son wont be home for five days, he's in <city's> jail for procession of pot.
>Ex's mom: I'm so sorry, if you want to divorce him over this, we'd understand.
>Me: Um, lets get him into a rehab program first. NGL, this hit me like a ton of bricks. I don't like my parents, but for good reasons. But to admit your own kid was shit, damn thats just cruel. So, being the doormat I was, I found him a program that was outpatient.
>Ex only goes to therapy two times, decides it's too expensive of a copay and stops.
>I had to take a break from college and started to get my shit together mentally. I was starting to learn, the only person who truly cared about me, my wellbeing, and my future was just me, and my ex was just not capable mentally.


I'll say this. I was raised with the mentality that you don't let something like marriage or relationships go. If you did, it was an easy way out. (Ah, sweet, sweet, Catholicism)

What I learned after my divorce was never be a doormat, set firm boundaries with timelines if needed, and never set yourself fire to keep a loser warm. So if you're going to try this rodeo again, pre-set some boundaries for yourself and him. Discuss this with him throughly, ensure he understands he's on thin ice.

But you gotta know when to disengage and go through with it in the event a boundary is crossed, or a timeframe is missed. If you can't trust yourself to be capable of doing that, might as well just lay down for him to stomp all over you.

No. 63040

File: 1497570036319.gif (1.55 MB, 320x240, birb.gif)

My high school boyfriend was a /b/tard, a stoner, and had an obsession for redheads, and that sentence alone will tip off anyone who knew me/him then, lmao. At least it wasn't as bad as other Anon's stories, but jeez, I was not a clever teenager.

>Get crush on boy, ask him out

>He says he wants to check with his best female friend first to see if she wants to date him instead
>Retarded teen me thinks "oh ok"
>She rejects him, he settles for me

>ExBF and I looking through his XBox files to make something work/fix something iirc

>Thumbnail for Photos section is a lewd girl
>Ask him about it
>We open up the Photos and its lewds he got from a girl online, photos of an actress, dozens upon dozens of photos of his ex gf
>All redhead girls, turns out all of his exes were redheads
>I'm a brunette

>We've been on/off for a couple of yrs

>Him and his ex gf become friends on facebook
>She sends me messages telling me that he's told her he wants her back, he misses her, etc.
>I don't believe her at the time
>She wasn't lying (but she also rejected him)

>FF to long after we've broken up

>He messages me on fucking Gaia (I stopped using it but I got the e-mail notification)
>He asks how I am and iirc he said he missed me or some garbage
>Immediately told his current gf about the messages and told her that she shouldn't have dyed her hair black because he likes red hair (her natural color)
>She quickly has her natural color again >fucking kek

Also considering he was a /b/tard and his father got a gf with a daughter who was my ex bf's same age and attractive…I still have some serious suspicions of whether he ever masturbated to her or made a move, or if they're step-siblings now and if he is creepy af.

No. 63046

Wow. Are you me?

I had a couple male friends like that, my lame first ever junior year boyfriend fits that description to a T, so much fire and aggression, which at the time I was fascinated by and thought was just soooo manly and cool. I think he was a sociopath tbh and he ended up joining the marines. The warrior gene was a bit too strong in him.

Sounds like he was alt right before alt right was a thing. I laughed so hard at the fake Russian accent and Rome obsession.

Russian accent = ULTIMATE ALPHA MALE.

No. 63047

lmao i am so with you there! at first i found his anger and edgy behavior to be really attractive because i thought he was really manly, but over time i realized that it was only a cover up for his true personality

No. 63061

>24 y/o guy in my hiring group keeps chatting me up, invites me to dinner
>accept because free food
>invites me over to his house

You led him on, you're completely in the wrong here.

Did you think this guy was taking you out for dinner for no reason? You knew why he was taking you out on a date. Saying yes to a date isn't consent to sex, but you knew he wanted sex.

Accepting the date, if you know that you'll never have sex with the guy, is the same as robbing him and tricking him. It's fraud.

Him asking you to come over to his house is basically the same as asking if you want to have sex. You said yes.

No. 63062

File: 1497592917740.jpg (40.95 KB, 604x499, bb8.jpg)

>"It's fraud"

No. 63098

I didn't know my pussy automatically becomes public access to any guy who buys me a taco. Thanks for letting me know though :3c

No. 63105


Fuck off robot

No. 63108

It doesn't, but you understand that him taking you out on a date is the same as saying "I want to have sex with you".

If you already know that you will never have sex with him, as in there is no possibility anytime in the future, then you accepting the date is like robbing him.

You're making him invest time and money into you, because he believes that there is some possibility of sex (which is not the same thing as believing that he 100% will get sex).

Accepting a guy's date, and going over to his house, then being surprised that he tried to have sex with you? You're either retarded or just pretending to be retarded, sometimes hard to tell with females.

No. 63111


>him taking you out on a date is the same as saying "I want to have sex with you".

that's where you and most guys have it wrong. going on a date with someone means "i want to get to know you and see if we can click". it's giving that person a chance, not a promise of sex in exchange for material goods. spending your time and money (which, if we're talking about a date is like 3 hours and 60 dollars, BIG FUCKKING DEAL) voluntarily on someone doesn't entitle you to have sex with them.

if guys want to have their "money's worth" in sex, they'd better go to prostitutes because what you're describing is prostitution.

No. 63113


Waitasec, dude. Most girls nowadays will pay for themselves on dates. If you stopped raging against women online and got to know a few real 3D ones, you would probably find this out.

Second, a date is not some contract. It's a social activity. If you went to your friends' houses as a kid, did that automatically entitle you to steal their Legos and raid their parents' fridge?

No. 63116

>"i want to get to know you and see if we can click"

You're describing the female's reason for accepting a date. It's also a sugar-coated version of the truth.

Let me translate what you actually meant: "I accepted your date because I find your looks to be acceptable. I want to get to know you to better assess your financial status, social status, and to a lesser extent personality, and put you through a variety of shit tests, so I can see if trading my pussy to you in exchange for all that is worth it".

This is robbing someone: "I'm not attracted to you at all, and will never have sex with you no matter what, but I'm accepting your date because I want free food".

There is TWO reasons that guys take you out on a date

1) They want sex
2) They're looking for a wife to bear their children

That's it. Guys aren't taking you out on a date because they want to be friends.

>because what you're describing is prostitution.

All women are prostitutes, they would never date a NEET with no money.

>Most girls nowadays will pay for themselves on dates

The vast majority of these girls would dump the guy if he couldn't pay for the date though. The only reason they pay is so they can sit on their feminist high-horse, even though they still require the guy to be making income, or working towards it, and thus they're still whores.

All heterosexual relationships start off as a form of prostitution.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 63138

was it onision?

No. 63148

Once dated a guy, it was a LDR and we met online over a sonic RP chat room back in those good ol AOL days. He had a dolphin pillow and he would masfurbate on it. It was all crusty and he was proud of it and would not let his mom wash it. Never actually met him thankfully.

No. 63194

What the fuck anon? Tell us more. How soon into dating did you learn of this and why did you put up with it.m

No. 63198


did you guys date onision?

No. 63222

It was about 3-4 months into the relationship. It was during one of those weird 3-4 hour phone conversations where you tell random things eventually. I shit you not, I never stopped judging him from there. I think we dated close to 7-8 months. He was a sweet kid but then he became obsessed with sex. I was 15 at the time and he was 16. His family was poor as shit and he lived in OK. Found out that his mom spent most of her money on getting high instead of being responsible. He called getting married "getting hitched". Wanted to come see me during the summer, wanted sex out of me which I was all over nope.jpg. Resorted to him telling me that he would just rape me then. Which is how it ended.

No. 63687

File: 1498106273763.jpg (177.8 KB, 462x546, 1498077500248.jpg)

I dated a guy who asked me out when I was 16 and he was 20.
First mistake. Dude never held my hand in public, he never let me meet his parents until I was 18, shady pedo shit like that. Never paid for a date, made his 4 years younger girlfriend pay for him constantly, because I had a job and he never did.
Everything was fine, as fine as that shitty situation could be, but he drops the news that he's leaving to go to Japan to teach.
I'm pathetically supportive of him, and super naïve. I start working towards study abroad so I can be with him in Japan, I'm basically brainwashed by this guy at this point.
Anyway, he leaves to his weeb job and I'm trying to maintain what we had.
After two months, he starts ghosting me. He then tells me he doesn't love me on our 4 year anniversary, but he doesnt want to break up? UM?!
I was so depressed, I was desperate for him to just end it, or at least reply to any of my calls or messages so I could end it myself.
He tweets something about waiting for his girlfriend to call, and I was elated. I was so defeated and pathetically waiting on him to give me any attention, and I assumed it was me he was talking about. I stay up till 4am or whatever, to call him at a reasonable time in Japan.
It wasn't me he was talking about.
4 years of being devoted to a below average man get flung out the window.
I break up with him for good through a line message, he has the audacity to reply "NO, you aren't breaking up with me! I break up with you!"

And now he's a pathetic gaijin preying on Japanese girls while he goes bald and gets older and more pathetic. He "likes" loli porn on his twitter when he teaches middle school in Japan. Pathetic, gross, and laughable now that I can see him as he truly is.
And me, I've been in a great, healthy relationship with a man with a job, whose family loves me, and treats me right. AND EVEN HOLDS MY HAND IN PUBLIC. Feels fucking great.

No. 63691

>this guy likes loli porn and he is teaching middle schoolers
I'm going to be fucking sick

No. 63694

Right? I'd send the info to the school he teaches at, but my Japanese isn't good enough, he can simply unlike it, etc.
People like him shouldn't be allowed near younger girls, let alone be allowed to teach them.

No. 63700

Actually send screenshots. There's a twitter archive if he retweeted anything or any tweets related to loli.

No. 63725

>I dated a guy who asked me out when I was 16 and he was 20.
> he never let me meet his parents until I was 18, shady pedo shit like that.

You were 16, that's not even close to him being a pedophile.

He didn't want to make the relationship known because jealous older women might think it's "pedo" (even though they're really just jealous of younger more attractive girls), even though a 16 year old girl dating a 20 year old guy is a perfectly normal age-range.

>I've been in a great, healthy relationship with a man with a job

>a man with a job

All heterosexual relationships are prostitution, you're a prostitute, if he lost his job and told you he wasn't getting another one, you would leave him.

Don't feel bad, it's just the nature of women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 63729

incel spotted

No. 64574

Anyone got more? Need motivation to not go back to my ex..

No. 64577

>date first bf for 4.5 years
>he's into magic the gathering, so was I back then, it's how we met
>he's mildly autistic and had a genuinely terrible childhood, his mom committed suicide when he was 8, raised from then on by not-so-friendly dad
>comes off very shy and sweet at first
>young me finds this adorable and wants to protect his smile and take care of him
>as the years go by I find out he's actually very controlling and jealous
>as in, I am not allowed to hang out with any other person on my own
>only excuse to socialize without him is family stuff, but eventually he claims I'm giving my family more attention than him
>guilttrips me about anything I do
>we started having horrible fights, domestic violence, hiding bruises, the works
>somehow I grew incredibly attached and dependent
>if he ignores me after a fight I do anything to get some love from him again
>he knows this and thus takes advantage from it
>whenever we were at my place together and we would get into a fight he'd pack his stuff and leave
>he lived across state
>this means he had to travel for 3 hours to get home and whenever we saw eachother it was always to stay over
>about 80 percent of the times he stayed over he'd angrily start walking the mile from my house to the train station
>I'd always run after him and walk along with him trying to make him change his mind
>promising to buy him shit, make a delicious dinner, etc if he didn't leave
>this would work half the time and once he finished the food I cooked when we got home again we would most often get into a fight again and he'd leave anyway

I'm still working on getting my sense of self worth back.

No. 64594

>feeling like shit
>meet that guy, totally think he's a looser
>work together, so see him often
>watching movies together etc
>just dont want to be alone
>he's a fuck buddy now, no feelings
>meet other actually cute guys, but nothing more than flirting
>he says he loves me and want to be in a relationship with me after a few month
>say maybe
>one month later say ok
>i'm living in his flat now
>be lowlife and bpd gf
>care for his poor pet and his dirty flat
>he smokes weed everyday
>I dont
>pop some pills to be ok with the situation
>friends keep tellibg me he is dumb and ugly
>indeed hes has super disgusting teeth, a few teeth weren't there at all
>he stinks
>buy him new clothes so he doesn't look like a fulltime stoner
>he doesn't brush his teeth
>he is chubby fat and everytime he fucks me and i have to see him I'm super disgusted
>get my hands on some good painkillers
>be high 24/7 and don't give a fuck anymore
>he shows some semi nude pics of me some guys at work and says how hot I am and how he fucks me etc
>pills are empty now, have a rough withdrawal
>realizing he is disgusting and so am I
>see my family and normal people more often now
>move into my flat again, while he is on a vacation, my bff is super supportive
>finally able to breath
>he moves a week later into my flat
>everything gets downwards again
>he trashes my flat and everything stinks and is disgusting
>at 7AM sitting in the bus to work, realize the situation and write him that It will not work out with us
>he has to leave NOW
>he tells everyone I am whore
>he tells everyone I am a drug addict
>maybe I am but whatever I didn't talk shit about him
>leave the city
>he writes me everyday
>how he hopes i will never be happy
>that my parents never loved me
>that my vag stinks kek
>after month and month he stops
>he wrotes me a last time
>the tags I have to search to find a sex tape of us
>go to police
>have a case, involving stalking
>waiting currently

I don't even care if he reads this anymore.
Just FYI we just worked one month together
Btw I know I am shit too, but I'm doing better everyday

No. 64692

giving this thread a bump because its hilarious

>be 14

>friends with this boy at school who always had a crush on me
>into dad rock, looks like a weird mix of a 40 year old man and a 10 year old boy
>big memer but was always like 3 months behind on any good memes
>still tells shrek memes to this day
>used to sperg out whenever our friends hung out as a group and I didnt pay enough attention to him
>all my friends found him annoying. I found him annoying. Idk why I was friends with him
>FF, we haven't talked in a year and a bit and he messages me on facebook
>he seems a bit more mature, I was lonely and desperate and he treated me like his manic pixie dreamgirl which appealed to 15/16 year old me
>always pressured me to tell him what my kinks were and who I had a crush on at the moment
>had a bitchfit and went offline whenever I replied jokingly or talked about celebrities I found attractive
>He writes a fucking poem for me
>"your hair is the flowing mane of the night"
>"tender lips that only speak, lay supple kisses on the skin"
>"the only mind bold enough to captivate me"
>decide to go on a date with him for some fucking reason
>go walk around an abandoned mental hospital near his house
>sit down for a minute and he puts his arm around me so aggressively that it feels like my spine is being crushed
>kept trying to hold my hand, kept trying to avoid it because it was clammy and sweaty
>day ends with us watching movies on the couch while his autistic brother and overbearing mom keep walking in and out of the room. He'd flip out on them and tell them to GET OUT
>puts his arm around me and keeps darting his head forward every now and then as if he wants to kiss me
>pray to jesus he doesn't
>his dad drives me home
>message him that I think this isn't going to work and I just don't think of him like that
>few years later he gets gf, I get a bf
>would still glare at me and my bf dancing at parties

No. 64712

>15, bf is 17
>barely know each other, hits on me non-stop, I have no self-steem so ok, fine, I'll date you
>likes Death Note, constantly wears fedoras, into shitty games
>terrible grades
>spends 24/7 talking about himself and his hobbies and about how amazing he is for dating me, a nerd loser with no friends, 0 interest in my interests
>spends days playing online games, his grades keep dropping, eventually starts ignoring me for games
>barely see each other
>decide to "take a break" after being ignored for ages and real serious shit happenning, find out he cheated on me during my birthday, dump his ass
>ask him to stop talking to me, he won't stop, end up telling him to not talk to me again
>extremely passive agressive when hanging out with mutual friends, have to chase him to the ends of the world with older, bigger friends to get my stuff back, to this day he blames me for the breakup

>bonus: blamed me for failing HS despite him having shit grades in the first place

No. 64713

Loser ex girlfriend story if that's okay

>Be end of high school

>Dating a girl in secret cause my family is pretty right minded
>brother has flat out told me before "don't be gay"
>Anyway, living with mom in a trailer
>Her boyfriend just left her for the final time because my mom is insufferable and at this time i didn't have very good adulting skills because I was raised by sleeping grandparents (babysitting) basically
>Mom starts getting overly stressed and picking fights with me for dumb reasons (Like me sitting on the couch too much. Mind you i make dinner and basically always cleaned the kitchen because of it. I just sucked at cleaning my own room)
>Finally she's screaming at me about how she wants me out of the house by the end of the week
>Lock myself in my room sobbing and talk to my girlfriend
>She gets mad at me
>Apparently she's mad because i'm only thinking of myself and not HER problems

Bitch was upset because her dad wouldn't buy her a BJD after saying he would.

Now she draws really shitty tumblresque art and is so ugly and fat she had to be trans just to be accepted as looking human (I'm not exaggerating how BAD she looks now).

She's not really good for drama or i'd post her she's just kinda sad to look at.

She still lives with her parents in her mid 20s (Fine, it's hard to get your start) and whines about her anxiety problems but won't see a doctor to get help so she can move because she only whines about how much she hates her family and her life.

Sorry just feels good getting all of that out. I'm not transphobic i can just spot a fake when i see one.She's a transtrender through and through

No. 64735

>x lied about his age, i was 21? at the time and he was 30
>le intelectuOL boi*~
>we had an arguement over the word "whore" I shit you not, this is actually hilarious looking back on it, not as an insult, but the literal meaning of the word: women who offers sex stuff for money. I used the meaning, paid for sexual services, he went all literal and it is ONLY sex, as in oral anal and vaginal. I said whore is anyone who gets paid for sexual services; he said its only penetration and "sex", i asked him if a girl giving handjobs or having a dude hotdog her ass and cumming all over it and getting paid wasn't considered a whore: he said she's not a whore and said handjobs are considered sex because of the job part like blowjob….
>has this shady ass girl friend who keeps getting all giddy with him, ignores me and does rude as things like getting touchy feely with him
>he's insecure and asks me to cut off some male friends
>i do
>i ask him to do the same of the girl
>he keeps screeching shes just a friend but eventually does
>girl chucks a shitfit and calls me insecure and mental(hey it was just an even steven's deal gurl)
>We fight a few times and he goes to talk to her when we do
>eventually break up
>they get together
>she is still denying she had feelings for him when we were together
>blames me for getting them together(lol), because when we fought he went to her for consolation

What a trainwreck, they broke up too rofl.

No. 64736

The whore story post looks messy what I meant is:
>Shes not a whore for the hotdogging, but a whore for the handjob

No. 64739

what is it with boys and not wanting to achieve anything

No. 64749

There are many women who pay and offer dinners to guys and then don't expect the guy to become bf or giving them the penis, they do it because it's nice to offer a dinner sometimes

No. 64750

>be 16, and without any experience in human interaction because you never had friends and got bullied in middle school
>changed a lot that particular summer, got longer hair, learned doing makeup & got rid of acne & glasses
> comes to a new school
>sits next to a nice girl, be anxious af but master the conversation
> get on the bus together with her neighbor, who is one year older
> doesn't know shit about his reputation
> neighbor of nice girl starts texting me after that
> naive me felt flattered, cause no experience with guys and people in general before
> guy constantly is asking for pictures and that i should meet him & is sending weird voice mails to me on which he is drunk
> he insists on coming over to my house at 7 am when my parents where gone visiting my aunt who lives some hours away
> the 16 year old me finds this very romantic
> kisses me the second i open the door, I am kinda surprised by this
> he looks very tired
> we go up to my room, i don't know what to talk about
> he gets me into more kissing and also wants to touch my boobs & says he wants to sleep with me
> I remove his hands and ignore what he says, felt irritated, cause it wasn't like in the movies
> after some hours he leaves, I am convinced, that I am in love, he told me we are a couple now
> at 2 am in the next night I get a phone call from him
> he is completly drunk with his friends and insists on coming over bc he "lost his key"
> le dumb, tired me opens the door
> he is super drunk, passes out on the couch and le me goes to bed
> the next morning my parents come home and my mum gets a panic attack, bc some dude lays on her precious floor in his own vomit, dad calls his parents & kicks my "boyfriend" out
> parents are exremly angry and I am not allowed to invite anyone or leave the house for two weeks except for school
> some days pass, he completly ignores me in school and doesn't answer my texts, after two weeks he phones me and "breaks up" with me
> I feel horrible and heartbroken
> Goes completly batshit crazy & insists on being together with him
> stalks all his social media everyday, the grades drop
> badmouthes him to everyone in my class
> I couldn't stop crying & even bring him up at family dinners until my mum "bans" his name
> classmates & family members are extremly annoyed
> some people tell me about his reputation, he is constantly drunk, wants to fuck & texts every girl, cause he has a small dick
> he hears that I talk about him & furiously texts me how immature I am, that I should handle the situation & leave him alone
> the 16 year old me doesn't give a fuck and stalks him even more
> a girl and some other people in my class team up against me, start bringing him to our class & constantly bring up, what a "smart and nice person" and how much "fun" he is to be around, so I feel anxious. The girl talks loudly how he texts her every day and that he finds her beautiful
> I am devastated and fantasize how I can kill this bitch
> at easter i get a phone call and some voice messages
> he is crying about how much he loves me, that i was probably the only person who ever loved him, that his older brother is the favourite kid in the family & that he has "problems"
> he is extremly drunk
> le furious me hangs up the phone without saying anything
> I send the messages to a friend & we laugh about how dumb he is

> 4 years later & he got extremly fat from drinking too much

> le me is happy with another guy who literally is an angel on earth
> I keep those voice messages locked in my old PC, they still exist
>sometimes I think about making a fake account to post it on his fb wall for lulz

No. 64753

Was gonna say u have issues anon, but we were all 16 once. Glad u didn't let that creep hit it and quit it

No. 64755

yes, I am also very glad, that I didn't let him do that, I had very very low self-esteem at that time… I wasted my first kiss on that creep, that's enough of a shame.
There were always really weird rumours about him & other girs. Once he sent photos of him fucking his tinder date in the facebook group of his class, even a teacher saw it, but he didn't gave a fuck.

No. 64842

File: 1499980583307.jpg (161.92 KB, 540x540, 1496421380200.jpg)

Holy shit, you deserve so much better. He never took time to work out the mental issues of his upbringing and you don't deserve to carry that burden for him. I really hope things get better for you and can build yourself back up from this.

No. 64844

Ughhhhhh have I got a guy for this thread.

Nicknamed after a shitty beer brand in NZ
whitest boy dreads and an ass so hairy it's like he grew his own underwear.
Full of stories about how he owns shotguns and a rifle and was in a gang back in NZ.
Will totally show me the guns too.
Surprise they aren't there. Says his mum must have moved them, and makes up more stories about being in a famous gang.
Hits on anyone and anything and will literally pin me down and give me disgusting hickeys despite me punching him in the face for it one time.
He is super proud of these hickeys.
he's a NEET and mooches of his parents
Obsessed over an exchange student trip to Japan and eats nothing but chicken flavoured two minute noodles with chopsticks.
Despite being a super tough member of a Maori gang he gets spooked when I play L4D and find a witch.

We both never even liked each other but his place was a lot nicer than my abusive Mum's so eh. Shit happens lel.

No. 64853

What? All the useful inventions in this world were created by men while all women had to do throughout the history was spread their legs. Men created empires and women ruined them.

No. 64854

>friends in highschool, he's a year older and i have a huge crush on him–he's a typical troubled musician type.
>he starts living at my house for a bit due to family issues.
>one night we hook up, i'm head over heels, first actual boyfriend.
>spend MONTHS trying to get him to agree to be my boyfriend, constantly pining after him.
>finally, he agrees and we become official.
>does a complete 180 and becomes a possessive and manipulative prick.
>doesn't let me wear leggings, v-necks, push-up bras, or anything tight fitting in the slightest.
>starts throwing fits when he moves back home and i don't stay at his house or vice versa.
>blames my parents for "not letting us see each other" even if it was only for one night.
>gets upset with me one day for coming home late from school and tears his room apart, punching holes in the walls, etc.
>starts getting physical with me, grabs my wrist and bruises it, then tries to pull the "it was an accident" card.
>find out after we break up that he had cheated on me twice that we can confirm, raped/assaulted a drunk friend at a party, and got another girl pregnant while we were dating. (he threatened her to get rid of it.)

i finally wised up my senior year of high school thanks to some good friends. the dude still messages me from time to time even though it's been four years. he scares the shit out of me to this day because of threats he had sent me and my family. i still think the only reason he never hurt me is because he's afraid of my dad and brothers. i got stuck next to him in traffic the other day and i actually pulled over because i felt sick to my stomach when he looked at me.

on a side note, i'm thankful to have found someone who has helped me forget about the negativity that my only past relationship has held. i'm also thankful for that past relationship for helping me realize how -I- deserve and want to be treated.

No. 64855

File: 1500002365461.png (1.77 KB, 123x123, images.png)

No. 64866

How is it not true? Please explain.

No. 64867

File: 1500031612179.jpg (37.24 KB, 383x384, IMG_1538.JPG)

No. 64869

File: 1500033488992.jpeg (68.98 KB, 720x558, image.jpeg)

>Meet ex (17) through mutual friends, im 16 and a lonely dropout with lots of issues
>Get attached too fast without really getting to know him
>Everything is good for the first 3 months
>Drank a bit of alcohol together, he gets emotional and tells me he misses his ex girlfriend (should have dumped him right there)
>I get upset then he plays the victim and acts like im terrible for getting angry because he 'confided' in me
>Fall for it like a dumb shit, pity him
>Time goes on
>Would go through my phone while I cooked him food
>He isolated me from my friends and was super controlling, would accuse me of lying and gaslit me, had temper tantrums when i didnt feel like smoking weed with him (lol)
>Super suspicious of these girls he would speak to on fb, explains to me it's completely innocent and theyre just friends
>Find out hes been masturbating to this girls pictures on her nsfw tumblr
>honestly just speechless at this point I wasnt really surprised lol
>He cries and begs me to stay
>Put up with him for another 5 months out of pity then dump him
>He shaves off his eyebrows afterwards HAHAHAHA
>Wants his stuff back, agree and say we can exchange our things
>tell him to let me know when he's on his way so I can leave his stuff on the porch
>doesnt tell me in an attempt to talk to me when i come to the door
>mom just got home from work "oh, i can take that inside to her"

Sorry it's so long. He still tries to message me, and posts about me on facebook (pic related) ps. Im pretty sure they are talking about my personal life in the post above too

No. 64887

>be 15
>only emo boy at school(16) harasses me one day in class(I'm very meek and shy) and ask if I want to go to his house to give him a bj
>so freaked out don't even answer
>friend at the time was obsessed with him despite him being a total perving sleezebag preying on any girl he wants to fuck
>a year later begin talking to him, find out we actually have common interest, eventually start to crush and want to confess
>find out he was hitting up another girl, idiot teen me didn't think anything of it and saw it as a challenge to ask him out first
>2 months into dating, I'm at his house browsing his computer. find his porn folder. okay its mostly just porn models, w/e. start to find nudes of girls I go to school with(underage) and nudes of my best friend at the time. 32gb of porn.
>freak the fuck out but not on him, on my friend for lying about never hitting him up.(I should have freaked out/dumped him on him for having those photos but no, I was dumb.)
>eventually he graduates school, and is going to college. still dating, but begin noticing him liking other girls photos on fb in my news feed
>photos of are girls in 8th-9th grade, cleavage shots or girls taking selfies in rather sexual poses/outfits
>begin arguing with him about wishing he would stop. thinks there is nothing wrong with it and continues to do it.
>one day while he's still in college(but living at home) randomly ask if he's ever cheated on me. he gives a very off answer
>begin to grill him harder still he finally confesses that a female friend from his college was texting with him one time, her being single and her confessing that she liked him. apparently we got into a fight so they both started to talk about what theyd do sexually to each other, her wishing he would come over her house and fuck her. he says he didn't go but texting was the furthest(I have no idea if he sent/got photos)
>pretty much ended up dumping him around christmas because his family flipped shit I didn't come over during present opening
>also odd things, him and his friends were very sexual about females. checking them out in public, talking about how hot they are, think woman are just meat and sexual objects. yea I was young and stupid.

No. 65013


when i was 17 i dated a pathetic 32y/o brokefag (desperately trying to heal from traumatising breakup)

>working class af

>32 y.o and cant get off his xbox
>two pitbulls - dangerous illegal in this country
>the joker as all his profile pictures
>fat disgusting beer belly
>owned a 'racist joke book' and a 'sexist joke book'
>didnt move out of his mothers house until he was 26 years old
>has literally ONE friend and none others, i shit you not
>his dogs shit and piss on the floor
>literaly first time i ever went over, there was dog food ALL over the floor, he hadnt tidied up, i was offended af
>doesnt pick up his dogs shit on walks, kicks it with his shoes onto the road
>£400 a month, shitty disgusting mouldy filthy flat with 2 tiny rooms
>will not throw anything away
>his entire profile is just self pitying statuses and shared images about mental illness and BPD
>alcoholic drug addict
>admits to having hit a woman "because she was a gypsy and could take punches"
>screamed at immigrants while we were on the phone
>bar fights ever weekend
>filthy, horrible, uncontrollable dogs who he allowed to walk all over the beds, woke me up while i was asleep
>vaccuumed every time i was there including first time, coudlnt stand it
>refused to spend time with me when i paid to come visit me, would rather spend it playing xbox
>cant go to sleep unless he watches Mountain Monsters, would always watch it on his phone with headphones when i slept over, its a fake show about hunting bigfoot or some shit but he thinks its real
>cant afford wifi, relies on texting and 3g data
>found texts on his phone of him taunting an ex girlfriend over his friend posting revenge porn of her
>started smoking when he was 6, thought he was lying to show off but his mother confirmed
>fucking ugly, horrible red skin, eyes too close together, receeding hairline
>horriffic diet of purely steak and kidney pies, beer other shit
>32 and doesnt have a fucking car
>literally has no plan or aspiration to get a better job, ever. is happy with his shit miserable life

conflict causing breakup
>he comes stomping in at midnight, crashing around, trying to indimidate me because i turned the light off so i could sleep
>starts screaming and shouting, trying to scare me
>i dump him days after before abuse gets physical

after i broke up with him:

>i get a call from him at 10pm, while me and my new, attractive, hot bf (who he actually met and approved of lol) are trying to have sex

> i pick up, and hes drunk as a fish
>swearing at me harassing me to give him his stuff back (a jacket and an umbrella)
>calls new bf a toddler bc hes my age
>accuses me of cheating with new hot bf
>is obv jealous of new bf
>rambles incoherently and drunkely,
>hes on speakerphone so me and bf are listening and losing our shit laughing
>i tell him ill call the police if he calls again and hang up
>he calls again and says HE will call the police because i "stole" his jacket, when he gave it to me and now wants it back
>i hang up again and i get a bunch of angry texts from him, calling me a spoiled rich bitch and that he knows girls like me, who are 'worth millions' despite him being poor and those people wouldnt give him the time of day
>i explain that i didnt cheat on him, but hes having none of it
>a few weeks later i tell him im delivering his stuff back to him, and then hes all apologetic "i miss you it was hard to let you go" bullshit
>i continue sparse contact with him purely to covince him to vote labour
>says he will then goes back on his word and uses it as an excuse to start berating me. again

basically a fucking psychopath who was clearly feeling hurt by my new rs

im so tempted to post his number and facebook holy shit he is disgusting

No. 65014

should also add that i was only in this relationship for a month or so….nothing serious thank fuck. wih it never happened wish i never met him only wanted him to fuck with my ex

No. 65015

any guy whos like you could be prettier or implies youre not pretty is insecure misogynistic trash, fr

No. 65018

if he was all these shit things, why the fuck were you dating him?

also dont dox him on here, stupid, we're not your personal army

No. 65022

get out malefag

No. 65023


i didnt realise half of these until towards the end of our relationship.

also i forgot to add that he threatened me and new bf, said he had my address and parents phone numbers so threatened to tell them about our rs

No. 65130


He sounds AWFUL what the fuck anon

No. 65139

oh, he is. i only clung to it for a month or so because i was enjoying how bitter it was making my ex who i stil liked - he kept insulting him and calling him ugly and it made him seem a bit jealous.

No. 65151


I feel I have a similar emo boyfriend story.

>be 12/13, first year of high school and extremely emo

>my friends have crush on an emo, justin bieber looking type
>introduce me to him, he starts to like me
>decide to start dating
>One of my friends freaked out when found out and pretended to slash her wrists with a pebble because her feefee's were hurt
>they "get over it" eventually
>he would always whine and 'joke' about killing himself
>so clingy and any time I pushed him away from kissing me or disagreed with him about something he'd whine and go to the nearest window and pretend he was going to jump out
>would also pick up semi sharp objects and pretend to cut himself if I so much as made a joke about him
>was so fucking weird
>another few of my friends started to like him while we were going out and tried to convince me to dump him. Didn't even try to hide the face that they liked him
>the original two friends who liked him would always talk and flirt with him online and said he would've chosen them if I hadn't got there first
>they were low key ugly as fuck so there's no way it'd happen
>eventually get a call one day from one of the girls taunting me screaming over the phone that bf just asked her to be his girlfriend, despite the fact we were still together
>BF calls me saying it's not true. The girl asked him out first and he "was so tired he just said yes"
>I was completely over him at this point and just dumped him on the spot
>none of my weirdo friends got to go out with him in the end
>would recieve occasional death threats from him every now and then

>ff to our last year of school

>he's 18
>find out he's dating a very vulnerable 12 year old emo girl who I'd spoken to a few times
>flip my shit and tell him he's a fucking freak and needs to get a grip and stop dating vulnerable little girls
>give the girl some advice
>show her messages of said bf sending me death threats
>she wises up and dumps his ass
>now he only has one or two friends and still isn't out of his emo phase

No. 65155

Something about emo looking boys that makes girls want to slash each other's throats, jfc sorry that drama happened anon. High school seems to brew this kind of drama the most.

No. 65330

long, melodramatic post incoming:

>be me

>sheltered, catholic upbringing
>bullied relentlessly growing up
>no consistent friends
>start dating a guy in 9th grade because he's the only one who's ever shown interest
>bad idea
>tell him i don't want to have sex because it scares me and i'm like 15
>he's 19 and has had loads of sex before and it's "no big deal"
>eventually he stops accepting "no" as an answer
>im too scared of him to put up a fight
>becomes verbally abusive if i resist
>sexual assaults become regular
>i develop depression and end up in the hospital as a result
>diagnosed with PTSD and depression
>he breaks up with me for being frigid
>continues to stalk me and harass me after we break up

so around a year goes by and i try to recover through therapy and medications. i was scared to be alone in a room with another person and was terrified of physical contact even from my parents or my pets.

>start dating nice guy i'm friends with

>still traumatized and becoming more mentally ill, eventually diagnosed with BPD following another hospital stay
>he's a pathological liar with a superiority complex and a drug problem
>we date for 2 years and i end up in the hospital after a suicide attempt
>he is permanently disabled a few days later in an accident
>it's devastating for the both of us
>he becomes bitter and hateful
>i have to take care of him
>have to drive him and house him during college
>he starts pressuring me for sex
>i'm still traumatized
>he doesn't care
>we start fighting a lot
>he becomes more verbally abusive and starts insulting me over anything, starts fights that he always wins, is never at fault for anything, always turns things around on me
>everything is my fault
>my depression starts acting up, and he breaks up with me for it
>immediately starts sleeping around
>we get back together for some reason
>things are ok
>the fighting starts again because i still won't have sex with him
>he starts fights with me over anything
>i want to leave him
>he stays at my apartment for free on weekdays and i'm the one who drives him everywhere
>he's dependent on me, he's disabled, i'd be an asshole
>he gets surgery at a military base and i want to visit him, but am not allowed on the base
>he thinks that i intentionally didn't visit him because i only care about myself
>he thinks i don't put effort into our relationship
>he tells me i never loved him and i'm a horrible, selfish person
>i've done everything for him when he was disabled
>i've given up so much for him
>we've been together for 4 years, that's just how relationships are, right? that's what love is, right?
>leave him eventually after telling him what he's done to me and what i've given up in life for him
>he breaks down and asks for another chance

i've since found my soul mate who is patient and understanding and has helped me overcome my illness and trauma in ways i didn't think anyone could. i've found unconditional love and support from a kind man who is gentle and understanding. i've never felt more mentally well, happy, and stable since meeting him. we hope to get married in a few years.

No. 65352


Holy shit anon, that was so horrible. I am very glad you are much happier and healthier now <3

No. 65357


thats awful!!! glad ur happy now

No. 65470

Here's a fun one
>dated this guy for a few months
>he was obsessed with /r9k/ and claimed to be a robot
>constantly complaining about being KHV, tfwnogf, so on
>was actually a major slut, academically successful, popular, etc
as a bonus
>messaged my mother asking for some of my hair so he could make a voodoo doll of me when i dumped him

No. 65757

Hi kc

No. 65761

sorry if this is long af but here it goes,

>be 14, myspace era, kinda scene, really fucked up school and home life

>meet 17yo boy online, also kinda scene, more fucked up school and home life than me, lives kinda close to me
>like he goes to one of those charter schools for bad kids, constantly getting threatened with knifes and shit in school, his mother is emotionally and physically abusive to him almost daily, he cuts (remember this is the scene/emo kid era so i didn't think that seriously about it)
>blames his mom for everything like how he ended up in that school etc makes himself seem innocent
>of course start liking him, we're two fucked up sceney kids, no other guy has really shown romantic interest in me before, and i just in general feel a lot of pressure to have a bf/do sexual things because everyone i knew already did
>start e-dating, send nudes to each other, cyber, and camsex because that's what all the sceney kids were doing those days i guess.
>start meeting up on dates here and there. pretty normal dates, but sometimes he says hurtful things to me about my looks or how i speak (speech impediment) etc and sometimes he forces kisses on me and gropes me
>just brush it off that he's a broken boi, he dont mean it
>learning more about him, he faps to gore, he has a list of every girls virginity he took and their ages (15+? girls), owns knifes and guns (illegally of course), cuts himself BRUTALLY, and attempted suicide multiple times
>as time progresses hes being more and more abusive towards me, pretty much tried to rape me in a movie theater
>fucking scared as fuck of him now, a guy at school is being really nice to me and likes me, so I finally gain some courage to break up with him
>do it in the lying to him sort of way with stuff like "my mom found out we can't meet up anymore" etc
>shortly after I start dating a guy from my school because he was so nice and I'm stupidly still feeling the peer pressure stuff
>he finds out because of myspace or w/e and is FUCKING PISSED, now convinced I was cheating on him with that guy and I broke up with him just because of him and shit
>his online bff (that is also apart of our kind-of online mutual friend circle) contacts me and tells me that he sent him all my nudes, screen recorded our camsex etc and that he might be spreading them around, his bff even sent the shit back to me to prove it
>naturally freak out, realize that i was an idiot, contact ex beg him to stop and delete the shit and whoever he sent them to as well
>he's being defiant like "yeah right" kinda thing, but eventually I smarten up for a sec and threaten to contact the police because its cp, I guess that scared him enough that he says he's deleting everything and talking to his friends, I threaten police to them as well to make sure
>try to push it in the back of my mind that i ever did shit like that and forget him
>years later he adds me on facebook

and yeah of course I don't really know if anyone deleted my nude shit, but I at least try to be hopeful and think they got lost with time and aren't lurking on the internet somewhere

No. 65787

I dunno if this counts since we never were considered bf/gf, but he has called me his girlfriend before.
Okay. Let me start out by saying this is going to sound fucked up. Had I not been the one going through it, I would believe it wasn't real. But unfortunately it is.
My whatever-you-want-to-call-him left me for his Aryan ex gf. I'm half arab and half irish (although he doesn't consider the irish to be pure whites)and he told me I was a 9/10. However, he takes /pol/ too seriously and thinks he needs to breed with a blonde in order to "save his genes." He's less white than I am. He's asked me for nudes before and I obliged. He's told me he wanted to spend his life with me before, that he wanted to kiss my face. Hell when he thought I was crushing on some other guy he got extremely upset.

