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No. 63382

I looked through the catalog for /g/ and /ot/. Couldn't find a Instagram general thread.

Let's share our favorite instas, tips, advice, inspo etc.

Gonna start off with a question: How do you farmers deal with the new algorithm while trying to build your account/gain followers?

I'm trying to get back into insta but a few years ago it was easy to get 50-100 likes simply by tagging correctly. Now my tags barely seem to attract a few likes. How is a new account suppose to curate a following? What are the current tricks?

No. 63390

I have the same problem anon! In the early instagram days my drawing account had a fairly big following because of the tags I used. I think hashtags just aren't as relevant anymore? No one searches a hashtag nowadays.

No. 63399

File: 1497893224379.jpg (85.6 KB, 1080x1350, 15803285_757791251037879_25575…)

It's all about aesthetic nowadays. You can easily get followers with a pretty face and a photo theme (backgrounds, colors, lighting, etc.), you don't even have to use hashtags. Obviously having followers from other places (Youtube/Tumblr/etc.) helps.

Look at inq_ for example, he has 33.5k followers and he just posts pictures of himself and his clothes, no hashtags involved.

No. 63431

I'm torn between having a private IG and a public one. I kind of want to use it as a diary of sorts but I'm worried that people I know will recognize me with what I talk about. At the same time I'd like to share some pretty/cute pics I take.

No. 63432

Just make sure your IG isn't connected to the same email you use in your other social media (especially Facebook) and you should be fine.

No. 63443

this is the third IG thread in the past month ffs stop making new ones

No. 63452

I really miss pre-algorithm Instagram. I feel like all the stuff I'm being fed, even from people I follow, is so unvaried. I'm following about 250 people and I see posts from about 30 overall. I follow so many people because I have varied interests and I want to see new things!
Although maybe I am using insta wrong, I tend to lurk and not like anything, let alone comment, so the algorithm may have the wrong idea about what I want.

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