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File: 1497594595171.jpg (49.9 KB, 640x920, 050fa028deb3bd420925735703ef1f…)

No. 63067

Something that had always really bothered me was when girls complained, ranted, or "felt insecure" about an attribute that is generally perceived as attractive, or even worse when they do everything to emphasize that feature but still complain, even over small things

these are things such as "oh my waist is too small and my butt is too big and my boobs are too big" and acting like their worst problems are "muh lustful stares" or "muh clothes, even though there are tons of ways I can get clothes that fit but my clothes"

it's not just over asses, boobs, and waists either, now I see girls bleaching their skin and complaining "oh jeez im so pale cxxxxxx" I don't know why it was something that really bothered me. and height, nowadays guys will marry an ugly short girl for the sole reason she's short, but girls go on and on and complain that they're short and no one likes it etc

have you ever done this before anons? what do you hate most about girls that relate to this thread? have you had any personal experiences with women like so?

No. 63070

There's a girl that frequents reddit on r/relationships and r/RPW that complains about how she has a "hourglass shape" but looks fat in certain outfits so she HAS to wear form-fitting clothes, "looks like Megan Fox," has a great "feminine career" and personality, but can't find a good man because they keep lying to her about commitment and how hard it is for her, boohoo. I half think it's a troll account because if you're so perfect with that body, why can't you find someone.

No. 63071

Lmao I know who you're talking about, I believe she confessed to being mildly autistic in some of her post.

There is also this one woman in r/TheRedPill constantly validating their theory, she is praised for being cold and cool and "writing like a men" and not sounding emotional, funny enough she is also autistic.

No. 63072

File: 1497597141614.jpg (411.64 KB, 1190x1920, megan-fox-trumpet_mermaid-floo…)

sounds like these facebook girls I knew

the first one claimed everyone made fun of her for having an hourglass figure and posted something along the lines of "it's called an hourglass sweetheart, just because I'm not an anorexic girl with butt and boob implants doesn't mean I look weird"

the second one was this "3/4th japanese" girl who was skinny but looked like a jpop star, was prob fake, but always complained about "omg my butt is too big for my clothes my boobs spill out my bra and I am stressed and tired of ordering custom made jeans because my waist is too small" and kept asking for how to get a smaller butt, literally 90% of her posts talked about how stressed she is with having a "big" aka average sized butt

third time this annoyed me was on ifunny when I was 19, this ddlg girl complained about the gap button up shirts get when you have "big boobs and a small waist" but her waist and boobs were normal… then when i called her out on it she said how she "struggled with insecurity of having a small waist and big boobs" and claimed that board bodies like taylor swift were ideal… she lived in america too, thats bullshitting to a whole new level

sage for rant

No. 63073

File: 1497597362478.jpg (33.26 KB, 306x575, 310C2CBD00000578-3440133-image…)

reminds me of the woman who claimed looking like a doll ruined her life but constantly tried looking like a doll

there should be a word for women like these, other than attention seekers and fake whores, I see it happen way too much

No. 63074

File: 1497597479463.jpg (50.99 KB, 282x400, Snooki-Bra-Size.jpg)

Im a short girl who likes being short, so i always see it as a humblebrag when others complain
but I FUCKIN HATE have big boobs and i would gladly donate them if i could
everyone has different dream bodies, and mine is to be petite and flat NOT stocky but curvy

ppl used to compare me to Snooki when jersey shore was popular which pissed me off

No. 63075

File: 1497597827891.png (42.3 KB, 503x246, humblebrag.png)

but there's a difference between wanting a different body vs obvious humblebragging

which is what the thread is about, I believe you, unless you post pics of yourself 24/7 and constantly complain about the smallest fixable problems, which may or may not even exist, pertaining to your body

No. 63077

Big boob can legit be a problem and can really make a girl appear fatter, when my best friend started taking the pill her boob ballooned instantly and it made her look twice as big, plus the unwanted attention was painful for her since she was very shy and accustomed to having a very slim boyish body.

No. 63078

well depends, I understand if theyre way too big but some girls will have a small side of D and complain that they're "too big" when they look perfectly proportionate to their body

like in >>63072 none of them had really big boobs, yet they would always post on and on about how it's such a problem, despite their boobs not being that big

No. 63079

lol yeah, I've never posted anything about my boobs to social media, i get mad when ppl post pics of me where my boobs are apparent
I just wear sweaters and loose fitting shirts and sacrifice looking 8 pounds heavier

No. 63080

sometimes I've thought that myb they rlly aren't as big as i think they are and those girls who teased me about it were lying

but then i look at them again in the mirror and my nips are as big as a salami slice and the rest of the protruding area is as big as my face so I don't think its just in my head

No. 63083

The worst is girls 'complaining' about looking young. They're soooo cute and baby faced they always get mistaken for kids and nobody takes them seriously and blah blah, what a hard life they have. I mean, I doubt they look that young in the first place. Most people look their age or older in real life, but the internet just happens to be full of incredibly youthful looking girls apparently? If they did actually look that young, they'd know damn well how desirable and beneficial that is.

No. 63084

>writing like a man
That's fucking hilarious. I wonder how many posts they've read by women that they just assumed was written by a man.

No. 63100

>boobs are too big
OP, having large breasts can genuinely be a problem. It's hard to look feminine without looking erotic. Back pains, can't run, sagginess, sweat and sweat rashes, and it's difficult to find bras. I've wanted a breast reduction since I was 14. Not all girls hate their boobs because some gross guy is looking at them.

No. 63101

Eh, I think people mix up 'you look good for your age and have great skin' with baby faced. Legit baby faced people aren't always pretty like ariana grande, sometimes it looks real unfortunate, and in that case not looking hot and getting undermined based on your looks sucks. but I've def seen cases of people complaining about it where it was just a humble brag, those girls are going to have a rude awakening when they get older.

I find people humble bragging about their body funny most of the time, but people like this really piss me off. They try so hard for that male validation and even though they will never truly be respected by those males they still feel smug that they can look down on those normal girls. Reminds me of a bitchy chick in college who bragged about being 'one of the guys' and hung out at frat houses freshman year, made friends with a bunch of older guys. She was such a 'bro' and so cool, but when she didn't put out by the end of the first quarter they told her not to come back unless she was going to bring a specific friend with her (who was openly slutty). She cried to the whole floor about it when it happened. I also had a friend from high school go on to have a similar situation at a different college, and she even posted some passive agressive shit on facebook about how her old friends couldn't party as hard as her now. Then she got mad when she wanted to start dating one of her new 'friends' and ended up as the side chick because they didn't want to date her after she fucked the whole group. Plus she ended up with money and drug problems because of them, but that's a whole 'nother story.

No. 63104

File: 1497622458085.png (462.48 KB, 523x640, Picture 32.png)

A lot of the time they really mean it. There's a difference between looking young and looking like you just got out of playing pattycake with your schoolmates during recess. Short Asian girls like Extra Petite (Jean?) often look like this, and I don't envy them.

On imageboards or other forums with a heavy weeaboo presence however it's mostly humblebraggarts, yeah.

No. 63117

i have such a hard time taking girls who complain about their big boobs seriously, especially when they complain about it being easier to find cute bras for smaller boobs, which is not even true
i hate this sort of humblebragging. everyone knows that big boobs are considered more attractive, and pretending like it's easier to have smaller boobs is so untrue. there's a reason more girls are getting boobs jobs! while basically the only girls who get breast reductions are girls with extreme back pain.

No. 63118

Refer to>>63075

No. 63126

I think the only case where big boobs are worse are:
>when they start to sag or if they're pancake-y
>they are too big and you only get ugly bras in stores like VS
>big boobs on fat girls, where a fat girl thinks she's hot shit because big boobs but they're just fat

That's pretty much it.

No. 63127

It irritates me sometimes but I realise that is a product of my own insecurities. Some features perceived as "attractive" are only so on unrealistic terms (like perky big boobs with small pink areolas, perfectly round big butt with no cellulite, blemish-free pale skin).
I'm short and a little box-shaped and it always irritates me when tall, thin girls complain about not having curves or something, because all media is full of tall thin girls being presented as the ideal. But then I remember that most lanky girls aren't models, and they can't seem themselves in those ideal images.
tl;dr we always want what we can't get

No. 63129

And back pain, can't imagine what it's like to wear such weight on your chest, must be worse if you don't exercise

But other than that I have to agree

No. 63130

I just couldn't get used to pushup bras and I've always wanted to make myself look flatter so Id wear sports bras and wear loose sweaters/ shirts

I fear its b/c I've been trying to squish my boobs down for so long its the reason why they look so saggy to me when I'm naked, but I've never had someone else look at them and objectively decide

myb when i take my next physical exam ill ask the doctor if she thinks theyr saggy, but that still feels embarrassing

No. 63131

File: 1497640634108.jpg (108.03 KB, 924x1065, db.JPG)

i saw an exact example of this retweeted on my timeline and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

wow you apparently have the most desired body type for girls AND boys that must be really difficult. newflash you dumb cunt you can't be "skinny af" to the point where it's an "issue" and still thicc. people were sucking her ass in the replies, i can't believe people validate this retardation.

welp i hate being short. the proportions of short girls (below 5'4) suck 90% of the time. if you're not extremely petite, instead of being scaled down you looked squashed like an oompa loompa. can't get anything to fit in stores either. it's more obnoxious when girls lowkey brag about being short because i don't see much redemption in it other than being more appealing to guys tbh.