His ex came back because she has no other friends and he pretty much molded her personality. All of a sudden I'm "just a friend" to him, despite me doing so much for him. She doesn't even want him sexually, she tells him he's fat and ugly and he just fucking takes it and says I'm too nice when I disagree. She's tried ruining his life before, and yet he goes back to her because "muh Aryan breeding fetish". I'm so heart broken. To make matters worse, he was acting very daddy-like to her (I know people here don't like that kink but it's a favorite of mine and he knows that; he rarely indulged in it with me but will indulge in it with her. He claims to be so conservative yet wants this girl that flashes herself on Twitch while horribly playing video games. But I guess that's okay since her genes are superior to mine.

Another thing; he doesn't think that you should have a friend as a girlfriend and that your girlfriend shouldn't be your friend. He thinks a relationship means fighting, fucking, then not talking unless it's time to reproduce. I'm just so sickened. I'm sorry this ended up being so long, but it's not like I can google some similar situation and see what others have done, because really when does a guy leave a girl just because she isn't Aryan?

I've cried way too much last night and this morning. I give my all when I love someone. To know that he'd throw it all away just for some autistic reason like "breeding" just makes me want to hate him. I don't usually give nudes to people; I'm a CP victim so when I DO give nudes it means I really love and trust that person. Now I feel betrayed again. Why do I even fall for such shitty guys? He's fapped to me plenty of times but hates that he finds a "non-white" attractive. (I put that in quotations because any normal person would see me as white. I'm extremely pale but have a pointy nose and dark eyes/hair)

Thank you for reading all of this if you did. It really means a lot to me even if I don't know you. I just feel so alone in this situation…

No. 65788


Anon, he sounds like ugly and fat pol trash. Please move on, and be with a hottie who treats you well. You don't need him you need self esteem.

No. 65800


I have a similar story anon.

When I was 23 I used to date a guy who turned into a white supremacist. I'm a mestizo latina, which means I'm hella mixed. Back before, he used to tell me nice things, said I was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, blah blah blah, all that sweet talk. He even mentioned marrying when we were 6 months into the relationship. Things started to get weird when I tanned. Seriously just because my fucking skin tone got dark (from porcelain white to that "typical Mexican" color). We stopped having sex. Girl, he said I wasn't 'that' attractive to him anymore, he even said he couldn't recognize me because I looked like a very different person. I was like the fuck and felt really really hurt.

We broke supposedly in good terms. Soon after, he began dating a white chick and enrolled in one of those white groups to save his fucking Norse genes. He post in fb things like how mutts (how he started to call mixed people) were an aberration and how depraved and low was to fuck a mutt. I felt it was directed towards me and it devastated me. He unfriend me from fb but I began to stalk him, it hurted so bad but I couldn't help it. Because of the stalking I realized he cheated on me with that chick. Girl, my self-esteem went to shit, I felt so much fucking disgust to myself. It's horrible when you feel you are not good enough for somebody, specially when is about the guy that used to be your partner.

Then I decided to not give a single fuck. It was not easy. Now that I look back to that time, I realize how little self respect I had for myself to let all that drag me down. He wasn't worth it.

My Norse ex broke off with that chick months after. I don't know why it didn't work and I don't care. The only thing I know is that he acted like a fucking loser begging her to come back. It was pure Schadenfreude fam. When I turned 25 he texted me for my birthday and after that he sent me more texts saying the same stupid sweet talk and acted as if nothing ever fucking happened, inviting me to eat dinner and dedicating songs to me. I'm 27 now and he still text me from time to time. And now he refers to mixed people as the wild card for white men if the woman in question has white ancestors. He's such a fruitcake.

No. 65813

I wish I had your determination to not give a fuck. My heart is way too tender. I find myself sometimes thinking "maybe if I dye my hair blonde and get contacts" but he said that's faking it. It bothers me that these men that care so much about being white will use women that aren't white enough for them for sex but then dump them.

No. 65824

Hey anon, I'm an Asian girl whos dated a white supremacist guy before and although nothing of the sort happened to me I do understand your pain from having hung around these guys for too long. If you need a shoulder to cry on I'll be your friend, you will heal eventually.

No. 65882

mine was vice versa
basically, I'm italian and my ex use to have this massive obsession with asians, sometimes would tell me I'd look hot if I was japanese, would constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY brag about his "qt pear jap ex" or whatever, at the most random moments, like we could be talking about ice cream and he would say "oh my jap ex liked this kind of ice cream"

he complained about my boobs being too small and my thighs being too big and bragged about how his jap ex had huge round perky boobs, and I constantly told him I'll get plastic surgery if he wants but he turned around and said "nooo nooo I'll break up with you if you did"
later I found out 3 months later he had been stalking and obsessing over his jap ex and 2 other asian women, calling them on blocked numbers, making fake accounts too talk to them, even on his laptop he has fucking files to save pictures and information about them

what I have learned is: If a guy likes asians soley for their race, RUN

No. 65883

Fucking creeps.

Not related to race, but reminded me: an ex of mine is obsessed with an ex of his, to the extent that he made a fake instagram account to stalk her and save the photos of her, would check her tumblr for nudes, all that jazz. He even would jerk off to old sex tapes of them while we were dating. He would constantly compare me to her physically (boob size, etc.), then when it made me feel bad, try to save it by saying, "Well, she cheated on me." (Then wonder why my self esteem was shit lol.)

No. 65889

god I hate guys like that
>"your boobs are a bit too small for my taste, I prefer my exes big round perky tits with small nipples"
>well I'll get implants if you want I need to save up though

like the fuck do you want, either let me get implants or stop obsessing over your ~perfect boobed~ ex and learn to love unchangeable features of my body how it is
it's even more ironic that his ex had has PS too

No. 65891

Gosh, i dated 5 different guys from the age of 15 and whilst having literally no boobs (AA cup) not a single one ever complained and every single one of them would compliment me on them and obvs tell me how much they love my boobs

I think if my s/o would say anything negative about my tits id break up with them straight away

I feel bad for you gals

No. 65892

>Be in a relationship for 3 years
>I was weak af due a shitty familiar situation that lasted a decade
>The first months were ok but then he started going down

I'm no saint but objectively shitty things he did

>Since we were in a LDR, he would only confront me in train.

If I did something wrong he would just bottle up, stop talking to me and then throw a fit via imessage
>Took pics of me when I wasn't looking, shooped me to look fat and post it online
>When I showered, he took my computer and randomly text shit to my fb contacts
>Talk shit to me to other people only for saying "Dude I was just testing your reputation!! XDD"
>In general, using me. Money, shelter etc etc

This is all when it went to shit
>My birthday
>"Heyy, bf!! It's my birthday!! What about we spend some days together??"
>"No XD"
>"Yeah funny, please be serious"
>"I don't want to see you. Ever."
Cry my fucking eyes out.
To be honest, I already wanted to break up but I wanted to see if he ~could change~, he just made it easier for me but yea, that hurt.

>breaks off any contact with me for a year

>randomly, he just texts me
>out of kiddy revenge, see if he's "better than before"
>I already had another relationship, I didn't care about him anymore, I just wanted to play around ya feel me
>After one year, break off all contacs.
>He finds out that I have a new boyfriend, who's friends with his friends
>He starts to send me shit (would even make double accounts) like "Your new bf talks shit about you" etc etc
>Don't reply, just watch him collapse.
>FF another year
>Me and current bf are lovingly happy, really, he's the cutest and the loveliest, VERY different from him
>Since he was my first one, I kinda believed that all relationships had to be that way. Yeah, stupid and naive.
>He likes (with triple accounts on insta, he was always him, he didn't even change speech patterns to be more credible) my pics with bf.
>Kinda enjoying it at this point, he's my lolcow
>Change my fb profile pic to me and bf being stupid rawr kidzzz but happy (we used to be in the same fashion at teenagers so we thought it was cute to make fun of it)
>IMMEDIATLY get a message on my phone
>He fucking changed his number to talk to me
>"Uhm… can I speak to you for a second?"
>Decide to put an end
>"Yea, be quick. Not that fucking around stuff, get straight to the point."
>"Alright." 1 pdf file

He fucking wrote me a long ass letter saying that he changed that he's sorry for all the shitty things he did, he didn't realized how much caring, funny and all that shit I was, that sometimes out of pure nostalgia he just hops the train and gets off at my city only to see it again and hopes to find me on the streets (luckily, never happened), that he knew I deserved better but wanted to have fun etc etc
>eyes roll to the moon
>"So can I be part of your life again?"
>"I have my own now.Leave me alone."
>April this year, he texts me "Hey!!! Wanna talk???? Please!"
>Changed his number again

He's in his 20s and watches 2deep anime and scams his sugar daddy (with pics of girls he finds on tumblr) to get the new consoles, games etc etc
Whew, that was a fucking big ass bullet.

No. 65897

f u c k this asshole god anon I just want to bring you some ice cream and wine and watch chick flicks with you
Sorry you're feeling heartbroken now, that always sucks, but some day youll be so happy you dodged this bullet

No. 65947

How do jerks like this even come to exist? It scares me that I could have and love a son, do everything to raise them right, and they could still turn out as this kinds of asshole
Or even you do everything to make sure your daughter knows her value isn't how hard she can get guys, but she still gets plastic surgery to try to keep her gaslighting racist pos boyfriend that cheats on her anyway. This is so OT but my heart is breaking imagining it.

No. 65950

The fun part is that her mother was bat shit crazy too.
She was a Munchie.
She hurt herself in everyway possible to sue everyone and everything to get money.
Once she sued an hospital for "damages due to x rays" when she used to get xrays for every single little thing, even if she accidentally closed her finger in the fridge.
One time she said "Sorry for only white rice at dinner, you know, I'm not working right now, we gotta save up"
And then, one month later, she BOUGHT (yeah, bought, not a plan) an iphone to her pissbaby child to "make him happy :)"

Good thing I'm not seeing them anymore

No. 65954

>accept because free food
And that's where you fucked up, men would do ANYTHING to control/influence your choices and the littlest reaction you will make them think they're dating you. If you're not into someone do accept any intimate invitation even if you just wanted free food

No. 65955

>accept because free food
And that's where you fucked up, men would do ANYTHING to control/influence your choices and the littlest reaction you will make them think they're dating you. If you're not into someone do accept any intimate invitation even if you just wanted free food
Yes, that falls into fraud, she was deceiving him. But the guy is no better than her

No. 66004

>first relationship ever
>he's mildly autistic
>comes off very shy and sweet at first
>young me finds this adorable and wants to protect his smile and take care of him
>as the years go by I find out he's actually very controlling and jealous
>guilttrips me about anything I do
>somehow I grew incredibly attached and dependent
>if he ignores me after a fight I do anything to get some love from him again

Ah man, this is me in my current relationship. Even writing this makes me feel guilty, as I'd be gaslighted and denied that any of that is true. If you're still there, how did you get out of his claws?

No. 66192

you seem really naive. how long did you "date" this dude?

No. 66250

>start dating first bf again after a few years
>he's your typical awkward anitwitter man
>things start out okay (as per usual)
>he's about to leave for japan to go work there
>things become more and more strained
>I tried really hard to make him happy even from half way across the world
>it was never good enough and I never felt like we had mutual feelings
>he would always ALWAYS want me to do everything for him
>would spend a lot of money to go see him in Japan during Christmas and he acted like he didn't even want me there
>would constantly make fun of me and call me 'spaghetti' and 'autistic'
>if I said that I was hurt by this he would rebuke with 'you're too sensitive'
>yet if I said anything wrong or if I didn't reply to him in a few seconds he would get really annoyingly moody and sulky
>he was very controlling and jealous all the time
>he was even jealous that I was a girl and was able to wear skirts and shit
>jealous to the point he didn't like the idea of me going out to see friends even if they were girls

Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Why didn't you just break up with him sooner you dumb bitch', I was really determined to make the relationship work and I just wanted affection and attention from someone who I was supposed to think of as my boyfriend.

>This kind of treatment carries on until towards the end

>he starts to work on his stupid music game
>he says that I'm not going to be a priority anymore and he's going to be increasingly busy
>I was kinda upset and he just brushes it off
>He comes back to my country
>After 2 months of him being there, I just couldn't take it anymore
>I ended up not talking to him for 3 days cause deadlines
>he is MAD
>I finally grow a fucking backbone and say that he didn't even try to talk to me and you're just getting mad because you're mad at something else in your life
>He says 'just break up with me if you're so blind'
>'well that's what I'm doing'
>he sends flowers to my house in an attempt to make up the 2 years of emotional abuse he put me through
>nah bye

No. 66260

File: 1502249032879.jpg (229.34 KB, 627x720, 1494275219669.jpg)

>be me this past christmas
>spend weeks putting together creative gift package for my ex
>virtually everything is custom-made and related to his interests.
>even hand-draw his card and decorate wrapping with silly memes he likes
>ex is notoriously bad at gift giving and always orders things at the last second, so i usually don't actually get my gift ON xmas, or my birthday
>we both are into BDSM and i find a collar on Etsy that i like
>it's not that pricey and he says it's within his budget
>send him a link to it in november so that he has plenty of time to order it
>xmas rolls around
>surprise surprise, it hasn't come in the mail yet
>two weeks later an envelope from amazon arrives
>he hands it to me
>open it
>it's one of those basic bitch heart chokers that every tumblr teen girl has
>cost him like $6
>it doesn't even fit me
>calls ME selfish and unappreciative when I express that I'm kind of disappointed in him for not getting me the one i wanted after he told me he would

oh, but there's more…

>start to have difficulties with intimacy due to being raped by a previous partner

>ask ex if we can refrain from missionary for a little while since it reminds me of that event
>he's very reluctant
>"but missionary is my favorite"
>seems to agree to this anyway
>90% of the times we have sex after this, we still always somehow end up in missionary, despite this leading to me shaking and crying and needing to stop entirely
>i try and suggest other positions and touching/heavy petting techniques we can try instead
>he's virtually uninterested in any form of intimacy unless it involves vaginal or anal penetration
>tell him i like anal, but am inexperienced and might need some help to prepare first
>he's too lazy to put in that kind of effort
>just wants to lube me up a little and jam it in
>this hurts too much and always just leads to more crying and me begging him to stop
>this all devolves into a borderline dead bedroom situation because he's unwilling to do anything differently and won't take any of my suggestions

Can you also believe this guy was a video game addict, showered maybe twice a month on average, and that I met him on 4chan? I know, really shocking….

No. 66273

Anon that was horrible to read, please never let someone like that into your life again and if one ever sneaks in then drop them immediately.

No. 66296

Anon why. What did you see in him? Jesus christ

No. 66309

Here goes nothing.
>Meet bf at job
>start going out
>things progress fine
>Just several months into relationship, his mom is diagnosed with terminal cancer
>He lives with his single mom and brother, parents are divorced, dad remarried
>tell him I'll help any way I can because obviously I care about him
>end up living with him, paying half for bills and MORTGAGE
>his brother and his gf have college degrees and good jobs, live in the house, and pay nothing
>him and I both end up drinkers, regularly and heavily
>Fight all the time, but I deal with it
>one day I check the mortgage account online because he has username and password is written down
>find out the mortgage has been paid off for 5 months
>Yet I've been paying my bf for bills AND mortgage?!
>That means I've been overpaying
>confront him about this
>I'm an asshole for going into the mortgage account without permission
>He needed my money to "pay his brother back" because apparently his brother covered "some things" that I'm still not sure about
>meanwhile my bf is smoking plenty of weed. cigars and drinking expensive beer
>I work part time, he tells me I NEED to get a second job. All I spend my money on is cheap beer
>break up with him
>He harasses me nonstop, constant texts and phone calls
>tells me I'm a terrible person for breaking up with him years after his mother died
>threatens to kill himself

I still feel guilty to this day.

No. 66310

It's not like he had no good qualities at all. Good sense of humor, came from a good family and we got along very well on an intellectual level. Tbh, on the surface everything seemed to work fine between us. But he was so emotionally detached, selfish and controlling that things always just felt really off. My anxiety and depression was 10x worse than usual throughout that entire relationship. I developed a chronic pain disorder that I didn't have before I got with him, and that hasn't bothered me at all since we broke up. He gaslit me like crazy whenever I brought up issues, so I always ended up blaming myself for being too judgmental and unable to just accept him as he is.

Sadly, the two stories from my OP are not even a quarter of everything that went on in that relationship. I could put together an entire anthology of bullshit he put me through. He's just an all around bad person. Leeches off everyone around him and gives nothing back. I have no idea why he is the way he is. His parents are such nice people.

Thanks anon. I don't plan on letting anyone like this into my life ever again. No more image board retards for me, lmao.

No. 66324

Oh Anons I am so glad you shared your stories. Now I know Im not the only one who made shameful decisions in life. So heres my biggest mistake:

>Was 19 and had a crush on my best friend

>didnt look like he would dump his gf for me
>met a guy and thought "ok have some fun, nothing serious"
>guy got really attached and I felt like he dont have real friends or someone who take care (lost soul)
>he was a 22 y/o drug dealer, still living with his parents
>lost my appartment because we constantly needed to be at his house because of "customers"
>he got kicked out at parents house an we didnt have a home for a few months, sleeping at friends homes
>I finally managed to get us a new apartment
>he took drugs everyday: amphetamine, alkohol, weed… I was smoking weed too
>barely sleeped, he thought it wasnt neccesary to turn off the light at nights when I was trying to sleep and he was awake
>I got really frustrated, startet to drink alcohol daily
>there were always people in "our" home I had NO private time at all
>tried to dump him several times, always got back together because he managed to make me feel guilty (I was really stupid and had no self esteem anyways)
>fighting everyday, he was getting more and more aggressive
>he started to drink everyday until he puked
>he was always crying, high as fuck, aggressive and disgusting
>barely cleans, only when he had good amphetamine
>he lost a bunch of teeth during that time because of the drugs
>didnt allow me to wear shorts or skirts anymore
>didnt allow me to see my male friends anymore (I have male friends only, even before I met HIM)
>refuses to get a job because he thought, selling drugs is enough "work"
>I got a part time job
>he still thinks I didnt need sleep at nights
>fights are getting worse… he screams at me and always comes really near to my face while doing it…when I tried to get some space between us he only comes closer…it was terrifying…
>constantly make me feel guilty to make sure I wouldnt leave
>I managed to get a second apartment
>had a big fight again, where he pushes me down to the ground and stuff like that…
>he tried to make me come back several times
>he still has stuff from me to that day

And that was the day I finally managed to get out of that hell. I will never get this 2 years of my life back. And I am still angry about myself for making that mistake.
And nowadays, my best friend of all time had become my partner! He treats me with respect and love.

Im sorry for the long text, I just needed to rant a bit since I felt connected with you anons after you shared your stories. Thanks for reading!

What is it about us women that we fell for such Idiots?

No. 66332

Thank god you left his ass. What a fucking cunt.

No. 66335

The prick stole your money. Fuck him and fuck his victim complex. As harsh as this is, a dead mam doesn't entitle him to use somebody like that and have them stay with him.

No. 66339

you mean to tell me 4chan users make horrible boyfriends and don't know anything about sex? wow

No. 66347

>be me
>15, very insecure and edgy
>start dating guy in my friend group who is very quiet and strange, when he does speak up it's something totally nonsensical and edgy. The kind of kid you wouldn't be surprised if he showed up to school with a gun one day.
>attracted to him bc low self esteem and I think he's ~mysterious~
>would randomly get really angry and yell at me for trivial things
>possessive, got upset if I didn't tell him everything I was doing at every point in the day
>before me, he also dated a mutual friend, we'll call her A
>one day he sends me a link to his tumblr
>full of lengthy and rather disturbing posts about how beautiful and angelic I am, and what a disgusting whore A is and how he regrets dating her
>claims A molested him (I'm close with A and even as a stupid 15 year old, I didn't believe this one bit)
>things like "I hate that bitch so fucking much, I could bring a knife to school one day and kill her, it would be so easy"
>even as a super edgy and immature kid I was like wtf, completely cut him out of my life once I saw that
>around this time A contacts me
>she has been struggling with depression and self-harm for a while and he knows this
>she sent me screenshots of dozens of messages he sent her on tumblr telling her to burn herself/kill herself
>become even firmer in my decision never to talk to him again
>at one point he sends me a creepy message, something about how I'm the love of his life and he's going to find a way to marry me
>a couple weeks go by
>someone on tumblr begins messaging me
>claims to be a woman in her 20s battling cancer, just looking for a friend to talk to
>seems sketchy, especially considering I don't ever get messages on tumblr but I'm stupid and go along with it
>talk to her for a couple weeks
>finally "she" comes out and reveals herself as my ex, talks about how stupid I am and how I'm just a pawn in the game or something insanely edgy like that
>freak out
>still have screenshots from his old blog where he threatened to kill my friend
>show them to the school administration
>he gets expelled kek

We're both 21 now and last I heard he dropped out of high school, never got a job, just stays at home with his father who's similarly a crazy asshole. I have dated a couple other losers but none come close to this guy. It's all good though bc now I'm dating the /fa/ggot of my dreams. Farmers reading this, please, never settle for less than what you deserve.

No. 66353

I related to some of you so much it's sad.My ex bf has so much wrong with him, it's gross and nauseating to think about. He keeps texting me once a month, damn near the same day each month. It's the same message every time too. Though, a week ago he actually switched it up and said he was thinking about me a lot lately, am I supposed to go "aww" and care? It's been over eight months since I dumped him, and I haven't contacted or returned a message ONCE. I'm starting to think he's retarded. Maybe I'm retarded for even dating him for years despite his obvious flaws. When I truly think about it, what the fuck was wrong with me lol.

No. 66555

File: 1502835966144.gif (1.89 MB, 370x232, 1368371234666.gif)

Tfw I'm the crazy ex gf
Went through this thread to check if I'd been written about. I'm safe for this time.

No. 66897

The circumstances definitely brought out the worst in both of us so early on in a relationship, which is why I feel guilt about the whole thing being so shitty. But he definitely had absolutely no reason to do what he did, which in turn makes me feel no remorse at all. Thanks for the input, gives me some peace of mind about leaving that situation.

No. 67411

>Me and M never show faces until he begs me to and I do to which he complains that I'm not asian and I don't look good enough and photoshops me asian and says "this is what you would look like if you were actually pretty".

lmao this shit had me dying

No. 67459

>me being 19
>met this guy who's a friend of a friend, he's 21
>he's cute and sweet, but also kind of ugly and awkward
>only saw him three times and I think he's funny and nice to talk to
>one day my friend, his friend and him went out partying
>we encorauge them to kiss (he and his friend), just a little peck and for fun, we're silly and joking
>they don't want to, it's strange but we don't think much about it
>later another friend of them comes with us
>he's the most creep weirdo I have ever met, obese, so ugly, just keeps staring at us without saying a word and makes this strange noise while breathing
>the only thing that says in all night was to my friend, bringing an ice cube to his mouth, slurping ''do you know where the bathroom is?''
>the first guy I was talking of (21 years old), crashes at my house because he lived in another town and there's no buses left
>when we're alone, he spends two hours straight talking about reptilians and illuminatis
>I can't talk because he's not paying attention, so he keeps going on and on about these strange theories
>we see the dawn and tells me he's bi
>when I'm trying to sleep (him being in another bed), he tells me he wants to kiss me
>I only kiss him once because I'm feeling kind of uncomfortable
>he starts talking about how much different he sees the world from other people, that he realised he had these kind of gift and that he knew it when he was a child
>he explains me that he was bullied because of it, because he saw things in another different way
>talks about how much he misses his girlfriend but turns out she was obsessed with him at the end
>starts telling me how his father beats him and his other siblings, specially his older one
>don't forget I've only seen him three times, not more than two hours everytime
>when we're cuddling he starts to tell me again that he's bi
>and that he's slept with not only his friend (first one) but with that weirdo that we met the same night
>that he had to tell the second one to stop because the weirdo was getting obsessed with him
>that they've been doing it for so long, he can't remember when it started
>I ask him if they were children when they started and what do they do
>He says he can't remember

Later he tried to contact me on FB and I tried to talk with him about other things to distract myself from that image but he just talked about unicorns (no kidding) and reptilians again so…Nope.

No. 67463

So glad for the ending, I'm happy you found someone who's worth your time anon.

No. 67577

That's kinda debatable, I met my bf on 4chan and he's lovely even after 4 years

No. 75988

Necropost, hope you don't mind.

>Be 20

>Start dating an "indie game developer" who talks about making vidya all the time
>Move in with him with love in my eyes as I'm the creative type and I want to help him make games
>Ends up being the saddest sack of shit: being around my age, no job, no school, and can't be assed to do the simplest of chores
>Several times he would flip his shit if he didn't have clean clothes because I was the only one that did laundry - also didn't mind going for 1+ week wearing the same clothes tho
>Basic hygiene was unheard of as he had a distinct scent of cooked ramen noodles that had been left out for a week. One time had a dentist say he had "acidic saliva" meaning it would take longer for plaque to form on his teeth - he took this as a reason to not brush
>Masturbated 4+ times a day while I was gone working 10+ hour shifts so he could work on his "indie game"
>Also become an abusive pos, physically and mentally
>Would follow me around the house and would constantly escalate the situation - got onto me for the most stupid of shit ranging from "going for a walk" to "getting home from a 10 hour shift and immediately unloading the dishwasher without going into the room to say hi to him"
>One time actually stood up to him because his brother was there to witness him being shitty and he has the most major victim complex - oh boohoo she's yelling at me even though I do that all the time :'( :'(
>Would cry and beg for pity sex after abusing me
>Being his hygiene was non-existent, he was the cause of me getting several yeast/bacterial infections - my vagina has magically "cured" itself of its problem since I left
>Pissed in his trashcan in his bedroom once because he couldn't be bothered to walk 15 feet to use the bathroom. Ended up having to change the trash myself because it smelled so bad
>Was the "ideas guy" so didn't have an iota of actual talent to make an indie game
>When the other more talented members couldn't read his mind about what the fuck he wanted, he would yell at them, and then proceed to take it out on me (he called this "being a perfectionist")
>Would trash on my art or any input I would make - even if my art was crap, it was better having a rough concept for the more skilled artist to base work off of instead of just basing it off of his "ideas"
>Had to be absolutely babied in every aspect from cooking his dinner to trimming his mustache
>Ended up wanted a "poly relationship" with an equally shitty friend - couldn't respect the boundaries I agreed to and got mad that I got mad that he would fuck them behind my back (agreed to threesomes only basically)
>Stuck with him for almost five years (so left him at 24 years old)
>Got tired of being a mommy he could fuck/abuse so I left his ass
>Once he found out I was gone he attempted to use the OnStar on my car to track me down
>Couldn't drive so he couldn't reach me anyways lol
>Tried to get me to come back by threatening suicide and faking having cancer
>Three years later, he has yet to make his "indie game," probably pissing in Mt. Dew bottles, makes sad vagueposts about me on Twitter about how he "made many mistakes in the past," and still lives with his mom and will probably never have a gf again
>Hasn't changed despite claiming that "he changed" the very few moments prior to me leaving - most likely still shitty to anyone who tolerates him
>Have much better bf now, the only regret is I should have called my ex out on his manbaby behavior more lol

No. 75991

fuck I was physically hurting as I was reading this, didn't know people like this existed irl. glad you're free now

No. 76003

Incoming cringe.

>Be 17

>Untreated/undiagnosed anxiety disorder
>Undiagnosed vaginismus
>i.e. low self-esteem, low sex drive, fear of sex
>Best I can come up with in my teenage brain is that I'm asexual
>Start looking for similar people online
>Make internet friends with 22 year old benzo-addicted high school drop-out who plays guitar in a metal band
>Have to pull up dictionary.com every time I talk to him because he uses so many words I don't understand
>I thought I was stupid
>Looking back he obviously used a thesaurus and half the time he legitimately didn't make sense
>Starts asking me to question my asexuality
>Tells me it's sad I've never orgasmed
>Encourages me to experiment with him
>When I finally learn how to, it's not the mind-blowing life-altering thing he told me it would be
>He says I might not be doing it right and need help
>I live in a very sheltered christian home, so I have no idea what's normal
>I turn 18
>Internet bf asks my dad if he can visit
>My dad is suspicious and has a long talk with me about it
>I tell my dad he's just a friend
>I'm personally uncomfortable with him visiting, but I don't know why
>Bf convinces me it's my anxiety and I'll grow from the visit
>He visits me with his dad because he can't even drive
>My parents are there for the meet-up
>Bf won't even look at me or give me as little as a handshake
>Probably has autism
>Pretends he's falling asleep while we talk at the dinner table because of the "long" 2 hour flight
>Falls asleep on our couch while I hang out with his dad
>Hang out with bf one-on-one later
>End up having my first kiss and first sexual experiences
>A lot of it hurts or feels gross to me
>Convinced I'm still doing it wrong
>Go to college
>Start coming out of my shell
>He pressures me every day to let him come visit me even though I'm still feeling weird about it
>Contacts my dad again to "ask permission" to visit
>I'm scared to tell my dad why I'm uncomfortable with the idea, say ok to bf visiting
>Meets up with my family
>Plays a guitar the whole time everyone is trying to talk
>I ask him to stop, and he gets offended
>Tells me the guitar is how he talks
>Meet him at a hotel room
>He tells me about how his only other sexual experiences were with a partially paralyzed girl with lyme disease
>Asks me to spend the night
>Gives me some melatonin that in retrospect definitely wasn't melatonin
>End up having another bad sexual experience
>Introduce him to my new friends
>He cries later about some joke I made that I can't remember to this day, but he claims it was made at his expense making him look like "a fool"
>Manage to avoid anymore sexual encounters for the rest of the trip
>After he leaves I talk to my therapist
>We've been talking about my self-esteem issues and she tells me to think about what he's doing to help them
>Realize he's not helping in the way he tells me that he is
>Break up with him
>He says no
>Emails me daily for months
>When I don't respond, he starts emailing my dad
>Sends me expensive gifts and stuff pretending we're still going to be together
>I don't even open them
>Acts mad at me later and tells my dad to send them back

That was 8 years ago. Haven't heard from him since, luckily, but one of our forum friends from back in the day emailed me about a year ago. Sounds like he's pretty much the same except he hasn't gotten another girl to talk to him since, so… this could honestly be a loser ex-girlfriend story because I clearly was a loser for being the only one dumb enough to get involved.

No. 76019

Yet another proof that "men" that push their partners into poly are immature babies who want to have their cake and eat it too.

No. 76023

>>Being his hygiene was non-existent, he was the cause of me getting several yeast/bacterial infections - my vagina has magically "cured" itself of its problem since I left

This is too fucking real, I used to get multiple UTI a year and so many yeast/bacterial infections with my ex boyfriend yet he always refused to get himself checked or to at least wash his dick and hand before sex… I've had literally zero vaginal health problem since i've left him.

No. 76024

What is it with men and being so scared to het tested? It's not like someone sticks up a cold piece of metal up their ass

No. 76025

Yeah women and girl have to go through extremely invasive procedure (like getting shit up our cervix…) but most men can't handle the idea of getting their little pee wee touched for a second, some of them won't even get checked if they feel a growth in their balls, better to have untreated cancer than to have a doctor touch your genitals I guess? So why would they do it "just" to get rid of an infection? It's only women who end up pissing blood and infertile after all.

No. 76033

My ex had his foreskin and while I don’t mind the look of it, I had to make him go and wash before sex, which he thankfully did because the UTI’s were real. I was on prophylactic antibiotics for six months before I realized what the real problem was. He didn’t stink either. He was actually a clean person, but things changed pretty much immediately after I was like dude, you need to hop in the shower.

Do I wish I had seen this thread back then, wow.

No. 76035

This thread brings up a question I'd love to hear an answer to. Why do guys always try to show you pictures of and talk about other girls when they're with you? I get that girls are hot, but don't be so rude! I wouldn't show someone pictures of other people while we're together, much like how I wouldn't get on my phone in a fucking theater, or put on headphones while someone's talking to me. What's the appeal?

No. 76038

Pretty sure the guys that I have known that do this kind of shit do it because they themselves are insecure losers. They like to inflict pain in any form and see you suffer quietly. Push the limits of what they can get away with to prove to themselves they have some level of control over you. Ultimately just covertly put you down to make them feel better.

No. 76040

Boyfriend did this on our first date. I let him know I didn’t like it. Did something similar one other time (flirting with a group of attractive girls while leaving me in the background) I told him if he wanted to see me again, he would respect me by introducing me to anyone he spoke to- especially other girls- and if he flirted with other women in such a blatant way again I’d be done. He immediately brought me back to the girls and introduced me as his gf.

Hasn’t been a problem since.

I think this is a way men try to impress each other. So they think they are being impressive to women they like too.

No. 76042

Oh, a picture of some girl? Is there a story behind this pic? No? You just want me to acknowledge that she's hot? Fucking weird.

No. 76045

My idea is that they want us to try harder to impress them to be like whatever girls they think are hot. Its also a power trip to try and get a jealous rise out of us. I might as well start collecting topless photos of Chris Evans to show them right back until they cry "No I'm not gay!!" haha ok fag

Speaking of gay, its worse if they find out you're bi or les. They either want a threesome or want you to be one of the guys, but, surprise, girls dont look at random chicks online in our free time except maybe to masturbate to actual porn. Showing me pics of chicks on your phone is boring and no I wont fuck other chicks you think are hot.

No. 76046

My ex bf had a fucking yeast infection on his dick. I didn't even know it was fucking possible? to this day im still curious how he got it considering we'd never had PIV sex & i'd never had a yeast infection…
>bf has yeast infection
>tell him you don't want to give him a bj because obvious disgusting reasons
>bf ignores you all night
>give in and give him bj
>go home and find out about "oral yeast infections" contracted from oral (obv)
>tell him you're worried
>bf ignores you the rest of the night because you're "annoying him" by being concerned.

he did far too many things to me that I'm sure I'll vent about on this thread one time or another, but this one i can never get over.
he pressured and guilted me into a lot of bj's i didnt feel ocmfortable to give, but this one was by far the worst. Thankfully I didn't get anything myself, but Lord do i wish I had more of a back bone back then

No. 76054

>Be me at my first year of college.
>Hasn't had a real bf aside from a "relationship" in middle school.
>Random guy on fb with mutual friends hits me up.
>He's from Bulgaria but studying at the college near mine.
>I think he's cool, agree to meet up for coffee.
>Start dating, but quickly learn he has a woe is me attitude and the power in his apartment goes out all the time.
>He's clearly lying about some things.
>He finally tells me that he was expelled from college, so he's in the country illegally and was worried I'd judge him for that.
>I'm shocked but like ok, I wouldn't care if you'd just tell me the truth.
>Eventually tells me the story of how he was accused of raping a girl and that's why he was expelled.
>Said she was drunk and never touched her.
>I don't know wtf to believe but I'm disturbed. Stop hanging out with him as much.
>Regret losing my virginity to him, and he tries to guilt me into marrying him for that sweet visa.
>Reveals that he basically did the same thing to a girl before but she backed out last minute, so he's also divorced.
>I tell him he really just needs to go tf home and cut contact.
>He hits me up a year later saying he regrets everything and I was right, and he's still in the country on an expired student visa somehow.

No. 76059

Yeast infections aren't necessarily stds. I had it twice when I was still a kid and obviously a virgin. Afaik low immune system and moisture are sometimes enough to give people yeast infections. You're probably ok, but your bf sounds like a douche.

No. 76060

Of said guy already has a yeast infection on his dick and then has intercourse with her, it’s very likely to pass on the yeast infection to her. Over and over again if he doesn’t get treated. Which isn’t too difficult and yes I agree, he sounds like a douche

No. 76061

If you know where he is, you could report him to the authorities.

No. 76062

Ngl, I thought about it but didn't think it was worth it. I had no way of confirming his story (idk if he was a rapist or not) and I really didn't want to be involved with him anymore. He was a dick but he never seriously hurt me so I kind of just let things slide, I don't feel that vengeful. Sucks for him that he still doesn't have his shit together tho.

No. 76065

File: 1520526586235.jpeg (30.13 KB, 275x219, 7B27A206-2375-4FF6-92C4-3E7896…)

> tfw I was a sad immigrant and dated a good for nothing white guy when I was 18 and he was 24 and he just took advantage of me being innocent and clearly stupid.

I’m so glad I found someone perfect years later.
But holy shit that relationship was the fucking worst.

So many red flags

>living with his mom

>minimum wage at 24
>constantly put down women that thought they “where too good”

No. 76127

i dont know why i opened this thread and expected not to feel an extreme amount of blame on all of you for willingly dating/fucking such shitty guys
how did all of your lives get like this

No. 76141

Not all guys show their true colours until much later on in the relationship. In fact, most people try to impress their SO at the beginning of the relationship, it's normal. It's just that some of them don't actually have anything to offer so when they grow bored and drop the charade you either put up with them, hoping it's just temporary and they'll change, or you dump them, depending on how strong your feelings are and how experienced you are.

I got dumped fairly recently (for the first time, actually) and I knew he was a bit of a prick but the things he did were small enough to be overlooked and he would usually act nice otherwise, until his bad behaviour started becoming more and more frequent and he'd end up saying really mean things to me. Then I started standing up for myself and telling him to treat me better, and he'd legit get upset that I didn't like being 'jokingly' called a bitch and told that I look and smell gross when I'm sick and sweating out a fever. He even made fun of me for being nice to him despite all that. Then he dumped me because we 'fight all the time' and he 'doesn't have the money' to see me anymore.

The only thing I regret is that he doesn't give two shits whilst I still miss him and feel like crying every day. I'd never get back together with him in a million years but it still hurts like hell and I want a hug so bad but at the same time I'm just grossed out by all men atm.

No. 76142


Mostly, you get presented with an idealized version of the person and know what they are capable of. You hold on wishing they would go back to how it was before, they do all the "wahhh I've changed" bullshit, and the cycle repeats. That, or you have waaaay older guys who dated young sheltered girls in this thread, so they were impressed with how ~mature~ the guys were before learning they were being preyed on.

I'd recommend looking up the cycle of abuse and it could help explain some things.

No. 76162

A lot of the posts make note of the anon's mental state at the time being quite bad with low self esteem, low self confidence, etc. It's easy to put up with a shitty man if you don't believe you even deserve a normal person.

No. 76165

i've had a few loser exes but this guy was something else

>~7 years ago

>i was 18, he was 21 and one of my bff's older sister's friends
>things were ok at first except bff's sister told me i should watch myself
>i thought she was being dramatic and tried to enjoy my first ever grown-up relationship
>he hosted a three-viewer metal music radio show, made really bad youtube videos dubbing a popular webcomic (he put his 1000 subscribers on his resumé), and claimed to have bipolar disorder because his mood changed several times each day
>one day he revealed he liked dressing up as a girl, i figured it was a gender identity thing and accepted it
>it was not a gender identity thing
>i found his porn and fetish site accounts where he posted photos and videos of himself dressed as a girl performing lewd acts
>when i confronted him he dumped me and (because i hadn't learned to control my cptsd meltdowns) i freaked the fuck out and started apologizing for invading his privacy and promising i'd be good from then on
>he took me back but when i rudely ~invaded his privacy~ again and saw he was still making porn he dumped me again (i was actually heartbroken for months, it's embarrassing to think about)
>a few years later he emailed me a dick pic from a fake address and pretended he didn't know me (i didn't recognize it), apologized for the "accident" and asked me if i was single etc.
>when i googled the email address later it only came up with results from him posting it in /soc/ looking for hookups
>a few months later i started getting random dick pics and discovered he was posting my photos and email address on fetish sites asking for "tributes"
>someone who followed my tumblr happened to spot it and struck up a conversation with him (to figure out who it was even though i knew exactly who it was) and loser ex told this guy he had secret photos of me that would sadly reveal his identity if he shared them (as if it wasn't obvious who he was) and that i was "desperate to please"
>he hasn't tried anything recently but i heard he's getting married soon
>he's still trying to be a radio presenter and youtuber
>also his blog says he's genderfluid but that's about as legitimate as his bipolar disorder

at least i was medicated for the entirety of that relationship so i barely remember it. if only he'd dumped me for good before i brought him to my dad's wedding, since now the greaseball is in every cute photo of me, in his dad's oversized suit, looking like metalhead david byrne

No. 76167

I like that the story continues escalating past the point you think it's gonna be winding down

I'm sure his marriage will go ~great~ since he's obviously a sex addict/porn addict/has issues with revenge

No. 76171

This whole thread omg

The first time a guy tried one of this tactics was when I was 14 and he was 21.
He found me online in social media called -f-, we became friends chatting on msn for long periods (like 9hours)
Since I didn't have enough friends irl I told him a lot about me thinking he was now a friend.
We meet up and he was "ok" but has a weird vibe. He would get silent while looking at me for long periods of time.
Later he told me he was sad because his group of friends were angry at him because he was into one of the girls of the group. The girl had the same name as me.
I tried to help him and encouraged him to make amends with them so he would be happy again.
Some time passes and he suddenly got off and with me pressuring to know whats going on he tells me he likes me and since I didnt like him back like he wanted he would end up all contact with me, blocking me everywhere except his new made -f- were he wrote songs trying to pity party all the situation making me look I was some kind of fucking bitch who didnt like him back…
I talked to him trying to make the things better, he told me he was ok and asked me to keep being his friend.
Happiness didnt last a lot… he got me hacked in my social media -f- and made posts about how stupid I was for trusting him and that I was just another whore that he played with… That he was an ultimate troll lol
With his friends he cyber stalked me a lot, posting comments in my new social media, talking to people I was talking online trying to destroy my other friendships.
Since I didnt respond to anything he later desist and I keep living my life as a teenager.
The next year he sent me a long ass mail telling me he tried to play with me and now he was suffering because I was the only one in his mind ??? we didn't even hold hands wtf

Years pass by, Im 21 now and he send me a friends request on facebook, I accept to see what he's be into… he had pictures with me!!! I proceeded to delete him and never see from him again, luckily! Im 25 now.

No. 76172


When I was 18 I meet a dude online, we started ok.
We saw each other a little, I was sad but tried to endure this thinking that was what I deserved, he maintain me shady and never talked about me with his friends.
I got annoyed and asked whats going on and he later ask me to be his girlfriend and since I didnt new anything about relationships I got pretty happy…
The truth was I was the side bitch, he had another girlfriend and when I confronted him about he keeps lying and when I saw a picture of him kissing another girl I send him to hell and he start to ´feel sick´and he fainted in the street and I felt guilty about it and keep in the relationship even it was a really shitty one and I was crying all the time thinking I was getting what I deserved…
He then ask me out and the day before we would meet up he stoped talking to me, not even answered my calls or texts, I called his home and they said me he didnt was there… I cried a lot.

A year comes by and he started to talk to me again trying to regain my trust.
I know what he wants, I keep fucking with him out of pure boredom and to get things (he gave me just one thing, a dress for my birthday) and later he again disappear…

He tried the same thing the following years but I didnt respond anymore. Now he follows me on tumblr…

No. 76177

i forgot to mention that a few months after the final dumping he randomly sent me a fallout 3 video on facebook as an icebreaker or something but i just blocked him, and like a year later i passed him in the street with one of my friends and he made a tweet about seeing his big ex with her new boyfriend (i checked to make sure he wasn't calling me names or anything). it's a lot of effort considering the actual relationship only lasted six months and he was the one who dumped me.

he also filled his deviantart with bad poetry about our breakup despite being a whole entire adult. i don't understand who would marry him when he's still the same at like 28

No. 76193

File: 1520884641137.jpg (57.15 KB, 640x480, 578999754433567.jpg)

I agree with everyone else that people tend to put their best foot forward at the start of relationships, but get darker as time goes on. Also the low self-esteem thing.
Not an ex-boyfriend story because we didn’t actually date but
>meet guy in friend group
>very intelligent and funny
>take note of his views on relationships
>seems like he has good values, has his head on straight etc.
>he starts expressing romantic interest in me
>go along with it
>he’s sweet and nice
>is interested in knowing more about me as a person
>tries to console me about problems in my life even though I’m shit at venting
>eventually he admits that he’s not interested in anything serious with me
>”I agree.”
>lashes out like a fuckboy when I stop entertaining his sexual advances
>acts pissy and passive agressive towards me in general
Men are so dumb. Even when they’re smart, they’re really just dumb.

>I'd never get back together with him in a million years but it still hurts like hell and I want a hug so bad but at the same time I'm just grossed out by all men atm.
It’s okay anon I understand your pain and feels. I’m here to virtually hug you.

No. 76370

wew lad

so I've had 6 physical exes and 2 purely online ldr "relationships"

>be 15

>be widely regarded as cute by male friends as this was before I gained weight, and I was the only girl in the group who played video games
>make a lot of online friends too
>specifically guys into gaming from america
>have a couple american guys I game with regularly
> one of them is, in hindsight, a complete perv, he was about 18-20 and nicknamed me Jailbait
>anyway he had a friend on his friends list on FB who randomly messaged me some weirdly specific LOL or MtG images one day
>I respond intrigued
>he sends me paragraphs and paragraphs and paragraphs of deep ass creepily specific passionate text daily
>as a teen from an abusive household I enjoy the really specific tunnel vision this guy has for me, I feel loved cause he puts me on a total pedestal
>talk for years
>he tries to solicit nudes from me
>tells me he loves me
>this guy is 7 years older than me– me being 15, he was like 22
> he is completely fucking obsessed with me, sexts me with no invitation daily while I try to awkwardly change subject
> sends me dick pics, pressures me for more nudes
> at the time I didn't see it as pressure but in hindsight i was fucking 15 and if I didn't respond quickly enough to this guy he threatened to kill himself
>would guilt me frequently saying he had to call suicide hotlines because of me
>I blocked all contact numerous times but when he did message me again I fell into responding every time cause child me thought he could blackmail me with my own nudes and the vast info he knew on me from our convos
> constantly spewed huge paragrpahs of how he loved me and wanted to fuck me barbarically in a rapey way like an animal and "fill [me] up with [his] seed so I would burst with his children"
> while I'm about 16 he starts really guilting me for nudes i.e "I heard you got your nipples pierced and im seriously fucking depressed you havent shown me"
>he starts obsessively asking if I would be happy for him to come here to visit me
>im like ummm no haha lol
>he fucking loses his shit
>Me, retarded child, I think I can scare him the fuck away by telling him im insane and suicidal and that im committed to a ward so i cant talk to him anymore
>he latches onto this even more, I realise I fucked up
>completely block him entirely

great right

>be me, years later, think I'm 19 at this point

>be in work at my full time, demanding job
>get message on my lunch from girl I used to be friends with
>she's like "hey, do you remember _____?"
>I immediately experience a wave of sheer panic like nothing I have ever experienced, say yes why
>"Well he's been on my friends list for years and the past few days he's been messaging me constantly asking about you"
>Im fucking terrified, I repeat "no, please, just block him"
>she goes on to say he is asking for my workplace, my work number, how to contact me
>now my anger kicks in - this guy is a fucking pedophile who used me like crazy - and she kept him on her friends list for years - and engaged in convo with him about this for a few days without telling me
>I put my foot down and tell her to block him
>she says he is sending her screenshots of convos he and I had for years, incl me pretending to be mental, nudes, personal info
>she acts super nasty to me
> she finally blocks him, I lose trust in her obvs
>never speak to him again or hear from him
>have nightmares about him regularly, worst anxiety and panic of my life was that period where he was messaging my friend. i have nightmares where i have wet the bed over this stupid shit

I wonder often if he solicited this shit from other girls. He often told me he imagined me when he railed his gf, who he also abused and withheld personal documents from to blackmail her into seeing him when she tried to leave.
I looked him up once since and he's been to court a few times not that I know what for. I hope he dies an awful, awful death and that he doesn't put any other girls through the mental bullshit he put me through

No. 76378

File: 1521180246258.jpeg (26.13 KB, 300x300, faggotry.jpeg)

Try beating this!

>be 14

>low self-esteem, complete shut-in, extremely lonely (have literally NO friends)
>connect with this boy going to my school
>tells me he's into ddlg
>have no clue what it is so does a quick google search
>I'm obviously not interested in it but I'm extremely lonely and just go along with it because I wanted to be a "perfect girlfriend!"
>uncomfortably call him "daddy" and meow when he asks me
>be a cat for halloween for him (think: cat ears and generic pink heart collar every tumblr girl had in 2013)

It gets worse!

>a couple months go by and he ends up telling me that he wants to be the "little" in the relationship

>calls me "mommy" and makes me call him variations of "kitty", "kitten", "little one", etc.
>would unironically send me things like pic related
>would meow/purr/lick his hands LIKE A CAT, in PUBLIC
>I had to repeatedly tell him to stop before he finally stopped doing this
>would wear cat ears and collar in bed
>would tell me to give him "tummy rubs"
>had a porn tumblr account where he would post gifs/pics of women bizarrely violent bdsm scenarios and, in addition, cringy ddlg posts (why, why did I tolerate this? where was my self-respect?)
>I promise on our relationship that "I think it (ddlg) is cute!" (obvious lie)
>finally tell him months later that I don't enjoy it
>"b-but you promised on our relationship !!! I'm so hurt :( "
>apologize for some reason and agree to at least let him keep calling me "mommy"
>more months pass, and I tell him that I vehemently hate it and want it all to completely stop
>tries to guilt trip me but I don't give a fuck anymore
>break up with him months later because I became completely apathetic towards him and realized the complete faggot he was

There are many other reasons I left this person, but this was most certainly a contributing factor.

No. 76383

>There are many other reasons I left this person
Can you expand on these other reasons?
I grew up in the pre-internet age, so the idea of teenagers engaging incest roleplay is pretty insane to me. Maybe the evangelicals were right about internet porn, holy shit.

No. 76385

I'm really mad about this all and pissed at the girl for engaging with him without telling you about it. I wonder how normal often guys do that, I had an ex of mine contact this girl I barely spoke to about me and ask about my health inferring i was mental. We all knew she had a crush on him lol. I've had a few weirdo cyberstalkers that have interacted with my irl friends on social media it's so embarrassing. I don't tend to talk much online to people now

No. 76397

He mentioned a couple times quite irritably how it “wasn’t incest!” and it “wasn’t supposed to mimic a child-parent relationship!” but it was just “comforting” to him. Yeah…okay. Looking back I’m ashamed I let myself sink that low but I was unbearably lonely and wanted to please him. Teenage vulnerability is one hell of a drug. Maybe I wouldn’t have had to suffer that if Internet porn didn’t exist.

Other reasons I left him include:
>early in the relationship he cheated on me with some edgelord girl he met on the Internet who ran a blog about being a ~sociopath~
>unfunny, try hard sense of humor
>autistic political rant posts on his social media that no one asked for
>would never be able to understand sarcasm and would often take jokes literally
>told me he had a lying/exaggerating problem. admitted to me he would lie and make up stories and also exaggerate his schizo symptoms to his therapist
>because of that, I began to grow skeptical of all the ~abuse~ stories he had told me about. I should I seen red flags when he told me BOTH of his female exes happened to be horribly abusive (and this kind of storytelling scares me as his ex). And his stepdad too!
>outdated Justin Bieber haircut
>was very effeminate, which was unattractive to me
>lost all physical and mental attraction to him

Some of these may seem nitpicky but all of these in amalgamation with the ddlg trauma sealed the deal.

No. 76398

Why were you even with him anon jesus

No. 76408

File: 1521233557476.jpg (26.82 KB, 442x494, anguish.jpg)

I wish I had a logical answer, anon

No. 76436

I dated a bloke who cheated on me with a Muslim woman. I found out and broke up with him. I learned later on he married the Muslim woman and they already have 3 kids with a fourth on the way. His father-in-law is also trying to get him to “marry” his sister-in-law and have more kids.

No. 76442

Update: yesterday I found out he was into that MGTOW crap. Which, in hindsight, makes sense, I didn't even realise that I'd been negged the whole time until I rewound the film a bit. I just didn't expect that I'd find a guy like that in the wild.
I'm actually glad I dodged that bullet.

I don't think I'm going to approach any guys and openly tell them I like them anymore, all it seems to do is attract insecure losers who want an ego boost and free sex before dumping me when they get bored of playing boyfriend and treating me like shit in the meantime. I don't even put out until like months in, idgi. I don't even have that much relationship experience but this feels like a lifetime's worth, Christ.

The only problem is I'm practically invisible irl and people simply never talk to me if they don't need to, even though I'm relatively friendly. But idk where to meet decent guys online, I'm avoiding dating apps and chan boards.

No. 76443

>friends with guy for a few years, had a brief crush on idealised version of him in college (chill low-maintenance stoner)
>start working at the same place as him, cheat on bf with him (i know, bad, but i had an issue bc of csa where i felt obligated to let guys do whatever they wanted to me)
>start dating him instead
>turns out he’s a piss fetishist who wears adult diapers and sends me pictures of him in them telling me shit like “filled it up! :)”
>impotent so we never had sex, all we ever did was watch tv while he got high
>he stopped contacting me so i went to his (parents’) house to ask why
>he blamed it on depression and said he’d speak to me soon!
>never replied to me so a few months later i moved across the country with my best friend and got a new boyfriend who doesn’t suck
>he ‘likes’ facebook photos of me with my new bf
>i wish i could just eternal sunshine that shit i’m so embarrassed by past me

No. 76451

It's great to live vicariously through all of you. Thank you.

No. 76459

I love this thread because I have dated WAY too many manchilds and losers. I won't post them all, but the boy that made me hard delete Tinder is worth talking about:

>Gets my heart broken and in super sulk mode for months.

>Friend recommends I get sum dick on Tinder to get my mind off ex boyfriend.
>Download app, meet a guy my age who lives a town over.
>He's cute, let's meet tomorrow.
>Meet up, have an awesome night just talking. I can dig this.
>Tell him I'm in no place to date. He isn't either? Awesome!
>I'm sober from alcohol at this point. He drinks, but doesn't do it around me out of respect.
>He lives with his grandparents, so he stays over at my house when we hang.
>We're out one day. Stop at a gas station to get oil for my shit car. The cashier tells me they don't have funnels and manchild full on spergs out on the dude. Tells the cashier to go fuck himself for not having FUNNELS.
>I finally calm him down, but not feeling too fond of him after this.
>He slowly begins moving his stuff into my house. At first, NBD because I understand the need for your own toothbrush. But then my closet slowly becomes overwhelmed with his clothes.
>He completely blows off friends to hang out with me. I tell him this is not okay, so he goes out.
>Calls me a few hours later begging to be picked up.
>I pick him up and he's WASTED.
>Completely denies it to my face. I didn't care if he drank, but around me is a no no. We had discussed my sobriety, so I'm ultra disrespected.
>He sleeps over since he's drunk and I'm too exhausted to drive him home.
>Next day I tell him I can't do it anymore.
>He's understanding, so I go on with my life without him.
>Get a bunch of texts the following week flipping out on me for being so cold hearted.
>I apologize and explain why I can't do it AGAIN.
>He goes into full on drama mode. Says he is going to rehab because I made him relapse on alcohol.
>Tell him to take care of himself because I can't do it for him.
>Block him on everything I possibly can.

I haven't heard from him since that flip out THANKFULLY. I hope he took care of himself, because I'm not no grown man's mother.

No. 76484

>started dating ex when i was 19
>broke up last year just after i turned 24
>relationship not always great, but not necessarily bad
>mistakes made on both ends, still had a lot of happy times together though
>I've moved on, am in a happy grown up relationship
>new partner and I are moving in together next month
>ex has recently flipped his shit and started posting ambiguously on social media calling me toxic and claiming i was emotionally and physically abusive for the entirety of our relationship

coincidence? sure thing.

No. 76490

>turns out he’s a piss fetishist who wears adult diapers and sends me pictures of him in them telling me shit like “filled it up! :)”

WHEW, I’m so sorry. How did you even respond to these messages?

No. 76540

jesus christ anon i'm glad you're no aware how fucked this was. do you know what he's doing now??

No. 76544

My loser ex-bf won't leave me alone. It's been like a year. I haven't said shit about him or ran into him or talked about him or anything. But he sure keeps talking about me and trying to gain access to my shit.

I can't even go to the cops because reasons. Jfc I wish he'd kill himself just so he'd finally leave me alone.

No. 76548

File: 1521512009877.gif (1.63 MB, 500x501, E9DE905D-7668-4896-AFD6-C91835…)

He’s still single, since we broke up relatively recently. He comments unfunny/tryhard “jokes” on my female friend’s (that I introduced him to) profile, as if she were his buddy, or something (to my knowledge they barely know eachother, maybe I’m wrong). He’s always been bad at understanding social cues and I usually had to spell things out to him because he couldn’t make logical inferences. I’m tempted to reply “you’re trying too hard” but I’ve restrained myself. I seem to hate him more and more everyday when I look at our relationship in retrospect.

I also somehow forgot to mention that he had a foot fetish. That’s not nearly as bad as the DDLG thing but I always felt uncomfortable going without shoes/socks lol.

I can’t believe I even took the effort to debate leaving him. I’m so glad I did.

No. 76550


anon are you me? same here, he was the yellow fever version of a Muslim fetishist and as soon as he got her accidentally pregnant he tried to crawl back to me and would send really dirty texts despite us being broken up

Honestly what a train wreck

No. 76552

This is happening in the UK a lot more. Guys are marrying Muslim women because they will follow every command. The boys will grow up and become jihadists and travel to the Middle East to be radicalized while the girls will grow up and become human factories, nothing else. The cycle will repeat itself again and again.

No. 76575

Not really an ex but an encounter with a loser none the less.

>Be 19

>Go to older coworker's wedding
>Meet guy there who is in his 30s
>We chat and meet up later for a date
>gives me candy flavoured vodka which he shows me how to make
>we have burgers and watch bee movie
>we fuck and I'm too excited and happy about it and dont sleep the entire night and go to work the next day so happy
>like him so much
>we arrange another time
>he reschedules
>arrange another time
>cancels last minute
>cant remember what we texted due to it being so long ago but basically admitted he wasn't interested in an actual relationship
>I ask why
>he explains it was never going to be serious because of the age and thought I realised that.
>I feel crushed and cry about it all day at work the next day
>a week later he texts
>i get excited thinking maybe he changed his mind
>texts me asking me if I have ever had a threesome or would I try it.
>Asks all these sexually charged questions.
>Female coworker who's wedding I met him at asks me what went down.
>I tell her
>She gets mad and explains to dumbass me that he used me and it was very hypocritical of him to say I'm too young for a relationship but okay to ask me about possible threesomes.
>realise my mistakes
>move on

I was such a fucking idiot with my heart on my sleeve. Basically developed stockholm syndrome with every abusive ex I have ever been with. It takes a lot for me to leave because my self esteem.is that low. Also when I was younger love = sex and sex =love.

No. 76658

>we watch a bee movie
>we fuck

anon I can't

No. 76672

File: 1521591303099.jpg (848.21 KB, 1806x1359, br151051c-ap.jpg)

>>we have burgers and watch bee movie
>in his 30s

No. 76676

File: 1521592162290.gif (905.87 KB, 400x270, TKHQZ44.gif)

>gives me candy flavoured vodka which he shows me how to make
pretty decent
>we watch bee movie and fuck
lost it…

No. 76685

Ya like Jazz?
Hahaha but seriously, I'm pretty old. We watched it before it was a meme. Reading over it again, it's pretty funny.

No. 76697

>started taking drugs with coworker who was over double my age
>Sex happens
>I say I want nothing serious
>he agrees
>gets controlling and clingy
>try to break up all the time
>whole time it's a secret that we are seeing each other
>hate him because he's ugly and controlling
>waste 3 years with this man
>drugs all the time
>sex all the time
>feel like I'm leading a double life at work
>find cp on his google searches
>I break up with the pedo
>he Goes PSYCHO and tells everyone at work our dirty secret
>sends me manipulative suicial messages
>get with someone else
>he goes even more ape

Last I heard he was some crazy trump supporter posting about trump all over facebook. I think he went senile.

No. 76700

Okay. I tried hooking when I was 19 so this isn't really a date but I thought it would be entertaining. No longer am I self destructive, it's been so long it doesn't even sound like current me.

>attempts hooking

>posts number on some local personals
>some fat dude tries talking to me
>stupidly meet up
>he takes me back to his cluttered hole of a house
>starwars posters everywhere
>he shows me some weird setup where you can talk over the radio. Talks about pranks he's done on there.
>Asks me if he can take a photo of me besides his tuba in my bra and underwear
>pat his cat
>cat was only good thing about visit
>go to his bedroom
>Climb on top because he's fat
>bounce up and down
>ignore his feminine sounding 'oh baby's'
>boredly bouncing
>notice a lego death star on a shelf while I'm fucking him
>what am I doing with my life lol
>While he's in bathroom having shower I snoop through his drawer.
>Find a letter from sex offender registry
>oh shit
>act like nothing happened when he comes back into room
>After all that he gives me 50 dollars
>drops me home
>concerned housemate asks how it went

Btw-my housemate knew what I was attempting to do. She advised against it but I insisted on trying it so she agreed but keep all her contact details incase he was a psycho.

>I laugh and make up some silly lie that it was some neckbeard that paid me 50 bucks to build a lego death star in my underwear.

>She laughs nervously

To this day I can't believe that happened. I was such a dumbass haha

No. 76704

>ignore his feminine sounding 'oh baby's'
Good lord, just imagining that makes me want to gag.

No. 76724

File: 1521651454085.gif (264.02 KB, 269x275, 4A2C6E93-60FF-499E-8EFB-775418…)

>sex offender fedora spends 450$ on toys but 50 on a sex worker

No. 76741

oh my god, i didn't even get the significance of the lego death star mention up until this post. i'm feeling a strong urge to strangle the lardlord

No. 76759

>be me
>be young teenager going out with guy around my age
>lasts about 1.5 years very intense and tumultuous
>he's the epitome of cringe
>I was a fucking retard
>he was in a terrible band and he could not sing at all
>had to be supportive gf and go to gigs where his band was supporting
>he was straight up the most awful singer I ever heard, took himself very seriously, rest of band were pudgy men with breast buds and no chest hair who took off their shirts during gig
>everyone in gig would be looking at each other in shock when they played because they were meme level bad
>hide at back, congratulate him when gig ends, he gets big ego boost
>I get impatient and want the d
>he sends me horribly cringe walls of text I.e "I can't wait to spill my hot pearly cum all over you while you look up at me with your big eyes" word for word
>finally go to his place to fuck
>his house is permanently unfinished so there is no soundproofing whatsoever
>he has rock band magazine posters all over the place
>plays bring me the horizon really loudly
>I brought spirited away and put it on the tv
>when we made out we would dry hump for literally an hour
>he would try to be intense and romantic by kissing me hard but it was him slobbering all around my mouth and his teeth were jarred so it usually hurt and got loads of spit in my mouth
> he doesn't know how to put condom on so I do it for him
>he goes straight for Catholic missionary
>feels meh
>he's on top of me like a baby horse, I'm watching spirited away wondering if I'm now asexual
>he cries afterwards
>he refuses to buy condoms at stores after because he is too embarrassed
>says it makes having sex special because we don't do it as often
>he likes It when I'm rough with him, confides in me verbatim that he wants me to rape him
> when we're fucking I see his bionicle toys on the floor and coupled with other things going on I literally wonder wtf my life is
>start to get depressed because of other stuff too
>he doesn't break up with me, tells me we are still together but never speaks to me again
>I am very hurt but eventually say lol wtf and change all my shit to single and block him
>never speak for a decade
>find out he has entire blog about me
>writes love letters to me
>is obsessed with me, knows who my bf is, where I work
>writes about sex with me
>I freak
>I block
>I cringe to this day
>now he tells everyone I'm insane and spergs on Twitter to his 12 followers for hours at a time about current events with extreme volatile shit as if anyone ever sees his tweets
>obsessed with camgirls and Nickelodeon actresses gone wild
>kill me

No. 76809

>now he tells everyone I'm insane and spergs on Twitter to his 12 followers for hours at a time about current events with extreme volatile shit as if anyone ever sees his tweets

He sounds like a male lolcow. Can you post a screencap of some of these tweets?

No. 76853

Lolcow is a gender-neutral term, anon. I can't believe some feminists claim it's meant to target women when Chris-chan is the king of lolcows.

No. 76867

File: 1521820610725.jpg (167.32 KB, 1348x946, unnamed.jpg)

I lol'd at the part with the bionicle toys. Then it got dark fast, fuck that dude.

Here's mine
>meet guy at party
>he's hot, wealthy, charming, etc.
>we hit it off and date
>he eventually starts making disparaging comments about minorities masked as jokes
>doesn't even listen to music, only listens to atheist vs. religious debates all day
>obsessed with dismantling Islam
>would go to a different country for weeks without saying goodbye because goodbye's are "hard"
>became more volatile and angry
>was a garbage photographer and used that as a means to approach girls in public with me and offer to take their photos
>moved in with me and paid for his accommodation with FOOD even though he was a literal millionaire
>get drunk one night and realize I'm tired of fighting with his smug, militant atheist ass and kick him out my place, ending it.
>move onto better guy I've been with for years now
>check up on him once in a while and he's a huge Trump supporter with no friends or gf posting batshit alt-right shit
>pic related as it's 100% him touting about muh high IQ

No. 76868

maybe we should call men lolsteers then kek.

No. 76915


No. 76916


>was a garbage photographer and used that as a means to approach girls in public with me and offer to take their photos


No. 76927

Just 'men' is insult enough imo

No. 76935

File: 1521899967890.jpg (25.67 KB, 400x562, 14-58-20-701.jpg)


Lolcow is for both men and women

No. 76936

as long as you dont say that you are a man

>3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way. Don't post simply to point out if you're attracted to the subject or not. Nobody cares about your preferences.

No. 76941

Read the previous posts. I meant that the word lolcow refers to both men and women (and genderspecials too!). We do not need 'lolbulls' or whatever the newfags were suggesting.

No. 76989

thread theme

No. 76997

i feel like im back in 2007

No. 77184

Ex-hooker here.
Can confirm bargaining like this.
Even some of the most wealthiest men hate parting with money but still want you to suck their peens.
They'll spend thousands on game consoles and cars and setups but argue that 300 dollars is too much for an outcall singular blowjob from a woman half their age and wayyy out of their league in looks.

No. 77305

I just wanna say please don't date these losers. Don't think you have to settle for pieces of shit who can't even take care of themselves and don't treat you well. No matter who you are you can do better that and deserve a decent person who loves you. Please love yourselves.

No. 77336

File: 1522240177941.gif (1004.12 KB, 500x291, weIeoOB.gif)


Ty anon, I needed that.

No. 77345

oops, i only just saw this!

basically i'd either immediately end the conversation (due to being too squicked out to continue it) or say "please do not do this ever again". he took the hint after a while but still did things like send me photos of his vomit in a bucket when he wanted to cancel plans due to illness. i have no idea how a person could take any of those pictures and then not only think "awesome, let's save that one" but then also think "oh and i clearly need to send it to my girlfriend"

No. 77347

>he's on top of me like a baby horse, I'm watching spirited away wondering if I'm now asexual

i hope you know that this is free verse poetry

No. 77464

You forgot the best part
> he cries afterwards

No. 77713

File: 1522681191401.gif (291.22 KB, 499x365, giphy.gif)

Oh boy. I relate to everything to what you just said. We hung out on NYE and he said that he would think about a relationship, but said he couldn't do it because he was "busy".

See him a month later at the art gallery with a chubby, tatted Asian girl. Hmmm. What a life. Thankfully, I found a genuinely nice boy who adores me for who I am, scars and all.

No. 77724

do you not know what sarcasm is?

No. 77760

>Thankfully, I found a genuinely nice boy

How do you find those? (serious question)

No. 77781

As corny as it is, don’t go looking for them. When you go LOOK for the nice guy, you get the dudes who love bomb haha. You find them by letting things happen naturally, holding higher standards and knowing what you deserve out of a partner.

No. 77789

Hey, original anon, and not >>77781, but she's right. I wasn't looking at all, actually. I was happy being single, but we somehow crashed into each other.

That being said, I'm a bit fucked in the head, so who knows if it'll last? I hope it does. tfw "high functioning bpd"

No. 77956

File: 1522896762145.jpg (36.4 KB, 441x334, 1518768986371.jpg)

I thought this thread would boost my confidence, but I started reading, noticed patterns, and
>That feel when you're the loser ex

No. 77960

You really do sound like my loser ex. Mostly because after he dumped me he actually had the gall to cry about it and act offended when I told him what he did wrong and say I hurt his feefees by calling him out on his bullshit, he refused to believe me and refused to change because sitting in your room, playing borderlands and crying about your fate is easier.

No. 77965

File: 1522902890701.png (41.71 KB, 250x180, lmfao.png)

>i was 16, had lots of issues with my parents, didn't get hugged enough as a toddler, etc. generally just craved affection to a disgusting degree.
>we get this 24 year old former fat frat dude as a new coworker at my quant little bookstore job.
>a couple months after he gets hired, i turn 17.
>he's my favorite coworker. he talks to me like an actual human being, considering he's the coworker that's closest to my age range. i eat that shit right up.
>around August he and his gf break up
>towards the end of this month/early September, i asked him to drive me home. he had recently gotten a kitten and knew how much i loved animals and invited me over. we made out at his house.
>he feels guilty, tells his roommate.
>apparently he didn't feel guilty for long because the next week or so he took my virginity.
>we keep up a fwb relationship that i didn't know was fwb, and so i promptly fall in love very quickly.
>i'd recently moved into my grandparents' house that was closer to my work and his house after a huge fight with my father.
>we keep fucking around all the time; at work, at his house, it didn't matter.
>right around his birthday, just after christmas, he breaks up with me.
>i was devastated.
>still had to work with him.
>valentine's rolls around and he confides in me via text after work that he's heartbroken, he just got broken up with, etc. etc.
>i lose my shit, asking him how the fuck he can fall in love with someone in a month, etc etc
>he says "it's possible"

>march or so rolls around.

>we decide to start fucking again.
>one time we're fucking after work on the couch. i ask him to kiss me. he refuses, says he just wants to cum.
>in the car he tells me he feels bad about fucking me because he doesn't love me.
>drops me off at my house.
>texts me when i get inside to ask if i'm crying or anything.
>proceeds to continue using me as a personal cumrag.
>he gets a different job in May.
>we continue fucking even though he's switched jobs.

>June rolls around. my 18th is this month. i've been counting down to this birthday because he's been promising me we'll try to be together when i turn 18.

>a week before my 18th, he breaks up with me.
>i'm so distraught that i confide in my 2 now-favorite coworkers.
>one had a feeling he was messing around with me.
>the other one tells me he'd had a girlfriend that entire time, back in the next state over.
>i ended up going complete BPD stereotype and obsessively texting him long, angry rants every day about what an abuser he is, etc. while also having found his girlfriend's facebook and keeping it to myself.

>he ends up moving back over to his home state, where his girlfriend lives.

>he and i wind up making up a few months later.
>he and his gf break up after he calls her a cunt.
>we start having phone sex pretty much nightly.
>that randomly stops, but we remain friends.
>then a few months later he calls me, drunk, crying, saying she won't talk to him because she thinks he's pregnant.
>i find her facebook again and message her telling her everything he ever did to me.
>she reads it, never replies.
>they get back together shortly thereafter.

>at 19, i have moved on to a man that truly loves me.

>frat guy from when i was 17 and i ended up making up again and remaining friends until recently, when we finally decided that, after almost 3 years of this, it's time to let each other go.

No. 78578

Today I pretty much gave up on my bf. He had a chance to take a job that makes 45,000 a year because "I didn't go to college for that and it isn't what I need experience in". He's just one of those picky college kids who went to school for something and will refuse to take anything else. Why are there people like this?they act like they can just quit one job if they find something better. He's 25 now and he's been out of college for 3 years now and he's still living at home and his mom is still washing his underwear. That's it I give up, when he told me he passed up that job, that was the moment I gave up on him.

No. 78618

>you 16
>he 24
>you now 19
>he 27

You will realize later on that this guy is a bit of a pedo. It's difficult to see until you are 24+ and you wouldn't touch a 16 year old yourself.

He seems creepy and rude.

No. 78626

You hit the nail on the head. There was one time during an argument after I'd messaged his girlfriend that I actually told him he was lucky that, despite her anger at him, she hadn't called him a pedophile.

I also left out that I'd found his Reddit (he used the same username across all SMs) shortly before he replied to a thread of someone asking "How to get over a breakup?" with:

>"Work out. Don't fuck your crazy fuckbuddy. Confide in friends. Don't fuck your crazy fuckbuddy. Focus on your job. DON'T FUCK YOUR CRAZY FUCKBUDDY. Eat healthier. DON'T FUCK YOUR CRAZY FUCKBUDDY." etc

>And when the OP replied with, "What's the story with this crazy fuckbuddy and why shouldn't I fuck her?"
>I replied first and said, "You shouldn't fuck her because she's underage. But if you do decide to fuck her, make sure you've got a job lined up in the next state over under your actual girlfriend's daddy's thumb so that you can skip town when you break things off."
>24 year old frat dude deleted his Reddit account the next day. He'd had too much information about his location/name-dropped the bookstore we'd worked at on there. Someone easily could have found out exactly who he was and gotten him arrested. Which is actually what I was hoping would happen at the time.

No. 78630

File: 1523301220863.jpg (100.46 KB, 800x679, flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)


What a little shit. I'm kekking so hard over the mental image of his penis basically receding into his abdominal cavity after you busted him. You go, girl. Fucker must have peed himself.

No. 78631

I remember that fuckbuddy comment! He sounds like a nutcase.

No. 78633

Kind of want the link just so I can have a hearty laugh.

No. 78666

File: 1523333829056.png (3.1 MB, 1333x1000, 3F35FE49-BFA0-4B84-B3FD-D05F97…)

the comments wouldn’t be on the original post anymore since he deleted his reddit account. luckily i took a shitty picture of my monitor at the time just before I posted my response.

No. 78667

File: 1523333940817.jpeg (6.86 MB, 4032x3024, 95B21DAE-E2C7-43CA-87DE-9D4EC5…)

Wait. Apparently I took 2 pictures of Munich monitor at that time. Pic related is the full comment.

No. 78669

Good. Thats a big red flag for someone being an entitled little fuck with no discipline.

And literally no excuse for having his mother do his laundry, top manchild material.

No. 78680

File: 1523342803638.png (110.81 KB, 696x342, wp_ss_20180410_0021.png)

Obviously I had to look up the username and I see this "How can I check to see if there's a warrant for my arrest"

Was about something else but the concept obviously was preying on his mind

Apologies for looking up your shitty ex. His writing style+shiftiness (based on the other two threads I found) reminds me of someone who made me miserable for years…the planet would be better without the "I can ruin your life but it's all fun and games" type of guy i.e this

No. 78701

No problem, I figured he still had a thread or two out there somewhere. He was most definitely the “i’m gonna ruin your life by leaving and coming back multiple times over years” type of emotional abuser.

No. 78705


Lmao. Sounds like he deserved what he had coming. Here's to hoping he gets itchy balls or at least an UTI once a year.

No. 78706


And what did he say in response to that? Just deleted like a coward?

No. 78708

He never replied, just panicked and deleted that entire account.

No. 79188

File: 1523667380110.jpg (8.68 KB, 480x310, hu,.jpg)

Not gonna tell the story in a chronological way, but most stupid and cringey things he did for the kek's. It still is hard for me, I'm still very ashamed, but at least I can laugh a little.

>be me, be 16 years old studying at a public school, never got closer to a boy less than 1m, no one ever had romantic interest in me

>except the time I "dated" a boy for three days in middle school but that's for another post
>blah blah lonely girl with a low self-steem, whoever came in I would see as a prince
>meet this guy in high school who lived across the town, started talk to him cuz he had beautiful, long black hair, altough he was fat and ugly
>guy is 19 at the time, his dad had drug issues and his mother wasn't friendly
>we became friends and at first he seemed like a cool dude, even if he was always saying he wouldn't ever date me for w/e reasons. I saw that as a challenge (dumb as fuck) and we decided to start a relationship
>not really a date because my parents were very conservative and didn't let me date nobody
>anyway, during out "thing", he still bragged about not wanting to be boyfriend, but acted doing everything a (bad) boyfriend does, for example:
>groping me everytime, even with me asking him to stop, he stopped for 2 minutes then would proceed to do it again
>kissing me in innapropriate times
>trying to do sexy stuff, like biting my ear, but always ended up biting it like a piece of bacon and hurting me
>when we went out for lunch, eated it like a pig and went mad when I asked him to calm down, multiple times
>yelled at me in public because "my" food eating problem
>would get real angry when I didn't want to hold hands with him (because his hands were sweaty and he was fucking clingy, I don't like much of physical contact)
>saying that he found my bff more attractive than me (not really wrong to think of that, but he could just have stayed quiet, idk)
>wanting me to meet all of his friends to show me off, but didn't had any real friends, almost no one liked him
>strong chuunibyou vibes coming from him
>was getting more and more NEET and neckbeard everyday, slowly stopped studying to his final exams to dedicate completely to me, regardless knowing I didn't want his attention all of the fucking time, I really needed more time alone, but he was becoming more clingy too
>at this point we were already dating (without consent of my parents), I basically told him if we didn't real date I would get out
>really took me for granted, started to care even less for his appearance, got fatter
>was a commie
>one day he dressed as an akatsuki member and started running like Naruto at a mall (I wasn't there) with his retarded "friends" and thought I would find this very funny
>wanted to ride the bus with me everyday, I didn't want him to come, because he always wanted me to make out with him at the bus, which I find very disgusting
>btw we were togheter for about 5~6 months, till I got bored of his bullshit
>one day he calls me at 1a.m. and we have a fight through skype, call went for, like, 2 hours and he wouldn't let me hang up, was trying to convince me to not break up with him, never knew how to accept "no" as an answer
>I finally hang up and decide to meet him at the school (summer vacancy) next day
>next day I get to school and tell him i wanted to break up
>he repplied "yeah I want it too"
>then proceeds to not let me talk, tries to keep me sitting there, while talking about profesional rules to eight ball games and bets (I shit you not), thinking I was impressed with his majestic knowledge
>I get pissed, say I'm breaking up with him
>I try to leave
>he won't let me go away
>I was very naive, and afraid he would hurt me physically because he lately was showing too much red flags about violent behaviour. He forced me to stay there with him for at least one hour, I just stayed quiet while he forced me to hug him and kiss him even though we weren't dating anymore
>see a chance to get up and walk away fast, do it and he tries to get me but I push him away and leave safely. He started crying
>he keep sending me photos of his cat via messenger, but I didn't repplied anymore and blocked him on every social media
>he remains quiet for a bit, until school started again and he started to bother my friends asking them where I was, if he still had chances with me and other bullshits like that
>months later starts to pursuing me in school, i ran off to outside the building, he goes after me and only stops when I enter a random store with a security

Btw there is probably more of his shenanigans if I dig deep enough into my memories. At the time, I couldn't do more than tell my big brother about it, public (same place is college AND high school) school will do nothing about and I couldn't tell the police because I didn't want to tell my parents about any of this, basically went through this alone untill finally tell my brother. Parents would ground me forever.
I'm now 17 and dating a really nice boy with parents consent and blessing. My ex goes to uni at the same school as I'm still doing high school. Looks at me and bf angry everytime he sees us together.
Sorry for lame english.