No. 63132

I live on an island full of 4' 5" petite asian girls who all manage to stay under 95 lbs

meanwhile I'm the 5 ft half asian girl whose got a fat chest and back at 109 lbs, but trying desperately to get to a solid 100 and see if that changes anything

so due to my location, being this short even isn't that short so i can't fucking brag about it at all
absolutely no benefits

No. 63137

There's one who keeps complaining about being catcalled with memes on /r/trollxchromosomes. I hate that subreddit but still subscribe for some reason.

I think complaining about big boobs is the only one on op's list that i think is fair because having big boobs is painful, but I've seen girls who brag about them in that "poor me tee hee" fashion (and did so myself in high school but i was a fat chick my only claim to fame was fantastic tits).

Honestly the catcalling one is the worst. For one, it always sounds like a fake story, and even if it can be annoying or scary depending on who's catcalling, it ALWAYS sounds like bragging when someone feels the need to complain to a large audience about it.

I complain to my husband when it happens to me and that's it because he's the only one who really needs to know about trivial day to day shit. If the subject came up organically then sure, complain away.

But anyone complaining about it unprovoked comes across as attention seeky.

I have this problem but honestly at 26, being mistaken for a highschooler makes me feel better about aging. It's just I really do not get taken seriously at all if someone knows what i look like. Like occasionally i end up in debates with friends on facebook and one of their friends will come in with the "How old are you?" question to make it seem like i'm stupid because i'm obviously too young to have an opinion. That kind of shit is fucking annoying.

No. 63144

Blemish-free skin, pale or dark, is not unrealistic at all…

No. 63150

The funny thing is she's average looking as fuck (and I'm being generous).

>>I mean, I doubt they look that young in the first place. Most people look their age or older in real life, but the internet just happens to be full of incredibly youthful looking girls apparently? If they did actually look that young, they'd know damn well how desirable and beneficial that is.

Yep, Yep, Yep, agree with everything you said! I knew a girl irl who constantly humble bragged about how young she looked, and that everyone thought she was 13 (we were 18, 19). She didn't look that young, but she dressed and acted juvenile. I basically assume this is the case for most humble braggers. If you put them in adult style hair, makeup, clothing, and told them to act mature they would probably magically stop appearing like underaged children to people kek There is literally only 1 girl I've ever met who looked genuinely very young for her age (dressed like a normal adult). She was like 4'8" with a baby face and very petite body.

>>I live on an island full of 4' 5" petite asian girls who all manage to stay under 95 lbs

4'5"?? lol Where do you live anon?

>>I'm short and a little box-shaped and it always irritates me when tall, thin girls complain about not having curves or something, because all media is full of tall thin girls being presented as the ideal.

I'm short too and it seems sooo many men prefer tall women. Plus they get to be associated as models or work in the industry, receive higher salaries, and wear runway clothing. The worst thing is I often see tall women humble bragging about how tall and sexy they are, how they turn all the heads in a room etc.

No. 63151

i don't think being tall is considered that attractive for a woman. you're probably thinking around 5'7", but anything above 5'9" is giantess territory. any taller than that, and men start getting antsy about you being taller than them (manlets!), you're awkwardly taller than your friends in photos, and you have big feet. there's no benefits unless you're into sports.
being average height, but more on the tall side, is considered more attractive, i think. just think of the actresses who are considered beautiful - very few are very tall. people don't want their heroines to be taller than their heroes. and most high fashion models aren't considered beautiful by men.
of course, this probably depends on the country. from what ive read, being tall is more acceptable in places like sweden or holland, compared to somewhere like japan or brazil.

No. 63156

When it comes to humble braggers, I think the case is either similar to the scenario you described with the girl you know or they want to convince themselves/others about this shit. Why I think that is because most of the people I've seen brag about looking young tend to actually look older than what they are (just look at Kiki, she still thinks she looks like a loli despite even fans pointing out that she looks her age/older) and the people I've seen who genuinely do look young never really mention it at all.

No. 63159

she's a butterface. i can only imagine guys wanting to fuck her from behind.

No. 63160

I remember pic related, she's so annoying. She doesn't even remotely look like a doll, she clearly has a long penis looking nose, an unattractively shaped, asymmetrical, long face and jowls.

No. 63162

I know you're just mad about attention whores, but it still reads like you're delegitimizing problems that a lot of women face, that beng ~attractive~ doesn't instantly solve. Being considered a walking pair of tits doesn't heal the back pain/objectification big breasted girls deal with. Just because a big butt and small waist is hot and #goals doesn't mean it isn't a huge pain to find good fitting pants. Just because having a babyface means "omg! You look young why are you complaining??" doesn't mean that she is getting the respect her age/position should command. Just because men like short girls doesn't mean that being short doesn't come with heaps of its own problems. And so forth.

And, not every woman even wants to be conventionally attractive. Many, I'm sure, just wants to feel comfortable with herself.

sage for off topic~

No. 63165

Now I'm an adult, I'm actually glad I'm not short or super young looking. I think men secretly do prefer loli-esque childlike women to more 'womanly' or hourglass women. Because above all men are attracted to youthfulness.

But I don't really care. My best friend is cute, super petite and baby-faced (she kinda looks like a brunette Dreama Walker but slimmer) and gets hit on constantly, but a lot of them are either creepers or much older dudes. I never really had a lolita or nymph looking phase, I pretty much went from child to grown ass woman overnight.

If I looked like a 14 year old, I'd be worried about pedos trying to date me, or my boyfriend having some kind of loli fetish behind my back. When a dude is attracted to women with pre-pubescent bodies often they're controlling and insecure to boot. I'm glad that's not an issue for me.

No. 63172

>Because above all men are attracted to youthfulness.

Who lied to you? Men like women. Unless your ideal is a pedo trying to avoid jailtime and using you as a simulation, men like womenly women. Even teenage boys prefer that big brazilian booty to a flat midget.

No. 63180

File: 1497665070362.png (92.23 KB, 872x630, androgyny.png)

I think this tumblr post explains what they're trying to get at.

No. 63181

As helpful as this was it really wasn't. I must remind you that this only applies to white men.

No. 63182

Just going by my own experiences. In high school and college it wasn't really thicc or hourglass girls who got attention, it was mainly the size 0 women and the ones built like little nymphettes.

I remember it very clearly. Also when you're trying to date decent looking white, Asian, and/or rich guys, they always want someone anorexic looking because skinny is always the epitome of being rich and high class.

No. 63184

Hmm yeah that sounds about right, I've seen this attitude echoed a lot. I remember a lot of gorgeous, curvy (and I mean curvy like Marilyn Monroe or young Kim K, not fat pretending to be curvy) getting passed up for androgynous little skelfs lol. I don't know why men think little manic pixie girls are smart, most of them I knew were dumb as shit but that's besides the point lmao.

Yes you're right, this mainly applies to white men. Unfortunately I'm pretty much solely attracted to white dudes.

No. 63190

but those are actual big boob problems, not girls who have slightly bigger boobs than most girls and complain about things that either aren't true or "hur dur clothes are weird", which is what this thread is about

No. 63191

her butt aint even that big and she isnt even skinny as fuck

No. 63193

No one is talking about the actual problems that do happen, even though finding pants could be a pain for you know..anyone who isnt a manniquin, but these are small problems and women will take these and exaggerate them so much, like in >>63072 do you really believe most of these women just posted this just because they actually were struggling with the problem?

No. 63195

File: 1497672107606.jpg (108.6 KB, 634x951, 2539AFFC00000578-0-image-a-98_…)

erm what, they do realize the whole ~innocent flat kawaii desu~ has an even bigger expiration date as they get older

nigella lawson, who fit it to more of the curvy womanly category, is 57 and still hot as fuck, and audrey hepburn, when she was 57 was wrinkley, started getting wrinkely at 50, with sad tits and sad ass, even small boobs will start to sag, the different is saggy small tits look so much worse than saggy big tits even though big tits will sag earlier

I don't even know where in the world they got the idea that if someone looks like an actual child when they're 20 they'll age better, skin and skin and skin will age, whether you are curvy and womanly or flat, petite and child like

No. 63196

hollywood is also crawling with pedos, so it's no surprise that the one involved with a film community, just happened to like childish women, not sure why this person made such an emphasize on why they would like a childish woman and claim that curvy women have a "shelf life" which is completely untrue, being childlike isnt easy to control or intelligent? this person seems like a pedo or attention whore themselves lmao

No. 63197

File: 1497672746681.jpg (12.07 KB, 272x205, 4505395404_940666d44c.jpg)

this is also your "fragile childlike" waifu when she was around nigellas age,"longer shelf life" my ass

sage for rant and samefagging

No. 63199

No one is saying that's the case. She's just pointing out what men BELIEVE, even though it's untrue.

No. 63200

I know, hence why I say "they" as to referring to what men

No. 63201

>> I don't know why it was something that really bothered me. and height, nowadays guys will marry an ugly short girl for the sole reason she's short, but girls go on and on and complain that they're short and no one likes it etc

Maybe the only guys who are looking for short girls are weeaboos? I s2g I've never had a bf who was interested in me because of my height. I can see really tall girls having problems as well, but I'd rather be tall and skinny than chunky and super short. And like others have mentioned it can make you seem fatter and your proportions really weird. I'm 154cm and I really hate it. I wouldn't choose to be too tall, but 164-170cm would make me really fucking happy. It's "the perfect height" in my head.