No. 79222

cringe. reminds me of my story for some reason. Honestly guys like this makes me traumatised.

>At the time I'm 17

>People joke that I have a few pychopathic personality traits, seem like I think I'm better that everyone, that I look intimidating and that I generally seem like a person you don't want to be a friend with.
>Cringy boy that likes Jessica Nigri Cosplay, anime and hard core porn, digs up the courage to talk to me after he has had a crush on me for several years
>''Anon.. You're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. I know you're warm on the inside. I can feel it!''
>Sings my Bday sond out loud in school
>He says I love you to days into knowing me
>For some reason I spend time with him, probably cause I was drinking every day at the time and that made my judgement horrible.
>He always eats shit, and drink soda. Never even seen him touch a glass of water.
>Asks a lot of things about my ex, such as height, age, looks etc
>Gets mad and jealous when I mentioned how tall and good looking he was, and that he was older than himself
>Randomly he asks if we can have sex, asks which sexual stuff I've done, and then he basically assulted my neck when I said no so many times and tried to fight him off
>Keep in mind, he knew very well that I hate the thought of having sex
>He also makes incel-tier jokes about women.
>He goes around and tells everyone that we're uwu bf and gf
>Tells everyone how we'll live together and how he wants kids with me
>Tells everyone how we might or might not have had sex
>He keeps trying to make me 'happy' by telling me how I'm actually really soft and beautiful on the inside. And that I'm a good person, like I didn't know that already.
>I have a personal issue with a family member, and tell him. I don't even fucking know why.
>He then threatens to tell my family member, because he wants to keep me ~safe~
>I tell him to fuck off and 'break up' with him a few days later
>He then goes on a three months heartbreak depression
>Randomly he messages me, asks me if we can hang out
>''No. Why would you want to hang out?'' lol
>He gets angry and says ''whatever, I got a gf'' in an attempt to make me jealous.
>I write back with ''Okay, good luck.''

And that was the last conversation.

This is the reason why I can't deal with guys under 25. Majority are like retarded kids that can't take a hint. And if they're a virgin, they're always so desperate to get laid. I am so traumatised by this cringe, that I don't know if I can ever be physically close to a man for the rest of my life

No. 79238

File: 1523722732441.gif (5.57 MB, 500x281, efX2rvU.gif)

I've been hesitant about posting, but here goes the break-up story.

>this fucker still at age 24 has his mom do his taxes

>never wants to go out because basement dweller
>doesn't like physical contact because probably autist
>still hangs out with trailer-tier friends even though he complains about them all the time

>I get a difficult job that has me working 10-12hr days

>he skips work everyday cause he could
>complains about having to pick me up from work
>spends his days alone, thinking about the upcoming marriage
>he starts to get angry at me for little things
>tells me that he wants to have a relationships with other women
>tells me that he still wants to be with me
>heartbroken me says sure
>he sets up tinder
>flirts with tinder women constantly while I'm at work
>I try to do tinder too but I delete it the next day
>says he has a date
>I cry long and hard
>we decide to break up
>coincidentally it's on my last day of work
>I'm by myself, ask him to pick me up
>he does
>I ask him how it went
>he ate tacos with her and talked for two hours
>I get upset
>he gets angry that I'm upset
>I run out of the car and try to kill myself in traffic

>Fast forward a few months

>we get back together because love™
>he decides to go to Burning Man even with all this shit going on
>beg him not to, he says no
>tells me his feelings about dating other women hasn't changed
>says letting me go would probably be a huge mistake he'd regret forever
>dumps me anyway

He's out there right now, probably still depressed no matter how many women he fucks. The worst thing is he probably still thinks he's right, that asshole.

No. 79249

Wew anon.
I hope you have set some higher standards for yourself now, and please, unless you’re truly poly don’t agree to have ur deadbeat bf date other women

No. 79253


Thanks anon. It helps that I'm surrounding myself with confident women. It gives me an example of what I could have (not a douchebag). Also I've realized that other men exist that want the same things I do.

No. 79254

It’s wild what the fear of not wanting to lose someone will cause you to do butnim glad you’re realizing what is good for you and what isn’t!
Same goes for every girl in this thread, some of these stories are just horror…. sometimes all it takes is one shit boyfriend but some girls find themselves in a string of bad partners because they haven’t let themselves heal from the past.

No. 79258

Its kind of scary how we can see a sort of a "pattern" in our stories… teenager with no self esteem meets suspicious boy who gets controlling and/or abusive and/or really dumbass

No. 79259

Samefag, forgot to say, he tried to get me back by writing Wonderwall lyrics in a notebook page.

I'm so relieved for writing the story here, I feel like I'm not the only one who did bad choices, at the same time it's not our fault for not knowing where these relationships would lead to

No. 79260

I'm always saying now that never will this happen again, but you never know until you're out. I was four years into that relationship. Makes me scared to dive in again cause I don't want to waste any more years with someone shitty.

No. 79326

>be 20 and freshly dropped out of college & in abusive household
>be on OkCupid like an idiot only looking for friends. someone finds my Tumblr and decides to message me there, asks me if I ever want to hang out and watch Cowboy Bebop
>me, lonely w no friends due to them always wanting to spend cash, agrees
>one of the first things he talks about is psychedelics, i brush it off bc i wanna watch some damn Cowboy Bebop
>his apartment is just one room, there's a loaf of moldy bread on the ground, a poster of Nicholas Cage on the wall, and a Tardis lamp
>room smells funky, but i ignore it bc i didn't wanna walk back home yet since it was wintertime
>he mentions he's in the local theatre cast & can get me in for free, also hints about the parties they throw afterwards
>second time we hang out it's show night. I get to see him flail around in a corset.
>afterwards we walk over to the party. there's tons of booze and weed.
>unexpectedly see a few close friends there. they ask me how i found out about these parties, i point over to new friend.
>i get a bit tipsy off vodka, suddenly i'm making out with the guy, everyone around us is cheering. we walk over to his apartment and cuddle, we fall asleep watching fucking Game Grumps playing Sonic 06
>he brings me over to that party house another day to show me off to his best friend. she's happy for us. she happens to have gotten a new girlfriend recently too.
>we start going on double dates together, everyone's always smoking weed. i start joining in.
>he starts making me pay for his Burger King. i find out he doesn't have a job and his mom is paying for his rent.
>his best friend is a freelance artist(jobless) too, she's basically forcing her gf to move in with her bc her mom is doing the same thing.
>one day i don't receive any texts from him, wait for him to reply 3 days later. "I was in jail this weekend." What'd you do? "I got caught shoplifting at Walmart".
>comfort him thinking it was because he needed food. later find out he stole a WiFi adapter for a computer he wants to "fix"
>Valentines rolls around. i give him a new computer mouse, he gives me a Super Mario Bros The Movie DVD and a steak. he admits to stealing the gifts from Walmart.
>his best friend talks about her and her gf did psychedelics and they fell in love, he starts getting ideas
>he made me pay for the drugs, i end up having a bad trip, i play it off as the best thing i've experienced
>life at home is getting worse, i keep hanging out with him to escape.
>we have sex for the first time, he blasts "I Just Had Sex" when we're done. realize the funky smell in his room is dried up cum on his futon and blankets, unwashed
>he ends up having to move back to his hometown bc his mom can't pay his rent anymore. makes me drive 45 minutes to visit him every weekend bc he has no license.
>he spends the night at my house for a few days, my parents yell at him when i'm gone at work for having rude manners and having poor hygiene.
>i start having to go to therapy due to the bad trip, i'm out of town for a month, my family members start asking me why he hasn't visited, i try to explain but they said it's not a good excuse
>we end up finding a couple super nice roommates to move in with. everyone's either homosexual or trans, except for me and him. i suddenly remember his best friend started identifying as genderfluid
>he starts talking about this "heckin' rad girl" on Tumblr he follows, also says he dreamed about being a "sexy dragon lady" the other night.
>in support of him bc i'm also going through a tough mental time
>he ends up getting a job as a cashier. does well for the first couple of weeks. we can pay bills and all that.
>suddenly he's buying individual Magic cards for $14
>starts going to work in week old shirts lifted from the ground, obviously wrinkly and collecting dust. he gets fired after 3 months
>my state of mental health is getting worse, i haven't eaten a full meal in 4 days, can't even down a small bowl of oatmeal. i have a panic attack at work. i quit.
>i move out to focus on bettering myself to work again.
>he starts texting me he wants to be poly because he's lonely. to no one's surprise, his best friend started doing the same thing.
>me, in a constant state of flight or fight due to mental illness, accepts everything.
>he's sending me photos of dragon girls every other night
>my best friend texts me the next week, he invited her over to play video games and he got them drunk and made out with her. me, like a dumbass: "we're poly it's ok" not realizing it was a concern.
>i go over to the apartment, he's wearing my clothes. he mentions he hasn't bathed in a week. there's a condom on the floor. i ask who was over, he shows me his new dildo.
>i start to cry and mention how i don't want our relationship to be non-monogamous anymore. he says we should breakup but stay friends
>i say how i'm permanently traumatized from taking psychedelics, he says he "talked to some guy" and said it's impossible
>i start taking my belongings home, he makes me show him every article of clothing i have before stowing it away to approve of me taking it or not.
>all of my bras, underwear, favorite shirts, and some jeans are his now. i'm not even touching my makeup because he was noticeably using it too.

I didn't have my "oh shit i was dating a trender" moment until a few months later, but man that was a shitshow of a year.
I'm definitely doing way better than him now. He's friends with other trenders and recently found out he's been friends with a few infamous-on-the-internet child sex offenders.

No. 79329

> I run out of the car and try to kill myself in traffic
wtf anon you sure you aren't the crazy ex

No. 79345

holy shit you can make a movie with that

No. 79350

Well at that point I've moved in with him in another state, I basically am the only one actually working (and for a third of his pay) and doing all the housework, I've just finished up a 12 hour shift, he's broken up with me three months before the wedding and he had no problem going out with other women either with or without me. Also, I had no friends or family to reach out to.

Is it really so out there?

No. 79370

>I run out of the car and try to kill myself in traffic


No. 79616

Not 100% my ex boyfriend but close to it
> Me 17-18 during my time seeing this guy still in high school dealing with lots of mental illness and ptsd issues
> him 19-20 dropped out of college, tutoring kids and living with dad
> Met him on tinder and we had a similar sense of humour and both connected through mental issues and hating people in the area
> Lead me on to believe we were kind of a thing for two dates and then informed me that we were friends and he was still in love with his ex (it should’ve ended there but honestly I did feel like we were just friends that had sex)
> Told me all about how horrible his ex treated him and I really pitied him and thought she was a crazy bitch
> She draws “I love art hoes” on his arm in sharpie marker (I am a painter and am in art school) I thought this was an indication that she knew we were sleeping together and didn’t approve but didn’t want to actually be with him (this is what he told me) so it wasn’t really her say in the matter
> Ex girlfriend shows up at my school on a day I’m not there (she started hanging out with kids at my school) apparently is looking at all of my art
> Boy brings first blonde girl I don’t know into my house because there’s a liquor store that doesn’t card right near me
> He spends Valentine’s Day with me and another girl were fucked on Gabapentin and Weed
> Run into my friend who lives far away at the mall and she ends up needing a ride from him. They become friends and there was a whole side issue of him agreeing to go to a formal with her, getting so fucked up he passed out in his car and stranded her on a roof top with no way to get home
> A classmate who is friends with his ex starts telling me that he’s been abusive to her in the past which I don’t believe because she has been creepy towards me
>He tells me he loves me and that I’m one of the best people he’s ever met after we trip acid
>Brings second blonde girl into my house (same one I hung out with on Valentine’s Day) takes apple juice and leaves (obviously my parents are concerned at this point but he’s told me and them about how abusive and crazy his mother is and how he’s dealing with things I deal with so we trust him)
> I start warming up to the idea of meeting his ex because I think they were both calming down towards one another
> I have a ptsd episode in his car (he was aware I was a rape victim and knew about my ptsd)
> We get stoned to calm down and he in detail starts describing a disgusting scenes of him raping an ex girl friend of his, i make him drive me home and am in turmoil for a month trying to not contact him
>I finally decide to reach out and shit hit the fan in one night
> I show up to his house and he explains that he talked to her after and it was a communications issue. I “forgive” him
People start showing up to his place because there was a party they wanted to pregame for
His ex shows up and we finally meet (at this point Ive completely warmed up to her) we give each other’s giant hugs and he’s in the corner staring at us like puppets,
She leaves to get something out of his car and takes her friend “M” with her
He comes back up and she’s gone home
We all leave for the party and get way too drunk
I start shit talking the boy to all his friends because I was sick of hearing about his ex all of the time
“M” pulls me aside and says that he’s read the messages on Facebook between me and the boy and thinks the boy raped me So I explain that it was someone different
I need to get home so I end up taking a $150 Uber off of the boys account
> The next day the boy Is pissed because of the money and me shit talking him yet has no idea that the biggest thing has come out
> “M” calls me and explains that his ex didn’t know that me and boy were sleeping together and She asked him serveal times he kept denying it, she told me he had in the past burned cigarettes on her, chained her to the ceiling, and cheated on her with her best friend.
> I stop trying to contact and be friends with the boy

I go off to school in a new country and my phone is obviously bugged and he’s the only person I know who knew how to do that.

It’s been a few years now his ex and I are actually really cute friends now. She still has an on and off friendship / relationship with him. He still lives at home tutoring kids and tricking tinder girls

No. 79703

Sorry but which is the loser in this situation? You all sound pretty fucked up.

No. 80110

>be 16
>Start talking to guy on tumblr
>have really similar interests
>like the same music, films, tv shows and games
>biggest difference is that he’s straight edge and i drink occasionally
>start joking about getting married straight away
>talk all day every day through texts
>skype all the time
>develop a huuuge crush on him
>constantly talk about how we want to meet up when we have the money and opportunity
>our conversations were always romantic, never just friendly
>he tells me how perfect i am and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me
>he jokingly sets me as his fiancée on fb, i accept even though we never actually entered into a relationship
>8 months into knowing him, he removes me as his fiancée and is suddenly in a relationship with a girl in his town
>get pissed at him, mainly because he was obviously juggling her and me at the same time, feel bad for his girl because of the things he was saying to me when they were probably dating
>he says that he loves me but the distance is too much and that he still wants to remain friends
>we were never really friends dude
>we don’t talk for a year until he reaches out to me after his relationship ended
>tells me he still loves me, wants to make it work despite the distance
>i don’t have any romantic feelings for him anymore but tell him that i’m willing to see if they come back if we start talking again
>try for a while, realize that i don’t really like him, just like the attention and validation he’s giving me
>tell him it’s not gonna happen, but we can stay friends
>he removes me from all social media and proceeds to write 1000 emo posts on tumblr about how much he loves me and made the biggest mistake ever letting me go
>his followers harass me, telling me that i’m a cunt for breaking his heart and that i don’t deserve him
>he gets new girl obsessions but always goes back to talking about me every once in a while, as ”the one who got away”
>i get into a relationship, not an online one this time
>he sends anonymous asks saying that he misses me but hopes my bf treats me right
>about two years later
>he reblogs a selfie i posted, saying something like ”hope you’re doing good my old friend”
>check out his tumblr for the first time in forever
>he’s no longer straight edge, he drinks and takes pills pretty much every day
>besides that, haven’t changed a bit since i started talking to him when he was 16
>fucking dodged a bullet

No. 80112

dang.. bullet dodged indeed

No. 81511

My ex has moved on after a few months. We were together for seven years. He just spent a 100 dollars at a sex shop.

I feel sick. He dumped me by walking out in the middle of the night. He had cheated on me, pathologically lied, hid things from me, allowed his friends to verbally abuse me. But he was my first love. I gave him my virginity. And he’s now fucking someone else and I feel so sick. It was our thing, the one intimate thing we had together. And he’s destroyed it before I’ve even recovered from him walking out and leaving me with 5 pets and all the bills.

How could it be so easy for him? How could he do this to me? Why doesn’t he feel guilty? Doesn’t he think of me during or after sex? Our breakup was so recent and we were together for so long.

He would never have spent $100 at a sex shop with me. But he’s doing it with this other girl, whoever she is. And she can’t even know him like I do, she hasn’t sacrificed for him like I have. I know I sound insane but this is really fucking hard. I thought he would come back. I thought he had to still love me like I love him. I’m going crazy. And I feel so fucking sick.

No. 81525

>upset about getting rid of a cheating pig
You should be super glad he is out of your life girl. Usually lying cheating pigs don't let go and are dangerous to get rid of.

Here you are upset that you got rid of him so easily?


No. 81528


I know it’s stupid but I still love him so much. He could be so sweet and kind. He is so handsome and has a great body. He got on well with all of my family. We have all the same interests and could talk for hours. Seven years of my life devoted to him, having him beg me to forgive him every time, asking me to marry him, saying it was forever- and then jumping into bed and a sex shop only a few months later. It makes me feel sick.

No. 81531

I am sure Ted Bundy was very nice to some people in his life. He was even married for 7 years, and he proposed.

Being occasionally nice and proposing to you is no reason for you to be hung up on him. You dodged a bullet. You can do better.

Do you love him or the idea of him and what he provided to your life?

No. 81560


I truly do love him. I know I shouldn’t. But I do. I feel so stupid and lied to and betrayed.

No. 81579

I'm sorry you're going through this, anon. I know it's so hard. One thing that helps is thinking about all the annoying shit they did, and how that's not your problem anymore. Try to stay busy if you can. He's a piece of shit who took advantage of a wonderful woman, and not you are free to take care of yourself and find someone more worthy. As for the pets, who is named on the adoption/purchase papers?

No. 81598


thank you so much anon. I reached out to some friends and I'm feeling a lot better. I actually sent them that song as an icebreaker to how I'm feeling. I really appreciate the support. We're going to get lunch tomorrow and I'm shaking off the bad feeling. This is going to be such a long road.

Oh and as for pets, I'm keeping the dogs and his mom took the rest. He's a man-baby. I pay for the dog's food, vet visits and insurance, etc. We are both on the adoption papers but I know he wont claim them, and even if he did, everything I've read says that whoever supports them the most has a greater claim.

No. 82686

>date for six years, through highschool and some college
>get cheated on multiple times, always forgive him because you're a dumb kid and he's your first love
>work on college degree while he fucks about working min wage retail and playing video games
>work on multiple different hobbies (reading, gaming, gardening, writing, painting, etc) while he… plays video games
>get treated like shit by his loser stoner friends
>get broken up with in the middle of the night when he walks out, to never return
>all his friends attack because he lied and said you broke up with him
>find out he's in bed with someone else a month later
>he's spent a $100 on sex toys
>new girlfriend is covered in tattoos of cockroaches and has eight nose-piercings
>three months later he gets a nose and ear piercing from her
>breathe out in lucky escape

I'm honestly laughing. He looks ridiculous. He's a rich white boy and he's trying to be someone he's not. Its pathetic. Beyond pathetic. Now he's slumming it in the ghetto area of the city pretending to be ~alternative~ to excuse why he's going nowhere in life and has no ambitions or skills. He's going through a teenage rebellion phase at 23. I'm getting my degree and double minor, and getting hit on by grad students and people with actual careers. But I'm taking time for myself and not jumping in to a relationship. I've been mothering a loser for six years, I need a break from men until the novelty of my own company wears off. I'm just so fucking happy without him dragging me down.


No. 82695

I think I'm just starting to realise that my ex boyfriend was a dick, but I still desperately want to be with him again even now he's seeing a new girl. Idk if I'm just making the bad stuff sound worse in my head to trick myself into not wanting him anymore

I never had any complaints about him through the entire (year and a half) relationship, and this main one I only brought up about three times when the only friend I told about it thought I should be more serious. A few years before I started seeing my boyfriend I was sexually assaulted by another boy from my school. I kind of buried it when it happened and tried to ignore it but I had obvious issues with being touched etc after that and it took a while for me to work through that. Just as I was starting to get over it he leaked photos of me that I didn't even know he had to his friends at work. On one of my first actual dates with my bf he made a rape joke that hit really close to my situation, and whatever physical reaction I had was obvious enough that he apologised and asked if that was something to not talk about with me, I said it was and he left it at that. For the next month or two it was brought up a couple more times, one time with me saying it was that boy from school and another with me saying exactly what had happened. He cried a lot, was really protective for a while and said he didn't know how he could act around that boy anymore. Still, he frequently got mad at me for only doing anything sexual or kissing him 3 out of 5 times that he wanted and said it was because I didn't love him. He never made me do anything and seemed genuinely insecure but it felt harsh when I kept explaining that I couldn't even sit too close to people a year before, so it would take me a little while longer before I was completely comfortable.

At the time, my boyfriend worked in the same place as the other boy. They worked together, were seemingly casual friends, and my bf brought him up a couple of times. It made me uncomfortable but I pretty much ignored it because they were in the same year at school, were still working together after leaving school and had some things in common. I knew my bf wanted to quit that job and that that guy was one of the reasons why, but after leaving his job there they stayed friends. Goof friends, getting closer, going on nights out together and seeing each other a lot. Again I tried to ignore it to be the Cool Girlfriend who wasn't bothered by those things, even after he'd claimed he couldn't even look at that guy the same anymore.

In the last couple of months that we were together, my bf started lying to his family and saying he was with his friend when he was really with me, because his family didn't like me and loved his friend. Another note: his mum was very controlling and used to read his messages, and read messages from me about the assault and approached me about it with fake sympathy. So the family knew his friend had raped me when I was a teenager and still preferred him. When he went on a weekend away with the guy I eventually said that if he was going to see him then I didn't want to see or hear anything about him, because I didn't want him to talk about me. When he broke up with me he told me he just couldn't deal with being stuck between the two of us. He goes on nights out with his friend and the girl he's seeing now. Suppose it's better to be with a girl with less baggage.

I think I'm only starting to realise how horrible some of it made me feel. I hate that boy and I know he hasn't changed the way he treats other girls, and it always upset me that my boyfriend was obviously way closer than he ever admitted to being. They're close enough that he chose to be close to that boy over me when I was very clear about never making him make a choice. I just don't think I could ever say I loved someone but be best friends with someone who hurt them so much. He made me feel bad about other things and I'll never not suspect that he has BPD or something similar, but I really still love him. He simultaneously made me feel like I wasn't good enough for him and like I didn't care about him like he did about me and would leave at any minute for someone better. Definitely hurts to spend over a year assuring someone you definitely won't just leave and find someone else for them to then do just that and cut you out for not being good enough.

No. 82700

>He cried a lot
>he frequently got mad at me for only doing anything sexual or kissing him 3 out of 5 times that he wanted
>said it was because I didn't love him.
>They worked together, were seemingly casual friends, and my bf brought him up a couple of times
>my bf started lying to his family
>When he broke up with me he told me he just couldn't deal with being stuck between the two of us.
>He goes on nights out with his friend and the girl he's seeing now.
> hurts to spend over a year assuring someone you definitely won't just leave and find someone else for them to then do just that and cut you out for not being good enough.

You. Deserve. Better.

No. 82715

File: 1526462049150.png (154.84 KB, 424x400, HeartMan.png)

Girl whenever you feel shitty and miss him just be happy you're not with a manchild that cries and lets his parents read his private messages, you're way better than a little crybaby like that!

No. 82720

File: 1526474937184.jpg (25.87 KB, 540x540, tumblr_opy5rbFiu31tjhy4so1_540…)

Dated this guy years ago in school, after a year we broke up, he was always a pretentious asshole and egelord about everything, became a really bitter person, "fuck normies" mentality, glamourised being a shut in weeb with no future, would constantly fuck me around and make me cry

fast forward eight or nine years, he contacts me again and wants to be friends and says he's changed, is such a ~nice guy~ now, etc

eventually try to have a thing again, lots of talks his end about how he's grown and changed and how he wants to make me happy for real this time, give him benefit of doubt and have this thing with him

he constantly lies about everything, goes out and gets shitfaced drunk but never tells me the whole truth and is a manwhore, leaves me drunk voicemails saying he's sorry and he wants to marry me and he sobertexts to say he doesn't appreciate me enough and should be better to me, admits he's been an absolute dick, admits he lies, admits he knows he's lucky to have me really and doesn't do enough about it

keeps happening every week, constantly lets me down, leaves me crying even though I know really that I deserve better and he's pretty ugly personality and appearance wise anyway, is an asshole when drunk, constantly

when he's horny I'm everything to him and I'm so special and uwu!!! shit

when he's being called out on his shit, he avoids me and is never sorry and twists it to his best friend who also talks to me and tells me his bullshit secretly

"I'm sorry, I know I don't appreciate you enough and I've been shitty to you, I wanna change for you, I love you so much"

and then goes to "yeah well you're not my mother I can do what I want" and a bunch of pathetic excuses about why it's my fault and how you know, he's just ~too chill~ and that he does things without thinking and I should be okay with it, always blames me for it

farmers, do me a favor and tell me every single reason why I need to love myself and let this fucker go instead of letting my lonely ass let him treat me like shit every week nonstop

He's clearly not changed and I deserve better

give me the reality

I know I deserve better and I've just lost a relative to cancer and I've been in a bad place so on top of it my self esteem is really low and I let this idiot do this to me and never know how to call it quits

No. 82848

File: 1526639329396.jpg (37.21 KB, 552x635, IMG_1011.JPG)

He's a lying sack of shit who will never in a million years treat you better than he does his dick, not because you are unworthy but because he from day one has been nothing but an oppurtunist. You're letting a vile ass alcoholised child run you over with weak excuses you know are lies as he gets to run off scott free cause he used enough words and you havent been able to pull the trigger yet. There are dozens of him out there, doing the emotional equivalent of living paycheck to paycheck by stringing together promises of bettering themselves at the end of the cycle before repeating their mistakes all over again because they dont care. Release him into the world and never look back, dont give him in the chance to sneak in for a third time. You are giving him too much when what he needs is constant rejection from "staceys" so he can stay the fuck inside and beat his meat in misery and leave Anons like you alone to deal with your shit. I hope you have friends to help you through the loss or to just socialise with you when you're lonely cause trust loneliness triumphs damaging mind, body and soul for the sake of subpar 'companionship' from degenerate fuckboys like him anyday.
Srry for the late reply but an anon in need is an anon I heed.

No. 82898


Thank you so much
I needed to hear that
I stood up to him and messaged him explaining why I'm done and I'm not looking back, I'm grateful for your words anon!

No. 82982

File: 1526778633720.jpeg (482.03 KB, 1224x1260, 457A0F25-06C6-45F0-AA94-C1D83E…)

>be 21
>be oblivious to coworker who is obvious about how much he’s attracted to you
>make out on New Year’s Eve and make it the basis of a shaky at best relationship
>turn into “cool girl” to keep relationship afloat
>ignore your interests
>let him call you a slut/whore/mongloid and believe him every time he’s going to say he’ll change
>move into a shitty basement apartment three years in
>cope best you can with his shitty emotionally abusive alcoholism and wear out your friendships venting about it
>still stay with him when he signs a lease on a apartment that’s out of your budget with his coworker
>continue with move in spite of everyone and your own feelings telling you this will be awful
>watch his emotionally check out of relationship and spend time with coworker because “they’re a fragile csa survivor who needs me uwu”
>believe them when they tell you that you are crazy and selfish and how dare you need emotional support
>distract your new career and eventually get offered business trip halfway around the world
>he will not be happy for you and continue to be emotionally negligent and call you names
>gain 50+ pounds over the six years you’ve been together to this point
>finally explode after he fails to come home after a drunk night out
>he strangles you
>move out
>he lets his friends and family and coworkers believe you broke up while you still see each other
>he claims he will get help, you sign a lease on a new apartment
>he skips out on your 7th anniversary to spend time with roommate and throw a party
>he keeps seeing ex roommate “as a friend”
>he does not respect you or your boundaries
>he stops paying rent or for any household goods
>he breaks up with you via text on mother’s day
>he refuses to move out
>keeps up sexual relationship
>finally move out in December
>he doesn’t get that you don’t want to be friends six months later

And I’ve wasted all my twenties and I’m going to die alone tbh.

No. 82995

>finally explode after he fails to come home after a drunk night out
>he strangles you
>he skips out on your 7th anniversary to spend time with roommate and throw a party
>he keeps seeing ex roommate “as a friend”

So much bad in this, at least you're free of him now Anon.

Can't imagine what a mess he'll be in ten years, based on past behavior.

No. 82998

fuck that dude.
you deserve so much better
you aren't selfish for wanting basic shit
that guys just a selfish asshole

No. 83017


Thanks anon. He’s a mess now tbh - I have his messages inbox FB on “ignore” and I get at least one (obviously drunk) message a week based on timeslines. The only reason I haven’t blocked him totally is so I can scroll up and remind myself of the dumpster fire I left behind.

Thanks Anon

No. 83019

I've only had one boyfriend. It was a year ago and lasted for a month. I went to his place once, and when we changed into pajamas, he came out the bathroom with a fucking Five nights at Freddy's shirt on.

Also, his love confession after our 2nd date included "I love you more than (his waifu)", in a completely serious way. Even as a girl with a husbando I should have sensed something was wrong.

Then after I broke up with him, he sent me a text asking for a second chance, to which I firmly said no. Found out a month later he was trash talking me on twitter, confronted him about it and he deleted his twitter while apologizing like a little boy caught stealing candy. Pathetic.

His twitter is up again, and he brags about getting mad pussy and stuff. I somehow doubt that, given that I had to teach him how to give a hickey and I hadn't even had a boyfriend before him lmao
Plus he didn't understand that kissing someone doesn't involve you shoving your tongue in their mouth and twirling it like a damn washing machine

No. 83025

>Even as a girl with a husbando I should have sensed something was wrong
lmao that sentence

No. 83123

I dated a guy for two years and I honestly don't know why I was so in love. The first year was fine but he started telling me shit like "I could do better" and when I confronted him about just using me as a place holder before "upgrading" he didn't deny. I stuck with this ass another YEAR. He eventually tried to break up with me over text and I called him on the phone and he was just annoyed the whole time. He would type things like "ehh I don't really want to see you" in response to us making plans and stuff like that. When we actually broke up he said "it's annoying when you cry like that" and "why would I say this in person when I don't even want to see you again". Pretty scummy really, it's just cringy when people are so childish that they totally disregard the other person. Especially someone in his mid twenties, you think he would handle things more maturely. It caused me a lot of pain but now I see how stupid it all was and that there's no use in being hurt by someone so dumb.

No. 83310

File: 1527184346930.jpg (79.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

not too "loser"-ish, but he is a dumbass
>be 17 fresh out of a "relationship" which was actually just this alt fuckboy using me
>meet 4/10 guy through mutual friends, appearance didn't matter too much to me
>I didn't go out much because I wasn't interested in dating
>I was super depressed and lonely, and he was happy, talented, extroverted and funny and I needed that sort of positivity in my life
>it started off so well, he took me on amazing dates etc
>time passes and he grows distant, as in, he won't even respond to my questions
>breaks up with me because he's going to be "busy"
>I literally treated him amazingly, he told me I did everything perfectly when he was breaking up with me
>is still heartbroken over dumping me apparently, despite treating me pretty badly and being generally careless during our relationship
>later his friend even admitted to not knowing why he broke it off with me
>get to know his friend better
>turns out ex is just an off-brand version of his friend, so most of the things I liked about ex was actually things he got off his friend
>friend is a 7/10
>friend shows obvious interest in me

No. 83609

>be 19, not experienced with dating or relationships
>suddenly a 8/10 guy I´ve had mutual friends with for a while starts texting me
>a bit wary since I felt like he was a bit out of my league and he seemed very interested
>would give me a lot of attention and kept asking me when I could hang out with him
>gave in and started seeing him
>first meeting was a bit awkward; he acted very shy and I really had to work for the conversation to flow
>then we started drinking and suddenly he had to problem talking to me at all
>we continue to talk/hang out/sleep together for a while and him not talking to me while sober starts to become a real problem
>when we would hang out we would either watch a movie, have sex or play games, all in relative silence. I would continuously try to start a conversation by asking him random questions but apparently he couldn't be bothered
>I feel a bit weird dating someone when it´s literally impossible to get to know them
>I´m puzzled, since he seemed so interested in me via texts, but when we were actually together physically he didn't pay me much attention
>broke it off, he was butthurt
>he would tell all out mutuals that he had broken up with me, so now everyone is under the impression that I´m crushed
>he tries to make me jealous by showing up to places he knows I´m going to be with random girls, then texts me after saying he´s sorry that I had to see him with someone else
>I stopped responding to his texts after telling him that I´m not interested and him contacting me is a waste of time for both of us
>he seems to understand and I believe it´s all over
>then he starts messaging me asking if he can come over because he doesn't have anywhere to sleep
>Tell him that I have an assignment and that it´s not a good time (I knew he had lots of friends in the area so I wasn't worried about him having to sleep on the street. Also, not my problem)
>He comes over anyway and knocks on my door in the middle of the night
>I can hear him calling my name, saying that he knows I´m home
>I sit completely frozen for the rest of the night, scared that he might hear me if I move and demand me to let him in
>Gets a girlfriend a week later, moves in with her and I haven´t really heard from him since
>He´s her problem now

No. 83615

I had a loser ex who later died. I was relieved, tbh.

No. 83618

>be me
>16 at the time
>try to buy weed from my friend’s 20 year old brother
>he comes onto me
>not particularly handsome but was very charismatic and I reciprocate, we end up kissing in his room
>my friend and their parents catch wind of this relationship pretty quickly since they live together
>so fucking uncomfortable
>their mom takes all her frustration with her loser son out on me because she is disgusted that her son was dating a 16 year old
>dude still lives with his parents and kid brother
>community college dropout
>smokes weed in his parents garage all day
>somehow he managed to date a lot of pretty attractive girls in high school and even though he was not getting as many girls as he used to due to being NEET and gaining weight during this time he still maintained an unwarranted cocky and womanizing attitude.
>it’s also worth noting throughout high school I heard older girls talk about how good in bed he is
>once I agree to have sex with him and he whips it out

No. 83628

Damn, anon, would you like to tell more? What did he die of?

No. 84425

This is basically my situation what the fuck? We broke up almost a year ago.
Is this average in emotionally abusive relationships or something??

No. 89500

>be me, 14
>"ex" contacts me, tells me to go on blind date with friend who will be going to the same high school
>decline, but offer to introduce him into our friend group of future students
>things are fine
>suddenly mentions that he has MPD, and one personality is angry all the time
>Random mood swings make us hate him
>He likes me, am a tard so I start relationship
>Things are fine for a month
>He likes Joker and Harley, like me, but is a pleb about it
>Calls me "Harley Baby" and wears Joker makeup
>Starts becoming whiney little bitch and complaining about school friends
>Never talks about anything else, or asks about me
>Birthday coming up, am artist so I decide to make huge realistic portrait of Joker
>Friend being a tard
>He'd been ignoring me for a couple of weeks, leaving me on "read"
>Portrait looks really good, am proud
>Day of birthday, give it to him
>Pump it Up party, kek we are in the eighth grade
>Ignores me for sixth grade girl, "Sit next to Anon" "But I don't wanna sit next to Anon, I want to sit next to Sixth Grader"
>Tries to break up, but I block him because can't handle things yet
>Tard friend from group is secretly in love with me, tries to help him break up with me
>Block her
>He ends up doing it
>Tells me about feelings for Sixth Grader during our whole relationship
>Tard Teenaged me hangs out with him and other tard friend with group THE NEXT DAY
>Tard me cuddles with him
>Keeps saying "Let's go fuck in bathroom, Anon"
>Meanwhile is harassing sixth grader to get with him
>Sixth grader messages me out of fear
>I am jealous, remembers Sixth Grader and I are both bi
>Asks Sixth Grader out
>We date for a week
>Pleb ex Joker bf gets mad
>Dates random girl because desperate
>Throughout freshman year if I so much as mentioned being in a relationship with him to anyone, he would message me "WTF?! HELLO?! Fucking respond!"

No. 89502

a broken heart.

No. 89504

i have another one, this one's much longer so get popcorn I guess
>Be me, now 15, a year later
>Go to high school show
>Friend of a new Tard Friend is there
>Meet him
>Is small, twink Asian
>Eat that shit up with a spoon
>Exchange Snapchats
>Days later random boy finds my Instagram
>Is him
>Comments weird things on posts, like "cool" because he's a hipsterfag
>Hit it off on Snapchat, is funny
>Goes to one of my shows at school
>Didn't actually see show
>Confesses feefees for me that night
>Eats that shit up with spoon
>Is hipster-skatefag
>Thinks he is photographer/film artist
>Make joke that essentially is me calling him cute
>"Why do you always do that Anon? You don't need to always compliment me"
>Was confused, was just one compliment and was being nice
>Cried over retarded shit
>Told me his preference in girls
>Preference looked nothing like me
>Tried to make things official, he makes fun of me
>Cries again
>Comes and sees me, is grateful because I live forty mins away
>We kiss, laugh, have fun
>Want to take picture with him
>Freaks out, am sad
>That night: "But anon I looked bad"
>Would start randomly leaving for periods at a time (a few days or so) because he was "depressed"
>Went on vacation for a month to different continent far away with a huge difference in time
>Would stay up to call him
>One night laughed about how he bullied girl from my school online, and everyone from my school thought it was funny
>Shit rubbed me the wrong way so I called him out
>Being really kind to me
>Nearing the last bit of our relationship, still kind
>Suddenly left again because "depressed" this is the fourth time
>Wouldnt message me for days
>Always canceled plans
>"I smoked weed once or twice but it never hit me Anon" kek, lying to look cool as was stonerfag back in the day
>One day was supposed to come see me
>Randomly after taking my side for months he sided with tard friend who was bullying me online and starting rumors about me
>"Maybe Tard Friend is right, Anon"
>"What does that mean?"
>"Idk Anon"
>Finally see him the same day after over a month of not
>Extremely awkward, he's inches shorter than me so a child basically and conversation was forced
>Kiss Sk8hipsterfag
>Barely puts in effort to kiss back
>"Kiss back dude"
>"I came all this way to see you, YOU do all the work Anon"
>Stop kissing, am rubbed the wrong way
>Leave, and after that we dont text or talk for days, nearly a week
>Getting ready to start new school in new area
>Finally hear from him again a week before school starts
>Long text breaking up with me saying I am "draining" and condescendingly saying I need to "get help"
>Blames him leaving for periods of time on me being "depressed" and "draining" despite being in a good mood every time he left, and him being the one who brought me down
>After we talk about things I am distraught and severely hurt
>He decides now is a good time to manipulate me
>Got head injury during relationship, says he is going to "bash his head against a wall until he is severely brain damaged or dead"
>"Im telling brother"
>"He doesn't know you, Anon, who's he gonna trust? Me, or you?"
>Leaves for half an hour
>Am freaking out, begging him to come back, thinking he harmed himself
>"UWU Sorry Anon lolzzz was getting a haircut. Am fine now, kek"
>Gaslights me for something
>Imply it's his fault, because it is
>"Good fucking night Anon"
>Am messaging him to forgive me
>Wake up next day distraught but ready to go to orientation for new school which starts in less than a week, am nervous
>Responds back saying he doesn't accept apology, basically being rude
>Don't bother messaging him anymore
>Start new school, enjoy it
>Have stupid "spam account" he still followed
>Mention I'm having good time on account
>sk8hipsterfag comments "Good" passive aggressively
>Cry my eyes out
>Mom always mentioned how we wouldnt be together very long, doesn't see future, and "What if you meet someone at school Anon?"
>Would get mad, but she was right
>First week develop huge crush on boy
>Like boy a lot for months
>Friend goes behind back and asks him how he feels
>Liked me the same amount for the same time
>Is now the best boyfriend ever
>Do not give a shit about sk8fag and wonder why I cared so much about Trash Tard in the first place
>Now me, Happy Ending-Chan

No. 89535

>Be 19 y/o in uni living off canned food and ramen
>Meet big lovable golden retriever type-guy
>Go out for a few months, he's super cute and sweet
>One night we fuck and he leaves in the morning without waking me up
>I try to text him but he never replies
>completely gone from my life
>cry for days
>after a couple weeks I try to make some burritos for lunch
>Look in my pantry for baked beans
>what the hell
>suddenly it clicks
>he only dated me to get my goddamn bush's baked beans

No. 89542

Also posted this in another thread.
Have an ex who I was very sexually active with, I was his first and he was also eager to please me and would compliment my body a lot. Moreover he was also very insecure about his sexual performance and dick size, w.e.
Years later we are not together anymore and haven't been in a long time. I stumble upon his current gf's tumblr, lurk a bit and find that he told her he never liked sex until he did it her. I was tickled

No. 89547

>meet guy through internet
>he seems nice, is friends with some people I know
>he comes down to my city for a week
>I kinda like him and would like to give him a chance
>he takes this as his cue to get ultra clingy and obsessive and creepy
>I was too passive to say no, so we start dating
>he goes back home
>immediately, the messages start
>he sends me about 100 messages in the first hour, about how he misses me and and loves me and I'm the best thing to ever happen to him, I'm smarter than any girl he's ever talked to, every joke I make is super funny, any idea I have is so wonderful
>tell him to cool it
>he gets all mopey and guilt trippy and says something like, "People always bully me and try to tell me to hide who I really am"
>feel bad for this retarded fuck so I AM THE ONE TO APOLOGISE
>talk to him more, he casually mentions that he has fapped to loli before
>oh and he also said he was a diagnosed sociopath
>don't take this as my cue to leave, am retarded as well, but am now on high alert and am done with his shit
>he notices I'm messaging less so he starts bombarding me with more messages
>"How can you leave? This is the best thing to ever happen to me. You're the best thing I've ever met, you're a wonderful and amazing and beautiful human being and you're weird and kind and nobody has ever been this nice to me before"
>geee I wonder why
>I just straight up tell him, "the amount you message me creeps me out and I don't have time to respond to every message you send and it's overbearing, and frankly, you're discussing nonsense"
>he gets super offended
>starts ignoring me when I message him and being passive aggressive
>oh thank god lol
>then one day, I make a joke and call him lame because he just randomly brought up my breasts in the cheesiest and worst way possible, wasn't even related to our discussion
>he says I'm fucking lame and stupid
>I'm like ummm k?
>tell him to kick rocks and block him
>he messages me on his alternative account to tell me how he's talking to girls already and I am not that smart
>his friends list comprises of a lot of high school girls and random hot chicks he never met
>oh and did I mention he is a teacher?
>he gets a bunch of his female friends after me to message me and say I am a fat ugly bitch who they hope kills them selves, that I look like a man and I am stupid and mean
>a year later I am dating a nerd Chad, he's burly and hairy and life is good
>this creeper ex is still chatting up high school girls, talking himself up on twitter and his bio says he's a "solipsist nihilist"

No. 89549

Oh and for anyone wondering how I could have led him on, this all went on over the course of a just week until I blocked him then he was sending people after me

No. 89551

File: 1532473726172.jpg (13.72 KB, 214x317, MV5BYjJiZjg2YmEtZjkzYS00ZDE2LW…)

OH AND ALSO, the girl who defended him used the reason "he is always nice to me and he sends me stuff and money so he is clearly a nice and generous person" and this girl was 16. He was also obsessed with Japanese girls and would creep on any asian he saw. We were watching a movie and he thought it would be great to mention that this bitch is hot. Wtf. He hopes to move to Japan one day, where their cultural ideals towards teen girls are creepy and exploitative

No. 89552

File: 1532474384647.jpeg (16.59 KB, 275x129, EC3A2307-B982-4893-926F-6B5707…)

No. 89561

you don't even use those for burritos.

No. 89591

>oh and did I mention he is a teacher?

anon what the fuck i thought this was like your high school boyfriend until i read that.

i had to go back and reread it in a grown man's voice instead of a cracking teenage voice and it's even more baffling. i think you handled it the best way anyone could.

No. 89623

Reading some of these stories makes me smfh, but has also encouraged me to share my loser ex story:

>be 16 never been in a relationship, only had sex like 3 times at this point. Has no confidence with men.

>guy pops up to you on fb because you met briefly at a mutual friends birthday party.
>22, likes pop punk, is a 'popular' guy, going to uni, has long-standing job in retail, hella attractive/tall.
>goes on dates, agrees to go out with him on the third.
>commence a years worth of fuckery.
>first try at this relationship lasts 3 months.
>In that 3 months he :whines at me to get him presents for his birthday, but 'forgets' when my birthday came before his.
>Full on screeches at me in front of his uni friends the one time I ask for some change for the bus home because now he couldnt buy popcorn for the movie they were seeing.
>Pressures me to dye my hair the colour of his ex's.
>Refuses to have sex/doing anything sexual to me unless I toss him off with my feet (funny story I asked what the weirdest kink he was into on a date, he said feet and I genuinely thought he was joking)
>Said hed come out for my 17th birthday, keeps messaging me saying he was on his way, never shows up. Turns out he couldnt be arsed making the 20 mile journey I have always made to see him and got drunk with his mates in his room.
>was sexually harassed/groped by some rando at the bus station, gets to his house and has a panic attack. He ignores me to play video games and tells him mum to essentially look after me.
>The night he breaks up with me the first time blames me for him falling behind at uni. I slept over at his house, he decides to wank while I was asleep and slap his spunk onto my face. This was after he broke up with me.
>Fast forward almost a year. Be me, having a messy break up with another, more sane ex.
>Guess who pops up on sc saying he misses me.
>We'll call him burgernips mcgee because his nipples were legit the size of big mac patties.
>This breakup had fucked me up bad. >So I became friendly with burgernips again, was frank that I didnt want to rush into a relationship.
>Bombards me with 'will u pls go out with me' and nudes the next couple of weeks. Says yes because I was a weak-willed bitch with no self-esteem and just wanted some deek.
>"It wont be like last time, I'll do better." words should be written on his tombstone tbh.
>2nd and last time I'm with him it lasts another 3 months.
>Waits until I turn 18 to ask for me to send him nudes. Remembers my birthday for that but on my actual birthday invites his friends to our date w/o even asking me. Promises to buy me a birthday gift, I point a comic book I liked and he buys it for himself. Doesnt get me anything.
>I get a full time job, suddenly expect me to pay for his weed/takeaways because I earn more even tho he wouldve sperged out at the idea of doing that for me in the past.
>Continues to sperg out at me for not seeing him due to work or if I wanted to see my bff who was pregnant with a very poorly baby/suffering from antenatal depression.
>His mum takes us to centre parcs for his birthday. The entire time we're there he screeches at his mum and makes us stay in and have takeaways.
>I witness this 23 year old, 6ft 5 inch man make his mother bathe him like a little baby in the bath, apparently she does this often.
>Tells me during a drinking game the most sexually fucked thing hes ever done is jack it over his cousins feet when she was asleep when they'd stay overnight at their grandmas house when they where kids/teenagers. >See's absolutely nothing wrong with it.
>I try to travel to his on xmas eve I dont make in time before all the buses stop. Guilt trips me like fuck over it when I had been getting ready since I finished work that day.
>Takes pictures of my from behind while we were having sex and the n shows his friends at a pub, only finds out because he pm'ed me saying his friend thought my bum was nice out of nowhere.
>Last time I was at his house he has a bitchfit over me wanting to go to a nye's party with people I hadnt seen in years. Nearly punches me in the face over it, when I call him out he pretends it didnt happen.
>"I dont like that you have guy friends." when he used to send nudes to this girl he was friends with for 'criticism'(shooping).
>Decide to break up with him on fb because we were arguing all the time at this point and I didnt think he was worth the 2 hour travel time + money.
>Has a massive be-all-end-all sperg fit, simultaneously blames me for his made up mh problems but then says I'm the only one who can 'save' him from them.
>Only stops after I block him.
>According to mutuals posts a few statuses about me being bitch and coward for doing over fb.
>Repeatedly attempts to contact me by making new fb/reactivates old fb acc's trying to talk to me, make me forgive him over the next 3-4years.
>Shows me he not only still has my nudes, but had all of his exes nudes saved onto his computer.
>I was his 14th gf since he was 17.
>3 months with me has still been his longest relationship, wanted to marry me because of it.
>Jacks off the ASMR vids.
>Had shitty scene kid tattoos he was really proud of.
>Would rather keyboard fight on fb to 14 y/o's on hardcore/beatdown pages than even come to the door to let me in on a few occasions.
>Has a full on man-child cave filled with anime figures, posters, plushies etc and bought more regularly yet was constantly broke.
>Doesnt know how to cook basic shit.
>Could not eat pussy for shit.
>Smokes weed and plays COD all day.
>Tfw u sign up for uni to do graphic design when your 'art' looks like Chris-chan drew it w/o hands, and you quit and blame your gf for dropping out of uni.
This was years ago, now I've been together with my current bf for 3 years, we both have jobs, live together and I'm off to uni soon Meanwhile all I know about him now is hes 26, still lives with his mum, neet, still tries to get his friends to add me on fb so he can snoop and his shoop skills have gotten better.

No. 89625

File: 1532553927603.gif (991.81 KB, 250x250, vVkoPPU.gif)

No. 89631

These stories are amazing. Where do you people find it in yourself to like and respect these people? Where does that mentality develop? In any case, keep them coming.

No. 89637

File: 1532569434613.jpeg (96.15 KB, 750x751, 783736E4-E696-4DE1-84B3-6365AA…)

>be 19
>huge self esteem issues from abusive recent ex
>drinking a lot to get over said ex - to the point of alcoholism
>abusive ex’s best friend becomes my best friend
>looks exactly like Shaynastys Fupa - but bald
>has a large number of retarded and unrelated tattoos from Pokémon to angel wings
>beer barrel body
>spend the next few years off and on, not attracted to him but get off on having a man-slave
>dump his ass when I realize I deserve someone I’m attracted to and he deserves someone who actually likes him
>it’s been around 5 years since then
>he adds me on socials a couple times a year, I never respond or add him back
>oh and he’s homeless now apparently

No. 89674

After reading this thread i want to say that woman are fucking retarded.

No. 89698

away you go robot, also learn to sage

No. 89720

File: 1532627505929.png (204.13 KB, 460x488, 1505244728034.png)

All of you complain about your ex for being a basement dwellers and never going out, but did you never asked them what they're doing in their free time before dating?

No. 89731

>mvh aut-right
>mvh deus vult
>mvh imperivm evropa
>mvh rvssian pvtin alpha male
>mvh military historee
all males is the same

No. 89732

>being this autistic
this is why you will never reproduce

No. 89733

File: 1532631756884.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.22 KB, 493x598, CMPsQFRUYAECAKt.jpg)

>thread full of stories about scrots expecting women to support them financially
>immediately attracts a scrot trying to project his shallow and parasitic inclinations on women
>seeking nothing but sex and babies is somehow not materialistic but wanting a scrot to pull his own weight is

sasuga scrot

No. 89747

tumbler would call that movie transmigogybist kek

No. 89748

>All heterosexual relationships are prostitution, you're a prostitute, if he lost his job and told you he wasn't getting another one, you would leave him.

>thread full of stories of poor or jobless bfs who anons stayed with because they were sweet, hot, or their best friends

i love it. guys like this must see countless examples of women not exclusively dating men for money, but their delusional minds just shield them from processing it.

no matter how many times women date men with less than them, and no matter how many times women who do gold dig admit that it's either a sugaring situation or for survival, they still crave this idea that all women are attracted to money in men and that it's not just something some broke or greedy women do to get by. i've never actually met a single woman who is straight up horny over a guy's job or paycheck, not even in the fetish thread. have you guys? if it exists it's so rare, yet these guys want to believe it's all or most women. why do you think they want to believe it? because they can't handle the idea of women being attracted to looks and personality and money is a more attainable goal for them?

No. 89750

they don't want women to be attracted to money because that's materialistic but they also don't want women to be attracted to looks because that's shallow. they want women to have no desires of their own.

No. 89755

He teaches high school and middle schoolers too! I really want to report him to the fbi but he said the majority of this stuff verbally :(

No. 89774

>that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday

Fuck, you already nailed it OP.
"Dated" for a month, then he dumped me WHILE AT THE HOSPITAL after having suicidal thoughts and planning to kill myself. In my loneliest time, he decides to do that. I'm not mad, but my god he is a tard, even for an actual Sperg.

No. 89785

This thread is a depressing read, nobody should be forced or expected to be in any kind of relationship with another person, if you don't like it you have every right and reason to just leave. The guys you all dated sound like they're on their way to the point of no return.

You liked them enough to either date or commit to a relationship at one point, they don't turn out to be as you expected and instead of doing the right thing and leaving, you stay and cite "pity" or "compassion" as your reasons.

However, the nice-girl attitude proves to be ineffective, they don't change, and then poof you start to hate them and hold year long grudges, as is apparent by what petty shit you have been spewing here. If you come across somebody who is helpless and socially/romantically inept, instead of succumbing to your "I have to be in a relationship" anxiety, simply leave before you develop hatred for people who don't know any better. Don't criticize and finally accept the truth that men automatically assume that women must be down with the way they are, when they're in a relationship with one. Quit leading people on and think before you get into a relationship, and not with your ovaries, learn to be alone and develop actual personalities and don't allow your compassion to have an on/off switch. You don't have the right to dehumanize anybody because you failed to assess them, your highness.

No. 89787

thank you. these women need to stop trying to "change" men and instead focus of themselves then the men would follow if you're interesting enough.

No. 89819

File: 1532689121890.jpg (53.3 KB, 900x900, ACSszfGHBNVbnDVH_DP1ngMBxCLDnV…)

>comes to a girl's image board
>vent thread
>offended at content of said vents

Well… some of us can't be helped I guess but something tells me it's the one who lacks reading comprehension and ability to understand context.

No. 89822


Everything depends on context, doesn't it? It's wrong to cheat, yet if you're cheated upon - it becomes alright, right? To act like a human being and just cut your losses even though it hurts would be too mature, and evil doers naturally deserve bad treatment, you're nice to people who are good to you, after all.

That all sounds extremely healthy, god forbid somebody called it petty and vain.

I'm sure you can empathize with some of those tragic people, and admit that misery attracts misery and female narcissism is a thing. Women don't tell you all there is to know about a situation in which they blame somebody, male or female, only what they need you to know to make sure you'd be on their side.

Try to get a female to name a single bad quality of hers, no humble-bragging.

No. 89823

No. It is never okay to cheat. I have never cheated and never will.
These women tried to work through problems they had in their relationships. I'm sure they weren't perfect. I am certainly not perfect. But women vent to one another to work through their feelings and emotions.

Back to /r9k/ with you so you can do the same, thanks.

No. 89824

I'm guessing you're seeing yourself in all those shitty men some poor farmers have dated. Instead of crying over mean women not taking your shit and venting about bad experiences how bout you work on your becoming a better person?

No. 89828


I was humoring your context babble, principles being changeable depending on the context, defeats the purpose of having principles and really just means that you're an opportunist. Stop misinterpreting things so they fit your narrative.

I'm sorry but, I don't think you're mature enough to speak about a big chunk of society with an attitude like that. Most women I know realize if and when they have a fundamental difference with their partner and draw the right conclusion to end things, in a non toxic way. And when they do vent, they rarely turn into harpies and dehumanize people, they usually just cry because they feel they deserved better, but get back on their feet quickly and don't hold grudges.

I suppose it's different in the gutter where role-models are perceived to be the ones who can accumulate the largest amount of ill-mannered habits.


If you don't see yourself in those poor guys even if you're female, your opinion of yourself is way too high. Everybody has their limitations, most of these guys sound like they have serious issues and need help, not that they could be fixed or that it was the girl's job to fix them, no, they're 100% right in leaving, but they should take a moment to reflect on their own limitations, after all they can't identify damaged goods, and even after they do they refuse to accept it and part ways in a civil manner, they have the arrogance to want to change a person to suit their needs better and get furious that they fail, you can't discount this fundamental character flaw that some of the equally damaged girls have shared here.

No. 89829

If you see yourself in mentally ill, severely jealous, possessive, abusive men (+ a few rapist), you have a big problem.

No. 89831

Who said principles were changeable? They are not. Rules are rules. As I learned the hard way. I broke my rules and stuck around for a man who kept begging for me back until he had me so well trained I did it myself.

One even had the audacity to call me from his work phone three times after I blocked him when he broke up with me while I was at work. I'd been no contact with him for over a week. But yet he accuses me of being the one to not cut my losses. What about him? We both played the same game and we both lost. Why are you blaming only the woman?

Again, bro, you came to a vent space created specifically for women. /r9k/ is for you and contains relatively the same content but for men. Go there. You'll have fun I promise.

I will never break the rules again. I don't know about other women. But those are my rules.

No. 89834


You seem to have your difficulties with interpreting certain things. Nobody has an active role in who they turn out to be, neither do you. You don't have to be a rapist, mentally ill, severely jealous or whatever, to acknowledge that. Leaving isn't hard, and it's completely justified, but if you experienced how pathological they are first hand, you're a monster if your hatred outweighs your pity. Females can have aspergers too, by the way.


I'm sorry for what happened to you and I didn't say that the women are at fault, but neither are the men, it takes two. Your boyfriends have been as willing to mistreat you as you were willing to be mistreated, from what I've gathered you acted on the right impulse and decided you wouldn't let that happen anymore, that you were wrong, that you yourself have accepted blame. I really don't know, but it sounds like you owned up to your mistakes and can move on instead of "venting", or living in the past. I don't go on /r9k/, fyi.

No. 89836

Lol imagine reading this thread and then getting offended that these objectively terrible humans were described in unflattering terms

You seem to be suffering from "I can type a barely legible sentence therefore I am intelligent" syndrome, which seems to be an affliction of certain male posters online. Begone off this blatantly female board

No. 89837

Ironic you call the other anon a potential autist when I am the anon who is pretty much confirm autist.

That's why I'm telling you to go to /r9k/ so you can help your own. This is supposed to be a space for women to talk amongst themselves. Maybe this is how a lot of us have worked out our feelings and anger. And here you come to white knight for men you've never fucked or been intimately involved with.

No. 89839

>It's both the fault of the abuser and the abused if abuse takes place
>People can't control who they are
>If you hate your abuser your a monster
>Mistreated people were willing participants of their mistreatment

This is why males needs to be gased.

No. 89840

>Nobody has an active role in who they turn out to be, neither do you. You don't have to be a rapist, mentally ill, severely jealous or whatever, to acknowledge that.
I'll give you mentally ill, but being a rapist and abusing/controlling your partner is a CHOICE. Men aren't devoid of the ability of controlling their behavior.
>but if you experienced how pathological they are first hand, you're a monster if your hatred outweighs your pity.
The majority of people would be pretty angry at the fact they were abused or exploited. That's a common emotional reaction. Wtf is wrong with you? Women owe these men no sympathy.

No. 89842


Holy shit, sure. I'll go back to my own kind then, It's impossible to relate to people after all, one can only ever hope to understand sympathize with people who share your genitals. You're weird.


I'm sorry you feel that way but if no physical force was used, if you were not otherwise defenseless, you made a choice. You might disown that choice now and blame the other party, because that's comfortable, but that's not goin to help you in the long term.


Ah yes, the girls aren't as terrible, right? They just so pure, they only wanted to help from the very beginning. They weren't attracted to terrible, just trying to help. They don't have poor judgement, just biiiig hearts and loaaaaaads of empathy.

really, have this: :)


Of course you would feel excruciating pain after getting used, and of course they're right, in their mind to reciprocate, but it's really naive to think those men or women are "evil", in their heads it all makes sense.

Having a paranoid personality is also quite a challenge in itself. Also, let's not argue about "choice", I don't think anybody here, whether abused or the abuser made a choice, you're being dictated whether you'll abuse or be abused by your fucked up past, if you're here, you're already in that downwards spiral. You're not really healthy, could be, but it's more likely that the world will drag you down a bit more, that's the terrible truth. Learn to not take everything so seriously, just move on, might turn out to be more palatable than bitterness.

No. 89844

>I'll go back to my own kind then

Thanks and bye.

I don't understand why so many males think their input is needed everywhere they fucking go. Get some self awareness ffs.

No. 89846

Imagine having a penis so small that hanging around with other men is too emasculating for you, so you have to come here instead and wave it around

No. 89847

They're like fucking yetis barging around into places they're not welcome

No. 89849

>I'm sorry you feel that way but if no physical force was used, if you were not otherwise defenseless, you made a choice.
>I don't think anybody here, whether abused or the abuser made a choice, you're being dictated whether you'll abuse or be abused by your fucked up past
Yep, I'm certain you're probably a salty abuser now. Sorry to break it to you boyo, but men have control over their actions. It's possible to be in a fucked state and choose not to abuse, rape, or otherwise take your anger out on other people. That's a poor excuse for your actions.

No. 89852

Also doublepost, forgot to mention. Check how he holds the women and men in these situations to two completely different standards.
>hurr it was your choice if you weren't defenseless but the behavior of abusive men is not their choice
How transparent.

No. 89854

No. I just don't see why you came here and expected anything else. I respect those who show me respect. Male or female. A sexist man will receive equally sexist treatment from me. And yes, I am weird or I wouldn't be on an image board. Same for you.

is correct. Your logic is equally hypocritical.

No. 89855


I wasn't serious as I don't think as my gender but first and foremost as myself and I consider the alternative kind of insulting, don't take it the wrong way but it doesn't take the Empress of Intellect&Femininity to understand, help, or otherwise interact with you. You're not that complex, a vagina doesn't make you special.


Well, I've heard A cups and micro penises get along well, let's be friends.


Are you sure you're not from Wizchan and on HRT? Stop accusing people who disagree with you of being abusive. The last part when i said "lets not talk about choice", was just me implying that i don't believe in actual choice, pre-determinism, etc, and when i said that she _did_ have a choice, i was merely correcting her, since she does believe in choice and if one believes in choice, one ALWAYS has a choice. Always, take some fucking control, grow some balls, and if you really do think that people have a choice, make one. Can't be that hard to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Moron.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 89859

>Always, take some fucking control, grow some balls, and if you really do think that people have a choice, make one.
Control of what? You can't control how other people treat you, that is their responsibility. This is also wouldn't be the "ex-boyfriend" if most of these women didn't eventually smarten up and abandon the situaion. What use is your opinion after the fact that the situation is over and most have learned their lesson? It is of no use. Fuck off. No one cares about your perspective on this.

No. 89861


I expected much worse when I saw the reactions to your thread before reading it. I thought it was the second coming of the Femitheist_divine, I just wanted to say that no matter the amount of abuse one has suffered, even if you were raped as a baby, if you are lucky enough that there's a remnant of a healthy person left in you, you shouldn't lose it in this toxic environment and just move on instead of spewing hate, even if it's _really_ justified.

No. 89864


I'm very sorry but how two people interact with each other is a mutual affair, you can be sure as hell that I wouldn't allow somebody to step over me, because that's something I don't want. If you don't know what constitutes abuse, you can get away with that logic, but to realize you're in a mess and not getting out? Fuck off retard, let me show you how i control your interactions with me, you're not getting any replies anymore.

No. 89865

File: 1532696092849.jpg (30.5 KB, 600x600, 37d.jpg)

>let me show you how i control your interactions with me, you're not getting any replies anymore.

I'm pissing myself, but I sure hope it's true this time, I've had enough of you, autistic sperg.

No. 89866


Oh no, I'm a poor little girl who just can't keep from giving her abuser the pleasure of tormenting her, just why am I so helpless??

But see dove, if I had stuck with it, it would have been over. That's what you do when you don't like something, you leave, you go. If you come back that just means you don't really want it to be over, and i really enjoy your stupidity. It's probably just your anxiety related to your A Cups, relax, those are fine too.

No. 89867

File: 1532696381448.jpg (243.38 KB, 812x810, 1494826067539.jpg)

>but to realize you're in a mess and not getting out?
You don't understand the concept of what an ex-boyfriend is, do you? And he has the gall to call other people retards…
>let me show you how i control your interactions with me, you're not getting any replies anymore
Oh thank God. He's leaving.

No. 89868

Stfu and leave already. Nobody need your "wisdom" about leaving a bad relationship in an ex-boyfriend thread.

No. 89869


Many of these stories tell the story of girls going back and back again, often times with the intent of "changing" or "helping" them, sorry, they're not thinking primarily to better their "ex boyfriends"(Takes quite the moron still, even if it was just an "ex")

Much rather, in a bid to be the abuser/control freak. Go have your cherry popped and stop being so miserable, I'm sure someone would take your virginity and not actually stay around for you to get awkward about your autism around them.

No. 89870

Yeah if you weren't an autistic basement dweller who's never left his room you would know that people needs to make mistakes to grow and learn. Also seems like you're unable to follow through with your words, we were so happy to see you leave!

No. 89871

File: 1532696869879.gif (1.83 MB, 500x200, 47909653378999.gif)

>let me show you how i control your interactions with me, you're not getting any replies anymore.
This aged so poorly.

No. 89872

Say, just my natural curiosity. If you're 23 like me and some 14 year old you treat like your sister sends you pornographic material of herself, even though you never asked implied or otherwise gave her such an Idea, would that make you an abuser?


I'm sorry girl, if your life is marked by one abusive relationship after the other there's just no real hope of ever getting out of that downwards spiral. Some people are born to suffer, best not to dwell and not to hold grudges. That's the message here. I'm not trying to be cruel, but some baggage sticks.

No. 89873

>Itt watch a severly autistic man try to spew random shit hoping it will hurt someone

I think the only person born to suffer is you, incel.

No. 89875

I hacked incels camera on his phone and it's a spotty 18-year old with a beer belly. The walls are littered with large-busted anime posters and sports memorabilia. He has sexually assaulted three women but blames them for it. Hope he can talk his way out of it when they #metoo his ass one day

No. 89876


I actually don't believe that even 10% of the posters here are female, women don't act like a rabid pack of dogs. Guys, you have to improve your game. This is not the first web community where a group of LARPers pretend to be something they're not to have a laugh. It's pretty good, but not that good.

No. 89892

Yo troll, how you doing?
I'll take the bait. If you were a woman in the first place, you'd already know that there are many different types of women and some of us are the way you describe.

No. 89922

pics or it didn't happen

No. 89925

>i hacked a camera on someone's phone

yes, you know, something you can't actually do. this sounds like when people who take someone's open phone say they "hacked" their social media.

No. 89928

it's a joke and everybody but you recognized it as such.

>t-this board can't really be girls! real girls are nice, and meek, and don't say mean things and only like rich chads but also don't like sex at all! it must be a psyop made by larping men! there's no way girls can be aggressive and horny too! w-we're like a different species!

No. 89931

OH MY GOD can you just leave already? you're not interesting in the slightest and nothing you post here makes actual sense. i was really enjoying reading all of these stories and you just have to go ruin a thread for everyone.

No. 90022

i spent my lunch break reading this thread and figured id share my shitty ex story
>be 15yr old me
>have a crush on a boy who looks like young kurt cobain
>young kurt cobains 19 yr old friend starts talking to me
>19 yr old (lets call him Sam) is kinda cute. Curly long black hair, tall, skinny, likes music seems sweet and i start talking lots
>he comes to my place to stay (i live 2 hours away. I paid for his ride)
>become official
>lose my virginity to him
>sam has no job. Less attractive irl. Wears no underwear, sweatpants and hoodie.
>was very rough during sex with his chodey penis
>hadto tell my parents that he had sex with me because i had contracted an sti. It was classex as statutory rape. They were furious
>continued through a miserable
2 years where my parents never spoke to me, made me dinner, or brought me things because of that, they hated sam
>started drinking at 16 with sam
>he would try have sex with me when i was drunk/asleep/passed out all the time
>disgusting fetishes
>never spent money on me. Drug addict. Had never had a job and dropped out of school at 15.
God this shits actually really hard to talk about
Basically, he abused me psychologically over a period of two years. I was unable to speak to anyone as i had no friends anymore
The last straw was something that hit so close to home. I found awful, disgusting, unspeakable pornography on his phone 3 times. On the third time i tried to kill my self. I still cant get those disgusting pictures out my head. I broke up with him on new years eve after i found out he cheated on me over 15 times :L wrecked my teenage years lol

No. 90084

aw anon im so sorry :(

No. 90210

Jeez I really am sorry anon. What a waste of space. I'm glad he's not a part of your life anymore.

No. 90214

This is what I got myself into 2 years ago

> be 19, depressed and w/ dependency issues due to shitty previous ex

> meet dude on a oldschool runescape discord
> his biggest gag is that he pretends to be black in voicechat all the time
> votes trump cause “hillary is a criminal” unironically says shit like “all lives matter” i’m eurofag so i don’t care
> he flirts on snapchat we exchange nudes and start sexting
> start talking every day eventually over a few months progressing into videochat basically whenever we can
> he’s unemployed and goes to uni like 2 days a week
> he gets mad when i wanna watch netflix on my own or otherwise be online without skyping him
> he’s horny literally 24/7, refuses to watch porn or get off by himself when im not in the mood
> literally can take up to 2 hrs to get off constantly, we have a time diff so i fake falling asleep basically every night
> pissed when i spend time with friends, family
> pissed when he can’t cheer me up when my grandpa dies, i just want some time alone, get guilt tripped instead
>always so fucking passive aggressive
> he makes money from rocket league boosting, he flies out to me and visits me and i pay half of airplane tickets and everything else
> sex irl is even worse, he’s got a gigantic dick but hates foreplay and makes me feel shitty about not getting wet fast enough and not enjoying 2 hr+ sex multiple times a day
> refuses to go down on me, expects me to blow him
> thinks hitting cervix is hot, convinced i just need to get used to the pain (???? NO)
> sweats SO MUCH so fucking unattractive
> my friends clearly hate him
> doesnt wanna go out and do shit even after i buy tickets to stuff
> i break up a few weeks after he’s back home
> we stay “friends” which evolves into sending nudes still while i get drunk or high
> one day i plan my suicide get into fight with him beforehand he tells my irl friend i’m suicidal (i saw the convo and he’s 100% just talking trash)
> i dont kms cause my friend hits me up irl and cut him out completely
> i get out of the house again and into therapy much happier
> other ppl from that discord tell me he keeps hitting up e girls and getting mad when they dont send him nudes
> calls girls sluts and whores in public chat constantly
> got even chubbier

No. 90295

File: 1532927341602.jpg (23.28 KB, 384x286, weird_dick.jpg)

My ex-bf was my best friend but then became a total asshole. That's always how it goes, right?

>Was dating his friend originally who was emotionally abusive, controlling, and had issues.

>Left him for the now ex-bf of this story
>Funny, both exes were Asian and totally insecure in their masculinity because short w/ small dicks
>Guy had a pizza face but a good heart (I thought)
>Had an obvious crush on me since we met but never liked him
>Fell for his personality which made him cuter
>He was a 22 yr old virgin. Fixed that. Taught him how to do EVERYTHING because he didn't know shit.
>Going through the worst point in my life, have to transfer for a year to a further college for specific classes
>Start hearing from him less and less
>2-3 months into the semester, he's apparently now dating some albino chick we were mutually friends with
>She was a virgin and he actually told me about them grinding up on each other in her dorm room, disgusting
>Tell her the story, she says he told her "what really happened" and says it's "better this way" and "just drop it"
>Apparently he told all our mutually friends I was a psycho girlfriend (lies) and basically lost my entire friend group while I was away for school
>RAs would find me crying at 2am wondering the dorms because I was aching with loneliness, could barely sleep
>Luckily I met my current bf at this other school so it all worked out. But yikes, my ex was a nightmare.

Bonus: This asshole had a weirdly bent dick. Like when he was hard, it still pointed down. Like a faucet head. Weird.

No. 90324

>oldschool runescape discord
oh wow anon
please never date men who play OSRS unless they're God Ash himself

No. 90325

How many shitty relationships with bad people in a row did you have? How and when did better people enter your life? How do you spot losers?

No. 90354

i am 23 have only had 2 relationships. my first boyfriend was my best guy friend from high school who coerced me into dating him. he is a terrible person and i wrote a long ass list about him in the red flags thread. i was devastated when he dumped me but looking back i'm thankful for it.

after the break up, i had a brief okcupid/tinder phase. no casual sex happened, but all the guys i met from there were weird losers. i eventually got really depressed and gave up on online dating all together.

then months later i got asked out by a guy from my uni. he has now been my boyfriend of 3 years. i wouldn't call our relationship shitty at all, but he's pretty immature for his age so i'm not sure how much longer it's worth staying in the relationship. the plus side is he's the most genuine respectful guy i've been with so far.

No. 90408

>i'm not sure how much longer it's worth staying in the relationship.

i hate to be the "just dump him" sort of person but if you're saying this it sounds like you've made your decision.

No. 90428

File: 1533039223510.jpg (320.74 KB, 1024x1024, 1515754088529.jpg)

>first boyfriend ever, I was 15
>hugely insecure as 15 year old girls tend to be
>he seemed sweet and shy at first and we talk non-stop and have a lot in common
>lives 3 hours away and one state over but we see eachother at least every weekend
>at first there were some red flags, him seeing no problem in hacking into random peoples computers for fun just to look through their files and delete some stuff being one of them
>as time goes on turns out to be completely controlling, I always have to tell him where I am and what I'm doing, basically not allowed to hang out with anyone else
>even stuff like going to family birthdays meant I was "prioritizing my family over him"
>having had no previous experience I just accepted it, and because I can be clingy myself too I just mirrored his behaviour a bit
>he gets me into all sorts of drugs but then withholds them to retain control over me
>we'd constanty argue and bicker and if we'd made plans to go out or even hotel reservations for a fun weekend away he'd just refuse to go if we had been bickering beforehand
>never knew what to expect
>if he was staying at my place he would just plain leave at any second if he felt like it, even if we had plans
>then made me beg for him to stay and cook him dinner
>after being together for a year he started hitting me and physically abusing me in other ways
>somehow always gaslighted me into thinking I was the one who should apologize
>I was retarded enough to still not leave
>try and fight back to him despite being weaker and this in my mind makes me just as guilty as him
>at this point I was completely dependent on him emotionally, we had some mutual friends but he convinced me they all disliked me and only invited me along because I was his girlfriend
>abuse gets worse, literally every time we'd be together there would be physical fighting involved, keep having to hide bruises and hair thinning from so much of it being pulled out
>as the years go by he starts showing more of his "real" personality to our mutual friends as well
>starts to make hurtful remarks towards everyone he sees as weak enough to be influenced by it
>is roommates with one of our mutual friends for a while, later hear that he didn't pay rent at all and never cooked or even paid for any of the groceries, our friend was too nice to say anything about it
>after almost 4 years I finally break off the relationship after basically getting an intervention from my mom about how depressed she thinks I look
>still remain close because mutual friends
>this devolves into him inviting me over to his place almost every weekend again, then drugging me and having sex with me while I'm barely conscious (mostly GHB, so actual roofies)
>physical abuse continues and I feel like I'm trapped in this cycle forever even if our relationship is over
>finally tell one of our mutual friends about what's been happening because he kept commenting on my bruises
>he's furious, tells other friends even though I didn't want to tell anyone else because I was afraid they wouldn't believe me
>after mutuals all talk to him one on one and talk to me about it they believe me
>immense relief, cut contact with ex completely even though it somehow hurts to do so
>get 40 missed phone calls from him a day for a while, then things quiet down

>saw him at a con recently, didn't talk, just happened to be in the same room
>my stomach dropped to my knees upon seeing him, was much more afraid than I'd expected
>that night get all those missed phone calls again
>hear from others that still talk to him that he deals drugs nowadays
>dates a fat girl who is notorious for having destroyed other communities
>I somehow still care about him even after everything that's happened

No. 90454

Gotta milk his good will and emotions some more before that.

No. 90471


Wow, stay safe anon. This is none of your fault. I hope you have found someone better.

No. 90478

i'm not "milking" anything, nor am i a sadist who wants to see him suffer emotionally. regardless of whether or not he's the right person for me, i do care about him. but there are some circumstances i'm under that make it really hard for me to just up and dump him like the other anon said. sorry that you think i'm a bitch anon.

No. 90480

Not that anon but don't you think that at least for his sake you should break up with him sooner than later?

No. 90483

i agree with what you guys are saying about it being better that i break up with him sooner than later. i'm not denying that.
but it's hard to talk to him about how i really feel when he's super sensitive and defensive. he lashes out at me if i ask him to do really simple tasks or suggestions, and has threatened to kill himself over something before. i can't imagine what trying to break up with him would be like.
i know that's a shitty excuse and you guys are probably going to guilt trip me and tell me i've dug myself in a hole, but that's what i have to deal with.

(also sorry for slight OT, i know this is the ex-bf thread & not the relationship advice thread.)

No. 90495

>Sophomore, HS. Reconnect with someone who was in my freshman art class.
>We start talking and hanging out more, I've never gotten male attention like this so I'm excited.
>Develop feelings for each other. A year passes and we are in a healthy (what I thought at the time) relationship.
>My father kicks me out, orders from his newest girlfriend. So I start to live with my ex.
>Everything's fine at first, we are both working, I am doing online school. Everything seems fine
>He starts to become emotionally manipulative. Will pout if he doesn't get his way, or if I'm out with friends.
>Would start telling me how much he doesn't like my friends and tells me how bad they are for me. At the time it seemed like he was right. I cut all my friends off
>We move out of his parents house and into an apartment with his brother, and another friend.
>He quits his job, starts telling me "I'm only 18, I don't want to have to work for the rest of my life yet"
>No ambition, no desire to go to college, spends money on stupid shit like movies, fast food, and comics
>I start working 40 hours a week at a warehouse to support both of us. I have to come home from work everyday and clean, cook dinner. I am worn out.
>This goes on for months. He has no job, I justify it by saying we love each other and he will support me soon enough.
>One day I snap, cry and beg him to get a job to help me out.
>"I told you I don't want to get a job! Stop pressuring me, everyone in my life is telling me to get a job! Out of everyone I thought you would support me."
>He starts going out with friends, smoking weed and doing mushrooms, drinking and staying the night at his friends house.
>He continues to emotionally manipulate me to make me feel bad about myself, about asking him to get a job. He pouts whenever I mention wanting to get friends or whenever I ask him for anything.
>Makes a point to remind me all my family members don't care about me, and I have no friends who truly care about me either.
>All of my family members I am still in contact with at this point are telling me to gtfo of this relationship, I am overwhelmed at the thought as we had been together for around 3 years at this point. I am convinced we will get married and I'm in love with him
>One day I sit him down and tell him how exhausted I am, how I need him to help me out. I want to go to college soon and can't if I work 40 hours to pay his car bill, both of our rent, and pay for food.
>"Can't you understand I'm not ready yet?!"
>I snap, tell him he's a child, that if he doesn't get a job I'm going to leave him.
>"You're a fucking bitch! No good girlfriend would give their boyfriend an ultimatum like that!"
>Right then and there I pack my things and leave. I go back to my fathers house.