I'm not on social media so I'm not complaining about it in public when I always do when I'm home. I really, genuinely wish I was taller.

No. 63202

Please read what I was replying to, not just my actual post.

No. 63203

Nigella is so hot. I can't imagine any man who would turn her down.

No. 63204

Being fat is never really a good look, but I agree being skinny when you're older ages you so much. When I see skinny 40+ year olds, to me they just look sick and wizened, like they have cancer or are recovering from tuberculosis or something.

Where I'm from in Eastern Europe, there's a saying that basically after you're married, you should put on a few lbs, to keep your face looking young and pad out the wrinkles.

No. 63205

lol what? with the way she described it, she's clearly bashing curvy girls and claiming that the true goddesses are child like andron girls

?the type of women men truly find hottest are somehwat androgynous gamines
yeah, some men, in the real world, scientifically men are attracted to women they can produce healthy children with, not someone who is hard to tell their gender without their hair and makeup

>men ALWAYS said louise brooks was the hottest most beautiful seciest woman alive

doubt, I have never met anyone that called her attractive, not even on /s/, or sexy women on 4chan were men gahhing over her, thats a huge doubt that sooo many men said that from me

>her small plump breasts and how fragile and childlike she is in her movies

she has small plump breasts yes but she doesn't look fragile all? she's average height and nothing is really small about her besides her boobs and butt, maybe I have high standards on what fragile is

>I feel like men have a sense in their head that makes them feel that ripe curvy long hair beauty has an expiration date and is slutty

with that logic then all the curvy girls with long hair wouldn't have shit, ashley graham is one of the biggest plus sized models and has flocks of men crawling over her, and how is someones genes slutty?

>has an expiration date and is slutty ____ has a longer shelf life

proven untrue already

>pert breasts and thin limbs

lol, most of them don't even have thin limbs

>they wave around in childlike excitement and have a longer shelf life

most of the girls who have the feautures they are describing don't wave around in childike excitement at all… has this person even stepped outside

>also that girl is more intelligent and nuanced in spirit and easier to control cuz she's so childike

HAHAHHAHHAHA on what planet is being childlike ever intelligent? do they know what intelligence is? in fact it's the exact opposite

>but is also easier to control cuz she's so childlike

untrue untrue, yet again, this person again is living in the fantasy that their ~qt pale 'slim' childlike waifus dance in the wind and are submissive and somehow smart~ reality is they aren't easy to control, most of them aren't submissive at all and you can't make them do shit

the person who wrote this is probably some insecure girl with a board body who looks a bit like louise brooks and had someone call louise brooks hot once and now she thinks she's the shit, but they're def putting the andro gamine look on a pedestal and bashing curvy women

sage for long shitty post lul

No. 63208

I read somewhere (an actual study I'm pretty sure), that 40 is when extra weight is helpful for looking youthful. Before then it ages you, but afterwards it helps.

No. 63212

With age you will slowly lose fat in the body or face parts that really need it to look young. Thing is even with extra weight it won't go where you need, that's why thinner people get fillers at a young age now.

No. 63216

She was talking about some silent movie fan club. No modern day person is going to be talking about how sexy Louise Brooks is, unless they have some sort of interest in silent films. Most people haven't heard of her.

No. 63219

File: 1497699919181.jpg (38.27 KB, 443x500, BB.jpg)

Eh, I don't get where you girls get that men prefer androgynous gamine type. Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich… None of them fit that type and they where viewed as the most beautiful women of their time and men actively sought partner who looked like them.
Maybe you juste have to many white nerdy guy friends? Most of the men that I know love the bombshell type.

No. 63224

Most guys I know go for girls that look average. Like none of their girlfriends have been bombshells or waif-like. Just…average bodytype and pretty face.

I feel like a lot of guys are going back to wanting women that look more natural.

No. 63226

File: 1497712082192.jpg (79.92 KB, 564x780, Belucci.jpg)

Of course average men go for average women. I just don't get why some girls here think that the most attractive women for men are the androgynous gamine. That hasn't been my experience at all and it's not really consistent when you look at the most desired women of each decade.

No. 63231

Being tall is considered attractive in women only if they are still shorter than their partners.

No. 63233

To be fair, when most men say they like short women, they mean shortER than them, and when most men say they like tall women, they mean taller than average, BUT shorter than them.

No. 63234

Same, I've also noticed most men like cute, more mainstream features. Most men will choose a 9/10 sorority girl (face and body above average but don't have anything unique) over a 9/10 high fashion model for example (pretty, but with unique facial structure and shit).

No. 63242

I'm 5ft10 and have a really hard time dating. Even guys who are over like 6ft3 go for my short as fuck friend (maybe below 5ft2?), although they look totally ridiculous together. I really feel like there's no one out there for me, who am i supposed to date then?

No. 63244

Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with height, anon. Not trying to be a bitch here, it's just that guys usually don't care that much about height.

No. 63245

File: 1497727867004.jpg (45.26 KB, 320x400, kindfrau_c_50_gr.jpg)

Found this pretty unsettling: http://www.uni-regensburg.de/Fakultaeten/phil_Fak_II/Psychologie/Psy_II/beautycheck/english/kindchenschema/kindchenschema.htm

They basically morphed the face of an adult woman with a little girl's and asked men what they found most attractive.
>The results of this experiment show clearly that childlike characteristics (large, round eyes, a large curved forehead as well as small short nose and chin) can enhance attractiveness. Only very few (9,5%) test subjects rated mature "original women" as being most attractive. Most of the preferred female faces contained childlike proportions of 10 - 50%
So basically a person who is 50% woman and 50% child is seen as one of the most attractive?!

No. 63246

It's not just me anon, my other taller friends are in a similar situation. Meanwhile my two probably shortest friends haven't spent a day being single since they're like 18. Guys do care about height, the first thing upon meeting someday is usually not "hi, what's your name", but "why are you so tall?"…

No. 63247

To be fair, those features are generally "feminine" features, rather than childlike features. Women tend to have curved foreheads, larger eyes, and smaller noses than men.

No. 63248

File: 1497728690872.jpg (11.38 KB, 142x177, k_02.jpg)

But it's literally a mix of a womasn's and a child's face put together on a rati of 50/50…
One of the children they based their average child's face of and the adult woman:

No. 63250

File: 1497728713718.jpg (12.25 KB, 150x188, kindfrau_c_100.jpg)

No. 63251

i think she's cute, she looks sort of like cassandra from dragon age inquisition

No. 63252

>>But it's literally a mix of a womasn's and a child's face put together on a rati of 50/50…

The woman here still looks like an adult.

Women in general tend to be more neotenous than men, it's just nature. Neoteny basically signifies an adult with childlike features such as the one you first noted. Neoteny is usually linked to estrogen levels, which is why men tend to lack neoteny and attractive men generally have bigger noses, smaller eyes, and flatter/shorter foreheads. I really don't think it has anything to do with men preferring children, as attractive adult women naturally tend toward having neotenous features.

This woman isn't unattractive, but she does look more masculine than

If someone said she used to be a man (transgendered), I'd probably believe it, while the 50/50 mix I'd probably be surprised to discover.

I really think you are just noticing the difference between a woman with more estrogen-based features versus testosterone-based features anon.

Even on lolcow, straight female anons who aren't pedos would probably rank the 50/50 woman more attractive than either the 100% child or 100% adult.

I wouldn't worry too much that men are pedophiles or something. There is nothing to be unsettled about really.

No. 63256

File: 1497730521697.png (2.08 MB, 1200x904, faf2bc74ca68ed9747cbaf9a44c41f…)

read a article on how disney designs their adult characters with baby facial proportions for universal appeal

whats so hard to get? Obviously more ppl like young and cute faces, when guys are asked whats the most important physical feature they'd want in a partner most of them say a pretty face

No. 63257

File: 1497730963288.png (7.25 KB, 192x267, betty_new.png)

That makes sense. Even anime and older U.S. cartoon characters plays this up.

Pic related: Betty Boop

From the Wiki page: A caricature of a Jazz Age flapper, Betty Boop was described in a 1934 court case as: "combin[ing] in appearance the childish with the sophisticated — a large round baby face with big eyes and a nose like a button, framed in a somewhat careful coiffure, with a very small body of which perhaps the leading characteristic is the most self-confident little bust imaginable".

No. 63259

I still don't think it's okay; most adult woman have a face more similar to >>63250 while men find the definetly a lot younger looking >>63245 more attractive. Just because it's the 'norm' does't mean it's okay. How'd people react if the experiment would have been done with a by? Suddenly no longer that acceptable…

No. 63261

Most of the time I think it's just humble bragging which pisses me off but somehow beautiful people genuinely not realising how lucky they are pisses me off even more.

No. 63262

Average women look like >>63250
Above average women look like >>63245
Below average women look like men

It's not fair, but that's what hair/makeup is for. If the average woman curled her eyelashes/wore mascara, got some bangs she'd probably look closer to above average anyway.

>>How'd people react if the experiment would have been done with a by?

If the experiment were with a 50% boy, 50% man the man would probably be considered more attractive. Young boys tend to look androgynous (part female).

>>Suddenly no longer that acceptable…

I'm sure the study would be acceptable, it's just men and women alike would probably find the 100% male more attractive.

>>Just because it's the 'norm' does't mean it's okay.

It's the norm because of biology anon. You don't have to agree with it, and it's okay if you don't, but the majority find cute/youthful women more attractive than androgynous/masculine women. That's why around the world there is plastic surgery/makeup (which is used to create an exaggerated youthful appearance for many i.e. nose jobs), hair lightening (children tend to have lighter hair), circle lenses (large eyes) etc.

No. 63263

I like men with baby faces tho
does that make me a pedo?

No. 63266

I like baby faced men too but they didn't look anything like children (and I'm not a pedo obviously)

No. 63271

I've always thought her bulldog cheeks were off putting (she did used to be a anthropomorphic dog)

but as a real person shed b super cute

No. 63273

>baby face
>nothing like children
>BABY face
the point of a baby face is that it looks youthful. like a prepubescent boy

No. 63274

I'd understand about 30+ year olds who look 18, though personally I look like I'm about 15 years old at 22 and it gets pretty awkward. People tend to patronize me and when I occasionally get hit on I feel skeeved out because I wonder if some guys might legitimately think I'm jailbait.

On the plus side, old people tend to be extra nice to me

No. 63281

as someone who is extremely against pedophilia and someone who thinks men/women who go for men/women who look as much as like a child as possible (face and body) it's not pedophilia, my views are extreme to some, but in my opinion if you just find the babyface cute its fine, if you find a guy attractive for the sole reason he looks like a child then it's pretty much legal pedophilia

No. 63282

File: 1497747307864.jpg (12.66 KB, 250x375, c00de4e17bfdd2cb2e70052bc426d6…)

well the thing is an adult baby face means more as in structured like a kid, (big shiney eyes, somewhat roundish cheeks, small nose) not as in they have to look like a prepubescent boy to have a babyface, it's more in a way to describe your face type, some men have baby faces, some men have striking masculine faces, some men have feminine faces and some men are just straight up ugly

baby faced men look nothing like a child, unless they're short, hairless and dress like a child, if you see a baby faced man in say his 20s, it's pretty easy to differentiate a man in his 20s that has a baby face vs an actual prepubescent boy

sage for OT

No. 63283

this thread is about girls like you anon

No. 63285


If looking ~so young~ was really a huge issue, you wouldn't be complaining about it online; you would just start doing your makeup, acting, and dressing to look more mature.

>inb4 "I look so young so that doesn't work!!!!!!"

Bullshit. I've seen tons of preteens who go from looking their age/younger to looking like fully grown adults with makeup on.

No. 63286

who cares what men find attractive

No. 63296

File: 1497765004720.jpg (121.24 KB, 634x634, 31793E1000000578-3459905-image…)

No. 63298

Looking like a 14 year old at 19 is NOT desirable or beneficial. Airport security asks me whether I should be travelling alone before they see my ID, people think my boyfriend is a pedo for being with me, and I keep getting pointed towards things for kids.

No. 63299

I have to cake on the make-up and wear formal clothing to be seen as my age. If I just wear jeans and a T-shirt and no make-up, people think I'm 14. I shouldn't have to put on a shit tonne of make-up to look my age. I definitely don't act immature, I'm just literally the size of a 12-14 year old in my country. It's not fucking fun and it's nothing to fucking brag about.

No. 63300

And suddenly, the thread is filling up with poor suffering baby faced women. It's amazing how you almost never see one in real life but they're everywhere on lolcow.

No. 63301

Well not everyone wants to or even can wear makeup.
It kind of sucks being treated like a little kid because you don't want to spend 20 minutes every day making yourself look older.

No. 63302

I kind of contributed to this but I don't think it's fair to blame women for looking younger and acknowledging that being treated like a child sucks.
I'm not even baby-faced I look my age, late 20's, but I don't wear makeup and I dress how I want to, it's rude to insinuate that women who don't "try" to look older are asking to be treated like children.

No. 63303

It IS hard to dress for certain body types. I'm not even small waisted at all, in fact my hip-to-waist ratio is on the lower range - not much difference.
But somehow even I have trouble finding pants that are tight in the waist and not baggy elsewhere. I can't imagine being an actually curvy, slim woman.
People are allowed to complain about shit. I hate humblebrags but come on

No. 63305

It's called tailoring. Everyone's trousers are too loose in the waist, but tailoring them is easy as piss and takes a few minutes only. You could even do it yourself.

No. 63306

Same with pear shaped women
All farmers are apparantly pear shaped and all pale with a baby face. Then you see them irl

No. 63307

File: 1497777620707.jpg (742.43 KB, 1632x1224, pear.jpg)

But being pear shaped is really not that beautiful? It might look spectacular in some picture but you really look dumpy and shorter IRL.
Banana or hourglass is the best shape let's be honest.

No. 63308

>>All farmers are apparantly pear shaped and all pale with a baby face. Then you see them irl

Well, I can believe the pale part since many of us probably don't get outside much hehe

No. 63309


Are you okay? lol
As a banana let me tell you it's not that great, unless you're tall I guess

No. 63310

You have to keep in mind that we have a lot of weebs on here so pear shaped bodies would be ideal since they can be cute and sexy at the same time.

No. 63314

Pear shape is the most common, so not rly surprising that most farmers are pears too

No. 63316

>preteens look like grown women with makeup on

Lol when will this pedo meme end. They still have the body and face of a child, just with the makeup of an adult slapped on. Its easy to see that they are children underneath, gross ass pedo men just use it as an excuse to fuck children.

No. 63323

This is something I can relate to.
When I turned 20 some guy thought I was on my way to school.
When I turned 21 Someone thought I was a lost girl in a grocery store ( I couldn't reach something. they asked "Uh where is your mother ? " I replied " In New York"
At 21 my boyfriend and I were talking and a woman he knows stopped to say hi. She had never seen me before and she thought I was his daughter.
Went to a Halloween party at a museum with my bf ( yes alcohol was involved ) Now we have the same birthday and we are the exact same age . They took his id there was no problem…
took my id and they spent a good few minutes staring at until I said "You know, we are the same age right? same birthday. "
I have many, many other stories …..

No. 63324

Well depends what you define as pear shape, some women have bigger hips a small waist and average sized boobs when they measure, but when you look at how their body is formed it really isnt all that pear shaped, ib my opinion pear shaped is a bigger lower body and a smaller upper body, a lot of women I've met from lolcow aren't shaped like that at all and its rare i see someone naturally that shaped

No. 63325

Her body always looked shooped

No. 63334


No, pear shape has a definition and it's Lena Dunham body and it fucking sucks. Just because lots of girls like to pretend that they have a pear-shape doesn't mean it does exists or have a definition, it just makes a lot of girls stupid fucking bitches.

No. 63335

File: 1497825215675.jpg (8.5 KB, 236x278, 87af38341ced6645991b82c333a819…)

well thats the thing about pear shapes, everyone has a different definition
yes the pic is shooped by the way
I know pear shapes exist, but a true pear, is something rare to see, without plastic surgery

hell everyone is pear shaped nowadays, even lexxinichelle or syren cove gets called pear shaped despite her arms being bigger than her thighs and her shoulders being twice the size of her hips

it's not much about your body shape, it's about how well everything else is, demi lovato is pear shaped and I think her body is hot and lena dunham is also pear shaped, and also hideous

the only body shape that's bad by default is an apple, but even those can be improved with working out and waist training

No. 63343

Is Lena pear-shaped? Her legs are so thin, she reminds me more of the apple shape.

No. 63349

This is such a weird thing to get mad about. Like I'm an honest to God pear-shape, and I wasn't even aware there was some phenomenon on people running around and pretending they were, too. Wouldn't it make more sense to pretend you wear an hourglass shape?

No. 63364

No because hourglasses still have "muh shoulders" or wide chests and whatnot, even though I've seen plenty of so called pears have big shoulders and wide chests

no one is really mad about it, they just think it's dumb, nowadays all girls call themselves pears despite their bodies looking nothing like a pear, I think it has to do with attention so they feel better about themselves, or they just think having any curvage at all means pear shaped

No. 63368

Same. I had no idea its the trend on Imageboards too. I still do have pretty wide shoulders, but overall theres no other choice, ribcage is 29inches and boobs 34. Hips 37.
Worst is fitting clothes, wide hips and thigh gap, but its just due to how far apart my thighs are separated.

Sage for humblebrag

No. 63369

Er, in regards to the short thing. Being short is annoying for many many reasons other than people making fun of you. I don't constantly complain about being short but it's not as if the fact that some guys find it cute makes up for the problems? (also, I'm pretty sure tall girls are still widely considered more attractive)

Of course it's first world problems bullshit but who is actually acting like it isn't?

No. 63370

This. It's actually pretty funny how mad certain anons are that other people look young and don't find it to be 100% beneficial. Is it because they look old as fuck and it's some weird jealousy thing? I have small tits that I hate and I would prefer big boobs but I can still accept that big tits aren't always a good thing. Looking like a teen when you're an adult who wants to be taken seriously is pretty humiliating sometimes.