I truly did love him. I realize how emotionally manipulative he is. A month after breaking up he egged my house and left bags of trash and an envelope of pictures of us on my doorstep. He haunts me, and for some reason I feel like I was in the wrong.
What hurts the most is that he posts pictures of him and his new girlfriend all over social media, but he never did that with me. Even when he told me I was his dream girl, and that I had the perfect looks and that I was so beautiful and he wanted to marry me. Sometimes I feel like he posts so many pictures of them to torment me.

No. 90503

>lashes out at you
>threatens to kill himself because of you
>you're afraid to break up with him

textbook emotional abuse lol. what a catch!

No. 90510

>Sometimes I feel like he posts so many pictures of them to torment me.

As manipulative as he sounds, this is probably exactly what he's doing. Block him on everything. Change your phone number. Block and delete his phone number. This shitty guy doesn't deserve a single ounce of your attention.

No. 90512

File: 1533080478930.gif (3.79 MB, 600x337, A6zP.gif)

I'm 19, I've only been in one relationship, it was so emotionally exhausting. I later realized how manipulative and vindictive someone could be with no reason behind it. He played the victim to the very end and I'm just so glad I made the choice to completely cut him out of my life. I probably won't be trying dating again any time soon because of this, friends are enough for now.

No. 90556

File: 1533121253555.gif (1.58 MB, 400x300, 1501273162055.gif)

>date ex on and off
>emotionally immature even for his age
>felt that the relatuonship was moving a little too fast, I think his parents wanted to lock me down because I was mature and had a decent future
>they asked me to move into their house but I declined
>my parents didn't approve, could smell the crazy
>bf and his dad would often get into screaming, physical fights while I was visiting or staying at their house
>fights were over trivial matters of no dire importance
>the old man would use his health to manipulate people to his will
>mother was a low key pill addict, made me feel extremely uncomfortable since she looked pissed off all the time with heavy dark eye circles

>second round of trying to make relationship work

>dinner date, we decide to make something to eat in
>ex and I made fish and chips in the kitchen
>go out back to swing on porch for a bit before we clean up after dinner
>his dad walks in three minutes later and thinks we've abandoned the mess in the kitchen
>unnatural for him to assume that considering I did their dishes quite fucking often for not living there
>the father was absolutely unhinged and wouldn't respond to reason
>before I know it he and the boy are screaming at each other
>I go in to start dishes while they continue the argument outside
>before I know it, the dad has bf in a headlock
>they're wrestling out in the grass raising Bedlam
>the pill mother, and his older sister come down to see the ruckus
>I'm uncomfortable and want to leave, but I can't because his bitch sister parked her car behind mine
>I state firmly that I want to go

>suddenly the fight breaks up and the ex starts having a breakdown over me "abandoning" him

>fucking what, they're physically abusing each other in front of my face and I want no part in it anymore!
>they're all fucking insane
>ex rushes into the house to cry about me leaving, father and mom chases after his crying ass
>the sister moves her caboose
>I start walking out the door
>the father fakes a heart attack to try to manipulate me into not leaving
>family gathers around and starts giving me dirty looks over the sobbing boy and distressed dad
>like I had caused all of it
>I threaten to call an ambulance before stepping into my car
>the father miraculously recovers
>leave forever
>last mental image while I backed out of their driveway is of pill poppin' mommy giving me the death stare as she caressed the red face of her loser son

No. 90560

>the father fakes a heart attack to try to manipulate me into not leaving
>I threaten to call an ambulance before stepping into my car
>the father miraculously recovers
>last mental image while I backed out of their driveway is of pill poppin' mommy giving me the death stare as she caressed the red face of her loser son
Anon, my sides.

No. 90566

That’s exactly what he wants, for you to feel in the wrong. He likes the control. It’s good he’s out of your life. Give it time and you can get back to feeling a little better about yourself

No. 90578

File: 1533143335376.jpg (42.83 KB, 640x920, 05138d79cbae49261321606782bfb2…)

im 24, chubby and kinda tall, and i have had 11 boyfriends.
so far 9 of them have cheated on me physically or through text or emotionally, all with skinny girls.
some of them said to my face that skinnier girls are objectively sexier, i should lose weight, im getting 'fat' etc..
the last three who cheated i saw from snooping on his phone (im paranoid from past experience) and not only did i see them sending messages to girls, i saw the messages to friends about how easy it was to get sex from me but degrading me and sharing pics of hot thin girls
i want to kill myself, im too lazy to get skinny, i dont pretend its anyones fault but my own

No. 90580

Stop dating losers anon, and don’t kill yourself. You’re worth more than that.

Maybe take a break from guys and work on loving yourself. This can mean forcing yourself to do the uncomfortable, and confronting that laziness you feel when it comes to a healthy diet and exercise. Small changes in your habits can have big effects on your self-esteem.

This is coming from someone who is older than you AND has been in a similar position.

No. 90590

I don't understand how you'd rather kill yourself than put in effort to look better? Wouldn't that be rewarding af? You'd be surprised how much control you have over the shape of your body when you put in the effort consistently.

No. 90597

This is the strangest LARPer I've ever seen on this website.

No. 90601


Fuck him and fuck her, he's her trash now. What an assat. I also dumped my working at mcdonalds ass ex because he kept saying he would go to college or find a better job and never did. It's sad these losers need ultimatums to become grownups.

dude, your current boyfriend is a loser. a whiny baby who threatens to kill himself and flails about his depression to avoid personal development. drop him, sister. liberate yourself. cut him off after
, who cares, do what you need to do.


LMAO anon wat the fuck

No. 90604

>dated a boy on and off for a year when I was 19, he's 23
>met on tinder and
>my self esteem was quite low at the time (my bad), agreed to date him without knowing much about him
>slowly realise he's a loser, all his friends have cut him off cause he is super negative, smokes pot all day, unhygienic, uncool
>forgets my birthday and i literally spent it on the side of a freezing road because he was too cheap to keep a spare tyre in his car
>works fast food but thinks he's a genius cause he reads wikipedia articles about history
>keeps lying to me about all this shit we'll do like travel, camp, exercise which never happens cause he's a stoner unmotivated moron
>thinks im being unreasonable because i dont want him working at mcdonalds forever, to either get into more legitimate work or go to uni, "you should love me for who I am!!11"
>constant sperging about my male friends
>plays videogames all day
>held a MASSIVE grudge against me and says i personally REALLY hurt him because i made a passing comment ONCE that i heard game of thrones isn't a well written series

I broke up with him eventually and cut him off since he tried to pseudo gf me and said cringey shit about how he would wait to get back with me, would pry about whether i was seeing other guys. he send me some retarded text a few days later about "so much for you being there for me"

>I've had him blocked for 2 years, in the BEST relationship of my life and generally life is amazing with friends, study, work, etc
>he always had a bad back that i would tell him to get checked and he'd sperg about me nagging him, when we were dating
>makes a second fb and messages me a month ago
>says his back has gotten a lot worse, affecting his nerve function and he will soon be wheelchair bound and he "doesn't know why he's messaging me this" but he thought "I'd want to know if I were you"
>says he's "really proud of all i've done" despite not having any idea of what i've been up to
>I ignore the message request and block him

It's a bit bitchy, but also I don't think I owe him anything, especially not a pity friendship. I don't care about his life at all and he needs to lean on a genuine support network, not me, I'm not his damn mother.

No. 90656

oh anon, you are not bitchy at all. you owe him nothing. he was just trying to sink his claws in again he wants your pity

No. 90907

please anon hold your standards personality-wise higher, please keep an eye out for red flags right from the beginning and leave whenever one pops up. there are dozens of decent guys out there that wouldn’t treat you like this. men don’t cheat because another girl is hotter they cheat because they’re insecure scumbags that crave validation this way. stop wasting your time on these dudes

No. 91414

File: 1533669452015.jpg (19.6 KB, 480x573, nbf30ncvl2mz.jpg)

>be 18, 1st year in uni
>notice a guy that i silently liked in high school goes to the same uni as me
>i had the worst self esteem possible, ed, self harm, depression
>ask him out on a date
>he was crusty and gross but i kinda shrugged it off, i just wanted a bf
>date went okay
>in a relationship after 3 dates
>first time we kissed he didn't even smile
>oh no this guy doesn't know what emotions are
>no passion at all except for vidya
>spent next months trying to fix his problems while starving myself
>not grateful at all which makes me have several breakdowns a week
>blames me for not being able to handle everything
>still keeps on dating him
>second year in uni
>he had to repeat his first year in uni bc he didn't do shit and failed all his classes
>only played vidya the entire time
>b-but anon i want to succeed in esports!! i don't need education!
>he was with me all the time bc he wanted to escape from his school troubles
>followed the same lessons as i did even tho i was a second year
>he was super socially awkward and saw me as the safe place in school
>sometimes i'd go out with my friends and he'd join me but he only wanted to talk to me
>so many fights because he didn't seem to care about me even though i took care of him all the time
>i'm putting my energy into school right now, he was just there
>i felt like shit
>fast forward a few months to summer vacation
>i get a job cleaning at a retirement home
>pretty nice job
>he also wanted a job, he applied for the same job as i did
>he thought it was nice
>totally forgets about me and doesn't give me attention
>sometimes he wouldn't respond to my texts bc vidya was still his main passion
>anon you want too much attention from me!!
>he changes his major to psychology
>eventually breaks up with me because i was too much for him
>the breakup takes 3 weeks because he wasn't sure of his decision and i was too insecure to do anything

>fast forward to june 2018

>i got my life together, i'm 20, super confident and i have an amazing boyfriend
>get a text from an unknown number that blocked me
>read a little bit of the text
>it's him
>armchair diagnoses me
>anon you have an attachment disorder and you're schizophrenic. please search for help. this is to help you i promise!! i'm going to block you though so you can't respond!
>i was with my best female friend and my boyfriend when i read that
>i delete the message full of bullshit
>thinking about responding
>'hey, i read your message and i'm doing great. i'm in a great relationship. i've grown as a person and i know what i want. i don't want a bullshit diagnosis from you.'
>'i-i'm sworry anon.. uwu' for 20 times in 1 message
>thanks me in the same message for my help in the relationship
>block him everywhere
>never heard anything of him ever again

I'm so happy right now, I should've never settled for such a loser. It's not a great idea to cling to love as a resort.

No. 91452

Wow that's even better than when my ex died. I was so relieved.

No. 91477

File: 1533732895517.jpg (4.24 KB, 185x173, _j7Rf3XfZaM.jpg)

>be me, 16
>zero self-esteem and major daddy issues
>meet a guy in an anime chatroom
>get talking and find out we are very similar with our life stories and troubles
>he's also a socially inept mentally ill mess
>be an weeb animufag with no brain and get influenced by a much older man telling me that bdsm is the true way of living
>want to become full time maido
>hero complex so i want to help my bf with his problems despite everything and be an ideal waifu
>get dragged into his shit while slowly losing grasp on my own identity
>become completely reliant on his guidance as a more submissive person with trash self-esteem
>he won't even let me into his house
>extremely controlling
>constantly demands sexual favours despite me being uncomfortable
>eventually coerces me into bdsm sex
>treats me like complete trash
>still date him because nobody else would love me
>move in together
>he becomes a christian
>starts abusing drugs
>forbids me to go out and talk to people
>completely gaslights my every complaint
>completely disregards my detiriorating mental health
>start fighting
>he beats me constantly and gives me four concussions in a row
>tells me i can't leave him because he'll kill himself
>so i don't
>attempts suicide by hanging
>drive to the other side of the city and basically drag him out of the belt he tried to hang himself on
>stay with him the entire night crying and praying he doesn't die
>completely lose my self-worth
>completely lose my identity
>everything is about him
>nobody ever listens to me
>he turns all my friends from me behind my back telling everybody i am evil and manipulative
>coerces me to use drugs
>coerces me to have sex with him
>guilts me into staying
>i attempt suicide
>he doesn't care, laughs at me and tells me to get it over with already
>move back home
>he doesn't work, mooches off my mom, lives in my room
>still beats me
>still fight every day
>gets into all my social media accounts and reads all my personal posts
>cyber-stalks me to no end, tries to sabotage my online relationships as well as irl ones
>finally split up and go to live in different houses
>keeps coercing me into kinky sex
>keeps isolating me from people
>keeps gaslighting me
>keeps saying that my mental issues are a joke
>threatens me with suicide on every occasion
>we have a huge fight, i say that i want to die, he opens a window and tries to shove me out of it
>i finally have enough and go to leave
>i'm home and his father calls
>'anon-kun swallowed some pills and is dying'
>run back over
>talk to the ER people, give a statement to the police
>he's in a coma
>talk to his father
>turns out everything that guy told me about his life when we first met was a lie, including his mental illness, his history of abuse, his family ties and his fucking age
>nope out of the hospital and never come back
>block him on every social media
>give him back his shit
>lose all my friends because they believed him more than me
>find out he's been stalking me after all for years and laughing at every thing i posted online, still hacking into my every personal account
>get harassed on the daily by his online friends, block everyone
>still have zero self-esteem after 4 years we split up
>still gaslighted and traumatized
>still see nightmares about him

And that's a story how I found out that I was a lesbian all along.

No. 91511

I wouldn't call this girl a loser per se, nor were we ever in a relationship, but I just want to share this crazy ass situation because I've been holding it in for so long

>be 17, bi

>love me some fanfiction
>always looking forward to posts by a certain writer, vow to profess my love regardless of gender
>she responds to my reviews on ff . net, we start getting close
>lengthy email correspondence daily, super personal and deep
>send each other writing prompts and video requests, hours-long phone calls
>finally confess that we both really like each other


>Turns out she's in an LDR with her beta reader

>she goes to visit her beta reader out in bumfuck and meets her twin sister for the first time (beta reader's twin sister)
>damn she really likes her too
>Promptly cheats on beta reader with the girl's own twin sister
>I let go of my crush after that, but we stay friends
>sometimes message like we used to on FB and it's nice to get her advice on my personal drama
>she's well spoken, driven, creative, tbh more stable and mature than anyone I know
>announces her engagement on FB to beta reader's twin sister
>did I mention that me and twin sister share the same name?

By that time I was 22 or 23 and I just blocked her. I had such an awkward mix of jealously, shame and 2ndhand embarrassment over the whole thing.

No. 91513

This is appalling, my sympathies Anon

No. 91514

I sincerely hope you are doing better. Please if possible try some sort of counseling or therapy, if you are not able to due to whatever reasons remember that as cliche as this is, you are worth it and deserve to be happy.

No. 91566

Thank you guys.
I never really told this story before because I am ashamed of what a dumbass I was.

I am now dating a wonderful girl that truly cares about me, but I still have a lot of personal issues from those times that bleed into our relationship. It truly ruined me at the time and spending 3 of my formative years with this guy destroyed my already barely there personality.

No. 91602

File: 1533834614360.gif (3.51 MB, 512x381, disgusted-Al-Bundy.gif)

My ex cheated on me with a busted 46-year old(we are early twenties) woman who is known for asking random people at bars for threesomes, sufficed to say, we are not together anymore.

No. 91604

File: 1533834743069.jpg (73.87 KB, 435x580, hotstuff.jpg)

She pretty much looks like this but worse skin and shorter grayish hair lmao

No. 91626

I bought my ex a tablet to encourage him to take a step into the digital age. I envisoned him video chatting me and having a messenger app instead of him always being out of credit on his busted ass supermarket phone. Instead, I found granny porn links. Endless links. Specifically granny's in stockings.

He was obsessed with making me wear stockings. I was also his youngest ever girlfriend, he use to brag about me being a natural beauty. But he gets off to granny's. I dumped him. He told me before he ever met me he hooked up with this older lady who had a cosmetic vagina. It was all too much, he use to make inappropriate jokes about my mum and I thought they were to wind me up but I doubt that now.

No. 91640

Men are such fetishists. He would probably love to date a granny but wont because of the stigma.
He’ll probably be a catch when youse are in your 80s kek

No. 91646

Is his name Emmanuel Macron?

No. 91648

What is a cosmetic vagina?

No. 91650

File: 1533864132173.jpg (74.9 KB, 933x868, IMG_20180809_181938.jpg)

I had an ex who admitted to me that he used his ex gf's grandma as fap fodder. I looked up his ex gf out of curiosity and saw a pic of her grandma. She looked like the fucking Queen of England.

No. 91652


holy fuck did we date the same person? My ex had a disgusting amount of granny porn in the browsing history on a regular basis

No. 91662

most likely someone who has had labiaplasty or a vaginal rejuvenation procedure

No. 91683

Hah fuck, did your ex like to hit up a specific sauna and pool that was a known old people spot. I never understood at first but he would come back and talk in depth about these woman as if he was grossed our, he's probably salivating like a mad man. He would wank at work too. I couldn't cope. I remember one night we were round at these acquaintances of his and this old busted ass mad woman was there in her 60s, saggy udders hanging out of this ill-fitting dress over her massive frame. He was flirting with her and I was high af and drunk and I said some. Scathing remark at the both of them. Shut the whole room up. No one ever mentioned it to me afterwards, I should have also dumped him. On the spot too then. Big mood.

No. 91688

When I was 13 in like 8th grade I dated a 16 year old guy who went to the high school next to my middle school. We would skip school together and spend all day loitering behind the nearby dollar store, only to run back to school to catch our respective busses home.

Anyways, one time we were back there watching porn together (like totally normal teens do lol) and he pulled up a vid on tumblr of who he said was his brother jacking off. Next vid was him sucking him off.

Me, being a human with a brain is like, wtf??

He explains that they aren't real brothers, it's his ex step brother whose like 20 something. They used to fuck before their patents divorce and still do sometimes. He also came out as bi. My preteen brain thinks this totally ok.

Fast forward a few months, me, him, and his bro are in a group chat and talk all the time. They are sending dick pics/nudes and ask me if I wanna come over to the bros house and "hang out"

I panicked hard at and, not wanting to get raped, blocked em on Snapchat and acted like I never knew them. I moved away halfway through the summer and never saw them again.

Weirdest and most drawn out experience of my life lol

No. 91690


god, fucking good on you for getting out of that situation. that could have gone so terribly, anon. you were a smart kid!!

No. 92367

File: 1534491670653.jpg (251.51 KB, 1200x939, DVAsvJdU0AACAeM.jpg)

> meet guy online through mutual friends
> very similar interests, we click very quickly
> he gets drunk at christmas work do
> anon I love you will you date me
> say yes because I genuinely had a crush on him
> meanwhile my father is very unwell, causes me a lot of worry
> is here for me initially, or says he is, but this quickly changes
> lies constantly from the get go, and nothing small or petty, massive worrying lies, tells me one moment that his ex and him fucked, the next that he's a virgin, his friends get frustrated with him because they also find out that he lies constantly
> says he's over his ex he dated 2 years ago
> turns out he's still obsessed with her
> ex is some Essex basic with overfiltered Snapchat pics, badly drawn eyebrows, and very chubby
> self esteem plummets because meanwhile I'm trying to lose weight and glow up and I'd just about come to like how I look
> goes to his friend's gf's birthday dinner knowing said ex would be there
> also lies to me about what happened there so I never did find out what happened, just further made me feel inferior
> on top of this would lie several times a day about other various shit
> would try to work it out with him and convinced myself if I did, he wouldn't feel the need to lie to me or others anymore
> three months of constant lies later and "sorry anon, I promise I'll be better, I really do love you" the lies turn into abuse
> starts regularly screaming at me every time he visits me, sometimes threw things at me, would make me cry and have panic attacks but would refuse to apologise and would just sit there further berating or glaring
> would sometimes even threaten to drive back home if I didn't do what he wanted me to do
> this would always be when I tried to stop him being abusive or shitty
> "anon, you're a bitch, fuck you, how dare you talk back to me" whenever I told him the way he treated me was abusive or dishonest
> anon WHY don't you trust me, THEN I'll stop being abusive
> his parents loved me but he would always tell them I abused him and whenever I'd see them they were always taken aback by how calm and friendly I was with them as a result
> I think his mother did eventually suspect him though
> his friends would constantly tell him he needed to treat me better
> the emotional feelings over the months where I'd see my dad and know he didn't have long would make me so vulnerable that I didn't have it in me to just leave this ex and I wish I had then and there
> ex would flip between abusive lying scumbag and really good boyfriend who would then be there for me and look after me
> notice now looking back the times he DID look after me were always just him trying to comfort me AFTER he'd abused me and made me cry and want to be sick
> stayed with him because he'd promise me that he'd get better and he seemed to actually be aware that how he treated me in those moments was shit
> this gradually did revert to him just blaming me for various reasons, some of which made my best friend of seven years confront him because they were always made up and excuses
> become close to one of my male friends
> he notices the abuse and when my bf would storm out or drive home, the friend would invite me over and let me just watch a movie or play with his pets and his family were always kind to me
> bf did not like this at all
> anon you're such a bitch whore, you're clearly cheating on me with friend
> never did cheat on him, would cry into friend's shoulder regularly
> friend did actually later confess to me and told me he hated my bf but I still refused to cheat and apologised to him, saying I couldn't do that to my ex
> but it was good to have someone there who lived round the corner because I felt safer there than in my house crying by myself
> he would always play the victim and say everything was my fault
> would do everything I could to make him happy and he would always say how lucky he is to have me and how he should treat me better
> the times that I did stand up to him and tell him I'd leave if it didn't change made him all sweet again but it never lasted and I think he knew I was too afraid to leave really
> another thing my ex hated was I refused to tell my parents about him
> did not feel comfortable telling them unless he ever did actually change
> did not want to worry my already ill father and my very stressed mother
> was so worn from stressful job, heavy depression and the abuse I just did not know how to leave nor want to, convinced myself I would hate myself if I did even though I was starting to hate being with him
> ex continued to go between very good bf and very abusive shitty bf
> there's a lot of other shit he did and lied about but we get to the part where my father does die
> have made sure to visit him as much as possible in this time, tell myself it was better I never did tell him about this scumbag because I know it would have hurt and angered him deeply
> every time I did visit my father in the hospital my ex would bitch at me that I wasn't texting him enough
> he knew I was spending as much time as possible with my father because he was terminal
> meanwhile whenever my ex was being a pissy brat he'd blank me for a day or two to feel in control again
> when my father died, my ex held me when he found out and told me he'd be here
> within a day of my father dying he was already back to the same shit of getting angry at me for every little thing, shouting at me and making me cry even more
> was not there for me at all
> instead got very drunk over the holidays, lied to me about what happened
> younger brother told me how much he'd actually had and how he'd been treating his female cousin
> stupidly confront ex because he was inappropriate with her, he tells me I'm a heartless piece of shit and goes away for a few days
> crawls back a few days later saying he overreacted, but forbids me from asking about what happpened with his cousin by threatening to break up if I did
> internally actually thinking maybe that would be a good idea
> do not know how to break up but I am tired at this point and want to leave somehow
> consider cutting him off but when I talk to him about breaking up he says he wants this to work out and that he's truly sorry
> isn't even good to me on the day of my father's funeral
> when he's over, I finally stop letting him win with intimidation and anger and confront him on yet even more fuckboy tier lies
> he starts screaming at me and throwing a tantrum, makes a mess of my room, and storms out
> go to work after with no sleep
> sleep better that night knowing he's not coming back than I have in months
> takes me a few months to get over it, mostly because of the abuse and confusion of if he loved me or not
> fast forward nearly a year
> am a lot more confident and happy without him, meanwhile his friends tell me all he does is sulk in his room and refuses therapy
> would also be abusive to his mother regularly, would make her cry and scream at her and tell her it was her fault
> and then ask me why she was like this
> also found out he asked his ex about what lip gloss she uses at that birthday do
> he then bought some of the exact same one and would keep it on his table to probably use and get off on what a freak
> his ex and me did talk at one point because I got brave and asked her why she did end it because ex would always insist she was a massive bitch who ended it and he "didn't know why"
> tells me it's because he would not treat her well and also sexually pressured her, but then she added it would be best if he told me what that meant and what happened because she "didn't want to betray him"
> he was also ridiculously sexual and would masturbate so much that he gave himself an ED
> was over particularly nasty hentai shit
> looking back realize he also had yellow fever and would overfetishize asian girls
> probably sits in his room all day jerking off and being an incel because his impression of women seems warped

Looking back I feel ashamed that it was hard to leave, I could have just left a month or two in and been done but I remember how scared I was to leave and I'd stay and tell myself I'd regret it if I did leave so feel free to tell me off, ever since he stormed out and I stopped talking to him or seeing him I feel a billion percent happier, even with my father gone which has been very hard but I realize just how much depression and stress was added when I was with this scumbag. I think how lovely he was initially made me feel like the "abusive him" wasn't the "real him"?

Has anyone else ever stayed in a relationship like this even deep down knowing they deserve better?

I feel like a completely different person since but I've not quite forgiven myself for staying through that for over six months and I still get frustrated at myself that I stayed constantly.

No. 92422

File: 1534553984519.png (131.43 KB, 528x321, 4D6909D3-F456-46C6-A217-4A4A6D…)

That sounds traumatic, I’m sorry anon. I was also in a relationship with what you could call a “chronic liar”. He’d constantly make up stories of quirky, obviously untrue situations I guess to seem interesting? And after I’d tell him I didn’t believe him he’d get irrationally upset that I didn’t believe he lived in a sitcom. He probably also admitted to me that he exaggerated his schizo symptoms to his therapist, so there’s probably plenty more serious lies he told to me. I also hung on for a couple months trying to convince myself his “real” and “loving” side trumped all of his issues but I accepted it wasn’t true and broke it off.

No. 92423

Oops, typo. Didn’t mean to type the first “probably” when talking about how he lied to his therapist.

No. 92435

File: 1534560691950.jpg (44.22 KB, 610x320, Rachel-Baran-photography-11.jp…)

I just broke up with mine a few months ago.

>He was 3 years older than me, almost 30, lived with his mommy and threw bitch fits about moving out because "that's society brainwashing you".

>Supposedly wanted a career but complained about said job/school constantly.
>Wanted me to wait to start on my own career path until he was "established". (This was going to take at least another 5 years.)
>Emotionally manipulative, would do things just to upset me and then blame me for being upset, make me feel like the awful one. Made a big deal about taking time off to go to a concert with me, I had sudden family plans come up and he went to another concert instead without me. Instead of just going with me to see family that he still never met after 4 years. I was horrible for being upset by this and "holding him back".
>I had to make excuses for him constantly to my family. He never wanted to meet any of them.
>Got evacuated from a forest fire, got angry that I was anxious about how close the fire got to my house. Talked on the phone from the hotel, told me he "couldn't deal with this right now, I have too many chores to do". Screamed at me the next day for "upsetting him" before work.
>Several times did what I accept now is rape. Said no, rolled over to go to sleep, he had sex with me anyway. This happened several times. Either that or he would pester me until I broke down and gave in.
>Would wake up in the middle of the night and become so upset by "losing sleep" that he would punch himself in the face.
>Once said I was acting like a bitch for falling asleep when he was still awake and wanted sex/cuddles and started putting all of his clothes back on and left.
>Thinking about breaking up with him made me so scared. I wanted to die.
>Lost all physical attraction to him. Began wondering if I wasn't bisexual at all but really a lesbian.
>Felt so fucking stupid when literally the moment I pulled the trigger, I felt immediately happier.
>Somehow spent 4 years with this jackass.

Seeing someone new now. Better person, MUCH better sex. Feels good man. Just got an appointment to see a therapist so I can process some of the insane anger that I feel towards my ex.

No. 92455

File: 1534595511450.png (26.77 KB, 550x390, preview.png)

I mean, that's exactly what the cycle of abuse is. That's how pretty much every abusive relationship is. The hot / cold and the forgiving and promises of love and constant renewal of the honeymoon phase is what draws people in and makes it feel "exciting", much more so than a normal stable trusting relationship.

Sometimes the abuser does this subconsciously, sometimes the abuser does this consciously. Often both the abuser and abused have grown up in abusive environments which normalises the cycle. So you're not alone in that at all.

It really should be taught in schools. It's stunning how common it is.

No. 92457

I only in the recent years got over what this shithead did to me

>Be 15-year old me playing World of Warcraft and meet a bunch of guys from the same European country as me

>I eventually develop a crush on one of the guys, let's call him P
>Find out P lives on the other side of the country, but somehow he convinces me that we should meet
>We meet and we clicked, and it was great
>Months pass by and turns out he's the biggest POS and super insecure
>He put a keylogger on my PC and got into my accounts, read my conversations with other people etc. and would flip his shit
>Constantly claims I'm cheating on him, with no evidence to back it up. I start feeling bad for interacting with anyone that's male
>P starts being emotionally abusive, convinces me it's my fault he acts that way
>My confidence is gone, I hate myself, life and the relationship. He realizes he is losing his grip on me
>"If I can't have you, then no one else will." Tries to kill me at a party, only to get interrupted by friend.
>P makes it into being my fault for being choked out and beaten at said party.
>Eventually get the courage to leave his sad ass
>He continues to stalk me for YEARS

He tried interacting with me last year, I blocked him and he made another account just to say what a pathetic girl I am and no one deserves him. Just thinking about him makes me sick, but I'm no longer scared of being with someone else.

No. 92460


Do you live in Tirole?

No. 92462

there's nothing pathetic about you and you deserve to be with someone wonderful. i'm sorry you got so unlucky in meeting that hellspawn. men are nightmares.

No. 92464

No, I don't

Thank you anon. I am with someone wonderful now and he makes me really happy.
Some men are nightmares yes

No. 92468


I'm sorry to hear you too had to go through that. Even if I caught him lie he'd go crazy, say I misheard him, even threaten me if I didn't drop things. He was vile. I can't believe some men think it's okay to be that way to their partners.


I wish school had taught this too.

No. 92470

I wish I had learned this in school, and if/when I have children, I'm teaching them about this.

No. 92471

This is so sad I'm ready to cry, happy for you anon that you got out of it in the end.

No. 92472

I've often heard that this book, Why Does He Do That, is supposed to be very informative and useful for abused women, or even as precautionary information.

I haven't read it myself but often see it pop up in discussions of abuse.

No. 92480

I dated my friend's ex in high school. Shitty move I know, but it didn't last long. He ended up encouraging my eating disorder and then cutting me off for being 'toxic' for him.

When I recovered foemr a bit they were together again and he would make me sleep with them with him in the middle, and he'd feel me up and grope me when he thought I was asleep. I was too afraid to say anything because I already felt like I had ruined their relationship once, so until they broke up I rarely visited. It took me and my friend until very recently to actually talk about these things.

No. 94684

File: 1536462002518.png (96.7 KB, 500x350, metoo.png)

ayy fbi man i love you

No. 94685

File: 1536462295689.png (583.16 KB, 1000x600, export.png)

Hey so i need help. thanks email me at castiel67yay@gmailcom LOVE YALL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 94701

File: 1536486389275.jpg (29.4 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_p24jgiKkOB1re517…)

wew this thread just made me realize how stupid I am for talking to me ex so, here's my story. It's kinda long.

>be me, recently turned 18

>start talking to this cute emo dude, he's 20 about to be 21
>starts inviting me to hang out with him, invites me to his birthday party
>ends up asking me out a few days after his birthday (november 2nd)
>starts off like a normal relationship
>december rolls around and he has to be out of town for a week or two.
>is crying because he's not around me
>nye rolls around, have a party at my place with him and my friends
>he goes in kitchen where my mom is, says he hates when I'm around friends because they're so affectionate around me
>mom tells me the next day
>my reasoning is that he's just insecure because his ex cheated on him
>we exchange I love yous and I take his virginity, still in honeymoon phase
>a few months pass and I'm really into sj due to police brutality bs
>bf starts saying ignorant shit about black people
>we often have fights because I'm uncomfortable with him using the n word
>we often have fights while we're hanging out with friends because of his jealousy
>starts a fight over something unrelated in his car, threatens to drop me off somewhere far where my mother can't find me
>still with him, stupidly
>one day I spend the night at his place, has me sleep on floor because I told him I didn't want to have sex with him
>text my best friend to pick me up near a store by his house the next morning b/c I'm breaking up with him
>walking to meet up with him, hoping bf doesn't wake up before I leave
>he does, follows me and says he'll break up with me if I keep walking
>keep walking and meet up with my friend, hang out with him until i feel comfortable
>mom calls and says I need to come home and deal with him because he's crying at our doorstep
>regret everything
>Get home, we start arguing in front of my mother. He calls me a bitch. I tell him he makes me miserable.
>texts me like hours later saying he's sorry and he'll do better, I take him back despite my mother telling me he's abusive.
>Things don't get better, obviously.
>still fighting often, I'm still hoping it'll get better because I think he's my soulmate.
>start taking anti-depressants, he voices his discomfort with them. I take them regardless.
>we break up a few times
>I get beaten by my mother for having a vape and get kicked out
>Was going to pick me up but his family told him not to get involved
>Live with my close friend for a few months, still fighting/breaking up with my bf during this period
>go through this for another year
>memorable fights: him telling me I should just kill myself, tells me my skin is the color of shit, tells me he treats this way because I'm stupid enough to still love him, him accusing me of cheating because I dropped out of my classes due to my extreme anxiety/depression, accuses me of lying about being sexually harassed/followed by customers at my job
>now 20
>Get a new job that takes up most of my time, he starts getting jealous of the people I work with.
>shows up at my job while I'm playing games, threatens to punch one of my coworkers.
>leave the store and tell him it's over. He takes my phone so I make a scene to get it back
>go back into the store for my shift.
>he's talking to another close friend of mine about me breaking up with him.
>I get back with him 2 months later, he's promising to get better.
>a close male coworker opens up my eyes to the fact that he's emotionally abusing me.
>still arguing with him, start getting tired of his bullshit when he kicks me out of his house in the middle of winter at night.
>still stay with him until he says he wants to marry me.
>break up with him the next day, threatens to out me as bisexual to my homophobic family
>block him from everything, he's still lurking my social media though.
>3 years later my now fiance tells me to forgive him so I'm not so angry and upset about what he put me through.
>starts talking to him about normal shit.
>never got closure or went to therapy for how shitty he treated me
>mfw I realize how stupid I am for talking to him again when it's clear he doesn't give a single shit

No. 94711

you should definitely stop talking to him, and let go of this, as your fiancé said.

also sorry but I'm shocked at the ">I get beaten by my mother for having a vape and get kicked out" like omg what

No. 94717

Yeah my mom thought vaping was like the gateway to smoking weed kek
My mother was pretty insane

No. 95309


No. 95491

That’s insanley awful, I really wish things were better for you anon. If it makes you feel any better, although I never had any romantic relations, I know what it feels like to have girls you know ignore you after you tell them about people who made your life miserable. They would even date those same people lol.

No. 96701

I was the loser ex in all of the stories, ironically enough the worst things I do are failing to succeed in mundane every day life, I'm also dxed with autism, so I'm the literal autist.

and I had a ex who confessed incriminating things to me that aren't every day stuff, and from what I know he's actually a lot more successful and driven in life.

All that matters is "Naturally" getting along with everyone and you can literally do ANYTHING without any negative consequences, untouchable.

No. 96721

>start dating guy i knew from middle school because he was one of the only guys i knew
>everything is great at first, he's clingy as hell which i thought was flattering because i was 16
>one time we are cuddling and he thinks im sleeping (i wasnt)
>sneaks his hand up super slowly and starts trying to touch my boobs without waking me up
> i should have known that he was an asshole because he constantly talked about how much he hated and didn't love his little sister
> after high school we both moved away from home to colleges 9 hrs away from each other, didn't break up
>of course i was trying to make new friends in college so i would be excited to tell him that i was going to the movies with new friends or something like that
>he would get insanely passive aggressive about me finding people to hang out with, even if it was just me doing face masks with girls in my dorm
>once he asked me what i was up to and i said i was going to a party with some acquaintances
>"anon did you ever think that i dont want to know when you're doing things like that? don't tell me when you're going out anymore"
>meanwhile he would drunk text me, so its ok for him to go to parties but i absolutely cannot
>i was afraid of him getting mad at me so i stopped trying to make friends, became insanely lonely
>facetimed and had phone calls with my parents pretty often because i was so lonely
>boyfriend finds out i talk to my parents a lot
>"thats pretty sad, why do you talk to them so often? don't you want to be independent?"
>isolate myself further bc no friends and apparently talking to my parents is bad too
>develop eating disorder and confide in him about it, bf doesn't express concern
>plan a trip to go visit him because i think it will fix our relationship
>he planned nothing and we sat in his cat-piss smelling apartment for the whole time
>he starts going days without contacting me and just says he forgot about talking to me
>break up with him and he doesn't care
>he contacts me throughout the next year trying to get back together

obviously we should have broken up after high school, i'm really mad at myself for letting this guy make me feel so isolated in my first year of college. when that school year ended i broke up with him and transferred colleges to start completely fresh, i'm so glad that i did

No. 96729

>fresh out of an abusive "relationship" with a guy who was 20 and who strung me along for over a year
>meet a guy at a friend's birthday party
>shaggy norville-looking stoner ass, but he was nicer than the 20 y/o
>start dating
>all we do is smoke weed
>all he wants to do is fuck
>no sense of boundaries
>knows all i want to do is either nap or chill when we smoke
>"but weed makes me horny"
>pesters me for sex anyway (repeatedly over the course of our relationship)
>i cry multiple times during sex because i just didn't want to do anything but relax and he wouldn't listen
>one time we try fucking outside, it's hot
>i'm dehydrated and start crying because i want to go back to his house
>"can i at least finish?"

Whew this turned into a bigger vent than I imagined it would be. I mean I guess he genuinely cared about me sometimes, but like… I don't know. He never took no as a concrete answer and always had to be touching me because he "liked feeling his skin on my skin", but we could hold hands or walk close together, not try to fucking fingerblast me in public.

He was one of those high school stoner/photographer double whammies.

No. 96732

Everybody I present you my loser ex boyfriend he deserves a place in the TOP 3 DEADBEAT LOSERS IN HERE!!! Try not to lose it. Let's beggin
>Be me at 21, introverted , look cute
>Meet him at a cafe, thought he was 27.
>He was 31
>Cute with blonde hair a little bit chubby seemed very open and friendly. He flirts.
>Claims to be an actor
>Acts sophisticated.
>Months later I realize he is very dumb/ mild retardation
>His longest relationship= 6 months
>He's jobless, lazy
>Got fired from everywhere
>works as a dj once a month, claims he a serious dj lmaoo
>Emotionally immature, doesn't act or speak like an adult
>Posts embarrassing duckface:wtf: photos
>Makes creepy/bizzare animal noises/faces out of nowhere and thinks he is funny. I smile nervously.
>Walks/moves like a child,which is really creepy. Trips and falls when walking.
>Sex is passionate. Suddenly he makes angry faces when he is turned on. Sticks his tongue out like a dog.
>Intimidated by me at sex
>Probably depressed,can't get out of bed. I try to motivate him, he doesn't give a f
>Farts like a cow
>Leaves me in car said he'll be back in 1", I say ok he runs into a hot girl he knew and forgot me in hot car.
>Needs validation from just ANY woman
>Poops and doesn't flush
>Sadly I realise he has no skills in ANYTHING
>No knowledge , no ambitions
>He has many friends. But also many"just friends" that are women. Many months until I realize most of them were ex's that dumped him.
>3d date and he is flirting with the waitress
>I'm stupid and in love because I think he is "Alternative"bs..
>First time at his place, horrible enviroment
>Even the soap is dirty and full of hair
>Rubbish on the floor,cigarettes everywhere
>Black n' white picture of his high school gf on the wall(no joke)
>I secretly freak out
>He lives with 2 loser stoner/gamers in their 30s
>His friend faps while staring at me "sleeping".I'm terrified.
>His friends bring different deadbeat loser girls every week and sleep with them on the floor
>Summertime. We are on vacation together.
>He asks for his 2$ back for my ticket,uses daddy's cash.
>He talks 10 mins on phone with girl on our vacation
>I realize she is "the pretty theatre atress w green eyes" he can't get over
>Momma's boy
>His momma doesn't like me because I'm stealing her boy. She tries to sabotage me
>He calls him everyday
>He lets his stoner friends hit on me
>I give him my cat for a while. He tries to take care of it but fails miserably. Cat poops everywhere on balcony and he just stares.
>Plans trip to event. (Me him and his friend). I realise we only went there so he can see his alcoholic psycho ex there.
>He brings her with us to eat, she is drunk,I don't know who she is, they talk and laugh,later he announces it was his ex
>I cry and feel depressed/used/naive
>I'm like please tell me this man is joking
>Thank God condoms exist
>I get over him and feel nothing. I tell him nicely that it's over. He cries and says he loves me. I cry more
> I feel free.