No. 63371

37 inch hips aren't wide at all anon…

No. 63372

That sounds extremely average with a bit bigger ribcage, not much waist hip ratio and average sized boobs, dunno why you call yourself a pear

No. 63373

I think that would depend on overall size, weight, waist etc ?

No. 63375

What you said, I'm otherwise extremely petite so for me 37 is huge compared to everywhere else. 34-25-37
My waist is 25 inches, I gain all my weight on my hips is the point. When I was heavier I was 36-27-43.

Most importantly, I'm 5'9+ so a 29 inch ribcage at my height is tiny.

No. 63376

To me Lena Dunham isn't even pear shaped, she's more like sack-of-potatoes shaped, her body (and face) is so unattractive. Pear shaped women can still have very attractive figures.

But yeah I guess technically she is pear shaped because if she lost her excess weight she would still have tiny boobs and big legs. Actually isn't there another body like triangle shaped? That's her lol.

No. 63387

I think I'm one of these girls tbqh. I'm kind of tall (173cm) and really skinny, so I have really long, skinny legs as a result. I used to be made fun of all the time growing up, but now people always tell me they're jealous of my legs/height and wish they had it. Everyone assumes I'm fishing for compliments when I say I hate my legs, but I really do. I think all the teasing stuck with me so I feel embarrassed when people point my legs out. I started dressing really frumpy in baggy clothes so no one can see my body frame anymore.

No. 63389

178cm* not 173

No. 63393

37 inch hips aren't big at all on anyone unless you have like a 20 inch waist toothpick arms 30 inch chest and 32 inch wide shoulders

Unless you live in a country where straight up and down women are the norm, but when i worked at a tailer, the women with the smallest hips ranged from 35-38, the average was 39-42 and the larger ones were 47+, and yes most of these women were under 5'3 as well

No. 63394

Lmao crying, I'd kill to have 37 inch hips. Mine are 33 with a 23 inch waist.

Where are you from, anon?

No. 63395

File: 1497890747067.jpg (55.35 KB, 640x960, nintchdbpict000309187232.jpg)

She did lose some weight recently and she looks more like a banana now tbh.

No. 63397

I think you forgot that like I said, I'm skinny. I'm 5'9+ and skinny, my bodyfat is 19%. For someone with my proportions otherwise, 37 is small. I don't know why this triggers you so much, but in relation to the rest of my body, my hips are wide. It wouldn't be wide, if indeed I was bigger. You yourself said that 5'3 girls with a 38 hips was small, have you considered that I indeed, to repeat myself once again, am a tiny woman in posture AND I'm tall?

Also, like below poster said, where do you live damn?


No. 63398

File: 1497892217571.png (151.23 KB, 341x314, 1471321608157.png)

Where the fuck are you supposed to measure your hips? I just measured mine - 38 inch hips, 27 inch waist. The wikipedia page says the hip measurement is at your thighs.
My boobs are probably the same size as my waist, though.

No. 63402


I agree with the other anon, 37 hips is wide. I'm 5'9" as well, and I'm a 32-25-33. I'd kill for 37 hips though.

No. 63410

File: 1497900170581.jpg (41.75 KB, 500x586, hipmeasurements.jpg)

At the very widest point. Turn sideways and look at your butt, it helps.

No. 63412

Louisiana, women tend to be massively curvy here, i knew a girl who looked like eugiena cooney in 2012 and still had 37 inch hips, 37 inch hips will never be big unless you're really really small everywhere else, you said your ribcage was 29 and your chest was 34, 29 is slightly wider than most and your chest is just 3 inches smaller than your hips, unless you got no ass and a narrow chest with big boobs, you are not pear shaped

No. 63413

google told me opinions can be wrong.

No. 63414

Its not like im here calling women with 46 inch hips and 24 inch waists no curves, I'm just calling 37 inch hips small, because they are

No. 63415


She has 36 inch hips and shes straight up and down shes also quite thin

No. 63416

Some people don't have much in the way of butts. I'm the anon with 33 inch hips and my ass is pretty flat.

Are you nonwhite btw?

No. 63417

subjective opinions can be wrong

No. 63427

Italian and slav
Even the whitest of white women here are very curvy

No. 63428

Whatever you say hipless Becky

No. 63434

File: 1497917290928.jpg (113.29 KB, 640x960, delusional.jpg)

There's this weird phenomenon on the internet where women in their mid 20s-30s will brag about looking like high schoolers or early 20s, but in the next breath claim they haaaaaate it so much.

Bitch, if you really hate it, why do y'all flock to tell everyone about it? I rarely if ever see women online admitting they look older than they actually are. They are the ones who genuinely don't like how they look.

pic related is some 30 year old chick on /r/rate who claims that everyone thinks she's in her early 20s… lol

No. 63435

Post username?

No. 63436

so true, and all the girls in their mid 20s saying everyone mistakes them for teens or kids, reality is they probably don't

No. 63450

File: 1497925628899.jpg (109.46 KB, 960x640, 46.jpg)

Weebs are even worse, so many of them humblebrag online that they are mistaken for ~delicate underaged lolibait uguu~

I knew somebody like this irl, and let's just say she didn't look like a child – but she dressed and acted like one so it's no surprise people didn't treat her like an adult.


I went to an elderly retirement home when I was around 21 with my mom. She was looking into options, and they mistook me for a senior citizen and asked if I was looking for a place.

No, I didn't look like a senior citizen. And just like the cases of people assuming an adult is underaged at places like schools and parks, the people making these assumptions probably just have vision problems and can't really make out your features. If you dress like a professional adult women chances are no one will mistake you for a child. If you have unicorn colored hair or dress like a child then of course people will think you are younger.

There really isn't that much difference in appearance between say a 16 year old and a 22 year old. If people are mistaking you for a teenager and you are in your 20's, it probably has to do with how you present yourself. If people are mistaking you as a teenager in your 30's+ then you probably dress like a teenager and if you switched out jeans/t-shirts etc. for a business professional suit, chances are you'd never have that issue again.

If you are 18+ and people think you are <13, then they are likely losing their vision and try to guess your age based on larger features such as your clothing, hair, and gestures.

It's possible to look much younger than your age. I have a friend who dresses like a normal adult and still looks underaged, but she's like 4'7" and extremely petite with an extreme baby face + asian.

>>pic is 46 year old woman who actually looks younger than her age (in a good way).

No. 63453


No. 63460

>>Why choose the pretty trophy when you can have a pretty trophy with bells and whistles that is so unique?
I used to be a model and now work a feminine STEM job with a 6 figure salary. I am extremely fit and am told my face is my best feature. It shouldn't be this hard.
And again, why would a man want to lower his quality of life for a woman by paying her way? Its expensive to keep up with your looks because makeup, flattering clothing, all of that costs money. And guess what, the men who can afford it on one paycheck (their own) often times would rather not commit to one woman until he's pretty old like 45+.
Sexual power and status or looks being correlated will never change though because thats biologically ingrained in us lol. That's like saying one day they will stop using sex to sell products. Nope! #1 best seller lol. That will never change though because we are still animals at heart and only the strong survive. That's why we prioritize "terrible" people. They get ahead. That isn't going to change.
In big cities, women have to date so far "down" that its almost embarrassing. A 9 woman would have to date a 6 to get commitment. Everyone is probably thinking he's rich, but really he's not and she just had to settle a lot to get commitment. And those comments will eventually build up and really get to her.
as someone who primarily only dates men in their 30s-40s, I would say I'm an 8.75-9, and a 10 for a guy who has common interests with me, in all honestly. And end up getting played by 7-8s. I have no interest in dating 9-10s because I already know they have too many options.
Yes, feminism created hookup culture. This is problematic because the top tier of women who DO like hookup culture end up becoming high end escorts (I used to model, I've seen it) so they actually get paid for it, and that leaves all the 8-9s (women) eternally getting played by the 7-8s (men), with the 6s and below being too big of a gap to actually work. It sucks.
Yes, you have to date FAR below your league in order to get a relationship, especially because men at an equivalent league or even a little lower have no reason to commit in today's society. So while in previous decades, she could get a man on a similar level to marry her, that's no longer the case and she has to go wayyyy down the totem pole for commitment.
So when you settle for marriage, you're usually settling. You're not going to get a super hot guy who is also wealthy and who also treats you like a Princess. So you lower your standards, naturally, to get a guy to settle down with you in a LTR and marriage. That's normal. So because your standards are lower than your ideals (in general), a lot of men will take advantage of this and pretend to want a relationship when they don't, in order to lead women on to hook up with no intention of marriage. They often do this with several women on the side and they don't know about each other.

>>I have been single forever and I think my biggest obstacle, aside from the non-committal city I live in, is the fact that I think I'm solely being seen as a sexual object. I suspect this is because, while I am in shape, I am naturally curvy with a very tiny waist. I also have more of a sensual looking face.


>>the account has been active for 1 year though, so probably not a troll.

No. 63461

the girl in the photo looks like she's wearing alot of makeup and has had some anti aging stuff done though

No. 63465

Whole post reeks of roleplaying robot

No. 63466

they didn't say much about small cities, but usually in small cities pretty women with low self esteem date ugly men, or hot men date ugly girls for god knows what reason

No. 63471

but there's a huge difference between having childlike features vs making looking like a literal child a beauty ideal

No. 63475

I definitely agree with most of what you said. Age perception is mostly how you present yourself, from your hair to your clothes and makeup. Weebs typically wear graphic tees, brighter colours and pretty teen-tier clothing so they obviously get confused for someone younger.