No. 96734

File: 1537830721527.jpg (56.37 KB, 540x708, furry.jpg)

>Makes creepy/bizzare animal noises/faces out of nowhere and thinks he is funny
>Walks/moves like a child,which is really creepy. Trips and falls when walking.
>Sex is passionate. Suddenly he makes angry faces when he is turned on. Sticks his tongue out like a dog.
>Farts like a cow

You might have dated a furry anon

No. 96738

ho-lee fuck, anon. what a nightmare. honestly, just saying this for our own preservation, but females shouldn't talk to ANY men until we're like 25, because society makes us so insecure at like 1-23 that we end up thinking these wormy fucknuts deserve any of our time

No. 96931

>be college freshman with extremely low self-esteem
>4/10 skinny gamer manlet develops crush on me
>end up dating
>we're both virgins
>he's too intimidated to try to have sex with me
>not sure if he's pornsick or just asexual
>i'm not sexually attracted to him anyway
>relationship is weirdly platonic, feel like i'm just holding hands with a friend
>despite being wealthy, he's cheap as hell
>gets butthurt about paying $4.00 for my food at mcdonald's
>i end up paying for it
>for christmas he gives me Target socks, some free toothpaste kits from the dentist, and used office supplies from his dad's desk
>mom tells me to dump him (of course i don't listen)
>we go to dinner with friends and he refuses to buy me my own plate of food
>i eat scraps off his plate like a fucking dog
>his gaming rage is embarrassingly stereotypical
>calls me an idiot, slams keyboard and ignores me for hours whenever i do something dumb in a game
>manlet rage is obnoxious, he hates anyone taller or more attractive than him
>snaps at normies on the street during tantrums ("what are you fucking looking at?" etc)
>i ask him to come watch me perform at my first concert ever
>he's a no-show
>we get into a huge fight about it, he claims he was studying
>i learn he stayed in his room playing league
>finally pluck up the courage to dump him
>for the next two years he begs me to come back, basically offers to buy my affection
>allow him to buy me a bunch of tech, books, games and clothes to make up for three years of insane miserliness
>self-esteem gradually improves and i learn how to dress and style myself
>cut him off completely, start dating a chad and finally get laid

latest update: he's now a textbook misogynist douchebro going to strip clubs just to call the women whores. still single and a virgin of course, but lied and told everyone he had sex with a "pretty blonde girl who liked him a lot" but he "had to let her down easy" pfft

No. 96934

Lol ur ex sounds like a dicklet anyway

No. 96938

Only dated like 1.5 months but i guess it counts lmfao

>be 20 years old, living alone, and just got out of a very abusive relationship.

>rebounded with some guy from a dating app claimed to be 18 and a uni student in the area.
>start talking and hit it off because omghesomuchnicerthanoldbf!! Start seeing each other regularly.
>Meet one of his friends while i drop by after work
>”i think its cool how you guys dont care about the age difference. Most girls arent into high school juniors no?”
>confront him about his actual age and he fucking cries telling me that he really liked me and didnt want to lose me by telling me that he was an underaged high school student

I ended it then and there and had a lot of follow up messages from him from multiple sns accounts even after blocking him. Shit was stupid crazy.

No. 96975

>allow him to buy me a bunch of tech, books, games and clothes to make up for three years of insane miserliness
>self-esteem gradually improves and i learn how to dress and style myself
>cut him off completely, start dating a chad and finally get laid
lol anon, you're based

No. 96979

not that anon but here’s a hot take i just thought of: if these impressionable girls with shit bfs HAD cheated and pursued other options… perhaps they would have realized what healthy romantic & sexual connections should be like and/or what they want in a partner, and would have left the trashboys sooner.

No. 97299

>be me, 17
>enter relationship with 20 year old
>he seems really cool, always going out with friends has a nice car and stable job, is funny
>start talking to him
>he asks me out and the first day we start dating he invites me to his apartment
>it's small, messy, and he doesn't want me looking around
>gets me drunk enough to agree to have sex with him
>i was a virgin
>he pulls out after an hour and jacks off for 10 more minutes until he finished
>admits he has a porn addiction and can't cum from anything other than his hand now
>starts to call me pet names in my native language
>starts to use those "kawaii" emotes (><, ; ;, ^^ etc)
>find out he was still living with his parents, the apartment was actually his friends
>he introduces me to his parents in the first week and they all talk about him marrying me and he goes along with it
>they mention how he's always liked asian girls and ask me to teach them chinese (I'm not chinese)
>he mentions he was disappointed I don't have an asian accent
why does this always happen.

No. 97454

>just got out of a bad relationship, lost a lot of friends, dad just died, living with a mourning and crazy mom. worst time of my life
>ex-friends called out this guy for being a shithead in the past
>that's literally how we met
>he hits me up and my dumb ass agrees to hang out
>comes over and refuses to leave my house for 4 days
>30 y/o, lives with his parents, no job, no plans to move out
>'non-binary', not allowed to call him a him. ONLY they. or comrade
>dude isn't allowed either
>the only non-manly thing he ever does is brush his hair
>95% sure he lied about being NB to get into local art school SJW circles
>keeps a razor for shaving his armpits in his car and gives me weird looks like i'm judging him for it (i am)
>assumes i'm an alt-righter MRA because we got in a fight about circumcision and spends the rest of the relationship throwing SJW fits and yelling about corporations
>literally disgusting, didn't shower, covered in acne
>had an STD scare until he realized that it was just acne on his dick
>randomly pinched me, all the time
>almost turned me off from BDSM forever because he was so terrible at it
>never stopped talking about how much i would love his ex (AFAB NB, they were cute tho tbh)
>bought a collar for me and his ex
>told him straight up that i was not okay with fucking his ex
>gets me drunk (had quit drinking before meeting him) and coerces me into getting into their bed and then having a threesome
>leaves the room in the middle of the threesome to mope on the couch
>throws a fit and cries about how we 'ditched' him when it was his idea in the first place
>ex blocks him on facebook
>never wants to see me again until i quit cigs and move out of my mom's, but "we're still dating"
>i was trying to quit on my own, and one of our first conversations was about our fave cigs so like…
>he blocks me on facebook
>and then blocks my texts
>i guess that means we're broken up now…? okay cool haha
>and for the next month, he spends 70 hours a week streaming world of warships on youtube for an average audience of two people
>still haven't quit smoking

and thats the story of how i dodged a fuckin bullet mate

(sorry for doubleposting, i tried to forget most of this lol rip)

No. 97772


anon I wanna give you a big hug, I was the earlier anon who also lost their dad and I know it's really hard, your e was a right piece of work and I'm glad he's your ex now, you deserve so much better and I'm glad you know that

No. 97786

there is never any excuse for cheating

No. 97788

How is it possible for you to know that you want to cheat but not understand that you should leave him? Are people really this stupid? He wasn't even abusive, just an asshole. You sound like you deserve your ex.

No. 98178


Found out said ex has a not so secret twitter where eight months down the line he's still tweeting about me and goes between "I can't stop thinking about her" and "she was a controlling bitch I hate her"

Tfw he said his other ex was a bitch but he was always the bitch

Why do shitty men try so hard to play the victim after being lying scumbags who are abusive and shitty? The tweets are so pathetic and whiny

No. 98179

By acting like it wasn't their fault it failed they hope to trick another unwitting female into giving them a chance.

No. 98190


I think it's survivors guilt but knowing the ex that treated me like shit has to go around saying I was the one who treated him like shit is gross

No. 98339

I'm in my mid 20's now and my longest relationship was a four year steady decline.
>meet a shy skinnyfat 3/10 with nice long blond hair through work
>find common interests like anime and chill vidya
>very quickly start bf/gf relationship and get laid a bunch
>mostly hanging out and watching shows and playing vidya and sometimes dates and trips
>he almost lives on his own, lives in other people's houses, hates having roommates
>cant cook or clean, bad at laundry
>doesn't shower unless i remind him
>doesn't brush his teeth every day
>forgets deodorant often
>i become his new mom
>one year passes and he watches more porn/touches me less often
>i end up moving in with him
>more of the same nagging and momming
>two years pass and i move away to start post-secondary
>long distance is okay but i break my leg and he doesnt care
>he had broken his leg in hs and it wasnt that bad for him, just boring
>im living solo, and could use more frequent visits, but vidya is more important
>he likes having time at his own place to play vidya
>and masturbate
>also spends gas money on vidya, more vidya, and porn
>three years pass and he proposes with the tiffany ring ive been eyeing.
>self esteem is low, i say yes.
>finally make friends at uni, notice that other people treat me better than he does
>also notice girls
I broke off the engagement shortly before our fourth year anniversary.
>three years later, go to anime con with work
>see him there in the same shirt he wore when i left him
>it's ratty and greyed from being washed wrong
Bullet dodged.

No. 98340

Wow can’t believe you ended up engaged to someone who won’t shower voluntarily. Hope you respect yourself more since leaving that grot.

No. 98347

I respected myself more than that while I was with him, and I used that experience in order to refuse taking any shit from any other person. It's easy to say "no, are you crazy? that's gross" and walk away from yucky people who refuse to be not yucky.

No. 98355

I’m confused, are you defending his lack of showering because it made you somehow tougher?
I probably just can’t read but that’s what I’m getting here..like you respected yourself more because you had to tolerate a dirty person instead of doing the easy thing and ‘’saying smell ya later filthwizard’’

No. 98381

so anon, how does it feel to have an adult child in your mid twenties?

No. 98385

That sounds like what she's saying.

Tbh, that sounds dumb as fuck. There are many red flags that anon should have seen before it got to the point she did.

No. 98386

Oops my reading comprehension is apparently shit. I mean, I was the one who showered and kept myself together. I had respect for myself in that regard, but none when it came to choosing partners. Low self esteem is a hell of a drug.
The dude was a red flag factory, but when he seems to be the only person in your little town who really wants to spend time with you, you end up shrugging and going for it anyways. I honestly thought he was the only person who would stay with me, and like most young women, I thought I could fix him up. To be fair, he never cheated, or hurt me, he was just immature and dumb. Remember, I was 19 when I met him.

No. 98413

>Freshly 18
>20 almost 21 y/o Aussie Douchelord starts messaging me out of the blue telling me about how sad he is, how his friends don't like him and he had to do coke by himself last night. Generic sadboi
This for whatever reason was not a red flag to me
>He starts offering to buy me things, talking to me round the clock, obvious bpd nutcase
>Says all his ex gfs are whores, starts talking about how many girls hes totally pwned in the bedroom.
>Can't go 5 minutes without talking about how he hates black people because a gf left him for one
>He has a meltdown and snorts a bunch of ketamine because I told him I was talking to someone else while I was talking to him, goes back to trying to buy me things right after.
>Told me he'd probably rape my corpse, completely unprovoked, more than once
THIS WAS BEFORE I DATED HIM and honestly I deserve everything else
I ghosted him for a few months, he came back around insisting he'd totally changed.
>First 2 days he asks me if I want to platonically see his dick
>Gets me to call him Daddy, talks about my 'princess parts'. I am vehemently anti-ddlg but I'm addicted to this non-stop attention.
>We start dating, lasts like a total of a month and a half because we keep fighting over stupid shit like me not liking his anime
>Sends me pictures of pretty girls cutting themselves, tries to kill himself when I say I've relapsed
>Pretty much the only time he treated me nicely was when he wanted to use me to masturbate, taking pictures and being on mic despite me repeatedly saying I was uncomfortable
>He was also super autistic and used this as an excuse any time he had a screeching fit when I did or said something he didn't like (but I was the one who expected too much out of him)
>When we broke up he literally set up a bot to send me a message telling me he'd killed himself.
>Paid overnight shipping for a vibrator two days before i cut contact with him and he thinks our whole relationship was a scam for a sex toy as if he didnt treat me like one lol
What the fuck was wrong with me.
I check out a few of his handles and see chan posts where he's trying to get friends in discord servers and people reply to him warning everyone that he's a major douchebag and it's the most hilarious thing. I was only stuck with him for like a max of 4 months so it's not that much time wasted and things are better now it's just so bizarre looking back on it.

No. 98468

dated a comp sci fatass because i think people who know a lot about things are cool and i need to date someone really online or our personalities and humor wouldnt mesh.

>repressed gay

>into femdom, traps, sissy hypno
>guilted and forced me into pandering to his fetishes or he'd ghost me and yell about how i dont love him as punishment
>stole money from me despite coming from a very wealthy family
>obsessed with asshole, hated vagina
>thought he could date a tomboy and she (me) would be ok with all of this shit
>i didnt have an orgasm for over a year

fucked me up a bit too because it's been hard for me to be 100% comfortable with sex after this because of how degraded i felt doing "femdom" (ironic right). i actually considered myself kinda dominate but absolutely none of this involved me getting an ounce of pleasure out of it. femdom is often not "all about the woman's pleasure" it's just men with a warped idea of what "dominate female sexuality" is.

sex stuff aside he was a piggish faggot and had serious narcissism problems and took advantage of the fact that i wanted to help him be a functioning human person. i was basically his bangmaid/fuckmom.
looking back, dude was ugly too. so unhealthy. i like my fellas kinda big but he was revolting. my fault for letting myself get enchanted with his "intelligence"

No. 98493

>>i didnt have an orgasm for over a year
tbh that's your problem. If you don't know how to get yourself off by now, you should really learn. A whole year? I'd go insane.

The rest of it sounds sad, good thing you dropped the fatty.

No. 98522

>repressed gay

It's called "autogynephilia". Good thing you got out, many of these men end up transitioning and wreaking havoc on their partners.

No. 99302

I’d probably feel a bit guilty bumping this thread, but I’ve just seen something that left me quaking. Let me tell you about my most disgusting, shameful mistake of an ex. I met him when I was 18 and just plunging into alcoholism, so at least I can blame my shit judgement on that. And I met him because I went to his house for a party, and he was the only guy there that I didn’t know. He came off as pretty sweet, or at least not immediately flawed in any way. I think what really drew me to him was that he had tattoos I liked and was attractive from the neck down. Superficial, and retarded as my qualifications were, they somehow were enough to go out on a few dates with him. Within that time I found out a number of things about him that I wish I could scrub clean from my brain:
>he pissed everywhere
>he claimed the toilets in the house he lived ‘didn’t work’ so he pissed in the sink, tub, outside, KITCHEN SINK, EMPTY BOTTLES (this was a favorite of his, id come to learn, he had no less than 5 different bottles in his room)
>he was proud of the fact that he’d gotten away with cheating on every serious gf he’d ever had
>he did the abc’s while eating chicks out
>his house smelled like the comination of a septic tank explosion and an ashtray
>after a week of knowing him, I found out his house, wasn’t his house, he was house sitting for his grandparents who were on an extended vacation.
>he had his ears gauged so large that the plugs would fall out and the most horrid rotten flesh smell would waft out and linger for hours.
>he thought he was extremely talented and would often liken himself to JONNY CRAIG which is funny for so many reasons, but mostly in that I’ll admit he probably was correct. As someone who lurks the tnd thread, the nasty similarities really are shocking. But his actual singing voice was ear piercing, like a shrill, dying smoke alarm.
>he never washed his clothes
>on that note, I don’t think he bathed either considering he told me the plumbing in the house was ‘broken’
>he lied about basically every aspect of his life, if it would make him look ‘cooler’
>he once told me he hung out with a band at warped tour and that they had liked him so much that they’d offered him a spot on tour which he declined kek
>he hounded people to hang out with him, not just one text like ‘hey’ but walls of texts, he would spam in hopes that some poor sucker would agree to his desperate pleas to hang out
>this is how he came to live with my best friend. (By this time I had already run so far from this trash bag fire, but somehow couldn’t convince my friend to do the same) when I came to visit my friend (I was there pretty often through out the year), he would alternate between seething at me and trying to convince me to sleep with him. This ended up with me screaming at him to ‘leave me the fuck alone and fuck off you creep’. After that incident, he did leave me alone, but I’d still catch him glaring at me from time to time or muttering about how I was a slut or something else patently hilarious considering I was repulsed by sex and especially repulsed by him in general.
>when he moved out because he literally started a fire on the premises, he left behind mountains of trash.
>the mountains of trash consisted of pizza boxes, used condoms, jizz sock(s), food wrappers, and the cherry on top? Over a dozen bottles either half filled or full of piss. Not little bottles either, most of them were 2 liters.

So that’s Nate (name changed because I’ve really exposed this bitch) and all would be fine and dandy. I don’t really think about him because honestly even going on two dates was a huge shameful mistake that I’d only dream of rehashing with a therapist and some brain bleach. But I bring him up today because I saw him today. And not in a cheeky ‘bumped into my ex at the stote’ kind of way. I saw Nate as I was driving to work. I shit (piss?) you not, I saw him roll out of the bushes and stumble over to the dumpster, clearly tweaking and itching from a long night of homeless slumber. And I just wanted to share this story and it’s thrilling conclusion with you all, because what the fuck. The end.

No. 99304

File: 1540406035842.png (85.17 KB, 320x209, 4963696.png)

>he did the abc’s while eating chicks out

No. 99305

File: 1540406402257.jpeg (146.91 KB, 500x529, AB13BF22-314E-45A1-9370-79BD03…)

He said he was ‘a pro’ at eating chicks out because he did the abc’s with his tongue. Instead of actually, you know, trying to get the girl off.

No. 99307

Oh okay, excuse my autism. That's not much better that what I pictured.

No. 99353

you sound like a dumb bitch ))
deserved to get played(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 99368

and you just outed yourself as an salty europoor russian with no empathy whatsoever. good going

No. 99486


I'm SO glad my parents didn't let me use webcam/mic chat. Although I spent a shitload of time on chans, I never got duped into romantic/sexual behaviours while I was an insecure teen girl. Thank you mum and dad

No. 99586

Holy shit, does his first name start with J and is he from Melbourne????

No. 99994

File: 1541196708557.jpeg (43.02 KB, 500x352, 11EF1741-AAB3-4EF4-8ACE-21BD60…)

My ex-boyfriend had a degenerate ERP fetish. A lot of it revolved around extremely gay shit and bisexual degeneracy. He would even exchange boner pics with these degenerates. He hid this habit behind my back and when I found his disgusting discord chat logs, he denied that he was bisexual and even denied that it was a form of cheating. He did this shit multiple times behind my back yet had the audacity to claim I was going to cheat on him.

I got so fed up by bullshit like this throughout our relationship that I drew him hate art similar to pic related shortly before I left the relationship for good. He asked me if I wanted him to kill himself when I asked him his thoughts about my hate art. It was a horrible relationship but looking at the hate art I made for him still makes me laugh to this day.

No. 100001

Please post it anon I'm begging you

No. 100011

Pics of h8 pls

No. 100081

I left my ex in the very beginning of July in 2016, when he left high school and I still had 1 year to go

he's still tweeting about how in love he is with me to this day, and how great I am according to him

I'm so fucking scared, he's blocked everywhere but my friends felt like I needed to see what he had been tweeting recently. I'm so fucking creeped out I would not wish this on anyone else. I'm lucky I haven't seen him irl since 2016 but I feel like my luck is going to turn and that I'll see him some day. ffs I'm shaking rn

No. 100089

Aw Anon that's awful I'm sorry. He shouldn't be posting about you a whole three years later. The fact you are scared by it speaks volumes…it's not cute.

No. 100091

this is beautiful anon.

No. 100229

There’s a guy I know of due to hitting up my besitie, named Kiyoshi that lived in Vegas.
I never liked the guy due to how controlling he was to my bestie. He kept trying to cage her and islote her! Make her wear less make up and quit her hobbies and stop talking to her friends as much! I noticed so much changes in her,and her talking less and less to everyone.
Yes they both tried ending it early on but they somehow managed to get back together. But now it’s official over because she snapped at him for his bullshit, so he just deleted his Instagram and made a new one like a coward! On top of that stalked one of his other ex’s on Instagram that he trapped in his home years ago!
What annoys me is that he only dares to tell his version of what happened or what she did or said but never says what he did, what he did to her,what he made her do, or the fact he crushed her!
She does still have feelings for him, but she has changed her number and blocked him off everything! She won’t be reaching him or getting into contact with that loser! I’m proud of her,despite her missing him!
I feel that he is an ass hole that lies and abuses woman mentally and tries to get them to move in with him! Just to cage them. Like seriously the dude preys on woman that are struggling in their life.The other thing he doesn’t even shower, like fucking ever, he uses beauty apps to hide his fat shape body and baggy eyes!
I will never understand what hell my bestie saw in him.
I hope woman stay away from that piece of crap!

No. 100231

Anon SAME. We broke up 3 years ago, I've been dating someone for the last 2 and my ex still posts about me, wishes me a happy birthday, he'd posted my lewds online, posted my address, death threats towards my new bf, etc.

I filed a police report and they have all evidence if something should happen but in the long run, if your friends believe you that he's scum then you don't need to worry.
Don't drive yourself crazy with it, I've been there. Panic attacks and all. Be strong hun

No. 100234

>had gauges
>thinks warped tour is good
WEW sounds like you were dating a literal 13 year old.

No. 100269

oh shit anon this is terrible, your story is so much worse
I'm glad the police is going to get involved if anything happens (let's hope not). I hope you're "okay" now. Do you still experience panic attacks ?

I'll post the whole story later, even though I was a dumb highschooler when it started

No. 100277

I had a psycho ex who was still posting about me on the internet like 10 years after we had broken up. Hopefully that won't be your case…

No. 100289

I've got a 5+ year ex who still posts about me but instead of obsessing over me lovingly, its hatefully. Not sure which is worse but obsessive exes are horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. They need to let go.

No. 100291

My experience isn't to the same extreme point, but my ex from 5 years ago still vague posts about me on social media… His instagram bio is something related to me. He commented on my best friend's photo because I was tagged as her heart (this is her hypothesis, and mine too). I wish he would fucking stop. He also called me his "extremely crazy ex" on a Discord server that I used to go on.
Yes, I was crazy (still am), but I'm much more tame and self-aware of my actions.

No. 100294

I feel so sorry for all of you anons. Men that get so obsessive and creepy about past relationships are honestly terrifying, you never know what is going on inside their heads. The fact that this is so common is sad, too.
I have a ex-boyfriend that costantly creates fake accounts to stalk me on social media. I had to make my ig profile private because I was getting tired of having to block him all the time.
He also texts one of my closests friends and asks her out regularly. She always refuses and I wish she would just block him, but she says she doesn’t want to do that for “”no reason””, even though she agrees about how creepy he is.

No. 100299


I'm the anon who posted a few weeks ago about my ex hate tweeting about me nearly a year on, I feel you massively. So petty. He'll flit between I MISS HER SO MUCH THIS SUCKS to blaming me and trying to justify abusing me lmao

the best bit is everyone thinks it's pathetic and he just has no friends now as a result

No. 100478

>date bf at 14, he is 16
>starts hitting me 4 months into the relationship
>pushes me into a furnace, burn myself
>hits me in front of his friend, friend doesn’t care
>everyone of our friends knew, no one did anything
>Always hitting me during the time I was over
>that or vidya
>would sit on my arms and chest so I couldn’t get up and scream my last name in my face because I didn’t like how it sounded
>punched me in the face and I had a black eye
>lied to everyone about what happened while I’m in 9th grade
>punches me in the face again and my lip gets caught on my braces and cuts through, I’m bleeding
>extremely infatuated with him because of abuse, so happy when he treats me nicely, mind you I’m fucking 14
>breaks up with me constantly during our 3 years together, I’m hysterical whenever this happens
>saves other girls’ (nude) photos at the time and hides them on pc
>hate myself
>finally leave him and he obviously wants me back
>get back together, but then hits me again obviously
>leave for good at 16
>he turns trans

No. 100506

Holy shit anon….I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

No. 100556


jesus christ. that's some bullshit. hope you're a radfem now anon

No. 100557


my ex has been commenting about me on bitter-ex style FB posts/memes. Mind you, it's been 2 years since we broke up during which I've had no contact with him. I only know cause friends send it to me. Bit weird

No. 100561

Yeah it was truly shit. I feel like my teenage years were so wasted, and I did poorly in school because of it. Actually, I am a radfem now lol.

I’m sorry; that’s really creepy. I hope nothing bad comes of it! Luckily my ex just forgot about me after transitioning.

No. 101178

I don't have any hilarious stories about mine but some of my exes have such amazing personalities:

>one of them had severe yellow fever and would talk about how he loves asians in front of his white gf, me. cheated on me with an indonesian girl. he is failing at life rn bc he droppped out of school to play house with a filipina girl he tricked into getting engaged with him. she is free now, she finally dumped his waster ass.

>one was "technically" my best friend but would try to cheat on his gf with me in private and would bring me to their dates as a weird 3rd wheel and the girl absolutely hated me. this guy was older (mid 20s) and i was underage at the time so i was too stupid to notice the manipulation, as young girls usually don't. oh yeah, and he didn't let me have any other friends but him.

>one was 31, 10 years older than me, and would constantly dilute his positive statements towards me. i heard "you're ok" and other variants of lukewarm comments too many times so i dumped him, only for him to say he was in love the entire time but… didn't tell me? you're 31 dude, grow up.

>one kept me in a weird on-and-off limbo for years and kept negging me about my appearance and intelligence. his friends joined our friend circle at some point and started to all develop crushes on me which made him angry at me bc men are fucking stupid. we are good friends now that we don't have feelings towards each other but he does date girls that look like me which is funny to me.

>one was an AcToR (don't ever date actors) and would whip out his stupid guitar to "seranade" me quite often but it was really more to milk attention because he was so insecure and vain. dumped him bc he was clingy af.

>one came out as an alex jones fan and it immediately turned me off and i nope'd out of there, sis.

I also have a series of straight women that LARP as bi, that know i'm bisexual, and would bring me too close to them and manipulate my emotions just so they could have a "bff" that they could use as a pseudo-bf bc i tend to treat women much better than their shitty bfs. reminiscent of onion's straight husband lamey and sarah's situation.

since all these fuckwads i've grown as a human and thank fuck for that. i've given people like these enough time and no longer have such weak standards for people i allow myself around.

love yourself, fellow farmers.

No. 102495

>guy at work who I shared a social circle with tells me he likes me
>I turn him down
>he tells me he loves me
>he's very persistent and our mutual friends kept saying we'd be cute together so after like 2 months I cave
>he's really needy, texting constantly with nothing to say. Constant empty texting drives me crazy
>first time we go "back to his place" we broke into his grandma's (I was unaware) and he tried to have sex with me on her living room floor
>he loses his job, starts expecting me to pay for everything and borrowing hundreds
>one time Im upset/crying over a serious issue and he interrupted me to ask if I wanted to have sex. Ten minutes later he sighs heavily and explains how disappointed he is that I'm upset cus he wanted to fuck
>one time playing board games with friends he started an argument that I attacked him even though we were on opposite teams; "why are you coming for me how dyou think that makes me feel"
>would always start a discussion/debate then take it personally when I disagreed with him
>one time asks if I want to fuck, I say no because I have my period and he sulks, lying there sighing and when I'm like "what" he goes "I'm just thinking about us… About the future…"
>one time tore my nipple piercing out during sex (by accident), showed no concern for me and instead makes me finish him so he "doesn't get blue balls"
>him and another male friend joking that they want to date each other, I say they'd make a good couple, he then starts saying I'm trying to get rid of him, "how dyou think that makes me feel" again etc
>constantly complained I don't show him enough attention even though we had sex multiple times a day etc
>my birthday. After saying multiple times I don't want any more sex toys the only gift he gets me is a £70 sex toy. When I questioned it he says "I thought it'd be fun if I use it on you" ie bought himself a homer Simpson bowling ball. He returned it and kept the money
>in paris, spends the whole holiday telling me I'm miserable because I'm acting like my normal self instead of like a kid with a sugar rush. Starts arguments about it repeatedly
>we're going to sleep and I turned away from him, he took it as a personal attack and says I'm not giving him any affection etc. I break up with him
>he rebounds with a girl 11 years younger than him
>spends time hovering around my work so he can "bump into me"
>lied to my coworkers about his job so it seems like he has a more legitimate reason to be there

Loads of other shit. He remains to be the biggest regret of my life by a large margin. Never date someone due to social pressure I'm a huge retard

No. 102978

On the subject of exes bitter posting, why do they do it? I try not to check but my ex of nearly a year ago who abused me goes between tweeting that he misses me and then tweets that I was a bitch

It's weird because his friends know he abused me and he does it on an account with new friends who don't know saying how I was manipulative and so on, I am one of the anon who has posted here, he honestly traumatised me a little so it's weird seeing him still insist he was innocent when even his family offline knew he was terrible to me

No. 103008

Maybe they think this psycho behavior is supposed to flatter and charm the girl back to them? IDK. My loser ex does the same thing, he keeps posting about how much he misses me, how i had no reason to cut him off, how i'm a bitch etc etc and it's really fucking unsettling.

No. 103018

Are you me lmao? My loser ex does the same thing. Posts that he hates me even though he abused me, and how much me misses and wants me back, even though he hates me

Like he knows I can read it, very creepy

No. 103039

Probably because they have no fucking clue what healthy and producive social behaviour consists of, combined with having never dealt with their feelings in a constructive way once in their whole lives.
It's like they don't know that their behaviour is a telling sign they have some fucked up personality issues to deal with and that no good person ever would consider dating some on-and-off psycho with no emotional self control. Imagine being with someone this clueless your whole life.

My ex (broke up with him because he was obsessive, creepy and couldn't make decisions for himself AT ALL) did this too. He used to call me just to tell me what a "lying fucking whore" i was , one hour later texting me "you are the love of my life, don't u see we belong together, please i'll do anything for u" etc, then wondering why i didn't want to get back together with him.

The logic of these men amaze me, it's as if they lack consciousness completely. Like an amoeba.

No. 103154

File: 1544798121863.jpeg (31.96 KB, 512x394, E2A12F44-A416-4B14-8E30-8291B4…)

>Be me, insecure with body issues and abusive parents
>Form online relationship 6 months
>Him 28, Uggo photo, fastfood job no other prospects
>Meet IRL
>I'm not physically attracted to him a little autistic but liked the romantic gesturing online and didn't love myself
>1 Month later cheats on me with KFC co-worker
>mfw he goes into description what he did to her and how great her body is cause autism
>I FB stalk her cause jelly, prettier than me and knows how to talk to people
>Me trying to get back with him cause I still didn't love myself
>Spend $$$ to fly over to his city to spend time with him
>Home literal shithole
>Pet cat liter tray unclean for days next to bed
>Walls with his autistic drawings are aged yellow with carpet ripped up
>Finds out he bathes once every 3 days or week
>Continues this relationship for a few more months visiting a couple more times
>Breaks up with me and asks for sex
>In your dreams
>Realises that he was cheating on me again


>Still glad I never lost my virginty to him
>Moved on
>Glow up and confident
>Accidentally meets his old co-worker that he cheated on me with
>She turned into an acne covered land whale
>Keks until the sun goes down

idk maybe I was the loser lmao

No. 103158


My ex would do the same thing, text me how it "was all his fault and he was sorry" one moment and then how I was a "cold hearted bitch who was incapable of forgiveness" the next.

Its shitty attempts at emotional manipulation.

No. 104013

He was a fat ugly poorfag neet on welfare bux. Would verbally abuse me. He'd tell me how much I deserved better guys, but if I left he would kill himself. He would make up stories and shit test me about hypotheticals where a better guy came along, and what I would do. Like every fucking day. I don't know know if it was his way of coping with his insecurity or it was his weird way of grooming me.
Eventually HE broke up with me for him "not being good enough", and I accepted. At that point I felt I was more of a suicide prevention assistant than an actual girlfriend. I think the breakup was also a shit test too, but I didn't realize it at the time.
He then begged me to come back, threatened to kill himself more times than I can count, and told me that the whole time we were dating he hired some dude from the third world to "keep track of me" like some elite haxxor. And this "dude" sent me emails threatening me for about a year. Nothing happened to my knowledge. I seriously doubt this guy was even real, as my ex was a habitual liar.

And yeah I was underge at the time, and he was older. Fucking disgsting fat pedo neets prey on immature girls, because if I had actually been an adult I would have never tolerated him.

No. 105556

>I was 19, he was 24
>me, a dropout with mild depression and 0 motivation for making my life better, him, the nerdy tech worker who made more than enough for a living
>first month everything is perfect
>2nd month he starts complaining about how much makeup and cleavage I wear to attract male attention
>I was only doing makeup for him, and I wanted to wear light clothers since summer in south is ruthless
>3rd month we spend more time holed up at his place, him playing vidya, me watching
>starts dropping hints we should live together
>I might be a dropout but I'm not that dumb
>starts talking a little too much about his exes, either complaining or praising them
>he's still in love with the last one, the only one who dumped him
>get so fed up I spew "so if you love her so much why don't you beg her to come back with you?"
>4th month, he calls me every fucking day just to complain about everything
>shits a lot on my best friend, who was actually the one who brought us together
>sex was becoming worse everyday, he lasted only for 5-10 minutes and it was over, no pleasing me
>more and more bitching about my friends
>guilt trips me for buying me food on dates, knowing I felt bad for being broke, and made only free/cheap plans
>we go to a con together, I managed a short term job and saved money for my part
>spends every moment complaining about how many people were ogling me in my cosplay, and too many guys asking for my picture (mind you, I was cosplaying Makise Kurisu in the Steins;Gate boom)
>last day of the con I meet an internet (guy) friend and get really happy to know him IRL
>bf loses his shit and almost hits me on the way home, calling me every name for f**king talking with my friend in front of him

I broke up with him in the exact same moment. He almost managed to make me believe I was too old, I was "damaged goods", and no one would date me anymore. I had my petty revenge, hooking up with his best friend a few weeks later, and my sweet cold revenge dating the friend from the con 6 months later.
I tried to keep contact within the first months, but he started calling me again every damn day, and bitching about our common friend again. I finally blocked him everywhere and got my peace. It's been 7 years and I still don't wanna hear anything from him.

No. 105560

File: 1547215237422.jpg (59.06 KB, 550x366, 1072179.jpg)

Anon good on you, you really dodged a bullet by stating strong and not moving in
In fact well done to everyone in this thread for surviving these assholes. I really wish that recognising manipulation could be something that kids learn about in the future, there's so much more we need to teach than just how to put a condom on.

No. 105563

Anon love yourself at least you have more money than his coworker.

Instead of spending it on him invest in self care and makeup to fix your own issues

No. 105618

Wow I am so happy I found this thread. So my boyfriend of 5 years was always getting mad at me for wanting to hang out with old guy friends. Understandable. However, recently I decided that I wanted him to meet these old guy friends and thought he would soon see they are super cool and no threat. When I asked him to meet them. He confessed to me that 1) he was deeply offended by me asking him that and 2) he was cheating on me for the past 5 years.

He then tried to guilt me into staying with him but still said he would never allow me to hang out with my old guy friends. His mom then texted me trying to guilt me into staying with him.

I definitely could never miss him or want to be with him ever again. But man do I miss having someone I can be that intimate with. I just miss having a best friend.

No. 105619

Wow I am so happy I found this thread. So my boyfriend of 5 years was always getting mad at me for wanting to hang out with old guy friends. Understandable. However, recently I decided that I wanted him to meet these old guy friends and thought he would soon see they are super cool and no threat. When I asked him to meet them. He confessed to me that 1) he was deeply offended by me asking him that and 2) he was cheating on me for the past 5 years.

He then tried to guilt me into staying with him but still said he would never allow me to hang out with my old guy friends. His mom then texted me trying to guilt me into staying with him.

I definitely could never miss him or want to be with him ever again. But man do I miss having someone I can be that intimate with. I just miss having a best friend.

No. 105620

Wow I am so happy I found this thread. So my boyfriend of 5 years was always getting mad at me for wanting to hang out with old guy friends. Understandable. However, recently I decided that I wanted him to meet these old guy friends and thought he would soon see they are super cool and no threat. When I asked him to meet them. He confessed to me that 1) he was deeply offended by me asking him that and 2) he was cheating on me for the past 5 years.

He then tried to guilt me into staying with him but still said he would never allow me to hang out with my old guy friends. His mom then texted me trying to guilt me into staying with him.

I definitely could never miss him or want to be with him ever again. But man do I miss having someone I can be that intimate with. I just miss having a best friend.

No. 105621

Wow I am so happy I found this thread. So my boyfriend of 5 years was always getting mad at me for wanting to hang out with old guy friends. Understandable. However, recently I decided that I wanted him to meet these old guy friends and thought he would soon see they are super cool and no threat. When I asked him to meet them. He confessed to me that 1) he was deeply offended by me asking him that and 2) he was cheating on me for the past 5 years.

He then tried to guilt me into staying with him but still said he would never allow me to hang out with my old guy friends. His mom then texted me trying to guilt me into staying with him.

I definitely could never miss him or want to be with him ever again. But man do I miss having someone I can be that intimate with. I just miss having a best friend.

No. 105622

Wow I am so happy I found this thread. So my boyfriend of 5 years was always getting mad at me for wanting to hang out with old guy friends. Understandable. However, recently I decided that I wanted him to meet these old guy friends and thought he would soon see they are super cool and no threat. When I asked him to meet them. He confessed to me that 1) he was deeply offended by me asking him that and 2) he was cheating on me for the past 5 years.

He then tried to guilt me into staying with him but still said he would never allow me to hang out with my old guy friends. His mom then texted me trying to guilt me into staying with him.

I definitely could never miss him or want to be with him ever again. But man do I miss having someone I can be that intimate with. I just miss having a best friend.

No. 105695

>be me, somewhere around the age of 18-19.
>meet this guy online on some video game who ends up being a couple years older than I.
>everything was fine until we started dating.
>while heading home from vacation he tells me that he was joking around with some other woman telling her "jokingly" that she should send him nudes.
>she does so and he gets upset saying that he doesn't want to see her body and talks shit about her body to me.
>be stupid and look past incident because of how I viewed myself at the time. (lonely, unhappy, thinking that he was the best I could get)
>gets me to use Twitter.
>see tons of tweets about him making sexual jokes to a bunch of different females.
>express how it makes me feel and try to get him to stop.
>"It's only a joke."
>spends a majority of the relationship constantly masturbating even when I get mad at him for constantly touching his dick when I'm just trying to have a normal conversation with him.
>doesn't stop.
>eventually starts to make claims that I'm bipolar and that I NEED to go on medication because of my behavior of being over his shitty treatment towards me.
>I've only been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.
>Breaks up with me and says that we won't get back together unless I get treatment for bipolar because apparently he knows his shit.
>Spend a couple months still talking, but any time I ask him if we are still together he says "no."
>Give up by breaking down to my mom on what I should do and she basically tells me to leave him.
>I do so and begin to talk to another guy who ended up being crazy on his own, but that's for another time.
>goes on twitter and trashes me (without saying my name, but everyone literally knew who he was talking about) and makes false claims about me.
>sends me a email talking about how he was trying to "better me" and be some type of good influence in my life even though he brought me down and never showed me any respect.
>same email, tells me that the reason my cat (who was sickly) had to be put down was karma for "what I did to him."
>makes some shitty rap about killing me and the guy I was with at the time and captioned the post as something along the lines of "dedicate this to the cunt in your life."
>gets on twitter fight with my ex and says a whole lot of messed up things that he eventually deletes.

He ended up reaching out to me years later, probably when my relationship after him ended, and attempted to apologize for his actions. I didn't accept it, said whatever I had to say, and blocked him. Haven't heard from him since, thankfully.

No. 105700

>I was 15, very naive and fucking dumb
>met this guy online in a gaming forum
>turns out he was a mildly autistic, devoted christian white redditposter with below average looks and subpar grades
>he seemed like a nice guy into similar things like me so I didn't really care
>after literally only 2 days of talking, he tells me that he likes me
>I freaked out initially but accepted as I was desperate for validation and attention
>during the course of our relationship, he constantly pressurised me to speak in chinese whenever we called for his own filthy yellow fever fetishes I was unaware of at the time, although he couldn't even understand shit
>always brought up how he masturbates to east asian asmr and that he absolutely loves asian girls
>being the dumb minor I was, I bore with it as I didn't want my only source of validation to go away although I was very uncomfortable
>some months later find out he cheated on me with some japanese girl
>I got really shocked and sad, but gave him a chance
>eventually we always got into arguments and I broke things off as I had enough
>we still kept in contact
>one day, he got butthurt over something petty and at this point I was so fed up I brought up him cheating on me
>he gets furious with me for bringing it up but I ignored him + blocked as I felt it was beyond ridiculous
>I felt bad about it later on and eventually apologised
>some months later, he replied to me and said he accepted my apology "after a long time of thinking about it"
>that left a very bitter taste in my mouth, and so I finally ceased contact with him entirely

Sorry for the length.
If he actually happens to lurk here then I've definitely outed myself but I don't care now. That awful ordeal definitely drove the point of self-love being important back home strongly. Though, he became motivation for me to work very hard for my final high school exams so that I was better off than him. I ended up scoring WAY better than he did and eventually got into a tough course I really wanted in uni, so I was very pleased with myself in the end.
White men with yellow fever are the absolute worst breeds of men there is.

Holy shit anon, that sounds absolutely horrible especially the part about your cat. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience and hope you're doing better now (you already are by dumping his sorry ass, anyway).

No. 107005


It's sad all these girls with depression were taken advantage of by disgusting men

No. 107036

yeah apparently all these girls have low self esteem or mental problems, they don't seem to ask; what are your interests and hobbies, whats your family like, what do you do for work?

And then guess what the guy is an incel neckbeard manchild stalker, wow who could've guessed.

No. 107042

> be 19
> be lonely with really bad self esteem, anxiety and depression
> meet guy in online game
> he's totally autistic, doesn't go to school, doesn't work, draws furry hentai, always on 4chan, jokes about being a pedo etc.
> become friends anyway and talk often, he's physically cute but basically an incel
> time passes and he begs to meet up, I cave and agree
> he wasn't as autistic irl surprisingly, so we start dating for a bit
> comes and stays at my house one weekend, will not interact with my dad or brothers, actually runs into my bedroom to avoid them
> parents asks if he's has some sort of mental disability because of how awkward he is
> would tell me my opinions on feminism, politics were stupid
> defended paedophiles

so cringe, why did I hate myself that much lmao

No. 107094

What are you okay

No. 107204

I have a few stories but I decided on this one because it's the funniest.

>be 19

>be super shy from shitty school experiences, currently neet
>keep my parents company when we go grocery shopping
>one day see cute cashier boy at the store
>he seems attracted to me too
>eventually exchange a few words
>he's definitely interested
>make up a plan about how I'm going to give him my number
>it works, we text
>he seemed either my age or 18, turns out he's 21
>seems normal, he takes me places and I hang out at his rental place a lot
>felt bad for him because his rental place was actually his grandma's house
>grandma is a big smoker, rents the house to other weirdo men, and ex lived in the cold garage
>his grandma seems senile too
>anyways, one day he starts talking about gender presentation stuff
>figure it's just a crossdressing fetish, I'm pretty open-minded
>asks me to name is "girl self"
>comply, he picks an oddly specific name, like Kailen but with weird spelling
>he explains more about it
>turns out this "girl self" of his is his alternate personality, or so he believes
>he comes out on Facebook about it
>asks me and my family to start referring to him as we instead of I, they/them etc. because we're actually talking to two people
>he texts me using his new pronouns too
>he explains more about how they fight over control of his body
>when "she" is out, she doesn't talk
>both him and his alternate identity like to behave like a cat or a wolf depending, as in licking his arm, hissing or other bs
>one day he's over at my place, he gets down on all fours and fucking gallops down the sidewalk of my backyard and somehow my dad didn't see
>as time goes on I get more and more information about his girl self
>she's the epitome of beauty to him, red hair, green eyes, like a magical Celtic elf or something
>her "spirit animal" is a wolf
>really cares about this whole thing, treats it as if "she" was a girlfriend
>it seems ridiculous of me to get jealous of an alternate personality, but still, the way he talked about it made me think "Then why am I here?"
>But Wait There's More
>she is actually physically intersex, yet still gets a period
>he says he can feel her period cramps
>one day get fed up and tell him that it's pretty cliche to pick a wolf as a spirit animal
>he freaks out
>sort of stops talking due to "depression"
>figure it's over and start talking to another dude online

Things were fine for a while after that until he messaged me out of the blue, and even asked my parents about me. I had long since moved on and I guess I just wanted to give him a reassurance that I didn't hate him, so I started a chat with him again but he was immediately referring to himself as "we" in text and it brought back so many unpleasant feelings. He seemed hopeful, as if we could just suddenly be together again after that. I was like hell no. Last I heard he fucked off to Colorado and is living with his dad in a (hopefully) better situation. He also had some pretty boring fetishes so there was that too

No. 107205

I think anon's trying to say that these girls are obviously in bad places because they don't even care enough about themselves to get to know these people. Obviously some men can hide who they are, but I've been in situations where just one conversation with these kinds of men made me realize to nope the fuck out.

No. 107208

im crying anon, imagining him galloping away

No. 107221

>one day he's over at my place, he gets down on all fours and fucking gallops down the sidewalk of my backyard

No. 107271

Why do fuckboys who have the worst dick game always ask if you still wanna be fuckbuddies after your ''fling'' is done?

No. 107278

Never pick up guys who work at a grocery store. Thats where you fuckes up. They're all desperate and always have something weird going on with them and are super embarrassing with major issues. I mean all the other departments too, not just the cashiers.

No. 107279

Mine does this thing where he'll post about how much he regretted having to break my heart, but still subtly flirts with me or posts a bunch of selfies wearing clothes I gave him if he sees I'm online, and will reminisce about our relationship with others even when it's not relevant to the conversation.

He's also apparently been hitting on girls all the while still rambling on and on about me, saying that he wants a girl that has all of my physical features even though he "definitely doesn't want her(me) back, specifically." He's RP so he does this while complaining about all women being insufferable whores, mind you.

Some of those girls have actually contacted me because they're so creeped out by his behavior and want to know why he's such a retard. I don't usually even need to tell them that he's bad news and we just end up making fun of how desperate and awkward he his lmao.

No. 107285

Guys with weak dick game need love, too.

No. 107286

Sounds like he's a bit of a headfuck lol.

I had a rough go for a couple years because I was in a shitty place in life and people picked up on that and kind of ran with it.
Guy number 1 dumped me from his "poly relationship" because he had found someone else and wanted to be fulltime. He had a habit of finding the most malleable girls to get with, who were like barely out of high school, or going through a separation trying to find a new life, or like me just dealing with crippling depression and a dread of dying alone. He blocked me on everything, told all our mutual friends that I was crazy… and then six months later saw me in a local park one day, fucking ran up to me all excited, wanting to catch up, playing like everything should've been just fine, and I was just like "lol… gotta go". Couple weeks after that I ran into him on a bus and he did the same shit.
Guy number 2 was pretending to like me just to fuck around with me to impress some girls that were popular in our group. He was in his 20s and still feeling the need to impress the popular kids, so there's that.
Guy number 3 was an LDR, who had a girl just disappear on him once. OFC he did that to me while I was like… applying to schools in his town so we could be closer together. I got accepted and still went and he decided to make contact with me again. I started dating a guy from uni, and EVERY TIME #3 got a new gf (which was like every 3 months lol) he would find a way to brag about it to me, be it online in a forum were both in or by bringing her around our student union (when neither of them went there). I moved back after my course was done, he still tried to get at me, and eventually I decided to leave that one forum just because I was tired of his shit.
#4 was just a summer fling between #3 and uni. Wasn't a bad dude, just a loser. Worked at a gas station, dumped me when i went to uni but still wanted to be friends and get back together when i came back, got upset when I started dating someone in uni, etc. Tries to friend me on FB now like every 6 months, and seems to be dividing his time between various pyramid schemes and a soundcloud full of "psychadelic music". While I was away at uni once he took a course in "helping others with their job search" and suggested I come back to be a dogwalker, because he had found a listing for it and because i had done dogwalking in college to pay for textbooks and shit.
I've been with the guy I met at uni for years now and the distance is tough sometimes but we've recently gotten engaged. Besides #4 because he's a persistent mf I have no idea what any of those guys are up to now, and that's ok.

No. 107290

They're so self absorbed that they think they're good. The ones who are like "did u cum babe" after they stuck their dick in you for like 30 seconds total before they cum

No. 108718

Ex stalks my twitter, comments passive aggressively, has a napoleon complex and says things that only I will get and the only one who will be triggered is me.


No. 108773

Oh man, when I was 15 or 16 I got my first boyfriend and I would have trouble shaking him off all the way till graduation. He believed that communist Russia was best Russia and that it's the only good form of government. I also learned through friends that he joined the Army to get combat experience so he could go be a gun for hire in South America. He also 100% looked like a school shooter coming to school in his oversized leather jacket.
I broke up with him multiple times and then he would convince me to get back with him twice throughout high school. One time, while we were broken up and he was dating someone else, he messaged me asking to go to the park. Knowing he just wanted to fuck I asked what was wrong with his gf and he just told me to not tell her and stopped talking to me. I had such low self esteem that it wasn't hard for him to convince me to get back with him. The only way I shook him off was dating another guy to make him stop bothering me and for me to forget about him.
Years later while I was in college I got a facebook message from him asking how I was. At this time, I heard he was getting a divorce from his wife he married after only dating a month before joining the Army. So I said how convenient it was that he messaged me at the same time I was hearing about the divorce. He said it wasn't like that and he just wanted to tell me he was sorry for high school, but he would pull that same thing to get back with me in high school. I said thanks for the apology and never talked to him again.

No. 108796

Are you Russian? How does one make the pivot from thinking Soviet Russia was the best, and then joining the army? ? You sound American so that's… really a weird pivot.

No. 108805

No, I'm American. I'm thinking he joined the military because it was an easy paycheck and he wasn't gonna sustain himself any other way? I'm pretty sure he still believes in communist Russia but there's no rationalizing his choices.

No. 109004

File: 1550934787565.jpg (78.13 KB, 960x822, 46325427_302115057066606_51033…)

>be 17, uni student, swim teacher, camgirl, a model, successful
>date this ugly fucking loser, 24, NEET lives with mom, depression & autism
>befriended him online when i was 13
>be so far out of this his league, have to pay for literally everything: dates, taxis, a new PS4 cause he has no job
>acts jealous of my ex who is 6’5, model, latino my age and normal ‘type’

>breaks down into tears abt how his ex brutally raped, stalked, harassed and destroyed him, says he wants to block her and has feelings for her still.

>breaks up with me a month later and unblocks her. we're still 'seeing eachother' at this point, having sex, kissing, cuddling etc but he makes it clear he doesn’t want to date
>says he doesn’t owe me a relationship, I’m manipulative for expecting him to be ‘monoamorously committed’
>’i genuinely don’t care about her anymore’
>but texts her in front of me constantly when i come to stay
>she feverishly checks his profile and comments on everything he posts
>i just bite my tongue because he’ll freak the fuck out if i say anything
>mentions wanting to fly back to the US to collect more belongings and loses his shit when i ask ‘is there another reason you want to go there’
>like him, has a cringey internet persona that involves convincing her retard 4chan mates that she has something profound to say. validation is their lifeblood
>he routinely hacks into my fb and reads my messages
>ex is also kinda a loser, works a 9-5 pizza delivery job
>guilt trips me for wanting to go to the supermarket because he ‘doesn’t feel like it’ but i need food
>spergs out multiple times about me being manipulative and forcing my expectations on him

>plans to invite his female friend to stay

>she will have to share his bed and stay for a few weeks
>he makes this threat to invite this friend over every couple of weeks so i figure shes too polite to say she doesnt want to come
>i ask why she never comes
>’u can’t make me feel the way she and my ex does’
>he says she cant afford train ticket to his. turns out she’s unemployed
>still not officially 'dating’, so he says when she comes, they might get together
>i asked what she looks like
>he shows me a picture on his phone of a slightly overweight scenequeen in her 30s with extremely heavy makeup and claire's-tier pink clip in extensions. idk what her personality is like but her looks alone were enough to land an LC thread
>i stop worrying about it as she's physically repulsive and probably isn’t coming
>never hear about the fat unemployed scenequeen again

>out of the blue he blocks me and tells me he never wants anything to do with me anymore and hasn’t for a long time

>yet he’s still happy to talk his ex, alleged stalker and rapist who is also fairly unattractive, yet i realise she’s not at fault for our demise
>heartbroken for a few weeks and still healing from the trauma the abuse caused me but i move on with another taller, nicer guy fairly quickly
>everything has been absolute bliss since he disappeared my grades are better i dont have him financially dependent on me im a healthier weight
>he still hacks into my fb
>im not at all bitter, him and his ex deserve each other, i hope she gives him absolute hell. i hope she destroys him

No. 109006

I too was an immature girl groomed by a disgusting ugly NEET

No. 109007

this was riveting from start to finish

No. 109008

thank u for sharing. love the simpsons reference. men are a disaster honestly. if someone ripped my nipple off itd be an instant breakup

No. 109009


No. 109013

as a stripper i find that last bit horrifying, what the fuck. incels be wilin

overall wow what a pathetic shit

No. 109015

You were groomed.

No. 109044

File: 1550951851075.jpg (124.35 KB, 800x600, 1fo85o25kb1z.jpg)

>be me
>get Facebook friend suggestion
>Look at the profile and see a guy wearing a fedora with a shitpost as a description
>Think his profile is funny
>Add him
>One day he shares a photo and I send him a funny message
>I try to troll him
>He picks up on it and we start exchanging memes and messing around
>We start talking more and more
>We decide to meet
>I meet him
>He's pretty cool and decent looking
>He starts complimenting me
>We meet again after a few days
>It's going great and I'm happy
>We end up fucking and he wants to be in a relationship with me
>I like him so why not
>I warn him I'm BPD but managing it pretty well
>He says he doesn't care and thinks I'm awesome and uwu not like the other gurlss~~~
>Red flags start to appear
>He tells me how he's fucked 46 people
>I cringe
>He tells me he has trust issues and he's afraid I'll leave him even though he broke up with the majority of his exes
>He asks me to tell him "I love you"
>He says he'll protect me forever
>He says he's always wanted a girl with no parents and no friends that he can protect and love and that won't leave him
>He tells me I'll become his wife
>He starts pulling on my strings softly
>He still talks with his exes
>I smoke weed
>He complains to one of his exes about how I smoked weed in his house
>His ex attacks me online with no apparent reason
>out of meds and it's really hard to control myself
>ask him if he talked to his ex about me
>He says he didn't
>look in his Facebook messages
>He did complain to his ex about me doing drugs like I was doing coke when I just smoked weed
>I get extremely angry
>Go outside in the middle of the night to calm my thoughts
>I go back and he asks me why I went outside at that hour without telling him
>I don't respond
>He gets angry
>I start crying and tell him I read the messages with his ex and that I was profoundly disappointed and heart-broken when I saw what he said about me
>He blames me for invading his privacy
>I message his ex and tell her she's a cunt
>She tells him and he prohibits me from talking with her ever again
>I still keep her in my friend's list
>The next day I feel childish for my reaction and I message the girl to apologize for calling her a cunt but I tell her she shouldn't have threatened me out of nowhere
>We talk for a bit and I find out we attended the same middle school
>She sends me a selfie
>I immediately recognize her
>She used to bully me when I was 6th grade and she even hit me once
>I tell her about it and ask if she remembers
>She gets really defensive
>Tells my ex I contacted her again and makes it seem like I harassed her
>He calls me and tells me not to contact her ever again because she's ill and he worked a lot to make her better
>I tell him I'm ill too but he doesn't seem to care
>He tells me she could beat me up
>I crawl up in a ball and cry for an hour
>I ingest a handful of benzos
>get high on benzos
>feel like goingintotheriver.jpg
>take a shower
>end up cutting myself pretty badly
>He gets home exactly when I'm all sliced up in the bath tub
>He freaks out
>I lock myself in a room and I pull a classic BPD-fag and send his ex pics of my cuts
>He disinfects my cuts and bandages me and sends me home on a 14 hour train ride
>I beg him to let me stay for the night because I was high on benzos
>Still sends me home
>Breaks up with me but still messages me daily
>He knows I used to be a camgirl and sometimes threatens me with that info
>Still love him for some reason
>One day before we're about to be in the same town he tells me he got gonorrhea from me
>He repeatedly tells me he got gonorrhea from MY ASS
>I don't deny it but I don't approve it either I just tell him to wait for my test results
>Get high on shrooms and record weird videos
>I send him the videos being high out of my mind
>I end up slicing my throat up
>He asks me if I self harmed the next day
>I tell him I did
>He blocks me everywhere
>Get results back and I don't have gonorrhea
>I still feel sad
>I probably liked him because he was low-key abusive while claiming to protect me just like my dad

I also forgot to mention he is a furry and made me get a tumblr and follow his tumblr just so I could see his furry porn reposts. I also know I reacted really badly to all that happened.

No. 109045

how old were you when this happened, just curious?

No. 109046

>calling others pathetic
haha o am i laffin

No. 109048

Wow, you all have very shitty taste in men. Really says a lot about you.

No. 109049

ngl both of you seem pretty mentally unstable. I hope both of you get the help you need.

No. 109050

no, it doesn't. sorry to take a dump on your superiority spergout but it's very possible these girls have already been abused or are insecure/vulnerable/have BPD or somesuch as a result of abuse/struggle with mental illness, and predatory men exploit that. says nothing really about them except that perhaps they're looking for affection and care from someone in a very callous world. what it DOES is say a lot about these walking abortions these women unfortunately have associated with.

No. 109051

I know I have issues that's why I'm under therapy and on medication and I know he had issues too but he would have never admitted because HE WORKED SO HARD ON GETTING BETTER BY BECOMING FIT AND DOING HIS HOUSE CHORES, worryingly he was a med student and older than me.

No. 109059

Wow, a thoughtful woman with insight on mental illnesses clearly wrote this. /s

No. 111779

File: 1553559372792.png (353.22 KB, 434x385, 1428457235.png)

>dude fetishized the fact that I am German and would tell me his fantasies about living with me in Northern Germany
>told him about past trauma involving men, he went on and called himself the "only respectable male figure in my life"
>showered me in gifts very early into the relationship and just said "i like to spoil my exes", lovebombed the fuck out of me, I still have his games on Steam flagged for returns because they're boring as fuck and unfun
>completely unstable autist with bipolar depression, the littlest thing set him off and made him ramble on about me "lying to him"
>this included me refusing to have sexual shit at the last moment, which made him rant about how I led him on for 30 minutes and I just tuned out and played a game with a friend
>viewed my male friends as complete competition for whatever reason and would get mad when I spent time with them
>once locked himself with an AR-15 in his bathroom ass naked
>complains about his job hauling ice but all he just did was sit in his truck all the time
>he constantly rants and throws bitchfits over me being busy and not spending time with him, obsessed with being in the right, sexually aggressive to all fuck
>his dirty talk was fucking abysmal and sounded right out of a hentai doujin

>i decide to break up with him because he's stressful as fuck and starts conflict for no reason

>kills himself and writes a suicide note with nothing but crytyping and how he has a shotgun
>people call the police
>he gets sorted out and I just drop him and close up that messy ass chapter of my life

never again

No. 111780

*attempts to kill himself, my bad, saged for obvious reasons

No. 115658

File: 1558999862917.jpg (51.42 KB, 512x512, 1558034355034.jpg)

Since I broke up quite a while ago with this guy, I guess I'll add to this thread.
>runescape addicted boyfriend
>invites me over and then ignores me the entire day
>hug him from behind while hes gaming
>gets pissed off and shouts at me to back off
>makes me suck his dick when hes horny and goes back to ignoring me
>cringes when i laugh
>makes me do his laundry and dishes
>NEVER pays for anything, probably spent hundreds on food for him
>paid for my mcflurry once and acted mighty
>believes in "chivalry" and traditional women
>never plays that roll
>one time offered to bring pizza, wings, and drinks to him
>1 hr transit
>show up at front door
>he doesn't answer
>he texts me an hour later that he was drunk
>gets home 20 mins later
>i start crying
>he doesn't understand why
>win $15 dollar giftcard to icecream shop
>invite him along
>he orders 3 scoops which means I can only get 1 scoop
>i have to pay off the extra because he got too many scoops
>mfw pic related
>hair falls out because of health problems
>constantly whines about my hair being everywhere and nags me to pick it up
>i apologize and feel really bad everytime
>continues nagging me as i clearly already feel bad

I know, I was incredibly stupid but I was super mentally ill at that point and couldn't' bring myself to leave him. It's all good now though.

No. 115708

was his name brian?

No. 115709

File: 1559065881127.gif (32.52 KB, 156x90, clapping.gif)

Does runescape just attract terrible men in general?

>Runescape addicted ex-BF

>He is really good at it apparently, like top 50 or something richest in game
>Brags about how his account is worth at least 5 grand and it's an investment and he could cash it all out
>Gambles in-game all the time and has mental breakdowns. Yells at me and tells me not to let him gamble like I'm his mom
>Tell him not gamble
>He does it anyway
>Loses all his money in-game and literally becomes suicidal, expects me to care and take care of him
>When I told him not to gamble
>In a video game

It was probably the most pathetic thing I've ever witnessed a guy do to date.

No. 115720

Jesus, anon, how could you let someone walk all over you like that?

No. 115722

>Not dating Ultima Online chads
Can't believe you'd settle for Runecucks.

No. 115845

File: 1559200173268.png (1.06 MB, 919x720, 1533408365788.png)

>be me, 15 (maybe 16?), self destructive and depressed
>in a weird facebook community of people that are all drug addicts and weirdos
>fb suggests i add this guy with no pictures of himself
>goes by weird cryptic letters
>i make it my goal to befriend him because his profile is weird and im bored
>spend weeks getting info out of this guy, im not sure why i was so compelled
>find out he lives in my city
>find out he's 27 yr old alcoholic
>convince him to let me come over
>i agree to meet up with him at 3 am in a parking lot
>he doesnt show up
>walk home for a few hours in the cold crying
>fall asleep in a bush
>he messages me saying he fell asleep, let's try again
>im retarded so i agree
>come over some other night, meet up with him
>he's unattractive, rotten teeth, bald spot, generally unappealing
>lives in a literal pig sty. trash everywhere, no room to walk
>fuck him
>stay 4 nights at his house while my parents worry
>i wanted him to kill me or make something terrible to happen to me
>he's violently alcoholic
>lies all the time about weird shit
>throws up when we're fucking, sometimes
>makes me pay for food
>the very little scraps of positive attention he gave me when we had sex were all i needed to stay with him for 1 1/2 years.
>my parents always ask where i go half the time
>drop out of school to spend more time with him
>he cheats on me twice and i break up with him

He literally had no redeeming qualities. I really don't know what I was on when I was a teenager.

No. 115847

jfc anon :(

No. 115850

>He literally had no redeeming qualities. I really don't know what I was on when I was a teenager.
I mean you described almost everything pretty accurately, but don't you think you were looking in the mirror when you dated him? Or maybe you would still, since you can't even remember your age. Very messed up, both of you.

Very few people date bad people. Most are on the same level.

No. 115852

I'm sorry anon, teenagers essentially self harm themselves by putting themselves in dangerous situations all the time but you didn't deserve to find a literal child rapist

>Very few people date bad people. Most are on the same level
If you're 27 and a 15 or 16 year old shows up at your house and you fuck them, and let them drop out of school to hang out with you, would you tell yourself that the kid was to blame too? Fuck off with that crap.

No. 115855

very few people date people actually worse than them.*
You can still find someone a victim and a mess at the same time anon. She basically walked into hell. No need to treat victims like saints, however. My opinion of course.

No. 115856

Also if she was 16, where I live he wouldn't be a childrapist and she'd have to clean toilets for skipping school, not even shitposting.

No. 115857

so you still don't think there's anything wrong w a 27-year-old dating a 16-year-old . . . ? wild lmao

No. 115858

There is hence why I am criticising her as well. Stop reading what you want to read.
>No need to treat victims* like saints, however.

Obviously there are some who are but it depends on the situation. I highly doubt being so obsessed with a drug addict in a drug addict group makes you a saint and that you can't be criticised. Not defending him, hope she was 15 so that wherever she is from there's a high chance he is legally a childrapist.

No. 115867

I think she's saying that the person you choose to date is reflective of your mental state. She probably felt like she deserved someone that bad and she got it. It's not her fault obviously but people don't put up with things they feel they don't deserve.

No. 115883

File: 1559243927605.gif (240.7 KB, 352x284, tenor.gif)

I'm the 27y/o bf anon you're replying to. You're right in that I sought out a terrible person because I thought I was a terrible person, but really no, we were nothing alike. I think you underestimate how self-loathing and self-destructive I was as a teenager. I'm not trying to make myself look like a victim, I never indicate that in my greentext. If I did view myself that way, I would have said he preyed on me, and I felt threatened to stay with him, but truthfully I stayed because I didn't know where else to get positive attention. That being said, he shouldn't have had sex with a 16 year old and took her money for alcohol.

It makes sense because of previous traumas mentally illness I just wanted my life to end and might as well go see this scary internet man who will probably kill me. Yes I walked into hell on purpose, but he should have never let me in the first place. I place blame on both parties. Honestly it took a lot of therapy to realize that it wasn't 100% my fault, so I have to just disagree with you that a 16 year old girl and a 27 year old man were both equally bad.

I'm in my 20s now, I got my GED, I saved enough money to move across the country and peruse the career I want. I am now on good terms with my mom and we went to therapy together. 16 year old me is an alien to me and I just wanted to semi-objectively vent about my loser ex-boyfriend without injecting too much narrative.

No. 115893

File: 1559273189605.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.59 KB, 640x800, 640EFBF3-E243-410A-8423-60AD17…)

Actual question

If you date many autistic guys are you autistic?

No. 115906

I'm happy for you anon, that sounds inspiring. You don't need to justify yourself to that other anon or anyone who thinks a grown ass man isn't fully to blame for their actions because a child made them do it or whatever.
It sounds like you're doing really well, and I hope that you have a happy life.

No. 116020

No, but you probably have a saviour complex.

No. 117549

browsing through this thread and a guy whom I haven't been involved with for over 4 years (we were never in a relationship, we had ONE date) sent me a Linkedin request to ask me why I still have him blocked on my personal facebook. I've been dating a guy who happened to be his childhood best friend (small town syndrome) for over 3 years now, and have him blocked because he kept trying to interact with me on all my social media, work related and personal. I didn't mind when he bought shit off me from my online work, but he always tried to make it personal again. Men are nuts.


No. 117601

>fat wiccan 18 yr old that preyed on me when i was 13 and tried to have anal
>dutch loser autist i met on chatrooms that had emotional breakdowns every week and i mommysat him
>ugly fetal alcohol swede i also met on chatrooms that shat in skype calls and only talked about lifting and philosophy
>literal toothpick autistic swiss that would shit talk me on his german threads then when i blocked him he made a million accounts to add me on discord and said im his oxygen

No. 117603

Now I just want to know what your malfunction is for dating such losers lol

No. 117622

Literally the common thread in every single one of these posts is that you guys are meeting online gamers or meeting guys in chatrooms (why??). Men that game socially aren't bf material and this is a fact

No. 117640

Absolutely true. Same thing with men who like anime, they should just all be euthanized the fuck.

No. 117697

File: 1561711093828.png (25.07 KB, 470x237, blargh.png)

First boyfriend met online through a book forum. He drew lots of anime fan art of me/us, etc. I did go down to meet him, and he was first person I met irl from online. (I was 19, he was 18)
In person it was fine in the beginning, I didn't have anything going for me after high school so I moved in with him and his friends after a few months of meeting. He was very much into weeb stuff and wanted US to go to Japan, and for him to be a mangaka, he also (tried) to play every single tcg he could, so in that, I had started to play MTG, though I also previous played Pokemon TCG, in which he picked up and won a city championship in.
Unfortunately with my lack of work experience it was hard to get a job in a new place and I tried my best to get back up when my first job there failed. At this time, I was fine being the maid while I find a new job, etc, however our friends who lived with us started being strangers over and smoking weed a lot. I felt uncomfortable with the strangers in our house the most and them leaving a mess for me to pick up by default.
This is where it drained me, he had dreams for us, I didn't know what to dream, and next thing I knew there was a pregnancy scare cause my period was late. He was a Christian (I'm all apatheism) and one of the first things I remember him saying in the start of our relationship is that, I won't try to change you. Ha. Now whether I was pregnant or not, he went all out trying to tell me how wrong I am for being pro-choice and whatnot. Also I was looking up past guys I knew and seeing if they had a girlfriend, seeing what they were up to (not even talking to them, just checking up socials and what not) and he lost it and threaten violence toward me, and threaten even more violence cause he made me cry with his initial threats.
I finally was done and left across country.
After me he found another weeb girl and they were together, oh had a baby, and then had baby mama drama. At this point he left some hobbies aside and became…a white rapper. (I should also state that a lot of the hobbies he picked up were because his best friend got into them too and he wanted to be better then him as competition, so drawing, tcg, rapping..) And so was that, I remember finding his rap music site with a bunch of current baby mama drama song stuff like if he was the next Eminem.
But, with this post, I looked back to see if he ever wrote anything about me, and he did. Lol.
Pic is his bio on his rapper page.

(All in all maybe I was the loser, or both, but honestly I can probably talk about all of my exs here if there is interest..)

No. 117705

I dated a girl who threatened to kill herself because I was at school and couldn't message her during class. The first day we dated. I dunno why I didn't just break up with her there.

She also tried to convince me I was actually a lesbian and not bi because I had just broken up with my long term boyfriend and was bitter about it.

Here's the part I'm most embarrassed about. We e-dated. I decided to go out with her before I even knew exactly what she looked like. She sent me a picture when we were just friends of her and a friend in high school. I thought she was her friend (brunette, glasses, cute face). I didn't realize the hambeast next to the cute girl was my future girlfriend. So when I finally saw a pic of her, I wasn't attracted to her at all. I was a depressed 17 year old and was mainly attracted to her voice, as well as her age (3 years older).

No. 117710

Were you dropped on your head or what? First you couldn't find the right thread to post this dumb shit in, but now your story isn't even interesting or making any fucking sense. Please fuck yourself into space and never come down.

No. 117723

I dated a guy once who owned more than $10k worth of anime figures and worked at a GameStop. I met him through tinder shortly after I moved to a new city and knew nobody. I was sort of forced into moving in with him after 6 months because my living situation suddenly fell through and it was really my only option due to not being able to afford rent anywhere else lol. He was pretty nice at first, but over time became really controlling and mean. If I was 5 minutes late coming home from work, he accused me of cheating on him. He had all the passwords to my socials and would check them frequently to make sure I wasn’t talking to other guys. When we got in fights, I’d try to go outside for a cigarette to calm down and he flat out would physically prevent me from leaving because he thought I was gonna run off to another guys house?? I spent a lot of money on him too, despite the fact that he made more than me, because I felt like it was the only way to show that I loved him (gifts, but also energy drinks/candy/cigs/etc). But then he was convinced I was trying to buy his love lmao. On my days off, I’d try to clean up our living space but he’d get mad at me because ~what if I touched and damaged one of his figures~ so I stopped and then he’d call me lazy. I finally left him because he started grabbing me during our fights and throwing shit at me and I knew it was only a matter off tkme before he started hitting me lmao.

Tl;dr - don’t date fucking weebs.

No. 117724

>I dated a guy once who owned more than $10k worth of anime figures and worked at a GameStop
Wow what a great two for one deal.

No. 117725

was 20 and met a guy where i used to work who was a busboy. he was 30.
our first date, i tried to do the wheelbarrel with him (him holding my legs up while i walked on my hands) at a park. he drops me on my head hard. end up sleeping with him even though i didnt want to. because of this i felt bad about myself and started dating him.
he didn't have a car, drivers license, worked part time at the restaurant as a busboy, and lived in a basement of someone's house.
when we would argue, he would say i was "too emotional" to drive and hide my keys.
I started having panic attacks in the bathroom because of this.
He would get upset and throw a fit in public. one time he got out of my car at an intersection during a red light and started walking away.
one time he pulled my steering wheel while driving.
when we broke up, he started following me around so far as to enroll in the same community college and same classes as me.
i got a restraining order.
its been almost 10 years and he is still posting pictures of me on his instagram.
he is a human cockroach.

No. 117742

For me it was a combination of severe social anxiety, internalized misogyny, and absolutely no concept of what a healthy relationship should look like. I didn't have any friends and couldn't go outside at the time, so I spent most of my time on 4chan and related to guys who were also mentally ill and hated women. I had the mentality that ~*~I wasn't like the other girls~*~ and felt special that my ex liked me even though I was a 3d pig disgusting girl. No one had ever shown interest in me before that.

No. 117754

File: 1561771575902.gif (26.96 KB, 300x169, zoinks.gif)

Oh boy! Sorry if this is too long.

>I'm 17 he's 23

>have severe depression and anxiety, never been in a relationship, virgin
>meet on a 4chan clan of an mmo, we play all the same niche games, wow so much in common!!! so compatible!!!
>he oh so kindly waits for me to turn 18 then we start dating long distance
>he is fucking repulsive - doesn't shower or brush his teeth, ugly face, fat, lives with his dad, hasn't graduated high school, no job
>sounds great! I'm not shallow like the OTHER girls!
>we talk about our sexual histories, he says he's only ever had sex with one girl and got tested after they broke up
>great, let's not use condoms when we meet up

>meet irl, my mom came with me, pulls me aside and tries to talk me out of it when she sees him

>FUCK YOU mom this is true love!
>ditch her and he fingers me in the hallway of his dad's apartment, have sex later that night
>see mom the next day, she won't let me leave the car until I tell her we had sex, she's visibly disappointed

>relationship quickly gets abusive, too embarrassed to tell my mom

>my vag hurts but he doesn't care, won't let me sleep until I have sex with him, wakes me up in the middle of the night for sex until I'm so tired I give in
>physically restrains me "as a joke", always pushes my head towards his dick if we're cuddling, blocks me from leaving rooms, walks in on me in the bathroom every time "as a joke"
>never took no as an answer, always used physical force or guilt tripped me into fucking him
>I hated sex with him but I didn't know why, felt like I needed a "reason"
>gaslights me, tells me my memory of really basic events and conversations is off, I genuinely thought there was something wrong with me
>good thing I had him around to keep things straight! silly me!

>my dumb ass stays with him for just under a year, have a few more trips to see him, all of which I pay for lol

>one day we're playing a game with one of his asshole friends, topic goes to sexual pasts
>bf offhandedly says that I'm "lucky number 7"
>haha what the fuck?
>he reveals to me, in front of his friend, that he had unprotected sex with 5 other girls after his ex and didn't get tested before sleeping with me
>so embarrassed that I'm about to cry but play it cool, he apologizes later and says the girls were all virgins so it's ok
>literally the next day he calls my face nasty when I said I was insecure about something
>dump his ass immediately but we still talk for the week after
>start reading about feminism and abusive relationships, realize he's abusive, block his ass
>he "accidentally" texts me like a year later that he got a job at a fast food place as if that'd convince me to date him again
>it didn't

I never told my mom that he was abusive out of embarrassment and we don't have a good relationship anymore.

No. 117763

Not many have time for all of that..Legal actions takes time, money, its emotionally draining, etc..

No. 117770

Yeah, not interesting, I agree. Midnight ramblings don't work either. No worries.

No. 117776

Compared to amount of people here illegally, relatively few actually get deported.

No. 118033

Anon your mom sounds like an asshole, she should've been there for you and given you the space and confidence to talk about it when your relationship turned abusive, the fact that you were scared of her makes it sound like she was pretty abusive too.

No. 118166

File: 1562167429408.gif (914.63 KB, 245x160, tumblr_inline_nxq8cpvx1R1rrbwq…)

After starting to see a sweet guy im starting to see how awful my last gf was. Ive accepted I was a pushover idiot through all of it too. Super convoluted and dragged out but thats because im trying to conmpress as much as I can and havent really talked much about this yet.

Also fyi the relationship itself stopped 7 months ago but my ex gf was my roomate until last month


>dating chad-looking guy
>ldr because i moved out of state
>relationship is rocky because of it and he suggests poly
>start talking to a girl I met on discord and we vc almost everyday
>talks constantly about metal and super smash bros and i eat it up
>also talks constantly about how abusive her family and exes were
>convinces me to break up with my bf during a panic attack
>i go full uhaul lesbian mode after and suggests she lives with me and ill pay for everything
>get new job, start working out,move out of parents n start renting new apartment and being an adult to impress gf

>shes just talking about metroid and how much she wants to fuck samus

>buy her train ticket to my state so we can finally live together

>first month is rough, shes messy and ignores me unless I actively try to get her attention from the computer
>second month we celebrate vday and then the next tuesday she goes out
>look through her discord messages (i admit it was fucked up of me to do so and i still feel guilty for it)
>shes fucking erping with someone and bitching about me
>bring it up a day later through a message saying i cant keep dating her
>its eating me up and leave work to go and forgive/comfort her
>take her back but end up having a panic attack
>she fucking breaks up with me during said panic attack

>she lives with me a few more months

>she never fucking showers, wears the same outfit for days, throws her trash on the ground
>was unemployed the whole time while I worked full time and had to clean fucking everything
>i resent her but i still love the person she used to be so my feelings for her stay
>she starts blaming me for every lil thing that goes wrong in her life and says im abusive
>that guilt makes me hate myself and relapse into self harming and bulimia i previously recovered from
>she says im doing it to manipulate her more
>my mom finally has enough with how shes treating me and tells me to move back home and terminate apt lease
>tell that to exgf and she starts complaining on twitter and her discord friends how im leaving her homeless and how she wants me dead
>i try killing myself next week but im a dumbass and just end up in ER after calling my mom crying