If you see someone walking around with a sailor moon t-shirt and a cat bag, you're not going to think she's a 27 year old career woman or something. Yeah it's probably cute but it won't make people think your age.

At the same time, I do think there are women who just look or give off a vibe of being younger. I have a test called the t-shirt and jeans test where someone's guessed age comes off as more genuine. You or whoever wears a comfortable but form fitting pair of shirt and jeans (flattering cut, nothing too baggy or trendy), you wear your hair down and minimal makeup and accessories. Then see how people act around you or believe how old you are. Doing this made me realize that people think I'm younger because I look really naiive and have a look of someone lost when I'm deep in thought (wide eyes, looking up and around, wringing my hands). I even had a friend come across me in the street and ask me if I knew where I was headed and I looked pretty lost. It wasn't a good thing to hear and has made me want to look more mature and focused while walking around.

No. 63477

Same, my measurements are 26-24-33. Add in being like 5'1 clothes (including bras) are a pain to find. >>63394

No. 63478

…how does your height factor in with bras. i'm the exact same height as you and it's about measurements.

No. 63479

Clothes in general… all clothes are hard to find.
Bra sizes are also a measurement and has to the first number there the 26. I was just stating that with the height and i am at and along with the 26 inch bust many clothes just fall off… or are way too long.

No. 63480

oshit sorry didn't realize the 26 as well. i'm like 33-26-34 and a 30D but i just go up to 32B, what size are you anon? do you have to find specialized stores?

No. 63481

It's cool
My actual bra size is a 28A but,I can wear 30 A if needed( yeah no tits lol). unfortunately, many places don't sell them or when they do they get annoyingly expensive. So if I buy from VS I normally have to settle for 32A . Though there are are few nice specialty stores I like, one is called "The little bra company".
All other clothes (mainly if they are dresses ) ends up being tailored eventually because I have a really small bust.( same for long items)

No. 63482

Not trying to come off as rude or anything but why not just wear bralettes or go without a bra? It's probably pretty comfy and bralettes are so cute! I've switched exclusively to them and I love it.

No. 63486

Don't worry you are not:)
I actually can't, I have small boobs but oddly large nipples that make it look like I am cold all of the time or have inserts in. trust me,it gets awkward fast.

No. 63488

I have the same issue, anon. I'm getting more comfortable with it and otherwise try out pasties. They cover up your nipples and there's comfy ones out there (just the standard ones work fine for me). I usually wear them under a bralette or just on their own depending on the top/ dress.

No. 63496

Oh the irony, a humblebrag in a thread bashing humblebrag
"Oh im so tiny clothes and bras are so hard to find even though theres a million ways to fix the problem if its such a big problem"
Its always clothes too, that humblebrags claim to have huge problems with

No. 63497

>she has small tits and a small butt
What's with everyone in this thread?

No. 63498

Lol are you triggered that not everyone is a fatass?

Small people have equally as hard of a time finding clothes that fit, just like land whales do.

No. 63506

Yes because just because you have issues with clothes means that's all the problems you have with your body anon. Yup that's what life is anon..

No. 63507

She isnt even that small though, just her hips are small

No. 63514

yeah, no way in hell someone 25+ is gonna look like a young teen. The most you're gonna get is maybe 5 years younger tops.

Even if you're really short and thin your age is going to show in your face and how you carry yourself by mid twenties.

No. 63517

I am going to sound very naïve right now but, always thought pasties were for sexy fun time lol

No. 63518

I was not humble bragging and I am sorry if anyone thinks as such.
Since these posts like these: :>>63132
Were made I thought posting the measurements would be okay, I was also responding to someone with similar measurements as I did ,who also sort of wanted the same thing. The difference was that I gave one of my reasons why I would want bigger hips or slightly bigger something and from there some else wanted to know why I put bras. So explained it was the first number and factoring height it can be a pain looking for clothing.

Yes there are options but the options are not easy to find or cheap:
Getting my clothing altered is an option but gets expensive so it's not an easy fix, I can't find clothes at short notice if I had an event or something .other stuff too…
I'm a newfag to Internet forum logic so seriously I'm sorry

No. 63519

I mean yeah there are the meant to be seen pasties that are bright colours or weird designs, but there are also nude pasties meant to be worn with backless dresses or when going bra-less

This is my personal favourite brand. They're on the bigger and thinner side so they look really natural under clothing. I find most other pasties to be too small and thick so they add like a weird bump/lump where my nipple area is supposed to be and make it look like I have a growth or extremely deformed boobs or something. It could just be that the smaller and thicker ones don't work with my breast shape.


No. 63614

>11$ for two stickers
I rather just tape my nipples down

No. 63615

They're re-usable and you can probably find them cheaper elsewhere. I get them for like $7 at my local CVS

No. 63629

Thanks ! I think I will give it a shot.

No. 63642

No you're fine, poster you're replying to is an ass. You were within context and shared your perspective.
>woo woo someone is having a conversation
Then why do you call it humblebragging, assuming you're the same poster, if indeed it's average?
H-how long do they last? I want to go braless but have big old tittays and the nipple pocking disturbs me.

No. 63651

The same reason why I call girls who brag about their average bra size humblebrags
People can be humblebrags about average things too anon, just in their mind they don't believe they're average

No. 63665

Fuck, i wish i was there so i could feel like a giant at 5'9

No. 63666

I'm pretty short and skinny (5'2" 90-95 lbs) but that comes with its own set of problems
>my head looks huge in comparison to the rest of my body
>bruises everywhere from being bony
>clothes not fitting (obviously)

I think each body type comes with its own set of unique problems but also advantages. Plus idk how it's somehow bad to "brag" about something that's attainable? like there are some things people can't change about their bone structure and height etc. but it's really not that hard to be skinny and fit

No. 63709

Maybe location plays role and you are looking a bit far into it.
The average American bra size is 34DD
The average American female height is 5'4
Average waist is 37.5
Then take in the variety of human you are , as the variety of human sometimes have averages on there own.
Pretty much what may be average for some may not be average for all depending on different factors.

No. 63712

I doubt the average American waist is 37, unless you mean 27
But I mean average as in if you lump in girls who eat fairly good and workout regularly together, not talking about places with high obesity that fuck up the statistics of whats average

No. 63713

File: 1498137969849.png (133.71 KB, 858x699, li6k1Ya.png)

For adults over 20 years and over

Height (inches): 63.8
Weight (pounds): 166.2
Waist circumference (inches): 37.5

Overall 20-29 years old women, a waist of 27 inches was in less than 5th percentile.

No. 63719

Thats cuz of fatties though, the anon mentioned that an average waist size for women who eat fairly good and exercise, which, i predict to average from 25 - 29

No. 63722


If you're going to cut out "Fatties" then it's not the average, you stupid bitches.

No. 63724

If the 5th percentile is the one you refer to, so you want the average waist of fit people? How's that average again…

This. You cant say "average waist"… and then go "I mean the average waist of people who aren't fat, aren't super tall and are fit!". We can make large time inferential takes on the statistics from the population and pull bullshit data, while ignoring important subsets. While at it, let's start matching google trends between googling waist sizes and tickets to Miley Cyrus shows. I'm sure I can pull out a lot of shit from that population. I can then use induction to prove that every person with a waist below 27 inches listens to Miley Cyrus.

>sage cuz statistics autism

No. 63733

Well then waist of normal women, not average like damn
Because you totally see girls with 37 inch waists everywhere

No. 63742

>People can be humblebrags about average things too
True, and it's heavily reliant on context. Eg whinging about how pale skinned you are amongst fake tanned normies is going to be a genuine complaint because they agree that your pasty ass needs a tan, but talking about it amongst weeaboos and asians is going to be humblebragging because they like pale skin.

Basically, if you know your audience would consider that particular trait desirable and you STILL bitch about it to them, it's humblebragging.

No. 63745

Well depends, cuz there are girls who have average features, stretch them and claim they're extreme and then later claim that it's the opposite of the beauty standard which isnt true, like the girl in
Who had averagely sized boobs, but complained about "omg my boobs are too big and my waist is too small nothing fits and everyone wants a board body" and constantly posted pics of her "big boobs and small waist" and complained

There are also people who emphasize a feature, but still humblebrag to audiences who may not agree, like the pale skin example of girls who bleach their skin then complain about them being pale

No. 63746

File: 1498174633075.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.31 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

No. 63748

you still dont understand what I am saying
say there is a group of about 10 girls measuring their height
7 of the girls height ranged from 5" to 5'3, and 3 of the girls were over 6 feet

when you average them together, of course with the tall ones in the mix, the "average" height is going to be about 5'6 or 5'7, which, if someone just saw their height average then saw them they would be confused because the vast majority of them are short, and now the ones that are shorter are acting like special snowflakes because they're shorter than the so called average, see why it makes no sense now? the only times you'd see a girl with a 37+ inch waist roaming the streets in america are landwhales, so even though its statistically average, doesn't take into the account the minority that goes into extremes and thus making the so called average, a lot bigger,thats why it would be a more accurate depiction to use a range map, instead of an average, if you see a range map, most of them would've ranged from 23-30, maybe early 30s for places high in chubbier women

No. 63750


We understand what you're saying, it's just that what you're saying is fucking stupid because you don't know what average or normal means.

No. 63755

To mitigate this problem : first a decent sample is taken .. The smaller the sample the more the results will be towards the outlairs . The larger the more closer it gets to an average.
Second , numbers such as these are popped into equations since the sample taken is a sub sample of the population. Sub samples are only representative of only part of the population and are scaled up using equations.
So all of what you said gets taken into account
How do you think the get population sizes and measurements for populations of different species . They take a sub sample and put that in an equation and scale it up. Why do you think most measures of things normally have the word "about" or have some range (eg 15-20) attached.

No. 63756


Seriously this is a thing.
if you ever get to tour behind the scenes of any (natural history) museum and ask they will tell you something similar. By the way the equations used are pretty accurate and take in account percent error .

No. 63757

>37 inches
>land whale

37 inches isn't even that big. You sound like a crazy person.

No. 63759

lol but you DO realize most women in america are fat right? so thin women would be the ones screwing the average numbers up like in the scenario you used.

2/3 of adults here are overweight/obese and 1/3 is obese. the only women i see who are thin are college age - late teens / early twenties. afterwards they balloon up like hell. low 30's is a minimum of what i would say their waist is.

what even

No. 63762

Hilarious how you never run into these so called babyfaced women IRL. Maybe people treat you like you're young cause you dress autistic? I used to get people assuming I was 16 when I worked at a skanky teen clothing chain as a summer job (Supre for other Australians) but that's just cause of what I had to wear.

No. 63766

Not to mention, to find out what is average In a population you have take all cases no mater if while collecting data some seem a bit different from others to actually find the outliers.

No. 63767

Statistics is an actual field and those are minor problems that are taken to mind.
As this anon said, fat tails are accounted for.
We have a dozen ways to account for kurtosis, heavy tails etc… A lot of these ways are accurate to 2-6 sigma. That's why it's called six sigma.

No. 63769

>>2/3 of adults here are overweight/obese and 1/3 is obese. the only women i see who are thin are college age - late teens / early twenties. afterwards they balloon up like hell.

Do you live in the South anon? Seriously, if the bottom states of the U.S. would secede then our national BMI would plummet.

No. 63775

I've had an old hag face since I was 13. I wonder what it's like when people don't constantly assume you're way older than you are.

No. 63776

Lmao me too, I had a grown men assume I was 23-25 when I was 16! It must be that I have an extreme bitch face because my features are kinda soft.

No. 63837

I met like two babyfaces once around where I live, they were pretty damn small for their age. One of them was pretty cray cray and looked like she was a teen even tho she actually was 25.

No. 63849

I wouldn't say I'm babyfaced, but people always assume I'm 17ish, especially if I'm not wearing make-up. I dress age appropriately (I'm 23) yet people still talk down to me and call me "sweetie" all the time because they assume I'm still in high school. It's like a complete 180 in their personalities when I tell them my real age. It sucks ass in my opinion. Nothing makes me angrier than 18 year old employees patronizing me in a store if I need help and 16 year old boys hitting on me.

No. 63855

Normal blue jeans with a black T-shirt and black Adidas sneakers is dressing autistic? Do I have to constantly wear pumps, pencil skirt, and blouse to look like a fucking adult?

No. 63858

lol what are you even talking about? they're saying that so called "child looking" women, get treated and mistaken for being younger, is partly of the way they present themselves, I knew a girl who has a literal child face and was 5', a bit thin and only ever got mistaken for being younger when she dressed younger, no one is saying you have to dress like a high class business woman, but a t shirt, jeans and sneakers is something teens wear all the time

No. 63859


No. 63863

love that this thread has devolved into the very thing OP was talking about lmao

No. 63865

thank god, tired of seeing girls here on a thread against complaining about things considered attractive that have small first world problems "oh im so tiny with wide hips and I look like a child which gives me 3 seconds of slight humiliation it isnt humblebragging though"

No. 63904

These people have no fucking self awareness.

No. 63908

File: 1498379474682.png (43.26 KB, 420x294, Every other lolcow user.png)

B-but anons, it's SO difficult finding bras in size 28DD and size 00 pants that fit my tiny waist and accommodate my huge KimK hips and ass!

The hardest part is that even though I'm almost 30, everyone thinks I'm 16 (some people even thought I was a toddler when I was trying to find my 4 year old niece at the local kindergarten! These filthy old 25 year old hags redirected me to my niece's classroom – I mean, they they must have thought I was her classmate and was returning to class!). It's probably because I'm only 5'5" and 89 pounds though~

Sure, I dress like an immature teenager, but if transvestites can dress like the opposite gender, then why can't I dress like a younger age! Even if I tried dressing like a boring, basic bitch adult I'm sure I'll be mistaken for a child (tee hee, giggle giggle).

I mean, I have PT-tier babyface, you can't change that uguu!

Now please compliment me while I fakecry about how difficult life is as a buxom 30 year old who looks 1/2 my age and how everyone thinks my same age boyfriend is a pedo and give us odd looks when I autistically scream "CHIIIIIIII" and "Nyah Nyah Nyah!" while wearing my best Hot Topic attire on our dates!

No. 63921

yesss, I love this I want it to become a copypasta for humblebrags

No. 63929

bitch that is literally what teenagers wear. if that's what you think adults wear all the time you really are a womanchild. how about a blouse or cardigan with slim fitted pants and flats

No. 63930

That's what aunties wear lol. Fuck off Ethel.

No. 63942

most models wear blouse/cardigan with fitted pants and flats…

No. 63943


>how about a blouse or cardigan with slim fitted pants and flats


No. 63947

Do I just have weird feet or are flats and close-toed heels super uncomfortable for anyone else? I'd rather wear loafers or sandals.

No. 63954

Idk anon, flats are incredibly uncomfortable to me as well. I prefer heels/wedges (open or closed-toe) and loafers.

No. 63955

Ikr. I would honestly pay good money to see what these anons look/are like irl. Just imagine how much milk we'd get if they weren't anonymous.

I love you, anon


No. 63970

Where I'm from women are notorious for not wearing make-up, and wearing jeans+T-Shirt 24/7. I'd look like a try-hard wearing what you're recommending. NOBODY except upper-class 30+ year olds wear that.
3 seconds of slight humiliation? Getting trouble at airport security really does only take 3 seconds apparently.
19 looking like 15 is not exactly that big of a stretch, especially when most women in your country are +175 cm tall, and you are the height of an average 12 year old there. I don't have this problem when I'm in other countries. I don't see how that's humble bragging, I'm average in every other country, but people are just giants here.

No. 63973

File: 1498456322935.jpg (160.94 KB, 610x593, lookin old.jpg)

>>19 looking like 15 is not exactly that big of a stretch, especially when most women in your country are +175 cm tall, and you are the height of an average 12 year old there. I don't have this problem when I'm in other countries. I don't see how that's humble bragging, I'm average in every other country, but people are just giants here.

My example isn't about people like you who look a mere 4 years younger than their age. Pretty much everyone 18+ can pass for 4-5 years younger than their age, unless they had a really rough lifestyle or are genetically fucked. Of course there are people who look a lot younger than their age, and maybe you are one of them…

BUT the women in their mid-late 20's+ proudly claiming they look underaged? Beyond embarrassing and typically womenchildren.

I think a lot of anons focus a lot on clothing when it comes to judging age, but forget the importance of makeup. I've noticed a lot of these so-called "Forever 12 uguu" anons are either weebs who try to mimic harajuku loli makeup uguu uguu complete with obvious circle lenses and/or falsies OR they are "edgy" and "hardcore" with heavy, high school-esque makeup (ie. thick black eyeliner, clumpy black mascara, strange lip colors etc).

Pretty much anyone <30 can look underaged if they dress and act like a child. Pretty much anyone >16 can look like age-appropriate if they dress and act like an adult (including leaving the gyaru and emo makeup in the past).

>>Women who "complain" they look ~so young~ and humblebrag about how it's ~such a hassle~ generally bring it upon themselves. If it really bothered them, they'd DO something about it.

(But of course, as this thread shows, many of these "so youthful everyone thinks I'm underaged it's so hard" humblebraggers consider dressing like a grown ass adult woman ~boring~ ~basic bitch~ and ~elderly-looking~).

No. 63976


Except more than half the people you're replying to have never humble bragged about looking young. I look my age and I don't dress like a grandma or a 30-something yuppie from the 80s. You're dumb.

No. 63979


Lmao anon has it spot on. Half of these retards are probably into jfash and look like literal idiots and everyone infantilises them out of pity. The rest are runners-and-jeans shut-in types who haven't figured out how to style themselves and stutter ordering fastfood and have shit posture so people assume its some autistic 17 year old

No. 63983



nothing more needs to be said tbqh

No. 64006

>>Except more than half the people you're replying to have never humble bragged about looking young.

>>Half the people you're replying to

Replies to a single anon

>>I look my age and I don't dress like a grandma or a 30-something yuppie from the 80s. You're dumb.


No. 64012

of course when she has shit tons of plastic surgery she is gonna look 14

No. 64015

but u were even trying to humblebrag in your earlier comment lol and now you're contradicting yourself. there's no reason to get mad unless what >>63973 was saying applied to you…and it hit a nerve didn't it?

No. 64016

yeah cuz we so believe you get in trouble with airport security for looking like a child
you're clearly lying or you're delusional about yourself, I look younger as well and although I don't go to airports the most trouble I've been in is being pulled over for looking young, which just took a flash of my license and drove off, no "humiliation" no trouble, so stfu

No. 64018

Agreed. I started traveling abroad alone when I was 14. It's not that uncommon, and I nor anyone I knew ever had an issue.

No. 64031

I'm >>63970 but NOT >>63976

Schiphol airport, while at security and being pat down security woman asks me whether I should be travelling alone. I ask why not? She said she asked because I look 14/15 according to her. I said I'm actually 19. What's not humiliating about someone feeling around the band of your bralette while insinuating you're 14? How's that a fucking humblebrag? She noticed I'm flat chested + short so she called me a fucking 14 year old.

No. 64032

Then I already had to show my ID there, before I even got to the passport checks. Because she didn't believe my claim of being 19. They even looked at the height bit on my passport to verify if it was really mine. Dutch passports include height yeah.

No. 64033

now you're just memeing. being banana shaped is suffering. especially if you're not skinny.

No. 64034

My widest point is above the panty-line. Got a huge ass hip dip. Do i measure above or below the panties then?

No. 64035

Because children can and do travel alone all the time with the proper documentation. Stop lying.

No. 64038

[X] Doubt
Many airport security KNOW that tons of teens travel by themselves, we all know you didn't get "humilated and destressed by airport security for being a yung petite loli waifu", she probably just said you look young and moved on with the rest of the day,and there was probably no checking either "for looking so young"
Quit reaching to humblebrag anon, its not "OHSO UNCOMFORTABLE AND HUMILIATING WHEN SOMEONE TELLS ME I LOOK YOUNGER" just stop. You're becoming a copypasta

No. 64040

Ahem, see >>63970 I have nowhere been claiming that I look like a yung petite loli waifu. It's the other way around, Dutch women are generally GIANTS. I'd be average height in any other country, just not here. And nowhere did I say I'm petite, I'm chubby and flat-chested. I look like a fat 14 year old okay, is that a fucking humble brag?!

No. 64041

Seriously you all assume if someone looks young that's a good thing automatically and complaining about it is a humble brag. No some people look very fucking unfortunate.

No. 64042

Yeah children can travel with proper documentation. So is it illegal for someone to be curious towards me?

They wouldn't have cared if I didn't state my actual age. They were more worried about me potentially bullshitting about my age rather than someone underage travelling. Did I say anywhere that they tried to stop me from travelling because they thought I was underage? NO I said she was curious. Then when I said I was 19 she wanted to see ID because to her that seemed like a lie.

No. 64043

She didn't check my ID for looking young. She checked my ID because she deemed my claim of being 19 not to match how I look.
Yeah it's totally not humiliating when someone is checking your bralette, and you're already insecure about being a chestlet, and they then just say they thought you looked 14/15. The uncomfortable part is not that she said I looked younger, it's just that at the moment she's busy in my chest area, she starts talking about my age. How is it fucking humble bragging to be an ugly chubby 19 year old with no tits who looks like a 14 year old? Why do you all consider that a blessing?

No. 64044

lol this backpedaling
seriously, just shut up and turn off the computer, you're not doing yourself any favours here

No. 64045


She's obviously addressing multiple people who called out her shit fashion sense with her last sentence. You're dumb.


I'm not >>63970. You're dumb.

No. 64052

holy shit the sperging in this thread lmao

No. 64053

Anon please stop. Plenty of us have been patted down by airport security or had people ask questions that made us uncomfortable. You are beginning to sound like Luna screeching about how she was "molested at a concert". If you aren't humblebragging that you look like a child or particularly young then this thread isn't for you. If you seriously can't figure out what people are discussing, then count yourself fortunate.

No. 64057

If you all can stop sperging for a moment, I have a question: have you ever met a girl who insists her life is more difficult because she's attractive?

I had a classmate back in high school who once said she wished she was 'ugly' so she could know if people liked her for her personality rather than her looks. She insisted that ugly people had better relationships with others because looks aren't a factor in their likability.

I've also met women who say that sometimes they hate being attractive because they feel as if they're more likely to be attacked and assaulted when they go out. Some insist ugly girls don't have to worry about things like rape, at least not as much as pretty ones.

I feel like it's another form of humblebrag. Instead of "oh no, it's just so hard for me to find clothes due to my big tits and ass!!", it's "woe is me, i'm so pretty i can't tell if people only like me for my looks! plus all these men are just foaming at the mouth to have their way with me! it's awful!"

Is this common, or are the women in my town retarded?

No. 64060

File: 1498593612652.jpeg (250.08 KB, 1536x1152, 636053606675034233431360271_tu…)

they're dumb, you can just take off your makeup, get an ugly haircut, get ugly glasses, and wear sloppy clothes if you want to be unattractive so badly

No. 64061

File: 1498595232915.jpg (7.16 KB, 240x240, dur dur shoes.jpg)

Sage for off-topic, but I can't be the only one who thinks the girl in your pic is cuter on the left…right…?

I agree with what you are saying though. Girl on the left was still styled that way/wearing makeup. Any everyday "beautiful" person who doesn't wash her face for days, stuffs her face with fried foods, doesn't wear makeup, and lets her hair become a birds nest will look like shit. Especially if she pairs all the above with these babies here.

No. 64062

that's anne hathaway from the princess diaries

but do you actually think she was cuter? when i was in high school i felt ugly as hell because i had no idea how to style my hair, my parents wouldn't let me wear contacts or makeup, and i was insecure about my bad skin

now i know how to do my makeup and hair, my skin is better, and i feel way more polished and prettier

i'm not sure how you could possibly think she looks better on the left unless you really hate makeup and think "natural" looks better at all costs

she'd still look good with curly hair

No. 64063

Yeah, I think she looks cuter on the left. Maybe it's just the before and after photo you chose though because I never saw the movie. She's wearing makeup on the left, it's just more natural looking. I love hair and makeup, but she just looks better on the left imo.

No. 64094


Yeah! I too think she looks a lot of cuter in the first pic, maybe it's because she is interesting to see and the picture on the right is like every other girl…

Tbh never got these beauty standards…

No. 64095

I don't hate makeup but that particular makeup looks pretty bad, her eyebrows too. It's too heavy, outdated, and ages her like crazy.

'Natural' looks much better when you're a movie star with great skin wearing natural professional makeup, like she is on the left. Her hair is pretty nice on either side, glasses and curls are just pretend movie-ugly rather than actually ugly.

No. 64098

I think she looks cuter on the left too. She has nice beautiful thick curls to her hair, the glasses suit her and she looks more youthful. In the second picture her hair looks lifeless and the makeup ages her about 10 years.

No. 64102

I've never met anyone in real life expressing that feeling, but it's weirdly common in fiction, like early 2000s fan fics with Mary Sue protags who were so beautiful they were constantly under the threat of sexual assault. There's also a lot of movies who utilize this idea, too.

It's also ironic, because conventionally 'undesirable' people are just as, if not more so, likely to be sexually assaulted.

No. 64115

While she may be cuter in the left, shes less likely to get hit on/ used for looks

Its all about how they present themselves, hence why cute penecostal girls never get hit on or used for looks

No. 64124

File: 1498726269983.jpg (54.26 KB, 480x480, 10661284_1409598596012493_1210…)

I think it may be because men see girls who are more covered up/not trying to look attractive as a signal they may not wanna be hit on, even if there is a 8/10 girl with no makeup, messy hair, modest clothes or a 7/10 girl in tight pants and makeup, maybe they feel scared of flirting ? idk

No. 64588

I've never seen a person like this, but I wonder if this is actually the case. Not with like assault or rape, but people just overlooking ugly people.

I'm not ugly, but I'm not conventionally attractive and like 90% of people who try to get to know me do so out of genuine interest in who I am as a person. Whereas a pretty girl would get a bunch of orbiters or dudes pretending to like their personality for a chance to fuck.

It's def humblebragging if they're still doing their best to look as attractive as they can.

No. 64644

I definitely look younger without makeup and in casual clothes. Working menial jobs where I don't bother with my makeup I get asked if I just graduated high school (I'm 26) BUT when I do my makeup up and dress up I never get those (just compliments on my makeup).

So as someone who IS this case, I can confirm it's all about perception.

But it still feels good when it happens since if i'm not wearing makeup I'm usually having a really bad day

No. 64905

File: 1500101293268.jpg (73.62 KB, 615x800, charlie chaplin.jpg)


It depends, OP. I see two different trends here.

The first, and more common one, is girls humblebragging. "Ohhh, I have so much money I don't even know what to do with it". Pretty much fits most of what you said. Standard stuff.

The second, and the one which most aren't really "in the know" about, harks back to the 90s days of a big butt being undesirable. More specifically, that a sexual-looking girl is somehow inferior. It seems like guys have a wide gap between what they just want to fuck, and what looks good when they're not horny. I think this might be related to the disinterest a lot of guys have when they orgasm; "thinking with your dick", basically.

It also seems like girls are generally envious of girls with "masculine" features: smaller butts, tall, somewhat angular bone structure. TBH I wouldn't call this masculine, but rather the lack of femininity, since none of these traits are related to testosterone.

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